1 Henry VI

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 <title>Shakespeare, William, 1564-1616: and others  : Henry VI, part one (1623) </title>
 <publisher> William Shakespeare, 1564-1616 (1564-1616) Henry the Sixth part one 
  [in, Mr. William Shakespeares Comedies, Histories, & Tragedies. 
  Published according to the True Originall Copies] 
  Printed by Isaac Iaggard, and Ed. Blount 1623 
<authority> A. Antonia, Newcastle, 2004 </authority>
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<p> Shakespeare: Henry the Sixth part one (1623): a machine-readable transcript 
Cambridge 1994  
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<p> William Shakespeare 1564-1616 
Mr. William Shakespeares Comedies, Histories, & Tragedies. Published 
According to the True Originall copies </p>
<p> London 
Printed by Isaac Iaggard, and Ed. Blount. 1623 </p>
<p>Preliminaries and introductory matter omitted.</p>
<p> Play details
Henry VI, part i. 
Genre: History. 
Date first published: 1623. 
Date first performed: 1590. </p>
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<p> Norton Facsimile Edition of First Folio of Shakespeare.  
Prepared by Charlton Hinman. Paul Hamlyn. 
Copyright 1968 by W.W. Norton & Company, Inc. </p>
<p> From a copy in the library of Trinity College, 
Cambridge by permission </p>
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<name id="A"> Talbot </name>
<name id="B"> Joan la Pucelle </name>
<name id="C"> Gloucester </name>
<name id="D"> King Henry VI </name>
<name id="E"> Suffolk </name>
<name id="F"> Charles/Dauphin </name>
<name id="G"> Messenger (1) </name>
<name id="H"> Richard Plantagenet, Duke of York </name> 
<name id="I"> Salisbury</name> 
<name id="J"> Mortimer </name>
<name id="K"> Bedford </name>
<name id="L"> Sir William Lucie </name>
<name id="M"> Warwick </name>
<name id="N"> Somerset </name>
<name id="O"> Bishop/Cardinal of Winchester </name>
<name id="P"> Exeter </name>
<name id="Q"> John Talbot </name>
<name id="R"> Reignier/René </name>
<name id="S"> Alencon </name>
<name id="T">Countess of Auvergne </name>
<name id="U"> Burgundy </name>
<name id="V"> Margaret </name>
<name id="W"> Vernon </name>
<name id="X"> all/combined voice </name>
<name id="Y"> Falstaff</name> 
<name id="Z"> Scout </name>
<name id="AA">Bastard of Orleans</name>
<name id="ZA"> General </name>
<name id="ZB">  Shepherd/Joan's father </name>
<name id="ZC"> First Warder </name>
<name id="ZD"> Second Warder </name>
<name id="ZE"> First Serving Man </name>
<name id="ZF"> Second serving man </name>
<name id="ZG"> Messenger 2 </name>
<name id="ZH"> Third serving man </name>
<name id="ZI"> Woodvile </name>
<name id="ZJ"> Serving men together</name>
<name id="ZK"> Mayor </name>
<name id="ZL"> Master Gunner </name>
<name id="ZM"> Boy </name>
<name id="ZN"> Legate </name>
<name id="ZO"> Gargrave </name>
<name id="ZP"> Glansdale </name>
<name id="ZQ"> Sergeant </name>
<name id="ZR"> Sentinal </name>
<name id="ZS"> Soldier </name>
<name id="ZT"> Captain </name>
<name id="ZU"> Porter </name>
<name id="ZV"> Lawyer </name>
<name id="ZW"> Keeper </name>
<name id="ZX"> All </name>
<name id="ZY"> Watch </name>
<name id="ZZ"> Basset </name>
<name id="ZZA"> Servant bearing John Talbot </name>
<name id="ZZG"> Messenger 3 </name>
<name id="ZZO"> Officer reading proclamation </name>

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<stage rend="italic">

The first Part of Henry the <reg orig="Sixt">Sixth</reg>. 

Front matter 

Main text 

Actus Primus. 

Scoena Prima. </stage>
<stage rend="italic">

Dead March.
Enter the <reg orig="Funerall">Funeral</reg> of King Henry the <reg orig="Fift">Fifth</reg>, attended on 
by the Duke of Bedford, Regent of France; the Duke of Gloster, 
Protector; the Duke of Exeter Warwicke, the Bishop of Winchester, 
and the Duke of Somerset. </stage>

<sp who="K"><speaker rend="italic"> Bedford. </speaker>

<l> <reg orig="Hvng">Hung</reg> be <reg orig="ye"> the </reg> <reg orig="heauens">heavens</reg> with black, yield day <reg orig="to night">tonight</reg>; </l>
<l> Comets importing change of Times and States, </l>
<l> Brandish your <reg orig="crystall">crystal</reg> Tresses <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> the <reg orig="Skie">Sky</reg>, </l>
<l> And with them scourge the bad <reg orig="reuolting">revolting</reg> Stars, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">That</seg> <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> consented <reg orig="vnto"> unto </reg> <hi rend="italic"> Henries </hi> death: </l>
<l> King <hi rend="italic"> Henry </hi> the <reg orig="Fift">Fifth</reg>, too famous <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="liue"> live </reg> long, </l>
<l> England <reg orig="ne're"> never </reg> lost a King of <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> much worth. </l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> Glost. </speaker>
<l> England <reg orig="ne're"> never </reg> had a King <reg orig="vntill">until</reg> his time: </l>

<l> <reg orig="Vertue">Virtue</reg> he had, <reg orig="deseruing">deserving</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> command, </l>
<l> His <reg orig="brandisht">brandished</reg> Sword did <reg orig="blinde">blind</reg> men with his <reg orig="beames">beams</reg>, </l>
<l> His <reg orig="Armes">Arms</reg> <reg orig="spred">spread</reg> wider <reg orig="then"> than </reg> a Dragons Wings: </l>
<l> His sparkling Eyes, <reg orig="repleat">replete</reg> with <reg orig="wrathfull">wrathful</reg> fire, </l>
<l> More <reg orig="dazled">dazzled</reg> and <reg orig="droue">drove</reg> back his Enemies, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Then"> Than </reg> midday <reg orig="Sunne">Sun</reg>, fierce bent against their faces. </l>
<l> What should I say? his Deeds exceed all speech: </l>
<l> He <reg orig="ne're"> never </reg> lift <reg orig="vp"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">up</seg> </reg> his Hand, but conquered. </l></sp>
<sp who="P"><speaker rend="italic"> Exe. </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">We</seg> <reg orig="mourne">mourn</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> black, why mourn <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> not <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> blood? </l>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Henry </hi> is dead, and <reg orig="neuer"> never </reg> shall <reg orig="reuiue">revive</reg>: </l>
<l> <reg orig="Vpon"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">Upon</seg> </reg> a <reg orig="Woodden">Wooden</reg> Coffin <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> attend; </l>
<l> And Deaths dishonourable <reg orig="Victorie">Victory</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">We</seg> with <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> stately presence <reg orig="glorifie">glorify</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">Like</seg> <reg orig="Captiues">Captives</reg> bound <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> a Triumphant <reg orig="Carre">Car</reg>. </l>
<l> What? shall <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> curse the Planets of Mishap, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">That</seg> plotted thus <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> Glories <reg orig="ouerthrow">overthrow</reg>? </l>
<l> Or shall <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> <reg orig="thinke"> think </reg> the <reg orig="subtile-witted">subtle witted</reg> French, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Coniurers">Conjurers</reg> and Sorcerers, <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> afraid of him, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">By</seg> <reg orig="Magick">Magic</reg> Verses <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> <reg orig="contriu'd">contrived</reg> his end. </l></sp>
<sp who="O"><speaker rend="italic"> Winch. </speaker>
<l> He was a King, <reg orig="blest">blessed</reg> of the King of Kings. </l>
<l> <reg orig="Vnto"> Unto </reg> the French, the <reg orig="dreadfull">dreadful</reg> <reg orig="Iudgement-Day">judgment day</reg>  </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">So</seg> dreadful <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> not be, as was his sight. </l>
<l> The <reg orig="Battailes">Battles</reg> of the Lord of Hosts he fought: </l>
<l> The Churches Prayers made him <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> prosperous. </l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> Glost. </speaker>
<l> The Church? where is it? </l>
<l> Had not Church-men <reg orig="pray'd">prayed</reg>, </l>
<l> His <reg orig="thred">thread</reg> of Life had not <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> <reg orig="soone"> soon </reg> <reg orig="decay'd">decayed</reg>. </l>
<l> None <reg orig="doe"> do </reg> you <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">like</seg>, but an effeminate Prince, </l>
<l> Whom <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">like</seg> a <reg orig="Schoole-boy">Schoolboy</reg> you may <reg orig="ouer-awe">overawe</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="O"><speaker rend="italic"> Winch. </speaker>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Gloster, </hi> <reg orig="what ere"> whatever </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">like</seg>, thou art Protector, </l>
<l> And lookest <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> command the Prince and <reg orig="Realme">Realm</reg>. </l>
<l> Thy Wife is <reg orig="prowd">proud</reg>, she holdeth thee <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> awe, </l>
<l> More <reg orig="then"> than </reg> God or Religious Church-men may. </l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> Glost. </speaker>
<l> Name not Religion, <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">for</seg> thou <reg orig="lou'st">lovest</reg> the Flesh, </l>
<l> And <reg orig="ne're"> never </reg> throughout the <reg orig="yeere">year</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> Church thou <reg orig="go'st">goest</reg>, </l>
<l> Except it be <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> pray against thy foes. </l></sp>
<sp who="K"><speaker rend="italic"> Bed. </speaker>
<l> Cease, cease these <reg orig="Iarres">Jars</reg>, <reg orig="&"> and </reg> rest your minds <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> peace: </l>
<l> <reg orig="Let's"> Let <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg> </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> the Altar: Heralds <reg orig="wayt">wait</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> <reg orig="vs;"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg>; </reg> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">In</seg> stead of Gold, <reg orig="wee'le"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> 
offer <reg orig="vp"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">up</seg> </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> <reg orig="Armes">Arms</reg>, </l>
<l> Since <reg orig="Armes">Arms</reg> <reg orig="auayle">avail</reg> not, now <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> <hi rend="italic"> <reg orig="Henry's"> Henry is </reg> </hi> dead, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Posteritie">Posterity</reg> await <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> wretched <reg orig="yeeres">years</reg>, </l>
<l> When at their Mothers <reg orig="moistned">moistened</reg> eyes, Babes shall suck, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">Our</seg> <reg orig="Ile"> Isle </reg> be made a Nourish of salt <reg orig="Teares">Tears</reg>, </l>
<l> And none but Women left <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="wayle">wail</reg> the dead. </l>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Henry </hi> the <reg orig="Fift">Fifth</reg>, thy Ghost I <reg orig="inuocate">invocate</reg>: </l>
<l> Prosper this <reg orig="Realme">Realm</reg>, <reg orig="keepe">keep</reg> it from <reg orig="Ciuill">Civil</reg> <reg orig="Broyles">Broils</reg>, </l>
<l> Combat with <reg orig="aduerse">adverse</reg> Planets <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> the <reg orig="Heauens">Heavens</reg>; </l>
<l> A <reg orig="farre">far</reg> more glorious <reg orig="Starre">Star</reg> thy <reg orig="Soule">Soul</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> make, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Then"> Than </reg> <hi rend="italic"> Iulius Caesar, </hi> or bright  </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic"> Enter a Messenger.
<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Mess. </speaker>
<l> My honourable Lords, health <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> you all: </l>
<l> Sad tidings bring I <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> you out of France, </l>
<l> Of <reg orig="losse">loss</reg>, of slaughter, and discomfiture: </l>
<l> Guyen, Champaigne, Rheimes, Orleance, </l>
<l> Paris Guysors, Poictiers, are all quite lost. </l></sp>
<sp who="K"><speaker rend="italic"> Bedf. </speaker>
<l> What <reg orig="say'st">sayst</reg> thou man, before dead <hi rend="italic"> Henry's </hi> Coarse? </l>
<l> <reg orig="Speake"> Speak </reg> softly, or the <reg orig="losse">loss</reg> of those great <reg orig="Townes">Towns</reg>  </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">Will</seg> make him burst his Lead, and rise from death. </l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> Glost. </speaker>
<l> Is Paris lost? is Roan <reg orig="yeelded">yielded</reg> <reg orig="vp?"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">up</seg>? </reg> </l>
<l> If <hi rend="italic"> Henry </hi> were <reg orig="recall'd">recalled</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> life <reg orig="againe,"> again, </reg> </l>
<l> These news would cause him once more <reg orig="yeeld">yield</reg> the Ghost. </l></sp>
<sp who="P"><speaker rend="italic"> Exe. </speaker>
<l> How were they lost? what <reg orig="trecherie">treachery</reg> was <reg orig="vs'd">used</reg>? </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Mess. </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">No</seg> <reg orig="trecherie">treachery</reg>, but want of Men and Money. </l>
<l> Amongst the <reg orig="Souldiers">Soldiers</reg> this is muttered, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> here you <reg orig="maintaine">maintain</reg> <reg orig="seuerall"> several </reg> Factions: </l>
<l> And <reg orig="whil'st"> whilst </reg> a Field should be <reg orig="dispatcht">dispatched</reg> and fought, </l>
<l> You are disputing of your Generals. </l>
<l> One would <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> <reg orig="lingring">lingering</reg> <reg orig="Warres">Wars</reg>, with little cost; </l>
<l> Another would <reg orig="flye">fly</reg> swift, but wanteth Wings: </l>
<l> A third <reg orig="thinkes,"> thinks, </reg> without <reg orig="expence">expense</reg> at all, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">By</seg> <reg orig="guilefull">guileful</reg> <reg orig="faire"> fair </reg> words, Peace may be <reg orig="obtayn'd">obtained</reg>. </l>
<l> Awake, awake, English <reg orig="Nobilitie">Nobility</reg>, </l>
<l> Let not <reg orig="slouth">sloth</reg> <reg orig="dimme">dim</reg> your <reg orig="Honors">Honours</reg>, new begot; </l>
<l> <reg orig="Cropt">Cropped</reg> are the Flower-de-Luces <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> your <reg orig="Armes">Arms</reg>  </l>
<l> Of Englands Coat, one <reg orig="halfe">half</reg> is cut away. </l></sp>
<sp who="P"><speaker rend="italic"> Exe. </speaker>
<l> Were <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> <reg orig="Teares">Tears</reg> wanting <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> this <reg orig="Funerall">Funeral</reg>, </l>
<l> These Tidings would call forth <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">her</seg> flowing Tides. </l></sp>
<sp who="K"><speaker rend="italic"> Bedf. </speaker>
<l> Me they <reg orig="concerne">concern</reg> Regent I am of France: </l>
<l> <reg orig="Giue"> Give </reg> me my steeled Coat, <reg orig="Ile"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> fight <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> France. </l>
<l> Away with these <reg orig="disgracefull">disgraceful</reg> <reg orig="wayling">wailing</reg> Robes; </l>
<l> Wounds <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> I lend the French, instead of Eyes, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> <reg orig="weepe">weep</reg> their <reg orig="intermissiue">intermissive</reg> Miseries. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic">
Enter to them another Messenger.
<sp who="ZG"><speaker rend="italic"> Mess. </speaker>
<l> Lords view these Letters, full of bad mischance. </l>
<l> France is <reg orig="reuolted">revolted</reg> from the English quite, </l>
<l> Except some petty <reg orig="Townes">Towns</reg>, of <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> import. </l>
<l> The Dolphin <hi rend="italic"> Charles </hi> is crowned King <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> Rheimes: </l>
<l> The Bastard of Orleance with him is <reg orig="ioyn'd">joined</reg>: </l>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Reynold, </hi> Duke of Aniou, doth take his part, </l>
<l> The Duke of Alanson <reg orig="flyeth">flieth</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> his side. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic">        Exit. </stage>

<sp who="P"><speaker rend="italic"> Exe. </speaker>
<l> The Dolphin <reg orig="crown'd">crowned</reg> King? all <reg orig="flye">fly</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> him? </l>
<l> O whither shall <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> <reg orig="flye">fly</reg> from this reproach? </l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> Glost. </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">We</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> not <reg orig="flye">fly</reg>, but <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> enemies throats. </l>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Bedford, </hi> if thou be <reg orig="slacke">slack</reg>, <reg orig="Ile"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> fight it out. </l></sp>
<sp who="K"><speaker rend="italic"> Bed. </speaker>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Gloster, </hi> why <reg orig="doubtst">doubtest</reg> thou of my <reg orig="forwardnesse">forwardness</reg>? </l>
<l> An Army <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> I <reg orig="muster'd">mustered</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> my thoughts, </l>
<l> Wherewith already France is <reg orig="ouer-run">overrun</reg>. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic"> Enter another Messenger. </stage>
<sp who="ZZG"><speaker rend="italic"> Mes. </speaker>
<l> My gracious Lords, <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="adde">add</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> your laments, </l>
<l> Wherewith you now bedew King <hi rend="italic"> Henries </hi> hearse, </l>
<l> I must <reg orig="informe">inform</reg> you of a <reg orig="dismall">dismal</reg> fight, </l>
<l> Betwixt the stout Lord <hi rend="italic"> Talbot, </hi> and the French. </l></sp>
<sp who="O"><speaker rend="italic"> Win. </speaker>
<l> What? wherein <hi rend="italic"> Talbot </hi> <reg orig="ouercame">overcame</reg>, <reg orig="is't"> is it </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">so</seg>? </l></sp>
<sp who="ZZG"><speaker rend="italic"> 3. Mes. </speaker>
<l> O <seg type="homograph" subtype="exclamation">no</seg>: wherein Lord <hi rend="italic"> Talbot </hi> was <reg orig="o'rethrown">overthrown</reg>: </l>
<l> The circumstance <reg orig="Ile"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> tell you more at large. </l>
<l> The tenth of August last, this <reg orig="dreadfull">dreadful</reg> Lord, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Retyring">Retiring</reg> from the Siege of Orleance, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Hauing"> Having </reg> full scarce six thousand <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> his troupe, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">By</seg> three and <reg orig="twentie">twenty</reg> thousand of the French  </l>
<l> Was round <reg orig="incompassed">encompassed</reg>, and set <reg orig="vpon:"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">upon</seg>: </reg> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">No</seg> <reg orig="leysure">leisure</reg> had he <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="enranke">enrank</reg> his men. </l>
<l> He wanted Pikes <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> set before his Archers: </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">In</seg> stead whereof, sharpe Stakes <reg orig="pluckt">plucked</reg> out of Hedges  </l>
<l> They pitched <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> the ground confusedly, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> <reg orig="keepe">keep</reg> the Horsemen off, from breaking <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">in</seg>. </l>
<l> More <reg orig="then"> than </reg> three <reg orig="houres">hours</reg> the fight continued: </l>
<l> Where valiant <hi rend="italic"> Talbot, </hi> <reg orig="aboue"> above </reg> <reg orig="humane">human</reg> thought, </l>
<l> Enacted wonders with his Sword and Lance. </l>
<l> Hundreds he sent <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> Hell, and none durst stand him: </l>
<l> Here, there, and <reg orig="euery"> every </reg> where <reg orig="enrag'd">enraged</reg>, he slew. </l>
<l> The French <reg orig="exclaym'd">exclaimed</reg>, the <reg orig="Deuill">Devil</reg> was <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <reg orig="Armes">Arms</reg>, </l>
<l> All the whole Army stood <reg orig="agaz'd">agazed</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> him. </l>
<l> His <reg orig="Souldiers">Soldiers</reg> spying his <reg orig="vndaunted">undaunted</reg> Spirit, </l>
<l> A <hi rend="italic"> Talbot, </hi> a <hi rend="italic"> Talbot, </hi> <reg orig="cry'd">cried</reg> out <reg orig="amaine">amain</reg>, </l>
<l> And <reg orig="rusht">rushed</reg> into the Bowels of the <reg orig="Battaile">Battle</reg>. </l>
<l> Here had the Conquest fully been <reg orig="seal'd">sealed</reg> <reg orig="vp,"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">up</seg>, </reg> </l>
<l> If Sir <hi rend="italic"> Iohn Falstaffe </hi> had not <reg orig="play'd">played</reg> the Coward. </l>
<l> He being <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> the Vauward, <reg orig="plac't">placed</reg> <reg orig="behinde">behind</reg>, </l>
<l> With purpose <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="relieue">relieve</reg> and follow them, </l>
<l> Cowardly fled, not <reg orig="hauing"> having </reg> struck one <reg orig="stroake">stroke</reg>. </l>
<l> Hence grew the <reg orig="generall">general</reg> wrack and massacre: </l>
<l> Enclosed were they with their Enemies. </l>
<l> A base Wallon, <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> win the Dolphins grace, </l>
<l> Thrust <hi rend="italic"> Talbot </hi> with a <reg orig="Speare">Spear</reg> into the Back, </l>
<l> Whom all France, with their <reg orig="chiefe">chief</reg> assembled strength, </l>
<l> Durst not presume <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="looke"> look </reg> once <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> the face. </l></sp>
<sp who="K"><speaker rend="italic"> Bedf. </speaker>
<l> Is <hi rend="italic"> Talbot </hi> <reg orig="slaine">slain</reg> then? I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> slay <reg orig="my selfe,"> myself, </reg> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">For</seg> <reg orig="liuing"> living </reg> idly here, <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <reg orig="pompe">pomp</reg> and ease, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Whil'st"> Whilst </reg> such a worthy Leader, wanting <reg orig="ayd">aid</reg>, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Vnto"> Unto </reg> his dastard foemen is <reg orig="betray'd">betrayed</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="ZZG"><speaker rend="italic"> 3. Mess. </speaker>
<l> O <seg type="homograph" subtype="exclamation">no</seg>, he <reg orig="liues,"> lives, </reg> but is <reg orig="tooke"> took </reg> Prisoner, </l>
<l> And Lord <hi rend="italic"> Scales </hi> with him, and Lord <hi rend="italic"> Hungerford: </hi> </l>
<l> Most of the rest <reg orig="slaughter'd">slaughtered</reg>, or <reg orig="tooke"> took </reg> likewise. </l></sp>
<sp who="K"><speaker rend="italic"> Bedf. </speaker>
<l> His <reg orig="Ransome">Ransom</reg> there is none but I shall pay. </l>
<l> <reg orig="Ile"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> hale the Dolphin headlong from his Throne, </l>
<l> His <reg orig="Crowne">Crown</reg> shall be the <reg orig="Ransome">Ransom</reg> of my friend: </l>
<l> <reg orig="Foure">Four</reg> of their Lords <reg orig="Ile"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> change <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> one of <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">ours</seg>. </l>
<l> <reg orig="Farwell">Farewell</reg> my Masters, <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> my <reg orig="Taske">Task</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> I, </l>
<l> Bonfires <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> France forthwith I am <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> make, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> <reg orig="keepe">keep</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> great Saint <hi rend="italic"> Georges </hi> Feast <reg orig="withall">withal</reg>. </l>
<l> Ten thousand <reg orig="Souldiers">Soldiers</reg> with me I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> take, </l>
<l> Whose bloody deeds shall make all Europe quake. </l></sp>
<sp who="ZZG"><speaker rend="italic"> 3. Mess. </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">So</seg> you had need, <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">for</seg> Orleance is <reg orig="besieg'd">besieged</reg>, </l>
<l> The English Army is <reg orig="growne">grown</reg> <reg orig="weake">weak</reg> and faint: </l>
<l> The <reg orig="Earle">Earl</reg> of Salisbury <reg orig="craueth">craveth</reg> supply, </l>
<l> And hardly <reg orig="keepes">keeps</reg> his men from <reg orig="mutinie">mutiny</reg>, </l>
<l> Since they <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> few, watch such a multitude. </l></sp>
<sp who="P"><speaker rend="italic"> Exe. </speaker>
<l> Remember Lords your <reg orig="Oathes">Oaths</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Henry </hi> <reg orig="sworne">sworn</reg>: </l>
<l> <reg orig="Eyther">Either</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> quell the Dolphin <reg orig="vtterly">utterly</reg>, </l>
<l> Or bring him <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> obedience <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> your <reg orig="yoake">yoke</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="K"><speaker rend="italic"> Bedf. </speaker>
<l> I <reg orig="doe"> do </reg> remember it, and here take my <reg orig="leaue">leave</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> <reg orig="goe"> go </reg> about my preparation. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic">    Exit Bedford. </stage>

<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> Glost. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Ile"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> the Tower with all the <reg orig="hast"> haste </reg> I can, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> view <reg orig="th'Artillerie"> the Artillerie </reg> and Munition, </l>
<l> And then I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> <reg orig="proclayme">proclaim</reg> young <hi rend="italic"> Henry </hi> King. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic">   Exit Gloster. </stage>

<sp who="P"><speaker rend="italic"> Exe. </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">To</seg> Eltam <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> I, where the young King is, </l>
<l> Being <reg orig="ordayn'd">ordained</reg> his <reg orig="speciall">special</reg> <reg orig="Gouernor">Governor</reg>, </l>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> his <reg orig="safetie">safety</reg> there <reg orig="Ile"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> best <reg orig="deuise">devise</reg>. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic">  Exit. </stage>
<sp who="O"><speaker rend="italic"> Winch. </speaker>
<l> Each hath his Place and Function <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> attend: </l>
<l> I am left out; <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> me nothing <reg orig="remaines">remains</reg>: </l>
<l> But long I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> not be <reg orig="Iack">Jack</reg> out of Office. </l>
<l> The King from Eltam I intend <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> send, </l>
<l> And sit at chiefest <reg orig="Sterne">Stern</reg> of <reg orig="publique">public</reg> <reg orig="Weale">Weal</reg>. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic">     Exit.
Sound a Flourish.
Enter Charles, Alanson, and Reigneir, marching 
with Drum and <reg orig="Souldiers">Soldiers</reg>.
<sp who="F"><speaker rend="italic"> Charles. </speaker>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Mars </hi> his true <reg orig="mouing">moving</reg>, <reg orig="euen"> even </reg> as <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> the <reg orig="Heauens">Heavens</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">So</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> the Earth, <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> this day is not <reg orig="knowne."> known. </reg> </l>
<l> Late did he shine <reg orig="vpon"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">upon</seg> </reg> the English side: </l>
<l> Now <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> are Victors, <reg orig="vpon vs"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">upon</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg> </reg> he smiles. </l>
<l> What <reg orig="Townes">Towns</reg> of any moment, but <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> <reg orig="haue?"> have? </reg> </l>
<l> At pleasure here <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> <reg orig="lye">lie</reg>, <reg orig="neere">near</reg> Orleance: </l>
<l> Otherwhiles, the <reg orig="famisht">famished</reg> English, <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">like</seg> pale Ghosts, </l>
<l> Faintly besiege <reg orig="vs"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg> </reg> one <reg orig="houre">hour</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> a <reg orig="moneth">month</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="S"><speaker rend="italic"> Alan. </speaker>
<l> They want their <reg orig="Porredge">Porridge</reg>, <reg orig="&"> and </reg> their fat <reg orig="Bul">Bull</reg> <reg orig="Beeues">Beeves</reg>: </l>
<l> <reg orig="Eyther">Either</reg> they must be <reg orig="dyeted">dieted</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">like</seg> Mules, </l>
<l> And <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> their <reg orig="Prouender">Provender</reg> <reg orig="ty'd">tied</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> their <reg orig="mouthes">mouths</reg>, </l>
<l> Or <reg orig="pitteous">piteous</reg> they <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> <reg orig="looke,"> look, </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">like</seg> drowned Mice. </l></sp>
<sp who="R"><speaker rend="italic"> Reigneir. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Let's"> Let <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg> </reg> <reg orig="rayse">raise</reg> the Siege: why <reg orig="liue"> live </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> idly here? </l>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Talbot </hi> is taken, whom <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> wont <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="feare">fear</reg>: </l>
<l> <reg orig="Remayneth">Remaineth</reg> none but <reg orig="mad-brayn'd">mad-brained</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Salisbury, </hi> </l>
<l> And he may well <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> fretting spend his gall, </l>
<l> Nor men nor Money hath he <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> make <reg orig="Warre">War</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="F"><speaker rend="italic"> Charles. </speaker>
<l> Sound, sound Alarum, <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> rush <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> them. </l>
<l> Now <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> the honour of the <reg orig="forlorne">forlorn</reg> French: </l>
<l> Him I <reg orig="forgiue">forgive</reg> my death, <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> killeth me, </l>
<l> When he sees me <reg orig="goe"> go </reg> back one foot, or <reg orig="flye">fly</reg>. </l>
<stage rend="italic">    Exeunt.
Here Alarum, they are beaten back by the English, with great losse.
Enter Charles, Alanson, and Reigneir.
<sp who="F"><speaker rend="italic"> Charles. </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="interrogative">Who</seg> <reg orig="euer"> ever </reg> saw the <seg type="homograph" subtype="noun">like</seg>? what men <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> I? </l>
<l> <reg orig="Dogges">Dogs</reg>, Cowards, Dastards: I would <reg orig="ne're haue"> never have </reg> fled, </l>
<l> But <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> they left me <reg orig="'midst">amidst</reg> my Enemies. </l></sp>
<sp who="R"><speaker rend="italic"> Reigneir. </speaker>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Salisbury </hi> is a desperate Homicide, </l>
<l> He fighteth as one weary of his life: </l>
<l> The other Lords, <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">like</seg> <reg orig="Lyons">Lions</reg> wanting <reg orig="foode">food</reg>, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Doe"> Do </reg> rush <reg orig="vpon vs"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">upon</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg> </reg> as their hungry prey. </l></sp>
<sp who="S"><speaker rend="italic"> Alanson. </speaker>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Froysard, </hi> a <reg orig="Countreyman">Countryman</reg> of <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">ours</seg>, records, </l>
<l> England all <hi rend="italic"> Oliuers </hi> and <hi rend="italic"> Rowlands </hi> breed, </l>
<l> During the time <hi rend="italic"> Edward </hi> the third did <reg orig="raigne">reign</reg>: </l>
<l> More truly now may this be verified; </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> none but <hi rend="italic"> Samsons </hi> and <hi rend="italic"> Goliasses  </hi> </l>
<l> It sendeth forth <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> skirmish: one <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> <reg orig="tenne">ten</reg>? </l>
<l> <reg orig="Leane">Lean</reg> <reg orig="raw-bon'd">rawboned</reg> Rascals, <seg type="homograph" subtype="interrogative">who</seg> would <reg orig="e're"> ever </reg> suppose, </l>
<l> They had such courage and <reg orig="audacitie">audacity</reg>? </l></sp>
<sp who="F"><speaker rend="italic"> Charles. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Let's"> let <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg> </reg> <reg orig="leaue">leave</reg> this <reg orig="Towne">Town</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> they are <reg orig="hayre-brayn'd">harebrained</reg> <reg orig="Slaues">Slaves</reg>, </l>
<l> And hunger <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> enforce them <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> be more eager: </l>
<l> Of old I know them; rather with their Teeth  </l>
<l> The Walls <reg orig="they'le"> they <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> <reg orig="teare">tear</reg> <reg orig="downe, then"> down, than </reg> forsake the Siege. </l></sp>
<sp who="R"><speaker rend="italic"> Reigneir. </speaker>
<l> I <reg orig="thinke"> think </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> some <reg orig="odde">odd</reg> <reg orig="Gimmors">gimmers</reg> or <reg orig="Deuice">Device</reg>  </l>
<l> Their <reg orig="Armes">Arms</reg> are set, <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">like</seg> Clocks, still <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> strike <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">on</seg>; </l>
<l> Else <reg orig="ne're"> never </reg> could they hold out <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">so</seg> as they <reg orig="doe:"> do: </reg> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">By</seg> my consent, <reg orig="wee'le euen"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> even </reg> let them alone. </l></sp>
<sp who="S"><speaker rend="italic"> Alanson. </speaker>
<l> Be it <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">so</seg>. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic"> Enter the Bastard of Orleance. </stage>
<sp who="AA"><speaker rend="italic"> Bastard. </speaker>
<p> <reg orig="Where's"> Where is </reg> the Prince Dolphin? I <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> <reg orig="newes">news</reg>  <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> him. </p></sp> 
<sp who="F"><speaker rend="italic"> Dolph. </speaker>
<l> Bastard of Orleance, thrice welcome <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> <reg orig="vs."> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg>. </reg> </l></sp>
<sp who="AA"><speaker rend="italic"> Bast. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Me thinks"> Methinks </reg> your looks are sad, your <reg orig="chear">cheer</reg> <reg orig="appal'd">appalled</reg>. </l>
<l> Hath the late <reg orig="ouerthrow">overthrow</reg> wrought this offence? </l>
<l> Be not <reg orig="dismay'd">dismayed</reg>, <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">for</seg> succour is at hand: </l>
<l> A holy Maid hither with me I bring, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">Which</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> a Vision sent <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="personalPronoun">her</seg> from <reg orig="Heauen">Heaven</reg>, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Ordayned">Ordained</reg> is <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="rayse">raise</reg> this tedious Siege, </l>
<l> And <reg orig="driue">drive</reg> the English forth the bounds of France: </l>
<l> The spirit of <reg orig="deepe">deep</reg> <reg orig="Prophecie">Prophecy</reg> she hath, </l>
<l> Exceeding the nine <hi rend="italic"> Sibyls </hi> of old Rome: </l>
<l> <reg orig="What's"> What is </reg> past, and <reg orig="what's"> what is </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> come, she can descry. </l>
<l> <reg orig="Speake,"> Speak, </reg> shall I call <seg type="homograph" subtype="personalPronoun">her</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">in</seg>? <reg orig="beleeue">believe</reg> my words, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> they are <reg orig="certaine">certain</reg>, and <reg orig="vnfallible">unfallible</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="F"><speaker rend="italic"> Dolph. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Goe"> Go </reg> call <seg type="homograph" subtype="personalPronoun">her</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">in</seg>: but first, <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> try <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">her</seg> skill, </l>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Reignier </hi> stand thou as Dolphin <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> my place; </l>
<l> Question <seg type="homograph" subtype="personalPronoun">her</seg> <reg orig="prowdly">proudly</reg>, let thy <reg orig="Lookes"> Looks </reg> be <reg orig="sterne">stern</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">By</seg> this <reg orig="meanes">means</reg> shall <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> sound what skill she hath. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic"> Enter Ioane Puzel. </stage>

<sp who="R"><speaker rend="italic"> Reigneir. </speaker>
<p> <reg orig="Faire"> Fair </reg> Maid, <reg orig="is't"> is it </reg> thou wilt 
<reg orig="doe"> do </reg> these wondrous  feats? </p> </sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker rend="italic"> Puzel. </speaker>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Reignier, </hi> <reg orig="is't"> is it </reg> thou <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> thinkest <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> beguile me? </l>
<l> Where is the Dolphin? Come, come from <reg orig="behinde">behind</reg>, </l>
<l> I know thee well, though <reg orig="neuer seene"> never seen </reg> before. </l>
<l> Be not <reg orig="amaz'd">amazed</reg>, <reg orig="there's"> there is </reg> nothing hid from me; </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">In</seg> <reg orig="priuate">private</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> I <reg orig="talke"> talk </reg> with thee apart: </l>
<l> Stand back you Lords, and <reg orig="giue vs"> give <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg> </reg> <reg orig="leaue">leave</reg> a while. </l></sp>
<sp who="R"><speaker rend="italic"> Reigneir. </speaker>
<l> She takes <reg orig="vpon"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">upon</seg> </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="personalPronoun">her</seg> <reg orig="brauely">bravely</reg> at first dash. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker rend="italic"> Puzel. </speaker>
<l> Dolphin, I am <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> birth a <reg orig="Shepheards">shepherds</reg> Daughter, </l>
<l> My wit <reg orig="vntrayn'd">untrained</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> any kind of <seg type="homograph" subtype="noun">Art</seg>: </l>
<l> <reg orig="Heauen">Heaven</reg> and <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> Lady gracious hath it <reg orig="pleas'd">pleased</reg>  </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> shine <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> my contemptible estate. </l>
<l> <reg orig="Loe">Lo</reg>, <reg orig="whilest">whilst</reg> I <reg orig="wayted">waited</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> my tender <reg orig="Lambes">Lambs</reg>, </l>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> <reg orig="Sunnes">Suns</reg> parching heat <reg orig="display'd">displayed</reg> my <reg orig="cheekes">cheeks</reg>, </l>
<l> Gods Mother deigned <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="appeare">appear</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> me, </l>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> a Vision full of <reg orig="Maiestie">Majesty</reg>, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Will'd">Willed</reg> me <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="leaue">leave</reg> my base Vocation, </l>
<l> And free my <reg orig="Countrey">Country</reg> from <reg orig="Calamitie">Calamity</reg>: </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">Her</seg> <reg orig="ayde">aid</reg> she <reg orig="promis'd">promised</reg>, and <reg orig="assur'd">assured</reg> <reg orig="successe">success</reg>. </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">In</seg> <reg orig="compleat">complete</reg> Glory <reg orig="shee"> she </reg> <reg orig="reueal'd">revealed</reg> <reg orig="her selfe:"> herself: </reg> </l>
<l> And whereas I was black and swart before, </l>
<l> With those <reg orig="cleare">clear</reg> <reg orig="Rayes">Rays</reg>, <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">which</seg> <reg orig="shee"> she </reg> <reg orig="infus'd">infused</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> me, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">That</seg> <reg orig="beautie">beauty</reg> am I <reg orig="blest">blessed</reg> with, <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">which</seg> you may see. </l>
<l> <reg orig="Aske"> Ask </reg> me what question thou canst possible, </l>
<l> And I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> answer <reg orig="vnpremeditated">unpremeditated</reg>: </l>
<l> My Courage <reg orig="trie">try</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> Combat, if thou <reg orig="dar'st">darest</reg>, </l>
<l> And thou shalt <reg orig="finde">find</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> I exceed my Sex. </l>
<l> <reg orig="Resolue">Resolve</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> this, thou shalt be fortunate, </l>
<l> If thou <reg orig="receiue">receive</reg> me <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> thy Warlike Mate. </l></sp>
<sp who="F"><speaker rend="italic"> Dolph. </speaker>
<l> Thou hast <reg orig="astonisht">astonished</reg> me with thy high <reg orig="termes">terms</reg>: </l>
<l> <reg orig="Onely"> Only </reg> this <reg orig="proofe">proof</reg> <reg orig="Ile"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> of thy Valour make, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">In</seg> single Combat thou shalt buckle with me; </l>
<l> And if thou vanquishest, thy words are true, </l>
<l> Otherwise I renounce all confidence. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker rend="italic"> Puzel. </speaker>
<l> I am <reg orig="prepar'd">prepared</reg>: here is my <reg orig="keene-edg'd">keen edged</reg> Sword, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Deckt">Decked</reg> with fine Flower-de-Luces <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> each side, </l>
<l> The <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">which</seg> at Touraine, <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <reg orig="S.">Saint</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Katherines </hi> <reg orig="Church-yard">churchyard</reg>, </l>
<l> Out of a great <reg orig="deale">deal</reg> of old Iron, I chose forth. </l></sp>
<sp who="F"><speaker rend="italic"> Dolph. </speaker>
<l> Then come <reg orig="a"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> </reg> Gods name, I <reg orig="feare">fear</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> woman. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker rend="italic"> Puzel. </speaker>
<l> And while I <reg orig="liue, Ile ne're"> live, I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> never </reg> <reg orig="flye">fly</reg> from a man. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic"> 
Here they fight, and Ioane de Puzel ouercomes. </stage>
<sp who="F"><speaker rend="italic"> Dolph. </speaker>
<l> Stay, stay thy hands, thou art an Amazon, </l>
<l> And fightest with the Sword of <hi rend="italic"> Debora. </hi> </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker rend="italic"> Puzel. </speaker>
<p> <reg orig="Christs">Christ's</reg> Mother <reg orig="helpes">helps</reg> me, else I were too  <reg orig="weake">weak</reg>. </p></sp> 

<sp who="F"><speaker rend="italic"> Dolph. </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">Who</seg> <reg orig="e're"> ever </reg> helps thee, <reg orig="'tis"> it is </reg> thou <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> must help me: </l>
<l> Impatiently I <reg orig="burne">burn</reg> with thy desire, </l>
<l> My heart and hands thou hast at once <reg orig="subdu'd">subdued</reg>. </l>
<l> Excellent <hi rend="italic"> Puzel, </hi> if thy name be <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">so</seg>, </l>
<l> Let me thy <reg orig="seruant">servant</reg>, and not <reg orig="Soueraigne">Sovereign</reg> be, </l>
<l> <reg orig="'Tis"> It is </reg> the French Dolphin sueth <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> thee thus. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker rend="italic"> Puzel. </speaker>
<l> I must not <reg orig="yeeld">yield</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> any rights of <reg orig="Loue,"> Love, </reg> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> my <reg orig="Profession's"> Profession is </reg> sacred from <reg orig="aboue:"> above: </reg> </l>
<l> When I <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> chased all thy Foes from hence, </l>
<l> Then <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> I <reg orig="thinke vpon"> think <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">upon</seg> </reg> a <reg orig="recompence">recompense</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="F"><speaker rend="italic"> Dolph. </speaker>
<p> <reg orig="Meane">Mean</reg> time <reg orig="looke"> look </reg> gracious <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> thy prostrate  Thrall. </p></sp>
<sp who="R"><speaker rend="italic"> Reigneir. </speaker>
<l> My Lord <reg orig="me thinkes"> methinks </reg> is very long <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <reg orig="talke."> talk. </reg> </l></sp>
<sp who="S"><speaker rend="italic"> Alans. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Doubtlesse">Doubtless</reg> he <reg orig="shriues">shrives</reg> this woman <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">her</seg> smock, </l>
<l> Else <reg orig="ne're"> never </reg> could he <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> long protract his speech. </l></sp>
<sp who="R"><speaker rend="italic"> Reigneir. </speaker>
<p> Shall <reg orig="wee"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> </reg> <reg orig="disturbe">disturb</reg> him, since <reg orig="hee"> he </reg> <reg orig="keepes">keeps</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg>  <reg orig="meane">mean</reg>? </p></sp> 

