2 Henry IV Q1

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            <title>The Second part of Henrie the fourth, continuing to his death, and coronation of Henrie the fift. 
            	With the humours of sir Iohn Falstaffe, and swaggering Pistoll. 
            	As it hath been sundrie times publikely acted by the right honourable, the Lord Chamberlaine his servants. [QB, containing 3.1 which is missing in QA]</title>
               <resp>compiled by</resp>
               <name>Kyonnah Price. Homographs and regularising by Alexis Antonia</name>
            <publisher>Printed by V.S. for Andrew Wise, and William Aspley.</publisher>  
            <authority>Gabriel Egan</authority> 
               The characters are identified by IDREF pointing to information in
               the following declarations.
               <name id="A">King Henry IV</name>
			   <name id="B">Prince Henry; Son of Henry IV; later King Henry V</name>
			   <name id="C">Prince John of Lancaster; Son of Henry IV</name>
			   <name id="D">Prince Humphrey of Gloucester; Son of Henry IV</name>
			   <name id="E">Prince Thomas of Clarence; Son of Henry IV</name>
			   <name id="F">Earl of Warwick; King's party</name>
			   <name id="G">Earl of Westmoreland; King's party</name>
			   <name id="H">Henry Percy; Earl of Northumberland; King's party</name>
			   <name id="I">Lord Chief Justice</name>
			   <name id="J">Richard Scroop; Archbishop of York</name>
			   <name id="K">Edward Poins; Gentleman in waiting to Prince Henry</name>
			   <name id="L">Sir John Falstaff</name>
			   <name id="M">Shallow; Country Justices</name>
			   <name id="N">Silence; Country Justices</name>
			   <name id="O">Hostess Quickly; Hostess of a tavern in Eastcheap</name>
            <name id="U">Prologue/Epilogue</name>
            <name id="X">Multiple Speakers</name>
            	<name id="Z">unspecified speaker</name>   
			   <name id="AA">Gower; King's party</name>
			   <name id="AB">Harcourt; King's party</name>
			   <name id="AC">Lord Mowbray; Opposites against King Henry IV</name>
			   <name id="AD">Lord Hastings; Opposites against King Henry IV</name>
			   <name id="AE">Lord Bardolph; Opposites against King Henry IV</name>
			   <name id="AF">Sir John Coleville</name>
			   <name id="AG">Travers; Retainer to Northumberland</name>
			   <name id="AH">Morton; Retainer to Northumberland</name>
			   <name id="AI">Bardolph; Irregular humourist</name>
			   <name id="AJ">Pistol; Irregular humourist</name>
			   <name id="AK">Peto; Irregular humourist</name>
			   <name id="AL">Davy; Servant to Shallow</name>
			   <name id="AM">Francis; Another drawer</name>
			   <name id="AN">Fang; a Sergeant</name>
			   <name id="AO">Snare; his Yeoman</name>
			   <name id="AP">Lady Northumberland</name>
			   <name id="AQ">Lady Percy; Wife to Hotspur; Sister to Mortimer</name>
			   <name id="AR">Doll Tearsheet</name>		   
			   <name id="BA">Rumour; the Presenter</name>
			   <name id="BB">Servant to the Lord Chief Justice</name>
			   <name id="BC">A Page; Irregular humourist</name>
			   <name id="BD">Mouldy; Country soldier</name>
			   <name id="BE">Shadow; Country soldier</name>
			   <name id="BF">Wart; Country soldier</name>
			   <name id="BG">Feeble; Country soldier</name>
			   <name id="BH">Bullcalf; Country soldier</name>
			   <name id="BI">Porter</name>
			   <name id="BJ">Second Drawer</name>
			   <name id="BK">Messenger</name>
			   <name id="BL">First Beadle; Sinklo</name>
			   <name id="BM">First Strewer</name>
			   <name id="BN">Second Strewer</name>
			   <name id="BO">Third Strewer</name>

<p> The languages (other than English) which occur in the text are identified by idREF which point to the following</p>

<language id="Latin">Latin</language>
<language id="Spanish">Spanish</language>



The second part of Henry the fourth,
continuing to his death, and coronation of Henry the fift.

<div1 type="Prologue">
<stage>Enter Rumour painted full of Tongues.</stage>
<sp who="BA"><speaker></speaker>
<l>OPen your <reg orig="eares">ears</reg>; for&H3; which&H62; of you will&H1; stop</l>
<l>The vent of hearing, when <reg orig="lowd">loud</reg> <reg orig="Rumor">Rumour</reg> speaks?</l>
<l>I from the Orient to&H4; the drooping West,</l>
<l>(Making the wind my <reg orig="poste-horse">post horse</reg>) still <reg orig="vnfold">unfold</reg></l>
<l>The acts commenced on&H4; this ball of earth,</l>
<l><reg orig="Vpon">Upon&H4;</reg> my tongues <reg orig="continuall">continual</reg> slanders ride,</l>
<l>The which&H61; in <reg orig="euery">every</reg> language I pronounce,</l>
<l>Stuffing the <reg orig="eares">ears</reg> of men with false reports,</l>
<l>I <reg orig="speake">speak</reg> of peace while <reg orig="couert">covert</reg> enmity,</l>
<l><reg orig="Vnder">Under</reg> the smile of safety, <reg orig="woundes">wounds</reg> the world:</l>
<l>And who&H62; but <reg orig="Rumor">Rumour</reg>, who&H62; but <reg orig="onely">only</reg> I,</l>
<l>Make <reg orig="fearefull">fearful</reg> musters, and <reg orig="prepar'd">prepared</reg> defence,</l>
<l>Whiles the <reg orig="bigge">big</reg> <reg orig="yeare">year</reg>, <reg orig="swolne">swollen</reg> with some other <reg orig="griefe">grief</reg>,</l>
<l>Is thought with child by&H4; the <reg orig="sterne">stern</reg> tyrant <reg orig="Warre">War</reg>?</l>
<l>And no&H2; such matter. Rumour is a pipe,</l>
<l><reg orig="Blowne">Blown</reg> by&H4; <reg orig="surmizes">surmises</reg>, <reg orig="Iealousies">Jealousies</reg> <reg orig="coniectures">conjectures</reg>,</l>
<l>And of so&H51; <reg orig="easie">easy</reg>, and so&H51; <reg orig="plaine">plain</reg> a stop,</l>
<l>That&H3; the blunt monster, with <reg orig="vncounted">uncounted</reg> heads,</l>
<l>The still discordant <reg orig="wau'ring">wavering</reg> multitude,</l>
<l>Can play <reg orig="vpon">upon&H4;</reg> it. But what need I thus</l>
<l>(My <reg orig="wel">well</reg> <reg orig="knowne">known</reg> body) to&H9; <reg orig="anothomize">anathemize</reg></l>
<l>Among my <reg orig="houshold">household</reg>? why is <reg orig="Rumor">Rumour</reg> here?</l>
<l>I <reg orig="runne">run</reg> before King Harries <reg orig="victorie">victory</reg>,</l>
<l>Who&H61; in a <reg orig="bloudy">bloody</reg> field by&H4; Shrewsbury,</l>
<l>Hath beaten <reg orig="downe">down</reg> <reg orig="yong">young</reg> <reg orig="Hot-spurre">Hotspur</reg> and his <reg orig="troopes">troops</reg>,</l>
<l>Quenching the flame of bold rebellion,</l>
<l><reg orig="Euen">Even</reg> with the rebels <reg orig="bloud">blood</reg>. But what <reg orig="meane">mean</reg> I</l>
<l>To&H9; <reg orig="speake">speak</reg> so&H51; true at first? my office is</l>
<l>To&H9; <reg orig="noyse">noise</reg> abroad, that&H3; Harry Monmouth fell</l>
<l><reg orig="Vnder">Under</reg> the wrath of noble Hot-spurs sword,</l>
<l>And that&H3; the King before the Douglas rage,</l>
<l><reg orig="Stoopt">Stooped</reg> his <reg orig="annointed">anointed</reg> head as low as death.</l>
<l>This <reg orig="haue">have</reg> I <reg orig="rumour'd">rumoured</reg> through the peasant <reg orig="townes">towns</reg>,</l>
<l><reg orig="Betweene">Between</reg> that&H62; <reg orig="royall">royal</reg> field of Shrewsbury,</l>
<l>And this <reg orig="worme-eaten">worm-eaten</reg> hole of ragged stone,</l>
<l>When Hot-spurs father old Northumberland</l>
<l>Lies crafty <reg orig="sicke">sick</reg>, the <reg orig="postes">posts</reg> come <reg orig="tyring">tiring</reg> on&H5;,</l>
<l>And not a man of them brings other <reg orig="newes">news</reg>,</l>
<l>Than they <reg orig="haue">have</reg> learnt of me, from <reg orig="Rumors">Rumours</reg> tongues,</l>
<l>They bring smooth comforts false, worse <reg orig="then">than</reg> true wrongs.</l></sp>
<stage>exit Rumours.</stage>

<div1 n="1" type="act">
<div2 n="1" type="scene">
<stage>Enter the Lord Bardolfe at one doore.</stage>
<sp who="AE"><speaker>Bard.</speaker>
	<l> Who&H62; <reg orig="keepes">keeps</reg> the gate here ho? where is the <reg orig="Earle">Earl</reg>?</l></sp>
<sp who="BI"><speaker>Porter</speaker>
	<l> What shall I say you are?</l></sp>
<sp who="AE"><speaker>Bard.</speaker>
	<l> Tell thou the <reg orig="Earle">Earl</reg>,</l>
<l>That&H3; the Lord Bardolfe doth attend him <reg orig="heere">here</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="BI"><speaker>Porter</speaker>
	<l> His Lordship is <reg orig="walkt">walked</reg> forth into the orchard,</l>
<l>Please it your <reg orig="honor">honour</reg> <reg orig="knocke">knock</reg> but at the gate,</l>
<l>And he <reg orig="himselfe">himself</reg> will&H1; answer.</l></sp> 
	<stage>Enter the Earle Northumberland.</stage>
<sp who="AE"><speaker>Bard.</speaker>
	<l> Here comes the <reg orig="Earle">Earl</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker>Earle.</speaker>
	<l> What <reg orig="newes">news</reg> Lord Bardolfe? <reg orig="euery">every</reg> minute now</l>
<l>Should be the father of some Stratagem,</l>
<l>The times are wild, contention like&H4; a horse,</l>
<l>Full of high feeding, madly hath broke loose,</l>
<l>And <reg orig="beares">bears</reg> <reg orig="downe">down</reg> all before him.</l></sp>
<sp who="AE"><speaker>Bard.</speaker>
	<l> Noble <reg orig="Earle">Earl</reg>,</l>
<l>I bring you <reg orig="certaine">certain</reg> <reg orig="newes">news</reg> from Shrewsbury.</l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker>Earle</speaker>
	<l> Good, and God will&H0;.</l></sp>
<sp who="AE"><speaker>Bard.</speaker><l> As good as heart can wish:</l>
<l>The King is almost wounded to&H4; the death,</l>
<l>And in&H4; the fortune of my Lord your <reg orig="sonne">son</reg>,</l>
<l>Prince Harry <reg orig="slaine">slain</reg> outright, and both the Blunts</l>
<l><reg orig="Kild">Killed</reg> by&H4; the hand of Dowglas, <reg orig="yong">young</reg> prince Iohn,</l>
<l>And Westmerland and Stafford fled the field,</l>
<l>And Harry Monmouthes <reg orig="brawne">brawn</reg>, the <reg orig="hulke">hulk</reg> sir Iohn,</l>
<l>Is prisoner to&H4; your <reg orig="sonne">son</reg>: O such a day!</l>
<l>So&H52; fought, so&H52; followed, and so&H51; <reg orig="fairely">fairly</reg> <reg orig="wonne">won</reg>,</l>
<l>Came not till now to&H9; <reg orig="dignifie">dignify</reg> the times</l>
<l>Since Cæsars fortunes.</l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker>Earle</speaker>
	<l> How is this <reg orig="deriu'd">derived</reg>?</l>
<l>Saw you the field? came you from Shrewsbury?</l></sp>
<sp who="AE"><speaker>Bar.</speaker>
	<l> I spake with one, my lord, that&H61; came from thence,</l> 
	<stage>enter Trauers.</stage>
<l>A gentleman well bred, and of good name,</l>
<l>That&H61; freely <reg orig="rendred">rendered</reg> me these <reg orig="newes">news</reg> for&H4; true.</l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker>Earle</speaker>
	<l> Here comes my <reg orig="seruant">servant</reg> Trauers who&H61; I sent</l>
<l>On&H4; tuesday last to&H9; listen after <reg orig="newes">news</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="AE"><speaker>Bar.</speaker>
	<l> My lord, I <reg orig="ouer-rode">over-rode</reg> him on&H4; the way,</l>
<l>And he is <reg orig="furnisht">furnished</reg> with no&H2; certainties,</l>
<l>More <reg orig="then">than</reg> he <reg orig="haply">happily</reg> may <reg orig="retale">retell</reg> from me.</l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker>Earle</speaker>
	<l> Now Trauers, what good tidings comes with you?</l></sp>
<sp who="AG"><speaker>Trauers</speaker>
	<l> My lord, sir Iohn Vmfreuile <reg orig="turnd">turned</reg> me <reg orig="backe">back</reg></l>
<l>With <reg orig="ioyfull">joyful</reg> tidings, and being better <reg orig="horst">horsed</reg>,</l>
<l>Out rode me, after him came spurring hard,</l>
<l>A gentleman almost forespent with <reg orig="speede">speed</reg>,</l>
<l>That&H61; <reg orig="stopt">stopped</reg> by&H4; me to&H9; breathe his <reg orig="bloudied">bloodied</reg> horse,</l>
<l>He <reg orig="askt">asked</reg> the way to&H4; Chester, and of him</l>
<l>I did demand what <reg orig="newes">news</reg> from Shrewsbury,</l>
<l>He told me that&H3; rebellion had bad <reg orig="lucke">luck</reg>,</l>
<l>And that&H3; <reg orig="yong">young</reg> Harrie Percies spur was cold:</l>
<l>With that&H62; he <reg orig="gaue">gave</reg> his able horse the head,</l>
<l>And bending forward, <reg orig="strooke">struck</reg> his armed <reg orig="heeles">heels</reg>,</l>
<l>Against the panting sides of his <reg orig="poore">poor</reg> <reg orig="iade">jade</reg>,</l>
<l><reg orig="Vp">Up&H5;</reg> to&H4; the <reg orig="rowell">rowel</reg> head, and starting so&H52;,</l>
<l>He <reg orig="seem'd">seemed</reg> in&H4; running to&H9; <reg orig="deuoure">devour</reg> the way,</l>
<l>Staying no&H2; longer question.</l></sp> 
	<sp who="H"><speaker>Earle</speaker>
		<l> Ha? <reg orig="againe">again</reg>,</l>
<l>Said he, <reg orig="yong">young</reg> Harry Percies spur was cold,</l>
<l>Of <reg orig="Hot-spurre">Hotspur</reg>, <reg orig="Cold-spurre">Cold-spur</reg>, that&H3; rebellion</l>
<l>Had met ill <reg orig="lucke">luck</reg>?</l></sp>
<sp who="AE"><speaker>Bard.</speaker>
	<l> My lord, <reg orig="Ile">I will&H1;</reg> tell you what,</l>
<l>If my <reg orig="yong">young</reg> Lord your <reg orig="sonne">son</reg>, <reg orig="haue">have</reg> not the day,</l>
<l><reg orig="Vpon">Upon&H4;</reg> mine <reg orig="honor">honour</reg> for&H4; a silken point,</l>
<l><reg orig="Ile">I will&H1;</reg> <reg orig="giue">give</reg> my Barony, <reg orig="neuer">never</reg> <reg orig="talke">talk</reg> of it.</l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker>Earle</speaker>
	<l> Why should that&H62; gentleman that&H61; rode by&H4; Trauers,</l>
<l><reg orig="Giue">Give</reg> then such instances of <reg orig="losse">loss</reg>?</l></sp>
<sp who="AE"><speaker>Bard.</speaker>
	<l> Who&H62; he?</l>
<l>He was some hilding fellow that&H61; had <reg orig="stolne">stolen</reg></l>
<l>The horse he rode on&H5;, and <reg orig="vpon">upon&H4;</reg> my life</l>
<l>Spoke at a <reg orig="venter">venture</reg>. <reg orig="Looke">Look</reg>, here comes more news.</l></sp> 
	<stage>enter Mor-ton</stage>
<sp who="H"><speaker>Earle</speaker>
	<l> Yea this <reg orig="mans">man's</reg> brow, like&H5; to&H4; a title <reg orig="leafe">leaf</reg>,</l>
<l>Foretells the nature of a <reg orig="tragicke">tragic</reg> volume,</l>
<l>So&H52; <reg orig="lookes">looks</reg> the <reg orig="strond">strand</reg>, whereon the imperious <reg orig="floud">flood</reg>,</l>
<l>Hath left a <reg orig="witnest">witnessed</reg> <reg orig="vsurpation">usurpation</reg>.</l>
<l>Say Mourton, didst thou come from Shrewsbury?</l></sp>
<sp who="AH"><speaker>Mour.</speaker>
	<l> I <reg orig="ranne">ran</reg> from Shrewsbury my noble lord,</l>
<l>Where <reg orig="hatefull">hateful</reg> death put on&H5; his <reg orig="vgliest">ugliest</reg> <reg orig="maske">mask</reg>,</l>
<l>To&H9; fright our&Htp; <reg orig="partie">party</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker>Earle</speaker>
	<l> How doth my <reg orig="sonne">son</reg> and brother?</l>
<l>Thou tremblest, and the <reg orig="whitenes">whiteness</reg> in&H4; thy <reg orig="cheeke">cheek</reg>,</l>
<l>Is apter <reg orig="then">than</reg> thy tongue to&H9; tell thy <reg orig="arrand">errand</reg>,</l>
<l><reg orig="Euen">Even</reg> such a man, so&H51; faint, so&H51; <reg orig="spirritlesse">spiritless</reg>,</l>
<l>So&H51; dull, so&H51; dead in&H4; <reg orig="looke">look</reg>, so&H51; woe <reg orig="begon">begone</reg>,</l>
<l>Drew Priams <reg orig="curtaine">curtain</reg> in&H4; the dead of night,</l>
<l>And would <reg orig="haue">have</reg> told him, <reg orig="halfe">half</reg> his Troy was burnt:</l>
<l>But Priam found the <reg orig="fier">fire</reg>, ere he, his tongue,</l>
<l>And I, my Percies death, ere thou <reg orig="reportst">reportest</reg> it.</l>
<l>This thou wouldst say, Your son did thus and thus,</l>
<l>Your brother thus: so&H52; fought the noble Dowglas,</l>
<l>Stopping my greedy <reg orig="eare">ear</reg> with their bold <reg orig="deedes">deeds</reg>,</l>
<l>But in&H4; the end, to&H9; stop my <reg orig="eare">ear</reg> indeed,</l>
<l>Thou hast a sigh to&H9; blow away this praise,</l>
<l>Ending with brother, <reg orig="sonne">son</reg>, and all are dead.</l></sp>
<sp who="AH"><speaker>Mour.</speaker>
	<l> Douglas is <reg orig="liuing">living</reg>, and your brother yet,</l>
<l>But for&H4; my Lord your <reg orig="sonne">son</reg>:</l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker>Earle</speaker>
	<l> Why he is dead?</l>
<l>See what a ready tongue <reg orig="Suspition">Suspicion</reg> hath!</l>
<l>He that&H61; but <reg orig="feares">fears</reg> the thing <reg orig="hee">he</reg> would not know,</l>
<l>Hath by&H4; instinct, knowledge from others <reg orig="eies">eyes</reg>,</l>
<l>That&H3; what he <reg orig="feard">feared</reg> is chanced: yet <reg orig="speake">speak</reg> Mourton,</l>
<l>Tell thou an <reg orig="Earle">Earl</reg>, his <reg orig="diuination">divination</reg> lies,</l>
<l>And I will&H1; take it as a <reg orig="sweete">sweet</reg> disgrace,</l>
<l>And make thee rich for&H4; doing me such wrong.</l></sp>
<sp who="AH"><speaker>Mour.</speaker>
	<l> You are too great to&H9; be by&H4; me gainsaid,</l>
<l>Your <reg orig="spirite">spirit</reg> is too true, your <reg orig="feares">fears</reg> too <reg orig="certaine">certain</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker>Earle</speaker>
	<l> Yet for&H4; all this, say not that&H3; <reg orig="Percie's">Percy is</reg> dead,</l>
<l>I see a strange confession in&H4; thine <reg orig="eie">eye</reg>,</l>
<l>Thou <reg orig="shakst">shakest</reg> thy head, and <reg orig="holdst">holdest</reg> it <reg orig="feare">fear</reg>, or <reg orig="sinne">sin</reg>,</l>
<l>To&H9; <reg orig="speake">speak</reg> a truth: if he be <reg orig="slaine">slain</reg>,</l>
<l>The <reg orig="tongne">tongue</reg> offends not that&H61; reports his death,</l>
<l>And he doth <reg orig="sinne">sin</reg> that&H61; doth belie the dead,</l>
<l>Not he which&H61; <reg orig="saies">says</reg> the dead is not <reg orig="aliue">alive</reg>,</l>
<l>Yet the first bringer of <reg orig="vnwelcome">unwelcome</reg> <reg orig="newes">news</reg></l>
<l>Hath but a loosing office, and his tongue</l>
<l>Sounds <reg orig="euer">ever</reg> after as a sullen bell,</l>
<l><reg orig="Remembred">Remembered</reg> tolling a departing friend.</l></sp>
<sp who="AE"><speaker>Bard.</speaker>
	<l> I cannot <reg orig="thinke">think</reg>, my Lord, your <reg orig="sonne">son</reg> is dead.</l></sp>
<sp who="AH"><speaker>Mour.</speaker>
	<l> I am <reg orig="sory">sorry</reg> I should force you to&H9; <reg orig="beleeue">believe</reg>,</l>
<l>That&H62; which&H61; I would to&H4; God I had not <reg orig="seene">seen</reg>,</l>
<l>But these mine <reg orig="eies">eyes</reg> saw him in&H4; <reg orig="bloudy">bloody</reg> state,</l>
<l><reg orig="Rendring">Rendering</reg> faint quittance, wearied, and <reg orig="out-breathd">out-breathed</reg>,</l>
<l>To&H4; Harry Monmouth, whose swift wrath beat <reg orig="downe">down</reg></l>
<l>The <reg orig="neuer">never</reg> daunted Percy to&H4; the earth,</l>
<l>From whence with life he <reg orig="neuer">never</reg> more sprung <reg orig="vp">up&H5;</reg>.</l>
<l>In&H4; few his death, whose <reg orig="spirite">spirit</reg> lent a fire,</l>
<l><reg orig="Euen">Even</reg> to&H4; the dullest peasant in&H4; his <reg orig="campe">camp</reg>,</l>
<l>Being <reg orig="bruted">bruited</reg> once, <reg orig="tooke">took</reg> fire and <reg orig="heate">heat</reg> away,</l>
<l>From the best <reg orig="temperd">tempered</reg> courage in&H4; his <reg orig="troopes">troops</reg>,</l>
<l>For&H3; from his <reg orig="mettal">mettle</reg> was his party steeled,</l>
<l>Which&H61; once in&H4; him abated, <reg orig="al">all</reg> the rest</l>
<l><reg orig="Turnd">Turned</reg> on&H4; <reg orig="themselues">themselves</reg>, like&H4; dull and <reg orig="heauy">heavy</reg> lead.</l>
<l>And as the thing <reg orig="thats">that&H61; is</reg> <reg orig="heauy">heavy</reg> in&H4; <reg orig="it selfe">itself</reg>,</l>
<l><reg orig="Vpon">Upon&H4;</reg> enforcement flies with greatest speed:</l>
<l>So&H52; did our men, <reg orig="heauy">heavy</reg> in&H4; Hot-spurs <reg orig="losse">loss</reg>,</l>
<l>Lend to&H4; this weight such <reg orig="lightnesse">lightness</reg> with their <reg orig="feare">fear</reg>,</l>
<l>That&H3; <reg orig="arrowes">arrows</reg> fled not swifter toward their <reg orig="ayme">aim</reg>,</l>
<l>Than did our <reg orig="souldiers">soldiers</reg> aiming at their <reg orig="safetie">safety</reg>,</l>
<l>Fly from the field: then was that&H62; noble Worcester,</l>
<l>So&H51; <reg orig="soone">soon</reg> <reg orig="tane">taken</reg> prisoner, and that&H62; furious Scot,</l>
<l>The <reg orig="bloudy">bloody</reg> Douglas whose well labouring sword,</l>
<l>Had three times <reg orig="slaine">slain</reg> <reg orig="th'appearance">the appearance</reg> of the King,</l>
<l>Gan <reg orig="vaile">vail</reg> his <reg orig="stomacke">stomach</reg>, and did grace the shame</l>
<l>Of those that&H61; <reg orig="turnd">turned</reg> their <reg orig="backes">backs</reg>, and in&H4; his flight,</l>
<l>Stumbling in&H4; <reg orig="feare">fear</reg>, was <reg orig="tooke">took</reg>: the <reg orig="summe">sum</reg> of all</l>
<l>Is, that&H3; the King hath <reg orig="wonne">won</reg>, and hath sent out,</l>
<l>A speedy power to&H9; <reg orig="incounter">encounter</reg> you my lord,</l>
<l><reg orig="Vnder">Under</reg> the conduct of <reg orig="yong">young</reg> Lancaster,</l>
<l>And Westmerland: this is the news at <reg orig="ful">full</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker>Earle</speaker>
	<l> For&H4; this I <reg orig="shal">shall</reg> <reg orig="haue">have</reg> time enough to&H9; <reg orig="mourne">mourn</reg>,</l>
<l>In&H4; poison there is <reg orig="phisicke">physic</reg>, and these <reg orig="newes">news</reg>,</l>
<l><reg orig="Hauing">Having</reg> <reg orig="beene">been</reg> <reg orig="wel">well</reg>, that&H61; would <reg orig="haue">have</reg> made me <reg orig="sicke">sick</reg>:</l>
<l>Being <reg orig="sicke">sick</reg>, <reg orig="haue">have</reg> (in&H4; some measure) made me <reg orig="wel">well</reg>:</l>
<l>And as the wretch whose <reg orig="feuer-weakned">fever-weakened</reg> <reg orig="ioynts">joints</reg>,</l>
<l>Like&H4; <reg orig="strengthlesse">strengthless</reg> hinges buckle <reg orig="vnder">under</reg> life,</l>
<l><reg orig="Impacient">Impatient</reg> of his fit, <reg orig="breakes">breaks</reg> like&H4; a fire</l>
<l>Out of his keepers <reg orig="armes">arms</reg>; <reg orig="euen">even</reg> so&H52; my <reg orig="limbes">limbs</reg>,</l>
<l>Weakened with <reg orig="griefe">grief</reg> being now <reg orig="enragde">enraged</reg> with <reg orig="griefe">grief</reg>,</l>
<l>Are thrice <reg orig="themselues">themselves</reg>: hence <reg orig="therfore">therefore</reg> thou nice crutch,</l>
<l>A scaly gauntlet now with <reg orig="ioynts">joints</reg> of <reg orig="steele">steel</reg></l>
<l>Must <reg orig="gloue">glove</reg> this hand, and hence thou sickly <reg orig="coife">coif</reg>,</l>
<l>Thou art a guard too wanton for&H4; the head,</l>
<l>Which&H61; princes, <reg orig="flesht">fleshed</reg> with conquest, <reg orig="ayme">aim</reg> to&H9; hit:</l>
<l>Now bind my <reg orig="browes">brows</reg> with <reg orig="yron">iron</reg>, and approach</l>
<l>The <reg orig="raggedst">raggedest</reg> <reg orig="houre">hour</reg> that&H61; Time and <reg orig="Spight">Spite</reg> dare bring,</l>
<l>To&H9; <reg orig="frowne">frown</reg> <reg orig="vpon">upon&H4;</reg> <reg orig="th'inragde">the enraged</reg> Northumberland,</l>
<l>Let <reg orig="heauen">heaven</reg> <reg orig="kisse">kiss</reg> earth, now let not Natures hand</l>
<l><reg orig="Keepe">Keep</reg> the wild <reg orig="floud">flood</reg> <reg orig="confind">confined</reg>, let Order die,</l>
<l>And let this world no&H2; longer be a stage,</l>
<l>To&H9; feed contention in&H4; a <reg orig="lingring">lingering</reg> act:</l>
<l>But let one <reg orig="spirite">spirit</reg> of the first <reg orig="borne">born</reg> Cain</l>
<l><reg orig="Raigne">Reign</reg> in&H4; all <reg orig="bosomes">bosoms</reg>, that&H3; <reg orig="ech">each</reg> heart being set</l>
<l>On&H4; <reg orig="bloudy">bloody</reg> courses, the rude <reg orig="sceane">scene</reg> may end,</l>
<l>And <reg orig="darknesse">darkness</reg> be the burier of the dead.</l></sp>
<sp who="Z"><speaker>Vmfr.</speaker>
	<l> This strained passion doth you wrong my lord.</l></sp>
<sp who="AE"><speaker>Bard.</speaker>
	<l> Sweet <reg orig="earle">earl</reg>, <reg orig="diuorce">divorce</reg> not <reg orig="wisedom">wisdom</reg> from your <reg orig="honor">honour</reg>,</l></sp>
<sp who="AH"><speaker>Mour.</speaker>
	<l> The <reg orig="liues">lives</reg> of all your <reg orig="louing">loving</reg> complices,</l>
<l><reg orig="Leaue">Leave</reg> on&H4; you health, the which&H61; if you <reg orig="giue">give</reg> <reg orig="ore">over</reg>,</l>
<l>To&H4; stormy passion must perforce decay.</l></sp> 

	<sp who="AE"><speaker>Bard.</speaker>
		<l> We&Htp; all that&H61; are <reg orig="ingaged">engaged</reg> to&H4; this <reg orig="losse">loss</reg>,</l>
<l>Knew that&H3; we&Htp; ventured on&H4; such dangerous seas,</l>
<l>That&H3; if we&Htp; wrought out life, <reg orig="twas">it was</reg> ten to&H4; one,</l>
<l>And yet we&Htp; <reg orig="venturd">ventured</reg> for&H4; the <reg orig="gaine">gain</reg> <reg orig="proposde">proposed</reg>,</l>
<l><reg orig="Choakt">Choked</reg> the respect of likely <reg orig="perill">peril</reg> <reg orig="fear'd">feared</reg>,</l>
<l>And since we&Htp; are <reg orig="oreset">overset</reg>, venture <reg orig="againe">again</reg>:</l>
<l>Come, we&Htp; will&H1; <reg orig="al">all</reg> put forth body and goods.</l></sp>
<sp who="AH"><speaker>Mour.</speaker>
	<l> <reg orig="Tis">It is</reg> more <reg orig="then">than</reg> time, and my most noble lord,</l>
<l>I <reg orig="heare">hear</reg> for&H4; <reg orig="certaine">certain</reg>, and dare <reg orig="speake">speak</reg> the truth.</l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker>North.</speaker>
	<l> I knew of this before, but to&H9; <reg orig="speake">speak</reg> truth,</l>
<l>This present <reg orig="griefe">grief</reg> had <reg orig="wipte">wiped</reg> it from my mind,</l>
<l>Go in&H5; with me and <reg orig="counsell">counsel</reg> <reg orig="euery">every</reg> man,</l>
<l>The aptest way for&H4; safety and <reg orig="reuenge">revenge</reg>,</l>
<l>Get <reg orig="postes">posts</reg> and letters, and make friends with speed,</l>
<l><reg orig="Neuer">Never</reg> so&H51; few, and <reg orig="neuer">never</reg> yet more need.</l></sp> 

<div2 n="2" type="scene">
<stage>Enter sir Iohn alone, with his page bearing his sword
and buckler.</stage>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Iohn</speaker>
	<p> <reg orig="Sirra">Sirrah</reg>, you giant, what <reg orig="saies">says</reg> the doctor to&H4; my water?</p></sp>
<sp who="BC"><speaker>Page</speaker>
	<p> He said sir, the water <reg orig="it self">itself</reg> was a good healthy water,<lb/>
but for&H4; the party that&H61; owed it, he might <reg orig="haue">have</reg> <reg orig="moe">more</reg> diseases <reg orig="then">than</reg><lb/>
he knew for&H5;.</p></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Iohn</speaker>
	<p> Men of <reg orig="al">all</reg> sorts take a pride to&H9; gird at me: the <reg orig="braine">brain</reg><lb/>
of this foolish compounded clay-man is not able to&H9; <reg orig="inuent">invent</reg> any<lb/>
thing that&H61; intends to&H4; laughter, more <reg orig="then">than</reg> I <reg orig="inuent">invent</reg>, or is <reg orig="inuented">invented</reg><lb/>
on&H4; me, I am not only witty in&H4; <reg orig="my selfe">myself</reg>, but the cause that&H3; wit is<lb/>
in&H4; other men. I do here walk before thee, like&H4; a sow that&H61; hath<lb/>
<reg orig="ouerwhelmd">overwhelmed</reg> <reg orig="al">all</reg> her&H2; litter but one, if the prince put thee into my<lb/>
<reg orig="seruice">service</reg> for&H4; any other reason <reg orig="then">than</reg> to&H9; <reg orig="sett">set</reg> me off, why then I<lb/>
<reg orig="haue">have</reg> no&H2; <reg orig="iudgement">judgment</reg> thou <reg orig="horeson">whoreson</reg> mandrake, thou art fitter to&H9;<lb/>
be <reg orig="worne">worn</reg> in&H4; my cap, <reg orig="then">than</reg> to&H9; wait at my heels I was <reg orig="neuer">never</reg> 
		manned with an agot till now, but I <reg orig="wil">will&H1;</reg> in-set you, neither in&H4; <reg orig="golde">gold</reg><lb/>
nor <reg orig="siluer">silver</reg>, but in&H4; vile <reg orig="apparell">apparel</reg>, and send you <reg orig="backe">back</reg> <reg orig="againe">again</reg> to&H4;<lb/>
your master for&H4; a <reg orig="iewell">jewel</reg>, the <reg orig="iuuenall">juvenal</reg> the prince your master,<lb/>
whose chin is not yet fledge, I will&H1; sooner <reg orig="haue">have</reg> a beard grow<lb/>
in&H4; the <reg orig="palme">palm</reg> of my hand, <reg orig="then">than</reg> he <reg orig="shal">shall</reg> get one off his cheek, <reg orig="&">and</reg><lb/>
yet he will&H1; not <reg orig="sticke">stick</reg> to&H9; say his face is a face royal, God may finish it when he will&H1;, 
<reg orig="tis">it is</reg> not a <reg orig="haire">hair</reg> <reg orig="amisse">amiss</reg> yet, he may <reg orig="keepe">keep</reg> it<lb/>
still at a face <reg orig="royall">royal</reg>, for&H3; a barber shall <reg orig="neuer">never</reg> <reg orig="earne">earn</reg> sixpence out<lb/>
of it, and yet <reg orig="heele">he will&H1;</reg> be crowing as if he had <reg orig="writte">write</reg> man <reg orig="euer">ever</reg><lb/>
since his father was a <reg orig="batcheler">bachelor</reg>, he may <reg orig="keepe">keep</reg> his <reg orig="owne">own</reg> grace,<lb/>
but <reg orig="hees">he is</reg> almost out of mine I can assure him: what said master<lb/>
Dommelton about the <reg orig="sattin">satin</reg> for&H4; my short <reg orig="cloake">cloak</reg> and my<lb/>
<reg orig="sloppes">slops</reg>?</p></sp>
<sp who="BC"><speaker>Boy</speaker>
	<p> He <reg orig="saide">said</reg> sir, you should procure him better assurance<lb/>
<reg orig="then">than</reg> Bardolfe, he would not take his band and yours, he liked<lb/>
not the <reg orig="securitie">security</reg>.</p></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker>sir Iohn</speaker>
	<p> Let him be <reg orig="damn'd">damned</reg> like&H4; the glutton, pray God his<lb/>
tongue be hotter, a <reg orig="horeson">whoreson</reg> Achitophel! a <reg orig="rascall">rascal</reg>: yea forsooth<lb/>
<reg orig="knaue">knave</reg>, to&H9; <reg orig="beare">bear</reg> a gentle man in&H4; hand, and then stand <reg orig="vpon">upon&H4;</reg> security, the <reg orig="horson">whoreson</reg> smoothy-pates <reg orig="doe">do</reg> now <reg orig="weare">wear</reg> nothing but<lb/>
hie <reg orig="shooes">shoes</reg> and bunches of <reg orig="keyes">keys</reg> at their girdles, and if a man is<lb/>
through with them in&H4; honest taking <reg orig="vp">up&H5;</reg>, then they must stand<lb/>
<reg orig="vppon">upon&H4;</reg> security, I had as <reg orig="liue">live</reg> they would put ratsbane in&H4; my<lb/>
mouth as offer to&H9; stop it with security, I <reg orig="lookt">looked</reg> <reg orig="a">he</reg> should <reg orig="haue">have</reg><lb/>
sent me two and twenty yards of <reg orig="sattin">satin</reg> (as I am a true knight,)<lb/>
and he sends me security: well he may <reg orig="sleepe">sleep</reg> in&H4; security, for&H3; he<lb/>
hath the <reg orig="horne">horn</reg> of <reg orig="aboundance">abundance</reg>, and the <reg orig="lightnesse">lightness</reg> of his wife<lb/>
shines through it: <reg orig="wheres">where is</reg> Bardolf, <reg orig="&">and</reg> yet <reg orig="can not">cannot</reg> he see though<lb/>
he <reg orig="haue">have</reg> his <reg orig="owne">own</reg> <reg orig="lanthorne">lantern</reg> to&H9; light him.</p></sp>
<sp who="BC"><speaker>Boy</speaker>
	<p> <reg orig="Hees">He is</reg> gone in&H4; Smithfield to&H9; buy your worship a horse.</p></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker>sir Iohn</speaker>
	<p> I bought him in&H4; Paules, and <reg orig="heele">he will&H1;</reg> buy me a horse<lb/>
in&H4; Smithfield, and I could get me but a wife in&H4; the <reg orig="stewes">stews</reg>, I<lb/>
were <reg orig="man'd">manned</reg>, <reg orig="horsde">horsed</reg>, and <reg orig="wiu'd">wived</reg>.</p></sp>
<stage>Enter Lord chiefe Iustice.</stage>
<sp who="BC"><speaker>Boy</speaker>
	<p> Sir, here comes the noble man that&H61; committed the prince<lb/>
for&H4; striking him about Bardolfe.</p></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker>sir Iohn</speaker>
	<p> Wait close, I will&H1; not see him.</p></sp>
<sp who="I"><speaker>Iustice</speaker>
	<p> <reg orig="Whats">What is</reg> <reg orig="hee">he</reg> that&H61; goes there?</p></sp>
<sp who="BB"><speaker>seru.</speaker>
	<p> Falstaffe, <reg orig="and't">if it</reg> please your lordship.</p></sp>
<sp who="I"><speaker>Iust.</speaker>
	<p> He that&H61; was in&H4; question for&H4; the <reg orig="rob'ry">robbery</reg>?</p></sp>
<sp who="BB"><speaker>seru.</speaker>
	<p> He my Lord, but he hath since done good <reg orig="seruice">service</reg> at<lb/>
Shrewsbury, <reg orig="&">and</reg> (as I <reg orig="heare">hear</reg>,) is now going with some charge to&H4;<lb/>
the lord Iohn of Lancaster.</p></sp>
<sp who="I"><speaker>Iust.</speaker>
	<p> What to&H4; Yorke? call him <reg orig="backe">back</reg> <reg orig="againe">again</reg>.</p></sp>
<sp who="BB"><speaker>seru.</speaker>
	<p> Sir Iohn Falstaffe.</p></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Iohn</speaker>
	<p> Boy, tell him I am <reg orig="deafe">deaf</reg>.</p></sp>
<sp who="BC"><speaker>Boy</speaker>
	<p> You must <reg orig="speake">speak</reg> <reg orig="lowder">louder</reg>, my master is <reg orig="deafe">deaf</reg>.</p></sp>
<sp who="I"><speaker>Iust.</speaker>
	<p> I am sure he is to&H4; the hearing of <reg orig="any thing">anything</reg> good, <reg orig="goe">go</reg><lb/>
<reg orig="plucke">pluck</reg> him by&H4; the elbow, I must <reg orig="speake">speak</reg> with him.</p></sp>
<sp who="BB"><speaker>seru.</speaker>
	<p> Sir Iohn?</p></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Falst.</speaker>
	<p> What? a <reg orig="yong">young</reg> <reg orig="knaue">knave</reg> and begging? is there not wars?<lb/>
is there not employment? doth not the King <reg orig="lacke">lack</reg> <reg orig="subiects">subjects</reg>? do<lb/>
not the rebels need <reg orig="souldiers">soldiers</reg>, though it be a shame to&H9; be on&H4; any<lb/>
side but one, it is worse shame to&H9; beg <reg orig="then">than</reg> to&H9; be on&H4; the worst<lb/>
side, were it worse <reg orig="then">than</reg> the name of Rebellion can tell how to&H9;<lb/>
make it.</p></sp>
<sp who="BB"><speaker>seru.</speaker>
	<p> You mistake me sir.</p></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Iohn</speaker>
	<p> Why sir, did I say you were an honest man, setting my<lb/>
knighthood and my <reg orig="souldiership">soldiership</reg> aside, I had lied in&H4; my throat<lb/>
if I had said so.</p></sp>
<sp who="BB"><speaker>seru.</speaker>
	<p> I pray you sir then set your knighthood, and your soldiership aside, and <reg orig="giue">give</reg> me <reg orig="leaue">leave</reg> to&H9; tell you, you lie in&H4; your<lb/>
<reg orig="throate">throat</reg>, if you say I am any other <reg orig="then">than</reg> an honest man.</p></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Iohn</speaker>
	<p> I <reg orig="giue">give</reg> thee <reg orig="leaue">leave</reg> to&H9; tell me, so&H3; I lay aside that&H62; which&H61;<lb/>
<reg orig="growes">grows</reg> to&H4; me, if thou <reg orig="getst">gettest</reg> any <reg orig="leaue">leave</reg> of me, hang me, if thou<lb/>
<reg orig="takst">takest</reg> <reg orig="leaue">leave</reg>, thou wert better be <reg orig="hangd">hanged</reg>, you hunt counter, hence,<lb/>
<reg orig="auaunt">avaunt</reg>.</p></sp>
<sp who="BB"><speaker>seru.</speaker>
	<p> Sir, my Lord would <reg orig="speake">speak</reg> with you.</p></sp>
<sp who="I"><speaker>Iust.</speaker>
	<p> Sir Iohn Falstaffe, a word with you.</p></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Falst.</speaker>
	<p> My good Lord, God <reg orig="giue">give</reg> your lordship good time<lb/>
of day, I am glad to&H9; see your lordship <reg orig="abroade">abroad</reg>, I heard say your<lb/>
lordship was <reg orig="sicke">sick</reg>, I hope your lordship goes <reg orig="abroade">abroad</reg> by&H4; <reg orig="aduise">advice</reg>, your lordship, though not clean past your youth, <reg orig="haue">have</reg> yet<lb/>
some smack of an ague in&H4; you, some relish of the <reg orig="saltnes">saltness</reg> of time<lb/>
in&H4; you, and I most humbly beseech your lordship to&H9; <reg orig="haue">have</reg> a <reg orig="reuerend">reverend</reg> care of your health.</p></sp>
<sp who="I"><speaker>Iustice</speaker>
	<p> Sir Iohn, I sent for&H4; you before your expedition to&H4;<lb/>
<sp who="L"><speaker>sir Iohn</speaker>
	<p> <reg orig="Andt">If it</reg> please your <reg orig="lorship">lordship</reg>, I <reg orig="heare">hear</reg> his <reg orig="maiesty">majesty</reg> is <reg orig="returnd">returned</reg> with some discomfort from Wales.</p></sp>
<sp who="I"><speaker>Iust.</speaker>
	<p> I <reg orig="talke">talk</reg> not of his <reg orig="maiesty">majesty</reg>, you would not come when I<lb/>
sent for&H4; you.</p></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Falst.</speaker>
	<p> And I <reg orig="heare">hear</reg> <reg orig="moreouer">moreover</reg>, his <reg orig="highnes">highness</reg> is <reg orig="falne">fallen</reg> into this<lb/>
same <reg orig="horson">whoreson</reg> <reg orig="apoplexi">apoplexy</reg>.</p></sp>
<sp who="I"><speaker>Iust.</speaker>
	<p> Well, God mend him, I pray you let me <reg orig="speake">speak</reg> with<lb/>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Falst.</speaker>
	<p> This <reg orig="appoplexi">apoplexy</reg> as I take it? is a kind of <reg orig="lethergie">lethargy</reg>, <reg orig="and't">if it</reg><lb/>
please your lordship, a kind of sleeping in&H4; the <reg orig="bloud">blood</reg>, a <reg orig="horson">whoreson</reg><lb/>
<sp who="I"><speaker>Iust.</speaker>
	<p> What tell you me of it, be it as it is.</p></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Falst.</speaker>
	<p> It hath it <reg orig="originall">original</reg> from much <reg orig="griefe">grief</reg>, from study, and<lb/>
perturbation of the <reg orig="braine">brain</reg>, I <reg orig="haue">have</reg> read the cause of his effects<lb/>
in&H4; Galen, it is a kind of <reg orig="deafenes">deafness</reg>.</p></sp>
<sp who="I"><speaker>Iust.</speaker>
	<p> I think you are <reg orig="falne">fallen</reg> into the disease, for&H3; you <reg orig="heare">hear</reg> not<lb/>
what I say to&H4; you.</p></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Old.</speaker>
	<p> Very <reg orig="wel">well</reg> my lord, very <reg orig="wel">well</reg>, rather <reg orig="and't">if it</reg> please you it is<lb/>
the disease of not <reg orig="listning">listening</reg>, the <reg orig="maladie">malady</reg> of not marking that&H3; I<lb/>
am troubled <reg orig="withall">withal</reg>.</p></sp>
<sp who="I"><speaker>Iust.</speaker>
	<p> To&H9; punish you by&H4; the <reg orig="heeles">heels</reg>, would amend the attention of your <reg orig="eares">ears</reg>, and I care not if I <reg orig="doe">do</reg> become your<lb/>
<reg orig="phisitian">physician</reg>.</p></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Falst.</speaker>
	<p> I am as <reg orig="poore">poor</reg> as Iob my lord, but not so&H51; <reg orig="pacient">patient</reg>,<lb/>
your Lordship may minister the potion of imprisonment to&H4;<lb/>
me, in&H4; respect of <reg orig="pouerty">poverty</reg>, but how I should be your <reg orig="pacient">patient</reg> to&H9;<lb/>
follow your prescriptions, the wise may make <reg orig="som">some</reg> <reg orig="dramme">dram</reg> of<lb/>
a scruple, or <reg orig="indeede">indeed</reg> a scruple <reg orig="it selfe">itself</reg>.</p></sp>
<sp who="I"><speaker>Iust.</speaker>
	<p> I sent for&H4; you when there were matters against you for&H4;<lb/>
your life to&H9; come <reg orig="speake">speak</reg> with me.</p></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Falst.</speaker>
	<p> As I was then <reg orig="aduisde">advised</reg> by&H4; my learned <reg orig="counsail">counsel</reg> in&H4; the<lb/>
<reg orig="lawes">laws</reg> of this land <reg orig="seruice">service</reg>, I did not come.</p></sp>
<sp who="I"><speaker>Iust.</speaker>
	<p> <reg orig="Wel">Well</reg>, the truth is sir Iohn, you <reg orig="liue">live</reg> in&H4; great infamy.</p></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Falst.</speaker>
	<p> He that&H61; buckles <reg orig="himselfe">himself</reg> in&H4; my belt cannot <reg orig="liue">live</reg> in&H4;<lb/>
<reg orig="lesse">less</reg>.</p></sp>
<sp who="I"><speaker>Iust.</speaker>
	<p> Your <reg orig="meanes">means</reg> are very slender, and your waste is great.</p></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Falst.</speaker>
	<p> I would it were otherwise, I would my <reg orig="meanes">means</reg> were<lb/>
greater and my waste slender.</p></sp>
<sp who="I"><speaker>Iust.</speaker>
	<p> You <reg orig="haue">have</reg> misled the <reg orig="youthfull">youthful</reg> prince.</p></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Falst.</speaker>
	<p> The <reg orig="yong">young</reg> prince hath misled me, I am the <reg orig="felow">fellow</reg> with<lb/>
the great belly, and he my <reg orig="dogge">dog</reg>.</p></sp>
<sp who="I"><speaker>Iust.</speaker>
	<p> <reg orig="Wel">Well</reg>, I am <reg orig="loth">loath</reg> to&H9; gall a new <reg orig="heald">healed</reg> wound, your <reg orig="daies">days</reg><lb/>
<reg orig="seruice">service</reg> at Shrewsbury, hath a little <reg orig="guilded">gilded</reg> <reg orig="ouer">over</reg> your nights<lb/>
exploit on&H4; Gadshill, you may <reg orig="thanke">thank</reg> <reg orig="th'vnquiet">the unquiet</reg> time, for&H4; your<lb/>
quiet <reg orig="oreposting">overposting</reg> that&H62; action.</p></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Falst.</speaker>
	<p> My lord.</p></sp>
<sp who="I"><speaker>Iust.</speaker>
	<p> But since all is well, <reg orig="keepe">keep</reg> it so&H52;, wake not a sleeping<lb/>
<reg orig="wolfe">wolf</reg>.</p></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Falst.</speaker>
	<p> To&H9; wake a <reg orig="wolfe">wolf</reg>, is as bad as smell a fox.</p></sp>
<sp who="I"><speaker>Iust.</speaker>
	<p> What you are as a candle, the better part, burnt out.</p></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Falst.</speaker>
	<p> A <reg orig="wassel">wassail</reg> candle my lord, <reg orig="al">all</reg> tallow, if I did say of wax,<lb/>
my growth would <reg orig="approue">approve</reg> the truth.</p></sp>
<sp who="I"><speaker>Iust.</speaker>
	<p> There is not a white <reg orig="haire">hair</reg> in&H4; your face, but should<lb/>
<reg orig="haue">have</reg> his effect of <reg orig="grauity">gravity</reg>.</p></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Falst.</speaker>
	<p> His effect of <reg orig="grauy">gravy</reg>, <reg orig="grauie">gravy</reg>, <reg orig="grauie">gravy</reg>.</p></sp>
<sp who="I"><speaker>Iust.</speaker>
	<p> You follow the <reg orig="yong">young</reg> prince <reg orig="vp">up&H5;</reg> and <reg orig="downe">down</reg>, like&H4; his<lb/>
ill <reg orig="angell">angel</reg>.</p></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Falst.</speaker>
	<p> Not so&H52; my lord, your ill <reg orig="angell">angel</reg> is light, but I hope he<lb/>
that&H61; <reg orig="lookes">looks</reg> <reg orig="vpon">upon&H4;</reg> me will&H1; take me without weighing, and yet<lb/>
in&H4; some respects I grant I cannot go. I cannot tell, <reg orig="vertue">virtue</reg> is of<lb/>
so&H51; little regard in&H4; these costar-mongers times, that&H3; true valour<lb/>
is <reg orig="turnd">turned</reg> Berod, <reg orig="Pregnancie">Pregnancy</reg> is made a Tapster, <reg orig="&">and</reg> his quick wit<lb/>
wasted in&H4; <reg orig="giuing">giving</reg> reckonings, all the other <reg orig="giftes">gifts</reg> appertinent<lb/>
to&H4; man, as the malice of his age shapes the one not worth a<lb/>
<reg orig="goosbery">gooseberry</reg>, you that&H61; are old consider not the capacities of <reg orig="vs">us&Htp;</reg> that&H61;<lb/>
are <reg orig="yong">young</reg>, you <reg orig="doe">do</reg> measure the <reg orig="heate">heat</reg> of our&Htp; <reg orig="liuers">livers</reg> with the <reg orig="bitternesse">bitterness</reg> of your <reg orig="galles">galls</reg>, and we&Htp; that&H61; are in&H4; the <reg orig="vaward">vanguard</reg> of our&Htp;<lb/>
youth, I must <reg orig="confesse">confess</reg> are <reg orig="wagges">wags</reg> too.</p></sp>
<sp who="I"><speaker>Lo.</speaker>
	<p> Do you set <reg orig="downe">down</reg> your name in&H4; the <reg orig="scroule">scroll</reg> of youth,<lb/>
that&H61; are written <reg orig="downe">down</reg>, old with all the characters of age? <reg orig="haue">have</reg><lb/>
you not a moist <reg orig="eie">eye</reg>, a dry hand, a <reg orig="yelow">yellow</reg> <reg orig="cheeke">cheek</reg>, a white beard,<lb/>
a decreasing leg, an increasing belly? is not your voice broken,<lb/>
your <reg orig="winde">wind</reg> short, your <reg orig="chinne">chin</reg> double, your wit single, and <reg orig="euery">every</reg> part about you blasted with <reg orig="antiquitie">antiquity</reg>, and will&H1; you yet<lb/>
call <reg orig="your selfe">yourself</reg> <reg orig="yong">young</reg>? fie, fie, fie, sir Iohn.</p></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Iohn</speaker>
	<p> My <reg orig="Lorde">Lord</reg>, I was <reg orig="borne">born</reg> about three of the <reg orig="clocke">clock</reg> in&H4;<lb/>
the <reg orig="afternoone">afternoon</reg>, with a white head, and something a round <reg orig="bellie">belly</reg>, for&H4; my <reg orig="voyce">voice</reg>, I <reg orig="haue">have</reg> lost it with hallowing, and singing of<lb/>
Anthems: to&H9; <reg orig="approoue">approve</reg> my youth further, I will&H1; not: the truth<lb/>
is, I am <reg orig="onely">only</reg> <reg orig="olde">old</reg> in&H4; <reg orig="iudgement">judgment</reg> and <reg orig="vnderstanding">understanding</reg>: and <reg orig="hee">he</reg><lb/>
that&H61; <reg orig="wil">will&H1;</reg> caper with me for&H4; a thousand <reg orig="markes">marks</reg>, let him lend me<lb/>
the money, and <reg orig="haue">have</reg> at him for&H4; the <reg orig="boxe">box</reg> of the <reg orig="yeere">year</reg> that&H61; the<lb/>
Prince <reg orig="gaue">gave</reg> you, he <reg orig="gaue">gave</reg> it like&H4; a rude Prince, and you <reg orig="tooke">took</reg><lb/>
it like&H4; a sensible Lord: I <reg orig="haue">have</reg> <reg orig="checkt">checked</reg> him for&H4; it, and the <reg orig="yong">young</reg><lb/>
lion repents, <reg orig="mary">marry</reg> not in&H4; ashes and sackcloth, but in&H4; new <reg orig="silke">silk</reg>,<lb/>
and <reg orig="olde">old</reg> <reg orig="sacke">sack</reg>.</p></sp>
<sp who="I"><speaker>Lord</speaker>
	<p> Well, God send the prince a better companion.</p></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Iohn</speaker>
	<p> God send the companion a better prince, I cannot<lb/>
<reg orig="ridde">rid</reg> my hands of him.</p></sp>
<sp who="I"><speaker>Lord</speaker>
	<p> Well, the King hath <reg orig="seuerd">severed</reg> you: I <reg orig="heare">hear</reg> you are going with lord Iohn of Lancaster, against the Archbishop and<lb/>
the <reg orig="Earle">Earl</reg> of Northumberland.</p></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Iohn</speaker>
	<p> Yea, I <reg orig="thanke">thank</reg> your <reg orig="prety">pretty</reg> sweet <reg orig="witte">wit</reg> for&H4; it: but <reg orig="looke">look</reg><lb/>
you pray, all you that&H61; <reg orig="kisse">kiss</reg> my lady Peace at home, that&H3; our&Htp;<lb/>
armies <reg orig="ioyne">join</reg> not in&H4; a <reg orig="hote">hot</reg> day, for&H3;, by&H4; the Lord, I take but two<lb/>
shirts out with me, and I <reg orig="meane">mean</reg> not to&H9; <reg orig="sweate">sweat</reg> extraordinarily:<lb/>
if it be a hot day, <reg orig="&">and</reg> I brandish <reg orig="any thing">anything</reg> but a bottle. I would<lb/>
I might <reg orig="neuer">never</reg> spit white again: there is not a dangerous action<lb/>
can <reg orig="peepe">peep</reg> out his head, but I am thrust <reg orig="vpon">upon&H4;</reg> it. <reg orig="Wel">Well</reg>, I cannot<lb/>
last <reg orig="euer">ever</reg>, but it was <reg orig="alway">always</reg> yet the <reg orig="tricke">trick</reg> of our&Htp; English nation,<lb/>
if they <reg orig="haue">have</reg> a good thing, to&H9; make it too common. If <reg orig="yee">ye</reg> will&H1;<lb/>
needs say I am an <reg orig="olde">old</reg> man, you should <reg orig="giue">give</reg> me rest: I would<lb/>
to&H4; God my name were not so&H51; terrible to&H4; the enemy as it is, I<lb/>
were better to&H9; be eaten to&H4; death with a rust, than to&H9; be scoured<lb/>
to&H4; nothing with <reg orig="perpetuall">perpetual</reg> motion.</p></sp>
<sp who="I"><speaker>Lord</speaker>
	<p> Well, be honest, be honest, and God <reg orig="blesse">bless</reg> your expedition. </p></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Iohn</speaker>
	<p> Will&H1; your lordship lend me a thousand pound to&H9; furnish me forth?</p></sp>
<sp who="I"><speaker>Lord</speaker>
	<p> Not a penny, not a penny, you are too impatient to&H9;<lb/>
<reg orig="beare">bear</reg> crosses: fare you well: commend <reg orig="mee">me</reg> to&H4; my <reg orig="coosine">cousin</reg><lb/>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Iohn</speaker>
	<p> If I do, fillip me with a three man beetle: A man can<lb/>
no&H2; more separate age and <reg orig="couetousnesse">covetousness</reg>, than <reg orig="a">he</reg> can part <reg orig="yong">young</reg><lb/>
limbs and lechery, but the <reg orig="gowt">gout</reg> <reg orig="galles">galls</reg> the one, and the pox<lb/>
pinches the other, and so&H3; both the degrees <reg orig="preuent">prevent</reg> my curses, boy.</p></sp>
<sp who="BC"><speaker>Boy</speaker>
	<p> Sir.</p></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Iohn</speaker>
	<p> What money is in&H4; my purse?</p></sp>
<sp who="BC"><speaker>Boy</speaker>
	<p> <reg orig="Seuen">Seven</reg> <reg orig="groates">groats</reg> and two pence.</p></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Iohn</speaker>
	<p>I can get no&H2; remedy against this consumption of the<lb/>
purse, borrowing <reg orig="onely">only</reg> lingers and lingers it out, but the disease is incurable: 
Go <reg orig="beare">bear</reg> this letter to&H4; my lord of Lancaster,<lb/>
this to&H4; the Prince, this to&H4; the <reg orig="Earle">Earl</reg> of Westmerland, and this to&H4;<lb/>
<reg orig="olde">old</reg> <reg orig="mistris">mistress</reg> Vrsula, <reg orig="whome">whom</reg> I <reg orig="haue">have</reg> <reg orig="weekely">weekly</reg> <reg orig="sworne">sworn</reg> to&H9; marry<lb/>
since I <reg orig="perceiud">perceived</reg> the first white <reg orig="haire">hair</reg> of my chin: about it, you<lb/>
know where to&H9; <reg orig="finde">find</reg> me: a pox of this <reg orig="gowt">gout</reg>, or a <reg orig="gowt">gout</reg> of this<lb/>
pox, for&H3; the one or the other <reg orig="playes">plays</reg> the rogue with my great<lb/>
toe. <reg orig="Tis">It is</reg> no&H2; matter if I <reg orig="doe">do</reg> <reg orig="hault">halt</reg>, I <reg orig="haue">have</reg> the <reg orig="warres">wars</reg> for&H4; my<lb/>
<reg orig="color">colour</reg>, and my pension <reg orig="shal">shall</reg> <reg orig="seeme">seem</reg> the more reasonable: a good<lb/>
wit will&H1; make <reg orig="vse">use</reg> of <reg orig="any thing">anything</reg>; I will&H1; <reg orig="turne">turn</reg> diseases to&H4; <reg orig="commoditie">commodity</reg>.</p></sp>

