Edward II

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 <title>Marlowe, Christopher, 1564-1593 :  :  Edward II (1594) a machine-readable transcription of the 1594 edition</title>
<resp>compiled by</resp><name>Hugh Craig</name></respStmt>
<edition>Version 1</edition>
 <publisher> Christopher Marlowe, 1564-1593 (1564-1593) The troublesome raigne and lamentable death of Edward the second, King of England: 
  with the tragicall fall of proud Mortimer: 
  As it was sundrie times publiquely acted in the honourable citie of London,
  by the right honourable the Earle of Pembrooke his seruants. Written by Chri. Marlow 
  Imprinted ... for William Iones [etc.] 1594 
<authority>Hugh Craig, Amherst, 2003</authority>
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<p>Print Source:</p>
<p>The troublesome raigne and lamentable death of Edward
the second, King of England</p>
<p>Authoritative copy text for this version</p>
<p>Malone Society Reprints, Edward the Second by Christopher Marlowe 1594, ed. W. W.
Greg, Oxford 1925</p>
 <p> Play details
  Edward II. 
  Genre: History. 
  Date first published: 1594. 
  Date first performed: 1591-1593.
<p>correction silent following facsimile</p>
<p>normalization explicit</p>
<p> tags keep</p>
<p>analysis elected part of sp suffixes as entities</p>
<p>The characters are identified by IDREF pointing to information in
the following declarations.
<name id="A">Gaveston, Earl of Cornwall</name>
<name id="B">Edward</name>
<name id="C">First poor man</name>
<name id="D">Second poor man</name>
<name id="E">Third poor man</name>
<name id="F">Lightborn</name>
<name id="G">Lancaster</name>
<name id="H">Matrevis</name>
<name id="I">Gurney</name>
<name id="J">Mortimer Junior</name>
<name id="K">Mortimer Senior</name>
<name id="L">Warwick</name>
<name id="M">Spenser Junior</name>
<name id="N">Edmund, Earl of Kent, brother of the King</name>
<name id="O">Bishop of Coventry</name>
<name id="P">Bishop of Canterbury</name>
<name id="Q">Bishop of Winchester</name>
<name id="R">Queen Isabella</name>
<name id="S">Pembroke</name>
<name id="T">Henry de Beaumont</name>
<name id="U">Baldock</name>
<name id="V">Spenser Junior</name>
<name id="W">Spenser Senior</name>
<name id="X">multiple</name>
<name id="Y">Kady Margaret de Clare</name>
<name id="Z">messenger</name>
<name id="AA">Guard</name>
<name id="AB">Arundel</name>
<name id="AC">Horse Boy</name>
<name id="AD">James</name>
<name id="AE">Levune</name>
<name id="AF">Prince Edward, later King Edward III</name>
<name id="AG">Sir John of Hainault</name>
<name id="AH">Post</name>
<name id="AI">Rice ap Howell</name>
<name id="AJ">Abbot</name>
<name id="AK">Monk</name>
<name id="AL">Mower</name>
<name id="AM">Leicester</name>
<name id="AN">First Lord</name>
<name id="AO">Second Lord</name>
<name id="AP">Sir William Trussel</name>
<name id="AQ">Sir Thomas Berkeley</name>
<name id="AR">Soldier</name>
<name id="AS">Champion</name>

<p>The languages (other than English) which occur in the text are identified by idREF which 
point to the following.</p>
<language id="Latin">Latin</language>
<div type="frontmatter">
<p>The troublesome</p>
<p><reg orig="raigne">reign</reg> and lamentable death of</p>
<p>Edward the second, King of</p>
<p>England with the <reg orig="tragicall">tragical</reg></p>
<p>fall of proud Mortimer:</p>
<p>as it was <reg orig="sundrie">sundry</reg> times <reg orig="publiquely">publicly</reg> acted</p> 
<p>in the honourable <reg orig="citie">city</reg> of London, by the</p> 
<p>right honourable the <reg orig="Earle">Earl</reg> of Pembrooke</p>
<p>his <reg orig="seruants">servants</reg>.</p>
<p>Written by Chri. Marlow Gent.</p>
<p>Imprinted at London for William Jones</p>
<p>dwelling <reg orig="neere">near</reg> Holbourne conduit, at the</p>
<p><reg orig="signe">sign</reg> of the <reg orig="Gunne">Gun</reg>. 1594.</p>
<div1 type="act" n="1">
<stage> Enter Gauestone reading on a letter that 
was brought him from the king. </stage>
<sp who="A">
<l> MY father is <reg orig="deceast">deceased</reg>, come <hi rend="italic"> Gaueston,</hi> </l>
<l> And share the kingdom with thy <reg orig="deerest">dearest</reg> friend </l>
<l> Ah words <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> make me <reg orig="surfet">surfeit</reg> with delight: </l>
<l> What greater <reg orig="blisse">bliss</reg> can hap <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Gaueston, </hi> </l>
<l> <reg orig="Then liue"> Than live </reg> and be the <reg orig="fauorit">favourite</reg> of a king? </l>
<l> <reg orig="Sweete">Sweet</reg> prince I come, these these thy amorous lines, </l>
<l> Might <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> <reg orig="enforst">enforced</reg> me <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> swum from France, </l>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">like</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Leander </hi> <reg orig="gaspt">gasped</reg> <reg orig="vpon"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">upon</seg> </reg> the <reg orig="sande">sand</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">So</seg> thou wouldst smile and take me <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> thy <reg orig="armes">arms</reg>. </l>
<l> The sight of London <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> my exiled eyes, </l>
<l> Is as Elizium <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> a new come <reg orig="soule">soul</reg>, </l>
<l> Not <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> I <reg orig="loue"> love </reg> the <reg orig="citie">city</reg> or the men, </l>
<l> But <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> it <reg orig="harbors">harbours</reg> him I hold <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> <reg orig="deare">dear</reg>, </l>
<l> The king, <reg orig="vpon"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">upon</seg> </reg> whose <reg orig="bosome">bosom</reg> let me die, </l>
<l> And with the world be still at <reg orig="enmitie">enmity</reg>: </l>
<l> What <reg orig="neede">need</reg> the <reg orig="artick">arctic</reg> people <reg orig="loue"> love </reg> star-light, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">To</seg> whom the <reg orig="sunne">sun</reg> shines both <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> day and night. </l>
<l> Farewell base stooping <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> the lordly <reg orig="peeres">peers</reg>, </l>
<l> My knee shall <reg orig="bowe">bow</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> none but <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> the king, </l>
<l> As <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> the multitude <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> are but <reg orig="sparkes">sparks</reg>, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Rakt">Raked</reg> <reg orig="vp"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">up</seg> </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> embers of their <reg orig="pouertie">poverty</reg>, </l>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Tanti: </hi> <reg orig="Ile"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> <reg orig="fanne">fan</reg> first <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> the <reg orig="winde">wind</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">That</seg> <reg orig="glaunceth">glanceth</reg> at my lips and flieth away; </l>
<l> But how now, what are these? </l></sp>
<stage> Enter three poore men. </stage>
<sp who="X">
<l> <hi rend="italic"> <reg orig="Poore">Poor</reg> men. </hi>
Such as desire your worships <reg orig="seruice">service</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker> <reg orig="Gauest">Gavest</reg>: </speaker>
<l> What canst thou <reg orig="doe?"> do? </reg> </l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker> 1. <reg orig="poore">poor</reg>.: </speaker>
<l> I can ride. </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker><reg orig="Gauest">Gavest</reg>: </speaker>
<l> But I <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> horses. What art thou? </l></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker> 2. <reg orig="poore">poor</reg>.: </speaker>
<l> A <reg orig="traueller">traveller</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker> <reg orig="Gauest">Gavest</reg>: </speaker>
<l> Let me see, thou wouldst do well </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> <reg orig="waite">wait</reg> at my trencher, <reg orig="&">and</reg> tell me lies at dinner time, </l>
<l> And as I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">like</seg> your discoursing, <reg orig="ile haue"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> you. </l>
<l> And what art thou? </l></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker> 3. <reg orig="poore">poor</reg>.: </speaker>
<l> A <reg orig="souldier">soldier</reg>, <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> hath <reg orig="seru'd">served</reg> against the Scot. </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker> <reg orig="Gauest">Gavest</reg>: </speaker>
<l> Why there are hospitals <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> such as you, </l>
<l> I <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> <reg orig="warre">war</reg>, and therefore sir be gone. </l></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker> Sold.: </speaker>
<l> Farewell, and perish <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> a <reg orig="souldiers">soldiers</reg> hand, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">That</seg> wouldst reward them with an <reg orig="hospitall">hospital</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker> Gau.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="I, I,"> Aye, Aye, </reg> these <reg orig="wordes">words</reg> of his <reg orig="moue">move</reg> me as much, </l>
<l> As if a Goose should play the Porpintine, </l>
<l> And dart <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">her</seg> plumes, thinking <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> pierce my <reg orig="brest">breast</reg>, </l>
<l> But yet it is <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> <reg orig="paine">pain</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="speake"> speak </reg> 
men <reg orig="faire,"> fair, </reg> </l>
<l> <reg orig="Ile"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> flatter these, and make them 
<reg orig="liue"> live </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> hope: </l>
<l> You know <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> I came lately out of France, </l>
<l> And yet I <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> not <reg orig="viewd">viewed</reg> my Lord the king, </l>
<l> If I speed well, <reg orig="ile"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> <reg orig="entertaine">entertain</reg> you all. </l></sp>
<sp who="X"><speaker> Omnes.: </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">We</seg> <reg orig="thanke">thank</reg> your worship. </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker><reg orig="Gauest">Gavest</reg>: </speaker>
<l> I <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> some <reg orig="busines">business</reg>, 
<reg orig="leaue">leave</reg> me <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> <reg orig="my selfe."> myself. </reg> </l></sp>
<sp who="X"><speaker>Omnes.: </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">We</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> wait <reg orig="heere"> here </reg> about the court. </l></sp>
<stage> Exeunt. </stage>
<sp who="A"><speaker> <reg orig="Gauest">Gavest</reg>: </speaker>
<l> Do: these are not men <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> me, </l>
<l> I must <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> wanton Poets, pleasant wits, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Musitians">Musicians</reg>, <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> with touching of a string </l>
<l> May draw the pliant king <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">which</seg> way I please: </l>
<l> <reg orig="Musicke">Music</reg> and <reg orig="poetrie">poetry</reg> is his delight, </l>
<l> Therefore <reg orig="ile haue"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> have </reg> Italian <reg orig="maskes">masks</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> night, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Sweete">Sweet</reg> speeches, comedies, and pleasing <reg orig="showes">shows</reg>, </l>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> the day when he shall <reg orig="walke"> walk </reg> abroad, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">Like</seg> <hi rend="italic"> <reg orig="Siluian">Sylvan</reg> </hi> <reg orig="Nimphes">Nymphs</reg> my pages shall be clad, </l>
<l> My men <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">like</seg> <reg orig="Satyres">Satyrs</reg> grazing <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> the <reg orig="lawnes">lawns</reg>, </l>
<l> Shall with their <reg orig="Goate">Goat</reg> <reg orig="feete">feet</reg> <reg orig="daunce">dance</reg> an <reg orig="antick">antic</reg> hay, </l>
<l> Sometime a <reg orig="louelie">lovely</reg> <reg orig="boye">boy</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Dians </hi> shape, </l>
<l> With <reg orig="haire">hair</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> gilds the water as it glides, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Crownets">Coronets</reg> of <reg orig="pearle">pearl</reg> about his naked <reg orig="armes">arms</reg>, </l>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> his <reg orig="sportfull">sportful</reg> hands an <reg orig="Oliue">Olive</reg> tree, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> hide those parts <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">which</seg> men delight <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> see, </l>
<l> Shall bathe him <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> a spring, and there hard <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">by</seg>, </l>
<l> One <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">like</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Actaeon </hi> peeping through the <reg orig="groue">grove</reg>, </l>
<l> Shall <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> the <reg orig="angrie">angry</reg> <reg orig="goddesse">goddess</reg> be <reg orig="transformde">transformed</reg>, </l>
<l> And running <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> the <reg orig="likenes">likeness</reg> of an Hart, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">By</seg> yelping hounds <reg orig="puld">pulled</reg> <reg orig="downe,"> down, </reg> 
and <reg orig="seeme"> seem </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> die, </l>
<l> Such things as these best please his <reg orig="maiestie">majesty</reg>. </l>
<l> My lord, <reg orig="heere"> here </reg> comes the king and the nobles </l>
<l> From the <reg orig="parlament">parliament</reg>, <reg orig="ile"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> stand aside. </l></sp>
<stage> Enter the King, Lancaster, Mortimer senior, Mortimer iunior, Edmund
Earle of Kent, Guie Earle of Warwicke, &c. </stage>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edward.: </speaker>
<l> Lancaster. </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker>Lancast.: </speaker>
<l> My <reg orig="Lorde">Lord</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker> <reg orig="Gauest">Gavest</reg>: </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">That</seg> <reg orig="Earle">Earl</reg> of Lancaster do I <reg orig="abhorre">abhor</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edw.: </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">Will</seg> you not <reg orig="graunt">grant</reg> me this? <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <reg orig="spight">spite</reg> of them </l>
<l> <reg orig="Ile haue"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> have </reg> my <seg type="homograph" subtype="noun">will</seg>, 
and these two <hi rend="italic"> Mortimers, </hi> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">That</seg> <reg orig="crosse">cross</reg> me thus, shall know I am <reg orig="displeasd">displeased</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="K"><speaker> Mor. se.: </speaker>
<l> If you <reg orig="loue vs"> love <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg> </reg> my lord, hate 
<hi rend="italic"> Gaueston. </hi> </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker> <reg orig="Gauest">Gavest</reg>: </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">That</seg> <reg orig="villaine">villain</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Mortimer </hi> 
<reg orig="ile"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> be his death. </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker> Mor. iu.: </speaker>
<l> Mine <reg orig="vnckle">uncle</reg> <reg orig="heere,"> here, </reg> this <reg orig="Earle">Earl</reg>, <reg orig="&">and</reg> 
I <reg orig="my selfe,"> myself, </reg> </l>
<l> Were <reg orig="sworne">sworn</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> your father at his death, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> he should <reg orig="nere"> never </reg> <reg orig="returne">return</reg> into the <reg orig="realme">realm</reg>: </l>
<l> And know my lord, ere I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> <reg orig="breake">break</reg> my oath, </l>
<l> This sword of mine <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> should offend your foes, </l>
<l> Shall <reg orig="sleepe">sleep</reg> within the <reg orig="scabberd">scabbard</reg> at thy <reg orig="neede">need</reg>, </l>
<l> And <reg orig="vnderneath">underneath</reg> thy banners march <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">who</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Mortimer </hi> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> hang his 
<reg orig="armor">armour</reg> <reg orig="vp."> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">up</seg>. </reg> </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker> <reg orig="Gauest">Gavest</reg>: </speaker>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Mort. dieu. </hi> </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker>Edw.: </speaker>
<l> Well <hi rend="italic"> Mortimer, </hi> <reg orig="ile"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> 
make thee rue these words, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Beseemes">Beseems</reg> it thee <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> contradict thy king? </l>
<l> <reg orig="Frownst">Frownest</reg> thou thereat aspiring Lancaster, </l>
<l> The <reg orig="sworde">sword</reg> shall plane the <reg orig="furrowes">furrows</reg> of thy <reg orig="browes">brows</reg>, </l>
<l> And hew these knees <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> now are <reg orig="growne">grown</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> <reg orig="stiffe">stiff</reg>, </l>
<l> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> <hi rend="italic"> 
Gaueston, </hi> and you shall know, </l>
<l> What danger <reg orig="tis"> it is </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> stand against your king. </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker> <reg orig="Gauest">Gavest</reg>: </speaker>
<l> Well <reg orig="doone,"> done, </reg> <hi rend="italic"> Ned. </hi> </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker> Lan.: </speaker>
<l> My lord, why do you thus incense your <reg orig="peeres">peers</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">That</seg> naturally would <reg orig="loue"> love </reg> and honour you: </l>
<l> But <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> base and obscure <hi rend="italic"> Gaueston, </hi> </l>
<l> <reg orig="Foure">Four</reg> <reg orig="Earldomes">Earldoms</reg> <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> I besides Lancaster, </l>
<l> Darbie, <reg orig="Salsburie">Salisbury</reg>, <reg orig="Lincolne">Lincoln</reg>, Leicester, </l>
<l> These <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> I sell <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="giue"> give </reg> my <reg orig="souldiers">soldiers</reg> <reg orig="paye">pay</reg>, </l>
<l> Ere <hi rend="italic"> Gaueston </hi> shall stay within the <reg orig="realme">realm</reg>, </l>
<l> Therefore if he be come, <reg orig="expell">expel</reg> him straight. </l></sp>
<sp who="N"><speaker> Edm.: </speaker>
<l> Barons <reg orig="&">and</reg> Earls, your pride hath made me mute, </l>
<l> But now <reg orig="ile speake,"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> speak, </reg> 
and <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> the <reg orig="proofe">proof</reg> I hope: </l>
<l> I do remember <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> my fathers <reg orig="dayes">days</reg>, </l>
<l> Lord <hi rend="italic"> <reg orig="Percie">Percy</reg> </hi> of the North being highly <reg orig="mou'd">moved</reg>, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Brau'd">Braved</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Mowberie </hi> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> presence of the king, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">For</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">which</seg>, had not his <reg orig="highnes">highness</reg> <reg orig="lou'd">loved</reg> him well, </l>
<l> He should <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> lost his head, but 
with his <reg orig="looke,"> look, </reg> </l>
<l> The <reg orig="vndaunted">undaunted</reg> spirit of <hi rend="italic"> <reg orig="Percie">Percy</reg> </hi> was <reg orig="appeasd">appeased</reg>, </l>
<l> And Mowberie and he were <reg orig="reconcild">reconciled</reg>: </l>
<l> Yet dare you <reg orig="braue">brave</reg> the king <reg orig="vnto"> unto </reg> his face, </l>
<l> Brother <reg orig="reuenge">revenge</reg> it, and let these their heads, </l>
<l> Preach <reg orig="vpon"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">upon</seg> </reg> poles <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> <reg orig="trespasse">trespass</reg> of their tongues. </l></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker> Warwicke.: </speaker>
<l> O <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> heads. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edw.: </speaker>
 <l> <reg orig="I"> Aye </reg> yours, and therefore I would wish you <reg orig="graunt">grant</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker> Warw.: </speaker>
<l> Bridle thy anger gentle <hi rend="italic"> Mortimer. </hi> </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker> Mor. iu.: </speaker>
<l> I cannot, nor I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> not, I must <reg orig="speake,"> speak, </reg> </l>
<l> <reg orig="Cosin">Cousin</reg>, <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> hands I hope shall fence <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> heads, </l>
<l> And strike off his <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> makes you threaten <reg orig="vs."> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg>. </reg> </l>
<l> Come <reg orig="vnckle">uncle</reg>, let <reg orig="vs"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg> </reg> <reg orig="leaue">leave</reg> the <reg orig="brainsick">brainsick</reg> king, </l>
<l> And henceforth <reg orig="parle">parley</reg> with <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> naked swords. </l></sp>
<sp who="K"><speaker> Mor. se.: </speaker>
<l> Wilshire hath men enough <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="saue">save</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> heads. </l></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker> Warw.: </speaker>
<l> All Warwickshire <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> <reg orig="loue"> love </reg> him <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> my sake. </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker> Lanc.: </speaker>
<l> And Northward <hi rend="italic"> Gaueston </hi> hath many friends, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Adew">Adieu</reg> my Lord, and either change your <reg orig="minde">mind</reg>, </l>
<l> Or <reg orig="looke"> look </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> see the throne where you should sit, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> <reg orig="floate">float</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <reg orig="bloud">blood</reg>, and at thy wanton head, </l>
<l> The <reg orig="glozing">glossing</reg> head of thy base minion <reg orig="throwne">thrown</reg>. </l></sp>
<stage> Exeunt Nobiles. </stage>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edw.: </speaker>
<l> I cannot brooke these <reg orig="hautie">haughty</reg> menaces: </l>
<l> Am I a king and must be <reg orig="ouer"> over </reg> <reg orig="rulde">ruled</reg>? </l>
<l> Brother <reg orig="displaie">display</reg> my <reg orig="ensignes">ensigns</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> the field, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Ile"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> <reg orig="bandie">bandy</reg> with the Barons and the <reg orig="Earles">Earls</reg>, </l>
<l> And <reg orig="eyther">either</reg> die, or <reg orig="liue"> live </reg> with <hi rend="italic"> Gaueston. </hi> </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker> Gau.: </speaker>
<l> I can <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> longer <reg orig="keepe">keep</reg> me from my lord. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edw.: </speaker>
<l> What <hi rend="italic"> Gaueston, </hi> welcome: <reg orig="kis">kiss</reg> not my hand, </l>
<l> Embrace me <hi rend="italic"> Gaueston </hi> as I do thee: </l>
<l> Why <reg orig="shouldst">shouldest</reg> thou <reg orig="kneele">kneel</reg>, </l>
<l> Knowest thou not <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">who</seg> I am? </l>
<l> Thy friend, <reg orig="thy selfe,"> thyself, </reg> another 
<hi rend="italic"> Gaueston, </hi> </l>
<l> Not <hi rend="italic"> Hilas </hi> was more mourned of 
<hi rend="italic"> Hercules, </hi> </l>
<l> <reg orig="Then"> than </reg> thou hast <reg orig="beene"> been </reg> 
of me since thy exile. </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker> Gau.: </speaker>
<l> And since I went from hence, <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> <reg orig="soule">soul</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> hell </l>
<l> Hath felt more torment <reg orig="then"> than </reg> <reg orig="poore">poor</reg> 
<hi rend="italic"> Gaueston. </hi> </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edw.: </speaker>
<l> I know it, brother welcome home my friend, </l>
<l> Now let the treacherous <hi rend="italic"> Mortimers </hi> conspire, </l>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> high minded <reg orig="earle">earl</reg> of Lancaster, </l>
<l> I <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> my wish, <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> I <reg orig="ioy">joy</reg> thy sight, </l>
<l> And sooner shall the sea <reg orig="ore"> over </reg> <reg orig="whelme">whelm</reg> my land, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Then"> Than </reg> <reg orig="beare">bear</reg> the ship <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> shall transport thee hence: </l>
<l> I <reg orig="heere"> here </reg> create thee Lord high <reg orig="Chamberlaine">Chamberlain</reg>, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Cheefe">Chief</reg> <reg orig="Secretarie">Secretary</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> the state and me, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Earle">Earl</reg> of Cornewall, king and lord of Man. </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker> <reg orig="Gauest">Gavest</reg>: </speaker>
<l> My lord, these titles far exceed my worth. </l></sp>
<sp who="N"><speaker> Kent.: </speaker>
<l> Brother, the least of these may well suffice </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">For</seg> one of greater birth <reg orig="then"> than </reg> 
<hi rend="italic"> Gaueston. </hi> </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edw.: </speaker>
<l> Cease brother, <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">for</seg> I cannot brooke these words, </l>
<l> Thy <reg orig="woorth">worth</reg> sweet friend is far <reg orig="aboue"> above </reg> my <reg orig="guifts">gifts</reg>, </l>
<l> Therefore <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="equall">equal</reg> it <reg orig="receiue">receive</reg> my <reg orig="hart">heart</reg>, </l>
<l> If <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> these dignities thou be <reg orig="enuied">envied</reg>, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Ile giue"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> give </reg> thee more, <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">for</seg> but <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> honour thee, </l>
<l> Is <hi rend="italic"> Edward </hi> <reg orig="pleazd">pleased</reg> with <reg orig="kinglie">kingly</reg> regiment. </l>
<l> <reg orig="Fearst">Fearest</reg> thou thy person? thou shalt <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> a guard: </l>
<l> Wants thou gold? go <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> my <reg orig="treasurie">treasury</reg>, </l>
<l> Wouldst thou be <reg orig="loude">loved</reg> and <reg orig="fearde">feared</reg>? <reg orig="receiue">receive</reg> my <reg orig="seale">seal</reg>, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Saue">Save</reg> or <reg orig="condemne">condemn</reg>, and <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">our</seg> name <reg orig="commaund">command</reg>, </l>
<l> What <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">so</seg> thy <reg orig="minde">mind</reg> <reg orig="affectes">affects</reg> or <reg orig="fancie">fancy</reg> likes. </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker> <reg orig="Gaue">Gave</reg>.: </speaker>
<l> It shall suffice me <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="enioy">enjoy</reg> your <reg orig="loue,"> love, </reg> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">Which</seg> whiles I <reg orig="haue,"> have, </reg> I 
<reg orig="thinke my selfe"> think myself </reg> as great, </l>
<l> As <hi rend="italic"> Caesar </hi> riding <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> the <reg orig="Romaine">Roman</reg>  <reg orig="streete">street</reg>, </l>
<l> With <reg orig="captiue">captive</reg> kings at his triumphant <reg orig="Carre">Car</reg>. </l></sp>
<stage> Enter the Bishop of Couentrie. </stage>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edw.: </speaker>
<l> Whether goes my Lord of <reg orig="Couentrie">Coventry</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> fast? </l></sp>
<sp who="O"><speaker>Bish.: </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> celebrate your fathers exequies, </l>
<l> But is <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> wicked <hi rend="italic"> Gaueston </hi> <reg orig="returnd">returned</reg>? </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker>Edw.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="I"> Aye </reg> priest, and <reg orig="liues">lives</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> be <reg orig="reuengd">revenged</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> thee, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">That</seg> wert the <reg orig="onely"> only </reg> cause of his exile. </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker> <reg orig="Gaue">Gave</reg>.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Tis"> It is </reg> true, and but <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> <reg orig="reuerence">reverence</reg> of these robes, </l>
<l> Thou <reg orig="shouldst">shouldest</reg> not plod one <reg orig="foote">foot</reg> beyond this place. </l></sp>
<sp who="O"><speaker> Bish.: </speaker>
<l> I did <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> more <reg orig="then"> than </reg> I was bound <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> do, </l>
<l> And <hi rend="italic"> Gaueston </hi> <reg orig="vnlesse">unless</reg> thou be <reg orig="reclaimd">reclaimed</reg>, </l>
<l> As then I did incense the <reg orig="parlement">parliament</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">So</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> I now, and thou shalt back <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> France. </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker> <reg orig="Gaue">Gave</reg>.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Sauing">Saving</reg> your <reg orig="reuerence">reverence</reg>, you must pardon me. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edw.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Throwe">Throw</reg> <reg orig="of"> off </reg> his golden <reg orig="miter">mitre</reg>, rend his stole, </l>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> the <reg orig="channell">channel</reg> christen him a new. </l></sp>
<sp who="N"><speaker> Kent.: </speaker>
<l> Ah brother, lay not violent hands <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> him, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> <reg orig="heele"> he <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> <reg orig="complaine">complain</reg> 
<reg orig="vnto"> unto </reg> the sea of Rome. </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker> <reg orig="Gaue">Gave</reg>.: </speaker>
<l> Let him <reg orig="complaine">complain</reg> <reg orig="vnto"> unto </reg> the sea of hell, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Ile"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> be <reg orig="reuengd">revenged</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> him <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> my exile. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edw.: </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="exclamation">No</seg>, spare his life, but <reg orig="seaze">seize</reg> <reg orig="vpon"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">upon</seg> </reg> his goods, </l>
<l> Be thou lord bishop, and <reg orig="receiue">receive</reg> his rents, </l>
<l> And make him <reg orig="serue">serve</reg> thee as thy <reg orig="chaplaine">chaplain</reg>, </l>
<l> I <reg orig="giue"> give </reg> him thee, here <reg orig="vse">use</reg> him as thou wilt. </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker> <reg orig="Gaue">Gave</reg>.: </speaker>
<l> He shall <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> prison, and there die <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <reg orig="boults">bolts</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edw.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="I"> Aye </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> the tower, the <reg orig="fleete">fleet</reg>, or where thou wilt. </l></sp>
<sp who="O"><speaker> Bish.: </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">For</seg> this offence be thou <reg orig="accurst">accursed</reg> of God. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edw.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Whose"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="interrogative">Who</seg> is </reg> there? <reg orig="conueie">convey</reg> this priest <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> the tower. </l></sp>
<sp who="O"><speaker> Bish.: </speaker>
<l> True, true. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker>Edw.: </speaker>
<l> But <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> the <reg orig="meane">mean</reg> time <hi rend="italic"> Gaueston </hi> away, </l>
<l> And take possession of his house and goods, </l>
<l> Come follow me, and thou shalt <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> my <reg orig="guarde">guard</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> see it done, and bring thee safe <reg orig="againe."> again. </reg> </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker> <reg orig="Gaue">Gave</reg>.: </speaker>
<l> What should a priest do with <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> <reg orig="faire"> fair </reg> a house? </l>
<l> A prison may <reg orig="be seeme"> beseem </reg> his <reg orig="holinesse">holiness</reg>. </l></sp>
<stage> Enter both the Mortimers, Warwicke, and Lancaster. </stage>
<sp who="L"><speaker> War.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Tis"> It is </reg> true, the Bishop is <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> the tower, </l>
<l> And goods and body <reg orig="giuen"> given </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> 
<hi rend="italic"> Gaueston. </hi> </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker> Lan.: </speaker>
<l> What? <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> they tyrannize <reg orig="vpon"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">upon</seg> </reg> the Church? </l>
<l> Ah wicked king, <reg orig="accurssed">accursed</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Gaueston, </hi> </l>
<l> This ground <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">which</seg> is corrupted with their steps, </l>
<l> Shall be their <reg orig="timeles">timeless</reg> <reg orig="sepulcher">sepulchre</reg>, or mine. </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker> Mor. iu.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Wel,"> Well, </reg> let <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> <reg orig="peeuish">peevish</reg> Frenchman guard him sure </l>
<l> <reg orig="Vnlesse">Unless</reg> his <reg orig="brest">breast</reg> be sword <reg orig="proofe">proof</reg> he shall die. </l></sp>
<sp who="K"><speaker> Mor. se.: </speaker>
<l> How now, why droops the <reg orig="earle">earl</reg> of Lancaster? </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker> Mor. iu.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Wherfore">Wherefore</reg> is <hi rend="italic"> Guy </hi> of Warwicke discontent? </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker> Lan.: </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">That</seg> <reg orig="villaine">villain</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Gaueston </hi> is made an <reg orig="Earle">Earl</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="K"><speaker> Mortim. sen.: </speaker>
<l> An <reg orig="Earle">Earl</reg>! </l></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker> War.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="I,"> Aye, </reg> and besides, lord <reg orig="Chamberlaine">Chamberlain</reg> of the <reg orig="realme">realm</reg>, </l>
<l> And secretary <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg>, and lord of Man. </l></sp>
<sp who="K"><speaker> Mor. se.: </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">We</seg> may not, nor <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> not suffer this. </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker> Mor. iu.: </speaker>
<l> Why post <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> not from hence <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="leuie">levy</reg> men? </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker> Lan.: </speaker>
<l> My lord of Cornewall, now at <reg orig="euery"> every </reg> <reg orig="worde">word</reg>, </l>
<l> And <reg orig="happie">happy</reg> is the man, whom he vouchsafes </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">For</seg> <reg orig="vailing">veiling</reg> of his bonnet one good <reg orig="looke,"> look, </reg> </l>
<l> Thus <reg orig="arme">arm</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <reg orig="arme">arm</reg>, the king and he <reg orig="dooth">doth</reg> <reg orig="marche">march</reg>: </l>
<l> Nay more, the <reg orig="guarde">guard</reg> <reg orig="vpon"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">upon</seg> </reg> his lordship <reg orig="waites">waits</reg>: </l>
<l> And all the court begins <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> flatter him. </l></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker> War.: </speaker>
<l> Thus leaning <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> the shoulder of the king. </l>
<l> He nods, and <reg orig="scornes">scorns</reg>, and smiles at those <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> <reg orig="passe">pass</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="K"><speaker> Mor. se.: </speaker>
<l> Doth <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> man take exceptions at the <reg orig="slaue">slave</reg>? </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker> Lan.: </speaker>
<l> All <reg orig="stomack">stomach</reg> him, but none dare <reg orig="speake"> speak </reg> a word. </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker> Mor. iu.: </speaker>
<l> Ah <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> <reg orig="bewraies">bewrays</reg> their <reg orig="basenes">baseness</reg> Lancaster, </l>
<l> Were all the <reg orig="Earles">Earls</reg> and Barons of my <reg orig="minde">mind</reg>, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Weele"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">We</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> hale him from the <reg orig="bosome">bosom</reg> of the king, </l>
<l> And at the court gate hang the <reg orig="pessant">peasant</reg> <reg orig="vp,"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">up</seg>, </reg> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">Who</seg> <reg orig="swolne">swollen</reg> with <reg orig="venome">venom</reg> of ambitious pride, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">Will</seg> be the <reg orig="ruine">ruin</reg> of the <reg orig="realme">realm</reg> and <reg orig="vs."> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg>. </reg> </l></sp>
<stage> Enter the Bishop of Canterburie. </stage>
<sp who="L"><speaker> War.: </speaker>
<l> Here comes my lord of <reg orig="Canterburies">Canterbury's</reg> grace. </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker> Lan.: </speaker>
<l> His countenance <reg orig="bewraies">bewrays</reg> he is <reg orig="displeasd">displeased</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="P"><speaker> Bish.: </speaker>
<l> First were his sacred garments rent and <reg orig="torne">torn</reg>, </l>
<l> Then <reg orig="laide">laid</reg> they violent hands <reg orig="vpon"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">upon</seg> </reg> him next, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Himselfe"> Himself </reg> imprisoned, and his goods <reg orig="asceasd">asseized</reg>, </l>
<l> This <reg orig="certifie">certify</reg> the Pope, away take <reg orig="horsse">horse</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker> Lan.: </speaker>
<l> My lord, <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> you take <reg orig="armes">arms</reg> against the king? </l></sp>
<sp who="P"><speaker> Bish.: </speaker>
<l> What <reg orig="neede">need</reg> I, God <reg orig="himselfe">himself</reg> is <reg orig="vp"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">up</seg> </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <reg orig="armes">arms</reg>, </l>
<l> When violence is offered <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> the church. </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker> Mor. iu.: </speaker>
<l> Then <reg orig="wil"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> you <reg orig="ioine">join</reg> with 
<reg orig="vs"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg> </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> be his <reg orig="peeres">peers</reg> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> banish or behead <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Gaueston? </hi> </l></sp>
<sp who="P"><speaker> Bish.: </speaker>
<l> What <reg orig="els">else</reg> my lords, <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">for</seg> it <reg orig="concernes">concerns</reg> me <reg orig="neere">near</reg>, </l>
<l> The <reg orig="Bishoprick">Bishopric</reg> of <reg orig="Couentrie">Coventry</reg> is his. </l></sp>
<stage> Enter the Queene. </stage>
<sp who="J"><speaker> Mor. iu.: </speaker>
<l> Madam, whether walks your <reg orig="maiestie">majesty</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> fast? </l></sp>
<sp who="R"><speaker> Que.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Vnto"> Unto </reg> the <reg orig="forrest">forest</reg> gentle <hi rend="italic"> Mortimer, </hi> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> <reg orig="liue"> live </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <reg orig="greefe">grief</reg> and <reg orig="balefull">baleful</reg> discontent, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> now my lord the king <reg orig="regardes">regards</reg> me not, </l>
<l> But dotes <reg orig="vpon"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">upon</seg> </reg> the 
<reg orig="loue"> love </reg> of <hi rend="italic"> Gaueston, </hi> </l>
<l> He claps his <reg orig="cheekes">cheeks</reg>, and <reg orig="hanges">hangs</reg> about his neck, </l>
<l> Smiles <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> his face, and whispers <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> his <reg orig="eares">ears</reg>, </l>
<l> And when I come, he <reg orig="frownes">frowns</reg>, as <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">who</seg> should say, </l>
<l> Go whether thou wilt seeing I <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> Gaueston. </l></sp>
<sp who="K"><speaker> Mor. se.: </speaker>
<l> Is it not <reg orig="straunge">strange</reg>, <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> he is thus <reg orig="bewitcht">bewitched</reg>? </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker> Mor. iu.: </speaker>
<l> Madam, <reg orig="returne">return</reg> <reg orig="vnto"> unto </reg> the court 
<reg orig="againe:"> again: </reg> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">That</seg> <reg orig="slie">sly</reg> <reg orig="inueigling">inveigling</reg> Frenchman <reg orig="weele"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> exile, </l>
<l> Or lose <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> <reg orig="liues">lives</reg>: and yet ere <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> day come, </l>
<l> The king shall lose his <reg orig="crowne">crown</reg>, <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">for</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> power, </l>
<l> And courage <reg orig="to,"> too, </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> be <reg orig="reuengde">revenged</reg> at full. </l></sp>
<sp who="P"><speaker> Bish.: </speaker>
<l> But yet lift not your swords against the king. </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker>Lan.: </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="exclamation">No</seg>, but <reg orig="weele"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> lift 
<hi rend="italic"> Gaueston </hi> from hence. </l></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker> War.: </speaker>
<l> And war must be the <reg orig="meanes">means</reg>, or <reg orig="heele"> he <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> stay <reg orig="stil."> still. </reg> </l></sp>
<sp who="R"><speaker> Queen.: </speaker>
<l> Then let him stay, <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">for</seg> rather <reg orig="then"> than </reg> my lord </l>
<l> Shall be <reg orig="opprest">oppressed</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> <reg orig="ciuill">civil</reg> mutinies, </l>
<l> I <reg orig="wil"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> endure a <reg orig="melancholie">melancholy</reg> life, </l>
<l> And let him <reg orig="stollick">frolic</reg> with his minion. </l></sp>
<sp who="P"><speaker> Bish.: </speaker>
<l> My lords, <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="eaze">ease</reg> all this, but <reg orig="heare"> hear </reg> 
me <reg orig="speake,"> speak, </reg> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">We</seg> and the rest <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> are his <reg orig="counsellers">counsellors</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">Will</seg> <reg orig="meete">meet</reg>, and with a <reg orig="generall">general</reg> consent, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Confirme">Confirm</reg> his banishment with <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> <reg orig="handes">hands</reg> and <reg orig="seales">seals</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker> Lan.: </speaker>
<l> What <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> <reg orig="confirme">confirm</reg> the king <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> frustrate. </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker> Mor. iu.: </speaker>
<l> Then may <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> lawfully <reg orig="reuolt">revolt</reg> from him. </l></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker> War.: </speaker>
<l> But say my lord, where shall this meeting <reg orig="bee?"> be? </reg> </l></sp>
<sp who="P"><speaker> Bish.: </speaker>
<l> At the new temple. </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker> Mor. iu.: </speaker>
<l> Content: </l>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> the <reg orig="meane">mean</reg> time <reg orig="ile"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> <reg orig="intreat">entreat</reg> you all, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> <reg orig="crosse">cross</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> Lambeth, and there stay with me. </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker> Lan.: </speaker>
<l> Come then <reg orig="lets"> let <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg> </reg> away. </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker> Mor. iu.: </speaker>
<l> Madam farewell. </l></sp>
<sp who="R"><speaker> Qu.: </speaker>
<l> Farewell sweet <hi rend="italic"> Mortimer, </hi> and <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> my sake, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Forbeare">Forbear</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="leuie">levy</reg> <reg orig="armes">arms</reg> against the king. </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker> Mor. iu.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="I,"> Aye, </reg> if words <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> <reg orig="serue">serve</reg>, if not, I must. </l></sp>
<stage> Enter Gaueston and the earle of Kent. </stage>
<sp who="A"><speaker> Gau.: </speaker>
<l> Edmund the <reg orig="mightie">mighty</reg> prince of Lancaster, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">That</seg> hath more <reg orig="earldomes">earldoms</reg> <reg orig="then"> than </reg> an <reg orig="asse">ass</reg> can <reg orig="beare">bear</reg>, </l>
<l> And both the <hi rend="italic"> Mortimers </hi> two goodly men, </l>
<l> With <hi rend="italic"> <reg orig="Guie">Guy</reg> </hi> of Warwick <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> redoubted knight, </l>
<l> Are gone towards Lambeth, there let them <reg orig="remaine">remain</reg>. </l></sp>
<stage> Exeunt. </stage>
<stage> Enter Nobiles. </stage>
<sp who="G"><speaker> Lan.: </speaker>
<l> Here is the <reg orig="forme">form</reg> of <hi rend="italic"> Gauestons </hi> exile: </l>
<l> May it please your lordship <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> subscribe your name. </l></sp>
<sp who="P"><speaker> Bish.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Giue"> Give </reg> me the paper. </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker> Lan.: </speaker>
<l> Quick quick my <reg orig="lorde">lord</reg>, </l>
<l> I long <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> write my name. </l></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker> War.: </speaker>
<l> But I long more <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> see him <reg orig="banisht">banished</reg> hence. </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker> Mor. iu.: </speaker>
<l> The name of <hi rend="italic"> Mortimer </hi> shall fright the king, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Vnlesse">Unless</reg> he be <reg orig="declinde">declined</reg> from <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> base <reg orig="pesant">peasant</reg>. </l></sp>
<stage> Enter the King and Gaueston. </stage>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edw.: </speaker>
<l> What? are you <reg orig="mou'd">moved</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Gaueston 
sits </hi> <reg orig="heere?"> here? </reg> </l>
<l> It is <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">our</seg> pleasure, <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">we</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> 
<reg orig="haue"> have </reg> it <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">so</seg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker> Lan.: </speaker>
<l> Your grace doth <reg orig="wel"> well </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> place him <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> your side, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> where else the new <reg orig="earle">earl</reg> is <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> safe. </l></sp>
<sp who="K"><speaker> Mor. se.: </speaker>
<l> What man of noble birth can brooke this sight? </l>
<l> See what a <reg orig="scornfull">scornful</reg> <reg orig="looke"> look </reg> the <reg orig="pesant">peasant</reg> casts. </l></sp>
<sp who="S"><speaker> Penb.: </speaker>
<l> Can <reg orig="kinglie">kingly</reg> Lions <reg orig="fawne">fawn</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> creeping Ants? </l></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker> War.: </speaker>
<l> Ignoble <reg orig="vassaile">vassal</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">like</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Phaeton, </hi> </l>
<l> <reg orig="Aspir'st">Aspirest</reg> <reg orig="vnto"> unto </reg> the guidance of the <reg orig="sunne">sun</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker> Mor. iu.: </speaker>
<l> Their downfall is at hand, their forces <reg orig="downe,"> down, </reg> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">We</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> not thus be <reg orig="facst">facest</reg> and <reg orig="ouerpeerd">overpeered</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edw.: </speaker>
<l> Lay hands <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> traitor <hi rend="italic"> Mortimer. </hi> </l></sp>
<sp who="K"><speaker> Mor. se.: </speaker>
<l> Lay hands <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> traitor <hi rend="italic"> Gaueston. </hi> </l></sp>
<sp who="N"><speaker> Kent.: </speaker>
<l> Is this the <reg orig="dutie">duty</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> you owe your king? </l></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker> War.: </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">We</seg> know <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> duties, let him know his <reg orig="peeres">peers</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edw.: </speaker>
<l> Whether <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> you <reg orig="beare">bear</reg> him, stay or ye shall die, </l></sp>
<sp who="K"><speaker> Mor. se.: </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">We</seg> are <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> traitors, therefore threaten not. </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker> Gau.: </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="exclamation">No</seg>, threaten not my lord, but pay them home. </l>
<l> Were I a king. </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker> Mor. iu.: </speaker>
<l> Thou <reg orig="villaine">villain</reg>, <reg orig="wherfore">wherefore</reg> <reg orig="talkes">talks</reg> thou of a king, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">That</seg> hardly art a gentleman <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> birth? </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edw.: </speaker>