<sp who="S"><speaker rend="italic"> Alan. </speaker>
<l> He may <reg orig="meane">mean</reg> more <reg orig="then"> than </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> poor men do know, </l>
<l> These women are shrewd tempters with their tongues. </l></sp>
<sp who="R"><speaker rend="italic"> Reigneir. </speaker>
<l> My Lord, where are you? what <reg orig="deuise">devise</reg> you <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">on</seg>? </l>
<l> Shall <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> <reg orig="giue o're"> give over </reg> Orleance, or <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">no</seg>? </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker rend="italic"> Puzel. </speaker>
<l> Why <seg type="homograph" subtype="exclamation">no</seg>, I say: <reg orig="distrustfull">distrustful</reg> Recreants, </l>
<l> Fight till the last <reg orig="gaspe">gasp</reg>: <reg orig="Ile"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> be your guard. </l></sp>
<sp who="F"><speaker rend="italic"> Dolph. </speaker>
<p> What <reg orig="shee sayes, Ile"> she says, I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> <reg orig="confirme">confirm</reg>: <reg orig="wee'le"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> fight  it out. </p></sp> 

<sp who="B"><speaker rend="italic"> Puzel. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Assign'd">Assigned</reg> am I <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> be the English Scourge. </l>
<l> This night the Siege assuredly <reg orig="Ile"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> <reg orig="rayse">raise</reg>: </l>
<l> Expect Saint <hi rend="italic"> Martins </hi> Summer, <hi rend="italic"> Halcyons </hi> <reg orig="dayes">days</reg>, </l>
<l> Since I <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> <reg orig="entred">entered</reg> into these <reg orig="Warres">Wars</reg>. </l>
<l> Glory is <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">like</seg> a Circle <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> the Water, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">Which</seg> <reg orig="neuer"> never </reg> ceaseth <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> enlarge <reg orig="it selfe,"> itself, </reg> </l>
<l> Till <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> broad spreading, it disperse <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> naught. </l>
<l> With <hi rend="italic"> Henries </hi> death, the English Circle ends, </l>
<l> Dispersed are the glories it included: </l>
<l> Now am I <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">like</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> <reg orig="prowd">proud</reg> insulting Ship, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">Which</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Caesar </hi> and his fortune bare at once. </l></sp>
<sp who="F"><speaker rend="italic"> Dolph. </speaker>
<l> Was <hi rend="italic"> Mahomet </hi> inspired with a <reg orig="Doue">Dove</reg>? </l>
<l> Thou with an Eagle art inspired then. </l>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Helen, </hi> the Mother of Great <hi rend="italic"> Constantine, </hi> </l>
<l> Nor yet <reg orig="S.">Saint</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Philips </hi> daughters were <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">like</seg> thee. </l>
<l> Bright <reg orig="Starre">Star</reg> of <hi rend="italic"> Venus, </hi> <reg orig="falne">fallen</reg> <reg orig="downe"> down </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> the Earth, </l>
<l> How may I <reg orig="reuerently">reverently</reg> worship thee enough? </l></sp>
<sp who="S"><speaker rend="italic"> Alanson. </speaker>
<p> <reg orig="Leaue">Leave</reg> off <reg orig="delayes">delays</reg>, and let <reg orig="vs"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg> </reg> <reg orig="rayse">raise</reg> the  Siege. </p></sp> 
<sp who="R"><speaker rend="italic"> Reigneir. </speaker>
<l> Woman, do what thou canst <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="saue">save</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> <reg orig="honors">honours</reg>, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Driue">Drive</reg> them from Orleance, and be <reg orig="immortaliz'd">immortalised</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="F"><speaker rend="italic"> Dolph. </speaker>
<l> Presently <reg orig="wee'le"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> try: come, <reg orig="let's"> let <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg> </reg> away about it, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">No</seg> Prophet <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> I trust, if <reg orig="shee"> she </reg> <reg orig="proue">prove</reg> false. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic">   Exeunt.
Enter Gloster, with his Seruing-men.
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> Glost. </speaker>
<l> I am come <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="suruey">survey</reg> the Tower this day; </l>
<l> Since <hi rend="italic"> Henries </hi> death, I <reg orig="feare">fear</reg> there is <reg orig="Conueyance">Conveyance</reg>: </l>
<l> Where be these Warders, <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> they wait not here? </l>
<l> Open the Gates, <reg orig="'tis"> it is </reg> <hi rend="italic"> Gloster </hi> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> calls. </l></sp>
<sp who="ZC"><speaker rend="italic"> 1. Warder. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Who's"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="interrogative">Who</seg> is </reg> there, <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> knocks <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> imperiously? </l></sp>
<sp who="ZE"><speaker rend="italic"> Glost. 1. Man. </speaker>
<l> It is the Noble Duke of Gloster. </l></sp>
<sp who="ZD"><speaker rend="italic"> 2. Warder. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Who ere"> Whoever </reg> he be, you may not be let <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">in</seg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="ZE"><speaker rend="italic"> 1. Man. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Villaines">Villains</reg>, answer you <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">so</seg> the Lord Protector? </l></sp>
<sp who="ZC"><speaker rend="italic"> 1. Warder. </speaker>
<l> The Lord protect him, <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">so</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> answer him, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">We</seg> <reg orig="doe"> do </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> otherwise <reg orig="then wee"> than <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> </reg> are <reg orig="will'd">willed</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> Glost. </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="interrogative">Who</seg> willed you? or whose <seg type="homograph" subtype="noun">will</seg> stands but mine? </l>
<l> <reg orig="There's"> There is </reg> none Protector of the <reg orig="Realme">Realm</reg>, but I: </l>
<l> <reg orig="Breake">Break</reg> <reg orig="vp"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">up</seg> </reg> the Gates, <reg orig="Ile"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> be your <reg orig="warrantize">warrantize</reg>; </l>
<l> Shall I be <reg orig="flowted">flouted</reg> thus <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> dunghill <reg orig="Groomes">Grooms</reg>? </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic">
Glosters men rush at the Tower Gates, and Wooduile 
the Lieutenant speakes within.
<sp who="ZI"><speaker rend="italic"> Wooduile. </speaker>
<p> What <reg orig="noyse">noise</reg> is this? what <reg orig="Traytors">Traitors</reg> <reg orig="haue"> have </reg>  <reg orig="wee"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> </reg> here? </p></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> Glost. </speaker>
<l> Lieutenant, is it you whose <reg orig="voyce">voice</reg> I <reg orig="heare?"> hear? </reg> </l>
<l> Open the Gates, <reg orig="here's"> here is </reg> <hi rend="italic"> Gloster </hi> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> would enter. </l></sp>
<sp who="ZI"><speaker rend="italic"> Wooduile. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Haue"> Have </reg> patience Noble Duke, I may not open, </l>
<l> The <reg orig="Cardinall">Cardinal</reg> of Winchester forbids: </l>
<l> From him I <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> <reg orig="expresse">express</reg> <reg orig="commandement">commandment</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> thou nor none of thine shall be let <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">in</seg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> Glost. </speaker>
<l> Faint-hearted <hi rend="italic"> Wooduile,</hi>  prizest him <reg orig="'fore">before</reg> me? </l>
<l> Arrogant <hi rend="italic"> Winchester, </hi> <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> <reg orig="haughtie">haughty</reg> Prelate, </l>
<l> Whom <hi rend="italic"> Henry </hi> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> late <reg orig="Soueraigne">Sovereign</reg> <reg orig="ne're"> never </reg> could brooke? </l>
<l> Thou art <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> friend <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> God, or <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> the King: </l>
<l> Open the Gates, or <reg orig="Ile"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> shut thee out shortly. </l></sp>
<sp who="ZJ"><speaker rend="italic"> Seruingmen. </speaker>
<l> Open the Gates <reg orig="vnto"> unto </reg> the Lord Protector, </l>
<l> Or <reg orig="wee'le"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> burst them open, if <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> you come not quickly. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic">
Enter to the Protector at the Tower Gates Winchester 
and his men in Tawney Coates.
<sp who="O"><speaker rend="italic"> Winchest. </speaker>
<p> How now ambitious <hi rend="italic"> <reg orig="Vmpheir">Umpire</reg>, </hi> what <reg orig="meanes">means</reg>  this? </p> </sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> Glost. </speaker>
<p> <reg orig="Piel'd">Peeled</reg> Priest, <reg orig="doo'st"> dost </reg> thou command me <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> be  shut out? </p></sp>
<sp who="O"><speaker rend="italic"> Winch. </speaker>
<l> I <reg orig="doe,"> do, </reg> thou most <reg orig="vsurping">usurping</reg> Proditor, </l>
<l> And not Protector of the King or <reg orig="Realme">Realm</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> Glost. </speaker>
<l> Stand back thou manifest Conspirator, </l>
<l> Thou <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> <reg orig="contriued'st">contrivedest</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> murther <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> dead Lord, </l>
<l> Thou <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> <reg orig="giu'st"> givest </reg> Whores Indulgences <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="sinne">sin</reg>, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Ile"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> <reg orig="canuas">canvas</reg> thee <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> thy broad <reg orig="Cardinalls">Cardinals</reg> Hat, </l>
<l> If thou proceed <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> this thy insolence. </l></sp>
<sp who="O"><speaker rend="italic"> Winch. </speaker>
<l> Nay, stand thou back, I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> not budge a foot: </l>
<l> This be Damascus, be thou cursed <hi rend="italic"> Cain, </hi> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> slay thy Brother <hi rend="italic"> Abel, </hi> if thou wilt. </l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> Glost. </speaker>
<l> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> not slay thee, but <reg orig="Ile"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> <reg orig="driue">drive</reg> thee back: </l>
<l> Thy Scarlet Robes, as a <reg orig="Childs">Child's</reg> bearing Cloth, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Ile"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> <reg orig="vse">use</reg>, <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> carry thee out of this place. </l></sp>
<sp who="O"><speaker rend="italic"> Winch. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Doe"> Do </reg> what thou <reg orig="dar'st">darest</reg>, I beard thee <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> thy face. </l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> Glost. </speaker>
<l> What? am I <reg orig="dar'd">dared</reg>, and bearded <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> my face? </l>
<l> Draw men, <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> all this <reg orig="priuiledged">privileged</reg> place, </l>
<l> Blew Coats <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> Tawny Coats. Priest, beware your Beard, </l>
<l> I <reg orig="meane">mean</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="tugge">tug</reg> it, and <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="cuffe">cuff</reg> you soundly. </l>
<l> <reg orig="Vnder"> Under </reg> my feet I <reg orig="stampe">stamp</reg> thy <reg orig="Cardinalls">Cardinals</reg> Hat: </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">In</seg> <reg orig="spight">spite</reg> of Pope, or dignities of Church, </l>
<l> Here <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> the <reg orig="Cheekes">Cheeks</reg> <reg orig="Ile"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> drag thee <reg orig="vp"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">up</seg> </reg> and <reg orig="downe."> down. </reg> </l></sp>
<sp who="O"><speaker rend="italic"> Winch. </speaker>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Gloster, </hi> thou wilt <reg orig="answere">answer</reg> this before the Pope. </l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> Glost. </speaker>
<l> Winchester Goose, I cry, a Rope, a Rope. </l>
<l> Now beat them hence, why <reg orig="doe"> do </reg> you let them stay? </l>
<l> Thee <reg orig="Ile"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> chase hence, thou <reg orig="Wolfe">Wolf</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <reg orig="Sheepes">Sheep</reg> array. </l>
<l> Out <reg orig="Tawney-Coates">Tawny coats</reg>, out Scarlet Hypocrite. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic">
Here Glosters men beat out the Cardinalls men, and enter 
in the hurly-burly the Maior of London, and his Officers.
<sp who="ZK"><speaker rend="italic"> Maior. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Fye">Fie</reg> Lords, <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> you being supreme Magistrates, </l>
<l> Thus contumeliously should <reg orig="breake">break</reg> the Peace. </l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> Glost. </speaker>
<l> Peace <reg orig="Maior">Mayor</reg>, thou <reg orig="know'st">knowest</reg> little of my wrongs: </l>
<l> <reg orig="Here's"> Here is </reg> <hi rend="italic"> Beauford, </hi> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> regards nor God nor King, </l>
<l> Hath here <reg orig="distrayn'd">distrained</reg> the Tower <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> his <reg orig="vse">use</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="O"><speaker rend="italic"> Winch. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Here's"> Here is </reg> <hi rend="italic"> Gloster, </hi> a Foe <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> Citizens, </l>
<l> One <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> still motions <reg orig="Warre">War</reg>, and <reg orig="neuer"> never </reg> Peace, </l>
<l> <reg orig="O're-charging">Overcharging</reg> your free Purses with large Fines; </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">That</seg> <reg orig="seekes">seeks</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="ouerthrow">overthrow</reg> Religion, </l>
<l> Because he is Protector of the <reg orig="Realme">Realm</reg>; </l>
<l> And would <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> Armour here out of the Tower, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> <reg orig="Crowne">Crown</reg> <reg orig="himselfe"> himself </reg> King, and <reg orig="suppresse">suppress</reg> the Prince. </l></sp> 
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> Glost. </speaker>
<l> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> not answer thee with words, but <reg orig="blowes">blows</reg>. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic"> Here they skirmish againe.
<sp who="ZK"><speaker rend="italic"> Maior. </speaker>
<l> Naught rests <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> me, <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> this tumultuous strife, </l>
<l> But <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> make open Proclamation. </l>
<l> Come Officer, as <reg orig="lowd">loud</reg> as <reg orig="e're"> ever </reg> thou canst, cry: </l></sp>
<sp who="ZZO">
<p><hi rend="italic"> All manner of men, assembled here <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <reg orig="Armes">Arms</reg> this day, against Gods Peace and  
the Kings, <reg orig="wee"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> </reg> charge and command you, <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> his <reg orig="Highnesse">Highness</reg> Name, <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> 
<reg orig="repayre">repair</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg>  
your <reg orig="seuerall"> several </reg> dwelling places, and not <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="weare">wear</reg>, handle, or <reg orig="vse">use</reg> any Sword,  
Weapon, or Dagger henceforward, <reg orig="vpon"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">upon</seg> </reg> <reg orig="paine">pain</reg> of death. </hi></p></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> Glost. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Cardinall">Cardinal</reg>, <reg orig="Ile"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> be <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> breaker of the Law: </l>
<l> But <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> shall meet, and <reg orig="breake">break</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> minds at large. </l></sp>
<sp who="O"><speaker rend="italic"> Winch. </speaker>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Gloster, </hi> <reg orig="wee'le"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> meet <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> thy cost, be sure: </l>
<l> Thy heart-blood I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> this <reg orig="dayes">days</reg> <reg orig="worke">work</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="ZK"><speaker rend="italic"> Maior. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Ile"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> call <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> Clubs, if you <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> not away: </l>
<l> This <reg orig="Cardinall's"> Cardinal is </reg> more <reg orig="haughtie">haughty</reg> <reg orig="then"> than </reg> the <reg orig="Deuill">Devil</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> Glost. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Maior">Mayor</reg> farewell: thou <reg orig="doo'st">doest</reg> but what thou <reg orig="may'st">mayst</reg>. </l> </sp>
<sp who="O"><speaker rend="italic"> Winch. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Abhominable">Abominable</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Gloster, </hi> guard thy Head, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> I intend <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> it ere long. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic">              Exeunt.
<sp who="ZK"><speaker rend="italic"> Maior. </speaker>
<l> See the Coast <reg orig="clear'd">cleared</reg>, and then <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> depart. </l>
<l> Good God, these Nobles should such <reg orig="stomacks">stomachs</reg> <reg orig="beare">bear</reg>, </l>
<l> I <reg orig="my selfe"> myself </reg> fight not once <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <reg orig="fortie">forty</reg> <reg orig="yeere">year</reg>. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic">     Exeunt.
Enter the Master Gunner of Orleance, and his Boy.
<sp who="ZL"><speaker rend="italic"> M. Gunner. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Sirrha">Sirrah</reg>, thou <reg orig="know'st">knowest</reg> how Orleance is <reg orig="besieg'd">besieged</reg>, </l>
<l> And how the English <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> the Suburbs <reg orig="wonne">won</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="ZM"><speaker rend="italic"> Boy. </speaker>
<l> Father I know, and oft <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> shot at them, </l>
<l> How <reg orig="e're"> ever </reg> <reg orig="vnfortunate">unfortunate</reg>, I <reg orig="miss'd">missed</reg> my <reg orig="ayme">aim</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="ZL"><speaker rend="italic"> M. Gunner. </speaker>
<l> But now thou shalt not. Be thou <reg orig="rul'd">ruled</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> me: </l>
<l> <reg orig="Chiefe">Chief</reg> Master Gunner am I of this <reg orig="Towne">Town</reg>, </l>
<l> Something I must <reg orig="doe"> do </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> procure me grace: </l>
<l> The Princes <reg orig="espyals">espials</reg> <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> informed me, </l>
<l> How the English, <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> the Suburbs close <reg orig="entrencht">entrenched</reg>, </l>
<l> Went through a secret Grate of Iron <reg orig="Barres">Bars</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">In</seg> yonder Tower, <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="ouer-peere">overpeer</reg> the <reg orig="Citie">City</reg>, </l>
<l> And thence <reg orig="discouer">discover</reg>, how with most <reg orig="aduantage">advantage</reg>  </l>
<l> They may vex <reg orig="vs"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg> </reg> with Shot or with Assault. </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> intercept this <reg orig="inconuenience">inconvenience</reg>, </l>
<l> A <reg orig="Peece">Piece</reg> of Ordnance <reg orig="'gainst">against</reg> it I <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> <reg orig="plac'd">placed</reg>, </l>
<l> And <reg orig="euen"> even </reg> these three <reg orig="dayes">days</reg> <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> I <reg orig="watcht">watched</reg>, </l>
<l> If I could see them. Now <reg orig="doe"> do </reg> thou watch, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> I can stay <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> longer. </l>
<l> If thou <reg orig="spy'st">spyest</reg> any, <reg orig="runne">run</reg> and bring me word, </l>
<l> And thou shalt <reg orig="finde">find</reg> me at the <reg orig="Gouernors">Governors</reg>. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic">       Exit.
<sp who="ZM"><speaker rend="italic"> Boy. </speaker>
<l> Father, I warrant you, take you <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> care, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Ile neuer"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> never </reg> trouble you, if I may <reg orig="spye">spy</reg> them. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic">       Exit.
Enter Salisbury and Talbot on the Turrets, with others.
<sp who="I"><speaker rend="italic"> Salisb. </speaker>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Talbot, </hi> my life, my <reg orig="ioy">joy</reg>, <reg orig="againe"> again </reg> <reg orig="return'd">returned</reg>? </l> 
<l> How wert thou handled, being Prisoner? </l>
<l> Or <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> what <reg orig="meanes">means</reg> <reg orig="got's">gots</reg> thou <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> be <reg orig="releas'd">released</reg>? </l>
<l> Discourse I <reg orig="prethee"> prithee </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> this Turrets top. </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker rend="italic"> Talbot. </speaker>
<l> The <reg orig="Earle">Earl</reg> of Bedford had a Prisoner, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Call'd">Called</reg> the <reg orig="braue">brave</reg> Lord <hi rend="italic"> Ponton de Santrayle, </hi> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">For</seg> him was I <reg orig="exchang'd">exchanged</reg>, and <reg orig="ransom'd">ransomed</reg>. </l>
<l> But with a baser man of <reg orig="Armes">Arms</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> <reg orig="farre">far</reg>, </l>
<l> Once <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> contempt they would <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> <reg orig="barter'd">bartered</reg> me: </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">Which</seg> I disdaining, <reg orig="scorn'd">scorned</reg>, and <reg orig="craued">craved</reg> death, </l>
<l> Rather <reg orig="then"> than </reg> I would be <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> <reg orig="pil'd">piled</reg> <reg orig="esteem'd">esteemed</reg>: </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">In</seg> fine, <reg orig="redeem'd">redeemed</reg> I was as I <reg orig="desir'd">desired</reg>. </l>
<l> But O, the <reg orig="trecherous">treacherous</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Falstaffe </hi> wounds my heart, </l>
<l> Whom with my bare fists I would execute, </l>
<l> If I now had him brought into my power. </l></sp>
<sp who="I"><speaker rend="italic"> Salisb. </speaker>
<l> Yet <reg orig="tell'st">tellest</reg> thou not, how thou wert <reg orig="entertain'd">entertained</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="A"> <speaker rend="italic"> Tal. </speaker>
<l> With <reg orig="scoffes">scoffs</reg> and <reg orig="scornes">scorns</reg>, and contumelious taunts, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">In</seg> open Market-place <reg orig="produc't">produced</reg> they me, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> be a <reg orig="publique">public</reg> spectacle <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> all: </l>
<l> Here, <reg orig="sayd"> said </reg> they, is the Terror of the French, </l>
<l> The <reg orig="Scare-Crow">scarecrow</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> affrights <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> Children <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">so</seg>. </l>
<l> Then broke I from the Officers <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> led me, </l>
<l> And with my <reg orig="nayles">nails</reg> <reg orig="digg'd">digged</reg> stones out of the ground, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> <reg orig="hurle">hurl</reg> at the beholders of my shame. </l>
<l> My grisly countenance made others <reg orig="flye">fly</reg>, </l>
<l> None durst come <reg orig="neere">near</reg>, <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> <reg orig="feare">fear</reg> of <reg orig="suddaine">sudden</reg> death. </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">In</seg> Iron Walls they <reg orig="deem'd">deemed</reg> me not secure: </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">So</seg> great <reg orig="feare">fear</reg> of my Name <reg orig="'mongst"> amongst </reg> them were spread, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> they <reg orig="suppos'd">supposed</reg> I could rend <reg orig="Barres">Bars</reg> of <reg orig="Steele">Steel</reg>, </l>
<l> And <reg orig="spurne">spurn</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> pieces Posts of Adamant. </l>
<l> Wherefore a guard of chosen Shot I had, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">That</seg> <reg orig="walkt">walked</reg> about me <reg orig="euery"> every </reg> Minute while: </l>
<l> And if I did but <reg orig="stirre">stir</reg> out of my Bed, </l>
<l> Ready they were <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> shoot me <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> the heart. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic"> Enter the Boy with a Linstock.
<sp who="I"><speaker rend="italic"> Salisb. </speaker>
<l> I <reg orig="grieue">grieve</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="heare"> hear </reg> what torments you <reg orig="endur'd">endured</reg>, </l>
<l> But <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> be <reg orig="reueng'd">revenged</reg> sufficiently. </l>
<l> Now it is Supper time <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> Orleance: </l>
<l> Here, through this Grate, I count each one, </l>
<l> And view the Frenchmen how they <reg orig="fortifie">fortify</reg>: </l>
<l> Let <reg orig="vs looke"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg> look </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">in</seg>, the sight <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> much delight thee: </l>
<l> Sir <hi rend="italic"> Thomas Gargraue, </hi> and Sir <hi rend="italic"> William Glansdale, </hi> </l>
<l> Let me <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> your <reg orig="expresse">express</reg> opinions, </l>
<l> Where is best place <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> make <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> <reg orig="Batt'ry">Battery</reg> next? </l></sp>
<sp who="ZO"><speaker rend="italic"> Gargraue. </speaker>
<p> I <reg orig="thinke"> think </reg> at the North Gate, <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">for</seg> there stands  Lords. </p></sp> 
<sp who="ZP"><speaker rend="italic"> Glansdale. </speaker>
<p> And I <reg orig="heere,"> here, </reg> at the <reg orig="Bulwarke">Bulwark</reg> of the  Bridge. </p></sp> 
<sp who="A"><speaker rend="italic"> Talb. </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">For</seg> ought I see, this <reg orig="Citie">City</reg> must be <reg orig="famisht">famished</reg>, </l>
<l> Or with light Skirmishes enfeebled. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic">     
Here they shot, and Salisbury falls downe.

<sp who="I"><speaker rend="italic"> Salisb. </speaker>
<l> O Lord <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> mercy <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> <reg orig="vs,"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg>, </reg> wretched sinners. </l></sp>
<sp who="ZO"><speaker rend="italic"> Gargraue. </speaker>
<l> O Lord <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> mercy <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> me, <reg orig="wofull">woeful</reg> man. </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker rend="italic"> Talb. </speaker>
<l> What chance is this, <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> suddenly hath <reg orig="crost">crossed</reg> <reg orig="vs?"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg>? </reg> </l>
<l> <reg orig="Speake"> Speak </reg> <hi rend="italic"> Salisbury; </hi> at least, if thou canst, <reg orig="speake:"> speak: </reg> </l>
<l> How <reg orig="far'st">farest</reg> thou, Mirror of all <reg orig="Martiall">Martial</reg> men? </l>
<l> One of thy Eyes, and thy <reg orig="Cheekes">Cheeks</reg> side struck off? </l>
<l> Accursed Tower, accursed <reg orig="fatall">fatal</reg> Hand, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">That</seg> hath <reg orig="contriu'd">contrived</reg> this <reg orig="wofull">woeful</reg> <reg orig="Tragedie">Tragedy</reg>. </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">In</seg> <reg orig="thirteene">thirteen</reg> <reg orig="Battailes">Battles</reg>, <hi rend="italic"> Salisbury </hi> <reg orig="o'recame">overcome</reg>: </l>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Henry </hi> the <reg orig="Fift">Fifth</reg> he first <reg orig="trayn'd">trained</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> the <reg orig="Warres">Wars</reg>, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Whil'st"> Whilst </reg> any <reg orig="Trumpe">Trump</reg> did sound, or Drum struck <reg orig="vp,"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">up</seg>, </reg> </l>
<l> His Sword did <reg orig="ne're"> never </reg> <reg orig="leaue">leave</reg> striking <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> the field. </l>
<l> Yet <reg orig="liu'st">livest</reg> thou <hi rend="italic"> Salisbury? </hi> though thy speech doth <reg orig="fayle">fail</reg>, </l>
<l> One Eye thou hast <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="looke"> look </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> <reg orig="Heauen">Heaven</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> grace. </l>
<l> The <reg orig="Sunne">Sun</reg> with one Eye vieweth all the World. </l>
<l> <reg orig="Heauen">Heaven</reg> be thou gracious <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> none <reg orig="aliue">alive</reg>, </l>
<l> If <hi rend="italic"> Salisbury </hi> wants mercy at thy hands. </l>
<l> <reg orig="Beare">Bear</reg> hence his Body, I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> <reg orig="helpe">help</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> bury it. </l>
<l> Sir <hi rend="italic"> Thomas Gargraue, </hi> hast thou any life? </l>
<l> <reg orig="Speake vnto"> Speak unto </reg> <hi rend="italic"> Talbot, </hi> nay, <reg orig="looke vp"> look <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">up</seg> </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> him. </l>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Salisbury </hi> <reg orig="cheare">cheer</reg> thy Spirit with this comfort, </l>
<l> Thou shalt not <reg orig="dye">die</reg> whiles  </l>
<l> He <reg orig="beckens">beckons</reg> with his hand, and smiles <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> me: </l>
<l> As <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">who</seg> should say, When I am dead and gone, </l>
<l> Remember <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="auenge">avenge</reg> me <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> the French. </l>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Plantaginet </hi> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg>, and <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">like</seg> thee, </l>
<l> Play <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> the Lute, beholding the <reg orig="Townes">Towns</reg> <reg orig="burne">burn</reg>: </l>
<l> Wretched shall France be <reg orig="onely"> only </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> my Name. </l>

<stage rend="italic"> Here an Alarum, and it Thunders and Lightens.

<l> What <reg orig="stirre">stir</reg> is this? what <reg orig="tumult's"> tumult is </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> the <reg orig="Heauens">Heavens</reg>? </l>
<l> Whence <reg orig="commeth">cometh</reg> this Alarum, and the <reg orig="noyse">noise</reg>? </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic"> Enter a Messenger.
<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Mess. </speaker>
<l> My Lord, my Lord, the French <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> <reg orig="gather'd">gathered</reg> head. </l>
<l> The Dolphin, with one <hi rend="italic"> Ioane de Puzel </hi> <reg orig="ioyn'd">joined</reg>, </l>
<l> A holy <reg orig="Prophetesse">Prophetess</reg>, new risen <reg orig="vp,"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">up</seg>, </reg> </l>
<l> Is come with a great Power, <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="rayse">raise</reg> the Siege. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic"> Here Salisbury lifteth himselfe vp, and groanes.
<sp who="A"><speaker rend="italic"> Talb. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Heare, heare,"> Hear, hear, </reg> how dying <hi rend="italic"> Salisbury </hi> doth <reg orig="groane">groan</reg>, </l>
<l> It <reg orig="irkes">irks</reg> his heart he cannot be <reg orig="reueng'd">revenged</reg>. </l>
<l> Frenchmen, <reg orig="Ile"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> be a <hi rend="italic"> Salisbury </hi> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> you. </l>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Puzel </hi> or <hi rend="italic"> Pussel, </hi> Dolphin or Dog-fish, </l>
<l> Your hearts <reg orig="Ile"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> <reg orig="stampe">stamp</reg> out with my Horses <reg orig="heeles">heels</reg>, </l>
<l> And make a Quagmire of your mingled <reg orig="braines">brains</reg>. </l>
<l> <reg orig="Conuey">Convey</reg> me <hi rend="italic"> Salisbury </hi> into his Tent, </l>
<l> And then <reg orig="wee'le"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> try what these dastard Frenchmen dare. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic"> Alarum.

Here an Alarum againe, and Talbot pursueth the Dolphin, 
and driueth him: Then enter Ioane de Puzel, driuing Englishmen 
before her. Then enter Talbot.
<sp who="A"><speaker rend="italic"> Talb. </speaker>
<l> Where is my strength, my valour, and my force? </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">Our</seg> English Troupes <reg orig="retyre">retire</reg>, I cannot stay them, </l>
<l> A Woman clad <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> Armour chaseth them. </l>
<stage rend="italic"> Enter Puzel. </stage>
<l> Here, here <reg orig="shee"> she </reg> comes. <reg orig="Ile haue"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> have </reg> a <reg orig="bowt">bout</reg> with thee: </l>
<l> <reg orig="Deuill">Devil</reg>, or <reg orig="Deuils">Devils</reg> Dam, <reg orig="Ile"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> <reg orig="coniure">conjure</reg> thee: </l>
<l> Blood <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> I draw <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> thee, thou art a Witch, </l>
<l> And <reg orig="straightway">straightaway</reg> <reg orig="giue"> give </reg> thy <reg orig="Soule">Soul</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> him thou <reg orig="seru'st">servest</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker rend="italic"> Puzel. </speaker>
<l> Come, come, <reg orig="'tis onely"> it is only </reg> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> must disgrace thee. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic"> Here they fight. </stage>
<sp who="A"><speaker rend="italic"> Talb. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Heauens">Heavens</reg>, can you suffer Hell <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">so</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="preuayle">prevail</reg>? </l>
<l> My <reg orig="brest">breast</reg> <reg orig="Ile"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> burst with straining of my courage, </l>
<l> And from my shoulders crack my <reg orig="Armes">Arms</reg> asunder, </l>
<l> But I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> chastise this high-minded Strumpet. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic"> They fight againe. </stage>
<sp who="B"><speaker rend="italic"> Puzel. </speaker>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Talbot </hi> <reg orig="farwell">farewell</reg>, thy <reg orig="houre">hour</reg> is not yet come, </l>
<l> I must <reg orig="goe"> go </reg> <reg orig="Victuall">Victual</reg> Orleance forthwith: </l>
<stage rend="italic"> A short Alarum: then enter the Towne with Souldiers.
<l> <reg orig="O're-take">Overtake</reg> me if thou canst, I <reg orig="scorne">scorn</reg> thy strength. </l>
<l> <reg orig="Goe, goe,"> Go, go, </reg> <reg orig="cheare">cheer</reg> <reg orig="vp"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">up</seg> </reg> thy <reg orig="hungry-starued">hungry-starved</reg> men, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Helpe">Help</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Salisbury </hi> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> make his Testament, </l>
<l> This Day is <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">ours</seg>, as many more shall be. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic">       Exit. </stage>
<sp who="A"><speaker rend="italic"> Talb. </speaker>
<l> My thoughts are whirled <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">like</seg> a Potters <reg orig="Wheele">Wheel</reg>, </l>
<l> I know not where I am, nor what I <reg orig="doe:"> do: </reg> </l>
<l> A Witch <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> <reg orig="feare">fear</reg>, not force, <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">like</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Hannibal, </hi> </l>
<l> <reg orig="Driues">Drives</reg> back <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> troupes, and conquers as she lists: </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">So</seg> Bees with <reg orig="smoake">smoke</reg>, and <reg orig="Doues">Doves</reg> with <reg orig="noysome">noisome</reg> stench, </l>
<l> Are from their <reg orig="Hyues">Hives</reg> and Houses <reg orig="driuen">driven</reg> away. </l>
<l> They <reg orig="call'd">called</reg> <reg orig="vs,"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg>, </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> <reg orig="fiercenesse">fierceness</reg>, English <reg orig="Dogges">Dogs</reg>, </l>
<l> Now <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">like</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> <reg orig="Whelpes">Whelps</reg>, <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> crying <reg orig="runne">run</reg> away. </l>
<stage rend="italic"> A short Alarum. </stage> 

<l> <reg orig="Hearke">Hark</reg> <reg orig="Countreymen">Countrymen</reg>, <reg orig="eyther"> either </reg> renew the fight, </l>
<l> Or <reg orig="teare">tear</reg> the <reg orig="Lyons">Lions</reg> out of Englands Coat; </l>
<l> Renounce your <reg orig="Soyle">Soil</reg>, <reg orig="giue"> give </reg> <reg orig="Sheepe">Sheep</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <reg orig="Lyons">Lions</reg> stead: </l>
<l> <reg orig="Sheepe">Sheep</reg> run not <reg orig="halfe">half</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> <reg orig="trecherous">treacherous</reg> from the <reg orig="Wolfe">Wolf</reg>, </l>
<l> Or Horse or Oxen from the Leopard, </l>
<l> As you <reg orig="flye">fly</reg> from your oft-subdued <reg orig="slaues">slaves</reg>. </l>
<stage rend="italic"> Alarum. Here another Skirmish.

<l> It <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> not be, <reg orig="retyre">retire</reg> into your Trenches: </l>
<l> You all consented <reg orig="vnto"> unto </reg> <hi rend="italic"> Salisburies </hi> death, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> none would strike a <reg orig="stroake">stroke</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> his <reg orig="reuenge">revenge</reg>. </l>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Puzel </hi> is <reg orig="entred">entered</reg> into Orleance, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">In</seg> <reg orig="spight">spite</reg> of <reg orig="vs,"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg> </reg> or ought <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> could <reg orig="doe."> do. </reg> </l>
<l> O would I were <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="dye">die</reg> with <hi rend="italic"> Salisbury, </hi> </l>
<l> The shame hereof, <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> make me hide my head. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic"> Exit Talbot.
Alarum, Retreat, Flourish.
Enter on the Walls, Puzel, Dolphin, Reigneir, Alanson, and Souldiers.
<sp who="B"><speaker rend="italic"> Puzel. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Aduance">Advance</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> <reg orig="wauing">waving</reg> Colours <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> the Walls, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Rescu'd">Rescued</reg> is Orleance from the English. </l>
<l> Thus <hi rend="italic"> Ioane de Puzel </hi> hath <reg orig="perform'd">performed</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">her</seg> word. </l></sp>
<sp who="F"><speaker rend="italic"> Dolph. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Diuinest">Divinest</reg> Creature, <hi rend="italic"> Astrea's </hi> Daughter, </l>
<l> How shall I honour thee <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> this <reg orig="successe">success</reg>? </l>
<l> Thy promises are <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">like</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Adonis </hi> Garden, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">That</seg> one day <reg orig="bloom'd">bloomed</reg>, and <reg orig="fruitfull">fruitful</reg> were the next. </l>
<l> France, triumph <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> thy glorious <reg orig="Prophetesse">Prophetess</reg>, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Recouer'd">Recovered</reg> is the <reg orig="Towne">Town</reg> of Orleance, </l>
<l> More blessed hap did <reg orig="ne're"> never </reg> befall <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> State. </l></sp>
<sp who="R"><speaker rend="italic"> Reigneir. </speaker>
<l> Why ring not out the Bells <reg orig="alowd">aloud</reg>, </l>
<l> Throughout the <reg orig="Towne">Town</reg>? </l>
<l> Dolphin command the Citizens make Bonfires, </l>
<l> And feast and banquet <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> the open streets, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> celebrate the <reg orig="ioy">joy</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> God hath <reg orig="giuen vs."> given <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg>. </reg> </l></sp>
<sp who="S"><speaker rend="italic"> Alans. </speaker>
<l> All France <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> be <reg orig="repleat">replete</reg> with mirth and <reg orig="ioy">joy</reg>, </l>
<l> When they shall <reg orig="heare"> hear </reg> how <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> <reg orig="play'd">played</reg> the men. </l></sp>
<sp who="F"><speaker rend="italic"> Dolph. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="'Tis"> It is </reg> <hi rend="italic"> Ioane, </hi> not <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg>, <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> whom the day is <reg orig="wonne">won</reg>: </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">For</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">which</seg>, I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> <reg orig="diuide">divide</reg> my <reg orig="Crowne">Crown</reg> with <seg type="homograph" subtype="personalPronoun">her</seg>, </l>
<l> And all the Priests and Fryers <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> my <reg orig="Realme">Realm</reg>, </l>
<l> Shall <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> procession sing <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">her</seg> <reg orig="endlesse">endless</reg> <reg orig="prayse">praise</reg>. </l>
<l> A <reg orig="statelyer">statelier</reg> Pyramis <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="personalPronoun">her</seg> <reg orig="Ile"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> <reg orig="reare">rear</reg>, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Then"> Than </reg> <hi rend="italic"> Rhodophe's </hi> or <hi rend="italic"> Memphis </hi> <reg orig="euer"> ever </reg> was. </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">In</seg> <reg orig="memorie">memory</reg> of <seg type="homograph" subtype="personalPronoun">her</seg>, when she is dead, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">Her</seg> Ashes, <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> an <reg orig="Vrne">Urn</reg> more precious  </l>
<l> <reg orig="Then"> Than </reg> the <reg orig="rich-iewel'd">rich jewelled</reg> Coffer of <hi rend="italic"> Darius, </hi> </l>
<l> Transported, shall be at high <reg orig="Festiuals">Festivals</reg>  </l>
<l> Before the Kings and <reg orig="Queenes">Queens</reg> of France. </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">No</seg> longer <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> Saint <hi rend="italic"> Dennis </hi> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> cry, </l>
<l> But <hi rend="italic"> Ioane de Puzel </hi> shall be France's Saint. </l>
<l> Come <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">in</seg>, and let <reg orig="vs"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg> </reg> Banquet Royally, </l>
<l> After this Golden Day of <reg orig="Victorie">Victory</reg>. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic"> Flourish.


<stage rend="italic"> Actus Secundus. </stage>
<stage rend="italic"> Scena Prima. </stage>
<stage rend="italic"> Enter a Sergeant of a Band, with two Sentinels.