<div2 n="3" type="scene">
<stage>Enter th'Archbishop, Thomas Mowbray (Earle Marshall) the
Lord Hastings, Fauconbridge, and Bardolfe.</stage>
<sp who="J"><speaker>Bishop</speaker>
	<l> Thus <reg orig="haue">have</reg> you heard our&Htp; cause, and <reg orig="knowne">known</reg> our&Htp; <reg orig="meanes">means</reg>,</l>
<l>And my most noble friends, I pray you <reg orig="al">all</reg> </l>
<l><reg orig="Speake">Speak</reg> <reg orig="plainely">plainly</reg> your opinions of our&Htp; hopes,</l>
<l>And first Lord Marshall, what say you to&H4; it?</l></sp>
<sp who="AC"><speaker>Marsh.</speaker>
	<l> I well allow the occasion of our&Htp; <reg orig="armes">arms</reg>,</l>
<l>But gladly would be better satisfied,</l>
<l>How in&H4; our&Htp; <reg orig="meanes">means</reg> we&Htp; should <reg orig="aduance">advance</reg> <reg orig="ourselues">ourselves</reg>,</l>
<l>To&H9; <reg orig="looke">look</reg> with forehead, bold, and big enough,</l>
<l><reg orig="Vpon">Upon&H4;</reg> the power and puissance of the King.</l></sp>
<sp who="AD"><speaker>Hast.</speaker>
	<l> Our&Htp; present musters grow <reg orig="vpon">upon&H4;</reg> the file,</l>
<l>To&H4; <reg orig="fiue">five</reg> and twenty thousand men of <reg orig="choise">choice</reg>,</l>
<l>And our&Htp; supplies <reg orig="liue">live</reg> largely in&H4; the hope</l>
<l>Of great Northumberland, whose <reg orig="bosome">bosom</reg> <reg orig="burnes">burns</reg></l>
<l>With an incensed fire of <reg orig="iniuries">injuries</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="AE"><speaker>Bard.</speaker>
	<l> The question then Lord Hastings standeth thus,</l>
<l>Whether our&Htp; present <reg orig="fiue">five</reg> and <reg orig="twentie">twenty</reg> thousand,</l>
<l>May hold <reg orig="vp">up&H5;</reg> head without Northumberland.</l></sp>
<sp who="AD"><speaker>Hast.</speaker>
	<l> With him we&Htp; may.</l></sp>
<sp who="AE"><speaker>Bard.</speaker>
	<l> Yea <reg orig="mary">marry</reg>, <reg orig="theres">there is</reg> the point,</l>
<l>But if without him we&Htp; be thought too feeble,</l>
<l>My <reg orig="iudgement">judgment</reg> is we&Htp; should not step too far.</l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker>Bish.</speaker>
	<l> <reg orig="Tis">It is</reg> very true lord Bardolfe, for&H3; <reg orig="indeede">indeed</reg></l>
<l>It was <reg orig="yong">young</reg> Hot-spurs cause at Shrewsbury.</l></sp>
<sp who="AE"><speaker>Bard.</speaker>
	<l> It was my Lord, who&H61; lined <reg orig="himselfe">himself</reg> with hope,</l>
<l>Eating the <reg orig="ayre">air</reg>, and promise of <reg orig="supplie">supply</reg>,</l>
<l><reg orig="Flattring">Flattering</reg> <reg orig="himselfe">himself</reg> in&H4; <reg orig="proiect">project</reg> of a power,</l>
<l>Much smaller <reg orig="then">than</reg> the smallest of his thoughts,</l>
<l>And so&H3; with great imagination,</l>
<l>Proper to&H4; mad-men, led his powers to&H4; death,</l>
<l>And winking, leapt into destruction.</l></sp>
<sp who="AD"><speaker>Hast.</speaker>
	<l> But by&H4; your <reg orig="leaue">leave</reg> it <reg orig="neuer">never</reg> yet did hurt,</l>
<l>To&H9; lay <reg orig="downe">down</reg> likelihoods and <reg orig="formes">forms</reg> of hope.</l></sp>
<sp who="AE"><speaker>Bard.</speaker>
	<l> We&Htp; <reg orig="fortifie">fortify</reg> in&H4; paper, and in&H4; figures,</l>
<l><reg orig="Vsing">Using</reg> the names of men in&H4; steed of men,</l>
<l>Like&H4; <reg orig="on">one</reg> that&H61; <reg orig="drawes">draws</reg> the model of an house,</l>
<l>Beyond his power to&H9; build it, who&H61; (<reg orig="halfe">half</reg> thorough)</l>
<l><reg orig="Giues">Gives</reg> <reg orig="o're">over</reg>, and <reg orig="leaues">leaves</reg> his part-created cost,</l>
<l>A naked <reg orig="subiect">subject</reg> to&H4; the weeping <reg orig="clowdes">clouds</reg>,</l>
<l>And waste for&H4; churlish winters <reg orig="tyrannie">tyranny</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="AD"><speaker>Hast.</speaker>
	<l> Grant that&H3; our&Htp; hopes (yet likely of <reg orig="faire">fair</reg> birth)</l>
<l>Should be <reg orig="stil-borne">still-born</reg>, and that&H3; we&Htp; now <reg orig="possest">possessed</reg></l>
<l>The <reg orig="vtmost">utmost</reg> man of expectation,</l>
<l>I <reg orig="thinke">think</reg> we&Htp; are so&H52;, body strong enough,</l>
<l><reg orig="Euen">Even</reg> as we&Htp; are to&H9; equal with the King.</l></sp>
<sp who="AE"><speaker>Bard.</speaker>
	<l> What, is the King but <reg orig="fiue">five</reg> and twenty thousand?</l></sp>
<sp who="AD"><speaker>Hast.</speaker>
	<l> To&H4; <reg orig="vs">us&Htp;</reg> no&H2; more, nay not so&H51; much, Lord Bardolfe,</l>
<l>For&H3; his <reg orig="diuisions">divisions</reg>, as the times do <reg orig="brawle">brawl</reg>,</l>
<l>And in&H4; three heads, one power against the French,</l>
<l>And one against Glendower perforce a third</l>
<l>Must take <reg orig="vp">up&H5;</reg> <reg orig="vs">us&Htp;</reg>, so&H3; is the <reg orig="vnfirme">infirm</reg> King</l>
<l>In&H4; three <reg orig="diuided">divided</reg>, and his coffers sound</l>
<l>With hollow <reg orig="pouertie">poverty</reg> and <reg orig="emptinesse">emptiness</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker>Bish.</speaker>
	<l> That&H3; he should draw his <reg orig="seuerall">several</reg> strengths <reg orig="togither">together</reg>,</l>
<l>And come against <reg orig="vs">us&Htp;</reg> in&H4; full puissance,</l>
<l>Need not to&H9; be dreaded.</l></sp>
<sp who="AD"><speaker>Hast.</speaker>
	<l> If he should do so&H52;, French and <reg orig="Welch">Welsh</reg> he <reg orig="leaues">leaves</reg> his</l>
<l>back <reg orig="vnarmde">unarmed</reg>, they baying him at the <reg orig="heeles">heels</reg>, <reg orig="neuer">never</reg> <reg orig="feare">fear</reg> that&H62;.</l></sp>
<sp who="AE"><speaker>Bar.</speaker>
	<l> Who&H62; is it like&H5; should <reg orig="leade">lead</reg> his forces hither?</l></sp>
<sp who="AD"><speaker>Hast.</speaker>
	<l> The Duke of Lancaster and Westmerland:</l>
<l>Against the Welsh, himself and Harry Monmouth:</l>
<l>But who&H61; is substituted against the French</l>
<l>I <reg orig="haue">have</reg> no&H2; <reg orig="certaine">certain</reg> notice.</l></sp>
<sp who="AC"><speaker>Bish.</speaker>
	<l> Shall we&Htp; go draw our&Htp; numbers, and set on&H5;?</l></sp>
<sp who="AD"><speaker>Hast.</speaker>
	<l> We&Htp; are Times <reg orig="subiects">subjects</reg>, and Time bids be gone.</l></sp> 

<div1 n="2" type="act">
<div2 n="1" type="scene">
<stage>Enter Hostesse of the Tauerne, and an Officer or two.</stage>
<sp who="O"><speaker>Hostesse</speaker>
	<p> Master Phang, <reg orig="haue">have</reg> you <reg orig="entred">entered</reg> the action?</p></sp> 
<sp who="AN"><speaker>Phang</speaker>
	<p> It is <reg orig="entred">entered</reg>.</p></sp> 
<sp who="O"><speaker>Host.</speaker>
	<p> <reg orig="Wheres">Where is</reg> your yeoman? <reg orig="ist">is it</reg> a lusty yeoman? <reg orig="wil a">will&H1; he</reg> stand<lb/>
<reg orig="too't">to&H4; it</reg>?</p></sp> 
<sp who="AN"><speaker>Phang</speaker>
	<p> <reg orig="Sirra">Sirrah</reg>, <reg orig="wheres">where is</reg> Snare?</p></sp> 
<sp who="O"><speaker>Host.</speaker>
	<p> O Lord I, good master Snare.</p></sp> 
<sp who="AO"><speaker>Snare</speaker>
	<p> Here, here.</p></sp> 
<sp who="AN"><speaker>Phang</speaker>
	<p> Snare, we&Htp; must <reg orig="arest">arrest</reg> sir Iohn Falstaffe.</p></sp> 
<sp who="O"><speaker>Host.</speaker>
	<p> Yea good master Snare, I <reg orig="haue">have</reg> <reg orig="entred">entered</reg> him and all.</p></sp> 
<sp who="AO"><speaker>Snare</speaker>
	<p> It may <reg orig="chaunce">chance</reg> cost some of <reg orig="vs">us&Htp;</reg> our&Htp; <reg orig="liues">lives</reg>, for&H3; he will&H1;<lb/>
<reg orig="stabbe">stab</reg>.</p></sp> 
<sp who="O"><speaker>Host.</speaker>
	<p> Alas the day, take heed of him, he <reg orig="stabd">stabbed</reg> me in&H4; mine<lb/>
<reg orig="owne">own</reg> house, most beastly in&H4; good faith, <reg orig="a">he</reg> cares not what <reg orig="mischiefe">mischief</reg> he does, if his weapon be out, 
he will&H1; <reg orig="foyne">foin</reg> like&H4; any <reg orig="diuell">devil</reg>, he will&H1; spare neither man, woman, nor child.</p></sp> 
<sp who="AN"><speaker>Phang</speaker>
	<p> If I can close with him, I care not for&H4; his thrust.</p></sp> 
<sp who="O"><speaker>Host.</speaker>
	<p> No&H7; nor I neither, <reg orig="Ile">I will&H1;</reg> be at your elbow.</p></sp> 
<sp who="AN"><speaker>Phang</speaker>
	<p> <reg orig="And">If</reg> I but fist him once, and <reg orig="a">he</reg> come but within my<lb/>
<sp who="O"><speaker>Host.</speaker>
	<p> I am <reg orig="vndone">undone</reg> by&H4; his going, I warrant you, <reg orig="hees">he is</reg> an <reg orig="infinitiue">infinitive</reg> thing <reg orig="vppon">upon&H4;</reg> my score, good <reg orig="maister">master</reg> Phang <reg orig="holde">hold</reg> him<lb/>
sure, good master Snare let him not scape, <reg orig="a">he</reg> comes continually<lb/>
to&H4; Pie corner (<reg orig="sauing">saving</reg> your manhoods) to&H9; buy a saddle, and he<lb/>
is <reg orig="indited">indicted</reg> to&H4; dinner to&H4; the Lubbers head in&H4; Lumbert <reg orig="streete">street</reg> to&H4;<lb/>
master Smooths the silk man, I pray you since my exion is <reg orig="entred">entered</reg>, and my case so&H51; openly <reg orig="knowne">known</reg> to&H4; the <reg orig="worlde">world</reg>, let him be<lb/>
brought in&H5; to&H4; his answer, a hundred <reg orig="marke">mark</reg> is a long one, for&H4; a<lb/>
<reg orig="poore">poor</reg> lone woman to&H9; <reg orig="beare">bear</reg>, and I <reg orig="haue">have</reg> borne, and borne, and<lb/>
borne, and <reg orig="haue">have</reg> <reg orig="bin">been</reg> <reg orig="fubd">fubbed</reg> off, and <reg orig="fubd">fubbed</reg> off, and <reg orig="fubd">fubbed</reg> off, from<lb/>
this day to&H4; that&H62; day, that&H3; it is a shame to&H9; be thought on&H5;, there is<lb/>
no&H2; honesty in&H4; such dealing, <reg orig="vnlesse">unless</reg> a woman should be made<lb/>
an <reg orig="asse">ass</reg>, and a beast, to&H9; <reg orig="beare">bear</reg> <reg orig="euery">every</reg> <reg orig="knaues">knaves</reg> wrong: yonder he<lb/>
comes, and that&H62; arrant <reg orig="malmsie-nose">malmsey-nose</reg> <reg orig="knaue">knave</reg> Bardolfe with him,<lb/>
do your offices do your offices master Phang, <reg orig="&">and</reg> master Snare,<lb/>
do me, do me, do me your offices.</p></sp> 
<stage>Enter sir Iohn, and Bardolfe, and the boy.</stage>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Falst.</speaker>
	<p> How now, whose <reg orig="mare's">mare is</reg> dead? <reg orig="whats">what is</reg> the matter?</p></sp> 
<sp who="AN"><speaker>Phang</speaker>
	<p> I arrest you at the <reg orig="sute">suit</reg> of <reg orig="mistris">mistress</reg> Quickly.</p></sp> 
<sp who="L"><speaker>Falst.</speaker>
	<p> Away varlets, draw Bardolfe, cut me off the <reg orig="villaines">villains</reg><lb/>
head, throw the <reg orig="queane">quean</reg> in&H4; the <reg orig="channell">channel</reg>.</p></sp> 
<sp who="O"><speaker>Host.</speaker>
	<p> Throw me in&H4; the <reg orig="channell">channel</reg>? <reg orig="Ile">I will&H1;</reg> throw thee in&H4; the channel, wilt thou, wilt thou, thou bastardly rogue, murder murder,<lb/>
a thou <reg orig="honisuckle">honeysuckle</reg> <reg orig="villaine">villain</reg>, wilt thou kill Gods officers and the<lb/>
Kings? a thou <reg orig="honiseed">honeyseed</reg> rogue, thou art a <reg orig="honiseed">honeyseed</reg>, a man queller, and a woman queller.</p></sp> 
<sp who="L"><speaker>Falst.</speaker>
	<p> <reg orig="Keepe">Keep</reg> them off Bardolfe.</p></sp> 
<sp who="AN"><speaker>Offic.</speaker>
	<p> A <reg orig="reskew">rescue</reg>, a <reg orig="reskew">rescue</reg>.</p></sp> 
<sp who="O"><speaker>Host.</speaker>
	<p> Good people bring a <reg orig="reskew">rescue</reg> or two, thou wot, wot<lb/>
thou, thou wot, wot ta, do do thou rogue, do thou hempseed.</p></sp> 
<sp who="BC"><speaker>Boy</speaker>
	<p> Away you <reg orig="scullian">scullion</reg>, you rampallian, you fustilarian, <reg orig="ile">I will&H1;</reg><lb/>
tickle your catastrophe.</p></sp> 
<stage>Enter Lord chiefe iustice and his men.</stage>
<sp who="I"><speaker>Lord</speaker>
	<l> What is the matter? <reg orig="keepe">keep</reg> the peace here, ho.</l></sp>
<sp who="O"><speaker>Hostesse</speaker>
	<p> Good my lord be good to&H4; me, I beseech you stand<lb/>
to&H4; me.</p></sp> 
<sp who="I"><speaker>Lord</speaker>
	<l> How now sir Iohn, what are you brawling here?</l>
<l>Doth this become your place, your time, and <reg orig="businesse">business</reg>?</l>
<l>You should <reg orig="haue">have</reg> <reg orig="bin">been</reg> well on&H4; your way to&H4; Yorke:</l>
<l>Stand from him fellow, wherefore <reg orig="hang'st">hangest</reg> thou <reg orig="vpon">upon&H4;</reg> him.</l></sp> 
<sp who="O"><speaker>Host.</speaker>
	<p> O my most worshipful Lord, <reg orig="and't">if it</reg> please your grace<lb/>
I am a <reg orig="poore">poor</reg> <reg orig="widdow">widow</reg> of Eastcheape, and he is arrested at my<lb/>
<reg orig="sute">suit</reg>.</p></sp> 
<sp who="I"><speaker>Lord</speaker>
	<l> For&H4; what <reg orig="summe">sum</reg>?</l></sp> 
<sp who="O"><speaker>Host.</speaker>
	<p> It is more <reg orig="then">than</reg> for&H4; some my Lord, it is for&H4; <reg orig="al">all</reg> I <reg orig="haue">have</reg>, he<lb/>
hath eaten me out of house and home, he hath put all my substance into that&H62; fat belly of his, but I <reg orig="wil">will&H1;</reg> <reg orig="haue">have</reg> some of it out <reg orig="againe">again</reg>, 
or I <reg orig="wil">will&H1;</reg> ride thee <reg orig="a nights">a-nights</reg> like&H4; the mare.</p></sp> 
<sp who="L"><speaker>Falst.</speaker>
	<p> I think I am as like&H5; to&H9; ride the mare if I <reg orig="haue">have</reg> any vantage of ground to&H9; get <reg orig="vp">up&H5;</reg>.</p></sp> 
<sp who="I"><speaker>Lord</speaker>
	<p> How comes this sir Iohn? what man of good temper<lb/>
would endure this tempest of exclamation; are you not ashamed to&H9; <reg orig="inforce">enforce</reg> a <reg orig="poore">poor</reg> <reg orig="widdow">widow</reg>, to&H4; so&H51; rough a course to&H9; come<lb/>
by&H4; her <reg orig="owne">own</reg>.</p></sp> 
<sp who="L"><speaker>Falst.</speaker>
	<p> What is the <reg orig="grosse">gross</reg> <reg orig="summe">sum</reg> that&H61; I owe thee?</p></sp> 
<sp who="O"><speaker>Host.</speaker>
	<p> <reg orig="Mary">Marry</reg> if thou wert an honest man, <reg orig="thy selfe">thyself</reg> and the<lb/>
<reg orig="mony">money</reg> too: thou didst <reg orig="sweare">swear</reg> to&H4; me <reg orig="vpon">upon&H4;</reg> a <reg orig="parcell">parcel</reg> guilt goblet,<lb/>
sitting in&H4; my dolphin chamber, at the round table by&H4; a sea cole<lb/>
fire, <reg orig="vpon">upon&H4;</reg> wednesday in&H4; Wheeson <reg orig="weeke">week</reg>, when the prince<lb/>
broke thy head, for&H4; liking his father to&H4; a singing man of Winsor, thou didst <reg orig="sweare">swear</reg> to&H4; me then, as I was washing thy wound,<lb/>
to&H9; marry me, and make me my lady thy wife, canst thou deny<lb/>
it, did not goodwife Keech the butchers wife come in&H5; then and<lb/>
<reg orig="cal">call</reg> me gossip Quickly, <reg orig="comming">coming</reg> in&H5; to&H9; <reg orig="borow">borrow</reg> a <reg orig="messe">mess</reg> of vinegar, telling <reg orig="vs">us&Htp;</reg> she had a good dish of <reg orig="prawnes">prawns</reg>, whereby thou<lb/>
didst desire to&H9; <reg orig="eate">eat</reg> some, whereby I told thee they were ill<lb/>
for&H4; a <reg orig="greene">green</reg> wound, and didst thou not, when she was gone<lb/>
down <reg orig="stayers">stairs</reg>, desire me, to&H9; be no&H2; more so&H51; familiarity, with such<lb/>
<reg orig="poore">poor</reg> people, saying that&H3; ere long they should <reg orig="cal">call</reg> me madam,<lb/>
and didst thou not <reg orig="kisse">kiss</reg> me, and bid me fetch thee <reg orig="thirtie">thirty</reg> shillings, I put thee now to&H4; thy <reg orig="booke">book</reg> oath, <reg orig="denie">deny</reg> it if <reg orig="thon">thou</reg> canst.</p></sp> 
<sp who="L"><speaker>Falst.</speaker>
	<p> My lord this is a <reg orig="poore">poor</reg> <reg orig="made">mad</reg> <reg orig="soule">soul</reg>, and she <reg orig="saies">says</reg> <reg orig="vp">up&H4;</reg><lb/>
and <reg orig="downe">down</reg> the <reg orig="towne">town</reg>, that&H3; her&H2; eldest <reg orig="sonne">son</reg> is like&H4; you, she<lb/>
hath <reg orig="bin">been</reg> in&H4; good case, and the <reg orig="trueth">truth</reg> is <reg orig="pouerty">poverty</reg> hath distracted<lb/>
her&H6;, but for&H4; these foolish officers, I beseech you I may <reg orig="haue">have</reg> <reg orig="redresse">redress</reg> against them.</p></sp> 
<sp who="I"><speaker>Lo.</speaker>
	<p> Sir Iohn, sir Iohn, I am <reg orig="wel">well</reg> acquainted with your <reg orig="maner">manner</reg><lb/>
of wrenching the true cause, the false way: it is not a confident<lb/>
brow, nor the throng of words that&H61; come with such more <reg orig="then">than</reg><lb/>
impudent <reg orig="sawcines">sauciness</reg> from you, can thrust me from a <reg orig="leuel">level</reg> consideration: you <reg orig="haue">have</reg> as it <reg orig="appeares">appears</reg> to&H4; me <reg orig="practisde">practised</reg> <reg orig="vpon">upon&H4;</reg> the<lb/>
<reg orig="easie">easy</reg> <reg orig="yeelding">yielding</reg> <reg orig="spirite">spirit</reg> of this woman, and made her&H6; <reg orig="serue">serve</reg> your<lb/>
<reg orig="vses">uses</reg> both in&H4; purse and in&H4; person.</p></sp> 
<sp who="O"><speaker>Host.</speaker>
	<p> Yea in&H4; truth my Lord.</p></sp> 
<sp who="I"><speaker>Lo.</speaker>
	<p> Pray thee peace, pay her&H6; the debt you owe her&H6;, and <reg orig="vnpay">unhap</reg> the <reg orig="villany">villainy</reg> you <reg orig="haue">have</reg> done with her&H6;, the one you may <reg orig="doe">do</reg><lb/>
with sterling <reg orig="mony">money</reg>, and the other with currant repentance.</p></sp> 
<sp who="L"><speaker>Falst.</speaker>
	<p> My Lord I will&H1; not <reg orig="vndergoe">undergo</reg> this <reg orig="snepe">snipe</reg> without reply, you <reg orig="cal">call</reg> <reg orig="honorable">honourable</reg> <reg orig="boldnes">boldness</reg> impudent <reg orig="sawcinesse">sauciness</reg>, if a man<lb/>
<reg orig="wil">will&H1;</reg> make <reg orig="curtsie">curtsy</reg> and say nothing, he is <reg orig="vertuous">virtuous</reg>, no&H7; my Lord<lb/>
my humble duty <reg orig="remembred">remembered</reg>, I will&H1; not <reg orig="bee">be</reg> your <reg orig="suter">suitor</reg>, I say<lb/>
to&H4; you I do desire <reg orig="deliuerance">deliverance</reg> from these officers, being <reg orig="vpon">upon&H4;</reg><lb/>
hasty <reg orig="imployment">employment</reg> in&H4; the Kings <reg orig="affayres">affairs</reg>.</p></sp> 
<sp who="I"><speaker>Lord</speaker>
	<p> You <reg orig="speake">speak</reg> as <reg orig="hauing">having</reg> power to&H9; do wrong, but answer in&H4; <reg orig="th'effect">the effect</reg> of your reputation, and <reg orig="satisfie">satisfy</reg> the <reg orig="poore">poor</reg> woman.</p></sp> 
<sp who="L"><speaker>Falst.</speaker>
	<p> Come hither <reg orig="hostesse">hostess</reg>.</p></sp> 
<sp who="I"><speaker>Lord</speaker>
	<l> Now master Gower, what <reg orig="newes">news</reg>.</l></sp> 
	<stage>enter a messenger.</stage>
<sp who="AA"><speaker>Gower</speaker>
	<l> The King my Lord, and Harry prince of Wales,</l>
<l>Are <reg orig="neare">near</reg> at hand, the rest the paper tells.</l></sp> 
<sp who="L"><speaker>Falst.</speaker>
	<p> As I am a gentleman! </p></sp> 
<sp who="O"><speaker>Host.</speaker>
	<p> Faith you said so&H52; before.</p></sp> 
<sp who="L"><speaker>Falst.</speaker>
	<p> As I am a gentleman, come, no&H2; more words of it.</p></sp> 
<sp who="O"><speaker>Host.</speaker>
	<p> By&H4; this <reg orig="heaunly">heavenly</reg> ground I tread on&H5;, I must be <reg orig="faine">fain</reg> to&H9;<lb/>
<reg orig="pawne">pawn</reg> both my plate, <reg orig="&">and</reg> the tapestry of my dining chambers -</p></sp> 
<sp who="L"><speaker>Falst.</speaker>
	<p> Glasses glasses is the <reg orig="onely">only</reg> drinking, and for&H4; thy <reg orig="wals">walls</reg><lb/>
a pretty sleight drollery, or the <reg orig="storie">story</reg> of the prodigal, or the<lb/>
<reg orig="Iarman">Jarman</reg> hunting in&H4; <reg orig="waterworke">waterwork</reg>, is worth a thousand of these<lb/>
bed-hangers, and these <reg orig="flie">fly</reg> bitten <reg orig="tapestrie">tapestry</reg>, let it be <reg orig="x. l">ten pounds</reg> if thou<lb/>
canst: come, and <reg orig="twere">it were</reg> not for&H4; thy <reg orig="humors">humours</reg>, <reg orig="theres">there is</reg> not a better<lb/>
wench in&H4; England, <reg orig="goe">go</reg> wash thy face and draw the action,<lb/>
come thou must not be in&H4; this <reg orig="humor">humour</reg> with me, dost not know<lb/>
me, come, come, I know thou wast set on&H5; to&H4; this.</p></sp> 
<sp who="O"><speaker>Host.</speaker>
	<p> Pray thee sir Iohn let it be but <reg orig="twentie">twenty</reg> nobles, <reg orig="ifaith">i'faith</reg><lb/>
I am loath to&H9; <reg orig="pawne">pawn</reg> my plate so&H52; God <reg orig="saue">save</reg> me law.</p></sp> 
<sp who="L"><speaker>Falst.</speaker>
	<p> Let it alone, <reg orig="ile">I will&H1;</reg> make other shift, <reg orig="youle">you will&H1;</reg> be a <reg orig="foole">fool</reg> <reg orig="stil">still</reg>.</p></sp> 
<sp who="O"><speaker>Host.</speaker>
	<p> Well, you shall <reg orig="haue">have</reg> it, though I <reg orig="pawne">pawn</reg> my <reg orig="gowne">gown</reg>,<lb/>
I hope <reg orig="youle">you will&H1;</reg> come to&H4; supper, <reg orig="youle">you will&H1;</reg> pay me <reg orig="al">all</reg> together.</p></sp> 
<sp who="L"><speaker>Falst.</speaker>
	<p> <reg orig="Wil">will&H1;</reg> I <reg orig="liue">live</reg>? <reg orig="goe">go</reg> with her&H6;, with her&H6;, <reg orig="hooke">hook</reg> on&H5;, 
	   <reg orig="hooke">hook</reg><lb/>
	<stage>exit hostesse and sergeant.</stage>
<sp who="O"><speaker>Host.</speaker>
	<p> Will&H1; you <reg orig="haue">have</reg> Doll Tere-sheet <reg orig="meete">meet</reg> you at supper.</p></sp> 
<sp who="L"><speaker>Falst.</speaker>
	<p> No&H2; more words, <reg orig="lets">let us&Htp;</reg> <reg orig="haue">have</reg> her&H6;.</p></sp> 
<sp who="I"><speaker>Lord</speaker>
	<p> I <reg orig="haue">have</reg> heard better <reg orig="newes">news</reg>.</p></sp> 
<sp who="L"><speaker>Falst.</speaker>
	<p> <reg orig="Whats">What is</reg> the <reg orig="newes">news</reg> my lord?</p></sp> 
<sp who="I"><speaker>Lord</speaker>
	<p> Where lay the King <reg orig="to night">tonight</reg>?</p></sp> 
<sp who="AA"><speaker>Mess.</speaker>
	<p> At Billingsgate my Lord.</p></sp> 
<sp who="L"><speaker>Falst.</speaker>
	<p> I hope my Lord <reg orig="al's">all is</reg> <reg orig="wel">well</reg>, what is the <reg orig="newes">news</reg> my lord?</p></sp> 
<sp who="I"><speaker>Lord</speaker>
	<l> Come all his forces <reg orig="backe">back</reg>?</l></sp> 
<sp who="AA"><speaker>Mess.</speaker>
	<l> No&H7;, fifteen hundred foot, <reg orig="fiue">five</reg> hundred horse</l>
<l>Are <reg orig="marcht">marched</reg> <reg orig="vp">up&H5;</reg> to&H4; my lord of Lancaster,</l>
<l>Against Northumberland, and the Archbishop.</l></sp> 
<sp who="L"><speaker>Falst.</speaker>
	<l> Comes the King back from Wales, my noble lord?</l></sp>
<sp who="I"><speaker>Lord</speaker>
	<l> You shall <reg orig="haue">have</reg> letters of me presently,</l>
<l>Come, go along with me, good master Gower.</l></sp> 
<sp who="L"><speaker>Falst.</speaker>
	<p> My lord.</p></sp> 
<sp who="I"><speaker>Lord</speaker>
	<p> <reg orig="Whats">What is</reg> the matter?</p></sp> 
<sp who="L"><speaker>Falstaffe</speaker>
	<p> <reg orig="Maister">Master</reg> Gower, shall I <reg orig="intreate">entreat</reg> you with <reg orig="mee">me</reg> to&H4;<lb/>
<sp who="AA"><speaker>Gower</speaker>
	<p> I must <reg orig="waite">wait</reg> <reg orig="vpon">upon&H4;</reg> my good lord here, I thank you<lb/>
good sir Iohn.</p></sp> 
<sp who="I"><speaker>Lord</speaker>
	<p> Sir Iohn, you <reg orig="loyter">loiter</reg> <reg orig="heere">here</reg> too long,<lb/>
Being you are to&H9; take <reg orig="souldiers">soldiers</reg> <reg orig="vp">up&H5;</reg><lb/>
In&H4; Counties as you go.</p></sp> 
<sp who="L"><speaker>Falstaffe</speaker>
	<p> Will&H1; you <reg orig="suppe">sup</reg> with <reg orig="mee">me</reg> <reg orig="maister">master</reg> Gower?</p></sp>
<sp who="I"><speaker>Lord.</speaker>
	<p> What foolish <reg orig="maister">master</reg> taught you these manners, sir<lb/>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Falstaffe</speaker>
	<p> <reg orig="Maister">Master</reg> Gower, if they become me not, <reg orig="hee">he</reg> was a<lb/>
<reg orig="foole">fool</reg> that&H61; taught them <reg orig="mee">me</reg>: this is the right fencing grace, my<lb/>
Lord, tap for&H4; tap, and so&H3; part <reg orig="faire">fair</reg>.</p></sp> 
<sp who="I"><speaker>Lord</speaker>
	<p> Now the Lord lighten thee, thou art a great <reg orig="foole">fool</reg>. </p></sp> 

