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 Shakespeare, William, 1564-1616 : and others  :  Henry VI, part three (1623) </title>
 <publisher> Printed by Isaac Iaggard, and Ed. Blount 1623 London</publisher>
<authority> A. Antonia, Newcastle, 2004 </authority>

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<p> Shakespeare: Henry the Sixth part three (1623): a machine-readable transcript <lb/>
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<p> William Shakespeare 1564-1616 <lb/>
Mr. William Shakespeares Comedies, Histories, & Tragedies. Published <lb/>
According to the True Originall copies </p>
<p> London <lb/>
Printed by Isaac Iaggard, and Ed. Blount. 1623 </p>
<p>Preliminaries and introductory matter omitted.</p>
<p> Play details
Henry VI, part iii. 
Genre: History. 
Date first published: 1595. 
Date first performed: 1591? </p>
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<p> Norton Facsimile Edition of First Folio of Shakespeare.  
Prepared by Charlton Hinman. Paul Hamlyn. 
Copyright 1968 by W.W. Norton & Company, Inc. </p>
<p> From a copy in the library of Trinity College, 
Cambridge by permission </p>
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<name id="A"> Earl of Warwick </name>
<name id="B"> King Henry VI </name>
<name id="C"> King Edward IV </name>
<name id="D"> Queen Margaret </name>
<name id="E"> George, Duke of Clarence </name>
<name id="F"> Richard Plantagenet, Duke ofYork </name>
<name id="G">  Richard, Duke of Gloucester  </name>
<name id="H"> Lord Clifford </name> 
<name id="I"> Prince Edward </name> 
<name id="J"> King Lewis </name>
<name id="K"> Earl of Oxford </name>
<name id="L"> Marquis of Montague </name>
<name id="M"> Duke of Somerset </name>
<name id="N"> Lord Hastings </name>
<name id="O"> Duke of Exeter</name>
<name id="P"> Earl of Northumberland </name>
<name id="Q"> Earl of Westmoreland </name>
<name id="R"> Lady Gray </name>
<name id="S"> Lord Stafford </name>
<name id="T"> Earl of Rutland </name>
<name id="U"> Gabriel/Messenger </name>
<name id="V"> father who has killed his son </name>
<name id="W"> son who has killed his father </name>
<name id="X"> All </name>
<name id="Y"> 1st Keeper </name> 
<name id="Z"> 2nd Keeper </name>
<name id="AA">Post</name>
<name id="ZA"> 1st Watchman </name>
<name id="ZB">  2nd Watchman </name>
<name id="ZC"> 3rd Watchman </name>
<name id="ZD"> 2nd Messenger </name>
<name id="ZE">  Mayor </name>
<name id="ZF"> Norfolk </name>
<name id="ZG"> Rivers </name>
<name id="ZH"> Rutland's Tutor </name>
<name id="ZI"> Lieutenant </name>
<name id="ZJ"> Huntsman </name>
<name id="ZK"> Nobleman </name>
<name id="ZL"> John Mortimer </name>
<name id="ZM"> Bona </name>
<name id="ZO"> Soldier </name>
<name id="ZP"> Someru. </name>
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<language id="Latin">Latin</language>
<language id="French">French</language>
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The third Part of Henry the Sixt>, 
with the death of the Duke of YORKE. 
<div1 type="act" n="1">
<div2 type="scene" n="1">

<stage rend="italic">

Actus Primus. 

Scoena Prima. 
Enter Plantagenet, Edward, Richard, Norfolke, 
Mountague, Warwicke, and Souldiers.
<sp who="A"><speaker rend="italic"> Warwicke. </speaker>
<l> I wonder how the King <reg orig="escap'd">escaped</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> hands? </l></sp>
<sp who="F"><speaker rend="italic"> Pl. </speaker>
<l> While <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> <reg orig="pursu'd">pursued</reg> the <reg orig="Horsmen">Horsemen</reg> of <reg orig="ye"> the </reg>North, </l>
<l> He slyly stole away, and left his men: </l>
<l> Whereat the great Lord of Northumberland, </l>
<l> Whose Warlike <reg orig="eares">ears</reg> could <reg orig="neuer"> never </reg> brooke retreat, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Chear'd">Cheered</reg> <reg orig="vp"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">up</seg> </reg> the <reg orig="drouping">drooping</reg> Army, and <reg orig="himselfe."> himself. </reg> </l>
<l> Lord <hi rend="italic"> Clifford </hi> and Lord <hi rend="italic"> Stafford </hi> all <reg orig="a-brest">abreast</reg> </l>
<l> <reg orig="Charg'd">Charged</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> <reg orig="maine">main</reg> <reg orig="Battailes">Battles</reg> Front: and breaking <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">in</seg>, </l>
<l> Were <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> the Swords of common <reg orig="Souldiers">Soldiers</reg> <reg orig="slaine">slain</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> Edw. </speaker>
<l> Lord <hi rend="italic"> Staffords </hi> Father, Duke of <hi rend="italic"> Buckingham, </hi> </l>
<l> Is either <reg orig="slaine">slain</reg> or wounded dangerous. </l>
<l> I cleft his <reg orig="Beauer">Beaver</reg> with a <reg orig="down-right">downright</reg> blow: </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> this is true (Father) behold his blood. </l></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker rend="italic"> Mount. </speaker>
<l> And Brother, <reg orig="here's"> here is </reg> the <reg orig="Earle">Earl</reg> of Wiltshires blood, </l>
<l> Whom I <reg orig="encountred">encountered</reg> as the <reg orig="Battels">Battles</reg> <reg orig="ioyn'd">joined</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Rich. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Speake"> Speak </reg> thou <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> me, and tell them what I did. </l></sp>
<sp who="F"><speaker rend="italic"> Plan. </speaker>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Richard </hi> hath best <reg orig="deseru'd">deserved</reg> of all my <reg orig="sonnes:"> sons: </reg> </l>
<l> But is your Grace dead, my Lord of Somerset? </l></sp>
<sp who="ZF"><speaker rend="italic"> Nor. </speaker>
<l> Such hope <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> all the line of <hi rend="italic"> Iohn of Gaunt. </hi> </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Rich. </speaker>
<l> Thus do I hope <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> shake King <hi rend="italic"> Henries </hi> head. </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker rend="italic"> Warw. </speaker>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">so</seg> <reg orig="doe"> do </reg> I, victorious Prince of <hi rend="italic"> Yorke. </hi> </l>
<l> Before I see thee seated <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> Throne, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">Which</seg> now the House of <hi rend="italic"> Lancaster </hi> <reg orig="vsurpes">usurps</reg>, </l>
<l> I vow <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> <reg orig="Heauen">Heaven</reg>, these eyes shall <reg orig="neuer"> never </reg> close. </l>
<l> This is the <reg orig="Pallace">Palace</reg> of the <reg orig="fearefull">fearful</reg> King, </l>
<l> And this the <reg orig="Regall">Regal</reg> Seat: <reg orig="possesse">possess</reg> it <hi rend="italic"> Yorke, </hi> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> this is thine, and not King <hi rend="italic"> Henries </hi> <reg orig="Heires">Heirs</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="F"><speaker rend="italic"> Plant. </speaker>
<l> Assist me then, sweet <hi rend="italic"> Warwick, </hi> and I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> hither <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> broken <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">in</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> force. </l></sp>
<sp who="ZF"><speaker rend="italic"> Norf. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Wee'le"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">We</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> all assist you: he <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> <reg orig="flyes">flies</reg>, shall <reg orig="dye">die</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="F"><speaker rend="italic"> Plant. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Thankes">Thanks</reg> gentle <hi rend="italic"> Norfolke, </hi> stay <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> me my Lords, </l>
<l> And <reg orig="Souldiers">Soldiers</reg> stay and lodge <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> me this Night. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic">    They goe vp. </stage>

<sp who="A"><speaker rend="italic"> Warw. </speaker>
<l> And when the King comes, offer him <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> violence, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Vnlesse">Unless</reg> he <reg orig="seeke">seek</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> thrust you out perforce. </l></sp>
<sp who="F"><speaker rend="italic"> Plant. </speaker>
<l> The <reg orig="Queene">Queen</reg> this day here holds <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">her</seg> Parliament, </l>
<l> But little <reg orig="thinkes"> thinks </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">we</seg> shall be of <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">her</seg> <reg orig="counsaile">counsel</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">By</seg> words or <reg orig="blowes">blows</reg> here let <reg orig="vs"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">us</seg> </reg> <reg orig="winne">win</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">our</seg> right. </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Rich. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Arm'd">Armed</reg> as <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> are, <reg orig="let's"> let <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg> </reg> stay within this House. </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker rend="italic"> Warw. </speaker>
<l> The bloody Parliament shall this be <reg orig="call'd">called</reg>, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Vnlesse">Unless</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Plantagenet, </hi> Duke of Yorke, be King, </l>
<l> And <reg orig="bashfull">bashful</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Henry </hi> <reg orig="depos'd">deposed</reg>, whose <reg orig="Cowardize">Cowardice</reg> </l>
<l> Hath made <reg orig="vs"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg> </reg> by-words <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> enemies. </l></sp>
<sp who="F"><speaker rend="italic"> Plant. </speaker>
<l> Then <reg orig="leaue">leave</reg> me not, my Lords be resolute, </l>
<l> I <reg orig="meane">mean</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> take possession of my Right. </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker rend="italic"> Warw. </speaker>
<l> Neither the King, nor he <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> <reg orig="loues"> loves </reg> him best, </l>
<l> The <reg orig="prowdest">proudest</reg> <reg orig="hee"> he </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> holds <reg orig="vp"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">up</seg> </reg> <hi rend="italic"> Lancaster, </hi> </l>
<l> Dares <reg orig="stirre">stir</reg> a Wing, if <hi rend="italic"> Warwick </hi> shake his Bells. </l>
<l> He plant <hi rend="italic"> Plantagenet, </hi> root him <reg orig="vp"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">up</seg> </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">who</seg> dares: </l>
<l> <reg orig="Resolue">Resolve</reg> thee <hi rend="italic"> Richard, </hi> <reg orig="clayme">claim</reg> the English <reg orig="Crowne">Crown</reg>. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic">
Flourish. Enter King Henry, Clifford, 
Northumberland, Westmerland, Exeter, and the rest.
<sp who="B"><speaker rend="italic"> Henry. </speaker>
<l> My Lords, <reg orig="looke"> look </reg> where the <reg orig="sturdie">sturdy</reg> <reg orig="Rebell">Rebel</reg> sits, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Euen"> Even </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> the <reg orig="Chayre">Chair</reg> of State: belike he <reg orig="meanes">means</reg>, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Backt">Backed</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> the power of <hi rend="italic"> Warwicke, </hi> <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> false <reg orig="Peere">Peer</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> aspire <reg orig="vnto"> unto </reg> the <reg orig="Crowne">Crown</reg>, and <reg orig="reigne">reign</reg> as King. </l>
<l> <reg orig="Earle">Earl</reg> of Northumberland, he slew thy Father, </l>
<l> And thine, Lord <hi rend="italic"> Clifford, </hi> <reg orig="&"> and </reg> you both <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> <reg orig="vow'd">vowed</reg> <reg orig="reuenge">revenge</reg> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">On</seg> him, his <reg orig="sonnes,"> sons, </reg> his <reg orig="fauorites">favourites</reg>, and his friends. </l></sp>
<sp who="P"><speaker rend="italic"> Northumb. </speaker>
<l> If I be not, <reg orig="Heauens">Heavens</reg> be <reg orig="reueng'd">revenged</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> me. </l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker rend="italic"> Clifford. </speaker>
<l> The hope thereof, makes <hi rend="italic"> Clifford </hi> <reg orig="mourne">mourn</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <reg orig="Steele">Steel</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="Q"><speaker rend="italic"> Westm. </speaker>
<l> What, shall <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> suffer this? <reg orig="lets"> let <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg> </reg> pluck him down, </l>
<l> My heart <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> anger <reg orig="burnes">burns</reg>, I cannot brooke it. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker rend="italic"> Henry. </speaker>
<l> Be patient, gentle <reg orig="Earle">Earl</reg> of Westmerland. </l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker rend="italic"> Clifford. </speaker>
<l> Patience is <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> <reg orig="Poultroones">Poltroons</reg>, such as he: </l>
<l> He durst not sit there, had your Father <reg orig="liu'd."> lived. </reg> </l>
<l> My gracious Lord, here <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> the Parliament </l>
<l> Let <reg orig="vs"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg> </reg> <reg orig="assayle">assail</reg> the Family of <hi rend="italic"> Yorke. </hi> </l></sp>
<sp who="P"><speaker rend="italic"> North. </speaker>
<l> Well hast thou spoken, Cousin be it <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">so</seg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker rend="italic"> Henry. </speaker>
<l> Ah, know you not the <reg orig="Citie">City</reg> <reg orig="fauours">favours</reg> them, </l>
<l> And they <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> troupes of <reg orig="Souldiers">Soldiers</reg> at their beck? </l></sp>
<sp who="Q"><speaker rend="italic"> Westm. </speaker>
<l> But when the Duke is <reg orig="slaine">slain</reg>, <reg orig="they'le"> they <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> quickly <reg orig="flye">fly</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker rend="italic"> Henry. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Farre">Far</reg> be the thought of this from <hi rend="italic"> Henries </hi> heart, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> make a Shambles of the Parliament House. </l>
<l> Cousin of Exeter, <reg orig="frownes">frowns</reg>, words, and threats, </l>
<l> Shall be the <reg orig="Warre">War</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Henry </hi> <reg orig="meanes">means</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="vse">use</reg>. </l>
<l> Thou factious Duke of Yorke descend my Throne, </l>
<l> And <reg orig="kneele">kneel</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> grace and <reg orig="mercie">mercy</reg> at my feet, </l>
<l> I am thy <reg orig="Soueraigne">Sovereign</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="F"><speaker rend="italic"> Yorke. </speaker>
<l> I am thine. </l></sp>
<sp who="O"><speaker rend="italic"> Exet. </speaker>
<p> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">For</seg> shame come <reg orig="downe,"> down, </reg> he made thee Duke of <lb/> Yorke. </p></sp> 
<sp who="F"><speaker rend="italic"> Yorke. </speaker>
<l> It was my Inheritance, as the <reg orig="Earledome">Earldom</reg> was. </l></sp>
<pb n="148"/>
<sp who="O"><speaker rend="italic"> Exet. </speaker>
<l> Thy Father was a <reg orig="Traytor">Traitor</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> the <reg orig="Crowne">Crown</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker rend="italic"> Warw </speaker>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Exeter </hi> thou art a <reg orig="Traytor">Traitor</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> the <reg orig="Crowne">Crown</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">In</seg> following this <reg orig="vsurping">usurping</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Henry. </hi> </l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker rend="italic"> Clifford. </speaker>
<p> Whom should <reg orig="hee"> he </reg> follow, but his <reg orig="naturall">natural</reg> <lb/> King? </p></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker rend="italic"> Warw. </speaker>
<l> True <hi rend="italic"> Clifford, </hi> <reg orig="that's"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> is </reg> <hi rend="italic"> Richard </hi> Duke of Yorke. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker rend="italic"> Henry. </speaker>
<l> And shall I stand, and thou sit <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> my Throne? </l></sp>
<sp who="F"><speaker rend="italic"> Yorke. </speaker>
<l> It must and shall be <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">so</seg>, content <reg orig="thy selfe."> thyself. </reg> </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker rend="italic"> Warw. </speaker>
<l> Be Duke of Lancaster, let him be King. </l></sp>
<sp who="Q"><speaker rend="italic"> Westm. </speaker>
<l> He is both King, and Duke of Lancaster, </l>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> the Lord of Westmerland shall <reg orig="maintaine">maintain</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker rend="italic"> Warw. </speaker>
<l> And <hi rend="italic"> Warwick </hi> shall <reg orig="disproue">disprove</reg> it. You forget, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> are those <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">which</seg> <reg orig="chas'd">chased</reg> you from the field, </l>
<l> And slew your Fathers, and with Colours spread </l>
<l> <reg orig="Marcht">Marched</reg> through the <reg orig="Citie">City</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> the <reg orig="Pallace">Palace</reg> Gates. </l></sp>
<sp who="P"><speaker rend="italic"> Northumb. </speaker>
<l> Yes <hi rend="italic"> Warwicke, </hi> I remember it <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> my <reg orig="griefe">grief</reg>, </l>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> his <reg orig="Soule">Soul</reg>, thou and thy House shall rue it. </l></sp>
<sp who="Q"><speaker rend="italic"> Westm. </speaker>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Plantagenet, </hi> of thee and these thy <reg orig="Sonnes,"> Sons, </reg> </l>
<l> Thy Kinsmen, and thy Friends, <reg orig="Ile haue"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> have </reg> more <reg orig="liues"> lives </reg> </l>
<l> <reg orig="Then"> Than </reg> drops of <reg orig="bloud">blood</reg> were <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> my Fathers <reg orig="Veines">Veins</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker rend="italic"> Cliff. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Vrge">Urge</reg> it <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> more, lest <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> stead of words, </l>
<l> I send thee, <hi rend="italic"> Warwicke, </hi> such a Messenger, </l>
<l> As shall <reg orig="reuenge">revenge</reg> his death, before I <reg orig="stirre">stir</reg>. </l></sp>