<sp who="ZQ"><speaker rend="italic"> Ser. </speaker>
<l> Sirs, take your places, and be vigilant: </l>
<l> If any <reg orig="noyse">noise</reg> or <reg orig="Souldier">Soldier</reg> you <reg orig="perceiue">perceive</reg> </l>
<l> <reg orig="Neere">Near</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> the <reg orig="walles">walls</reg>, <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> some <reg orig="apparant">apparent</reg> <reg orig="signe">sign</reg> </l>
<l> Let <reg orig="vs haue"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg> have </reg>  knowledge at the Court of Guard. </l></sp>
<sp who="ZR"><speaker rend="italic"> Sent. </speaker>
<l> Sergeant you shall. Thus are <reg orig="poore">poor</reg> <reg orig="Seruitors">Servitors</reg> </l>
<l> (When others <reg orig="sleepe">sleep</reg> <reg orig="vpon"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">upon</seg> </reg> their quiet beds) </l>
<l> <reg orig="Constrain'd">Constrained</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> watch <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <reg orig="darknesse">darkness</reg>, <reg orig="raine">rain</reg>, and cold. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic">
Enter Talbot, Bedford, and Burgundy, with scaling Ladders: 
Their Drummes beating a Dead March.
<sp who="A"><speaker rend="italic"> Tal. </speaker>
<l> Lord Regent, and redoubted <hi rend="italic"> Burgundy, </hi> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">By</seg> whose approach, the Regions of <hi rend="italic"> Artoys, </hi> </l>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Wallon, </hi> and <hi rend="italic"> Picardy, </hi> are friends <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> <reg orig="vs:"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg>: </reg> </l>
<l> This happy night, the Frenchmen are secure, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Hauing"> Having </reg> all day <reg orig="carows'd">caroused</reg> and <reg orig="banquetted">banqueted</reg>, </l>
<l> Embrace <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> then this <reg orig="opportunitie">opportunity</reg>, </l>
<l> As fitting best <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> quittance their <reg orig="deceite">deceit</reg>, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Contriu'd">Contrived</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="noun">Art</seg>, and <reg orig="balefull">baleful</reg> <reg orig="Sorcerie">Sorcery</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="K"><speaker rend="italic"> Bed. </speaker>
<l> Coward of France, how much he wrongs his fame, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Dispairing">Despairing</reg> of his <reg orig="owne"> own </reg> <reg orig="armes">arms</reg> fortitude, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> <reg orig="ioyne">join</reg> with Witches, and the <reg orig="helpe">help</reg> of Hell. </l></sp>
<sp who="U"><speaker rend="italic"> Bur. </speaker>
<l> Traitors <reg orig="haue neuer"> have never </reg> other company. </l>
<l> But <reg orig="what's"> what is </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Puzell </hi> whom they <reg orig="tearme">term</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> pure? </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker rend="italic"> Tal. </speaker>
<l> A Maid, they say. </l></sp>
<sp who="K"><speaker rend="italic"> Bed. </speaker>
<l> A Maid? And be <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> <reg orig="martiall">martial</reg>? </l></sp>
<sp who="U"><speaker rend="italic"> Bur. </speaker>
<l> Pray God she <reg orig="proue">prove</reg> not masculine ere long: </l>
<l> If <reg orig="vnderneath">underneath</reg> the Standard of the French </l>
<l> She carry Armour, as she hath begun. </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker rend="italic"> Tal. </speaker>
<l> Well, let them practise and <reg orig="conuerse">converse</reg> with spirits. </l>
<l> God is <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> <reg orig="Fortresse">Fortress</reg>, <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> whose conquering name </l>
<l> Let <reg orig="vs"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg> </reg> <reg orig="resolue">resolve</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> scale their flinty <reg orig="bulwarkes">bulwarks</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="K"><speaker rend="italic"> Bed. </speaker>
<l> Ascend <reg orig="braue">brave</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Talbot, </hi> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> follow thee. </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker rend="italic"> Tal. </speaker>
<l> Not altogether: Better <reg orig="farre">far</reg> I <reg orig="guesse">guess</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> do make <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> entrance <reg orig="seuerall"> several </reg> <reg orig="wayes">ways</reg>: </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> if it chance the one of <reg orig="vs"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg> </reg> do <reg orig="faile">fail</reg>, </l>
<l> The other yet may rise against their force. </l></sp>
<sp who="K"><speaker rend="italic"> Bed. </speaker>
<l> Agreed; <reg orig="Ile"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> yond corner. </l></sp>
<sp who="U"><speaker rend="italic"> Bur. </speaker>
<l> And I <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> this. </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker rend="italic"> Tal. </speaker>
<l> And <reg orig="heere"> here </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Talbot </hi> mount, or make his <reg orig="graue">grave</reg>. </l>
<l> Now <hi rend="italic"> Salisbury, </hi> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> thee and <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> the right </l>
<l> Of English <hi rend="italic"> Henry, </hi> shall this night <reg orig="appeare">appear</reg> </l>
<l> How much <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> duty, I am bound <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> both. </l></sp>
<sp who="ZR"><speaker rend="italic"> Sent. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Arme">Arm</reg>, <reg orig="arme">arm</reg>, the enemy doth make assault. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic"> Cry, </stage>
<sp who="X"> 
<l> <hi rend="italic"> <reg orig="S.">Saint</reg> George, A Talbot. </hi></l> </sp>
<stage rend="italic"> 
The French leape ore the walles in their shirts. Enter seuerall wayes, Bastard, Alanson, Reignier, halfe ready, and halfe vnready.
<sp who="S"><speaker rend="italic"> Alan. </speaker>
<l> How now my Lords? what all <reg orig="vnreadie">unready</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">so</seg>? </l></sp>
<sp who="AA"><speaker rend="italic"> Bast. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Vnready">Unready</reg>? <reg orig="I"> Aye </reg> and glad <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> <reg orig="scap'd">scaped</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> well. </l></sp>
<sp who="R"><speaker rend="italic"> Reig. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="'Twas"> It was </reg> time (I trow) <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> wake and <reg orig="leaue">leave</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> beds, </l>
<l> Hearing Alarums at <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> Chamber <reg orig="doores">doors</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="S"><speaker rend="italic"> Alan. </speaker>
<l> Of all exploits since first I <reg orig="follow'd">followed</reg> <reg orig="Armes">Arms</reg>, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Nere"> Never </reg> heard I of a warlike <reg orig="enterprize">enterprise</reg> </l>
<l> More venturous, or desperate <reg orig="then"> than </reg> this. </l></sp>
<sp who="AA"><speaker rend="italic"> Bast. </speaker>
<l> I <reg orig="thinke"> think </reg> this <hi rend="italic"> Talbot </hi> be a Fiend of Hell. </l></sp>
<sp who="R"><speaker rend="italic"> Reig. </speaker>
<l> If not of Hell, the <reg orig="Heauens">Heavens</reg> sure <reg orig="fauour">favour</reg> him. </l></sp>
<sp who="S"><speaker rend="italic"> Alans. </speaker>
<l> Here <reg orig="commeth">cometh</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Charles, </hi> I <reg orig="maruell">marvel</reg> how he sped? </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic"> Enter Charles and Ioane. </stage>
<sp who="AA"><speaker rend="italic"> Bast. </speaker>
<l> Tut, holy <hi rend="italic"> Ioane </hi> was his <reg orig="defensiue">defensive</reg> Guard. </l></sp>
<sp who="F"><speaker rend="italic"> Charl. </speaker>
<l> Is this thy cunning, thou <reg orig="deceitfull">deceitful</reg> Dame? </l>
<l> Didst thou at first, <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> flatter <reg orig="vs"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg> </reg> <reg orig="withall">withal</reg>, </l>
<l> Make <reg orig="vs"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg> </reg> partakers of a little <reg orig="gayne">gain</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> now <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">our</seg> <reg orig="losse">loss</reg> might be ten times <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> much? </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker rend="italic"> Ioane. </speaker>
<l> Wherefore is <hi rend="italic"> Charles </hi> impatient with his friend? </l>
<l> At all times <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> you <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> my Power alike? </l>
<l> Sleeping or waking, must I still <reg orig="preuayle">prevail</reg>, </l>
<l> Or <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> you blame and lay the fault <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> me? </l>
<l> <reg orig="Improuident">Improvident</reg> <reg orig="Souldiors">Soldiers</reg>, had your Watch been good, </l>
<l> This sudden <reg orig="Mischiefe">Mischief</reg> <reg orig="neuer"> never </reg> could <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> <reg orig="falne">fallen</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="F"><speaker rend="italic"> Charl. </speaker>
<l> Duke of Alanson, this was your default, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> being <reg orig="Captaine">Captain</reg> of the Watch <reg orig="to Night,"> tonight, </reg> </l>
<l> Did <reg orig="looke"> look </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> better <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> <reg orig="weightie">weighty</reg> Charge. </l></sp>
<sp who="S"><speaker rend="italic"> Alans. </speaker>
<l> Had all your Quarters been as safely kept, </l>
<l> As <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> whereof I had the <reg orig="gouernment">government</reg>, </l>

<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">We</seg> had not <reg orig="beene"> been </reg> thus shamefully <reg orig="surpriz'd">surprised</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="AA"><speaker rend="italic"> Bast. </speaker>
<l> Mine was secure. </l></sp>
<sp who="R"><speaker rend="italic"> Reig. </speaker>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">so</seg> was mine, my Lord. </l></sp>
<sp who="F"><speaker rend="italic"> Charl. </speaker>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> <reg orig="my selfe,"> myself, </reg> most part of all this Night </l>
<l> Within <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">her</seg> Quarter, and mine <reg orig="owne"> own </reg> Precinct, </l>
<l> I was <reg orig="imploy'd">employed</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> passing <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">to</seg> and fro, </l>
<l> About <reg orig="relieuing">relieving</reg> of the <reg orig="Centinels">Sentinels</reg>. </l>
<l> Then how, or <seg type="homograph" subtype="interrogative">which</seg> way, should they first <reg orig="breake">break</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">in</seg>? </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker rend="italic"> Ioane. </speaker>
<l> Question (my Lords) <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> further of the case, </l>
<l> How or <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">which</seg> way; <reg orig="'tis"> it is </reg> sure they found some place, </l>
<l> But <reg orig="weakely">weakly</reg> guarded, where the breach was made: </l>
<l> And now there rests <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> other shift but this, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> gather <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> <reg orig="Souldiors">Soldiers</reg>, <reg orig="scatter'd">scattered</reg> and <reg orig="disperc't">dispersed</reg>, </l>
<l> And lay new <reg orig="Plat-formes">Platforms</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="endammage">endamage</reg> them. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic">  Exeunt.
Alarum. Enter a Souldier, crying, a Talbot, a Talbot: 
they flye, leauing their Clothes behind.
<sp who="ZS"><speaker rend="italic"> Sould. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Ile"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> be <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> bold <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> take what they <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> left: </l>
<l> The Cry of <hi rend="italic"> Talbot </hi> <reg orig="serues">serves</reg> me <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> a Sword, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> I <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> <reg orig="loaden">laden</reg> me with many <reg orig="Spoyles">Spoils</reg>, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Vsing">Using</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> other Weapon but his Name. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic">  Exit.
Enter Talbot, Bedford, Burgundie.
<sp who="K"><speaker rend="italic"> Bedf. </speaker>
<l> The Day begins <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="breake">break</reg>, and Night is fled, </l>
<l> Whose pitchy Mantle <reg orig="ouer-vayl'd">overveiled</reg> the Earth. </l>
<l> Here sound Retreat, and cease <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> hot pursuit. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic">  Retreat. </stage>
<sp who="A"><speaker rend="italic"> Talb. </speaker>
<l> Bring forth the Body of old <hi rend="italic"> Salisbury, </hi> </l>
<l> And here <reg orig="aduance">advance</reg> it <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> the Market-Place, </l>
<l> The middle <reg orig="Centure">Centre</reg> of this cursed <reg orig="Towne">Town</reg>. </l>
<l> Now <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> I <reg orig="pay'd">paid</reg> my Vow <reg orig="vnto"> unto </reg> his <reg orig="Soule">Soul</reg>: </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">For</seg> <reg orig="euery"> every </reg> drop of blood was <reg orig="drawne">drawn</reg> from him, </l>
<l> There hath at least <reg orig="fiue">five</reg> Frenchmen <reg orig="dyed">died</reg> <reg orig="to night."> tonight. </reg> </l>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> hereafter Ages may behold </l>
<l> What <reg orig="ruine">ruin</reg> happened <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <reg orig="reuenge">revenge</reg> of him, </l>
<l> Within their chiefest Temple <reg orig="Ile"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> erect </l>
<l> A <reg orig="Tombe">Tomb</reg>, wherein his Corps shall be <reg orig="interr'd">interred</reg>: </l>
<l> <reg orig="Vpon"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">Upon</seg> </reg> the <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">which</seg>, <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> <reg orig="euery"> every </reg> one may <reg orig="reade">read</reg>, </l>
<l> Shall be <reg orig="engrau'd">engraved</reg> the <reg orig="sacke">sack</reg> of Orleance, </l>
<l> The <reg orig="trecherous">treacherous</reg> manner of his <reg orig="mournefull">mournful</reg> death, </l>
<l> And what a terror he had <reg orig="beene"> been </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> France. </l>
<l> But Lords, <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> all <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> <reg orig="bloudy">bloody</reg> Massacre, </l>
<l> I muse <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> met not with the Dolphins Grace, </l>
<l> His new-come Champion, <reg orig="vertuous">virtuous</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Ioane </hi> of Acre, </l>
<l> Nor any of his false Confederates. </l></sp>
<sp who="K"><speaker rend="italic"> Bedf. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="'Tis"> It is </reg> thought Lord <hi rend="italic"> Talbot, </hi> when the fight began, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Rows'd">Roused</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> the sudden from their <reg orig="drowsie">drowsy</reg> Beds, </l>
<l> They did amongst the troupes of armed men, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Leape">Leap</reg> <reg orig="o're"> over </reg> the Walls <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> refuge <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> the field. </l></sp>
<sp who="U"><speaker rend="italic"> Burg. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="My selfe,"> Myself, </reg> as <reg orig="farre">far</reg> as I could well <reg orig="discerne">discern</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">For</seg> <reg orig="smoake">smoke</reg>, and <reg orig="duskie">dusky</reg> vapours of the night, </l>
<l> Am sure I <reg orig="scar'd">scared</reg> the Dolphin and his Trull, </l>
<l> When <reg orig="Arme">Arm</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <reg orig="Arme">Arm</reg> they both came swiftly running, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">Like</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> a <reg orig="payre">pair</reg> of <reg orig="louing"> loving </reg> <reg orig="Turtle-Doues">turtle-doves</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">That</seg> could not <reg orig="liue"> live </reg> asunder day or night. </l>
<l> After <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> things are set <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> order here, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Wee'le"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">We</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> follow them with all the power <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> <reg orig="haue."> have. </reg> </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic"> Enter a Messenger. </stage>
<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Mess. </speaker>
<l> All <reg orig="hayle">hail</reg>, my Lords: <seg type="homograph" subtype="interrogative">which</seg> of this Princely <reg orig="trayne">train</reg> </l>
<l> Call ye the Warlike <hi rend="italic"> Talbot, </hi> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> his Acts </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">So</seg> much applauded through the <reg orig="Realme">Realm</reg> of France? </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker rend="italic"> Talb. </speaker>
<l> Here is the <hi rend="italic"> Talbot, </hi> <seg type="homograph" subtype="interrogative">who</seg> would speak with him? </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Mess. </speaker>
<l> The <reg orig="vertuous">virtuous</reg> Lady, <reg orig="Countesse">Countess</reg> of Ouergne, </l>
<l> With <reg orig="modestie">modesty</reg> admiring thy <reg orig="Renowne">Renown</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">By</seg> me entreats (great Lord) thou <reg orig="would'st"> wouldst </reg> vouchsafe </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> visit <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">her</seg> <reg orig="poore">poor</reg> Castle where she <reg orig="lyes">lies</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> she may boast she hath <reg orig="beheid">beheld</reg> the man, </l>
<l> Whose glory fills the World with <reg orig="lowd">loud</reg> report. </l></sp>

<sp who="U"><speaker rend="italic"> Burg. </speaker>
<l> Is it <reg orig="euen"> even </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">so</seg>? Nay, then I see <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> <reg orig="Warres">Wars</reg> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">Will</seg> <reg orig="turne">turn</reg> <reg orig="vnto"> unto </reg> a <reg orig="peacefull">peaceful</reg> <reg orig="Comick">Comic</reg> sport, </l>
<l> When <reg orig="Ladyes">Ladies</reg> <reg orig="craue">crave</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> be <reg orig="encountred">encountered</reg> with. </l>
<l> You may not (my Lord) despise <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">her</seg> gentle suit. </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker rend="italic"> Talb. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Ne're"> Never </reg> trust me then: <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">for</seg> when a World of men </l>
<l> Could not <reg orig="preuayle">prevail</reg> with all their <reg orig="Oratorie">Oratory</reg>, </l>
<l> Yet hath a <reg orig="Womans">Woman's</reg> <reg orig="kindnesse">kindness</reg> <reg orig="ouer-rul'd">overruled</reg>: </l>
<l> And therefore tell <seg type="homograph" subtype="personalPronoun">her</seg>, I <reg orig="returne">return</reg> great <reg orig="thankes">thanks</reg>, </l>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> submission <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> attend <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="personalPronoun">her</seg>. </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">Will</seg> not your <reg orig="Honors">Honours</reg> <reg orig="beare">bear</reg> me company? </l></sp>
<sp who="K"><speaker rend="italic"> Bedf. </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="exclamation">No</seg>, truly, <reg orig="'tis"> it is </reg> more <reg orig="then"> than </reg> manners <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg>: </l>
<l> And I <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> heard it <reg orig="sayd,"> said, </reg> <reg orig="Vnbidden">Unbidden</reg> Guests </l>
<l> Are often <reg orig="welcommest">welcomest</reg> when they are gone. </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker rend="italic"> Talb. </speaker>
<l> Well then, alone (since <reg orig="there's"> there is </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> <reg orig="remedie">remedy</reg>) </l>
<l> I <reg orig="meane">mean</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="proue">prove</reg> this <reg orig="Ladyes">Ladies</reg> <reg orig="courtesie">courtesy</reg>. </l>
<l> Come hither <reg orig="Captaine">Captain</reg>, you <reg orig="perceiue">perceive</reg> my <reg orig="minde">mind</reg>. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic">  Whispers. </stage>

<sp who="ZT"><speaker rend="italic"> Capt. </speaker>
<l> I <reg orig="doe"> do </reg> my Lord, and <reg orig="meane">mean</reg> accordingly. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic">  Exeunt.
Enter Countesse.
<sp who="T"><speaker rend="italic"> Count. </speaker>
<l> Porter, remember what I <reg orig="gaue"> gave </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> charge, </l>
<l> And when you <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> done <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">so</seg>, bring the <reg orig="Keyes">Keys</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> me. </l></sp>
<sp who="ZU"><speaker rend="italic"> Port. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Madame">Madam</reg>, I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg>. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic">  Exit. </stage>
<sp who="T"><speaker rend="italic"> Count. </speaker>
<l> The Plot is <reg orig="layd">laid</reg>, if all things fall out right, </l>
<l> I shall as famous be <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> this exploit, </l>
<l> As Scythian <hi rend="italic"> Tomyris </hi> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Cyrus </hi> death, </l>
<l> Great is the rumour of this <reg orig="dreadfull">dreadful</reg> Knight, </l>
<l> And his <reg orig="atchieuements">achievements</reg> of <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> <reg orig="lesse">less</reg> account: </l>
<l> <reg orig="Faine">Fain</reg> would mine eyes be <reg orig="witnesse">witness</reg> with mine <reg orig="eares">ears</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> <reg orig="giue"> give </reg> their censure of these rare reports. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic"> Enter Messenger and Talbot.</stage>
<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Mess. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Madame">Madam</reg>, according as your Ladyship <reg orig="desir'd">desired</reg> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">By</seg> Message <reg orig="crau'd">craved</reg>, <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">so</seg> is Lord <hi rend="italic"> Talbot </hi> come. </l></sp>

<sp who="T"><speaker rend="italic"> Count. </speaker>
<l> And he is welcome: what? is this the man? </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Mess. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Madame">Madam</reg>, it is. </l></sp>
<sp who="T"><speaker rend="italic"> Count. </speaker>
<l> Is this the Scourge of France? </l>
<l> Is this the <hi rend="italic"> Talbot, </hi> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> much <reg orig="fear'd">feared</reg> abroad? </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> with his Name the Mothers still their Babes? </l>
<l> I see Report is fabulous and false. </l>
<l> I thought I should <reg orig="haue seene"> have seen </reg> some <hi rend="italic"> Hercules, </hi> </l>
<l> A second <hi rend="italic"> Hector, </hi> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> his grim aspect, </l>
<l> And large proportion of his strong knit <reg orig="Limbes">Limbs</reg>. </l>
<l> Alas, this is a Child, a silly <reg orig="Dwarfe">Dwarf</reg>: </l>
<l> It cannot be, this <reg orig="weake">weak</reg> and writhled <reg orig="shrimpe">shrimp</reg> </l>
<l> Should strike such terror <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> his Enemies. </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker rend="italic"> Talb. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Madame">Madam</reg>, I <reg orig="haue beene"> have been </reg> bold <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> trouble you: </l>
<l> But since your Ladyship is not at <reg orig="leysure">leisure</reg>, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Ile"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> sort some other time <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> visit you. </l></sp>
<sp who="T"><speaker rend="italic"> Count. </speaker>
<l> What <reg orig="meanes">means</reg> he now? </l>
<l> <reg orig="Goe aske"> Go ask </reg> him, whither he goes? </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Mess. </speaker>
<l> Stay my Lord <hi rend="italic"> Talbot, </hi> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">for</seg> my Lady <reg orig="craues">craves</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> know the cause of your abrupt departure? </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker rend="italic"> Talb. </speaker>
<l> Marry, <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">for</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> <reg orig="shee's"> she is </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> a wrong <reg orig="beleefe">belief</reg>, </l>
<l> I <reg orig="goe"> go </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="certifie">certify</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="personalPronoun">her</seg> <hi rend="italic"> <reg orig="Talbot's"> Talbot is </reg>  </hi> here. </l></sp>
 <stage rend="italic"> Enter Porter with Keyes. </stage>
<sp who="T"><speaker rend="italic"> Count. </speaker>
<l> If thou be he, then art thou Prisoner. </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker rend="italic"> Talb. </speaker>
<l> Prisoner? <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> whom? </l></sp>
<sp who="T"><speaker rend="italic"> Count. </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">To</seg> me, <reg orig="blood-thirstie">bloodthirsty</reg> Lord: </l>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> cause I <reg orig="trayn'd">trained</reg> thee <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> my House. </l>
<l> Long time thy shadow hath been thrall <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> me, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> my Gallery thy Picture hangs: </l>
<l> But now the substance shall endure the <seg type="homograph" subtype="noun">like</seg>, </l>
<l> And I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> <reg orig="chayne">chain</reg> these <reg orig="Legges">Legs</reg> and <reg orig="Armes">Arms</reg> of thine, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">That</seg> hast <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> <reg orig="Tyrannie">Tyranny</reg> these many <reg orig="yeeres">years</reg> </l>
<l> Wasted <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> <reg orig="Countrey">Country</reg>, <reg orig="slaine">slain</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> Citizens, </l>
<l> And sent <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> <reg orig="Sonnes"> Sons </reg> and Husbands <reg orig="captiuate">captivate</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker rend="italic"> Talb. </speaker>
<l> Ha, ha, ha. </l></sp>
<sp who="T"><speaker rend="italic"> Count. </speaker>
<l> Laughest thou Wretch? </l>
<l> Thy mirth shall <reg orig="turne">turn</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> <reg orig="moane">moan</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker rend="italic"> Talb. </speaker>
<l> I laugh <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> see your Ladyship <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> fond, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> <reg orig="thinke,"> think, </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> you <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> ought but <hi rend="italic"> Talbots </hi> shadow, </l>
<l> Whereon <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> practise your <reg orig="seueritie">severity</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="T"><speaker rend="italic"> Count. </speaker>
<l> Why? art not thou the man? </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker rend="italic"> Talb. </speaker>
<l> I am <reg orig="indeede">indeed</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="T"><speaker rend="italic"> Count. </speaker>
<l> Then <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> I substance too. </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker rend="italic"> Talb. </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="exclamation">No</seg>, <seg type="homograph" subtype="exclamation">no</seg>, I am but shadow of <reg orig="my selfe:"> myself: </reg> </l>
<l> You are <reg orig="deceiu'd">deceived</reg>, my substance is not here; </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> what you see, is but the smallest part, </l>
<l> And least proportion of <reg orig="Humanitie">Humanity</reg>: </l>
<l> I tell you <reg orig="Madame">Madam</reg>, were the whole Frame here, </l>
<l> It is of such a spacious <reg orig="loftie">lofty</reg> pitch, </l>
<l> Your <reg orig="Roofe">Roof</reg> were not sufficient <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="contayn't."> contain it. </reg> </l></sp>
<sp who="T"><speaker rend="italic"> Count. </speaker>
<l> This is a Riddling Merchant <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> the nonce, </l>
<l> He <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> be here, and yet he is not here: </l>
<l> How can these contrarieties agree? </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker rend="italic"> Talb. </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">That</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> I <reg orig="shew">show</reg> you presently. </l>
<stage rend="italic"> 
Winds his Horne, Drummes strike up, a Peale of Ordenance: 
Enter Souldiers.  </stage>

<l> How say you <reg orig="Madame">Madam</reg>? are you now <reg orig="perswaded">persuaded</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Talbot </hi> is but shadow of <reg orig="himselfe?"> himself? </reg> </l>
<l> These are his substance, <reg orig="sinewes">sinews</reg>, <reg orig="armes">arms</reg>, and strength, </l>
<l> With <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">which</seg> he <reg orig="yoaketh">yoketh</reg> your rebellious <reg orig="Neckes">Necks</reg>, </l>
<l> Razeth your Cities, and <reg orig="subuerts">subverts</reg> your <reg orig="Townes">Towns</reg>, </l>

<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> a moment makes them desolate. </l></sp>
<sp who="T"><speaker rend="italic"> Count. </speaker>
<l> Victorious <hi rend="italic"> Talbot, </hi> pardon my abuse, </l>
<l> I <reg orig="finde">find</reg> thou art <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> <reg orig="lesse">less</reg> <reg orig="then"> than </reg> Fame hath bruited, </l>
<l> And more <reg orig="then"> than </reg> may be gathered <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> thy shape. </l>
<l> Let my presumption not <reg orig="prouoke">provoke</reg> thy wrath, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> I am sorry, <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> with <reg orig="reuerence">reverence</reg> </l>
<l> I did not <reg orig="entertaine">entertain</reg> thee as thou art. </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker rend="italic"> Talb. </speaker>
<l> Be not <reg orig="dismay'd">dismayed</reg>, <reg orig="faire"> fair </reg> Lady, nor misconster </l>
<l> The <reg orig="minde">mind</reg> of <hi rend="italic"> Talbot, </hi> as you did mistake </l>
<l> The outward composition of his body. </l>
<l> What you <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> done, hath not offended me: </l>
<l> Nor other satisfaction <reg orig="doe"> do </reg> I <reg orig="craue">crave</reg>, </l>
<l> But <reg orig="onely"> only </reg> with your patience, <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> may </l>
<l> Taste of your Wine, and see what Cates you <reg orig="haue,"> have, </reg> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> <reg orig="Souldiers">Soldiers</reg> <reg orig="stomacks">stomachs</reg> <reg orig="alwayes">always</reg> <reg orig="serue">serve</reg> them well. </l></sp>
<sp who="T"><speaker rend="italic"> Count. </speaker>
<l> With all my heart, and <reg orig="thinke"> think </reg> me <reg orig="honored">honoured</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> feast <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> great a Warrior <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> my House. </l></sp>
    <stage rend="italic">  Exeunt. </stage>
    <stage>Enter Richard Plantagenet, Warwick, Somerset, Poole, and others.
<sp who="H"><speaker rend="italic"> Yorke. </speaker>
<l> Great Lords and Gentlemen, </l>
<l> What <reg orig="meanes">means</reg> this silence? </l>
<l> Dare <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> man answer <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> a Cafe of Truth? </l></sp>
<sp who="E"><speaker rend="italic"> Suff. </speaker>
<l> Within the Temple Hall <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> were too <reg orig="lowd">loud</reg>, </l>
<l> The Garden here is more <reg orig="conuenient">convenient</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker rend="italic"> York. </speaker>
<l> Then say at once, if I <reg orig="maintain'd">maintained</reg> the Truth: </l>
<l> Or else was wrangling <hi rend="italic"> Somerset </hi> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <reg orig="th'error?"> the error? </reg> </l></sp>
<sp who="E"><speaker rend="italic"> Suff. </speaker>
<l> Faith I <reg orig="haue beene"> have been </reg> a Truant <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> the Law, </l>
<l> And <reg orig="neuer"> never </reg> yet could frame my <seg type="homograph" subtype="noun">will</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> it, </l>
<l> And therefore frame the Law <reg orig="vnto"> unto </reg> my <seg type="homograph" subtype="noun">will</seg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="N"><speaker rend="italic"> Som. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Iudge">Judge</reg> you, my Lord of Warwicke, then <reg orig="betweene">between</reg> <reg orig="vs."> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg>. </reg> </l></sp>
<sp who="M"><speaker rend="italic"> War. </speaker>
<l> Between two Hawks, <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">which</seg> <reg orig="flyes">flies</reg> the higher pitch, </l>
<l> Between two Dogs, <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">which</seg> hath the deeper mouth, </l>
<l> Between two Blades, <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">which</seg> <reg orig="beares">bears</reg> the better temper, </l>
<l> Between two Horses, <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">which</seg> doth <reg orig="beare">bear</reg> him best, </l>
<l> Between two <reg orig="Girles">Girls</reg>, <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">which</seg> hath the <reg orig="merryest">merriest</reg> eye, </l>
<l> I <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> perhaps some shallow spirit of <reg orig="Iudgement">Judgment</reg>: </l>
<l> But <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> these nice sharpe Quillets of the Law, </l>
<l> Good faith I am <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> wiser <reg orig="then"> than </reg> a Daw. </l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker rend="italic"> York. </speaker>
<l> Tut, tut, here is a mannerly forbearance: </l>
<l> The truth <reg orig="appeares">appears</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> naked <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> my side, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> any purblind eye may find it out. </l></sp>
<sp who="N"><speaker rend="italic"> Som. </speaker>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> my side it is <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> well <reg orig="apparrell'd">apparelled</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">So</seg> <reg orig="cleare">clear</reg>, <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> shining, and <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> <reg orig="euident">evident</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> it <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> glimmer through a <reg orig="blind-mans">blind man's</reg> eye. </l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker rend="italic"> York. </speaker>
<l> Since you are <reg orig="tongue-ty'd">tongue-tied</reg>, and <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> <reg orig="loth">loath</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="speake">speak</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">In</seg> <reg orig="dumbe">dumb</reg> <reg orig="significants">significance</reg> <reg orig="proclayme">proclaim</reg> your thoughts: </l>
<l> Let him <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> is a <reg orig="true-borne">true-born</reg> Gentleman, </l>
<l> And stands <reg orig="vpon"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">upon</seg> </reg> the <reg orig="honor">honour</reg> of his birth, </l>
<l> If he suppose <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> I <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> pleaded truth, </l>
<l> From off this <reg orig="Bryer">Brier</reg> pluck a white Rose with me. </l></sp>
<sp who="N"><speaker rend="italic"> Som. </speaker>
<l> Let him <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> is <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> Coward, nor <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> Flatterer, </l>
<l> But dare <reg orig="maintaine">maintain</reg> the <reg orig="partie">party</reg> of the truth, </l>
<l> Pluck a red Rose from off this Thorne with me. </l></sp>
<sp who="M"><speaker rend="italic"> War. </speaker>
<l> I <reg orig="loue"> love </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> Colours: and without all colour </l>
<l> Of base insinuating <reg orig="flatterie">flattery</reg>, </l>
<l> I pluck this white Rose with <hi rend="italic"> Plantagenet. </hi> </l></sp>
<sp who="E"><speaker rend="italic"> Suff. </speaker>
<l> I pluck this red Rose, with young <hi rend="italic"> Somerset, </hi> </l>
<l> And say <reg orig="withall">withal</reg>, I <reg orig="thinke"> think </reg> he held the right. </l></sp>
<sp who="W"><speaker rend="italic"> Vernon. </speaker>
<l> Stay Lords and Gentlemen, and pluck <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> more </l>
<l> Till you conclude, <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> he <reg orig="vpon"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">upon</seg> </reg> whose side </l>
<l> The fewest Roses are <reg orig="cropt">cropped</reg> from the Tree, </l>
<l> Shall <reg orig="yeeld">yield</reg> the other <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> the right opinion. </l></sp>
<sp who="N"><speaker rend="italic"> Som. </speaker>
<l> Good Master <hi rend="italic"> Vernon, </hi> it is well <reg orig="obiected">objected</reg>: </l>
<l> If I <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> fewest, I subscribe <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> silence. </l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker rend="italic"> York. </speaker>
<l> And I. </l></sp>
<sp who="W"><speaker rend="italic"> Vernon. </speaker>
<l> Then <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> the truth, and <reg orig="plainnesse">plainness</reg> of the Case, </l>
<l> I pluck this pale and Maiden <reg orig="Blossome">Blossom</reg> here, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Giuing"> Giving </reg> my Verdict <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> the white Rose side. </l></sp>
<sp who="N"><speaker rend="italic"> Som. </speaker>
<l> Prick not your finger as you pluck it off, </l>
<l> Least bleeding, you <reg orig="doe"> do </reg> paint the white Rose red, </l>
<l> And <reg orig="sall">fall</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> my side <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">so</seg> against your <seg type="homograph" subtype="noun">will</seg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="W"><speaker rend="italic"> Vernon. </speaker>
<l> If I, my Lord, <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> my opinion bleed, </l>
<l> Opinion shall be Surgeon <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> my hurt, </l>
<l> And <reg orig="keepe">keep</reg> me <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> the side where still I am. </l></sp>
<sp who="N"><speaker rend="italic"> Som. </speaker>
<l> Well, well, come <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">on</seg>, <seg type="homograph" subtype="interrogative">who</seg> else? </l></sp>
<sp who="ZV"><speaker rend="italic"> Lawyer. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Vnlesse">Unless</reg> my <reg orig="Studie">Study</reg> and my <reg orig="Bookes">Books</reg> be false, </l>
<l> The argument you held, was wrong <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> you; </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">In</seg> <reg orig="signe">sign</reg> whereof, I pluck a white Rose too. </l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker rend="italic"> Yorke. </speaker>
<l> Now <hi rend="italic"> Somerset, </hi> where is your argument? </l></sp>
<sp who="N"><speaker rend="italic"> Som. </speaker>
<l> Here <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> my Scabbard, meditating, <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> </l>
<l> Shall <reg orig="dye">die</reg> your white Rose <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> a bloody red. </l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker rend="italic">York </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Meane">Mean</reg> time your cheeks do counterfeit <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">our</seg> Roses: </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> pale they <reg orig="looke"> look </reg> with <reg orig="feare">fear</reg>, as witnessing </l>
<l> The truth <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">our</seg> side. </l></sp>
<sp who="N"><speaker rend="italic"> Som. </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="exclamation">No</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Plantagenet: </hi> </l>
<l> <reg orig="'Tis"> It is </reg> not <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> <reg orig="feare">fear</reg>, but anger, <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> thy <reg orig="cheekes">cheeks</reg> </l>
<l> Blush <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> pure shame, <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> counterfeit <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">our</seg> Roses, </l>
<l> And yet thy tongue <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> not <reg orig="confesse">confess</reg> thy error. </l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker rend="italic"> Yorke. </speaker>
<l> Hath not thy Rose a Canker, <hi rend="italic"> Somerset? </hi> </l></sp>
<sp who="N"><speaker rend="italic"> Som. </speaker>
<l> Hath not thy Rose a Thorne, <hi rend="italic"> Plantagenet? </hi> </l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker rend="italic"> Yorke. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="I,"> Aye, </reg> sharpe and piercing <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="maintaine">maintain</reg> his truth, </l>
<l> Whiles thy consuming Canker <reg orig="eates">eats</reg> his falsehood. </l></sp>
<sp who="N"><speaker rend="italic"> Som. </speaker>
<l> Well, <reg orig="Ile"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> find friends <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="weare">wear</reg> my bleeding Roses, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">That</seg> shall <reg orig="maintaine">maintain</reg> what I <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> said is true, </l>
<l> Where false <hi rend="italic"> Plantagenet </hi> dare not be <reg orig="seene."> seen. </reg> </l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker rend="italic"> Yorke. </speaker>
<l> Now <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> this Maiden <reg orig="Blossome">Blossom</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> my hand, </l>
<l> I <reg orig="scorne">scorn</reg> thee and thy fashion, <reg orig="peeuish">peevish</reg> Boy. </l></sp>
<sp who="E"><speaker rend="italic"> Suff. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Turne">Turn</reg> not thy <reg orig="scornes">scorns</reg> this way, <hi rend="italic"> Plantagenet. </hi> </l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker rend="italic"> Yorke. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Prowd">Proud</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Poole, </hi> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg>, and <reg orig="scorne">scorn</reg> both him and thee. </l></sp>
<sp who="E"><speaker rend="italic"> Suff. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Ile"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> <reg orig="turne">turn</reg> my part thereof into thy throat. </l></sp>
<sp who="N"><speaker rend="italic"> Som. </speaker>
<l> Away, away, good <hi rend="italic"> William de la Poole, </hi> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">We</seg> grace the Yeoman, <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> <reg orig="conuersing">conversing</reg> with him. </l></sp>
<sp who="M"><speaker rend="italic"> Warw. </speaker>
<l> Now <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> Gods <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> thou <reg orig="wrong'st">wrongest</reg> him, <hi rend="italic"> Somerset: </hi> </l>
<l> His Grandfather was <hi rend="italic"> Lyonel </hi> Duke of Clarence, </l>
<l> Third <reg orig="Sonne">Son</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> the third <hi rend="italic"> Edward </hi> King of England: </l>
<l> Spring <reg orig="Crestlesse">Crestless</reg> Yeomen from <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> <reg orig="deepe">deep</reg> a Root? </l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker rend="italic"> Yorke. </speaker>
<l> He <reg orig="beares">bears</reg> him <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> the <reg orig="place's">places</reg> <reg orig="Priuiledge">Privilege</reg>, </l>
<l> Or durst not <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> his <reg orig="crauen">craven</reg> heart say thus. </l></sp>
<sp who="N"><speaker rend="italic"> Som. </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">By</seg> him <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> made me, <reg orig="Ile"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> <reg orig="maintaine">maintain</reg> my words </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">On</seg> any Plot of Ground <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <reg orig="Christendome">Christendom</reg>. </l>
<l> Was not thy Father, <hi rend="italic"> Richard, </hi> <reg orig="Earle">Earl</reg> of Cambridge, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">For</seg> Treason executed <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> late Kings <reg orig="dayes">days</reg>? </l>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> his Treason, <reg orig="stand'st">standest</reg> not thou attainted, </l>
<l> Corrupted, and exempt from ancient Gentry? </l>
<l> His <reg orig="Trespas">Trespass</reg> yet <reg orig="liues"> lives </reg> <reg orig="guiltie">guilty</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> thy blood, </l>
<l> And till thou be <reg orig="restor'd">restored</reg>, thou art a Yeoman. </l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker rend="italic"> Yorke. </speaker>
<l> My Father was attached, not attainted, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Condemn'd">Condemned</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="dye">die</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> Treason, but <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> <reg orig="Traytor">Traitor</reg>; </l>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> <reg orig="Ile"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> <reg orig="proue">prove</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> better men <reg orig="then"> than </reg> <hi rend="italic"> Somerset, </hi> </l>
<l> Were growing time once ripened <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> my <seg type="homograph" subtype="noun">will</seg>. </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">For</seg> your partaker <hi rend="italic"> Poole, </hi> and you <reg orig="your selfe,"> yourself, </reg> </l>
<l> <reg orig="Ile"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> note you <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> my <reg orig="Booke">Book</reg> of <reg orig="Memorie">Memory</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> scourge you <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> this apprehension: </l>
<l> <reg orig="Looke"> Look </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> it well, and say you are well <reg orig="warn'd">warned</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="N"><speaker rend="italic"> Som. </speaker>
<l> Ah, thou shalt <reg orig="finde">find</reg> <reg orig="vs"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg> </reg> ready <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> thee still: </l>
<l> And know <reg orig="vs"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg> </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> these Colours <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> thy Foes, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> these, my friends <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <reg orig="spight">spite</reg> of thee shall <reg orig="weare">wear</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker rend="italic"> Yorke. </speaker>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> my <reg orig="Soule">Soul</reg>, this pale and angry Rose, </l>
<l> As <reg orig="Cognizance">Cognisance</reg> of my blood-drinking hate, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">Will</seg> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> <reg orig="euer,"> ever, </reg> and my Faction <reg orig="weare">wear</reg>, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Vntill">Until</reg> it wither with me <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> my <reg orig="Graue">Grave</reg>, </l>
<l> Or flourish <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> the height of my Degree. </l></sp>
<sp who="E"><speaker rend="italic"> Suff. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Goe"> Go </reg> forward, and be <reg orig="choak'd">choked</reg> with thy ambition: </l>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">so</seg> <reg orig="farwell">farewell</reg>, <reg orig="vntill">until</reg> I meet thee next. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic">   Exit. </stage>

<sp who="N"><speaker rend="italic"> Som. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Haue"> Have </reg> with thee <hi rend="italic"> Poole: </hi> <reg orig="Farwell">Farewell</reg> ambitious <hi rend="italic"> Richard. </hi> </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic">  Exit. </stage>