<div2 n="2" type="scene">
<stage>Enter the Prince, Poynes, sir Iohn Russel, with other.</stage>
<sp who="B"><speaker>Prince</speaker>
	<p> Before God, I am exceeding weary.</p></sp> 
<sp who="K"><speaker>Poynes</speaker>
	<p> <reg orig="Ist">Is it</reg> come to&H4; that&H62;? I had thought <reg orig="wearines">weariness</reg> durst not<lb/>
<reg orig="haue">have</reg> <reg orig="attacht">attached</reg> one of so&H51; hie <reg orig="bloud">blood</reg>.</p></sp> 
<sp who="B"><speaker>Prince</speaker>
	<p> Faith it does me, though it <reg orig="discolors">discolours</reg> the complexion of my <reg orig="greatnes">greatness</reg> to&H4; acknowledge it: doth it not <reg orig="shew">show</reg> vildly<lb/>
in&H4; me, to&H9; desire small <reg orig="beere">beer</reg>?</p></sp>
<sp who="K"><speaker>Poynes</speaker>
	<p> Why a Prince should not be so&H51; loosely studied, as<lb/>
to&H9; remember so&H51; <reg orig="weake">weak</reg> a composition.</p></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker>Prince</speaker>
	<p> Belike then my appetite was not princely <reg orig="gote">got</reg>, for&H3;<lb/>
by&H4; my troth, I do now remember the poor creature <reg orig="smal">small</reg> <reg orig="beere">beer</reg>.<lb/>
But indeed these humble considerations make me out of <reg orig="loue">love</reg><lb/>
with my <reg orig="greatnesse">greatness</reg>. What a disgrace is it to&H4; <reg orig="mee">me</reg> to&H9; remember<lb/>
thy name? or to&H9; know thy face <reg orig="to morow">tomorrow</reg>? or to&H9; take note how<lb/>
many <reg orig="paire">pair</reg> of <reg orig="silke">silk</reg> stockings thou hast with these, and those<lb/>
that&H61; were thy peach <reg orig="colourd">coloured</reg> once, or to&H9; <reg orig="beare">bear</reg> the <reg orig="inuentorie">inventory</reg> of<lb/>
thy shirts, as one for&H4; <reg orig="superfluitie">superfluity</reg>, and another for&H4; <reg orig="vse">use</reg>. But that&H3;<lb/>
the Tennis court keeper knows better than I, for&H3; it is a low <reg orig="eb">ebb</reg><lb/>
of <reg orig="linnen">linen</reg> with thee when thou keepest not racket there, as thou<lb/>
hast not done a great while, because the rest of the low Countries <reg orig="haue">have</reg> <reg orig="eate">eat</reg> <reg orig="vp">up&H5;</reg> thy holland: and God knows whether those<lb/>
that&H61; <reg orig="bal">ball</reg> out the <reg orig="ruines">ruins</reg> of thy <reg orig="linnen">linen</reg> <reg orig="shal">shall</reg> <reg orig="inherite">inherit</reg> his kingdom:<lb/>
but the <reg orig="Midwiues">Midwives</reg> say, the children are not in&H4; the fault <reg orig="wherevpon">whereupon</reg> the world increases, and <reg orig="kinreds">kindred's</reg> are mightily strengthened. </p></sp> 
<sp who="K"><speaker>Poynes</speaker>
	<p> How ill it <reg orig="followes">follows</reg>, after you <reg orig="haue">have</reg> <reg orig="labored">laboured</reg> so&H51; hard,<lb/>
you should <reg orig="talke">talk</reg> so&H51; <reg orig="ydlely">idly</reg>! tell me how many good <reg orig="yong">young</reg> princes <reg orig="woulde">would</reg> <reg orig="doe">do</reg> so&H52;, their fathers being so&H51; <reg orig="sicke">sick</reg>, as yours at this<lb/>
time is.</p></sp> 
<sp who="B"><speaker>Prince</speaker>
	<p> Shall I <reg orig="tel">tell</reg> thee one thing Poynes?</p></sp> 
<sp who="K"><speaker>Poynes</speaker>
	<p> Yes faith, and let it be an excellent good thing.</p></sp> 
<sp who="B"><speaker>Prince</speaker>
	<p> It shall <reg orig="serue">serve</reg> among <reg orig="wittes">wits</reg> of no&H2; higher breeding<lb/>
<reg orig="then">than</reg> thine.</p></sp> 
<sp who="K"><speaker>Poynes</speaker>
	<p> Go to&H5;, I stand the push of your one thing that&H61; you<lb/>
will&H1; tell.</p></sp> 
<sp who="B"><speaker>Prince</speaker>
	<p> <reg orig="Mary">Marry</reg> I tell thee it is not <reg orig="meete">meet</reg> that&H3; I should <reg orig="bee">be</reg> sad<lb/>
now my father is <reg orig="sicke">sick</reg>, albeit I could tell to&H4; thee, as to&H4; one it<lb/>
pleases me for&H4; fault of a better to&H9; call my friend, I could be sad,<lb/>
and sad <reg orig="indeede">indeed</reg> too.</p></sp> 
<sp who="K"><speaker>Poynes</speaker>
	<p> Very hardly, <reg orig="vpon">upon&H4;</reg> such a <reg orig="subiect">subject</reg>.</p></sp> 
<sp who="B"><speaker>Prince</speaker>
	<p> By&H4; this hand, thou thinkest me as <reg orig="farre">far</reg> in&H4; the <reg orig="diuels">devils</reg><lb/>
<reg orig="booke">book</reg>, as thou and Falstaffe, for&H3; <reg orig="obduracie">obduracy</reg> and <reg orig="persistancie">persistence</reg>,<lb/>
let the end <reg orig="trie">try</reg> the man, but I <reg orig="tel">tell</reg> thee, my heart bleeds inwardly that&H3; my father is so&H51; sick, and keeping such vile company as<lb/>
thou <reg orig="arte">art</reg>, hath in&H4; reason taken from me all ostentation of <reg orig="sorrowe">sorrow</reg>. </p></sp> 
<sp who="K"><speaker>Poynes</speaker>
	<p> The reason.</p></sp> 
<sp who="B"><speaker>Prince</speaker>
	<p> What wouldst thou <reg orig="thinke">think</reg> of me if I should weep?</p></sp> 
<sp who="K"><speaker>Poynes</speaker>
	<p> I <reg orig="woulde">would</reg> <reg orig="thincke">think</reg> thee a most princely hypocrite.</p></sp> 
<sp who="B"><speaker>Prince</speaker>
	<p> It would <reg orig="bee">be</reg> <reg orig="euery">every</reg> <reg orig="mans">man's</reg> thought, and thou <reg orig="arte">art</reg><lb/>
a blessed <reg orig="felow">fellow</reg>, to&H9; <reg orig="thinke">think</reg> as <reg orig="euery">every</reg> man <reg orig="thinkes">thinks</reg>, <reg orig="neuer">never</reg> a <reg orig="mans">man's</reg><lb/>
thought in&H4; the world, <reg orig="keepes">keeps</reg> the rode way better <reg orig="then">than</reg> thine,<lb/>
<reg orig="euerie">every</reg> man would <reg orig="thinke">think</reg> me an hypocrite <reg orig="indeede">indeed</reg>, and what<lb/>
accites your most <reg orig="worshipfull">worshipful</reg> thought to&H9; <reg orig="thinke">think</reg> so&H52;?</p></sp> 
<sp who="K"><speaker>Poynes</speaker>
	<p> Why because you <reg orig="haue">have</reg> been so&H51; lewd and so&H51; much<lb/>
<reg orig="engraffed">ingrafted</reg> to&H4; Falstaffe.</p></sp> 

<sp who="B"><speaker>Prince</speaker>
		<p> And to&H4; thee.</p></sp> 
<sp who="K"><speaker>Poyne</speaker>
	<p> By&H4; this light I am well spoke on&H5;, I can <reg orig="heare">hear</reg> it with<lb/>
mine <reg orig="owne">own</reg> <reg orig="eares">ears</reg>, the worst that&H61; they can say of me is that&H3; I am<lb/>
a second brother, and that&H3; I am a proper fellow of my hands,<lb/>
and those two things I <reg orig="confesse">confess</reg> I cannot <reg orig="helpe">help</reg>: by&H4; the <reg orig="masse">mass</reg><lb/>
here comes Bardolfe. </p></sp> 
<stage>Enter Bardolfe and boy.</stage>
<sp who="B"><speaker>Prince</speaker>
	<p> And the boy that&H61; I <reg orig="gaue">gave</reg> Falstaffe, <reg orig="a">he</reg> had him from<lb/>
me Christian, and <reg orig="looke">look</reg> if the fat <reg orig="villaine">villain</reg> <reg orig="haue">have</reg> not <reg orig="transformd">transformed</reg><lb/>
him Ape.</p></sp> 
<sp who="AI"><speaker>Bard.</speaker>
	<p> God <reg orig="saue">save</reg> your grace.</p></sp> 
<sp who="B"><speaker>Prince</speaker>
	<p> And yours most noble Bardolfe.</p></sp> 
<sp who="K"><speaker>Poynes</speaker>
	<p> Come you <reg orig="vertuous">virtuous</reg> <reg orig="asse">ass</reg>, you <reg orig="bashfull">bashful</reg> <reg orig="foole">fool</reg>, must<lb/>
you be blushing, wherefore blush you now? what a maidenly<lb/>
		man at <reg orig="armes">arms</reg> are you become? <reg orig="ist">is it</reg> such a matter to get a pottle-pots <lb/>
<sp who="BC"><speaker>Boy</speaker>
	<p> <reg orig="A">He</reg> calls me <reg orig="enow">enough</reg> my Lord, through a red lattice, and I<lb/>
could <reg orig="discerne">discern</reg> no&H2; part of his face from the window, at last I<lb/>
spied his <reg orig="eies">eyes</reg>, and <reg orig="me thought">methought</reg> he had made two holes in&H4; the ale<lb/>
<reg orig="wiues">wives</reg> <reg orig="peticote">petticoat</reg> and so&H3; <reg orig="peept">peeped</reg> through.</p></sp> 
<sp who="B"><speaker>Prince</speaker>
	<p> Has not the boy profited?</p></sp> 
<sp who="AI"><speaker>Bard.</speaker>
	<p> Away you <reg orig="horson">whoreson</reg> <reg orig="vpright">upright</reg> rabble, away.</p></sp> 
<sp who="BC"><speaker>Boy</speaker>
	<p> Away you rascally Altheas <reg orig="dreame">dream</reg>, away.</p></sp> 
<sp who="B"><speaker>Prince</speaker>
	<p> Instruct <reg orig="vs">us&Htp;</reg> boy, what <reg orig="dreame">dream</reg> boy?</p></sp>
<sp who="BC"><speaker>Boy</speaker>
	<p> <reg orig="Mary">Marry</reg> my lord, Althear <reg orig="dreampt">dreamt</reg> she was <reg orig="deliuered">delivered</reg> of<lb/>
a firebrand, and therefore I call him her <reg orig="dreame">dream</reg>.</p></sp> 
<sp who="B"><speaker>Prince</speaker>
	<p> A <reg orig="crownes">crowns</reg> worth of good interpretation there <reg orig="tis">it is</reg> boy.</p></sp> 
<sp who="K"><speaker>Poines</speaker>
	<p> O that&H3; this <reg orig="blossome">blossom</reg> could be kept from cankers!<lb/>
well, there is sixpence to&H9; <reg orig="preserue">preserve</reg> thee.</p></sp> 
<sp who="AI"><speaker>Bard.</speaker>
	<p> <reg orig="And">If</reg> you do not make him <reg orig="hangd">hanged</reg> among you, the <reg orig="gallowes">gallows</reg> shall <reg orig="haue">have</reg> wrong.</p></sp> 
<sp who="B"><speaker>Prince</speaker>
	<p>And how doth thy master Bardolfe?</p></sp> 
<sp who="AI"><speaker>Bard.</speaker>
	<p> Well my Lord, he heard of your graces <reg orig="comming">coming</reg> to<lb/>
<reg orig="towne">town</reg>, <reg orig="theres">there is</reg> a letter for&H4; you.</p></sp> 
<sp who="K"><speaker>Poynes</speaker>
	<p> <reg orig="Deliuerd">Delivered</reg> with good respect, and how doth the martlemasse your master?</p></sp> 
<sp who="AI"><speaker>Bard.</speaker>
	<p> In&H4; bodily health sir.</p></sp> 
<sp who="K"><speaker>Poynes</speaker>
	<p> <reg orig="Mary">Marry</reg> the <reg orig="immortall">immortal</reg> part <reg orig="needes">needs</reg> a <reg orig="phisitian">physician</reg>, but that&H62;<lb/>
<reg orig="moues">moves</reg> not him, though that&H62; be <reg orig="sicke">sick</reg>, it dies not.</p></sp> 
<sp who="B"><speaker>Prince</speaker>
	<p> I do allow this Wen to&H9; be as familiar with me, as my<lb/>
<reg orig="dogge">dog</reg>, and he holds his place, for&H3; <reg orig="looke">look</reg> you how he writes.</p></sp> 
<sp who="K"><speaker>Poynes</speaker>
<p>Iohn Falstaffe Knight,<lb/>
<reg orig="euery">every</reg> man must know that&H3;<lb/>
as oft as he has occasion to&H9; name <reg orig="himselfe">himself</reg>: <reg orig="euen">even</reg> like&H4; those that&H61;<lb/>
are kin to&H4; the King for&H3; they <reg orig="neuer">never</reg> <reg orig="pricke">prick</reg> their finger, but they<lb/>
<reg orig="saye">say</reg>, <reg orig="theres">there is</reg> some of the Kings <reg orig="bloud">blood</reg> spilt: how comes that&H62;<lb/>
(<reg orig="saies">says</reg> he) that&H61; takes <reg orig="vppon">upon&H4;</reg> him not to&H9; <reg orig="conceiue">conceive</reg> the answer is as<lb/>
ready as a <reg orig="borowed">borrowed</reg> cap: I am the Kings <reg orig="poore">poor</reg> <reg orig="cosin">cousin</reg>, sir.</p></sp> 
<sp who="B"><speaker>Prince</speaker>
	<p> Nay they will&H1; be kin to&H4; <reg orig="vs">us&Hrp;</reg>, or they will fetch it from<lb/>
Iaphet, but the letter, <lb/>
Sir Iohn Falstaffe knight, to&H4; the <reg orig="sonne">son</reg> of<lb/>
the king, nearest his father, Harry prince of Wales, greeting.</p></sp> 
<sp who="K"><speaker>Poynes</speaker>
	<p> Why this is a certificate.</p></sp> 
<sp who="B"><speaker>Prince</speaker>
	<p> Peace.<lb/>
I will imitate the honourable <reg orig="Romanes">Romans</reg> in&H4; <reg orig="breuitie">brevity</reg>.</p></sp> 
<sp who="K"><speaker>Poynes</speaker>
	<p> He sure <reg orig="meanes">means</reg> <reg orig="breuity">brevity</reg> in&H4; breath, short winded,</p></sp> 

<sp who="B"><speaker></speaker>
	<p>I commend <reg orig="mee">me</reg> to&H4; thee, I commend thee, and, I <reg orig="leaue">leave</reg><lb/>
thee, be not too familiar with Poynes, for&H3; he misuses thy <reg orig="fauours">favours</reg> so&H51; much, that&H3; he <reg orig="sweares">swears</reg> thou art to&H9; <reg orig="mary">marry</reg> his sister Nel,<lb/>
repent at idle times as thou <reg orig="maist">mayest</reg>, and so&H3; <reg orig="farwel">farewell</reg>.<lb/>
Thine by yea, and no&H7;, which&H61; is as much as to&H9; say, as<lb/>
thou <reg orig="vsest">usest</reg> him, Iacke Falstaffe with my family,<lb/>
Iohn with my brothers and sisters, and sir Iohn<lb/>
with all Europe.</p></sp> 
<sp who="K"><speaker>Poynes</speaker>
	<p> My Lord, <reg orig="Ile">I will&H1;</reg> steep this letter in&H4; <reg orig="sacke">sack</reg> and make him<lb/>
<reg orig="eate">eat</reg> it.</p></sp> 
<sp who="B"><speaker>Prince</speaker>
	<p> <reg orig="Thats">That&H62; is</reg> to&H9; make him <reg orig="eate">eat</reg> twenty of his words, but do<lb/>
you <reg orig="vse">use</reg> me, thus Ned? must I <reg orig="marrie">marry</reg> your sister?</p></sp> 
<sp who="K"><speaker>Poynes</speaker>
	<p> God send the wench no&H2; worse fortune, but I <reg orig="neuer">never</reg><lb/>
said so&H52;.</p></sp> 
<sp who="B"><speaker>Prince</speaker>
	<p> <reg orig="Wel">Well</reg>, thus we play the <reg orig="fooles">fools</reg> with the time, and the<lb/>
spirits of the wise sit in&H4; the <reg orig="clowdes">clouds</reg> and <reg orig="mocke">mock</reg> <reg orig="vs">us&Htp;</reg>, is your master here in&H4; London?</p></sp> 
<sp who="AI"><speaker>Bard.</speaker>
	<p> Yea my Lord.</p></sp> 
<sp who="B"><speaker>Prince</speaker>
	<p> Where sups he? doth the old <reg orig="boare">boar</reg> <reg orig="feede">feed</reg> in&H4; the old<lb/>
<reg orig="Franke">Frank</reg>?</p></sp> 
<sp who="AI"><speaker>Bard.</speaker>
	<p> At the old place, my lord, in&H4; Eastcheape.</p></sp> 
<sp who="B"><speaker>Prince</speaker>
	<p> What <reg orig="companie">company</reg>?</p></sp> 
<sp who="BC"><speaker>Boy</speaker>
	<p> Ephesians, my lord, of the old church.</p></sp> 
<sp who="B"><speaker>Prince</speaker>
	<p> Sup any women with him?</p></sp> 
<sp who="BC"><speaker>Boy</speaker>
	<p> None my lord, but old <reg orig="mistris">mistress</reg> Quickly, and <reg orig="mistris">mistress</reg> Dol<lb/>
Tere-sheet. </p></sp> 
<sp who="B"><speaker>Prince</speaker>
	<p> What Pagan may that&H62; be?</p></sp> 
<sp who="BC"><speaker>Boy</speaker>
	<p> A proper gentlewoman sir, and a kinswoman of my<lb/>
<sp who="B"><speaker>Prince</speaker>
	<p> <reg orig="Euen">Even</reg> such <reg orig="kinne">kin</reg> as the parish <reg orig="Heicfors">Heifers</reg> are to&H4; the<lb/>
<reg orig="towne">town</reg> bull, shall we&Htp; <reg orig="steale">steal</reg> <reg orig="vpon">upon&H4;</reg> them Ned at supper?</p></sp> 
<sp who="K"><speaker>Poynes</speaker>
	<p> I am your shadow my Lord, <reg orig="ile">I will&H1;</reg> follow you.</p></sp> 
<sp who="B"><speaker>Prince</speaker>
	<p> <reg orig="Sirra">Sirrah</reg>, you boy and Bardolfe, no&H2; <reg orig="worde">word</reg> to&H4; your master that&H3; I am yet come to&H4; <reg orig="towne">town</reg>; <reg orig="theres">there is</reg> for&H4; your silence.</p></sp> 
<sp who="AI"><speaker>Bar.</speaker>
	<p> I <reg orig="haue">have</reg> no&H2; tongue sir.</p></sp> 
<sp who="BC"><speaker>>Boy</speaker>
	<p> And for&H4; mine sir, I will&H1; <reg orig="gouerne">govern</reg> it.</p></sp> 
<sp who="B"><speaker>Prince</speaker>
	<p> Fare you well: go, this Doll Tere-sheete should be<lb/>
some rode.</p></sp> 
<sp who="K"><speaker>Poyns</speaker>
	<p> I warrant you, as common as the way between S. Albons and London.</p></sp> 
<sp who="B"><speaker>Prince</speaker>
	<p> How might we&Htp; see Falstaffe bestow himself <reg orig="to night">tonight</reg><lb/>
in&H4; his true colours, and not <reg orig="our selues">ourselves</reg> be <reg orig="seene">seen</reg>?</p></sp> 
<sp who="K"><speaker>Poynes</speaker>
	<p> Put on&H5; two <reg orig="letherne">leathern</reg> <reg orig="ierkins">jerkins</reg> and aprons, and <reg orig="waite">wait</reg><lb/>
<reg orig="vpon">upon&H4;</reg> him at his table as drawers.</p></sp> 
<sp who="B"><speaker>Prince</speaker>
	<p> From a god to&H4; a <reg orig="bul">bull</reg>, a <reg orig="heauy">heavy</reg> <reg orig="descension">dissension</reg>, it was Ioues<lb/>
case, from a <reg orig="pince">prince</reg> to&H4; a <reg orig="prentise">prentice</reg>, a low transformation, that&H61; <reg orig="shal">shall</reg><lb/>
be mine, for&H3; in&H4; <reg orig="enery">every</reg> thing the purpose must weigh with the<lb/>
folly, follow me Ned.</p></sp> 
	<stage>exeunt. </stage>

<div2 n="3" type="scene">
<stage>Enter Northumberland his wife, and the wife to Harry Percie.</stage>
<sp who="H"><speaker>North.</speaker>
	<l> I pray thee <reg orig="louing">loving</reg> wife and gentle daughter,</l>
<l><reg orig="Giue">Give</reg> <reg orig="euen">even</reg> way <reg orig="vnto">unto</reg> my rough <reg orig="affaires">affairs</reg>,</l>
<l>Put not you on&H5; the visage of the times,</l>
<l>And be like&H4; them to&H4; Percy troublesome.</l></sp>
<sp who="AP"><speaker>Wife</speaker>
	<l> I <reg orig="haue">have</reg> <reg orig="giuen">given</reg> <reg orig="ouer">over</reg>, I will&H1; <reg orig="speake">speak</reg> no&H2; more,</l>
<l>Do what you <reg orig="wil">will&H1;</reg>, your <reg orig="wisedome">wisdom</reg> be your guide.</l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker>North.</speaker>
	<l> Alas <reg orig="sweete">sweet</reg> wife, my <reg orig="honor">honour</reg> is at <reg orig="pawne">pawn</reg>,</l>
<l>And but my going, nothing can <reg orig="redeeme">redeem</reg> it.</l></sp>
<sp who="AQ"><speaker>Kate</speaker>
	<l> O yet for&H4; Gods sake, go not to&H4; these wars,</l>
<l>The time was father, that&H3; you broke your word,</l>
<l>When you were more <reg orig="endeere">endear</reg> to&H4; it <reg orig="then">than</reg> now,</l>
<l>When your <reg orig="owne">own</reg> Percie, when my hearts <reg orig="deere">dear</reg> Harry,</l>
<l>Threw many a Northward <reg orig="looke">look</reg>, to&H9; see his father</l>
<l>Bring <reg orig="vp">up&H5;</reg> his powers, but he did long in&H4; <reg orig="vaine">vain</reg>.</l>
<l>Who&H62; then <reg orig="perswaded">persuaded</reg> you to&H9; stay at home?</l>
<l>There were two <reg orig="honors">honours</reg> lost, yours, and your <reg orig="sonnes">sons</reg>,</l>
<l>For&H4; yours, the God of <reg orig="heauen">heaven</reg> brighten it,</l>
<l>For&H4; his, it <reg orig="stucke">stuck</reg> <reg orig="vpon">upon&H4;</reg> him as the <reg orig="sunne">sun</reg></l>
<l>In the grey vault of <reg orig="heauen">heaven</reg>, and by his light</l>
<l>Did all the <reg orig="Cheualry">Chivalry</reg> of England <reg orig="moue">move</reg></l>
<l>To&H9; do <reg orig="braue">brave</reg> acts, he was <reg orig="indeede">indeed</reg> the <reg orig="glasse">glass</reg></l>
<l>Wherein the noble youth did <reg orig="dresse">dress</reg> <reg orig="themselues">themselves</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker>North.</speaker>
	<l> Beshrew your heart,</l>
<l><reg orig="Faire">Fair</reg> daughter, you do draw my <reg orig="spirites">spirits</reg> from me,</l>
<l>With new lamenting ancient <reg orig="ouersights">oversights</reg>,</l>
<l>But I must go and <reg orig="meete">meet</reg> with danger there,</l>
<l>Or it will&H1; <reg orig="seeke">seek</reg> me in&H4; an other place,</l>
<l>And find me worse <reg orig="prouided">provided</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="AP"><speaker>Wife</speaker>
	<l> O <reg orig="flie">fly</reg> to&H4; Scotland,</l>
<l>Till that&H3; the nobles and the armed commons,</l>
<l><reg orig="Haue">Have</reg> of their puissance made a little taste.</l></sp>
<sp who="AQ"><speaker>Kate</speaker>
	<l> If they get ground and vantage of the King,</l>
<l>Then <reg orig="ioyne">join</reg> you with them like&H4; a <reg orig="ribbe">rib</reg> of <reg orig="steele">steel</reg>,</l>
<l>To&H9; make strength stronger: but for&H4; <reg orig="al">all</reg> our&Htp; <reg orig="loues">loves</reg>,</l>
<l>First let them <reg orig="trie">try</reg> <reg orig="themselues">themselves</reg>, so&H52; did your <reg orig="sonne">son</reg>,</l>
<l>He was so&H52; <reg orig="suffred">suffered</reg>, so&H52; came I a widow,</l>
<l>And <reg orig="neuer">never</reg> shall <reg orig="haue">have</reg> length of life enough,</l>
<l>To&H9; <reg orig="raine">rain</reg> <reg orig="vpon">upon&H4;</reg> remembrance with mine <reg orig="eies">eyes</reg>,</l>
<l>That&H3; it may grow and sprout as high as <reg orig="heauen">heaven</reg>,</l>
<l>For&H4; recordation to&H4; my noble husband.</l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker>North.</speaker>
	<l> Come, come, go in&H4; with me, <reg orig="tis">it is</reg> with my mind,</l>
<l>As with the tide, <reg orig="sweld">swelled</reg> <reg orig="vp">up&H5;</reg> <reg orig="vnto">unto</reg> his height,</l>
<l>That&H61; makes a <reg orig="stil">still</reg> stand, running neither way,</l>
<l><reg orig="Faine">Fain</reg> would I go to&H9; <reg orig="meete">meet</reg> the Archbishop,</l>
<l>But many thousand reasons hold me <reg orig="backe">back</reg>,</l>
<l>I will&H1; <reg orig="resolue">resolve</reg> for&H4; Scotland, there am I,</l>
<l>Till time and vantage <reg orig="craue">crave</reg> my company.</l></sp> 

<div2 n="4" type="scene">
<stage>Enter a Drawer or two.</stage>
<sp who="AM"><speaker>Francis</speaker>
	<p> What the <reg orig="diuel">devil</reg> hast thou brought there apple<lb/>
Iohns? thou knowest sir Iohn cannot <reg orig="indure">endure</reg> an apple Iohn.</p></sp>
<sp who="BJ"><speaker>Draw.</speaker>
	<p> <reg orig="Mas">Mass</reg> thou <reg orig="saist">sayst</reg> true, the prince once set a dish of apple Iohns before him, and <reg orig="tolde">told</reg> him there were <reg orig="fiue">five</reg> more sir<lb/>
Iohns, and putting off his hat, said, I will&H1; now take my <reg orig="leaue">leave</reg> of<lb/>
these six <reg orig="drie">dry</reg>, round, old, withered Knights, it <reg orig="angred">angered</reg> him to&H4;<lb/>
the heart, but he hath forgot that&H62;.</p></sp>
<sp who="AM"><speaker>Fran.</speaker>
	<p> Why then <reg orig="couer">cover</reg> and set them <reg orig="downe">down</reg>, and see if<lb/>
thou canst find out Sneakes Noise, <reg orig="mistris">mistress</reg> Tere-sheet would<lb/>
<reg orig="faine">fain</reg> <reg orig="heare">hear</reg> some <reg orig="musique">music</reg>.</p></sp>
<sp who="BJ"><speaker>Dra.</speaker>
	<p> Dispatch, the <reg orig="roome">room</reg> where they <reg orig="supt">supped</reg> is too hot, <reg orig="theile">they will&H1;</reg><lb/>
come in&H5; straight.</p></sp>
<sp who="AM"><speaker>Francis</speaker>
	<p> <reg orig="Sirra">Sirrah</reg>, here <reg orig="wil">will&H1;</reg> be the prince and master Poynes anon, and they will&H1; put on&H5; two of our&Htp; <reg orig="ierkins">jerkins</reg> and aprons, and sir<lb/>
Iohn must not know of it, Bardolfe hath brought word. </p></sp>
<stage>Enter Will.</stage>
<sp who="BJ"><speaker>Dra.</speaker>
	<p> By&H4; the <reg orig="mas">mass</reg> here will&H1; be old vtis, it <reg orig="wil">will&H1;</reg> be an excellent<lb/>
<sp who="AM"><speaker>Francis</speaker>
	<p> <reg orig="Ile">I will&H1;</reg> see if I can find out Sneake.</p></sp> 
<stage>Enter mistris Quickly, and Doll Tere-sheet. </stage>
<sp who="O"><speaker>Quickly</speaker>
	<p> <reg orig="Yfaith">I'faith</reg> sweet heart, <reg orig="me thinkes">methinks</reg> now you are in&H4; an<lb/>
excellent good <reg orig="temperalitie">temporality</reg>. Your <reg orig="pulsidge">pulse</reg> <reg orig="beates">beats</reg> as extraordinarily as heart would desire, and your colour I warrant you<lb/>
is as red as any rose, in&H4; good truth law: but <reg orig="yfaith">i'faith</reg> you <reg orig="haue">have</reg><lb/>
<reg orig="drunke">drunk</reg> too much <reg orig="cannaries">canaries</reg>, and <reg orig="thats">that&H62; is</reg> a <reg orig="maruelous">marvelous</reg> searching<lb/>
wine, and it perfumes the <reg orig="bloud">blood</reg> ere one can say, <reg orig="whats">what is</reg> this,<lb/>
how do you now?</p></sp>
<sp who="AR"><speaker>Tere.</speaker>
	<p> Better <reg orig="then">than</reg> I was: hem.</p></sp>
<sp who="O"><speaker>Qui.</speaker>
	<p> Why <reg orig="thats">that&H62; is</reg> well said, a good <reg orig="heart's">heart is</reg> worth gold: <reg orig="loe">lo</reg><lb/>
here comes sir Iohn. </p></sp>
<stage>enter sir Iohn.</stage>
<sp who="L"><speaker>sir Iohn</speaker> 
<p>When Arthur first in&H4; court,<lb/>
empty the <reg orig="iourdan">jordan</reg> <lb/>
was a worthy King<lb/>
: how now <reg orig="mistris">mistress</reg> Doll?</p></sp>
<sp who="O"><speaker>host.</speaker>
	<p> <reg orig="Sicke">Sick</reg> of a <reg orig="calme">calm</reg>, yea good faith.</p></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Falst.</speaker>
	<p> So&H52; is all her&H2; sect, <reg orig="and">if</reg> they be once in&H4; a <reg orig="calme">calm</reg> they are<lb/>
<reg orig="sicke">sick</reg>.</p></sp>
<sp who="AR"><speaker>Tere.</speaker>
	<p> A pox <reg orig="damne">damn</reg> you, you <reg orig="muddie">muddy</reg> <reg orig="rascall">rascal</reg>, is that&H62; all the<lb/>
comfort you <reg orig="giue">give</reg> me?</p></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Falst.</speaker>
	<p> You make fat rascals <reg orig="mistris">mistress</reg> Dol.</p></sp>
<sp who="AR"><speaker>Tere.</speaker>
	<p> I make them? <reg orig="gluttonie">gluttony</reg>, and diseases make, I make<lb/>
them not.</p></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Falst.</speaker>
	<p> If the <reg orig="cooke">cook</reg> help to&H9; make the <reg orig="gluttonie">gluttony</reg>, you <reg orig="helpe">help</reg> to&H9;<lb/>
make the diseases Doll, we&Htp; catch of you Doll, we&Htp; catch of you<lb/>
<reg orig="graunt">grant</reg> that&H62; my <reg orig="poore">poor</reg> <reg orig="vertue">virtue</reg>, grant that&H62;.</p></sp>
<sp who="AR"><speaker>Doll</speaker>
	<p> Yea <reg orig="ioy">joy</reg>, our&Htp; <reg orig="chaines">chains</reg> and our&Htp; <reg orig="iewels">jewels</reg>.</p></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Fa.</speaker>
	<p> Your brooches, <reg orig="pearles">pearls</reg>, <reg orig="&">and</reg> ouches for&H3; to&H9; <reg orig="serue">serve</reg> <reg orig="brauely">bravely</reg>,<lb/>
is to&H9; come halting off, you know to&H9; come off the breach, with<lb/>
his pike bent <reg orig="brauely">bravely</reg>, and to&H4; <reg orig="surgerie">surgery</reg> <reg orig="brauely">bravely</reg>, to&H9; venture <reg orig="vpon">upon&H4;</reg><lb/>
the <reg orig="chargde">charged</reg> chambers <reg orig="brauely">bravely</reg>.</p></sp>
<sp who="AR"><speaker>Doll</speaker>
	<p> Hang <reg orig="your selfe">yourself</reg>, you <reg orig="muddie">muddy</reg> <reg orig="Cunger">Conger</reg>, hang <reg orig="your self"> yourself</reg>.<lb/></p></sp>
<sp who="O"><speaker>host</speaker>
	<p> By&H4; my troth this is the old fashion, you two <reg orig="neuer">never</reg> meet<lb/>
		but you fall to&H4; some discord, you are both <reg orig="ygood">i'good</reg> truth as <reg orig="rewmatique">rheumatic</reg><lb/>
 as two dry <reg orig="tosts">toasts</reg>, you cannot one <reg orig="beare">bear</reg> with <reg orig="anothers">another's</reg><lb/>
confirmities, what the <reg orig="goodyere">good year</reg> one must <reg orig="beare">bear</reg>, <reg orig="&">and</reg> that&H62; must be<lb/>
you, you are the weaker <reg orig="vessell">vessel</reg>, as they say, the emptier vessel.</p></sp>
<sp who="AR"><speaker>Dorothy</speaker>
	<p> Can a <reg orig="weake">weak</reg> empty <reg orig="vessell">vessel</reg> <reg orig="beare">bear</reg> such a huge full<lb/>
hogshead? <reg orig="theres">there is</reg> a whole <reg orig="marchants">merchants</reg> venture of <reg orig="Burdeux">Bordeaux</reg> <reg orig="stuffe">stuff</reg><lb/>
in&H4; him, you <reg orig="haue">have</reg> not <reg orig="seene">seen</reg> a <reg orig="hulke">hulk</reg> better <reg orig="stuft">stuffed</reg> in&H4; the hold.<lb/>
Come, <reg orig="ile">I will&H1;</reg> be friends with thee iacke, thou art going to&H4; the<lb/>
		wars, and whether I shall <reg orig="euer">ever</reg> see thee <reg orig="againe">again</reg> or no&H5; there is <reg orig="no body">nobody</reg><lb/>
 cares. </p></sp>
<stage>Enter drawer.</stage>
<sp who="AM"><speaker>Dra.</speaker>
	<p> Sir, <reg orig="Antient">Ancient</reg> <reg orig="pistol's">pistol is</reg> <reg orig="belowe">below</reg>, and would <reg orig="speake">speak</reg> with<lb/>
<sp who="AR"><speaker>Dol</speaker>
	<p> Hang him swaggering rascal, let him not come hither<lb/>
it is the <reg orig="foule-mouthd'st">foul-mouthedest</reg> rogue in&H4; England.</p></sp>
<sp who="O"><speaker>host.</speaker>
	<p> If he swagger, let him not come here, no&H7; by&H4; my faith I<lb/>
must <reg orig="liue">live</reg> among my neighbours, <reg orig="Ile">I will&H1;</reg> no&H2; swaggerers, I am in&H4;<lb/>
good name, and fame with the very best: shut the <reg orig="doore">door</reg>, there<lb/>
comes no&H2; swaggerers here, I <reg orig="haue">have</reg> not <reg orig="liu'd">lived</reg> <reg orig="al">all</reg> this while to&H9; <reg orig="haue">have</reg><lb/>
swaggering now, shut the <reg orig="doore">door</reg> I pray you.</p></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Fal.</speaker>
	<p> Dost thou <reg orig="heare">hear</reg> <reg orig="hostesse">hostess</reg>?</p></sp>
<sp who="O"><speaker>Host.</speaker>
	<p> Pray ye <reg orig="pacifie">pacify</reg> <reg orig="your selfe">yourself</reg> sir Iohn, there comes no&H2;<lb/>
swaggerers here.</p></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Fal.</speaker>
	<p> Dost thou <reg orig="heare">hear</reg>? it is mine Ancient.</p></sp>
<sp who="O"><speaker>Ho.</speaker>
	<p> Tilly fally, sir Iohn, <reg orig="nere">never</reg> <reg orig="tel">tell</reg> me: <reg orig="&">and</reg> your ancient <reg orig="swaggrer">swaggerer</reg> comes not in&H4; my <reg orig="doores">doors</reg>: I was before <reg orig="maister">master</reg> Tisicke<lb/>
the <reg orig="debuty">deputy</reg> <reg orig="tother">the other</reg> day, <reg orig="&">and</reg> (as he said to&H4; me) <reg orig="twas">it was</reg> no&H2; longer ago<lb/>
than <reg orig="wedsday">wednesday</reg> last, <reg orig="I">In&H4;</reg> good faith, <reg orig="neighbor">neighbour</reg> Quickely, <reg orig="sayes">says</reg> he,<lb/>
<reg orig="maister">master</reg> <reg orig="Dumbe">Dumb</reg> our&Htp; minister was by&H5; then, <reg orig="neighbor">neighbour</reg> Quickly<lb/>
(<reg orig="saies">says</reg> he) <reg orig="receiue">receive</reg> those that&H61; are <reg orig="ciuil">civil</reg>, for&H3; (<reg orig="saide">said</reg> he) you are in&H4; an<lb/>
ill name: now <reg orig="a">he</reg> <reg orig="saide">said</reg> so&H52;, I can tell whereupon. For&H3; (<reg orig="saies">says</reg> he)<lb/>
you are an honest woman, and well thought on&H5;, therefore take<lb/>
<reg orig="heede">heed</reg> what <reg orig="ghests">guests</reg> you <reg orig="receiue">receive</reg>, <reg orig="receiue">receive</reg> (<reg orig="saies">says</reg> he) no&H2; swaggering companions: there comes none here: you would <reg orig="blesse">bless</reg><lb/>
you to&H9; <reg orig="heare">hear</reg> what he said: no&H7;, <reg orig="Ile">I will&H1;</reg> no&H2; <reg orig="swaggrers">swaggerers</reg>.</p></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Falst.</speaker>
	<p> <reg orig="Hees">He is</reg> no&H2; <reg orig="swaggrer">swaggerer</reg> <reg orig="hostesse">hostess</reg>, a tame <reg orig="cheter">cheater</reg> <reg orig="yfaith">i'faith</reg>, you<lb/>
may stroke him as gently as a puppy grey-hound, <reg orig="heele">he will&H1;</reg> not<lb/>
swagger with a Barbary hen, if her feathers <reg orig="turne">turn</reg> <reg orig="backe">back</reg> in any<lb/>
<reg orig="shew">show</reg> of resistance, call him <reg orig="vp">up&H5;</reg> Drawer.</p></sp>
<sp who="O"><speaker>Host.</speaker>
	<p> <reg orig="Cheter">Cheater</reg> call you him? I will&H1; <reg orig="barre">bar</reg> no&H2; honest man my<lb/>
house, nor no&H2; <reg orig="cheter">cheater</reg>, but I do not <reg orig="loue">love</reg> <reg orig="swagering">swaggering</reg> by&H4; my troth,<lb/>
I am the worse when one <reg orig="saies">says</reg> swagger: feele <reg orig="maisters">masters</reg>, how I<lb/>
shake, <reg orig="looke">look</reg> you, I warrant you.</p></sp>
<sp who="AR"><speaker>Teresh.</speaker>
	<p> So&H52; you do <reg orig="hostesse">hostess</reg>.</p></sp>
<sp who="O"><speaker>Host.</speaker>
	<p> <reg orig="Doe">Do</reg> I? yea in&H4; very <reg orig="trueth">truth</reg> <reg orig="doe">do</reg> I, and <reg orig="twere">it were</reg> an aspen<lb/>
<reg orig="leafe">leaf</reg>, I cannot abide <reg orig="swaggrers">swaggerers</reg>. </p></sp>
<stage>Enter antient Pistol, and Bardolfes boy.</stage>
<sp who="AJ"><speaker>Pistol</speaker>
	<p> God <reg orig="saue">save</reg> you sir Iohn.</p></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Fal.</speaker>
	<p> Welcome ancient Pistoll, <reg orig="heere">here</reg> Pistoll, I charge you<lb/>
with a <reg orig="cuppe">cup</reg> of <reg orig="sacke">sack</reg>, do you discharge <reg orig="vpon">upon&H4;</reg> mine <reg orig="hostesse">hostess</reg>.</p></sp>
<sp who="AJ"><speaker>Pist.</speaker>
	<p> I will&H1; discharge <reg orig="vpon">upon&H4;</reg> her&H6; sir Iohn, with two bullets.</p></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Fal.</speaker>
	<p> <reg orig="shhe">she</reg> is <reg orig="pistoll">pistol</reg> <reg orig="proofe">proof</reg>: sir, you shall not <reg orig="hardely">hardly</reg> offend<lb/>
<sp who="O"><speaker>Host.</speaker>
	<p> Come, <reg orig="Ile">I will&H1;</reg> drink no&H2; <reg orig="proofes">proofs</reg>, nor no&H2; bullets, <reg orig="Ile">I will&H1;</reg> drink<lb/>
no&H2; more than will&H1; do me good, for&H4; no&H2; <reg orig="mans">man's</reg> pleasure, I.</p></sp>
<sp who="AJ"><speaker>Pist.</speaker>
	<p> Then, to&H4; you <reg orig="mistris">mistress</reg> Dorothy, I will&H1; charge you.</p></sp>
<sp who="AR"><speaker>Doro.</speaker>
	<p> Charge me? I <reg orig="scorne">scorn</reg> you, <reg orig="scuruy">scurvy</reg> companion: what<lb/>
you <reg orig="poore">poor</reg> base rascally <reg orig="cheting">cheating</reg> <reg orig="lacke-linnen">lack-linen</reg> mate? away you<lb/>
<reg orig="mouldie">mouldy</reg> rogue, away, I am <reg orig="meate">meat</reg> for&H4; your <reg orig="maister">master</reg>.</p></sp>
<sp who="AJ"><speaker>Pist.</speaker>
	<p> I know you <reg orig="mistris">mistress</reg> Dorothy.</p></sp>
<sp who="AR"><speaker>Doro.</speaker>
	<p> Away you cutpurse <reg orig="rascall">rascal</reg>, you filthy <reg orig="boung">bung</reg>, away,<lb/>
by&H4; this wine <reg orig="Ile">I will&H1;</reg> thrust my knife in&H4; your <reg orig="mouldie">mouldy</reg> <reg orig="chappes">chaps</reg>, and<lb/>
you play the <reg orig="sawcie">saucy</reg> cuttle with me. Away you bottle ale <reg orig="rascall">rascal</reg>, you basket hilt stale <reg orig="iuggler">juggler</reg>, you. Since when, I pray<lb/>
you sir: Gods light, with two points on&H4; your shoulder? much.</p></sp>
<sp who="AJ"><speaker>Pist.</speaker>
	<p> God let me not <reg orig="liue">live</reg>, but I will&H1; murther your <reg orig="ruffe">ruff</reg> for&H4;<lb/>
<sp who="L"><speaker>sir Iohn</speaker>
	<p> No&H2; more Pistol, I would not <reg orig="haue">have</reg> you go off here,<lb/>
discharge <reg orig="your selfe">yourself</reg> of our&Htp; company, Pistoll.</p></sp>
<sp who="O"><speaker>Host.</speaker>
	<p> No&H7;, good <reg orig="captaine">captain</reg> Pistoll, not here, <reg orig="sweete">sweet</reg> <reg orig="captaine">captain</reg>.</p></sp>
<sp who="AR"><speaker>Doro.</speaker>
	<p> Captain, thou <reg orig="abhominable">abominable</reg> <reg orig="damnd">damned</reg> <reg orig="cheter">cheater</reg>, art thou<lb/>
not ashamed to&H9; be called <reg orig="Captaine">Captain</reg>? and <reg orig="Captaines">Captains</reg> were of my<lb/>
mind, they would <reg orig="trunchion">truncheon</reg> you out, for&H4; taking their names<lb/>
<reg orig="vpon">upon&H4;</reg> you, before you <reg orig="haue">have</reg> <reg orig="earnd">earned</reg> them: you a <reg orig="captaine">captain</reg>? you<lb/>
<reg orig="slaue">slave</reg>, for&H4; what? for&H4; <reg orig="teareing">tearing</reg> a <reg orig="poore">poor</reg> <reg orig="whoores">whores</reg> <reg orig="ruffe">ruff</reg> in&H4; a bawdy<lb/>
house: <reg orig="hee">he</reg> a <reg orig="captaine">captain</reg>! hang him rogue, he <reg orig="liues">lives</reg> <reg orig="vpon">upon&H4;</reg> <reg orig="mowldy">mouldy</reg><lb/>
<reg orig="stewd">stewed</reg> <reg orig="pruins">prunes</reg>, and dried cakes: a <reg orig="captaine">captain</reg>? Gods light these <reg orig="villaines">villains</reg> <reg orig="wil">will&H1;</reg> 
		make the word as odious as the word occupy, which&H61;<lb/>
was an excellent good <reg orig="worde">word</reg> before it was <reg orig="il">ill</reg> sorted, therefore<lb/>
captains had <reg orig="neede">need</reg> look <reg orig="too't">to&H4; it</reg>.</p></sp>
<sp who="AI"><speaker>Bard.</speaker>
	<p> Pray thee go <reg orig="downe">down</reg> good Ancient.</p></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Falst.</speaker>
	<p> <reg orig="Hearke">Hark</reg> thee hither <reg orig="mistris">mistress</reg> Dol.</p></sp>
<sp who="AJ"><speaker>Pist.</speaker>
	<p> Not I, I tell thee what <reg orig="corporall">corporal</reg> Bardolfe, I could<lb/>
<reg orig="teare">tear</reg> her&H6;, <reg orig="Ile">I will&H1;</reg> be <reg orig="reuengde">revenged</reg> of her&H6;.</p></sp>
<sp who="BC"><speaker>Boy</speaker>
	<p> Pray thee go <reg orig="downe">down</reg>.</p></sp>
<sp who="AJ"><speaker>Pist.</speaker>
	<l> <reg orig="Ile">I will&H1;</reg> see her&H6; <reg orig="damnd">damned</reg> first, to&H4; Plutoes <reg orig="damnd">damned</reg> lake by&H4; this</l>
<l>hand to&H4; <reg orig="th'infernal">the infernal</reg> deep, with erebus <reg orig="&">and</reg> tortures vile also: <reg orig="holde">hold</reg></l>
<l><reg orig="hooke">hook</reg> and line, say I: <reg orig="downe">down</reg>, <reg orig="downe">down</reg> <reg orig="dogges">dogs</reg>, <reg orig="downe">down</reg> faters <reg orig="haue">have</reg></l>
<l>we&Htp; not <reg orig="Hiren">Hired</reg> here?</l></sp>
<sp who="O"><speaker>Host.</speaker>
	<p> Good <reg orig="captaine">captain</reg> Peesell be quiet, <reg orig="tis">it is</reg> very late <reg orig="yfaith">i'faith</reg>, I<lb/>
<reg orig="beseeke">beseek</reg> you now <reg orig="aggrauate">aggravate</reg> your <reg orig="choller">choler</reg>.</p></sp>
<sp who="AJ"><speaker>Pist</speaker>
	<l> These be good <reg orig="humors">humours</reg> <reg orig="indeede">indeed</reg>, <reg orig="shal">shall</reg> pack-horses, and</l>
<l>hollow <reg orig="pamperd">pampered</reg> <reg orig="iades">jades</reg> of Asia which&H61; cannot <reg orig="goe">go</reg> but <reg orig="thirtie">thirty</reg></l>
<l>mile a day, compare with Cæsars and with <reg orig="Canibals">Cannibals</reg>, and <reg orig="troiant">trojan</reg> <reg orig="Greekes">Greeks</reg>? nay rather <reg orig="damne">damn</reg> them with King Cerberus, and</l>
<l>let the Welkin <reg orig="roare">roar</reg>, shall we&Htp; fall <reg orig="foule">foul</reg> for&H4; <reg orig="toies">toys</reg>?</l></sp>
<sp who="O"><speaker>Host.</speaker>
	<p> By&H4; my troth <reg orig="captaine">captain</reg>, these are very bitter words.</p></sp>
<sp who="AI"><speaker>Bard.</speaker>
	<p> Be gone good Ancient, this will&H1; grow to&H4; a <reg orig="brawle">brawl</reg><lb/>
<sp who="AJ"><speaker>Pist.</speaker>
	<l> Men like&H4; <reg orig="dogges">dogs</reg> <reg orig="giue">give</reg> <reg orig="crownes">crowns</reg> like&H4; pins, <reg orig="haue">have</reg> we&Htp; not</l>
<l><reg orig="Hiren">Hired</reg> here?</l></sp>
<sp who="O"><speaker>Host.</speaker>
	<p> A my word <reg orig="Captaine">Captain</reg>, <reg orig="theres">there is</reg> none such here, what<lb/>
the <reg orig="goodyeare">good year</reg> do you <reg orig="thinke">think</reg> I would <reg orig="denie">deny</reg> her&H6;? for&H4; Gods sake<lb/>
be quiet.</p></sp>
<sp who="AJ"><speaker>Pist.</speaker>
	<l> Then feed and be fat, my <reg orig="faire">fair</reg> Calipolis, come <reg orig="giues">gives</reg></l>
<l>some <reg orig="sacke">sack</reg>,  si fortune me <reg orig="tormente">torment</reg> sperato me contento, <reg orig="feare">fear</reg> we&Htp;</l>
<l><reg orig="brode">broad</reg> sides? no&H7;, let the fiend <reg orig="giue">give</reg> fire, <reg orig="giue">give</reg> me some <reg orig="sacke">sack</reg>, and</l>
<l>sweet <reg orig="hart">heart</reg>, lie thou there, come we&Htp; to&H4; <reg orig="ful">full</reg> points here? and are <reg orig="&">and</reg></l>
<l>cæteraes, <reg orig="no things">nothings</reg>?</l></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Falst.</speaker>
	<p> Pistol, I would be quiet.</p></sp>
<sp who="AJ"><speaker>Pist.</speaker>
	<p> Sweet Knight, I <reg orig="kisse">kiss</reg> thy neaffe, what, we&Htp; <reg orig="haue">have</reg> <reg orig="seene">seen</reg><lb/>
the <reg orig="seuen">seven</reg> <reg orig="starres">stars</reg>.</p></sp>
<sp who="AR"><speaker>Dol.</speaker>
	<p> For&H4; Gods sake thrust him down <reg orig="staires">stairs</reg>, I cannot <reg orig="indure">endure</reg><lb/>
such a fustian <reg orig="rascall">rascal</reg>.</p></sp>
<sp who="AJ"><speaker>Pist</speaker>
	<p> Thrust him <reg orig="downe">down</reg> <reg orig="staires">stairs</reg>, know we&Htp; not Galloway<lb/>
<reg orig="nagges">nags</reg>?</p></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Falst.</speaker>
	<p> <reg orig="Quaite">Quiet</reg> him <reg orig="downe">down</reg> Bardolfe like&H4; a <reg orig="shoue-groat">shove groat</reg> shilling, nay, 
		<reg orig="and">if</reg> <reg orig="a">he</reg> <reg orig="doe">do</reg> nothing but <reg orig="speake">speak</reg> nothing, <reg orig="a">he</reg> shall be nothing here.</p></sp>
<sp who="AI"><speaker>Bard.</speaker>
	<p> Come, get you <reg orig="downe">down</reg> <reg orig="staires">stairs</reg>.</p></sp>
<sp who="AJ"><speaker>Pist.</speaker>
	<l> What shall we&Htp; <reg orig="haue">have</reg> incision? shall we&Htp; <reg orig="imbrew">imbrue</reg>? then</l>
<l>death <reg orig="rocke">rock</reg> me <reg orig="a sleepe">asleep</reg>, abridge my <reg orig="dolefull">doleful</reg> <reg orig="daies">days</reg>: why then</l>
<l>let <reg orig="grieuons">grievous</reg> <reg orig="gastly">ghastly</reg> gaping wounds <reg orig="vntwinde">untwined</reg> the sisters three,</l>
<l>come Atropose I say.</l></sp>
<sp who="O"><speaker>Host.</speaker>
	<p> <reg orig="Heres">Here is</reg> goodly <reg orig="stuffe">stuff</reg> toward.</p></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Falst.</speaker>
	<p> <reg orig="Giue">Give</reg> me my rapier, boy.</p></sp>
<sp who="AR"><speaker>Dol</speaker>
	<p> I pray thee Iacke, I pray thee do not <reg orig="drawe">draw</reg>.</p></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Fal.</speaker>
	<p> Get you <reg orig="downe">down</reg> <reg orig="staires">stairs</reg>.</p></sp>
<sp who="O"><speaker>Host.</speaker>
	<p> <reg orig="Heres">Here is</reg> a goodly tumult, <reg orig="ile">I will&H1;</reg> <reg orig="forsweare">forswear</reg> keeping house 
		afore <reg orig="ile">I will&H1;</reg> be in&H4; these tirrits and frights, so&H3;, murder I <reg orig="warant">warrant</reg> now,<lb/>
alas, alas, put <reg orig="vp">up&H5;</reg> your naked weapons, put <reg orig="vp">up&H5;</reg> your naked weapons. </p></sp>
<sp who="AR"><speaker>Dol.</speaker>
	<p> I pray thee Iack be quiet, the <reg orig="rascal's">rascal is</reg> gone, ah you <reg orig="horson">whoreson</reg> little <reg orig="vliaunt">valiant</reg> <reg orig="villaine">villain</reg> you.</p></sp>
<sp who="O"><speaker>Host.</speaker>
	<p> Are you not <reg orig="hurte">hurt</reg> <reg orig="i'th">in&H4; the</reg> <reg orig="groyne">groin</reg>? <reg orig="me thought">methought</reg> <reg orig="a">he</reg> made a<lb/>
shrewd thrust at your belly.</p></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Fal.</speaker>
	<p> <reg orig="Haue">Have</reg> you <reg orig="turnd">turned</reg> him out <reg orig="a">of</reg> <reg orig="doores">doors</reg>?</p></sp>
<sp who="AI"><speaker>Bar.</speaker>
	<p> Yea sir, the <reg orig="rascal's">rascal is</reg> <reg orig="drunke">drunk</reg>, you <reg orig="haue">have</reg> hurt him sir <reg orig="i'th">in&H4; the</reg><lb/>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Fal.</speaker>
	<p> A <reg orig="rascall">rascal</reg> to&H9; <reg orig="braue">brave</reg> me?</p></sp>
<sp who="AR"><speaker>Dol</speaker>
	<p> A you sweet little rogue you, alas <reg orig="poore">poor</reg> ape how thou<lb/>
<reg orig="sweatst">sweatest</reg>, come let me wipe thy face, come on&H5; you <reg orig="horsone">whoreson</reg><lb/>
chops: a rogue, <reg orig="yfaith">i'faith</reg> I <reg orig="loue">love</reg> thee, thou art as valorous as Hector of Troy, 
		<reg orig="woorth">worth</reg> <reg orig="fiue">five</reg> of Agamemnon, <reg orig="&">and</reg> ten times better<lb/>
<reg orig="then">than</reg> the nine Worthies, a <reg orig="villaine">villain</reg>!</p></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Fal.</speaker>
	<p> Ah rascally <reg orig="slaue">slave</reg>! I will <reg orig="tosse">toss</reg> the rogue in&H4; a blanket.</p></sp>
<sp who="AR"><speaker>Dol</speaker>
	<p> Do and thou <reg orig="darst">darest</reg> for&H4; thy heart, <reg orig="and">if</reg> thou dost, 
		<reg orig="ile">I will&H1;</reg> <reg orig="canuas">canvas</reg> thee <reg orig="betweene">between</reg> a <reg orig="payre">pair</reg> of <reg orig="sheetes">sheets</reg>.</p></sp>
<sp who="BC"><speaker>Boy</speaker>
	<p> The <reg orig="musique">music</reg> is come sir.</p></sp> 
	<stage>enter musicke.</stage>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Fal.</speaker>
	<p> Let them play, play sirs, sit on&H4; my knee Doll, a <reg orig="rascall">rascal</reg><lb/>
bragging <reg orig="slaue">slave</reg>! the rogue fled from me like&H4; <reg orig="quicksiluer">quicksilver</reg>.</p></sp>
<sp who="AR"><speaker>Dol</speaker>
	<p> <reg orig="Yfaith">I'faith</reg> and thou <reg orig="followdst">followedest</reg> him like&H4; a church, thou<lb/>
<reg orig="horson">whoreson</reg> little tydee Bartholemew <reg orig="borepigge">boar-pig</reg>, when wilt thou<lb/>
<reg orig="leaue">leave</reg> fighting <reg orig="a daies">a-days</reg> and <reg orig="foyning">foining</reg> <reg orig="a nights">a-nights</reg>, and begin to&H9; patch<lb/>
<reg orig="vp">up&H5;</reg> thine old body for&H4; <reg orig="heauen">heaven</reg>. </p></sp>
<stage>Enter Prince and Poynes.</stage>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Fal</speaker>
	<p> Peace good Doll, do not <reg orig="speake">speak</reg> like&H4; a <reg orig="deathes">deaths</reg> head, do<lb/>
not bid me remember mine end.</p></sp>
<sp who="AR"><speaker>Dol</speaker>
	<p> <reg orig="Sirra">Sirrah</reg>, what <reg orig="humour's">humour is</reg> the prince of?</p></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Fal.</speaker>
	<p> A good shallow <reg orig="yong">young</reg> fellow, <reg orig="a">he</reg> would <reg orig="haue">have</reg> made a<lb/>
good pantler, <reg orig="a">he</reg> would <reg orig="a">have</reg> <reg orig="chipt">chipped</reg> bread <reg orig="wel">well</reg>.</p></sp>
<sp who="AR"><speaker>Dol</speaker>
	<p> They say Poines has a good wit.</p></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Fal.</speaker>
	<p> He a good wit? hang him baboon, his <reg orig="wit's">wit is</reg> as <reg orig="thicke">thick</reg><lb/>
as Tewksbury mustard, <reg orig="theres">there is</reg> no&H2; more conceit in him <reg orig="then">than</reg> is<lb/>
in&H4; a mallet.</p></sp>
<sp who="AR"><speaker>Dol</speaker>
	<p> Why does the prince <reg orig="loue">love</reg> him so&H52; then?</p></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Fal.</speaker>
	<p> Because their <reg orig="legges">legs</reg> are both of a <reg orig="bignesse">bigness</reg>, and <reg orig="a">he</reg> <reg orig="plaies">plays</reg><lb/>
at <reg orig="quoites">quoits</reg> well, and <reg orig="eates">eats</reg> <reg orig="cunger">conger</reg> and fennel, and <reg orig="drinkes">drinks</reg> off<lb/>
candles <reg orig="endes">ends</reg> for&H4; <reg orig="flappe-dragons">flap dragons</reg>, and rides the <reg orig="wilde">wild</reg> mare<lb/>
with the <reg orig="boyes">boys</reg>, and <reg orig="iumpes">jumps</reg> <reg orig="vpon">upon&H4;</reg> <reg orig="ioynd-stooles">joint-stools</reg>, and <reg orig="sweares">swears</reg><lb/>
with a good grace, and <reg orig="weares">wears</reg> his <reg orig="bootes">boots</reg> very <reg orig="smoothe">smooth</reg> like&H5;<lb/>
<reg orig="vnto">unto</reg> the <reg orig="signe">sign</reg> of the <reg orig="Legge">Leg</reg>, and <reg orig="breedes">breeds</reg> no&H2; bate with telling of discreet stories, 
and such other <reg orig="gambole">gambol</reg> faculties <reg orig="a">he</reg> has<lb/>
that&H61; show a <reg orig="weake">weak</reg> <reg orig="minde">mind</reg>, and an able <reg orig="bodie">body</reg> for&H4; the which the<lb/>
prince admits him: for&H3; the prince himself is such another, the<lb/>
weight of a <reg orig="haire">hair</reg> <reg orig="wil">will&H1;</reg> <reg orig="turne">turn</reg> scales between their haber de poiz.</p></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker>Prince</speaker>
	<p> Would not this <reg orig="naue">nave</reg> of a <reg orig="wheele">wheel</reg> <reg orig="haue">have</reg> his <reg orig="eares">ears</reg> cut<lb/>
<sp who="K"><speaker>Poynes</speaker>
	<p> <reg orig="Lets">Let us&Htp;</reg> <reg orig="beate">beat</reg> him before his whore.</p></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker>Prince</speaker>
	<p> <reg orig="Looke">Look</reg> where the <reg orig="witherd">withered</reg> elder hath not his <reg orig="poule">pole</reg><lb/>
<reg orig="clawd">clawed</reg> like&H4; a parrot.</p></sp>
<sp who="K"><speaker>Poynes</speaker>
	<p> Is it not strange that&H3; desire should so&H51; many <reg orig="yeeres">years</reg><lb/>
out <reg orig="liue">live</reg> performance.</p></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Falst.</speaker>
	<p> <reg orig="Kisse">Kiss</reg> me Doll.</p></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker>Prince</speaker>
	<p> Saturne and Venus this <reg orig="yeere">year</reg> in&H4; <reg orig="coniunction">conjunction</reg>? what<lb/>
<reg orig="saies">says</reg> <reg orig="th'Almanacke">the Almanac</reg> to&H4; that&H62;?</p></sp>
<sp who="K"><speaker>Poyns</speaker>
	<p> And look whether the <reg orig="fierie">fiery</reg> Trigon his man be not<lb/>
lisping to&H4; his master, old tables, his note <reg orig="booke">book</reg>, his counsel keeper?</p></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Falst.</speaker>
	<p> Thou dost <reg orig="giue">give</reg> me flattering busses.</p></sp>
<sp who="AR"><speaker>Dol</speaker>
	<p> By&H4; my troth I <reg orig="kisse">kiss</reg> thee with a most constant heart.</p></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Falst.</speaker>
	<p> I am old, I am old.</p></sp>
<sp who="AR"><speaker>Dol.</speaker>
	<p> I <reg orig="loue">love</reg> thee better <reg orig="then">than</reg> I <reg orig="loue">love</reg>, ere a <reg orig="scuruy">scurvy</reg> <reg orig="yong">young</reg> boy of<lb/>
them all.</p></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Fal.</speaker>
	<p> What <reg orig="stuffe">stuff</reg> wilt <reg orig="haue">have</reg> a kirtle of? I shall <reg orig="receiue">receive</reg> <reg orig="mony">money</reg><lb/>
a thursday, shalt <reg orig="haue">have</reg> a cap <reg orig="to morrow">tomorrow</reg>: a merry song, come it<lb/>
<reg orig="growes">grows</reg> late, <reg orig="weele">we&Htp; will&H1;</reg> to&H4; bed, 
		<reg orig="thou't">thou wilt</reg> forget me when I am gone.</p></sp>
<sp who="AR"><speaker>Dol</speaker>
	<p> By&H4; my troth <reg orig="thou't">thou wilt</reg> set me <reg orig="a weeping">a-weeping</reg> 
		<reg orig="and">if</reg> thou <reg orig="saist">sayst</reg> so&H62;,<lb/>
<reg orig="proue">prove</reg> that&H3; <reg orig="euer">ever</reg> I <reg orig="dresse">dress</reg> <reg orig="my selfe">myself</reg> handsome <reg orig="til">till</reg> thy <reg orig="returne">return</reg>, <reg orig="wel">well</reg><lb/>
hearken <reg orig="a'th">at the</reg> end.</p></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Fal.</speaker>
	<p> Some <reg orig="sacke">sack</reg> Francis.</p></sp>
<sp who="X"><speaker>Prince, Poynes</speaker>
	<p> Anon anon sir.</p></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Falst.</speaker>
	<p> Ha? a bastard <reg orig="sonne">son</reg> of the Kings? and <reg orig="arte">art</reg> not thou<lb/>
Poynes his brother?</p></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker>Prince</speaker>
	<p> Why thou globe of <reg orig="sinfull">sinful</reg> continents, what a life<lb/>
dost thou <reg orig="leade">lead</reg>?</p></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Falst.</speaker>
	<p> A better <reg orig="then">than</reg> thou, I am a gentleman, thou art a<lb/>
<sp who="B"><speaker>Prince</speaker>
	<p> Very true sir, and I come to&H9; <reg orig="drawe">draw</reg> you out by&H4; the<lb/>
<reg orig="eares">ears</reg>.</p></sp>
<sp who="O"><speaker>Host.</speaker>
	<p> O the Lord <reg orig="preserue">preserve</reg> thy grace: by&H4; my troth <reg orig="welcom">welcome</reg><lb/>
to&H4; London, now the Lord <reg orig="blesse">bless</reg> that&H62; <reg orig="sweete">sweet</reg> face of thine, O<lb/>
<reg orig="Iesu">Jesu</reg>, are you come from Wales?</p></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Falst.</speaker>
	<p> Thou <reg orig="horson">whoreson</reg> <reg orig="madde">mad</reg> compound of <reg orig="maiestie">majesty</reg>, by&H4; this<lb/>
light, flesh, and corrupt <reg orig="bloud">blood</reg>, thou art welcome.</p></sp>
<sp who="AR"><speaker>Doll</speaker>
	<p> How? you fat <reg orig="foole">fool</reg> I <reg orig="scorne">scorn</reg> you.</p></sp>
<sp who="K"><speaker>Poynes</speaker>
	<p> My <reg orig="lorde">lord</reg>, he will&H1; <reg orig="driue">drive</reg> you out of your <reg orig="reuenge">revenge</reg>,<lb/>
and <reg orig="turne">turn</reg> all to&H4; a <reg orig="meriment">merriment</reg> if you take not the <reg orig="heate">heat</reg>.</p></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker>Prince</speaker>
	<p> You <reg orig="horson">whoreson</reg> candlemine you, how vildly did you<lb/>
<reg orig="speake">speak</reg> of me now, before this honest, <reg orig="vertuous">virtuous</reg>, <reg orig="ciuill">civil</reg> gentlewoman? </p></sp>
<sp who="O"><speaker>Host.</speaker>
	<p> Gods blessing of your good heart, and so&H52; she is by&H4; my<lb/>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Falst.</speaker>
	<p> Didst thou <reg orig="heare">hear</reg> me?</p></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker>Prince</speaker>
	<p> Yea and you knew me as you did, when you <reg orig="ranne">ran</reg><lb/>
away by&H4; Gadshil, you knew I was at your <reg orig="backe">back</reg>, and spoke it,<lb/>
on&H4; purpose to&H9; <reg orig="trie">try</reg> my patience.</p></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Falst.</speaker>
	<p> No&H7;, no&H7;, no&H7;, not so&H52;, I did not <reg orig="thinke">think</reg> thou wast within<lb/>
<sp who="B"><speaker>Prince</speaker>
	<p> I shall <reg orig="driue">drive</reg> you then to&H9; <reg orig="confesse">confess</reg> the <reg orig="wilfull">wilful</reg> abuse,<lb/>
and then I know how to&H9; handle you.</p></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Falst.</speaker>
	<p> No&H2; abuse Hall <reg orig="a">on&H4;</reg> mine honour, no&H2; abuse.</p></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker>Prince</speaker>
	<p> Not to&H9; dispraise me, and <reg orig="cal">call</reg> me pantler and breadchipper, and I know not what?</p></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Fal.</speaker>
	<p> No&H2; abuse Hall.</p></sp>
<sp who="K"><speaker>Poynes</speaker>
	<p> No&H2; abuse?</p></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Falst</speaker>
	<p> No&H2; abuse Ned <reg orig="i'th">in&H4; the</reg> <reg orig="worlde">world</reg>, honest Ned, none, I <reg orig="dispraisde">dispraised</reg> him 
		before the wicked, that&H3; the wicked might not fall<lb/>
in&H4; <reg orig="loue">love</reg> with thee: in&H4; which&H61; doing, I <reg orig="haue">have</reg> done the part of a<lb/>
<reg orig="carefull">careful</reg> friend and a true <reg orig="subiect">subject</reg>, and thy father is to&H9; <reg orig="giue">give</reg> me<lb/>
<reg orig="thankes">thanks</reg> for&H4; it, no&H2; abuse Hall, none Ned, none, no&H7; faith <reg orig="boyes">boys</reg><lb/>
<sp who="B"><speaker>Prince</speaker>
	<p> See now whether pure <reg orig="feare">fear</reg> and <reg orig="intire">entire</reg> <reg orig="cowardize">cowardice</reg>,<lb/>
doth not make thee wrong this virtuous gentlewoman to&H9; close<lb/>
with <reg orig="vs">us&Hrp;</reg>: is she of the wicked, is thine <reg orig="hostesse">hostess</reg> here of the wicked, 
or is thy boy of the wicked, or honest Bardolfe whose zeal<lb/>
<reg orig="burnes">burns</reg> in&H4; his nose of the wicked?</p></sp>
<sp who="K"><speaker>Poynes</speaker>
	<p> Answer thou dead <reg orig="elme">elm</reg>, answer.</p></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Falst.</speaker>
	<p> The fiend hath <reg orig="prickt">pricked</reg> down Bardolfe <reg orig="irrecouerable">irrecoverable</reg>,<lb/>
and his face is Lucifers <reg orig="priuy">privy</reg> <reg orig="kitchin">kitchen</reg>, where he doth nothing<lb/>
but <reg orig="rost">roast</reg> <reg orig="mault-worms">moult-worms</reg>, for&H3; the boy there is a good angel about<lb/>
him, but the <reg orig="diuel">devil</reg> blinds him too.</p></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker>Prince</speaker>
	<p> For&H4; the <reg orig="weomen">women</reg>.</p></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Falst.</speaker>
	<p> For&H4; one of them <reg orig="shees">she is</reg> in&H4; hell already, and <reg orig="burnes">burns</reg><lb/>
<reg orig="poore">poor</reg> <reg orig="soules">souls</reg>: for&H4; <reg orig="th'other">the other</reg> I owe her&H6; <reg orig="mony">money</reg>, and whether she be<lb/>
<reg orig="damnd">damned</reg> for&H4; that&H62; I know not.</p></sp>
<sp who="O"><speaker>Host.</speaker>
	<p> No&H7; I warrant you.</p></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Falst.</speaker>
	<p> No&H7; I <reg orig="thinke">think</reg> thou art not, I <reg orig="thinke">think</reg> thou art quit for&H4;<lb/>
that&H62;, <reg orig="mary">marry</reg> there is another <reg orig="inditement">indictment</reg> <reg orig="vpon">upon&H4;</reg> thee, for&H4; suffering<lb/>
flesh to&H9; be eaten in&H4; thy house, contrary to&H4; the law, for&H4; the which&H61;<lb/>
I <reg orig="thinke">think</reg> thou wilt <reg orig="howle">howl</reg>.</p></sp>
<sp who="O"><speaker>Host.</speaker>
	<p> <reg orig="Al">All</reg> <reg orig="vitlars">vittlers</reg> do so&H52;, <reg orig="whats">what is</reg> a <reg orig="ioynt">joint</reg> of mutton or two in&H4; a<lb/>
whole Lent?</p></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker>Prince</speaker>
	<p> You gentlewoman.</p></sp>
<sp who="AR"><speaker>Dol.</speaker>
	<p> What <reg orig="saies">says</reg> your grace?</p></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Fal.</speaker>
	<p> His grace <reg orig="saies">says</reg> that&H62; which&H61; his flesh rebels against. </p></sp>
<stage>Peyto knockes at doore.</stage>
<sp who="O"><speaker>Host.</speaker><p> Who&H62; <reg orig="knockes">knocks</reg> so&H51; <reg orig="lowd">loud</reg> at <reg orig="doore">door</reg>? 
	<reg orig="looke">look</reg> <reg orig="too'th">to&H4; the</reg> <reg orig="doore">door</reg><lb/>
there Francis.</p></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker>Prince</speaker>
	<p> Peyto, how now, what <reg orig="newes">news</reg>?</p></sp>
<sp who="AK"><speaker>Peyto</speaker>
	<l> The King your father is at Weminster,</l>
<l>And there are twenty <reg orig="weake">weak</reg> and wearied <reg orig="postes">posts</reg>,</l>
<l>Come from the North, and as I came along</l>
<l>I met and <reg orig="ouertooke">overtook</reg> a dozen <reg orig="captaines">captains</reg>,</l>
<l>Bareheaded, sweating, knocking at the <reg orig="Tauernes">Taverns</reg>,</l>
<l>And asking <reg orig="euery">every</reg> one for&H4; sir Iohn Falstaffe.</l></sp>