<l> Were he a peasant being my minion, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Ile"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> make the <reg orig="prowdest">proudest</reg> of you <reg orig="stoope">stoop</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> him. </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker> Lan.: </speaker>
<l> My lord, you may not thus disparage <reg orig="vs,"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg>, </reg> </l>
<l> Away I say with <reg orig="hatefull">hateful</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Gaueston. </hi> </l></sp>
<sp who="K"><speaker> Mort. se.: </speaker>
<l> And with the <reg orig="earle">earl</reg> of Kent <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> <reg orig="fauors">favours</reg> him. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edw.: </speaker>
<l> Nay, then lay violent hands <reg orig="vpon"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">upon</seg> </reg> your king, </l>
<l> Here <hi rend="italic"> Mortimer, </hi> sit thou <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> 
<hi rend="italic"> Edwards </hi> throne, </l>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Warwicke </hi> and <hi rend="italic"> Lancaster, </hi> 
<reg orig="weare">wear</reg> you my <reg orig="crowne">crown</reg>, </l>
<l> Was <reg orig="euer"> ever </reg> king thus <reg orig="ouer"> over </reg> <reg orig="rulde">ruled</reg> as I? </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker> Lan.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Learne">Learn</reg> then <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> rule <reg orig="vs"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg> </reg> better and the <reg orig="realme">realm</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker> Mor. iu.: </speaker>
<l> What <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> done, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> <reg orig="hart">heart</reg> <reg orig="bloud">blood</reg> shall <reg orig="maintaine">maintain</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker> War.: </speaker>
<l> Think you <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> can brooke this <reg orig="vpstart">upstart</reg> pride? </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edw.: </speaker>
<l> Anger and <reg orig="wrathfull">wrathful</reg> <reg orig="furie">fury</reg> stops my speech. </l></sp>
<sp who="P"><speaker> Bish.: </speaker>
<l> Why are you <reg orig="moou'd">moved</reg>, be patient my lord, </l>
<l> And see what <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> your <reg orig="councellers">counsellors</reg> <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> done. </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker> Mor. iu.: </speaker>
<l> My lords, now let <reg orig="vs"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg> </reg> all be resolute, </l>
<l> And either <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> <reg orig="wils">wills</reg>, or lose <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> <reg orig="liues">lives</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edw.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Meete">Meet</reg> you <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> this, proud <reg orig="ouerdaring">overdaring</reg> <reg orig="peeres">peers</reg>, </l>
<l> Ere my <reg orig="sweete">sweet</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Gaueston </hi> shall part from me, </l>
<l> This <reg orig="Ile"> Isle </reg> shall <reg orig="fleete">fleet</reg> <reg orig="vpon"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">upon</seg> </reg> the Ocean, </l>
<l> And wander <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> the <reg orig="vnfrequented">unfrequented</reg> Inde. </l></sp>
<sp who="P"><speaker> Bish: </speaker>
<l> You know <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> I am legate <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> the Pope, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">On</seg> your <reg orig="allegeance">allegiance</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> the sea of Rome, </l>
<l> Subscribe as <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> done <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> his exile. </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker> Mor. iu.: </speaker>
<l> Curse him, if he refuse, and then may <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> </l>
<l> Depose him and elect an other king. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edw.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="I"> Aye </reg> there it goes, but yet I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> not <reg orig="yeeld">yield</reg>, </l>
<l> Curse me, depose me, <reg orig="doe"> do </reg> the worst you can. </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker> Lan.: </speaker>
<l> Then linger not my lord but do it straight. </l></sp>
<sp who="P"><speaker> Bish: </speaker>
<l> Remember how the Bishop was <reg orig="abusde">abused</reg>, </l>
<l> Either banish him <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> was the cause thereof. </l>
<l> Or I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> <reg orig="presentlie">presently</reg> discharge these lords, </l>
<l> Of <reg orig="dutie">duty</reg> and <reg orig="allegeance">allegiance</reg> due <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> thee. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edw.: </speaker>
<l> It <reg orig="bootes">boots</reg> me not <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> threat, I must <reg orig="speake faire,"> speak fair, </reg> </l>
<l> The Legate of the Pope <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> be <reg orig="obayd">obeyed</reg>: </l>
<l> My lord, you <reg orig="shalbe"> shall be </reg> <reg orig="Chauncellor">Chancellor</reg> of the <reg orig="realme">realm</reg>, </l>
<l> Thou Lancaster, high <reg orig="admirall">admiral</reg> of <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">our</seg> <reg orig="fleete">fleet</reg>, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Yong">Young</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Mortimer </hi> and his <reg orig="vnckle">uncle</reg> 
<reg orig="shalbe"> shall be </reg> <reg orig="earles">earls</reg>, </l>
<l> And you lord Warwick, president of the North, </l>
<l> And thou of Wales, if this content you not, </l>
<l> Make <reg orig="seuerall"> several </reg> <reg orig="kingdomes">kingdoms</reg> of this <reg orig="monarchie">monarchy</reg>, </l>
<l> And share it equally amongst you all, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">So</seg> I may <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> some <reg orig="nooke">nook</reg> or corner left, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> <reg orig="frolike">frolic</reg> with my <reg orig="deerest">dearest</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Gaueston. </hi> </l></sp>
<sp who="P"><speaker> Bish: </speaker>
<l> Nothing shall alter <reg orig="vs, wee"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> </reg> are <reg orig="resolu'd">resolved</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker> Lan.: </speaker>
<l> Come, come, subscribe. </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker> Mor. iu.: </speaker>
<l> Why should you <reg orig="loue"> love </reg> him, </l>
<l> <reg orig="whome"> whom </reg> the world hates <reg orig="so?"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">so</seg>? </reg> </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edw.: </speaker>
<l> Because he <reg orig="loues">loves</reg> me more <reg orig="then"> than </reg> all the world: </l>
<l> Ah none but rude and <reg orig="sauage">savage</reg> minded men, </l>
<l> Would <reg orig="seeke">seek</reg> the <reg orig="ruine">ruin</reg> of my Gaueston, </l>
<l> You <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> be noble <reg orig="borne">born</reg> should <reg orig="pitie">pity</reg> him. </l></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker> Warwicke. </speaker>
<l> You <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> are princely <reg orig="borne">born</reg> should shake him off, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">For</seg> shame subscribe, and let the <reg orig="lowne">lown</reg> depart. </l></sp>
<sp who="K"><speaker> Mor. se.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Vrge">Urge</reg> him my lord. </l></sp>
<sp who="P"><speaker> Bish </speaker>
<l> Are you content <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> banish him the <reg orig="realme">realm</reg>? </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edw.: </speaker>
<l> I see I must, and therefore am content, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">In</seg> <reg orig="steede">steed</reg> of <reg orig="inke">ink</reg>, <reg orig="ile"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> 
write it with my <reg orig="teares">tears</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker> Mor. iu.: </speaker>
<l> The king is <reg orig="loue-sick">love-sick</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> his minion. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edw.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Tis"> It is </reg> done, and now accursed hand fall off. </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker> Lan.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Giue"> Give </reg> it me, <reg orig="ile haue"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> have </reg> 
it published <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> the <reg orig="streetes">streets</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker> Mor. iu.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Ile"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> see him presently dispatched away. </l></sp>
<sp who="P"><speaker> Bish: </speaker>
<l> Now is my heart at ease. </l></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker> Warw.: </speaker>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">so</seg> is mine. </l></sp>
<sp who="S"> <speaker> Penb.: </speaker>
<l> This <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> be good <reg orig="newes">news</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> the common sort. </l></sp>
<sp who="K"><speaker> Mor. se.: </speaker>
<l> Be it or <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">no</seg>, he shall not linger here. </l></sp>
<stage> Exeunt Nobiles. </stage>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edw.: </speaker>
<l> How fast they run <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> banish him I <reg orig="loue,"> love, </reg> </l>
<l> They would not stir, were it <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> do me good: </l>
<l> Why should a king be <reg orig="subiect">subject</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> a priest? </l>
<l> Proud Rome, <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> hatchest such <reg orig="imperiall">imperial</reg> <reg orig="groomes">grooms</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">For</seg> these thy superstitious taperlights, </l>
<l> Wherewith thy antichristian churches blaze, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Ile"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> fire thy <reg orig="crased">crazed</reg> buildings, and enforce </l>
<l> The <reg orig="papall">papal</reg> towers, <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="kisse">kiss</reg> the <reg orig="lowlie">lowly</reg> ground, </l>
<l> With slaughtered priests may <hi rend="italic"> Tibers </hi> <reg orig="channell">channel</reg> swell </l>
<l> And <reg orig="bankes">banks</reg> <reg orig="raisd">raised</reg> higher with their <reg orig="sepulchers">sepulchres</reg>: </l>
<l> As <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> the <reg orig="peeres">peers</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> <reg orig="backe"> back </reg> the <reg orig="cleargie">clergy</reg> thus, </l>
<l> If I be king, not one of them shall <reg orig="liue."> live. </reg> </l></sp>
<stage> Enter Gaueston. </stage>
<sp who="A"><speaker> Gau.: </speaker>
<l> My lord I <reg orig="heare"> hear </reg> it whispered 
<reg orig="euery"> every </reg> where, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> I am <reg orig="banishd">banished</reg>, and must <reg orig="flie">fly</reg> the land. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edw.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Tis"> It is </reg> true <reg orig="sweete">sweet</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Gaueston, </hi>
<reg orig="oh"> O </reg> were it false, </l>
<l> The Legate of the Pope <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> it <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">so</seg>, </l>
<l> And thou must hence, or I shall be <reg orig="deposd">deposed</reg>, </l>
<l> But I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> <reg orig="raigne">reign</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> be <reg orig="reueng'd">revenged</reg> of them, </l>
<l> And therefore <reg orig="sweete">sweet</reg> friend, take it patiently, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Liue"> Live </reg> where thou wilt, 
<reg orig="ile"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> send thee <reg orig="gould">gold</reg> enough, </l>
<l> And long thou shalt not stay, or if thou <reg orig="doost,"> dost, </reg> </l>
<l> <reg orig="Ile"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> come <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> thee, my 
<reg orig="loue"> love </reg> shall <reg orig="neare"> never </reg> decline. </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker> <reg orig="Gaue">Gave</reg>.: </speaker>
<l> Is all my hope <reg orig="turnd">turned</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> this hell of <reg orig="greefe">grief</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edw.: </speaker>
<l> Rend not my <reg orig="hart">heart</reg> with thy too piercing words </l>
<l> Thou from this land, I from <reg orig="my selfe"> myself </reg> am <reg orig="banisht">banished</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker> Gau.: </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> go from hence, <reg orig="greeues">grieves</reg> not <reg orig="poore">poor</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Gaueston, </hi> </l>
<l> But <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> forsake you, <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> whose <reg orig="gratious">gracious</reg> <reg orig="lookes">looks</reg> </l>
<l> The <reg orig="blessednes">blessedness</reg> of <hi rend="italic"> Gaueston </hi> <reg orig="remaines">remains</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> where else <reg orig="seekes">seeks</reg> he <reg orig="felicitie">felicity</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edw.: </speaker>
<l> And <reg orig="onely"> only </reg> this torments my wretched <reg orig="soule">soul</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> whether I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> or <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">no</seg> thou must depart: </l>
<l> Be <reg orig="gouernour">governor</reg> of Ireland <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> my stead, </l>
<l> And there abide till fortune call thee home. </l>
<l> Here take my picture, and let me <reg orig="weare">wear</reg> thine, </l>
<l> O might I <reg orig="keepe">keep</reg> thee <reg orig="heere,"> here, </reg> as I 
<reg orig="doe"> do </reg> this, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Happie">Happy</reg> were I, but now most miserable. </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker> <reg orig="Gauest">Gavest</reg>: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Tis"> It is </reg> something <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> be pitied of a king. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edw.: </speaker>
<l> Thou shalt not hence, <reg orig="ile"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> 
hide thee <hi rend="italic"> Gaueston. </hi> </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker> Gau.: </speaker>
<l> I <reg orig="shal"> shall </reg> be found, and then 
<reg orig="twil"> it <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> <reg orig="greeue">grieve</reg> me more. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edwa.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Kinde">Kind</reg> <reg orig="wordes">words</reg>, and <reg orig="mutuall">mutual</reg> <reg orig="talke,"> talk, </reg> makes 
<seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> <reg orig="greefe">grief</reg> greater. </l>
<l> Therefore with <reg orig="dum">dumb</reg> <reg orig="imbracement">embracement</reg> let <reg orig="vs"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg> </reg> part, </l>
<l> Stay <hi rend="italic"> Gaueston </hi> I cannot <reg orig="leaue">leave</reg> thee thus. </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker> Gau.: </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">For</seg> <reg orig="euery looke,"> every look, </reg> my lord 
drops <reg orig="downe"> down </reg> a <reg orig="teare">tear</reg>, </l>
<l> Seeing I must go, do not renew my sorrow. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edwa.: </speaker>
<l> The time is little <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> thou hast <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> stay, </l>
<l> And therefore <reg orig="giue"> give </reg> me <reg orig="leaue">leave</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> 
<reg orig="looke"> look </reg> my fill, </l>
<l> But come <reg orig="sweete">sweet</reg> friend, <reg orig="ile"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> <reg orig="beare">bear</reg> thee <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> thy way. </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker> Gau.: </speaker>
<l> The <reg orig="peeres">peers</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> <reg orig="frowne">frown</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edw.: </speaker>
<l> I <reg orig="passe">pass</reg> not <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> their anger, come <reg orig="lets"> let <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg> </reg> go, </l>
<l> O <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> might as well <reg orig="returne">return</reg> as <reg orig="goe."> go. </reg> </l></sp>
<stage> Enter Edmund and Queen Isabell. </stage>
<sp who="R"><speaker> Qu.: </speaker>
<l> Whether goes my lord? </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edw.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Fawne">Fawn</reg> not <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> me French strumpet, get thee gone. </l></sp>
<sp who="R"><speaker> Qu.: </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">On</seg> whom but <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> my husband should I <reg orig="fawne">fawn</reg>? </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker> Gau.: </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">On</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Mortimer, </hi> with whom <reg orig="vngentle">ungentle</reg> <reg orig="Queene">Queen</reg>, </l>
<l> I say <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> more, <reg orig="iudge">judge</reg> you the rest my lord. </l></sp>
<sp who="R"><speaker> Qu.: </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">In</seg> saying this, thou <reg orig="wrongst">wrongest</reg> me <hi rend="italic"> Gaueston, </hi> </l>
<l> <reg orig="Ist"> Is it </reg> not enough, <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> thou corrupts my lord, </l>
<l> And art a bawd <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> his affections, </l>
<l> But thou must call mine <reg orig="honor">honour</reg> thus <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> question? </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker> Gau.: </speaker>
<l> I <reg orig="meane">mean</reg> not <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">so</seg>, your grace must pardon me. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edw.: </speaker>
<l> Thou art too familiar with <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Mortimer, </hi> </l>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> thy <reg orig="meanes">means</reg> is <hi rend="italic"> Gaueston </hi> <reg orig="exilde">exiled</reg>, </l>
<l> But I would wish thee reconcile the lords, </l>
<l> Or thou shalt <reg orig="nere"> never </reg> be <reg orig="reconcild">reconciled</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> me. </l></sp>
<sp who="R"><speaker> Qu.: </speaker>
<l> Your <reg orig="highnes">highness</reg> <reg orig="knowes">knows</reg>, it lies not <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> my power. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edw.: </speaker>
<l> Away then, touch me not, come <hi rend="italic"> Gaueston. </hi> </l></sp>
<sp who="R"><speaker> Qu.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Villaine">Villain</reg>, <reg orig="tis"> it is </reg> thou <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> <reg orig="robst">robbest</reg> me of my lord. </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker> Gau.: </speaker>
<l> Madam, <reg orig="tis"> it is </reg> you <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> rob me of my lord. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edw.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Speake"> Speak </reg> not <reg orig="vnto"> unto </reg> 
<seg type="homograph" subtype="personalPronoun">her</seg>, let <seg type="homograph" subtype="personalPronoun">her</seg> <reg orig="droope">droop</reg> and pine. </l></sp>
<sp who="R"><speaker> Qu.: </speaker>
<l> Wherein my lord, <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> I <reg orig="deserud">deserved</reg> these words? </l>
<l> <reg orig="Witnesse">Witness</reg> the <reg orig="teares">tears</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Isabella </hi> sheds, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Witnesse">Witness</reg> this <reg orig="hart">heart</reg>, <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> sighing <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> thee <reg orig="breakes">breaks</reg>, </l>
<l> How <reg orig="deare">dear</reg> my lord is <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> <reg orig="poore">poor</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Isabell. </hi> </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker>Edw.: </speaker>
<l> And <reg orig="witnesse">witness</reg> <reg orig="heauen">heaven</reg> how <reg orig="deere">dear</reg> thou art <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> me. </l>
<l> There <reg orig="weepe">weep</reg>, <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">for</seg> till my <hi rend="italic"> Gaueston </hi> be <reg orig="repeald">repealed</reg>, </l>
<l> Assure thy <reg orig="selfe">self</reg> thou <reg orig="comst">comest</reg> not <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> my sight. </l></sp>
<stage> Exeunt Edward and Gaueston. </stage>
<sp who="R"><speaker> Qu.: </speaker>
<l> O miserable and distressed <reg orig="Queene">Queen</reg>! </l>
<l> Would when I left sweet France and was <reg orig="imbarkt">embarked</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> charming <hi rend="italic"> Circes </hi> walking <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> the <reg orig="waues">waves</reg>, </l>
<l> Had <reg orig="chaungd">changed</reg> my shape, or at the <reg orig="mariage">marriage</reg> day </l>
<l> The cup of <hi rend="italic"> Hymen </hi> had 
<reg orig="beene"> been </reg> full of <reg orig="poyson">poison</reg>, </l>
<l> Or with those <reg orig="armes">arms</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> <reg orig="twind">twinned</reg> about my neck, </l>
<l> I had <reg orig="beene"> been </reg> stifled, and not <reg orig="liued">lived</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> see, </l>
<l> The king my lord thus <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> abandon me: </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">Like</seg> <reg orig="frantick">frantic</reg> <hi rend="italic"> <reg orig="Iuno">Juno</reg> </hi> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> I fill the earth, </l>
<l> With <reg orig="gastlie">ghastly</reg> <reg orig="murmure">murmur</reg> of my <reg orig="sighes">sighs</reg> and cries, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> <reg orig="neuer"> never </reg> doted 
<hi rend="italic"> <reg orig="Ioue">Jove</reg> </hi> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Ganimed, </hi> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">So</seg> much as he <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> cursed <hi rend="italic"> Gaueston, </hi> </l>
<l> But <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> more exasperate his wrath, </l>
<l> I must entreat him, I must <reg orig="speake"> speak </reg> 
him <reg orig="faire,"> fair, </reg> </l>
<l> And be a <reg orig="meanes">means</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> call home <hi rend="italic"> Gaueston: </hi> </l>
<l> And yet <reg orig="heele euer"> he <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> ever </reg> dote 
<seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Gaueston, </hi> </l>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">so</seg> am I <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> <reg orig="euer"> ever </reg> miserable. </l></sp>
<stage> Enter the Nobles to the Queene. </stage>
<sp who="G"><speaker> Lanc.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Looke"> look </reg> where the sister of the king of <reg orig="Fraunce">France</reg>, </l>
<l> Sits wringing of <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">her</seg> hands, and beats <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">her</seg> <reg orig="brest">breast</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker> Warw.: </speaker>
<l> The king I <reg orig="feare">fear</reg> hath ill <reg orig="intreated">entreated</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="personalPronoun">her</seg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="S"><speaker> Pen.: </speaker>
<l> Hard is the <reg orig="hart">heart</reg>, <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> <reg orig="iniures">injures</reg> such a saint. </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker> Mor. iu.: </speaker>
<l> I know <reg orig="tis"> it is </reg> long of <hi rend="italic"> 
Gaueston </hi> she <reg orig="weepes">weeps</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="K"><speaker> Mor. se.: </speaker>
<l> Why? he is gone. </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker>Mor. iu.: </speaker>
<l> Madam, how fares your grace? </l></sp>
<sp who="R"><speaker> Qu.: </speaker>
<l> Ah <hi rend="italic"> Mortimer! </hi> now breaks the kings hate forth, </l>
<l> And he confesseth <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> he <reg orig="loues">loves</reg> me not. </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker> Mor. iu.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Crie">Cry</reg> quittance Madam then, <reg orig="&">and</reg> <reg orig="loue"> love </reg> not him. </l></sp>
<sp who="R"><speaker> Qu.: </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="exclamation">No</seg>, rather <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> I die a thousand deaths, </l>
<l> And yet I <reg orig="loue"> love </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <reg orig="vaine">vain</reg>, 
<reg orig="heele nere loue"> he <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> never love </reg> me. </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker> Lan.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Feare">Fear</reg> ye not Madam, now his <reg orig="minions"> minion is </reg> gone, </l>
<l> His wanton <reg orig="humor">humour</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> be <reg orig="quicklie">quickly</reg> left. </l></sp>
<sp who="R"><speaker> Qu.: </speaker>
<l> O <reg orig="neuer"> never </reg> Lancaster! I am <reg orig="inioynde">enjoined</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> sue <reg orig="vnto"> unto </reg> you all <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> his <reg orig="repeale">repeal</reg>: </l>
<l> This <reg orig="wils">wills</reg> my lord, and this must I <reg orig="performe">perform</reg>, </l>
<l> Or else be <reg orig="banisht">banished</reg> from his <reg orig="highnesse">highness</reg> presence. </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker> Lan.: </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">For</seg> his <reg orig="repeale">repeal</reg>, Madam, he comes not back, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Vnlesse">Unless</reg> the sea cast <reg orig="vp"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">up</seg> </reg> his <reg orig="shipwrack">shipwreck</reg> body. </l></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker> War.: </speaker>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> behold <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> <reg orig="sweete">sweet</reg> a sight as <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg>, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Theres"> There is </reg> none here, but would 
run his horse <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> death. </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker> Mor. iu.: </speaker>
<l> But madam, would you <reg orig="haue vs"> have <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg> </reg> <reg orig="cal">call</reg> him home?</l></sp>
<sp who="R"><speaker> Qu.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="I"> Aye </reg> <hi rend="italic"> Mortimer, </hi> 
<seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">for</seg> till he be <reg orig="restorde">restored</reg>, </l>
<l> The <reg orig="angrie">angry</reg> king hath banished me the court: </l>

<l> And therefore as thou <reg orig="louest">lovest</reg> and <reg orig="tendrest">tenderest</reg> me, </l>
<l> Be thou my <reg orig="aduocate">advocate</reg> <reg orig="vnto"> unto </reg> these <reg orig="peeres">peers</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker> Mor. iu.: </speaker>
<l> What, would ye <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> me 
plead <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Gaueston? </hi> </l></sp>
<sp who="K"><speaker> Mor. se.: </speaker>
<l> Plead <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> him he <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg>, I am <reg orig="resolude">resolved</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker> Lan.: </speaker>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">so</seg> am I my lord, <reg orig="diswade">dissuade</reg> the <reg orig="Queene">Queen</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="R"><speaker> Qu.: </speaker>
<l> O <hi rend="italic"> Lancaster, </hi> let him <reg orig="diswade">dissuade</reg> the king, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> <reg orig="tis"> it is </reg> against my <seg type="homograph" subtype="noun">will</seg> he should <reg orig="returne">return</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker> War.: </speaker>
<l> Then <reg orig="speake"> speak </reg> not <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> him, let the <reg orig="pesant">peasant</reg> go. </l></sp>
<sp who="R"><speaker> Qu.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Tis"> It is </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> <reg orig="my selfe"> myself </reg> 
I <reg orig="speake,"> speak, </reg> and not <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> him. </l></sp>
<sp who="S"><speaker> Pen.: </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">No</seg> speaking <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> <reg orig="preuaile">prevail</reg>, and therefore cease. </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker> Mor. iu.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Faire"> Fair </reg> <reg orig="Queene">Queen</reg> <reg orig="forbeare">forbear</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> angle <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> the fish, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">Which</seg> being caught, strikes him <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> takes it dead, </l>
<l> I <reg orig="meane">mean</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> vile <hi rend="italic"> Torpedo, Gaueston, </hi> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">That</seg> now I hope <reg orig="flotes">floats</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> the Irish seas. </l></sp>
<sp who="R"><speaker> Qu.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Sweete">Sweet</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Mortimer, </hi> sit <reg orig="downe">  down </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> me a while, </l>
<l> And I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> tell thee reasons of such <reg orig="waighte">weight</reg>, </l>
<l> As thou wilt <reg orig="soone"> soon </reg> subscribe <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> his <reg orig="repeale">repeal</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker> Mor. iu.: </speaker>
<l> It is impossible, but <reg orig="speake"> speak </reg> your <reg orig="minde">mind</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="R"><speaker> Qu.: </speaker>
<l> Then thus, but none <reg orig="shal heare"> shall hear </reg> it 
but <reg orig="our selues."> ourselves. </reg> </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker> Lanc.: </speaker>
<l> My Lords albeit the Queen <reg orig="winne">win</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Mortimer, </hi> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> you be resolute and hold with me? </l></sp>
<sp who="K"><speaker> Mor. se.: </speaker>
<l> Not I against my nephew. </l></sp>
<sp who="S"><speaker> Pen.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Feare">Fear</reg> not, the queens words cannot alter him. </l></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker> War.: </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="exclamation">No</seg>, <reg orig="doe"> do </reg> but <reg orig="marke">mark</reg> how earnestly she pleads. </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker> Lan.: </speaker>
<l> And see how coldly his <reg orig="lookes">looks</reg> make <reg orig="deniall">denial</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker> War.: </speaker>
<l> She smiles, now <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> my life his mind is <reg orig="changd">changed</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker> Lanc.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Ile"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> rather <reg orig="loose">lose</reg> his friendship I, 
<reg orig="then"> than </reg> <reg orig="graunt">grant</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker> Mor. iu.: </speaker>
<l> Well of <reg orig="necessitie">necessity</reg> it must be <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">so</seg>, </l>
<l> My Lords, <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> I <reg orig="abhorre">abhor</reg> base <hi rend="italic"> Gaueston, </hi> </l>
<l> I hope your <reg orig="honors">honours</reg> make <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> question, </l>
<l> And therefore though I <reg orig="pleade">plead</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> his <reg orig="repeall">repeal</reg>, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Tis"> It is </reg> not <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> his sake, 
but <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> <reg orig="auaile">avail</reg>: </l>
<l> Nay <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> the realms <reg orig="behoofe">behoof</reg> and <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> the kings. </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker> Lanc.: </speaker>
<l> Fie <hi rend="italic"> Mortimer, </hi> <reg orig="dishonor">dishonour</reg> not 
<reg orig="thy selfe,"> thyself, </reg> </l>
<l> Can this be true <reg orig="twas"> it was </reg> good <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> banish him? </l>
<l> And is this true <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> call him home <reg orig="againe?"> again? </reg> </l>
<l> Such reasons make white <reg orig="blacke">black</reg>, and <reg orig="darke">dark</reg> night day. </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker> Mor. iu.: </speaker>
<l> My Lord of Lancaster, <reg orig="marke">mark</reg> the respect. </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker> Lan.: </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">In</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> respect can contraries be true. </l></sp>
<sp who="R"><speaker> Qu.: </speaker>
<l> Yet good my lord, <reg orig="heare"> hear </reg> what he can <reg orig="alledge">allege</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker> War.: </speaker>
<l> All <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> he <reg orig="speakes">speaks</reg>, is nothing, <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> are <reg orig="resolu'd">resolved</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker> Mor. iu.: </speaker>
<l> Do you not wish <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Gaueston </hi> were dead? </l></sp>
<sp who="S"><speaker> Pen.: </speaker>
<l> I would he were. </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker> Mor. iu.: </speaker>
<l> Why then my lord, <reg orig="giue"> give </reg> me but <reg orig="leaue">leave</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> speak. </l></sp>
<sp who="K"><speaker> Mor. se.: </speaker>
<l> But nephew, do not play the sophister. </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker>Mor. iu.: </speaker>
<l> This <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">which</seg> I <reg orig="vrge">urge</reg>, is of a burning <reg orig="zeale">zeal</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> mend the king, and do <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> <reg orig="countrie">country</reg> good: </l>
<l> Know you not <hi rend="italic"> Gaueston </hi> hath store of <reg orig="golde">gold</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">Which</seg> may <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> Ireland purchase him such friends, </l>
<l> As he <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> front the mightiest of <reg orig="vs"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg> </reg> all, </l>
<l> And whereas he shall <reg orig="liue"> live </reg> and be <reg orig="beloude">beloved</reg>, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Tis"> It is </reg> hard <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> <reg orig="vs"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg> </reg> 
<seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="worke">work</reg> his <reg orig="ouerthrow">overthrow</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker> War.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Marke">Mark</reg> you but <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> my lord of Lancaster. </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker>Mor. iu.: </speaker>
<l> But were he here, detested as he is, </l>
<l> How <reg orig="easilie">easily</reg> might some base <reg orig="slaue">slave</reg> be <reg orig="subbornd">suborned</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> greet his lordship with a poniard, </l>
<l> And none <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> much as blame the murtherer, </l>
<l> But rather praise him <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> <reg orig="braue">brave</reg> attempt, </l>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> the Chronicle, <reg orig="enrowle">enrol</reg> his name, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">For</seg> purging of the <reg orig="realme">realm</reg> of such a plague. </l></sp>
<sp who="S"><speaker> Pen.: </speaker>
<l> He saith true. </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker> Lan.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="I,"> aye, </reg> but how chance this was not done before? </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker> Mor. iu.: </speaker>
<l> Because my lords, it was not thought <reg orig="vpon:"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">upon</seg>: </reg> </l>
<l> Nay more, when he shall know it lies <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <reg orig="vs,"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg>, </reg> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> banish him, and then <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> call him home, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Twill"> It <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> make him <reg orig="vaile">veil</reg> the topflag of his pride, </l>
<l> And <reg orig="feare">fear</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> offend the meanest noble man. </l></sp>
<sp who="K"><speaker> Mor. se.: </speaker>
<l> But how if he do not Nephew? </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker> Mor. iu.: </speaker>
<l> Then may <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> with some colour rise <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <reg orig="armes">arms</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> <reg orig="howsoeuer"> howsoever </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> borne it out, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Tis"> It is </reg> treason <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> be 
<reg orig="vp"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">up</seg> </reg> against the king, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">So</seg> shall <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> the people of <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> side, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">Which</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> his fathers sake <reg orig="leane">lean</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> the king, </l>
<l> But cannot <reg orig="brooke">brook</reg> a night <reg orig="growne">grown</reg> mushrump, </l>
<l> Such a one as my Lord of Cornewall is, </l>
<l> Should <reg orig="beare">bear</reg> <reg orig="vs downe"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg> down </reg> of the <reg orig="nobilitie">nobility</reg>, </l>
<l> And when the commons and the nobles <reg orig="ioyne">join</reg>, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Tis"> It is </reg> not the king can 
buckler <hi rend="italic"> Gaueston. </hi> </l>
<l> <reg orig="Weele"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">We</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> pull him from the strongest <reg orig="hould">hold</reg> he hath, </l>
<l> My lords, if <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="performe">perform</reg> this I be slack, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Thinke"> think </reg> me as base a <reg orig="groome">groom</reg> as 
<hi rend="italic"> Gaueston. </hi> </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker> Lan.: </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">On</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> condition Lancaster <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> <reg orig="graunt">grant</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker> War.: </speaker>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">so</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Penbrooke </hi> and I. </l></sp>
<sp who="K"><speaker> Mor. se.: </speaker>
<l> And I. </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker> Mor. iu.: </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">In</seg> this I count me highly gratified, </l>
<l> And <hi rend="italic"> Mortimer </hi> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> rest at your <reg orig="commaund">command</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="R"><speaker> Qu.: </speaker>
<l> And when this <reg orig="fauour">favour</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Isabell </hi> forgets, </l>
<l> Then let <seg type="homograph" subtype="personalPronoun">her</seg> <reg orig="liue"> live </reg> <reg orig="abandond">abandoned</reg> and <reg orig="forlorne">forlorn</reg>, </l>
<l> But see <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <reg orig="happie">happy</reg> time, my lord the king, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Hauing"> Having </reg> brought the <reg orig="Earle">Earl</reg> of Cornewall <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> his way, </l>
<l> Is new <reg orig="returnd">returned</reg>, this <reg orig="newes">news</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> glad him much, </l>
<l> Yet not <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> much as me, I <reg orig="loue"> love </reg> him more </l>
<l> <reg orig="Then"> Than </reg> he can <hi rend="italic"> 
Gaueston, </hi> would he <reg orig="lou'd">loved</reg> me </l>
<l> But <reg orig="halfe">half</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> much, then were I treble <reg orig="blest">blessed</reg>. </l></sp>
<stage> Enter king Edward moorning. </stage>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edw.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Hees"> He is </reg> gone, and <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> his absence thus I <reg orig="moorne">mourn</reg>, </l>
<l> Did <reg orig="neuer"> never </reg> sorrow go <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> <reg orig="neere">near</reg> my heart, </l>
<l> As <reg orig="dooth"> doth </reg> the want of my <reg orig="sweete">sweet</reg> 
<hi rend="italic"> Gaueston, </hi> </l>
<l> And could my <reg orig="crownes">crowns</reg> <reg orig="reuenew">revenue</reg> bring him back, </l>
<l> I would <reg orig="freelie">freely</reg> <reg orig="giue"> give </reg> it <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> his enemies, </l>
<l> And <reg orig="thinke"> think </reg> I <reg orig="gaind">gained</reg>, <reg orig="hauing">  having </reg> bought <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> <reg orig="deare">dear</reg> a friend. </l></sp>
<sp who="R"><speaker> Qu.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Harke">Hark</reg> how he <reg orig="harpes">harps</reg> <reg orig="vpon"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">upon</seg> </reg> his minion. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edw.: </speaker>
<l> My heart is as an <reg orig="anuill">anvil</reg> <reg orig="vnto"> unto </reg> sorrow, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">Which</seg> <reg orig="beates">beats</reg> <reg orig="vpon"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">upon</seg> </reg> it <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">like</seg> the Cyclops hammers, </l>
<l> And with the noise <reg orig="turnes">turns</reg> <reg orig="vp"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">up</seg> </reg> my <reg orig="giddie">giddy</reg> <reg orig="braine">brain</reg>, </l>
<l> And makes me <reg orig="frantick">frantic</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> my <hi rend="italic"> Gaueston: </hi> </l>
<l> Ah had some <reg orig="bloudlesse">bloodless</reg> <reg orig="furie">fury</reg> rose from hell, </l>
<l> And with my <reg orig="kinglie">kingly</reg> <reg orig="scepter">sceptre</reg> stroke me dead, </l>
<l> When I was <reg orig="forst">forced</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="leaue">leave</reg> my <hi rend="italic"> Gaueston. </hi> </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker> Lan.: </speaker>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Diablo, </hi> what passions call you these </l></sp>
<sp who="R"><speaker> Qu.: </speaker>
<l> My <reg orig="gratious">gracious</reg> lord, I come <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> bring you <reg orig="newes">news</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edw.: </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> you <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> <reg orig="parled">parleyed</reg> with 
your <hi rend="italic"> Mortimer. </hi> </l></sp>
<sp who="R"><speaker>Qu.: </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Gaueston </hi> my Lord 
<reg orig="shalbe"> shall be </reg> <reg orig="repeald">repealed</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edw.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Repeald">Repealed</reg>, the <reg orig="newes">news</reg> is too sweet <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> be true. </l></sp>
<sp who="R"><speaker> Qu.: </speaker>
<l> But <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> you <reg orig="loue"> love </reg> me, if you <reg orig="finde">find</reg> it <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">so</seg>? </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edw.: </speaker>
<l> If it be <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">so</seg>, what <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> not <hi rend="italic"> Edward </hi> do? </l></sp>
<sp who="R"><speaker> Qu.: </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">For</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Gaueston, </hi> but not 
<seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Isabell. </hi> </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edw.: </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">For</seg> thee <reg orig="faire"> fair </reg> <reg orig="Queene">Queen</reg>, if thou 
<reg orig="louest">lovest</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Gaueston, </hi> </l>
<l> <reg orig="Ile"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> hang a golden tongue about thy neck, </l>
<l> Seeing thou hast pleaded with <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> good <reg orig="successe">success</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="R"><speaker> Qu.: </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">No</seg> other <reg orig="iewels">jewels</reg> hang about my neck </l>
<l> <reg orig="Then"> than </reg> these my lord, nor let 
me <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> more wealth, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Then"> than </reg> I may fetch from this <reg orig="ritch">rich</reg> <reg orig="treasurie">treasury</reg>: </l>
<l> O how a <reg orig="kisse">kiss</reg> <reg orig="reuiues">revives</reg> <reg orig="poore">poor</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Isabell. </hi> </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edw.: </speaker>
<l> Once more <reg orig="receiue">receive</reg> my hand, and let this be, </l>
<l> A second <reg orig="mariage">marriage</reg> twixt <reg orig="thy selfe"> thyself </reg> and me. </l></sp>
<sp who="R"><speaker> Qu.: </speaker>
<l> And may it <reg orig="prooue">prove</reg> more <reg orig="happie">happy</reg> <reg orig="then"> than </reg> the first, </l>
<l> My gentle lord, <reg orig="bespeake">bespeak</reg> these nobles <reg orig="faire,"> fair, </reg> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">That</seg> <reg orig="waite">wait</reg> attendance <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> a <reg orig="gratious">gracious</reg> <reg orig="looke,"> look, </reg> </l>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> their knees salute your <reg orig="maiestie">majesty</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edw.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Couragious">Courageous</reg> Lancaster, <reg orig="imbrace">embrace</reg> thy king, </l>
<l> And as <reg orig="grosse">gross</reg> vapours perish <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> the <reg orig="sunne">sun</reg>, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Euen"> Even </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">so</seg> let hatred with thy <reg orig="soueraigne">sovereign</reg> smile, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Liue"> Live </reg> thou with me as my companion. </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker> Lan.: </speaker>
<l> This salutation <reg orig="ouerioyes">overjoys</reg> my heart. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edw.: </speaker>
<l> Warwick, <reg orig="shalbe"> shall be </reg> my chiefest <reg orig="counseller">counsellor</reg>: </l>
<l> These <reg orig="siluer">silver</reg> <reg orig="haires">hairs</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> more <reg orig="adorne">adorn</reg> my court, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Then"> Than </reg> <reg orig="gaudie">gaudy</reg> <reg orig="silkes">silks</reg>, or rich <reg orig="imbrotherie">embroidery</reg>, </l>
<l> Chide me <reg orig="sweete">sweet</reg> Warwick, if I go astray. </l></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker> War.: </speaker>
<l> Slay me my lord, when I offend your grace. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edw.: </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">In</seg> <reg orig="sollemne">solemn</reg> <reg orig="triumphes">triumphs</reg>, and <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <reg orig="publike">public</reg> <reg orig="showes">shows</reg>, </l>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Penbrooke </hi> shall <reg orig="beare">bear</reg> the sword before the king. </l></sp>
<sp who="S"><speaker> Pen.: </speaker>
<l> And with this sword, <hi rend="italic"> Penbrooke </hi> 
<reg orig="wil"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> fight <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> you. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edw.: </speaker>
<l> But wherefore <reg orig="walkes">walks</reg> <reg orig="yong">young</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Mortimer </hi> aside? </l>
<l> Be thou <reg orig="commaunder">commander</reg> of <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">our</seg> <reg orig="royall">royal</reg> <reg orig="fleete">fleet</reg>, </l>
<l> Or if <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> <reg orig="loftie">lofty</reg> office <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">like</seg> thee not, </l>
<l> I make thee <reg orig="heere"> here </reg> lord Marshall of the <reg orig="realme">realm</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker> Mor. iu.: </speaker>
<l> My lord, <reg orig="ile"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> marshall <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">so</seg> your enemies, </l>
<l> As England shall be quiet, and you safe. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edw.: </speaker>
<l> And as <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> you, lord <hi rend="italic"> Mortimer </hi> of Chirke, </l>
<l> Whose great <reg orig="atchiuements">achievements</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">our</seg> <reg orig="forrain">foreign</reg> <reg orig="warre">war</reg>, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Deserues">Deserves</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> common place, nor <reg orig="meane">mean</reg> reward: </l>
<l> Be you the <reg orig="generall">general</reg> of the <reg orig="leuied">levied</reg> <reg orig="troopes">troops</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">That</seg> now are <reg orig="readie">ready</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="assaile">assail</reg> the Scots. </l></sp>
<sp who="K"><speaker> Mor. se.: </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">In</seg> this your grace hath highly honoured me, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> with my nature <reg orig="warre">war</reg> doth best agree. </l></sp>
<sp who="R"><speaker> Qu.: </speaker>
<l> Now is the king of England <reg orig="riche">rich</reg> and strong. </l>
<l> <reg orig="Hauing"> Having </reg> the <reg orig="loue">  love </reg> of his renowned <reg orig="peeres">peers</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edw.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="I"> Aye </reg> <hi rend="italic"> Isabell, </hi> 
<reg orig="nere"> never </reg> was my heart <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> light, </l>