<sp who="H"><speaker rend="italic"> Yorke. </speaker>
<l> How I am <reg orig="brau'd">braved</reg>, and must perforce endure it? </l></sp>
<sp who="M"><speaker rend="italic"> Warw. </speaker>
<l> This blot <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> they <reg orig="obiect">object</reg> against your House, </l>
<l> Shall be <reg orig="whipt">whipped</reg> out <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> the next Parliament, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Call'd">Called</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> the Truce of <hi rend="italic"> Winchester </hi> and <hi rend="italic"> Gloucester: </hi> </l>
<l> And if thou be not then created <hi rend="italic"> Yorke, </hi> </l>
<l> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> not <reg orig="liue"> live </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> be accounted <hi rend="italic"> Warwicke. </hi> </l>
<l> <reg orig="Meane">Mean</reg> time, <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <reg orig="signall">signal</reg> of my <reg orig="loue"> love </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> thee, </l>
<l> Against <reg orig="prowd">proud</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Somerset, </hi> and <hi rend="italic"> William Poole, </hi> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">Will</seg> I <reg orig="vpon"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">upon</seg> </reg> thy <reg orig="partie">party</reg> <reg orig="weare">wear</reg> this Rose. </l>
<l> And here I <reg orig="prophecie">prophecy</reg>: this <reg orig="brawle">brawl</reg> <reg orig="to day,"> today, </reg> </l>
<l> <reg orig="Growne">Grown</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> this faction <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> the Temple Garden, </l>
<l> Shall send <reg orig="betweene">between</reg> the Red-Rose and the White, </l>
<l> A thousand <reg orig="Soules">Souls</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> Death and deadly Night. </l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker rend="italic"> Yorke. </speaker>
<l> Good Master <hi rend="italic"> Uernon, </hi> I am bound <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> you, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> you <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> my <reg orig="behalfe">behalf</reg> would pluck a Flower. </l></sp>
<sp who="W"><speaker rend="italic"> Ver. </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">In</seg> your <reg orig="behalfe">behalf</reg> still <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> I <reg orig="weare">wear</reg> the same. </l></sp>
<sp who="ZV"><speaker rend="italic"> Lawyer. </speaker>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">so</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> I. </l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker rend="italic"> Yorke. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Thankes"> thanks </reg> gentle. </l>
<l> Come, let <reg orig="vs"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg> </reg> <reg orig="foure">four</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> Dinner: I dare say, </l>
<l> This <reg orig="Quarrell">Quarrel</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> <reg orig="drinke">drink</reg> Blood another day. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic">  Exeunt.</stage>
<stage> Enter Mortimer, brought in a Chayre, and Iaylors.
<sp who="J"><speaker rend="italic"> Mort. </speaker>
<l> Kind Keepers of my <reg orig="weake">weak</reg> decaying Age, </l>
<l> Let dying <hi rend="italic"> Mortimer </hi> here rest <reg orig="himselfe."> himself. </reg> </l>
<l> <reg orig="Euen"> Even </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">like</seg> a man new haled from the Wrack, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">So</seg> fare my <reg orig="Limbes">Limbs</reg> with long Imprisonment: </l>
<l> And these gray Locks, the <reg orig="Pursuiuants">Pursuivants</reg> of death, </l>
<l> <hi rend="italic">Nestor-like</hi>  aged, <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> an Age of Care, </l>
<l> Argue the end of <hi rend="italic"> Edmund Mortimer. </hi> </l>
<l> These Eyes, <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">like</seg> <reg orig="Lampes">Lamps</reg>, whose wasting <reg orig="Oyle">Oil</reg> is spent, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Waxe">Wax</reg> <reg orig="dimme">dim</reg>, as drawing <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> their Exigent. </l>
<l> <reg orig="Weake">Weak</reg> Shoulders, <reg orig="ouer-borne">overborne</reg> with <reg orig="burthening">burdening</reg> <reg orig="Griefe">Grief</reg>, </l>
<l> And <reg orig="pyth-lesse">pithless</reg> <reg orig="Armes">Arms</reg>, <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">like</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> a withered Vine, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">That</seg> <reg orig="droupes">droops</reg> his <reg orig="sappe-lesse">sapless</reg> Branches <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> the ground. </l>
<l> Yet are these Feet, whose <reg orig="strength-lesse">strengthless</reg> stay is <reg orig="numme">numb</reg>, </l>
<l> (<reg orig="Vnable">Unable</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> support this <reg orig="Lumpe">Lump</reg> of Clay) </l>
<l> Swift-winged with desire <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> get a <reg orig="Graue">Grave</reg>, </l>
<l> As witting I <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> other comfort <reg orig="haue."> have. </reg> </l>
<l> But tell me, Keeper, <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> my Nephew come? </l></sp>
<sp who="ZW"><speaker rend="italic"> Keeper. </speaker>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Richard Plantagenet, </hi> my Lord, <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> come: </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">We</seg> sent <reg orig="vnto"> unto </reg> the Temple, <reg orig="vnto"> unto </reg> his Chamber, </l>
<l> And answer was <reg orig="return'd">returned</reg>, <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> he <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> come. </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker rend="italic"> Mort. </speaker>
<l> Enough: my <reg orig="Soule">Soul</reg> shall then be satisfied. </l>
<l> <reg orig="Poore">Poor</reg> Gentleman, his wrong doth <reg orig="equall">equal</reg> mine. </l>
<l> Since <hi rend="italic"> Henry Monmouth </hi> first began <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="reigne">reign</reg>, </l>
<l> Before whose Glory I was great <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <reg orig="Armes">Arms</reg>, </l>
<l> This loathsome sequestration <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> I had; </l>
<l> And <reg orig="euen"> even </reg> since then, hath <hi rend="italic"> Richard </hi> <reg orig="beene"> been </reg> <reg orig="obscur'd">obscured</reg>, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Depriu'd">Deprived</reg> of <reg orig="Honor">Honour</reg> and Inheritance. </l>
<l> But now, the Arbitrator of <reg orig="Despaires">Despairs</reg>, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Iust">Just</reg> Death, <reg orig="kinde">kind</reg> <reg orig="Vmpire">Umpire</reg> of <reg orig="mens">men's</reg> miseries, </l>
<l> With sweet enlargement doth <reg orig="dismisse">dismiss</reg> me hence: </l>
<l> I would his troubles likewise were <reg orig="expir'd">expired</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">so</seg> he might <reg orig="recouer">recover</reg> what was lost. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic"> Enter Richard. </stage>
<sp who="ZW"><speaker rend="italic"> Keeper. </speaker>
<l> My Lord, your <reg orig="louing"> loving </reg> Nephew now is come. </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker rend="italic"> Mor. </speaker>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Richard Plantagenet, </hi> my friend, is he come? </l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker rend="italic"> Rich. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="I,"> Aye, </reg> Noble <reg orig="Vnckle">Uncle</reg>, thus ignobly <reg orig="vs'd">used</reg>, </l>
<l> Your Nephew, late despised <hi rend="italic"> Richard, </hi> comes. </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker rend="italic"> Mort. </speaker>
<l> Direct mine <reg orig="Armes">Arms</reg>, I may embrace his Neck, </l>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> his <reg orig="Bosome">Bosom</reg> spend my latter <reg orig="gaspe">gasp</reg>. </l>
<l> <reg orig="Oh">O</reg> tell me when my <reg orig="Lippes">Lips</reg> <reg orig="doe"> do </reg> touch his <reg orig="Cheekes">Cheeks</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> I may kindly <reg orig="giue"> give </reg> one fainting <reg orig="Kisse">Kiss</reg>. </l>
<l> And now declare sweet Stem from <hi rend="italic"> Yorkes </hi> great Stock, </l>
<l> Why didst thou say of late thou wert <reg orig="despis'd">despised</reg>? </l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker rend="italic"> Rich. </speaker>
<l> First, <reg orig="leane">lean</reg> thine aged Back against mine <reg orig="Arme">Arm</reg>, </l>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> ease, <reg orig="Ile"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> tell thee my Disease. </l>
<l> This day <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> argument <reg orig="vpon"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">upon</seg></reg> a Case, </l>
<l> Some words there grew <reg orig="'twixt">twixt</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Somerset </hi> and me: </l>
<l> Among <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">which</seg> <reg orig="tearmes">terms</reg>, he <reg orig="vs'd">used</reg> his <reg orig="lauish">lavish</reg> tongue, </l>
<l> And did <reg orig="vpbrayd">upbraid</reg> me with my Fathers death; </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">Which</seg> <reg orig="obloquie">obloquy</reg> set <reg orig="barres">bars</reg> before my tongue, </l>
<l> Else with the <seg type="homograph" subtype="noun">like</seg> I had requited him. </l>
<l> Therefore good <reg orig="Vnckle">Uncle</reg>, <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> my Fathers sake, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">In</seg> <reg orig="honor">honour</reg> of a true <hi rend="italic"> Plantagenet, </hi> </l>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> Alliance sake, declare the cause </l>
<l> My Father, <reg orig="Earle">Earl</reg> of Cambridge, lost his Head. </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker rend="italic"> Mort. </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">That</seg> cause (<reg orig="faire"> fair </reg> Nephew) <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> <reg orig="imprison'd">imprisoned</reg> me, </l>
<l> And hath <reg orig="detayn'd">detained</reg> me all my <reg orig="flowring">flowering</reg> Youth, </l>
<l> Within a loathsome Dungeon, there <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="pyne">pine</reg>, </l>
<l> Was cursed Instrument of his decease. </l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker rend="italic"> Rich. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Discouer">Discover</reg> more at large what cause <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> was, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> I am ignorant, and cannot <reg orig="guesse">guess</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker rend="italic"> Mort. </speaker>
<l> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg>, if <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> my fading breath permit, </l>
<l> And Death approach not, ere my Tale be done. </l>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Henry </hi> the Fourth, Grandfather <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> this King, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Depos'd">Deposed</reg> his Nephew <hi rend="italic"> Richard, Edwards </hi> <reg orig="Sonne,"> Son, </reg> </l>
<l> The first begotten, and the <reg orig="lawfull">lawful</reg> <reg orig="Heire">Heir</reg> </l>
<l> Of <hi rend="italic"> Edward </hi> King, the Third of <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> Descent. </l>
<l> During whose <reg orig="Reigne">Reign</reg>, the <hi rend="italic"> Percies </hi> of the North, </l>
<l> Finding his <reg orig="Vsurpation">Usurpation</reg> most <reg orig="vniust">unjust</reg>, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Endeuour'd">Endeavoured</reg> my <reg orig="aduancement">advancement</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> the Throne. </l>
<l> The reason <reg orig="mou'd">moved</reg> these Warlike Lords <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> this, </l>
<l> Was, <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> (young <hi rend="italic"> Richard </hi> thus <reg orig="remou'd">removed</reg>, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Leauing">Leaving</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> <reg orig="Heire">Heir</reg> begotten of his Body) </l>
<l> I was the next <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> Birth and Parentage: </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> my Mother, I <reg orig="deriued">derived</reg> am </l>
<l> From <hi rend="italic"> Lionel </hi> Duke of Clarence, third <reg orig="Sonne"> Son </reg> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">To</seg> King <hi rend="italic"> Edward </hi> the Third; whereas <reg orig="hee,"> he, </reg> </l>
<l> From <hi rend="italic"> Iohn </hi> of Gaunt doth bring his Pedigree, </l>
<l> Being but fourth of <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> <reg orig="Heroick">Heroic</reg> <reg orig="Lyne">Line</reg>. </l>
<l> But <reg orig="marke">mark</reg>: as <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> this <reg orig="haughtie">haughty</reg> great attempt, </l>
<l> They laboured, <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> plant the <reg orig="rightfull">rightful</reg> <reg orig="Heire">Heir</reg>, </l>
<l> I lost my <reg orig="Libertie">Liberty</reg>, and they their <reg orig="Liues."> Lives. </reg> </l>
<l> Long after this, when <hi rend="italic"> Henry </hi> the <reg orig="Fift">Fifth</reg> </l>
<l> (Succeeding his Father <hi rend="italic"> Bullingbrooke </hi>) did <reg orig="reigne">reign</reg>; </l>
<l> Thy Father, <reg orig="Earle">Earl</reg> of Cambridge, then <reg orig="deriu'd">derived</reg> </l>
<l> From famous <hi rend="italic"> Edmund Langley, </hi> Duke of Yorke, </l>
<l> Marrying my Sister, <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> thy Mother was; </l>
<l> <reg orig="Againe,"> Again, </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <reg orig="pitty">pity</reg> of my hard <reg orig="distresse">distress</reg>, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Leuied">Levied</reg> an Army, <reg orig="weening">weaning</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="redeeme">redeem</reg>, </l>
<l> And <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> <reg orig="install'd">installed</reg> me <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> the <reg orig="Diademe">Diadem</reg>: </l>
<l> But as the rest, <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">so</seg> fell <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> Noble <reg orig="Earle">Earl</reg>, </l>
<l> And was beheaded. Thus the <hi rend="italic"> Mortimers, </hi> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">In</seg> whom the Title rested, were <reg orig="supprest">suppressed</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker rend="italic"> Rich. </speaker>
<l> Of <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">which</seg>, my Lord, your <reg orig="Honor">Honour</reg> is the last. </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker rend="italic"> Mort. </speaker>
<l> True; and thou seest, <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> Issue <reg orig="haue,"> have, </reg> </l>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> my fainting words <reg orig="doe"> do </reg> warrant death: </l>
<l> Thou art my <reg orig="Heire">Heir</reg>; the rest, I wish thee gather: </l>
<l> But yet be wary <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> thy studious care. </l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker rend="italic"> Rich. </speaker>
<l> Thy <reg orig="graue">grave</reg> admonishments <reg orig="preuayle">prevail</reg> with me: </l>
<l> But yet <reg orig="me thinkes,"> methinks, </reg> my Fathers execution </l>
<l> Was nothing <reg orig="lesse">less</reg> <reg orig="then"> than </reg> bloody Tyranny. </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker rend="italic"> Mort. </speaker>
<l> With silence, Nephew, be thou <reg orig="pollitick">politic</reg>, </l>
<l> Strong fixed is the House of <hi rend="italic"> Lancaster, </hi> </l>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">like</seg> a <reg orig="Mountaine">Mountain</reg>, not <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> be <reg orig="remou'd">removed</reg>. </l>
<l> But now thy <reg orig="Vnckle">Uncle</reg> is <reg orig="remouing">removing</reg> hence, </l>
<l> As Princes <reg orig="doe"> do </reg> their Courts, when they are <reg orig="cloy'd">cloyed</reg> </l>
<l> With long continuance <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> a <reg orig="setled">settled</reg> place, </l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker rend="italic"> Rich. </speaker>
<l> O <reg orig="Vnckle">Uncle</reg>, would some part of my young <reg orig="yeeres">years</reg> </l>
<l> Might but <reg orig="redeeme">redeem</reg> the passage of your Age. </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker rend="italic"> Mort. </speaker>
<l> Thou <reg orig="do'st"> dost </reg> then wrong me, as <reg orig="ye"> the </reg> slaughterer doth, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">Which</seg> <reg orig="giueth"> giveth </reg> many Wounds, when one <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> kill. </l>
<l> <reg orig="Mourne">Mourn</reg> not, except thou sorrow <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> my good, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Onely giue"> Only give </reg> order <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> my <reg orig="Funerall">Funeral</reg>. </l>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">so</seg> farewell, and <reg orig="faire"> fair </reg> be all thy hopes, </l>
<l> And prosperous be thy Life <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> Peace and <reg orig="Warre">War</reg>. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic">  Dyes. </stage>
<sp who="H"><speaker rend="italic"> Rich. </speaker>
<l> And Peace, <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> <reg orig="Warre">War</reg>, befall thy parting <reg orig="Soule">Soul</reg>. </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">In</seg> Prison hast thou spent a Pilgrimage, </l>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">like</seg> a <reg orig="Hermite">Hermit</reg> <reg orig="ouer-past">overpast</reg> thy <reg orig="dayes">days</reg>. </l>
<l> Well, I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> <reg orig="locke">lock</reg> his <reg orig="Councell">Council</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> my <reg orig="Brest">Breast</reg>, </l>
<l> And what I <reg orig="doe"> do </reg> imagine, let <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> rest. </l>
<l> Keepers <reg orig="conuey">convey</reg> him hence, and I <reg orig="my selfe"> myself </reg> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">Will</seg> see his <reg orig="Buryall">Burial</reg> better <reg orig="then"> than </reg> his Life. </l>
<stage rend="italic">  Exit. </stage>

<l> Here <reg orig="dyes">dies</reg> the <reg orig="duskie">dusky</reg> Torch of <hi rend="italic"> Mortimer, </hi> </l>
<l> <reg orig="Choakt">Choked</reg> with Ambition of the meaner sort. </l>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> those Wrongs, those bitter <reg orig="Iniuries">Injuries</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">Which</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Somerset </hi> hath <reg orig="offer'd">offered</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> my House, </l>
<l> I doubt not, but with <reg orig="Honor">Honour</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="redresse">redress</reg>. </l>
<l> And therefore haste I <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> the Parliament, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Eyther"> Either </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> restored <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> Blood, </l>
<l> Or make my <seg type="homograph" subtype="noun">will</seg>  <reg orig="aduantage">advantage</reg> of my good. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic">   Exit. </stage>

<stage rend="italic"> Actus Tertius. </stage>
<stage rend="italic"> Scena Prima. </stage>
<stage rend="italic"> 
Flourish. Enter King, Exeter, Gloster, Winchester, Warwick, 
Somerset, Suffolk, Richard Plantagenet. Gloster offers to put <reg orig="vp">up</reg> a Bill: 
Winchester snatches it, <reg orig="teares">tears</reg> it.
<sp who="O"><speaker rend="italic"> Winch. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Com'st">Comest</reg> thou with <reg orig="deepe">deep</reg> premeditated Lines? </l>
<l> With written Pamphlets, studiously <reg orig="deuis'd">devised</reg>? </l>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Humfrey </hi> of Gloster, if thou canst accuse, </l>
<l> Or ought <reg orig="intend'st">intendest</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> lay <reg orig="vnto"> unto </reg> my charge, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Doe"> Do </reg> it without <reg orig="inuention">invention</reg>, suddenly, </l>
<l> As I with sudden, and <reg orig="extemporall">extemporal</reg> speech, </l>
<l> Purpose <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> answer what thou canst <reg orig="obiect">object</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> Glo. </speaker>
<l> Presumptuous Priest, this place <reg orig="comands">commands</reg> my <reg orig="patiece">patience</reg>, </l>
<l> Or thou <reg orig="should'st"> shouldest </reg> <reg orig="finde">find</reg> thou hast <reg orig="dis-honor'd">dishonoured</reg> me. </l>
<l> <reg orig="Thinke"> Think </reg> not, although <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> Writing I <reg orig="preferr'd">preferred</reg> </l>
<l> The manner of thy vile <reg orig="outragious">outrageous</reg> <reg orig="Crymes">Crimes</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> therefore I <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> <reg orig="forg'd">forged</reg>, or am not able </l>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Verbatim </hi> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> rehearse the <reg orig="Methode">Method</reg> of my <reg orig="Penne">Pen</reg>. </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="exclamation">No</seg> Prelate, such is thy audacious <reg orig="wickednesse">wickedness</reg>, </l>
<l> Thy lewd, pestiferous, and dissentious <reg orig="prancks">pranks</reg>, </l>
<l> As very Infants prattle of thy pride. </l>
<l> Thou art a most <reg orig="pernitious">pernicious</reg> <reg orig="Vsurer">Usurer</reg>, </l>
<l> Froward <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> nature, <reg orig="Enemie">Enemy</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> Peace, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Lasciuious">Lascivious</reg>, wanton, more <reg orig="then"> than </reg> well <reg orig="beseemes">beseems</reg> </l>
<l> A man of thy Profession, and Degree, </l>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> thy <reg orig="Trecherie">Treachery</reg>, <reg orig="what's"> what is </reg> more manifest? </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">In</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> thou <reg orig="layd'st">laidest</reg> a Trap <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> take my Life, </l>
<l> As well at London Bridge, as at the Tower. </l>
<l> Beside, I <reg orig="feare">fear</reg> me, if thy thoughts were sifted, </l>
<l> The King, thy <reg orig="Soueraigne">Sovereign</reg>, is not quite exempt </l>
<l> From <reg orig="enuious">envious</reg> <reg orig="mallice">malice</reg> of thy swelling heart. </l></sp>
<sp who="O"><speaker rend="italic"> Winch. </speaker>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Gloster, </hi> I <reg orig="doe"> do </reg> <reg orig="defie">defy</reg> thee. Lords vouchsafe </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> <reg orig="giue"> give </reg> me hearing what I shall reply. </l>
<l> If I were <reg orig="couetous">covetous</reg>, ambitious, or <reg orig="peruerse">perverse</reg>, </l>
<l> As he <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> me: how am I <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> <reg orig="poore">poor</reg>? </l>
<l> Or how haps it, I <reg orig="seeke">seek</reg> not <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="aduance">advance</reg> </l>
<l> Or <reg orig="rayse">raise</reg> <reg orig="my selfe?"> myself? </reg> but <reg orig="keepe">keep</reg> my wonted Calling. </l>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> <reg orig="Dissention">Dissension</reg>, <seg type="homograph" subtype="interrogative">who</seg> <reg orig="preferreth">preferreth</reg> Peace </l>
<l> More <reg orig="then"> than </reg> I <reg orig="doe?"> do? </reg> except I be <reg orig="prouok'd">provoked</reg>. </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="exclamation">No</seg>, my good Lords, it is not <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> offends, </l>
<l> It is not <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg>, <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> hath <reg orig="incens'd">incensed</reg> the Duke: </l>
<l> It is because <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> one should sway but <reg orig="hee,"> he, </reg> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">No</seg> one, but <reg orig="hee,"> he, </reg> should be about the King; </l>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> engenders Thunder <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> his breast, </l>
<l> And makes him <reg orig="rore">roar</reg> these Accusations forth. </l>
<l> But he shall know I am as good. </l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> Glost. </speaker>
<l> As good? </l>
<l> Thou Bastard of my Grandfather. </l></sp>
<sp who="O"><speaker rend="italic"> Winch. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="I,"> Aye, </reg> Lordly Sir: <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">for</seg> what are you, I pray, </l>
<l> But one imperious <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <reg orig="anothers">another's</reg> Throne? </l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> Glost. </speaker>
<l> Am I not Protector, <reg orig="sawcie">saucy</reg> Priest? </l></sp>
<sp who="O"><speaker rend="italic"> Winch. </speaker>
<l> And am not I a Prelate of the Church? </l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> Glost. </speaker>
<l> Yes, as an Outlaw <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> a Castle <reg orig="keepes">keeps</reg>, </l>
<l> And <reg orig="vseth">useth</reg> it, <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> patronage his Theft. </l></sp>
<sp who="O"><speaker rend="italic"> Winch. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Vnreuerent">Unreverent</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Glocester. </hi> </l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> Glost. </speaker>
<l> Thou art <reg orig="reuerent">reverent</reg>, </l>
<l> Touching thy <reg orig="Spirituall">Spiritual</reg> Function, not thy Life. </l></sp>
<sp who="O"><speaker rend="italic"> Winch. </speaker>
<l> Rome shall <reg orig="remedie">remedy</reg> this. </l></sp>
<sp who="M"><speaker rend="italic"> Warw. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Roame">Roam</reg> thither then. </l>
<l> My Lord, it were your <reg orig="dutie">duty</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="forbeare">forbear</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="N"><speaker rend="italic"> Som. </speaker>
<l> I, see the Bishop be not <reg orig="ouer-borne">overborne</reg>: </l>
<l> <reg orig="Me thinkes"> Methinks </reg> my Lord should be Religious, </l>
<l> And know the Office <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> belongs <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> such. </l></sp>
<sp who="M"><speaker rend="italic"> Warw. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Me thinkes"> Methinks </reg> his Lordship should be humbler, </l>
<l> It fitteth not a Prelate <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">so</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> plead. </l></sp>
<sp who="N"><speaker rend="italic"> Som. </speaker>
<l> Yes, when his holy State is <reg orig="toucht">touched</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> <reg orig="neere">near</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="M"><speaker rend="italic"> Warw. </speaker>
<l> State holy, or <reg orig="vnhallow'd">unhallowed</reg>, what of <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg>? </l>
<l> Is not his Grace Protector <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> the King? </l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker rend="italic"> Rich. </speaker>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Plantagenet </hi> I see must hold his tongue, </l>
<l> Least it be said, <reg orig="Speake"> Speak </reg> <reg orig="Sirrha">Sirrah</reg> when you should: </l>
<l> Must your bold Verdict enter <reg orig="talke"> talk </reg> with Lords? </l>
<l> Else would I <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> a fling at <hi rend="italic"> Winchester. </hi> </l></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker rend="italic"> King. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Vnckles">Uncles</reg> of <hi rend="italic"> Gloster, </hi> and of <hi rend="italic"> Winchester, </hi> </l>
<l> The <reg orig="speciall">special</reg> Watchmen of <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">our</seg> English <reg orig="Weale">Weal</reg>, </l>
<l> I would <reg orig="preuayle">prevail</reg>, if Prayers might <reg orig="preuayle">prevail</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> <reg orig="ioyne">join</reg> your hearts <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <reg orig="loue"> love </reg> and <reg orig="amitie">amity</reg>. </l>
<l> <reg orig="Oh,"> O, </reg> what a <reg orig="Scandall">Scandal</reg> is it <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">our</seg> <reg orig="Crowne">Crown</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> two such Noble <reg orig="Peeres">Peers</reg> as ye should <reg orig="iarre">jar</reg>? </l>
<l> <reg orig="Beleeue">Believe</reg> me, Lords, my tender <reg orig="yeeres">years</reg> can tell, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Ciuill">Civil</reg> <reg orig="dissention">dissension</reg> is a viperous <reg orig="Worme">Worm</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">That</seg> <reg orig="gnawes">gnaws</reg> the Bowels of the Common-wealth. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic"> 
A noyse within, Downe with the Tawny-Coats.
<sp who="D"><speaker rend="italic"> King. </speaker>
<l> What <reg orig="tumult's"> tumult is </reg> this? </l></sp>
<sp who="M"><speaker rend="italic"> Warw. </speaker>
<l> An <reg orig="Vprore">Uproar</reg>, I dare warrant, </l>
<l> Begun through malice of the Bishops men. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic">  
A noyse againe, Stones, Stones.
Enter Maior.
<sp who="ZK"><speaker rend="italic"> Maior. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Oh">O</reg> my good Lords, and <reg orig="vertuous">virtuous</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Henry, </hi> </l>
<l> <reg orig="Pitty">Pity</reg> the <reg orig="Citie">City</reg> of London, <reg orig="pitty">pity</reg> <reg orig="vs:"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg>: </reg> </l>
<l> The Bishop, and the Duke of Glosters men, </l>
<l> Forbidden late <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> carry any Weapon, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Haue"> Have </reg> <reg orig="fill'd">filled</reg> their Pockets full of <reg orig="peeble">pebble</reg> stones; </l>
<l> And banding <reg orig="themselues"> themselves </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> contrary parts, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Doe"> Do </reg> pelt <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> fast at one <reg orig="anothers">another's</reg> Pate, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> many <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> their giddy <reg orig="braynes">brains</reg> <reg orig="knockt">knocked</reg> out: </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">Our</seg> <reg orig="Windowes">Windows</reg> are broke <reg orig="downe"> down </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <reg orig="euery"> every </reg> Street, </l>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg>, <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> <reg orig="feare">fear</reg>, <reg orig="compell'd">compelled</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> shut <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> Shops. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic"> Enter in skirmish with bloody Pates.
<sp who="D"><speaker rend="italic"> King. </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">We</seg> charge you, <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> <reg orig="allegeance">allegiance</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> <reg orig="our selfe,"> ourself, </reg> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> hold your <reg orig="slaughtring">slaughtering</reg> hands, and <reg orig="keepe">keep</reg> the Peace: </l>
<l> <reg orig="Pray'">Pray</reg> <reg orig="Vnckle">Uncle</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Gloster </hi> <reg orig="mittigate">mitigate</reg> this strife. </l></sp>
<sp who="ZE"><speaker rend="italic"> 1. Seruing. </speaker>
<p> Nay, if <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> be forbidden Stones, <reg orig="wee'le"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> fall  <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> it with <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> Teeth. </p></sp>
<sp who="ZF"><speaker rend="italic"> 2. Seruing. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Doe"> Do </reg> what ye dare, <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> are as resolute. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic"> Skirmish againe. </stage>
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> Glost. </speaker>
<l> You of my household, <reg orig="leaue">leave</reg> this <reg orig="peeuish">peevish</reg> <reg orig="broyle">broil</reg>, </l>
<l> And set this <reg orig="vnaccustom'd">unaccustomed</reg> fight aside. </l></sp>
<sp who="ZH"><speaker rend="italic"> 3. Seru. </speaker>
<l> My Lord, <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> know your Grace <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> be a man </l>
<l> <reg orig="Iust">Just</reg>, and <reg orig="vpright">upright</reg>; and <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> your <reg orig="Royall">Royal</reg> Birth, </l>
<l> Inferior <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> none, but <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> his <reg orig="Maiestie">Majesty</reg>: </l>
<l> And ere <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> suffer such a Prince, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">So</seg> <reg orig="kinde">kind</reg> a Father of the <reg orig="Common-weale">Common-weal</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> be disgraced <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> an <reg orig="Inke-horne">Inkhorn</reg> Mate, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Wee"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">We</seg> </reg> and <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> <reg orig="Wiues">Wives</reg> and Children all <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> fight, </l>
<l> And <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> <reg orig="bodyes">bodies</reg> <reg orig="slaughtred">slaughtered</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> thy foes. </l></sp>
<sp who="ZE"><speaker rend="italic"> 1. Seru. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="I,"> Aye, </reg> and the very parings of <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> <reg orig="Nayles">Nails</reg> </l>
<l> Shall pitch a Field when <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> are dead. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic"> Begin againe. </stage>
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> Glost. </speaker>
<l> Stay, stay, I say: </l>
<l> And if you <reg orig="loue"> love </reg> me, as you say you <reg orig="doe,"> do, </reg> </l>
<l> Let me <reg orig="perswade">persuade</reg> you <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="forbeare">forbear</reg> a while. </l></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker rend="italic"> King. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Oh,"> O </reg> how this discord doth afflict my <reg orig="Soule">Soul</reg>. </l>
<l> Can you, my Lord of Winchester, behold </l>
<l> My <reg orig="sighes">sighs</reg> and <reg orig="teares">tears</reg>, and <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> not once relent? </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="interrogative">Who</seg> should be <reg orig="pittifull">pitiful</reg>, if you be not? </l>
<l> Or <seg type="homograph" subtype="interrogative">who</seg> should study <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="preferre">prefer</reg> a Peace, </l>
<l> If holy Church-men take delight <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <reg orig="broyles">broils</reg>? </l></sp>
<sp who="M"><speaker rend="italic"> Warw. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Yeeld">Yield</reg> my Lord Protector, <reg orig="yeeld">yield</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Winchester, </hi> </l>
<l> Except you <reg orig="meane">mean</reg> with obstinate repulse </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> slay your <reg orig="Soueraigne">Sovereign</reg>, and destroy the <reg orig="Realme">Realm</reg>. </l>
<l> You see what <reg orig="Mischiefe">Mischief</reg>, and what Murther too, </l>
<l> Hath <reg orig="beene"> been </reg> enacted through your <reg orig="enmitie">enmity</reg>: </l>
<l> Then be at peace, except ye thirst <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> blood. </l></sp>
<sp who="O"><speaker rend="italic"> Winch. </speaker>
<l> He shall submit, or I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> <reg orig="neuer"> never </reg> <reg orig="yeeld">yield</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> Glost. </speaker>
<l> Compassion <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> the King commands me <reg orig="stoupe">stoop</reg>, </l>
<l> Or I would see his heart out, ere the Priest </l>
<l> Should <reg orig="euer"> ever </reg> get <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> <reg orig="priuiledge">privilege</reg> of me. </l></sp>
<sp who="M"><speaker rend="italic"> Warw. </speaker>
<l> Behold my Lord of Winchester, the Duke </l>
<l> Hath <reg orig="banisht">banished</reg> <reg orig="moodie">moody</reg> discontented fury, </l>
<l> As <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> his smoothed <reg orig="Browes">Brows</reg> it doth <reg orig="appeare">appear</reg>: </l>
<l> Why <reg orig="looke"> look </reg> you still <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> <reg orig="sterne">stern</reg>, and <reg orig="tragicall">tragical</reg>? </l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> Glost. </speaker>
<l> Here <hi rend="italic"> Winchester, </hi> I offer thee my Hand. </l></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker rend="italic"> King. </speaker>
<l> Fie <reg orig="Vnckle">Uncle</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Beauford, </hi> I <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> heard you preach, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> <reg orig="Mallice">Malice</reg> was a great and <reg orig="grieuous">grievous</reg> <reg orig="sinne">sin</reg>: </l>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> not you <reg orig="maintaine">maintain</reg> the thing you teach? </l>
<l> But <reg orig="proue">prove</reg> a <reg orig="chiefe">chief</reg> <reg orig="offendor">offender</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> the same. </l></sp>
<sp who="M"><speaker rend="italic"> Warw. </speaker>
<l> Sweet King: the Bishop hath a kindly <reg orig="gyrd">gird</reg>: </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">For</seg> shame my Lord of Winchester relent; </l>
<l> What, shall a Child instruct you what <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="doe?"> do? </reg> </l></sp>
<sp who="O"><speaker rend="italic"> Winch. </speaker>
<l> Well, Duke of Gloster, I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> <reg orig="yeeld">yield</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> thee </l>
<l> <reg orig="Loue"> Love </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> thy <reg orig="Loue,"> Love, </reg> and Hand <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> Hand I <reg orig="giue."> give. </reg> </l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> Glost. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="I,"> Aye, </reg> but I <reg orig="feare">fear</reg> me with a hollow Heart. </l>
<l> See here my Friends and <reg orig="louing"> loving </reg> <reg orig="Countreymen">Countrymen</reg>, </l>
<l> This token <reg orig="serueth">serveth</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> a <reg orig="Flagge">Flag</reg> of Truce, </l>
<l> Betwixt <reg orig="our selues,"> ourselves, </reg> and all <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> followers: </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">So</seg> <reg orig="helpe">help</reg> me God, as I dissemble not. </l></sp>
<sp who="O"><speaker rend="italic"> Winch. </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">So</seg> <reg orig="helpe">help</reg> me God, as I intend it not. </l></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker rend="italic"> King. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Oh">O</reg> <reg orig="louing"> loving </reg> <reg orig="Vnckle">Uncle</reg>, <reg orig="kinde">kind</reg> Duke of Gloster, </l>
<l> How <reg orig="ioyfull">joyful</reg> am I made <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> this Contract. </l>
<l> Away my Masters, trouble <reg orig="vs"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">us</seg> </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> more, </l>
<l> But <reg orig="ioyne">join</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> friendship, as your Lords <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> done. </l></sp>
<sp who="ZE"><speaker rend="italic"> 1. Seru. </speaker>
<l> Content, <reg orig="Ile"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> the Surgeons. </l></sp>
<sp who="ZF"><speaker rend="italic"> 2. Seru. </speaker>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">so</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> I. </l></sp>
<sp who="ZH"><speaker rend="italic"> 3. Seru. </speaker>
<l> And I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> see what <reg orig="Physick">Physic</reg> the <reg orig="Tauerne">Tavern</reg> affords. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic"> Exeunt. </stage>

<sp who="M"><speaker rend="italic"> Warw. </speaker>
<l> Accept this <reg orig="Scrowle">Scroll</reg>, most gracious <reg orig="Soueraigne">Sovereign</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">Which</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> the Right of <hi rend="italic"> Richard Plantagenet, </hi> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">We</seg> <reg orig="doe"> do </reg> <reg orig="exhibite">exhibit</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> your <reg orig="Maiestie">Majesty</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> Glo. </speaker>
<l> Well <reg orig="vrg'd">urged</reg>, my Lord of Warwick: <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">for</seg> sweet Prince, </l>
<l> And if your Grace <reg orig="marke">mark</reg> <reg orig="euery"> every </reg> circumstance, </l>
<l> You <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> great reason <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="doe"> do </reg> <hi rend="italic"> Richard </hi> right, </l>
<l> Especially <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> those occasions </l>
<l> At Eltam Place I told your <reg orig="Maiestie">Majesty</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker rend="italic"> King. </speaker>
<l> And those occasions, <reg orig="Vnckle">Uncle</reg>, were of force: </l>
<l> Therefore my <reg orig="louing"> loving </reg> Lords, <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">our</seg> pleasure is, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Richard </hi> be restored <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> his Blood. </l></sp>
<sp who="M"><speaker rend="italic"> Warw. </speaker>
<l> Let <hi rend="italic"> Richard </hi> be restored <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> his Blood, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">So</seg> shall his Fathers wrongs be <reg orig="recompenc't">recompensed</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="O"><speaker rend="italic"> Winch. </speaker>
<l> As <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> the rest, <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">so</seg> willeth <hi rend="italic"> Winchester. </hi> </l></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker rend="italic"> King. </speaker>
<l> If <hi rend="italic"> Richard </hi> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> be true, not <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> all alone, </l>
<l> But all the whole Inheritance I <reg orig="giue,"> give, </reg> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">That</seg> doth belong <reg orig="vnto"> unto </reg> the House of <hi rend="italic"> Yorke, </hi> </l>
<l> From whence you spring, <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> <reg orig="Lineall">Lineal</reg> Descent. </l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker rend="italic"> Rich. </speaker>
<l> Thy humble <reg orig="seruant">servant</reg> <reg orig="vowes">vows</reg> obedience, </l>
<l> And humble <reg orig="seruice">service</reg>, till the point of death. </l></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker rend="italic"> King. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Stoope">Stoop</reg> then, and set your Knee against my Foot, </l>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> reguerdon of <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> <reg orig="dutie">duty</reg> done, </l>
<l> I <reg orig="gyrt">girt</reg> thee with the valiant Sword of <hi rend="italic"> Yorke: </hi> </l>
<l> Rise <hi rend="italic"> Richard, </hi> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">like</seg> a true <hi rend="italic"> Plantagenet, </hi> </l>
<l> And rise created Princely Duke of <hi rend="italic"> Yorke. </hi> </l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker rend="italic"> Rich. </speaker>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">so</seg> <reg orig="thriue">thrive</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Richard, </hi> as thy foes may fall, </l>
<l> And as my <reg orig="dutie">duty</reg> springs, <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">so</seg> perish they, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">That</seg> grudge one thought against your <reg orig="Maiesty">Majesty</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="X"><speaker rend="italic"> All. </speaker>
<l> Welcome high Prince, the mighty Duke of Yorke. </l></sp>
<sp who="N"><speaker rend="italic"> Som. </speaker>
<l> Perish base Prince, ignoble Duke of Yorke. </l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> Glost. </speaker>
<l> Now <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> it best <reg orig="auaile">avail</reg> your <reg orig="Maiestie">Majesty</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> <reg orig="crosse">cross</reg> the Seas, and <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> be <reg orig="Crown'd">Crowned</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> France: </l>
<l> The presence of a King engenders <reg orig="loue"> love </reg> </l>
<l> Amongst his <reg orig="Subiects">Subjects</reg>, and his <reg orig="loyall">loyal</reg> Friends, </l>
<l> As it <reg orig="dis-animates">disanimates</reg> his Enemies. </l></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker rend="italic"> King. </speaker>
<l> When <hi rend="italic"> Gloster </hi> <reg orig="sayes"> says </reg> the word, King <hi rend="italic"> Henry </hi> goes, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> friendly <reg orig="counsaile">counsel</reg> cuts off many Foes. </l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> Glost. </speaker>
<l> Your Ships <reg orig="alreadie">already</reg> are <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <reg orig="readinesse">readiness</reg>. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic"> Senet. Flourish. Exeunt.
Manet Exeter.
<sp who="P"><speaker rend="italic"> Exet. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="I,"> Aye, </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> may march <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> England, or <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> France, </l>
<l> Not seeing what is likely <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> ensue: </l>
<l> This late <reg orig="dissention">dissension</reg> <reg orig="growne">grown</reg> betwixt the <reg orig="Peeres">Peers</reg>, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Burnes">Burns</reg> <reg orig="vnder"> under </reg> fained ashes of <reg orig="forg'd">forged</reg> <reg orig="loue,"> love, </reg> </l>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> at last <reg orig="breake">break</reg> out into a flame, </l>
<l> As <reg orig="festred">festered</reg> members rot but <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> degree, </l>
<l> Till bones and flesh and <reg orig="sinewes">sinews</reg> fall away, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">So</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> this base and <reg orig="enuious">envious</reg> discord breed. </l>
<l> And now I <reg orig="feare">fear</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> <reg orig="fatall">fatal</reg> <reg orig="Prophecie">Prophecy</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">Which</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> the time of <hi rend="italic"> Henry, </hi> <reg orig="nam'd">named</reg> the <reg orig="Fift">Fifth</reg>, </l>
<l> Was <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> the mouth of <reg orig="euery"> every </reg> sucking Babe, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Henry </hi> borne at Monmouth should <reg orig="winne">win</reg> all, </l>
<l> And <hi rend="italic"> Henry </hi> borne at Windsor, loose all: </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">Which</seg> is <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> <reg orig="plaine">plain</reg>, <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Exeter </hi> doth wish, </l>
<l> His <reg orig="dayes">days</reg> may finish, ere <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> <reg orig="haplesse">hapless</reg> time. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic">  Exit. </stage>

<stage rend="italic"> Scoena Secunda. </stage>
<stage rend="italic">
Enter Pucell disguis'd, with foure Souldiors
with Sacks vpon their backs.
<sp who="B"><speaker rend="italic"> Pucell. </speaker>
<l> These are the <reg orig="Citie">City</reg> Gates, the Gates of Roan, </l>
<l> Through <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">which</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> <reg orig="Pollicy">Policy</reg> must make a breach. </l>
<l> Take heed, be wary how you place your words, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Talke"> Talk </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">like</seg> the vulgar sort of Market men, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">That</seg> come <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> gather Money <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> their <reg orig="Corne">Corn</reg>. </l>
<l> If <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> entrance, as I hope <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> shall, </l>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> <reg orig="finde">find</reg> the <reg orig="slouthfull">slothful</reg> Watch but <reg orig="weake">weak</reg>, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Ile"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> a <reg orig="signe">sign</reg> <reg orig="giue"> give </reg> notice <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> friends, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Charles </hi> the Dolphin may encounter them. </l></sp>
<sp who="ZS"><speaker rend="italic"> Souldier. </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">Our</seg> Sacks shall be a <reg orig="meane">mean</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> sack the City </l>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> be Lords and Rulers <reg orig="ouer"> over </reg> Roan, </l>
<l> Therefore <reg orig="wee'le"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> knock. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic"> Knock. </stage>