	<sp who="B"><speaker>Prince</speaker>
<l>By&H4; <reg orig="heauen">heaven</reg> Poines, I feele me much too blame,</l>
<l>So&H51; <reg orig="idely">idly</reg> to&H9; <reg orig="prophane">profane</reg> the precious time,</l>
<l>When tempest of commotion like&H4; the south,</l>
<l>Borne with <reg orig="blacke">black</reg> vapour, doth begin to&H9; melt,</l>
<l>And drop <reg orig="vpon">upon&H4;</reg> our&Htp; bare <reg orig="vnarmed">unarmed</reg> heads,</l>
<l><reg orig="Giue">Give</reg> me my sword and <reg orig="cloke">cloak</reg>: Falstaffe, good night. </l></sp>
<stage>Exeunt Prince and Poynes.</stage>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Fal.</speaker>
	<p> Now comes in&H5; the sweetest <reg orig="morsell">morsel</reg> of the night, <reg orig="&">and</reg> we&Htp;<lb/>
must hence and <reg orig="leaue">leave</reg> it <reg orig="vnpickt">unpicked</reg>: more knocking at the <reg orig="doore">door</reg>?<lb/>
how now, <reg orig="whats">what is</reg> the matter?</p></sp>
<sp who="AI"><speaker>Bar.</speaker>
	<l> You must away to&H4; court sir presently,</l>
<l>A dozen <reg orig="captaines">captains</reg> stay at <reg orig="doore">door</reg> for&H4; you.</l></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Fal.</speaker>
	<p> Pay the <reg orig="musitians">musicians</reg> <reg orig="sirra">sirrah</reg>, <reg orig="farewel">farewell</reg> <reg orig="hostesse">hostess</reg>, <reg orig="farewel">farewell</reg> Dol,<lb/>
you see (my good wenches) how men of merit are sought after, the <reg orig="vndeseruer">undeserver</reg> may <reg orig="sleepe">sleep</reg>, when the man of action is <reg orig="calld">called</reg><lb/>
on&H5;, farewell good wenches, if I <reg orig="bee">be</reg> not sent away <reg orig="poste">post</reg>, I will&H1;<lb/>
see you <reg orig="againe">again</reg> ere I <reg orig="goe">go</reg>.</p></sp>
<sp who="AR"><speaker>Dol.</speaker>
	<p> I cannot <reg orig="speake">speak</reg>: if my heart be not ready to&H9; burst: <reg orig="wel">well</reg><lb/>
<reg orig="sweete">sweet</reg> Iacke <reg orig="haue">have</reg> a care of <reg orig="thy selfe">thyself</reg>.</p></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Fal.</speaker>
	<p> Farewell, farewell.</p></sp> 
<sp who="O"><speaker>Host.</speaker>
	<p> Well, fare thee well, I <reg orig="haue">have</reg> <reg orig="knowne">known</reg> thee these twenty<lb/>
nine <reg orig="yeares">years</reg>, come pease-cod time, but an honester, and truer<lb/>
hearted man: <reg orig="wel">well</reg>, fare thee <reg orig="wel">well</reg>.</p></sp>
<sp who="AI"><speaker>Bard.</speaker>
	<p> <reg orig="Mistris">Mistress</reg> Tere-sheete. </p></sp>
<sp who="O"><speaker>Host.</speaker>
	<p> <reg orig="Whats">What is</reg> the matter?</p></sp>
<sp who="AI"><speaker>Bard.</speaker>
	<p> Bid <reg orig="mistris">mistress</reg> Tere-sheete come to&H4; my master.</p></sp>
<sp who="O"><speaker>Host.</speaker>
	<p> O <reg orig="runne">run</reg> Doll, <reg orig="runne">run</reg>, <reg orig="runne">run</reg> good Doll, come, she<lb/>
comes <reg orig="blubberd">blubbered</reg>,</p></sp> 
	<sp who="AI"><speaker></speaker>
		<p>yea! will you come Doll?</p></sp>

<div1 n="3" type="act">
<div2 n="1" type="scene">
<stage>Enter the King in his night-gowne 
<sp who="A"><speaker>King</speaker>
	<l> Go call the <reg orig="Earles">Earls</reg> of Surrey and of War.</l>
<l>But ere they come, bid them <reg orig="o're-reade">over-read</reg> these letters,</l>
<l>And well consider of them, make good speed.</l>
<l>How many thousand of my poorest <reg orig="subiects">subjects</reg>,</l>
<l>Are at this <reg orig="howre">hour</reg> <reg orig="asleepe">asleep</reg>? O <reg orig="sleepe">sleep</reg>! O gentle sleep!</l>
<l>Natures soft nurse, how <reg orig="haue">have</reg> I frighted thee,</l>
<l>That&H3; thou no&H2; more wilt weigh my <reg orig="eye-liddes">eye-lids</reg> <reg orig="downe">down</reg>,</l>
<l>And steep my <reg orig="sences">senses</reg> in&H4; <reg orig="forgetfulnesse">forgetfulness</reg>,</l>
<l>Why rather <reg orig="sleepe">sleep</reg> liest thou in&H4; <reg orig="smoaky">smoky</reg> <reg orig="cribbes">cribs</reg>,</l>
<l><reg orig="Vpon">Upon&H4;</reg> <reg orig="vneasie">uneasy</reg> pallets stretching thee,</l>
<l>And <reg orig="husht">hushed</reg> with buzzing night-flies to&H4; thy slumber,</l>
<l>Then in&H4; the <reg orig="perfumde">perfumed</reg> chambers of the great,</l>
<l><reg orig="Vnder">Under</reg> the canopies of costly state,</l>
<l>And <reg orig="lulld">lulled</reg> with sound of sweetest melody?</l>
<l>O thou dull god, why <reg orig="li'ste">list</reg> thou with the vile</l>
<l>In&H4; <reg orig="lothsome">loathsome</reg> beds, and <reg orig="leauest">leavest</reg> the kingly couch,</l>
<l>A watch-case, or a common larum bell?</l>
<l>Wilt thou <reg orig="vpon">upon&H4;</reg> the high and giddy <reg orig="masse">mass</reg>,</l>
<l><reg orig="Seale">Seal</reg> <reg orig="vp">up&H5;</reg> the <reg orig="ship-boies">shipboys</reg> <reg orig="eies">eyes</reg>, and <reg orig="rocke">rock</reg> his <reg orig="braines">brains</reg>,</l>
<l>In&H4; cradle of the rude imperious surge,</l>
<l>And in&H4; the visitation of the winds,</l>
<l>Who&H61; take the ruffian <reg orig="pillowes">pillows</reg> by&H4; the top,</l>
<l>Curling their monstrous heads, and hanging them</l>
<l>With <reg orig="deaffing">deafening</reg> clamour in&H4; the slippery clouds,</l>
<l>That&H3; with the hurly death <reg orig="it selfe">itself</reg> awakes?</l>
<l>Canst thou, O <reg orig="partiall">partial</reg> <reg orig="sleepe">sleep</reg>, <reg orig="giue">give</reg> them repose,</l>
<l>To&H4; the wet season in&H4; an <reg orig="howre">hour</reg> so&H51; rude,</l>
<l>And in&H4; the calmest, and most stillest night,</l>
<l>With <reg orig="al">all</reg> appliances and <reg orig="meanes">means</reg> to&H4; <reg orig="boote">boot</reg>,</l>
<l>Deny it to&H4; a King? then (happy) low lie <reg orig="downe">down</reg>,</l>
<l><reg orig="Vneasie">Uneasy</reg> lies the head that&H61; <reg orig="weares">wears</reg> a <reg orig="crowne">crown</reg>.</l></sp>
<stage>Enter Warwike, Surry, and sir Iohn Blunt.</stage>
<sp who="F"><speaker>War.</speaker>
	<l> Many good <reg orig="morrowes">morrows</reg> to&H4; your <reg orig="maiestie">majesty</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker>King</speaker>
	<l> Is it good morrow lords?</l></sp>
<sp who="F"><speaker>War.</speaker>
	<l> <reg orig="Tis">It is</reg> one <reg orig="a clocke">o'clock</reg>, and past.</l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker>King</speaker>
	<l> Why then good morrow to&H4; you all my lords.</l>
<l><reg orig="Haue">Have</reg> you read <reg orig="ore">over</reg> the letter that&H61; I sent you?</l></sp>
<sp who="F"><speaker>War.</speaker>
	<l> We&Htp; <reg orig="haue">have</reg> my liege.</l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker>King</speaker>
	<l> Then you <reg orig="perceiue">perceive</reg> the body of our&Hrp; <reg orig="kingdome">kingdom</reg>,</l>
<l>How <reg orig="foule">foul</reg> it is, what <reg orig="rancke">rank</reg> diseases grow,</l>
<l>And with what danger <reg orig="neare">near</reg> the heart of it.</l></sp>
<sp who="F"><speaker>War.</speaker>
	<l> It is but as a body yet distempered,</l>
<l>Which&H61; to&H4; his former strength may be restored,</l>
<l>With good <reg orig="aduise">advice</reg> and little medicine,</l>
<l>My Lord Northumberland <reg orig="wil">will&H1;</reg> <reg orig="soone">soon</reg> be <reg orig="coold">cooled</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker>King</speaker>
	<l> O God that&H3; one might <reg orig="reade">read</reg> the <reg orig="booke">book</reg> of fate,</l>
<l>And see the <reg orig="reuolution">revolution</reg> of the times,</l>
<l>Make <reg orig="mountaines">mountains</reg> <reg orig="leuell">level</reg>, and the continent</l>
<l>Weary of <reg orig="solide">solid</reg> <reg orig="firmenesse">firmness</reg> melt <reg orig="it selfe">itself</reg></l>
<l>Into the sea, and other times to&H9; see,</l>
<l>The <reg orig="beachie">beachy</reg> girdle of the ocean,</l>
<l>Too wide for&H4; Neptunes hips, how chances <reg orig="mockes">mocks</reg>,</l>
<l>And changes fill the cup of alteration,</l>
<l>With <reg orig="diuers">divers</reg> liquors! O if this were <reg orig="seene">seen</reg>,</l>
<l>The happiest youth viewing his <reg orig="progresse">progress</reg> through,</l>
<l>What <reg orig="perills">perils</reg> past, what crosses to&H9; ensue?</l>
<l>Would shut the <reg orig="booke">book</reg> and sit him <reg orig="downe">down</reg> and die:</l>
<l><reg orig="Tis">It is</reg> not ten <reg orig="yeeres">years</reg> gone,</l>
<l>Since Richard and Northumberland great friends,</l>
<l>Did feast <reg orig="togither">together</reg>, and in&H4; two <reg orig="yeare">year</reg> after,</l>
<l>Were they at <reg orig="warres">wars</reg>: it is but eight <reg orig="yeares">years</reg> since,</l>
<l>This Percie was the man <reg orig="neerest">nearest</reg> my <reg orig="soule">soul</reg>,</l>
<l>Who&H61; like&H4; a brother <reg orig="toyld">toiled</reg> in&H4; my <reg orig="affaires">affairs</reg>;</l>
<l>And <reg orig="laied">laid</reg> his <reg orig="loue">love</reg> and life <reg orig="vnder">under</reg> my <reg orig="foote">foot</reg>,</l>
<l>Yea for&H4; my sake, <reg orig="euen">even</reg> to&H4; the eyes of Richard,</l>
<l><reg orig="Gaue">Gave</reg> him <reg orig="defyance">defiance</reg>: but which&H62; of you was by&H5;?</l>
<l>You <reg orig="cousen">cousin</reg> Neuel, (as I may remember)</l>
<l>When Richard with his <reg orig="eye-brimme">eye brim</reg> full of <reg orig="teares">tears</reg>,</l>
<l>Then <reg orig="checkt">checked</reg> and rated by&H4; Northumberland,</l>
<l>Did <reg orig="speake">speak</reg> these <reg orig="wordes">words</reg> now <reg orig="proou'd">proved</reg> a <reg orig="prophecie">prophecy</reg>:</l>
<l>Northumberland, thou ladder by&H4; the which&H61;</l>
<l>My <reg orig="cousen">cousin</reg> Bolingbrooke ascends my throne,</l>
<l>(Though then (God <reg orig="knowes">knows</reg>) I had no&H2; such intent,</l>
<l>But that&H3; <reg orig="necessitie">necessity</reg> so&H51; bowed the state,</l>
<l>That&H3; I and <reg orig="greatnesse">greatness</reg> were <reg orig="compeld">compelled</reg> to&H9; <reg orig="kisse">kiss</reg>.)</l>
<l>The time shall come, thus did he follow it,</l>
<l>The time <reg orig="wil">will&H1;</reg> come, that&H3; <reg orig="foule">foul</reg> sin gathering head,</l>
<l>Shall <reg orig="breake">break</reg> into corruption: so&H52; went on&H5;,</l>
<l><reg orig="Fortelling">Foretelling</reg> this same times condition,</l>
<l>And the <reg orig="deuision">division</reg> of our&Htp; <reg orig="amitie">amity</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="F"><speaker>War.</speaker>
	<l> There is a <reg orig="historie">history</reg> in&H4; all <reg orig="mens">men's</reg> <reg orig="liues">lives</reg>,</l>
<l>Figuring the natures of the times <reg orig="deceast">deceased</reg>:</l>
<l>The which&H61; <reg orig="obseru'd">observed</reg>, a man may <reg orig="prophecie">prophecy</reg>,</l>
<l>With a <reg orig="neere">near</reg> <reg orig="ayme">aim</reg> of the maine chance of things,</l>
<l>As yet not come to&H4; life, who&H61; in&H4; their <reg orig="seedes">seeds</reg>,</l>
<l>And <reg orig="weake">weak</reg> beginning lie <reg orig="intreasured">entreasured</reg>:</l>
<l>Such <reg orig="thinges">things</reg> become the hatch and <reg orig="broode">brood</reg> of time,</l>
<l>And by&H4; the necessary <reg orig="forme">form</reg> of this,</l>
<l>King Richard might create a perfect <reg orig="guesse">guess</reg>,</l>
<l>That&H3; great Northumberland then false to&H4; him,</l>
<l>Would of that&H62; <reg orig="seede">seed</reg> <reg orig="growe">grow</reg> to&H4; a greater <reg orig="falsenesse">falseness</reg>,</l>
<l>Which&H61; should not find a ground to&H9; <reg orig="roote">root</reg> <reg orig="vpon">upon&H5;</reg></l>
<l><reg orig="Vnlesse">Unless</reg> on&H4; you.</l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker>King.</speaker>
	<l> Are these <reg orig="thinges">things</reg> then necessities,</l>
<l>Then let <reg orig="vs">us&Hrp;</reg> meet them like&H4; necessities,</l>
<l>And that&H62; same word <reg orig="euen">even</reg> now cries out on&H4; <reg orig="vs">us&Hrp;</reg>:</l>
<l>They say the Bishop and Northumberland,</l>
<l>Are <reg orig="fiftie">fifty</reg> thousand strong.</l></sp>
<sp who="F"><speaker>War.</speaker>
	<l> It cannot be my Lord,</l>
<l>Rumour doth double like&H4; the voice, and <reg orig="eccho">echo</reg></l>
<l>The numbers of the feared, please it your grace,</l>
<l>To&H9; go to&H4; <reg orig="bedde">bed</reg>: <reg orig="vpon">upon&H4;</reg> my <reg orig="soule">soul</reg>, my Lord,</l>
<l>The Powers that&H61; you <reg orig="alreadie">already</reg> <reg orig="haue">have</reg> sent <reg orig="foorth">forth</reg>,</l>
<l>Shall bring this prise in&H5; very easily:</l>
<l>To&H9; comfort you the more, I <reg orig="haue">have</reg> <reg orig="receiued">received</reg>,</l>
<l>A certain instance that&H3; Glendour is dead:</l>
<l>Your <reg orig="Maiestie">Majesty</reg> hath <reg orig="beene">been</reg> this fortnight ill,</l>
<l>And these <reg orig="vnseasoned">unseasoned</reg> <reg orig="howers">hours</reg> perforce must <reg orig="adde">add</reg></l>
<l><reg orig="Vnto">Unto</reg> your <reg orig="sicknesse">sickness</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker>King.</speaker>
	<l> I will&H1; take your <reg orig="counsaile">counsel</reg>,</l>
<l>And were these inward <reg orig="warres">wars</reg> once out of hand,</l>
<l>We&Hrp; would (<reg orig="deare">dear</reg> Lords) <reg orig="vnto">unto</reg> the holy land.</l></sp> 