<l> Clarke of the <reg orig="crowne">crown</reg>, direct <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">our</seg> warrant forth, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">For</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Gaueston </hi> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> Ireland: 
<hi rend="italic"> Beamont </hi> <reg orig="flie">fly</reg>, </l>
<l> As fast as <hi rend="italic"> Iris, </hi> or 
<hi rend="italic"> <reg orig="Ioues">Jove's</reg> <reg orig="Mercurie">Mercury</reg>. </hi> </l></sp>
<sp who="T"><speaker> Beam.: </speaker>
<l> It <reg orig="shalbe"> shall be </reg> done my <reg orig="gratious">gracious</reg> Lord. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker>Edw.: </speaker>
<l> Lord <hi rend="italic"> Mortimer, </hi> <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">we</seg> <reg orig="leaue">leave</reg> you <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> your charge. </l>
<l> Now let <reg orig="vs"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg> </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">in</seg>, and feast it <reg orig="roiallie">royally</reg>: </l>
<l> Against <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">our</seg> friend the <reg orig="earle">earl</reg> of Cornewall comes, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Weele haue"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">We</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> have </reg> 
a <reg orig="generall">general</reg> tilt and <reg orig="turnament">tournament</reg>, </l>
<l> And then his <reg orig="mariage">marriage</reg> <reg orig="shalbe"> shall be </reg> <reg orig="solemnized">solemnised</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> wot you not <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> I <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> made him sure, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Vnto"> Unto </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">our</seg> <reg orig="cosin">cousin</reg>, the <reg orig="earle">earl</reg> of Glosters <reg orig="heire">heir</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker> Lan.: </speaker>
<l> Such <reg orig="newes">news</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> <reg orig="heare"> hear </reg> my lord. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edw.: </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">That</seg> day, if not <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> him. yet <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> my sake, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">Who</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> the <reg orig="triumphe">triumph</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> be challenger, </l>
<l> Spare <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> cost, <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">we</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> 
requite your <reg orig="loue."> love. </reg> </l></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker> Warwick.: </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">In</seg> this, or ought, your <reg orig="highnes">highness</reg> shall <reg orig="commaund">command</reg> 
<reg orig="vs."> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg>. </reg> </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edward.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Thankes">Thanks</reg> gentle Warwick, come <reg orig="lets">  let <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg> </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">in</seg> and <reg orig="reuell">revel</reg>. </l></sp>
<stage> Exeunt. </stage>
<stage> Manent Mortimers. </stage>
<sp who="K"><speaker> Mor. se.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Nephue">Nephew</reg>, I must <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> Scotland, thou <reg orig="staiest">stayest</reg> here, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Leaue">Leave</reg> now <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> oppose <reg orig="thy selfe"> thyself </reg> against the king, </l>
<l> Thou seest <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> nature he is <reg orig="milde">mild</reg> and <reg orig="calme">calm</reg>, </l>
<l> And seeing his <reg orig="minde">mind</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> dotes <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Gaueston, </hi> </l>
<l> Let him without <reg orig="controulement">controlment</reg> <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> his <seg type="homograph" subtype="noun">will</seg>, </l>
<l> The mightiest kings <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> had their minions, </l>
<l> Great <hi rend="italic"> Alexander </hi> <reg orig="loude">  loved </reg> <hi rend="italic"> Ephestion, </hi> </l>
<l> The conquering <hi rend="italic"> Hector, </hi> 
<seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Hilas </hi> wept, </l>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Patroclus </hi> <reg orig="sterne">stern</reg> 
<hi rend="italic"> Achillis </hi> <reg orig="droopt">drooped</reg>, </l>
<l> And not kings <reg orig="onelie,"> only, </reg> but the wisest men, </l>
<l> The <reg orig="Romaine">Roman</reg>  <hi rend="italic"> Tullie </hi> <reg orig="loued"> loved </reg> 
<hi rend="italic"> Octauis, </hi> </l>
<l> <reg orig="Graue">Grave</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Socrates, </hi> wild 
<hi rend="italic"> Alcibiades: </hi> </l>
<l> Then let his grace, whose youth is flexible, </l>
<l> And promiseth as much as <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> can wish, </l>
<l> Freely <reg orig="enioy">enjoy</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> <reg orig="vaine">vain</reg> light-headed <reg orig="earle">earl</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> riper <reg orig="yeares">years</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> <reg orig="weane">wean</reg> him from such <reg orig="toyes">toys</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker> Mor. iu.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Vnckle">Uncle</reg>, his wanton <reg orig="humor">humour</reg> <reg orig="greeues">grieves</reg> not me, </l>
<l> But this I <reg orig="scorne">scorn</reg>, <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> one <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> <reg orig="baselie">basely</reg> <reg orig="borne">born</reg>, </l>
<l> Should <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> his <reg orig="soueraignes">sovereigns</reg> <reg orig="fauour">favour</reg> grow <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> pert, </l>
<l> And <reg orig="riote">riot</reg> it with the treasure of the <reg orig="realme">realm</reg>, </l>
<l> While <reg orig="souldiers">soldiers</reg> <reg orig="mutinie">mutiny</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> want of <reg orig="paie">pay</reg>, </l>
<l> He <reg orig="weares">wears</reg> a lords <reg orig="reuenewe">revenue</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> his back, </l>
<l> And <hi rend="italic"> Midas </hi> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">like</seg> he <reg orig="iets">jets</reg> it <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> the court, </l>
<l> With base outlandish cullions at his <reg orig="heeles">heels</reg>, </l>
<l> Whose proud <reg orig="fantastick">fantastic</reg> <reg orig="liueries">liveries</reg> make such show, </l>
<l> As if <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Proteus </hi> god of shapes <reg orig="appearde">appeared</reg>, </l>
<l> I <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> not <reg orig="seene">  seen </reg> a dapper lack <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> <reg orig="briske">brisk</reg>, </l>
<l> He <reg orig="weares">wears</reg> a short Italian hooded <reg orig="cloake">cloak</reg>, </l>
<l> Larded with <reg orig="pearle">pearl</reg>, and <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> his <reg orig="tuskan">Tuscan</reg> cap </l>
<l> A <reg orig="iewell">jewel</reg> of more value <reg orig="then"> than </reg> the <reg orig="crowne">crown</reg>, </l>
<l> Whiles other <reg orig="walke"> walk </reg> below, the king and he </l>
<l> From out a window, laugh at such as <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg>, </l>
<l> And <reg orig="floute">flout</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> <reg orig="traine">train</reg>, and <reg orig="iest">jest</reg> at <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> attire: </l>
<l> <reg orig="Vnckle">Uncle</reg>, <reg orig="tis"> it is </reg> this <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> makes me impatient. </l></sp>
<sp who="K"><speaker> Mor. se.: </speaker>
<l> But nephew, now you see the king is <reg orig="changd">changed</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker> Mor. iu.: </speaker>
<l> Then <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">so</seg> am I, and <reg orig="liue"> live </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> do him <reg orig="seruice">service</reg>, </l>
<l> But whiles I <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> a sword, a hand, a <reg orig="hart">heart</reg>, </l>
<l> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> not <reg orig="yeeld">yield</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> any such <reg orig="vpstart">upstart</reg>. </l>
<l> You know my <reg orig="minde">mind</reg>, come <reg orig="vnckle">uncle</reg> <reg orig="lets"> let <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg> </reg> away. </l></sp>
<stage> Exeunt. </stage>
<stage> Enter Spencer and Balduck. </stage>
<sp who="T"><speaker> Bald.: </speaker>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Spencer, </hi> seeing <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> Lord 
<reg orig="th'earle"> the earle </reg> of <reg orig="Glosters"> Gloster is </reg> dead, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="interrogative">Which</seg> of the nobles dost thou <reg orig="meane">mean</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="serue">serve</reg>? </l></sp>
<sp who="V"><speaker> Spen.: </speaker>
<l> Not <hi rend="italic"> Mortimer, </hi> nor any of his side, </l>
<l> Because the king and he are enemies, </l>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Baldock: </hi> <reg orig="learne">  learn </reg> this of me, a factious lord </l>
<l> Shall hardly do <reg orig="himselfe"> himself </reg> 
good, much <reg orig="lesse">less</reg> <reg orig="vs,"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg>, </reg> </l>
<l> But he <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> hath the <reg orig="fauour">favour</reg> of a king, </l>
<l> May with one word, <reg orig="aduaunce">advance</reg> <reg orig="vs"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg> </reg> while <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> <reg orig="liue:"> live: </reg> </l>
<l> The <reg orig="liberall">liberal</reg> <reg orig="earle">earl</reg> of Cornewall is the man, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">On</seg> whose good fortune <hi rend="italic"> Spencers </hi> hope depends. </l></sp>
<sp who="T"><speaker> Bald.: </speaker>
<l> What, <reg orig="meane">mean</reg> you then <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> be his follower? </l></sp>
<sp who="V"><speaker> Spen.: </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="exclamation">No</seg>, his companion, <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">for</seg> he <reg orig="loues">loves</reg> me well, </l>
<l> And would <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> once <reg orig="preferd">preferred</reg> me <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> the king. </l></sp>
<sp who="T"><speaker> Bald.: </speaker>
<l> But he is <reg orig="banisht">banished</reg>, <reg orig="theres"> there is </reg> small hope of him. </l></sp>
<sp who="V"><speaker> Spen.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="I"> aye </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> a while, but <hi rend="italic"> 
Baldock </hi> <reg orig="marke">mark</reg> the end, </l>
<l> A friend of mine told me <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <reg orig="secrecie">secrecy</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> <reg orig="hees"> he is </reg> <reg orig="repeald">repealed</reg>, 
and sent <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">for</seg> back <reg orig="againe,"> again, </reg> </l>
<l> And <reg orig="euen"> even </reg> now, a <reg orig="poast">post</reg> came from the court, </l>
<l> With letters <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> <reg orig="ladie">lady</reg> from the King, </l>
<l> And as she red, she <reg orig="smild">smiled</reg>, <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">which</seg> makes me <reg orig="thinke,"> think, </reg> </l>
<l> It is about <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">her</seg> <reg orig="louer">lover</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Gaueston. </hi> </l></sp>
<sp who="T"><speaker> Bald.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Tis"> It is </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">like</seg> enough, <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">for</seg> since he was <reg orig="exild">exiled</reg>, </l>
<l> She neither <reg orig="walkes">walks</reg> abroad, nor comes <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> sight: </l>
<l> But I had thought the match had <reg orig="beene"> been </reg> broke off, </l>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> his banishment had <reg orig="changd">changed</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">her</seg> <reg orig="minde">mind</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="V"><speaker> Spen.: </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">Our</seg> Ladies first <reg orig="loue"> love </reg> is not <reg orig="wauering">wavering</reg>, </l>
<l> My life <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> thine she <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> <reg orig="haue">  have </reg> <hi rend="italic"> Gaueston. </hi> </l></sp>
<sp who="T"><speaker> Bald.: </speaker>
<l> Then hope I <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">her</seg> <reg orig="meanes">means</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> be <reg orig="preferd">preferred</reg>, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Hauing"> Having </reg> read <reg orig="vnto">  unto </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="personalPronoun">her</seg> since she was a <reg orig="childe">child</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="V"><speaker> Spen.: </speaker>
<l> Then <hi rend="italic"> Balduck, </hi> you must cast the <reg orig="scholler">scholar</reg> off, </l>
<l> And <reg orig="learne">learn</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> court it <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">like</seg> a Gentleman, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Tis"> It is </reg> not a black <reg orig="coate">coat</reg> and a little band, </l>
<l> A <reg orig="Veluet">Velvet</reg> <reg orig="cap'de">capped</reg> <reg orig="cloake">cloak</reg>, <reg orig="fac'st">facest</reg> before with Serge, </l>
<l> And smelling <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> a Nosegay all the day, </l>
<l> Or holding of a napkin <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> your hand, </l>
<l> Or saying a long grace at a tables end, </l>
<l> Or making <reg orig="lowe">low</reg> legs <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> a noble man, </l>
<l> Or looking <reg orig="downeward">downward</reg>, with your eye lids close, </l>
<l> And saying, <reg orig="trulie">truly</reg> ant may please your <reg orig="honor">honour</reg>, </l>
<l> Can get you any <reg orig="fauour">favour</reg> with great men, </l>
<l> You must be proud, bold, pleasant, resolute, </l>
<l> And now and then, stab as occasion <reg orig="serues">serves</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="T"><speaker> Bald.: </speaker>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Spencer, </hi> thou knowest I hate such <reg orig="formall">formal</reg> <reg orig="toies">toys</reg>, </l>
<l> And <reg orig="vse">use</reg> them but of <reg orig="meere">mere</reg> <reg orig="hypocrisie">hypocrisy</reg>. </l>
<l> Mine old lord whiles he <reg orig="liude">lived</reg>, was <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> precise, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> he would take exceptions at my buttons, </l>
<l> And being <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">like</seg> pins heads, blame me <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> the <reg orig="bignesse">bigness</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">Which</seg> made me curate-like <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> mine attire, </l>
<l> Though inwardly licentious enough, </l>
<l> And apt <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> any <reg orig="kinde">kind</reg> of <reg orig="villanie">villainy</reg>. </l>
<l> I am none of these common pendants I, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">That</seg> cannot <reg orig="speake"> speak </reg> without 
<sp who="V"><speaker> Spen.: </speaker>
<l> But one of those <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> saith </l>
<l> And hath a <reg orig="speciall">special</reg> gift <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="forme">form</reg> a <reg orig="verbe">verb</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="T"><speaker> Bald.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Leaue">Leave</reg> of this <reg orig="iesting">jesting</reg>, here my lady comes. </l></sp>
<stage> Enter the Ladie. </stage>
<sp who="Y"><speaker> Lady.: </speaker>
<l> The <reg orig="greefe">grief</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> his exile was not <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> much, </l>
<l> As is the <reg orig="ioy">joy</reg> of his returning home, </l>
<l> This letter came from my <reg orig="sweete">sweet</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Gaueston, </hi> </l>
<l> What needst thou <reg orig="loue,"> love, </reg> thus 
<seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> excuse <reg orig="thy selfe?"> thyself? </reg> </l>
<l> I know thou couldst not come and visit me, </l>
<l> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> not long be from thee though I die: </l>
<l> This argues the entire <reg orig="loue"> love </reg> of my Lord, </l>
<l> When I forsake thee, death <reg orig="seaze">seize</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> my heart, </l>
<l> But rest thee here where <hi rend="italic"> Gaueston </hi> shall <reg orig="sleepe">sleep</reg>. </l>
<l> Now <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> the letter of my Lord the King, </l>
<l> He <reg orig="wils">wills</reg> me <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="repaire">repair</reg> <reg orig="vnto"> unto </reg> the court, </l>
<l> And <reg orig="meete">meet</reg> my <hi rend="italic"> Gaueston: </hi> why do I stay, </l>
<l> Seeing <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> he <reg orig="talkes">talks</reg> thus of my <reg orig="mariage">marriage</reg> day? </l>
<l> <reg orig="Whose"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="interrogative">who</seg> is </reg> there, 
<hi rend="italic"> Balduck? </hi> </l>
<l> See <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> my <reg orig="coache">coach</reg> be <reg orig="readie">ready</reg>, I must hence. </l></sp>
<sp who="T"><speaker> Bald.: </speaker>
<l> It shall be done madam. </l></sp>
<stage> Exit. </stage>
<sp who="Y"><speaker> Lad.: </speaker>
<l> And <reg orig="meete">meet</reg> me at the <reg orig="parke">park</reg> pale <reg orig="presentlie">presently</reg>: </l>
<l> Spencer, stay you and <reg orig="beare">bear</reg> me <reg orig="companie">company</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> I <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> <reg orig="ioyfull">joyful</reg> <reg orig="newes">news</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> tell thee of, </l>
<l> My lord of Cornewall is a <reg orig="comming">coming</reg> <reg orig="ouer,"> over, </reg> </l>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> be at the court as <reg orig="soone"> soon </reg> as <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="V"><speaker> Spen.: </speaker>
<l> I knew the King would <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> 
him home <reg orig="againe."> again. </reg> </l></sp>
<sp who="Y"><speaker> Lad.: </speaker>
<l> If all things sort out, as I hope they <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg>, </l>
<l> Thy <reg orig="seruice">service</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Spencer </hi> <reg orig="shalbe">  shall be </reg> thought <reg orig="vpon"><seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">upon</seg></reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="V"><speaker> Spen.: </speaker>
<l> I humbly <reg orig="thanke"> thank </reg> your <reg orig="Ladieship">Ladyship</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="Y"><speaker> Lad.: </speaker>
<l> Come lead the way, I long till I am there. </l></sp>
<stage> Enter Edward, the Queene, Lancaster, Mortimer, 
Warwicke, Penbrooke, Kent, attendants. </stage>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edw.: </speaker>
<l> The <reg orig="winde">wind</reg> is good, I wonder why he <reg orig="stayes">stays</reg>, </l>
<l> I <reg orig="feare">fear</reg> me he is <reg orig="wrackt">wracked</reg> <reg orig="vpon"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">upon</seg> </reg> the sea. </l></sp>
<sp who="R"><speaker> Queen.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Looke"> Look </reg> <hi rend="italic"> 
Lancaster </hi> how passionate he is, </l>
<l> And still his <reg orig="minde">mind</reg> runs <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> his minion. </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker> Lan.: </speaker>
<l> My Lord. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edw.: </speaker>
<l> How now, what <reg orig="newes">news</reg>, is <hi rend="italic"> Gaueston </hi> <reg orig="arriude">arrived</reg>? </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker> Mor. i.: </speaker>
<l> Nothing but <hi rend="italic"> Gaueston, </hi> what means your grace? </l>
<l> You <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> matters of more <reg orig="waight">weight</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> 
<reg orig="thinke">think</reg> <reg orig="vpon,"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">upon</seg>, </reg> </l>
<l> The King of <reg orig="Fraunce">France</reg> sets <reg orig="foote">foot</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <reg orig="Normandie">Normandy</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edw.: </speaker>
<l> A <reg orig="triflle">trifle</reg>, <reg orig="weele"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">we</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> <reg orig="expell">expel</reg> him when <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">we</seg> please: </l>
<l> But tell me <hi rend="italic"> Mortimer, </hi> 
<reg orig="whats"> what is </reg> thy <reg orig="deuise">devise</reg>, </l>
<l> Against the stately triumph <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">we</seg> decreed? </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker> Mor.: </speaker>
<l> A homely one my lord, not worth the telling. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edw.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="prethee">prithee</reg> let me know it. </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker> Mor. iu.: </speaker>
<l> But seeing you are <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> desirous, thus it is: </l>
<l> A <reg orig="loftie">lofty</reg> Cedar tree <reg orig="faire"> fair </reg> flourishing, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">On</seg> whose top-branches <reg orig="Kinglie">Kingly</reg> Eagles <reg orig="pearch">perch</reg>, </l>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> the <reg orig="barke">bark</reg> a canker <reg orig="creepes">creeps</reg> me <reg orig="vp,"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">up</seg>, </reg> </l>
<l> And gets <reg orig="vnto"> unto </reg> the highest bough of all, </l>
<l> The motto: <hi rend="italic"> <foreign lang="Latin"> </foreign> </hi> </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edw.: </speaker>
<l> And what is yours my lord of <hi rend="italic"> Lancaster? </hi> </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker> Lan.: </speaker>
<l> My lord, <reg orig="mines"> mine is </reg> more obscure 
<reg orig="then"> than </reg> <hi rend="italic"> Mortimers, </hi> </l>
<l> Plinie reports, there is a flying Fish, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">Which</seg> all the other fishes deadly hate, </l>
<l> And therefore being pursued, it takes the <reg orig="aire">air</reg>: </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">No</seg> sooner is it <reg orig="vp,"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">up</seg>, </reg> 
but <reg orig="thers"> there is </reg> a <reg orig="foule">foul</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">That</seg> <reg orig="seaseth">seizeth</reg> it: this fish my lord I <reg orig="beare">bear</reg>, </l>
<l> The motto this: <hi rend="italic"> <foreign lang="Latin"> </foreign> </hi> </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edw.: </speaker>
<l> Proud <hi rend="italic"> Mortimer, </hi> 
<reg orig="vngentle">ungentle</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Lancaster, </hi> </l>
<l> Is this the <reg orig="loue"> love </reg> you <reg orig="beare">bear</reg> your <reg orig="soueraigne">sovereign</reg>? </l>
<l> Is this the <reg orig="fruite">fruit</reg> your reconcilement <reg orig="beares">bears</reg>? </l>
<l> Can you <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> words make <reg orig="showe">show</reg> of <reg orig="amitie">amity</reg>, </l>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> your shields display your rancorous minds? </l>
<l> What call you this but <reg orig="priuate">private</reg> libelling, </l>
<l> Against the <reg orig="Earle">Earl</reg> of Cornewall and my brother? </l></sp>
<sp who="R"><speaker> Qu.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Sweete">Sweet</reg> husband be content, they all <reg orig="loue"> love </reg> you. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edw.: </speaker>
<l> They <reg orig="loue"> love </reg> me not <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> hate 
my <hi rend="italic"> Gaueston, </hi> </l>
<l> I am <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> Cedar, shake me not too much, </l>
<l> And you the Eagles, sore ye <reg orig="nere"> never </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> high, </l>
<l> I <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> the gresses <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> 
pull you <reg orig="downe,"> down, </reg> </l>
<l> And <hi rend="italic"> <foreign lang="Latin">
</foreign> </hi> shall <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> canker <reg orig="crie">cry</reg>, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Vnto"> Unto </reg> the proudest <reg orig="peere">peer</reg> of Britanie: </l>
<l> Though thou <reg orig="comparst">comparest</reg> him <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> a flying Fish, </l>
<l> And threatenest death whether he rise or fall, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Tis"> It is </reg> not the hugest monster of the sea, </l>
<l> Nor <reg orig="fowlest">foulest</reg> <reg orig="Harpie">Harpy</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> shall swallow him. </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker> Mor. iu.: </speaker>
<l> If <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> his absence thus he <reg orig="fauors">favours</reg> him, </l>
<l> What <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> he do when as he shall be present? </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker>Lan.: </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">That</seg> shall <reg orig="wee"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> </reg> see, 
<reg orig="looke"> look </reg> where his lordship comes. </l></sp>
<stage> Enter Gaueston. </stage>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edw.: </speaker>
<l> My <hi rend="italic"> Gaueston, </hi> welcome <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> <hi rend="italic"> 
Tinmouth, </hi> welcome <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> thy friend, </l>
<l> Thy absence made me <reg orig="droope">droop</reg>, and pine away, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> as the <reg orig="louers">lovers</reg> of <reg orig="faire"> fair </reg> 
<hi rend="italic"> Danae, </hi> </l>
<l> When she was <reg orig="lockt">locked</reg> <reg orig="vp"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">up</seg> </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> a <reg orig="brasen">brazen</reg> tower, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Desirde">Desired</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="personalPronoun">her</seg> more, and <reg orig="waxt">waxed</reg> <reg orig="outragious">outrageous</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">So</seg> did it sure with me: and now thy sight </l>
<l> Is sweeter <reg orig="farre">far</reg>, <reg orig="then"> than </reg> was thy parting hence </l>
<l> Bitter and <reg orig="irkesome">irksome</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> my sobbing heart. </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker> Gau.: </speaker>
<l> Sweet Lord and King, your speech <reg orig="preuenteth">preventeth</reg> mine, </l>
<l> Yet <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> I words left <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="expresse">express</reg> my <reg orig="ioy">joy</reg>: </l>
<l> The <reg orig="sheepeherd">shepherd</reg> <reg orig="nipt">nipped</reg> with biting winters rage, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Frolicks">Frolics</reg> not more <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> see the <reg orig="paynted">painted</reg> <reg orig="springe">spring</reg>, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Then"> than </reg> I <reg orig="doe"> do </reg> 
<seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> behold your <reg orig="Maiestie">Majesty</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edw.: </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">Will</seg> none of you salute my <hi rend="italic"> Gaueston? </hi> </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker> Lan.: </speaker>
<l> Salute him? yes welcome Lord <reg orig="Chamberlaine">Chamberlain</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker> Mor. iu.: </speaker>
<l> Welcome is the good <reg orig="Earle">Earl</reg> of Cornewall </l></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker>War.: </speaker>
<l> Welcome Lord <reg orig="gouernour">governor</reg> of the <reg orig="Ile"> Isle </reg> of man. </l></sp>
<sp who="S"><speaker> Pen.: </speaker>
<l> Welcome <reg orig="maister">master</reg> <reg orig="secretarie">secretary</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="N"><speaker> Edm.: </speaker>
<l> Brother <reg orig="doe"> do </reg> you <reg orig="heare"> hear </reg> them? </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edw.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Stil"> Still </reg> <reg orig="wil"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> these <reg orig="Earles">Earls</reg> and <reg orig="Barrons">Barons</reg> <reg orig="vse">use</reg> me thus? </l></sp>
<sp who="A"> <speaker> Gau.: </speaker>
<l> My Lord I cannot <reg orig="brooke">brook</reg> these <reg orig="iniuries">injuries</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="R"> <speaker> Qu.: </speaker>
<l> Aye me <reg orig="poore">poor</reg> <reg orig="soule">soul</reg> when these begin <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="iarre">jar</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edw.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Returne">Return</reg> it <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> their <reg orig="throtes">throats</reg>, <reg orig="ile">  I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> be thy warrant. </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker> Gau.: </speaker>
<l> Base leaden <reg orig="Earles">Earls</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> <reg orig="glorie">glory</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> your birth, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Goe"> Go </reg> sit at home and <reg orig="eate">eat</reg> your tenants <reg orig="beefe">beef</reg>: </l>
<l> And come not here <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="scoffe">scoff</reg> at <hi rend="italic"> Gaueston, </hi> </l>
<l> Whose mounting thoughts did <reg orig="neuer"> never </reg> <reg orig="creepe">creep</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> low, </l>
<l> As <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> bestow a <reg orig="looke"> look </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> such as you. </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker> Lan.: </speaker>
<l> Yet I <reg orig="disdaine">disdain</reg> not <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="doe"> do </reg> this <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> you. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edw.: </speaker>
<l> Treason, treason: <reg orig="whers"> where is </reg> the traitor? </l></sp>
<sp who="S"><speaker> Pen.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Heere"> Here </reg> here King: <reg orig="conuey">convey</reg> hence <hi rend="italic"> 
Gaueston, </hi> <reg orig="thaile"> they <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> murder him. </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker> Gau.: </speaker>
<l> The life of thee shall <reg orig="salue">salve</reg> this <reg orig="foule">foul</reg> disgrace. </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker> Mor. iu.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Villaine">Villain</reg> thy life, <reg orig="vnlesse">unless</reg> I <reg orig="misse">miss</reg> mine <reg orig="aime">aim</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="R"><speaker> Qu.: </speaker>
<l> Ah furious <hi rend="italic"> Mortimer </hi> what hast thou done? </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker >Mor.: </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">No</seg> more <reg orig="then"> than </reg> I would <reg orig="answere">answer</reg> were he <reg orig="slaine">slain</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Ed.: </speaker>
<l> Yes more <reg orig="then"> than </reg> thou canst answer 
though he <reg orig="liue,"> live, </reg> </l>
<l> <reg orig="Deare">Dear</reg> shall you both <reg orig="abie">abye</reg> this riotous <reg orig="deede">deed</reg>: </l>
<l> Out of my presence, come not <reg orig="neere">near</reg> the court. </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker> Mor. iu.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Ile"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> not be <reg orig="barde">barred</reg> the 
court <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Gaueston. </hi></l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker> Lan.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Weele"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">We</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> <reg orig="haile">hail</reg> him <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> 
the <reg orig="eares">ears</reg> <reg orig="vnto"> unto </reg> the block. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edw.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Looke"> Look </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> your <reg orig="owne">  own </reg> heads, his is sure enough. </l></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker> War.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Looke"> Look </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> your <reg orig="owne">  own </reg> <reg orig="crowne">crown</reg>, if you back him thus. </l></sp>
<sp who="N"><speaker> Edm.: </speaker>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Warwicke, </hi> these words do ill <reg orig="beseeme">beseem</reg> thy <reg orig="yeares">years</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edw.: </speaker>
<l> Nay all of them conspire <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="crosse">cross</reg> me thus, </l>
<l> But if I <reg orig="liue, ile"> live, I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> tread 
<reg orig="vpon"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">upon</seg> </reg> their heads, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">That</seg> <reg orig="thinke"> think </reg> with high 
<reg orig="lookes">looks</reg> thus <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> tread me down, </l>
<l> Come <hi rend="italic"> Edmund </hi> <reg orig="lets"> let <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg> </reg> away, and <reg orig="leuie">levy</reg> men, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Tis"> It is </reg> <reg orig="warre">war</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> must abate these Barons pride. </l></sp>
<stage> Exit the King. </stage>
<sp who="L"><speaker> War.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Lets"> Let <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg> </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> <reg orig="castels">castles</reg>, 
<seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">for</seg> the king is <reg orig="mooude">moved</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker> Mor. iu.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Moou'd">Moved</reg> may he be, and perish <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> his wrath. </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker> Lan.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Cosin">Cousin</reg> it is <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> dealing with him now, </l>
<l> He <reg orig="meanes">means</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> make <reg orig="vs"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg> </reg> <reg orig="stoope">stoop</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> force of <reg orig="armes">arms</reg>, </l>
<l> And therefore let <reg orig="vs"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg> </reg> <reg orig="iointlie">jointly</reg> here protest, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> prosecute <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Gaueston </hi> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> the death. </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker> Mor. iu.: </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">By</seg> <reg orig="heauen">heaven</reg>, the <reg orig="abiect">abject</reg> <reg orig="villaine">villain</reg> shall not <reg orig="liue."> live. </reg> </l></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker> War.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Ile haue"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> have </reg> his <reg orig="bloud">blood</reg>, or die <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> seeking it. </l></sp>
<sp who="S"><speaker> Pen.: </speaker>
<l> The <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">like</seg> oath <hi rend="italic"> Penbrooke </hi> takes. </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker> Lan.: </speaker>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">so</seg> doth <hi rend="italic"> Lancaster: </hi></l>
<l> Now send <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> Heralds <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="defie">defy</reg> the King, </l>
<l> And make the people <reg orig="sweare">swear</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> put him <reg orig="downe."> down. </reg> </l></sp>
<stage> Enter a Poast. </stage>
<sp who="J"><speaker> Mor. iu.: </speaker>
<l> Letters, from whence? </l></sp>
<sp who="Z"><speaker> Messen.: </speaker>
<l> From Scotland my lord. </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker> Lan.: </speaker>
<l> Why how now <reg orig="cosin">cousin</reg>, how fares all <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> friends? </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker> Mor. iu.: </speaker>
<l> My <reg orig="vnckles"> uncle is </reg> taken prisoner <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> the Scots. </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker> Lan.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Weel haue"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">We</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> have </reg> him 
<reg orig="ransomd">ransomed</reg> man, be of good <reg orig="cheere">cheer</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker> Mor.: </speaker>
<l> They rate his <reg orig="ransome">ransom</reg> at <reg orig="fiue">five</reg> thousand pound, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="interrogative">Who</seg> should defray the money, but the King, </l>
<l> Seeing he is taken prisoner <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> his <reg orig="warres">wars</reg>? </l>
<l> <reg orig="Ile"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> the King. </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker> Lan.: </speaker>
<l> Do <reg orig="cosin">cousin</reg>, and <reg orig="ile"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> <reg orig="beare">bear</reg> thee <reg orig="companie">company</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker> War.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Meane">Mean</reg> time my lord of <hi rend="italic"> Penbrooke </hi> and 
<reg orig="my selfe,"> myself, </reg> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">Will</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> <reg orig="Newcastell">Newcastle</reg> <reg orig="heere,"> here, </reg> and gather head. </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker> Mor. iu.: </speaker>
<l> About it then, and <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> follow you. </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker> Lan.: </speaker>
<l> Be resolute, and full of <reg orig="secrecie">secrecy</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker> War.: </speaker>
<l> I warrant you. </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker> Mor. iu.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Cosin">Cousin</reg>, and if he <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> not <reg orig="ransome">ransom</reg> him, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Ile"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> thunder such a <reg orig="peale">peal</reg> into his <reg orig="eares">ears</reg>, </l>
<l> As <reg orig="neuer"> never </reg> <reg orig="subiect">subject</reg> did 
<reg orig="vnto"> unto </reg> his King. </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker> Lan.: </speaker>
<l> Content, <reg orig="ile"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> <reg orig="beare">bear</reg> my part, 
<reg orig="holl a">holla</reg> <reg orig="whose"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="interrogative">who</seg> is </reg> there? </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker> Mor. iu.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="I"> Aye </reg> marry, such a <reg orig="garde">guard</reg> as this 
<reg orig="dooth"> doth </reg> well. </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker> Lan.: </speaker>
<l> Lead <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> the way. </l></sp>
<sp who="AA"><speaker> Guard.: </speaker>
<l> Whither <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> your lordships? </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker> Mor. iu.: </speaker>
<l> Whither else but <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> the King. </l></sp>
<sp who="AA"><speaker> Guar.: </speaker>
<l> His <reg orig="highnes">highness</reg> is <reg orig="disposde">disposed</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> be alone. </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker> Lan.: </speaker>
<l> Why, <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">so</seg> he may, but <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> <reg orig="speake">  speak </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> him. </l></sp>
<sp who="AA"><speaker> Guard.: </speaker>
<l> You may not <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> my lord. </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker> Mor. iu.: </speaker>
<l> May <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> not. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edw.: </speaker>
<l> How now, what noise is this? </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="interrogative">Who</seg> <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> there, 
<reg orig="ist"> is it </reg> you? </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker> Mor.: </speaker>
<l> Nay, stay my lord, I come <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> bring you <reg orig="newes">news</reg>, </l>
<l> Mine <reg orig="vnckles"> uncle is </reg> taken prisoner <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> the Scots. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edw.: </speaker>
<l> Then <reg orig="ransome">ransom</reg> him. </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker> Lan.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Twas"> It was </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> your wars, you should <reg orig="ransome">ransom</reg> him. </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker> Mor. iu.: </speaker>
<l> And you shall <reg orig="ransome">ransom</reg> him, or else. </l></sp>
<sp who="N"><speaker> Edm.: </speaker>
<l> What <hi rend="italic"> Mortimer, </hi> you <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> not threaten him? </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edw.: </speaker>
<l> Quiet <reg orig="your self,"> yourself, </reg> you shall 
<reg orig="haue"> have </reg> the broad <reg orig="seale">seal</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> gather <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> him <reg orig="thoroughout">throughout</reg> the <reg orig="realme">realm</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker> Lan.: </speaker>
<l> Your minion <hi rend="italic"> Gaueston </hi> hath taught you this. </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker> Mor. iu.: </speaker>
<l> My lord, the <reg orig="familie">family</reg> of the <hi rend="italic"> Mortimers </hi> </l>
<l> Are not <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> <reg orig="poore">poor</reg>, but would they sell their land, </l>
<l> Would <reg orig="leuie">levy</reg> men enough <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> anger you, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">We</seg> <reg orig="neuer"> never </reg> beg, but <reg orig="vse">use</reg> such <reg orig="praiers">prayers</reg> as these. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edw.: </speaker>
<l> Shall I still be haunted thus? </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker> Mor. iu.: </speaker>
<l> Nay, now you are <reg orig="heere"> here </reg> alone, 
<reg orig="ile speake"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> speak </reg> my <reg orig="minde">mind</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker> Lan.: </speaker>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">so</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> I, and then my lord farewell. </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker> Mor.: </speaker>
<l> The idle <reg orig="triumphes">triumphs</reg>, <reg orig="maskes">masks</reg>, <reg orig="lasciuious">lascivious</reg> <reg orig="showes">shows</reg> </l>
<l> And <reg orig="prodigall">prodigal</reg> gifts bestowed <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Gaueston, </hi></l>
<l> <reg orig="Haue"> Have </reg> <reg orig="drawne">drawn</reg> thy treasure <reg orig="drie">dry</reg>, and made thee <reg orig="weake">weak</reg>, </l>
<l> The murmuring commons <reg orig="ouerstretched">overstretched</reg> hath. </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker> Lan.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Looke"> Look </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> rebellion, 
<reg orig="looke"> look </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> be <reg orig="deposde">deposed</reg>, </l>
<l> Thy garrisons are beaten out of <reg orig="Fraunce">France</reg>, </l>
<l> And lame and <reg orig="poore">poor</reg>, lie <reg orig="groning">groaning</reg> at the gates, </l>
<l> The wild <hi rend="italic"> <reg orig="Oneyle">O'Neill</reg>, </hi> with <reg orig="swarmes">swarms</reg> of Irish <reg orig="Kernes">Kerns</reg>, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Liues">Lives</reg> <reg orig="vncontroulde">uncontrolled</reg> within the English pale, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Vnto"> Unto </reg> the <reg orig="walles">walls</reg> of <reg orig="Yorke">York</reg> the Scots made rode, </l>
<l> And <reg orig="vnresisted">unresisted</reg>, <reg orig="draue">drave</reg> away <reg orig="riche">rich</reg> <reg orig="spoiles">spoils</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker> Mor. iu.: </speaker>
<l> The <reg orig="hautie">haughty</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Dane </hi> commands the narrow seas, </l>
<l> While <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> the <reg orig="harbor">harbour</reg> ride thy ships <reg orig="vnrigd">unrigged</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker> Lan.: </speaker>
<l> What <reg orig="forraine">foreign</reg> prince sends thee <reg orig="embassadors">ambassadors</reg>? </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker> Mor.: </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="interrogative">Who</seg> <reg orig="loues">loves</reg> thee? but a sort of flatterers. </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker> Lan.: </speaker>
<l> Thy gentle <reg orig="Queene">Queen</reg>, sole sister <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Valoys, </hi></l>
<l> <reg orig="Complaines">Complains</reg>, <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> thou hast left <seg type="homograph" subtype="personalPronoun">her</seg> all <reg orig="forlorne">forlorn</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker> Mor.: </speaker>
<l> Thy court is naked, being bereft of those, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">That</seg> makes a king <reg orig="seeme"> seem </reg> glorious <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> the world, </l>
<l> I <reg orig="meane">mean</reg> the <reg orig="peeres">peers</reg>, whom thou <reg orig="shouldst">shouldest</reg> dearly <reg orig="loue:"> love: </reg> </l>
<l> Libels are cast <reg orig="againe">against</reg> thee <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> the <reg orig="streete">street</reg>, </l>
<l> Ballads and <reg orig="rimes">rhymes</reg>, made of thy <reg orig="ouerthrow">overthrow</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker> Lan.: </speaker>
<l> The <reg orig="Northren">Northern</reg> borderers seeing the houses burnt </l>
<l> Their <reg orig="wiues">wives</reg> and children <reg orig="slaine">slain</reg>, run <reg orig="vp">  <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">up</seg> </reg> and <reg orig="downe,"> down, </reg> </l>
<l> Cursing the name of thee and <hi rend="italic"> Gaueston. </hi></l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker> Mor.: </speaker>
<l> When wert thou <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> the field with banner <reg orig="spred">spread</reg>? </l>
<l> But once, and then thy <reg orig="souldiers">soldiers</reg> <reg orig="marcht">marched</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">like</seg> players, </l>
<l> With garish robes, not <reg orig="armor">armour</reg>, and <reg orig="thy selfe"> thyself </reg> </l>
<l> <reg orig="Bedaubd">Bedaubed</reg> with <reg orig="golde">gold</reg>, rode laughing at the rest, </l>
<l> Nodding and shaking of thy spangled crest, </l>
<l> Where <reg orig="womens">women's</reg> <reg orig="fauors">favours</reg> hung <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">like</seg> labels <reg orig="downe."> down. </reg> </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker> Lan.: </speaker>
<l> And thereof came it, <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> the fleering Scots, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">To</seg> <reg orig="Englands">England's</reg> high disgrace, <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> made this <reg orig="Iig">Jig</reg>, </l>
<l> Maids of England, sore may you <reg orig="moorne">mourn</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> your <reg orig="lemmons">lemans</reg> you <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> lost, at Bannocksborne, </l>
<l> With a <reg orig="heaue">heave</reg> and a ho, </l>
<l> What <reg orig="weeneth">weaneth</reg> the king of England, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">So</seg> <reg orig="soone"> soon </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> <reg orig="woone">won</reg> Scotland, </l>
<l> With a <reg orig="rombelow">rumbelow</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker> Mor.: </speaker>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Wigmore </hi> shall <reg orig="flie">fly</reg>, <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> set my <reg orig="vnckle">uncle</reg> free. </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker> Lan.: </speaker>
<l> And when <reg orig="tis"> it is </reg> gone, <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> <reg orig="swordes">swords</reg> shall purchase more, </l>
<l> If ye be <reg orig="moou'de">moved</reg>, <reg orig="reuenge">revenge</reg> it as you can, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Looke"> Look </reg> next <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> see <reg orig="vs">  <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg> </reg> with <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> <reg orig="ensignes">ensigns</reg> <reg orig="spred">spread</reg>. </l></sp>
<stage> Exeunt Nobiles. </stage>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edwa.: </speaker>
<l> My swelling <reg orig="hart">heart</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> very anger <reg orig="breakes">breaks</reg>, </l>
<l> How oft <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> I <reg orig="beene">  been </reg> baited <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> these <reg orig="peeres">peers</reg>? </l>
<l> And dare not be <reg orig="reuengde">revenged</reg>, <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">for</seg> their power is great: </l>
<l> Yet, shall the crowing of these cockerels, </l>
<l> Affright a Lion? <hi rend="italic"> Edward, </hi> <reg orig="vnfolde">unfold</reg> thy <reg orig="pawes">paws</reg>, </l>
<l> And let their <reg orig="liues">lives</reg> <reg orig="bloud">blood</reg> slake thy furies hunger: </l>
<l> If I be <reg orig="cruell">cruel</reg>, and <reg orig="growe">grow</reg> tyrannous, </l>
<l> Now let them <reg orig="thanke">thank</reg> <reg orig="themselues,"> themselves, </reg> and rue too late. </l></sp>
<sp who="N"><speaker> Kent.: </speaker>
<l> My lord, I see your <reg orig="loue"> love </reg> 
<seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Gaueston, </hi></l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">Will</seg> be the <reg orig="ruine">ruin</reg> of the <reg orig="realme">realm</reg> and you, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> now the <reg orig="wrathfull">wrathful</reg> nobles threaten <reg orig="warres">wars</reg>, </l>
<l> And therefore brother banish him <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> <reg orig="euer."> ever. </reg> </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edw.: </speaker>
<l> Art thou an <reg orig="enemie">enemy</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> my <hi rend="italic"> Gaueston? </hi></l></sp>