<sp who="ZY"><speaker rend="italic"> Watch. </speaker>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Che la. </hi> </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker rend="italic"> Pucell. </speaker>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> <foreign lang="French"> Peasauns la pouure gens de Fraunce, </foreign> </hi> </l>
<l> <reg orig="Poore">Poor</reg> Market <reg orig="folkes">folks</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> come <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> sell their <reg orig="Corne">Corn</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="ZY"><speaker rend="italic"> Watch. </speaker>
<l> Enter, <reg orig="goe"> go </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">in</seg>, the Market Bell is rung. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker rend="italic"> Pucell. </speaker>
<l> Now Roan, <reg orig="Ile"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> shake thy <reg orig="Bulwarkes">Bulwarks</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> the ground. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic"> Exeunt.
Enter Charles, Bastard, Alanson.
<sp who="F"><speaker rend="italic"> Charles. </speaker>
<l> Saint <hi rend="italic"> Dennis </hi> <reg orig="blesse">bless</reg> this happy <reg orig="Stratageme">Stratagem</reg>, </l>
<l> And once <reg orig="againe wee'le"> again <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> <reg orig="sleepe">sleep</reg> secure <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> Roan. </l></sp>
<sp who="AA"><speaker rend="italic"> Bastard. </speaker>
<l> Here <reg orig="entred">entered</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Pucell, </hi> and <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">her</seg> Practisants: </l>
<l> Now she is there, how <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> she <reg orig="specifie">specify</reg>? </l>
<l> Here is the best and safest passage <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">in</seg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="R"><speaker rend="italic"> Reig. </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">By</seg> thrusting out a Torch from yonder Tower, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">Which</seg> once <reg orig="discern'd">discerned</reg>, <reg orig="shewes">shows</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">her</seg> meaning is, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">No</seg> way <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> (<seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> <reg orig="weaknesse">weakness</reg>) <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">which</seg> she <reg orig="entred">entered</reg>. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic"> 
Enter Pucell on the top, thrusting out a Torch burning.
<sp who="B"><speaker rend="italic"> Pucell. </speaker>
<l> Behold, this is the happy Wedding Torch, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">That</seg> <reg orig="ioyneth">joineth</reg> Roan <reg orig="vnto"> unto </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">her</seg> <reg orig="Countreymen">Countrymen</reg>, </l>
<l> But burning <reg orig="fatall">fatal</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> the <hi rend="italic"> Talbonites. </hi> </l></sp>
<sp who="AA"><speaker rend="italic"> Bastard. </speaker>
<l> See Noble <hi rend="italic"> Charles </hi> the Beacon of <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> friend, </l>
<l> The burning Torch <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> yonder Turret stands. </l></sp>
<sp who="F"><speaker rend="italic"> Charles. </speaker>
<l> Now shine it <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">like</seg> a <reg orig="Commet">Comet</reg> of <reg orig="Reuenge">Revenge</reg>, </l>
<l> A Prophet <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> the fall of all <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> Foes. </l></sp>
<sp who="R"><speaker rend="italic"> Reig. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Deferre">Defer</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> time, <reg orig="delayes">delays</reg> <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> dangerous ends, </l>
<l> Enter and cry, the Dolphin, presently, </l>
<l> And then <reg orig="doe"> do </reg> execution <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> the Watch. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic">  Alarum.
An Alarum. Talbot in an Excursion.
<sp who="Q"><speaker rend="italic"> Talb. </speaker>
<l> France, thou shalt rue this Treason with thy <reg orig="teares">tears</reg>, </l>
<l> If <hi rend="italic"> Talbot </hi> but <reg orig="suruiue">survive</reg> thy <reg orig="Trecherie">Treachery</reg>. </l>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Pucell </hi> <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> Witch, <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> damned <reg orig="Sorceresse">Sorceress</reg>, </l>
<l> Hath wrought this Hellish <reg orig="Mischiefe">Mischief</reg> <reg orig="vnawares">unawares</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> hardly <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> <reg orig="escap't">escaped</reg> the Pride of France. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic"> Exit.
An Alarum: Excursions. Bedford brought insicke in a Chayre.
Enter Talbot and Burgonie without: within, Pucell, 
Charles, Bastard, and Reigneir on the Walls.
<sp who="B"><speaker rend="italic"> Pucell. </speaker>
<l> God morrow Gallants, want ye Corn <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> Bread? </l>
<l> I <reg orig="thinke"> think </reg> the Duke of Burgonie <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> fast, </l>
<l> Before <reg orig="hee'le"> he <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> buy <reg orig="againe"> again </reg> at such a rate. </l>
<l> <reg orig="'Twas"> It was </reg> full of <reg orig="Darnell">Darnel</reg>: <reg orig="doe"> do </reg> you <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">like</seg> the taste? </l></sp>
<sp who="U"><speaker rend="italic"> Burg. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Scoffe">Scoff</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">on</seg> vile Fiend, and <reg orig="shamelesse">shameless</reg> <reg orig="Curtizan">Courtesan</reg>, </l>
<l> I trust ere long <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="choake">choke</reg> thee with thine <reg orig="owne,"> own, </reg> </l>
<l> And make thee curse the <reg orig="Haruest">Harvest</reg> of <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> <reg orig="Corne">Corn</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="F"><speaker rend="italic"> Charles. </speaker>
<l> Your Grace may <reg orig="starue">starve</reg> (perhaps) before <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> time. </l></sp>
<sp who="K"><speaker rend="italic"> Bedf. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Oh">O</reg> let <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> words, but <reg orig="deedes">deeds</reg>, <reg orig="reuenge">revenge</reg> this Treason. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker rend="italic"> Pucell. </speaker>
<l> What <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> you <reg orig="doe,"> do, </reg> good gray-beard? </l>
<l> <reg orig="Breake">Break</reg> a <reg orig="Launce">Lance</reg>, and <reg orig="runne">run</reg> <reg orig="a-Tilt">a tilt</reg> at Death, </l>
<l> Within a <reg orig="Chayre">Chair</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker rend="italic"> Talb. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Foule">Foul</reg> Fiend of France, and Hag of all <reg orig="despight">despite</reg>, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Incompass'd">Encompassed</reg> with thy <reg orig="lustfull">lustful</reg> Paramours, </l>
<l> Becomes it thee <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> taunt his valiant Age, </l>
<l> And twit with <reg orig="Cowardise">Cowardice</reg> a man <reg orig="halfe">half</reg> dead? </l>
<l> <reg orig="Damsell">Damsel</reg>, <reg orig="Ile haue"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> have </reg> a <reg orig="bowt">bout</reg> with you <reg orig="againe,"> again, </reg> </l>
<l> Or else let <hi rend="italic"> Talbot </hi> perish with this shame. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker rend="italic"> Pucell. </speaker>
<l> Are ye <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> hot, Sir: yet <hi rend="italic"> Pucell </hi> hold thy peace, </l>
<l> If <hi rend="italic"> Talbot </hi> <reg orig="doe"> do </reg> but Thunder, <reg orig="Raine">Rain</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> follow. </l>
<stage rend="italic">  They whisper together in counsell. </stage>

<l> God speed the Parliament: <seg type="homograph" subtype="interrogative">who</seg> shall be the Speaker? </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker rend="italic"> Talb. </speaker>
<l> Dare <reg orig="yee"> ye </reg> come forth, and meet <reg orig="vs"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg> </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> the field? </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker rend="italic"> Pucell. </speaker>
<l> Belike your Lordship takes <reg orig="vs"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg> </reg> then <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> <reg orig="fooles">fools</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> try if <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> <reg orig="owne"> own </reg> be <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">ours</seg>, or <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">no</seg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker rend="italic"> Talb. </speaker>
<l> I <reg orig="speake"> speak </reg> not <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> <reg orig="rayling">railing</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Hecate, </hi> </l>
<l> But <reg orig="vnto"> unto </reg> thee <hi rend="italic"> Alanson, </hi> and the rest. </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">Will</seg> ye, <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">like</seg> <reg orig="Souldiors">Soldiers</reg>, come and fight it out? </l></sp>
<sp who="S"><speaker rend="italic"> Alans. </speaker>
<l> Seignior <seg type="homograph" subtype="exclamation">no</seg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker rend="italic"> Talb. </speaker>
<l> Seignior hang: base <reg orig="Muleters">Muleteers</reg> of France, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">Like</seg> <reg orig="Pesant">Peasant</reg> <reg orig="foot-Boyes">foot-boys</reg> <reg orig="doe"> do </reg> they <reg orig="keepe">keep</reg> the Walls, </l>
<l> And dare not take <reg orig="vp"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">up</seg> </reg> <reg orig="Armes">Arms</reg>, <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">like</seg> Gentlemen. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker rend="italic"> Pucell. </speaker>
<l> Away <reg orig="Captaines">Captains</reg>, <reg orig="let's"> let <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg> </reg> get <reg orig="vs"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg> </reg> from the Walls, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Talbot </hi> <reg orig="meanes">means</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> <reg orig="goodnesse">goodness</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> his <reg orig="Lookes."> Looks. </reg> </l>
<l> <reg orig="God b'uy"> Goodbye </reg> my Lord, <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> came but <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> tell you </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> <reg orig="wee"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> </reg> are here. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic"> Exeunt from the Walls.</stage>
<sp who="A"><speaker rend="italic"> Talb. </speaker>
<l> And there <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> be too, ere it be long, </l>
<l> Or else reproach be <hi rend="italic"> Talbots </hi> greatest fame. </l>
<l> Vow <hi rend="italic"> Burgonie, </hi> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> <reg orig="honor">honour</reg> of thy House, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Prickt">Pricked</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">on</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> <reg orig="publike">public</reg> Wrongs <reg orig="sustain'd">sustained</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> France, </l>
<l> Either <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> get the <reg orig="Towne">Town</reg> <reg orig="againe,"> again, </reg> or <reg orig="dye">die</reg>. </l>
<l> And I, as sure as English <hi rend="italic"> Henry </hi> <reg orig="liues,"> lives, </reg> </l>
<l> And as his Father here was Conqueror; </l>
<l> As sure as <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> this late betrayed <reg orig="Towne">Town</reg>, </l>
<l> Great <hi rend="italic"> Cordelions </hi> Heart was <reg orig="buryed">buried</reg>; </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">So</seg> sure I <reg orig="sweare">swear</reg>, <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> get the <reg orig="Towne">Town</reg>, or <reg orig="dye">die</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="U"><speaker rend="italic"> Burg. </speaker>
<l> My <reg orig="Vowes">Vows</reg> are <reg orig="equall">equal</reg> partners with thy <reg orig="Vowes">Vows</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker rend="italic"> Talb. </speaker>
<l> But ere <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> <reg orig="goe,"> go, </reg> regard this dying Prince, </l>
<l> The valiant Duke of Bedford: Come my Lord, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">We</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> bestow you <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> some better place, </l>
<l> Fitter <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> <reg orig="sicknesse">sickness</reg>, and <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> <reg orig="crasie">crazy</reg> age. </l></sp>
<sp who="K"><speaker rend="italic"> Bedf. </speaker>
<l> Lord <hi rend="italic"> Talbot, </hi> <reg orig="doe"> do </reg> not <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> dishonour me: </l>
<l> Here <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> I sit before the Walls of Roan, </l>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> be partner of your <reg orig="weale">weal</reg> or woe. </l></sp>
<sp who="U"><speaker rend="italic"> Burg. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Couragious">Courageous</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Bedford, </hi> let <reg orig="vs"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg> </reg> now <reg orig="perswade">persuade</reg> you. </l></sp>
<sp who="K"><speaker rend="italic"> Bedf. </speaker>
<l> Not <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> be gone from hence: <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">for</seg> once I read, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> stout <hi rend="italic"> Pendragon, </hi> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> his Litter sick, </l>
<l> Came <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> the field, and vanquished his foes. </l>
<l> <reg orig="Me thinkes"> Methinks </reg> I should <reg orig="reuiue">revive</reg> the <reg orig="Souldiors">Soldiers</reg> hearts, </l>
<l> Because I <reg orig="euer"> ever </reg> found them as <reg orig="my selfe."> myself. </reg> </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker rend="italic"> Talb. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Vndaunted">Undaunted</reg> spirit <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> a dying breast, </l>
<l> Then be it <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">so</seg>: <reg orig="Heauens">Heavens</reg> <reg orig="keepe">keep</reg> old <hi rend="italic"> Bedford </hi> safe. </l>
<l> And now <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> more <reg orig="adoe">ado</reg>, <reg orig="braue">brave</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Burgonie, </hi> </l>
<l> But gather <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> Forces out of hand, </l>
<l> And set <reg orig="vpon"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">upon</seg> </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> boasting <reg orig="Enemie">Enemy</reg>. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic">  Exit.
An Alarum: Excursions. Enter Sir Iohn Falstaffe, 
and a Captaine.
<sp who="ZT"><speaker rend="italic"> Capt. </speaker>
<l> Whither away Sir <hi rend="italic"> Iohn Falstaffe, </hi> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> such haste? </l></sp>
<sp who="Y"><speaker rend="italic"> Falst. </speaker>
<l> Whither away? <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> <reg orig="saue">save</reg> <reg orig="my selfe"> myself </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> flight, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">We</seg> are <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">like</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> the <reg orig="ouerthrow">overthrow</reg> <reg orig="againe."> again. </reg> </l></sp>
<sp who="ZT"><speaker rend="italic"> Capt. </speaker>
<l> What? <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">Will</seg> you <reg orig="flye">fly</reg>, and <reg orig="leaue">leave</reg> Lord <hi rend="italic"> Talbot? </hi> </l></sp>
<sp who="Y"><speaker rend="italic"> Falst. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="I,"> Aye, </reg> all the <hi rend="italic"> Talbots </hi> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> the World, <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="saue">save</reg> my life. </l></sp>
 <stage rend="italic">  Exit. </stage>

<sp who="ZT"><speaker rend="italic"> Capt. </speaker>
<l> Cowardly Knight, ill fortune follow thee. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic">     Exit.
Retreat. Excursions. Pucell, Alanson, and Charles flye.
<sp who="K"><speaker rend="italic"> Bedf. </speaker>
<l> Now quiet <reg orig="Soule">Soul</reg>, depart when <reg orig="Heauen">Heaven</reg> please, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> I <reg orig="haue seene"> have seen </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> Enemies <reg orig="ouerthrow">overthrow</reg>. </l>
<l> What is the trust or strength of foolish man? </l>
<l> They <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> of late were daring with their <reg orig="scoffes">scoffs</reg>, </l>
<l> Are glad and <reg orig="faine">fain</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> slight <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="saue">save</reg> <reg orig="themselues."> themselves. </reg> </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic"> 
Bedford dyes, and is carryed in by two in his Chaire.
An Alarum. Enter Talbot, Burgonie, and the rest.
<sp who="A"><speaker rend="italic"> Talb. </speaker>
<l> Lost, and <reg orig="recouered">recovered</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> a day <reg orig="againe,"> again, </reg> </l>
<l> This is a double <reg orig="Honor">Honour</reg>, <hi rend="italic"> Burgonie: </hi> </l>
<l> Yet <reg orig="Heauens">Heavens</reg> <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> glory <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> this <reg orig="Victorie">Victory</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="U"><speaker rend="italic"> Burg. </speaker>
<l> Warlike and <reg orig="Martiall">Martial</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Talbot, Burgonie </hi> </l>
<l> <reg orig="Inshrines">Enshrines</reg> thee <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> his heart, and there erects </l>
<l> Thy noble Deeds, as <reg orig="Valors">Valours</reg> Monuments. </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker rend="italic"> Talb. </speaker>
<l> Thanks gentle Duke: but where is <hi rend="italic"> Pucel </hi> now? </l>
<l> I <reg orig="thinke"> think </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">her</seg> old Familiar is <reg orig="asleepe">asleep</reg>. </l>
<l> Now <reg orig="where's"> where is </reg> the Bastards <reg orig="braues">braves</reg>, and <hi rend="italic"> Charles </hi> his <reg orig="glikes">gleeks</reg>? </l>
<l> What all amort? Roan hangs <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">her</seg> head <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> <reg orig="griefe">grief</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> such a valiant Company are fled. </l>
<l> Now <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> take some order <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> the <reg orig="Towne">Town</reg>, </l>
<l> Placing therein some expert Officers, </l>
<l> And then depart <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> Paris, <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> the King, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> there young <hi rend="italic"> Henry </hi> with his Nobles <reg orig="lye">lie</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="U"><speaker rend="italic"> Burg. </speaker>
<l> What wills Lord <hi rend="italic"> Talbot, </hi> pleaseth <hi rend="italic"> Burgonie. </hi> </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker rend="italic"> Talb. </speaker>
<l> But yet before <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> <reg orig="goe, let's"> go, let <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg> </reg> not forget </l>
<l> The Noble Duke of Bedford, late <reg orig="deceas'd">deceased</reg>, </l>
<l> But see his Exequies <reg orig="fulfill'd">fulfilled</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> Roan. </l>
<l> A <reg orig="brauer">braver</reg> <reg orig="Souldier">Soldier</reg> <reg orig="neuer"> never </reg> couched <reg orig="Launce">Lance</reg>, </l>
<l> A gentler Heart did <reg orig="neuer"> never </reg> sway <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> Court. </l>
<l> But Kings and mightiest Potentates must die, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> <reg orig="that's"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> is </reg> the end of <reg orig="humane">human</reg> <reg orig="miserie">misery</reg>. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic">  Exeunt. </stage>
<stage rend="italic"> Scaena Tertia. </stage>
<stage rend="italic"> Enter Charles, Bastard, Alanson, Pucell.
<sp who="B"><speaker rend="italic"> Pucell. </speaker>
<l> Dismay not (Princes) at this accident, </l>
<l> Nor <reg orig="grieue">grieve</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> Roan is <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">so</seg> <reg orig="recouered">recovered</reg>: </l>
<l> Care is <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> cure, but rather <reg orig="corrosiue">corrosive</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">For</seg> things <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> are not <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> be <reg orig="remedy'd">remedied</reg>. </l>
<l> Let <reg orig="frantike">frantic</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Talbot </hi> triumph <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> a while, </l>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">like</seg> a Peacock <reg orig="sweepe">sweep</reg> along his <reg orig="tayle">tail</reg>, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Wee'le"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">We</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> pull his Plumes, and take away his <reg orig="Trayne">Train</reg>, </l>
<l> If Dolphin and the rest <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> be but <reg orig="rul'd">ruled</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="F"><speaker rend="italic"> Charles. </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">We</seg> <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> been guided <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> thee hitherto, </l>
<l> And of thy Cunning had <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> diffidence, </l>
<l> One sudden <reg orig="Foyle">Foil</reg> shall <reg orig="neuer"> never </reg> breed distrust. </l></sp>
<sp who="AA"><speaker rend="italic"> Bastard. </speaker>
<l> Search out thy wit <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> secret <reg orig="pollicies">policies</reg>, </l>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> make thee famous through the World. </l></sp>
<sp who="S"><speaker rend="italic"> Alans. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Wee'le"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">We</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> set thy Statue <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> some holy place, </l>
<l> And <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> thee <reg orig="reuerenc't">reverenced</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">like</seg> a blessed Saint. </l>
<l> Employ thee then, sweet Virgin, <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> good. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker rend="italic"> Pucell. </speaker>
<l> Then thus it must be, this doth <hi rend="italic"> Ioane </hi> <reg orig="deuise">devise</reg>: </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">By</seg> <reg orig="faire"> fair </reg> <reg orig="perswasions">persuasions</reg>, <reg orig="mixt">mixed</reg> with <reg orig="sugred">sugared</reg> words, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">We</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> entice the Duke of Burgonie </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> <reg orig="leaue">leave</reg> the <hi rend="italic"> Talbot, </hi> and <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> follow <reg orig="vs."> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg>. </reg> </l></sp>
<sp who="F"><speaker rend="italic"> Charles. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="I"> Aye </reg> marry <reg orig="Sweeting">Sweating</reg>, if <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> could <reg orig="doe"> do </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg>, </l>
<l> France were <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> place <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Henryes </hi> Warriors, </l>
<l> Nor should <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> Nation boast it <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">so</seg> with <reg orig="vs,"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">us</seg>, </reg> </l>
<l> But be <reg orig="extirped">extirpated</reg> from <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">our</seg> <reg orig="Prouinces">Provinces</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="S"><speaker rend="italic"> Alans. </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">For</seg> <reg orig="euer"> ever </reg> should they be <reg orig="expuls'd">expulsed</reg> from France, </l>
<l> And not <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> Title of an <reg orig="Earledome">Earldom</reg> here. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker rend="italic"> Pucell. </speaker>
<l> Your <reg orig="Honors">Honours</reg> shall <reg orig="perceiue">perceive</reg> how I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> <reg orig="worke">work</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> bring this matter <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> the wished end. </l>
<stage rend="italic"> Drumme sounds a farre off.

<l> <reg orig="Hearke">Hark</reg>, <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> the sound of <reg orig="Drumme">Drum</reg> you may <reg orig="perceiue">perceive</reg> </l>
<l> Their Powers are marching <reg orig="vnto"> unto </reg> Paris-ward. </l>
<stage rend="italic"> Here sound an English March. </stage>

<l> There goes the <hi rend="italic"> Talbot, </hi> with his Colours <reg orig="spred">spread</reg>, </l>
<l> And all the Troupes of English after him. </l>
<stage rend="italic">
French March.

<l> Now <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> the <reg orig="Rereward">Rearward</reg> comes the Duke and his: </l>
<l> Fortune <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <reg orig="fauor">favour</reg> makes him <reg orig="lagge">lag</reg> <reg orig="behinde">behind</reg>. </l>
<l> Summon a Parley, <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> <reg orig="talke"> talk </reg> with him. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic"> Trumpets sound a Parley.

<sp who="F"><speaker rend="italic"> Charles. </speaker>
<l> A Parley with the Duke of Burgonie. </l></sp>
<sp who="U"><speaker rend="italic"> Burg. </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="interrogative">Who</seg> <reg orig="craues">craves</reg> a Parley with the Burgonie? </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker rend="italic"> Pucell. </speaker>
<l> The Princely <hi rend="italic"> Charles </hi> of France, thy <reg orig="Countreyman">Countryman</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="U"><speaker rend="italic"> Burg. </speaker>
<l> What <reg orig="say'st">sayst</reg> thou <hi rend="italic"> Charles? </hi> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">for</seg> I am marching hence. </l></sp>
<sp who="F"><speaker rend="italic"> Charles. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Speake"> Speak </reg> <hi rend="italic"> Pucell, </hi> and <reg orig="enchaunt">enchant</reg> him with thy words. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker rend="italic"> Pucell. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Braue">Brave</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Burgonie, </hi> <reg orig="vndoubted">undoubted</reg> hope of France, </l>
<l> Stay, let thy humble Handmaid <reg orig="speake"> speak </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> thee. </l></sp>
<sp who="U"><speaker rend="italic"> Burg. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Speake"> Speak </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">on</seg>, but be not <reg orig="ouer-tedious">overtedious</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker rend="italic"> Pucell. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Looke"> Look </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> thy Country, look <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> fertile France, </l>
<l> And see the Cities and the <reg orig="Townes">Towns</reg> <reg orig="defac't">defaced</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">By</seg> wasting <reg orig="Ruine">Ruin</reg> of the <reg orig="cruell">cruel</reg> Foe, </l>
<l> As <reg orig="lookes"> looks </reg> the Mother <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">her</seg> lowly Babe, </l>
<l> When Death doth close his tender-dying Eyes. </l>
<l> See, see the pining <reg orig="Maladie">Malady</reg> of France: </l>
<l> Behold the Wounds, the most <reg orig="vnnaturall">unnatural</reg> Wounds, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">Which</seg> thou <reg orig="thy selfe"> thyself </reg> hast <reg orig="giuen"> given </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">her</seg> <reg orig="wofull">woeful</reg> <reg orig="Brest">Breast</reg>. </l>
<l> <reg orig="Oh">O</reg> <reg orig="turne">turn</reg> thy edged Sword another way, </l>
<l> Strike those <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> hurt, and hurt not those <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> <reg orig="helpe">help</reg>: </l>
<l> One drop of Blood <reg orig="drawne">drawn</reg> from thy Countries <reg orig="Bosome">Bosom</reg>, </l>
<l> Should <reg orig="grieue">grieve</reg> thee more <reg orig="then"> than </reg> <reg orig="streames">streams</reg> of <reg orig="forraine">foreign</reg> gore. </l>
<l> <reg orig="Returne">Return</reg> thee therefore with a <reg orig="floud">flood</reg> of <reg orig="Teares">Tears</reg>, </l>
<l> And wash away thy Countries <reg orig="stayned">stained</reg> Spots. </l></sp>
<sp who="U"><speaker rend="italic"> Burg. </speaker>
<l> Either she hath <reg orig="bewitcht">bewitched</reg> me with <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">her</seg> words, </l>
<l> Or Nature makes me suddenly relent. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker rend="italic"> Pucell. </speaker>
<l> Besides, all French and France <reg orig="exclaimes">exclaims</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> thee, </l>
<l> Doubting thy Birth and <reg orig="lawfull">lawful</reg> <reg orig="Progenie">Progeny</reg>. </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="interrogative">Who</seg> <reg orig="ioyn'st">joinest</reg> thou with, but with a Lordly Nation, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">That</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> not trust thee, but <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> profits sake? </l>
<l> When <hi rend="italic"> Talbot </hi> hath set footing once <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> France, </l>
<l> And <reg orig="fashion'd">fashioned</reg> thee <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> Instrument of Ill, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="interrogative">Who</seg> then, but English <hi rend="italic"> Henry, </hi> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> be Lord, </l>
<l> And thou be thrust out, <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">like</seg> a <reg orig="Fugitiue">Fugitive</reg>? </l>
<l> Call <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> <reg orig="minde">mind</reg>, and <reg orig="marke">mark</reg> but this <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> <reg orig="proofe">proof</reg>: </l>
<l> Was not the Duke of Orleance thy Foe? </l>
<l> And was he not <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> England Prisoner? </l>
<l> But when they heard he was thine <reg orig="Enemie">Enemy</reg>, </l>
<l> They set him free, without his <reg orig="Ransome">Ransom</reg> <reg orig="pay'd">paid</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">In</seg> <reg orig="spight">spite</reg> of <hi rend="italic"> Burgonie </hi> and all his friends. </l>
<l> See then, thou <reg orig="fight'st">fightest</reg> against thy <reg orig="Countreymen">Countrymen</reg>, </l>
<l> And <reg orig="ioyn'st">joinest</reg> with them <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> be thy slaughter-men. </l>
<l> Come, come, <reg orig="returne">return</reg>; <reg orig="returne">return</reg> thou wandering Lord, </l>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Charles </hi> and the rest <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> take thee <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> their <reg orig="armes">arms</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="U"><speaker rend="italic"> Burg. </speaker>
<l> I am vanquished: </l>
<l> These <reg orig="haughtie">haughty</reg> <reg orig="wordes">words</reg> of hers </l>
<l> <reg orig="Haue"> Have </reg> <reg orig="batt'red">battered</reg> me <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">like</seg> roaring Cannon-shot, </l>
<l> And made me almost <reg orig="yeeld">yield</reg> <reg orig="vpon"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">upon</seg> </reg> my knees. </l>
<l> <reg orig="Forgiue">Forgive</reg> me <reg orig="Countrey">Country</reg>, and sweet <reg orig="Countreymen">Countrymen</reg>: </l>
<l> And Lords accept this <reg orig="heartie">hearty</reg> kind embrace. </l>
<l> My Forces and my Power of Men are yours. </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">So</seg> <reg orig="farwell">farewell</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Talbot, </hi> <reg orig="Ile"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> longer trust thee. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker rend="italic"> Pucell. </speaker>
<l> Done <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">like</seg> a Frenchman: <reg orig="turne">turn</reg> and <reg orig="turne">turn</reg> <reg orig="againe."> again. </reg> </l></sp>
<sp who="F"><speaker rend="italic"> Charles. </speaker>
<l> Welcome <reg orig="braue">brave</reg> Duke, thy friendship makes <reg orig="vs"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">us</seg> </reg> fresh. </l></sp>
<sp who="AA"><speaker rend="italic"> Bastard. </speaker>
<l> And doth beget new Courage <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> Breasts. </l></sp>
<sp who="S"><speaker rend="italic"> Alans. </speaker>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Pucell </hi> hath <reg orig="brauely">bravely</reg> <reg orig="play'd">played</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">her</seg> part <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> this, </l>
<l> And doth <reg orig="deserue">deserve</reg> a Coronet of Gold. </l></sp>
<sp who="F"><speaker rend="italic"> Charles. </speaker>
<l> Now let <reg orig="vs"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg> </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">on</seg>, my Lords, </l>
<l> And <reg orig="ioyne">join</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> Powers, </l>
<l> And <reg orig="seeke">seek</reg> how <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> may <reg orig="preiudice">prejudice</reg> the Foe. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic"> Exeunt. </stage>

<stage rend="italic"> Scoena Quarta. </stage>
<stage rend="italic"> 
Enter the King, Gloucester, Winchester, Yorke, Suffolke, 
Somerset, Warwicke, Exeter: To them, with his Souldiors, Talbot.
<sp who="A"><speaker rend="italic"> Talb. </speaker>
<l> My gracious Prince, and <reg orig="honorable">honourable</reg> <reg orig="Peeres">Peers</reg>, </l>
<l> Hearing of your <reg orig="arriuall">arrival</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> this <reg orig="Realme">Realm</reg>, </l>
<l> I <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> a while <reg orig="giuen"> given </reg> Truce <reg orig="vnto"> unto </reg> my <reg orig="Warres">Wars</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> <reg orig="doe"> do </reg> my <reg orig="dutie">duty</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> my <reg orig="Soueraigne">Sovereign</reg>. </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">In</seg> <reg orig="signe">sign</reg> whereof, this <reg orig="Arme">Arm</reg>, <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> hath <reg orig="reclaym'd">reclaimed</reg> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">To</seg> your obedience, <reg orig="fiftie">fifty</reg> Fortresses, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Twelue">Twelve</reg> Cities, and <reg orig="seuen">seven</reg> walled <reg orig="Townes">Towns</reg> of strength, </l>
<l> Beside <reg orig="fiue">five</reg> hundred Prisoners of <reg orig="esteeme">esteem</reg>; </l>
<l> Lets fall his Sword before your <reg orig="Highnesse">Highness</reg> feet: </l>
<l> And with <reg orig="submissiue">submissive</reg> <reg orig="loyaltie">loyalty</reg> of heart </l>
<l> Ascribes the Glory of his Conquest got, </l>
<l> First <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> my God, and next <reg orig="vnto"> unto </reg> your Grace. </l></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker rend="italic"> King. </speaker>
<l> Is this the Lord <hi rend="italic"> Talbot, </hi> <reg orig="Vnckle">Uncle</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Gloucester, </hi> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">That</seg> hath <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> long <reg orig="beene"> been </reg> resident <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> France? </l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic">  Glost. </speaker>
<l> Yes, if it please your <reg orig="Maiestie">Majesty</reg>, my Liege. </l></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker rend="italic"> King. </speaker>
<l> Welcome <reg orig="braue">brave</reg> <reg orig="Captaine">Captain</reg>, and victorious Lord. </l>
<l> When I was young (as yet I am not old) </l>
<l> I <reg orig="doe"> do </reg> remember how my Father said, </l>
<l> A stouter Champion <reg orig="neuer"> never </reg> handled Sword. </l>
<l> Long since <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">we</seg> were <reg orig="resolued">resolved</reg> of your truth, </l>
<l> Your <reg orig="faithfull">faithful</reg> <reg orig="seruice">service</reg>, and your <reg orig="toyle">toil</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <reg orig="Warre">War</reg>: </l>
<l> Yet <reg orig="neuer haue"> never have </reg> you tasted <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">our</seg> Reward, </l>
<l> Or <reg orig="beene"> been </reg> <reg orig="reguerdon'd">reguerdoned</reg> with <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> much as Thanks, </l>
<l> Because till now, <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">we</seg> <reg orig="neuer"> never </reg> saw your face. </l>
<l> Therefore stand <reg orig="vp,"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">up</seg>, </reg> and <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> these good deserts, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">We</seg> here create you <reg orig="Earle">Earl</reg> of Shrewsbury, </l>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">our</seg> Coronation take your place. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic">Senet. Flourish. Exeunt.
Manet Vernon and Basset.
<sp who="W"><speaker rend="italic"> Vern. </speaker>
<l> Now Sir, <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> you <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> were <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> hot at Sea, </l>
<l> Disgracing of these Colours <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> I <reg orig="weare">wear</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">In</seg> <reg orig="honor">honour</reg> of my Noble Lord of Yorke </l>
<l> <reg orig="Dar'st">Darest</reg> thou <reg orig="maintaine">maintain</reg> the former words thou <reg orig="spak'st">spakest</reg>? </l></sp>
<sp who="ZZ"><speaker rend="italic"> Bass. </speaker>
<l> Yes Sir, as well as you dare patronage </l>
<l> The <reg orig="enuious">envious</reg> barking of your <reg orig="sawcie">saucy</reg> Tongue, </l>
<l> Against my Lord the Duke of Somerset. </l></sp>
<sp who="W"><speaker rend="italic"> Uern. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Sirrha">Sirrah</reg>, thy Lord I honour as he is. </l></sp>
<sp who="ZZ"><speaker rend="italic"> Bass. </speaker>
<l> Why, what is he? as good a man as Yorke. </l></sp>
<sp who="W"><speaker rend="italic"> Vern. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Hearke">Hark</reg> ye: not <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">so</seg>: <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <reg orig="witnesse">witness</reg> take ye <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg>. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic"> Strikes him. </stage>
<sp who="ZZ"><speaker rend="italic"> Bass. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Villaine">Villain</reg>, thou knowest </l>
<l> The Law of <reg orig="Armes">Arms</reg> is such, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">who</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">so</seg> <reg orig="drawes">draws</reg> a Sword, <reg orig="'tis"> it is </reg> present death, </l>
<l> Or else this Blow should broach thy dearest <reg orig="Bloud">Blood</reg>. </l>
<l> But <reg orig="Ile vnto"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> unto </reg> his <reg orig="Maiestie">Majesty</reg>, and <reg orig="craue">crave</reg>, </l>
<l> I may <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> <reg orig="libertie">liberty</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> venge this Wrong, </l>
<l> When thou shalt see, <reg orig="Ile"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> meet thee <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> thy cost. </l></sp>
<sp who="W"><speaker rend="italic"> Vern. </speaker>
<l> Well miscreant, <reg orig="Ile"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> be there as <reg orig="soone"> soon </reg> as you, </l>
<l> And after <reg orig="meete">meet</reg> you, sooner <reg orig="then"> than </reg> you would. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic">Exeunt. </stage>

<stage rend="italic"> Actus Quartus. 
<stage rend="italic"> Scena Prima. </stage>
<stage rend="italic">
Enter King, Glocester, Winchester, Yorke, Suffolke, Somerset, 
Warwicke, Talbot, and Gouernor Exeter.
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> Glo. </speaker>
<l> Lord Bishop set the <reg orig="Crowne">Crown</reg> <reg orig="vpon"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">upon</seg> </reg> his head. </l></sp>
<sp who="O"><speaker rend="italic"> Win. </speaker>
<l> God <reg orig="saue">save</reg> King <hi rend="italic"> Henry </hi> of <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> name the <reg orig="sixt">sixth</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> Glo. </speaker>
<l> Now <reg orig="Gouernour">Governor</reg> of Paris take your oath, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> you elect <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> other King but him; </l>
<l> <reg orig="Esteeme">Esteem</reg> none Friends, but such as are his Friends, </l>
<l> And none your Foes, but such as shall pretend </l>
<l> Malicious practises against his State: </l>
<l> This shall ye do, <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">so</seg> <reg orig="helpe">help</reg> you righteous God. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic"> Enter Falstaffe.
<sp who="Y"><speaker rend="italic"> Fal. </speaker>
<l> My gracious <reg orig="Soueraigne">Sovereign</reg>, as I rode from Calice, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> haste <reg orig="vnto"> unto </reg> your Coronation: </l>
<l> A Letter was <reg orig="deliuer'd">delivered</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> my hands. </l>
<l> Writ <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> your Grace, from <reg orig="th'Duke"> the Duke </reg> of Burgundy. </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker rend="italic"> Tal. </speaker>
<l> Shame <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> the Duke of Burgundy, and thee: </l>
<l> I <reg orig="vow'd">vowed</reg> (base Knight) when I did <reg orig="meete">meet</reg> <reg orig="the"> thee </reg> next, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> <reg orig="teare">tear</reg> the Garter from thy <reg orig="Crauens">Craven's</reg> <reg orig="legge">leg</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">Which</seg> I <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> done, because (<reg orig="vnworthily">unworthily</reg>) </l>
<l> Thou <reg orig="was't"> wast </reg> installed <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> High Degree. </l>
<l> Pardon me Princely <hi rend="italic"> Henry, </hi> and the rest: </l>
<l> This Dastard, at the <reg orig="battell">battle</reg> of <hi rend="italic"> Poictiers, </hi> </l>
<l> When (but <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> all) I was <reg orig="sixe">six</reg> thousand strong, </l>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> the French were almost ten <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> one, </l>
<l> Before <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> met, or <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> a stroke was <reg orig="giuen,"> given, </reg> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">Like</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> a <reg orig="trustie">trusty</reg> Squire, did run away. </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">In</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">which</seg> assault, <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> lost <reg orig="twelue">twelve</reg> hundred men. </l>
<l> <reg orig="My selfe,"> Myself, </reg> and <reg orig="diuers">divers</reg> Gentlemen beside, </l>
<l> Were there <reg orig="surpriz'd">surprised</reg>, and taken prisoners. </l>
<l> Then <reg orig="iudge">judge</reg> (great Lords) if I <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> done <reg orig="amisse">amiss</reg>: </l>
<l> Or whether <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> such Cowards ought <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="weare">wear</reg> </l>
<l> This Ornament of Knighthood, yea or <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">no</seg>? </l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> Glo. </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> say the truth, this fact was infamous, </l>
<l> And ill beseeming any common man; </l>
<l> Much more a Knight, a <reg orig="Captaine">Captain</reg>, and a Leader. </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker rend="italic"> Tal. </speaker>
<l> When first this Order was <reg orig="ordain'd">ordained</reg> my Lords, </l>
<l> Knights of the Garter were of Noble birth; </l>
<l> Valiant, and <reg orig="Vertuous">Virtuous</reg>, full of <reg orig="haughtie">haughty</reg> Courage, </l>
<l> Such as were <reg orig="growne">grown</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> credit <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> the <reg orig="warres">wars</reg>: </l>
<l> Not fearing Death, nor shrinking <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> <reg orig="Distresse">Distress</reg>, </l>
<l> But <reg orig="alwayes">always</reg> resolute, <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> most <reg orig="extreames">extremes</reg>. </l>
<l> He then, <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> is not <reg orig="furnish'd">furnished</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> this sort, </l>
<l> Doth but <reg orig="vsurpe">usurp</reg> the Sacred name of Knight, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Prophaning">Profaning</reg> this most Honourable Order, </l>
<l> And should (if I were worthy <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> be <reg orig="Iudge">Judge</reg>) </l>
<l> Be quite degraded, <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">like</seg> a Hedge-borne <reg orig="Swaine">Swain</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">That</seg> doth presume <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> boast of Gentle blood. </l></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker rend="italic"> K. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Staine">Stain</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> thy Countrymen, thou <reg orig="hear'st">hearest</reg> thy doom: </l>
<l> Be packing therefore, thou <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> <reg orig="was't"> wast </reg> a knight: </l>
<l> Henceforth <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">we</seg> banish thee <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> <reg orig="paine">pain</reg> of death. </l>
<l> And now Lord Protector, view the Letter </l>
<l> Sent from <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">our</seg> <reg orig="Vnckle">Uncle</reg> Duke of Burgundy. </l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> Glo. </speaker>
<l> What <reg orig="meanes">means</reg> his Grace, <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> he hath <reg orig="chaung'd">changed</reg> his <reg orig="Stile">Style</reg>? </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">No</seg> more but <reg orig="plaine">plain</reg> and bluntly? </l>
<stage rend="italic"> (To the King.) </stage>