<div2 n="2" type="scene">
<stage>Enter Iustice Shallow, and Iustice
<sp who="M"><speaker>Shallow</speaker>
	<p> Come on&H5;, come on&H5;, come on&H5; sir, <reg orig="giue">give</reg> me your<lb/>
hand sir, <reg orig="giue">give</reg> me your hand sir, an early stirrer, by&H4; the <reg orig="Roode">Rood</reg>:<lb/>
and how <reg orig="dooth">doth</reg> my good <reg orig="cosin">cousin</reg> Silens?</p></sp>
<sp who="N"><speaker>Silence</speaker>
	<p> Good morrow good <reg orig="cosin">cousin</reg> Shallow.</p></sp>
<sp who="M"><speaker>Shallow</speaker>
	<p> And how <reg orig="dooth">doth</reg> my <reg orig="coosin">cousin</reg> your <reg orig="bed-fellowe">bed-fellow</reg>?<lb/>
and your <reg orig="fayrest">fairest</reg> daughter and mine, my god-daughter Ellen?</p></sp>
<sp who="N"><speaker>Silens</speaker>
	<p> Alas, a <reg orig="blacke">black</reg> <reg orig="woosel">ouzel</reg>, <reg orig="cosin">cousin</reg> Shallow.</p></sp>
<sp who="M"><speaker>Shallow</speaker>
	<p> By&H4; yea, and no&H5; sir: I dare <reg orig="saye">say</reg> my <reg orig="coosin">cousin</reg> William is become a good <reg orig="scholler">scholar</reg>, 
		he is at Oxford still, is <reg orig="hee">he</reg><lb/>
<sp who="N"><speaker>Silens</speaker>
	<p> <reg orig="Indeede">Indeed</reg> sir to&H4; my cost.</p></sp>
<sp who="M"><speaker>Shallow</speaker>
	<p> <reg orig="A">He</reg> must then to&H4; the <reg orig="Innes">Inns</reg> a court shortly: I was<lb/>
once of Clements <reg orig="Inne">Inn</reg>, where I <reg orig="thinke">think</reg> they will&H1; <reg orig="talke">talk</reg> of mad<lb/>
Shallow yet.</p></sp>
<sp who="N"><speaker>Silens</speaker>
	<p> You were <reg orig="cald">called</reg> Lusty Shallow then, <reg orig="cosin">cousin</reg>.</p></sp>
<sp who="M"><speaker>Shallow</speaker>
	<p> By&H4; the <reg orig="masse">mass</reg> I was <reg orig="cald">called</reg> <reg orig="any thing">anything</reg>, and I would<lb/>
<reg orig="haue">have</reg> done <reg orig="any thing">anything</reg> indeed too, and roundly too: there was<lb/>
I, and little Iohn Doyt of Stafford-shire, and <reg orig="Blacke">Black</reg> George<lb/>
Barnes, and Francis Picke-bone, and Will Squele a Cotsole<lb/>
man, you had not <reg orig="foure">four</reg> such <reg orig="swinge-bucklers">swing-bucklers</reg> in&H4; <reg orig="al">all</reg> the <reg orig="Innes">Inns</reg><lb/>
a court <reg orig="againe">again</reg>: and I may say to&H4; you, we&Htp; knew where the bona<lb/>
robes were, and had the best of them all at <reg orig="commaundement">commandment</reg>:<lb/>
then was Iacke Falstaffe (now sir Iohn) a boy, and Page to&H4;<lb/>
Thomas Mowbray duke of Norffolke.</p></sp>
<sp who="N"><speaker>Silens</speaker>
	<p> <reg orig="Coosin">Cousin</reg>, this sir Iohn that&H61; comes hither <reg orig="anone">anon</reg> about<lb/>
<reg orig="souldiers">soldiers</reg>?</p></sp>
<sp who="M"><speaker>Shall.</speaker>
	<p> The same (sir Iohn) the very same, I see him <reg orig="breake">break</reg><lb/>
Skoggins head at the Court gate, when <reg orig="a">he</reg> was a <reg orig="Cracke">Crack</reg>, not<lb/>
thus high: and the very same day did I fight with one Samson<lb/>
<reg orig="Stockefish">Stock fish</reg> a Fruiterer <reg orig="behinde">behind</reg> Greyes <reg orig="Inne">Inn</reg>: <reg orig="Iesu">Jesu</reg>, <reg orig="Iesu">Jesu</reg>, the<lb/>
mad <reg orig="dayes">days</reg> that&H61; I <reg orig="haue">have</reg> spent! and to&H9; see how many of my <reg orig="olde">old</reg><lb/>
acquaintance are dead.</p></sp>
<sp who="N"><speaker>Silens</speaker>
	<p> We&Htp; shall all follow, <reg orig="coosin">cousin</reg>.</p></sp>
<sp who="M"><speaker>Shal.</speaker>
	<p> <reg orig="Certaine">Certain</reg>, <reg orig="tis">it is</reg> <reg orig="certaine">certain</reg>, very sure, very sure, death (as the<lb/>
Psalmist saith) is <reg orig="certaine">certain</reg> to&H4; all, all shall die. How a good yoke<lb/>
of <reg orig="bullockes">bullocks</reg> at Samforth <reg orig="faire">fair</reg>?</p></sp>
<sp who="N"><speaker>Silens</speaker>
	<p> By&H4; my troth I was not there.</p></sp>
<sp who="M"><speaker>Shal.</speaker>
	<p> Death is <reg orig="certaine">certain</reg>: Is <reg orig="olde">old</reg> Dooble of your <reg orig="towne">town</reg> <reg orig="liuing">living</reg> yet?</p></sp>
<sp who="N"><speaker>Silens</speaker>
	<p> Dead sir.</p></sp>
<sp who="M"><speaker>Shal.</speaker>
	<p> <reg orig="Iesu">Jesu</reg>, <reg orig="Iesu">Jesu</reg>, dead! <reg orig="a">he</reg> drew a good bow, and dead? a shot<lb/>
a fine <reg orig="shoote">shoot</reg>: Iohn a Gaunt <reg orig="loued">loved</reg> him well, and <reg orig="betted">bet</reg> much<lb/>
money on&H4; his head. Dead! <reg orig="a">he</reg> would <reg orig="haue">have</reg> <reg orig="clapt">clapped</reg> <reg orig="ith">in&H4; the</reg> <reg orig="clowt">clout</reg> at<lb/>
<reg orig="twelue">twelve</reg> score, and <reg orig="caried">carried</reg> you a forehand shaft a <reg orig="foureteene">fourteen</reg> and<lb/>
<reg orig="foureteene">fourteen</reg> and a <reg orig="halfe">half</reg>, that&H3; it would <reg orig="haue">have</reg> <reg orig="doone">done</reg> a <reg orig="mans">man's</reg> heart<lb/>
good to&H9; see. How a score of Ewes now?</p></sp>
<sp who="N"><speaker>Silens</speaker>
	<p> Thereafter as they be, a score of good Ewes may be<lb/>
worth <reg orig="tenne">ten</reg> pounds.</p></sp>
<sp who="M"><speaker>Shal.</speaker>
	<p> And is <reg orig="olde">old</reg> Dooble dead?</p></sp>
<sp who="N"><speaker>Silens</speaker>
	<p> <reg orig="Heere">Here</reg> come <reg orig="twoo">two</reg> of sir Iohn Falstaffes men, as I<lb/>
<reg orig="thinke">think</reg>.</p></sp>
<stage>Enter Bardolfe, and one with him.</stage>
<sp who="M"><speaker></speaker>
	<p>Good morrow honest gentlemen.</p></sp>
<sp who="AI"><speaker>Bard.</speaker>
	<p> I beseech you, which&H62; is <reg orig="Iustice">Justice</reg> Shallow?</p></sp>
<sp who="M"><speaker>Shall.</speaker>
	<p> I am Robert Shallow sir, a <reg orig="poore">poor</reg> Esquire of this<lb/>
<reg orig="Countie">County</reg>, and one of the Kings <reg orig="Iustices">Justices</reg> of the Peace: what is<lb/>
your pleasure with me?</p></sp>
<sp who="AI"><speaker>Bard.</speaker>
	<p> My <reg orig="Captaine">Captain</reg>, sir, commends him to&H4; you, my <reg orig="Captaine">Captain</reg> sir Iohn Falstaffe, 
		a tall gentleman, by&H4; <reg orig="heauen">heaven</reg>, and a most<lb/>
gallant Leader.</p></sp>
<sp who="M"><speaker>Shall.</speaker>
	<p> He greets me <reg orig="wel">well</reg>, sir, I knew him a good <reg orig="backsword">back sword</reg><lb/>
man: how doth the good knight? may I <reg orig="aske">ask</reg> how my <reg orig="Ladie">Lady</reg><lb/>
his wife doth?</p></sp>
<sp who="AI"><speaker>Bar.</speaker>
	<p> Sir, pardon, a <reg orig="souldiour">soldier</reg> is better accommodate than<lb/>
with a wife.</p></sp>
<sp who="M"><speaker>Shallow</speaker>
	<p> It is well <reg orig="sayde">said</reg> in&H4; faith sir, and it is well <reg orig="sayde">said</reg> <reg orig="indeede">indeed</reg> too, better accommodated, it is good, yea <reg orig="in deede">indeed</reg> is<lb/>
it, good phrases, are surely, and <reg orig="euer">ever</reg> were, very commendable, accommodated: it comes of accommodo, very good, a<lb/>
good phrase.</p></sp>
<sp who="AI"><speaker>Bardolfe</speaker>
	<p> Pardon me sir, I <reg orig="haue">have</reg> heard the <reg orig="worde">word</reg>, phrase<lb/>
call you it? by&H4; this good day, I <reg orig="knowe">know</reg> not the phrase, but<lb/>
I will&H1; <reg orig="mayntayne">maintain</reg> the <reg orig="worde">word</reg> with my <reg orig="sworde">sword</reg>, to&H9; <reg orig="bee">be</reg> a <reg orig="souldiour-like">soldier-like</reg> word, and a <reg orig="worde">word</reg> of exceeding good command,<lb/>
by&H4; <reg orig="heauen">heaven</reg>: accommodated, that&H62; is, when a man is, as they<lb/>
say, accommodated, or when a man is, <reg orig="beeing">being</reg> whereby, <reg orig="a">he</reg><lb/>
may be thought to&H9; be accommodated, which&H61; is an excellent<lb/>
thing. </p></sp>
<stage>Enter sir Iohn Falstaffe.</stage>
<sp who="M"><speaker>Iust.</speaker>
	<p> It is very <reg orig="iust">just</reg>: <reg orig="looke">look</reg>, here comes good sir Iohn, <reg orig="giue">give</reg><lb/>
me your good hand, <reg orig="giue">give</reg> <reg orig="mee">me</reg> your <reg orig="worshippes">worships</reg> good hand,<lb/>
by&H4; my troth you like&H1; well, and <reg orig="beare">bear</reg> your <reg orig="yeeres">years</reg> very well,<lb/>
welcome good sir Iohn.</p></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Fal.</speaker>
	<p> I am glad to&H9; see you well, good <reg orig="maister">master</reg> Robert Shallow, <reg orig="maister">master</reg> Soccard (as I <reg orig="thinke">think</reg>.)</p></sp>
<sp who="M"><speaker>Shal.</speaker>
	<p> No&H7; sir Iohn, it is my <reg orig="coosin">cousin</reg> Silens, in&H4; commission with<lb/>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Falst.</speaker>
	<p> Good <reg orig="maister">master</reg> Silens, it well befits you should be of<lb/>
the Peace.</p></sp>
<sp who="N"><speaker>Silens</speaker>
	<p> Your good worship is welcome.</p></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Falst.</speaker>
	<p> Fie, this is hot weather (gentlemen) <reg orig="haue">have</reg> you <reg orig="prouided">provided</reg> me <reg orig="heere">here</reg> <reg orig="halfe">half</reg> a dozen sufficient men?</p></sp>
<sp who="M"><speaker>Shal.</speaker>
	<p> <reg orig="Mary">Marry</reg> <reg orig="haue">have</reg> we&Htp; sir, will&H1; you sit?</p></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Falst.</speaker>
	<p> Let me see them I beseech you.</p></sp>
<sp who="M"><speaker>Shall.</speaker>
	<p> <reg orig="Wheres">Where is</reg> the <reg orig="rowle">roll</reg>? <reg orig="wheres">where is</reg> the <reg orig="rowle">roll</reg>? <reg orig="wheres">where is</reg> the<lb/>
<reg orig="rowle">roll</reg>? let me see, let me see, so&H3;, so&H3;, so&H3;, so&H3;, so&H3; (so&H3;, so&H3;) yea <reg orig="mary">marry</reg> sir,<lb/>
Rafe Mouldy, let them <reg orig="appeere">appear</reg> as I call, let them do so&H52;, let them<lb/>
do so&H52;, let me see, where is Mouldy?</p></sp>
<sp who="BD"><speaker>Mouldy</speaker>
	<p> Here <reg orig="and">if</reg> it please you.</p></sp>
<sp who="M"><speaker>Sha.</speaker>
	<p> What think you sir Iohn, a good <reg orig="limbd">limbed</reg> fellow, <reg orig="yong">young</reg>,<lb/>
strong, and of good friends.</p></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Fal.</speaker>
	<p> Is thy name <reg orig="Mouldie">Mouldy</reg>?</p></sp>
<sp who="BD"><speaker>Moul.</speaker>
	<p> Yea, <reg orig="and't">if it</reg> please you.</p></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Fal.</speaker>
	<p> <reg orig="Tis">It is</reg> the more time thou wert <reg orig="vsde">used</reg>.</p></sp>
<sp who="M"><speaker>Shal.</speaker>
	<p> Ha, ha, ha, most excellent <reg orig="yfaith">i'faith</reg>, things that&H61; are mouldy <reg orig="lacke">lack</reg> <reg orig="vse">use</reg>: 
		very singular good, <reg orig="infaith">i'faith</reg> well said sir Iohn, very<lb/>
well said.</p></sp> 
	<stage>Iohn prickes him. </stage>
<sp who="BD"><speaker>Moul.</speaker>
	<p> I was <reg orig="prickt">pricked</reg> <reg orig="wel">well</reg> enough before, and you could <reg orig="haue">have</reg><lb/>
let me alone, my old dame will&H1; be <reg orig="vndone">undone</reg> now for&H4; one to&H9; <reg orig="doe">do</reg><lb/>
her&H2; <reg orig="husbandrie">husbandry</reg>, and her&H2; drudgery, you need not to&H9; <reg orig="haue">have</reg> <reg orig="prickt">pricked</reg><lb/>
me, there are other men fitter to&H9; go out <reg orig="then">than</reg> I.</p></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Fal.</speaker>
	<p> Go to&H5;, peace Mouldy, you shall go, Mouldy it is time<lb/>
you were spent.</p></sp>
<sp who="BD"><speaker>Moul.</speaker>
	<p> Spent?</p></sp>
<sp who="M"><speaker>Shal.</speaker>
	<p> Peace fellow, peace, stand aside, know you where you<lb/>
are? for&H4; <reg orig="th'other">the other</reg> sir Iohn: let me see Simon Shadow.</p></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Fal.</speaker>
	<p> Yea <reg orig="mary">marry</reg>, let me <reg orig="haue">have</reg> him to&H9; sit <reg orig="vnder">under</reg>, <reg orig="hees">he is</reg> like&H5; to&H9; be<lb/>
a cold <reg orig="soldiour">soldier</reg>.</p></sp>
<sp who="M"><speaker>Shal.</speaker>
	<p> <reg orig="Wheres">Where is</reg> Shadow?</p></sp>
<sp who="BE"><speaker>Shad.</speaker>
	<p> Here sir.</p></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Fal.</speaker>
	<p> Shadow, whose <reg orig="sonne">son</reg> art thou?</p></sp>
<sp who="BE"><speaker>Shad.</speaker>
	<p> My mothers <reg orig="sonne">son</reg> sir.</p></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Fal.</speaker>
	<p> Thy mothers <reg orig="sonne">son</reg>! like&H5; enough, and thy fathers shadow, 
		so&H3; the <reg orig="sonne">son</reg> of the female is the shadow of the male: it is<lb/>
often so&H52; <reg orig="indeede">indeed</reg>, but much of the fathers substance.</p></sp>
<sp who="M"><speaker>Shal.</speaker>
	<p> Do you like&H1; him sir Iohn?</p></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Fal.</speaker>
	<p> Shadow <reg orig="wil">will&H1;</reg> <reg orig="serue">serve</reg> for&H4; summer, <reg orig="pricke">prick</reg> him, for&H3; we&Htp; <reg orig="haue">have</reg><lb/>
a number of <reg orig="shadowes">shadows</reg>, fill <reg orig="vp">up&H5;</reg> the muster <reg orig="booke">book</reg>.</p></sp>
<sp who="M"><speaker>Shal.</speaker>
	<p> Thomas Wart.</p></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Fal.</speaker>
	<p> <reg orig="Wheres">Where is</reg> he?</p></sp>
<sp who="BF"><speaker>Wart</speaker>
	<p> Here sir.</p></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Fal.</speaker>
	<p> Is thy name Wart?</p></sp>
<sp who="BF"><speaker>Wart</speaker>
	<p> Yea sir.</p></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Fal.</speaker>
	<p> Thou art a very ragged wart.</p></sp>
<sp who="M"><speaker>Shal.</speaker>
	<p> Shall I <reg orig="pricke">prick</reg> him sir Iohn?</p></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Fal.</speaker>
	<p> It were superfluous, for&H3; <reg orig="apparell">apparel</reg> is built <reg orig="vpon">upon&H4;</reg> his back,<lb/>
and the whole frame stands <reg orig="vpon">upon&H4;</reg> pins, <reg orig="pricke">prick</reg> him no&H2; more.</p></sp>
<sp who="M"><speaker>Shal.</speaker>
	<p> Ha, ha, ha, you can do it sir, you can do it, I commend<lb/>
you well: Francis Feeble.</p></sp>
<sp who="BG"><speaker>Feeble</speaker>
	<p> Here sir.</p></sp>
<sp who="M"><speaker>Shal.</speaker>
	<p> What trade art thou Feeble?</p></sp>
<sp who="BG"><speaker>Feeble</speaker>
	<p> A <reg orig="womans">woman's</reg> <reg orig="tailer">tailor</reg> sir.</p></sp>
<sp who="M"><speaker>Shal.</speaker>
	<p> Shall I <reg orig="pricke">prick</reg> him sir?</p></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Fal.</speaker>
	<p> You may, but if he had <reg orig="bin">been</reg> a <reg orig="mans">man's</reg> <reg orig="tailer">tailor</reg> <reg orig="hee'd a">he would have</reg> <reg orig="prickt">pricked</reg><lb/>
you: wilt thou make as <reg orig="manie">many</reg> holes in&H4; an enemies <reg orig="battaile">battle</reg>, as<lb/>
thou hast done in&H4; a <reg orig="womans">woman's</reg> <reg orig="peticoate">petticoat</reg>.</p></sp>
<sp who="BG"><speaker>Feeble</speaker>
	<p> I will&H1; do my good will&H0; sir, you can <reg orig="haue">have</reg> no&H2; more.</p></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Fal.</speaker>
	<p> Well <reg orig="saide">said</reg> good <reg orig="womans">woman's</reg> <reg orig="tailer">tailor</reg>, well <reg orig="saide">said</reg> <reg orig="couragious">courageous</reg><lb/>
Feeble, thou wilt be as valiant as the <reg orig="wrathfull">wrathful</reg> <reg orig="doue">dove</reg>, or most<lb/>
magnanimous mouse, <reg orig="pricke">prick</reg> the <reg orig="womans">woman's</reg> <reg orig="tailer">tailor</reg>: <reg orig="wel">well</reg> M. Shallow, <reg orig="deepe">deep</reg> M. Shallow.</p></sp>
<sp who="BG"><speaker>Feeble</speaker>
	<p> I would Wart might <reg orig="haue">have</reg> gone sir.</p></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Fal.</speaker>
	<p> I would thou wert a <reg orig="mans">man's</reg> <reg orig="tailer">tailor</reg>, that&H3; thou mightst<lb/>
mend him and make him fit to&H9; <reg orig="goe">go</reg>, I cannot put him to&H4; a <reg orig="priuate">private</reg> <reg orig="souldier">soldier</reg>, 
that&H61; is the leader of so&H51; many thousands, let that&H62;<lb/>
suffice most forcible Feeble.</p></sp>
<sp who="BG"><speaker>Feeble</speaker>
	<p> It shall suffice sir.</p></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Fal.</speaker>
	<p> I am bound to&H4; thee <reg orig="reuerend">reverend</reg> Feeble, who&H62; is next?</p></sp>
<sp who="M"><speaker>Shal.</speaker>
	<p> Peter <reg orig="Bul-calfe">Bull calf</reg> <reg orig="o'th">of the</reg> <reg orig="greene">green</reg>.</p></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Fal.</speaker>
	<p> Yea <reg orig="mary">marry</reg>, <reg orig="lets">let us&Htp;</reg> see <reg orig="Bul-calfe">Bull calf</reg>. </p></sp>
<sp who="BH"><speaker>Bul.</speaker>
	<p> Here sir.</p></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Eal.</speaker>
	<p> Fore God a likely fellow, come <reg orig="pricke">prick</reg> <reg orig="Bul-calfe">Bull calf</reg> <reg orig="til">till</reg> <reg orig="hee">he</reg> <reg orig="roare">roar</reg> <reg orig="againe">again</reg>.</p></sp>
<sp who="BH"><speaker>Bul.</speaker>
	<p> O Lord, good my lord <reg orig="captaine">captain</reg>. </p></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Falst.</speaker>
	<p> What, dost thou <reg orig="roare">roar</reg> before thou art <reg orig="prickt">pricked</reg>?</p></sp>
<sp who="BH"><speaker>Bul.</speaker>
	<p> O Lord sir, I am a diseased man.</p></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Fal.</speaker>
	<p> What disease hast thou?</p></sp>
<sp who="BH"><speaker>Bul.</speaker>
	<p> A <reg orig="horson">whoreson</reg> cold sir, a cough sir, which&H61; I <reg orig="cought">caught</reg> with<lb/>
ringing in&H5; the Kings <reg orig="affaires">affairs</reg> <reg orig="vpon">upon&H4;</reg> his coronation day sir.</p></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Fal.</speaker><p> Come, thou shalt go to&H4; the <reg orig="warres">wars</reg> in&H4; a <reg orig="gowne">gown</reg>, we&Htp; <reg orig="wil">will&H1;</reg><lb/>
<reg orig="haue">have</reg> away thy cold, and I <reg orig="wil">will&H1;</reg> take such order that&H3; thy <reg orig="friendes">friends</reg><lb/>
<reg orig="shal">shall</reg> ring for&H4; thee. Is here all?</p></sp>
<sp who="M"><speaker>Shal.</speaker>
	<p> Here is two more <reg orig="cald">called</reg> then your number, you must<lb/>
<reg orig="haue">have</reg> but <reg orig="foure">four</reg> here sir, and so&H3; I pray you <reg orig="goe">go</reg> in&H5; with <reg orig="mee">me</reg> to&H4;<lb/>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Fa.</speaker>
	<p> Come, I <reg orig="wil">will&H1;</reg> go drink with you, but I cannot <reg orig="tary">tarry</reg> dinner:<lb/>
I am glad to&H9; see you, by&H4; my troth master Shallow.</p></sp>
<sp who="M"><speaker>Shal.</speaker>
	<p> O sir Iohn, do you remember since we&Htp; lay all night<lb/>
in&H4; the <reg orig="windmil">windmill</reg> in&H4; saint Georges field?</p></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Fal.</speaker>
	<p> No&H2; more of that&H62; master Shallow.</p></sp>
<sp who="M"><speaker>Shal.</speaker>
	<p> Ha, <reg orig="twas">it was</reg> a merry night, and is Iane <reg orig="Night-worke">Night-work</reg> <reg orig="aliue">alive</reg>? </p></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Falst.</speaker>
	<p> She <reg orig="liues">lives</reg> master Shallow.</p></sp>
<sp who="M"><speaker>Shal.</speaker>
	<p> She <reg orig="neuer">never</reg> could away with me.</p></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Fa.</speaker>
	<p> <reg orig="Neuer">Never</reg> <reg orig="neuer">never</reg>, she <reg orig="wold">would</reg> <reg orig="alwaies">always</reg> say, she could not abide<lb/>
master Shallow.</p></sp>
<sp who="M"><speaker>Sha.</speaker>
	<p> By&H4; the <reg orig="masse">mass</reg> I <reg orig="conld">could</reg> anger her&H6; <reg orig="too'th">to&H4; the</reg> heart, she was<lb/>
then a bona roba, doth she hold her&H2; <reg orig="owne">own</reg> <reg orig="wel">well</reg>?</p></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Fal.</speaker>
	<p> Old old master Shallow.</p></sp>
<sp who="M"><speaker>Shal.</speaker>
	<p> Nay she must be old, she cannot <reg orig="chuse">choose</reg> but be old, certain <reg orig="shees">she is</reg> old, 
		<reg orig="&">and</reg> had Robin Night-work by&H4; old Night-work,<lb/>
before I came to&H4; Clements <reg orig="inne">inn</reg>.</p></sp>
<sp who="N"><speaker>Scilens</speaker>
	<p> <reg orig="Thats">That&H62; is</reg> <reg orig="fiftie">fifty</reg> <reg orig="fiue">five</reg> <reg orig="yeare">year</reg> ago.</p></sp>
<sp who="M"><speaker>Shal.</speaker>
	<p> Ha <reg orig="cousen">cousin</reg> Scilens that&H3; thou hadst <reg orig="seene">seen</reg> that&H62; that&H61; this<lb/>
Knight and I <reg orig="haue">have</reg> <reg orig="seene">seen</reg>, ha sir Iohn, said I <reg orig="wel">well</reg>?</p></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Fal.</speaker>
	<p> We&Htp; <reg orig="haue">have</reg> heard the chimes at midnight M. Shallow.</p></sp>
<sp who="M"><speaker>Sha.</speaker>
	<p> That&H62; we&Htp; <reg orig="haue">have</reg>, that&H62; we&Htp; <reg orig="haue">have</reg>, that&H62; we&Htp; <reg orig="haue">have</reg>, in&H4; faith sir<lb/>
Iohn we&Htp; <reg orig="haue">have</reg>, our&Htp; <reg orig="watch-worde">watch-word</reg> was Hemboies, come <reg orig="lets">let us&Htp;</reg> to&H4;<lb/>
dinner, come <reg orig="lets">let us&Htp;</reg> to&H4; dinner, <reg orig="Iesus">Jesus</reg> the <reg orig="daies">days</reg> that&H61; <reg orig="wee">we&Htp;</reg> <reg orig="haue">have</reg> <reg orig="seene">seen</reg>,<lb/>
come, come.</p></sp> 
	<stage>exeunt. </stage>
<sp who="BH"><speaker>Bul.</speaker>
	<p> Good <reg orig="maister">master</reg> corporate Bardolfe, stand my friend,<lb/>
<reg orig="&">and</reg> <reg orig="heres">here is</reg> <reg orig="foure">four</reg> Harry <reg orig="tenshillings">ten shillings</reg> in&H4; french crowns for&H4; you, in&H4;<lb/>
very truth sir, I had as <reg orig="liue">lief</reg> be <reg orig="hangd">hanged</reg> sir as go, and yet for&H4; mine<lb/>
<reg orig="owne">own</reg> part sir I do not care, but rather because I am <reg orig="vnwilling">unwilling</reg>,<lb/>
and for&H4; mine <reg orig="owne">own</reg> part <reg orig="haue">have</reg> a desire to&H9; stay with my friends,<lb/>
else sir I did not care for&H4; mine <reg orig="owne">own</reg> part so&H51; much.</p></sp>
<sp who="AI"><speaker>Bard.</speaker>
	<p> Go to&H5;, stand aside.</p></sp>
<sp who="BD"><speaker>Moul.</speaker>
	<p> And good M. <reg orig="corporall">corporal</reg> <reg orig="captaine">captain</reg>, for&H4; my old dames<lb/>
sake stand my friend, she has <reg orig="no body">nobody</reg> to&H9; <reg orig="doe">do</reg> <reg orig="any thing">anything</reg> about<lb/>
her&H6; when I am gone, and she is old and cannot <reg orig="helpe">help</reg> <reg orig="her selfe">herself</reg>,<lb/>
you shall <reg orig="haue">have</reg> forty sir.</p></sp>
<sp who="AI"><speaker>Bar.</speaker>
	<p> Go to&H5;, stand aside.</p></sp>
<sp who="BG"><speaker>Feeble</speaker>
	<p> By&H4; my troth I care not, a man can die but once, we&Htp;<lb/>
owe God a death, <reg orig="ile">I will&H1;</reg> <reg orig="nere">never</reg> <reg orig="beare">bear</reg> a base mind, <reg orig="and't">if it</reg> <reg orig="bee">be</reg> my<lb/>
<reg orig="destny">destiny</reg>: so&H3;, <reg orig="and't">if it</reg> be not, so&H3;, no&H2; man's too good to&H9; <reg orig="serue's">serve his</reg> prince,<lb/>
and let it go which way it will, he that dies this <reg orig="yeere">year</reg> is quit for<lb/>
the next.</p></sp>
<sp who="AI"><speaker>Bar</speaker>
	<p> Well said, <reg orig="th'art">thou art</reg> a good fellow.</p></sp>
<sp who="BG"><speaker>Feeble</speaker>
	<p> Faith <reg orig="ile">I will&H1;</reg> <reg orig="beare">bear</reg> no&H2; base mind. </p></sp>
<stage>Enter Falstaffe and the Iustices.</stage>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Fal.</speaker>
	<p> Come sir, which&H62; men shall I <reg orig="haue">have</reg>?</p></sp>
<sp who="M"><speaker>Shal.</speaker>
	<p> <reg orig="Foure">Four</reg> of which&H61; you please.</p></sp>
<sp who="AI"><speaker>Bar</speaker>
	<p> Sir, a word with you, I <reg orig="haue">have</reg> three pound to&H9; free Mouldy and <reg orig="Bulcalfe">Bull calf</reg>.</p></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Fal.</speaker>
	<p> Go to&H5;, well.</p></sp>
<sp who="M"><speaker>Shal.</speaker>
	<p> Come sir Iohn, which&H62; <reg orig="foure">four</reg> <reg orig="wil">will&H1;</reg> you <reg orig="haue">have</reg>?</p></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Fal.</speaker>
	<p> Do you <reg orig="chuse">choose</reg> for&H4; me.</p></sp>
<sp who="M"><speaker>Shal.</speaker>
	<p> <reg orig="Mary">Marry</reg> then, Mouldy, <reg orig="Bulcalfe">Bull calf</reg>, Feeble, and Sadow.</p></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Fal.</speaker>
	<p> Mouldy and <reg orig="Bulcalfe">Bull calf</reg>, for&H4; you Mouldy stay at home, <reg orig="til">till</reg><lb/>
you are past <reg orig="seruice">service</reg>: and for&H4; your part <reg orig="Bulcalfe">Bull calf</reg>, grow <reg orig="til">till</reg> you<lb/>
come <reg orig="vnto">unto</reg> it, I will&H1; none of you.</p></sp>
<sp who="M"><speaker>Shal.</speaker>
	<p> Sir Iohn, sir Iohn, <reg orig="doe">do</reg> not <reg orig="your selfe">yourself</reg> wrong, they are<lb/>
your likeliest men, and I would <reg orig="haue">have</reg> you <reg orig="serude">served</reg> with the<lb/>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Fal.</speaker>
	<p> <reg orig="Wil">Will&H1;</reg> you <reg orig="tel">tell</reg> me (master Shallow) how to&H9; <reg orig="chuse">choose</reg> a man?<lb/>
care I for&H4; the <reg orig="limbe">limb</reg>, the <reg orig="thewes">thews</reg>, the stature, <reg orig="bulke">bulk</reg> and big assemblance of a man: 
<reg orig="giue">give</reg> me the spirit M. Shalow: <reg orig="heres">here is</reg> Wart,<lb/>
you see what a ragged <reg orig="apparance">appearance</reg> it is, a shall charge you, and<lb/>
discharge you with the motion of a pewterers hammer, come<lb/>
off and on&H5; swifter <reg orig="then">than</reg> he that&H61; gibbets on&H4; the brewers bucket:<lb/>
and this same <reg orig="halfe">half</reg> <reg orig="facde">faced</reg> fellow Shadow, <reg orig="giue">give</reg> me this man, he<lb/>
presents no&H2; <reg orig="marke">mark</reg> to&H4; the enemy, the <reg orig="fo-man">foeman</reg> may with as great<lb/>
<reg orig="aime">aim</reg> <reg orig="leuel">level</reg> at the edge of a pen-knife, and for&H4; a <reg orig="retraite">retreat</reg> how<lb/>
swiftly <reg orig="wil">will&H1;</reg> this Feeble the <reg orig="womans">woman's</reg> <reg orig="Tailer">Tailor</reg> <reg orig="runne">run</reg> off? O <reg orig="giue">give</reg><lb/>
<reg orig="mee">me</reg> the spare men, and spare me the great ones, <reg orig="putte">put</reg> <reg orig="mee">me</reg> a<lb/>
<reg orig="caliuer">caliver</reg> into Warts hand Bardolfe.</p></sp>
<sp who="AI"><speaker>Bar.</speaker>
	<p> Hold Wart, trauers thas, thas, thas.</p></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Fal.</speaker>
	<p> Come <reg orig="mannage">manage</reg> me your <reg orig="caliuer">caliver</reg>: so&H3;, very <reg orig="wel">well</reg>, go to&H5;, very<lb/>
good, exceeding good, O <reg orig="giue">give</reg> me <reg orig="alwaies">always</reg> a little <reg orig="leane">lean</reg>, <reg orig="olde">old</reg><lb/>
<reg orig="chopt">chopped</reg> Ballde, shot: well said <reg orig="yfaith">i'faith</reg> Wart, <reg orig="th'art">thou art</reg> a good scab,<lb/>
hold, <reg orig="theres">there is</reg> a tester for&H4; thee.</p></sp>
<sp who="M"><speaker>Shal.</speaker>
	<p> He is not his crafts-master, he doth not do it right; I<lb/>
remember at Mile-end-greene, when I lay at Clements <reg orig="Inne">Inn</reg>,<lb/>
I was then sir Dagonet in&H4; Arthurs show, there was a little<lb/>
<reg orig="quiuer">quiver</reg> fellow, and <reg orig="a">he</reg> would <reg orig="mannage">manage</reg> you his <reg orig="peece">piece</reg> thus, and <reg orig="a">he</reg><lb/>
would about and about, and come you in&H5;, and come you in&H5;,<lb/>
rah, tah, tah, would <reg orig="a">he</reg> say, bounce would <reg orig="a">he</reg> say, and away again<lb/>
would <reg orig="a">he</reg> go, and <reg orig="againe">again</reg> would <reg orig="a">he</reg> come: I shall <reg orig="nere">never</reg> see such a<lb/>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Fal.</speaker>
	<p> These <reg orig="fellowes">fellows</reg> <reg orig="wooll">will&H1;</reg> <reg orig="doe">do</reg> well M. Shallow, God keep<lb/>
you M. Scilens, I will&H1; not <reg orig="vse">use</reg> many words with you, fare you<lb/>
<reg orig="wel">well</reg> gentlemen both, I thank you, I must a <reg orig="dosen">dozen</reg> mile <reg orig="to night">tonight</reg>:<lb/>
Bardolfe, <reg orig="giue">give</reg> the <reg orig="souldiers">soldiers</reg> <reg orig="coates">coats</reg>.</p></sp>
<sp who="M"><speaker>Shal.</speaker>
	<p> Sir Iohn, the Lord <reg orig="blesse">bless</reg> you, God prosper your <reg orig="affaires">affairs</reg>, 
		God send <reg orig="vs">us&Htp;</reg> peace at your <reg orig="returne">return</reg>, visit our&Htp; house, let<lb/>
our&Htp; old acquaintance be renewed, <reg orig="peraduenture">peradventure</reg> I will&H1; with ye<lb/>
to&H4; the court.</p></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Fal.</speaker>
	<p> Fore God would you would.</p></sp>
<sp who="M"><speaker>Shal.</speaker>
	<p> Go to&H5;, I <reg orig="haue">have</reg> spoke at a word, God keep you.</p></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Fal.</speaker>
	<p> Fare you well gentle gentlemen.</p></sp> 
<sp who="L"><speaker>Shal.</speaker>
	<p> On&H5; Bardolfe, <reg orig="leade">lead</reg> the men away, as I <reg orig="returne">return</reg> I will&H1;<lb/>
fetch off these <reg orig="iustices">justices</reg>, I do see the <reg orig="bottome">bottom</reg> of <reg orig="iustice">justice</reg> Shallow,<lb/>
Lord, Lord, how <reg orig="subiect">subject</reg> we&Htp; old men are to&H4; this vice of lying,<lb/>
this same <reg orig="staru'd">starved</reg> <reg orig="iustice">justice</reg> hath done nothing but prate to&H4; me,<lb/>
of the <reg orig="wildnesse">wildness</reg> of his youth, and the <reg orig="feates">feats</reg> he hath done about <reg orig="Turne-bull">Turn-bull</reg> street, 
and <reg orig="euery">every</reg> third word a lie, <reg orig="dewer">more due</reg> paid<lb/>
to&H4; the hearer then the Turkes tribute, I <reg orig="doe">do</reg> remember him<lb/>
at Clements <reg orig="Inne">Inn</reg>, like&H4; a man made after supper of a cheese paring, 
when <reg orig="a">he</reg> was naked, he was for&H4; all the <reg orig="worlde">world</reg> like&H4; a <reg orig="forkt">forked</reg><lb/>
reddish, with a head fantastically <reg orig="carued">carved</reg> <reg orig="vpon">upon&H4;</reg> it with a knife,<lb/>
<reg orig="a">he</reg> was so&H51; <reg orig="forlorne">forlorn</reg>, that&H3; his <reg orig="demensions">dimensions</reg> to&H4; any <reg orig="thicke">thick</reg> sight were<lb/>
<reg orig="inuincible">invincible</reg>, <reg orig="a">he</reg> was the very genius of famine, yet lecherous as a<lb/>
<reg orig="monkie">monkey</reg>, <reg orig="&">and</reg> the whores <reg orig="cald">called</reg> him mandrake, <reg orig="a">he</reg> came <reg orig="ouer">over</reg> in&H4; the<lb/>
<reg orig="rereward">rearward</reg> of the fashion, and sung those tunes to&H4; the ouerschutcht <reg orig="huswiues">housewives</reg>, 
that&H61; he heard the Car-men whistle, and<lb/>
<reg orig="sware">swear</reg> they were his fancies or his good-nights, and <reg orig="nowe">now</reg> is<lb/>
this vices dagger become a squire, and <reg orig="talkes">talks</reg> as familiarly of<lb/>
Iohn a Gaunt, as if he had <reg orig="bin">been</reg> <reg orig="sworne">sworn</reg> brother to&H4; him, and<lb/>
<reg orig="ile">I will&H1;</reg> be sworn <reg orig="a">he</reg> 
		<reg orig="nere">never</reg> saw him but once in&H4; the <reg orig="tylt-yard">tilt-yard</reg>, and then<lb/>
he burst his head for&H4; crowding among the <reg orig="Marshalles">Marshal's</reg> men, I<lb/>
saw it and told Iohn a Gaunt he <reg orig="beate">beat</reg> his <reg orig="owne">own</reg> name, for&H3; you<lb/>
might <reg orig="haue">have</reg> thrust him and all his <reg orig="aparell">apparel</reg> into an <reg orig="eele-skin">eel-skin</reg>, the<lb/>
case of a treble <reg orig="hoboy">hautboy</reg> was a mansion for&H4; him <reg orig="a">at</reg> Court, and<lb/>
now has he land and <reg orig="beefes">beefs</reg>. Well, <reg orig="ile">I will&H1;</reg> be acquainted with him<lb/>
if I <reg orig="returne">return</reg>, and <reg orig="t'shal">it shall</reg> go hard, but <reg orig="ile">I will&H1;</reg> make him a philosophers<lb/>
two stones to&H4; me, if the <reg orig="yong">young</reg> Dase be a <reg orig="baite">bait</reg> for&H4; the old Pike,<lb/>
I see no&H2; reason in&H4; the law of nature but I may snap at him, till<lb/>
Time shape, and there an end.</p></sp> 