<sp who="A"><speaker rend="italic"> Warw. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Poore">Poor</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Clifford, </hi> how I <reg orig="scorne">scorn</reg> his <reg orig="worthlesse">worthless</reg> Threats. </l></sp>
<sp who="F"><speaker rend="italic"> Plant. </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">Will</seg> you <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">we</seg> <reg orig="shew">show</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">our</seg> Title <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> the <reg orig="Crowne">Crown</reg>? </l>
<l> If not, <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">our</seg> Swords shall <reg orig="pleade">plead</reg> it <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> the field. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker rend="italic"> Henry. </speaker>
<l> What Title hast thou <reg orig="Traytor">Traitor</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> the <reg orig="Crowne">Crown</reg>? </l>
<l> My Father was as thou art, Duke of Yorke, </l>
<l> Thy Grandfather <hi rend="italic"> Roger Mortimer, </hi> <reg orig="Earle">Earl</reg> of March. </l>
<l> I am the <reg orig="Sonne"> son </reg> of <hi rend="italic"> Henry </hi> the <reg orig="Fift">Fifth</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">Who</seg> made the Dolphin and the French <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="stoupe">stoop</reg>, </l>
<l> And <reg orig="seiz'd">seized</reg> <reg orig="vpon"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">upon</seg> </reg> their <reg orig="Townes">Towns</reg> and <reg orig="Prouinces">Provinces</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker rend="italic"> Warw. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Talke"> Talk </reg> not of France, sith thou hast lost it all. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker rend="italic"> Henry. </speaker>
<l> The Lord Protector lost it, and not I: </l>
<l> When I was <reg orig="crown'd">crowned</reg>, I was but nine <reg orig="moneths">months</reg> old. </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Rich. </speaker>
<l> You are old enough now, </l>
<l> And yet <reg orig="me thinkes"> methinks </reg> you <reg orig="loose">lose</reg>: </l>
<l> Father <reg orig="teare">tear</reg> the <reg orig="Crowne">Crown</reg> from the <reg orig="Vsurpers">Usurpers</reg> Head. </l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> Edward. </speaker>
<l> Sweet Father <reg orig="doe"> do </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">so</seg>, set it <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> your Head. </l></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker rend="italic"> Mount. </speaker>
<l> Good Brother, </l>
<l> As thou <reg orig="lou'st"> lovest </reg> and <reg orig="honorest">honourest</reg> <reg orig="Armes">Arms</reg>, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Let's"> Let <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg> </reg> fight it out, and not stand <reg orig="cauilling">cavilling</reg> thus. </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Richard. </speaker>
<p> Sound <reg orig="Drummes">Drums</reg> and Trumpets, and the <lb/> King <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> <reg orig="flye">fly</reg>. </p></sp>

<sp who="F"><speaker rend="italic"> Plant. </speaker>
<p> <reg orig="Sonnes"> Sons </reg> peace. </p></sp> 

<sp who="B"><speaker rend="italic"> Henry. </speaker>
<p> Peace thou, and <reg orig="giue"> give </reg> King <hi rend="italic"> Henry </hi> <reg orig="leaue">leave</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <lb/> <reg orig="speake."> speak. </reg> </p></sp> 
<sp who="A"><speaker rend="italic"> Warw. </speaker>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Plantagenet </hi> shall <reg orig="speake"> speak </reg> first: <reg orig="Heare"> Hear </reg> him Lords, </l>
<l> And be you silent and <reg orig="attentiue">attentive</reg> too, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> he <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> interrupts him, shall not <reg orig="liue."> live. </reg> </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker rend="italic"> Hen. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Think'st">Thinkst</reg> thou, <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> <reg orig="leaue">leave</reg> my Kingly Throne, </l>
<l> Wherein my Grandsire and my Father sat? </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="exclamation">No</seg>: first shall <reg orig="Warre">War</reg> <reg orig="vnpeople">unpeople</reg> this my <reg orig="Realme">Realm</reg>; </l>
<l> <reg orig="I,"> Aye, </reg> and their Colours often borne <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> France, </l>
<l> And now <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> England, <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">our</seg> hearts great sorrow, </l>
<l> Shall be my Winding-sheet. Why faint you Lords? </l>
<l> My <reg orig="Title's"> Title is </reg> good, and better <reg orig="farre">far</reg> <reg orig="then"> than </reg> his. </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker rend="italic"> Warw. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Proue">Prove</reg> it <hi rend="italic"> Henry, </hi> and thou shalt be King. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker rend="italic"> Hen. </speaker>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Henry </hi> the Fourth <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> Conquest got the <reg orig="Crowne">Crown</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="F"><speaker rend="italic"> Plant. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="'Twas"> It was </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> Rebellion against his King. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker rend="italic"> Henry. </speaker>
<l> I know not what <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> say, my <reg orig="Titles"> Title is </reg> <reg orig="weake">weak</reg>: </l>
<l> Tell me, may not a King adopt an <reg orig="Heire">Heir</reg>? </l></sp>
<sp who="F"><speaker rend="italic"> Plant. </speaker>
<l> What then? </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker rend="italic"> Henry. </speaker>
<l> And if he may, then am I <reg orig="lawfull">lawful</reg> King: </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Richard, </hi> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> the view of many Lords, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Resign'd">Resigned</reg> the <reg orig="Crowne">Crown</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Henry </hi> the Fourth, </l>
<l> Whose <reg orig="Heire">Heir</reg> my Father was, and I am his. </l></sp>
<sp who="F"><speaker rend="italic"> Plant. </speaker>
<l> He rose against him, being his <reg orig="Soueraigne">Sovereign</reg>, </l>
<l> And made him <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="resigne">resign</reg> his <reg orig="Crowne">Crown</reg> perforce. </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker rend="italic"> Warw. </speaker>
<l> Suppose, my Lords, he did it <reg orig="vnconstrayn'd">unconstrained</reg>, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Thinke"> Think </reg> you <reg orig="'twere"> it were </reg> <reg orig="preiudiciall">prejudicial</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> his <reg orig="Crowne">Crown</reg>? </l></sp>
<sp who="O"><speaker rend="italic"> Exet. </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="exclamation">No</seg>: <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">for</seg> he could not <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">so</seg> <reg orig="resigne">resign</reg> his <reg orig="Crowne">Crown</reg>, </l>
<l> But <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> the next <reg orig="Heire">Heir</reg> should succeed and <reg orig="reigne">reign</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker rend="italic"> Henry. </speaker>
<l> Art thou against <reg orig="vs,"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">us</seg>, </reg> Duke of Exeter? </l></sp>
<sp who="O"><speaker rend="italic"> Exet. </speaker>
<l> His is the right, and therefore pardon me. </l></sp>
<sp who="F"><speaker rend="italic"> Plant. </speaker>
<l> Why whisper you, my Lords, and answer not? </l></sp>
<sp who="O"><speaker rend="italic"> Exet. </speaker>
<l> My Conscience tells me he is <reg orig="lawfull">lawful</reg> King. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker rend="italic"> Henry. </speaker>
<l> All <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> <reg orig="reuolt">revolt</reg> from me, and <reg orig="turne">turn</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> him. </l></sp>
<sp who="P"><speaker rend="italic"> Northumb. </speaker>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Plantagenet, </hi> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> all the <reg orig="Clayme">Claim</reg> thou <reg orig="lay'st">layest</reg>, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Thinke"> Think </reg> not, <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Henry </hi> shall be <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">so</seg> <reg orig="depos'd">deposed</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker rend="italic"> Warw. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Depos'd">Deposed</reg> he shall be, <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <reg orig="despight">despite</reg> of all. </l></sp>
<sp who="P"><speaker rend="italic"> Northumb. </speaker>
<l> Thou art <reg orig="deceiu'd">deceived</reg>: </l>
<l> <reg orig="'Tis"> It is </reg> not thy <reg orig="Southerne">Southern</reg> power </l>
<l> Of Essex, Norfolke, Suffolke, nor of Kent, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">Which</seg> makes thee thus presumptuous and <reg orig="prowd">proud</reg>, </l>
<l> Can set the Duke <reg orig="vp"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">up</seg> </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <reg orig="despight">despite</reg> of me. </l></sp>

<sp who="H"><speaker rend="italic"> Clifford. </speaker>
<l> King <hi rend="italic"> Henry, </hi> be thy Title right or wrong, </l>
<l> Lord <hi rend="italic"> Clifford </hi> <reg orig="vowes">vows</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> fight <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> thy defence: </l>
<l> May <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> ground gape, and swallow me <reg orig="aliue">alive</reg>, </l>
<l> Where I shall <reg orig="kneele">kneel</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> him <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> slew my Father. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker rend="italic"> Henry. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Oh"> O </reg> <hi rend="italic"> Clifford, </hi> how thy words <reg orig="reuiue">revive</reg> my heart. </l></sp>
<sp who="F"><speaker rend="italic"> Plant. </speaker>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Henry </hi> of Lancaster, <reg orig="resigne">resign</reg> thy <reg orig="Crowne">Crown</reg>: </l>
<l> What mutter you, or what conspire you Lords? </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker rend="italic"> Warw. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Doe"> Do </reg> right <reg orig="vnto"> unto </reg>  this Princely Duke of Yorke, </l>
<l> Or I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> fill the House with armed men, </l>
<l> And <reg orig="ouer"> over </reg> the <reg orig="Chayre">Chair</reg> of State, where now he sits, </l>
<l> Write <reg orig="vp"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">up</seg> </reg> his Title with <reg orig="vsurping">usurping</reg> blood. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic">  
He stampes with his foot, and the Souldiers shew themselues. 

<sp who="B"><speaker rend="italic"> Henry. </speaker>
<l> My Lord of Warwick, <reg orig="heare"> hear </reg> but one word, </l>
<l> Let me <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> this my life time <reg orig="reigne">reign</reg> as King. </l></sp>
<sp who="F"><speaker rend="italic"> Plant. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Confirme">Confirm</reg> the <reg orig="Crowne">Crown</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> me and <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> mine <reg orig="Heires">Heirs</reg>, </l>
<l> And thou shalt <reg orig="reigne">reign</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> quiet while thou <reg orig="liu'st">livest</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker rend="italic"> Henry. </speaker>
<l> I am content: <hi rend="italic"> Richard Plantagenet </hi> </l>
<l> <reg orig="Enioy">Enjoy</reg> the <reg orig="Kingdome">Kingdom</reg> after my decease. </l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker rend="italic"> Clifford. </speaker>
<p> What wrong is this <reg orig="vnto"> unto </reg> the Prince, your <lb/> <reg orig="Sonne?"> Son? </reg> </p></sp> 

<sp who="A"><speaker rend="italic"> Warw. </speaker>
<p> What good is this <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> England, and <reg orig="himselfe?"> himself? </reg> </p></sp> 
<sp who="Q"><speaker rend="italic"> Westm. </speaker>
<p> Base, <reg orig="fearefull">fearful</reg>, and <reg orig="despayring">despairing</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Henry. </hi> </p></sp> 

<sp who="H"><speaker rend="italic"> Clifford. </speaker>
<p> How hast thou <reg orig="iniur'd">injured</reg> both <reg orig="thy selfe"> thyself </reg> and <reg orig="vs?"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg>? </reg> </p></sp> 

<sp who="Q"><speaker rend="italic"> Westm. </speaker>
<p> I cannot stay <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="heare"> hear </reg> these Articles. </p></sp> 

<sp who="P"><speaker rend="italic"> Northumb. </speaker>
<p> Nor I. </p></sp> 

<sp who="H"><speaker rend="italic"> Clifford. </speaker>
<p> Come Cousin, let <reg orig="vs"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg> </reg> tell the <reg orig="Queene">Queen</reg> these <lb/> <reg orig="Newes">News</reg>. </p></sp> 

<sp who="Q"><speaker rend="italic"> Westm. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Farwell">Farewell</reg> faint-hearted and degenerate King, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">In</seg> whose cold blood <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> <reg orig="sparke">spark</reg> of <reg orig="Honor">Honour</reg> bides. </l></sp>
<sp who="P"><speaker rend="italic"> Northumb. </speaker>
<l> Be thou a prey <reg orig="vnto"> unto </reg> the House of <hi rend="italic"> Yorke, </hi> </l>
<l> And <reg orig="dye">die</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> Bands, <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> this <reg orig="vnmanly">unmanly</reg> deed. </l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker rend="italic"> Cliff. </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">In</seg> <reg orig="dreadfull">dreadful</reg> <reg orig="Warre">War</reg> <reg orig="may'st">mayst</reg> thou be <reg orig="ouercome">overcome</reg>, </l>
<l> Or <reg orig="lieu"> live </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> peace <reg orig="abandon'd">abandoned</reg> and <reg orig="despis'd">despised</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker rend="italic"> Warw. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Turne">Turn</reg> this way <hi rend="italic"> Henry, </hi> and regard them not. </l></sp>
<sp who="O"><speaker rend="italic"> Exeter. </speaker>
<p> They <reg orig="seeke">seek</reg> <reg orig="reuenge">revenge</reg>, and therefore <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> not <lb/> <reg orig="yeeld">yield</reg>. </p></sp> 
<sp who="B"><speaker rend="italic"> Henry. </speaker>
<l> Ah <hi rend="italic"> Exeter. </hi> </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker rend="italic"> Warw. </speaker>
<l> Why should you sigh, my Lord? </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker rend="italic"> Henry. </speaker>
<l> Not <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> <reg orig="my selfe"> myself </reg> Lord <hi rend="italic"> Warwick </hi> but my <reg orig="Sonne,"> Son, </reg> </l>
<l> Whom I <reg orig="vnnaturally">unnaturally</reg> shall <reg orig="dis-inherite">disinherit</reg>. </l>
<l> But be it as it may: I here <reg orig="entayle">entail</reg> </l>
<l> The <reg orig="Crowne">Crown</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> thee and <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> thine <reg orig="Heires">Heirs</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> <reg orig="euer,"> ever, </reg> </l>
<l> Conditionally, <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> <reg orig="heere"> here </reg>  thou take an Oath, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> cease this <reg orig="Ciuill">Civil</reg> <reg orig="Warre">War</reg>: and <reg orig="whil'st"> whilst </reg> I <reg orig="liue,"> live, </reg> </l>
<pb n="149"/>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> <reg orig="honor">honour</reg> me as thy King, and <reg orig="Soueraigne">Sovereign</reg>: </l>
<l> And <reg orig="neyther">neither</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> Treason nor <reg orig="Hostilitie">Hostility</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> <reg orig="seeke">seek</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> put me <reg orig="downe,"> down, </reg> and <reg orig="reigne">reign</reg> <reg orig="thy selfe."> thyself. </reg> </l></sp>
<sp who="F"><speaker rend="italic"> Plant. </speaker>
<l> This Oath I willingly take, and <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> <reg orig="performe">perform</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker rend="italic"> Warw. </speaker>
<p> Long <reg orig="liue"> live </reg> King <hi rend="italic"> Henry: Plantagenet </hi> embrace <lb/> him. </p></sp>

<sp who="B"><speaker rend="italic"> Henry. </speaker>
<p> And long <reg orig="liue"> live </reg> thou, and these thy forward <lb/> <reg orig="Sonnes."> Sons. </reg> </p></sp> 

<sp who="F"><speaker rend="italic"> Plant. </speaker>
<l> Now <hi rend="italic"> Yorke </hi> and <hi rend="italic"> Lancaster </hi> are <reg orig="reconcil'd">reconciled</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="O"><speaker rend="italic"> Exet. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Accurst">Accursed</reg> be he <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> <reg orig="seekes">seeks</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> make them foes. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic">    Senet. Here they come downe.
<sp who="F"><speaker rend="italic"> Plant. </speaker>
<l> Farewell my gracious Lord, <reg orig="Ile"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> my Castle. </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker rend="italic"> Warw. </speaker>
<l> And <reg orig="Ile"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> <reg orig="keepe">keep</reg> London with my <reg orig="Souldiers">Soldiers</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="ZF"><speaker rend="italic"> Norf. </speaker>
<l> And I <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> Norfolke with my followers. </l></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker rend="italic"> Mount. </speaker>
<l> And I <reg orig="vnto"> unto </reg> the Sea, from whence I came. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker rend="italic"> Henry. </speaker>
<l> And I with <reg orig="griefe">grief</reg> and sorrow <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> the Court. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic"> Enter the Queene. </stage>