<l> Hath he forgot he is his <reg orig="Soueraigne">Sovereign</reg>? </l>
<l> Or doth this churlish Superscription </l>
<l> Pretend some alteration <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> good <seg type="homograph" subtype="noun">will</seg>? </l>
<l> <reg orig="What's heere?"> What is here? </reg>
I <reg orig="haue vpon"> have <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">upon</seg> </reg> <reg orig="especiall">especial</reg> cause, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Mou'd">Moved</reg> with compassion of my Countries <reg orig="wracke">wrack</reg>, </l>
<l> Together with the <reg orig="pittifull">pitiful</reg> complaints </l>
<l> Of such as your oppression <reg orig="feedes">feeds</reg> <reg orig="vpon,"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">upon</seg> </reg> </l>
<l> Forsaken your <reg orig="pernitious">pernicious</reg> Faction, </l>
<l> And <reg orig="ioyn'd">joined</reg> with Charles, the <reg orig="rightfull">rightful</reg> king of France, </l>
<l> O monstrous Treachery: Can this be <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">so</seg>? </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> alliance, amity, and <reg orig="oathes">oaths</reg>, </l>
<l> There should be found such false dissembling guile? </l></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker rend="italic"> King. </speaker>
<l> What? doth my <reg orig="Vnckle">Uncle</reg> Burgundy <reg orig="reuolt">revolt</reg>? </l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> Glo. </speaker>
<l> He doth my Lord, and is become your foe. </l></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker rend="italic"> King. </speaker>
<l> Is <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> the worst this Letter doth <reg orig="containe">contain</reg>? </l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> Glo. </speaker>
<l> It is the worst, and all (my Lord) he writes. </l></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker rend="italic"> King. </speaker>
<l> Why then Lord <hi rend="italic"> Talbot </hi> there <reg orig="shal"> shall </reg> talk with him, </l>
<l> And <reg orig="giue"> give </reg> him <reg orig="chasticement">chastisement</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> this abuse. </l>
<l> How say you (my Lord) are you not content? </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker rend="italic"> Tal. </speaker>
<l> Content, my Liege? Yes: But <reg orig="yt"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> </reg> I am <reg orig="preuented">prevented</reg>, </l>
<l> I should <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> <reg orig="begg'd">begged</reg> I might <reg orig="haue bene"> have been </reg> <reg orig="employd">employed</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker rend="italic"> King. </speaker>
<l> Then gather strength, and march <reg orig="vnto"> unto </reg> him straight: </l>
<l> Let him <reg orig="perceiue">perceive</reg> how ill <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">we</seg> brooke his Treason, </l>
<l> And what offence it is <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> flout his Friends. </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker rend="italic"> Tal. </speaker>
<l> I go my Lord, <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> heart desiring still </l>
<l> You may behold confusion of your foes. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic"> Enter Vernon and Bassit. </stage>
<sp who="W"><speaker rend="italic"> Ver. </speaker>
<l> Grant me the <reg orig="Combate">Combat</reg>, gracious <reg orig="Soueraigne">Sovereign</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="ZZ"><speaker rend="italic"> Bas. </speaker>
<l> And me (my Lord) grant me the <reg orig="Combate">Combat</reg> too. </l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker rend="italic"> Yorke. </speaker>
<l> This is my <reg orig="Seruant">Servant</reg>, <reg orig="heare"> hear </reg> him Noble Prince. </l></sp>
<sp who="N"><speaker rend="italic"> Som. </speaker>
<l> And this is mine (sweet <hi rend="italic"> Henry </hi>) <reg orig="fauour">favour</reg> him. </l></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker rend="italic"> King. </speaker>
<l> Be patient Lords, and <reg orig="giue"> give </reg> them <reg orig="leaue">leave</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> speak. </l>
<l> Say Gentlemen, what makes you thus <reg orig="exclaime">exclaim</reg>, </l>
<l> And wherefore <reg orig="craue">crave</reg> you <reg orig="Combate">Combat</reg>? Or with whom? </l></sp>
<sp who="W"><speaker rend="italic"> Ver. </speaker>
<l> With him (my Lord) <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">for</seg> he hath done me wrong. </l></sp>
<sp who="ZZ"><speaker rend="italic"> Bas. </speaker>
<l> And I with him, <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">for</seg> he hath done me wrong. </l></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker rend="italic"> King. </speaker>
<l> What is <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> wrong, <reg orig="wherof">whereof</reg> you both complain </l>
<l> First let me know, and then <reg orig="Ile"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> answer you. </l></sp>
<sp who="ZZ"><speaker rend="italic"> Bas. </speaker>
<l> Crossing the Sea, from England into France, </l>
<l> This Fellow <reg orig="heere"> here </reg> with <reg orig="enuious">envious</reg> carping tongue, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Vpbraided">Upbraided</reg> me about the Rose I <reg orig="weare">wear</reg>, </l>
<l> Saying, the sanguine colour of the <reg orig="Leaues">Leaves</reg> </l>
<l> Did represent my Masters blushing <reg orig="cheekes">cheeks</reg>: </l>
<l> When stubbornly he did <reg orig="repugne">repugn</reg> the truth, </l>
<l> About a <reg orig="certaine">certain</reg> question <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> the Law, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Argu'd">Argued</reg> betwixt the Duke of Yorke, and him: </l>
<l> With other vile and ignominious <reg orig="tearmes">terms</reg>. </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">In</seg> confutation of <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">which</seg> rude reproach, </l>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> defence of my Lords <reg orig="worthinesse">worthiness</reg>, </l>
<l> I <reg orig="craue">crave</reg> the benefit of Law of <reg orig="Armes">Arms</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="W"><speaker rend="italic"> Uer. </speaker>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> is my petition (Noble Lord:) </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> though he <reg orig="seeme"> seem </reg> with forged <reg orig="queint">quaint</reg> <reg orig="conceite">conceit</reg> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> set a <reg orig="glosse">gloss</reg> <reg orig="vpon"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">upon</seg> </reg> his bold intent, </l>
<l> Yet know (my Lord) I was <reg orig="prouok'd">provoked</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> him, </l>
<l> And he first <reg orig="tooke">took</reg> exceptions at this badge, </l>
<l> Pronouncing <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> the <reg orig="palenesse">paleness</reg> of this Flower, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Bewray'd">Bewrayed</reg> the <reg orig="faintnesse">faintness</reg> of my Masters heart. </l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker rend="italic"> Yorke. </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">Will</seg> not this malice Somerset be left? </l></sp>
<sp who="N"><speaker rend="italic"> Som. </speaker>
<l> Your <reg orig="priuate">private</reg> grudge my Lord of York, <reg orig="wil"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> out, </l>
<l> Though <reg orig="ne're"> never </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> cunningly you smother it. </l></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker rend="italic"> King. </speaker>
<l> Good Lord, what <reg orig="madnesse">madness</reg> rules <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <reg orig="braine-sicke">brainsick</reg> men, </l>
<l> When <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> slight and <reg orig="friuolous">frivolous</reg> a cause, </l>
<l> Such factious <reg orig="aemulations">emulations</reg> shall arise? </l>
<l> Good <reg orig="Cosins">Cousins</reg> both of Yorke and Somerset, </l>
<l> Quiet <reg orig="your selues"> yourselves </reg> (I pray) and be at peace. </l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker rend="italic"> Yorke. </speaker>
<l> Let this <reg orig="dissention">dissension</reg> first be tried <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> fight, </l>
<l> And then your <reg orig="Highnesse">Highness</reg> shall command a Peace. </l></sp>
<sp who="N"><speaker rend="italic"> Som. </speaker>
<l> The <reg orig="quarrell">quarrel</reg> toucheth none but <reg orig="vs"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg> </reg> alone, </l>
<l> Betwixt <reg orig="our selues"> ourselves </reg> let <reg orig="vs"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg> </reg> decide it then. </l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker rend="italic"> Yorke. </speaker>
<l> There is my pledge, accept it Somerset. </l></sp>
<sp who="W"><speaker rend="italic"> Ver. </speaker>
<l> Nay, let it rest where it began at first. </l></sp>
<sp who="ZZ"><speaker rend="italic"> Bass. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Confirme">Confirm</reg> it <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">so</seg>, mine honourable Lord. </l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> Glo. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Confirme">Confirm</reg> it <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">so</seg>? Confounded be your strife, </l>
<l> And perish ye with your audacious prate, </l>
<l> Presumptuous vassals, are you not <reg orig="asham'd">ashamed</reg> </l>
<l> With this immodest clamorous outrage, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> trouble and <reg orig="disturbe">disturb</reg> the King, and <reg orig="Vs?"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg>? </reg> </l>
<l> And you my Lords, <reg orig="me thinkes"> methinks </reg> you do not well </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> <reg orig="beare">bear</reg> with their <reg orig="peruerse">perverse</reg> <reg orig="Obiections">Objections</reg>: </l>
<l> Much <reg orig="lesse">less</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> take occasion from their <reg orig="mouthes">mouths</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> raise a mutiny betwixt <reg orig="your selues."> yourselves. </reg> </l>
<l> Let me <reg orig="perswade">persuade</reg> you take a better course. </l></sp>
<sp who="P"><speaker rend="italic"> Exet. </speaker>
<l> It <reg orig="greeues">grieves</reg> his <reg orig="Highnesse">Highness</reg>, </l>
<l> Good my Lords, be Friends. </l></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker rend="italic"> King. </speaker>
<l> Come hither you <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> would be Combatants: </l>
<l> Henceforth I charge you, as you <reg orig="loue"> love </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">our</seg> <reg orig="fauour">favour</reg>, </l>
<l> Quite <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> forget this <reg orig="Quarrell">Quarrel</reg>, and the cause. </l>
<l> And you my Lords: Remember where <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> are, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">In</seg> France, amongst a fickle <reg orig="wauering">wavering</reg> Nation: </l>
<l> If they <reg orig="perceyue">perceive</reg> <reg orig="dissention">dissension</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> <reg orig="lookes,"> looks, </reg> </l>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> within <reg orig="our selues"> ourselves </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> disagree; </l>
<l> How <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> their grudging <reg orig="stomackes">stomachs</reg> be <reg orig="prouok'd">provoked</reg> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">To</seg> <reg orig="wilfull">wilful</reg> Disobedience, and <reg orig="Rebell">Rebel</reg>? </l>
<l> Beside, What infamy <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> there arise, </l>
<l> When <reg orig="Forraigne">Foreign</reg> Princes shall be certified, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> a toy, a thing of <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> regard, </l>
<l> King <hi rend="italic"> Henries </hi> <reg orig="Peeres">Peers</reg>, and <reg orig="cheefe">chief</reg> Nobility, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Destroy'd">Destroyed</reg> <reg orig="themselues,"> themselves, </reg> and lost the <reg orig="Realme">Realm</reg> of France? </l>
<l> <reg orig="Oh thinke vpon"> O think <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">upon</seg> </reg> the Conquest of my Father, </l>
<l> My tender <reg orig="yeares">years</reg>, and let <reg orig="vs"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">us</seg> </reg> not <reg orig="forgoe">forgo</reg> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">That</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> a trifle, <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> was bought with blood. </l>
<l> Let me be <reg orig="Vmper">Umpire</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> this <reg orig="doubtfull">doubtful</reg> strife: </l>
<l> I see <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> reason if I <reg orig="weare">wear</reg> this Rose, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> any one should therefore be <reg orig="suspitious">suspicious</reg> </l>
<l> I more incline <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> Somerset, than Yorke: </l>
<l> Both are my kinsmen, and I <reg orig="loue"> love </reg> them both. </l>
<l> As well they may <reg orig="vpbray'd">upbraid</reg> me with my <reg orig="Crowne">Crown</reg>, </l>
<l> Because (forsooth) the King of Scots is <reg orig="Crown'd">Crowned</reg>. </l>
<l> But your discretions better can <reg orig="perswade">persuade</reg>, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Then"> Than </reg> I am able <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> instruct or teach: </l>
<l> And therefore, as <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> hither came <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> peace, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">So</seg> let <reg orig="vs"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg> </reg> still continue peace, and <reg orig="loue."> love. </reg> </l>
<l> <reg orig="Cosin">Cousin</reg> of Yorke, <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">we</seg> institute your Grace </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> be <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">our</seg> Regent <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> these parts of France: </l>
<l> And good my Lord of Somerset, <reg orig="vnite">unite</reg> </l>
<l> Your <reg orig="Troopes">Troops</reg> of horsemen, with his Bands of <reg orig="foote">foot</reg>, </l>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">like</seg> true <reg orig="Subiects">Subjects</reg>, <reg orig="sonnes"> sons </reg> of your Progenitors, </l>
<l> Go <reg orig="cheerefully">cheerfully</reg> together, and digest </l>
<l> Your angry <reg orig="Choller">Choler</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> your Enemies. </l>
<l> <reg orig="Our Selfe,"> Ourself, </reg> my Lord Protector, and the rest, </l>
<l> After some <reg orig="respit">respite</reg>, <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> <reg orig="returne">return</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> Calice; </l>
<l> From thence <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> England, where I hope ere long </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> be presented <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> your Victories, </l>
<l> With <hi rend="italic"> Charles, Alanson, </hi> and <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> <reg orig="Traiterous">Traitorous</reg> rout. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic"> 
Exeunt. Manet Yorke, Warwick, Exeter, Vernon.
<sp who="M"><speaker rend="italic"> War. </speaker>
<l> My Lord of Yorke, I promise you the King </l>
<l> Prettily (<reg orig="me thought"> methought </reg>) did play the Orator.) </l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker rend="italic"> Yorke. </speaker>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">so</seg> he did, but yet I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">like</seg> it not, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">In</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> he <reg orig="weares">wears</reg> the badge of Somerset. </l></sp>
<sp who="M"><speaker rend="italic"> War. </speaker>
<l> Tush, <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> was but his <reg orig="fancie">fancy</reg>, blame him not, </l>
<l> I dare presume (sweet Prince) he thought <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> <reg orig="harme">harm</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker rend="italic"> York. </speaker>
<l> And if I wish he did. But let it rest, </l>
<l> Other <reg orig="affayres">affairs</reg> must now be managed. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic"> Exeunt.
Flourish. Manet Exeter.
<sp who="P"><speaker rend="italic"> Exet. </speaker>
<l> Well didst thou <hi rend="italic"> Richard </hi> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="suppresse">suppress</reg> thy voice: </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> had the passions of thy heart burst out, </l>
<l> I <reg orig="feare">fear</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> should <reg orig="haue seene"> have seen </reg> <reg orig="decipher'd">deciphered</reg> there </l>
<l> More rancorous <reg orig="spight">spite</reg>, more furious raging <reg orig="broyles">broils</reg>, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Then"> Than </reg> yet can be <reg orig="imagin'd">imagined</reg> or <reg orig="suppos'd">supposed</reg>: </l>
<l> But <reg orig="howsoere">howsoever</reg>, <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> simple man <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> sees </l>
<l> This <reg orig="iarring">jarring</reg> discord of <reg orig="Nobilitie">Nobility</reg>, </l>
<l> This shouldering of each other <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> the Court, </l>
<l> This factious bandying of their <reg orig="Fauourites">Favourites</reg>, </l>
<l> But <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> it doth presage some ill <reg orig="euent">event</reg>. </l>
<l> <reg orig="'Tis"> It is </reg> much, when <reg orig="Scepters">Sceptres</reg> are <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <reg orig="Childrens">Children's</reg> hands: </l>
<l> But more, when <reg orig="Enuy">Envy</reg> breeds <reg orig="vnkinde">unkind</reg> <reg orig="deuision">division</reg>. </l>
<l> There comes the <reg orig="ruine">ruin</reg>, there begins confusion. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic">  Exit.</stage>

<stage>Enter Talbot with Trumpe and Drumme, before Burdeaux.
<sp who="A"><speaker rend="italic"> Talb. </speaker>
<l> Go <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> the Gates of Burdeaux Trumpeter, </l>
<l> Summon their <reg orig="Generall">General</reg> <reg orig="vnto"> unto </reg> the Wall. </l>
<stage rend="italic">    Sounds.
Enter Generall aloft.

<l> English <hi rend="italic"> Iohn Talbot </hi> (<reg orig="Captaines">Captains</reg>) call you forth, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Seruant">Servant</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <reg orig="Armes">Arms</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Harry </hi> King of England, </l>
<l> And thus he would. Open your <reg orig="Citie">City</reg> Gates, </l>
<l> Be humble <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> <reg orig="vs,"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg>, </reg> call my <reg orig="Soueraigne">Sovereign</reg> yours, </l>
<l> And do him homage as obedient <reg orig="Subiects">Subjects</reg>, </l>
<l> And <reg orig="Ile"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> withdraw me, and my bloody power. </l>
<l> But if you <reg orig="frowne">frown</reg> <reg orig="vpon"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">upon</seg> </reg> this <reg orig="proffer'd">proffered</reg> Peace, </l>
<l> You tempt the fury of my three attendants, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Leane">Lean</reg> Famine, quartering <reg orig="Steele">Steel</reg>, and climbing Fire, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">Who</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> a moment, <reg orig="eeuen"> even </reg> with the earth, </l>
<l> Shall lay your stately, and <reg orig="ayre-brauing">air braving</reg> Towers, </l>
<l> If you forsake the offer of their <reg orig="loue."> love. </reg> </l></sp>
<sp who="ZT"><speaker rend="italic"> Cap. </speaker>
<l> Thou ominous and <reg orig="fearefull">fearful</reg> <reg orig="Owle">Owl</reg> of death, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">Our</seg> Nations terror, and their bloody scourge, </l>
<l> The period of thy Tyranny approacheth, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">On</seg> <reg orig="vs"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg> </reg> thou canst not enter but <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> death: </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> I protest <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> are well fortified, </l>
<l> And strong enough <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> issue out and fight. </l>
<l> If thou retire, the Dolphin well appointed, </l>
<l> Stands with the snares of <reg orig="Warre">War</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> tangle thee. </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">On</seg> either hand thee, there are squadrons <reg orig="pitcht">pitched</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> wall thee from the liberty of Flight; </l>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> way canst thou <reg orig="turne">turn</reg> thee <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> <reg orig="redresse">redress</reg>, </l>
<l> But death doth front thee with <reg orig="apparant">apparent</reg> <reg orig="spoyle">spoil</reg>, </l>
<l> And pale destruction meets thee <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> the face: </l>
<l> Ten thousand French <reg orig="haue tane"> have taken </reg> the Sacrament, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> <reg orig="ryue">rive</reg> their dangerous <reg orig="Artillerie">Artillery</reg> </l>
<l> <reg orig="Vpon"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">Upon</seg> </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> Christian <reg orig="soule">soul</reg> but English <hi rend="italic"> Talbot: </hi> </l>
<l> <reg orig="Loe">Lo</reg>, there thou <reg orig="standst">standest</reg> a breathing valiant man </l>
<l> Of an <reg orig="inuincible">invincible</reg> <reg orig="vnconquer'd">unconquered</reg> spirit: </l>
<l> This is the latest <reg orig="Glorie">Glory</reg> of thy praise, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> I thy enemy dew thee <reg orig="withall">withal</reg>: </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> ere the <reg orig="Glasse">Glass</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> now begins <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="runne">run</reg>, </l>
<l> Finish the <reg orig="processe">process</reg> of his sandy <reg orig="houre">hour</reg>, </l>
<l> These eyes <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> see thee now well coloured, </l>
<l> Shall see thee withered, bloody, pale, and dead. </l>
<stage rend="italic">  Drum a farre off. </stage>

<l> <reg orig="Harke">Hark</reg>, <reg orig="harke">hark</reg>, the Dolphins <reg orig="drumme">drum</reg>, a warning bell, </l>
<l> Sings <reg orig="heauy">heavy</reg> <reg orig="Musicke">Music</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> thy timorous <reg orig="soule">soul</reg>, </l>
<l> And mine shall ring thy dire departure out. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic">  Exit </stage>
<sp who="A"><speaker rend="italic"> Tal. </speaker>
<l> He Fables not, I <reg orig="heare"> hear </reg> the <reg orig="enemie">enemy</reg>: </l>
<l> Out some light Horsemen, and peruse their Wings. </l>
<l> O negligent and <reg orig="heedlesse">heedless</reg> Discipline, </l>
<l> How are <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> <reg orig="park'd">parked</reg> and bounded <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> a pale? </l>
<l> A little Heard of Englands timorous <reg orig="Deere">Dear</reg>, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Maz'd">Mazed</reg> with a yelping <reg orig="kennell">kennel</reg> of French <reg orig="Curres">Curs</reg>. </l>
<l> If <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> be English <reg orig="Deere">Dear</reg>, be then <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> blood, </l>
<l> Not <reg orig="Rascall-like">Rascal-like</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> fall <reg orig="downe"> down </reg> with a pinch, </l>
<l> But rather <reg orig="moodie">moody</reg> mad: And desperate <reg orig="Stagges">Stags</reg>, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Turne">Turn</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> the bloody Hounds with heads of <reg orig="Steele">Steel</reg>, </l>
<l> And make the Cowards stand <reg orig="aloofe">aloof</reg> at bay: </l>
<l> Sell <reg orig="euery"> every </reg> man his life as <reg orig="deere">dear</reg> as mine, </l>
<l> And they shall <reg orig="finde">find</reg> <reg orig="deere">dear</reg> <reg orig="Deere">Dear</reg> of <reg orig="vs"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg> </reg> my Friends. </l>
<l> God, and <reg orig="S.">Saint</reg> <hi rend="italic"> George, Talbot </hi> and Englands right, </l>
<l> Prosper <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> Colours <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> this dangerous fight. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic">
Enter a Messenger that meets Yorke. Enter Yorke with 
Trumpet, and many Soldiers.
<sp who="H"><speaker rend="italic"> Yorke. </speaker>
<l> Are not the speedy scouts <reg orig="return'd">returned</reg> <reg orig="againe,"> again, </reg> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">That</seg> <reg orig="dog'd">dogged</reg> the mighty Army of the Dolphin? </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Mess. </speaker>
<l> They are <reg orig="return'd">returned</reg> my Lord, and <reg orig="giue"> give </reg> it out, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> he is <reg orig="march'd">marched</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> Burdeaux with his power </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> fight with <hi rend="italic"> Talbot </hi> as he <reg orig="march'd">marched</reg> along. </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">By</seg> your <reg orig="espyals">espials</reg> were <reg orig="discouered">discovered</reg> </l>
<l> Two mightier <reg orig="Troopes">Troops</reg> <reg orig="then"> than </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> the Dolphin led, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">Which</seg> <reg orig="ioyn'd">joined</reg> with him, and made their march <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> Burdeaux </l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker rend="italic"> Yorke. </speaker>
<l> A plague <reg orig="vpon"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">upon</seg> </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> <reg orig="Villaine">Villain</reg> Somerset, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">That</seg> thus <reg orig="delayes">delays</reg> my promised supply </l>
<l> Of horsemen, <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> were <reg orig="leuied">levied</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> this siege. </l>
<l> Renowned <hi rend="italic"> Talbot </hi> doth expect my <reg orig="ayde">aid</reg>, </l>
<l> And I am <reg orig="lowted">louted</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> a Traitor <reg orig="Villaine">Villain</reg>, </l>
<l> And cannot <reg orig="helpe">help</reg> the noble <reg orig="Cheualier">Chevalier</reg>: </l>
<l> God comfort him <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> this necessity: </l>
<l> If he miscarry, farewell <reg orig="Warres">Wars</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> France. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic"> Enter another Messenger.
<sp who="ZG"><speaker rend="italic"> 2. Mes. </speaker>
<l> Thou Princely Leader of <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> English strength, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Neuer"> Never </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> <reg orig="needfull">needful</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> the earth of France, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Spurre">Spur</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> the rescue of the Noble <hi rend="italic"> Talbot, </hi> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">Who</seg> now is girdled with a waste of Iron, </l>
<l> And <reg orig="hem'd">hemmed</reg> about with grim destruction: </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">To</seg> Burdeaux warlike Duke, <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> Burdeaux Yorke, </l>
<l> Else <reg orig="farwell">farewell</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Talbot, </hi> France, and Englands <reg orig="honor">honour</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker rend="italic"> Yorke. </speaker>
<l> O God, <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> Somerset <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">who</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> proud heart </l>
<l> Doth stop my Cornets, were <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Talbots </hi> place, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">So</seg> should <reg orig="wee"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> </reg> <reg orig="saue">save</reg> a valiant Gentleman, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">By</seg> <reg orig="forfeyting">forfeiting</reg> a Traitor, and a Coward: </l>
<l> Mad ire, and <reg orig="wrathfull">wrathful</reg> fury makes me <reg orig="weepe">weep</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> thus <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> <reg orig="dye">die</reg>, while <reg orig="remisse">remiss</reg> Traitors <reg orig="sleepe">sleep</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Mes. </speaker>
<l> O send some succour <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> the <reg orig="distrest">distressed</reg> Lord. </l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker rend="italic"> Yorke. </speaker>
<l> He dies, <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> loose: I <reg orig="breake">break</reg> my warlike word: </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">We</seg> <reg orig="mourne">mourn</reg>, France smiles: <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">We</seg> loose, they <reg orig="dayly">daily</reg> get, </l>
<l> All long of this vile Traitor Somerset. </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Mes. </speaker>
<l> Then God take mercy <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> <reg orig="braue">brave</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Talbots </hi> <reg orig="soule">soul</reg>, </l>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> his <reg orig="Sonne"> Son </reg> <reg orig="yong">young</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Iohn, </hi> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">who</seg> two <reg orig="houres">hours</reg> since, </l>
<l> I met <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <reg orig="trauaile">travail</reg> toward his warlike Father; </l>
<l> This <reg orig="seuen">seven</reg> <reg orig="yeeres">years</reg> did not <hi rend="italic"> Talbot </hi> see his <reg orig="sonne,"> son, </reg> </l>
<l> And now they <reg orig="meete">meet</reg> where both their <reg orig="liues"> lives </reg> are done. </l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker rend="italic"> Yorke. </speaker>
<l> Alas, what <reg orig="ioy">joy</reg> shall noble <hi rend="italic"> Talbot </hi> <reg orig="haue,"> have, </reg> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> bid his <reg orig="yong">young</reg> <reg orig="sonne"> son </reg> welcome <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> his <reg orig="Graue">Grave</reg>: </l>
<l> Away, vexation almost <reg orig="stoppes">stops</reg> my breath, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> <reg orig="sundred">sundered</reg> friends <reg orig="greete">greet</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> the <reg orig="houre">hour</reg> of death. </l>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Lucie </hi> farewell, <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> more my fortune can, </l>
<l> But curse the cause I cannot <reg orig="ayde">aid</reg> the man. </l>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Maine, Bloys, Poytiers, </hi> and <hi rend="italic"> Toures, </hi> are <reg orig="wonne">won</reg> away, </l>
<l> Long all of Somerset, and his delay. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic">  Exit
<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Mes. </speaker>
<l> Thus while the Vulture of sedition, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Feedes">Feeds</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> the <reg orig="bosome">bosom</reg> of such great Commanders, </l>
<l> Sleeping neglection doth betray <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> <reg orig="losse">loss</reg>: </l>
<l> The Conquest of <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> <reg orig="scarse-cold">scarce-cold</reg> Conqueror, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">That</seg> <reg orig="euer-liuing">ever-living</reg> man of <reg orig="Memorie">Memory</reg>, </l>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Henrie </hi> the <reg orig="fift">fifth</reg>: Whiles they each other <reg orig="crosse">cross</reg>, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Liues,"> Lives, </reg> Honours, Lands, and all, <reg orig="hurrie">hurry</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> <reg orig="losse">loss</reg>. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic"> Enter Somerset with his Armie.
<sp who="N"><speaker rend="italic"> Som. </speaker>
<l> It is too late, I cannot send them now: </l>
<l> This expedition was <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Yorke </hi> and <hi rend="italic"> Talbot, </hi> </l>
<l> Too rashly plotted. All <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> <reg orig="generall">general</reg> force, </l>
<l> Might with a sally of the very <reg orig="Towne">Town</reg> </l>
<l> Be buckled with: the <reg orig="ouer-daring">overdaring</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Talbot </hi> </l>
<l> Hath sullied all his <reg orig="glosse">gloss</reg> of former <reg orig="Honor">Honour</reg> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">By</seg> this <reg orig="vnheedfull">unheedful</reg>, desperate, <reg orig="wilde">wild</reg> <reg orig="aduenture">adventure</reg>: </l>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Yorke </hi> set him <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">on</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> fight, and <reg orig="dye">die</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> shame, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Talbot </hi> dead, great <hi rend="italic"> Yorke </hi> might <reg orig="beare">bear</reg> the name. </l></sp>
<sp who="ZT"><speaker rend="italic"> Cap. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Heere"> Here </reg> is Sir <hi rend="italic"> William Lucie, </hi> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">who</seg> with me </l>
<l> Set from <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> <reg orig="ore-matcht">overmatched</reg> forces forth <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> <reg orig="ayde">aid</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="N"><speaker rend="italic"> Som. </speaker>
<l> How now sir <hi rend="italic"> William, </hi> whether were you sent? </l></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker rend="italic"> Lu. </speaker>
<l> Whether my Lord, from bought <reg orig="&"> and </reg> sold L. <hi rend="italic"> Talbot, </hi> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">Who</seg> <reg orig="ring'd">ringed</reg> about with bold <reg orig="aduersitie">adversity</reg>, </l>
<l> Cries out <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> noble Yorke and Somerset, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> <reg orig="beate">beat</reg> <reg orig="assayling">assailing</reg> death from his <reg orig="weake">weak</reg> Regions, </l>
<l> And whiles the honourable <reg orig="Captaine">Captain</reg> there </l>
<l> Drops bloody <reg orig="swet">sweat</reg> from his <reg orig="warre-wearied">war wearied</reg> <reg orig="limbes">limbs</reg>, </l>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <reg orig="aduantage">advantage</reg> <reg orig="lingring">lingering</reg> <reg orig="lookes"> looks </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> rescue, </l>
<l> You his false hopes, the trust of Englands <reg orig="honor">honour</reg>, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Keepe">Keep</reg> off <reg orig="aloofe">aloof</reg> with <reg orig="worthlesse">worthless</reg> emulation: </l>
<l> Let not your <reg orig="priuate">private</reg> discord <reg orig="keepe">keep</reg> away </l>
<l> The <reg orig="leuied">levied</reg> succours <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> should lend him <reg orig="ayde">aid</reg>, </l>
<l> While he renowned Noble Gentleman </l>
<l> <reg orig="Yeeld">Yield</reg> <reg orig="vp"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">up</seg> </reg> his life <reg orig="vnto"> unto </reg> a world of <reg orig="oddes">odds</reg>. </l>
<l> Orleance the Bastard, <hi rend="italic"> Charles, Burgundie, </hi> </l>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Alanson, Reignard, </hi> <reg orig="compasse">compass</reg> him about, </l>
<l> And <hi rend="italic"> Talbot </hi> perisheth <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> your default. </l></sp>
<sp who="N"><speaker rend="italic"> Som. </speaker>
<l> Yorke set him <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">on</seg>, Yorke should <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> sent him <reg orig="ayde">aid</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker rend="italic"> Luc. </speaker>
<l> And Yorke as fast <reg orig="vpon"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">upon</seg> </reg> your Grace <reg orig="exclaimes">exclaims</reg>, </l>
<l> Swearing <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> you withhold his <reg orig="leuied">levied</reg> <reg orig="hoast">host</reg>, </l>
<l> Collected <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> this <reg orig="expidition">expedition</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="N"><speaker rend="italic"> Som. </speaker>
<l> York <reg orig="lyes">lies</reg>: He might <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> sent, <reg orig="&"> and </reg> had the Horse: </l>
<l> I owe him little <reg orig="Dutie">Duty</reg>, and <reg orig="lesse">less</reg> <reg orig="Loue,"> Love, </reg> </l>
<l> And take <reg orig="foule">foul</reg> <reg orig="scorne">scorn</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="fawne">fawn</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> him <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> sending. </l></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker rend="italic"> Lu. </speaker>
<l> The fraud of England, not the force of France, </l>
<l> Hath now <reg orig="intrapt">entrapped</reg> the Noble-minded <hi rend="italic"> Talbot: </hi> </l>
<l> <reg orig="Neuer"> Never </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> England shall he <reg orig="beare">bear</reg> his life, </l>
<l> But dies <reg orig="betraid">betrayed</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> fortune <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> your strife. </l></sp>
<sp who="N"><speaker rend="italic"> Som. </speaker>
<l> Come go, I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> dispatch the Horsemen strait: </l>
<l> Within <reg orig="sixe">six</reg> <reg orig="houres">hours</reg>, they <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> be at his <reg orig="ayde">aid</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker rend="italic"> Lu. </speaker>
<l> Too late comes rescue, he is <reg orig="tane"> taken </reg> or <reg orig="slaine">slain</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> <reg orig="flye">fly</reg> he could not, if he would <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> fled: </l>
<l> And <reg orig="flye">fly</reg> would <hi rend="italic"> Talbot </hi> <reg orig="neuer"> never </reg> though he might. </l></sp>
<sp who="N"><speaker rend="italic"> Som. </speaker>
<l> If he be dead, <reg orig="braue">brave</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Talbot </hi> then adieu. </l></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker rend="italic"> Lu. </speaker>
<l> His Fame <reg orig="liues"> lives </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> the world. His Shame <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> you. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic">  Exeunt.
Enter Talbot and his Sonne.
<sp who="A"><speaker rend="italic"> Tal. </speaker>
<l> O <reg orig="yong">young</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Iohn Talbot, </hi> I did send <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> thee </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> tutor thee <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> stratagems of <reg orig="Warre">War</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Talbots </hi> name might be <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> thee <reg orig="reuiu'd">revived</reg>, </l>
<l> When <reg orig="saplesse">sapless</reg> Age, and <reg orig="weake">weak</reg> <reg orig="vnable">unable</reg> <reg orig="limbes">limbs</reg> </l>
<l> Should bring thy Father <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> his drooping <reg orig="Chaire">Chair</reg>. </l>
<l> But O malignant and <reg orig="ill-boading">ill-boding</reg> <reg orig="Starres">Stars</reg>, </l>
<l> Now thou art come <reg orig="vnto"> unto </reg> a Feast of death, </l>
<l> A terrible and <reg orig="vnauoyded">unavoided</reg> danger: </l>
<l> Therefore <reg orig="deere">dear</reg> Boy, mount <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> my swiftest horse, </l>
<l> And <reg orig="Ile"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> direct thee how thou shalt escape </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">By</seg> <reg orig="sodaine">sudden</reg> flight. Come, dally not, be gone. </l></sp>
<sp who="Q"><speaker rend="italic"> Iohn. </speaker>
<l> Is my name <hi rend="italic"> Talbot? </hi> and am I your <reg orig="Sonne?"> Son? </reg> </l>
<l> And shall I <reg orig="flye">fly</reg>? O, if you <reg orig="loue"> love </reg> my Mother, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Dishonor">Dishonour</reg> not <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">her</seg> <reg orig="Honorable">Honourable</reg> Name, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> make a Bastard, and a <reg orig="Slaue">Slave</reg> of me: </l>
<l> The World <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> say, he is not <hi rend="italic"> Talbots </hi> blood, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">That</seg> basely fled, when Noble <hi rend="italic"> Talbot </hi> stood. </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker rend="italic"> Talb. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Flye">Fly</reg>, <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="reuenge">revenge</reg> my death, if I be <reg orig="slaine">slain</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="Q"><speaker rend="italic"> Iohn. </speaker>
<l> He <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> <reg orig="flyes">flies</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">so</seg>, <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> <reg orig="ne're"> never </reg> <reg orig="returne">return</reg> <reg orig="againe."> again. </reg> </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker rend="italic"> Talb. </speaker>
<l> If <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> both stay, <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> both are sure <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="dye">die</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="Q"><speaker rend="italic"> Iohn. </speaker>
<l> Then let me stay, and Father <reg orig="doe"> do </reg> you <reg orig="flye">fly</reg>: </l>
<l> Your <reg orig="losse">loss</reg> is great, <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">so</seg> your regard should be; </l>
<l> My worth <reg orig="vnknowne">unknown</reg>, <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> <reg orig="losse">loss</reg> is <reg orig="knowne">known</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> me. </l>
<l> <reg orig="Vpon"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">Upon</seg> </reg> my death, the French can little boast; </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">In</seg> yours they <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg>, <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> you all hopes are lost. </l>
<l> Flight cannot <reg orig="stayne">stain</reg> the <reg orig="Honor">Honour</reg> you <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> <reg orig="wonne">won</reg>, </l>
<l> But mine it <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg>, <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> Exploit <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> done. </l>
<l> You fled <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> Vantage, <reg orig="euery"> every </reg> one <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> <reg orig="sweare">swear</reg>: </l>
<l> But if I bow, <reg orig="they'le"> they <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> say it was <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> <reg orig="feare">fear</reg>. </l>
<l> There is <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> hope <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> <reg orig="euer"> ever </reg> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> stay, </l>
<l> If the first <reg orig="howre">hour</reg> I <reg orig="shrinke">shrink</reg> and run away: </l>
<l> Here <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> my knee I <reg orig="begge">beg</reg> <reg orig="Mortalitie">Mortality</reg>, </l>
<l> Rather <reg orig="then"> than </reg> Life, <reg orig="preseru'd">preserved</reg> with <reg orig="Infamie">Infamy</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker rend="italic"> Talb. </speaker>
<l> Shall all thy Mothers hopes <reg orig="lye">lie</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> one <reg orig="Tombe">Tomb</reg>? </l></sp>
<sp who="Q"><speaker rend="italic"> Iohn. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="I"> Aye </reg> rather <reg orig="then Ile"> than I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> shame my Mothers <reg orig="Wombe">Womb</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker rend="italic"> Talb. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Vpon"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">Upon</seg> </reg> my Blessing I command thee <reg orig="goe."> go. </reg> </l></sp>
<sp who="Q"><speaker rend="italic"> Iohn. </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> fight I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg>, but not <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="flye">fly</reg> the Foe. </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker rend="italic"> Talb. </speaker>
<l> Part of thy Father may be <reg orig="sau'd">saved</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> thee. </l></sp>
<sp who="Q"><speaker rend="italic"> Iohn. </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">No</seg> part of him, but <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> be shame <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <reg orig="mee."> me. </reg> </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker rend="italic"> Talb. </speaker>
<l> Thou <reg orig="neuer"> never </reg> hadst <reg orig="Renowne">Renown</reg>, nor canst not lose it. </l></sp>
<sp who="Q"><speaker rend="italic"> Iohn. </speaker>
<l> Yes, your renowned Name: shall flight abuse it? </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker rend="italic"> Talb. </speaker>
<l> Thy Fathers charge <reg orig="shal"> shall </reg> <reg orig="cleare">clear</reg> thee from <reg orig="yt"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> <reg orig="staine">stain</reg></reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="Q"><speaker rend="italic"> Iohn. </speaker>
<l> You cannot <reg orig="witnesse">witness</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> me, being <reg orig="slaine">slain</reg>. </l>
<l> If Death be <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> <reg orig="apparant">apparent</reg>, then both <reg orig="flye">fly</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker rend="italic"> Talb. </speaker>
<l> And <reg orig="leaue">leave</reg> my followers here <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> fight and <reg orig="dye">die</reg>? </l>
<l> My Age was <reg orig="neuer"> never </reg> tainted with such shame. </l></sp>
<sp who="Q"><speaker rend="italic"> Iohn. </speaker>
<l> And shall my Youth be <reg orig="guiltie">guilty</reg> of such blame? </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">No</seg> more can I be <reg orig="seuered">severed</reg> from your side, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Then"> Than </reg> can <reg orig="your selfe, your selfe"> yourself, yourself </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <reg orig="twaine">twain</reg> <reg orig="diuide">divide</reg>: </l>
<l> Stay, <reg orig="goe, doe"> go, do </reg> what you <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg>, the <seg type="homograph" subtype="noun">like</seg> <reg orig="doe"> do </reg> I; </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> <reg orig="liue"> live </reg> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> not, if my Father <reg orig="dye">die</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker rend="italic"> Talb. </speaker>
<l> Then here I take my <reg orig="leaue">leave</reg> of thee, <reg orig="faire Sonne,"> fair Son, </reg> </l>
<l> Borne <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> eclipse thy Life this <reg orig="afternoone">afternoon</reg>: </l>
<l> Come, side <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> side, together <reg orig="liue"> live </reg> and <reg orig="dye">die</reg>, </l>
<l> And <reg orig="Soule">Soul</reg> with <reg orig="Soule">Soul</reg> from France <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> <reg orig="Heauen">Heaven</reg> <reg orig="flye">fly</reg>. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic">   Exit.
Alarum: Excursions, wherein Talbots Sonne is hemm'd about,
 and Talbot rescues him.