<sp who="N"><speaker> Kent.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="I,"> Aye, </reg> and it <reg orig="greeues">grieves</reg> me <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> I <reg orig="fauoured">favoured</reg> him. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edw.: </speaker>
<l> Traitor be gone, whine thou with <hi rend="italic"> Mortimer. </hi></l></sp>
<sp who="N"><speaker> Kent.: </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">So</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> I, rather <reg orig="then"> than </reg> 
with <hi rend="italic"> Gaueston. </hi></l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edw.: </speaker>
<l> Out of my sight, and trouble me <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> more. </l></sp>
<sp who="N"><speaker> Kent.: </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">No</seg> <reg orig="maruell">marvel</reg> though thou <reg orig="scorne">scorn</reg> thy noble <reg orig="peeres">peers</reg>, </l>
<l> When I thy brother am <reg orig="reiected">rejected</reg> thus. </l></sp>
<stage> Exit. </stage>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edw.: </speaker>
<l> Away <reg orig="poore">poor</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Gaueston, </hi> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> hast <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> friend but me, </l>
<l> Do what they can, <reg orig="weele liue"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg>  <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> live </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Tinmoth </hi> here, </l>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">so</seg> I <reg orig="walke"> walk </reg> with him about the <reg orig="walles">walls</reg>, </l>
<l> What care I though the <reg orig="Earles">Earls</reg> <reg orig="be girt">begirt</reg> 
<reg orig="vs"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg> </reg> round, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Heere"> here </reg> comes she <reg orig="thats">   <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> is </reg> cause of all these <reg orig="iarres">jars</reg>. </l></sp>
<stage> Enter the Queene, Ladies 3, Baldock, and Spencer. </stage>
<sp who="R"><speaker> Qu.: </speaker>
<l> My lord, <reg orig="tis"> it is </reg> thought, the <reg orig="Earles">Earls</reg> are 
<reg orig="vp"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">up</seg> </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <reg orig="armes">arms</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edw.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="I,"> Aye, </reg> and <reg orig="tis"> it is </reg> 
likewise thought you <reg orig="fauour">favour</reg> him. </l></sp>
<sp who="R"><speaker> Qu.: </speaker>
<l> Thus do you still suspect me without cause. </l></sp>
<sp who="Y"><speaker> Lad.: </speaker>
<l> Sweet <reg orig="vnckle">uncle</reg> <reg orig="speake"> speak </reg> more kindly <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> the <reg orig="queene">queen</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker> Gau.: </speaker>
<l> My lord, dissemble with <seg type="homograph" subtype="personalPronoun">her</seg>, <reg orig="speake">  speak </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="personalPronoun">her</seg> <reg orig="faire."> fair. </reg> </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edw.: </speaker>
<l> Pardon me sweet, I forgot <reg orig="my selfe."> myself. </reg> </l></sp>
<sp who="R"><speaker> Qu.: </speaker>
<l> Your pardon is <reg orig="quicklie">quickly</reg> got of <hi rend="italic"> Isabell. </hi> </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edw.: </speaker>
<l> The <reg orig="yonger">younger</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Mortimer </hi> is <reg orig="growne">grown</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> <reg orig="braue">brave</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> my face he threatens <reg orig="ciuill">civil</reg> <reg orig="warres">wars</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker> Gau.: </speaker>
<l> Why do you not commit him <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> the tower? </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edw.: </speaker>
<l> I dare not, <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">for</seg> the people <reg orig="loue"> love </reg> him well. </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker> Gau.: </speaker>
<l> Why then <reg orig="weele haue"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg>  have </reg> him <reg orig="priuilie">privily</reg> made away. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edw.: </speaker>
<l> Would Lancaster and he had both <reg orig="carroust">caroused</reg>, </l>
<l> A <reg orig="bowle">bowl</reg> of poison <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> each others health: </l>
<l> But let them go, and tell me what are these. </l></sp>
<sp who="Y"><speaker> Lad.: </speaker>
<l> Two of my fathers <reg orig="seruants">servants</reg> whilst he <reg orig="liu'de">lived</reg>, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Mait"> May it </reg> please your grace <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="entertaine">entertain</reg> them now. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edw.: </speaker>
<l> Tell me, where wast thou <reg orig="borne">born</reg>? </l>
<l> What is thine <reg orig="armes">arms</reg>? </l></sp>
<sp who="T"><speaker> Bald.: </speaker>
<l> My name is <hi rend="italic"> Baldock, </hi> and my <reg orig="gentrie">gentry</reg> </l>
<l> I <reg orig="fetcht">fetched</reg> from Oxford, not from <reg orig="Heraldrie">Heraldry</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edw.: </speaker>
<l> The fitter art thou Baldock <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> my <reg orig="turne">turn</reg>, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Waite">Wait</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> me, and <reg orig="ile"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> see thou shalt not want. </l></sp>
<sp who="T"><speaker> Bald.: </speaker>
<l> I <reg orig="humblie">humbly</reg> <reg orig="thanke">thank</reg> your <reg orig="maiestie">majesty</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edw.: </speaker>
<l> Knowest thou him <hi rend="italic"> Gaueston? </hi> </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker> Gau.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="I"> aye </reg> my lord, his name is <hi rend="italic"> 
Spencer, </hi> he is well <reg orig="alied">allied</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">For</seg> my sake let him <reg orig="waite">wait</reg> <reg orig="vpon"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">upon</seg> </reg> your grace, </l>
<l> Scarce shall you <reg orig="finde">find</reg> a man of more <reg orig="desart">desert</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edw.: </speaker>
<l> Then <hi rend="italic"> Spencer </hi> <reg orig="waite">wait</reg> <reg orig="vpon">  <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">upon</seg> </reg> me, <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> his sake </l>
<l> <reg orig="Ile"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> grace thee with a higher <reg orig="stile">style</reg> ere long. </l></sp>
<sp who="V"><speaker> Spen.: </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">No</seg> greater titles happen <reg orig="vnto"> unto </reg> me, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Then"> than </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> be <reg orig="fauoured">favoured</reg> of your <reg orig="maiestie">majesty</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edw.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Cosin">Cousin</reg>, this day <reg orig="shalbe"> shall be </reg> your <reg orig="mariage">marriage</reg> feast, </l>
<l> And <hi rend="italic"> Gaueston, </hi> <reg orig="thinke"> think </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> 
I <reg orig="loue"> love </reg> thee well, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> wed thee <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">our</seg> <reg orig="neece">niece</reg>, the <reg orig="onely"> only </reg> <reg orig="heire">heir</reg> </l>
<l> <reg orig="Vnto"> UNto </reg> the <reg orig="Earle">Earl</reg> of Gloster late deceased. </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker> Gau.: </speaker>
<l> I know my lord, many <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> <reg orig="stomack">stomach</reg> me, </l>
<l> But I respect neither their <reg orig="loue"> Love </reg> nor hate. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edw.: </speaker>
<l> The headstrong Barons shall not limit me. </l>
<l> He <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> I list <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="fauour">favour</reg> shall be great: </l>
<l> Come <reg orig="lets"> let <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg> </reg> away, and when the <reg orig="mariage">marriage</reg> ends, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Haue"> Have </reg> at the rebels, and their complices. </l></sp>
<stage> Exeunt omnes. </stage>
<stage> Enter Lancaster, Mortimer, Warwick, Penbrooke, Kent. </stage>
<sp who="N"><speaker> Kent.: </speaker>
<l> My lords, of <reg orig="loue"> love </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> this <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> <reg orig="natiue">native</reg> land, </l>
<l> I come <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="ioine">join</reg> with you, and <reg orig="leaue">leave</reg> the king, </l>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> your <reg orig="quarrell">quarrel</reg> and the <reg orig="realmes">realms</reg> <reg orig="behoofe">behoof</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">Will</seg> be the first <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> shall <reg orig="aduenture">adventure</reg> life. </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker> Lan.: </speaker>
<l> I <reg orig="feare">fear</reg> me you are sent of <reg orig="pollicie">policy</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> <reg orig="vndermine">undermine</reg> <reg orig="vs"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg> </reg> with a 
<reg orig="showe">show</reg> of <reg orig="loue."> love. </reg> </l></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker> Warw.: </speaker>
<l> He is your brother, therefore <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> cause </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> cast the worst, and doubt of your <reg orig="reuolt">revolt</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edm.: </speaker>
<l> Mine <reg orig="honor">honour</reg> <reg orig="shalbe"> shall be </reg> hostage of my truth, </l>
<l> If <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> not suffice, farewell my lords. </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker> Mor. iu.: </speaker>
<l> Stay <hi rend="italic"> Edmund, </hi> <reg orig="neuer"> never </reg> was Plantagenet </l>
<l> False of his word, and therefore trust <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> thee. </l></sp>
<sp who="S"><speaker> Pen.: </speaker>
<l> But <reg orig="whats"> what is </reg> the reason you should <reg orig="leaue">leave</reg> him now? </l></sp>
<sp who="N"><speaker> Kent.: </speaker>
<l> I <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> <reg orig="enformd">informed</reg> the <reg orig="Earle">Earl</reg> of Lancaster. </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker> Lan.: </speaker>
<l> And it sufficeth: now my lords know this, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Gaueston </hi> is <reg orig="secretlie">secretly</reg> <reg orig="arriude">arrived</reg>, </l>
<l> And here <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Tinmoth </hi> <reg orig="frollicks">frolics</reg> with the king, </l>
<l> Let <reg orig="vs"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg> </reg> with these <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> 
followers scale the <reg orig="walles">walls</reg>, </l>
<l> And <reg orig="sodenly">suddenly</reg> <reg orig="surprize">surprise</reg> them <reg orig="vnawares">unawares</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker> Mor. iu.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Ile giue"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> give </reg> the onset. </l></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker> War.: </speaker>
<l> And <reg orig="ile"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> follow thee. </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker> Mor. iu.: </speaker>
<l> This tottered <reg orig="ensigne">ensign</reg> of my <reg orig="auncesters">ancestors</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">Which</seg> swept the <reg orig="desart">desert</reg> shore of <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> dead sea, </l>
<l> Whereof <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> got the name of <hi rend="italic"> Mortimer, </hi> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">Will</seg> I <reg orig="aduaunce">advance</reg> <reg orig="vpon"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">upon</seg> </reg> this <reg orig="castell">castle</reg> <reg orig="walles">walls</reg>, </l>
<l> Drums strike alarum, raise them from their sport, </l>
<l> And ring <reg orig="aloude">aloud</reg> the knell of <hi rend="italic"> Gaueston. </hi> </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker> Lanc.: </speaker>
<l> None be <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> <reg orig="hardie">hardy</reg> as <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="touche">touch</reg> the King, </l>
<l> But neither spare you <hi rend="italic"> Gaueston, </hi> nor his friends. </l></sp>
<stage> Exeunt. </stage>
<stage> Enter the king and Spencer, to them Gaueston, &c. </stage>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edw.: </speaker>
<l> O tell me <hi rend="italic"> Spencer, </hi> where is 
<hi rend="italic"> Gaueston? </hi></l></sp>
<sp who="V"><speaker> Spen.: </speaker>
<l> I <reg orig="feare">fear</reg> me he is <reg orig="slaine">slain</reg> my <reg orig="gratious">gracious</reg> lord. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edw.: </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="exclamation">No</seg>, here he comes, now let them <reg orig="spoile">spoil</reg> and kill: </l>
<l> <reg orig="Flie">Fly</reg>, <reg orig="flie">fly</reg>, my lords, the <reg orig="earles">earls</reg> <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> got the <reg orig="holde">hold</reg>, </l>
<l> Take shipping and away <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> Scarborough, </l>
<l> Spencer and I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> post away <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> land. </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker> Gau.: </speaker>
<l> O stay my lord, they <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> not <reg orig="iniure">injure</reg> you. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edw.: </speaker>
<l> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> not trust them, <hi rend="italic"> Gaueston </hi> away. </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker> Gau.: </speaker>
<l> Farewell my Lord. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edw.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Ladie">Lady</reg>, farewell. </l></sp>
<sp who="Y"><speaker> Lad.: </speaker>
<l> Farewell <reg orig="sweete">sweet</reg> <reg orig="vnckle">uncle</reg> till <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> <reg orig="meete">meet</reg> <reg orig="againe."> again. </reg> </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edw.: </speaker>
<l> Farewell <reg orig="sweete">sweet</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Gaueston, </hi> and farewell <reg orig="Neece">Niece</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="R"><speaker> Qu.: </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">No</seg> farewell, <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> <reg orig="poore">poor</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Isabell, </hi> thy <reg orig="Queene">Queen</reg>? </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edw.: </speaker>
<l> Yes, yes, <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Mortimer </hi> your <reg orig="louers">lovers</reg> sake. </l></sp>
<stage> Exeunt omnes, manet Isabella. </stage>
<sp who="R"><speaker> Qu.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Heauens">Heavens</reg> can <reg orig="witnesse">witness</reg>, I <reg orig="loue"> love </reg> none but you, </l>
<l> From my <reg orig="imbracements">embracements</reg> thus he <reg orig="breakes">breaks</reg> away, </l>
<l> O <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> mine <reg orig="armes">arms</reg> could close this <reg orig="Ile"> Isle </reg> about, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> I might pull him <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> me where I would, </l>
<l> Or <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> these <reg orig="teares">tears</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> <reg orig="drissell">drizzle</reg> from mine eyes, </l>
<l> Had power <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="mollifie">mollify</reg> his <reg orig="stonie">stony</reg> <reg orig="hart">heart</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> when I had him <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> might <reg orig="neuer"> never </reg> part. </l></sp>
<stage> Enter the Barons alarums. </stage>
<sp who="G"><speaker> Lan.: </speaker>
<l> I wonder how he <reg orig="scapt">scaped</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker> Mor. iu.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Whose"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="interrogative">Who</seg> is </reg> this, the <reg orig="Queene">Queen</reg>? </l></sp>
<sp who="R"><speaker> Qu.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="I"> aye </reg> <hi rend="italic"> Mortimer, </hi> the miserable <reg orig="Queene">Queen</reg>, </l>
<l> Whose pining heart, <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">her</seg> inward <reg orig="sighes">sighs</reg> <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> blasted, </l>
<l> And body with <reg orig="continuall">continual</reg> <reg orig="moorning">morning</reg> wasted: </l>
<l> These hands are <reg orig="tir'd">tired</reg>, with haling of my lord </l>
<l> From <hi rend="italic"> Gaueston, </hi> from wicked 
<hi rend="italic"> Gaueston, </hi></l>
<l> And all <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <reg orig="vaine">vain</reg>, <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">for</seg> when I <reg orig="speake">  speak </reg> him <reg orig="faire,"> fair, </reg> </l>
<l> He <reg orig="turnes">turns</reg> away, and smiles <reg orig="vpon"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">upon</seg> </reg> his minion. </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker> Mor. iu.: </speaker>
<l> Cease <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> lament, and tell <reg orig="vs wheres">  <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg> where is </reg> the king? </l></sp>
<sp who="R"><speaker> Qu.: </speaker>
<l> What would you with the king, <reg orig="ist"> is it </reg> him you seek? </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker> Lan.: </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="exclamation">No</seg> madam, but <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> cursed <hi rend="italic"> Gaueston, </hi></l>
<l> <reg orig="Farre">Far</reg> be it from the thought of Lancaster, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> offer violence <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> his <reg orig="soueraigne">sovereign</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">We</seg> would but rid the <reg orig="realme">realm</reg> of <hi rend="italic"> Gaueston, </hi></l>
<l> Tell <reg orig="vs"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg> </reg> where he <reg orig="remaines">remains</reg>, and he shall die. </l></sp>
<sp who="R"><speaker> Qu.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Hees"> He has </reg> gone <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> water 
<reg orig="vnto"> unto </reg> Scarborough, </l>
<l> Pursue him <reg orig="quicklie">quickly</reg>, and he cannot scape, </l>
<l> The king hath left him, and his <reg orig="traine">train</reg> is small. </l></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker> War.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Forslowe">Foreslow</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> time, sweet Lancaster <reg orig="lets"> let <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg> </reg> march. </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker> Mor.: </speaker>
<l> How comes it, <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> the king and he is parted? </l></sp>
<sp who="R"><speaker> Qu.: </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> this your <reg orig="armie">army</reg> going <reg orig="seuerall"> several </reg> <reg orig="waies">ways</reg>, </l>
<l> Might be of lesser <reg orig="sorce">source</reg>, and with the power </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">That</seg> he intendeth <reg orig="presentlie">presently</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> raise, </l>
<l> Be <reg orig="easilie">easily</reg> <reg orig="supprest">suppressed</reg>: and therefore be gone. </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker> Mor.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Heere"> Here </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> the <reg orig="riuer">river</reg> rides a Flemish <reg orig="hoie">hoy</reg>, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Lets"> Let <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg> </reg> all <reg orig="aboord">aboard</reg>, and follow him <reg orig="amaine">amain</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker> Lan.: </speaker>
<l> The wind <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> bears him hence, <reg orig="wil"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> <reg orig="fil">fill</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> <reg orig="sailes">sails</reg>, </l>
<l> Come, come <reg orig="aboord">aboard</reg>, <reg orig="tis"> it is </reg> but an <reg orig="houres">hours</reg> sailing. </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker> Mor.: </speaker>
<l> Madam, stay you within this <reg orig="castell">castle</reg> here. </l></sp>
<sp who="R"><speaker> Qu.: </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="exclamation">No</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Mortimer, </hi> <reg orig="ile">  I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> my lord the king. </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker> Mor.: </speaker>
<l> Nay, rather <reg orig="saile">sail</reg> with <reg orig="vs"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg> </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> Scarborough. </l></sp>
<sp who="R"><speaker> Qu.: </speaker>
<l> You know the king is <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> <reg orig="suspitious">suspicious</reg>, </l>
<l> As if he <reg orig="heare"> hear </reg> I 
<reg orig="haue"> have </reg> but <reg orig="talkt">talked</reg> with you, </l>
<l> Mine honour <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> be <reg orig="cald">called</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> question, </l>
<l> And therefore gentle <hi rend="italic"> Mortimer </hi> be gone. </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker> Mor.: </speaker>
<l> Madam, I cannot stay <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> answer you, </l>
<l> But <reg orig="thinke"> think </reg> of <hi rend="italic"> Mortimer 
</hi> as he <reg orig="deserues">deserves</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="R"><speaker> Qu.: </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">So</seg> well hast thou <reg orig="deseru'de">deserved</reg> <reg orig="sweete">sweet</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Mortimer, </hi></l>
<l> As <hi rend="italic"> Isaebell </hi> could <reg orig="liue"> live </reg> with 
thee <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> <reg orig="euer,"> ever, </reg> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">In</seg> <reg orig="vaine">vain</reg> I <reg orig="looke"> look </reg> 
<seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> <reg orig="loue"> love </reg> at <hi rend="italic"> Edwards </hi> hand, </l>
<l> Whose eyes are <reg orig="fixt">fixed</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> none but <hi rend="italic"> Gaueston: </hi></l>
<l> Yet once more <reg orig="ile"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> importune him with <reg orig="praiers">prayers</reg>, </l>
<l> If he be <reg orig="straunge">strange</reg> and not <reg orig="regarde">regard</reg> my <reg orig="wordes">words</reg>, </l>
<l> My <reg orig="sonne"> son </reg> and I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> 
<reg orig="ouer"> over </reg> into France, </l>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> the king my brother there <reg orig="complaine">complain</reg>, </l>
<l> How <hi rend="italic"> Gaueston </hi> hath <reg orig="robd">robbed</reg> me of his 
<reg orig="loue:"> love: </reg> </l>
<l> But yet I hope my <reg orig="sorrowes">sorrows</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> end, </l>
<l> And <hi rend="italic"> Gaueston </hi> this blessed day be <reg orig="slaine">slain</reg>. </l></sp>
<stage> Exeunt. </stage>
<stage> Enter Gaueston pursued. </stage>
<sp who="A"><speaker> Gau.: </speaker>
<l> Yet <reg orig="lustie">lusty</reg> lords I <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> <reg orig="escapt">escaped</reg> your <reg orig="handes">hands</reg>, </l>
<l> Your threats, your larums, and your <reg orig="hote">hot</reg> <reg orig="pursutes">pursuits</reg>, </l>
<l> And though <reg orig="deuorsed">divorced</reg> from king <hi rend="italic"> Edwards </hi> eyes, </l>
<l> Yet <reg orig="liueth">liveth</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Pierce </hi> of 
<hi rend="italic"> Gaueston </hi> <reg orig="vnsurprizd">unsurprised</reg>, </l>
<l> Breathing, <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> hope (<hi rend="italic"> malgrado </hi> all your beards, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">That</seg> muster rebels thus against your king) </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> see his <reg orig="royall">royal</reg> <reg orig="soueraigne">sovereign</reg> once <reg orig="againe."> again. </reg> </l></sp>
<stage> Enter the Nobles. </stage>
<sp who="L"><speaker> War.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Vpon"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">Upon</seg> </reg> him <reg orig="souldiers">soldiers</reg>, take away his weapons. </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker> Mor.: </speaker>
<l> Thou proud disturber of thy countries peace, </l>
<l> Corrupter of thy king, cause of these <reg orig="broiles">broils</reg>, </l>
<l> Base flatterer, <reg orig="yeeld">yield</reg>, and were it not <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> shame, </l>
<l> Shame and dishonour <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> a <reg orig="souldiers">soldiers</reg> name, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Vpon"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">Upon</seg> </reg> my weapons point here <reg orig="shouldst">shouldest</reg> thou fall, </l>
<l> And welter <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> thy <reg orig="goare">gore</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker> Lan.: </speaker>
<l> Monster of men, <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">like</seg> the Greekish strumpet </l>
<l> <reg orig="Traind">Trained</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> <reg orig="armes">arms</reg> and <reg orig="bloudie">bloody</reg> <reg orig="warres">wars</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">So</seg> many valiant knights, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Looke"> Look </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> other 
fortune wretch <reg orig="then"> than </reg> death, </l>
<l> Kind <hi rend="italic"> Edward </hi> is not <reg orig="heere">  here </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> buckler thee. </l></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker> War.: </speaker>
<l> Lancaster, why <reg orig="talkst">talkest</reg> thou <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> the <reg orig="slaue">slave</reg>? </l>
<l> Go <reg orig="souldiers">soldiers</reg> take him hence, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> my sword, his head shall off: </l>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Gaueston, </hi> short warning shall <reg orig="serue">serve</reg> thy <reg orig="turne">turn</reg>: </l>
<l> It is <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> countries cause, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> here <reg orig="seuerelie"> severally </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> execute, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Vpon"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">Upon</seg> </reg> thy person: hang him at a bough: </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker> Gau.: </speaker>
<l> My Lord. </l></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker> War.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Souldiers">Soldiers</reg>, <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> him away: </l>
<l> But <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">for</seg> thou wert the <reg orig="fauorit">favourite</reg> of a King, </l>
<l> Thou shalt <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> much <reg orig="honor">honour</reg> at <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> hands. </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker> Gau.: </speaker>
<l> I <reg orig="thanke">thank</reg> you all my lords, then I <reg orig="perceiue">perceive</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> heading is one, and hanging is the other, </l>
<l> And death is all. </l></sp>
<stage> Enter earle of Arundell. </stage>
<sp who="G"><speaker> Lan.: </speaker>
<l> How now my lord of <hi rend="italic"> Arundell? </hi> </l></sp>
<sp who="AB"><speaker> Arun.: </speaker>
<l> My lords, king <hi rend="italic"> Edward </hi> <reg orig="greetes">greets</reg> you all <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> me. </l></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker> War.: </speaker>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Arundell, </hi> say your message. </l></sp>
<sp who="AB"><speaker> Aru.: </speaker>
<l> His <reg orig="maiesty">majesty</reg>, hearing <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> you had taken <hi rend="italic"> Gaueston, </hi></l>
<l> <reg orig="Intreateth">entreateth</reg> you <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> me, yet but he may </l>
<l> See him before he dies, <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">for</seg> why he <reg orig="saies">says</reg>, </l>
<l> And sends you word, he <reg orig="knowes">knows</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> die he shall, </l>
<l> And if you <reg orig="gratifie">gratify</reg> his grace <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> <reg orig="farre">far</reg>, </l>
<l> He <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> be <reg orig="mindfull">mindful</reg> of the <reg orig="curtesie">courtesy</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker> Warw.: </speaker>
<l> How now? </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker> Gau.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Renowmed">Renowned</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Edward, </hi> how thy name </l>
<l> <reg orig="Reuiues">Revives</reg> <reg orig="poore">poor</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Gaueston. </hi> </l></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker> War.: </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="exclamation">No</seg>, it needeth not, </l>
<l> Arundell, <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> <reg orig="gratifie">gratify</reg> the king </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">In</seg> other matters, he must pardon <reg orig="vs"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg> </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> this, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Souldiers">Soldiers</reg> away with him. </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker> <reg orig="Gauest">Gavest</reg>: </speaker>
<l> Why my Lord of Warwicke, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">Will</seg> not these <reg orig="delaies">delays</reg> beget my hopes? </l>
<l> I know it lords, it is this life you <reg orig="aime">aim</reg> at, </l>
<l> Yet <reg orig="graunt">grant</reg> king <hi rend="italic"> Edward </hi> this. </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker> Mor. iu.: </speaker>
<l> Shalt thou appoint what <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> shall <reg orig="graunt">grant</reg>? </l>
<l> <reg orig="Souldiers">Soldiers</reg> away with him: </l>
<l> Thus <reg orig="weele"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> <reg orig="gratifie">gratify</reg> the king, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Weele"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">We</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> send his 
head <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> thee, let him bestow </l>
<l> His <reg orig="teares">tears</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg>, <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">for</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> is all he gets </l>
<l> Of <hi rend="italic"> Gaueston, </hi> or else his <reg orig="sencelesse">senseless</reg> <reg orig="trunck">trunk</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker> Lan.: </speaker>
<l> Not <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">so</seg> my Lord, least he bestow more cost, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">In</seg> burying him, <reg orig="then"> than </reg> 
he hath <reg orig="euer"> ever </reg> earned. </l></sp>
<sp who="AB"><speaker> Arun.: </speaker>
<l> My lords, it is his <reg orig="maiesties">majesties</reg> request, </l>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> the <reg orig="honor">honour</reg> of a king he <reg orig="sweares">swears</reg>, </l>
<l> He <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> but <reg orig="talke"> talk </reg> with him and 
send him <reg orig="backe."> back. </reg> </l></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker> War.: </speaker>
<l> When can you tell? <hi rend="italic"> Arundell </hi> <seg type="homograph" subtype="exclamation">no</seg>, <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> wot, </l>
<l> He <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> the care of <reg orig="realme">realm</reg> remits, </l>
<l> And <reg orig="driues">drives</reg> his nobles <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> these exigents </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">For</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Gaueston, </hi> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> if he <reg orig="zease">seize</reg> him once, </l>
<l> Violate any promise <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="possesse">possess</reg> him. </l></sp>
<sp who="AB"><speaker> Arun.: </speaker>
<l> Then if you <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> not trust his grace <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <reg orig="keepe">keep</reg>, </l>
<l> My lords, I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> be pledge <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> his <reg orig="returne">return</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker> Mor. iu.: </speaker>
<l> It is honourable <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> thee <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> offer this, </l>
<l> But <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">for</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> know thou art a noble gentleman, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">We</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> not wrong thee <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">so</seg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> make away a true man <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> a <reg orig="theefe">thief</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker> <reg orig="Gaue">Gave</reg>.: </speaker>
<l> How <reg orig="meanst">meanest</reg> thou <hi rend="italic"> Mortimer? </hi> <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> 
is <reg orig="ouer"> over </reg> base. </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker> Mor.: </speaker>
<l> Away base <reg orig="groome">groom</reg>, robber of kings <reg orig="renowme">renown</reg>, </l>
<l> Question with thy companions and thy mates. </l></sp>
<sp who="S"><speaker> Pen.: </speaker>
<l> My lord <hi rend="italic"> Mortimer, </hi> and you my lords each one, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> <reg orig="gratifie">gratify</reg> the kings request therein, </l>
<l> Touching the sending of this <hi rend="italic"> Gaueston, </hi> </l>
<l> Because his <reg orig="maiestie">majesty</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> <reg orig="earnestlie">earnestly</reg> </l>
<l> Desires <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> see the man before his death, </l>
<l> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> <reg orig="vpon"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">upon</seg> </reg> mine <reg orig="honor">honour</reg> <reg orig="vndertake">undertake</reg> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> <reg orig="carrie">carry</reg> him, and bring him back <reg orig="againe,"> again, </reg> </l>
<l> <reg orig="Prouided">Provided</reg> this, <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> you my lord of Arundell </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">Will</seg> <reg orig="ioyne">join</reg> with me. </l></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker> War.: </speaker>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Penbrooke, </hi> what wilt thou do? </l>
<l> Cause yet more <reg orig="bloudshed">bloodshed</reg>: is it not enough </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> taken him, but must <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> now </l>
<l> <reg orig="Leaue">Leave</reg> him <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">on</seg> <reg orig="had-I">had I</reg> wist, and let him go? </l></sp>
<sp who="S"><speaker> Pen.: </speaker>
<l> My lords, I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> not <reg orig="ouer"> over </reg> <reg orig="wooe">woo</reg> your <reg orig="honors">honours</reg>, </l>
<l> But if you dare trust <hi rend="italic"> Penbrooke </hi> with the prisoner, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Vpon"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">Upon</seg> </reg> mine oath I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> <reg orig="returne">return</reg> him back. </l></sp>
<sp who="AB"><speaker> Arun.: </speaker>
<l> My lord of Lancaster, what say you <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> this? </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker> Lan.: </speaker>
<l> Why I say, let him go <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Penbrookes </hi> word. </l></sp>
<sp who="S"><speaker> Pen.: </speaker>
<l> And you lord <hi rend="italic"> Mortimer. </hi> </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker> Mor. iu.: </speaker>
<l> How say you my lord of Warwick. </l></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker> War.: </speaker>
<l> Nay, do your pleasures, </l>
<l> I know how <reg orig="twill"> it <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> <reg orig="prooue">prove</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="S"><speaker> Pen.: </speaker>
<l> Then <reg orig="giue"> give </reg> him me. </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker> Gau.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Sweete">Sweet</reg> <reg orig="soueraigne">sovereign</reg>, yet I come </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> see thee ere I die. </l></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker> Warw.: </speaker>
<l> Yet not perhaps, </l>
<l> If Warwickes wit and <reg orig="policie">policy</reg> <reg orig="preuaile">prevail</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker> Mor. iu.: </speaker>
<l> My lord of Penbrooke, <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> <reg orig="deliuer">deliver</reg> him you, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Returne">Return</reg> him <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> your <reg orig="honor">honour</reg>, sound away. </l></sp>
<stage> Exeunt. </stage>
<stage> Manent Penbrooke, Mat. Gauest. & Penbrookes men, foure
souldiers. </stage>
<sp who="S"><speaker> Pen.: </speaker>
<l> My Lord, you shall go with me, </l>
<l> My house is not <reg orig="farre">far</reg> hence out of the way, </l>
<l> A little, but <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> men shall go along, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">We</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> 
<reg orig="prettie">pretty</reg> wenches <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> <reg orig="wiues">wives</reg>, </l>
<l> Sir, must not come <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> <reg orig="neare">near</reg> and <reg orig="balke">balk</reg> their lips. </l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker> Mat.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Tis"> It is </reg> <reg orig="verie"> very </reg> <reg orig="kindlie">kindly</reg> spoke 
my lord of <hi rend="italic"> Penbrooke, </hi></l>
<l> Your <reg orig="honor">honour</reg> hath an adamant of power, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> <reg orig="drawe">draw</reg> a prince. </l></sp>
<sp who="S"><speaker> Pen.: </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">So</seg> my lord, come <reg orig="hether">hither</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Iames, </hi></l>
<l> I do commit this <hi rend="italic"> Gaueston </hi> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> thee, </l>
<l> Be thou this night his keeper, <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> the morning </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">We</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> discharge thee of thy charge, be 
<reg orig="gon."> gone. </reg> </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker> Gau.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Vnhappie">Unhappy</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Gaueston, </hi> whether goest thou now. </l></sp>
<stage> Exit cum seruis Pen. </stage>
<sp who="AC"><speaker> Horse boy.: </speaker>
<l> My lord, <reg orig="weele"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> 
<reg orig="quicklie">quickly</reg> be at <hi rend="italic"> Cobham. </hi> </l></sp>
<stage> Exeunt ambo. </stage>
<stage> Enter Gaueston moorning, and the earle of Penbrookes men. </stage>
<sp who="A"><speaker> <reg orig="Gaue">Gave</reg>.: </speaker>
<l> O treacherous Warwicke thus <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> wrong thy friend! </l></sp>
<sp who="AD"><speaker> Iames.: </speaker>
<l> I see it is your life these <reg orig="armes">arms</reg> pursue. </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker> Gau.: </speaker>

<l> <reg orig="Weaponles">Weaponless</reg> must I fall and die <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> bands, </l>
<l> O must this day be period of my life! </l>
<l> <reg orig="Center">Centre</reg> of all my <reg orig="blisse">bliss</reg>, and <reg orig="yee"> ye </reg> be men, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Speede">Speed</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> the king. </l></sp>
<stage> Enter Warwicke and his companie. </stage>
<sp who="L"><speaker> War.: </speaker>
<l> My lord of Penbrookes men, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Striue">Strive</reg> you <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> longer, I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> 
<seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Gaueston. </hi> </l></sp>
<sp who="AD"><speaker> Iam.: </speaker>
<l> Your lordship doth <reg orig="dishonor">dishonour</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> <reg orig="your selfe,"> yourself, </reg> </l>
<l> And wrong <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> lord, your <reg orig="honorable">honourable</reg> friend. </l></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker> War.: </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="exclamation">No</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Iames, </hi> it is my countries cause I follow, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Goe,"> go, </reg> take the <reg orig="villaine">villain</reg>, soldiers come away, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Weel"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">We</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> make quick <reg orig="worke">work</reg>, 
commend me <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> your <reg orig="maister">master</reg> </l>
<l> My friend, and tell him <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> I <reg orig="watcht">watched</reg> it well, </l>
<l> Come, let thy shadow parley with king <hi rend="italic"> Edward. </hi></l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker> Gau.: </speaker>
<l> Treacherous <reg orig="earle">earl</reg>, shall I not see the king? </l></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker> War.: </speaker>
<l> The king of <reg orig="heauen">heaven</reg> perhaps, <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> other king, Away. </l></sp>
<stage> Exeunt Warwike and his men, with Gauest. </stage>
<stage> Manet Iames cum caeteris. </stage>
<sp who="AD">
<l> Come <reg orig="fellowes">fellows</reg>, it booted not <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> <reg orig="vs"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg> </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="striue">strive</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">We</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <reg orig="hast"> haste </reg> go <reg orig="certifie">certify</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> Lord. </l></sp>
<stage> Exeunt. </stage>
<stage> Enter king Edward and Spencer, with Drummes and Fifes. </stage>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edw.: </speaker>
<l> I long <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="heare"> hear </reg> an answer from the Barons </l>
<l> Touching my friend, my <reg orig="deerest">dearest</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Gaueston, </hi> </l>
<l> Ah <hi rend="italic"> Spencer, </hi> not the riches of my <reg orig="realme">realm</reg> </l>
<l> Can <reg orig="ransome">ransom</reg> him, ah he is <reg orig="markt">marked</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> die, </l>
<l> I know the malice of the <reg orig="yonger">younger</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Mortimer, </hi> </l>
<l> Warwick I know is <reg orig="roughe">rough</reg>, and Lancaster </l>
<l> Inexorable, and I shall <reg orig="neuer"> never </reg> see </l>
<l> My <reg orig="louely">lovely</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Pierce, </hi> my <hi rend="italic"> 
Gaueston </hi> <reg orig="againe,"> again, </reg> </l>
<l> The Barons <reg orig="ouerbeare">overbear</reg> me with their pride. </l></sp>
<sp who="V"><speaker> Spencer.: </speaker>
<l> Were I king <hi rend="italic"> Edward </hi> <reg orig="Englands">England's</reg> <reg orig="soueraigne">sovereign</reg>, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Sonne"> Son </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> the <reg orig="louelie">lovely</reg> <hi rend="italic"> 
Elenor </hi> of <reg orig="Spaine">Spain</reg>, </l>
<l> Great <hi rend="italic"> Edward Longshankes </hi> issue: would I bear </l>
<l> These <reg orig="braues">braves</reg>, this rage, and suffer <reg orig="vncontrowld">uncontrolled</reg> </l>
<l> These Barons thus <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> beard me <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> my land, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">In</seg> mine <reg orig="owne"> own </reg> <reg orig="realme">realm</reg>? my lord pardon my <reg orig="speeche">speech</reg>, </l>
<l> Did you <reg orig="retaine">retain</reg> your fathers <reg orig="magnanimitie">magnanimity</reg>? </l>
<l> Did you regard the <reg orig="honor">honour</reg> of your name? </l>
<l> You would not suffer thus your <reg orig="maiestie">majesty</reg> </l>
<l> Be <reg orig="counterbuft">counterbuffed</reg> of your <reg orig="nobilitie">nobility</reg>, </l>
<l> Strike off their heads, and let them preach <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> poles, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">No</seg> doubt, such lessons they <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> teach the rest, </l>
<l> As <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> their preachments they <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> profit much, </l>
<l> And <reg orig="learne">learn</reg> obedience <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> their <reg orig="lawfull">lawful</reg> king. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edw.: </speaker>
<l> Yea gentle <hi rend="italic"> Spencer, </hi> <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">we</seg> 
<reg orig="haue beene"> have been </reg> too <reg orig="milde">mild</reg>, </l>
<l> Too <reg orig="kinde">kind</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> them, but now <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> <reg orig="drawne">drawn</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">our</seg> sword, </l>
<l> And if they send me not my <hi rend="italic"> Gaueston, </hi> </l>
<l> <reg orig="Weele"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">We</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> <reg orig="steele">steel</reg> it <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> 
their crest, and <reg orig="powle">poll</reg> their tops. </l></sp>
<sp who="T"><speaker> Bald.: </speaker>
<l> This haught <reg orig="resolue">resolve</reg> becomes your <reg orig="maiestie">majesty</reg>, </l>
<l> Not <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> be tied <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> their affection, </l>
<l> As though your <reg orig="highnes">highness</reg> were a <reg orig="schoole">school</reg> boy still, </l>
<l> And must be <reg orig="awde">awed</reg> and <reg orig="gouernd">governed</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">like</seg> a child. </l></sp>
<stage> Enter Hugh Spencer an old man, father to the yong Spencer, 
with his trunchion, and soldiers. </stage>
<sp who="W"><speaker> Spen. pa.: </speaker>
<l> Long <reg orig="liue"> live </reg> my <reg orig="soueraigne">sovereign</reg> the noble 
<hi rend="italic"> Edward, </hi> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">In</seg> peace triumphant, fortunate <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <reg orig="warres">wars</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edw.: </speaker>
<l> Welcome old man, <reg orig="comst">comest</reg> thou <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Edwards </hi> aide? </l>
<l> Then tell thy prince, of whence, and what thou art. </l></sp>
<sp who="W"><speaker> Spen. pa.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Loe">Lo</reg>, with a band of bowmen and of pikes, </l>
<l> Browne <reg orig="bils">bills</reg>, and targetiers, 400 strong, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Sworne">Sworn</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> defend king <hi rend="italic"> Edwards </hi> <reg orig="royall">royal</reg> right, </l>
<l> I come <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> person <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> your <reg orig="maiestie">majesty</reg>, </l>
<l> Spencer, the father of <hi rend="italic"> Hugh Spencer </hi> there, </l>
<l> Bound <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> your <reg orig="highnes">highness</reg> <reg orig="euerlastinglie">everlastingly</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">For</seg> <reg orig="fauors">favours</reg> done <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> him, <reg orig="vnto vs"> unto <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg> </reg> all. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edw.: </speaker>
<l> Thy father <hi rend="italic"> Spencer? </hi> </l></sp>
<sp who="V"><speaker> Spen. filius.: </speaker>
<l> True, <reg orig="and"> if </reg> it <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">like</seg> your grace, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">That</seg> <reg orig="powres">powers</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> lieu of all your <reg orig="goodnes">goodness</reg> <reg orig="showne">shown</reg>, </l>
<l> His life my lord, before your princely <reg orig="feete">feet</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edw.: </speaker>
<l> Welcome ten thousand times, old man <reg orig="againe,"> again, </reg> </l>
<l> Spencer, this <reg orig="loue,"> love, </reg> this <reg orig="kindnes">kindness</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> thy King, </l>
<l> Argues thy noble <reg orig="minde">mind</reg> and disposition: </l>
<l> Spencer, I <reg orig="heere"> here </reg> create thee <reg orig="earle">earl</reg> of Wilshire, </l>
<l> And daily <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> enrich thee with <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">our</seg> <reg orig="fauour">favour</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> as the <reg orig="sun-shine">sunshine</reg> shall reflect <reg orig="ore"> over </reg> thee: </l>
<l> Beside, the more <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> manifest <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">our</seg> <reg orig="loue,"> love, </reg> </l>
<l> Because <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">we</seg> <reg orig="heare"> hear </reg> Lord <hi rend="italic"> Bruse </hi>
<reg orig="dooth"> doth </reg> sell his land, </l>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> the <hi rend="italic"> Mortimers </hi> are <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> hand <reg orig="withall">withal</reg>, </l>
<l> Thou shalt <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> <reg orig="crownes">crowns</reg> of 
<reg orig="vs, t'out"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">us</seg>, <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> out </reg> bid the Barons, </l>
<l> And <hi rend="italic"> Spenser, </hi> spare them not, but lay it <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">on</seg>. </l>
<l> <reg orig="Souldiers">Soldiers</reg> a <reg orig="largis">largess</reg>, and thrice welcome all. </l></sp>
<sp who="V"><speaker> Spen.: </speaker>
<l> My lord, here comes the <reg orig="Queene">Queen</reg>. </l></sp>
<stage> Enter the Queene and her sonne, and Lewne a Frenchman. </stage>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edw.: </speaker>
<l> Madam, what <reg orig="newes">news</reg>? </l></sp>
<sp who="R"><speaker> Qu.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Newes">News</reg> of <reg orig="dishonor">dishonour</reg> lord, and discontent, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">Our</seg> friend <hi rend="italic"> Lewne, </hi> <reg orig="faithfull">faithful</reg> and full of trust, </l>