<sp who="O"><speaker rend="italic"> Exeter. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Heere"> Here </reg> comes the <reg orig="Queene">Queen</reg>, </l>
<l> Whose <reg orig="Lookes"> Looks </reg> bewray <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">her</seg> anger: </l>
<l> <reg orig="Ile"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> <reg orig="steale">steal</reg> away. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker rend="italic"> Henry. </speaker>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Exeter </hi> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">so</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> I. </l></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker rend="italic"> Queene. </speaker>
<l> Nay, <reg orig="goe"> go </reg> not from me, I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> follow thee. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker rend="italic"> Henry. </speaker>
<l> Be patient gentle <reg orig="Queene">Queen</reg>, and I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> stay. </l></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker rend="italic"> Queene. </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="interrogative">Who</seg> can be patient <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> such <reg orig="extreames">extremes</reg>? </l>
<l> Ah wretched man, would I had <reg orig="dy'de">died</reg> a Maid? </l>
<l> And <reg orig="neuer seene"> never seen </reg> thee, <reg orig="neuer"> never </reg> borne thee <reg orig="Sonne,"> Son, </reg> </l>
<l> Seeing thou hast <reg orig="prou'd">proved</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> <reg orig="vnnaturall">unnatural</reg> a Father. </l>
<l> Hath he <reg orig="deseru'd">deserved</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="loose">lose</reg> his <reg orig="birth-right">birthright</reg> thus? </l>
<l> Hadst thou but <reg orig="lou'd"> loved </reg> him <reg orig="halfe">half</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> well as I, </l>
<l> Or felt <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> <reg orig="paine">pain</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">which</seg> I did <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> him once, </l>
<l> Or <reg orig="nourisht">nourished</reg> him, as I did with my blood; </l>
<l> Thou <reg orig="would'st haue"> wouldst have </reg> left thy dearest heart-blood there, </l>
<l> Rather <reg orig="then haue"> than have </reg> made <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> <reg orig="sauage">savage</reg> Duke thine <reg orig="Heire">Heir</reg>, </l>
<l> And <reg orig="dis-inherited">disinherited</reg> thine <reg orig="onely Sonne."> only Son. </reg> </l></sp>
<sp who="I"><speaker rend="italic"> Prince. </speaker>
<l> Father, you cannot <reg orig="dis-inherite">disinherit</reg> me: </l>
<l> If you be King, why should not I <reg orig="succeede">succeed</reg>? </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker rend="italic"> Henry. </speaker>
<l> Pardon me <hi rend="italic"> Margaret, </hi> pardon me sweet <reg orig="Sonne,"> Son, </reg> </l>
<l> The <reg orig="Earle">Earl</reg> of Warwick and the Duke <reg orig="enforc't">enforced</reg> me. </l></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker rend="italic"> Quee. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Enforc't">Enforced</reg> thee? Art thou King, and wilt be <reg orig="forc't">forced</reg>? </l>
<l> I shame <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="heare"> hear </reg> thee <reg orig="speake:"> speak: </reg> ah timorous Wretch, </l>
<l> Thou hast <reg orig="vndone">undone</reg> <reg orig="thy selfe,"> thyself, </reg> thy <reg orig="Sonne,"> Son, </reg> and me, </l>
<l> And <reg orig="giu'n vnto"> given unto </reg> the House of <hi rend="italic"> Yorke </hi> such head, </l>
<l> As thou shalt <reg orig="reigne">reign</reg> but <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> their sufferance. </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> <reg orig="entayle">entail</reg> him and his <reg orig="Heires">Heirs</reg> <reg orig="vnto"> unto </reg> the <reg orig="Crowne">Crown</reg>, </l>
<l> What is it, but <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> make thy <reg orig="Sepulcher">Sepulchre</reg>, </l>
<l> And <reg orig="creepe">creep</reg> into it <reg orig="farre">far</reg> before thy time? </l>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Warwick </hi> is <reg orig="Chancelor">Chancellor</reg>, and the Lord of Callice, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Sterne">Stern</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Falconbridge </hi> commands the Narrow Seas, </l>
<l> The Duke is made Protector of the <reg orig="Realme">Realm</reg>, </l>
<l> And yet shalt thou be safe? Such <reg orig="safetie">safety</reg> <reg orig="findes">finds</reg> </l>
<l> The trembling <reg orig="Lambe">Lamb</reg>, <reg orig="inuironned">environed</reg> with <reg orig="Wolues">Wolves</reg>. </l>
<l> Had I <reg orig="beene"> been </reg> there, <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">which</seg> am a silly Woman, </l>
<l> The <reg orig="Souldiers">Soldiers</reg> should <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> <reg orig="toss'd">tossed</reg> me <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> their Pikes, </l>
<l> Before I would <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> granted <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> Act. </l>
<l> But thou <reg orig="preferr'st">preferrest</reg> thy Life, before thine <reg orig="Honor">Honour</reg>. </l>
<l> And seeing thou <reg orig="do'st,"> dost, </reg> I here <reg orig="diuorce">divorce</reg> <reg orig="my selfe,"> myself, </reg> </l>
<l> Both from thy Table <hi rend="italic"> Henry, </hi> and thy Bed, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Vntill">Until</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> Act of Parliament be <reg orig="repeal'd">repealed</reg>, </l>
<l> Whereby my <reg orig="Sonne"> Son </reg> is <reg orig="dis-inherited">disinherited</reg>. </l>
<l> The <reg orig="Northerne">Northern</reg> Lords, <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> <reg orig="forsworne">forsworn</reg> thy Colours, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">Will</seg> follow mine, if once they see them spread: </l>
<l> And spread they shall be, <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> thy <reg orig="foule">foul</reg> disgrace, </l>
<l> And <reg orig="vtter">utter</reg> <reg orig="ruine">ruin</reg> of the House of <hi rend="italic"> Yorke. </hi> </l>
<l> Thus <reg orig="doe"> do </reg> I <reg orig="leaue">leave</reg> thee: Come <reg orig="Sonne, let's"> Son, let <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg> </reg> away, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">Our</seg> Army is ready; come, <reg orig="wee'le"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> after them. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker rend="italic"> Henry. </speaker>
<l> Stay gentle <hi rend="italic"> Margaret, </hi> and <reg orig="heare"> hear </reg> me <reg orig="speake."> speak. </reg> </l></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker rend="italic"> Queene. </speaker>
<l> Thou hast spoke too much already: get thee gone. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker rend="italic"> Henry. </speaker>
<l> Gentle <reg orig="Sonne"> Son </reg> <hi rend="italic"> Edward, </hi> thou wilt stay me? </l></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker rend="italic"> Queene. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="I,"> Aye </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> be <reg orig="murther'd">murthered</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> his Enemies. </l></sp>
<sp who="I"><speaker rend="italic"> Prince. </speaker>
<l> When I <reg orig="returne">return</reg> with <reg orig="victorie">victory</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> the field, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Ile"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> see your Grace: till then, <reg orig="Ile"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> follow <seg type="homograph" subtype="personalPronoun">her</seg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker rend="italic"> Queene. </speaker>
<l> Come <reg orig="Sonne"> Son </reg> away, <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> may not linger thus. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker rend="italic"> Henry. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Poore">Poor</reg> <reg orig="Queene">Queen</reg>, </l>
<l> How <reg orig="loue"> love </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> me, and <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">her</seg> <reg orig="Sonne,"> Son, </reg> </l>
<l> Hath made <seg type="homograph" subtype="personalPronoun">her</seg> <reg orig="breake">break</reg> out into <reg orig="termes">terms</reg> of Rage. </l>
<l> <reg orig="Reueng'd">Revenged</reg> may she be <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> <reg orig="hatefull">hateful</reg> Duke, </l>
<l> Whose <reg orig="haughtie">haughty</reg> spirit, winged with desire, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">Will</seg> cost my <reg orig="Crowne">Crown</reg>, and <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">like</seg> an <reg orig="emptie">empty</reg> Eagle, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Tyre">Tire</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> the flesh of me, and of my <reg orig="Sonne."> Son. </reg> </l>
<l> The <reg orig="losse">loss</reg> of those three Lords torments my heart: </l>
<l> <reg orig="Ile"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> write <reg orig="vnto"> unto </reg> them, and entreat them <reg orig="faire;"> Fair; </reg> </l>
<l> Come Cousin, you shall be the Messenger. </l></sp>
<sp who="O"><speaker rend="italic"> Exet. </speaker>
<l> And I, I hope, shall reconcile them all. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic">        Exit.</stage></div2>
<div2 n="2"><stage>
Flourish. Enter Richard, Edward, and Mountague.
<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Richard. </speaker>
<l> Brother, though I <reg orig="bee"> be </reg> youngest, <reg orig="giue mee"> give me </reg> <reg orig="leaue">leave</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> Edward. </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="exclamation">No</seg>, I can better play the Orator. </l></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker rend="italic"> Mount. </speaker>
<l> But I <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> reasons strong and forceable. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic">
Enter the Duke of York. </stage>
<sp who="F"><speaker rend="italic"> Yorke. </speaker>
<l> Why how now <reg orig="Sonnes,"> Sons, </reg> and Brother, at a strife? </l>
<l> What is your <reg orig="Quarrell">Quarrel</reg>? how began it first? </l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> Edward. </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">No</seg> <reg orig="Quarrell">Quarrel</reg>, but a slight Contention. </l></sp>
<sp who="F"><speaker rend="italic"> Yorke. </speaker>
<l> About what? </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Rich. </speaker>
<l> About <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">which</seg> <reg orig="concernes">concerns</reg> your Grace and <reg orig="vs,"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg> </reg> </l>
<l> The <reg orig="Crowne">Crown</reg> of England, Father, <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">which</seg> is yours. </l></sp>
<sp who="F"><speaker rend="italic"> Yorke. </speaker>
<l> Mine Boy? not till King <hi rend="italic"> Henry </hi> be dead. </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Richard. </speaker>
<l> Your Right depends not <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> his life, or death. </l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> Edward. </speaker>
<l> Now your are <reg orig="Heire">Heir</reg>, therefore <reg orig="enioy">enjoy</reg> it now: </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">By</seg> <reg orig="giuing"> giving </reg> the House of <hi rend="italic"> Lancaster </hi> <reg orig="leaue">leave</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> breathe, </l>
<l> It <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> <reg orig="out-runne">outrun</reg> you, Father, <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> the end. </l></sp>
<sp who="F"><speaker rend="italic"> Yorke. </speaker>
<l> I <reg orig="tooke">took</reg> an Oath, <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> <reg orig="hee"> he </reg> should quietly <reg orig="reigne">reign</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> Edward. </speaker>
<l> But <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> a <reg orig="Kingdome">Kingdom</reg> any Oath may be broken: </l>
<l> I would <reg orig="breake">break</reg> a thousand <reg orig="Oathes">Oaths</reg>, <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="reigne">reign</reg> one <reg orig="yeere">year</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Richard. </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="exclamation">No</seg>: God forbid your Grace should be <reg orig="forsworne">forsworn</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="F"><speaker rend="italic"> Yorke. </speaker>
<l> I shall be, if I <reg orig="clayme">claim</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> open <reg orig="Warre">War</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Richard. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Ile"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> <reg orig="proue">prove</reg> the contrary, if <reg orig="you'le heare mee speake."> you <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> hear me speak. </reg> </l></sp>
<sp who="F"><speaker rend="italic"> Yorke. </speaker>
<l> Thou canst not, <reg orig="Sonne:"> Son: </reg> it is impossible. </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Richard. </speaker>
<l> An Oath is of <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> moment, being not <reg orig="tooke">took</reg> </l>
<l> Before a true and <reg orig="lawfull">lawful</reg> Magistrate, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">That</seg> hath <reg orig="authoritie">authority</reg> <reg orig="ouer"> over </reg> him <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> <reg orig="sweares">swears</reg>. </l>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Henry </hi> had none, but did <reg orig="vsurpe">usurp</reg> the place. </l>
<l> Then seeing <reg orig="'twas"> it was </reg> he <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> made you <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> depose, </l>
<l> Your Oath, my Lord, is <reg orig="vaine">vain</reg> and <reg orig="friuolous">frivolous</reg>. </l>
<l> Therefore <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> <reg orig="Armes">Arms</reg>: and Father <reg orig="doe"> do </reg> but <reg orig="thinke,"> think, </reg> </l>
<l> How sweet a thing it is <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="weare">wear</reg> a <reg orig="Crowne">Crown</reg>, </l>
<l> Within whose Circuit is <hi rend="italic"> Elizium, </hi> </l>
<l> And all <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> Poets <reg orig="faine">fain</reg> of <reg orig="Blisse">Bliss</reg> and <reg orig="Ioy">Joy</reg>. </l>
<l> Why <reg orig="doe"> do </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> linger thus? I cannot rest, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Vntill">Until</reg> the White Rose <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> I <reg orig="weare">wear</reg>, be <reg orig="dy'de">died</reg> </l>
<l> <reg orig="Euen"> Even </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> the <reg orig="luke-warme">lukewarm</reg> blood of <hi rend="italic"> Henries </hi> heart. </l></sp>
<sp who="F"><speaker rend="italic"> Yorke. </speaker>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Richard </hi> <reg orig="ynough">enough</reg>: I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> be King, or <reg orig="dye">die</reg>. </l>
<l> Brother, thou shalt <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> London presently, </l>
<l> And whet <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">on</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Warwick </hi> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> this Enterprise. </l>
<pb n="150"/>
<l> Thou <hi rend="italic"> Richard </hi> shalt <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> the Duke of Norfolke, </l>
<l> And tell him <reg orig="priuily">privily</reg> of <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">our</seg> intent. </l>
<l> You <hi rend="italic"> Edward </hi> shall <reg orig="vnto"> unto </reg> my Lord <hi rend="italic"> Cobham, </hi> </l>
<l> With whom the Kentishmen <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> willingly rise. </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">In</seg> them I trust: <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">for</seg> they are <reg orig="Souldiors">Soldiers</reg>, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Wittie">Witty</reg>, courteous, <reg orig="liberall">liberal</reg>, full of spirit. </l>
<l> While you are thus <reg orig="imploy'd">employed</reg>, what resteth more? </l>
<l> But <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> I <reg orig="seeke">seek</reg> occasion how <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> rise, </l>
<l> And yet the King not <reg orig="priuie">privy</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> my Drift, </l>
<l> Nor any of the House of <hi rend="italic"> Lancaster. </hi> </l>
<stage rend="italic"> Enter Gabriel. </stage>

<p> But stay, what <reg orig="Newes">News</reg>? Why <reg orig="comm'st">comest</reg> thou <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> such <reg orig="poste">post</reg>? </p></sp>
<sp who="U"><speaker rend="italic"> Gabriel. </speaker>
<l> The <reg orig="Queene">Queen</reg>, </l>
<l> With all the <reg orig="Northerne">Northern</reg> <reg orig="Earles">Earls</reg> and Lords, </l>
<l> Intend here <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> besiege you <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> your Castle. </l>
<l> She is hard <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">by</seg>, with <reg orig="twentie">twenty</reg> thousand men: </l>
<l> And therefore <reg orig="fortifie">fortify</reg> your Hold, my Lord. </l></sp>
<sp who="F"><speaker rend="italic"> Yorke. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="I,"> Aye, </reg> with my Sword. </l>
<l> What? <reg orig="think'st">thinkst</reg> thou, <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">we</seg> <reg orig="feare">fear</reg> them? </l>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Edward </hi> and <hi rend="italic"> Richard, </hi> you shall stay with me, </l>
<l> My Brother <hi rend="italic"> Mountague </hi> shall <reg orig="poste">post</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> London. </l>
<l> Let Noble <hi rend="italic"> Warwicke, Cobham, </hi> and the rest, </l>
<l> Whom <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">we</seg> <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> left Protectors of the King, </l>
<l> With <reg orig="powrefull">powerful</reg> <reg orig="Pollicie">Policy</reg> strengthen <reg orig="themselues,"> themselves, </reg> </l>
<l> And trust not simple <hi rend="italic"> Henry, </hi> nor his <reg orig="Oathes">Oaths</reg>. </l></sp>

<sp who="L"><speaker rend="italic"> Mount. </speaker>
<l> Brother, I <reg orig="goe: Ile"> go: I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> <reg orig="winne">win</reg> them, <reg orig="feare">fear</reg> it not. </l>
<l> And thus most humbly I <reg orig="doe"> do </reg> take my <reg orig="leaue">leave</reg>. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic">      Exit Mountague.
Enter Mortimer, and his Brother.
<sp who="F"><speaker rend="italic"> York. </speaker>
<l> Sir <hi rend="italic"> Iohn, </hi> and Sir <hi rend="italic"> Hugh Mortimer, </hi> mine <reg orig="Vnckles">Uncles</reg>, </l>
<l> You are come <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> <reg orig="Sandall">Sandal</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> a <reg orig="happie">happy</reg> <reg orig="houre">hour</reg>. </l>
<l> The <reg orig="Armie">Army</reg> of the <reg orig="Queene">Queen</reg> <reg orig="meane">mean</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> besiege <reg orig="vs."> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg>. </reg> </l></sp>
<sp who="ZL"><speaker rend="italic"> Iohn. </speaker>
<p> <reg orig="Shee"> She </reg> shall not <reg orig="neede">need</reg>, <reg orig="wee'le"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> <reg orig="meete">meet</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="personalPronoun">her</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> the field. </p></sp> 

<sp who="F"><speaker rend="italic"> Yorke. </speaker>
<l> What, with <reg orig="fiue">five</reg> thousand men? </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Richard. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="I,"> Aye, </reg> with <reg orig="fiue">five</reg> hundred, Father, <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> a <reg orig="neede">need</reg>. </l>
<l> A <reg orig="Woman's"> Woman is </reg> <reg orig="generall">general</reg>: what should <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> <reg orig="feare">fear</reg>? </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic"> A March afarre off. </stage>

<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> Edward. </speaker>
<l> I <reg orig="heare"> hear </reg> their <reg orig="Drummes">Drums</reg>: </l>
<l> <reg orig="Let's"> Let <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg> </reg> set <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> men <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> order, </l>
<l> And issue forth, and bid them <reg orig="Battaile">Battle</reg> straight. </l></sp>
<sp who="F"><speaker rend="italic"> Yorke. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Fiue">Five</reg> men <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> <reg orig="twentie">twenty</reg>: though the <reg orig="oddes">odds</reg> be great, </l>
<l> I doubt not, <reg orig="Vnckle">Uncle</reg>, of <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> <reg orig="Victorie">Victory</reg>. </l>
<l> Many a <reg orig="Battaile">Battle</reg> <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> I <reg orig="wonne">won</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> France, </l>
<l> When as the <reg orig="Enemie">Enemy</reg> hath <reg orig="beene"> been </reg> <reg orig="tenne">ten</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> one: </l>
<l> Why should I not now <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> the <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">like</seg> <reg orig="successe">success</reg>? </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic"> Alarum.

<div2 n="3"><stage>
Enter Rutland, and his Tutor.
<sp who="T"><speaker rend="italic"> Rutland. </speaker>
<l> Ah, whither shall I <reg orig="flye">fly</reg>, <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> scape their hands? </l>
<l> Ah Tutor, <reg orig="looke"> look </reg> where bloody <hi rend="italic"> Clifford </hi> comes. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic"> Enter Clifford.
<sp who="H"><speaker rend="italic"> Clifford. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Chaplaine">Chaplain</reg> away, thy Priesthood <reg orig="saues">saves</reg> thy life. </l>
<l> As <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> the Brat of this accursed Duke, </l>
<l> Whose Father slew my Father; he shall <reg orig="dye">die</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="ZH"><speaker rend="italic"> Tutor. </speaker>
<l> And I my Lord, <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> <reg orig="beare">bear</reg> him company. </l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker rend="italic"> Clifford. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Souldiers">Soldiers</reg>, away with him. </l></sp>
<sp who="ZH"><speaker rend="italic"> Tutor. </speaker>
<l> Ah <hi rend="italic"> Clifford; </hi> murther not this innocent Child, </l>
<l> Least thou be hated both of God and Man. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic">         Exit.
<sp who="H"><speaker rend="italic"> Clifford. </speaker>
<l> How now? is he dead <reg orig="alreadie">already</reg>? </l>
<l> Or is it <reg orig="feare">fear</reg>, <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> makes him close his eyes? </l>
<l> <reg orig="Ile"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> open them. </l></sp>
<sp who="T"><speaker rend="italic"> Rutland. </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">So</seg> looks the <reg orig="pent-vp">pent-up</reg> <reg orig="Lyon">Lion</reg> <reg orig="o're"> over </reg> the Wretch, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">That</seg> trembles <reg orig="vnder"> under </reg> his <reg orig="deuouring">devouring</reg> <reg orig="Pawes">Paws</reg>: </l>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">so</seg> he <reg orig="walkes,"> walks, </reg> insulting <reg orig="o're"> over </reg> his Prey, </l>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">so</seg> he comes, <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> rend his <reg orig="Limbes">Limbs</reg> asunder. </l>
<l> Ah gentle <hi rend="italic"> Clifford, </hi> kill me with thy Sword, </l>
<l> And not with such a <reg orig="cruell">cruel</reg> <reg orig="threatning">threatening</reg> <reg orig="Looke."> Look. </reg> </l>
<l> Sweet <hi rend="italic"> Clifford </hi> <reg orig="heare"> hear </reg> me <reg orig="speake,"> speak, </reg> before I <reg orig="dye">die</reg>: </l>
<l> I am too <reg orig="meane">mean</reg> a <reg orig="subiect">subject</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> thy Wrath, </l>
<l> Be thou <reg orig="reueng'd">revenged</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> men, and let me <reg orig="liue."> live. </reg> </l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker rend="italic"> Clifford. </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">In</seg> <reg orig="vaine">vain</reg> thou <reg orig="speak'st,"> speakest, </reg> <reg orig="poore">poor</reg> Boy: </l>
<l> My Fathers blood hath <reg orig="stopt">stopped</reg> the passage </l>
<l> Where thy words should enter. </l></sp>
<sp who="T"><speaker rend="italic"> Rutland. </speaker>
<l> Then let my Fathers blood open <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> it <reg orig="againe,"> again, </reg> </l>
<l> He is a man, and <hi rend="italic"> Clifford </hi> cope with him. </l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker rend="italic"> Clifford. </speaker>
<l> Had I thy Brethren here, their <reg orig="liues"> lives </reg> and thine </l>
<l> Were not <reg orig="reuenge">revenge</reg> sufficient <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> me: </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="exclamation">No</seg>, if I <reg orig="digg'd">digged</reg> <reg orig="vp"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">up</seg> </reg> thy forefathers <reg orig="Graues">Graves</reg>, </l>
<l> And hung their rotten Coffins <reg orig="vp"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">up</seg> </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <reg orig="Chaynes">Chains</reg>, </l>
<l> It could not slake mine ire, nor ease my heart. </l>
<l> The sight of any of the House of <hi rend="italic"> Yorke, </hi> </l>
<l> Is as a <reg orig="furie">fury</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> torment my <reg orig="Soule">Soul</reg>: </l>
<l> And till I root out their accursed Line, </l>
<l> And <reg orig="leaue">leave</reg> not one <reg orig="aliue">alive</reg>, I <reg orig="liue"> live </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> Hell. </l>
<l> Therefore </l></sp>
<sp who="T"><speaker rend="italic"> Rutland. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Oh"> O </reg> let me pray, before I take my death: </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">To</seg> thee I pray; sweet <hi rend="italic"> Clifford </hi> <reg orig="pitty">pity</reg> me. </l></sp>