<sp who="A"> <speaker rend="italic"> Talb. </speaker>
<l> Saint <hi rend="italic"> George, </hi> and Victory; fight <reg orig="Souldiers">Soldiers</reg>, fight: </l>
<l> The Regent hath with <hi rend="italic"> Talbot </hi> broke his word, </l>
<l> And left <reg orig="vs"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg> </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> the rage of France his Sword. </l>
<l> Where is <hi rend="italic"> Iohn Talbot? </hi> <reg orig="pawse">pause</reg>, and take thy breath, </l>
<l> I <reg orig="gaue"> gave </reg> thee Life, and <reg orig="rescu'd">rescued</reg> thee from Death. </l></sp>
<sp who="Q"> <speaker rend="italic"> Iohn. </speaker>
<l> O twice my Father, twice am I thy <reg orig="Sonne:"> Son: </reg> </l>
<l> The Life thou <reg orig="gau'st">gavest</reg> me first, was lost and done, </l>
<l> Till with thy Warlike Sword, <reg orig="despight">despite</reg> of Fate, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">To</seg> my <reg orig="determin'd">determined</reg> time thou <reg orig="gau'st">gavest</reg> new date. </l></sp>
<sp who="A"> <speaker rend="italic"> Talb. </speaker>
<l> When <reg orig="fro"> from </reg> the <hi rend="italic"> Dolphins </hi> Crest thy Sword struck fire, </l>
<l> It <reg orig="warm'd">warmed</reg> thy Fathers heart with <reg orig="prowd">proud</reg> desire </l>
<l> Of <reg orig="bold-fac't">bold-faced</reg> <reg orig="Victorie">Victory</reg>. Then Leaden Age, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Quicken'd">Quickened</reg> with <reg orig="Youthfull">Youthful</reg> <reg orig="Spleene">Spleen</reg>, and Warlike Rage, </l>
<l> Beat <reg orig="downe"> down </reg> <hi rend="italic"> Alanson, Orleance, Burgundie, </hi> </l>
<l> And from the Pride of Gallia rescued thee. </l>
<l> The <reg orig="irefull">ireful</reg> Bastard <hi rend="italic"> Orleance, </hi> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> drew blood </l>
<l> From thee my Boy, and had the Maidenhood </l>
<l> Of thy first fight, I <reg orig="soone"> soon </reg> <reg orig="encountred">encountered</reg>, </l>
<l> And interchanging <reg orig="blowes">blows</reg>, I quickly shed </l>
<l> Some of his Bastard blood, and <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> disgrace </l>
<l> Bespoke him thus: Contaminated, base, </l>
<l> And <reg orig="mis-begotten">misbegotten</reg> blood, I spill of thine, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Meane">Mean</reg> and right <reg orig="poore">poor</reg>, <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> pure blood of mine, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">Which</seg> thou didst force from <hi rend="italic"> Talbot, </hi> my <reg orig="braue">brave</reg> Boy. </l>
<l> Here purposing the Bastard <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> destroy, </l>
<l> Came <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> strong rescue. <reg orig="Speake"> Speak </reg> thy Fathers care: </l>
<l> Art thou not <reg orig="wearie">weary</reg>, <hi rend="italic"> Iohn? </hi> How <reg orig="do'st"> dost </reg> thou fare? </l>
<l> Wilt thou yet <reg orig="leaue">leave</reg> the <reg orig="Battaile">Battle</reg>, Boy, and <reg orig="flie">fly</reg>, </l>
<l> Now thou art <reg orig="seal'd">sealed</reg> the <reg orig="Sonne"> Son </reg> of <reg orig="Chiualrie">Chivalry</reg>? </l>
<l> <reg orig="Flye">Fly</reg>, <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="reuenge">revenge</reg> my death when I am dead, </l>
<l> The <reg orig="helpe">help</reg> of one stands me <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> little stead. </l>
<l> <reg orig="Oh,"> O, </reg> too much folly is it, well I wot, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> hazard all <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> <reg orig="liues"> lives </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> one small Boat. </l>
<l> If I <reg orig="to day"> today </reg> <reg orig="dye">die</reg> not with <reg orig="Frenchmens">Frenchmen's</reg> Rage, </l>
<l> <reg orig="To morrow"> tomorrow </reg> I shall <reg orig="dye">die</reg> with mickle Age. </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">By</seg> me they nothing <reg orig="gaine">gain</reg>, and if I stay, </l>
<l> <reg orig="'Tis"> It is </reg> but the <reg orig="shortning">shortening</reg> of my Life one day. </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">In</seg> thee thy Mother <reg orig="dyes">dies</reg>, <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> Households Name, </l>
<l> My Deaths <reg orig="Reuenge">Revenge</reg>, thy Youth, and Englands Fame: </l>
<l> All these, and more, <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> hazard <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> thy stay; </l>
<l> All these are <reg orig="sau'd">saved</reg>, if thou wilt <reg orig="flye">fly</reg> away. </l></sp>
<sp who="Q"> <speaker rend="italic"> Iohn. </speaker>
<l> The Sword of <hi rend="italic"> Orleance </hi> hath not made me smart, </l>
<l> These words of yours draw Life-blood from my Heart. </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">On</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> <reg orig="aduantage">advantage</reg>, bought with such a shame, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> <reg orig="saue">save</reg> a paltry Life, and slay bright Fame, </l>
<l> Before young <hi rend="italic"> Talbot </hi> from old <hi rend="italic"> Talbot </hi> <reg orig="flye">fly</reg>, </l>
<l> The Coward Horse <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> <reg orig="beares">bears</reg> me, fall and <reg orig="dye">die</reg>: </l>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">like</seg> me <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> the <reg orig="pesant">peasant</reg> <reg orig="Boyes">Boys</reg> of France, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> be Shames <reg orig="scorne">scorn</reg>, and <reg orig="subiect">subject</reg> of Mischance. </l>
<l> Surely, <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> all the <reg orig="Glorie">Glory</reg> you <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> <reg orig="wonne">won</reg>, </l>
<l> And if I <reg orig="flye">fly</reg>, I am not <hi rend="italic"> Talbots </hi> <reg orig="Sonne."> Son. </reg> </l>
<l> Then <reg orig="talke"> talk </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> more of flight, it is <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> boot, </l>
<l> If <reg orig="Sonne"> Son </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Talbot, </hi> <reg orig="dye">die</reg> at <hi rend="italic"> Talbots </hi> foot. </l></sp>
<sp who="A"> <speaker rend="italic"> Talb. </speaker>
<l> Then follow thou thy <reg orig="desp'rate">desperate</reg> <reg orig="Syre">Sire</reg> of Creet, </l>
<l> Thou <hi rend="italic"> Icarus, </hi> thy Life <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> me is sweet: </l>
<l> If thou wilt fight, fight <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> thy Fathers side, </l>
<l> And commendable <reg orig="prou'd">proved</reg>, <reg orig="let's"> let <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg> </reg> <reg orig="dye">die</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> pride. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic"> Exit.
Alarum. Excursions. Enter old Talbot led.
<sp who="A"> <speaker rend="italic"> Talb. </speaker>
<l> Where is my other Life? mine <reg orig="owne"> own </reg> is gone. </l>
<l> O, <reg orig="where's"> where is </reg> young <hi rend="italic"> Talbot? </hi> where is valiant <hi rend="italic"> Iohn? </hi> </l>
<l> Triumphant Death, <reg orig="smear'd">smeared</reg> with <reg orig="Captiuitie">Captivity</reg>, </l>
<l> Young <hi rend="italic"> Talbots </hi> Valour makes me smile at thee. </l>
<l> When he <reg orig="perceiu'd">perceived</reg> me <reg orig="shrinke">shrink</reg>, and <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> my Knee, </l>
<l> His <reg orig="bloodie">bloody</reg> Sword he <reg orig="brandisht">brandished</reg> <reg orig="ouer mee,"> over me, </reg> </l>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">like</seg> a hungry <reg orig="Lyon">Lion</reg> did commence </l>
<l> Rough deeds of Rage, and <reg orig="sterne">stern</reg> Impatience: </l>
<l> But when my angry Guardant stood alone, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Tendring">Tendering</reg> my <reg orig="ruine">ruin</reg>, and <reg orig="assayl'd">assailed</reg> of none, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Dizzie-ey'd">Dizzy eyed</reg> <reg orig="Furie">Fury</reg>, and great rage of Heart, </l>
<l> Suddenly made him from my side <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> start </l>
<l> Into the <reg orig="clustring">clustering</reg> <reg orig="Battaile">Battle</reg> of the French: </l>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> Sea of Blood, my Boy did drench </l>
<l> His <reg orig="ouer-mounting">overmounting</reg> Spirit; and there <reg orig="di'de">died</reg> </l>
<l> My <hi rend="italic"> Icarus, </hi> my <reg orig="Blossome">Blossom</reg>, <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> his pride. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic"> Enter with Iohn Talbot, borne.
<sp who="ZZA"> <speaker rend="italic"> Seru. </speaker>
<l> O my <reg orig="deare">dear</reg> Lord, <reg orig="loe">lo</reg> where your <reg orig="Sonne"> Son </reg> is borne. </l></sp>
<sp who="A"> <speaker rend="italic"> Tal. </speaker>
<l> Thou antique Death, <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">which</seg> <reg orig="laugh'st">laughest</reg> <reg orig="vs"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg> </reg> here <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> scorn, </l>
<l> Anon from thy insulting <reg orig="Tyrannie">Tyranny</reg>, </l>
<l> Coupled <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> bonds of <reg orig="perpetuitie">perpetuity</reg>, </l>
<l> Two <hi rend="italic"> Talbots </hi> winged through the lither <reg orig="Skie">Sky</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">In</seg> thy <reg orig="despight">despite</reg> shall scape <reg orig="Mortalitie">Mortality</reg>. </l>
<l> O thou whose wounds become hard <reg orig="fauoured">favoured</reg> death, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Speake"> Speak </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> thy father, ere thou <reg orig="yeeld">yield</reg> thy breath, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Braue">Brave</reg> death <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> speaking, whither he <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> or <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">no</seg>: </l>
<l> Imagine him a Frenchman, and thy Foe. </l>
<l> <reg orig="Poore">Poor</reg> Boy, he smiles, <reg orig="me thinkes,"> methinks, </reg> as <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">who</seg> should say, </l>
<l> Had Death <reg orig="bene"> been </reg> French, then Death had <reg orig="dyed">died</reg> <reg orig="to day."> today. </reg> </l>
<l> Come, come, and lay him <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> his Fathers <reg orig="armes">arms</reg>, </l>
<l> My spirit can <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> longer <reg orig="beare">bear</reg> these <reg orig="harmes">harms</reg>. </l>
<l> <reg orig="Souldiers">Soldiers</reg> adieu: I <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> what I would <reg orig="haue,"> have, </reg> </l>
<l> Now my old <reg orig="armes">arms</reg> are <reg orig="yong">young</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Iohn Talbots </hi> <reg orig="graue">grave</reg>. </l></sp>

 <stage rend="italic">     Dyes
Enter Charles, Alanson, Burgundie, Bastard, and Pucell.

<sp who="F"> <speaker rend="italic"> Char. </speaker>
<l> Had Yorke and Somerset brought rescue <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">in</seg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">We</seg> should <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> found a bloody day of this. </l></sp>
<sp who="AA"> <speaker rend="italic"> Bast. </speaker>
<l> How the <reg orig="yong">young</reg> <reg orig="whelpe">whelp</reg> of <hi rend="italic"> Talbots </hi> raging wood, </l>
<l> Did flesh his <reg orig="punie-sword">puny sword</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <reg orig="Frenchmens">Frenchmen's</reg> blood. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"> <speaker rend="italic"> Puc. </speaker>
<l> Once I <reg orig="encountred">encountered</reg> him, and thus I said: </l>
<l> Thou Maiden youth, be <reg orig="vanquisht">vanquished</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> a <reg orig="Maide">Maid</reg>. </l>
<l> But with a proud <reg orig="Maiesticall">Majestical</reg> high <reg orig="scorne">scorn</reg> </l>
<l> He <reg orig="answer'd">answered</reg> thus: <reg orig="Yong">Young</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Talbot </hi> was not borne </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> be the pillage of a Giglot Wench: </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">So</seg> rushing <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> the bowels of the French, </l>
<l> He left me proudly, as <reg orig="vnworthy">unworthy</reg> fight. </l></sp>
<sp who="U"> <speaker rend="italic"> Bur. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Doubtlesse">Doubtless</reg> he would <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> made a noble Knight: </l>
<l> See where he <reg orig="lyes">lies</reg> <reg orig="inherced">enhearsed</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> the <reg orig="armes">arms</reg> </l>
<l> Of the most bloody <reg orig="Nursser">nurser</reg> of his <reg orig="harmes">harms</reg>: </l></sp>
<sp who="AA"> <speaker rend="italic"> Bast. </speaker>
<l> Hew them <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> <reg orig="peeces">pieces</reg>, hack their bones <reg orig="assunder">asunder</reg>, </l>
<l> Whose life was Englands glory, Gallia's wonder. </l></sp>
<sp who="F"> <speaker rend="italic"> Char. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Oh">O</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="exclamation">no</seg> <reg orig="forbeare">forbear</reg>: <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">For</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">which</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> fled </l>
<l> During the life, let <reg orig="vs"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg> </reg> not wrong it dead. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic"> Enter Lucie.
<sp who="L"> <speaker rend="italic"> Lu. </speaker>
<l> Herald, conduct me <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> the Dolphins Tent, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> know <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">who</seg> hath <reg orig="obtain'd">obtained</reg> the glory of the day. </l></sp>
<sp who="F"> <speaker rend="italic"> Char. </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">On</seg> what <reg orig="submissiue">submissive</reg> message art thou sent? </l></sp>
<sp who="L"> <speaker rend="italic"> Lucy. </speaker>
<l> Submission Dolphin? <reg orig="Tis"> It is </reg> a <reg orig="meere">mere</reg> French word: </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">We</seg> English <reg orig="Warriours">Warriors</reg> wot not what it <reg orig="meanes">means</reg>. </l>
<l> I come <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> know what Prisoners thou hast <reg orig="tane,"> taken, </reg> </l>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="suruey">survey</reg> the bodies of the dead. </l></sp>
<sp who="F"> <speaker rend="italic"> Char. </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">For</seg> prisoners <reg orig="askst">askest</reg> thou? Hell <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">our</seg> prison is. </l>
<l> But tell me whom thou <reg orig="seek'st">seekst</reg>? </l></sp>
<sp who="L"> <speaker rend="italic"> Luc. </speaker>
<l> But <reg orig="where's"> where is </reg> the great Alcides of the field, </l>
<l> Valiant Lord <hi rend="italic"> Talbot </hi> <reg orig="Earle">Earl</reg> of Shrewsbury? </l>
<l> Created <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> his rare <reg orig="successe">success</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <reg orig="Armes">Arms</reg>, </l>
<l> Great <reg orig="Earle">Earl</reg> of <hi rend="italic"> Washford, Waterford, </hi> and <hi rend="italic"> Valence, </hi> </l>
<l> Lord <hi rend="italic"> Talbot </hi> of <hi rend="italic"> Goodrig </hi> and <hi rend="italic"> Vrchinfield, </hi></l>
<l> Lord <hi rend="italic"> Strange </hi> of <hi rend="italic"> Blackmere, </hi> Lord <hi rend="italic"> Verdon L </hi> of <hi rend="italic"> Alton; </hi> </l>
<l> Lord <hi rend="italic"> Cromwell </hi> of <hi rend="italic"> Wingefield, </hi> Lord <hi rend="italic"> Furniuall </hi> of <hi rend="italic"> Sheffeild, </hi> </l>
<l> The thrice victorious Lord of <hi rend="italic"> Falconbridge, </hi> </l>
<l> Knight of the Noble Order of <hi rend="italic"> <reg orig="S.">Saint</reg> George, </hi> </l>
<l> Worthy <reg orig="S.">Saint</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Michael, </hi> and the <hi rend="italic"> Golden Fleece, </hi> </l>
<l> Great Marshall <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Henry </hi> the <reg orig="sixt">sixth</reg>, </l>
<l> Of all his <reg orig="Warres">Wars</reg> within the <reg orig="Realme">Realm</reg> of France. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"> <speaker rend="italic"> Puc. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Heere's"> Here is </reg> a silly stately <reg orig="stile">style</reg> <reg orig="indeede">indeed</reg>: </l>
<l> The <reg orig="Turke">Turk</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> two and <reg orig="fiftie">fifty</reg> <reg orig="Kingdomes">Kingdoms</reg> hath, </l>
<l> Writes not <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> tedious a <reg orig="Stile">Style</reg> as this. </l>
<l> Him <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> thou <reg orig="magnifi'st">magnifiest</reg> with all these Titles, </l>
<l> Stinking and <reg orig="sly-blowne">sly-blown</reg> <reg orig="lyes">lies</reg> <reg orig="heere"> here </reg> at <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> <reg orig="feete">feet</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="L"> <speaker rend="italic"> Lucy. </speaker>
<l> Is <hi rend="italic"> Talbot </hi> <reg orig="slaine">slain</reg>, the <reg orig="Frenchmens">Frenchmen's</reg> only Scourge, </l>
<l> Your <reg orig="Kingdomes">Kingdoms</reg> terror, and <reg orig="blacke">black</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Nemesis? </hi> </l>
<l> <reg orig="Oh">O</reg> were mine <reg orig="eye-balles">eyeballs</reg> into Bullets <reg orig="turn'd">turned</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> rage might shoot them at your faces. </l>
<l> <reg orig="Oh,"> O, </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> I could but call these dead <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> life, </l>
<l> It were enough <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> fright the <reg orig="Realme">Realm</reg> of France. </l>
<l> Were but his Picture left amongst you here, </l>
<l> It would amaze the <reg orig="prowdest">proudest</reg> of you all. </l>
<l> <reg orig="Giue"> Give </reg> me their <reg orig="Bodyes">Bodies</reg>, <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> I may <reg orig="beare">bear</reg> them hence, </l>
<l> And <reg orig="giue"> give </reg> them <reg orig="Buriall">Burial</reg>, as <reg orig="beseemes">beseems</reg> their worth. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"> <speaker rend="italic"> Pucel. </speaker>
<l> I <reg orig="thinke"> think </reg> this <reg orig="vpstart">upstart</reg> is old <hi rend="italic"> Talbots </hi> Ghost, </l>
<l> He <reg orig="speakes"> speaks </reg> with such a proud commanding spirit: </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">For</seg> Gods sake let him <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> him, <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="keepe">keep</reg> them here, </l>
<l> They would but <reg orig="stinke">stink</reg>, and <reg orig="putrifie">putrefy</reg> the <reg orig="ayre">air</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="F"> <speaker rend="italic"> Char. </speaker>
<l> Go take their bodies hence. </l></sp>
<sp who="L"> <speaker rend="italic"> Lucy. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Ile"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> <reg orig="beare">bear</reg> them hence: but from their ashes <reg orig="shal"> shall </reg> be <reg orig="reard">reared</reg> </l>
<l> A Phoenix <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> shall make all France <reg orig="affear'd">afeared</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="F"> <speaker rend="italic"> Char. </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">So</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">we</seg> be rid of them, do with him what <reg orig="yu"> you </reg> wilt. </l>
<l> And now <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> Paris <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> this conquering <reg orig="vaine">vain</reg>, </l>
<l> All <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> be <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">ours</seg>, now bloody <hi rend="italic"> <reg orig="Talbots"> Talbot is </reg> </hi> <reg orig="slaine">slain</reg>. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic">         Exit.

<stage rend="italic"> Scena secunda. 
<stage rend="italic">
Enter King, Glocester, and Exeter.
<sp who="D"> <speaker rend="italic"> King. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Haue"> Have </reg> you <reg orig="perus'd">perused</reg> the Letters from the Pope, </l>
<l> The Emperor, and the <reg orig="Earle">Earl</reg> of Arminack? </l></sp>
<sp who="C"> <speaker rend="italic"> Glo. </speaker>
<l> I <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> Lord, and their intent is this, </l>
<l> They humbly sue <reg orig="vnto"> unto </reg> your Excellence, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> a godly peace concluded of, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Betweene">Between</reg> the <reg orig="Realmes">Realms</reg> of England, and of France. </l></sp>
<sp who="D"> <speaker rend="italic"> King. </speaker>
<l> How doth your Grace affect their motion? </l></sp>
<sp who="C"> <speaker rend="italic"> Glo. </speaker>
<l> Well (my good Lord) and as the only <reg orig="meanes">means</reg> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> stop effusion of <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> Christian blood, </l>
<l> And stablish <reg orig="quietnesse">quietness</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> <reg orig="euery"> every </reg> side. </l></sp>
<sp who="D"> <speaker rend="italic"> King. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="I"> Aye </reg> marry <reg orig="Vnckle">Uncle</reg>, <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">for</seg> I <reg orig="alwayes">always</reg> thought </l>
<l> It was both impious and <reg orig="vnnaturall">unnatural</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> such immanity and bloody strife </l>
<l> Should <reg orig="reigne">reign</reg> among Professors of one Faith. </l></sp>
<sp who="C"> <speaker rend="italic"> Glo. </speaker>
<l> Beside my Lord, the sooner <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> effect, </l>
<l> And surer <reg orig="binde">bind</reg> this knot of <reg orig="amitie">amity</reg>, </l>
<l> The <reg orig="Earle">Earl</reg> of Arminacke <reg orig="neere">near</reg> knit <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Charles, </hi> </l>
<l> A man of great <reg orig="Authoritie">Authority</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> France, </l>
<l> Proffers his <reg orig="onely"> only </reg> daughter <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> your Grace, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">In</seg> marriage, with a large and sumptuous <reg orig="Dowrie">Dowry</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="D"> <speaker rend="italic"> King. </speaker>
<l> Marriage <reg orig="Vnckle">Uncle</reg>? Alas my <reg orig="yeares">years</reg> are <reg orig="yong">young</reg>: </l>
<l> And fitter is my <reg orig="studie">study</reg>, and my <reg orig="Bookes">Books</reg>, </l>
<l> Than wanton dalliance with a Paramour. </l>
<l> Yet call <reg orig="th'Embassadors,"> the Embassadors, </reg> and as you please, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">So</seg> let them <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> their <reg orig="answeres">answers</reg> <reg orig="euery"> every </reg> one: </l>
<l> I shall be well content with any <reg orig="choyce">choice</reg> </l>
<l> Tends <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> Gods glory, and my Countries <reg orig="weale">weal</reg>. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic"> Enter Winchester, and three Ambassadors.
<sp who="P"> <speaker rend="italic"> Exet. </speaker>
<l> What, is my Lord of <hi rend="italic"> Winchester </hi> <reg orig="install'd">installed</reg>, </l>
<l> And <reg orig="call'd">called</reg> <reg orig="vnto"> unto </reg> a <reg orig="Cardinalls">Cardinals</reg> degree? </l>
<l> Then I <reg orig="perceiue">perceive</reg>, <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> be verified </l>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Henry </hi> the <reg orig="Fift">Fifth</reg> did sometime <reg orig="prophesie">prophecy</reg>. </l>
<l> If once he come <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> be a <reg orig="Cardinall">Cardinal</reg>, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Hee'l"> He <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> make his cap <reg orig="coequall">coequal</reg> with the <reg orig="Crowne">Crown</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="D"> <speaker rend="italic"> King. </speaker>
<l> My Lords Ambassadors, your <reg orig="seuerall"> several </reg> suites </l>
<l> <reg orig="Haue bin"> Have been </reg> <reg orig="consider'd">considered</reg> and debated <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">on</seg>, </l>
<l> Your purpose is both good and reasonable: </l>
<l> And therefore are <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">we</seg> certainly <reg orig="resolu'd">resolved</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> draw conditions of a friendly peace, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">Which</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> my Lord of Winchester <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">we</seg> <reg orig="meane">mean</reg> </l>
<l> Shall be transported presently <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> France. </l></sp>
<sp who="C"> <speaker rend="italic"> Glo. </speaker>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> the proffer of my Lord your Master, </l>
<l> I <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> <reg orig="inform'd">informed</reg> his <reg orig="Highnesse">Highness</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">so</seg> at large, </l>
<l> As liking of the Ladies <reg orig="vertuous">virtuous</reg> gifts, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">Her</seg> Beauty, and the <reg orig="valew">value</reg> of <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">her</seg> Dower, </l>
<l> He doth intend she shall be Englands <reg orig="Queene">Queen</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="D"> <speaker rend="italic"> King. </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">In</seg> argument and <reg orig="proofe">proof</reg> of <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">which</seg> contract, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Beare">Bear</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="personalPronoun">her</seg> this <reg orig="Iewell">Jewel</reg>, pledge of my affection. </l>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">so</seg> my Lord Protector see them guarded, </l>
<l> And safely brought <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> <hi rend="italic"> <reg orig="Douer">Dover</reg>, </hi> wherein <reg orig="ship'd">shipped</reg> </l>
<l> Commit them <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> the fortune of the sea. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic"> Exeunt. </stage>
<sp who="O"><speaker rend="italic"> Win. </speaker>
<l> Stay my Lord Legate, you shall first <reg orig="receiue">receive</reg> </l>
<l> The <reg orig="summe">sum</reg> of money <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">which</seg> I promised </l>
<l> Should be <reg orig="deliuered">delivered</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> his <reg orig="Holinesse">Holiness</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">For</seg> <reg orig="cloathing">clothing</reg> me <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> these <reg orig="graue">grave</reg> Ornaments. </l></sp>
<sp who="ZN"><speaker rend="italic"> Legat. </speaker>
<l> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> attend <reg orig="vpon"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">upon</seg> </reg> your Lordships <reg orig="leysure">leisure</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="O"><speaker rend="italic"> Win. </speaker>
<l> Now Winchester <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> not submit, I trow, </l>
<l> Or be <reg orig="inferiour">inferior</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> the proudest <reg orig="Peere">Peer</reg>; </l>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Humfrey </hi> of Gloster, thou shalt well <reg orig="perceiue">perceive</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> neither <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> birth, or <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> <reg orig="authoritie">authority</reg>, </l>
<l> The Bishop <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> be <reg orig="ouer-borne">overborne</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> thee: </l>
<l> <reg orig="Ile"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> either make thee <reg orig="stoope">stoop</reg>, and bend thy knee, </l>
<l> Or <reg orig="sacke">sack</reg> this Country with a mutiny. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic">   Exeunt

<stage rend="italic"> Scoena Tertia. </stage>
<stage rend="italic"> 
Enter Charles, Burgundy, Alanson, Bastard, Reignier, and Ione.
<sp who="F"><speaker rend="italic"> Char. </speaker>
<l> These <reg orig="newes">news</reg> (my Lords) may <reg orig="cheere">cheer</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> drooping spirits: </l>
<l> <reg orig="'Tis"> It is </reg> said, the stout Parisians do <reg orig="reuolt">revolt</reg>, </l>
<l> And <reg orig="turne">turn</reg> <reg orig="againe vnto"> again unto </reg> the warlike French. </l></sp>
<sp who="S"><speaker rend="italic"> Alan. </speaker>
<l> Then march <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> Paris <reg orig="Royall">Royal</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Charles </hi> of France, </l>
<l> And <reg orig="keepe">keep</reg> not <reg orig="backe"> back </reg> your powers <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> dalliance. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker rend="italic"> Pucel. </speaker>
<l> Peace be amongst them if they <reg orig="turne">turn</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> <reg orig="vs, "> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg> </reg></l>
<l> Else <reg orig="ruine">ruin</reg> <reg orig="combate">combat</reg> with their <reg orig="Pallaces">Palaces</reg>. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic"> Enter Scout.
<sp who="Z"><speaker rend="italic"> Scout. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Successe">Success</reg> <reg orig="vnto"> unto </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> valiant <reg orig="Generall">General</reg>, </l>
<l> And <reg orig="happinesse">happiness</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> his accomplices. </l></sp>
<sp who="F"><speaker rend="italic"> Char. </speaker>
<l> What tidings send <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">our</seg> Scouts? I <reg orig="prethee"> prithee </reg> speak. </l></sp>
<sp who="Z"><speaker rend="italic"> Scout. </speaker>
<l> The English Army <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> <reg orig="diuided">divided</reg> was </l>
<l> Into two parties, is now <reg orig="conioyn'd">conjoined</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> one, </l>

<l> And <reg orig="meanes">means</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="giue"> give </reg> you <reg orig="battell">battle</reg> presently. </l></sp>
<sp who="F"><speaker rend="italic"> Char. </speaker>
<l> Somewhat too <reg orig="sodaine">sudden</reg> Sirs, the warning is, </l>
<l> But <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">we</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> presently <reg orig="prouide">provide</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> them. </l></sp>
<sp who="U"><speaker rend="italic"> Bur. </speaker>
<l> I trust the Ghost of <hi rend="italic"> Talbot </hi> is not there: </l>
<l> Now he is gone my Lord, you <reg orig="neede">need</reg> not <reg orig="feare">fear</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker rend="italic"> Pucel. </speaker>
<l> Of all base passions, <reg orig="Feare">Fear</reg> is most <reg orig="accurst">accursed</reg>. </l>
<l> Command the Conquest <hi rend="italic"> Charles, </hi> it shall be thine: </l>
<l> Let <hi rend="italic"> Henry </hi> fret, and all the world repine. </l></sp>
<sp who="F"><speaker rend="italic"> Char. </speaker>
<l> Then <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">on</seg> my Lords, and France be fortunate. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic"> Exeunt. Alarum. Excursions.
Enter Ione de Pucell.
<sp who="B"><speaker rend="italic"> Puc. </speaker>
<l> The Regent conquers, and the Frenchmen <reg orig="flye">fly</reg>. </l>
<l> Now <reg orig="helpe">help</reg> ye charming <reg orig="Spelles">Spells</reg> and Periapts, </l>
<l> And ye <reg orig="choise">choice</reg> spirits <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> admonish me, </l>
<l> And <reg orig="giue"> give </reg> me <reg orig="signes">signs</reg> of future accidents. </l>
<stage rend="italic">  Thunder.

<l> You speedy helpers, <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> are substitutes </l>
<l> <reg orig="Vnder"> Under </reg> the Lordly Monarch of the North, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Appeare">Appear</reg>, and <reg orig="ayde">aid</reg> me <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> this <reg orig="enterprize">enterprise</reg>. </l>
<stage rend="italic"> Enter Fiends. </stage>

<l> This speedy and <reg orig="quicke">quick</reg> appearance argues <reg orig="proofe">proof</reg> </l>
<l> Of your <reg orig="accustom'd">accustomed</reg> diligence <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> me. </l>
<l> Now ye Familiar Spirits, <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> are <reg orig="cull'd">culled</reg> </l>
<l> Out of the <reg orig="powerfull">powerful</reg> Regions <reg orig="vnder"> under </reg> earth, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Helpe">Help</reg> me this once, <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> France may get the field. </l>
<stage rend="italic"> They walke, and speake not. 

<l> <reg orig="Oh">O</reg> hold me not with silence <reg orig="ouer-long">overlong</reg>: </l>
<l> Where I was wont <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> feed you with my blood, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Ile"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> lop a member off, and <reg orig="giue"> give </reg> it you, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">In</seg> earnest of a further benefit: </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">So</seg> you do <reg orig="condiscend">condescend</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="helpe">help</reg> me now. </l>
<stage rend="italic">  They hang their heads. </stage>

<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">No</seg> hope <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> <reg orig="redresse">redress</reg>? My body shall </l>
<l> Pay <reg orig="recompence">recompense</reg>, if you <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> <reg orig="graunt">grant</reg> my suite. </l>
 <stage rend="italic">  They shake their heads. </stage>

<l> Cannot my body, nor blood-sacrifice, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Intreate">Entreat</reg> you <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> your wonted furtherance? </l>
<l> Then take my <reg orig="soule">soul</reg>; my body, <reg orig="soule">soul</reg>, and all, </l>
<l> Before <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> England <reg orig="giue"> give </reg> the French the <reg orig="foyle">foil</reg>. </l>
<stage rend="italic"> They depart. </stage>

<l> See, they forsake me. Now the time is come, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> France must vale <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">her</seg> lofty plumed Crest, </l>
<l> And let <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">her</seg> head fall into Englands <reg orig="lappe">lap</reg>. </l>
<l> My ancient Incantations are too <reg orig="weake">weak</reg>, </l>
<l> And hell too strong <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> me <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> buckle with: </l>
<l> Now France, thy glory droopeth <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> the dust. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic">        Exit.
Excursions. Burgundie and Yorke fight hand to hand. French flye.
<sp who="H"><speaker rend="italic"> Yorke. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Damsell">Damsel</reg> of France, I <reg orig="thinke"> think </reg> I <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> you fast, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Vnchaine">Unchain</reg> your spirits now with spelling <reg orig="Charmes">Charms</reg>, </l>
<l> And try if they can <reg orig="gaine">gain</reg> your liberty. </l>
<l> A goodly prize, fit <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> the <reg orig="diuels">devils</reg> grace. </l>
<l> See how the <reg orig="vgly">ugly</reg> Witch doth bend <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">her</seg> <reg orig="browes">brows</reg>, </l>
<l> As if with <hi rend="italic"> Circe, </hi> she would change my shape. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker rend="italic"> Puc. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Chang'd">Changed</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> a worser shape thou canst not be: </l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker rend="italic"> Yor. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Oh,"> O, </reg> <hi rend="italic"> Charles </hi> the Dolphin is a proper man, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">No</seg> shape but his can please your dainty eye. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker rend="italic"> Puc. </speaker>
<l> A plaguing <reg orig="mischeefe">mischief</reg> light <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Charles, </hi> and thee, </l>
<l> And may ye both be <reg orig="sodainly">suddenly</reg> <reg orig="surpriz'd">surprised</reg> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">By</seg> <reg orig="bloudy">bloody</reg> hands, <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> sleeping <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> your beds. </l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker rend="italic"> Yorke. </speaker>
<l> Fell banning <reg orig="Hagge">Hag</reg>, <reg orig="Inchantresse">Enchantress</reg> hold thy tongue. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker rend="italic"> Puc. </speaker>
<l> I <reg orig="prethee"> prithee </reg> <reg orig="giue"> give </reg> me <reg orig="leaue">leave</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> curse awhile. </l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker rend="italic"> Yorke. </speaker>
<l> Curse Miscreant, when thou <reg orig="comst">comest</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> the stake </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic">     Exeunt.
Alarum. Enter Suffolke with Margaret in his hand.
<sp who="E"><speaker rend="italic"> Suff. </speaker>
<l> Be what thou wilt, thou art my prisoner. </l>
<stage rend="italic">   Gazes on her.

<l> <reg orig="Oh">O</reg> Fairest <reg orig="Beautie">Beauty</reg>, do not <reg orig="feare">fear</reg>, nor <reg orig="flye">fly</reg>: </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> touch thee but with <reg orig="reuerend">reverend</reg> hands, </l>
<l> I <reg orig="kisse">kiss</reg> these fingers <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> <reg orig="eternall">eternal</reg> peace, </l>
<l> And lay them gently <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> thy tender side. </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="interrogative">Who</seg> art thou, say? <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> I may <reg orig="honor">honour</reg> thee. </l></sp>
<sp who="V"><speaker rend="italic"> Mar. </speaker>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Margaret </hi> my name, and daughter <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> a King, </l>
<l> The King of Naples, <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">who</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">so</seg> ere thou art. </l></sp>
<sp who="E"><speaker rend="italic"> Suff. </speaker>
<l> An <reg orig="Earle">Earl</reg> I am, and Suffolke am I <reg orig="call'd">called</reg>. </l>
<l> Be not offended Natures <reg orig="myracle">miracle</reg>, </l>
<l> Thou art <reg orig="alotted">allotted</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> be <reg orig="tane"> taken </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> me: </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">So</seg> doth the Swan <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">her</seg> <reg orig="downie">downy</reg> Signets <reg orig="saue">save</reg>, </l>
<l> Keeping them prisoner <reg orig="vnderneath">underneath</reg> his wings: </l>
<l> Yet if this <reg orig="seruile">servile</reg> <reg orig="vsage">usage</reg> once offend, </l>
<l> Go, and be free <reg orig="againe,"> again, </reg> as Suffolkes friend. </l>
<stage rend="italic"> She is going

<l> <reg orig="Oh">O</reg> stay: I <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> power <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> let <seg type="homograph" subtype="personalPronoun">her</seg> <reg orig="passe">pass</reg>, </l>
<l> My hand would free <seg type="homograph" subtype="personalPronoun">her</seg>, but my heart <reg orig="sayes">says</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="exclamation">no</seg>. </l>
<l> As <reg orig="playes">plays</reg> the <reg orig="Sunne">Sun</reg> <reg orig="vpon"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">upon</seg> </reg> the <reg orig="glassie">glassy</reg> <reg orig="streames">streams</reg>, </l>
<l> Twinkling another <reg orig="counterfetted">counterfeited</reg> <reg orig="beame">beam</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">So</seg> <reg orig="seemes">seems</reg> this gorgeous beauty <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> mine eyes. </l>
<l> <reg orig="Faine">Fain</reg> would I woe <seg type="homograph" subtype="personalPronoun">her</seg>, yet I dare not <reg orig="speake:"> speak: </reg> </l>
<l> <reg orig="Ile"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg></reg> call <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> Pen and <reg orig="Inke">Ink</reg>, and write my <reg orig="minde">mind</reg>: </l>
<l> <reg orig="Fye">Fie</reg> <hi rend="italic"> De la Pole, </hi> disable not <reg orig="thy selfe:"> thyself: </reg> </l>
<l> Hast not a Tongue? Is she not <reg orig="heere?"> here? </reg> </l>
<l> Wilt thou be daunted at a <reg orig="Womans">Woman's</reg> sight? </l>
<l> <reg orig="I:"> Aye: </reg> Beauties Princely <reg orig="Maiesty">Majesty</reg> is such, </l>
<l> Confounds the tongue, and makes the senses rough. </l></sp>
<sp who="V"><speaker rend="italic"> Mar. </speaker>
<l> Say <reg orig="Earle">Earl</reg> of Suffolke, if thy name be <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">so</seg>, </l>
<l> What <reg orig="ransome">ransom</reg> must I pay before I <reg orig="passe">pass</reg>? </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> I <reg orig="perceiue">perceive</reg> I am thy prisoner. </l></sp>
<sp who="E"><speaker rend="italic"> Suf. </speaker>
<l> How canst thou tell she <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> deny thy suite, </l>
<l> Before thou make a <reg orig="triall">trial</reg> of <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">her</seg> <reg orig="loue?"> love? </reg> </l></sp>
<sp who="V"><speaker rend="italic"> M. </speaker>
<l> Why <reg orig="speak'st">speakest</reg> thou not? What ransom must I pay? </l></sp>
<sp who="E"><speaker rend="italic"> Suffolk </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="She's"> She is </reg> <reg orig="beautifull">beautiful</reg>; and therefore <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> be Wooed: </l>
<l> She is a Woman; therefore <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> be <reg orig="Wonne">Won</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="V"><speaker rend="italic"> Mar. </speaker>
<l> Wilt thou accept of <reg orig="ransome">ransom</reg>, yea or <seg type="homograph" subtype="exclamation">no</seg>? </l></sp>
<sp who="E"><speaker rend="italic"> Suf. </speaker>
<l> Fond man, remember <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> thou hast a wife, </l>
<l> Then how can <hi rend="italic"> Margaret </hi> be thy Paramour? </l></sp>
<sp who="V"><speaker rend="italic"> Mar. </speaker>
<l> I were best <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="leaue">leave</reg> him, <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">for</seg> he <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> not <reg orig="heare."> hear. </reg> </l></sp>
<sp who="E"><speaker rend="italic"> Suf. </speaker>
<l> There all is <reg orig="marr'd">marred</reg>: there lies a cooling card. </l></sp>
<sp who="V"><speaker rend="italic"> Mar. </speaker>
<l> He <reg orig="talkes"> talks </reg> at <reg orig="randon">random</reg>: sure the man is mad. </l></sp>
<sp who="E"><speaker rend="italic"> Suf. </speaker>
<l> And yet a dispensation may <reg orig="bee"> be </reg> had. </l></sp>
<sp who="V"><speaker rend="italic"> Mar. </speaker>
<l> And yet I would <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> you would answer me. </l></sp>
<sp who="E"><speaker rend="italic"> Suf. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Ile"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> win this Lady <hi rend="italic"> Margaret. </hi> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">For</seg> whom? </l>
<l> Why <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> my King: Tush, <reg orig="that's"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> is </reg></l></sp>
<sp who="V"><speaker rend="italic"> Mar. </speaker>
<l> He <reg orig="talkes"> talks </reg> some Carpenter. </l></sp>
<sp who="E"><speaker rend="italic"> Suf. </speaker>
<l> Yet <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">so</seg> fancy may be satisfied, </l>
<l> And peace established <reg orig="betweene">between</reg> these <reg orig="Realmes">Realms</reg>. </l>
<l> But there <reg orig="remaines">remains</reg> a scruple <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> too: </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> though <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">her</seg> Father be the King of <hi rend="italic"> Naples, </hi> </l>
<l> Duke of <hi rend="italic"> Aniou </hi> and <hi rend="italic"> Mayne, </hi> yet is he <reg orig="poore">poor</reg>, </l>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> Nobility <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> <reg orig="scorne">scorn</reg> the match. </l></sp>
<sp who="V"><speaker rend="italic"> Mar. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Heare"> Hear </reg> ye <reg orig="Captaine">Captain</reg>? Are you not at <reg orig="leysure">leisure</reg>? </l></sp>
<sp who="E"><speaker rend="italic"> Suf. </speaker>
<l> It shall be <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">so</seg>, <reg orig="disdaine">disdain</reg> they <reg orig="ne're"> never </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> much: </l>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Henry </hi> is <reg orig="youthfull">youthful</reg>, and <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> quickly <reg orig="yeeld">yield</reg>. </l>
<l> Madam, I <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> a secret <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="reueale">reveal</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="V"><speaker rend="italic"> Mar. </speaker>
<l> What though I be <reg orig="inthral'd">enthralled</reg>, he seems a knight </l>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> not any way <reg orig="dishonor">dishonour</reg> me. </l></sp>

<sp who="E"><speaker rend="italic"> Suf. </speaker>
<l> Lady, vouchsafe <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> listen what I say. </l></sp>
<sp who="V"><speaker rend="italic"> Mar. </speaker>
<l> Perhaps I shall be <reg orig="rescu'd">rescued</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> the French, </l>
<l> And then I need not <reg orig="craue">crave</reg> his <reg orig="curtesie">courtesy</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="E"><speaker rend="italic"> Suf. </speaker>
<l> Sweet Madam, <reg orig="giue"> give </reg> me hearing <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> a cause. </l></sp>
<sp who="V"><speaker rend="italic"> Mar. </speaker>
<l> Tush, women <reg orig="haue bene"> have been </reg> <reg orig="captiuate">captivate</reg> ere now. </l></sp>
<sp who="E"><speaker rend="italic"> Suf. </speaker>
<l> Lady, wherefore <reg orig="talke"> talk </reg> you <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">so</seg>? </l></sp>
<sp who="V"><speaker rend="italic"> Mar. </speaker>
<l> I cry you mercy, <reg orig="'tis"> it is </reg> but <hi rend="italic"> Quid </hi> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Quo  </hi> </l></sp>
<sp who="E"><speaker rend="italic"> Suf. </speaker>
<l> Say gentle <reg orig="Princesse">Princess</reg>, would you not suppose </l>
<l> Your bondage happy, <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> be made a <reg orig="Queene">Queen</reg>? </l></sp>
<sp who="V"><speaker rend="italic"> Mar. </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> be a <reg orig="Queene">Queen</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> bondage, is more vile, </l>
<l> Than is a <reg orig="slaue">slave</reg>, <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> base <reg orig="seruility">servility</reg>: </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> Princes should be free. </l></sp>
<sp who="E"><speaker rend="italic"> Suf. </speaker>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">so</seg> shall you, </l>
<l> If happy Englands <reg orig="Royall">Royal</reg> King be free. </l></sp>
<sp who="V"><speaker rend="italic"> Mar. </speaker>
<l> Why what <reg orig="concernes">concerns</reg> his <reg orig="freedome">freedom</reg> <reg orig="vnto mee?"> unto me? </reg> </l></sp>
<sp who="E"><speaker rend="italic"> Suf. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Ile"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> <reg orig="vndertake">undertake</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> make thee <hi rend="italic"> Henries </hi> <reg orig="Queene">Queen</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> put a Golden <reg orig="Scepter">Sceptre</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> thy hand, </l>
<l> And set a precious <reg orig="Crowne">Crown</reg> <reg orig="vpon"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">upon</seg> </reg> thy head, </l>
<l> If thou wilt <reg orig="condiscend">condescend</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> be my </l></sp>
<sp who="V"><speaker rend="italic"> Mar. </speaker>
<l> What? </l></sp>
<sp who="E"><speaker rend="italic"> Suf. </speaker>
<l> His <reg orig="loue."> love. </reg> </l></sp>
<sp who="V"><speaker rend="italic"> Mar. </speaker>
<l> I am <reg orig="vnworthy">unworthy</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> be <hi rend="italic"> Henries </hi> wife. </l></sp>
<sp who="E"><speaker rend="italic"> Suf. </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="exclamation">No</seg> gentle Madam, I <reg orig="vnworthy">unworthy</reg> am </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> woe <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> <reg orig="faire"> fair </reg> a Dame <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> be his wife, </l>
<l> And <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> portion <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> the choice <reg orig="my selfe."> myself. </reg> </l>
<l> How say you Madam, are ye <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> content? </l></sp>
<sp who="V"><speaker rend="italic"> Mar. </speaker>
<l> And if my Father please, I am content. </l></sp>
<sp who="E"><speaker rend="italic"> Suf. </speaker>
<l> Then call <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> <reg orig="Captaines">Captains</reg> and <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> Colours forth, </l>
<l> And Madam, at your Fathers Castle <reg orig="walles">walls</reg>, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Wee'l"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">We</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> 
 <reg orig="craue">crave</reg> a parley, <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="conferre">confer</reg> with him. </l>
<stage rend="italic"> Sound. Enter Reignier on the Walles.