<div1 n="4" type="act">
<div2 n="1" type="scene">
<stage>Enter the Archbishop, Mowbray, Bardolfe, Hastings, within
the forrest of Gaultree.</stage>
<sp who="J"><speaker>Bish.</speaker>
	<l> What is this <reg orig="forrest">forest</reg> <reg orig="calld">called</reg>?</l></sp>
<sp who="AD"><speaker>Hast.</speaker>
	<l> <reg orig="Tis">It is</reg> Gaultree <reg orig="forrest">forest</reg>, <reg orig="and't">if it</reg> <reg orig="shal">shall</reg> please your grace.</l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker>Bishop</speaker>
	<l> Here stand, my lords, and send <reg orig="discouerers">discoverers</reg> forth,</l>
<l>To&H9; know the numbers of our&Htp; enemies:</l></sp>
<sp who="AD"><speaker>Hastings</speaker>
	<l> We&Htp; <reg orig="haue">have</reg> sent forth already.</l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker>Bishop</speaker>
	<l> <reg orig="Tis">It is</reg> well done,</l>
<l>My friends and brethren (in&H4; these great <reg orig="affaires">affairs</reg>)</l>
<l>I must acquaint you, that&H3; I <reg orig="haue">have</reg> <reg orig="receiu'd">received</reg></l>
<l>New dated letters from Northumberland,</l>
<l>Their cold intent, tenure, and substance thus:</l>
<l>Here doth he wish his person, with such powers,</l>
<l>As might hold sortance with his <reg orig="quallitie">quality</reg>,</l>
<l>The which&H61; he could not <reg orig="leuy">levy</reg>: whereupon</l>
<l>He is <reg orig="retirde">retired</reg> to&H9; ripe his growing fortunes,</l>
<l>To&H4; Scotland, and concludes in&H4; hearty prayers,</l>
<l>That&H3; your attempts may <reg orig="ouer-liue">over-live</reg> the hazard</l>
<l>And <reg orig="fearefull">fearful</reg> meeting of their opposite.</l></sp>
<sp who="AC"><speaker>Mowb.</speaker>
	<l> Thus do the hopes we&Htp; <reg orig="haue">have</reg> in&H4; him, touch ground,</l>
<l>And dash <reg orig="themselues">themselves</reg> to&H4; <reg orig="peeces">pieces</reg>.</l></sp> 
	<stage>Enter messenger </stage>
<sp who="AD"><speaker>Hastings</speaker>
	<l> Now, what <reg orig="newes">news</reg>?</l></sp>
<sp who="BK"><speaker>Messenger</speaker>
	<l> West of this <reg orig="forrest">forest</reg>, scarcely off a mile,</l>
<l>In&H4; goodly <reg orig="forme">form</reg> comes on&H5; the enemy,</l>
<l>And by&H4; the ground they hide, I <reg orig="iudge">judge</reg> their number</l>
<l><reg orig="Vpon">Upon&H4;</reg>, or <reg orig="neere">near</reg> the rate of thirty thousand.</l></sp>
<sp who="AC"><speaker>Mowbray</speaker>
	<l> The <reg orig="iust">just</reg> proportion that&H61; we&Htp; <reg orig="gaue">gave</reg> them out,</l>
<l>Let <reg orig="vs">us&Htp;</reg> sway on&H5;, and face them in&H4; the field.</l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker>Bishop</speaker>
	<l> What <reg orig="wel">well</reg> appointed Leader fronts <reg orig="vs">us&Htp;</reg> <reg orig="heere">here</reg>? </l></sp>
<stage>Enter Westmerland</stage>
<sp who="AC"><speaker>Mowbray</speaker>
	<l> I <reg orig="thinke">think</reg> it is my lord of Westmerland.</l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker>West.</speaker>
	<l> Health and <reg orig="faire">fair</reg> greeting from our&Htp; <reg orig="Generall">General</reg>,</l>
<l>The prince lord Iohn and duke of Lancaster.</l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker>Bishop</speaker>
	<l> Say on&H5; my lord of Westmerland in&H4; peace,</l>
<l>What doth <reg orig="concerne">concern</reg> your <reg orig="comming">coming</reg>?</l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker>We.</speaker>
	<l> Then my L. <reg orig="vnto">unto</reg> your Grace do I in&H4; <reg orig="chiefe">chief</reg> <reg orig="addresse">address</reg></l>
<l>The substance of my speech: if that&H3; rebellion</l>
<l>Came like&H4; <reg orig="it selfe">itself</reg>, in&H4; base and <reg orig="abiect">abject</reg> <reg orig="rowtes">routs</reg>,</l>
<l>Led on&H5; by&H4; bloody youth, guarded with rage,</l>
<l>And <reg orig="countenaunst">countenanced</reg> by&H4; <reg orig="boyes">boys</reg> and beggary.</l>
<l>I say, if <reg orig="damnd">damned</reg> commotion so&H52; <reg orig="appeare">appear</reg>,</l>
<l>In&H4; his true, <reg orig="natiue">native</reg>, and most proper shape,</l>
<l>You, <reg orig="reuerend">reverend</reg> father, and these noble <reg orig="Lordes">Lords</reg>,</l>
<l>Had not <reg orig="beene">been</reg> <reg orig="heere">here</reg> to&H9; <reg orig="dresse">dress</reg> the <reg orig="owgly">ugly</reg> <reg orig="forme">form</reg></l>
<l>Of base and bloody Insurrection</l>
<l>With your <reg orig="faire">fair</reg> Honours. You (lord Archbishop)</l>
<l>Whose Sea is by&H4; a <reg orig="ciuile">civil</reg> peace <reg orig="maintainde">maintained</reg>,</l>
<l>Whose beard the <reg orig="siluer">silver</reg> hand of Peace hath <reg orig="toucht">touched</reg>,</l>
<l>Whose learning and good letters Peace hath <reg orig="tutord">tutored</reg>,</l>
<l>Whose white <reg orig="inuestments">investments</reg> figure innocence,</l>
<l>The <reg orig="Doue">Dove</reg>, and very blessed <reg orig="spirite">spirit</reg> of peace.</l>
<l>Wherefore do you so&H51; ill translate <reg orig="your selfe">yourself</reg></l>
<l>Out of the speech of peace that&H61; <reg orig="beares">bears</reg> such grace,</l>
<l>Into the harsh and <reg orig="boystrous">boisterous</reg> tongue of <reg orig="warre">war</reg>?</l>
<l>Turning your <reg orig="bookes">books</reg> to&H4; <reg orig="graues">graves</reg>, your <reg orig="incke">ink</reg> to&H4; <reg orig="bloud">blood</reg>,</l>
<l>Your <reg orig="pennes">pens</reg> to&H4; <reg orig="launces">lances</reg>, and your tongue <reg orig="diuine">divine</reg>,</l>
<l>To&H4; a <reg orig="lowd">loud</reg> trumpet, and a point of <reg orig="warre">war</reg>?</l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker>Bish.</speaker>
	<l> Wherefore do I this? so&H52; the question stands:</l>
<l>Briefly, to&H4; this end we&Htp; are all <reg orig="diseasde">diseased</reg>:</l>
<l>The dangers of the <reg orig="daie's">day is</reg> but newly gone,</l>
<l>Whose <reg orig="memorie">memory</reg> is written on&H4; the earth,</l>
<l>With yet appearing blood, and the examples</l>
<l>Of <reg orig="euery">every</reg> minutes instance (present now,)</l>
<l>Hath put <reg orig="vs">us&Htp;</reg> in&H4; these ill-beseeming <reg orig="armes">arms</reg>,</l>
<l>Not to&H9; <reg orig="breake">break</reg> peace, or any <reg orig="braunch">branch</reg> of it,</l>
<l>But to&H9; establish <reg orig="heere">here</reg> a peace <reg orig="indeede">indeed</reg>,</l>
<l>Concurring both in&H4; name and <reg orig="quallitie">quality</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker>West.</speaker>
	<l> When <reg orig="euer">ever</reg> yet was your <reg orig="appeale">appeal</reg> denied</l>
<l>Wherein <reg orig="haue">have</reg> you <reg orig="beene">been</reg> galled by&H4; the King?</l>
<l>What <reg orig="peere">peer</reg> hath <reg orig="beene">been</reg> <reg orig="subornde">suborned</reg> to&H9; grate on&H4; you?</l>
<l>That&H3; you should <reg orig="seale">seal</reg> this <reg orig="lawlesse">lawless</reg> bloody <reg orig="booke">book</reg></l>
<l>Of <reg orig="forgde">forged</reg> rebellion with a <reg orig="seale">seal</reg> <reg orig="diuine">divine</reg>,</l>
<l>And consecrate commotions bitter edge.</l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker>Bishop</speaker>
	<l> My brother <reg orig="Generall">General</reg>, the common wealth</l>
<l>To&H4; brother <reg orig="borne">born</reg> an <reg orig="houshold">household</reg> cruelty,</l>
<l>I make my <reg orig="quarrell">quarrel</reg> in&H4; particular.</l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker>West.</speaker>
	<l> There is no&H2; <reg orig="neede">need</reg> of any such <reg orig="redresse">redress</reg>,</l>
<l>Or if there were, it not belongs to&H4; you.</l></sp>
<sp who="AC"><speaker>Mowbray</speaker>
	<l> why not to&H4; him in&H4; part, and to&H4; <reg orig="vs">us&Htp;</reg> all</l>
<l>That&H61; feele the bruises of the <reg orig="daies">days</reg> before?</l>
<l>And suffer the condition of these times,</l>
<l>To&H9; lay a <reg orig="heauy">heavy</reg> and <reg orig="vnequall">unequal</reg> hand</l>
<l><reg orig="Vpon">Upon&H4;</reg> our&Htp; <reg orig="honors">honours</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker>West.</speaker>
	<l> But this is <reg orig="meere">mere</reg> digression from my purpose.</l>
<l>Here come I from our&Htp; princely <reg orig="generall">general</reg>,</l>
<l>To&H9; know your <reg orig="griefes">griefs</reg>, to&H9; tell you from his Grace,</l>
<l>That&H3; he will&H1; <reg orig="giue">give</reg> you audience, and wherein</l>
<l>It shall <reg orig="appeere">appear</reg> that&H3; your <reg orig="demaunds">demands</reg> are <reg orig="iust">just</reg>,</l>
<l>You shall <reg orig="enioy">enjoy</reg> them, <reg orig="euery thing">everything</reg> set off</l>
<l>That&H61; might so&H51; much as <reg orig="thinke">think</reg> you enemies.</l></sp>
<sp who="AC"><speaker>Mowbray</speaker>
	<l> But he hath <reg orig="forcde">forced</reg> <reg orig="vs">us&Htp;</reg> to&H9; compel this offer,</l>
<l>And it <reg orig="proceedes">proceeds</reg> from <reg orig="policie">policy</reg>, not <reg orig="loue">love</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker>West.</speaker>
	<l> Mowbray, you <reg orig="ouerweene">overween</reg> to&H9; take it so&H52;:</l>
<l>This offer comes from mercy, not from <reg orig="feare">fear</reg>:</l>
<l>For&H3; <reg orig="loe">lo</reg>, within a ken our&Htp; army lies:</l>
<l><reg orig="Vpon">Upon&H4;</reg> mine honour, all too confident</l>
<l>To&H9; <reg orig="giue">give</reg> admittance to&H4; a thought of <reg orig="feare">fear</reg>:</l>
<l>Our&Htp; <reg orig="battell">battle</reg> is more full of names than yours,</l>
<l>Our&Htp; men more perfect in&H4; the <reg orig="vse">use</reg> of <reg orig="armes">arms</reg>,</l>
<l>Our&Htp; armour all as strong, our&Htp; cause the best:</l>
<l>Then Reason will&H1; our&Htp; hearts should be as good:</l>
<l>Say you not then, our&Htp; offer is <reg orig="compelld">compelled</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="AC"><speaker>Mow.</speaker>
	<l> Well, by&H4; my will&H0;, we&Htp; shall admit no&H2; <reg orig="parlee">parley</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker>West.</speaker>
	<l> That&H62; argues but the shame of your offence,</l>
<l>A rotten case abides no&H2; handling.</l></sp>
<sp who="AD"><speaker>Hastings</speaker>
	<l> Hath the prince Iohn a full commission,</l>
<l>In&H4; very ample <reg orig="vertue">virtue</reg> of his father,</l>
<l>To&H9; <reg orig="heare">hear</reg>, and absolutely to&H9; determine</l>
<l>Of what conditions we&Htp; shall stand <reg orig="vpon">upon&H5;</reg>?</l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker>West.</speaker>
	<l> That&H62; is intended in&H4; the <reg orig="Generalles">Generals</reg> name,</l>
<l>I muse you make so&H51; <reg orig="slight">slight</reg> a question.</l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker>Bishop</speaker>
	<l> Then take, my lord of Westmerland, this <reg orig="scedule">schedule</reg>,</l>
<l>For&H3; this <reg orig="containes">contains</reg> our&Htp; <reg orig="generall">general</reg> <reg orig="grieuances">grievances</reg>,</l>
<l>Each <reg orig="seuerall">several</reg> article herein <reg orig="redrest">redressed</reg>.</l>
<l>All members of our&Htp; cause both here and hence,</l>
<l>That&H61; are ensinewed to&H4; this action,</l>
<l>Acquitted by&H4; a true <reg orig="substantiall">substantial</reg> <reg orig="forme">form</reg>,</l>
<l>And present execution of our&Htp; <reg orig="willes">wills</reg>,</l>
<l>To&H4; <reg orig="vs">us&Htp;</reg> and our purposes <reg orig="confinde">confined</reg>,</l>
<l>We&Htp; come within our&Htp; <reg orig="awefull">awful</reg> <reg orig="bancks">banks</reg> <reg orig="againe">again</reg>,</l>
<l>And knit our&Htp; powers to&H4; the <reg orig="arme">arm</reg> of peace.</l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker>West.</speaker>
	<l> This will&H1; I <reg orig="shew">show</reg> the <reg orig="Generall">General</reg>, please you Lords,</l>
<l>In&H4; sight of both our&Htp; <reg orig="battells">battles</reg> we&Htp; may <reg orig="meete">meet</reg>,</l>
<l>At either end in&H4; peace, which&H61; God so&H52; frame,</l>
<l>Or to&H4; the place of <reg orig="diffrence">difference</reg> call the swords,</l>
<l>Which&H61; must decide it.</l></sp> 
	<stage>Exit Westmerland</stage>
<sp who="J"><speaker>Bishop</speaker>
	<l> My lord, we&Htp; will&H1; <reg orig="doe">do</reg> so&H52;.</l></sp>
<sp who="AC"><speaker>Mou</speaker>
	<l> There is a thing within my <reg orig="bosome">bosom</reg> tells me</l>
<l>That&H3; no&H2; conditions of our&Htp; peace can stand.</l></sp>
<sp who="AD"><speaker>Hastings</speaker>
	<l> <reg orig="Feare">Fear</reg> you not, that&H3; if we&Htp; can make our&Htp; peace,</l>
<l><reg orig="Vpon">Upon&H4;</reg> such large <reg orig="termes">terms</reg>, and so&H51; absolute,</l>
<l>As our&Htp; conditions shall consist <reg orig="vpon">upon&H5;</reg>,</l>
<l>Our&Htp; peace shall stand as <reg orig="firme">firm</reg> as <reg orig="rockie">rocky</reg> <reg orig="mountaines">mountains</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="AC"><speaker>Moub.</speaker>
	<l> Yea but our&Htp; valuation <reg orig="shal">shall</reg> be such,</l>
<l>That&H3; <reg orig="euery">every</reg> <reg orig="slight">slight</reg>, and false <reg orig="deriued">derived</reg> cause,</l>
<l>Yea <reg orig="euery">every</reg> idle, nice, and wanton reason,</l>
<l>Shall to&H4; the King taste of this action,</l>
<l>That&H3; were our&Htp; royal faiths <reg orig="martires">martyrs</reg> in&H4; <reg orig="loue">love</reg>,</l>
<l>We&Htp; shall be <reg orig="winow'd">winnowed</reg> with so&H51; rough a wind,</l>
<l>That&H3; <reg orig="euen">even</reg> our&Htp; <reg orig="corne">corn</reg> <reg orig="shal">shall</reg> <reg orig="seeme">seem</reg> as light as <reg orig="chaffe">chaff</reg>,</l>
<l>And good from bad find no&H2; partition.</l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker>Bish.</speaker>
	<l> No&H7;, no&H7;, my lord, note this, the King is weary</l>
<l>Of <reg orig="daintie">dainty</reg> and such picking <reg orig="greeuances">grievances</reg>,</l>
<l>For&H3; he hath found, to&H9; end one doubt by&H4; death,</l>
<l><reg orig="Reuiues">Revives</reg> two greater in&H4; the <reg orig="heires">heirs</reg> of life:</l>
<l>And therefore will&H1; he wipe his tables <reg orig="cleane">clean</reg>,</l>
<l>And <reg orig="keepe">keep</reg> no&H2; <reg orig="tel-tale">telltale</reg> to&H4; his <reg orig="memorie">memory</reg>,</l>
<l>That&H61; may <reg orig="repeate">repeat</reg>, and history his <reg orig="losse">loss</reg>,</l>
<l>To&H4; new remembrance: for&H3; full <reg orig="wel">well</reg> he <reg orig="knowes">knows</reg>,</l>
<l>He cannot so&H51; precisely weed this land,</l>
<l>As his misdoubts present occasion,</l>
<l>His foes are so&H51; enrooted with his friends,</l>
<l>That&H3; plucking to&H9; <reg orig="vnfix">unfix</reg> an enemy,</l>
<l>He doth <reg orig="vnfasten">unfasten</reg> so&H52;, and shake a friend,</l>
<l>So&H3; that&H3; this land, like an <reg orig="offensiue">offensive</reg> wife,</l>
<l>That&H61; hath <reg orig="enragde">enraged</reg> him on&H5; to&H9; offer strokes,</l>
<l>As he is striking, <reg orig="holdes">holds</reg> his infant <reg orig="vp">up&H5;</reg>,</l>
<l>And hangs <reg orig="resolu'd">resolved</reg> correction in&H4; the <reg orig="arme">arm</reg>,</l>
<l>That&H61; was <reg orig="vpreard">upreared</reg> to&H4; execution.</l></sp>
<sp who="AD"><speaker>Hast.</speaker>
	<l> Besides, the King hath wasted <reg orig="al">all</reg> his rods,</l>
<l>On&H4; late <reg orig="offendors">offenders</reg>, that&H3; he now doth <reg orig="lacke">lack</reg></l>
<l>The very instruments of <reg orig="chasticement">chastisement</reg>,</l>
<l>So&H3; that&H3; his power, like&H5; to&H4; a <reg orig="phanglesse">fangless</reg> lion,</l>
<l>May offer, but not hold.</l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker>Bishop</speaker>
	<l> <reg orig="Tis">It is</reg> very true,</l>
<l>And therefore be <reg orig="assurde">assured</reg>, my good Lord Marshall,</l>
<l>If we&Htp; do now make our&Htp; <reg orig="attonement">atonement</reg> well,</l>
<l>Our&Htp; peace <reg orig="wil">will&H1;</reg> like&H4; a broken <reg orig="limbe">limb</reg> <reg orig="vnited">united</reg>,</l>
<l>Grow stronger for&H4; the breaking.</l></sp>
<sp who="AC"><speaker>Mow.</speaker>
	<l> Be it so, here is <reg orig="returnd">returned</reg> my lord of Westmerland. </l></sp>
<stage>Enter Westmerland.</stage>
<sp who="G"><speaker>West.</speaker>
	<l> The prince is here at hand, pleaseth your Lordship</l>
<l>To&H9; meet his grace <reg orig="iust">just</reg> distance <reg orig="tweene">between</reg> our&Htp; armies. </l></sp>
<stage>Enter Prince Iohn and his armie.</stage>
<sp who="AC"><speaker>Mow.</speaker>
	<l> Your grace of York, in&H4; Gods name then set forward.</l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker>Bishop.</speaker>
	<l> Before, and <reg orig="greete">greet</reg> his grace (my lord) we&Htp; come.</l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker>Iohn</speaker>
	<l> You are well <reg orig="incountred">encountered</reg> here, my <reg orig="cousen">cousin</reg> Mowbray,</l>
<l>Good day to&H4; you, gentle Lord Archbishop,</l>
<l>And so&H3; to&H4; you Lord Hastings, and to&H4; all.</l>
<l>My Lord of Yorke, it better <reg orig="shewed">showed</reg> with you,</l>
<l>When that&H3; your <reg orig="flocke">flock</reg> assembled by&H4; the bell,</l>
<l>Encircled you, to&H9; <reg orig="heare">hear</reg> with <reg orig="reuerence">reverence</reg>,</l>
<l>Your exposition on&H4; the holy text,</l>
<l>That&H3; now to&H9; see you here, an <reg orig="yron">iron</reg> man talking,</l>
<l>Cheering a <reg orig="rowt">rout</reg> of <reg orig="rebells">rebels</reg> with your <reg orig="drumme">drum</reg>,</l>
<l>Turning the word to&H4; sword, and life to&H4; death.</l>
<l>That&H62; man that&H61; sits within a <reg orig="monarches">monarchs</reg> heart,</l>
<l>And ripens in&H4; the sun-shine of his <reg orig="fauor">favour</reg>,</l>
<l>Would he abuse the countenance of the King:</l>
<l><reg orig="Alacke">Alack</reg> what <reg orig="mischeefes">mischiefs</reg> might he set abroach,</l>
<l>In&H4; shadow of such <reg orig="greatnesse">greatness</reg>? with you Lord bishop</l>
<l>It is <reg orig="euen">even</reg> so&H52;, who&H62; hath not heard it spoken,</l>
<l>How <reg orig="deepe">deep</reg> you were within the <reg orig="bookes">books</reg> of God,</l>
<l>To&H4; <reg orig="vs">us&Hrp;</reg> the speaker in&H4; his parliament,</l>
<l>To&H4; <reg orig="vs">us&Hrp;</reg> <reg orig="th'imagine">the imagine</reg> voice of God <reg orig="himselfe">himself</reg>,</l>
<l>The very opener and intelligencer,</l>
<l><reg orig="Betweene">Between</reg> the grace, the sanctities of <reg orig="heauen">heaven</reg>,</l>
<l>And our&Hrp; dull workings? O who&H62; <reg orig="shal">shall</reg> <reg orig="beleeue">believe</reg>,</l>
<l>But you misuse the <reg orig="reuerence">reverence</reg> of your place,</l>
<l>Imply the countenance and grace of <reg orig="heau'n">heaven</reg>,</l>
<l>As a false <reg orig="fauorite">favourite</reg> doth his princes name:</l>
<l>In&H4; <reg orig="deedes">deeds</reg> <reg orig="dishonorable">dishonourable</reg> you <reg orig="haue">have</reg> <reg orig="tane">taken</reg> <reg orig="vp">up&H5;</reg>,</l>
<l><reg orig="Vnder">Under</reg> the counterfeited <reg orig="zeale">zeal</reg> of God,</l>
<l>The <reg orig="subiects">subjects</reg> of his substitute my father,</l>
<l>And both against the peace of <reg orig="heauen">heaven</reg> and him,</l>
<l><reg orig="Haue">Have</reg> here <reg orig="vpswarmd">upswarmed</reg> them.</l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker>Bishop</speaker>
	<l> Good my Lord of Lancaster,</l>
<l>I am not here against your fathers peace,</l>
<l>But as I told my lord of Westmerland,</l>
<l>The time <reg orig="misordred">misordered</reg> doth in&H4; common sense,</l>
<l>Crowd <reg orig="vs">us&Htp;</reg> and crush <reg orig="vs">us&Htp;</reg> to&H4; this monstrous <reg orig="forme">form</reg>,</l>
<l>To&H9; hold our&Htp; safety <reg orig="vp">up&H5;</reg>: I sent your grace,</l>
<l>The <reg orig="parcells">parcels</reg> and particulars of our&Htp; <reg orig="griefe">grief</reg>,</l>
<l>The which&H61; hath <reg orig="beene">been</reg> with <reg orig="scorne">scorn</reg> <reg orig="shoued">shoved</reg> from the court,</l>
<l>Whereon this <reg orig="Hidra">Hydra</reg>, <reg orig="sonne">son</reg> of <reg orig="warre">war</reg> is <reg orig="borne">born</reg>,</l>
<l>Whose dangerous <reg orig="eies">eyes</reg> may well be <reg orig="charmd">charmed</reg> <reg orig="asleepe">asleep</reg>,</l>
<l>With <reg orig="graunt">grant</reg> of our&Htp; most <reg orig="iust">just</reg>, and right desires,</l>
<l>And true obedience of this <reg orig="madnes">madness</reg> cured,</l>
<l><reg orig="Stoope">Stoop</reg> tamely to&H4; the <reg orig="foote">foot</reg> of <reg orig="maiestie">majesty</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="AC"><speaker>Mow.</speaker>
	<l> If not, we&Htp; ready are to&H9; <reg orig="trie">try</reg> our&Htp; fortunes,</l>
<l>To&H4; the last man.</l></sp>
<sp who="AD"><speaker>Hast.</speaker>
	<l> And though we&Htp; here <reg orig="fal">fall</reg> <reg orig="downe">down</reg>,</l>
<l>We&Htp; <reg orig="haue">have</reg> supplies to&H9; second our&Htp; attempt,</l>
<l>If they miscarry, theirs <reg orig="shal">shall</reg> second them,</l>
<l>And so&H3; <reg orig="successe">success</reg> of <reg orig="mischiefe">mischief</reg> shall be <reg orig="borne">born</reg>,</l>
<l>And <reg orig="heire">heir</reg> from <reg orig="heire">heir</reg> shall hold his <reg orig="quarrell">quarrel</reg> <reg orig="vp">up&H5;</reg>,</l>
<l>Whiles England shall <reg orig="haue">have</reg> generation.</l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker>Prince</speaker>
	<l> You are too shallow Hastings, much too shallow,</l>
<l>To&H9; sound the <reg orig="bottome">bottom</reg> of the after times.</l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker>West.</speaker>
	<l> Pleaseth your grace to&H9; <reg orig="answere">answer</reg> them directly,</l>
<l>How far forth you do like&H1; their articles.</l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker>Prince</speaker>
	<l> I like&H1; them all, and do allow them well,</l>
<l>And <reg orig="sweare">swear</reg> here by&H4; the honour of my <reg orig="bloud">blood</reg>,</l>
<l>My fathers purposes <reg orig="haue">have</reg> <reg orig="beene">been</reg> <reg orig="mistooke">mistook</reg>,</l>
<l>And some about him <reg orig="haue">have</reg> too <reg orig="lauishly">lavishly</reg>,</l>
<l>Wrested his meaning and authority.</l>
<l>My Lord, these <reg orig="griefes">griefs</reg> shall be with speed <reg orig="redrest">redressed</reg>,</l>
<l><reg orig="Vppon">Upon&H4;</reg> my <reg orig="soule">soul</reg> they <reg orig="shal">shall</reg>, if this may please you,</l>
<l>Discharge your powers <reg orig="vnto">unto</reg> their <reg orig="seuerall">several</reg> counties,</l>
<l>As we&Hrp; will&H1; ours, and here <reg orig="betweene">between</reg> the armies,</l>
<l><reg orig="Lets">Let us&Htp;</reg> <reg orig="drinke">drink</reg> together friendly and embrace,</l>
<l>That&H3; all their <reg orig="eies">eyes</reg> may <reg orig="beare">bear</reg> those tokens home,</l>
<l>Of our&Htp; restored <reg orig="loue">love</reg> and <reg orig="amitie">amity</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker>Bishop</speaker>
	<l> I take your princely word for&H4; these redresses,</l></sp>
<sp who="C">
	<l>I <reg orig="giue">give</reg> it you, and will&H1; <reg orig="maintaine">maintain</reg> my word,</l>
<l>And <reg orig="therevpon">thereupon</reg> I <reg orig="drinke">drink</reg> <reg orig="vnto">unto</reg> your grace.</l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker>Prince</speaker>
	<l> Go <reg orig="Captaine">Captain</reg>, and <reg orig="deliuer">deliver</reg> to&H4; the <reg orig="armie">army</reg></l>
<l>This <reg orig="newes">news</reg> of peace, let them <reg orig="haue">have</reg> pay, and part.</l>
<l>I know it will&H1; well please them, hie thee <reg orig="captaine">captain</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker>Bishop</speaker>
	<l> To&H4; you my noble lord of Westmerland.</l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker>West.</speaker>
	<l> I pledge your grace, and if you knew what <reg orig="paines">pains</reg>,</l>
<l>I <reg orig="haue">have</reg> bestowed to&H9; breed this present peace,</l>
<l>You would <reg orig="drinke">drink</reg> freely, but my <reg orig="loue">love</reg> to&H4; ye</l>
<l>Shall <reg orig="shew">show</reg> <reg orig="it selfe">itself</reg> more openly hereafter.</l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker>Bishop</speaker>
	<l> I do not doubt you.</l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker>West.</speaker>
	<l> I am glad of it,</l>
<l>Health to&H4; my Lord, and gentle <reg orig="cosin">cousin</reg> Mowbray.</l></sp>
<sp who="AC"><speaker>Mow.</speaker>
	<l> You wish me health in very happy season,</l>
<l>For I am on the <reg orig="sodaine">sudden</reg> something ill.</l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker>Bishop</speaker>
	<l> Against ill <reg orig="chaunces">chances</reg> men are <reg orig="euer">ever</reg> <reg orig="mery">merry</reg>,</l>
<l>But <reg orig="heauinesse">heaviness</reg> <reg orig="fore-runnes">fore-runs</reg> the good <reg orig="euent">event</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker>West.</speaker>
	<l> Therefore be <reg orig="mery">merry</reg> <reg orig="coze">cuz</reg>, since <reg orig="sodaine">sudden</reg> sorrow</l>
<l><reg orig="Serues">Serves</reg> to&H9; say thus, some good thing comes <reg orig="to morow">tomorrow</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker>Bishop</speaker>
	<l> <reg orig="Beleeue">Believe</reg> me I am passing light in&H4; spirit.</l></sp>
<sp who="AC"><speaker>Mow.</speaker>
	<l> So&H51; much the worse if your <reg orig="owne">own</reg> rule be true.</l></sp> 
<sp who="C"><speaker>Prin.</speaker>
	<l> The word of peace is <reg orig="rendred">rendered</reg>, <reg orig="heark">hark</reg> how they <reg orig="showt">shout</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="AC"><speaker>Mow.</speaker>
	<l> This had <reg orig="bin">been</reg> <reg orig="cheerefull">cheerful</reg> after victory.</l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker>Bishop</speaker>
	<l> A peace is of the nature of a conquest,</l>
<l>For&H3; then both parties nobly are subdued,</l>
<l>And neither party looser.</l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker>Prince</speaker>
	<l> Go my lord,</l>
<l>And let our&Hrp; army be discharged too,</l>
<l>And, good my lord, so&H52; please you, let our&Hrp; <reg orig="traines">trains</reg></l>
<l>March by&H4; <reg orig="vs">us&Hrp;</reg>, that&H3; we&Hrp; may peruse the men,</l>
<l>We&Hrp; should <reg orig="haue">have</reg> <reg orig="coap't">coapt</reg> <reg orig="withall">withal</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker>Bishop</speaker>
	<l> Go, good Lord Hastings,</l>
<l>And ere they be <reg orig="dismist">dismissed</reg>, let them march by&H5;.</l></sp> 
	<stage>enter Westmerland.</stage>
<sp who="C"><speaker>Prince</speaker>
	<l> I trust Lords we&Htp; <reg orig="shal">shall</reg> lie <reg orig="to night">tonight</reg> <reg orig="togither">together</reg>:</l>
<l>Now <reg orig="coosin">cousin</reg>, wherefore stands our&Hrp; army <reg orig="stil">still</reg>?</l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker>West.</speaker>
	<l> The Leaders <reg orig="hauing">having</reg> charge from you to&H9; stand,</l>
<l><reg orig="Wil">Will&H1;</reg> not <reg orig="goe">go</reg> off <reg orig="vntil">until</reg> they <reg orig="heare">hear</reg> you <reg orig="speake">speak</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker>Prince</speaker>
	<l> They know their <reg orig="dueties">duties</reg>.</l></sp> 
	<stage>enter Hastings</stage>
<sp who="AD"><speaker>Hastings</speaker>
	<l> My lord, our&Htp; army is <reg orig="disperst">dispersed</reg> already,</l>
<l>Like&H4; <reg orig="youthfull">youthful</reg> <reg orig="steeres">steers</reg> <reg orig="vnyoakt">unyoked</reg> they take their courses,</l>
<l>East, <reg orig="weast">west</reg>, north, south, or like&H4; a <reg orig="schoole">school</reg> broke <reg orig="vp">up&H5;</reg>,</l>
<l>Each hurries toward his home, and sporting place.</l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker>West.</speaker>
	<l> Good tidings my lord Hastings, for&H4; the which&H61;</l>
<l>I do <reg orig="arest">arrest</reg> thee traitor of high treason,</l>
<l>And you lord Archbishop, and you lord Mowbray,</l>
<l>Of <reg orig="capitall">capital</reg> treason I attach you both.</l></sp>
<sp who="AC"><speaker>Mowbray</speaker>
	<l> Is this proceeding <reg orig="iust">just</reg> and <reg orig="honorable">honourable</reg>?</l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker>West.</speaker>
	<l> Is your assembly so&H52;?</l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker>Bishop</speaker>
	<l> will&H1; you thus <reg orig="breake">break</reg> your faith?</l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker>Prince</speaker>
	<l> I <reg orig="pawnde">pawned</reg> thee none,</l>
<l>I <reg orig="promist">promised</reg> you <reg orig="redresse">redress</reg> of these same <reg orig="grieuances">grievances</reg></l>
<l>Whereof you did <reg orig="complaine">complain</reg>, which&H61; by&H4; mine honour</l>
<l>I will&H1; <reg orig="performe">perform</reg>, with a most christian care.</l>
<l>But for&H4; you rebels, <reg orig="looke">look</reg> to&H9; taste the due</l>
<l><reg orig="Meete">Meet</reg> for&H4; rebellion:</l>
<l>Most shallowly did you these <reg orig="armes">arms</reg> commence,</l>
<l>Fondly brought <reg orig="heere">here</reg>, and foolishly sent hence.</l>
<l>Strike <reg orig="vp">up&H5;</reg> our&Hrp; <reg orig="drummes">drums</reg>, pursue the <reg orig="scattred">scattered</reg> stray:</l>
<l>God, and not we&Hrp;, hath safely fought <reg orig="to day">today</reg>:</l>
<l>Some guard this <reg orig="traitour">traitor</reg> to&H4; the <reg orig="blocke">block</reg> of death,</l>
<l>Treasons true bed, and <reg orig="yeelder">yielder</reg> <reg orig="vp">up&H5;</reg> of breath.</l></sp>

<div2 n="2" type="scene">
<stage>Alarum Enter Falstaffe excursions</stage>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Fal.</speaker>
	<p> <reg orig="whats">what is</reg> your name sir, of what condition are you, and<lb/>
of what place?</p></sp>
<sp who="AF"><speaker>Cole.</speaker>
	<p> I am a Knight sir, and my name is Coleuile of the<lb/>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Fal.</speaker>
	<p> well then, Colleuile is your name, a Knight is your degree, 
		and your place the dale: Coleuile <reg orig="shalbe">shall be</reg> still your name,<lb/>
a traitor your degree, <reg orig="&">and</reg> the dungeon your place, a place deep<lb/>
enough, so&H52; shall you be <reg orig="stil">still</reg> Colleuile of the Dale.</p></sp>
<sp who="AF"><speaker>Colle.</speaker>
	<p> Are not you sir Iohn Falstaffe?</p></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Fal.</speaker>
	<p> As good a man as he sir, <reg orig="who ere">whoever</reg> I am: <reg orig="doe">do</reg> ye <reg orig="yeelde">yield</reg><lb/>
sir, or shall I sweat for&H4; you? if I <reg orig="doe">do</reg> <reg orig="sweate">sweat</reg>, they are the drops<lb/>
of thy <reg orig="louers">lovers</reg>, and they <reg orig="weepe">weep</reg> for&H4; thy death, therefore <reg orig="rowze">rouse</reg><lb/>
<reg orig="vp">up&H5;</reg> <reg orig="feare">fear</reg> and trembling, and do <reg orig="obseruance">observance</reg> to&H4; my <reg orig="mercie">mercy</reg>.</p></sp>
<sp who="AF"><speaker>Colle.</speaker>
	<p> I think you are sir Iohn Falstaffe, and in&H4; that&H62; thought<lb/>
<reg orig="yeelde">yield</reg> me.</p></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Fal.</speaker>
	<p> I <reg orig="haue">have</reg> a whole school of tongues in&H4; this belly of mine,<lb/>
and not a tongue of them all <reg orig="speakes">speaks</reg> any other word but my<lb/>
name, and I had but a belly of any <reg orig="indifferencie">indifferency</reg>, I were simply<lb/>
the most <reg orig="actiue">active</reg> fellow in&H4; Europe: my womb, my <reg orig="wombe">womb</reg>, my<lb/>
womb <reg orig="vndoes">undoes</reg> me, <reg orig="heere">here</reg> comes our&Htp; <reg orig="Generall">General</reg>.</p></sp>
<stage>Enter Iohn Westmerland, and the rest. Retraite</stage>
<sp who="C"><speaker>Iohn</speaker>
	<l> The <reg orig="heate">heat</reg> is past, follow no&H2; further now,</l>
<l>Call in&H5; the powers good <reg orig="coosin">cousin</reg> Westmerland.</l>
<l>Now Falstaffe, where <reg orig="haue">have</reg> you <reg orig="beene">been</reg> all this while?</l>
<l>When <reg orig="euery thing">everything</reg> is ended, then you come:</l>
<l>These tardy <reg orig="trickes">tricks</reg> of yours <reg orig="wil">will&H1;</reg> on&H4; my life</l>
<l>One time or other <reg orig="breake">break</reg> some <reg orig="gallowes">gallows</reg> <reg orig="backe">back</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Fal.</speaker>
	<p> I would <reg orig="bee">be</reg> <reg orig="sory">sorry</reg> my lord, but it <reg orig="shoulde">should</reg> <reg orig="bee">be</reg> thus: I<lb/>
<reg orig="neuer">never</reg> knew yet but Rebuke and <reg orig="Checke">Check</reg>, was the <reg orig="rewarde">reward</reg> of<lb/>
<reg orig="Valor">Valour</reg>: do you <reg orig="thinke">think</reg> me a swallow, an arrow, or a bullet? <reg orig="haue">have</reg><lb/>
I in&H4; my <reg orig="poore">poor</reg> and old motion the expedition of thought? I<lb/>
<reg orig="haue">have</reg> speeded hither with the very <reg orig="extreamest">extremest</reg> inch of possibility, 
I <reg orig="haue">have</reg> <reg orig="foundred">foundered</reg> ninescore and <reg orig="od">odd</reg> <reg orig="postes">posts</reg>, and here <reg orig="trauell">travel</reg><lb/>
tainted as I am, <reg orig="haue">have</reg> in&H4; my pure and immaculate valour, 
taken sir Iohn Colleuile of the Dale, a most furious Knight and<lb/>
valorous enemy,: but what of that&H62;? he <reg orig="sawe">saw</reg> me, and <reg orig="yeelded">yielded</reg>,<lb/>
that&H3; I may <reg orig="iustly">justly</reg> say with the <reg orig="hooke-nosde">hook-nosed</reg> fellow of Rome,<lb/>
there <reg orig="cosin">cousin</reg>, I came, saw, and <reg orig="ouercame">overcame</reg>.</p></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker>Iohn</speaker>
	<p> It was more of his <reg orig="curtesie">courtesy</reg> <reg orig="then">than</reg> your <reg orig="deseruing">deserving</reg>.</p></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Falst.</speaker>
	<p> I know not, here he is, and here I <reg orig="yeeld">yield</reg> him, and I<lb/>
beseech your grace let it be <reg orig="bookte">booked</reg> with the rest of this <reg orig="daies">days</reg><lb/>
<reg orig="deedes">deeds</reg>, or by&H4; the Lord, I <reg orig="wil">will&H1;</reg> <reg orig="haue">have</reg> it in&H4; a particular ballad else,<lb/>
with mine <reg orig="owne">own</reg> picture on&H4; the top <reg orig="on't">of it</reg>, (Coleuile kissing my<lb/>
<reg orig="foote">foot</reg>) to&H4; the which&H61; course, if I <reg orig="bee">be</reg> <reg orig="enforst">enforced</reg>, if you <reg orig="doe">do</reg> not all<lb/>
<reg orig="shew">show</reg> like&H4; guilt <reg orig="twoo">two</reg> pences to&H4; <reg orig="mee">me</reg>, and I in&H4; the <reg orig="cleere">clear</reg> <reg orig="skie">sky</reg> of<lb/>
Fame, <reg orig="ore-shine">over-shine</reg> you as much as the full <reg orig="moone">moon</reg> doth the <reg orig="cindars">cinders</reg> of the element, 
(which&H61; <reg orig="shew">show</reg> like&H4; <reg orig="pinnes">pins</reg> heads to&H4; her&H6;) <reg orig="beleeue">believe</reg> not the <reg orig="worde">word</reg> of the noble: therefore let me <reg orig="haue">have</reg> right,<lb/>
and let Desert mount.</p></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker>Prince</speaker>
	<p> <reg orig="Thine's">Thine is</reg> too <reg orig="heauy">heavy</reg> to&H9; mount.</p></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Falst.</speaker>
	<p> Let it shine then.</p></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker>Prince</speaker>
	<p> <reg orig="Thines">Thine is</reg> too <reg orig="thicke">thick</reg> to&H9; shine.</p></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Falst.</speaker>
	<p> Let it do <reg orig="some thing">something</reg>, my good lord, that&H61; may <reg orig="doe">do</reg> me<lb/>
good, and call it what you will&H1;.</p></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker>Prince</speaker>
	<p> Is thy name Colleuile?</p></sp>
<sp who="AF"><speaker>Col.</speaker>
	<p> It is my Lord.</p></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker>Prince</speaker>
	<p> A famous <reg orig="rebell">rebel</reg> art thou Colleuile.</p></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Falst.</speaker>
	<p> And a famous true <reg orig="subiect">subject</reg> <reg orig="tooke">took</reg> him.</p></sp>
<sp who="AF"><speaker>Col.</speaker>
	<l> I am my lord but as my betters are,</l>
<l>That&H61; led me hither, had they <reg orig="bin">been</reg> <reg orig="rulde">ruled</reg> by&H4; me,</l>
<l>You should <reg orig="haue">have</reg> <reg orig="wonne">won</reg> them <reg orig="deerer">dearer</reg> <reg orig="then">than</reg> you <reg orig="haue">have</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Fal.</speaker>
	<l> I know not how they sold <reg orig="themselues">themselves</reg>, but thou like&H4; a</l>
<l>kind fellow <reg orig="gauest">gavest</reg> <reg orig="thy selfe">thyself</reg> away gratis, and I <reg orig="thanke">thank</reg> thee for&H4;</l>
	<stage>enter Westmerland.</stage>
<sp who="C"><speaker>Prince</speaker>
	<l> Now, <reg orig="haue">have</reg> you left pursuit?</l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker>West.</speaker>
	<l> <reg orig="Retraite">retreat</reg> is made, and execution <reg orig="stayd">stayed</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker>Prince</speaker>
	<l> Send Colleuile with his confederates</l>
<l>To&H4; Yorke to&H4; present execution,</l>
<l>Blunt <reg orig="leade">lead</reg> him hence, and see you guard him sure.</l>
<l>And now dispatch we&Hrp; toward the court my <reg orig="lordes">lords</reg>,</l>
<l>I <reg orig="heare">hear</reg> the King my father is sore sick,</l>
<l>Our&Hrp; <reg orig="newes">news</reg> shall go before <reg orig="vs">us&Hrp;</reg> to&H4; his <reg orig="maiestie">majesty</reg>,</l>
<l>Which&H61; <reg orig="cosin">cousin</reg> you shall <reg orig="beare">bear</reg> to&H9; comfort him,</l>
<l>And we&Hrp; with sober <reg orig="speede">speed</reg> will&H1; follow you.</l></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Falst.</speaker>
	<l> My Lord, I beseech you <reg orig="giue">give</reg> me <reg orig="leaue">leave</reg> to&H9; go through</l>
<l>Glostershire, and when you come to&H4; court, stand my good lord</l>
<l>in&H4; your good report.</l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker>Prince</speaker>
	<l> Fare you <reg orig="wel">well</reg> Falstaffe, I, in&H4; my condition, <reg orig="shal">shall</reg> better</l>
<l><reg orig="speake">speak</reg> of you <reg orig="then">than</reg> you <reg orig="deserue">deserve</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Fal.</speaker>
	<p> I would you had the wit, <reg orig="twere">it were</reg> better than your <reg orig="dukedome">dukedom</reg>, 
		good faith this same <reg orig="yong">young</reg> sober <reg orig="blouded">blooded</reg> boy doth not<lb/>
<reg orig="loue">love</reg> me, nor a man cannot make him laugh, but <reg orig="thats">that&H62; is</reg> no&H2; <reg orig="maruel">marvel</reg>,<lb/>
he <reg orig="drinkes">drinks</reg> no&H2; wine, <reg orig="theres">there is</reg> <reg orig="neuer">never</reg> none of these demure <reg orig="boyes">boys</reg><lb/>
come to&H4; any <reg orig="proofe">proof</reg>, for&H3; thin <reg orig="drinke">drink</reg> doth so&H51; <reg orig="ouer-coole">over-cool</reg> <reg orig="theyr">their</reg><lb/>
blood, and making many fish <reg orig="meales">meals</reg>, that&H3; they fall into a kind<lb/>
of male <reg orig="greene">green</reg> <reg orig="sicknes">sickness</reg>, and then when they marry, they <reg orig="gette">get</reg><lb/>
wenches, they are generally <reg orig="fooles">fools</reg> and cowards, which&H61; some<lb/>
of <reg orig="vs">us&Htp;</reg> should be too, but for&H4; inflammation: a good <reg orig="sherris">sherry</reg> <reg orig="sacke">sack</reg><lb/>
hath a two fold operation in&H4; it, it <reg orig="ascendes">ascends</reg> <reg orig="mee">me</reg> into the <reg orig="braine">brain</reg>,<lb/>
dries me there all the foolish, and dull, and <reg orig="crudy">cruddy</reg> <reg orig="vapors">vapours</reg> which&H61;<lb/>
<reg orig="enuirone">environ</reg> it, makes it <reg orig="apprehensiue">apprehensive</reg>, <reg orig="quicke">quick</reg>, <reg orig="forgetiue">forgetful</reg>, full of<lb/>
nimble, fiery, and delectable shapes, which&H61; <reg orig="deliuered">delivered</reg> <reg orig="ore">over</reg> to&H4;<lb/>
the <reg orig="voyce">voice</reg>, the tongue, which&H61; is the birth, becomes excellent<lb/>
wit. The second property of your excellent <reg orig="sherris">sherry</reg>, is the warming of the blood, 
which&H61; before (cold <reg orig="&">and</reg> <reg orig="setled">settled</reg>,) left the <reg orig="lyuer">liver</reg><lb/>
white <reg orig="&">and</reg> pale, which&H61; is the badge of <reg orig="pusilanimitie">pusillanimity</reg> and <reg orig="cowardize">cowardice</reg>: 
but the <reg orig="sherris">sherry</reg> <reg orig="warmes">warms</reg> it, and makes it course from the<lb/>
inwards to&H4; the <reg orig="partes">parts</reg> <reg orig="extreames">extremes</reg>, it illumineth the face, which&H61;<lb/>
as a <reg orig="beakon">beacon</reg>, <reg orig="giues">gives</reg> warning to&H4; <reg orig="al">all</reg> the rest of this little kingdom<lb/>
man to&H4; <reg orig="arme">arm</reg>, and then the <reg orig="vitall">vital</reg> commoners, and inland petty<lb/>
spirits, muster me all to&H4; their <reg orig="captaine">captain</reg>, the heart: who&H61; great, and<lb/>
<reg orig="pufft">puffed</reg> <reg orig="vp">up&H5;</reg> with this <reg orig="retinew">retinue</reg>, doth any deed of courage: and this<lb/>
valour comes of <reg orig="sherris">sherry</reg>, so&H3; that&H3; skill in&H4; the weapon is nothing<lb/>
without <reg orig="sacke">sack</reg> (for&H3; that&H62; sets it <reg orig="aworke">a-work</reg>) and learning a <reg orig="meere">mere</reg><lb/>
<reg orig="whoord">hoard</reg> of gold kept by&H4; a <reg orig="diuell">devil</reg>, till <reg orig="sacke">sack</reg> commences it, and<lb/>
sets it in&H4; act and <reg orig="vse">use</reg>. Hereof comes it, that&H3; Prince Harry is<lb/>
valiant, for&H3; the cold blood he did naturally <reg orig="inherite">inherit</reg> of his father, 
he hath like&H4; <reg orig="leane">lean</reg>, sterile, and bare land, manured, husbanded and <reg orig="tilld">tilled</reg>, 
with excellent <reg orig="endeuour">endeavour</reg> of drinking good<lb/>
and good store of fertile <reg orig="sherris">sherry</reg>, that&H3; he is become very <reg orig="hote">hot</reg><lb/>
and valiant. If I had a thousand <reg orig="sonnes">sons</reg>, the first <reg orig="humane">human</reg> principle I would teach them, 
should be, to&H9; <reg orig="forsweare">forswear</reg> thin potations, and to&H9; addict <reg orig="themselues">themselves</reg> to&H4; <reg orig="sacke">sack</reg>. How now Bardolfe? </p></sp>
<stage>Enter Bardolfe.</stage>
<sp who="AI"><speaker>Bar.</speaker>
	<l> The army is discharged all, and gone.</l></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Fal.</speaker>
	<p> Let them <reg orig="goe">go</reg>, <reg orig="ile">I will&H1;</reg> 
	through Glostershire, and there will&H1;<lb/>
	I visit M. Robert Shallow Esquire, I <reg orig="haue">have</reg> him already <reg orig="tempring">tempering</reg> 
<reg orig="betweene">between</reg> my finger and my thumb, and shortly will&H1; I<lb/>
<reg orig="seale">seal</reg> with him, come away.</p></sp>