<l> Informeth <reg orig="vs,"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">us</seg> </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> letters and <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> words, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> lord <hi rend="italic"> Valoyes </hi> <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">our</seg> brother, king of <reg orig="Fraunce">France</reg>, </l>
<l> Because your <reg orig="highnesse">highness</reg> hath <reg orig="beene"> been </reg> slack <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> homage, </l>
<l> Hath <reg orig="seazed">seized</reg> <reg orig="Normandie">Normandy</reg> into his hands, </l>
<l> These be the letters, this the messenger. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edw.: </speaker>
<l> Welcome <hi rend="italic"> Lewne, </hi> tush 
<hi rend="italic"> Sib, </hi> if this be all, </l>
<l> Valoys and I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> <reg orig="soone"> soon </reg> be 
friends <reg orig="againe,"> again, </reg> </l>
<l> But <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> my <hi rend="italic"> Gaueston: </hi> shall 
I <reg orig="neuer"> never </reg> see, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Neuer"> Never </reg> behold thee now? Madam <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> this matter </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">We</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> employ you and your little <reg orig="sonne,"> son, </reg> </l>
<l> You shall go parley with the king of <reg orig="Fraunce">France</reg>, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Boye">Boy</reg>, see you <reg orig="beare">bear</reg> you <reg orig="brauelie">bravely</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> the king, </l>
<l> And do your message with a <reg orig="maiestie">majesty</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="AF"><speaker> Prin.: </speaker>
<l> Commit not <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> my youth things of more <reg orig="waigh">weigh</reg> </l>
<l> <reg orig="Then"> Than </reg> fits a prince <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> <reg orig="yong">young</reg> as I <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="beare">bear</reg>, </l>
<l> And <reg orig="feare">fear</reg> not lord and father, <reg orig="heauens">heavens</reg> great <reg orig="beames">beams</reg> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">On</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Atlas </hi> shoulder, shall not lie more safe, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Then"> Than </reg> shall your charge committed <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> my trust. </l></sp>
<sp who="R"><speaker> Qu.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="A"> ah </reg> <reg orig="boye">boy</reg>, this <reg orig="towardnes">towardness</reg> makes thy mother <reg orig="feare">fear</reg> </l>
<l> Thou art not <reg orig="markt">marked</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> many <reg orig="daies">days</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> earth. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edw.: </speaker>
<l> Madam, <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">we</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> you with speed be <reg orig="shipt">shipped</reg>, </l>
<l> And this <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">our</seg> <reg orig="sonne,"> son, </reg> <hi rend="italic"> 
Lewne </hi> shall follow you, </l>
<l> With all the <reg orig="hast"> haste </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">we</seg> can dispatch him hence, </l>
<l> Choose of <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">our</seg> lords <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="beare">bear</reg> you <reg orig="companie">company</reg>, </l>
<l> And go <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> peace, <reg orig="leaue">leave</reg> <reg orig="vs"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">us</seg> </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <reg orig="warres">wars</reg> at home. </l></sp>
<sp who="R"><speaker> Qu.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Vnnatural">Unnatural</reg> wars, where <reg orig="subiects">subjects</reg> <reg orig="braue">brave</reg> their king, </l>
<l> God end them once, my lord I take my <reg orig="leaue">leave</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> make my preparation <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> <reg orig="Fraunce">France</reg>. </l></sp>
<stage> Enter lord Matre. </stage>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edw.: </speaker>
<l> What lord <hi rend="italic"> Matre. </hi> dost thou come alone? </l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker> Mat.: </speaker>
<l> Yea my good lord, <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">for</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Gaueston </hi> is dead. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edw.: </speaker>
<l> Ah traitors, <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> they put my friend <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> death, </l>
<l> Tell me <hi rend="italic"> Matre. </hi> died he ere thou <reg orig="camst">camest</reg>, </l>
<l> Or didst thou see my friend <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> take his death? </l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker> Matr.: </speaker>
<l> Neither my lord, <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">for</seg> as he was <reg orig="surprizd">surprised</reg>, </l>
<l> Begirt with weapons, and with enemies round, </l>
<l> I did your <reg orig="highnes">highness</reg> message <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> them all, </l>
<l> Demanding him of them, entreating rather, </l>
<l> And said, <reg orig="vpon"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">upon</seg> </reg> the honour of my name, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> I would <reg orig="vndertake">undertake</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="carrie">carry</reg> him </l>
<l> <reg orig="Vnto"> Unto </reg> your <reg orig="highnes">highness</reg>, and <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> bring him back. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edw.: </speaker>
<l> And tell me, would the rebels <reg orig="denie">deny</reg> me <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg>? </l></sp>
<sp who="V"><speaker> Spen.: </speaker>
<l> Proud recreants. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edw.: </speaker>
<l> Yea <hi rend="italic"> Spencer, </hi> traitors all. </l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker> Matr.: </speaker>
<l> I found them at the first inexorable, </l>
<l> The <reg orig="earle">earl</reg> of Warwick would not bide the hearing, </l>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Mortimer </hi> hardly, <hi rend="italic"> Penbrooke 
</hi> and <hi rend="italic"> Lancaster </hi> </l>
<l> Spake least: and when they flatly had <reg orig="denyed">denied</reg>, </l>
<l> Refusing <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="receiue">receive</reg> me pledge <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> him, </l>
<l> The <reg orig="earle">earl</reg> of <hi rend="italic"> Penbrooke </hi> <reg orig="mildlie">mildly</reg> thus bespake. </l>
<l> My lords, because <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> <reg orig="soueraigne">sovereign</reg> sends <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> him, </l>
<l> And promiseth he shall be safe <reg orig="returnd">returned</reg>, </l>
<l> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> this <reg orig="vndertake">undertake</reg>, <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> him hence, </l>
<l> And see him <reg orig="redeliuered">redelivered</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> your hands. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edw.: </speaker>
<l> Well, and how fortunes <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> he came not? </l></sp>
<sp who="V"><speaker> Spen.: </speaker>
<l> Some treason, or some <reg orig="villanie">villainy</reg> was cause. </l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker> Mat.: </speaker>
<l> The <reg orig="earle">earl</reg> of Warwick <reg orig="seazde">seized</reg> him <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> his way, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">For</seg> being <reg orig="deliuered">delivered</reg> <reg orig="vnto"> unto </reg> 
<hi rend="italic"> Penbrookes </hi> men, </l>
<l> Their lord rode home, thinking his prisoner safe, </l>
<l> But ere he came, Warwick <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> ambush <reg orig="laie">lay</reg>, </l>
<l> And bare him <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> his death, and <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> a <reg orig="trenche">trench</reg> </l>
<l> Strake off his head, and <reg orig="marcht">marched</reg> <reg orig="vnto"> unto </reg> the <reg orig="campe">camp</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="V"><speaker> Spen.: </speaker>
<l> A <reg orig="bloudie">bloody</reg> part, flatly against law of <reg orig="armes">arms</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edw.: </speaker>
<l> O shall I <reg orig="speake,"> speak, </reg> or shall I sigh and die! </l></sp>

<sp who="V"><speaker> Spen.: </speaker>
<l> My lord, <reg orig="referre">refer</reg> your vengeance <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> the sword, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Vpon"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">Upon</seg> </reg> these Barons, <reg orig="harten">hearten</reg> 
<reg orig="vp"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">up</seg> </reg> your men, </l>
<l> Let them not <reg orig="vnreuengd">unrevenged</reg> murther your friends, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Aduaunce">Advance</reg> your standard <hi rend="italic"> Edward </hi> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> the field, </l>
<l> And <reg orig="marche">march</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> sire them from their starting holes. </l></sp>
<stage> Edward kneeles, and saith. </stage>
<sp who="B">
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">By</seg> earth, the common mother of <reg orig="vs"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg> </reg> all, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">By</seg> <reg orig="heauen">heaven</reg>, and all the <reg orig="moouing">moving</reg> <reg orig="orbes">orbs</reg> thereof, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">By</seg> this right hand, and <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> my fathers sword, </l>
<l> And all the <reg orig="honors">honours</reg> longing <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> my <reg orig="crowne">crown</reg>, </l>
<l> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> heads, and 
<reg orig="liues">lives</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> him as many, </l>
<l> As I <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> manors, <reg orig="castels">castles</reg>, <reg orig="townes">towns</reg>, and towers, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Tretcherous">Treacherous</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Warwicke, </hi> <reg orig="traiterous">traitorous</reg> 
<hi rend="italic"> Mortimer: </hi> </l>
<l> If I be <reg orig="Englands">England's</reg> king, <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> lakes of gore </l>
<l> Your <reg orig="headles">headless</reg> <reg orig="trunkes">trunks</reg>, your bodies <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> I <reg orig="traile">trail</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> you may <reg orig="drinke">drink</reg> your fill, and <reg orig="quaffe">quaff</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <reg orig="bloud">blood</reg>, </l>
<l> And <reg orig="staine">stain</reg> my <reg orig="roiall">royal</reg> standard with the same, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">so</seg> my <reg orig="bloudie">bloody</reg> colours may suggest </l>
<l> Remembrance of <reg orig="reuenge">revenge</reg> <reg orig="immortallie">immortally</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">On</seg> your accursed <reg orig="traiterous">traitorous</reg> <reg orig="progenie">progeny</reg>: </l>
<l> You <reg orig="villaines">villains</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> 
<reg orig="slaine">slain</reg> my <hi rend="italic"> Gaueston, </hi> </l>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> this place of <reg orig="honor">honour</reg> and of trust, </l>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Spencer, </hi> sweet <hi rend="italic"> Spencer, 
</hi> I adopt thee <reg orig="heere,"> here, </reg> </l>
<l> And <reg orig="meerely">merely</reg> of <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">our</seg> <reg orig="loue"> love </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">we</seg> do create thee </l>
<l> <reg orig="Earle">Earl</reg> of Gloster, and lord <reg orig="Chamberlaine">Chamberlain</reg>, </l>
<l> Despite of times, despite of enemies. </l></sp>
<sp who="V"><speaker> Spen.: </speaker>
<l> My lord, <reg orig="heres"> here is </reg> is a messenger from the Barons, </l>
<l> Desires <reg orig="accesse">access</reg> <reg orig="vnto"> unto </reg> your <reg orig="maiestie">majesty</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edw.: </speaker>
<l> Admit him <reg orig="neere">near</reg>. </l></sp>
<stage> Enter the Herald from the Barons, with his coate of armes. </stage>
<sp who="Z"><speaker> Messen.: </speaker>
<l> Long <reg orig="liue"> live </reg> king <hi rend="italic"> Edward, 
</hi> <reg orig="Englands">England's</reg> lawful lord. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edw.: </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">So</seg> wish not they I <reg orig="wis">wish</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> sent thee hither, </l>
<l> Thou <reg orig="comst">comest</reg> from <hi rend="italic"> Mortimer </hi> and his complices, </l>
<l> A ranker route of rebels <reg orig="neuer"> never </reg> was: </l>
<l> Well, say thy message. </l></sp>
<sp who="Z"><speaker> Messen.: </speaker>
<l> The Barons <reg orig="vp"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">up</seg> </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <reg orig="armes">arms</reg>, <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> me salute </l>
<l> Your <reg orig="highnes">highness</reg>, with long life and <reg orig="happines">happiness</reg>, </l>
<l> And bid me say as plainer <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> your grace, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> if without effusion of <reg orig="bloud">blood</reg>, </l>
<l> You <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> this <reg orig="greefe">grief</reg> <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> ease and <reg orig="remedie">remedy</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> from your princely person you <reg orig="remooue">remove</reg> </l>
<l> This <hi rend="italic"> Spencer, </hi> as a <reg orig="putrifying">putrefying</reg> <reg orig="branche">branch</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">That</seg> deads the <reg orig="royall">royal</reg> vine, whose golden <reg orig="leaues">leaves</reg> </l>
<l> <reg orig="Empale">Impale</reg> your <reg orig="princelie">princely</reg> head, your diadem, </l>
<l> Whose <reg orig="brightnes">brightness</reg> such <reg orig="pernitious">pernicious</reg> <reg orig="vpstarts">upstarts</reg> dim, </l>
<l> Say they, and <reg orig="louinglie">lovingly</reg> <reg orig="aduise">advise</reg> your grace, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> cherish <reg orig="vertue">virtue</reg> and <reg orig="nobilitie">nobility</reg>, </l>
<l> And <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> old <reg orig="seruitors">servitors</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> high <reg orig="esteeme">esteem</reg>, </l>
<l> And shake off smooth dissembling flatterers: </l>
<l> This <reg orig="graunted">granted</reg>, they, their <reg orig="honors">honours</reg>, and their <reg orig="liues">lives</reg>, </l>
<l> Are <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> your <reg orig="highnesse">highness</reg> <reg orig="vowd">vowed</reg> and consecrate. </l></sp>
<sp who="V"><speaker> Spen.: </speaker>
<l> A traitors, <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> they still display their pride? </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edw.: </speaker>
<l> Away, <reg orig="tarrie">tarry</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> answer, but be <reg orig="gon,"> gone, </reg> </l>
<l> Rebels, <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> they appoint their <reg orig="soueraigne">sovereign</reg> </l>
<l> His sports, his pleasures, and his <reg orig="companie">company</reg>: </l>
<l> Yet ere thou go, see how I do <reg orig="deuorce">divorce</reg> </l>
<stage> Embrace Spencer. </stage>

<l> Spencer from me: now get thee <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> thy lords, </l>
<l> And tell them I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> come <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> chastise them, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">For</seg> murthering <hi rend="italic"> Gaueston: </hi> hie thee, get thee gone, </l>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Edward </hi> with fire and sword, <reg orig="followes">follows</reg> at thy <reg orig="heeles">heels</reg>, </l>
<l> My lord, <reg orig="perceiue">perceive</reg> you how these rebels swell: </l>
<l> <reg orig="Souldiers">Soldiers</reg>, good <reg orig="harts">hearts</reg>, defend your <reg orig="soueraignes">sovereigns</reg> right, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> now, <reg orig="euen"> even </reg> now, 
<seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> <reg orig="marche">march</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> make them <reg orig="stoope">stoop</reg>, </l>
<l> Away. </l></sp>
<stage> Exeunt. </stage>
<stage> Alarums, excursions, a great fight, and a retreate. </stage>
<stage> Enter the king, Spencer the father, Spencer the sonne, 
and the noblemen of the kings side. </stage>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edw.: </speaker>
<l> Why do <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> sound retreat? <reg orig="vpon"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">upon</seg> </reg> them lords, </l>
<l> This day I shall <reg orig="powre">pour</reg> vengeance with my sword </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">On</seg> those proud rebels <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> are <reg orig="vp"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">up</seg> </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <reg orig="armes">arms</reg>, </l>
<l> And do confront and <reg orig="countermaund">countermand</reg> their king. </l></sp>
<sp who="M"><speaker> Spen. son.: </speaker>
<l> I doubt it not my lord, right <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> <reg orig="preuaile">prevail</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="W"><speaker> Spen. fa.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Tis"> It is </reg> not <reg orig="amisse">amiss</reg> my liege <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> <reg orig="eyther">either</reg> part, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> breathe a while, <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> men with sweat and dust </l>
<l> All <reg orig="chockt">choked</reg> well <reg orig="neare">near</reg>, begin <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> faint <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> <reg orig="heate">heat</reg>, </l>
<l> And this retire refresheth horse and man. </l></sp>
<sp who="M"><speaker> Spen. son.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Heere"> Here </reg> come the rebels. </l></sp>
<stage> Enter the Barons, Mortimer, Lancaster, Warwick, 
Penbrooke, cum caeteris. </stage>
<sp who="J"><speaker> Mor.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Looke"> Look </reg> <hi rend="italic"> Lancaster, 
</hi> yonder is <hi rend="italic"> Edward </hi> among his flatterers. </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker> Lan.: </speaker>
<l> And there let him <reg orig="bee,"> be, </reg> till 
<reg orig="hee"> he </reg> pay <reg orig="deerely">dearly</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> their <reg orig="companie">company</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker> War.: </speaker>
<l> And shall or <hi rend="italic"> Warwicks </hi> sword 
<reg orig="shal"> shall </reg> smite <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <reg orig="vaine">vain</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edw.: </speaker>
<l> What rebels, do you <reg orig="shrinke">shrink</reg>, and sound retreat? </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker> Mor. iu.: </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="exclamation">No</seg> Edward, <seg type="homograph" subtype="exclamation">no</seg>, thy flatterers faint and <reg orig="flie">fly</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker> Lan.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Th'ad"> thou had </reg> best betimes forsake thee and their trains, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> <reg orig="theile"> they <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> betray 
thee, traitors as they are. </l></sp>
<sp who="V"><speaker> Spen. so.: </speaker>
<l> Traitor <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> thy face, rebellious <hi rend="italic"> Lancaster. </hi> </l></sp>
<sp who="S"><speaker> Pen.: </speaker>
<l> Away base <reg orig="vpstart">upstart</reg>, <reg orig="brau'st">bravest</reg> thou nobles thus. </l></sp>
<sp who="W"><speaker> Spen. fa.: </speaker>
<l> A noble attempt, and honourable deed, </l>
<l> Is it not <reg orig="trowe">trow</reg> ye, <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> assemble aide, </l>
<l> And <reg orig="leuie">levy</reg> <reg orig="armes">arms</reg> against your <reg orig="lawfull">lawful</reg> king? </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edw.: </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">For</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">which</seg> ere long, their heads shall <reg orig="satisfie">satisfy</reg>, </l>
<l> <reg orig="T'appeaze"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> appease </reg> the wrath of their offended king. </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker> Mor. iu.: </speaker>
<l> Then <hi rend="italic"> Edward, </hi> thou wilt fight it <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> the last, </l>
<l> And rather bathe thy sword <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <reg orig="subiects">subjects</reg> <reg orig="bloud">blood</reg>, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Then"> than </reg> banish <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> pernicious <reg orig="companie">company</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edw.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="I"> aye </reg> traitors all, rather 
<reg orig="then"> than </reg> thus be <reg orig="braude">braved</reg>, </l>
<l> Make <reg orig="Englands">England's</reg> <reg orig="ciuill">civil</reg> <reg orig="townes">towns</reg> huge <reg orig="heapes">heaps</reg> of stones, </l>
<l> And <reg orig="plowes">ploughs</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> go about <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">our</seg> <reg orig="pallace">palace</reg> gates. </l></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker> War.: </speaker>
<l> A desperate and <reg orig="vnnaturall">unnatural</reg> resolution, </l>
<l> Alarum <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> the fight, saint George <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> England, </l>
<l> And the Barons right. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edw.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="S.">Saint</reg> George <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> England, and king <hi rend="italic"> Edwards </hi> right. </l></sp>
<stage> Enter Edward, with the Barons captiues. </stage>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edw.: </speaker>
<l> Now <reg orig="lustie">lusty</reg> lords, now not <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> chance of <reg orig="warre">war</reg>, </l>
<l> But <reg orig="iustice">justice</reg> of the <reg orig="quarrell">quarrel</reg> and the cause </l>
<l> <reg orig="Vaild">Veiled</reg> is your pride, <reg orig="me thinkes"> methinks </reg> you hang the head </l>
<l> But <reg orig="weele"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">we</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> <reg orig="aduance">advance</reg> 
them traitors, now <reg orig="tis"> it is </reg> time </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> be <reg orig="auengd">avenged</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> you <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> all your <reg orig="braues">braves</reg>, </l>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> the murther of my <reg orig="deerest">dearest</reg> friend, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">To</seg> <reg orig="whome"> whom </reg> right well you knew <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">our</seg> <reg orig="soule">soul</reg> was knit, </l>
<l> Good <hi rend="italic"> Pierce </hi> of <hi rend="italic"> 
Gaueston </hi> my sweet <reg orig="fauoret">favourite</reg>, </l>
<l> <reg orig="A">Ah</reg> rebels, recreants, you made him away. </l></sp>
<sp who="N"><speaker> Edm.: </speaker>
<l> Brother, <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> regard of thee and of thy land, </l>
<l> Did they <reg orig="remooue">remove</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> flatterer from thy throne. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edw.: </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">So</seg> sir, you <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> spoke, away, <reg orig="auoid">avoid</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">our</seg> presence, </l>
<l> Accursed wretches, wast <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> regard of <reg orig="vs,"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">us</seg>, </reg> </l>
<l> When <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">we</seg> had sent <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">our</seg> messenger <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> request </l>
<l> He might be spared <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> come <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="speake"> speak </reg> 
with <reg orig="vs,"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">us</seg>, </reg> </l>
<l> And <hi rend="italic"> Penbrooke </hi> <reg orig="vndertooke">undertook</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> his <reg orig="returne">return</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> thou proud <hi rend="italic"> Warwicke </hi> <reg orig="watcht">watched</reg> the prisoner, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Poore">Poor</reg> Pierce, and headed him against <reg orig="lawe">law</reg> of <reg orig="armes">arms</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">For</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">which</seg> thy head shall <reg orig="ouer looke"> over look </reg> the rest. </l>
<l> As much as thou <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> rage out <reg orig="wentst">wentest</reg> the rest? </l></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker> War.: </speaker>
<l> Tyrant, I <reg orig="scorne">scorn</reg> thy threats and menaces, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Tis"> It is </reg> but <reg orig="temporall">temporal</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> thou canst inflict. </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker> Lan.: </speaker>
<l> The worst is death, and better die <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="liue,"> live, </reg> </l>
<l> <reg orig="Then liue"> Than live </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <reg orig="infamie">infamy</reg> 
<reg orig="vnder"> under</reg> such a king. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edw.: </speaker>
<l> Away with them my lord of Winchester, </l>
<l> These <reg orig="lustie">lusty</reg> leaders Warwicke and Lancaster, </l>
<l> I charge you roundly off with both their heads, away. </l></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker> War.: </speaker>
<l> Farewell <reg orig="vaine">vain</reg> <reg orig="worlde">world</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker> Lan.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Sweete">Sweet</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Mortimer </hi> farewell. </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker> Mor. iu.: </speaker>
<l> England, <reg orig="vnkinde">unkind</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> thy <reg orig="nobilitie">nobility</reg>, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Grone">Groan</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> this <reg orig="greefe">grief</reg>, behold how thou art maimed. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edw.: </speaker>
 <l> Go take <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> <reg orig="haughtie">haughty</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Mortimer </hi> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> the tower, </l>
<l> There see him safe bestowed, and <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> the rest, </l>
<l> Do <reg orig="speedie">speedy</reg> execution <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> them all, be <reg orig="gon."> gone. </reg> </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker> Mor. iu.: </speaker>
<l> What <hi rend="italic"> Mortimer? </hi> can ragged <reg orig="stonie">stony</reg> <reg orig="walle">wall</reg> </l>
<l> Immure thy <reg orig="vertue">virtue</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> aspires <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> <reg orig="heauen">heaven</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="exclamation">No</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Edward, </hi> <reg orig="Englands">England's</reg> scourge, it may not be, </l>
<l> Mortimers hope surmounts his fortune <reg orig="farre">far</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edw.: </speaker>
<l> Sound drums and trumpets, <reg orig="marche">march</reg> with me my friends, </l>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Edward </hi> this day hath <reg orig="crownd">crowned</reg> him king a new. </l></sp>
<stage> Exit. </stage>
<stage> Manent Spencer filius, Lewne & Baldock. </stage>
<sp who="V"><speaker> Spen.: </speaker>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Lewne, </hi> the trust <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> repose <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> thee, </l>
<l> Begets the quiet of king <hi rend="italic"> Edwards </hi> land, </l>
<l> Therefore be <reg orig="gon"> gone </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> 
<reg orig="hast,"> haste, </reg> and with <reg orig="aduice">advice</reg>, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Bestowe">Bestow</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> treasure <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> the lords of <reg orig="Fraunce">France</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> therewith all <reg orig="enchaunted">enchanted</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">like</seg> the <reg orig="guarde">guard</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">That</seg> suffered <hi rend="italic"> <reg orig="Ioue">Jove</reg> </hi> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> 
<reg orig="passe">pass</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> showers of <reg orig="golde">gold</reg> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">To</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Danae, </hi> all aide may be denied </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">To</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Isabell </hi> the <reg orig="Queene">Queen</reg>, <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> now <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> France </l>
<l> Makes friends, <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="crosse">cross</reg> the seas with <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">her</seg> 
<reg orig="yong">young</reg> <reg orig="sonne,"> son, </reg> </l>
<l> And step into his fathers regiment. </l></sp>
<sp who="AE"><speaker> Levune.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Thats"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> is </reg> it these Barons and the <reg orig="subtill">subtle</reg> <reg orig="Queene">Queen</reg>, </l>
<l> Long <reg orig="leuied">levied</reg> at. </l></sp>
<sp who="T"><speaker> Bald.: </speaker>
<l> Yea, but <hi rend="italic"> Lewne </hi> thou seest, </l>
<l> These Barons lay their heads <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> blocks together, </l>
<l> What they intend, the hangman frustrates <reg orig="cleane">clean</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="AE"><speaker> Lewn.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Haue"> Have </reg> you <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> doubts 
my lords, <reg orig="ile"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> claps close, </l>
<l> Among the lords of France with <reg orig="Englands">England's</reg> <reg orig="golde">gold</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Isabell </hi> shall make <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">her</seg> plaints <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <reg orig="vaine">vain</reg>, </l>
<l> And <reg orig="Fraunce">France</reg> shall be <reg orig="obdurat">obdurate</reg> with <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">her</seg> <reg orig="teares">tears</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="M"><speaker> Spen.: </speaker>
<l> Then make <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> <reg orig="Fraunce">France</reg>, <reg orig="amaine">amain</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Lewne </hi> away, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Proclaime">Proclaim</reg> king <hi rend="italic"> Edwards </hi> <reg orig="warres">wars</reg> and victories. </l></sp>
<stage> Exeunt omnes. </stage>
<stage> Enter Edmund. </stage>
<sp who="N"><speaker> Edm.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Faire"> fair </reg> <reg orig="blowes">blows</reg> the <reg orig="winde">wind</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> <reg orig="Fraunce">France</reg>, 
<reg orig="blowe">blow</reg> gentle gale, </l>
<l> Till <hi rend="italic"> Edmund </hi> be <reg orig="arriude">arrived</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> <reg orig="Englands">England's</reg> good, </l>
<l> Nature, <reg orig="yeeld">yield</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> my countries cause <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> this, </l>
<l> A brother, <seg type="homograph" subtype="exclamation">no</seg>, a butcher of thy friends, </l>
<l> Proud <hi rend="italic"> Edward, </hi> <reg orig="doost">  dost </reg> thou banish me thy presence? </l>
<l> But <reg orig="ile"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> <reg orig="Fraunce">France</reg>, and <reg orig="cheere">cheer</reg> the wronged <reg orig="Queene">Queen</reg>, </l>
<l> And <reg orig="certifie">certify</reg> what <hi rend="italic"> Edwards </hi> <reg orig="loosenes">looseness</reg> is, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Vnnaturall">Unnatural</reg> king, <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> slaughter noble men </l>
<l> And cherish flatterers: <hi rend="italic"> Mortimer </hi> I stay </l>
<l> Thy sweet escape, stand <reg orig="gratious">gracious</reg> <reg orig="gloomie">gloomy</reg> night <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> his <reg orig="deuice">device</reg>. </l></sp>
<stage> Enter Mortimer disguised. </stage>
<sp who="J"><speaker> Mor. iu.: </speaker>
<l> Holla, <seg type="homograph" subtype="interrogative">who</seg> walketh there, <reg orig="ist"> is it </reg> you my lord? </l></sp>
<sp who="N"><speaker> Edm.: </speaker>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Mortimer </hi> <reg orig="tis"> it is </reg> I, but hath thy 
potion wrought <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> <reg orig="happilie">happily</reg>? </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker> Mor. iu.: </speaker>
<l> It hath my lord, the warders all a <reg orig="sleepe">sleep</reg>, </l>
<l> I <reg orig="thanke">thank</reg> them, <reg orig="gaue"> gave </reg> me <reg orig="leaue">leave</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="passe">pass</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> peace: </l>
<l> But hath your grace got shipping <reg orig="vnto"> unto </reg> <reg orig="Fraunce">France</reg>? </l></sp>
<sp who="N"><speaker> Edm.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Feare">Fear</reg> it not. </l></sp>
<stage> Exeunt. </stage>
<stage> Enter the Queene and her sonne. </stage>
<sp who="R"><speaker> Qu.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="A"> Ah </reg> <reg orig="boye">boy</reg>, <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> friends do <reg orig="faile">fail</reg> <reg orig="vs"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg> </reg> all <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <reg orig="Fraunce">France</reg>, </l>
<l> The lords are <reg orig="cruell">cruel</reg>, and the king <reg orig="vnkinde">unkind</reg>, </l>
<l> What shall <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> <reg orig="doe?"> do? </reg> </l></sp>
<sp who="AF"><speaker> Prince.: </speaker>
<l> Madam, <reg orig="returne">return</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> England, </l>
<l> And please my father well, and then a Fig </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">For</seg> all my <reg orig="vnckles">uncles</reg> <reg orig="frienship">friendship</reg> here <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <reg orig="Fraunce">France</reg>, </l>
<l> I warrant you, <reg orig="ile"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> <reg orig="winne">win</reg> his <reg orig="highnes">highness</reg> <reg orig="quicklie">quickly</reg>, </l>
<l> <reg orig="A loues"> He loves </reg> me better than a 
thousand <hi rend="italic"> Spencers. </hi> </l></sp>
<sp who="R"><speaker> Qu.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="A"> Ah </reg> <reg orig="boye">boy</reg>, thou art <reg orig="deceiude">deceived</reg> at least <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> this, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> <reg orig="thinke"> think </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> can yet be <reg orig="tun'd">tuned</reg> together, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="exclamation">No</seg>, <seg type="homograph" subtype="exclamation">no</seg>, <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> <reg orig="warre">war</reg> too <reg orig="farre">far</reg>, <reg orig="vnkinde">unkind</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Valoys, </hi> </l>
<l> <reg orig="Vnhappie">Unhappy</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Isabell, </hi> when <reg orig="Fraunce">France</reg> <reg orig="reiects">rejects</reg>, </l>
<l> Whether, O whether <reg orig="doost"> dost </reg> thou bend thy steps. </l></sp>
<stage> Enter sir Iohn of Henolt. </stage>
<sp who="AG"><speaker> S. Ioh.: </speaker>
<l> Madam, what <reg orig="cheere">cheer</reg>? </l></sp>
<sp who="R"><speaker> Qu.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="A"> Ah </reg> good sir <hi rend="italic"> Iohn </hi> of 
<hi rend="italic"> Henolt, </hi> </l>
<l> <reg orig="Neuer"> Never </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> <reg orig="cheereles">cheerless</reg>, nor <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> <reg orig="farre">far</reg> <reg orig="distrest">distressed</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="AG"><speaker> S.Ioh.: </speaker>
<l> I <reg orig="heare"> hear </reg> <reg orig="sweete">sweet</reg> lady of the kings <reg orig="vnkindenes">unkindness</reg>, </l>
<l> But <reg orig="droope">droop</reg> not madam, noble <reg orig="mindes">minds</reg> <reg orig="contemne">contemn</reg> </l>
<l> <reg orig="Despaire">Despair</reg>: <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> your grace with me <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Henolt? </hi> </l>
<l> And there stay times <reg orig="aduantage">advantage</reg> with your <reg orig="sonne,"> son, </reg> </l>
<l> How say you my Lord, <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> you go with your friends, </l>
<l> And shake off all <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> fortunes <reg orig="equallie">equally</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="AF"><speaker> Prin.: </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">So</seg> pleaseth the <reg orig="Queene">Queen</reg> my mother, me it likes, </l>
<l> The king of England, nor the court of <reg orig="Fraunce">France</reg>, </l>
<l> Shall <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> me from my <reg orig="gratious">gracious</reg> mothers side, </l>
<l> Till I be strong enough <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="breake">break</reg> a <reg orig="staffe">staff</reg>, </l>
<l> And then <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> at the proudest <hi rend="italic"> 
Spencers </hi> head. </l></sp>
<sp who="AG"><speaker> Sir Iohn.: </speaker>
<l> Well said my lord. </l></sp>
<sp who="R"><speaker> Qu.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Oh"> O </reg> my sweet <reg orig="hart">heart</reg>, how do I <reg orig="mone">moan</reg> thy wrongs? </l>
<l> Yet <reg orig="triumphe">triumph</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> the hope of thee my <reg orig="ioye">joy</reg>, </l>
<l> Ah <reg orig="sweete">sweet</reg> sir <hi rend="italic"> Iohn, </hi> <reg orig="euen">  even </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> the <reg orig="vtmost">utmost</reg> verge </l>
<l> Of <hi rend="italic"> Europe, </hi> or the shore of 
<hi rend="italic"> Tanaise, </hi> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">Will</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> with thee <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Henolt, 
</hi> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">so</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg>, </l>
<l> The <reg orig="Marques">Marquis</reg> is a noble Gentleman, </l>
<l> His grace I dare presume <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> welcome me, </l>
<l> But <seg type="homograph" subtype="interrogative">who</seg> are these? </l></sp>
<stage> Enter Edmund and Mortimer. </stage>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edm.: </speaker>
<l> Madam, long may you <reg orig="liue,"> live, </reg> </l>
<l> Much happier <reg orig="then"> than </reg> your friends <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> England do. </l></sp>
<sp who="R"><speaker> Qu.: </speaker>
<l> Lord <hi rend="italic"> Edmund </hi> and lord <hi rend="italic"> 
Mortimer </hi> <reg orig="aliue">alive</reg>, </l>
<l> Welcome <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> <reg orig="Fraunce">France</reg>: the <reg orig="newes">news</reg> was <reg orig="heere"> here </reg> my lord, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> you were dead, or very <reg orig="neare">near</reg> your death. </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker> Mor. iu.: </speaker>
<l> Lady, the last was truest of the <reg orig="twaine">twain</reg>, </l>
<l> But <hi rend="italic"> Mortimer </hi> <reg orig="reserude">reserved</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> better hap, </l>
<l> Hath shaken off the <reg orig="thraldome">thralldom</reg> of the tower, </l>
<l> And <reg orig="liues">lives</reg> <reg orig="t'aduance"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> advance </reg> your standard good my lord. </l></sp>
<sp who="AF"><speaker> Prin.: </speaker>
<l> How <reg orig="meane">mean</reg> you, and the king my father <reg orig="liues">lives</reg>? </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="exclamation">No</seg> my lord <hi rend="italic"> Mortimer, </hi> not I, I trow. </l></sp>
<sp who="R"><speaker> Qu.: </speaker>
<l> Not <reg orig="sonne,"> son, </reg> why not? I would it were <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> worse, </l>
<l> But gentle lords, <reg orig="friendles">friendless</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> are <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <reg orig="Fraunce">France</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker> Mor. iu.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Mounsier">Monsieur</reg> le Grand, a noble friend of yours, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Tould">Told</reg> <reg orig="vs"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg> </reg> at <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> <reg orig="arriuall">arrival</reg> all the <reg orig="newes">news</reg>, </l>
<l> How hard the nobles, how <reg orig="vnkinde">unkind</reg> the king </l>
<l> Hath <reg orig="shewed">showed</reg> himself: but madam, right makes <reg orig="roome">room</reg>, </l>
<l> Where weapons want, and though a many friends </l>
<l> Are made away, as Warwick, Lancaster, </l>
<l> And others of <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> <reg orig="partie">party</reg> and faction, </l>
<l> Yet <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> friends, assure your grace <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> England, </l>
<l> Would cast <reg orig="vp"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">up</seg> </reg> <reg orig="cappes">caps</reg>, and clap their hands <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> <reg orig="ioy">joy</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> see <reg orig="vs"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg> </reg> there appointed <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> foes. </l></sp>
<sp who="N"><speaker> Edm.: </speaker>
<l> Would all were well, and <hi rend="italic"> Edward </hi> well <reg orig="reclaimd">reclaimed</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">For</seg> <reg orig="Englands">England's</reg> <reg orig="honor">honour</reg>, peace, and <reg orig="quietnes">quietness</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker> Mort.: </speaker>
<l> But <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> the sword, my lord, it must be <reg orig="deseru'd">deserved</reg>. </l>
<l> The king <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> <reg orig="nere"> never </reg> forsake his flatterers. </l></sp>
<sp who="AG"><speaker> S. Ioh.: </speaker>
<l> My Lords of England, sith the <reg orig="vngentle">ungentle</reg> king </l>
<l> Of <reg orig="Fraunce">France</reg> refuseth <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="giue"> give </reg> aide of <reg orig="armes">arms</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">To</seg> this distressed <reg orig="Queene">Queen</reg> his sister <reg orig="heere,"> here, </reg> </l>
<l> Go you with <seg type="homograph" subtype="personalPronoun">her</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Henolt, </hi> 
doubt <reg orig="yee"> ye </reg> not, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">We</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> <reg orig="finde">find</reg> comfort, money, men, and friends </l>
<l> Ere long, <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> bid the English king a base, </l>
<l> How say <reg orig="yong">young</reg> Prince, what <reg orig="thinke"> think </reg> you of the match? </l></sp>
<sp who="AF"><speaker> Prin.: </speaker>
<l> I <reg orig="thinke"> think </reg> king <hi rend="italic"> Edward </hi> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> 
out run <reg orig="vs"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg> </reg> all. </l></sp>
<sp who="R"><speaker> Qu.: </speaker>
<l> Nay <reg orig="soune,"> son, </reg> not <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">so</seg>, and you must not discourage </l>
<l> Your friends <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> are <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> forward <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> your aide. </l></sp>
<sp who="N"><speaker> Edm.: </speaker>
<l> Sir Iohn of Henolt, pardon <reg orig="vs"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg> </reg> I pray, </l>
<l> These comforts <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> you <reg orig="giue"> give </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> <reg orig="wofull">woeful</reg> <reg orig="queene">queen</reg>, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Binde">Bind</reg> <reg orig="vs"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg> </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <reg orig="kindenes">kindness</reg> all at your <reg orig="commaund">command</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="R"><speaker> Qu.: </speaker>
<l> Yea gentle brother, and the God of <reg orig="heauen">heaven</reg>, </l>
<l> Prosper your <reg orig="happie">happy</reg> motion good sir <hi rend="italic"> Iohn. </hi></l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker> Mor. iu.: </speaker>
<l> This noble gentleman forward <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <reg orig="armes">arms</reg>, </l>
<l> Was <reg orig="borne">born</reg> I see <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> be <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> anchor hold, </l>
<l> Sir <hi rend="italic"> Iohn </hi> of <hi rend="italic"> Henolt, 
</hi> be it thy <reg orig="renowne">renown</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> <reg orig="Englands">England's</reg> <reg orig="Queene">Queen</reg>, and nobles <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <reg orig="distresse">distress</reg>, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Haue beene"> Have been </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> thee restored and comforted. </l></sp>
<sp who="AG"><speaker> S. Iohn.: </speaker>
<l> Madam along, and you my lord with me, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> <reg orig="Englands">England's</reg> <reg orig="peeres">peers</reg> may <hi rend="italic"> Henolts </hi> welcome see. </l></sp>
<stage> Enter the king, Matr. the two Spencers, with others. </stage>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edw.: </speaker>
<l> Thus after many threats of <reg orig="wrathfull">wrathful</reg> <reg orig="warre">war</reg>, </l>
<l> Triumpheth <reg orig="Englands">England's</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Edward </hi> with his friends, </l>
<l> And triumph <hi rend="italic"> Edward </hi> with his friends <reg orig="vncontrould">uncontrolled</reg>, </l>
<l> My lord of Gloster, do you <reg orig="heare"> hear </reg> the <reg orig="newes">news</reg>? </l></sp>
<sp who="M"><speaker> Spen. iu.: </speaker>
<l> What <reg orig="newes">news</reg> my lord? </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edw.: </speaker>
<l> Why man, they say there is great execution </l>
<l> Done through the <reg orig="realme">realm</reg>, my lord of <hi rend="italic"> Arundell </hi> </l>
<l> You <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> the note, 
<reg orig="haue"> have </reg> you not? </l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker> Matr.: </speaker>
<l> From the lieutenant of the tower my lord. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edw.: </speaker>
<l> I pray let <reg orig="vs"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">us</seg> </reg> see it, 
what <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">we</seg> there? </l>
<l> Read it <hi rend="italic"> Spencer. </hi> </l>
<stage> Spencer reads their names. </stage>

<l> Why <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">so</seg>, they <reg orig="barkt">barked</reg> a pace a month <reg orig="a goe,"> ago, </reg> </l>
<l> Now <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> my life, <reg orig="theile"> they <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> neither <reg orig="barke">bark</reg> nor bite. </l>
<l> Now sirs, the <reg orig="newes">news</reg> from <reg orig="Fraunce">France</reg>, Gloster I <reg orig="trowe">trow</reg>, </l>
<l> The lords of <reg orig="Fraunce">France</reg> <reg orig="loue"> love </reg> <reg orig="Englands">England's</reg> gold <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> well, </l>
<l> As <hi rend="italic"> Isabell </hi> gets <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> aide from thence. </l>
<l> What now <reg orig="remaines">remains</reg>, <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> you proclaimed, my lord, </l>
<l> Reward <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> them can bring <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">in</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Mortimer? </hi> </l></sp>
<sp who="M"><speaker> Spen. iu.: </speaker>
<l> My lord, <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> <reg orig="haue,"> have, </reg> and if he be <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> England, </l>
<l> <reg orig="A"> He </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> be had ere long I doubt it not. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edw.: </speaker>
<l> If; <reg orig="doost"> dost </reg> thou say? <hi rend="italic"> Spencer, 
</hi> as true as death, </l>
<l> He is <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <reg orig="Englands">England's</reg> ground, <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">our</seg> <reg orig="port-maisters">portmasters</reg> </l>
<l> Are not <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> <reg orig="careles">careless</reg> of their kings <reg orig="commaund">command</reg>. </l>
<stage> Enter a Poaste. </stage>

<l> How now, what <reg orig="newes">news</reg> with thee, from whence come these? </l></sp>
<sp who="AH"><speaker> Post.: </speaker>
<l> Letters my lord, and tidings <reg orig="foorth">forth</reg> of <reg orig="Fraunce">France</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">To</seg> you my lord of Gloster from <hi rend="italic"> Lewne. </hi> </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edward.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Reade">Read</reg>. </l></sp>
<stage> Spencer reades the letter. </stage>
<sp who="AE">
<p> My <reg orig="dutie">duty</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> your <reg orig="honor">honour</reg> promised, <reg orig="&c."></reg> I <reg orig="haue">  have </reg> according  <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> instructions <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> <reg orig="behalfe">behalf</reg>, 
dealt with the king  of <reg orig="Fraunce">France</reg> his lords, and <reg orig="effected">affected</reg>, <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> 
the <reg orig="Queene">Queen</reg> all  discontented and discomforted, is gone, whither if 
you <reg orig="aske,"> ask, </reg> with sir <hi rend="italic"> Iohn </hi>
of <hi rend="italic"> Henolt, </hi> brother <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> the <reg orig="Marquesse">Marquess</reg>, 
into Flaunders: with them are gone lord <hi rend="italic"> Edmund, </hi>
 and the lord <hi rend="italic"> Mortimer, </hi> <reg orig="hauing">having</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> their 
company  <reg orig="diuers">divers</reg> of your nation, and others, and as constant report 
goeth, they intend <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="giue"> give </reg> king <hi rend="italic">
Edward </hi> <reg orig="battell">battle</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg>  England, sooner <reg orig="then"> than </reg> 
he can <reg orig="looke"> look </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> them: this is all 
the <reg orig="newes">news</reg> of import. 