<sp who="H"><speaker rend="italic"> Clifford. </speaker>
<l> Such <reg orig="pitty">pity</reg> as my Rapiers point affords. </l></sp>
<sp who="T"><speaker rend="italic"> Rutland. </speaker>
<l> I <reg orig="neuer"> never </reg> did thee <reg orig="harme">harm</reg>: why wilt thou slay me? </l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker rend="italic"> Clifford. </speaker>
<l> Thy Father hath. </l></sp>
<sp who="T"><speaker rend="italic"> Rutland. </speaker>
<l> But <reg orig="'twas"> it was </reg> ere I was borne. </l>
<l> Thou hast one <reg orig="Sonne,"> Son, </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> his sake <reg orig="pitty">pity</reg> me, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Least">Lest</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <reg orig="reuenge">revenge</reg> thereof, sith God is <reg orig="iust">just</reg>, </l>
<l> He be as miserably <reg orig="slaine">slain</reg> as I. </l>
<l> Ah, let me <reg orig="liue"> live </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> Prison all my <reg orig="dayes">days</reg>, </l>
<l> And when I <reg orig="giue"> give </reg> occasion of offence, </l>
<l> Then let me <reg orig="dye">die</reg>, <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">for</seg> now thou hast <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> cause. </l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker rend="italic"> Clifford. </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">No</seg> cause? thy Father slew my Father: therefore <reg orig="dye">die</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="T"><speaker rend="italic"> Rutland. </speaker>

<l> <hi rend="italic"> <foreign lang="Latin"> Dij faciant laudis summa sit ista tuae. </foreign> </hi> </l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker rend="italic"> Clifford. </speaker>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Plantagenet, </hi> I come <hi rend="italic"> Plantagenet: </hi> </l>
<l> And this thy <reg orig="Sonnes"> Sons </reg> blood <reg orig="cleauing">cleaving</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> my Blade, </l>
<l> Shall rust <reg orig="vpon"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">upon</seg> </reg> my Weapon, till thy blood </l>
<l> <reg orig="Congeal'd">Congealed</reg> with this, <reg orig="doe"> do </reg> make me wipe off both. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic">          Exit.</stage></div2>
<div2 n="4"><stage>
Alarum. Enter Richard, Duke of Yorke.
<sp who="F"><speaker rend="italic"> Yorke. </speaker>
<l> The Army of the <reg orig="Queene">Queen</reg> hath got the field: </l>
<l> My <reg orig="Vnckles">Uncles</reg> both are <reg orig="slaine">slain</reg>, <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> rescuing me; </l>
<l> And all my followers, <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> the eager foe </l>
<l> <reg orig="Turne">Turn</reg> back, and <reg orig="flye">fly</reg>, <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">like</seg> Ships before the <reg orig="Winde">Wind</reg>, </l>
<l> Or <reg orig="Lambes">Lambs</reg> <reg orig="pursu'd">pursued</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> <reg orig="hunger-starued">hunger starved</reg> <reg orig="Wolues">Wolves</reg>. </l>
<l> My <reg orig="Sonnes,"> Sons, </reg> God <reg orig="knowes">knows</reg> what hath bechanced them: </l>
<l> But this I know, they <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> <reg orig="demean'd">demeaned</reg> <reg orig="themselues"> themselves </reg> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">Like</seg> men borne <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> <reg orig="Renowne">Renown</reg>, <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> Life or Death. </l>
<l> Three times did <hi rend="italic"> Richard </hi> make a Lane <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> me, </l>
<l> And thrice <reg orig="cry'de">cried</reg>, Courage Father, fight it out: </l>
<l> And full as oft came <hi rend="italic"> Edward </hi> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> my side, </l>
<l> With Purple <reg orig="Faulchion">Falchion</reg>, painted <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> the Hilt, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">In</seg> blood of those <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> had <reg orig="encountred">encountered</reg> him: </l>
<l> And when the <reg orig="hardyest">hardiest</reg> Warriors did <reg orig="retyre">retire</reg>, </l>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Richard </hi> <reg orig="cry'de">cried</reg>, Charge, and glue <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> foot of ground, </l>
<l> And <reg orig="cry'de">cried</reg>, A <reg orig="Crowne">Crown</reg>, or else a glorious <reg orig="Tombe">Tomb</reg>, </l>
<pb n="151"/>
<l> A <reg orig="Scepter">Sceptre</reg>, or an Earthly Sepulchre. </l>
<l> With this <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> <reg orig="charg'd">charged</reg> <reg orig="againe:"> again: </reg> but out alas, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">We</seg> <reg orig="bodg'd">budged</reg> <reg orig="againe,"> again, </reg> as I <reg orig="haue seene"> have seen </reg> a Swan </l>
<l> With <reg orig="bootlesse">bootless</reg> labour <reg orig="swimme">swim</reg> against the <reg orig="Tyde">Tide</reg>, </l>
<l> And spend <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">her</seg> strength with <reg orig="ouer-matching">overmatching</reg> <reg orig="Waues">Waves</reg>. </l>
<stage rend="italic">  A short Alarum within. </stage>

<l> Ah <reg orig="hearke">hark</reg>, the <reg orig="fatall">fatal</reg> followers <reg orig="doe"> do </reg> pursue, </l>
<l> And I am faint, and cannot <reg orig="flye">fly</reg> their <reg orig="furie">fury</reg>: </l>
<l> And were I strong, I would not <reg orig="shunne">shun</reg> their <reg orig="furie">fury</reg>. </l>
<l> The Sands are <reg orig="numbred">numbered</reg>, <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> makes <reg orig="vp"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">up</seg> </reg> my Life, </l>
<l> Here must I stay, and here my Life must end. </l>
<stage rend="italic">
Enter the Queene, Clifford, Northumberland,
the young Prince, and Souldiers.

<l> Come bloody <hi rend="italic"> Clifford, </hi> rough <hi rend="italic"> Northumberland, </hi> </l>
<l> I dare your <reg orig="quenchlesse">quenchless</reg> <reg orig="furie">fury</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> more rage: </l>
<l> I am your Butt, and I abide your Shot. </l></sp>
<sp who="P"><speaker rend="italic"> Northumb. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Yeeld">Yield</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> mercy, proud <hi rend="italic"> Plantagenet. </hi> </l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker rend="italic"> Clifford. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="I,"> Aye, </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> such mercy, as his <reg orig="ruthlesse">ruthless</reg> <reg orig="Arme">Arm</reg> </l>
<l> With <reg orig="downe-right">downright</reg> payment, <reg orig="shew'd">showed</reg> <reg orig="vnto"> unto </reg> my Father. </l>
<l> Now <hi rend="italic"> Phaeeton </hi> hath tumbled from his <reg orig="Carre">Car</reg>, </l>
<l> And made an <reg orig="Euening">Evening</reg> at the <reg orig="Noone-tide">Noontide</reg> Prick. </l></sp>
<sp who="F"><speaker rend="italic"> Yorke. </speaker>
<l> My ashes, as the Phoenix, may bring forth </l>
<l> A Bird, <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> <reg orig="reuenge">revenge</reg> <reg orig="vpon"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">upon</seg> </reg> you all: </l>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> hope, I throw mine eyes <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> <reg orig="Heauen">Heaven</reg>, </l>
<l> Scorning <reg orig="what ere"> whatever </reg> you can afflict me with. </l>
<l> Why come you not? what, multitudes, and <reg orig="feare">fear</reg>? </l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker rend="italic"> Cliff. </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">So</seg> Cowards fight, when they can <reg orig="flye">fly</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> further, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">So</seg> <reg orig="Doues">Doves</reg> <reg orig="doe"> do </reg> peck the <reg orig="Faulcons">Falcons</reg> piercing <reg orig="Tallons">Talons</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">So</seg> desperate <reg orig="Theeues">Thieves</reg>, all <reg orig="hopelesse">hopeless</reg> of their <reg orig="Liues,"> Lives, </reg> </l>
<l> Breathe out <reg orig="Inuectiues">Invectives</reg> <reg orig="'gainst">against</reg> the Officers. </l></sp>
<sp who="F"><speaker rend="italic"> Yorke. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Oh"> O </reg> <hi rend="italic"> Clifford, </hi> but <reg orig="bethinke">bethink</reg> thee once <reg orig="againe,"> again, </reg> </l>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> thy thought <reg orig="ore-run">overrun</reg> my former time: </l>
<l> And if thou canst, <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> blushing, view this face, </l>
<l> And bite thy tongue, <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> slanders him with Cowardice, </l>
<l> Whose <reg orig="frowne">frown</reg> hath made thee saint and <reg orig="slye">sly</reg> ere this. </l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker rend="italic"> Clifford. </speaker>
<l> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> not <reg orig="bandie">bandy</reg> with thee word <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> word, </l>
<l> But buckler with thee <reg orig="blowes">blows</reg> twice two <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> one. </l></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker rend="italic"> Queene. </speaker>
<l> Hold valiant <hi rend="italic"> Clifford, </hi> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> a thousand causes </l>
<l> I would prolong a while the <reg orig="Traytors">Traitors</reg> Life: </l>
<l> Wrath makes him <reg orig="deafe">deaf</reg>; <reg orig="speake"> speak </reg> thou <hi rend="italic"> Northumberland. </hi> </l></sp>
<sp who="P"><speaker rend="italic"> Northumb. </speaker>
<l> Hold <hi rend="italic"> Clifford, </hi> <reg orig="doe"> do </reg> not <reg orig="honor">honour</reg> him <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> much, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> prick thy finger, though <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> wound his heart. </l>
<l> What valour were it, when a <reg orig="Curre">Cur</reg> doth <reg orig="grinne">grin</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">For</seg> one <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> thrust his Hand <reg orig="betweene">between</reg> his Teeth, </l>
<l> When he might <reg orig="spurne">spurn</reg> him with his Foot away? </l>
<l> It is <reg orig="Warres">Wars</reg> prize, <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> take all Vantages, </l>
<l> And <reg orig="tenne">ten</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> one, is <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> impeach of Valour. </l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker rend="italic"> Clifford. </speaker>
<p> <reg orig="I, I,"> Aye, Aye, </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">so</seg> <reg orig="striues">strives</reg> the <reg orig="Woodcocke">Woodcock</reg> with the <lb/> <reg orig="Gynne">Gin</reg>. </p></sp> 

<sp who="P"><speaker rend="italic"> Northumb. </speaker>
<p> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">So</seg> doth the <reg orig="Connie">Cony</reg> struggle <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> the <lb/> Net. </p></sp> 

<sp who="F"><speaker rend="italic"> York. </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">So</seg> triumph <reg orig="Theeues">Thieves</reg> <reg orig="vpon"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">upon</seg> </reg> their <reg orig="conquer'd">conquered</reg> Booty, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">So</seg> True men <reg orig="yeeld">yield</reg> with Robbers, <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> <reg orig="o're-matcht">overmatched</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="P"><speaker rend="italic"> Northumb. </speaker>
<p> What would your Grace <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> done <reg orig="vnto"> unto </reg> <lb/> him now? </p></sp> 

<sp who="D"><speaker rend="italic"> Queene. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Braue">Brave</reg> Warriors, <hi rend="italic"> Clifford </hi> and <hi rend="italic"> Northumberland, </hi> </l>
<l> Come make him stand <reg orig="vpon"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">upon</seg> </reg> this Mole-hill here, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">That</seg> raught at <reg orig="Mountaines">Mountains</reg> with outstretched <reg orig="Armes">Arms</reg>, </l>
<l> Yet parted but the shadow with his Hand. </l>
<l> What, was it you <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> would be Englands King? </l>
<l> <reg orig="Was't"> Was it </reg> you <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> <reg orig="reuell'd">reveled</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> Parliament, </l>
<l> And made a Preachment of your high Descent? </l>
<l> Where are your <reg orig="Messe">Mess</reg> of <reg orig="Sonnes,"> Sons, </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> back you now? </l>
<l> The wanton <hi rend="italic"> Edward, </hi> and the <reg orig="lustie">lusty</reg> <hi rend="italic"> George? </hi> </l>
<l> And <reg orig="where's"> where is </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> valiant Crook-back <reg orig="Prodigie">Prodigy</reg>. </l>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Dickie, </hi> your Boy, <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> with his grumbling <reg orig="voyce">voice</reg> </l>
<l> Was wont <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="cheare">cheer</reg> his Dad <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> Mutinies? </l>
<l> Or with the rest, where is your Darling, <hi rend="italic"> Rutland? </hi> </l>
<l> <reg orig="Looke"> Look </reg> <hi rend="italic"> Yorke, </hi> I <reg orig="stayn'd">stained</reg> this Napkin with the blood </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">That</seg> valiant <hi rend="italic"> Clifford, </hi> with his Rapiers point, </l>
<l> Made issue from the <reg orig="Bosome">Bosom</reg> of the Boy: </l>
<l> And if thine eyes can water <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> his death, </l>
<l> I <reg orig="giue"> give </reg> thee this <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="drie">dry</reg> thy <reg orig="Cheekes">Cheeks</reg> <reg orig="withall">withal</reg>. </l>
<l> Alas <reg orig="poore">poor</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Yorke, </hi> but <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> I hate thee deadly, </l>
<l> I should lament thy miserable state. </l>
<l> I <reg orig="prythee">prithee</reg> <reg orig="grieue">grieve</reg>, <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> make me merry, <hi rend="italic"> Yorke. </hi> </l>
<l> What, hath thy <reg orig="fierie">fiery</reg> heart <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> <reg orig="parcht">parched</reg> thine <reg orig="entrayles">entrails</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> not a <reg orig="Teare">Tear</reg> can fall, <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Rutlands </hi> death? </l>
<l> Why art thou patient, man? thou <reg orig="should'st"> shouldest </reg> be mad: </l>
<l> And I, <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> make thee mad, <reg orig="doe"> do </reg> mock thee thus. </l>
<l> <reg orig="Stampe">Stamp</reg>, <reg orig="raue">rave</reg>, and fret, <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> I may sing and dance. </l>
<l> Thou <reg orig="would'st"> wouldst </reg> be <reg orig="fee'd">feed</reg>, I see, <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> make me sport: </l>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Yorke </hi> cannot <reg orig="speake,"> speak, </reg> <reg orig="vnlesse">unless</reg> he <reg orig="weare">wear</reg> a <reg orig="Crowne">Crown</reg>. </l>
<l> A <reg orig="Crowne">Crown</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Yorke; </hi> and Lords, bow <reg orig="lowe">low</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> him: </l>
<l> Hold you his hands, <reg orig="whilest">whilst</reg> I <reg orig="doe"> do </reg> set it <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">on</seg>. </l>
<l> <reg orig="I"> Aye </reg> marry Sir, now <reg orig="lookes"> looks </reg> he <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">like</seg> a King: </l>
<l> <reg orig="I,"> Aye, </reg> this is he <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> <reg orig="tooke"> took </reg> King <hi rend="italic"> Henries </hi> <reg orig="Chaire">Chair</reg>, </l>
<l> And this is he was his adopted <reg orig="Heire">Heir</reg>. </l>
<l> But how is it, <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> great <hi rend="italic"> Plantagenet </hi> </l>
<l> Is <reg orig="crown'd">crowned</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> <reg orig="soone,"> soon, </reg> and broke his <reg orig="solemne">solemn</reg> Oath? </l>
<l> As I <reg orig="bethinke">bethink</reg> me you should not be King, </l>
<l> Till <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> King <hi rend="italic"> Henry </hi> had <reg orig="shooke">shook</reg> hands with Death. </l>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> you pale your head <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Henries </hi> Glory, </l>
<l> And rob his Temples of the <reg orig="Diademe">Diadem</reg>, </l>
<l> Now <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> his Life, against your holy Oath? </l>
<l> <reg orig="Oh 'tis"> O it is </reg> a fault too too <reg orig="vnpardonable">unpardonable</reg>. </l>
<l> Off with the <reg orig="Crowne">Crown</reg>; and with the <reg orig="Crowne">Crown</reg>, his Head, </l>
<l> And <reg orig="whilest">whilst</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> breathe, take time <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="doe"> do </reg> him dead. </l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker rend="italic"> Clifford. </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">That</seg> is my Office, <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> my Fathers sake. </l></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker rend="italic"> Queene. </speaker>
<l> Nay stay, <reg orig="let's heare"> let <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg> hear </reg> the <reg orig="Orizons">Orisons</reg> <reg orig="hee"> he </reg> makes. </l></sp>
<sp who="F"><speaker rend="italic"> Yorke. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Shee-Wolfe">She-wolf</reg> of France, </l>
<l> But worse <reg orig="then"> than </reg> <reg orig="Wolues">Wolves</reg> of France, </l>
<l> Whose Tongue more <reg orig="poysons">poisons</reg> <reg orig="then"> than </reg> the Adders Tooth: </l>
<l> How ill-beseeming is it <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> thy Sex, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> triumph <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">like</seg> an Amazonian Trull, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Vpon"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">Upon</seg> </reg> their Woes, whom Fortune <reg orig="captiuates">captivates</reg>? </l>
 <l> But <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> thy Face is <reg orig="Vizard-like">Vizard <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">like</seg></reg>, <reg orig="vnchanging">unchanging</reg>, </l>