<div2 n="3" type="scene">
<stage>Enter the King, Warwike, Kent, Thomas duke of Clarence,
Humphrey of Gloucester.</stage>
<sp who="A"><speaker>King</speaker>
	<l> Now lords, if God doth <reg orig="giue">give</reg> <reg orig="successefull">successful</reg> end,</l>
<l>To&H4; this debate that&H61; bleedeth at our&Hrp; <reg orig="doores">doors</reg>,</l>
<l>We&Hrp; will&H1; our&Hrp; youth <reg orig="leade">lead</reg> on&H5; to&H4; higher fields,</l>
<l>And draw no&H2; swords but what are sanctified:</l>
<l>Our&Hrp; <reg orig="nauie">navy</reg> is <reg orig="addrest">addressed</reg>, our&Hrp; power collected,</l>
<l>Our&Hrp; substitutes in&H4; absence <reg orig="wel">well</reg> <reg orig="inuested">invested</reg>,</l>
<l>And <reg orig="euery thing">everything</reg> lies <reg orig="leuell">level</reg> to&H4; our&Hrp; wish,</l>
<l>Only we&Hrp; want a little personal strength:</l>
<l>And <reg orig="pawse">pause</reg> <reg orig="vs">us&Hrp;</reg> <reg orig="til">till</reg> these rebels now <reg orig="afoote">afoot</reg>,</l>
<l>Come <reg orig="vnderneath">underneath</reg> the yoke of <reg orig="gouernment">government</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="F"><speaker>War.</speaker>
	<l> Both which&H61; we&Htp; doubt not, but your <reg orig="maiesty">majesty</reg></l>
<l><reg orig="Shal">Shall</reg> <reg orig="soone">soon</reg> <reg orig="enioy">enjoy</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker>King</speaker>
	<l> Humphrey my <reg orig="sonne">son</reg> of Gloster, where is the prince</l>
<l>your brother?</l></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker>Glo.</speaker>
	<l> I <reg orig="thinke">think</reg> <reg orig="hees">he is</reg> gone to&H9; hunt, my lord, at Winsor.</l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker>King</speaker>
	<l> And how accompanied?</l></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker>Glo.</speaker>
	<l> I do not know, my lord.</l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker>King</speaker>
	<l> Is not his brother Thomas of Clarence with him?</l></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker>Glo.</speaker>
	<l> No&H7;, my good lord, he is in&H4; presence here.</l></sp>
<sp who="E"><speaker>Clar.</speaker>
	<l> What would my lord and father?</l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker>Kin</speaker>
	<l> Nothing but well to&H4; thee Thomas of Clarence,</l>
<l>How chance thou art not with the prince thy brother?</l>
<l>He <reg orig="loues">loves</reg> thee, and thou dost neglect him, Thomas,</l>
<l>Thou hast a better place in&H4; his affection</l>
<l><reg orig="Then">Than</reg> all thy brothers, <reg orig="cherrish">cherish</reg> it my boy:</l>
<l>And noble offices thou <reg orig="maist">mayest</reg> effect</l>
<l>Of mediation after I am dead,</l>
<l><reg orig="Betweene">Between</reg> his <reg orig="greatnesse">greatness</reg> and thy other brethren:</l>
<l>Therefore omit him not, blunt not his <reg orig="loue">love</reg>,</l>
<l>Nor loose the good <reg orig="aduantage">advantage</reg> of his grace,</l>
<l>By&H4; seeming cold, or <reg orig="carelesse">careless</reg> of his will&H0;,</l>
<l>For&H3; he is gracious if he be <reg orig="obseru'de">observed</reg>,</l>
<l>He hath a <reg orig="teare">tear</reg> for&H4; <reg orig="pittie">pity</reg>, and a hand,</l>
<l>Open as day for&H4; meeting <reg orig="charitie">charity</reg>,</l>
<l>Yet notwithstanding being <reg orig="incenst">incensed</reg>, he is flint,</l>
<l>As humorous as winter, and as <reg orig="sodaine">sudden</reg></l>
<l>As <reg orig="flawes">flaws</reg> congealed in&H4; the spring of day:</l>
<l>His temper therefore must be well <reg orig="obseru'd">observed</reg>,</l>
<l>Chide him for&H4; faults, and do it <reg orig="reuerently">reverently</reg>,</l>
<l>When you <reg orig="perceiue">perceive</reg> his <reg orig="bloud">blood</reg> <reg orig="inclind">inclined</reg> to&H4; mirth:</l>
<l>But being moody, <reg orig="giue">give</reg> him time and scope,</l>
<l>Till that&H3; his passions, like&H4; a whale on&H4; ground</l>
<l>Confound <reg orig="themselues">themselves</reg> with working, <reg orig="learne">learn</reg> this Thomas,</l>
<l>And thou shalt <reg orig="proue">prove</reg> a shelter to&H4; thy friends,</l>
<l>A <reg orig="hoope">hoop</reg> of gold to&H9; <reg orig="binde">bind</reg> thy brothers in&H5;,</l>
<l>That&H3; the <reg orig="vnited">united</reg> <reg orig="vessell">vessel</reg> of their <reg orig="bloud">blood</reg>,</l>
<l>(Mingled with <reg orig="venome">venom</reg> of suggestion,</l>
<l>As force perforce, the age will&H1; <reg orig="powre">pour</reg> it in&H5;,)</l>
<l>Shall <reg orig="neuer">never</reg> <reg orig="leake">leak</reg>, though it <reg orig="doe">do</reg> <reg orig="worke">work</reg> as strong,</l>
<l>As Aconitum, or rash gunpowder.</l></sp>
<sp who="E"><speaker>Cla.</speaker>
	<l> I shall <reg orig="obserue">observe</reg> him with all care and <reg orig="loue">love</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker>King</speaker>
	<l> Why art thou not at Winsore with him Thomas?</l></sp>
<sp who="E"><speaker>Tho.</speaker>
	<l> He is not there <reg orig="to day">today</reg>, he dines in&H4; London.</l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker>King</speaker>
	<l> And how accompanied?</l></sp>
<sp who="E"><speaker>Tho.</speaker>
	<l> With Poines, and other his <reg orig="continuall">continual</reg> followers.</l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker>King</speaker>
	<l> Most <reg orig="subiect">subject</reg> is the fattest <reg orig="soyle">soil</reg> to&H4; weeds,</l>
<l>And he, the noble image of my youth,</l>
<l>Is <reg orig="ouerspread">overspread</reg> with them, therefore my <reg orig="griefe">grief</reg></l>
<l>Stretches <reg orig="it selfe">itself</reg> beyond the <reg orig="howre">hour</reg> of death:</l>
<l>The <reg orig="bloud">blood</reg> <reg orig="weepes">weeps</reg> from my heart when I do shape,</l>
<l>In&H4; <reg orig="formes">forms</reg> imaginary, <reg orig="th'unguyded">the unguided</reg> <reg orig="daies">days</reg>,</l>
<l>And rotten times that&H61; you shall <reg orig="looke">look</reg> <reg orig="vpon">upon&H5;</reg>,</l>
<l>When I am sleeping with my <reg orig="auncestors">ancestors</reg>:</l>
<l>For&H3; when his head-strong riot hath no&H2; <reg orig="curbe">curb</reg>,</l>
<l>When rage and hot <reg orig="bloud">blood</reg> are his counsellors,</l>
<l>When <reg orig="meanes">means</reg> and <reg orig="lauish">lavish</reg> manners <reg orig="meete">meet</reg> together,</l>
<l><reg orig="Oh">O</reg> with what wings <reg orig="shal">shall</reg> his affections <reg orig="flie">fly</reg>,</l>
<l>Towards fronting peril and <reg orig="opposde">opposed</reg> decay?</l></sp>
<sp who="F"><speaker>War.</speaker>
	<l> My gracious Lord, you <reg orig="looke">look</reg> beyond him quite,</l>
<l>The prince but studies his companions,</l>
<l>Like&H4; a strange tongue wherein to&H9; <reg orig="gaine">gain</reg> the language:</l>
<l><reg orig="Tis">It is</reg> <reg orig="needfnll">needfull</reg> that&H3; the most immodest word,</l>
<l>Be <reg orig="lookt">looked</reg> <reg orig="vpon">upon&H5;</reg> and learnt, which&H61; once <reg orig="attaind">attained</reg>,</l>
<l>Your <reg orig="highnesse">highness</reg> <reg orig="knowes">knows</reg> comes to&H4; no&H2; further <reg orig="vse">use</reg>,</l>
<l>But to&H9; be <reg orig="knowne">known</reg> and hated: so&H3;, like&H4; <reg orig="grosse">gross</reg> <reg orig="termes">terms</reg>,</l>
<l>The prince will&H1; in&H4; the <reg orig="perfectnesse">perfectness</reg> of time,</l>
<l>Cast off his followers, and their memory</l>
<l>Shall as a pattern, or a measure <reg orig="liue">live</reg>,</l>
<l>By&H4; which&H61; his grace must mete the <reg orig="liues">lives</reg> of other,</l>
<l>Turning <reg orig="past-euils">past-evils</reg> to&H4; <reg orig="aduantages">advantages</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker>King</speaker>
	<l> <reg orig="Tis">It is</reg> <reg orig="seldome">seldom</reg> when the bee doth <reg orig="leaue">leave</reg> her&H2; comb,</l>
<l>In&H4; the dead <reg orig="carion">carrion</reg>: <reg orig="who's">who&H62; is</reg> here, Westmerland? </l></sp>
<stage>Enter Westmerland.</stage>
<sp who="G"><speaker>West.</speaker>
	<l> Health to&H4; my <reg orig="soueraigne">sovereign</reg>, and new <reg orig="happinesse">happiness</reg></l>
<l>Added to&H4; that&H62; that&H3; I am to&H9; <reg orig="deliuer">deliver</reg>,</l>
<l>Prince Iohn your <reg orig="sonne">son</reg> doth <reg orig="kisse">kiss</reg> your graces hand.</l>
<l>Mowbray, the Bishop, Scroope, Hastings, and <reg orig="al">all</reg>,</l>
<l>Are brought to&H4; the correction of your law:</l>
<l>There is not now a rebels sword <reg orig="vnsheathd">unsheathed</reg>,</l>
<l>But Peace puts forth her&H2; <reg orig="oliue">olive</reg> <reg orig="euery where">everywhere</reg>,</l>
<l>The manner how this action hath <reg orig="bin">been</reg> <reg orig="borne">born</reg>,</l>
<l>Here at more leisure may your <reg orig="highnesse">highness</reg> <reg orig="reade">read</reg>,</l>
<l>With <reg orig="euery">every</reg> course in&H4; his particular.</l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker>King</speaker>
	<l> O Westmerland, thou art a summer bird,</l>
<l>Which&H61; <reg orig="euer">ever</reg> in&H4; the haunch of winter sings</l>
<l>The lifting <reg orig="vp">up&H5;</reg> of day: <reg orig="looke">look</reg> <reg orig="heres">here is</reg> more <reg orig="newes">news</reg>.</l></sp> 
	<stage>enter Harcor.</stage>
<sp who="AB"><speaker>Harc.</speaker>
	<l> From enemies, <reg orig="heauens">heavens</reg> keep your <reg orig="maiesty">majesty</reg>,</l>
<l>And when they stand against you, may they fall</l>
<l>As those that&H61; I am come to tell you of:</l>
<l>The <reg orig="Earle">Earl</reg> Northumberland, and the Lord Bardolfe,</l>
<l>With a great power of English, and of Scots,</l>
<l>Are by&H4; the <reg orig="shrieue">shrieve</reg> of Yorkshire <reg orig="ouerthrowne">overthrown</reg>,</l>
<l>The manner, and true order of the fight,</l>
<l>This packet, please it you, <reg orig="containes">contains</reg> at large,</l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker>Ki.</speaker>
	<l> And <reg orig="wherfore">wherefore</reg> should these good news make me <reg orig="sicke">sick</reg>?</l>
<l>Will&H1; Fortune <reg orig="neuer">never</reg> come with both hands full.</l>
<l>But wet her&H2; <reg orig="faire">fair</reg> words <reg orig="stil">still</reg> in&H4; foulest <reg orig="termes">terms</reg>?</l>
<l>She either <reg orig="giues">gives</reg> a stomach, and no&H2; <reg orig="foode">food</reg>,</l>
<l>Such are the <reg orig="poore">poor</reg> in&H4; health: or else a feast,</l>
<l>And takes away the stomach, such are the rich</l>
<l>That&H61; <reg orig="haue">have</reg> <reg orig="aboundance">abundance</reg>, and <reg orig="enioy">enjoy</reg> it not:</l>
<l>I should <reg orig="reioyce">rejoice</reg> now at this happy <reg orig="newes">news</reg>,</l>
<l>And now my sight <reg orig="failes">fails</reg>, and my <reg orig="braine">brain</reg> is giddy,</l>
<l>O me, come <reg orig="neare">near</reg> me, now I am much ill.</l></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker>Hum.</speaker>
	<l> Comfort your <reg orig="maiesty">majesty</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="E"><speaker>Clar.</speaker>
	<l> O my <reg orig="royall">royal</reg> father!</l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker>West.</speaker>
	<l> My <reg orig="soueraigne">sovereign</reg> Lord, <reg orig="cheere">cheer</reg> <reg orig="vp">up&H5;</reg> <reg orig="your selfe">yourself</reg>, 
		look <reg orig="vp">up&H5;</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="F"><speaker>War.</speaker>
	<l> Be patient princes, you do know these fits</l>
<l>Are with his <reg orig="highnesse">highness</reg> very ordinary.</l>
<l>Stand from him, <reg orig="giue">give</reg> him <reg orig="ayre">air</reg>, <reg orig="heel">he will&H1;</reg> straight be <reg orig="wel">well</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="E"><speaker>Clar.</speaker>
	<l> No&H7;, no&H7;, he cannot long hold out these pangs,</l>
<l><reg orig="Th'incessant">The incessant</reg> care and labour of his mind,</l>
<l>Hath wrought the Mure that&H61; should confine it in&H5;,</l>
<l>So&H51; thin that&H3; life <reg orig="lookes">looks</reg> through.</l></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker>Hum.</speaker>
	<l> The people <reg orig="feare">fear</reg> me, for&H3; they do <reg orig="obserue">observe</reg></l>
<l><reg orig="Vnfather'd">Unfathered</reg> <reg orig="heires">heirs</reg>, and <reg orig="lothly">loathly</reg> births of nature,</l>
<l>The seasons change their manners, as the <reg orig="yeere">year</reg></l>
<l>Had found some <reg orig="moneths">months</reg> <reg orig="a sleepe">asleep</reg>, and leapt them <reg orig="ouer">over</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="E"><speaker>Clar.</speaker>
	<l> The <reg orig="riuer">river</reg> hath thrice flowed, no&H2; <reg orig="ebbe">ebb</reg> between,</l>
<l>And the old folk, (Times doting chronicles,)</l>
<l>Say, it did so&H52; a little time before</l>
<l>That&H3; our&Htp; great grandsire Edward, <reg orig="sickt">sicked</reg> and died.</l></sp>
<sp who="F"><speaker>War.</speaker>
	<l> <reg orig="Speake">Speak</reg> lower, princes, for&H3; the King <reg orig="recouers">recovers</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker>Hum.</speaker>
	<l> This <reg orig="apoplexi">apoplexy</reg> <reg orig="wil">will&H1;</reg> <reg orig="certaine">certain</reg> be his end.</l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker>King</speaker>
	<l> I pray you take me <reg orig="vp">up&H5;</reg>, and <reg orig="beare">bear</reg> me hence,</l>
<l>Into some other chamber.</l>
<l>Let there be no&H2; <reg orig="noyse">noise</reg> made, my gentle friends,</l> 
<l><reg orig="Vnlesse">Unless</reg> some dull and <reg orig="fauourable">favourable</reg> hand</l>
<l>Will&H1; whisper <reg orig="musique">music</reg> to&H4; my weary <reg orig="spirite">spirit</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="F"><speaker>War.</speaker>
	<l> Call for the <reg orig="musique">music</reg> in&H4; the other <reg orig="roome">room</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker>King</speaker>
	<l> Set me the <reg orig="crowne">crown</reg> <reg orig="vpon">upon&H4;</reg> my pillow here.</l></sp>
<sp who="E"><speaker>Clar.</speaker>
	<l> His <reg orig="eie">eye</reg> is hollow, and he changes much.</l></sp>
<sp who="F"><speaker>War.</speaker>
	<l> <reg orig="Lesse">Less</reg> <reg orig="noyse">noise</reg>, <reg orig="lesse">less</reg> <reg orig="noyse">noise</reg>.</l></sp> 
	<stage>Enter Harry</stage>
<sp who="B"><speaker>Prince</speaker>
	<l> Who&H62; saw the duke of Clarence?</l></sp>
<sp who="E"><speaker>Clar.</speaker>
	<l> I am here brother, <reg orig="ful">full</reg> of <reg orig="heauinesse">heaviness</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker>Prince</speaker>
	<l> How now, <reg orig="raine">rain</reg> within <reg orig="doores">doors</reg>, and none abroad?</l>
<l>How doth the King?</l></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker>Hum.</speaker>
	<l> Exceeding ill.</l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker>Prince</speaker>
	<l> Heard he the good <reg orig="newes">news</reg> yet? tell it him.</l></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker>Hum.</speaker>
	<l> He <reg orig="altred">altered</reg> much <reg orig="vpon">upon&H4;</reg> the hearing it,</l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker>Prince</speaker>
	<p> If he be <reg orig="sicke">sick</reg> with <reg orig="ioy">joy</reg>, <reg orig="heele">he will&H1;</reg> <reg orig="recouer">recover</reg> without <reg orig="phisicke">physic</reg>.</p></sp>
<sp who="F"><speaker>War.</speaker>
	<l> Not so&H51; much <reg orig="noyse">noise</reg> my Lords, <reg orig="sweete">sweet</reg> prince, <reg orig="speake">speak</reg></l>
<l><reg orig="lowe">low</reg>, the King your father is <reg orig="disposde">disposed</reg> to&H9; <reg orig="sleepe">sleep</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="E"><speaker>Cla.</speaker>
	<l> Let <reg orig="vs">us&Htp;</reg> withdraw into the other <reg orig="roome">room</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="F"><speaker>War.</speaker>
	<l> Wilt please your Grace to&H9; go along with <reg orig="vs">us&Htp;</reg>?</l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker>Prince</speaker>
	<l> No&H7;, I <reg orig="wil">will&H1;</reg> sit and watch <reg orig="heere">here</reg> by&H4; the King.</l>
<l>Why doth the <reg orig="Crowne">Crown</reg> lie there <reg orig="vpon">upon&H4;</reg> his pillow,</l>
<l>Being so&H51; troublesome a bedfellow?</l>
<l>O <reg orig="polisht">polished</reg> perturbation! golden care!</l>
<l>That&H61; <reg orig="keepst">keepest</reg> the ports of Slumber open wide</l>
<l>To&H4; many a <reg orig="watchfull">watchful</reg> night, <reg orig="sleepe">sleep</reg> with it now!</l>
<l>Yet not so&H51; sound, and <reg orig="halfe">half</reg> so&H51; deeply <reg orig="sweete">sweet</reg>,</l>
<l>As he whose brow (with homely <reg orig="biggen">biggin</reg> bound)</l>
<l>Snores out the watch of night. O <reg orig="maiestie">majesty</reg>!</l>
<l>When thou dost pinch thy bearer, thou dost sit</l>
<l>Like&H4; a rich armour <reg orig="worne">worn</reg> in&H4; <reg orig="heate">heat</reg> of day,</l>
<l>That&H61; <reg orig="scaldst">scaldest</reg> with <reg orig="safty">safety</reg> (by&H4; his gates of breath)</l>
<l>There lies a <reg orig="dowlny">downy</reg> feather which&H61; stirs not,</l>
<l>Did he suspire, that&H3; light and <reg orig="weightlesse">weightless</reg> <reg orig="dowlne">down</reg></l>
<l>Perforce must <reg orig="moue">move</reg> my gracious lord my father:</l>
<l>This <reg orig="sleepe">sleep</reg> is sound <reg orig="indeede">indeed</reg>, this is a <reg orig="sleepe">sleep</reg>,</l>
<l>That&H61; from this golden Rigoll hath <reg orig="diuorst">divorced</reg></l>
<l>So&H51; many English Kings, thy <reg orig="deaw">due</reg> from me,</l>
<l>Is <reg orig="teares">tears</reg> and <reg orig="heauy">heavy</reg> <reg orig="sorowes">sorrows</reg> of the blood,</l>
<l>Which&H61; nature, <reg orig="loue">love</reg>, and <reg orig="filiall">filial</reg> <reg orig="tendernesse">tenderness</reg></l>
<l>Shall (O <reg orig="deare">dear</reg> father) pay thee plenteously:</l>
<l>My due from thee is this <reg orig="imperiall">imperial</reg> <reg orig="Crowne">Crown</reg>,</l>
<l>Which&H61; as immediate from thy place and blood,</l>
<l><reg orig="Deriues">Derives</reg> <reg orig="it selfe">itself</reg> to&H4; me: <reg orig="loe">lo</reg> where it sits,</l>
<l>Which&H61; God <reg orig="shal">shall</reg> guard, and put the worlds whole strength</l>
<l>Into one giant <reg orig="arme">arm</reg>, it <reg orig="shal">shall</reg> not force,</l>
<l>This lineal <reg orig="honor">honour</reg> from me, this from thee</l>
<l>Will&H1; I to&H4; mine <reg orig="leaue">leave</reg>, as <reg orig="tis">it is</reg> left to&H4; me.</l></sp> 
<stage>Enter Warwicke, Gloucester, Clarence.</stage>
<sp who="A"><speaker>King</speaker>
	<l> Warwicke, Gloucester, Clarence.</l></sp>
<sp who="E"><speaker>Clar.</speaker>
	<l> Doth the King <reg orig="cal">call</reg>?</l></sp>
<sp who="F"><speaker>War.</speaker>
	<l> What would your <reg orig="Maiestie">Majesty</reg>?</l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker>King</speaker>
	<l> Why did you <reg orig="leaue">leave</reg> me here alone, my lords?</l></sp>
<sp who="E"><speaker>Cla.</speaker>
	<l> We&Htp; left the prince my brother here my liege, 
		who&H61; <reg orig="vndertooke">undertook</reg> to&H9; sit and watch by&H4; you.</l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker>King</speaker>
	<l> The prince of Wales, where is he? let me see him: he</l>
<l>is not here.</l></sp>
<sp who="F"><speaker>War.</speaker>
	<l> This <reg orig="doore">door</reg> is open, he is gone this way.</l></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker>Hum.</speaker>
	<l> He came not through the chamber where we&Htp; <reg orig="staide">stayed</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker>King</speaker>
	<l> Where is the <reg orig="Crowne">Crown</reg>? who&H62; took it from my pillow?</l></sp>
<sp who="F"><speaker>War.</speaker>
	<l> When we&Htp; withdrew, my liege, we&Htp; left it here.</l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker>King</speaker>
	<l> The Prince hath <reg orig="tane">taken</reg> it hence, go <reg orig="seeke">seek</reg> him out:</l>
<l>Is he so&H51; <reg orig="hastie">hasty</reg>, that&H3; he doth suppose my <reg orig="sleepe">sleep</reg> my death?</l>
<l><reg orig="Finde">Find</reg> him, my lord of Warwicke, chide him hither.</l>
<l>This part of his <reg orig="conioynes">conjoins</reg> with my disease,</l>
<l>And helps to&H9; end me: see, <reg orig="sonnes">sons</reg>, what things you are,</l>
<l>How quickly nature falls into <reg orig="reuolt">revolt</reg>,</l>
<l>When gold becomes her&H2; <reg orig="obiect">object</reg>?</l>
<l>For&H4; this, the foolish <reg orig="ouer-carefull">over-careful</reg> fathers</l>
<l><reg orig="Haue">Have</reg> broke their <reg orig="sleepe">sleep</reg> with thoughts,</l>
<l>Their <reg orig="braines">brains</reg> with care, their bones with industry:</l>
<l>For&H4; this they <reg orig="haue">have</reg> <reg orig="ingrossed">engrossed</reg> and <reg orig="pilld">piled</reg> <reg orig="vp">up&H5;</reg>,</l>
<l>The <reg orig="cankred">cankered</reg> <reg orig="heapes">heaps</reg> of strange <reg orig="atcheeued">achieved</reg> gold:</l>
<l>For&H4; this they <reg orig="haue">have</reg> <reg orig="beene">been</reg> <reg orig="thoughtfull">thoughtful</reg> to&H9; <reg orig="inuest">invest</reg></l>
<l>Their <reg orig="sonnes">sons</reg> with arts and <reg orig="martiall">martial</reg> exercises,</l>
<l>When like&H4; the bee <reg orig="toling">toiling</reg> from <reg orig="euery">every</reg> flower,</l>
<l>Our&Hrp; thigh, <reg orig="packt">packed</reg> with <reg orig="waxe">wax</reg>, our&Hrp; <reg orig="mouthes">mouths</reg> with <reg orig="hony">honey</reg>,</l>
<l>We&Hrp; bring it to&H4; the <reg orig="hiue">hive</reg>: and like&H4; the bees,</l>
<l>Are <reg orig="murdred">murdered</reg> for&H4; our&Hrp; <reg orig="paines">pains</reg>, this bitter taste</l>
<l><reg orig="Yeelds">Yields</reg> his <reg orig="engrossements">engrossments</reg> to&H4; the ending father,</l>
<l>Now where is he that&H61; will&H1; not stay so&H51; long,</l>
<l>Till his friend <reg orig="sicknesse">sickness</reg> hands <reg orig="determind">determined</reg> me.</l></sp> 
	<stage>Enter Warwicke.</stage>
<sp who="F"><speaker>War.</speaker>
	<l> My Lord, I found the prince in&H4; the next <reg orig="roome">room</reg>,</l>
<l>Washing with kindly <reg orig="teares">tears</reg>, his gentle <reg orig="cheekes">cheeks</reg>,</l>
<l>With such a <reg orig="deepe">deep</reg> demeanour in&H4; great sorrow,</l>
<l>That&H3; tyranny, which&H61; <reg orig="neuer">never</reg> <reg orig="quaft">quaffed</reg> but <reg orig="bloud">blood</reg>,</l>
<l>Would by&H4; beholding him, <reg orig="haue">have</reg> <reg orig="washt">washed</reg> his knife,</l>
<l>With gentle <reg orig="eie-drops">eye-drops</reg>, <reg orig="hee">he</reg> is <reg orig="comming">coming</reg> hither.</l></sp> 
	<stage>Enter Harry.</stage>
<sp who="A"><speaker>King</speaker>
	<l> But wherefore did he take away the <reg orig="crowne">crown</reg>?</l>
<l><reg orig="Loe">Lo</reg> where he comes, come hither to&H4; me Harry,</l>
<l>Depart the chamber, <reg orig="leaue">leave</reg> <reg orig="vs">us&Htp;</reg> here alone.</l></sp> 
<sp who="B"><speaker>Harry</speaker>
	<l> I <reg orig="neuer">never</reg> thought to&H9; <reg orig="heare">hear</reg> you <reg orig="speake">speak</reg> <reg orig="againe">again</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker>King</speaker>
	<l> Thy wish was father (Harry,) to&H4; that&H62; thought</l>
<l>I stay too long by&H4; thee, I weary thee,</l>
<l>Dost thou so&H51; hunger for&H4; mine <reg orig="emptie">empty</reg> <reg orig="chaire">chair</reg>,</l>
<l>That&H3; thou wilt <reg orig="needes">needs</reg> <reg orig="inuest">invest</reg> thee with my <reg orig="honors">honours</reg>,</l>
<l>Before thy <reg orig="howre">hour</reg> be ripe! O foolish youth,</l>
<l>Thou seekst the <reg orig="greatnesse">greatness</reg> that&H61; will&H1; <reg orig="ouerwhelme">overwhelm</reg> thee,</l>
<l>Stay but a little, for&H3; my <reg orig="clowd">cloud</reg> of dignity</l>
<l>Is held from falling with so&H51; <reg orig="weake">weak</reg> a wind,</l>
<l>That&H3; it will&H1; quickly drop: my day is dim,</l>
<l>Thou hast <reg orig="stolne">stolen</reg> that&H62;, which&H61; after some few <reg orig="houres">hours</reg>,</l>
<l>Were thine, without offence, and at my death,</l>
<l>Thou hast <reg orig="seald">sealed</reg> <reg orig="vp">up&H5;</reg> my expectation,</l>
<l>Thy life did manifest thou <reg orig="lou'dst">lovedest</reg> me not,</l>
<l>And thou wilt <reg orig="haue">have</reg> me die, <reg orig="assurde">assured</reg> of it,</l>
<l>Thou <reg orig="hidst">hidest</reg> a thousand daggers in&H4; thy thoughts,</l>
<l>Whom thou hast whetted on&H4; thy stony heart,</l>
<l>To&H9; stab at <reg orig="halfe">half</reg> an <reg orig="hower">hour</reg> of my life.</l>
<l>What, canst thou not <reg orig="forbeare">forbear</reg> me <reg orig="halfe">half</reg> an <reg orig="hower">hour</reg>?</l>
<l>Then get thee gone, and <reg orig="digge">dig</reg> my <reg orig="graue">grave</reg> <reg orig="thy selfe">thyself</reg>,</l>
<l>And bid the <reg orig="mery">merry</reg> bells ring to&H4; thine <reg orig="eare">ear</reg>,</l>
<l>That&H3; thou art crowned, not that&H3; I am dead:</l>
<l>Let all the <reg orig="teares">tears</reg> that&H61; should bedew my hearse</l>
<l>Be drops of <reg orig="Balme">Balm</reg>, to&H9; <reg orig="sanctifie">sanctify</reg> thy head,</l>
<l>Only compound me with forgotten dust.</l>
<l><reg orig="Giue">Give</reg> that&H62; which&H61; <reg orig="gaue">gave</reg> thee life, <reg orig="vnto">unto</reg> the <reg orig="wormes">worms</reg>,</l>
<l><reg orig="Plucke">Pluck</reg> <reg orig="downe">down</reg> my officers, <reg orig="breake">break</reg> my decrees,</l>
<l>For&H3; now a time is come to&H9; <reg orig="mocke">mock</reg> at <reg orig="Forme">Form</reg>:</l>
<l>Harry the <reg orig="fift">fifth</reg> is <reg orig="crownd">crowned</reg>, <reg orig="vp">up&H5;</reg> <reg orig="vanitie">vanity</reg>,</l>
<l><reg orig="Downe">Down</reg> <reg orig="royall">royal</reg> state, all you sage <reg orig="counsailers">counsellors</reg>, hence,</l>
<l>And to&H4; the English Court assemble now</l>
<l>From <reg orig="euery">every</reg> region, apes of <reg orig="idlenesse">idleness</reg>:</l>
<l>Now neighbour confines, purge you of your <reg orig="scumme">scum</reg></l>
<l><reg orig="Haue">Have</reg> you a <reg orig="ruffin">ruffian</reg> that&H61; will&H1; <reg orig="sweare">swear</reg>, <reg orig="drinke">drink</reg>, <reg orig="daunce">dance</reg>,</l>
<l><reg orig="Reuell">Revel</reg> the night, rob, murder, and commit</l>
<l>The oldest <reg orig="sinnes">sins</reg>, the newest kind of <reg orig="waies">ways</reg>?</l>
<l>Be happy, he will&H1; trouble you no&H2; more.</l>
<l>England <reg orig="shal">shall</reg> double gild his <reg orig="trebble">treble</reg> gilt,</l>
<l>England shall <reg orig="giue">give</reg> him office, honour, might:</l>
<l>For&H3; the <reg orig="fift">fifth</reg> Harry, from <reg orig="curbd">curbed</reg> licence, plucks</l>
<l>The mussel of restraint, and the wild <reg orig="dogge">dog</reg></l>
<l><reg orig="Shal">Shall</reg> flesh his tooth on&H4; <reg orig="euery">every</reg> innocent.</l>
<l>O my <reg orig="poore">poor</reg> <reg orig="kingdome">kingdom</reg>! <reg orig="sicke">sick</reg> with <reg orig="ciuill">civil</reg> <reg orig="blowes">blows</reg>:</l>
<l>When that&H3; my care could not withhold thy riots,</l>
<l>What wilt thou do when riot is thy care?</l>
<l>O thou wilt be a <reg orig="wildernesse">wilderness</reg> <reg orig="againe">again</reg>,</l>
<l>Peopled with <reg orig="woolues">wolves</reg>, thy old inhabitants.</l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker>Prince</speaker>
	<l> O pardon me, my liege, but for&H4; my <reg orig="teares">tears</reg>,</l>
<l>The moist impediments <reg orig="vnto">unto</reg> my speech,</l>
<l>I had <reg orig="forestald">forestalled</reg> this <reg orig="deere">dear</reg> and deep rebuke,</l>
<l>Ere you with <reg orig="griefe">grief</reg> had spoke, and I had heard</l>
<l>The course of it so&H51; far: there is your <reg orig="crowne">crown</reg>:</l>
<l>And he that&H61; <reg orig="weares">wears</reg> the <reg orig="crowne">crown</reg> immortally,</l>
<l>Long <reg orig="gard">guard</reg> it yours: if I affect it more,</l>
<l><reg orig="Then">Than</reg> as your honour, and as your <reg orig="renowne">renown</reg>,</l>
<l>Let me no&H2; more from this obedience rise,</l>
<l>Which&H61; my most inward true and duteous spirit,</l>
<l>Teacheth this prostrate and exterior bending,</l>
<l>God <reg orig="witnesse">witness</reg> with me. When I here came in&H5;,</l>
<l>And found no&H2; course of breath within your <reg orig="maiesty">majesty</reg>,</l>
<l>How cold it <reg orig="strooke">struck</reg> my heart! if I do <reg orig="faine">fain</reg>,</l>
<l>O let me in&H4; my present <reg orig="wildnesse">wildness</reg> die,</l>
<l>And <reg orig="neuer">never</reg> <reg orig="liue">live</reg> to&H9; <reg orig="shew">show</reg> <reg orig="th'incredulous">the incredulous</reg> world,</l>
<l>The noble change that&H61; I <reg orig="haue">have</reg> purposed.</l>
<l><reg orig="Comming">Coming</reg> to&H9; <reg orig="looke">look</reg> on you, thinking you dead,</l>
<l>And dead almost, my liege, to&H9; <reg orig="thinke">think</reg> you were,</l>
<l>I spake <reg orig="vnto">unto</reg> this <reg orig="crowne">crown</reg> as <reg orig="hauing">having</reg> <reg orig="sence">sense</reg>,</l>
<l>And thus <reg orig="vpbraided">upbraided</reg> it: the care on&H4; thee depending,</l>
<l>Hath fed <reg orig="vpon">upon&H4;</reg> the body of my father,</l>
<l>Therefore thou best of gold, art worse <reg orig="then">than</reg> gold,</l>
<l>Other <reg orig="lesse">less</reg> fine, in&H4; <reg orig="karrat">carat</reg> more precious,</l>
<l><reg orig="Preseruing">Preserving</reg> life in&H4; <reg orig="medcine">medicine</reg> potable:</l>
<l>But thou, most fine, most <reg orig="honourd">honoured</reg>, most <reg orig="renown'd">renowned</reg>,</l>
<l>Hast <reg orig="eate">eat</reg> thy bearer <reg orig="vp">up&H5;</reg>: thus my most <reg orig="royall">royal</reg> liege,</l>
<l>Accusing it, I put it on&H4; my head,</l>
<l>To&H9; <reg orig="trie">try</reg> with it as with an enemy,</l>
<l>That&H61; had before my face murdered my father,</l>
<l>The <reg orig="quarrell">quarrel</reg> of a true <reg orig="inheritour">inheritor</reg>,</l>
<l>But if it did infect my <reg orig="bloud">blood</reg> with <reg orig="ioy">joy</reg>,</l>
<l>Or swell my thoughts to&H4; any <reg orig="straine">strain</reg> of pride,</l>
<l>If any rebel or <reg orig="vaine">vain</reg> spirit of mine,</l>
<l>Did with the least affection of a welcome,</l>
<l><reg orig="Giue">Give</reg> <reg orig="entertainement">entertainment</reg> to&H4; the might of it,</l>
<l>Let God for&H4; <reg orig="euer">ever</reg> keep it from my head,</l>
<l>And make me as the poorest <reg orig="vassaile">vassal</reg> is,</l>
<l>That&H61; doth with <reg orig="aw">awe</reg> and terror <reg orig="kneele">kneel</reg> to&H4; it.</l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker>King</speaker>
	<l> God put in&H4; thy mind to&H9; take it hence,</l>
<l>That&H3; thou mightst win the more thy fathers <reg orig="loue">love</reg>,</l>
<l>Pleading so&H51; wisely in&H4; excuse of it:</l>
<l>Come hither Harry, sit thou by&H4; my bed,</l>
<l>And <reg orig="heare">hear</reg> (I <reg orig="thinke">think</reg>) the very latest <reg orig="counsaile">counsel</reg></l>
<l>That&H61; <reg orig="euer">ever</reg> I <reg orig="shal">shall</reg> breathe. God <reg orig="knowes">knows</reg> (my <reg orig="sonne">son</reg>)</l>
<l>By&H4; what by-paths, and indirect <reg orig="crookt">crooked</reg> <reg orig="waies">ways</reg>,</l>
<l>I met this <reg orig="crowne">crown</reg>, and I <reg orig="my selfe">myself</reg> know well,</l>
<l>How troublesome it sate <reg orig="vpon">upon&H4;</reg> my head:</l>
<l>To&H4; thee it shall descend with better quiet,</l>
<l>Better opinion, better confirmation,</l>
<l>For&H3; <reg orig="al">all</reg> the <reg orig="soyle">soil</reg> of the <reg orig="atchieuement">achievement</reg> goes,</l>
<l>With me into the earth, it <reg orig="seemd">seemed</reg> in&H4; me,</l>
<l>But as an <reg orig="honor">honour</reg> <reg orig="snatcht">snatched</reg> with <reg orig="boistrous">boisterous</reg> hand,</l>
<l>And I had many <reg orig="liuing">living</reg> to&H9; <reg orig="vpbraide">upbraid</reg></l>
<l>My <reg orig="gaine">gain</reg> of it, by&H4; their assistances,</l>
<l>Which&H61; daily grew to&H4; <reg orig="quarrell">quarrel</reg> and to&H4; <reg orig="bloudshed">bloodshed</reg>,</l>
<l>Wounding supposed peace: all these bold <reg orig="feares">fears</reg></l>
<l>Thou seest with <reg orig="perill">peril</reg> I <reg orig="haue">have</reg> <reg orig="answerd">answered</reg>:</l>
<l>For&H3; all my <reg orig="raigne">reign</reg> hath <reg orig="beene">been</reg> but as a Scene,</l>
<l>Acting that&H62; argument: and now my death</l>
<l>Changes the mood, for&H3; what in&H4; me was <reg orig="purchast">purchased</reg>,</l>
<l><reg orig="Fals">Falls</reg> <reg orig="vpon">upon&H4;</reg> thee in&H4; a more fairer sort.</l>
<l>So&H3; thou the garland <reg orig="wearst">wearest</reg> <reg orig="successiuely">successively</reg>,</l>
<l>Yet though thou <reg orig="standst">standest</reg> more sure <reg orig="then">than</reg> I could do,</l>
<l>Thou art not <reg orig="firme">firm</reg> enough, since <reg orig="griefes">griefs</reg> are <reg orig="greene">green</reg>,</l>
<l>And all thy friends which&H61; thou must make thy friends,</l>
<l><reg orig="Haue">Have</reg> but their stings and teeth newly <reg orig="tane">taken</reg> out:</l>
<l>By&H4; whose fell working I was first <reg orig="aduaunst">advanced</reg>,</l>
<l>And by&H4; whose power I well might lodge a <reg orig="feare">fear</reg></l>
<l>To&H9; be <reg orig="againe">again</reg> <reg orig="displacde">displaced</reg>: which&H61; to&H9; <reg orig="auoyde">avoid</reg>,</l>
<l>I cut them off, and had a purpose, now</l>
<l>To&H9; <reg orig="leade">lead</reg> out <reg orig="manie">many</reg> to&H4; the Holy Land,</l>
<l>Lest rest, and lying <reg orig="stil">still</reg>, might make them <reg orig="looke">look</reg>,</l>
<l>Too <reg orig="neare">near</reg> <reg orig="vnto">unto</reg> my state: therefore, my Harry,</l>
<l>Be it thy course to&H9; <reg orig="busie">busy</reg> <reg orig="giddie">giddy</reg> <reg orig="mindes">minds</reg></l>
<l>With <reg orig="forraine">foreign</reg> <reg orig="quarrells">quarrels</reg>, that&H3; action hence borne out,</l>
<l>May waste the memory of the former <reg orig="dayes">days</reg>.</l>
<l>More would I, but my lungs are wasted so&H52;,</l>
<l>That&H3; strength of speech is <reg orig="vtterly">utterly</reg> denied me:</l>
<l>How I came by&H4; the <reg orig="crowne">crown</reg>, O God <reg orig="forgiue">forgive</reg>,</l>
<l>And grant it may with thee in&H4; true peace <reg orig="liue">live</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker>Prince</speaker>
	<l> You won it, wore it, kept it, <reg orig="gaue">gave</reg> it me,</l>
<l>Then <reg orig="plaine">plain</reg> and right must my possession be,</l>
<l>Which&H61; I with more <reg orig="then">than</reg> with a common <reg orig="paine">pain</reg>,</l>
<l><reg orig="Gainst">Against</reg> all the world will&H1; rightfully <reg orig="maintaine">maintain</reg>.</l></sp> 
	<stage>enter Lancaster.</stage>
<sp who="A"><speaker>King</speaker>
	<l> <reg orig="Looke">Look</reg>, <reg orig="looke">look</reg>, here comes my Iohn of Lancaster.</l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker>Lanc.</speaker>
	<l> Health, peace, and <reg orig="happinesse">happiness</reg> to&H4; my <reg orig="royall">royal</reg> father.</l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker>King</speaker>
	<l> Thou <reg orig="bringst">bringest</reg> me <reg orig="happinesse">happiness</reg> and peace <reg orig="sonne">son</reg> Iohn,</l>
<l>But health (<reg orig="alacke">alack</reg>) with <reg orig="youthfull">youthful</reg> wings is <reg orig="flowne">flown</reg></l>
<l>From this bare <reg orig="witherd">withered</reg> <reg orig="trunke">trunk</reg>: <reg orig="vpon">upon&H4;</reg> thy sight,</l>
<l>My worldly <reg orig="busines">business</reg> makes a period:</l>
<l>Where is my lord of Warwicke?</l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker>Prince</speaker>
	<l> My Lord of Warwicke.</l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker>King</speaker>
	<l> Doth any name <reg orig="perticular">particular</reg> belong</l>
<l><reg orig="Vnto">Unto</reg> the lodging where I first did <reg orig="swound">swoon</reg>?</l></sp>
<sp who="F"><speaker>War.</speaker>
	<l> <reg orig="Tis">It is</reg> <reg orig="cald">called</reg> Ierusalem, my noble Lord.</l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker>King</speaker>
	<l> Laud be to&H4; God, <reg orig="euen">even</reg> there my life must end.</l>
<l>It hath <reg orig="bin">been</reg> <reg orig="prophecide">prophesied</reg> to&H4; me many <reg orig="yeares">years</reg>,</l>
<l>I should not die, but in&H4; Ierusalem,</l>
<l>Which&H61; <reg orig="vainely">vainly</reg> I <reg orig="supposde">supposed</reg> the Holy Land:</l>
<l>But <reg orig="beare">bear</reg> me to&H4; that&H62; chamber, there <reg orig="ile">I will&H1;</reg> lie,</l> 
	<stage>Enter Shallow,Falstaffe, and Bardolfe</stage>
<l>In&H4; that&H62; Ierusalem shall Harry die.</l></sp>

<div1 n="5" type="act">
<div2 n="1" type="scene">
<sp who="M"><speaker>Shal.</speaker>
	<p> By&H4; cock and pie sir, you <reg orig="shal">shall</reg> not away <reg orig="to night">tonight</reg>, what<lb/>
Dauy I say?</p></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Falst.</speaker>
	<p> You must excuse me master Robert Shallow.</p></sp>
<sp who="M"><speaker>Shal.</speaker>
	<p> I will&H1; not excuse you, you shall not be <reg orig="excusde">excused</reg>, excuses shall not be admitted, 
		there is no&H2; excuse shall <reg orig="serue">serve</reg>, you<lb/>
shall not be <reg orig="excusde">excused</reg>: why Dauy.</p></sp>
<sp who="AL"><speaker>Dauy</speaker>
	<p> Here sir.</p></sp>
<sp who="M"><speaker>Shal.</speaker>
	<p> Dauy, Dauy, Dauy, Dauy, let me see Dauy, let me see<lb/>
Dauy, let me see, yea <reg orig="mary">marry</reg> William Cooke, bid him come<lb/>
hither, sir Iohn, you <reg orig="shal">shall</reg> not be excused.</p></sp>
<sp who="AL"><speaker>Dauy</speaker>
	<p> <reg orig="Mary">Marry</reg> sir thus, those precepts <reg orig="can not">cannot</reg> be <reg orig="serued">served</reg>, and<lb/>
<reg orig="againe">again</reg> sir, <reg orig="shal">shall</reg> we&Htp; sow the <reg orig="hade">head</reg> land with <reg orig="wheate">wheat</reg>?</p></sp>
<sp who="M"><speaker>Shal.</speaker>
	<p> With red wheat Dauy, but for&H4; William Cooke<lb/>
are there no&H2; <reg orig="yong">young</reg> pigeons?</p></sp>
<sp who="AL"><speaker>Dauy</speaker>
	<p> Yes sir, here is now the Smiths note for&H4; shooing and<lb/>
<reg orig="plow-yrons">plough-irons</reg>.</p></sp>
<sp who="M"><speaker>Shal.</speaker>
	<p> Let it be cast and payed: sir Iohn, you <reg orig="shal">shall</reg> not be excused. </p></sp>
<sp who="AL"><speaker>Dauy</speaker>
	<p> Now sir, a new <reg orig="lincke">link</reg> to&H4; the bucket must <reg orig="needes">needs</reg> be<lb/>
had: and sir, do you <reg orig="meane">mean</reg> to&H9; stop any of VWilliams wages, about the <reg orig="sacke">sack</reg> he lost at Hunkly <reg orig="Faire">Fair</reg>?</p></sp>
<sp who="M"><speaker>Shal.</speaker>
	<p> <reg orig="A">He</reg> shall answer it: some pigeons Dauy, a couple of<lb/>
short <reg orig="legg'd">legged</reg> hens, a <reg orig="ioynt">joint</reg> of mutton, and any pretty little <reg orig="tinie">tiny</reg><lb/>
<reg orig="Kick-shawes">Kickshaws</reg>, tell william Cooke.</p></sp>
<sp who="AL"><speaker>Dauy</speaker>
	<p> Doth the man of <reg orig="warre">war</reg> stay all night sir?</p></sp>
<sp who="M"><speaker>Shal.</speaker>
	<p> Yea Dauy, I will&H1; <reg orig="vse">use</reg> him well, a friend <reg orig="i'th">in&H4; the</reg> court is<lb/>
better <reg orig="then">than</reg> a <reg orig="penie">penny</reg> in&H4; purse: <reg orig="vse">use</reg> his men <reg orig="wel">well</reg> Dauy, for&H3; they are<lb/>
arrant <reg orig="knaues">knaves</reg>, and will&H1; backbite.</p></sp>
<sp who="AL"><speaker>Dauy</speaker>
	<p> No&H2; worse <reg orig="then">than</reg> they are back-bitten sir, for&H3; they <reg orig="haue">have</reg><lb/>
<reg orig="maruailes">marvellous</reg> <reg orig="foule">foul</reg> <reg orig="linnen">linen</reg>.</p></sp>
<sp who="M"><speaker>Shal.</speaker>
	<p> Well conceited Dauy, about thy <reg orig="businesse">business</reg> Dauy.</p></sp>
<sp who="AL"><speaker>Dauy</speaker>
	<p> I beseech you sir to&H9; countenance William Visor<lb/>
of Woncote against Clement Perkes <reg orig="a'th">at the</reg> hill.</p></sp>
<sp who="M"><speaker>Sha.</speaker>
	<p> There is many complaints Dauy against that&H62; Visor,<lb/>
that&H62; Visor is an arrant <reg orig="knaue">knave</reg> on my knowledge.</p></sp>
<sp who="AL"><speaker>Dauy</speaker>
	<p> I <reg orig="graunt">grant</reg> your worship that&H3; he is a <reg orig="knaue">knave</reg> sir: but yet<lb/>
God forbid sir, but a <reg orig="knaue">knave</reg> should <reg orig="haue">have</reg> some countenance at<lb/>
		his friends request, an honest man sir is able to&H9; <reg orig="speake">speak</reg> for&H4; <reg orig="himselfe">himself</reg>, 
when a <reg orig="knaue">knave</reg> is not: I <reg orig="haue">have</reg> <reg orig="seru'de">served</reg> your worship truly sir<lb/>
this eight <reg orig="yeares">years</reg> and I cannot once, or twice in&H4; a quarter <reg orig="beare">bear</reg><lb/>
out a <reg orig="knaue">knave</reg> against an honest man, I <reg orig="haue">have</reg> <reg orig="litle">little</reg> credit with your<lb/>
worship: the <reg orig="knaue">knave</reg> is mine honest friend sir, <reg orig="therfore">therefore</reg> I beseech<lb/>
you let him be <reg orig="countenaunst">countenanced</reg>.</p></sp>
<sp who="M"><speaker>Shal.</speaker>
	<p> Go to&H5; I say, he <reg orig="shal">shall</reg> <reg orig="haue">have</reg> no&H2; wrong, look about Dauy:<lb/>
where are you sir Iohn? come, come, come, off with your boots,<lb/>
<reg orig="giue">give</reg> me your hand master Bardolfe.</p></sp>
<sp who="AI"><speaker>Bard.</speaker>
	<p> I am glad to&H9; see your worship.</p></sp>
<sp who="M"><speaker>Shal</speaker>
	<p> I thank thee with my heart kind master Bardolfe, and<lb/>
welcome my tall fellow, come sir Iohn.</p></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Falst.</speaker>
	<p> <reg orig="Ile">I will&H1;</reg> follow you good <reg orig="maister">master</reg> Robert Shallow: 
Bardolfe, <reg orig="looke">look</reg> to&H4; our horses: if I were sawed into quantities, I<lb/>
should make <reg orig="foure">four</reg> dozen of such <reg orig="berded">bearded</reg> <reg orig="hermites">hermits</reg> <reg orig="staues">staves</reg> as<lb/>
<reg orig="maister">master</reg> Shallow: it is a <reg orig="wonderfull">wonderful</reg> thing to&H9; see the semblable<lb/>
coherence of his <reg orig="mens">men's</reg> spirits, and his, they, by&H4; <reg orig="obseruing">observing</reg> him,<lb/>
do <reg orig="beare">bear</reg> <reg orig="themselues">themselves</reg> like&H4; foolish <reg orig="Iustices">Justices</reg>: <reg orig="hee">he</reg>, by&H4; <reg orig="conuersing">conversing</reg><lb/>
with them, is turned into a <reg orig="Iustice-like">Justice-like</reg> <reg orig="seruingman">serving-man</reg>, their spirits<lb/>
are so&H51; married in&H4; <reg orig="coniunction">conjunction</reg>, with the participation of society,<lb/>
that&H3; they <reg orig="flocke">flock</reg> together in&H4; consent, like&H4; so&H51; many wild-geese.<lb/>
If I had a suite to&H4; master Shallow, I would humour his men<lb/>
with the imputation, of <reg orig="beeing">being</reg> <reg orig="neere">near</reg> their <reg orig="maister">master</reg>: if to&H4; his<lb/>
men, I would curry with <reg orig="maister">master</reg> Shallow, that&H3; no&H2; man could<lb/>
better <reg orig="commaund">command</reg> his <reg orig="seruants">servants</reg>. It is <reg orig="certaine">certain</reg>, that&H3; <reg orig="eyther">either</reg> wise<lb/>
bearing, or ignorant <reg orig="cariage">carriage</reg> is caught, as men take diseases one<lb/>
of another: therefore let men take <reg orig="heede">heed</reg> of their company. I<lb/>
will&H1; <reg orig="deuise">devise</reg> matter enough out of this Shallow, to&H9; <reg orig="keepe">keep</reg> prince<lb/>
Harry in&H4; <reg orig="continuall">continual</reg> laughter, the wearing out of <reg orig="sixe">six</reg> fashions,<lb/>
which&H61; is <reg orig="foure">four</reg> <reg orig="termes">terms</reg>, or two actions, and <reg orig="a">he</reg> <reg orig="shal">shall</reg> laugh without<lb/>
<reg orig="interuallums">intervals</reg>. O it is much that&H3; a lie, with a <reg orig="slight">slight</reg> <reg orig="oathe">oath</reg>, and<lb/>
a <reg orig="iest">jest</reg>, with a sad <reg orig="browe">brow</reg>, will&H1; <reg orig="doe">do</reg> with a fellow that&H61; <reg orig="neuer">never</reg> had<lb/>
the <reg orig="ach">ache</reg> in&H4; his shoulders: O you shall see him laugh <reg orig="til">till</reg> his face<lb/>
be like&H4; a wet <reg orig="cloake">cloak</reg> ill <reg orig="laide">laid</reg> <reg orig="vp">up&H5;</reg>.</p></sp>
<sp who="M"><speaker>Shal.</speaker>
	<p> Sir Iohn.</p></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Falst.</speaker>
	<p> I come <reg orig="maister">master</reg> Shallow, I come master Shallow.</p></sp>