<hi rend="italic"> Your <reg orig="honors">honours</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> all <reg orig="seruice">service</reg>,</hi> Lewne. </p></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edw.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="A"> Ah </reg> <reg orig="villaines">villains</reg>, hath <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> 
<hi rend="italic"> Mortimer </hi> <reg orig="escapt">escaped</reg>? </l>
<l> With him is <hi rend="italic"> Edmund </hi> gone associate? </l>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> sir <hi rend="italic"> Iohn </hi> 
of <hi rend="italic"> Henolt </hi> lead the round? </l>
<l> Welcome <reg orig="a"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> </reg> Gods name Madam and 
your <reg orig="sonne,"> son, </reg> </l>
<l> England shall welcome you, and all your route, </l>
<l> Gallop <reg orig="a pace">apace</reg> bright <hi rend="italic"> Phoebus </hi> through the <reg orig="skie">sky</reg>, </l>
<l> And <reg orig="duskie">dusky</reg> night, <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <reg orig="rustie">rusty</reg> iron <reg orig="carre">car</reg>, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Betweene">Between</reg> you both, shorten the time I pray, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> I may see <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> most desired day, </l>
<l> When <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">we</seg> may meet these traitors <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> the field. </l>
<l> Ah nothing <reg orig="greeues">grieves</reg> me but my little <reg orig="boye">boy</reg>, </l>
<l> Is thus misled <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> countenance their <reg orig="ils">ills</reg>, </l>
<l> Come friends <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> Bristow, there <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> make <reg orig="vs"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg> </reg> strong, </l>
<l> And <reg orig="windes">winds</reg> as <reg orig="equall">equal</reg> be <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> bring them <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">in</seg>, </l>
<l> As you <reg orig="iniurious">injurious</reg> were <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="beare">bear</reg> them <reg orig="foorth">forth</reg>. </l></sp>
<stage> Enter the Queene, her sonne, Edmund, Mortimer, and sir Iohn. </stage>
<sp who="R"><speaker> Qu.: </speaker>
<l> Now lords, <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">our</seg> <reg orig="louing">loving</reg> friends and <reg orig="countrimen">countrymen</reg>, </l>
<l> Welcome <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> England all with prosperous <reg orig="windes">winds</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">Our</seg> kindest friends <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> Belgia <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">we</seg> left, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> cope with friends at home: a <reg orig="heauie">heavy</reg> case, </l>
<l> When force <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> force is knit and sword and <reg orig="gleaue">glove</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">In</seg> <reg orig="ciuill">civil</reg> <reg orig="broiles">broils</reg> makes kin and country men, </l>
<l> Slaughter <reg orig="themselues"> themselves </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> others and their sides </l>
<l> With their <reg orig="owne"> own </reg> weapons <reg orig="gorde">gored</reg>, 
but <reg orig="whats"> what is </reg> the <reg orig="helpe">help</reg>? </l>
<l> <reg orig="Misgouerned">Misgoverned</reg> kings are cause of all this wrack, </l>
<l> And <hi rend="italic"> Edward </hi> thou art one among them all, </l>
<l> Whose <reg orig="loosnes">looseness</reg> hath betrayed thy land <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="spoyle">spoil</reg>, </l>
<l> And made the channels <reg orig="ouerflow">overflow</reg> with blood, </l>
<l> Of thine own people patron <reg orig="shouldst">shouldest</reg> thou be, but thou. </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker> Mor. iu.: </speaker>
<l> Nay madam, if you be a <reg orig="warriar">warier</reg>, </l>
<l> Ye must not grow <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> passionate <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> speeches: </l>
<l> Lords, sith <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> are <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> sufferance of <reg orig="heauen">heaven</reg>, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Arriude">Arrived</reg> and <reg orig="armde">armed</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> this princes right, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Heere"> Here </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> 
countries cause <reg orig="sweare">swear</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> him </l>
<l> All homage, <reg orig="fealtie">fealty</reg> and <reg orig="forwardnes">forwardness</reg>, </l>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> the open <reg orig="wronges">wrongs</reg> and <reg orig="iniuries">injuries</reg> </l>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Edward </hi> hath done <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> 
<reg orig="vs,"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg>, </reg> his <reg orig="Queene">Queen</reg> and land, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">We</seg> come <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <reg orig="armes">arms</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="wrecke">wreck</reg> it with the swords: </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> <reg orig="Englands">England's</reg> <reg orig="queene">queen</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> peace may <reg orig="reposesse">repossess</reg> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">Her</seg> dignities and <reg orig="honors">honours</reg>, and <reg orig="withall">withal</reg> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">We</seg> may <reg orig="remooue">remove</reg> these flatterers from the king, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">That</seg> <reg orig="hauocks">havocs</reg> <reg orig="Englands">England's</reg> wealth and <reg orig="treasurie">treasury</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="AG"><speaker> S. Io.: </speaker>
<l> Sound trumpets my lord <reg orig="&">and</reg> forward let <reg orig="vs"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg> </reg> <reg orig="martch">march</reg>, </l>
<l> Edward <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> <reg orig="thinke"> think </reg> 
<seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> come <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> flatter him. </l></sp>
<sp who="N"><speaker> Edm.: </speaker>
<l> I would he <reg orig="neuer"> never </reg> had 
<reg orig="bin"> been </reg> flattered more. </l></sp>
<stage> Enter the King, Baldock, and Spencer the sonne, 
flying about the stage. </stage>
<sp who="M"><speaker> Spe.: </speaker>
<l> Fly, fly, my Lord, the <reg orig="Queene">Queen</reg> is <reg orig="ouerstrong">overstrong</reg>. </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">Her</seg> friends <reg orig="doe"> do </reg> multiply 
and yours <reg orig="doe"> do </reg> <reg orig="fayle">fail</reg>, </l>
<l> Shape <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> course <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> Ireland there <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> breath. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edw.: </speaker>
<l> What, was I <reg orig="borne">born</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="flye">fly</reg> and <reg orig="runne">run</reg> away, </l>
<l> And <reg orig="leaue">leave</reg> the <hi rend="italic"> Mortimers </hi> <reg orig="conquerers">conquerors</reg> behind? </l>
<l> <reg orig="Giue"> give </reg> me my horse and <reg orig="lets">let <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg></reg> 
<reg orig="r'enforce">reinforce</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> troupes, </l>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> this bed of <reg orig="honor">honour</reg> die with fame. </l></sp>
<sp who="U"><speaker> Bal.: </speaker>
<l> O <seg type="homograph" subtype="exclamation">no</seg> my lord, this princely resolution </l>
<l> Fits not the time, away, <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> are <reg orig="pursu'd">pursued</reg>. </l></sp>
<stage> Edmund alone with a sword and target. </stage>
<sp who="N"><speaker> Edm.: </speaker>
<l> This way he fled, but I am come too late, </l>
<l> Edward, alas my <reg orig="hart">heart</reg> relents <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> thee, </l>
<l> Proud <reg orig="traytor">traitor</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Mortimer </hi> why 
<reg orig="doost"> dost </reg> thou chase </l>
<l> Thy <reg orig="lawfull">lawful</reg> king thy <reg orig="soueraigne">sovereign</reg> with thy sword? </l>
<l> <reg orig="Vilde">Vild</reg> wretch, and why hast thou of all <reg orig="vnkinde">unkind</reg>, </l>
<l> Borne <reg orig="armes">arms</reg> against thy brother and thy king? </l>
<l> <reg orig="Raigne">Reign</reg> showers of vengeance <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> my cursed head </l>
<l> Thou God, <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> whom <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <reg orig="iustice">justice</reg> it belongs, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> punish this <reg orig="vnnaturall">unnatural</reg> <reg orig="reuolt">revolt</reg>: </l>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Edward, </hi> this <hi rend="italic"> 
Mortimer </hi> <reg orig="aimes">aims</reg> at thy life: </l>
<l> O fly him then, but Edmund <reg orig="calme">calm</reg> this rage, </l>
<l> Dissemble or thou diest, <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">for</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Mortimer </hi> </l>
<l> And <hi rend="italic"> Isabell </hi> <reg orig="doe"> do </reg> 
<reg orig="kisse">kiss</reg> while they conspire, </l>
<l> And yet she <reg orig="beares">bears</reg> a face of <reg orig="loue"> love </reg> forsooth: </l>
<l> Fie <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> <reg orig="loue"> love </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> hatcheth death and hate. </l>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Edmund </hi> away, Bristow <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> Longshankes blood </l>
<l> Is false, be not found single <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> suspect: </l>
<l> Proud <hi rend="italic"> Mortimer </hi> pries <reg orig="neare">near</reg> into thy <reg orig="walkes">walks</reg>. </l></sp>
<stage> Enter the Queene, Mortimer, the young Prince and Sir Iohn of Henolt. </stage>
<sp who="R"><speaker> Qu.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Succesfull">Successful</reg> <reg orig="battells">battles</reg> <reg orig="giues">gives</reg> the God of kings, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">To</seg> them <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> fight <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> right and <reg orig="feare">fear</reg> his wrath: </l>
<l> Since then <reg orig="succesfully">successfully</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> <reg orig="preuayled">prevailed</reg>, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Thankes">Thanks</reg> be <reg orig="heauens">heavens</reg> great architect and you, </l>
<l> Ere farther <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">we</seg> <reg orig="proceede">proceed</reg> my noble <reg orig="lordes">lords</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">We</seg> <reg orig="heere"> here </reg> create <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">our</seg> <reg orig="welbeloued">well-beloved</reg> <reg orig="sonne">son</reg>, </l>
<l> Of <reg orig="loue"> love </reg> and care <reg orig="vnto">  unto </reg> his <reg orig="royall">royal</reg> person, </l>
<l> Lord warden of the <reg orig="realme">realm</reg>, and sith the fates </l>
<l> <reg orig="Haue"> Have </reg> made his father <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> infortunate, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Deale">Deal</reg> you my lords <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> this, my <reg orig="louing">loving</reg> lords, </l>
<l> As <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> your <reg orig="wisdomes">wisdoms</reg> fittest <reg orig="seemes">seems</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> all. </l></sp>
<sp who="N"><speaker> Edm.: </speaker>
<l> Madam, without offence if I may <reg orig="aske,"> ask, </reg> </l>
<l> How <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> you <reg orig="deale">deal</reg> with <hi rend="italic"> Edward </hi> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> his fall? </l></sp>
<sp who="AF"><speaker> Prince.: </speaker>
<l> Tell me good <reg orig="vnckle">uncle</reg>, what <hi rend="italic"> Edward </hi> 
<reg orig="doe"> do </reg> you <reg orig="meane">mean</reg>? </l></sp>
<sp who="N"><speaker> Edm.: </speaker>
<l> Nephew, your father, I dare not call him king. </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker> Mor.: </speaker>
<l> My lord of Kent, what <reg orig="needes">needs</reg> these questions? </l>
<l> <reg orig="Tis"> It is </reg> not <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">her</seg> 
<reg orig="controulment">controlment</reg>, nor <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">ours</seg>, </l>
<l> But as the <reg orig="realme">realm</reg> and <reg orig="parlement">parliament</reg> shall please, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">So</seg> shall your brother be disposed of, </l>
<l> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">like</seg> not this relenting <reg orig="moode">mood</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Edmund, </hi> </l>
<l> Madam, <reg orig="tis"> it is </reg> good <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="looke">  look </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> him betimes. </l></sp>
<sp who="R"><speaker> Qu.: </speaker>
<l> My lord, the <reg orig="Maior">Mayor</reg> of Bristow knows <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">our</seg> mind. </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker> Mor.: </speaker>
<l> Yea madam, and they scape not <reg orig="easilie">easily</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">That</seg> fled the <reg orig="feeld">field</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="R"><speaker> Qu.: </speaker>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Baldock </hi> is with the king, </l>
<l> A goodly <reg orig="chauncelor">chancellor</reg>, is he not my lord? </l></sp>
<sp who="AG"><speaker> S. Ioh.: </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">So</seg> are the <hi rend="italic"> Spencers, </hi> the father 
and the <reg orig="sonne."> son. </reg> </l></sp>
<sp who="N"><speaker> Edm.: </speaker>
<l> This <hi rend="italic"> Edward </hi> is the <reg orig="ruine">ruin</reg> of the <reg orig="realme">realm</reg>. </l></sp>
<stage> Enter Rice ap Howell, and the Maior of Bristow, 
with Spencer the father. </stage>
<sp who="AI"><speaker> Rice.: </speaker>
<l> God <reg orig="saue">save</reg> <reg orig="Queene">Queen</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Isabell, </hi> 
<reg orig="&">and</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">her</seg> princely <reg orig="sonne,"> son, </reg> </l>
<l> Madam, the <reg orig="Maior">Mayor</reg> and Citizens of Bristow, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">In</seg> <reg orig="signe">sign</reg> of <reg orig="loue"> love </reg> and <reg orig="dutie">duty</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> this presence, </l>
<l> Present <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> me this traitor <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> the state, </l>
<l> Spencer, the father <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> wanton <hi rend="italic"> Spencer, </hi> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">That</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">like</seg> the <reg orig="lawles">lawless</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Catiline </hi> of Rome, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Reueld">Reveled</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <reg orig="Englands">England's</reg> wealth and <reg orig="treasurie">treasury</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="R"><speaker> Qu.: </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">We</seg> <reg orig="thanke">thank</reg> you all. </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker> Mor. iu.: </speaker>
<l> Your <reg orig="louing">loving</reg> care <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> this, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Deserueth">Deserveth</reg> <reg orig="princelie">princely</reg> <reg orig="fauors">favours</reg> and <reg orig="rewardes">rewards</reg>, </l>
<l> But <reg orig="wheres"> where is </reg> the king and 
the other <hi rend="italic"> Spencer </hi> fled? </l></sp>
<sp who="AI"><speaker> Rice.: </speaker>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Spencer </hi> the <reg orig="sonne,">  son, </reg> created <reg orig="earle">earl</reg> of Gloster, </l>
<l> Is with <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> <reg orig="smoothe">smooth</reg> <reg orig="toongd">tongued</reg> <reg orig="scholler">scholar</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Baldock </hi> gone, </l>
<l> And <reg orig="shipt">shipped</reg> but late <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> Ireland with the king. </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker> Mort. iu.: </speaker>
<l> Some <reg orig="whirle">whirl</reg> <reg orig="winde">wind</reg> <reg orig="fetche">fetch</reg> them <reg orig="backe,"> back, </reg> or <reg orig="sincke">sink</reg> them all: </l>
<l> They <reg orig="shalbe"> shall be </reg> started thence I doubt it not. </l></sp>
<sp who="AF"><speaker> Prin.: </speaker>
<l> Shall I not see the king my father yet? </l></sp>
<sp who="N"><speaker> Edmund.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Vnhappies">Unhappy is</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Edward, </hi> chaste from <reg orig="Englands">England's</reg> bounds. </l></sp>
<sp who="AG"><speaker> S. Ioh.: </speaker>
<l> Madam, what resteth, why stand ye <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> a muse? </l></sp>
<sp who="R"><speaker> Qu.: </speaker>
<l> I rue my lords ill fortune, but alas, </l>
<l> Care of my <reg orig="countrie">country</reg> <reg orig="cald">called</reg> me <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> this <reg orig="warre">war</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker> Mort.: </speaker>
<l> Madam, <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> done with care <reg orig="&">and</reg> sad <reg orig="complaine">complain</reg>, </l>
<l> Your king hath <reg orig="wrongd">wronged</reg> your <reg orig="countrie">country</reg> and <reg orig="himselfe,"> himself, </reg> </l>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> must <reg orig="seeke">seek</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> right it as <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> may, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Meane">Mean</reg> while, <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> hence this <reg orig="rebell">rebel</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> the <reg orig="blocke">block</reg>, </l>
<l> Your lordship cannot <reg orig="priuiledge">privilege</reg> your head. </l></sp>
<sp who="W"><speaker> Spen. pa.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Rebell">Rebel</reg> is he <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> fights against his prince, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">So</seg> fought not they <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> fought <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> 
<hi rend="italic"> Edwards </hi> right. </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker> Mort.: </speaker>
<l> Take him away, he prates, you <hi rend="italic"> Rice ap howell, </hi> </l>
<l> Shall do good <reg orig="seruice">service</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">her</seg> <reg orig="Maiestie">Majesty</reg>, </l>
<l> Being of countenance <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> your <reg orig="countrey">country</reg> here, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> follow these rebellious <reg orig="runnagates">runagates</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">We</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <reg orig="meane">mean</reg> while madam, must take <reg orig="aduise">advise</reg>, </l>
<l> How <hi rend="italic"> Baldocke, Spencer, </hi> and their complices, </l>
<l> May <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> their fall be followed <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> their end. </l></sp>
<stage> Exeunt omnes. </stage>
<stage> Enter the Abbot, Monkes, Edward, Spencer, and Baldocke. </stage>
<sp who="AJ"><speaker> Abbot.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Haue"> Have </reg> you <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> doubt my <reg orig="Lorde">Lord</reg>, 
<reg orig="haue"> have </reg> you <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> <reg orig="feare">fear</reg>, </l>
<l> As silent and as <reg orig="carefull">careful</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> be, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> <reg orig="keepe">keep</reg> your <reg orig="royall">royal</reg> person safe with <reg orig="vs,"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg>, </reg> </l>
<l> Free from suspect, and fell <reg orig="inuasion">invasion</reg> </l>
<l> Of such as <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> your <reg orig="maiestie">majesty</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> chase, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Your selfe,"> Yourself, </reg> and those your chosen <reg orig="companie">company</reg>, </l>
<l> As <reg orig="daunger">danger</reg> of this <reg orig="stormie">stormy</reg> time requires. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edwa.: </speaker>
<l> Father, thy face should <reg orig="harbor">harbour</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> deceit, </l>
<l> O hadst thou <reg orig="euer beene"> ever been </reg> a king, thy <reg orig="hart">heart</reg> </l>
<l> Pierced deeply with <reg orig="sence">sense</reg> of my <reg orig="distresse">distress</reg>, </l>
<l> Could not but take compassion of my state, </l>
<l> Stately and proud, <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> riches and <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <reg orig="traine">train</reg>, </l>
<l> Whilom I was <reg orig="powerfull">powerful</reg> and full of <reg orig="pompe">pomp</reg>, </l>
<l> But what is he, <reg orig="whome"> whom </reg> rule and <reg orig="emperie">empery</reg> </l>
<l> <reg orig="Haue"> Have </reg> not <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> life or death made miserable? </l>
<l> Come <hi rend="italic"> Spencer, </hi> come <hi rend="italic"> 
Baldocke, </hi> come sit <reg orig="downe"> down </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> me, </l>
<l> Make <reg orig="triall">trial</reg> now of <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> <reg orig="philosophie">philosophy</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">That</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> famous nurseries of <reg orig="artes">arts</reg> </l>
<l> Thou <reg orig="suckedst">suckedest</reg> from <hi rend="italic"> Plato, </hi> and from 
<hi rend="italic"> Aristotle. </hi> </l>
<l> Father, this life <reg orig="contemplatiue">contemplative</reg> is <reg orig="heauen">heaven</reg>, </l>
<l> O <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> I might this life <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> quiet lead, </l>
<l> But <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">we</seg> alas are chaste, and you my friends, </l>
<l> Your <reg orig="liues">lives</reg> and my <reg orig="dishonor">dishonour</reg> they pursue </l>
<l> Yet gentle <reg orig="monkes">monks</reg>, <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> treasure, <reg orig="golde">gold</reg> nor fee, </l>
<l> Do you betray <reg orig="vs"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">us</seg> </reg> and <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">our</seg> <reg orig="companie">company</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="AK"><speaker> Monks.: </speaker>
<l> Your grace may sit secure, if none but <reg orig="wee doe">  <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> do </reg> wot of your abode. </l></sp>
<sp who="M"><speaker> Spen.: </speaker>
<l> Not one <reg orig="aliue">alive</reg>, but shrewdly I suspect, </l>
<l> A <reg orig="gloomie">gloomy</reg> fellow <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> a <reg orig="meade">mead</reg> <reg orig="belowe">below</reg>, </l>
<l> <reg orig="A"> He </reg> <reg orig="gaue"> gave </reg> a long 
<reg orig="looke"> look </reg> after <reg orig="vs"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg> </reg> my lord, </l>
<l> And all the land I know is <reg orig="vp"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">up</seg> </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <reg orig="armes">arms</reg>, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Armes">Arms</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> pursue <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> <reg orig="liues">lives</reg> with deadly hate. </l></sp>
<sp who="T"><speaker> Bald.: </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">We</seg> were <reg orig="imbarkt">embarked</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> Ireland, wretched <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg>, </l>
<l> With awkward <reg orig="windes">winds</reg>, and sore tempests <reg orig="driuen">driven</reg> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> fall <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> <reg orig="shoare">shore</reg>, and here <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> pine <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <reg orig="feare">fear</reg> </l>
<l> Of <hi rend="italic"> Mortimer </hi> and his confederates. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edw.: </speaker>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Mortimer, </hi> <seg type="homograph" subtype="interrogative">who</seg> <reg orig="talkes">talks</reg> of 
<hi rend="italic"> Mortimer, </hi> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="interrogative">Who</seg> wounds me with the name of <hi rend="italic"> Mortimer </hi> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">That</seg> <reg orig="bloudy">bloody</reg> man? good father <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> thy lap </l>
<l> Lay I this head, laden with mickle care, </l>
<l> O might I <reg orig="neuer"> never </reg> open 
these eyes <reg orig="againe,"> again, </reg> </l>
<l> <reg orig="Neuer againe"> Never again </reg> lift 
<reg orig="vp"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">up</seg> </reg> this drooping head, </l>
<l> O <reg orig="neuer"> never </reg> more lift <reg orig="vp">  <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">up</seg> </reg> this dying <reg orig="hart">heart</reg>! </l></sp>
<sp who="M"><speaker> Spen. son.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Looke vp "> Look <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">up</seg> </reg> my lord. <hi rend="italic"> 
Baldock, </hi> this <reg orig="drowsines">drowsiness</reg> </l>
<l> Betides <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> good, here <reg orig="euen"> even </reg> 
<seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> are <reg orig="betraied">betrayed</reg>. </l></sp>
<stage> Enter with Welch hookes, Rice vp Howell, a Mower, 
and the Earle of Leicester. </stage>
<sp who="AL"><speaker> Mower.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Vpon"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">Upon</seg> </reg> my life, those be the men ye see </l></sp>
<sp who="AI"><speaker> Rice.: </speaker>
<l> Fellow enough, my lord I pray be short, </l>
<l> A <reg orig="faire"> fair </reg> commission warrants what <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> do. </l></sp>
<sp who="AM"><speaker> Lei.: </speaker>
<l> The <reg orig="Queenes">Queens</reg> commission, <reg orig="vrgd">urged</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Mortimer, </hi> </l>
<l> What cannot gallant <hi rend="italic"> Mortimer </hi> with the <reg orig="Queene">Queen</reg>? </l>
<l> Alas, see where he sits, and hopes <reg orig="vnseene">unseen</reg>, </l>
<l> <reg orig="T'escape"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> escape </reg> their hands 
<seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> <reg orig="seeke">seek</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="reaue">reave</reg> his life: </l>
<l> Too true it is, <foreign lang="Latin" rend="italics">quem dies vidit veniens supebum</foreign>, </l>
<l> <foreign lang="Latin" rend="italics">Hunc dies vidit fugiens iacentem</foreign></l>
<l> But Leister <reg orig="leaue">leave</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="growe">grow</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> passionate, </l>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Spencer </hi> and <hi rend="italic"> 
Baldocke, </hi> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> other names, </l>
<l> I arrest you of high treason here, </l>
<l> Stand not <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> titles, but <reg orig="obay">obey</reg> <reg orig="tharrest,"> the arrest, </reg> </l>
<l> <reg orig="Tis"> It is </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> the name of 
<hi rend="italic"> Isabell </hi> the <reg orig="Queene">queen</reg>: </l>
<l> My lord, why <reg orig="droope">droop</reg> you thus? </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edw.: </speaker>
<l> O day! the last of all my <reg orig="blisse">bliss</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> earth; </l>
<l> <reg orig="Center">Centre</reg> of all misfortune. O my <reg orig="starres">stars</reg>! </l>
<l> Why do you <reg orig="lowre vnkindly">lower unkindly</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> a king? </l>
<l> Comes Leister then <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Isabellas </hi> name, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> take my life, my <reg orig="companie">company</reg> from me? </l>
<l> Here man, rip <reg orig="vp"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">up</seg> </reg> this panting <reg orig="brest">breast</reg> of mine, </l>
<l> And take my heart, <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <reg orig="reskew">rescue</reg> of my friends. </l></sp>
<sp who="AI"><speaker> Rice.: </speaker>
<l> Away with them. </l></sp>
<sp who="M"><speaker> Spen. iu.: </speaker>
<l> It may be come thee yet, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> let <reg orig="vs"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg> </reg> take <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> farewell of his grace. </l></sp>
<sp who="AJ"><speaker> Abbot.: </speaker>
<l> My heart with <reg orig="pittie earnes">pity earns</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> see this sight, </l>
<l> A king <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="beare">bear</reg> these words and proud <reg orig="commaunds">commands</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edw.: </speaker>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Spencer, </hi> a sweet <hi rend="italic"> Spencer, 
</hi> thus then must <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> part. </l></sp>
<sp who="M"><speaker> Spen. iu.: </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">We</seg> must my lord, <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">so</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> the angry <reg orig="heauens">heavens</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edw.: </speaker>
<l> Nay <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">so</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> hell, and <reg orig="cruell">cruel</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Mortimer, </hi> </l>
<l> The gentle <reg orig="heauens">heavens</reg> <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> not <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> do <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> this. </l></sp>
<sp who="T"><speaker> Bald.: </speaker>
<l> My lord, it is <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <reg orig="vaine">vain</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="greeue or storme">grieve or storm</reg>, </l>
<l> Here <reg orig="humblie">humbly</reg> of your grace <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> take <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> <reg orig="leaues">leaves</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">Our</seg> lots are cast, I <reg orig="feare">fear</reg> me <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">so</seg> is thine. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edwa.: </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">In</seg> <reg orig="heauen">heaven</reg> <reg orig="wee"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> </reg> may, <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> earth 
<reg orig="neuer"> never </reg> shall <reg orig="wee"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> </reg> <reg orig="meete">meet</reg>, </l>
<l> And Leister say, what shall become of <reg orig="vs?"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">us</seg> </reg> </l></sp>
<sp who="AM"><speaker> Leist.: </speaker>
<l> Your <reg orig="maiestie">majesty</reg> must go <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> Killingworth. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edw.: </speaker>
<l> Must! <reg orig="tis"> it is </reg> <reg orig="somwhat">somewhat</reg> hard, when kings must go. </l></sp>
<sp who="AM"><speaker> Leist.: </speaker>
<l> Here is a <reg orig="Litter">letter</reg> <reg orig="readie">ready</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> your grace, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">That</seg> <reg orig="waites">waits</reg> your pleasure, and the day <reg orig="growes">grows</reg> old. </l></sp>
<sp who="AI"><speaker> Rice.: </speaker>
<l> As good be <reg orig="gon,"> gone, </reg> as stay and be <reg orig="benighted">beknighted</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edw.: </speaker>
<l> A <reg orig="litter">letter</reg> hast thou, lay me <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> a hearse, </l>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> the gates of hell <reg orig="conuay">convey</reg> me hence, </l>
<l> Let <hi rend="italic"> <reg orig="Plutos">Pluto's</reg> </hi> <reg orig="bels">bells</reg> ring out my <reg orig="fatall">fatal</reg> knell, </l>
<l> And hags <reg orig="howle">howl</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> my death at <hi rend="italic"> Charons </hi> shore, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> friends hath <hi rend="italic"> Edward </hi> none, but these, and these, </l>
<l> And these must die <reg orig="vnder"> under </reg> a tyrants sword. </l></sp>
<sp who="AI"><speaker> Rice.: </speaker>
<l> My lord, be going, care not <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> these, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> shall see them shorter <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> the heads. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edw.: </speaker>
<l> Well, <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> <reg orig="shalbe, shalbe:"> shall be,  shall be: </reg> part <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> must, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Sweete">Sweet</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Spencer, </hi> gentle <hi rend="italic"> 
Baldocke, </hi> part <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> must, </l>
<l> Hence fained weeds, <reg orig="vnfained">unfeigned</reg> are my woes, </l>
<l> Father, farewell: Leister, thou <reg orig="staist">stayest</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> me, </l>
<l> And go I must, life farewell with my friends. </l></sp>
<stage> Exeunt Edward and Leicester. </stage>
<sp who="M"><speaker> Spen. iu.: </speaker>
<l> O is he gone! is noble <hi rend="italic"> Edward </hi> gone, </l>
<l> Parted from hence, <reg orig="neuer"> never </reg> 
<seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> see <reg orig="vs"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg> </reg> more, </l>
<l> Rent sphere of <reg orig="heauen, and fier forsake thy orbe">heaven, and fire forsake thy orb</reg>, </l>
<l> Earth melt <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> <reg orig="ayre">air</reg>, gone is my <reg orig="soueraigne">sovereign</reg>, </l>
<l> Gone, gone alas, <reg orig="neuer"> never </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> make <reg orig="returne">return</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="T"><speaker> Bald.: </speaker>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Spencer, </hi> I see <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> <reg orig="soules">souls</reg> are fleeted hence, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">We</seg> are <reg orig="depriude the sun-shine">deprived the sunshine</reg> of <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> life, </l>
<l> Make <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> a new life man, throw <reg orig="vp"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">up</seg> </reg> thy eyes, </l>
<l> And <reg orig="hart">heart</reg> and hand <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> <reg orig="heauens immortall">heavens immortal</reg> throne, </l>
<l> Pay natures debt with <reg orig="cheerefull">cheerful</reg> countenance, </l>
<l> Reduce <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> all <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> lessons <reg orig="vnto"> unto </reg> this, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> die sweet <hi rend="italic"> Spencer, </hi> 
therefore <reg orig="liue wee"> live <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> </reg> all, </l>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Spencer, </hi> all <reg orig="liue">  live </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> die, and rise <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> fall. </l></sp>
<sp who="AI"><speaker> Rice.: </speaker>
<l> Come, come, <reg orig="keepe">keep</reg> these preachments till you come <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> the place appointed </l>
<l> You, and such as you are, <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> 
made wise <reg orig="worke">work</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> England. </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">Will</seg> your Lordships away? </l></sp>
<sp who="AL"><speaker> Mower.: </speaker>
<l> Your worship I trust <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> remember me? </l></sp>
<sp who="AI"><speaker> Rice.: </speaker>
<l> Remember thee fellow? what else, </l>
<l> Follow me <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> the <reg orig="towne">town</reg>. </l></sp>
<stage> Enter the king, Leicester, with a Bishop for the crowne. </stage>
<sp who="AM"><speaker> Lei.: </speaker>
<l> Be patient good my lord, cease <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> lament, </l>
<l> Imagine Killingworth <reg orig="castell">castle</reg> were your court, </l>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> you lay <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> pleasure here a space, </l>
<l> Not of compulsion or <reg orig="neceissitie">necessity</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edw.: </speaker>
<l> Leister, if gentle words might comfort me, </l>
<l> Thy speeches long <reg orig="agoe"> ago </reg> had <reg orig="easde my sorrowes">eased my sorrows</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> <reg orig="kinde and louing">king and loving</reg> hast thou <reg orig="alwaies">always</reg> <reg orig="beene:"> been: </reg> </l>
<l> The <reg orig="greefes">griefs</reg> of <reg orig="priuate">private</reg> men are <reg orig="soone"> soon </reg> <reg orig="allayde">allayed</reg>, </l>
<l> But not of kings, the <reg orig="forrest">forest</reg> <reg orig="Deare">deer</reg> being <reg orig="strucke">struck</reg> </l>
<l> <reg orig="Runnes">runs</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> an <reg orig="herbe">herb</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> closeth <reg orig="vp"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">up</seg> </reg> the wounds, </l>
<l> But when the <reg orig="imperiall">imperial</reg> Lions flesh is <reg orig="gorde">gored</reg>, </l>
<l> He rends and <reg orig="teares">tears</reg> it with his <reg orig="wrathfull pawe">wrathful paw</reg>, </l>
<l> Highly scorning, <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> the lowly earth </l>
<l> Should <reg orig="drinke his bloud">drink his blood</reg>, mounts <reg orig="vp"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">up</seg> </reg> into the <reg orig="ayre">air</reg>, </l>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">so</seg> it fares with me, whose <reg orig="dauntlesse mind">dauntless mind</reg> </l>
<l> The ambitious <hi rend="italic"> Mortimer </hi> would <reg orig="seeke">seek</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="curbe">curb</reg>, </l>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> <reg orig="vnnaturall">unnatural</reg> <reg orig="Queene">queen</reg> false <hi rend="italic"> Isabell, </hi> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> thus hath pent and <reg orig="mu'd">mewed</reg> me <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> a prison, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> such <reg orig="outragious">outrageous</reg> passions <reg orig="cloye">cloy</reg> my <reg orig="soule">soul</reg>, </l>
<l> As with the wings of <reg orig="rancor and disdaine">rancour and disdain</reg>, </l>
<l> Full often am I <reg orig="sowring">soaring</reg> <reg orig="vp"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">up</seg> </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> <reg orig="heauen">heaven</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> <reg orig="plaine">plain</reg> me <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> the gods against them both. </l>
<l> But when I call <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> <reg orig="minde">mind</reg> I am a king, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Me thinkes"> Methinks </reg> I should <reg orig="reuenge">revenge</reg> me of the <reg orig="wronges">wrongs</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">That</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Mortimer </hi> and <hi rend="italic"> 
Isabell </hi> <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> done. </l>
<l> But what are kings, when regiment is gone, </l>
<l> But perfect <reg orig="shadowes">shadows</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> a <reg orig="sun-shine">sunshine</reg> day? </l>
<l> My nobles rule, I <reg orig="beare">bear</reg> the name of king, </l>
<l> I <reg orig="weare the crowne">wear the crown</reg>, but am <reg orig="contrould">controlled</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> them, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">By</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Mortimer, </hi> and my <reg orig="vnconstant Queene">unconstant queen</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">Who</seg> spots my <reg orig="nuptiall">nuptial</reg> bed with <reg orig="infamie">infamy</reg>, </l>
<l> Whilst I am <reg orig="lodgd">lodged</reg> within this <reg orig="caue">cave</reg> of care, </l>
<l> Where sorrow at my elbow still attends, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> <reg orig="companie my hart">company my heart</reg> with sad laments, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">That</seg> <reg orig="bleedes">bleeds</reg> within me <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> this strange exchange. </l>
<l> But tell me, must I now <reg orig="resigne my crowne">resign my crown</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> make <reg orig="vsurping">usurping</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Mortimer </hi> a king? </l></sp>
<sp who="Q"><speaker> Bish.: </speaker>
<l> Your grace mistakes, it is <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> Englands good, </l>
<l> And princely <hi rend="italic"> Edwards </hi> 
right <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> <reg orig="craue the crowne">crave the crown</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edw.: </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="exclamation">No</seg>, <reg orig="tis"> it is </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> <hi rend="italic"> 
Mortimer, </hi> not <hi rend="italic"> Edwards </hi> head, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> <reg orig="hees"> he is </reg> a <reg orig="lambe">lamb</reg>, encompassed <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> <reg orig="Woolues">wolves</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">Which</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> a moment <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> abridge his life: </l>
<l> But if proud <hi rend="italic"> Mortimer </hi> do <reg orig="weare this crowne">wear this crown</reg>, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Heauens turne">Heavens turn</reg> it <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> a blaze of <reg orig="quenchelesse fier">quenchless fire</reg>, </l>
<l> Or <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">like</seg> the <reg orig="snakie wreathe">snaky wreath</reg> of <hi rend="italic"> Tisiphon, </hi> </l>
<l> Engirt the temples of his <reg orig="hatefull">hateful</reg> head, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">So</seg> shall not Englands Vines be perished, </l>
<l> But <hi rend="italic"> Edwards </hi> name <reg orig="suruiues">survives</reg>, though 
<hi rend="italic"> Edward </hi> dies. </l></sp>
<sp who="AM"><speaker> Lei.: </speaker>
<l> My lord, why waste you thus the time away, </l>
<l> They stay your answer, <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> you <reg orig="yeeld your crowne">yield your crown</reg>? </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edw.: </speaker>