<l> Made impudent with <reg orig="vse">use</reg> of <reg orig="euill">evil</reg> <reg orig="deedes">deeds</reg>. </l>
<l> I would assay, <reg orig="prowd">proud</reg> <reg orig="Queene">Queen</reg>, <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> make thee blush. </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> tell thee whence thou <reg orig="cam'st">camest</reg>, of whom <reg orig="deriu'd">derived</reg>, </l>
<l> Were shame enough, <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> shame thee, </l>
<l> Wert thou not <reg orig="shamelesse">shameless</reg>. </l>
<l> Thy Father <reg orig="beares">bears</reg> the type of King of Naples, </l>
<l> Of both the Sicils, and <reg orig="Ierusalem">Jerusalem</reg>, </l>
<l> Yet not <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> <reg orig="wealthie">wealthy</reg> as an English Yeoman. </l>
<l> Hath <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> <reg orig="poore">poor</reg> Monarch taught thee <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> insult? </l>
<l> It <reg orig="needes">needs</reg> not, nor it <reg orig="bootes">boots</reg> thee not, <reg orig="prowd">proud</reg> <reg orig="Queene">Queen</reg>, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Vnlesse">Unless</reg> the Adage must be <reg orig="verify'd">verified</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> <reg orig="Beggers">Beggars</reg> mounted, <reg orig="runne">run</reg> their Horse <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> death. </l>
<l> <reg orig="'Tis"> It is </reg> <reg orig="Beautie">Beauty</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> doth oft make Women <reg orig="prowd">proud</reg>, </l>
<l> But God he <reg orig="knowes">knows</reg>, thy share thereof is small. </l>
<l> <reg orig="'Tis"> It is </reg> <reg orig="Vertue">Virtue</reg>, <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> doth make them most <reg orig="admir'd">admired</reg>, </l>
<l> The contrary, doth make thee <reg orig="wondred">wondered</reg> at. </l>
<l> <reg orig="'Tis"> It is </reg> <reg orig="Gouernment">Government</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> makes them <reg orig="seeme"> seem </reg> <reg orig="Diuine">Divine</reg>, </l>
<l> The want thereof, makes thee <reg orig="abhominable">abominable</reg>. </l>
<l> Thou art as opposite <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> <reg orig="euery"> every </reg> good, </l>
<l> As the <hi rend="italic"> Antipodes </hi> are <reg orig="vnto"> unto </reg> <reg orig="vs,"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg>, </reg> </l>
<l> Or as the South <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> the <hi rend="italic"> Septentrion. </hi> </l>
<l> <reg orig="Oh"> O </reg> <reg orig="Tygres">Tigers</reg> Heart, <reg orig="wrapt">wrapped</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> a <reg orig="Womans">Woman's</reg> Hide, </l>
<pb n="152"/>
<l> How <reg orig="could'st"> couldst </reg> thou <reg orig="drayne">drain</reg> the Life-blood of the Child, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> bid the Father wipe his eyes <reg orig="withall">withal</reg>, </l>
<l> And yet be <reg orig="seene"> seen </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="beare">bear</reg> a <reg orig="Womans">Woman's</reg> face? </l>
<l> Women are soft, <reg orig="milde">mild</reg>, <reg orig="pittifull">pitiful</reg>, and flexible; </l>
<l> Thou, <reg orig="sterne">stern</reg>, obdurate, <reg orig="flintie">flinty</reg>, rough, <reg orig="remorselesse">remorseless</reg>. </l>
<l> <reg orig="Bidst">Biddest</reg> thou me rage? why now thou hast thy wish. </l>
<l> <reg orig="Would'st haue"> Wouldst have </reg> me <reg orig="weepe">weep</reg>? why now thou hast thy <seg type="homograph" subtype="noun">will</seg>. </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> raging Wind <reg orig="blowes">blows</reg> <reg orig="vp"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">up</seg> </reg> incessant showers, </l>
<l> And when the Rage <reg orig="allayes">allays</reg>, the <reg orig="Raine">Rain</reg> begins. </l>
<l> These <reg orig="Teares">Tears</reg> are my sweet <hi rend="italic"> Rutlands </hi> Obsequies, </l>
<l> And <reg orig="euery"> every </reg> drop <reg orig="cryes">cries</reg> vengeance <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> his death, </l>
<l> <reg orig="'Gainst">Against</reg> thee fell <hi rend="italic"> Clifford, </hi> and thee false French-woman. </l></sp>
<sp who="P"><speaker rend="italic"> Northumb. </speaker>
<l> Beshrew me, but his passions <reg orig="moues">moves</reg> me <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">so</seg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> hardly can I check my eyes from <reg orig="Teares">Tears</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="F"><speaker rend="italic"> Yorke. </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">That</seg> Face of his, </l>
<l> The hungry <reg orig="Caniballs">Cannibals</reg> would not <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> <reg orig="toucht">touched</reg>, </l>
<l> Would not <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> <reg orig="stayn'd">stained</reg> with blood: </l>
<l> But you are more inhumane, more inexorable, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Oh,"> O, </reg> <reg orig="tenne">ten</reg> times more <reg orig="then"> than </reg> <reg orig="Tygres">Tigers</reg> of Hyrcania. </l>
<l> See, <reg orig="ruthlesse">ruthless</reg> <reg orig="Queene">Queen</reg>, a <reg orig="haplesse">hapless</reg> Fathers <reg orig="Teares">Tears</reg>: </l>
<l> This Cloth thou <reg orig="dipd'st">dippedest</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> blood of my sweet Boy, </l>
<l> And I with <reg orig="Teares">Tears</reg> <reg orig="doe"> do </reg> wash the blood away. </l>
<l> <reg orig="Keepe">Keep</reg> thou the Napkin, and <reg orig="goe"> go </reg> boast of this, </l>
<l> And if thou <reg orig="tell'st">tellest</reg> the <reg orig="heauie">heavy</reg> <reg orig="storie">story</reg> right, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Vpon"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">Upon</seg> </reg> my <reg orig="Soule">Soul</reg>, the hearers <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> shed <reg orig="Teares">Tears</reg>: </l>
<l> Yea, <reg orig="euen"> even </reg> my Foes <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> shed fast-falling <reg orig="Teares">Tears</reg>, </l>
<l> And say, Alas, it was a <reg orig="pittious">piteous</reg> deed. </l>
<l> There, take the <reg orig="Crowne">Crown</reg>, and with the <reg orig="Crowne">Crown</reg>, my Curse, </l>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> thy need, such comfort come <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> thee, </l>
<l> As now I <reg orig="reape">reap</reg> at thy too <reg orig="cruell">cruel</reg> hand. </l>
<l> Hardhearted <hi rend="italic"> Clifford, </hi> take me from the World, </l>
<l> My <reg orig="Soule">Soul</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> <reg orig="Heauen">Heaven</reg>, my Blood <reg orig="vpon"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">upon</seg> </reg> your Heads. </l></sp>
<sp who="P"><speaker rend="italic"> Northumb. </speaker>
<l> Had he been slaughter-man <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> all my <reg orig="Kinne">Kin</reg>, </l>
<l> I should not <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> my Life but <reg orig="weepe">weep</reg> with him, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> see how inly Sorrow gripes his <reg orig="Soule">Soul</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker rend="italic">  Queene. </speaker>
<l> What, weeping ripe, my Lord <hi rend="italic"> Northumberland? </hi> </l>
<l> <reg orig="Thinke"> Think </reg> but <reg orig="vpon"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">upon</seg> </reg> the wrong he did <reg orig="vs"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg> </reg> all, </l>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> quickly <reg orig="drie">dry</reg> thy melting <reg orig="Teares">Tears</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker rend="italic"> Clifford. </speaker>
<p> <reg orig="Heere's"> Here is </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> my Oath, <reg orig="heere's"> here is </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> my Fathers <lb/> Death. </p></sp> 

<sp who="D"><speaker rend="italic"> Queene. </speaker>
<p> And <reg orig="heere's"> here is </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> right <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> gentle-hearted <lb/> King. </p></sp> 

<sp who="F"><speaker rend="italic"> Yorke. </speaker>
<l> Open thy Gate of Mercy, gracious God, </l>
<l> My <reg orig="Soule">Soul</reg> <reg orig="flyes">flies</reg> through these wounds, <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="seeke">seek</reg> out thee. </l></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker rend="italic"> Queene. </speaker>
<l> Off with his Head, and set it <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> Yorke Gates, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">So</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Yorke </hi> may <reg orig="ouer-looke">overlook</reg> the <reg orig="Towne">Town</reg> of Yorke. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic"> Flourish.

<div1 n="2">
 <div2 n="1">
<stage rend="italic">
A March. Enter Edward, Richard, and their power.
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> Edward. </speaker>
<l> I wonder how <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> Princely Father <reg orig="scap't">scaped</reg>: </l>
<l> Or whether he be <reg orig="scap't">scaped</reg> away, or <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">no</seg>, </l>
<l> From <hi rend="italic"> Cliffords </hi> and <hi rend="italic"> Northumberlands </hi> pursuit? </l>
<l> Had he been <reg orig="ta'ne,"> taken, </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> should <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> heard the <reg orig="newes">news</reg>; </l>
<l> Had he <reg orig="beene"> been </reg> <reg orig="slaine">slain</reg>, <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> should <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> heard the <reg orig="newes">news</reg>: </l>
<l> Or had he <reg orig="scap't">scaped</reg>, <reg orig="me thinkes"> methinks </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> should <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> heard </l>
<l> The happy tidings of his good escape. </l>
<l> How fares my Brother? why is he <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> sad? </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Richard. </speaker>
<l> I cannot <reg orig="ioy">joy</reg>, <reg orig="vntill">until</reg> I be <reg orig="resolu'd">resolved</reg> </l>
<l> Where <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> right valiant Father is become. </l>
<l> I saw him <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> the <reg orig="Battaile">Battle</reg> range about, </l>
<l> And <reg orig="watcht">watched</reg> him how he singled <hi rend="italic"> Clifford  </hi> forth. </l>
<l> <reg orig="Me thought"> Methought </reg> he bore him <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> the thickest troupe, </l>
<l> As doth a <reg orig="Lyon">Lion</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> a Heard of Neat, </l>
<l> Or as a <reg orig="Beare">Bear</reg> <reg orig="encompass'd">encompassed</reg> round with <reg orig="Dogges">Dogs</reg>: </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">Who</seg> <reg orig="hauing"> having </reg> <reg orig="pincht">pinched</reg> a few, and made them cry, </l>
<l> The rest stand all <reg orig="aloofe">aloof</reg>, and <reg orig="barke">bark</reg> at him, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">So</seg> <reg orig="far'd">fared</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> Father with his Enemies, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">So</seg> fled his Enemies my Warlike Father: </l>
<l> <reg orig="Me thinkes 'tis"> Methinks it is </reg> prize enough <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> be his <reg orig="Sonne."> Son. </reg> </l>
<l> See how the Morning opes <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">her</seg> golden Gates, </l>
<l> And takes <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">her</seg> <reg orig="farwell">farewell</reg> of the glorious <reg orig="Sunne">Sun</reg>. </l>
<l> How well resembles it the prime of Youth, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Trimm'd">Trimmed</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">like</seg> a <reg orig="Yonker">Younker</reg>, <reg orig="prauncing">prancing</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> his <reg orig="Loue">Love</reg>? </l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> Ed. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Dazle">Dazzle</reg> mine eyes, or <reg orig="doe"> do </reg> I see three <reg orig="Sunnes">Suns</reg>? </l></sp>

<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Rich. </speaker>
<l> Three glorious <reg orig="Sunnes">Suns</reg>, each one a perfect <reg orig="Sunne">Sun</reg>, </l>
<l> Not <reg orig="seperated">separated</reg> with the racking Clouds, </l>
<l> But <reg orig="seuer'd">severed</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> a pale <reg orig="cleare-shining">clear shining</reg> <reg orig="Skye">Sky</reg>. </l>
<l> See, see, they <reg orig="ioyne">join</reg>, embrace, and <reg orig="see"> seem </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="kisse">kiss</reg>, </l>
<l> As if they <reg orig="vow'd">vowed</reg> some League <reg orig="inuiolable">inviolable</reg>. </l>
<l> Now are they but one <reg orig="Lampe">Lamp</reg>, one Light, one <reg orig="Sunne">Sun</reg>: </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">In</seg> this, the <reg orig="Heauen">Heaven</reg> figures some <reg orig="euent">event</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> Edward. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="'Tis"> It is </reg> wondrous strange, </l>
<l> The <seg type="homograph" subtype="noun">like</seg> yet <reg orig="neuer"> never </reg> heard of. </l>
<l> I <reg orig="thinke"> think </reg> it cites <reg orig="vs"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg> </reg> (Brother) <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> the field, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> <reg orig="wee,"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg>, </reg> the <reg orig="Sonnes"> Sons </reg> of <reg orig="braue">brave</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Plantagenet, </hi> </l>
<l> Each one <reg orig="alreadie">already</reg> blazing <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> <reg orig="meedes">meeds</reg>, </l>
<l> Should notwithstanding <reg orig="ioyne">join</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> Lights together, </l>
<l> And <reg orig="ouer-shine">overshine</reg> the Earth, as this the World. </l>
<l> <reg orig="What ere"> Whatever </reg> it bodes, henceforward <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> I <reg orig="beare">bear</reg> </l>
<l> <reg orig="Vpon"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">Upon</seg> </reg> my <reg orig="Targuet">Target</reg> three <reg orig="faire"> fair </reg> shining <reg orig="Sunnes">Suns</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Richard. </speaker>
<l> Nay, <reg orig="beare">bear</reg> three Daughters: </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">By</seg> your <reg orig="leaue">leave</reg>, I <reg orig="speake"> speak </reg> it, </l>
<l> You <reg orig="loue"> love </reg> the Breeder better <reg orig="then"> than </reg> the Male. </l>
<stage rend="italic"> Enter one blowing.

<l> But what art thou, whose <reg orig="heauie">heavy</reg> <reg orig="Lookes"> Looks </reg> foretell </l>
<l> Some <reg orig="dreadfull">dreadful</reg> story hanging <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> thy Tongue? </l></sp>
<sp who="U"><speaker rend="italic"> Mess. </speaker>
<l> Ah, one <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> was a <reg orig="wofull">woeful</reg> looker <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">on</seg>, </l>
<l> When as the Noble Duke of Yorke was <reg orig="slaine">slain</reg>, </l>
<l> Your Princely Father, and my <reg orig="louing"> loving </reg> Lord. </l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> Edward. </speaker>
<p> <reg orig="Oh speake"> O speak </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> more, <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">for</seg> I <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> heard too <lb/> much. </p></sp> 