<l> See <hi rend="italic"> Reignier </hi> see, thy daughter prisoner. </l></sp>
<sp who="R"><speaker rend="italic"> Reig. </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">To</seg> whom? </l></sp>
<sp who="E"><speaker rend="italic"> Suf. </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">To</seg> me. </l></sp>
<sp who="R"><speaker rend="italic"> Reig. </speaker>
<l> Suffolke, what remedy? </l>
<l> I am a <reg orig="Souldier">Soldier</reg>, and <reg orig="vnapt">unapt</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="weepe">weep</reg>, </l>
<l> Or <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="exclaime">exclaim</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> Fortunes <reg orig="ficklenesse">fickleness</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="E"><speaker rend="italic"> Suf. </speaker>
<l> Yes, there is remedy enough my Lord, </l>
<l> Consent, and <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> thy <reg orig="Honor">Honour</reg> <reg orig="giue"> give </reg> consent, </l>
<l> Thy daughter shall be wedded <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> my King, </l>
<l> Whom I with <reg orig="paine">pain</reg> <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> wooed and <reg orig="wonne">won</reg> thereto: </l>
<l> And this <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">her</seg> <reg orig="easie">easy</reg> held imprisonment, </l>
<l> Hath <reg orig="gain'd">gained</reg> thy daughter Princely <reg orig="libertie">liberty</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="R"><speaker rend="italic"> Reig. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Speakes"> Speaks </reg> Suffolke as he <reg orig="thinkes?"> thinks? </reg> </l></sp>
<sp who="E"><speaker rend="italic"> Suf. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Faire"> Fair </reg> <hi rend="italic"> Margaret </hi> <reg orig="knowes">knows</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> Suffolke doth not flatter, face, or <reg orig="faine">fain</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="R"><speaker rend="italic"> Reig. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Vpon"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">Upon</seg> </reg> thy Princely warrant, I descend, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> <reg orig="giue"> give </reg> thee answer of thy <reg orig="iust">just</reg> demand. </l></sp>
<sp who="E"><speaker rend="italic"> Suf. </speaker>
<l> And <reg orig="here"> here </reg> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> expect thy <reg orig="comming">coming</reg>. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic"> Trumpets sound. Enter Reignier.
<sp who="R"><speaker rend="italic"> Reig. </speaker>
<l> Welcome <reg orig="braue">brave</reg> <reg orig="Earle">Earl</reg> into <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">our</seg> Territories, </l>
<l> Command <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Aniou </hi> what your <reg orig="Honor">Honour</reg> pleases. </l></sp>
<sp who="E"><speaker rend="italic"> Suf. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Thankes">Thanks</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Reignier, </hi> happy <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> sweet a <reg orig="Childe">Child</reg>, </l>
<l> Fit <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> be made companion with a King; </l>
<l> What answer makes your Grace <reg orig="vnto"> unto </reg> my suite? </l></sp>
<sp who="R"><speaker rend="italic"> Reig. </speaker>
<l> Since thou dost <reg orig="daigne">deign</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> woe <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">her</seg> little worth, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> be the Princely Bride of such a Lord: </l>
<l> <reg orig="Vpon"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">Upon</seg> </reg> condition I may quietly </l>
<l> <reg orig="Enioy">Enjoy</reg> mine <reg orig="owne,"> own, </reg> the Country <hi rend="italic"> Maine </hi> and <hi rend="italic"> Aniou, </hi> </l>
<l> Free from oppression, or the stroke of <reg orig="Warre">War</reg>, </l>
<l> My daughter shall be <hi rend="italic"> Henries, </hi> if he please. </l></sp>
<sp who="E"><speaker rend="italic"> Suf. </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">That</seg> is <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">her</seg> <reg orig="ransome">ransom</reg>, I <reg orig="deliuer">deliver</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="personalPronoun">her</seg>, </l>
<l> And those two Counties I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> <reg orig="vndertake">undertake</reg> </l>
<l> Your Grace shall well and quietly <reg orig="enioy">enjoy</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="R"><speaker rend="italic"> Reig. </speaker>
<l> And I <reg orig="againe"> again </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Henries </hi> <reg orig="Royall">Royal</reg> name, </l>
<l> As Deputy <reg orig="vnto"> unto </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> gracious King. </l>
<l> <reg orig="Giue"> Give </reg> thee <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">her</seg> hand <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> <reg orig="signe">sign</reg> of plighted faith. </l></sp>
<sp who="E"><speaker rend="italic"> Suf. </speaker>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Reignier </hi> of France, I <reg orig="giue"> give </reg> thee Kingly <reg orig="thankes">thanks</reg>, </l>
<l> Because this is <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <reg orig="Trafficke">Traffic</reg> of a King. </l>
<l> And yet <reg orig="me thinkes"> methinks </reg> I could be well content </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> be mine <reg orig="owne"> own </reg> <reg orig="Atturney">Attorney</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> this case. </l>
<l> <reg orig="Ile ouer"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> over </reg> then <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> England with this <reg orig="newes">news</reg>. </l>
<l> And make this marriage <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> be <reg orig="solemniz'd">solemnised</reg>: </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">So</seg> farewell <hi rend="italic"> Reignier, </hi> Set this Diamond safe </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">In</seg> Golden <reg orig="Pallaces">Palaces</reg> as it becomes. </l></sp> 
<sp who="R"><speaker rend="italic"> Reig. </speaker>
<l> I do embrace thee, as I would embrace </l>
<l> The Christian Prince King <hi rend="italic"> Henrie </hi> were he <reg orig="heere."> here. </reg> </l></sp>
<sp who="V"><speaker rend="italic"> Mar. </speaker>
<l> Farewell my Lord, good wishes, praise, <reg orig="&"> and </reg> <reg orig="praiers">prayers</reg>, </l>
<l> Shall Suffolke <reg orig="euer haue"> ever have </reg> of <hi rend="italic"> Margaret. </hi> </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic">      Shee is going.
<sp who="E"><speaker rend="italic"> Suf. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Farwell">Farewell</reg> sweet Madam: but <reg orig="hearke">hark</reg> you <hi rend="italic"> Margaret, </hi> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">No</seg> Princely commendations <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> my King? </l></sp>
<sp who="V"><speaker rend="italic"> Mar. </speaker>
<l> Such commendations as becomes a <reg orig="Maide">Maid</reg>, </l>
<l> A Virgin, and his <reg orig="Seruant">Servant</reg>, say <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> him. </l></sp>
<sp who="E"><speaker rend="italic"> Suf. </speaker>
<l> Words sweetly <reg orig="plac'd">placed</reg>, and <reg orig="modestie">modesty</reg> directed, </l>
<l> But <reg orig="Madame">Madam</reg>, I must trouble you <reg orig="againe,"> again, </reg> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">No</seg> <reg orig="louing"> loving </reg> Token <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> his <reg orig="Maiestie">Majesty</reg>? </l></sp>
<sp who="V"><speaker rend="italic"> Mar. </speaker>
<l> Yes, my good Lord, a pure <reg orig="vnspotted">unspotted</reg> heart, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Neuer"> Never </reg> yet taint with <reg orig="loue,"> love, </reg> I send the King. </l></sp>
<sp who="E"><speaker rend="italic"> Suf. </speaker>
<l> And this <reg orig="withall">withal</reg>. </l></sp>

 <stage rend="italic"> Kisse her.
<sp who="V"><speaker rend="italic"> Mar. </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">That</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> <reg orig="thy selfe,"> thyself, </reg> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> not <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">so</seg> presume, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> send such <reg orig="peeuish">peevish</reg> tokens <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> a King. </l></sp>
<sp who="E"><speaker rend="italic"> Suf. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Oh">O</reg> wert thou <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> <reg orig="my selfe:"> myself: </reg> but <hi rend="italic"> Suffolke </hi> stay, </l>
<l> Thou <reg orig="mayest">mayst</reg> not wander <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> Labyrinth, </l>
<l> There Minotaurs and <reg orig="vgly">ugly</reg> Treasons <reg orig="lurke">lurk</reg>, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Solicite">Solicit</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Henry </hi> with <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">her</seg> <reg orig="wonderous">wondrous</reg> praise. </l>
<l> <reg orig="Bethinke">Bethink</reg> thee <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">her</seg> <reg orig="Vertues">Virtues</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> surmount, </l>
<l> Mad <reg orig="naturall">natural</reg> Graces <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> extinguish <seg type="homograph" subtype="noun">Art</seg>, </l>

<l> <reg orig="Repeate">Repeat</reg> their semblance often <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> the Seas, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> when thou <reg orig="com'st">comest</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="kneele">kneel</reg> at <hi rend="italic"> Henries 
</hi> <reg orig="feete">feet</reg>, </l>
<l> Thou <reg orig="mayest">mayst</reg> <reg orig="bereaue">bereave</reg> him of his wits with wonder. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic"> Exit
Enter Yorke, Warwicke, Shepheard, Pucell.
<sp who="H"><speaker rend="italic"> Yor. </speaker>
<l> Bring forth <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> <reg orig="Sorceresse">Sorceress</reg> <reg orig="condemn'd">condemned</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="burne">burn</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="ZB"><speaker rend="italic"> Shep. </speaker>
<l> Ah <hi rend="italic"> Ione, </hi> this <reg orig="kils">kills</reg> thy Fathers heart outright, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Haue"> Have </reg> I sought <reg orig="euery"> every </reg> Country <reg orig="farre">far</reg> and <reg orig="neere">near</reg>, </l>
<l> And now it is my chance <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="finde">find</reg> thee out, </l>
<l> Must I behold thy <reg orig="timelesse">timeless</reg> <reg orig="cruell">cruel</reg> death: </l>
<l> Ah <hi rend="italic"> Ione, </hi> sweet daughter <hi rend="italic"> Ione, </hi> <reg orig="Ile"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> die with thee. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker rend="italic"> Pucel. </speaker>
<l> Decrepit Miser, base ignoble Wretch, </l>
<l> I am descended of a gentler blood. </l>
<l> Thou art <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> Father, nor <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> Friend of mine. </l></sp>
<sp who="ZB"><speaker rend="italic"> Shep. </speaker>
<l> Out, out: My Lords, and please you, <reg orig="'tis"> it is </reg> not <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">so</seg> </l>
<l> I did beget <seg type="homograph" subtype="personalPronoun">her</seg>, all the Parish <reg orig="knowes">knows</reg>: </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">Her</seg> Mother <reg orig="liueth">liveth</reg> yet, can <reg orig="testifie">testify</reg> </l>
<l> She was the first <reg orig="fruite">fruit</reg> of my <reg orig="Bach'ler-ship">Bachelorship</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="M"><speaker rend="italic"> War. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Gracelesse">Graceless</reg>, wilt thou deny thy Parentage? </l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker rend="italic"> Yorke. </speaker>
<l> This argues what <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">her</seg> <reg orig="kinde">kind</reg> of life hath <reg orig="beene,"> been, </reg> </l>
<l> Wicked and vile, and <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">so</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">her</seg> death concludes. </l></sp>
<sp who="ZB"><speaker rend="italic"> Shep. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Fye">Fie</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Ione, </hi> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> thou wilt be <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> obstacle: </l>
<l> God <reg orig="knowes">knows</reg>, thou art a collop of my flesh, </l>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> thy sake <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> I shed many a <reg orig="teare">tear</reg>: </l>
<l> Deny me not, I <reg orig="prythee">prithee</reg>, gentle<hi rend="italic">  Ione. </hi> </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker rend="italic"> Pucell. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Pezant">Peasant</reg> <reg orig="auant">avaunt</reg>. You <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> <reg orig="suborn'd">suborned</reg> this man </l>
<l> Of purpose, <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> obscure my Noble birth. </l></sp>

<sp who="ZB"><speaker rend="italic"> Shep. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="'Tis"> It is </reg> true, I <reg orig="gaue"> gave </reg> a Noble <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> the Priest, </l>
<l> The <reg orig="morne">morn</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> I was wedded <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">her</seg> mother. </l>
<l> <reg orig="Kneele">Kneel</reg> <reg orig="downe"> down </reg> and take my blessing, good my <reg orig="Gyrle">Girl</reg>. </l>
<l> Wilt thou not <reg orig="stoope">stoop</reg>? Now cursed be the time </l>
<l> Of thy <reg orig="natiuitie">nativity</reg>: I would the <reg orig="Milke">Milk</reg> </l>
<l> Thy mother <reg orig="gaue"> gave </reg> thee when thou <reg orig="suck'st">suckest</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">her</seg> <reg orig="brest">breast</reg>, </l>
<l> Had <reg orig="bin"> been </reg> a little <reg orig="Rats-bane">ratsbane</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> thy sake. </l>
<l> Or else, when thou didst <reg orig="keepe">keep</reg> my <reg orig="Lambes">Lambs</reg> <reg orig="a-field">a field</reg>, </l>
<l> I wish some <reg orig="rauenous">ravenous</reg> <reg orig="Wolfe">Wolf</reg> had eaten thee. </l>
<l> <reg orig="Doest"> Dost </reg> thou deny thy Father, cursed Drab? </l>
<l> O <reg orig="burne">burn</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="personalPronoun">her</seg>, <reg orig="burne">burn</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="personalPronoun">her</seg>, hanging is too good. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic">   Exit.
<sp who="H"><speaker rend="italic"> Yorke. </speaker> 
<l> Take <seg type="homograph" subtype="personalPronoun">her</seg> away, <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">for</seg> she hath <reg orig="liu'd"> lived </reg> too long, </l>

<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> fill the world with vicious qualities. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker rend="italic"> Puc. </speaker>
<l> First let me tell you whom you <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> <reg orig="condemn'd">condemned</reg>; </l>
<l> Not me, begotten of a <reg orig="Shepheard">shepherd</reg> <reg orig="Swaine">Swain</reg>, </l>
<l> But issued from the Progeny of Kings. </l>
<l> <reg orig="Vertuous">Virtuous</reg> and Holy, chosen from<reg orig=" aboue,"> above, </reg> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">By</seg> inspiration of <reg orig="Celestiall">Celestial</reg> Grace, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> <reg orig="worke">work</reg> exceeding <reg orig="myracles">miracles</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> earth. </l>
<l> I <reg orig="neuer"> never </reg> had <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> do with wicked Spirits. </l>
<l> But you <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> are polluted with your <reg orig="lustes">lusts</reg>, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Stain'd">Stained</reg> with the <reg orig="guiltlesse">guiltless</reg> blood of Innocents, </l>
<l> Corrupt and tainted with a thousand Vices: </l>
<l> Because you want the grace <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> others<reg orig=" haue,"> have, </reg> </l>
<l> You <reg orig="iudge">judge</reg> it straight a thing impossible </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> <reg orig="compasse">compass</reg> Wonders, but <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> 
 <reg orig="helpe">help</reg> of <reg orig="diuels">devils</reg>. </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="exclamation">No</seg> <reg orig="misconceyued">misconceived</reg>, <hi rend="italic"> Ione </hi> of <hi rend="italic"> <reg orig="Aire">Air</reg> </hi> 
 hath <reg orig="beene"> been </reg> </l>
<l> A Virgin from <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">her</seg> tender <reg orig="infancie">infancy</reg>, </l>
<l> Chaste, and immaculate <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> very thought, </l>
<l> Whose Maiden-blood thus rigorously <reg orig="effus'd">effused</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">Will</seg> cry <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> Vengeance, at the Gates of <reg orig="Heauen">Heaven</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker rend="italic"> Yorke. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="I, I:"> Aye, Aye: </reg> away with <seg type="homograph" subtype="personalPronoun">her</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> execution. </l></sp>
<sp who="M"><speaker rend="italic"> War. </speaker>
<l> And <reg orig="hearke">hark</reg> ye sirs: because she is a <reg orig="Maide">Maid</reg>, </l> 
<l> Spare <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> Faggots, let there be <reg orig="enow">enough</reg>: </l> 
<l> Place <reg orig="barrelles">barrels</reg> of pitch <reg orig="vpon"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">upon</seg></reg> the <reg orig="fatall">fatal</reg> stake, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">so</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">her</seg> torture may be <reg orig="shortned">shortened</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker rend="italic"> Puc. </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">Will</seg> nothing <reg orig="turne">turn</reg> your <reg orig="vnrelenting">unrelenting</reg> hearts? </l>
<l> Then <hi rend="italic"> Ione </hi> <reg orig="discouer">discover</reg> thine infirmity, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">That</seg> warranteth <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> Law, <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> be thy <reg orig="priuiledge">privilege</reg>. </l>
<l> I am with <reg orig="childe">child</reg> ye bloody Homicides: </l>
<l> Murther not then the <reg orig="Fruite">Fruit</reg> within my <reg orig="Wombe">Womb</reg>, </l>
<l> Although ye hale me <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> a violent death. </l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker rend="italic"> Yor. </speaker>
<l> Now <reg orig="heauen">heaven</reg> forfend, the holy Maid with child? </l></sp>
<sp who="M"><speaker rend="italic"> War. </speaker>
<l> The greatest miracle <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> <reg orig="ere"> ever </reg> ye wrought. </l>
<l> Is all your strict <reg orig="precisenesse">preciseness</reg> come <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> this? </l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker rend="italic"> Yorke. </speaker>
<l> She and the Dolphin <reg orig="haue bin"> have been </reg> <reg orig="iugling">juggling</reg>, </l>
<l> I did imagine what would be <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">her</seg> refuge. </l></sp>
<sp who="M"><speaker rend="italic"> War. </speaker>
<l> Well go too, <reg orig="we'll haue"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> Bastards <reg orig="liue,"> live, </reg>  Mar</l>
<l> Especially since <hi rend="italic"> Charles </hi> must Father it. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker rend="italic"> Puc. </speaker>
<l> You are <reg orig="deceyu'd">deceived</reg>, my <reg orig="childe">child</reg> is none of his, </l>
<l> It was <hi rend="italic"> Alanson </hi> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> <reg orig="inioy'd">enjoyed</reg> my <reg orig="loue."> love. </reg> </l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker rend="italic"> Yorke. </speaker>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Alanson </hi> <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> notorious Macheuile? </l>
<l> It <reg orig="dyes">dies</reg>, and if it had a thousand <reg orig="liues">lives</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker rend="italic"> Puc. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Oh giue"> O give </reg> me <reg orig="leaue">leave</reg>, I <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> deluded you, </l>
<l> <reg orig="'Twas"> It was </reg> <reg orig="neyther">neither</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Charles, </hi> nor yet the Duke I <reg orig="nam'd">named</reg>, </l>

<l> But <hi rend="italic"> Reignier </hi> King of <hi rend="italic"> Naples </hi> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> <reg orig="preuayl'd">prevailed</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="M"><speaker rend="italic"> War. </speaker>
<l> A married man, <reg orig="that's"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> is </reg> most <reg orig="intollerable">intolerable</reg>. </l></sp>

<sp who="H"><speaker rend="italic"> Yor. </speaker>
<l> Why <reg orig="here's"> here is </reg> a <reg orig="Gyrle">Girl</reg>: I think she <reg orig="knowes">knows</reg> not <reg orig="wel"> well </reg> </l>
<l> (There were <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> many) whom she may accuse. </l></sp>
<sp who="M"><speaker rend="italic"> War. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="It's"> It is </reg> <reg orig="signe">sign</reg> she hath <reg orig="beene"> been </reg> <reg orig="liberall">liberal</reg> and free. </l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker rend="italic"> Yor. </speaker>
<l> And yet forsooth she is a Virgin pure. </l>
<l> Strumpet, thy words <reg orig="condemne">condemn</reg> thy Brat, and thee. </l>
<l> <reg orig="Vse">Use</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> <reg orig="intreaty">entreaty</reg>, <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">for</seg> it is <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <reg orig="vaine">vain</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker rend="italic"> Pu. </speaker>
<l> Then lead me hence: with whom I <reg orig="leaue">leave</reg> my curse. </l>
<l> May <reg orig="neuer"> never </reg> glorious <reg orig="Sunne">Sun</reg> reflex his <reg orig="beames">beams</reg> </l>
<l> <reg orig="Vpon"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">Upon</seg> </reg> the <reg orig="Countrey">Country</reg> where you make abode: </l>
<l> But <reg orig="darknesse">darkness</reg>, and the gloomy shade of death </l>
<l> <reg orig="Inuiron">Environ</reg> you, till <reg orig="Mischeefe">Mischief</reg> and <reg orig="Dispaire">Despair</reg>, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Driue">Drive</reg> you <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> break your necks, or hang <reg orig="your selues."> yourselves </reg> </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic">  Exit
Enter Cardinall.
<sp who="H"><speaker rend="italic"> Yorke. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Breake">Break</reg> thou <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <reg orig="peeces">pieces</reg>, and consume <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> ashes, </l>
<l> Thou <reg orig="fowle">foul</reg> accursed minister of Hell. </l></sp>
<sp who="O"><speaker rend="italic"> Car. </speaker>
<l> Lord Regent, I do <reg orig="greete">greet</reg> your Excellence </l>
<l> With Letters of Commission from the King. </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> know my Lords, the States of <reg orig="Christendome">Christendom</reg>, </l>

<l> <reg orig="Mou'd">Moved</reg> with remorse of these <reg orig="out-ragious">outrageous</reg> <reg orig="broyles">broils</reg>, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Haue"> Have </reg> earnestly <reg orig="implor'd">implored</reg> a <reg orig="generall">general</reg> peace, </l>
<l> Betwixt <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> Nation, and the <reg orig="aspyring">aspiring</reg> French; </l>
<l> And <reg orig="here"> here </reg> at hand, the Dolphin and his <reg orig="Traine">Train</reg> </l>
<l> Approacheth, <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="conferre">confer</reg> about some matter. </l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker rend="italic"> Yorke. </speaker>
<l> Is all <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> <reg orig="trauell">travel</reg> <reg orig="turn'd">turned</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> this effect, </l>
<l> After the slaughter of <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> many <reg orig="Peeres">Peers</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">So</seg> many <reg orig="Captaines">Captains</reg>, Gentlemen, and Soldiers, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">That</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> this <reg orig="quarrell">quarrel</reg> <reg orig="haue beene"> have been </reg> <reg orig="ouerthrowne">overthrown</reg>, </l>
<l> And sold their <reg orig="bodyes">bodies</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> their <reg orig="Countryes">Country's</reg> benefit, </l>
<l> Shall <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> at last conclude effeminate peace? </l>
<l> <reg orig="Haue"> Have </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> not lost most part of all the <reg orig="Townes">Towns</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">By</seg> Treason, <reg orig="Falshood">Falsehood</reg>, and <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> <reg orig="Treacherie">Treachery</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">Our</seg> great Progenitors had conquered: </l>
<l> <reg orig="Oh">O</reg> Warwicke, Warwicke, I foresee with <reg orig="greefe">grief</reg> </l>
<l> The <reg orig="vtter">utter</reg> <reg orig="losse">loss</reg> of all the <reg orig="Realme">Realm</reg> of France. </l></sp>
<sp who="M"><speaker rend="italic"> War. </speaker>
<l> Be patient Yorke, if <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> conclude a Peace </l>
<l> It shall be with such strict and <reg orig="seuere">severe</reg> <reg orig="Couenants">Covenants</reg>, </l>
<l> As little shall the Frenchmen <reg orig="gaine">gain</reg> thereby. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic"> Enter Charles, Alanson, Bastard, Reignier.
<sp who="F"><speaker rend="italic"> Char. </speaker>
<l> Since Lords of England, it is thus agreed, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> <reg orig="peacefull">peaceful</reg> truce shall be <reg orig="proclaim'd">proclaimed</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> France, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">We</seg> come <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> be informed <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> <reg orig="your selues,"> yourselves, </reg> </l>
<l> What the conditions of <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> league must be. </l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker rend="italic"> Yorke. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Speake"> Speak </reg> Winchester, <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">for</seg> <reg orig="boyling">boiling</reg> <reg orig="choller">choler</reg> chokes </l>
<l> The hollow passage of my <reg orig="poyson'd">poisoned</reg> <reg orig="voyce">voice</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">By</seg> sight of these <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> <reg orig="balefull">baleful</reg> enemies. </l></sp>
<sp who="O"><speaker rend="italic"> Win. </speaker>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Charles, </hi> and the rest, it is enacted thus: </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> regard King <hi rend="italic"> Henry </hi> <reg orig="giues"> gives </reg> consent, </l>
<l> Of <reg orig="meere">mere</reg> compassion, and of lenity, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> ease your <reg orig="Countrie">Country</reg> of <reg orig="distressefull">distressful</reg> <reg orig="Warre">War</reg>, </l>
<l> And suffer you <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> breath <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <reg orig="fruitfull">fruitful</reg> peace, </l>
<l> You shall become true Liegemen <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> his <reg orig="Crowne">Crown</reg>. </l>
<l> And <hi rend="italic"> Charles, </hi> <reg orig="vpon"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">upon</seg> </reg> condition thou wilt <reg orig="sweare">swear</reg> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> pay him tribute, and submit <reg orig="thy selfe,"> thyself, </reg> </l>
<l> Thou shalt be <reg orig="plac'd">placed</reg> as Viceroy <reg orig="vnder"> under </reg> him, </l>
<l> And still <reg orig="enioy">enjoy</reg> thy <reg orig="Regall">Regal</reg> dignity. </l></sp>
<sp who="S"><speaker rend="italic"> Alan. </speaker>
<l> Must he be then as shadow of <reg orig="himselfe?"> himself? </reg> </l>
<l> <reg orig="Adorne">Adorn</reg> his Temples with a Coronet, </l>
<l> And yet <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> substance and authority, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Retaine">Retain</reg> but <reg orig="priuiledge">privilege</reg> of a <reg orig="priuate">private</reg> man? </l>
<l> This proffer is absurd, and <reg orig="reasonlesse">reasonless</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="F"><speaker rend="italic"> Char. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="'Tis knowne"> It is known </reg> already <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> I am <reg orig="possest">possessed</reg> </l>
<l> With more <reg orig="then"> than </reg> <reg orig="halfe">half</reg> the Gallian Territories, </l>
<l> And therein <reg orig="reuerenc'd">reverenced</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> their <reg orig="lawfull">lawful</reg> King. </l>
<l> Shall I <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> lucre of the rest <reg orig="vn-vanquisht">unvanquished</reg>, </l>
<l> Detract <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> much from <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> <reg orig="prerogatiue">prerogative</reg>, </l>
<l> As <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> be <reg orig="call'd">called</reg> but Viceroy of the whole? </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="exclamation">No</seg> Lord Ambassador, <reg orig="Ile"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> rather <reg orig="keepe">keep</reg> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">That</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">which</seg> I <reg orig="haue,"> have, </reg> than <reg orig="coueting">coveting</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> more </l>
<l> Be cast from possibility of all. </l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker rend="italic"> Yorke. </speaker>
<l> Insulting <hi rend="italic"> Charles, </hi> hast thou <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> secret <reg orig="meanes">means</reg> </l>
<l> <reg orig="Vs'd">Used</reg> intercession <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="obtaine">obtain</reg> a league, </l>
<l> And now the matter <reg orig="growes">grows</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> <reg orig="compremize">compromise</reg>, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Stand'st">Standest</reg> thou <reg orig="aloofe">aloof</reg> <reg orig="vpon"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">upon</seg> </reg> Comparison. </l>
<l> Either accept the Title thou <reg orig="vsurp'st">usurpest</reg>, </l>
<l> Of benefit proceeding from <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> King, </l>
<l> And not of any challenge of Desert, </l>
<l> Or <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> plague thee with incessant <reg orig="Warres">Wars</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="R"><speaker rend="italic"> Reig. </speaker>
<l> My Lord, you do not well <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> obstinacy, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> <reg orig="cauill">cavil</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> the course of this Contract: </l>
<l> If once it be neglected, ten <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> one </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">We</seg> shall not <reg orig="finde">find</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">like</seg> opportunity. </l></sp>
<sp who="S"><speaker rend="italic"> Alan. </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> say the truth, it is your <reg orig="policie">policy</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> <reg orig="saue">save</reg> your <reg orig="Subiects">Subjects</reg> from such massacre </l>
<l> And <reg orig="ruthlesse">ruthless</reg> slaughters as are <reg orig="dayly">daily</reg> <reg orig="seene"> seen </reg> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">By</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> proceeding <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> Hostility, </l>
<l> And therefore take this compact of a Truce, </l>
<l> Although you <reg orig="breake">break</reg> it, when your pleasure <reg orig="serues">serves</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="M"><speaker rend="italic"> War. </speaker>
<l> How sayst thou <hi rend="italic"> Charles? </hi> </l>
<l> Shall <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> Condition stand? </l></sp>
<sp who="F"><speaker rend="italic"> Char. </speaker>
<l> It Shall: </l>
<l> <reg orig="Onely"> Only </reg> <reg orig="reseru'd">reserved</reg>, you <reg orig="claime">claim</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> interest </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">In</seg> any of <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">our</seg> <reg orig="Townes">Towns</reg> of Garrison. </l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker rend="italic"> Yor. </speaker>
<l> Then <reg orig="sweare">swear</reg> <reg orig="Allegeance">Allegiance</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> his <reg orig="Maiesty">Majesty</reg>, </l>
<l> As thou art Knight, <reg orig="neuer"> never </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> disobey, </l>
<l> Nor be Rebellious <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> the <reg orig="Crowne">Crown</reg> of England, </l>
<l> Thou nor thy Nobles, <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> the <reg orig="Crowne">Crown</reg> of England. </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">So</seg>, now <reg orig="dismisse">dismiss</reg> your Army when ye please: </l>
<l> Hang <reg orig="vp"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">up</seg> </reg> your <reg orig="Ensignes">Ensigns</reg>, let your <reg orig="Drummes">Drums</reg> be still, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> <reg orig="here"> here </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> <reg orig="entertaine">entertain</reg> a <reg orig="solemne">solemn</reg> peace. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic"> Exeunt

<stage rend="italic"> Actus Quintus. </stage>
<stage rend="italic"> 
Enter Suffolke in conference with the King, Glocester, and Exeter.
<sp who="D"> <speaker rend="italic"> King. </speaker>
<l> Your wondrous rare description (noble <reg orig="Earle">Earl</reg>) </l>
<l> Of beauteous <hi rend="italic"> Margaret </hi> hath <reg orig="astonish'd">astonished</reg> me: </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">Her</seg> <reg orig="vertues">virtues</reg> graced with <reg orig="externall">external</reg> gifts, </l>
<l> Do breed <reg orig="Loues"> Loves </reg> <reg orig="setled">settled</reg> passions <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> my heart, </l>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">like</seg> as rigour of tempestuous <reg orig="gustes">gusts</reg> </l>
<l> <reg orig="Prouokes">Provokes</reg> the mightiest <reg orig="Hulke">Hulk</reg> against the tide, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">So</seg> am I <reg orig="driuen">driven</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> breath of <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">her</seg> <reg orig="Renowne">Renown</reg>, </l>
<l> Either <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> suffer <reg orig="Shipwracke">Shipwreck</reg>, or <reg orig="arriue">arrive</reg> </l>
<l> Where I may <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> fruition of <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">her</seg> <reg orig="Loue."> Love. </reg> </l></sp>
<sp who="E"> <speaker rend="italic"> Suf. </speaker>
<l> Tush my good Lord, this <reg orig="superficiall">superficial</reg> tale, </l>
<l> Is but a preface of <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">her</seg> worthy praise: </l>
<l> The <reg orig="cheefe">chief</reg> perfections of <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> <reg orig="louely">lovely</reg> Dame, </l>
<l> (Had I sufficient skill <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="vtter">utter</reg> them) </l>
<l> Would make a volume of <reg orig="inticing">enticing</reg> lines, </l>
<l> Able <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="rauish">ravish</reg> any dull conceit. </l>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">which</seg> is more, she is not <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> <reg orig="Diuine">Divine</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">So</seg> full <reg orig="repleate">replete</reg> with choice of all delights, </l>
<l> But with as humble <reg orig="lowlinesse">lowliness</reg> of <reg orig="minde">mind</reg>, </l>
<l> She is content <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> be at your command: </l>
<l> Command I <reg orig="meane">mean</reg>, of <reg orig="Vertuous">Virtuous</reg> chaste intents, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> <reg orig="Loue,"> Love, </reg> and <reg orig="Honor">Honour</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Henry </hi> as <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">her</seg> Lord. </l></sp>
<sp who="D"> <speaker rend="italic"> King. </speaker>
<l> And otherwise, <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Henry </hi> <reg orig="ne're"> never </reg> presume: </l>
<l> Therefore my Lord Protector, <reg orig="giue"> give </reg> consent, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Marg'ret </hi> may be Englands <reg orig="Royall">Royal</reg> <reg orig="Queene">Queen</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="C"> <speaker rend="italic"> Glo. </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">So</seg> should I <reg orig="giue"> give </reg> consent <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> flatter <reg orig="sinne">sin</reg>, </l>
<l> You know (my Lord) your <reg orig="Highnesse">Highness</reg> is <reg orig="betroath'd">betrothed</reg> </l>
<l> <reg orig="Vnto"> Unto </reg> another Lady of <reg orig="esteeme">esteem</reg>, </l>
<l> How shall <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> then dispense with <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> contract, </l>
<l> And not deface your <reg orig="Honor">Honour</reg> with reproach? </l></sp>
<sp who="E"> <speaker rend="italic"> Suf. </speaker>
<l> As doth a Ruler with <reg orig="vnlawfull">unlawful</reg> <reg orig="Oathes">Oaths</reg>, </l>
<l> Or one <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> at a Triumph, <reg orig="hauing"> having </reg> <reg orig="vow'd">vowed</reg> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> try his strength, forsaketh yet the <reg orig="Listes">Lists</reg> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">By</seg> reason of his <reg orig="Aduersaries">Adversaries</reg> <reg orig="oddes">odds</reg>. </l>
<l> A <reg orig="poore">poor</reg> <reg orig="Earles">Earls</reg> daughter is <reg orig="vnequall">unequal</reg> <reg orig="oddes">odds</reg>, </l>
<l> And therefore may be broke without offence. </l></sp>
<sp who="C"> <speaker rend="italic"> Gloucester. </speaker>
<l> Why what (I pray) is <hi rend="italic"> Margaret </hi> more <reg orig="then"> than </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg>? </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">Her</seg> Father is <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> better than an <reg orig="Earle">Earl</reg>, </l>
<l> Although <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> glorious Titles he <reg orig="excell">excel</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="E"> <speaker rend="italic"> Suf. </speaker>
<l> Yes my Lord, <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">her</seg> Father is a King, </l>
<l> The King of Naples, and <reg orig="Ierusalem">Jerusalem</reg>, </l>
<l> And of such great <reg orig="Authoritie">Authority</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> France, </l>
<l> As his alliance <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> <reg orig="confirme">confirm</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> peace, </l>
<l> And <reg orig="keepe">keep</reg> the Frenchmen <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <reg orig="Allegeance">Allegiance</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="C"> <speaker rend="italic"> Glo. </speaker>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">so</seg> the <reg orig="Earle">Earl</reg> of Arminacke may <reg orig="doe,"> do, </reg> </l>
<l> Because he is <reg orig="neere">near</reg> Kinsman <reg orig="vnto"> unto </reg> <hi rend="italic"> Charles. </hi> </l></sp>
<sp who="P"> <speaker rend="italic"> Exet. </speaker>
<l> Beside, his wealth doth warrant a liberal dower, </l>
<l> Where <hi rend="italic"> Reignier </hi> sooner <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> <reg orig="receyue">receive</reg>, than <reg orig="giue."> give. </reg> </l></sp>
<sp who="E"> <speaker rend="italic"> Suf. </speaker>
<l> A <reg orig="Dowre">Dower</reg> my Lords? Disgrace not <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">so</seg> your King, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> he should be <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> <reg orig="abiect">abject</reg>, base, and <reg orig="poore">poor</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> choose <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> wealth, and not <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> perfect <reg orig="Loue."> Love. </reg> </l>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Henry </hi> is able <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> enrich his <reg orig="Queene">Queen</reg>, </l>
<l> And not <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="seeke">seek</reg> a <reg orig="Queene">Queen</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> make him rich, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">So</seg> <reg orig="worthlesse">worthless</reg> <reg orig="Pezants">Peasants</reg> <reg orig="bargaine">bargain</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> their <reg orig="Wiues">Wives</reg>, </l>
<l> As Market men <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> Oxen, <reg orig="Sheepe">Sheep</reg>, or Horse. </l>
<l> Marriage is a matter of more worth, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Then"> Than </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> be dealt <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">in</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> <reg orig="Atturney-ship">Attorneyship</reg>: </l>

<l> Not whom <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg>, but whom his Grace affects, </l>
<l> Must be companion of his <reg orig="Nuptiall">Nuptial</reg> bed. </l>
<l> And therefore Lords, since he affects <seg type="homograph" subtype="personalPronoun">her</seg> most, </l>
<l> Most of all these reasons bindeth <reg orig="vs,"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg>, </reg> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">In</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> opinions she should be <reg orig="preferr'd">preferred</reg>. </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> what is <reg orig="wedlocke">wedlock</reg> forced? but a Hell, </l>
<l> An Age of discord and <reg orig="continuall">continual</reg> strife, </l>
<l> Whereas the <reg orig="contrarie">contrary</reg> bringeth <reg orig="blisse">bliss</reg>, </l>
<l> And is a <reg orig="patterne">pattern</reg> of <reg orig="Celestiall">Celestial</reg> peace. </l>
<l> Whom should <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> match with <hi rend="italic"> Henry </hi> being a King, </l>
<l> But <hi rend="italic"> Margaret, </hi> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> is daughter <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> a King: </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">Her</seg><reg orig="peerelesse">peerless</reg> feature, <reg orig="ioyned">joined</reg> with <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">her</seg> birth, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Approues">Approves</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="personalPronoun">her</seg> fit <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> none, but <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> a King. </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">Her</seg> valiant courage, and <reg orig="vndaunted">undaunted</reg> spirit, </l>
<l> (More <reg orig="then"> than </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> women commonly is <reg orig="seene"> seen </reg>) </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">Will</seg> answer <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> hope <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> issue of a King. </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Henry </hi> <reg orig="sonne vnto"> son unto </reg> a Conqueror, </l>
<l> Is likely <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> beget more Conquerors, </l>
<l> If with a Lady of <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> high <reg orig="resolue">resolve</reg>, </l>
<l> (As is <reg orig="faire"> fair </reg> <hi rend="italic"> Margaret </hi>) he be <reg orig="link'd">linked</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <reg orig="loue."> love. </reg> </l>
<l> Then <reg orig="yeeld">yield</reg> my Lords, and <reg orig="heere"> here </reg> conclude with <reg orig="mee,"> me, </reg> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Margaret </hi> shall be <reg orig="Queene">Queen</reg>, and none but <reg orig="shee."> she. </reg> </l></sp>
<sp who="D"> <speaker rend="italic"> King. </speaker>
<l> Whether it be through force of your report, </l>
<l> My Noble Lord of Suffolke: Or <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> </l>
<l> My tender youth was <reg orig="neuer"> never </reg> yet attaint </l>
<l> With any passion of inflaming <reg orig="Ioue,"> Love, </reg> </l>
<l> I cannot tell: but this I am <reg orig="assur'd">assured</reg>, </l>
<l> I <reg orig="feele">feel</reg> such sharpe <reg orig="dissention">dissension</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> my breast, </l>
<l> Such fierce alarums both of Hope and <reg orig="Feare">Fear</reg>, </l>
<l> As I am <reg orig="sicke">sick</reg> with working of my thoughts. </l>
<l> Take therefore shipping, <reg orig="poste">post</reg> my Lord <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> France, </l>
<l> Agree <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> any <reg orig="couenants">covenants</reg>, and procure </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> Lady <hi rend="italic"> Margaret </hi> do vouchsafe <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> come </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> <reg orig="crosse">cross</reg> the Seas <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> England, and be <reg orig="crown'd">crowned</reg> </l>
<l> King <hi rend="italic"> Henries </hi> <reg orig="faithfull">faithful</reg> and <reg orig="annointed">anointed</reg> <reg orig="Queene">Queen</reg>. </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">For</seg> your <reg orig="expences">expenses</reg> and sufficient charge, </l>
<l> Among the people gather <reg orig="vp"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">up</seg> </reg> a tenth. </l>
<l> Be gone I say, <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">for</seg> till you do <reg orig="returne">return</reg>, </l>
<l> I rest perplexed with a thousand Cares. </l>
<l> And you (good <reg orig="Vnckle">Uncle</reg>) banish all offence: </l>
<l> If you do censure me, <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> what you were, </l>
<l> Not what you are, I know it <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> excuse </l>
<l> This <reg orig="sodaine">sudden</reg> execution of my <seg type="homograph" subtype="noun">will</seg>. </l>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">so</seg> conduct me, where from company, </l>
<l> I may <reg orig="reuolue">revolve</reg> and ruminate my <reg orig="greefe">grief</reg>. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic">  Exit. </stage>
<sp who="C"> <speaker rend="italic"> Glo. </speaker>
<l> I <reg orig="greefe">grief</reg> I <reg orig="feare">fear</reg> me, both at first and last. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic">   Exit Glocester.
<sp who="E"> <speaker rend="italic"> Suf. </speaker>
<l> Thus Suffolke hath <reg orig="preuail'd">prevailed</reg>, and thus he goes </l>
<l> As did the <reg orig="youthfull">youthful</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Paris </hi> once <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> Greece, </l>
<l> With hope <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="finde">find</reg> the <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">like</seg> <reg orig="euent">event</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <reg orig="loue,"> love, </reg> </l>
<l> But prosper better than the <reg orig="Troian">Trojan</reg> did: </l>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Margaret </hi> shall now be <reg orig="Queene">Queen</reg>, and rule the King: </l>
<l> But I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> rule both <seg type="homograph" subtype="personalPronoun">her</seg>, the King, and <reg orig="Realme">Realm</reg>. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic">   Exit </stage>
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