<l> Ah Leister, way, how hardly I can <reg orig="brooke">brook</reg> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> <reg orig="loose my crowne and kingdome">lose my crown and kingdom</reg>, without cause, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> <reg orig="giue"> give </reg> ambitious <hi rend="italic"> 
Mortimer </hi> my right, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">That</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">like</seg> a <reg orig="mountaine ouerwhelmes my blisse">mountain overwhelms my bliss</reg>. </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">In</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">which</seg> <reg orig="extreame my minde">extreme my mind</reg> here murthered is: </l>
<l> But what the <reg orig="heauens">heavens</reg> appoint, I must <reg orig="obaye">obey</reg>, </l>
<l> Here, take my <reg orig="crowne">crown</reg>, the life of <hi rend="italic"> Edward </hi> too, </l>
<l> Two kings <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> England cannot <reg orig="raigne">reign</reg> at once: </l>
<l> But stay a while, let me be king till night, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> I may gaze <reg orig="vpon"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">upon</seg> </reg> this glittering <reg orig="crowne">crown</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">So</seg> shall my eyes <reg orig="receiue">receive</reg> their last content, </l>
<l> My head, the latest <reg orig="honor">honour</reg> dew <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> it, </l>
<l> And <reg orig="ioyntly">jointly</reg> both <reg orig="yeeld">yield</reg> <reg orig="vp"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">up</seg> </reg> their wished right. </l>
<l> Continue <reg orig="euer"> ever </reg> thou <reg orig="celestiall">celestial</reg> <reg orig="sunne">sun</reg>, </l>
<l> Let <reg orig="neuer"> never </reg> silent night <reg orig="possesse">possess</reg> this clime, </l>
<l> Stand still you watches of the element, </l>
<l> All times and seasons rest you at a stay, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Edward </hi> may be still <reg orig="faire">  fair </reg> Englands king: </l>
<l> But <reg orig="dayes">days</reg> bright <reg orig="beames">beams</reg> <reg orig="dooth"> doth </reg> vanish fast away, </l>
<l> And <reg orig="needes">needs</reg> I must <reg orig="resigne">resign</reg> my wished <reg orig="crowne">crown</reg>, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Inhumaine">Inhuman</reg> creatures, <reg orig="nurst">nursed</reg> with Tigers <reg orig="milke">milk</reg>, </l>
<l> Why gape you <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> your <reg orig="soueraignes">sovereigns</reg> <reg orig="ouerthrow">overthrow</reg>? </l>
<l> My diadem I <reg orig="meane">mean</reg>, and <reg orig="guiltlesse">guiltless</reg> life, </l>
<l> See monsters see, <reg orig="ile"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> <reg orig="weare">wear</reg> 
my <reg orig="crowne">crown</reg> <reg orig="againe,"> again, </reg> </l>
<l> What, <reg orig="feare">fear</reg> you not the <reg orig="furie">fury</reg> of your king? </l>
<l> But <reg orig="haplesse">hapless</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Edward, </hi> thou art fondly led, </l>
<l> They <reg orig="passe">pass</reg> not <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> thy <reg orig="frownes">frowns</reg> as late they did, </l>
<l> But <reg orig="seekes">seeks</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> make a new elected king, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">Which</seg> <reg orig="fils">fills</reg> my mind with strange despairing thoughts, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">Which</seg> thoughts are martyred with <reg orig="endles">endless</reg> torments. </l>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> this torment, comfort <reg orig="finde">find</reg> I none, </l>
<l> But <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> I <reg orig="feele">feel</reg> the <reg orig="crowne">crown</reg> <reg orig="vpon"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">upon</seg> </reg> my head, </l>
<l> And therefore let me <reg orig="weare">wear</reg> it yet a while. </l></sp>
<sp who="AP"><speaker> Tru.: </speaker>
<l> My <reg orig="Lorde">Lord</reg>, the <reg orig="parlement">parliament</reg> must <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> present <reg orig="newes">news</reg>, </l>
<l> And therefore say, <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> you <reg orig="resigne">resign</reg> or <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">no</seg>. </l></sp>
<stage> The king rageth. </stage>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edw.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Ile"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> not <reg orig="resigne">resign</reg>, but 
whilst I <reg orig="liue,"> live, </reg> </l>
<l> Traitors be <reg orig="gon,"> gone, </reg> and 
<reg orig="ioine">join</reg> you with <hi rend="italic"> Mortimer, </hi></l>
<l> Elect, conspire, install, do what you <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg>, </l>
<l> Their <reg orig="bloud">blood</reg> and yours shall <reg orig="seale">seal</reg> these treacheries. </l></sp>
<sp who="Q"><speaker> Bish.: </speaker>                    
<l> This answer <reg orig="weele"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> 
<reg orig="returne">return</reg>, and <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">so</seg> farewell. </l></sp>
<sp who="AM"><speaker> Leist.: </speaker>
<l> Call them <reg orig="againe"> again </reg> my <reg orig="lorde">lord</reg>, and 
<reg orig="speake"> speak </reg> them <reg orig="faire,"> fair, </reg> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> if they <reg orig="goe,"> go, </reg> the prince shall lose his right. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edward.: </speaker>
<l> Call thou them back, I <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> 
<seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> power <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="speake."> speak. </reg> </l></sp>
<sp who="AM"><speaker> Lei.: </speaker>
<l> My lord, the king is willing <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="resigne">resign</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="Q"><speaker> Bish.: </speaker>
<l> If he be not, let him choose. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edw.: </speaker>
<l> O would I might, but <reg orig="heauens">heavens</reg> <reg orig="&">and</reg> earth conspire </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> make me miserable: <reg orig="heere"> here </reg> <reg orig="receiue">receive</reg> my <reg orig="crowne">crown</reg>, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Receiue">Receive</reg> it? <seg type="homograph" subtype="exclamation">no</seg>, these innocent hands of mine </l>
<l> Shall not be <reg orig="guiltie">guilty</reg> of <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> <reg orig="foule">foul</reg> a crime, </l>
<l> He of you all <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> most desires my <reg orig="bloud">blood</reg>, </l>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> be called the murtherer of a king, </l>
<l> Take it: what are you <reg orig="mooude">moved</reg>, <reg orig="pitie">pity</reg> you me? </l>
<l> Then send <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> <reg orig="vnrelenting">unrelenting</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Mortimer </hi></l>
<l> And <hi rend="italic"> <reg orig="Isabell">Isabel</reg>, </hi> whose eyes <reg orig="beene">  been </reg> <reg orig="turnd">turned</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> <reg orig="steele">steel</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">Will</seg> sooner sparkle fire <reg orig="then"> than </reg> shed a <reg orig="teare">tear</reg>: </l>
<l> Yet stay, <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">for</seg> rather <reg orig="then"> than </reg> 
I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> <reg orig="looke"> look </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> them, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Heere, heere:"> Here, here: </reg> now <reg orig="sweete">sweet</reg> God of <reg orig="heauen">heaven</reg>, </l>
<l> Make me despise this <reg orig="transitorie">transitory</reg> <reg orig="pompe">pomp</reg>, </l>
<l> And sit <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> aye <reg orig="inthronized">enthronized</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <reg orig="heauen">heaven</reg>, </l>
<l> Come death, and with thy fingers close my eyes, </l>
<l> Or if I <reg orig="liue,"> live, </reg> let me forget 
<reg orig="my selfe."> myself. </reg> </l></sp>
<stage> Enter Bartley. </stage>
<sp who="AQ"><speaker> Bartley.: </speaker>
<l> My <reg orig="lorde."> lord. </reg> </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edw.: </speaker>
<l> Call me not <reg orig="lorde,"> lord, </reg> </l>
<l> Away, out of my sight, ah pardon me, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Greefe">Grief</reg> makes me <reg orig="lunatick">lunatic</reg>, </l>
<l> Let not <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Mortimer </hi> 
protect my <reg orig="sonne,"> son, </reg> </l>
<l> More <reg orig="safetie">safety</reg> is there <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> a Tigers <reg orig="iawes">jaws</reg>, </l>
<l> This his <reg orig="imbrasements">embracements</reg>, <reg orig="beare">bear</reg> this <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> the <reg orig="queene">queen</reg>, </l>
<l> Wet with my <reg orig="teares">tears</reg>, and dried <reg orig="againe"> again </reg> with <reg orig="sighes">sighs</reg>, </l>
<l> If with the sight thereof she be not <reg orig="mooued">moved</reg>, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Returne">Return</reg> it <reg orig="backe"> back </reg> and dip it <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> my <reg orig="bloud">blood</reg>, </l>
<l> Commend me <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> my <reg orig="sonne,"> son, </reg> and bid him rule </l>
<l> Better <reg orig="then"> than </reg> I, yet how 
<reg orig="haue"> have </reg> I <reg orig="transgrest">transgressed</reg>, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Vnlesse">Unless</reg> it be with too much <reg orig="clemencie">clemency</reg>? </l></sp>
<sp who="AP"><speaker> Tru.: </speaker>
<l> And thus, most humbly do <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> take <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> <reg orig="leaue">leave</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edward.: </speaker>
<l> Farewell, I know the next <reg orig="newes">news</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> they bring, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">Will</seg> be my death, and welcome shall it be, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">To</seg> wretched men death is <reg orig="felicitie">felicity</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="AM"><speaker> Leist.: </speaker>
<l> An other <reg orig="poast">post</reg>, what <reg orig="newes">news</reg> <reg orig="bringes">brings</reg> he? </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edw.: </speaker>
<l> Such <reg orig="newes">news</reg> as I expect, come <hi rend="italic"> Bartley, </hi> come, </l>
<l> And tell thy message <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> my naked <reg orig="brest">breast</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="AQ"><speaker> Bart.: </speaker>
<l> My lord, <reg orig="thinke"> think </reg> not a thought <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> <reg orig="villanous">villainous</reg> </l>
<l> Can <reg orig="harbor">harbour</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> a man of noble birth. </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> do your <reg orig="highnes">highness</reg> <reg orig="seruice">service</reg> and <reg orig="deuoire">devour</reg>, </l>
<l> And <reg orig="saue">save</reg> you from your foes, <hi rend="italic"> Bartley </hi> would die. </l></sp>
<sp who="AM"><speaker> Leist.: </speaker>

<l> My <reg orig="lorde,"> lord, </reg> the <reg orig="counsell">counsel</reg> of the <reg orig="Queene">Queen</reg> <reg orig="commaunds">commands</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> I <reg orig="resigne">resign</reg> my charge. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edw.: </speaker>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="interrogative">who</seg> must <reg orig="keepe">keep</reg> <reg orig="mee"> me </reg> now, 
must you my <reg orig="lorde?"> lord? </reg> </l></sp>
<sp who="AQ"><speaker> Bart.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="I,"> Aye, </reg> my most <reg orig="gratious">gracious</reg> lord, 
<seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">so</seg> <reg orig="tis"> it is </reg> decreed. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edw.: </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">By</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Mortimer, </hi> whose name is written here, </l>
<l> Well may I rent his name, <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> rends my <reg orig="hart">heart</reg>, </l>
<l> This <reg orig="poore">poor</reg> <reg orig="reuenge">revenge</reg> hath something <reg orig="easd">eased</reg> my <reg orig="minde">mind</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">So</seg> may his <reg orig="limmes">limbs</reg> be <reg orig="torne">torn</reg>, as is this paper, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Heare"> Hear </reg> me <reg orig="immortall">immortal</reg> 
<hi rend="italic"> <reg orig="Ioue">Jove</reg>, </hi> and <reg orig="graunt">grant</reg> it too. </l></sp>
<sp who="AQ"><speaker> Bart.: </speaker>
<l> Your grace must hence with <reg orig="mee"> me </reg> 
<seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Bartley </hi> straight. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edw.: </speaker>
<l> Whether you <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg>, all places are alike, </l>
<l> And <reg orig="euery"> every </reg> earth is fit <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> <reg orig="buriall">burial</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="AM"><speaker> Leist.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Fauor">Favour</reg> him my lord, as much as lieth <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> you. </l></sp>
<sp who="AQ"><speaker> Bart.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Euen"> Even </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">so</seg> betide my <reg orig="soule">soul</reg> as I <reg orig="vse">use</reg> him. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edw.: </speaker>
<l> Mine <reg orig="enemie">enemy</reg> hath pitied my estate, </l>
<l> And <reg orig="thats"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> is </reg> the cause 
<seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> I am now <reg orig="remooude">removed</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="AQ"><speaker> Bartley.: </speaker>
<l> And <reg orig="thinkes">thinks</reg> your grace <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Bartley </hi> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> 
<reg orig="bee"> be </reg> <reg orig="cruell">cruel</reg>? </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edw.: </speaker>
<l> I know not, but of this am I assured, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> death ends all, and I can die but once, </l>
<l> Leicester, farewell. </l></sp>
<sp who="AM"><speaker> Leicester.: </speaker>
<l> Not yet my <reg orig="lorde, ile"> lord, I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> 
<reg orig="beare">bear</reg> you <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> your <reg orig="waye">way</reg>. </l></sp>
<stage> Exeunt omnes. </stage>
<stage> Enter Mortimer, and Queene Isabell. </stage>
<sp who="J"><speaker> Mor. iu.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Faire"> Fair </reg> <hi rend="italic"> <reg orig="Isabell">Isabel</reg>, </hi> now 
<reg orig="haue"> have </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> desire, </l>
<l> The proud corrupters of the <reg orig="light-brainde">light-brained</reg> king, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Haue"> Have </reg> done their homage <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> the <reg orig="lostie">lofty</reg> <reg orig="gallowes">gallows</reg>, </l>
<l> And he <reg orig="himselfe"> himself </reg> lies <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <reg orig="captiuitie">captivity</reg>, </l>
<l> Be <reg orig="rulde">ruled</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> me, and <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> rule the <reg orig="realme">realm</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">In</seg> any case, take heed of childish <reg orig="feare">fear</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> now <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> <reg orig="hould">hold</reg> an old <reg orig="Wolfe">Wolf</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> the <reg orig="eares">ears</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">That</seg> if he flip <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> <reg orig="seaze">seize</reg> <reg orig="vpon vs">  <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">upon</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg> </reg> both, </l>
<l> And gripe the sorer being <reg orig="gript">gripped</reg> <reg orig="himselfe,"> himself, </reg> </l>
<l> <reg orig="Thinke"> think </reg> therefore madam <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> imports as much, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> erect your <reg orig="sonne"> son </reg> <reg orig="withall">withal</reg> the speed <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> may, </l>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> I be protector <reg orig="ouer"> over </reg> him, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> <reg orig="behoofe">behoof</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> <reg orig="beare">bear</reg> the greater sway </l>
<l> When as a kings name shall be <reg orig="vnder"> under </reg> writ. </l></sp>
<sp who="R"><speaker> Qu.: </speaker>
<l> Sweet <hi rend="italic"> Mortimer, </hi> the life 
of <hi rend="italic"> <reg orig="Isabell">Isabel</reg>, </hi></l>
<l> Be thou <reg orig="perswaded">persuaded</reg>, <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> I <reg orig="loue"> love </reg> thee well, </l>
<l> And therefore <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">so</seg> the prince my <reg orig="sonne"> son </reg> be safe, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Whome"> whom </reg> I <reg orig="esteeme">esteem</reg> as <reg orig="deare">dear</reg> as these mine eyes, </l>
<l> Conclude against his father what thou wilt, </l>
<l> And I <reg orig="my selfe"> myself </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> <reg orig="willinglie">willingly</reg> subscribe. </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker> Mort. iu.: </speaker>
<l> First would I <reg orig="heare"> hear </reg> <reg orig="newes">news</reg> 
<seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> <reg orig="hee"> he </reg> were <reg orig="deposde">deposed</reg>, </l>
<l> And then let me alone <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> handle him. </l></sp>
<stage> Enter Messenger. </stage>
<sp who="J"><speaker> Mor. iu.: </speaker>
<l> Letters, from whence? </l></sp>
<sp who="Z"><speaker> Messen.: </speaker>
<l> From Killing worth my <reg orig="lorde."> lord. </reg> </l></sp>
<sp who="R"><speaker> Qu.: </speaker>
<l> How fares my lord the king? </l></sp>
<sp who="Z"><speaker> Messen.: </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">In</seg> health madam, but full of <reg orig="pensiuenes">pensiveness</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="R"><speaker> <reg orig="Queene">Queen</reg>.: </speaker>
<l> Alas <reg orig="poore">poor</reg> <reg orig="soule">soul</reg>, would I could ease his <reg orig="greefe">grief</reg>, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Thankes">Thanks</reg> gentle Winchester, <reg orig="sirra">sirrah</reg>, be <reg orig="gon."> gone. </reg> </l></sp>
<sp who="Q"><speaker> Winchester.: </speaker>
<l> The king hath willingly <reg orig="resignde">resigned</reg> his <reg orig="crowne">crown</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="R"><speaker> Qu.: </speaker>
<l> O <reg orig="happie">happy</reg> <reg orig="newes">news</reg>, send <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> the prince my <reg orig="sonne."> son. </reg> </l></sp>
<sp who="Q"><speaker> Bish.: </speaker>
<l> Further, or this letter was sealed, Lord <hi rend="italic"> Bartley </hi> came, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">So</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> he now is gone from Killingworth, </l>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> heard <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> 
<hi rend="italic"> Edmund </hi> laid a plot, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> set his brother free, <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> more but <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">so</seg>, </l>
<l> The lord of <hi rend="italic"> Bartley </hi> is <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> <reg orig="pitifull">pitiful</reg>, </l>
<l> As Leicester <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> had charge of him before. </l></sp>
<sp who="R"><speaker> Qu.: </speaker>
<l> Then let some other be his guardian. </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker> Mor. iu.: </speaker>
<l> Let me alone, here is the <reg orig="priuie">privy</reg> <reg orig="seale">seal</reg>, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Whose"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="interrogative">who</seg> is </reg> there, call hither 
<hi rend="italic"> Gurney </hi> and <hi rend="italic"> Matreuis, </hi></l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> dash the <reg orig="heauie">heavy</reg> headed <hi rend="italic"> Edmunds </hi> drift, </l>
<l> Bartley shall be <reg orig="dischargd">discharged</reg>, the king <reg orig="remooude">removed</reg>, </l>
<l> And none but <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> shall know where he lieth. </l></sp>
<sp who="R"><speaker> Qu.: </speaker>
<l> But <hi rend="italic"> Mortimer, </hi> as long as he <reg orig="suruiues">survives</reg> </l>
<l> What <reg orig="safetie">safety</reg> rests <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> <reg orig="vs,"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg> </reg> or 
<seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> my <reg orig="sonne?"> son? </reg> </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker> Mort. iu.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Speake,"> speak, </reg> shall he presently 
be <reg orig="dispatch'd">dispatched</reg> and die? </l></sp>
<sp who="R"><speaker> <reg orig="Queene">Queen</reg>.: </speaker>
<l> I would <reg orig="hee"> he </reg> were, <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">so</seg> 
it were not <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> my <reg orig="meanes">means</reg>. </l></sp>
<stage> Enter Matreuis and Guruey. </stage>
<sp who="J"><speaker> Mortim. iu.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Inough">Enough</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Matreuis, </hi> write a letter presently </l>
<l> <reg orig="Vnto"> Unto </reg> the Lord of <hi rend="italic"> Bartley </hi>
from <reg orig="our selfe,"> ourself, </reg> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> he <reg orig="resigne">resign</reg> the king <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> thee and <hi rend="italic"> Gurney, </hi></l>
<l> And when <reg orig="tis"> it is </reg> done, <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">we</seg> 
<seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> subscribe <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">our</seg> name. </l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker> Matr.: </speaker>
<l> It shall be done my lord. </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker> Mort. iu.: </speaker>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Gurney. </hi> </l></sp>
<sp who="I"><speaker> Gurn.: </speaker>
<l> My <reg orig="Lorde."> Lord. </reg> </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker> Mort. iu.: </speaker>
<l> As thou intendest <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> rise <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Mortimer, </hi> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">Who</seg> now makes Fortunes <reg orig="wheele">wheel</reg> <reg orig="turne">turn</reg> as he please, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Seeke">Seek</reg> all the <reg orig="meanes">means</reg> thou canst <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> make him <reg orig="droope">droop</reg>, </l>
<l> And neither <reg orig="giue"> give </reg> him 
<reg orig="kinde">kind</reg> word, nor good <reg orig="looke."> look. </reg> </l></sp>
<sp who="I"><speaker> Gurn.: </speaker>
<l> I warrant you my lord. </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker> Mort. iu.: </speaker>
<l> And this <reg orig="aboue"> above </reg> the rest, 
because <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> <reg orig="heare"> hear </reg> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Edmund </hi> casts <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="worke">work</reg> his <reg orig="libertie">liberty</reg>, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Remooue">Remove</reg> him still from place <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> place <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> night, </l>
<l> And at the last, he come <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> Killingworth, </l>
<l> And then from thence <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Bartley </hi> 
back <reg orig="againe:"> again: </reg> </l>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> the way <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> make him fret the more, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Speake">Speak</reg> <reg orig="curstlie">cursedly</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> him, and <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> any case </l>
<l> Let <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> man comfort him, if he <reg orig="chaunce">chance</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="weepe">weep</reg>, </l>
<l> But <reg orig="amplifie">amplify</reg> his <reg orig="greefe">grief</reg> with bitter words. </l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker> Matre.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Feare">Fear</reg> not my Lord, <reg orig="weele"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg>  <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> do as you <reg orig="commaund">command</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker> Mor. iu.: </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">So</seg> now away, post thither wards <reg orig="amaine">amain</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="R"><speaker> Qu.: </speaker>
<l> Whither goes this letter, <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> my lord the king? </l>
<l> Commend me <reg orig="humblie">humbly</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> his <reg orig="Maiestie">Majesty</reg>, </l>
<l> And tell him, <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> I labour all <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <reg orig="vaine">vain</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> ease his <reg orig="greefe">grief</reg>, and <reg orig="worke">work</reg> his <reg orig="libertie">liberty</reg>: </l>
<l> And <reg orig="beare">bear</reg> him this, as <reg orig="witnesse">witness</reg> of my <reg orig="loue."> love. </reg> </l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker> Matre.: </speaker>
<l> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> madam. </l></sp>
<stage> Exeunt Matreuis and Gurney. </stage>
<stage> Manent Isabell and Mortimer. </stage>
<stage> Enter the yong Prince, and the Earle of Kent talking with him. </stage>
<sp who="J"><speaker> Mor. iu.: </speaker>
<l> Finely dissembled, do <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">so</seg> still sweet <reg orig="Queene">Queen</reg>, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Heere"> Here </reg> comes the <reg orig="yong">young</reg> prince, with the <reg orig="Earle">Earl</reg> of Kent. </l></sp>
<sp who="R"><speaker> Qu.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Some thing"> Something </reg> he whispers <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> his childish <reg orig="eares">ears</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker> Mort. iu.: </speaker>
<l> If he <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> such <reg orig="accesse">access</reg> 
<reg orig="vnto"> unto </reg> the prince, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">Our</seg> plots and stratagems <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> <reg orig="soone"> soon </reg> be <reg orig="dasht">dashed</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="R"><speaker> Queen.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Vse">Use</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Edmund </hi> friendly, as if all were well. </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker> Mor. iu.: </speaker>
<l> How fares my <reg orig="honorable">honourable</reg> lord of Kent? </l></sp>
<sp who="N"><speaker> Edmun.: </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">In</seg> health <reg orig="sweete">sweet</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Mortimer, </hi> how fares your grace. </l></sp>
<sp who="R"><speaker> <reg orig="Queene">Queen</reg>.: </speaker>
<l> Well, if my <reg orig="Lorde"> Lord </reg> your brother were <reg orig="enlargde">enlarged</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edm.: </speaker>
<l> I <reg orig="heare"> hear </reg> of late he hath 
<reg orig="deposde">deposed</reg> <reg orig="himselfe."> himself. </reg> </l></sp>

<sp who="R"><speaker> Queen.: </speaker>
<l> The more my <reg orig="greefe">grief</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker> Mortim. iu.: </speaker>
<l> And mine. </l></sp>
<sp who="N"><speaker> Edmun.: </speaker>
<l> Ah they do dissemble. </l></sp>
<sp who="R"><speaker> Queen.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Sweete">Sweet</reg> <reg orig="sonne"> son </reg> come hither, 
I must <reg orig="talke"> talk </reg> with thee. </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker> Mortim. iu.: </speaker>
<l> Thou being his <reg orig="vnckle">uncle</reg>, and the next of <reg orig="bloud">blood</reg>, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Doe looke"> do lool </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> be protector 
<reg orig="ouer"> over </reg> the prince. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edm.: </speaker>
<l> Not I my lord: <seg type="homograph" subtype="interrogative">who</seg> should protect the <reg orig="sonne,"> son, </reg> </l>
<l> But she <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> <reg orig="gaue"> gave </reg> him life, I <reg orig="meane">mean</reg> the <reg orig="Queene">Queen</reg>? </l></sp>
<sp who="AF"><speaker> Prin.: </speaker>
<l> Mother, <reg orig="perswade">persuade</reg> me not <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="weare">wear</reg> the <reg orig="crowne">crown</reg>, </l>
<l> Let him be king, I am too <reg orig="yong">young</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="raigne">reign</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="R"><speaker> <reg orig="Queene">Queen</reg>.: </speaker>
<l> But <reg orig="bee"> be </reg> content, seeing it his <reg orig="highnesse">highness</reg> pleasure. </l></sp>
<sp who="AF"><speaker> Prin.: </speaker>
<l> Let me but see him first, and then I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="N"><speaker> Edmund.: </speaker>
<l> I do <reg orig="sweete">sweet</reg> Nephew. </l></sp>
<sp who="R"><speaker> Quee.: </speaker>
<l> Brother, you know it is impossible. </l></sp>
<sp who="AF"><speaker> Prince.: </speaker>
<l> Why, is he dead? </l></sp>
<sp who="R"><speaker> Queen.: </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="exclamation">No</seg>, God forbid. </l></sp>
<sp who="N"><speaker> Edmun.: </speaker>
<l> I would these <reg orig="wordes">words</reg> proceeded from your heart. </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker> Mort. iu.: </speaker>
<l> Inconstant <hi rend="italic"> Edmund, </hi> <reg orig="doost">  dost </reg> thou <reg orig="fauor">favour</reg> him, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">That</seg> wast a cause of his imprisonment? </l></sp>
<sp who="N"><speaker> Edm.: </speaker>
<l> The more cause <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> I now <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> make amends. </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker> Mort. iu.: </speaker>
<l> I tell thee <reg orig="tis"> it is </reg> not meet, <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> one <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> false </l>
<l> Should come about the person of a prince, </l>
<l> My lord, he hath <reg orig="betraied">betrayed</reg> the king his brother, </l>
<l> And therefore trust him not. </l></sp>
<sp who="AF"><speaker> Prince.: </speaker>
<l> But <reg orig="hee"> he </reg> repents, and <reg orig="sorrowes">sorrows</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> it now. </l></sp>
<sp who="R"><speaker> Queen.: </speaker>
<l> Come <reg orig="sonne,"> son, </reg> and go with 
this gentle <reg orig="Lorde"> Lord </reg> and me. </l></sp>
<sp who="AF"><speaker> Prin.: </speaker>
<l> With you I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg>, but not with <hi rend="italic"> Mortimer. </hi> </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker> Mort. iu.: </speaker>
<l> Why <reg orig="yongling">youngling</reg>, <reg orig="sodainst">suddenest</reg> thou <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">so</seg> of <hi rend="italic"> Mortimer? </hi> </l>
<l> Then I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> <reg orig="carrie">carry</reg> thee <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> force away. </l></sp>
<sp who="AF"><speaker> Prin.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Helpe">Help</reg> <reg orig="vnckle">uncle</reg> Kent, <hi rend="italic"> Mortimer </hi> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> wrong me. </l></sp>
<sp who="R"><speaker> Quee.: </speaker>
<l> Brother <hi rend="italic"> Edmund, </hi> <reg orig="striue">strive</reg> not, <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> are his friends, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Isabell">Isabel</reg> is <reg orig="neerer">nearer</reg> <reg orig="then"> than </reg> the <reg orig="earle">earl</reg> of Kent. </l></sp>
<sp who="N"><speaker> Edm.: </speaker>
<l> Sister, <hi rend="italic"> Edward </hi> is my charge, <reg orig="redeeme">redeem</reg> him. </l></sp>
<sp who="R"><speaker> Queen.: </speaker>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Edward </hi> is my <reg orig="sonne,">  son, </reg> and I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> <reg orig="keepe">keep</reg> him. </l></sp>
<sp who="N"><speaker> Edmu.: </speaker>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Mortimer </hi> shall know <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> 
he hath <reg orig="wrongd">wronged</reg> <reg orig="mee."> me. </reg> </l>
<l> Hence <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> I haste <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> Killingworth castle, </l>
<l> And rescue aged <hi rend="italic"> Edward </hi> from his foes, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> be <reg orig="reuengde">revenged</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Mortimer </hi> and thee. </l></sp>
<stage> Exeunt omnes. </stage>
<stage> Enter Matreuis and Gurney with the king. </stage>
<sp who="H"><speaker> Matr.: </speaker>
<l> My lord, be not <reg orig="pensiue">pensive</reg>, <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> are your friends, </l>
<l> Men are <reg orig="ordaind">ordained</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="liue"> live </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <reg orig="miserie">misery</reg>, </l>
<l> Therefore come, dalliance dangereth <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> <reg orig="liues">lives</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edw.: </speaker>
<l> Friends, whither must <reg orig="vnhappie">unhappy</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Edward </hi> go, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">Will</seg> <reg orig="hatefull">hateful</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Mortimer </hi> appoint <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> rest? </l>
<l> Must I be vexed <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">like</seg> the nightly <reg orig="birde">bird</reg>, </l>
<l> Whose sight is loathsome <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> all winged <reg orig="fowles">fowls</reg>? </l>
<l> When <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> the <reg orig="furie">fury</reg> of his <reg orig="minde">mind</reg> <reg orig="asswage">assuage</reg>? </l>
<l> When <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> his <reg orig="hart">heart</reg> be satisfied with <reg orig="bloud">blood</reg>? </l>
<l> If mine <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> <reg orig="serue">serve</reg>, <reg orig="vnbowell">unbowel</reg> straight this <reg orig="brest">breast</reg>, </l>
<l> And <reg orig="giue"> give </reg> my heart <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> 
<hi rend="italic"> <reg orig="Isabell">Isabel</reg> </hi> and him, </l>
<l> It is the chiefest <reg orig="marke">mark</reg> they <reg orig="leuell">level</reg> at. </l></sp>
<sp who="I"><speaker> Gurney.: </speaker>
<l> Not <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">so</seg> my liege, the <reg orig="Queene">Queen</reg> hath <reg orig="giuen">given</reg> this charge, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> <reg orig="keepe">keep</reg> your grace <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <reg orig="safetie">safety</reg>, </l>
<l> Your passions make your dolours <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> increase. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edw.: </speaker>
<l> This <reg orig="vsage">usage</reg> makes my <reg orig="miserie">misery</reg> increase. </l>
<l> But can my <reg orig="ayre">air</reg> of life continue long, </l>
<l> When all my <reg orig="sences">senses</reg> are <reg orig="anoyde">annoyed</reg> with <reg orig="stenche">stench</reg>? </l>
<l> Within a dungeon Englands king is kept, </l>
<l> Where I am <reg orig="staru'd">starved</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> want of sustenance, </l>
<l> My daily diet, is heart breaking sobs, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">That</seg> almost rents the closet of my heart, </l>
<l> Thus <reg orig="liues">lives</reg> old <hi rend="italic"> Edward </hi> not <reg orig="relieu'd">relieved</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> any, </l>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">so</seg> must die, though pitied <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> many. </l>
<l> O water gentle friends <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="coole">cool</reg> my thirst, </l>
<l> And <reg orig="cleare">clear</reg> my <reg orig="bodie">body</reg> from <reg orig="foule">foul</reg> excrements. </l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker> Matr.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Heeres"> Here is </reg> <reg orig="channell">channel</reg> water, as <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> charge is <reg orig="giuen">given</reg>, </l>
<l> Sit <reg orig="downe,"> down, </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">for</seg> <reg orig="weele">  <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> be <reg orig="Barbars">Barbers</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> your grace. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edw.: </speaker>
<l> Traitors away, what <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> you murther me, </l>
<l> Or <reg orig="choake">choke</reg> your <reg orig="soueraigne">sovereign</reg> with puddle water? </l></sp>
<sp who="I"><speaker> Gurn.: </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="exclamation">No</seg>, but wash your face, and <reg orig="shaue">shave</reg> away your beard, </l>
<l> Least you be <reg orig="knowne">known</reg>, and <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">so</seg> be rescued. </l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker> Matr.: </speaker>
<l> Why <reg orig="striue">strive</reg> you thus, your labour is <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <reg orig="vaine">vain</reg>? </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edward.: </speaker>
<l> The <reg orig="Wrenne">Wren</reg> may <reg orig="striue">strive</reg> against the Lions strength. </l>
<l> But all <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <reg orig="vaine">vain</reg>, <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> <reg orig="vainely">vainly</reg> do I <reg orig="striue">strive</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> <reg orig="seeke">seek</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> <reg orig="mercie">mercy</reg> at a tyrants hand. </l>
<stage> They wash him with puddle water, and shaue his beard away. </stage>

<l> <reg orig="Immortall">Immortal</reg> powers, <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> <reg orig="knowes">knows</reg> the <reg orig="painfull">painful</reg> cares, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">That</seg> <reg orig="waites">waits</reg> <reg orig="vpon"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">upon</seg> </reg> my <reg orig="poore">poor</reg> distressed <reg orig="soule">soul</reg>, </l>
<l> O <reg orig="leuell">level</reg> all your <reg orig="lookes">looks</reg> <reg orig="vpon"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">upon</seg> </reg> these daring men, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">That</seg> <reg orig="wronges">wrongs</reg> their liege and <reg orig="soueraigne">sovereign</reg>, Englands king, </l>
<l> O <hi rend="italic"> Gaueston, </hi> it is <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> thee <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> I am <reg orig="wrongd">wronged</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">For</seg> me, both thou, and both the <hi rend="italic"> Spencers </hi> died, </l>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> your sakes, a thousand <reg orig="wronges">wrongs</reg> <reg orig="ile"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> take, </l>
<l> The <hi rend="italic"> Spencers </hi> <reg orig="ghostes">ghosts</reg>, 
where <reg orig="euer"> ever </reg> they <reg orig="remaine">remain</reg>, </l>
<l> Wish well <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> mine, then tush <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> them <reg orig="ile">  I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> die. </l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker> Matr.: </speaker>
<l> Twixt theirs and yours, shall be <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> <reg orig="enmitie">enmity</reg>, </l>
<l> Come, come, away, now put the torches out, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Weele"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">We</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> enter 
<seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">in</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> <reg orig="darkenes">darkness</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> Killingworth. </l></sp>
<stage> Enter Edmund. </stage>
<sp who="I"><speaker> Gurn.: </speaker>
<l> How now, <seg type="homograph" subtype="interrogative">who</seg> comes there? </l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker> Matr.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Guarde">Guard</reg> the king sure, it is the <reg orig="earle">earl</reg> of Kent. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edw.: </speaker>
<l> O gentle brother, <reg orig="helpe">help</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> rescue me. </l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker> Matr.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Keepe">Keep</reg> them a sunder, thrust <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">in</seg> the king. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edm.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Souldiers">Soldiers</reg>, let me but <reg orig="talke"> talk </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> him one <reg orig="worde">word</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="I"><speaker> Gur.: </speaker>
<l> Lay hands <reg orig="vpon"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">upon</seg> </reg> the <reg orig="earle">earl</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> this assault. </l></sp>
<sp who="N"><speaker> Edmu.: </speaker>
<l> Lay <reg orig="downe"> down </reg> your weapons, traitors <reg orig="yeeld">yield</reg> the king. </l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker> Matr.: </speaker>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Edmund, </hi> <reg orig="yeeld">yield</reg> thou <reg orig="thy self,">  thyself, </reg> or thou shalt die. </l></sp>
<sp who="N"><speaker> Edmu.: </speaker>
<l> Base <reg orig="villaines">villains</reg>, wherefore <reg orig="doe"> do </reg> you gripe 
<reg orig="mee"> me </reg> thus? </l></sp>
<sp who="I"><speaker> Gurney.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Binde">Bind</reg> him, and <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">so</seg> <reg orig="conuey">convey</reg> him <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> the court. </l></sp>
<sp who="N"><speaker> Edm.: </speaker>
<l> Where is the court but <reg orig="heere, heere"> here, here </reg> is the king, </l>
<l> And I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> visit him, why stay you me? </l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker> Matr.: </speaker>
<l> The court is where lord <hi rend="italic"> Mortimer </hi> <reg orig="remaines">remains</reg>, </l>
<l> Thither shall your honour go, and <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">so</seg> farewell. </l></sp>
<stage> Exeunt Matr. and Gurney, with the king. 