<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Richard. </speaker>
<l> Say how he <reg orig="dy'de">died</reg>, <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">for</seg> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> <reg orig="heare"> hear </reg> it all. </l></sp>
<sp who="U"><speaker rend="italic"> Mess. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Enuironed">Environed</reg> he was with many foes, </l>
<l> And stood against them, as the hope of Troy </l>
<l> Against the Greekes, <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> would <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> <reg orig="entred">entered</reg> Troy. </l>
<l> But <hi rend="italic"> Hercules  </hi> <reg orig="himselfe">himself</reg> must <reg orig="yeeld">yield</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> <reg orig="oddes">odds</reg>: </l>
<l> And many <reg orig="stroakes">strokes</reg>, though with a little Axe, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Hewes">Hews</reg> <reg orig="downe"> down </reg> and fells the <reg orig="hardest-tymber'd">hardest timbered</reg> <reg orig="Oake">Oak</reg>. </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">By</seg> many hands your Father was <reg orig="subdu'd">subdued</reg>, </l>
<l> But <reg orig="onely"> only </reg> <reg orig="slaught'red">slaughtered</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> the <reg orig="irefull">ireful</reg> <reg orig="Arme">Arm</reg> </l>
<l> Of <reg orig="vn-relenting">unrelenting</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Clifford, </hi> and the <reg orig="Queene">Queen</reg>: </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">Who</seg> <reg orig="crown'd">crowned</reg> the gracious Duke <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> high <reg orig="despight">despite</reg>, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Laugh'd">Laughed</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> his face: and when with <reg orig="griefe">grief</reg> he wept, </l>
<l> The <reg orig="ruthlesse">ruthless</reg> <reg orig="Queene">Queen</reg> <reg orig="gaue"> gave </reg> him, <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> dry his <reg orig="Cheekes">Cheeks</reg>, </l>
<l> A Napkin, steeped <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> the <reg orig="harmelesse">harmless</reg> blood </l>
<l> Of sweet young <hi rend="italic"> Rutland, </hi> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> rough <hi rend="italic"> Clifford  </hi> <reg orig="slaine">slain</reg>: </l>
<l> And after many <reg orig="scornes">scorns</reg>, many <reg orig="foule">foul</reg> taunts, </l>
<l> They <reg orig="tooke"> took </reg> his Head, and <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> the Gates of Yorke </l>
<l> They set the same, and there it doth <reg orig="remaine">remain</reg>, </l>
<l> The saddest spectacle <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> <reg orig="ere"> ever </reg> I <reg orig="view'd">viewed</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> Edward. </speaker>
<l> Sweet Duke of Yorke, <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> Prop <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="leane">lean</reg> <reg orig="vpon,"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">upon</seg>, </reg> </l>
<l> Now thou art gone, <reg orig="wee haue"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> have </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> <reg orig="Staffe">Staff</reg>, <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> Stay. </l>
<l> <reg orig="Oh"> O </reg> <hi rend="italic"> Clifford, </hi> <reg orig="boyst'rous">boisterous</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Clifford, </hi> thou hast <reg orig="slaine">slain</reg> </l>
<l> The <reg orig="flowre">flower</reg> of Europe, <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> his <reg orig="Cheualrie">Chivalry</reg>, </l>
<l> And <reg orig="trecherously">treacherously</reg> hast thou <reg orig="vanquisht">vanquished</reg> him, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> hand <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> hand he would <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> <reg orig="vanquisht">vanquished</reg> thee. </l>
<l> Now my <reg orig="Soules">Souls</reg> <reg orig="Pallace">Palace</reg> is become a Prison: </l>
<l> Ah, would she <reg orig="breake">break</reg> from hence, <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> this my body </l>
<pb n="153"/>
<l> Might <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> the ground be closed <reg orig="vp"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">up</seg> </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> rest: </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> <reg orig="neuer"> never </reg> henceforth shall I <reg orig="ioy">joy</reg> <reg orig="againe:"> again: </reg> </l>
<l> <reg orig="Neuer, oh neuer"> Never, O never </reg> shall I see more <reg orig="ioy">joy</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Rich. </speaker>
<l> I cannot <reg orig="weepe">weep</reg>: <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">for</seg> all my bodies <reg orig="moysture">moisture</reg> </l>
<l> <reg orig="Scarse">Scarce</reg> <reg orig="serues">serves</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> quench my Furnace-burning <reg orig="hart">heart</reg>: </l>
<l> Nor can my tongue <reg orig="vnloade">unload</reg> my hearts great burthen, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> <reg orig="selfe-same">selfsame</reg> <reg orig="winde">wind</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> I should <reg orig="speake"> speak </reg> <reg orig="withall">withal</reg>, </l>
<l> Is kindling <reg orig="coales">coals</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> fires all my <reg orig="brest">breast</reg>, </l>
<l> And <reg orig="burnes">burns</reg> me <reg orig="vp"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">up</seg> </reg> with flames, <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> tears would quench. </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> <reg orig="weepe">weep</reg>, is <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> make <reg orig="lesse">less</reg> the depth of <reg orig="greefe">grief</reg>: </l>
<l> <reg orig="Teares">Tears</reg> then <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> Babes; <reg orig="Blowes">Blows</reg>, and <reg orig="Reuenge">Revenge</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> <reg orig="mee."> me. </reg> </l>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Richard, </hi> I <reg orig="beare">bear</reg> thy name, <reg orig="Ile"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> venge thy death, </l>
<l> Or <reg orig="dye">die</reg> renowned <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> attempting it. </l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> Ed. </speaker>
<l> His name <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> valiant Duke hath left with thee: </l>
<l> His <reg orig="Dukedome">Dukedom</reg>, and his <reg orig="Chaire">Chair</reg> with me is left. </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Rich. </speaker>
<l> Nay, if thou be <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> Princely Eagles Bird, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Shew">Show</reg> thy descent <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> gazing <reg orig="'gainst"> against </reg> the <reg orig="Sunne">Sun</reg>: </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">For</seg> <reg orig="Chaire">Chair</reg> and <reg orig="Dukedome">Dukedom</reg>, Throne and <reg orig="Kingdome">Kingdom</reg> say, </l>
<l> Either <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> is thine, or else thou <reg orig="wer't"> wert </reg> not his. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic">
March. Enter Warwicke, Marquesse Mountacute, and their Army.
<sp who="A"><speaker rend="italic"> Warwick. </speaker>
<l> How now <reg orig="faire"> fair </reg> Lords? What <reg orig="faire?"> fair? </reg> What <reg orig="newes">news</reg> abroad? </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Rich. </speaker>
<l> Great Lord of Warwicke, if <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> should <reg orig="tecompt">recount</reg> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">Our</seg> <reg orig="balefull">baleful</reg> <reg orig="newes">news</reg>, and at each words <reg orig="deliuerance">deliverance</reg> </l>
<l> Stab Poniards <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> flesh, till all were told, </l>
<l> The words would <reg orig="adde">add</reg> more anguish <reg orig="then"> than </reg> the wounds. </l>
<l> O valiant Lord, the Duke of Yorke is <reg orig="slaine">slain</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> Edw. </speaker>
<l> O Warwicke, Warwicke, <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Plantagenet  </hi> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">Which</seg> held thee <reg orig="deerely">dearly</reg>, as his <reg orig="Soules">Souls</reg> Redemption, </l>
<l> Is <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> the <reg orig="sterne">stern</reg> Lord <hi rend="italic"> Clifford  </hi> done <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> death. </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker rend="italic"> War. </speaker>
<l> Ten <reg orig="dayes">days</reg> ago, I <reg orig="drown'd">drowned</reg> these <reg orig="newes">news</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <reg orig="teares">tears</reg>. </l>
<l> And now <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="adde">add</reg> more measure <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> your woes, </l>
<l> I come <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> tell you things sith then <reg orig="befalne">befallen</reg>. </l>
<l> After the bloody Fray at Wakefield fought, </l>
<l> Where your <reg orig="braue">brave</reg> Father <reg orig="breath'd">breathed</reg> his latest <reg orig="gaspe">gasp</reg>, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Tydings">Tidings</reg>, as swiftly as the <reg orig="Postes">Posts</reg> could <reg orig="runne">run</reg>, </l>
<l> Were brought me of your <reg orig="Losse">Loss</reg>, and his Depart. </l>
<l> I then <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> London, keeper of the King, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Muster'd">Mustered</reg> my Soldiers, gathered <reg orig="flockes">flocks</reg> of Friends, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Marcht">Marched</reg> toward <reg orig="S.">Saint</reg> Albons, <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> intercept the <reg orig="Queene">Queen</reg>, </l>
<l> Bearing the King <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> my <reg orig="behalfe">behalf</reg> along: </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> my Scouts, I was <reg orig="aduertised">advertised</reg> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> she was <reg orig="comming"> coming </reg> with a full intent </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> dash <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> late Decree <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> Parliament, </l>
<l> Touching King <hi rend="italic"> Henries  </hi> Oath, and your Succession: </l>
<l> Short Tale <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> make, <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> at <reg orig="S.">Saint</reg> Albons met, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">Our</seg> <reg orig="Battailes">Battles</reg> <reg orig="ioyn'd">joined</reg>, and both sides fiercely fought: </l>
<l> But whether <reg orig="'twas"> it was </reg> the <reg orig="coldnesse">coldness</reg> of the King, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">Who</seg> <reg orig="look'd">looked</reg> full gently <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> his warlike <reg orig="Queene">Queen</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">That</seg> <reg orig="robb'd">robbed</reg> my Soldiers of their heated <reg orig="Spleene">Spleen</reg>. </l>
<l> Or whether <reg orig="'twas"> it was </reg> report of <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">her</seg> <reg orig="successe">success</reg>, </l>
<l> Or more <reg orig="then"> than </reg> common <reg orig="feare">fear</reg> of <hi rend="italic"> Cliffords  </hi> Rigour, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">Who</seg> thunders <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> his <reg orig="Captiues">Captives</reg>, Blood and Death, </l>
<l> I cannot <reg orig="iudge">judge</reg>: but <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> conclude with truth, </l>
<l> Their Weapons <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">like</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> Lightning, came and went: </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">Our</seg> <reg orig="Souldiers">Soldiers</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">like</seg> the <reg orig="Night-Owles">night-owls</reg> <reg orig="lazie">lazy</reg> flight, </l>
<l> Or <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">like</seg> a <reg orig="lazie">lazy</reg> Thresher with a <reg orig="Flaile">Flail</reg>, </l>
<l> Fell gently <reg orig="downe,"> down, </reg> as if they <reg orig="strucke">struck</reg> their Friends. </l>
<l> I <reg orig="cheer'd">cheered</reg> them <reg orig="vp"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">up</seg> </reg> with <reg orig="iustice">justice</reg> of <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> Cause, </l>
<l> With promise of high pay, and great Rewards: </l>
<l> But all <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <reg orig="vaine">vain</reg>, they had <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> heart <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> fight, </l>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> (<seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> them) <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> hope <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> win the day, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">So</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> fled: the King <reg orig="vnto"> unto </reg> the <reg orig="Queene">Queen</reg>, </l>
<l> Lord <hi rend="italic"> George, </hi> your Brother, Norfolke, and <reg orig="my Selfe,"> myself, </reg> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">In</seg> haste, post haste, are come <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="ioyne">join</reg> with you: </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> the Marches <reg orig="here"> here </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> heard you were, </l>
<l> Making another Head, <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> fight <reg orig="againe."> again. </reg> </l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> Ed. </speaker>
<l> Where is the Duke of Norfolke, gentle Warwick? </l>
<l> And when came <hi rend="italic"> George  </hi> from Burgundy <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> England? </l></sp>

<sp who="A"><speaker rend="italic"> War. </speaker>
<l> Some six miles off the Duke is with the Soldiers, </l>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> your Brother he was lately sent </l>
<l> From your <reg orig="kinde">kind</reg> Aunt <reg orig="Dutchesse">Duchess</reg> of Burgundie, </l>
<l> With <reg orig="ayde">aid</reg> of <reg orig="Souldiers">Soldiers</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> this <reg orig="needfull">needful</reg> <reg orig="Warre">War</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Rich. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="'Twas"> It was </reg> <reg orig="oddes">odds</reg> belike, when valiant Warwick fled; </l>
<l> Oft <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> I heard his praises <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <reg orig="Pursuite">Pursuit</reg>, </l>
<l> But <reg orig="ne're"> never </reg> till now, his <reg orig="Scandall">Scandal</reg> of Retire. </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker rend="italic"> War. </speaker>
<l> Nor now my <reg orig="Scandall">Scandal</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Richard, </hi> dost thou <reg orig="heare:"> hear: </reg> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> thou shalt know this strong right hand of mine, </l>
<l> Can <reg orig="plucke">pluck</reg> the Diadem from faint <hi rend="italic"> Henries  </hi> head, </l>
<l> And wring the <reg orig="awefull">awful</reg> <reg orig="Scepter">Sceptre</reg> from his Fist, </l>
<l> Were he as famous, and as bold <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <reg orig="Warre">War</reg>, </l>
<l> As he is <reg orig="fam'd">famed</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> <reg orig="Mildnesse">Mildness</reg>, Peace, and Prayer. </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Rich. </speaker>
<l> I know it well Lord Warwick, blame me not, </l>
<l> <reg orig="'Tis loue"> It is love </reg> I <reg orig="beare">bear</reg> thy glories make me <reg orig="speake:"> speak: </reg> </l>
<l> But <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> this troublous time, <reg orig="what's"> what is </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> be done? </l>
<l> Shall <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> go throw away <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> <reg orig="Coates">Coats</reg> of <reg orig="Steele">Steel</reg>, </l>
<l> And wrap <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> bodies <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <reg orig="blacke">black</reg> mourning <reg orig="Gownes">Gowns</reg>, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Numb'ring">Numbering</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> <reg orig="Aue-Maries">Ave-Maries</reg> with <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> Beads? </l>
<l> Or shall <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> the Helmets of <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> Foes </l>
<l> Tell <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> <reg orig="Deuotion">Devotion</reg> with <reg orig="reuengefull">revengeful</reg> <reg orig="Armes">Arms</reg>? </l>
<l> If <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> the last, say I, and <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> it Lords. </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker rend="italic"> War. </speaker>
<l> Why therefore Warwick came <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> seek you out, </l>
<l> And therefore comes my Brother <hi rend="italic"> Mountague: </hi> </l>
<l> Attend me Lords, the proud insulting <reg orig="Queene">Queen</reg>, </l>
<l> With <hi rend="italic"> Clifford, </hi> and the haught Northumberland, </l>
<l> And of their Feather, many <reg orig="moe"> more </reg> proud Birds, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Haue"> Have </reg> wrought the <reg orig="easie-melting">easy melting</reg> King, <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">like</seg> Wax. </l>
<l> He swore consent <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> your Succession, </l>
<l> His Oath enrolled <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> the Parliament. </l>
<l> And now <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> London all the crew are gone, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> frustrate both his Oath, and what beside </l>
<l> May make against the house of Lancaster. </l>
<l> Their power (I <reg orig="thinke"> think </reg>) is thirty thousand strong: </l>
<l> Now, if the <reg orig="helpe">help</reg> of Norfolke, and <reg orig="my selfe,"> myself, </reg> </l>
<l> With all the Friends <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> thou <reg orig="braue">brave</reg> <reg orig="Earle">Earl</reg> of March, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Among'st">Amongst</reg> the <reg orig="louing"> loving </reg> Welshmen <reg orig="can'st">canst</reg> procure, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">Will</seg> but amount <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> <reg orig="fiue">five</reg> and twenty thousand, </l>
<l> Why Via, <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> London <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> march, </l>
<l> And once <reg orig="againe,"> again, </reg> bestride <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> foaming Steeds, </l>
<l> And once <reg orig="againe"> again </reg> cry Charge <reg orig="vpon"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">upon</seg> </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> Foes, </l>
<l> But <reg orig="neuer"> never </reg> once <reg orig="againe"> again </reg> <reg orig="turne">turn</reg> <reg orig="backe"> back </reg> and <reg orig="flye">fly</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Rich. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="I,"> Aye, </reg> now <reg orig="me thinks"> methinks </reg> I <reg orig="heare"> hear </reg> great Warwick speak; </l>
<l> <reg orig="Ne're"> Never </reg> may he <reg orig="lieu"> live </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> see a Sunshine day, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">That</seg> cries Retire, if Warwicke bid him stay. </l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> Ed. </speaker>
<l> Lord Warwicke, <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> thy shoulder <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> I <reg orig="leane">lean</reg>, </l>
<l> And when thou <reg orig="failst">failest</reg> (as God forbid the <reg orig="houre">hour</reg>) </l>
<l> Must <hi rend="italic"> Edward  </hi> fall, <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">which</seg> <reg orig="perill">peril</reg> <reg orig="heauen">heaven</reg> <reg orig="forefend">forfend</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker rend="italic"> War. </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">No</seg> longer <reg orig="Earle">Earl</reg> of March, but Duke of Yorke: </l>
<l> The next degree, is Englands <reg orig="Royall">Royal</reg> Throne: </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> King of England shalt thou be <reg orig="proclaim'd">proclaimed</reg> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">In</seg> <reg orig="euery"> every </reg> <reg orig="Burrough">Borough</reg> as <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> <reg orig="passe">pass</reg> along, </l>
<l> And he <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> <reg orig="throwes">throws</reg> not <reg orig="vp"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">up</seg> </reg> his cap <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> <reg orig="ioy">joy</reg>, </l>
<l> Shall <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> the Fault make forfeit of his head. </l>
<l> King <hi rend="italic"> Edward, </hi> valiant <hi rend="italic"> Richard Mountague: </hi> </l>
<l> Stay <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> longer, dreaming of <reg orig="Renowne">Renown</reg>, </l>
<l> But sound the Trumpets, and about <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> <reg orig="Taske">Task</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Rich. </speaker>
<l> Then <hi rend="italic"> Clifford, </hi> were thy heart as hard as <reg orig="Steele">Steel</reg>, </l>
<l> As thou hast <reg orig="shewne">shown</reg> it <reg orig="flintie">flinty</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> thy deeds, </l>
<l> I come <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> pierce it, or <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="giue"> give </reg> thee mine. </l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> Ed. </speaker>
<l> Then strike <reg orig="vp"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">up</seg> </reg> Drums, God and <reg orig="S.">Saint</reg> George <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> <reg orig="vs."> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg>. </reg> </l></sp>
<pb n="154"/>
<stage rend="italic">
Enter a Messenger.
<sp who="A"><speaker rend="italic"> War. </speaker>
<l> How now? what <reg orig="newes">news</reg>? </l></sp>
<sp who="U"><speaker rend="italic"> Mes. </speaker>
<l> The Duke of Norfolke sends you word <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> me, </l>
<l> The <reg orig="Queene">Queen</reg> is <reg orig="comming"> coming </reg> with a puissant <reg orig="Hoast">Host</reg>, </l>
<l> And <reg orig="craues">craves</reg> your company, <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> speedy <reg orig="counsell">counsel</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker rend="italic"> War. </speaker>
<l> Why then it sorts, <reg orig="braue">brave</reg> Warriors, <reg orig="let's"> let <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg> </reg> away. </l> </sp>
<stage rend="italic">   Exeunt Omnes.</stage></div2>
 <div2 n="2">
Flourish. Enter the King, the Queene, Clifford, Northum- and Yong Prince, with Drumme and Trumpettes.
<sp who="D"><speaker rend="italic"> Qu. </speaker>
<l> Welcome my Lord, <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> this <reg orig="braue">brave</reg> town of Yorke, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Yonders">Yonder is</reg> the head of <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> Arch-enemy, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">That</seg> sought <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> be <reg orig="incompast">encompassed</reg> with your <reg orig="Crowne">Crown</reg>. </l>
<l> Doth not the <reg orig="obiect">object</reg> <reg orig="cheere">cheer</reg> your heart, my Lord. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker rend="italic"> K. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="I,"> Aye, </reg> as the <reg orig="rockes">rocks</reg> <reg orig="cheare">cheer</reg> them <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> <reg orig="feare">fear</reg> their wrack, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> see this sight, it <reg orig="irkes">irks</reg> my very <reg orig="soule">soul</reg>: </l>
<l> Withhold <reg orig="reuenge">revenge</reg> (<reg orig="deere">dear</reg> God) <reg orig="'tis"> it is </reg> not my fault, </l>
<l> Nor wittingly <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> I <reg orig="infring'd">infringed</reg> my Vow. </l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker rend="italic"> Clif. </speaker>
<l> My gracious Liege, this too much lenity </l>
<l> And <reg orig="harmfull">harmful</reg> <reg orig="pitty">pity</reg> must be <reg orig="layd">laid</reg> aside: </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">To</seg> whom do <reg orig="Lyons">Lions</reg> cast their gentle <reg orig="Lookes?"> Looks? </reg> </l>
<l> Not <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> the Beast, <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> would <reg orig="vsurpe">usurp</reg> their Den. </l>
<l> Whose hand is <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> the <reg orig="Forrest">Forest</reg> <reg orig="Beare">Bear</reg> doth <reg orig="licke">lick</reg>? </l>
<l> Not his <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> <reg orig="spoyles">spoils</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">her</seg> <reg orig="yong">young</reg> before <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">her</seg> face. </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="interrogative">Who</seg> scapes the lurking Serpents <reg orig="mortall">mortal</reg> sting? </l>
<l> Not he <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> sets his foot <reg orig="vpon"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">upon</seg> </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">her</seg> <reg orig="backe."> back. </reg> </l>
<l> The smallest <reg orig="Worme">Worm</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> <reg orig="turne">turn</reg>, being <reg orig="troden">trodden</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">on</seg>, </l>
<l> And <reg orig="Doues">Doves</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> <reg orig="pecke">peck</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <reg orig="safegard">safeguard</reg> of their Brood. </l>
<l> Ambitious Yorke, did <reg orig="leuell">level</reg> at thy <reg orig="Crowne">Crown</reg>, </l>
<l> Thou smiling, while he knit his angry <reg orig="browes">brows</reg>. </l>
<l> He but a Duke, would <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> his <reg orig="Sonne"> Son </reg> a King, </l>
<l> And raise his issue <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">like</seg> a <reg orig="louing"> loving </reg> Sire. </l>
<l> Thou being a King, <reg orig="blest">blessed</reg> with a goodly <reg orig="sonne,"> son, </reg> </l>
<l> <reg orig="Did'st">Didst</reg> <reg orig="yeeld">yield</reg> consent <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> disinherit him: </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">Which</seg> argued thee a most <reg orig="vnlouing">unloving</reg> Father. </l>
<l> <reg orig="Vnreasonable">Unreasonable</reg> Creatures feed their young, </l>
<l> And though <reg orig="mans">man's</reg> face be <reg orig="fearefull">fearful</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> their eyes, </l>
<l> Yet <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> protection of their tender ones, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">Who</seg> hath not <reg orig="seene"> seen </reg> them <reg orig="euen"> even </reg> with those wings, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">Which</seg> sometime they <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> <reg orig="vs'd">used</reg> with <reg orig="fearfull">fearful</reg> flight, </l>
<l> Make <reg orig="warre">war</reg> with him <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> <reg orig="climb'd">climbed</reg> <reg orig="vnto"> unto </reg> their nest, </l>
<l> Offering their <reg orig="owne liues"> own lives </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> their <reg orig="yongs">young's</reg> defence? </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">For</seg> shame, my Liege, make them your President: </l>
<l> Were it not <reg orig="pitty">pity</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> this goodly Boy </l>
<l> Should <reg orig="loose">lose</reg> his <reg orig="birth-right">birthright</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> his Fathers fault, </l>
<l> And long <reg orig="heereafter">hereafter</reg> say <reg orig="vnto"> unto </reg> his <reg orig="childe">child</reg>, </l>
<l> What my great Grandfather, and <reg orig="Gradsire">Grandsire</reg> got, </l>
<l> My <reg orig="carelesse">careless</reg> Father fondly <reg orig="gaue"> gave </reg> away. </l>
<l> Ah, what a shame were this? <reg orig="Looke"> Look </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> the Boy, </l>
<l> And let his manly face, <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">which</seg> promiseth </l>
<l> <reg orig="Successefull">Successful</reg> Fortune <reg orig="steele">steel</reg> thy melting heart, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> hold thine <reg orig="owne,"> own, </reg> and <reg orig="leaue">leave</reg> thine <reg orig="owne"> own </reg> with him. </l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker rend="italic"> King. </speaker>
<l> Full well hath <hi rend="italic"> Clifford  </hi> <reg orig="plaid">played</reg> the Orator, </l>
<l> Inferring arguments of mighty force: </l>
<l> But <hi rend="italic"> Clifford  </hi> tell me, <reg orig="did'st">didst</reg> thou <reg orig="neuer heare,"> never hear, </reg> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> things ill got, had <reg orig="euer"> ever </reg> bad <reg orig="successe">success</reg>. </l>
<l> And happy <reg orig="alwayes">always</reg> was it <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> <reg orig="Sonne,"> Son, </reg> </l>
<l> Whose Father <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> his <reg orig="hoording">hoarding</reg> went <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> hell: </l>
<l> <reg orig="Ile"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> <reg orig="leaue">leave</reg> my <reg orig="Sonne"> Son </reg> my <reg orig="Vertuous">Virtuous</reg> deeds <reg orig="behinde">behind</reg>, </l>
<l> And would my Father had left me <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> more: </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> all the rest is held at such a Rate, </l>
<l> As brings a thousand fold more care <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="keepe">keep</reg>, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Then"> Than </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> possession any <reg orig="iot">jot</reg> of pleasure. </l>
<l> Ah <reg orig="Cosin">Cousin</reg> Yorke, would thy best Friends did know, </l>
<l> How it doth <reg orig="greeue">grieve</reg> me <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> thy head is <reg orig="heere."> here. </reg> </l></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker rend="italic"> Qu. </speaker>
<l> My Lord <reg orig="cheere">cheer</reg> <reg orig="vp"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">up</seg> </reg> your spirits, <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> foes are <reg orig="nye">nigh</reg>, </l>
<l> And this soft courage makes your Followers faint: </l>
<l> You <reg orig="promist">promised</reg> Knighthood <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> forward <reg orig="sonne,"> son, </reg> </l>
<l> <reg orig="Vnsheath">Unsheathe</reg> your sword, and dub him presently. </l>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Edward, </hi> <reg orig="kneele">kneel</reg> <reg orig="downe."> down. </reg> </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker rend="italic"> King. </speaker>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Edward Plantagenet, </hi> arise a Knight, </l>
<l> And <reg orig="learne">learn</reg> this Lesson; Draw thy Sword <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> right. </l></sp>
<sp who="I"><speaker rend="italic"> Prin. </speaker>
<l> My gracious Father, <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> your Kingly <reg orig="leaue">leave</reg>, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Ile"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> draw it as <reg orig="Apparant">Apparent</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> the <reg orig="Crowne">Crown</reg>, </l>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> <reg orig="quarrell">quarrel</reg>, <reg orig="vse">use</reg> it <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> the death. </l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker rend="italic"> Clif. </speaker>
<l> Why <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> is spoken <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">like</seg> a toward Prince. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic"> Enter a Messenger.
<sp who="U"><speaker rend="italic"> Mess. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Royall">Royal</reg> Commanders, be <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <reg orig="readinesse">readiness</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> with a Band of thirty thousand men, </l>
<l> Comes Warwicke backing of the Duke of Yorke, </l>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> the <reg orig="Townes">Towns</reg> as they do march along, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Proclaimes">Proclaims</reg> him King, and many <reg orig="flye">fly</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> him, </l>
<l> Darraigne your <reg orig="battell">battle</reg>, <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">for</seg> they are at hand. </l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker rend="italic"> Clif. </speaker>
<l> I would your <reg orig="Highnesse">Highness</reg> would depart the field, </l>
<l> The <reg orig="Queene">Queen</reg> hath best <reg orig="successe">success</reg> when you are absent. </l></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker rend="italic"> Qu. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="I"> Aye </reg> good my Lord, and <reg orig="leaue">leave</reg> <reg orig="vs"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg> </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> Fortune. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker rend="italic"> King. </speaker>
<l> Why, <reg orig="that's"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> is </reg> my fortune too, therefore <reg orig="Ile"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> stay. </l></sp>
<sp who="P"><speaker rend="italic"> North. </speaker>
<l> Be it with resolution then <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> fight. </l></sp>
<sp who="I"><speaker rend="italic"> Prin. </speaker>
<l> My <reg orig="Royall">Royal</reg> Father, <reg orig="cheere">cheer</reg> these Noble Lords, </l>
<l> And hearten those <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> fight <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> your defence: </l>
<l> <reg orig="Vnsheath">Unsheathe</reg> your Sword, good Father: Cry <reg orig="S.">Saint</reg> George. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic">
March. Enter Edward, Warwicke, Richard, Clarence, 
Norfolke, Mountague, and Soldiers.
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> Edw. </speaker>
<l> Now <reg orig="periur'd">perjured</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Henry, </hi> wilt thou kneel <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> grace? </l>
<l> And set thy Diadem <reg orig="vpon"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">upon</seg> </reg> my head? </l>
<l> Or bide the <reg orig="mortall">mortal</reg> Fortune of the field. </l></sp>