<div2 n="2" type="scene">
<stage>Enter Warwike, duke Humphrey,L. chiefe Iustice, Thomas
Clarence, Prince, Iohn Westmerland.</stage>
<sp who="F"><speaker>War.</speaker>
	<l> How now, my lord <reg orig="chiefe">chief</reg> <reg orig="Iustice">Justice</reg>, whither away?</l></sp>
<sp who="I"><speaker>Iust.</speaker>
	<l> How doth the King?</l></sp>
<sp who="F"><speaker>War.</speaker>
	<l> Exceeding well, his cares are now all ended.</l></sp>
<sp who="I"><speaker>Iust.</speaker>
	<l> I hope not dead.</l></sp>
<sp who="F"><speaker>War.</speaker>
	<l> <reg orig="Hees">He is</reg> <reg orig="walkt">walked</reg> the way of nature,</l>
<l>And to&H4; our&Htp; purposes he <reg orig="liues">lives</reg> no&H2; more.</l></sp>
<sp who="I"><speaker>Iust.</speaker>
	<l> I would his <reg orig="Maiestie">Majesty</reg> had <reg orig="calld">called</reg> me with him:</l>
<l>The <reg orig="seruice">service</reg> that&H61; I <reg orig="truely">truly</reg> did his life,</l>
<l>Hath left me open to&H4; all <reg orig="iniuries">injuries</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="F"><speaker>War.</speaker>
	<l> <reg orig="Indeede">Indeed</reg> I <reg orig="thinke">think</reg> the <reg orig="yong">young</reg> King <reg orig="loues">loves</reg> you not.</l></sp>
<sp who="I"><speaker>Iust.</speaker>
	<l> I know he doth not, and do <reg orig="arme">arm</reg> <reg orig="my selfe">myself</reg></l>
<l>To&H9; welcome the condition of the time,</l>
<l>Which&H61; cannot <reg orig="looke">look</reg> more hideously <reg orig="vpon">upon&H4;</reg> me,</l>
<l>Than I <reg orig="haue">have</reg> <reg orig="drawne">drawn</reg> it in&H4; my <reg orig="fantasie">fantasy</reg>. </l></sp>
<stage>Enter Iohn, Thomas, and Humphrey.</stage>
<sp who="F"><speaker>War.</speaker>
	<l> <reg orig="Heere">Here</reg> come the <reg orig="heauy">heavy</reg> issue of dead Harry:</l>
<l>O that&H3; the <reg orig="liuing">living</reg> Harry had the temper</l>
<l>Of he, the worst of these three gentlemen!</l>
<l>How many Nobles then should <reg orig="holde">hold</reg> their places,</l>
<l>That&H61; must strike <reg orig="saile">sail</reg> to&H4; <reg orig="spirites">spirits</reg> of vile sort?</l></sp>
<sp who="I"><speaker>Iust.</speaker>
	<l> O God, I <reg orig="feare">fear</reg> all will&H1; be <reg orig="ouer-turnd">overturned</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker>Iohn</speaker>
	<l> Good morrow <reg orig="coosin">cousin</reg> Warwicke, good morrow.</l></sp>
<sp who="X"><speaker>Prin. ambo</speaker>
	<l> Good morrow <reg orig="coosin">cousin</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker>Iohn</speaker>
	<l> We&Htp; <reg orig="meete">meet</reg> like&H4; men that&H61; had forgot to&H9; <reg orig="speake">speak</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="F"><speaker>War.</speaker>
	<l> We&Htp; do remember, but our&Htp; argument</l>
<l>Is all too <reg orig="heauy">heavy</reg> to&H9; admit much <reg orig="talke">talk</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker>Iohn</speaker>
	<l> Well, peace be with him that&H61; hath made <reg orig="vs">us&Htp;</reg> <reg orig="heauy">heavy</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="I"><speaker>Iust.</speaker>
	<l> Peace be with <reg orig="vs">us&Htp;</reg>, lest we&Htp; be <reg orig="heauier">heavier</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker>Humph.</speaker>
	<l> O good my lord, you <reg orig="haue">have</reg> lost a friend <reg orig="indeede">indeed</reg>,</l>
<l>And I dare <reg orig="sweare">swear</reg> you borrow not that&H62; face</l>
<l>Of seeming sorrow, it is sure your <reg orig="owne">own</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker>Iohn</speaker>
	<l> Though no&H2; man be <reg orig="assurde">assured</reg> what grace to&H9; <reg orig="finde">find</reg>,</l>
<l>You stand in&H4; coldest expectation,</l>
<l>I am the <reg orig="sorier">sorrier</reg>, would <reg orig="twere">it were</reg> otherwise.</l></sp>
<sp who="E"><speaker>Cla.</speaker>
	<l> Well, you must now <reg orig="speake">speak</reg> sir Iohn Falstaffe <reg orig="faire">fair</reg>,</l>
<l>Which&H61; <reg orig="swimmes">swims</reg> against your <reg orig="streame">stream</reg> of <reg orig="quallitie">quality</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="I"><speaker>Iust.</speaker>
	<l> Sweet princes, what I did, I did in&H4; <reg orig="honor">honour</reg>,</l>
<l>Led by <reg orig="th'impartiall">the impartial</reg> conduct of my <reg orig="soule">soul</reg>.</l>
<l>And <reg orig="neuer">never</reg> shall you see that&H3; I will&H1; <reg orig="begge">beg</reg></l>
<l>A ragged and <reg orig="forestald">forestalled</reg> remission,</l>
<l>If truth and <reg orig="vpright">upright</reg> <reg orig="innocencie">innocency</reg> <reg orig="faile">fail</reg> me.</l>
<l><reg orig="Ile">I will&H1;</reg> to&H4; the King my <reg orig="maister">master</reg> that&H61; is dead,</l>
<l>And tell him who&H61; hath sent me after him.</l></sp> 
	<stage>Enter the Prince and Blunt</stage>
<sp who="F"><speaker>War.</speaker>
	<l> Here comes the Prince.</l></sp>
<sp who="I"><speaker>Iust.</speaker>
	<l> Good morrow, and God <reg orig="saue">save</reg> your <reg orig="maiestie">majesty</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker>King Henry</speaker>
	<l> This new and gorgeous garment <reg orig="Maiesty">Majesty</reg></l>
<l>Sits not so&H51; <reg orig="easie">easy</reg> on&H4; me, as you <reg orig="thinke">think</reg>:</l>
<l>Brothers, you <reg orig="mixt">mixed</reg> your <reg orig="sadnesse">sadness</reg> with some <reg orig="feare">fear</reg>,</l>
<l>This is the English, not the Turkish court,</l>
<l>Not Amurath an Amurath <reg orig="succeedes">succeeds</reg>,</l>
<l>But Harry Harry: yet be sad, good brothers,</l>
<l>For&H3; by&H4; my faith it very well becomes you:</l>
<l>Sorrow so&H51; royally in&H4; you <reg orig="appeares">appears</reg>,</l>
<l>That&H3; I will&H1; deeply put the fashion on&H5;,</l>
<l>And <reg orig="weare">wear</reg> it in&H4; my heart: why then be sad,</l>
<l>But <reg orig="entertaine">entertain</reg> no&H2; more of it, good brothers,</l>
<l>Then a <reg orig="ioynt">joint</reg> burden <reg orig="layd">laid</reg> <reg orig="vpon">upon&H4;</reg> <reg orig="vs">us&Htp;</reg> all,</l>
<l>For&H4; me, by&H4; <reg orig="heauen">heaven</reg> (I bid you be <reg orig="assurde">assured</reg>)</l>
<l><reg orig="Ile">I will&H1;</reg> be your father, and your brother too,</l>
<l>Let me but <reg orig="beare">bear</reg> your <reg orig="loue">love</reg>, <reg orig="Ile">I will&H1;</reg> <reg orig="beare">bear</reg> your cares:</l>
<l>Yet <reg orig="weepe">weep</reg> that&H3; Harries dead, and so&H52; will&H1; I,</l>
<l>But Harry <reg orig="liues">lives</reg>, that&H62; <reg orig="shal">shall</reg> <reg orig="conuert">convert</reg> those <reg orig="teares">tears</reg></l>
<l>By&H4; number into <reg orig="howres">hours</reg> of <reg orig="happinesse">happiness</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="X"><speaker>Bro.</speaker>
	<l> We&Htp; hope no&H2; otherwise from your <reg orig="maiesty">majesty</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker>King Henry</speaker>
	<l> You <reg orig="al">all</reg> <reg orig="looke">look</reg> strangely on&H4; me, and you most,</l>
<l>You are I <reg orig="thinke">think</reg> <reg orig="assurde">assured</reg> I <reg orig="loue">love</reg> you not.</l></sp>
<sp who="I"><speaker>Iust.</speaker>
	<l> I am <reg orig="assurde">assured</reg>, if I be <reg orig="measurde">measured</reg> rightly,</l>
<l>Your <reg orig="maiesty">majesty</reg> hath no&H2; <reg orig="iust">just</reg> cause to&H9; hate me.</l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker>King Henry</speaker>
	<l> No&H7;? how might a prince of my great hopes forget,</l>
<l>So&H51; great indignities you laid <reg orig="vpon">upon&H4;</reg> me?</l>
<l>What, rate, rebuke, and roughly send to&H4; prison,</l>
<l><reg orig="Th'immediate">The immediate</reg> <reg orig="heire">heir</reg> of England? was this <reg orig="easie">easy</reg>?</l>
<l>May this be <reg orig="washt">washed</reg> in&H4; <reg orig="lethy">lethe</reg> and forgotten?</l></sp>
<sp who="I"><speaker>Iust.</speaker>
	<l> I then did <reg orig="vse">use</reg> the person of your father,</l>
<l>The image of his power lay then in&H4; me,</l>
<l>And in&H4; <reg orig="th'administration">the administration</reg> of his law,</l>
<l>Whiles I was <reg orig="busie">busy</reg> for&H4; the common wealth,</l>
<l>Your <reg orig="Highnesse">Highness</reg> pleased to&H9; forget my place,</l>
<l>The <reg orig="maiestie">majesty</reg> and power of law and <reg orig="iustice">justice</reg>,</l>
<l>The image of the King whom I presented,</l>
<l>And <reg orig="strooke">struck</reg> me in&H4; my very <reg orig="seate">seat</reg> of <reg orig="iudgement">judgment</reg>,</l>
<l>Whereon, (as an <reg orig="offendor">offender</reg> to&H4; your father,)</l>
<l>I <reg orig="gaue">gave</reg> bold way to my authority,</l>
<l>And did commit you: if the deed were ill,</l>
<l>Be you contented, wearing now the garland,</l>
<l>To&H9; <reg orig="haue">have</reg> a <reg orig="sonne">son</reg> set your decrees at <reg orig="naught">nought</reg>?</l>
<l>To&H9; <reg orig="plucke">pluck</reg> <reg orig="downe">down</reg> <reg orig="Iustice">Justice</reg> from your awful bench?</l>
<l>To&H9; trip the course of law, and blunt the sword,</l>
<l>That&H61; guards the peace and <reg orig="safetie">safety</reg> of your person?</l>
<l>Nay more, to&H9; <reg orig="spurne">spurn</reg> at your most <reg orig="royall">royal</reg> image,</l>
<l>And <reg orig="mocke">mock</reg> your workings in&H4; a second body?</l>
<l>Question your <reg orig="royall">royal</reg> thoughts, make the case yours,</l>
<l>Be now the father, and propose a <reg orig="sonne">son</reg>,</l>
<l><reg orig="Heare">Hear</reg> your <reg orig="owne">own</reg> dignity so&H51; much <reg orig="prophan'd">profaned</reg>,</l>
<l>See your most <reg orig="dreadfull">dreadful</reg> <reg orig="lawes">laws</reg> so&H51; loosely slighted,</l>
<l>Behold <reg orig="your selfe">yourself</reg> so&H52; by a <reg orig="sonne">son</reg> disdained:</l>
<l>And then imagine me taking your part,</l>
<l>And in&H4; your power soft silencing your <reg orig="sonne">son</reg>,</l>
<l>After this cold considerance sentence me,</l>
<l>And as you are a King, <reg orig="speake">speak</reg> in&H4; your state,</l>
<l>What I <reg orig="haue">have</reg> done that&H61; misbecame my place,</l>
<l>My person, or my lieges <reg orig="soueraigntie">sovereignty</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker>King Henry</speaker>
	<l> You are right <reg orig="Iustice">Justice</reg>, and you weigh this well,</l>
<l>Therefore still <reg orig="beare">bear</reg> the <reg orig="Ballance">Balance</reg> and the Sword,</l>
<l>And I do wish your <reg orig="honors">honours</reg> may <reg orig="encrease">increase</reg>,</l>
<l><reg orig="Til">Till</reg> you do <reg orig="liue">live</reg> to&H9; see a <reg orig="sonne">son</reg> of mine</l>
<l>Offend you, and obey you as I did:</l>
<l>So&H52; shall I <reg orig="liue">live</reg> to&H9; <reg orig="speake">speak</reg> my fathers words,</l>
<l><reg orig="Happie">Happy</reg> am I that&H61; <reg orig="haue">have</reg> a man so&H51; bold,</l>
<l>That&H61; dares do <reg orig="iustice">justice</reg> on&H4; my proper <reg orig="sonne">son</reg>:</l>
<l>And not <reg orig="lesse">less</reg> <reg orig="happie">happy</reg>, <reg orig="hauing">having</reg> such a <reg orig="sonne">son</reg>,</l>
<l>That&H61; would <reg orig="deliuer">deliver</reg> <reg orig="vp">up&H5;</reg> his <reg orig="greatnesse">greatness</reg> so&H52;,</l>
<l>Into the hands of <reg orig="Iustice">Justice</reg> you did commit me:</l>
<l>For&H4; which&H61; I do commit into your hand,</l>
<l><reg orig="Th'vnstained">The unstained</reg> sword that&H61; you <reg orig="haue">have</reg> <reg orig="vsde">used</reg> to&H9; <reg orig="beare">bear</reg>,</l>
<l>With this remembrance, that&H3; you <reg orig="vse">use</reg> the same</l>
<l>With the like&H2; bold, <reg orig="iust">just</reg>, and impartial spirit,</l>
<l>As you <reg orig="haue">have</reg> done <reg orig="gainst">against</reg> me: there is my hand,</l>
<l>You shall be as a father to&H4; my youth,</l>
<l>My voice shall sound as you do prompt mine <reg orig="eare">ear</reg>,</l>
<l>And I <reg orig="wil">will&H1;</reg> <reg orig="stoope">stoop</reg> and humble my intents,</l>
<l>To&H4; your well <reg orig="practizde">practised</reg> wise directions.</l>
<l>And princes all, <reg orig="beleeue">believe</reg> me I beseech you,</l>
<l>My father is gone wild into his <reg orig="graue">grave</reg>:</l>
<l>For&H3; in&H4; his <reg orig="toomb">tomb</reg> lie my affections,</l>
<l>And with his <reg orig="spirites">spirits</reg> sadly I <reg orig="suruiue">survive</reg>,</l>
<l>To&H9; <reg orig="mocke">mock</reg> the expectation of the world,</l>
<l>To&H9; frustrate prophecies, and to&H9; race out,</l>
<l>Rotten opinion, who&H61; hath writ me <reg orig="downe">down</reg></l>
<l>After my seeming, the tide of <reg orig="bloud">blood</reg> in&H4; me</l>
<l>Hath <reg orig="prowdely">proudly</reg> <reg orig="flowd">flowed</reg> in&H4; <reg orig="vanitie">vanity</reg> till now:</l>
<l>Now doth it <reg orig="turne">turn</reg>, and <reg orig="ebbe">ebb</reg> <reg orig="backe">back</reg> to&H4; the sea,</l>
<l>Where it shall mingle with the state of <reg orig="flouds">floods</reg>,</l>
<l>And flow henceforth in&H4; <reg orig="formall">formal</reg> <reg orig="maiestie">majesty</reg>.</l>
<l>Now call we&Hrp; our&Hrp; high court of parliament,</l>
<l>And let <reg orig="vs">us&Hrp;</reg> <reg orig="chuse">choose</reg> such limbs of noble <reg orig="counsaile">counsel</reg>,</l>
<l>That&H3; the great <reg orig="bodie">body</reg> of our&Hrp; state may <reg orig="goe">go</reg>,</l>
<l>In&H4; <reg orig="equall">equal</reg> <reg orig="ranke">rank</reg> with the best <reg orig="gouernd">governed</reg> Nation,</l>
<l>That&H3; <reg orig="warre">war</reg>, or peace, or both at once, may be,</l>
<l>As things acquainted and familiar to&H4; <reg orig="vs">us&Hrp;</reg>,</l>
<l>In&H4; which&H61; your father shall <reg orig="haue">have</reg> <reg orig="formost">foremost</reg> hand:</l>
<l>Our&Hrp; coronation done, we&Hrp; <reg orig="wil">will&H1;</reg> accite,</l>
<l>(As I before <reg orig="remembred">remembered</reg>) all our&Hrp; state,</l>
<l>And (God consigning to&H4; my good intents,)</l>
<l>No&H2; prince nor <reg orig="peere">peer</reg> shall <reg orig="haue">have</reg> <reg orig="iust">just</reg> cause to&H9; say,</l>
<l>God shorten Harries happy life one day.</l></sp> 

<div2 n="3" type="scene">
<stage>Enter sir Iohn, Shallow, Scilens, Dauy, Bardolfe, page.</stage>
<sp who="M"><speaker>Shal.</speaker>
	<p> Nay you shall see my orchard, where, in&H4; an arbour we&Htp;<lb/>
will&H1; <reg orig="eate">eat</reg> a last <reg orig="yeeres">years</reg> <reg orig="pippen">pippin</reg> of mine <reg orig="owne">own</reg> <reg orig="graffing">grafting</reg>, with a<lb/>
dish of <reg orig="carrawaies">caraways</reg> and so&H52; forth: come <reg orig="coosin">cousin</reg> Scilens, and then<lb/>
to&H4; bed.</p></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Falst.</speaker>
	<p> Fore God you <reg orig="haue">have</reg> here goodly dwelling, and rich.</p></sp>
<sp who="M"><speaker>Shal.</speaker>
	<p> <reg orig="Barraine">Barren</reg>, <reg orig="barraine">barren</reg>, <reg orig="barraine">barren</reg>, beggars all, beggars all sir<lb/>
Iohn, <reg orig="mary">marry</reg> good <reg orig="ayre">air</reg>: spread Dauy, spread Dauy, well <reg orig="saide">said</reg><lb/>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Fal.</speaker>
	<p> This Dauy <reg orig="serues">serves</reg> you for&H4; good <reg orig="vses">uses</reg>, <reg orig="hee">he</reg> is your <reg orig="seruing-man">serving-man</reg>, and your husband.</p></sp>
<sp who="M"><speaker>Shal.</speaker>
	<p> A good varlet, a good varlet, a very good varlet sir<lb/>
Iohn: by&H4; the <reg orig="mas">mass</reg> I <reg orig="haue">have</reg> <reg orig="drunke">drunk</reg> too much <reg orig="sacke">sack</reg> at supper: a<lb/>
good varlet: now sit <reg orig="downe">down</reg>, now sit <reg orig="downe">down</reg>, come <reg orig="cosin">cousin</reg>.</p></sp>
<sp who="N"><speaker>Scilens</speaker>
	<p> A <reg orig="sirra">sirrah</reg> quoth a, we&Htp; shall do nothing but <reg orig="eate">eat</reg> and<lb/>
make good <reg orig="cheere">cheer</reg>, and praise God for&H4; the merry <reg orig="yeere">year</reg>, when<lb/>
flesh is <reg orig="cheape">cheap</reg> and females <reg orig="deare">dear</reg>, and lusty <reg orig="laddes">lads</reg> <reg orig="roame">roam</reg> here<lb/>
and there so&H51; merely, and <reg orig="euer">ever</reg> among so&H51; <reg orig="merily">merrily</reg>.</p></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker>sir Iohn</speaker>
	<p> <reg orig="Theres">There is</reg> a merry heart, good M. Silens, <reg orig="ile">I will&H1;</reg> <reg orig="giue">give</reg> you a<lb/>
health for&H4; that&H62; anon.</p></sp>
<sp who="M"><speaker>Shal.</speaker>
	<p> <reg orig="Giue">Give</reg> master Bardolfe some wine, Dauy.</p></sp>
<sp who="AL"><speaker>Dauy</speaker>
	<p> Sweet sir sit, <reg orig="ile">I will&H1;</reg> be with you anon, most sweet sir sit,<lb/>
master Page, good master Page sit: proface, what you want in&H4;<lb/>
<reg orig="meate">meat</reg>, <reg orig="weele">we&Htp; will&H1;</reg> <reg orig="haue">have</reg> in&H4; drink, but you must <reg orig="beare">bear</reg>, the heart's <reg orig="al">all</reg>.</p></sp>
<sp who="M"><speaker>Shal.</speaker>
	<p> Be <reg orig="mery">merry</reg> master Bardolfe, and my <reg orig="litle">little</reg> <reg orig="souldier">soldier</reg> there,<lb/>
be merry.</p></sp>
<sp who="N"><speaker>Scilens</speaker>
	<p> Be merry, be <reg orig="mery">merry</reg>, my wife has all, for&H3; women are<lb/>
<reg orig="shrowes">shrews</reg> both short and tall, <reg orig="tis">it is</reg> merry in&H4; <reg orig="hal">hall</reg> when beards wags<lb/>
all, and welcome <reg orig="mery">merry</reg> <reg orig="shrouetide">shrovetide</reg>, be <reg orig="mery">merry</reg>, be <reg orig="mery">merry</reg>.</p></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Falst.</speaker>
	<p> I did not <reg orig="thinke">think</reg> master Scilens had <reg orig="bin">been</reg> a man of this<lb/>
<reg orig="mettall">mettle</reg>.</p></sp>
<sp who="N"><speaker>Scilens</speaker>
	<p> Who&H62; I? I <reg orig="haue">have</reg> <reg orig="beene">been</reg> <reg orig="mery">merry</reg> twice and once ere now. </p></sp>
<stage>Enter Dauy.</stage>
<sp who="AL"><speaker>Dauy</speaker>
	<p> <reg orig="Theres">There is</reg> a dish of <reg orig="Lether-coates">Leather-coats</reg> for&H4; you.</p></sp>
<sp who="M"><speaker>Shal.</speaker>
	<p> Dauy?</p></sp>
<sp who="AL"><speaker>Dauy</speaker>
	<p> Your worship: <reg orig="Ile">I will&H1;</reg> be with you straight, a cup of wine<lb/>
<sp who="N"><speaker>Scilens</speaker>
	<p> A cup of wine <reg orig="thats">that&H61; is</reg> <reg orig="briske">brisk</reg> and fine, and <reg orig="drinke">drink</reg> <reg orig="vnto">unto</reg><lb/>
the leman mine, and a <reg orig="mery">merry</reg> heart <reg orig="liues">lives</reg> long a.</p></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Falst.</speaker>
	<p> Well said master Scilens.</p></sp>
<sp who="N"><speaker>Scilens</speaker>
	<p> And we&Htp; shall be <reg orig="mery">merry</reg>, now comes in&H5; the <reg orig="sweete">sweet</reg> <reg orig="a'th">of the</reg><lb/>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Falst</speaker>
	<p> Health and long life to&H4; you master Scilens.</p></sp>
<sp who="N"><speaker>Scilens</speaker>
	<p> Fill the <reg orig="cuppe">cup</reg>, and let it come, <reg orig="ile">I will&H1;</reg> pledge you a mile<lb/>
<reg orig="too'th">to&H4; the</reg> <reg orig="bottome">bottom</reg>.</p></sp>
<sp who="M"><speaker>Shal.</speaker>
	<p> Honest Bardolfe, welcome, if thou <reg orig="wantst">wantest</reg> <reg orig="any thing">anything</reg>,<lb/>
and wilt not call, beshrew thy heart, welcome my little tiny<lb/>
<reg orig="theefe">thief</reg>, and welcome <reg orig="indeede">indeed</reg> too, <reg orig="Ile">I will&H1;</reg> drink to&H4; master Bardolfe,<lb/>
and to&H4; all the cabileros about London.</p></sp>
<sp who="AL"><speaker>Dauy</speaker>
	<p> I hope to&H9; see London once ere I die.</p></sp>
<sp who="AI"><speaker>Bar.</speaker>
	<p> And I might see you there Dauy! </p></sp>
<sp who="M"><speaker>Shal.</speaker>
	<p> By&H4; the <reg orig="mas">mass</reg> <reg orig="youle">you will&H1;</reg> crack a <reg orig="quarte">quart</reg> together, ha will&H1; you<lb/>
not master Bardolfe?</p></sp>
<sp who="AI"><speaker>Bar.</speaker>
	<p> Yea sir, in&H4; a pottle pot.</p></sp>
<sp who="M"><speaker>Sha.</speaker>
	<p> By&H4; Gods liggens I <reg orig="thanke">thank</reg> thee, the <reg orig="knaue">knave</reg> will&H1; <reg orig="sticke">stick</reg> by&H4;<lb/>
thee, I can assure thee that&H3; <reg orig="a">he</reg> <reg orig="wil">will&H1;</reg> not out, a <reg orig="tis">it is</reg> true bred!</p></sp>
<sp who="AI"><speaker>Bar.</speaker>
	<p> And <reg orig="ile">I will&H1;</reg> stick by&H4; him sir.</p></sp> 
	<stage>One knockes at doore.</stage>
<sp who="M"><speaker>Sha.</speaker>
	<p> Why there spoke a King: <reg orig="lacke">lack</reg> nothing, be <reg orig="mery">merry</reg>,<lb/>
<reg orig="looke">look</reg> <reg orig="who's">who&H62; is</reg> at <reg orig="doore">door</reg> there ho, who&H62; <reg orig="knockes">knocks</reg>?</p></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Falst.</speaker>
	<p> Why now you <reg orig="haue">have</reg> done me right.</p></sp>
<sp who="N"><speaker>Silens</speaker>
	<p> Do me right, and dub me Knight, samingo: <reg orig="ist">is it</reg> not so&H52;?</p></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Falst.</speaker>
	<p> <reg orig="Tis">It is</reg> so&H52;.</p></sp>
<sp who="N"><speaker>Silens</speaker>
	<p> <reg orig="Ist">Is it</reg> so&H52;, why then say an <reg orig="olde">old</reg> man can do somewhat.</p></sp>
<sp who="AL"><speaker>Dauy</speaker>
	<p> <reg orig="And't">If it</reg> please your worship, <reg orig="theres">there is</reg> one Pistoll come<lb/>
from the court with <reg orig="newes">news</reg>.</p></sp> 
	<stage>enter Pistol.</stage>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Falst.</speaker>
	<p> From the Court? let him come in&H5;, how now Pistol?</p></sp>
<sp who="AJ"><speaker>Pistol</speaker>
	<p> Sir Iohn, God <reg orig="saue">save</reg> you.</p></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Falst.</speaker>
	<p> What wind blew you hither Pistol?</p></sp>
<sp who="AJ"><speaker>Pistol</speaker>
	<l> Not the ill <reg orig="winde">wind</reg> which <reg orig="blowes">blows</reg> no&H2; man to&H4; good:</l>
<p><reg orig="sweete">sweet</reg> Knight, thou art now one of the greatest men in&H4; this<lb/>
<reg orig="Realme">Realm</reg>.</p></sp>
<sp who="N"><speaker>Silens</speaker>
	<p> <reg orig="Birlady">Byrlady</reg> I think <reg orig="a">he</reg> be, but goodman Puffe of Barson.</p></sp>
<sp who="AJ"><speaker>Pisto</speaker>
	<l> Puffe? Puffe ith thy teeth, most recreant coward, base,</l>
<l>sir Iohn, I am thy Pistol and thy <reg orig="frend">friend</reg>, and helter skelter, <reg orig="haue">have</reg></l>
<l>I rode to&H4; thee, and tidings do I bring, and <reg orig="luckie">lucky</reg> <reg orig="ioyes">joys</reg>, and golden times, and happy news of price.</l></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Iohn</speaker>
	<p> I pray thee now <reg orig="deliuer">deliver</reg> them like&H4; a man of this<lb/>
<sp who="AJ"><speaker>Pistol</speaker>
	<l> A <reg orig="footre">foutre</reg> for&H4; the world and worldlings base, I <reg orig="speake">speak</reg></l>
<l>of <reg orig="Affrica">Africa</reg> and golden <reg orig="ioyes">joys</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Iohn</speaker>
	<l> O base <reg orig="Assirian">Assyrian</reg> Knight! what is thy <reg orig="newes">news</reg>? let King</l>
<l>Couetua know the truth thereof.</l></sp>
<sp who="N"><speaker>Scilens</speaker>
	<l> And Robin Hood, Scarlet, and Iohn.</l></sp>
<sp who="AJ"><speaker>Pistol</speaker>
	<l> <reg orig="Shal">Shall</reg> dunghill curs confront the Helicons? and shall</l>
<l>good <reg orig="newes">news</reg> be baffled? then Pistoll lay thy head in&H4; Furies lap.</l></sp>
<sp who="M"><speaker>Shal.</speaker>
	<p> Honest gentleman, I know not your breeding.</p></sp>
<sp who="AJ"><speaker>Pistol</speaker>
	<l> Why then lament therefore.</l></sp>
<sp who="M"><speaker>Shal.</speaker>
	<p> <reg orig="Giue">Give</reg> me pardon sir, if sir you come with <reg orig="newes">news</reg> from<lb/>
the court, I take it <reg orig="theres">there is</reg> but two <reg orig="waies">ways</reg>, either to&H9; <reg orig="vtter">utter</reg> them, or<lb/>
<reg orig="conceale">conceal</reg> them, I am sir <reg orig="vnder">under</reg> the King in&H4; some <reg orig="authoritie">authority</reg>.</p></sp>
<sp who="AJ"><speaker>Pistol</speaker>
	<l> <reg orig="Vnder">Under</reg> which&H62; King, Besonian? <reg orig="speake">speak</reg>, or die.</l></sp>
<sp who="M"><speaker>Shal.</speaker>
	<l> <reg orig="Vnder">Under</reg> King Harry.</l></sp>
<sp who="AJ"><speaker>Pistol</speaker>
	<l> Harry the fourth, or <reg orig="fift">fifth</reg>?</l></sp>
<sp who="M"><speaker>Shal.</speaker>
	<l> Harry the fourth.</l></sp>
<sp who="AJ"><speaker>Pist</speaker>
	<l> A <reg orig="fowtre">foutre</reg> for&H4; thine office: sir Iohn, thy tender lambkin</l>
<l>now is King: Harry the <reg orig="fifts">fifths</reg> the man: I <reg orig="speake">speak</reg> the truth: when</l>
<l>Pistol lies, do this, and fig me, like&H4; the bragging spaniard.</l></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Falst</speaker>
	<l> What is the old King dead?</l></sp>
<sp who="AJ"><speaker>Pistol</speaker>
	<l> As <reg orig="nayle">nail</reg> in&H4; <reg orig="doore">door</reg>, the things I <reg orig="speake">speak</reg> are <reg orig="iust">just</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Fal.</speaker>
	<l> Away Bardolfe, saddle my horse, M. Robert Shallow,</l>
<l>choose what office thou wilt in&H4; the land, <reg orig="tis">it is</reg> thine: Pistol, I will&H1;</l>
<l>double charge thee with dignities.</l></sp>
<sp who="AI"><speaker>Bard.</speaker>
	<l> O <reg orig="ioyful">joyful</reg> day! I would not take a Knight for&H4; my fortune. </l></sp>
<sp who="AJ"><speaker>Pistol</speaker>
	<l> What? I do bring good <reg orig="newes">news</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Falst.</speaker>
	<p> Carry master Scilens to&H4; bed: master Shallow, my<lb/>
lord Shalow, be what thou wilt, I am fortunes steward, get on&H5;<lb/>
thy boots, <reg orig="weel">we&Htp; will&H1;</reg> ride <reg orig="al">all</reg> night: O sweet Pistol, away Bardolf, <reg orig="com">come</reg><lb/>
Pistol, <reg orig="vtter">utter</reg> more to&H4; me, and <reg orig="withall">withal</reg>, <reg orig="deuise">devise</reg> something to&H9; <reg orig="doe">do</reg><lb/>
<reg orig="thy selfe">thyself</reg> good, <reg orig="boote">boot</reg>, <reg orig="boote">boot</reg> master Shallow, I know the <reg orig="yong">young</reg><lb/>
King is <reg orig="sicke">sick</reg> for&H4; me: let <reg orig="vs">us&Htp;</reg> take any <reg orig="mans">man's</reg> horses, the <reg orig="lawes">laws</reg> of<lb/>
England are at my <reg orig="commandement">commandment</reg>, blessed are they that&H61; <reg orig="haue">have</reg><lb/>
<reg orig="bin">been</reg> my friends, and woe to&H4; my Lord <reg orig="chiefe">chief</reg> <reg orig="Iustice">Justice</reg>.</p></sp>
<sp who="AJ"><speaker>Pist.</speaker>
	<l> Let vultures vile seize on&H4; his lungs also: where is the</l>
<l>life that&H61; late I led, say they, why here it is, welcome these <reg orig="plesant">pleasant</reg> <reg orig="dayes">days</reg>. </l></sp> 
	<stage>exit. </stage>

<div2 n="4" type="scene">
<stage>Enter Sincklo and three or foure officers.</stage>
<sp who="O"><speaker>Host.</speaker>
	<p> No&H7;, thou arrant <reg orig="knaue">knave</reg>, I would to&H4; God that&H3; I might<lb/>
die, that&H3; I might <reg orig="haue">have</reg> thee <reg orig="hangd">hanged</reg>, thou hast drawn my shoulder out of <reg orig="ioynt">joint</reg>.</p></sp>
<sp who="BL"><speaker>Sincklo</speaker>
	<p> The Constables <reg orig="haue">have</reg> <reg orig="deliuered">delivered</reg> her&H6; <reg orig="ouer">over</reg> to&H4; <reg orig="mee">me</reg>,<lb/>
and <reg orig="shee">she</reg> <reg orig="shal">shall</reg> <reg orig="haue">have</reg> whipping <reg orig="cheere">cheer</reg> I warrant her&H6;, there hath<lb/>
<reg orig="beene">been</reg> a man or two <reg orig="kild">killed</reg> about her&H6;.</p></sp>
<sp who="AR"><speaker>Whoore</speaker>
	<p> <reg orig="Nut-hooke">Nut-hook</reg>, <reg orig="Nut-hooke">Nut-hook</reg>, you lie, come on&H5;, <reg orig="Ile">I will&H1;</reg> tell<lb/>
thee what, thou <reg orig="damnd">damned</reg> tripe <reg orig="visagde">visaged</reg> <reg orig="rascall">rascal</reg>, and the child I go<lb/>
with, do miscarry, thou wert better thou hadst <reg orig="strook">struck</reg> thy mother, thou <reg orig="paper-facde">paper-faced</reg> <reg orig="villaine">villain</reg>.</p></sp>
<sp who="O"><speaker>Host.</speaker>
	<p> O the Lord, that&H3; sir Iohn were come! I would make<lb/>
this a bloody day to&H4; <reg orig="some body">somebody</reg>: but I pray God the <reg orig="fruite">fruit</reg> of<lb/>
her&H2; <reg orig="wombe">womb</reg> miscarry.</p></sp>
<sp who="BL"><speaker>Sincklo.</speaker>
	<p> If it <reg orig="doe">do</reg>, you shall <reg orig="haue">have</reg> a <reg orig="dozzen">dozen</reg> of cushions<lb/>
<reg orig="againe">again</reg>, you <reg orig="haue">have</reg> but <reg orig="eleuen">eleven</reg> <reg orig="nowe">now</reg>: come, I charge you both<lb/>
<reg orig="goe">go</reg> with <reg orig="mee">me</reg>, for&H3; the man is dead that&H61; you and Pistoll beat amongst you.</p></sp>
<sp who="AR"><speaker>Whoore</speaker>
	<p> <reg orig="Ile">I will&H1;</reg> tell you what, you thin man in&H4; a censor, I will&H1;<lb/>
<reg orig="haue">have</reg> you as soundly <reg orig="swingde">swinged</reg> for&H4; this, you <reg orig="blewbottle">bluebottle</reg> rogue,<lb/>
you filthy <reg orig="famisht">famished</reg> correctioner, if you be not <reg orig="swingde">swinged</reg>, <reg orig="Ile">I will&H1;</reg> <reg orig="forsweare">forswear</reg> <reg orig="halfe">half</reg> kirtles.</p></sp>
<sp who="BL"><speaker>Sinck.</speaker>
	<p> Come, come, you <reg orig="shee-Knight-arrant">she-knight-arrant</reg>, come.</p></sp>
<sp who="O"><speaker>Host.</speaker>
	<p> O God, that&H3; right should thus <reg orig="ouercom">overcome</reg> might! <reg orig="wel">well</reg>,<lb/>
of sufferance comes ease.</p></sp>
<sp who="AR"><speaker>Whoore</speaker>
	<p> Come you rogue, come bring me to&H4; a <reg orig="iustice">justice</reg>.</p></sp>
<sp who="O"><speaker>Host.</speaker>
	<p> I come, you <reg orig="starude">starved</reg> blood-hound. </p></sp>
<sp who="AR"><speaker>Whoore</speaker>
	<p> Goodman death, goodman bones.</p></sp>
<sp who="O"><speaker>Host.</speaker>
	<p> Thou Atomy, thou.</p></sp>
<sp who="AR"><speaker>Whoore</speaker>
	<p> Come you <reg orig="thinne">thin</reg> thing, come you <reg orig="rascall">rascal</reg>.</p></sp>
<sp who="BL"><speaker>Sinck.</speaker>
	<p> Very well. </p></sp>

<div2 n="5" type="scene">
<stage>Enter strewers of rushes.</stage>

	<sp who="BM"><speaker>1</speaker>
	<p> More rushes, more rushes.</p></sp>
<sp who="BN"><speaker>2</speaker>
	<p> The trumpets <reg orig="haue">have</reg> sounded twice.</p></sp>
<sp who="BO"><speaker>3</speaker>
	<p> <reg orig="Twill">It will&H1;</reg> be two <reg orig="a clocke">o'clock</reg> ere they come from the coronation, dispatch, dispatch.</p></sp>
<stage>Trumpets sound, and the King, and his traine passe ouer the
stage: after them enter Falstaffe, Shallow, Pistol,
Bardolfe, and the Boy.</stage>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Falst.</speaker>
	<p> Stand <reg orig="heere">here</reg> by&H4; me <reg orig="maister">master</reg> Shallow, I will&H1; make the<lb/>
King <reg orig="doe">do</reg> you grace, I will&H1; <reg orig="leere">leer</reg> <reg orig="vpon">upon&H4;</reg> him as <reg orig="a">he</reg> comes by&H5;, and<lb/>
do but <reg orig="marke">mark</reg> the <reg orig="countenaunce">countenance</reg> that&H61; he will&H1; <reg orig="giue">give</reg> me.</p></sp>
<sp who="AJ"><speaker>Pist.</speaker>
	<p> God <reg orig="blesse">bless</reg> thy lungs good Knight.</p></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Falst.</speaker>
	<p> Come <reg orig="heere">here</reg> Pistoll, stand <reg orig="behinde">behind</reg> <reg orig="mee">me</reg>. O if I had<lb/>
had time to&H9; <reg orig="haue">have</reg> made new <reg orig="liueries">liveries</reg>: I <reg orig="woulde">would</reg> <reg orig="haue">have</reg> bestowed<lb/>
the thousand pound I borrowed of you, but <reg orig="tis">it is</reg> no&H2; matter, this<lb/>
<reg orig="poore">poor</reg> <reg orig="shew">show</reg> doth better, this doth <reg orig="inferre">infer</reg> the <reg orig="zeale">zeal</reg> I had to&H9; see<lb/>
<sp who="M"><speaker>Pist.</speaker>
	<p> It doth so&H52;.</p></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Falst.</speaker>
	<p> It <reg orig="shewes">shows</reg> my <reg orig="earnestnesse">earnestness</reg> of affection.</p></sp>
<sp who="AJ"><speaker>Pist.</speaker>
	<p> It doth so&H52;.</p></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Falst.</speaker>
	<p> My <reg orig="deuotion">devotion</reg>.</p></sp>
<sp who="AJ"><speaker>Pist.</speaker>
	<p> It doth, it doth, it doth.</p></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Fal.</speaker>
	<p> As it were to&H9; ride day <reg orig="&">and</reg> night, and not to&H9; deliberate,<lb/>
not to&H9; remember, not to&H9; <reg orig="haue">have</reg> <reg orig="pacience">patience</reg> to&H9; shift me.</p></sp>
<sp who="M"><speaker>Shal</speaker>
	<p> It is best certain:</p></sp> 
	<sp who="L"><speaker></speaker>
		<p>but to&H9; stand stained with <reg orig="trauaile">travail</reg>, and<lb/>
sweating with desire to&H9; see him, thinking of nothing <reg orig="els">else</reg>, putting<lb/>
all <reg orig="affaires">affairs</reg> else in&H4; <reg orig="obliuion">oblivion</reg>, as if there were nothing <reg orig="els">else</reg> to&H9; <reg orig="bee">be</reg><lb/>
done, but to&H9; see him.</p></sp>
<sp who="AJ"><speaker>Pist.</speaker>
	<p><foreign lang="Latin"> Tis semper idem, for, obsque hoc nihil est,</foreign> <reg orig="tis">it is</reg> in&H4; <reg orig="euery">every</reg><lb/>
<sp who="M"><speaker>Shal.</speaker>
	<p> <reg orig="Tis">It is</reg> so&H52; <reg orig="indeede">indeed</reg>.</p></sp>
<sp who="AJ"><speaker>Pist.</speaker>
	<l> My Knight, I will&H1; inflame thy noble <reg orig="liuer">liver</reg>, and make</l>
<l>thee rage, thy Dol, and Helen of thy noble thoughts, is in&H4; base</l>
<l>durance, and contagious prison, <reg orig="halde">haled</reg> thither by&H4; most mechanical, and <reg orig="durtie">dirty</reg> hand: 
	<reg orig="rowze">rouse</reg> <reg orig="vp">up&H5;</reg> <reg orig="reuenge">revenge</reg> from <reg orig="Ebon">Ebony</reg> den, with</l>
<l>fell Alectoes snake, for&H3; Doll is in&H5;: Pistoll <reg orig="speakes">speaks</reg> nought but</l>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Falst.</speaker>
	<p> I will <reg orig="deliuer">deliver</reg> her&H6;.</p></sp>
<sp who="AJ"><speaker>Pist.</speaker>
	<l> There roared the sea, and trumpet <reg orig="Clangor">Clangour</reg> sounds. </l></sp>
<stage>Enter the King and his traine.</stage>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Falst.</speaker>
	<l> God <reg orig="saue">save</reg> thy grace King Hall, my <reg orig="royall">royal</reg> Hall.</l></sp>
<sp who="AJ"><speaker>Pist.</speaker>
	<l> The <reg orig="heauens">heavens</reg> thee <reg orig="gard">guard</reg> and keep, most royal <reg orig="impe">imp</reg> of</l>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Falst.</speaker>
	<l> God <reg orig="saue">save</reg> thee, my sweet boy.</l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker>King</speaker>
	<l> My Lord <reg orig="chiefe">chief</reg> <reg orig="iustice">justice</reg>, <reg orig="speake">speak</reg> to&H4; that&H62; <reg orig="vaine">vain</reg> man.</l></sp>
<sp who="I"><speaker>Iust.</speaker>
	<l> <reg orig="Haue">Have</reg> you your wits? know you what <reg orig="tis">it is</reg> you <reg orig="speake">speak</reg>?</l></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Falst.</speaker>
	<l> My King, my Ioue, I <reg orig="speake">speak</reg> to&H4; thee, my heart.</l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker>King</speaker>
	<l> I know thee not old man, fall to&H4; thy <reg orig="praiers">prayers</reg>,</l>
<l>How ill white <reg orig="heires">heirs</reg> becomes a <reg orig="foole">fool</reg> and <reg orig="iester">jester</reg>,</l>
<l>I <reg orig="haue">have</reg> long <reg orig="dreampt">dreamt</reg> of such a kind of man,</l>
<l>So&H51; <reg orig="surfet-sweld">surfeit-swelled</reg>, so&H51; old, and so&H51; <reg orig="prophane">profane</reg>:</l>
<l>But being <reg orig="awakt">awaked</reg>, I do despise my <reg orig="dreame">dream</reg>,</l>
<l>Make <reg orig="lesse">less</reg> thy body (hence) and more thy grace,</l>
<l><reg orig="Leaue">Leave</reg> <reg orig="gourmandizing">gourmandising</reg>, know the <reg orig="graue">grave</reg> doth gape</l>
<l>For&H4; thee, thrice wider <reg orig="then">than</reg> for&H4; other men,</l>
<l>Reply not to&H4; me with a <reg orig="foole-borne">fool-born</reg> <reg orig="iest">jest</reg>,</l>
<l>Presume not that&H3; I am the thing I was,</l>
<l>For&H3; God doth know, so&H52; shall the world <reg orig="perceiue">perceive</reg>,</l>
<l>That&H3; I <reg orig="haue">have</reg> <reg orig="turnd">turned</reg> away my former <reg orig="selfe">self</reg>,</l>
<l>So&H52; will&H1; I those that&H61; kept me company:</l>
<l>When thou dost <reg orig="heare">hear</reg> I am as I <reg orig="haue">have</reg> <reg orig="bin">been</reg>,</l>
<l><reg orig="Approch">Approach</reg> me, and thou shalt be as thou wast,</l>
<l>The tutor and the feeder of my riots:</l>
<l>Till then I banish thee, on&H4; <reg orig="paine">pain</reg> of death,</l>
<l>As I <reg orig="haue">have</reg> done the rest of my misleaders,</l>
<l>Not to&H9; come <reg orig="neare">near</reg> our&Hrp; person by&H4; ten mile:</l>
<l>For&H4; competence of life, I <reg orig="wil">will&H1;</reg> allow you,</l>
<l>That&H62; <reg orig="lacke">lack</reg> of <reg orig="meanes">means</reg> enforce you not to&H4; <reg orig="euills">evils</reg>,</l>
<l>And as we&Hrp; <reg orig="heare">hear</reg> you do <reg orig="reforme">reform</reg> <reg orig="your selues">yourselves</reg>,</l>
<l>We&Hrp; will&H1; according to&H4; your strengths and qualities,</l>
<l><reg orig="Giue">Give</reg> you <reg orig="aduauncement">advancement</reg>. Be it your charge, my lord,</l>
<l>To&H9; see <reg orig="performd">performed</reg> the tenure of my word: set on&H5;.</l></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Iohn</speaker>
	<p> Master Shallow I <reg orig="ow">owe</reg> you a thousand pound.</p></sp>
<sp who="M"><speaker>Shal.</speaker>
	<p> Yea <reg orig="mary">marry</reg> sir Iohn, which&H61; I beseech you to&H9; let me <reg orig="haue">have</reg><lb/>
home with me.</p></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Iohn</speaker>
	<p> That&H62; can hardly be, master Shalow: do not you <reg orig="grieue">grieve</reg><lb/>
at this, I shall be sent for&H5; in&H4; <reg orig="priuate">private</reg> to&H4; him, <reg orig="looke">look</reg> you, <reg orig="hee">he</reg> must<lb/>
<reg orig="seeme">seem</reg> thus to&H4; the world: <reg orig="feare">fear</reg> not your <reg orig="aduauncements">advancements</reg>, I will&H1;<lb/>
be the man yet that&H61; <reg orig="shal">shall</reg> make you great.</p></sp>
<sp who="M"><speaker>Shal.</speaker>
	<p> I cannot <reg orig="perceiue">perceive</reg> how, <reg orig="vnlesse">unless</reg> you <reg orig="giue">give</reg> me your<lb/>
<reg orig="dublet">doublet</reg>, and <reg orig="stuffe">stuff</reg> me out with straw: I beseech you good sir<lb/>
Iohn let me <reg orig="haue">have</reg> <reg orig="fiue">five</reg> hundred of my thousand.</p></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Iohn</speaker>
	<p> Sir I will&H1; be as good as my <reg orig="worde">word</reg>, this that&H61; you heard<lb/>
was but a <reg orig="collour">colour</reg>.</p></sp>
<sp who="M"><speaker>Shall.</speaker>
	<p> A <reg orig="collor">colour</reg> that&H61; I <reg orig="feare">fear</reg> you will&H1; die in&H5; sir Iohn.</p></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Iohn</speaker>
	<p> <reg orig="Feare">Fear</reg> no&H2; colours, go with me to&H4; dinner:<lb/>
Come <reg orig="lieftenant">lieutenant</reg> Pistol, come Bardolfe,<lb/> 	
	<stage>Enter Iustice and prince Iohn</stage>
I shall be sent for&H5; <reg orig="soone">soon</reg> at night. </p></sp>
<sp who="I"><speaker>Iustice</speaker>
	<l> Go <reg orig="cary">carry</reg> sir Iohn Falstalfe to&H4; the Fleet,</l>
<l>Take all his company along with him.</l></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Fal.</speaker>
	<l> My lord, my lord.</l></sp>
<sp who="I"><speaker>Iust.</speaker>
	<l> I cannot now <reg orig="speake">speak</reg>, I will&H1; <reg orig="heare">hear</reg> you <reg orig="soone">soon</reg>, take them</l>
	<stage>exeunt. </stage>
<sp who="AJ"><speaker>Pist.</speaker>
	<l><foreign lang="Spanish">Si fortuna me tormenta spero contenta.</foreign></l></sp> 
<sp who="C"><speaker>Iohn</speaker>
	<l> I like&H1; this <reg orig="faire">fair</reg> proceeding of the Kings,</l>
<l>He hath intent his wonted followers</l>
<l>Shall all be very well <reg orig="prouided">provided</reg> for&H5;,</l>
<l>But all are <reg orig="banisht">banished</reg> till their <reg orig="conuersations">conversations</reg></l>
<l><reg orig="Appeare">Appear</reg> more wise and modest to&H4; the <reg orig="worlde">world</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="I"><speaker>Iust.</speaker>
	<l> And so&H52; they are.</l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker>Iohn</speaker>
	<l> The King hath <reg orig="cald">called</reg> his <reg orig="parlament">parliament</reg> my lord.</l></sp>
<sp who="I"><speaker>Iust.</speaker>
	<l> He hath.</l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker>Iohn</speaker>
	<l> I <reg orig="wil">will&H1;</reg> lay <reg orig="ods">odds</reg>, that&H3; ere this <reg orig="yeere">year</reg> expire,</l>
<l>We&Htp; <reg orig="beare">bear</reg> our&Htp; <reg orig="ciuil">civil</reg> swords and <reg orig="natiue">native</reg> <reg orig="fier">fire</reg>,</l>
<l>As <reg orig="farre">far</reg> as France, I heard a bird so&H52; sing,</l>
<l>Whose <reg orig="musique">music</reg>, to&H4; my thinking, <reg orig="pleasde">pleased</reg> the King:</l>
<l>Come, will&H1; you hence?</l></sp>

<div1 type="Epilogue">
<sp who="U"><speaker>Epilogue.</speaker>
<p>First my <reg orig="feare">fear</reg> then my <reg orig="cursie">curtsy</reg>, last my speech.<lb/>
My <reg orig="feare">fear</reg>, is your displeasure, my <reg orig="cursy">curtsy</reg>, my duty, <reg orig="&">and</reg> my speech,<lb/>
to&H9; beg your pardons: if you <reg orig="looke">look</reg> for&H4; a good speech now, you<lb/>
<reg orig="vndo">undo</reg> me, for&H3; what I <reg orig="haue">have</reg> to say is of mine <reg orig="owne">own</reg> making, and<lb/>
what indeed (I should say) <reg orig="wil">will&H1;</reg> (I doubt) <reg orig="proue">prove</reg> mine own marring: 
but to&H4; the purpose, and so&H3; to&H4; the venture. Be it <reg orig="knowne">known</reg> to&H4;<lb/>
you, as it is very well, I was lately here in&H4; the end of a displeasing play, 
to&H9; pray your patience for&H4; it, and to&H9; promise you a better: I meant indeed to&H9; pay you with this, 
which&H61; if like&H4; an <reg orig="il">ill</reg> venture it come <reg orig="vnluckily">unluckily</reg> home, I <reg orig="breake">break</reg>, and you my gentle creditors loose, 
here I <reg orig="promisde">promised</reg> you I would be, and here I commit my body to&H4; your mercies, 
bate me some, and I will&H1; pay you<lb/>
some, and (as most debtors do) promise you infinitely: and so&H3; I<lb/>
<reg orig="kneele">kneel</reg> <reg orig="downe">down</reg> before you; but indeed, to&H9; pray for&H4; the <reg orig="Queene">Queen</reg>.<lb/>
If my tongue cannot <reg orig="intreate">entreat</reg> you to&H9; acquit <reg orig="mee">me</reg>, will&H1; you<lb/>
<reg orig="commaund">command</reg> me to&H9; <reg orig="vse">use</reg> my <reg orig="legges">legs</reg>? And yet that&H62; were but light<lb/>
payment, to&H9; <reg orig="daunce">dance</reg> out of your debt, but a good conscience 
will&H1; make any possible satisfaction, and so&H52; <reg orig="woulde">would</reg> I: all<lb/>
the Gentlewomen <reg orig="heere">here</reg> <reg orig="haue">have</reg> <reg orig="forgiuen">forgiven</reg> me, if the Gentlemen<lb/>
will&H1; not, then the Gentlemen <reg orig="doe">do</reg> not agree with the Gentlewomen, 
which&H61; was <reg orig="neuer">never</reg> <reg orig="seene">seen</reg> in&H4; such an <reg orig="assemblie">assembly</reg>.<lb/>
One word more I beseech you, if you <reg orig="bee">be</reg> not too much<lb/>
<reg orig="cloyd">cloyed</reg> with <reg orig="fatte">fat</reg> <reg orig="meate">meat</reg>, our&Htp; humble Author will&H1; continue the<lb/>
<reg orig="storie">story</reg>, with sir Iohn in&H4; it, and make you merry with <reg orig="faire">fair</reg> Katharine of <reg orig="Fraunce">France</reg>, 
where (for&H4; <reg orig="any thing">anything</reg> I <reg orig="knowe">know</reg>) Falstaffe<lb/>
shall die of a sweat, <reg orig="vnlesse">unless</reg> already <reg orig="a">he</reg> be <reg orig="killd">killed</reg> with your <reg orig="harde">hard</reg><lb/>
opinions; for&H3; Olde-castle died <reg orig="Martyre">Martyr</reg>, and this is not the<lb/>
man: my tongue is weary, when my <reg orig="legges">legs</reg> are too, I <reg orig="wil">will&H1;</reg> bid<lb/>
you, good night.</p></sp>