Manent Edmund and the souldiers. </stage>
<sp who="N"><speaker> Edm.: </speaker>
<l> O miserable is <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> <reg orig="commonweale">common-weal</reg>, where lords </l>
<l> <reg orig="Keepe">Keep</reg> courts, and kings are <reg orig="lockt">locked</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> prison! </l></sp>
<sp who="AR"><speaker> Sould.: </speaker>
<l> Wherefore stay <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg>? <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">on</seg> sirs <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> the court. </l></sp>
<sp who="N"><speaker> Edm.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="I,"> aye, </reg> load me whether you <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg>, 
<reg orig="euen"> even </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> my death, </l>
<l> Seeing <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> my brother cannot be <reg orig="releast">released</reg>. </l></sp>
<stage> Exeunt omnes. </stage>
<stage> Enter Mortimer alone. </stage>
<sp who="J"><speaker> Mort. iu.: </speaker>
<l> The king must die, or <hi rend="italic"> Mortimer </hi> 
goes <reg orig="downe,"> down, </reg> </l>
<l> The commons now begin <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="pitie">pity</reg> him, </l>
<l> Yet he <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> is the cause of <hi rend="italic"> Edwards </hi> death, </l>
<l> Is sure <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> pay <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> it when his <reg orig="sonne"> son </reg> is of age, </l>
<l> And therefore <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> I do it <reg orig="cunninglie">cunningly</reg>, </l>
<l> This letter written <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> a friend of <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">ours</seg>, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Containes">Contains</reg> his death, yet bids them <reg orig="saue">save</reg> his life. </l>
<l> </l>
<l> <reg orig="Feare">Fear</reg> not <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> kill the king <reg orig="tis"> it is </reg> good he die. </l>
<l> But read it thus, and <reg orig="thats"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> is </reg> an other <reg orig="sence">sense</reg>: </l>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> <foreign lang="Latin"> </foreign> </hi> </l>
<l> Kill not the king <reg orig="tis"> it is </reg> good <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="feare">fear</reg> the worst. </l>
<l> <reg orig="Vnpointed">Unpointed</reg> as it is, thus shall it <reg orig="goe,"> go, </reg> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> being dead, if it <reg orig="chaunce">chance</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> be found, </l>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Matreuis </hi> and the rest may <reg orig="beare">bear</reg> the blame, </l>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> be quit <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> <reg orig="causde">caused</reg> it <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> be done: </l>
<l> Within this <reg orig="roome">room</reg> is <reg orig="lockt">locked</reg> the messenger, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">That</seg> shall <reg orig="conueie">convey</reg> it, and <reg orig="performe">perform</reg> the rest, </l>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> a secret token <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> he <reg orig="beares">bears</reg>, </l>
<l> Shall he be murdered when the deed is done. </l>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Lightborn, </hi> come forth, art 
thou as resolute as thou wast? </l></sp>
<sp who="F"><speaker> Light.: </speaker>
<l> What else my lord? and <reg orig="farre">far</reg> more resolute. </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker> Mort. iu.: </speaker>
<l> And hast thou cast how <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> accomplish it? </l></sp>
<sp who="F"><speaker> Light.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="I, I,"> aye, aye, </reg> and none shall know <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">which</seg> way he died. </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker> Mortim. iu.: </speaker>
<l> But at his <reg orig="lookes">looks</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Lightborne </hi> thou wilt relent. </l></sp>
<sp who="F"><speaker> Light.: </speaker>
<l> Relent, ha, ha, I <reg orig="vse">use</reg> much <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> relent. </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker> Mort. iu.: </speaker>
<l> Well, do it <reg orig="brauely">bravely</reg>, and be secret. </l></sp>
<sp who="F"><speaker> Light.: </speaker>
<l> You shall not need <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="giue"> give </reg> instructions, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Tis"> It is </reg> not the first time 
I <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> killed a man, </l>
<l> I <reg orig="learnde">learned</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> Naples how <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> poison flowers, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> strangle with a <reg orig="lawne">lawn</reg> thrust through the <reg orig="throte">throat</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> pierce the <reg orig="wind-pipe">windpipe</reg> with a needles point, </l>
<l> Or whilst one is a <reg orig="sleepe">sleep</reg>, <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> take a quill </l>
<l> And <reg orig="blowe">blow</reg> a little powder <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> his <reg orig="eares">ears</reg>, </l>
<l> Or open his mouth, and <reg orig="powre">pour</reg> quick <reg orig="siluer">silver</reg> <reg orig="downe,"> down, </reg> </l>
<l> But yet I <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> a <reg orig="brauer">braver</reg> way 
<reg orig="then"> than </reg> these. </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker> Mort. iu.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Whats"> What is </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg>? </l></sp>
<sp who="F"><speaker> Light.: </speaker>
<l> Nay, you shall pardon me, none shall <reg orig="knowe"> know </reg> my <reg orig="trickes">tricks</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker> Mort. iu.: </speaker>
<l> I care not how it is, <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">so</seg> it be not <reg orig="spide">spied</reg>, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Deliuer">Deliver</reg> this <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Gurney </hi> 
and <hi rend="italic"> Matreuis, </hi> </l>
<l> At <reg orig="euery"> every </reg> ten miles end thou hast a horse. </l>
<l> Take this, away, and <reg orig="neuer"> never </reg> see me more. </l></sp>
<sp who="F"><speaker> Lightborne.: </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="exclamation">No</seg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker> Mort. iu.: </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="exclamation">No</seg>, <reg orig="vnlesse">unless</reg> thou bring me <reg orig="newes">news</reg> of <hi rend="italic"> Edwards </hi> death. </l></sp>
<sp who="F"><speaker> Light.: </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">That</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> I <reg orig="quicklie">quickly</reg> do, farewell my lord. </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker> Mor.: </speaker>
<l> The prince I rule, the <reg orig="queene">queen</reg> do I <reg orig="commaund">command</reg>, </l>
<l> And with a lowly conge <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> the ground, </l>
<l> The proudest lords salute me as I <reg orig="passe">pass</reg>, </l>
<l> I <reg orig="seale">seal</reg>, I <reg orig="cancell">cancel</reg>, I do what I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg>, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Feard">Feared</reg> am I more <reg orig="then"> than </reg> <reg orig="lou'd">loved</reg>, let me be <reg orig="feard">feared</reg>, </l>
<l> And when I <reg orig="frowne">frown</reg>, make all the court <reg orig="looke">look</reg> pale, </l>
<l> I view the prince with <hi rend="italic"> Aristorchus </hi> eyes, </l>
<l> Whose <reg orig="lookes">looks</reg> were as a breeching <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> a <reg orig="boye">boy</reg>, </l>
<l> They thrust <reg orig="vpon"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">upon</seg> </reg> me the Protectorship, </l>
<l> And sue <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> me <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> I desire, </l>
<l> While at the <reg orig="councell">council</reg> table, <reg orig="graue">grave</reg> enough, </l>
<l> And not <reg orig="vnlike">unlike</reg> a <reg orig="bashfull">bashful</reg> <reg orig="paretaine">Puritan</reg>, </l>
<l> First I <reg orig="complaine">complain</reg> of <reg orig="imbecilitie">imbecility</reg>, </l>
<l> Saying it is, <hi rend="italic"> <foreign lang="Latin"> </foreign> </hi> </l>
<l> Till being interrupted <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> my friends, </l>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> <foreign lang="Latin"> </foreign> </hi> <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> 
<hi rend="italic"> <foreign lang="Latin"> </foreign> </hi> as they <reg orig="terme">term</reg> it, </l>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> conclude, I am Protector now, </l>
<l> Now is all sure, the <reg orig="Queene">Queen</reg> and <hi rend="italic"> Mortimer </hi> </l>
<l> Shall rule the <reg orig="realme">realm</reg>, the king, and none rule <reg orig="vs,"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg>, </reg> </l>
<l> Mine enemies <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> I plague, my friends <reg orig="aduance">advance</reg>, </l>
<l> And what I list <reg orig="commaund">command</reg>, <seg type="homograph" subtype="interrogative">who</seg> dare <reg orig="controwle">control</reg>, </l>
<l> </l>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> this be the coronation day, </l>
<l> It pleaseth me, and <hi rend="italic"> Isabell </hi> the <reg orig="Queene">Queen</reg>, </l>
<l> The trumpets sound, I must go take my place. </l></sp>
<stage> Enter the yong King, Bishop, Champion, Nobles, Queene. </stage>
<sp who="P"><speaker> Bish.: </speaker>
<l> Long <reg orig="liue"> live </reg> king <hi rend="italic"> 
Edward, </hi> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> the grace of God </l>
<l> King of England, and <reg orig="lorde"> lord </reg> of Ireland. </l></sp>
<sp who="AS"><speaker> Cham.: </speaker>
<l> If any Christian, Heathen, <reg orig="Turke">Turk</reg>, or <reg orig="Iew">Jew</reg>, </l>
<l> Dares but <reg orig="affirme">affirm</reg>, <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Edwards </hi> not true king. </l>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> <reg orig="auouche">avouch</reg> his saying with the <reg orig="sworde">sword</reg>, </l>
<l> I am the Champion <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> <reg orig="combate">combat</reg> him. </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker> Mort. iu.: </speaker>
<l> None comes, sound trumpets. </l></sp>
<sp who="AF"><speaker> King.: </speaker>
<l> Champion, <reg orig="heeres"> here is </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> thee. </l></sp>
<sp who="R"><speaker> Qu.: </speaker>
<l> Lord <hi rend="italic"> Mortimer, </hi> now take him <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> your charge. </l></sp>
<stage> Enter Souldiers with the Earle of Kent prisoner. </stage>
<sp who="J"><speaker> Mor. iu.: </speaker>
<l> What traitor <reg orig="haue wee"> have <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> </reg> 
there with blades and <reg orig="billes">bills</reg>? </l></sp>
<sp who="AR"><speaker> Sould.: </speaker>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Edmund </hi> the <reg orig="Earle">Earl</reg> of Kent. </l></sp>
<sp who="AF"><speaker> King.: </speaker>
<l> What hath he done? </l></sp>
<sp who="AR"><speaker> Sould.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="A"> He </reg> would <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> 
taken the king away perforce, </l>
<l> As <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> were bringing him <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> Killingworth. </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker> Mortimer. iu.: </speaker>
<l> Did you attempt his rescue, <hi rend="italic"> Edmund </hi> 
<reg orig="speake?"> speak? </reg> </l></sp>
<sp who="N"><speaker> Edm.: </speaker>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Mortimer, </hi> I did, he is <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> king, </l>
<l> And thou <reg orig="compelst">compelest</reg> this prince <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="weare">wear</reg> the <reg orig="crowne">crown</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker> Mort. iu.: </speaker>
<l> Strike off his head, he shall <reg orig="haue">have</reg> marshall <reg orig="lawe">law</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="N"><speaker> Edm.: </speaker>
<l> Strike <reg orig="of"> off </reg> my head, base traitor I <reg orig="defie">defy</reg> thee. </l></sp>
<sp who="AF"><speaker> King.: </speaker>
<l> My lord, he is my <reg orig="vnckle">uncle</reg>, and shall <reg orig="liue."> live. </reg> </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker> Mor. iu.: </speaker>
<l> My lord, he is your <reg orig="enemie">enemy</reg>, and shall die. </l></sp>
<sp who="N"><speaker> Edmund.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Staie villaines">Stay villains</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="AF"><speaker> King.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Sweete">Sweet</reg> mother, if I cannot pardon him, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Intreate">Entreat</reg> my lord Protector <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> his life. </l></sp>
<sp who="R"><speaker> Qu.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Sonne,"> Son, </reg> be content, I dare not 
<reg orig="speake"> speak </reg> a <reg orig="worde">word</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="AF"><speaker> King.: </speaker>
<l> Nor I, and yet <reg orig="me thinkes"> methinks </reg> I should <reg orig="commaund">command</reg>, </l>
<l> But seeing I cannot, <reg orig="ile"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> <reg orig="entreate">entreat</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> him: </l>
<l> My lord, if you <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> let my <reg orig="vnckle">uncle</reg> <reg orig="liue,"> live, </reg> </l>
<l> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> requite it when I come <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> age. </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker> Mort. iu.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Tis"> It is </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> your <reg orig="highnesse">highness</reg> good, 
and <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> the <reg orig="realmes">realms</reg>, </l>
<l> How often shall I bid you <reg orig="beare">bear</reg> him hence? </l></sp>
<sp who="N"><speaker> Edm.: </speaker>
<l> Art thou king, must I die at thy <reg orig="commaund">command</reg>? </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker> Mort. iu.: </speaker>
<l> At <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">our</seg> <reg orig="commaund">command</reg>, once more away with him. </l></sp>
<sp who="N"><speaker> Edm.: </speaker>
<l> Let me but stay and <reg orig="speake,"> speak, </reg> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> not go, </l>
<l> Either my brother or his <reg orig="sonne"> son </reg> is king, </l>
<l> And none of both, then thirst <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Edmunds </hi> <reg orig="bloud">blood</reg>, </l>
<l> And therefore soldiers <reg orig="whether">whither</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> you hale me? </l></sp>
<stage> They hale Edmund away, and carie him to be beheaded. </stage>
<sp who="AF"><speaker> King.: </speaker>
<l> What <reg orig="safetie">safety</reg> may I <reg orig="looke"> look </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">for</seg> at his hands, </l>
<l> If <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> my <reg orig="Vnckle">uncle</reg> shall be murthered thus? </l></sp>
<sp who="R"><speaker> Queen.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Feare">Fear</reg> not <reg orig="sweete boye">sweet boy</reg>, <reg orig="ile"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> <reg orig="garde">guard</reg> thee from thy foes, </l>
<l> Had Edmund <reg orig="liu'de">lived</reg>, he would <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> sought thy death, </l>
<l> Come <reg orig="sonne, weele"> son, <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> ride 
a hunting <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> the <reg orig="parke">park</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="AF"><speaker> King.: </speaker>
<l> And shall my <reg orig="Vnckle">uncle</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Edmund </hi> ride with 
<reg orig="vs?"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg>? </reg> </l></sp>
<sp who="R"><speaker> <reg orig="Queene">Queen</reg>.: </speaker>
<l> He is a traitor, <reg orig="thinke"> think </reg> not <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> him, come. </l></sp>
<stage> Exeunt omnes. </stage>
<stage> Enter Matr. and Gurney. </stage>
<sp who="H"><speaker> Matr.: </speaker>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Gurney, </hi> I wonder the king dies not, </l>
<l> Being <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> a vault <reg orig="vp"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">up</seg> </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> the knees <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> water, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">To</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">which</seg> the channels of the <reg orig="castell">castle</reg> <reg orig="runne">run</reg>, </l>
<l> From whence a <reg orig="dampe">damp</reg> continually ariseth, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">That</seg> were enough <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> poison any man, </l>
<l> Much more a king brought <reg orig="vp"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">up</seg> </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> <reg orig="tenderlie">tenderly</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="I"><speaker> Gurn.: </speaker>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">so</seg> do I, <hi rend="italic"> Matreuis: </hi> yesternight </l>
<l> I opened but the <reg orig="doore">door</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> throw him <reg orig="meate">meat</reg>, </l>
<l> And I was almost <reg orig="stifeled with the sauor">stifled with the savour</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker> Matr.: </speaker>
<l> He hath a body able <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> endure, </l>
<l> More <reg orig="then"> than </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> can <reg orig="enflict">inflict</reg>, and therefore now, </l>
<l> Let <reg orig="vs"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg> </reg> <reg orig="assaile">assail</reg> his <reg orig="minde">mind</reg> another while. </l></sp>
<sp who="I"><speaker> Gurn.: </speaker>
<l> Send <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> him out thence, and I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> anger him. </l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker> Matr.: </speaker>
<l> But stay, <reg orig="whose"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="interrogative">who</seg> is </reg> this? </l></sp>
<stage> Enter Lightborne. </stage>
<sp who="F"><speaker> Light.: </speaker>
<l> My lord protector <reg orig="greetes">greets</reg> you. </l></sp>
<sp who="I"><speaker> Gurn.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Whats heere?"> What is here? </reg> I know not 
how <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> conster it. </l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker> Matr.: </speaker>
<l> Gurney, it was left <reg orig="vnpointed">unpointed</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> the nonce, </l>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> <foreign lang="Latin">  </foreign> </hi> </l>
<l> <reg orig="Thats"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">That</seg> is </reg> his meaning. </l></sp>
<sp who="F"><speaker> Light.: </speaker>
<l> Know you this token, I must <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> the king? </l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker> Matr.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="I"> Aye </reg> stay a while, thou shalt 
<reg orig="haue"> have </reg> answer straight. </l>
<l> This <reg orig="villain's"> villain is </reg> sent <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> make away the king. </l></sp>
<sp who="I"><speaker> Gurney.: </speaker>
<l> I thought as much. </l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker> Matr.: </speaker>
<l> And when the <reg orig="murders"> murder is </reg> done, </l>
<l> See how he must be handled <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> his labour, </l>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> <foreign lang="Latin"> </foreign> </hi>
let him <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> the king, </l>
<l> What else, <reg orig="heere"> here </reg> is the <reg orig="keyes">keys</reg>, this is the lake, </l>

<l> <reg orig="Doe"> Do </reg> as you are <reg orig="commaunded">commanded</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> my lord. </l></sp>
<sp who="F"><speaker> Light.: </speaker>
<l> I know what I must do, get you away, </l>
<l> Yet be not <reg orig="farre">far</reg> off, I shall need your <reg orig="helpe">help</reg>, </l>
<l> See <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> the next <reg orig="roome">room</reg> I <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> a <reg orig="fier">fire</reg>, </l>
<l> And get me a spit, and let it be red <reg orig="hote">hot</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker> Matre.: </speaker>
<l> Very well. </l></sp>
<sp who="I"><speaker> Gurn.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Neede">Need</reg> you <reg orig="any thing"> anything </reg> besides? </l></sp>
<sp who="F"><speaker> Light.: </speaker>
<l> What else, a table and a <reg orig="fetherbed">featherbed</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="I"><speaker> Gurn.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Thats"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> is </reg> all. </l></sp>
<sp who="F"><speaker> Light.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="I, I,"> Aye, Aye, </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">so</seg> when I call you, bring it <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">in</seg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker> Matre.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Feare">Fear</reg> not you <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="I"><speaker> Gurn.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Heeres"> here is </reg> a light <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> go into the dungeon. </l></sp>
<sp who="F"><speaker> Lightbor.: </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">So</seg> now must I about this <reg orig="geare">gear</reg>, <reg orig="nere"> never </reg> was there any </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">So</seg> finely handled as this king <reg orig="shalbe,"> shall be, </reg> </l>
<l> Foh, <reg orig="heeres"> here is </reg> a place <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> deed with all my <reg orig="hart">heart</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edward.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Whose"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="interrogative">Who</seg> is </reg> there, what light 
is <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg>, wherefore comes thou? </l></sp>
<sp who="F"><speaker> Light.: </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> comfort you, and bring you <reg orig="ioyfull">joyful</reg> <reg orig="newes">news</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edward.: </speaker>
<l> Small comfort <reg orig="findes">finds</reg> <reg orig="poore">poor</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Edward </hi> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> thy <reg orig="lookes">looks</reg>, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Villaine">Villain</reg>, I know thou <reg orig="comst">comest</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> murther me. </l></sp>
<sp who="F"><speaker> Light.: </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> murther you my most <reg orig="gratious">gracious</reg> <reg orig="lorde">lord</reg>, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Farre">Far</reg> is it from my <reg orig="hart">heart</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> do you <reg orig="harme">harm</reg>, </l>
<l> The <reg orig="Queene">Queen</reg> sent me, <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> see how you were <reg orig="vsed">used</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> she relents at this your <reg orig="miserie">misery</reg>. </l>
<l> And what eyes can <reg orig="refraine">refrain</reg> from shedding <reg orig="teares">tears</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> see a king <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> this most <reg orig="pittious">piteous</reg> state? </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edw.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Weepst">Weepest</reg> thou already, list a while <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> me, </l>
<l> And then thy heart, were it as <hi rend="italic"> Gurneys </hi> is, </l>
<l> Or as <hi rend="italic"> Matreuis, </hi> <reg orig="hewne">hewn</reg> from 
the <hi rend="italic"> <reg orig="Caucasus">Caucuses</reg>, </hi> </l>
<l> Yet <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> it melt, ere I <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> done my tale, </l>
<l> This dungeon where they <reg orig="keepe">keep</reg> me, is the <reg orig="sincke">sink</reg>, </l>
<l> Wherein the <reg orig="filthe">filth</reg> of all the <reg orig="castell">castle</reg> <reg orig="falles">falls</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="F"><speaker> Light.: </speaker>
<l> O <reg orig="villaines">villains</reg>! </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edw.: </speaker>
<l> And there <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> mire and puddle <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> I stood, </l>
<l> This ten <reg orig="dayes">days</reg> space, and least <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> I should <reg orig="sleepe">sleep</reg>, </l>
<l> One <reg orig="plaies">plays</reg> continually <reg orig="vpon"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">upon</seg> </reg> a Drum, </l>
<l> They <reg orig="giue"> give </reg> me bread and water being a king, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">So</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> want of <reg orig="sleepe">sleep</reg> and sustenance, </l>
<l> My <reg orig="mindes"> mind is </reg> distempered, 
and my <reg orig="bodies"> body is </reg> <reg orig="numde">numbed</reg>, </l>
<l> And whether I <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> <reg orig="limmes">limbs</reg> or <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">no</seg>, I know not, </l>
<l> O would my <reg orig="bloud">blood</reg> <reg orig="dropt">dropped</reg> out from <reg orig="euery"> every </reg> <reg orig="vaine">vain</reg>, </l>
<l> As doth this water from my tattered robes: </l>
<l> Tell <hi rend="italic"> <reg orig="Isabell">Isabel</reg> </hi> the <reg orig="Queene">Queen</reg>, I <reg orig="lookt">looked</reg> not thus, </l>
<l> When <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">her</seg> sake I ran at tilt <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <reg orig="Fraunce">France</reg>, </l>
<l> And there <reg orig="vnhorste">unhorsed</reg> the duke of <hi rend="italic"> Cleremont. </hi> </l></sp>
<sp who="F"><speaker> Light.: </speaker>
<l> O <reg orig="speake"> speak </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> more my <reg orig="lorde">lord</reg>, this <reg orig="breakes">breaks</reg> my heart. </l>
<l> Lie <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> this bed, and rest <reg orig="your selfe"> yourself </reg> a while, </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edw.: </speaker>
<l> These <reg orig="lookes">looks</reg> of thine can <reg orig="harbor">harbour</reg> <reg orig="nought">naught</reg> but death. </l>
<l> I see my <reg orig="tragedie">tragedy</reg> written <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> thy <reg orig="browes">brows</reg>, </l>
<l> Yet stay a while, <reg orig="forbeare">forbear</reg> thy <reg orig="bloudie">bloody</reg> <reg orig="hande">hand</reg>, </l>
<l> And let me see the stroke before it comes, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> and <reg orig="euen"> even </reg> then when I shall lose my life, </l>
<l> My <reg orig="minde">mind</reg> may be more <reg orig="stedfast">steadfast</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> my God. </l></sp>
<sp who="F"><speaker> Light.: </speaker>
<l> What <reg orig="meanes">means</reg> your <reg orig="highnesse">highness</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> mistrust me thus? </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edwa.: </speaker>
<l> What <reg orig="meanes">means</reg> thou <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> dissemble with me thus? </l></sp>
<sp who="F"><speaker> Light.: </speaker>
<l> These <reg orig="handes">hands</reg> were <reg orig="neuer"> never </reg> <reg orig="stainde">stained</reg> with innocent <reg orig="bloud">blood</reg>, </l>
<l> Nor shall they now be tainted with a kings. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edward.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Forgiue">Forgive</reg> my thought, <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> <reg orig="hauing">having</reg> such a thought, </l>
<l> One <reg orig="iewell">jewel</reg> <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> I left, <reg orig="receiue">receive</reg> thou this, </l>
<l> Still <reg orig="feare">fear</reg> I, and I know not <reg orig="whats"> what is </reg> the cause, </l>
<l> But <reg orig="euerie"> every </reg> <reg orig="iointe">joint</reg> shakes as 
I <reg orig="giue"> give </reg> it thee: </l>
<l> O if thou <reg orig="harborst">harbourest</reg> murther <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> thy <reg orig="hart">heart</reg>, </l>
<l> Let this gift change thy <reg orig="minde">mind</reg>, and <reg orig="saue">save</reg> thy <reg orig="soule">soul</reg>, </l>
<l> Know <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> I am a king, <reg orig="oh"> O </reg> at <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> name, </l>
<l> I <reg orig="feele">feel</reg> a hell of <reg orig="greefe">grief</reg>, where is my <reg orig="crowne">crown</reg>? </l>
<l> Gone, gone, and <reg orig="doe"> do </reg> I <reg orig="remaine">remain</reg> <reg orig="aliue">alive</reg>? </l></sp>
<sp who="F"><speaker> Light.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Your ouer"> You are over </reg> <reg orig="watchde">watched</reg> my lord, 
lie <reg orig="downe"> down </reg> and rest. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edw.: </speaker>
<l> But <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> <reg orig="greefe">grief</reg> <reg orig="keepes">keeps</reg> me waking, I <reg orig="shoulde"> should </reg> <reg orig="sleepe">sleep</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> not these ten <reg orig="daies">days</reg> <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> these eye lids <reg orig="closd">closed</reg>, </l>
<l> Now as I <reg orig="speake"> speak </reg> they fall, and yet with <reg orig="feare">fear</reg> </l>
<l> Open <reg orig="againe,"> again, </reg> O wherefore 
sits thou <reg orig="heare?"> here? </reg> </l></sp>
<sp who="F"><speaker> Light.: </speaker>
<l> If you mistrust me, <reg orig="ile"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> be 
<reg orig="gon"> gone </reg> my lord. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edw.: </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="exclamation">No</seg>, <seg type="homograph" subtype="exclamation">no</seg>, <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">for</seg> if thou <reg orig="meanst">meanest</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> murther me, </l>
<l> Thou wilt <reg orig="returne">return</reg> <reg orig="againe,"> again, </reg> and therefore stay. </l></sp>
<sp who="F"><speaker> Light.: </speaker>
<l> He <reg orig="sleepes">sleeps</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edw.: </speaker>
<l> O let me not die, yet stay, O stay a while. </l></sp>
<sp who="F"><speaker> Light.: </speaker>
<l> How now my <reg orig="Lorde."> Lord. </reg> </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edw.: </speaker>
<l> Something still busseth <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> mine <reg orig="eares">ears</reg>, </l>
<l> And <reg orig="tels">tells</reg> me, if I <reg orig="sleepe">sleep</reg> I <reg orig="neuer"> never </reg> wake, </l>
<l> This <reg orig="feare">fear</reg> is <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">which</seg> makes me tremble thus, </l>
<l> And therefore tell me, wherefore art thou come? </l></sp>
<sp who="F"><speaker> Light.: </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> rid thee of thy life, <hi rend="italic"> Matreuis </hi> come, </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edw.: </speaker>
<l> I am too <reg orig="weake">weak</reg> and feeble <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> resist, </l>
<l> Assist me <reg orig="sweete">sweet</reg> God, and <reg orig="receiue">receive</reg> my <reg orig="soule">soul</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="F"><speaker> Light.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Runne">Run</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> the table. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker> Edw.: </speaker>
<l> O spare me, or <reg orig="dispatche">dispatch</reg> me <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> a trice. </l></sp>
<sp who="F"><speaker> Light.: </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">So</seg>, lay the table <reg orig="downe,"> down, </reg> and <reg orig="stampe">stamp</reg> his body. </l>
<l> But not too hard, least <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> you <reg orig="bruse">bruise</reg> his body. </l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker> Matreuis.: </speaker>
<l> I <reg orig="feare">fear</reg> <reg orig="mee"> me </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> this <reg orig="crie">cry</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> raise the <reg orig="towne">town</reg>, </l>
<l> And therefore let <reg orig="vs"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg> </reg> take horse and away. </l></sp>
<sp who="F"><speaker> Light.: </speaker>
<l> Tell me sirs, was it not <reg orig="braue lie">bravely</reg> done? </l></sp>
<sp who="I"><speaker> Gurn.: </speaker>
<l> Excellent well, take this <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> thy <reg orig="rewarde">reward</reg>, </l>
<stage> Then Gurney stabs Lightborne. </stage>

<l> Come let <reg orig="vs"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg> </reg> cast the body <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> the more, </l>
<l> And <reg orig="beare">bear</reg> the kings <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Mortimer </hi> 
<seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> lord, away. </l></sp>
<stage> Exeunt omnes. </stage>
<stage> Enter Mortimer and Matreuis. </stage>
<sp who="J"><speaker> Mortim. iu.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Ist"> Is it </reg> done, <hi rend="italic"> Matreuis, </hi> 
and the murtherer dead? </l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker> Matr.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="I"> Aye </reg> my good Lord, I would it were <reg orig="vndone">undone</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker> Mort. iu.: </speaker>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Matreuis, </hi> if thou now growest penitent </l>
<l> <reg orig="Ile"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> be thy ghostly father, therefore choose, </l>
<l> Whether thou wilt be secret <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> this, </l>
<l> Or else die <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> the hand of <hi rend="italic"> Mortimer. </hi> </l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker> Matr.: </speaker>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Gurney </hi> my lord is fled, and <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> I <reg orig="feare">fear</reg>, </l>
<l> Betray <reg orig="vs"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg> </reg> both, therefore let me <reg orig="flie">fly</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker> Mort. iu.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Flie">Fly</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> the <reg orig="Sauages">Savages</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker> Matr.: </speaker>
<l> I <reg orig="humblie">humbly</reg> <reg orig="thanke">thank</reg> your honour. </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker> Mor. iu.: </speaker>
<l> As <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> <reg orig="my selfe,"> myself, </reg> I stand as 
<hi rend="italic"> <reg orig="Ioues">Jove's</reg> </hi> huge tree, </l>
<l> And others are but shrubs <reg orig="compard">compared</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> me, </l>
<l> All tremble at my name, and I <reg orig="feare">fear</reg> none, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Lets"> Let <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">us</seg> </reg> see <seg type="homograph" subtype="interrogative">who</seg> dare 
<reg orig="impeache">impeach</reg> me <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> his death? </l></sp>
<stage> Enter the Queene. </stage>
<sp who="R"><speaker> Queen.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="A"> Ah </reg> <hi rend="italic"> Mortimer, </hi> the king my 
<reg orig="sonne"> son </reg> hath news, </l>
<l> His <reg orig="fathers"> father is </reg> dead, and <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> 
<reg orig="haue"> have </reg> murdered him. </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker> Mor. iu.: </speaker>
<l> What if he <reg orig="haue?"> have? </reg> the king is yet a <reg orig="childe">child</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="R"><speaker> <reg orig="Queene">Queen</reg>.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="I, I,"> aye, Aye, </reg> but he <reg orig="teares">tears</reg> his <reg orig="haire">hair</reg>, and wrings his <reg orig="handes">hands</reg>, </l>
<l> And <reg orig="vowes">vows</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> be <reg orig="reuengd">revenged</reg> <reg orig="vpon vs"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">upon</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg> </reg> both, </l>
<l> Into the <reg orig="councell">council</reg> chamber he is gone, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> <reg orig="craue">crave</reg> the aide and succour of his <reg orig="peeres">peers</reg>, </l>
<l> Aye me, see where he comes, and they with him, </l>
<l> Now <hi rend="italic"> Mortimer </hi> begins <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> <reg orig="tragedie">tragedy</reg>. </l></sp>
<stage> Enter the king, with the lords. </stage>
<sp who="AN"><speaker> Lords.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Feare">Fear</reg> not my lord, know <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> you are a king. </l></sp>
<sp who="AF"><speaker> King.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Villaine">Villain</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker> Mort. iu.: </speaker>
<l> How now my lord? </l></sp>
<sp who="AF"><speaker> King.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Thinke"> think </reg> not <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> I am frighted with thy words, </l>
<l> My <reg orig="father's"> father is </reg> murdered through thy <reg orig="treacherie">treachery</reg>, </l>
<l> And thou shalt die, and <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> his <reg orig="mournefull">mournful</reg> hearse, </l>
<l> Thy <reg orig="hatefull">hateful</reg> and accursed head shall lie, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> <reg orig="witnesse">witness</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> the world, <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> thy <reg orig="meanes">means</reg>, </l>
<l> His kingly body was too <reg orig="soone"> soon </reg> <reg orig="interrde">interred</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="R"><speaker> Qu.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Weepe">Weep</reg> not <reg orig="sweete">sweet</reg> <reg orig="sonne."> son. </reg> </l></sp>
<sp who="AF"><speaker> King.: </speaker>
<l> Forbid not me <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="weepe">weep</reg>, he was my father, </l>
<l> And had you <reg orig="lou'de">loved</reg> him <reg orig="halfe">half</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> well as I, </l>
<l> You could not <reg orig="beare">bear</reg> his death thus patiently, </l>
<l> But you I <reg orig="feare">fear</reg>, <reg orig="conspirde">conspired</reg> with <hi rend="italic"> Mortimer. </hi> </l></sp>
<sp who="AN"><speaker> Lords.: </speaker>
<l> Why <reg orig="speake"> speak </reg> you not 
<reg orig="vnto"> unto </reg> my lord the king? </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker> Mor. iu.: </speaker>
<l> Because I <reg orig="thinke"> think </reg> <reg orig="scorne">scorn</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> be <reg orig="accusde">accused</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="interrogative">Who</seg> is the man dare say I <reg orig="murderedd">murdered</reg> him? </l></sp>
<sp who="AF"><speaker> King.: </speaker>
<l> Traitor, <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> me my <reg orig="louing">loving</reg> father <reg orig="speakes">speaks</reg>, </l>
<l> And <reg orig="plainely">plainly</reg> saith, <reg orig="twas"> it was </reg> 
thou <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> <reg orig="murdredst">murderedest</reg> him. </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker> Mort. iu.: </speaker>
<l> But hath your grace <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> other <reg orig="proofe">proof</reg> <reg orig="then"> than </reg> this? </l></sp>
<sp who="AF"><speaker> King.: </speaker>
<l> Yes, if this be the hand of <hi rend="italic"> Mortimer. </hi> </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker> Mortim. iu.: </speaker>
<l> False <hi rend="italic"> Gurney </hi> hath <reg orig="betraide">betrayed</reg> 
me and <reg orig="himselfe."> himself. </reg> </l></sp>
<sp who="R"><speaker> Queen.: </speaker>
<l> I <reg orig="feard">feared</reg> as much, murther cannot be hid. </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker> Mort. iu.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Tis"> It is </reg> my hand, what gather you <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> this. </l></sp>
<sp who="AF"><speaker> King.: </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> thither thou didst send a murtherer. </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker> Mort. iu.: </speaker>
<l> What murtherer? bring <reg orig="foorth">forth</reg> the man I sent. </l></sp>
<sp who="AF"><speaker> King.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="A"> Ah </reg> <hi rend="italic"> Mortimer, 
</hi> thou knowest <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> he is <reg orig="slaine">slain</reg>, </l>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">so</seg> shalt thou be too: why <reg orig="staies">stays</reg> he <reg orig="heere?"> here? </reg> </l>
<l> Bring him <reg orig="vnto"> unto </reg> a hurdle, drag him <reg orig="foorth">forth</reg>, </l>
<l> Hang him I say, and set his quarters <reg orig="vp,"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">up</seg>, </reg> </l>
<l> But bring his head back presently <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> me. </l></sp>
<sp who="R"><speaker> Queen.: </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">For</seg> my sake <reg orig="sweete">sweet</reg> <reg orig="sonne"> son </reg> <reg orig="pittie">pity</reg> 
<hi rend="italic"> Mortimer. </hi> </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker> Mort. iu.: </speaker>
<l> Madam, <reg orig="intreat">entreat</reg> not, I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> rather die, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Then"> Than </reg> sue <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> life <reg orig="vnto">  unto </reg> a <reg orig="paltrie">paltry</reg> <reg orig="boye">boy</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="AF"><speaker> King.: </speaker>
<l> Hence with the traitor, with the murderer. </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker> Mort. iu.: </speaker>
<l> Base fortune, now I see, <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> thy <reg orig="wheele">wheel</reg> </l>
<l> There is a point, <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">which</seg> when men aspire, </l>
<l> They tumble <reg orig="hedlong">headlong</reg> <reg orig="downe,"> down, </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> point I <reg orig="touchte">touched</reg>, </l>
<l> And seeing there was <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> place <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> mount 
<reg orig="vp"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">up</seg> </reg> higher, </l>
<l> Why should I <reg orig="greeue">grieve</reg> at my declining fall, </l>
<l> Farewell <reg orig="faire"> fair </reg> <reg orig="Queene">Queen</reg>, <reg orig="weepe">weep</reg> not <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> 
<hi rend="italic"> Mortimer, </hi> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">That</seg> <reg orig="scornes">scorns</reg> the world, and as a <reg orig="traueller">traveller</reg>, </l>
<l> Goes <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="discouer">discover</reg> countries yet <reg orig="vnknowne">unknown</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="AF"><speaker> King.: </speaker>
<l> What, suffer you the traitor <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> delay? </l></sp>
<sp who="R"><speaker> Queen.: </speaker>
<l> As thou <reg orig="receiuedst">receivedest</reg> thy life from me, </l>
<l> Spill not the <reg orig="bloud">blood</reg> of gentle <hi rend="italic"> Mortimer. </hi> </l></sp>
<sp who="AF"><speaker> King.: </speaker>
<l> This argues, <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> you spilt my fathers <reg orig="bloud">blood</reg>, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Els">Else</reg> would you not <reg orig="intreate">entreat</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Mortimer. </hi> </l></sp>
<sp who="R"><speaker> Queen.: </speaker>
<l> I spill his <reg orig="bloud">blood</reg>? <seg type="homograph" subtype="exclamation">no</seg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="AF"><speaker> King.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="I"> aye </reg> madam you, <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">for</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">so</seg> the <reg orig="rumor">rumour</reg> <reg orig="runnes">runs</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="R"><speaker> Queen.: </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">That</seg> <reg orig="rumor">rumour</reg> is <reg orig="vntrue">untrue</reg>, <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> <reg orig="louing">loving</reg> thee, </l>
<l> Is this report <reg orig="raisde">raised</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> <reg orig="poore">poor</reg> <hi rend="italic"> <reg orig="Isabell">Isabel</reg>. </hi> </l></sp>
<sp who="AF"><speaker> King.: </speaker>
<l> I <reg orig="doe"> do </reg> not <reg orig="thinke">  think </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="personalPronoun">her</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> <reg orig="vnnaturall">unnatural</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="AO"><speaker> Lords.: </speaker>
<l> My lord, I <reg orig="feare">fear</reg> me it <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> <reg orig="prooue">prove</reg> too true. </l></sp>
<sp who="AF"><speaker> King.: </speaker>
<l> Mother, you are suspected <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> his death, </l>
<l> And therefore <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">we</seg> commit you <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> the Tower, </l>
<l> Till further <reg orig="triall">trial</reg> may be made thereof, </l>
<l> If you be <reg orig="guiltie">guilty</reg>, though I be your <reg orig="sonne,"> son, </reg> </l>
<l> <reg orig="Thinke"> think </reg> not <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="finde">find</reg> me slack or <reg orig="pitifull">pitiful</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="R"><speaker> Qu: </speaker>
<l> Nay, <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> my death, <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">for</seg> too long <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> I <reg orig="liued">lived</reg>, </l>
<l> When as my <reg orig="sonne"> son </reg> <reg orig="thinkes">thinks</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> abridge my <reg orig="daies">days</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="AF"><speaker> King.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Awaye">Away</reg> with <seg type="homograph" subtype="personalPronoun">her</seg>, <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">her</seg> <reg orig="wordes">words</reg> <reg orig="inforce">enforce</reg> these <reg orig="teares">tears</reg>, </l>
<l> And I shall <reg orig="pitie">pity</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="personalPronoun">her</seg> if she <reg orig="speake againe.">  speak again. </reg> </l></sp>
<sp who="R"><speaker> Queen.: </speaker>
<l> Shall I not <reg orig="moorne">mourn</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> my <reg orig="beloued">beloved</reg> lord? </l>
<l> And with the rest <reg orig="accompanie">accompany</reg> him <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> his <reg orig="graue">grave</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="AO"><speaker> Lords.: </speaker>
<l> Thus madam, <reg orig="tis"> it is </reg> the kings <seg type="homograph" subtype="noun">will</seg> you shall hence. </l></sp>
<sp who="R"><speaker> Quee.: </speaker>
<l> He hath forgotten me, stay, I am his mother. </l></sp>
<sp who="AO"><speaker> Lords.: </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">That</seg> <reg orig="bootes">boots</reg> not, therefore gentle madam <reg orig="goe."> go. </reg> </l></sp>
<sp who="R"><speaker> Queen.: </speaker>
<l> Then come <reg orig="sweete">sweet</reg> death, and rid me of this <reg orig="greefe">grief</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="AN"><speaker> Lords.: </speaker>
<l> My lord, here is the head of <hi rend="italic"> Mortimer. </hi> </l></sp>
<sp who="AF"><speaker> King.: </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Goe"> Go </reg> <reg orig="fetche">fetch</reg> my fathers hearse, where it shall lie, </l>
<l> And bring my <reg orig="funerall">funeral</reg> robes: accursed head, </l>
<l> Could I <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> <reg orig="rulde">ruled</reg> thee then, as I do now, </l>
<l> Thou hadst not <reg orig="hatcht">hatched</reg> this monstrous <reg orig="treacherie">treachery</reg>? </l>
<l> <reg orig="Heere"> Here </reg> comes the hearse, <reg orig="helpe">help</reg> me <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="moorne">mourn</reg> my lords, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Sweete">Sweet</reg> father <reg orig="heere, vnto"> here, unto </reg> thy murdered ghost, </l>
<l> I offer <reg orig="vp"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">up</seg> </reg> this wicked traitors head, </l>
<l> And let these <reg orig="teares">tears</reg> distilling from mine eyes, </l>
<l> Be <reg orig="witnesse">witness</reg> of my <reg orig="greefe">grief</reg> and <reg orig="innocencie">innocency</reg>. </l></sp>