<sp who="D"><speaker rend="italic"> Qu. </speaker>
<l> Go rate thy Minions, proud insulting Boy, </l>
<l> Becomes it thee <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> be thus bold <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <reg orig="termes">terms</reg>, </l>
<l> Before thy <reg orig="Soueraigne">Sovereign</reg>, and thy <reg orig="lawfull">lawful</reg> King? </l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> Ed. </speaker>
<l> I am his King, and he should bow his knee: </l>
<l> I was adopted <reg orig="Heire">Heir</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> his consent. </l></sp>
<sp who="E"><speaker rend="italic"> Cla. </speaker>
<l> Since when, his Oath is broke: <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">for</seg> as I <reg orig="heare,"> hear, </reg> </l>
<l> You <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> are King, though he do <reg orig="weare">wear</reg> the <reg orig="Crowne">Crown</reg>, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Haue"> Have </reg> <reg orig="caus'd">cause</reg> him <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> new Act of Parliament, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> blot out me, and put his <reg orig="owne Sonne"> own Son </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">in</seg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker rend="italic"> Clif. </speaker>
<l> And reason too, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="interrogative">Who</seg> should <reg orig="succeede">succeed</reg> the Father, but the <reg orig="Sonne."> Son. </reg> </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Rich. </speaker>
<l> Are you there Butcher? O, I cannot <reg orig="speake."> speak. </reg> </l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker rend="italic"> Clif. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="I"> Aye </reg> <reg orig="Crooke-back">Crook-back</reg>, here I stand <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> answer thee, </l>
<l> Or any he, the proudest of thy sort. </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Rich. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="'Twas"> It was </reg> you <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> <reg orig="kill'd">killed</reg> <reg orig="yong">young</reg> Rutland, was it not? </l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker rend="italic"> Clif. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="I,"> Aye, </reg> and old Yorke, and yet not satisfied. </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Rich. </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">For</seg> Gods sake Lords <reg orig="giue">give</reg> <reg orig="signall">signal</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> the fight. </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker rend="italic"> War. </speaker>
<l> What <reg orig="say'st">sayst</reg> thou <hi rend="italic"> Henry, </hi> </l>
<l> Wilt thou <reg orig="yeeld">yield</reg> the <reg orig="Crowne">Crown</reg>? </l></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker rend="italic"> Qu. </speaker>
<l> Why how now <reg orig="long-tongu'd">long tongued</reg> Warwicke, dare you speak? </l>
<l> When you and I, met at <reg orig="S.">Saint</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Albons  </hi> last, </l>
<l> Your <reg orig="legges">legs</reg> did better <reg orig="seruice">service</reg> <reg orig="then"> than </reg> your hands. </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker rend="italic"> War. </speaker>
<l> Then <reg orig="'twas"> it was </reg> my <reg orig="turne">turn</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> fly, and now <reg orig="'tis"> it is </reg> thine: </l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker rend="italic"> Clif. </speaker>
<l> You said <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> much before, and yet you fled. </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker rend="italic"> War. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="'Twas"> It was </reg> not your <reg orig="valor">valour</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Clifford  </hi> <reg orig="droue">drove</reg> me thence. </l></sp>
<sp who="ZF"><speaker rend="italic"> Nor. </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="exclamation">No</seg>, nor your manhood <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> durst make you stay. </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Rich. </speaker>
<l> Northumberland, I hold thee <reg orig="reuerently">reverently</reg>, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Breake">Break</reg> off the parley, <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">for</seg> <reg orig="scarse">scarce</reg> I can <reg orig="refraine">refrain</reg> </l>
<l> The execution of my <reg orig="big-swolne">big swollen</reg> heart </l>
<l> <reg orig="Vpon"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">Upon</seg> </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Clifford, </hi> <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> <reg orig="cruell">cruel</reg> Child-killer. </l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker rend="italic"> Clif. </speaker>
<l> I slew thy Father, <reg orig="cal'st">callest</reg> thou him a Child? </l></sp>
<pb n="155"/>

<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Rich. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="I"> Aye </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">like</seg> a Dastard, and a treacherous Coward, </l>
<l> As thou <reg orig="didd'st">didst</reg> kill <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> tender Brother Rutland, </l>
<l> But ere Sunset, <reg orig="Ile"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> make thee curse the deed. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker rend="italic"> King. </speaker>
<p> <reg orig="Haue"> Have </reg> done with words (my Lords) and <reg orig="heare"> hear </reg> <lb/> me <reg orig="speake."> speak. </reg> </p></sp> 

<sp who="D"><speaker rend="italic"> Qu. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Defie">Defy</reg> them then, or <reg orig="els">else</reg> hold close thy lips. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker rend="italic"> King. </speaker>
<l> I <reg orig="prythee">prithee</reg> <reg orig="giue"> give </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> limits <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> my Tongue, </l>
<l> I am a King, and <reg orig="priuiledg'd">privileged</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="speake."> speak. </reg> </l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker rend="italic"> Clif. </speaker>
<l> My Liege, the wound <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> bred this meeting here, </l>
<l> Cannot be <reg orig="cur'd">cured</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> Words, therefore be still. </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Rich. </speaker>
<l> Then Executioner <reg orig="vnsheath">unsheathe</reg> thy sword: </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">By</seg> him <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> made <reg orig="vs"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg> </reg> all, I am <reg orig="resolu'd">resolved</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Cliffords  </hi> Manhood, <reg orig="lyes">lies</reg> <reg orig="vpon"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">upon</seg> </reg> his tongue. </l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> Ed. </speaker>
<l> Say <hi rend="italic"> Henry, </hi> shall I <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> my right, or <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">no</seg>: </l>
<l> A thousand men <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> broke their Fasts <reg orig="to day,"> today, </reg> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">That</seg> <reg orig="ne're"> never </reg> shall dine, <reg orig="vnlesse">unless</reg> thou <reg orig="yeeld">yield</reg> the <reg orig="Crowne">Crown</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker rend="italic"> War. </speaker>
<l> If thou deny, their Blood <reg orig="vpon"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">upon</seg> </reg> thy head, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> Yorke <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <reg orig="iustice">justice</reg> <reg orig="put's">puts</reg> his Armour <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">on</seg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="I"><speaker rend="italic"> Pr. Ed. </speaker>
<l> If <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> be right, <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">which</seg> Warwick <reg orig="saies">says</reg> is right, </l>
<l> There is <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> wrong, but <reg orig="euery thing"> everything </reg> is right. </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker rend="italic"> War. </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">Who</seg> <reg orig="euer"> ever </reg> got thee, there thy Mother stands, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> well I <reg orig="vvot,"> wot, </reg> thou hast thy Mothers tongue. </l></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker rend="italic"> Qu. </speaker>
<l> But thou art <reg orig="neyther"> neither </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">like</seg> thy Sire nor <reg orig="Damme">Dam</reg>, </l>
<l> But <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">like</seg> a <reg orig="foule">foul</reg> <reg orig="mishapen">misshapen</reg> <reg orig="Stygmaticke">Stigmatic</reg>, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Mark'd">Marked</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> the Destinies <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> be <reg orig="auoided">avoided</reg>, </l>
<l> As <reg orig="venome">venom</reg> <reg orig="Toades">Toads</reg>, or Lizards <reg orig="dreadfull">dreadful</reg> stings. </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Rich. </speaker>
<l> Iron of Naples, hid with English gilt, </l>
<l> Whose Father <reg orig="beares">bears</reg> the Title of a King. </l>
<l> (As if a <reg orig="Channell">Channel</reg> should be <reg orig="call'd">called</reg> the Sea) </l>
<l> <reg orig="Sham'st">Shamest</reg> thou not, knowing whence thou art extraught, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> let thy tongue detect thy <reg orig="base-borne">base-born</reg> heart. </l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> Ed. </speaker>
<l> A <reg orig="wispe">wisp</reg> of straw were worth a thousand Crowns, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> make this <reg orig="shamelesse">shameless</reg> Callet know <reg orig="her selfe:"> herself: </reg> </l>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Helen  </hi> of Greece was <reg orig="fayrer">fairer</reg> <reg orig="farre">far</reg> <reg orig="then"> than </reg> thou, </l>
<l> Although thy Husband may be <hi rend="italic"> Menelaus; </hi> </l>
<l> And <reg orig="ne're"> never </reg> was <hi rend="italic"> Agamemnons  </hi> Brother <reg orig="wrong'd">wronged</reg> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">By</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> false Woman, as this King <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> thee. </l>
<l> His Father <reg orig="reuel'd">reveled</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> the heart of France, </l>
<l> And <reg orig="tam'd">tamed</reg> the King, and made the Dolphin <reg orig="stoope">stoop</reg>: </l>
<l> And had he <reg orig="match'd">matched</reg> according <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> his State, </l>
<l> He might <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> kept <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> glory <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> this day. </l>
<l> But when he <reg orig="tooke">took</reg> a <reg orig="begger">beggar</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> his bed, </l>
<l> And <reg orig="grac'd">graced</reg> thy <reg orig="poore">poor</reg> Sire with his <reg orig="Bridall">Bridal</reg> day, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Euen"> Even </reg> then <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> Sunshine <reg orig="brew'd">brewed</reg> a <reg orig="showre">shower</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> him, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">That</seg> <reg orig="washt">washed</reg> his Fathers fortunes forth of France, </l>
<l> And <reg orig="heap'd">heaped</reg> sedition <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> his <reg orig="Crowne">Crown</reg> at home: </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> what hath <reg orig="broach'd">broached</reg> this tumult but thy Pride? </l>
<l> <reg orig="Had'st"> Hadst </reg> thou <reg orig="bene"> been </reg> <reg orig="meeke">meek</reg>, <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">our</seg> Title still had slept, </l>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">we</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <reg orig="pitty">pity</reg> of the Gentle King, </l>
<l> Had <reg orig="slipt">slipped</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">our</seg> <reg orig="Claime">Claim</reg>, <reg orig="vntill">until</reg> another Age. </l></sp>
<sp who="E"><speaker rend="italic"> Cla. </speaker>
<l> But when <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> saw, <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> Sunshine made thy Spring, </l>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> thy Summer bred <reg orig="vs"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg> </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> increase, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">We</seg> set the Axe <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> thy <reg orig="vsurping">usurping</reg> <reg orig="Roote">Root</reg>: </l>
<l> And though the edge hath something hit <reg orig="our selues,"> ourselves, </reg> </l>
<l> Yet know thou, since <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> begun <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> strike, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Wee'l neuer"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">We</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> never </reg> <reg orig="leaue">leave</reg>, till <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> <reg orig="hewne">hewn</reg> thee <reg orig="downe,"> down, </reg> </l>
<l> Or <reg orig="bath'd">bathed</reg> thy growing, with <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> heated bloods. </l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> Edw. </speaker>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> this resolution, I <reg orig="defie">defy</reg> thee, </l>
<l> Not willing any longer Conference, </l>
<l> Since thou <reg orig="denied'st">deniedest</reg> the gentle King <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="speake."> speak. </reg> </l>
<l> Sound Trumpets, let <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">our</seg> bloody Colours <reg orig="waue">wave</reg>, </l>
<l> And either <reg orig="Victorie">Victory</reg>, or else a <reg orig="Graue">Grave</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker rend="italic"> Qu. </speaker>
<l> Stay <hi rend="italic"> Edward. </hi> </l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> Ed. </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="exclamation">No</seg> wrangling Woman, <reg orig="wee'l"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> longer stay, </l>
<l> These words <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> cost ten thousand <reg orig="liues"> lives </reg> this day. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic">
Exeunt omnes.</stage></div2>
 <div2 n="3"><stage>
Alarum. Excursions. Enter Warwicke.
<sp who="A"><speaker rend="italic"> War. </speaker>
<l> Forespent with <reg orig="Toile">Toil</reg>, as Runners with a Race, </l>
<l> I lay me <reg orig="downe"> down </reg> a little while <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> breath: </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> strokes <reg orig="receiu'd">received</reg>, and many <reg orig="blowes">blows</reg> repaid, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Haue"> Have </reg> <reg orig="robb'd">robbed</reg> my strong knit <reg orig="sinewes">sinews</reg> of their strength, </l>
<l> And <reg orig="spight">spite</reg> of <reg orig="spight">spite</reg>, needs must I rest <reg orig="a-while">a while</reg>. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic"> Enter Edward running. </stage>
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> Ed. </speaker>
<l> Smile gentle <reg orig="heauen">heaven</reg>, or strike <reg orig="vngentle">ungentle</reg> death, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> this world <reg orig="frownes">frowns</reg>, and <hi rend="italic"> Edwards  </hi> <reg orig="Sunne">Sun</reg> is <reg orig="clowded">clouded</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker rend="italic"> War. </speaker>
<l> How now my Lord, what <reg orig="happe">hap</reg>? what hope of good? </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic"> Enter Clarence.
<sp who="E"><speaker rend="italic"> Cla. </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">Our</seg> hap is <reg orig="losse">loss</reg>, <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> hope but sad <reg orig="dispaire">despair</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">Our</seg> <reg orig="rankes">ranks</reg> are broke, and <reg orig="ruine">ruin</reg> <reg orig="followes">follows</reg> <reg orig="vs."> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg>. </reg> </l>
<l> What <reg orig="counsaile">counsel</reg> <reg orig="giue"> give </reg> you? whether shall <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> <reg orig="flye">fly</reg>? </l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> Ed. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Bootlesse">Bootless</reg> is flight, they follow <reg orig="vs"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg> </reg> with Wings, </l>
<l> And <reg orig="weake">weak</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> are, and cannot shun <reg orig="pursuite">pursuit</reg>. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic"> Enter Richard.
<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Rich. </speaker>
<l> Ah Warwicke, why hast <reg orig="yu"> you </reg> withdrawn <reg orig="thy selfe?"> thyself? </reg> </l>
<l> Thy Brothers blood the thirsty earth hath drunk, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Broach'd">Broached</reg> with the Steely point of <hi rend="italic"> Cliffords  </hi> <reg orig="Launce">Lance</reg>: </l>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> the very pangs of death, he <reg orig="cryde">cried</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">Like</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> a <reg orig="dismall">dismal</reg> <reg orig="Clangor">Clangour</reg> heard from <reg orig="farre">far</reg>, </l>
<l> Warwicke, <reg orig="reuenge">revenge</reg>; Brother, <reg orig="reuenge">revenge</reg> my death. </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">So</seg> <reg orig="vnderneath">underneath</reg> the belly of their Steeds, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">That</seg> <reg orig="stain'd">stained</reg> their <reg orig="Fetlockes">Fetlocks</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> his <reg orig="smoaking">smoking</reg> blood, </l>
<l> The Noble Gentleman <reg orig="gaue vp"> gave <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">up</seg> </reg> the ghost. </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker rend="italic"> War. </speaker>
<l> Then let the earth be drunken with <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> blood: </l>
<l> <reg orig="Ile"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> kill my Horse, because I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> not <reg orig="flye">fly</reg>: </l>
<l> Why stand <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">like</seg> <reg orig="soft-hearted">softhearted</reg> women <reg orig="heere,"> here, </reg> </l>
<l> <reg orig="Wayling">Wailing</reg> out losses, whiles the Foe doth Rage, </l>
<l> And <reg orig="looke vpon,"> look <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">upon</seg>, </reg> as if the <reg orig="Tragedie">Tragedy</reg> </l>
<l> Were <reg orig="plaid">played</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <reg orig="iest">jest</reg>, <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> <reg orig="counterfetting">counterfeiting</reg> Actors. </l>
<l> <reg orig="Heere"> Here </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> my knee, I vow <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> God <reg orig="aboue,"> above, </reg> </l>
<l> <reg orig="Ile neuer"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> never </reg> <reg orig="pawse">pause</reg> <reg orig="againe, neuer"> again, never </reg> stand still, </l>
<l> Till either death hath <reg orig="clos'd">closed</reg> these eyes of mine, </l>
<l> Or Fortune <reg orig="giuen"> given </reg> me measure of <reg orig="Reuenge">Revenge</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> Ed. </speaker>

<l> <reg orig="Oh"> O </reg> Warwicke, I do bend my knee with thine, </l>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> this vow do <reg orig="chaine">chain</reg> my <reg orig="soule">soul</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> thine: </l>
<l> And ere my knee rise from the Earths cold face, </l>
<l> I throw my hands, mine eyes, my heart <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> thee, </l>
<l> Thou setter <reg orig="vp,"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">up</seg>, </reg> and plucker <reg orig="downe"> down </reg> of Kings: </l>
<l> Beseeching thee (if with thy <seg type="homograph" subtype="noun">will</seg> it stands) </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> my Foes this body must be prey, </l>
<l> Yet <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> thy brazen gates of <reg orig="heauen">heaven</reg> may ope, </l>
<l> And <reg orig="giue"> give </reg> sweet passage <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> my <reg orig="sinfull">sinful</reg> <reg orig="soule">soul</reg>. </l>
<l> Now Lords, take <reg orig="leaue">leave</reg> <reg orig="vntill">until</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> <reg orig="meete">meet</reg> <reg orig="againe,"> again, </reg> </l>
<l> <reg orig="Where ere"> Wherever </reg> it be, <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <reg orig="heauen">heaven</reg>, or <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> earth. </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Rich. </speaker>
<l> Brother, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Giue"> give </reg> me thy hand, and gentle Warwicke, </l>
<l> Let me <reg orig="imbrace">embrace</reg> thee <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> my weary <reg orig="armes">arms</reg>: </l>
<l> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> did <reg orig="neuer"> never </reg> <reg orig="weepe">weep</reg>, now melt with <reg orig="wo">woe</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> Winter should cut off <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> Spring-time <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">so</seg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker rend="italic"> War. </speaker>
<l> Away, away: </l>
<l> Once more sweet Lords <reg orig="farwell">farewell</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="E"><speaker rend="italic"> Cla. </speaker>
<l> Yet let <reg orig="vs"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg> </reg> altogether <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> <reg orig="Troopes">Troops</reg>, </l>
<l> And <reg orig="giue"> give </reg> them <reg orig="leaue">leave</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="flye">fly</reg>, <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> not stay: </l>
<l> And call them Pillars <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> stand <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> <reg orig="vs:"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg>: </reg> </l>
<l> And if <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> <reg orig="thriue">thrive</reg>, promise them such rewards </l>
<l> As Victors <reg orig="weare">wear</reg> at the Olympian Games. </l>
<l> This may plant courage <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> their quailing breasts, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> yet is hope of Life and Victory: </l>
<pb n="156"/>
<l> Foreslow <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> longer, make <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> hence <reg orig="amaine">amain</reg>. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic">    Exeunt </stage></div2>
 <div2 n="4"><stage>
Excursions. Enter Richard and Clifford.
<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Rich. </speaker>
<l> Now <hi rend="italic"> Clifford, </hi> I <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> singled thee alone, </l>
<l> Suppose this <reg orig="arme">arm</reg> is <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> the Duke of Yorke, </l>
<l> And this <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> Rutland, both bound <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="reuenge">revenge</reg>, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Wer't"> Wert </reg> thou <reg orig="inuiron'd">environed</reg> with a Brazen wall. </l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker rend="italic"> Clif, </speaker>
<l> Now <hi rend="italic"> Richard, </hi> I am with thee <reg orig="heere"> here </reg> alone, </l>
<l> This is the hand <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> <reg orig="stabb'd">stabbed</reg> thy Father Yorke, </l>
<l> And this the hand, <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> slew thy Brother Rutland, </l>
<l> And <reg orig="here's"> here is </reg> the heart, <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> triumphs <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> their death, </l>
<l> And <reg orig="cheeres">cheers</reg> these hands, <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> slew thy Sire and Brother, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> execute the <seg type="homograph" subtype="noun">like</seg> <reg orig="vpon thy selfe,"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">upon</seg> thyself, </reg> </l>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">so</seg> <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> at thee. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic"> 
They Fight, Warwicke comes, Clifford flies.
<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Rich. </speaker>
<l> Nay Warwicke, single out some other <reg orig="Chace">Chase</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> I <reg orig="my selfe"> myself </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> hunt this <reg orig="Wolfe">Wolf</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> death. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic">   Exeunt.</stage></div2>
 <div2 n="5"><stage>
Alarum. Enter King Henry alone.
<sp who="B"><speaker rend="italic"> Hen. </speaker>
<l> This <reg orig="battell">battle</reg> fares <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">like</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> the mornings <reg orig="Warre">War</reg>, </l>
<l> When dying clouds contend, with growing light, </l>
<l> What time the <reg orig="Shepheard">Shepherd</reg> blowing of his <reg orig="nailes">nails</reg>, </l>
<l> Can neither call it perfect day, nor night. </l>
<l> Now <reg orig="swayes">sways</reg> it this way, <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">like</seg> a Mighty Sea, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Forc'd">Forced</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> the Tide, <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> combat with the <reg orig="Winde">Wind</reg>: </l>
<l> Now <reg orig="swayes">sways</reg> it <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> way, <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">like</seg> the <reg orig="selfe-same">selfsame</reg> Sea, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Forc'd">Forced</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="retyre">retire</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> <reg orig="furie">fury</reg> of the <reg orig="Winde">Wind</reg>. </l>
<l> Sometime, the Flood <reg orig="preuailes">prevails</reg>; and <reg orig="than"> then </reg> the <reg orig="Winde">Wind</reg>: </l>
<l> Now, one the better: then, another best; </l>
<l> Both tugging <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> be Victors, <reg orig="brest">breast</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> <reg orig="brest">breast</reg>: </l>
<l> Yet neither Conqueror, nor Conquered. </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">So</seg> is the <reg orig="equall">equal</reg> poise of this fell <reg orig="Warre">War</reg>. </l>
<l> <reg orig="Heere"> Here </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> this Mole-hill <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> I sit me <reg orig="downe,"> down, </reg></l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">To</seg> whom God <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg>, there be the <reg orig="Victorie">Victory</reg>: </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Margaret  </hi> my <reg orig="Queene">Queen</reg>, and <hi rend="italic"> Clifford  </hi> too </l>
<l> <reg orig="Haue"> Have </reg> chid me from the <reg orig="Battell">Battle</reg>: Swearing both, </l>
<l> They prosper best of all when I am thence. </l>
<l> Would I were dead, if Gods good <seg type="homograph" subtype="noun">will</seg> were <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">so</seg>; </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> what is <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> this world, but <reg orig="Greefe">Grief</reg> and Woe. </l>
<l> <reg orig="Oh"> O </reg> God! <reg orig="me thinkes"> methinks </reg> it were a happy life, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> be <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> better <reg orig="then"> than </reg> a homely <reg orig="Swaine">Swain</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> sit <reg orig="vpon"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">upon</seg> </reg> a hill, as I do now, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> <reg orig="carue">carve</reg> out <reg orig="Dialls">Dials</reg> <reg orig="queintly">quaintly</reg>, point <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> point, </l>
<l> Thereby <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> see the Minutes how they <reg orig="runne">run</reg>: </l>
<l> How many makes the <reg orig="Houre">Hour</reg> full <reg orig="compleate">complete</reg>, </l>
<l> How many <reg orig="Houres">Hours</reg> brings about the Day, </l>
<l> How many <reg orig="Dayes">Days</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> finish <reg orig="vp"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">up</seg> </reg> the <reg orig="Yeare">Year</reg>, </l>
<l> How many <reg orig="Yeares">Years</reg>, a <reg orig="Mortall">Mortal</reg> man may <reg orig="liue."> live. </reg> </l>
<l> When this is <reg orig="knowne,"> known, </reg> then <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="diuide">divide</reg> the Times: </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">So</seg> many <reg orig="Houres">Hours</reg>, must I tend my <reg orig="Flocke">Flock</reg>; </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">So</seg> many <reg orig="Houres">Hours</reg>, must I take my Rest: </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">So</seg> many <reg orig="Houres">Hours</reg>, must I Contemplate: </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">So</seg> many <reg orig="Houres">Hours</reg>, must I Sport <reg orig="my selfe:"> myself: </reg> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">So</seg> many <reg orig="Dayes">Days</reg>, my Ewes <reg orig="haue bene"> have been </reg> with <reg orig="yong">young</reg>: </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">So</seg> many <reg orig="weekes">weeks</reg>, ere the <reg orig="poore">poor</reg> <reg orig="Fooles">Fools</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> <reg orig="Eane">Ean</reg>: </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">So</seg> many <reg orig="yeares">years</reg>, ere I shall <reg orig="sheere">sheer</reg> the Fleece: </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">So</seg> Minutes, <reg orig="Houres">Hours</reg>, <reg orig="Dayes">Days</reg>, <reg orig="Monthes">Months</reg>, and <reg orig="Yeares">Years</reg>, </l>
<l> Past <reg orig="ouer"> over </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> the end they were created, </l>
<l> Would bring white <reg orig="haires">hairs</reg>, <reg orig="vnto"> unto </reg> a Quiet <reg orig="graue">grave</reg>. </l>
<l> Ah! what a life were this? How sweet? how <reg orig="louely">lovely</reg>? </l>
<l> <reg orig="Giues"> Gives </reg> not the <reg orig="Hawthorne">Hawthorn</reg> bush a sweeter shade </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">To</seg> <reg orig="Shepheards">Shepherds</reg>, looking <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> their silly <reg orig="Sheepe">Sheep</reg>, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Then"> Than </reg> doth a rich <reg orig="Imbroider'd">Embroidered</reg> <reg orig="Canopie">Canopy</reg> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">To</seg> Kings, <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> <reg orig="feare">fear</reg> their <reg orig="Subiects">Subjects</reg> <reg orig="treacherie">treachery</reg>? </l>
<l> <reg orig="Oh"> O </reg> yes, it doth; a thousand fold it doth. </l>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> conclude, the Shepherds homely Curds, </l>
<l> His cold <reg orig="thinne">thin</reg> <reg orig="drinke">drink</reg> out of his Leather Bottle, </l>
<l> His wonted <reg orig="sleepe">sleep</reg>, <reg orig="vnder"> under </reg> a fresh trees shade, </l>
<l> All <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">which</seg> secure, and sweetly he <reg orig="enioyes">enjoys</reg>, </l>
<l> Is <reg orig="farre">far</reg> beyond a Princes Delicates: </l>
<l> His Viands sparkling <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> a Golden Cup, </l>
<l> His <reg orig="bodie">body</reg> couched <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> a curious bed, </l>
<l> When Care, Mistrust, and Treason waits <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> him. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic">
Alarum. Enter a Sonne that hath kill'd his Father, at one doore: 
and a Father that hath kill'd his Sonne at another doore.
<sp who="W"><speaker rend="italic"> Son. </speaker>
<l> Ill <reg orig="blowes">blows</reg> the <reg orig="winde">wind</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> profits <reg orig="no body"> nobody</reg>, </l>
<l> This man whom hand <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> hand I slew <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> fight, </l>
<l> May be possessed with some store of <reg orig="Crownes">Crowns</reg>, </l>
<l> And I <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> (<reg orig="haply">happily</reg>) take them from him now, </l>
<l> May yet (ere night) <reg orig="yeeld">yield</reg> both my Life and them </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">To</seg> some man else, as this dead man doth me. </l>
<l> <reg orig="Who's"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="interrogative">who</seg> is </reg> this? <reg orig="Oh"> O </reg> God! It is my Fathers face, </l>
<l> Whom <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> this Conflict, I (<reg orig="vnwares">unawares</reg>) <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> <reg orig="kill'd">killed</reg>: </l>
<l> <reg orig="Oh"> O </reg> <reg orig="heauy">heavy</reg> times! begetting such <reg orig="Euents">Events</reg>. </l>
<l> From London, <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> the King was I <reg orig="prest">pressed</reg> forth, </l>
<l> My Father being the <reg orig="Earle">Earl</reg> of Warwickes man, </l>
<l> Came <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> the part of Yorke, <reg orig="prest">pressed</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> his Master: </l>
<l> And I, <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">who</seg> at his hands <reg orig="receiu'd">received</reg> my life, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Haue"> Have </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> my hands, of Life <reg orig="bereaued">bereaved</reg> him. </l>
<l> Pardon me God, I knew not what I did: </l>
<l> And pardon Father, <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">for</seg> I knew not thee. </l>
<l> My <reg orig="Teares">Tears</reg> shall wipe away these bloody <reg orig="markes">marks</reg>: </l>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> more words, till they <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> <reg orig="flow'd">flowed</reg> their fill. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker rend="italic"> King. </speaker>
<l> O <reg orig="pitteous">piteous</reg> spectacle! O bloody Times! </l>
<l> Whiles <reg orig="Lyons">Lions</reg> <reg orig="Warre">War</reg>, and <reg orig="battaile">battle</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> their <reg orig="Dennes">Dens</reg>, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Poore">Poor</reg> <reg orig="harmlesse">harmless</reg> <reg orig="Lambes">Lambs</reg> abide their enmity. </l>
<l> <reg orig="Weepe">Weep</reg> wretched man: <reg orig="Ile"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> <reg orig="ayde">aid</reg> thee <reg orig="Teare">Tear</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> <reg orig="Teare">Tear</reg>, </l>
<l> And let <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> hearts and eyes, <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">like</seg> <reg orig="Ciuill">Civil</reg> <reg orig="Warre">War</reg>, </l>
<l> Be <reg orig="blinde">blind</reg> with <reg orig="teares">tears</reg>, and break <reg orig="ore-charg'd">overcharged</reg> with <reg orig="griefe">grief</reg> </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic"> 
Enter Father, bearing of his Sonne.
<sp who="V"><speaker rend="italic"> Fa. </speaker>
<l> Thou <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> stoutly hath resisted me, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Giue"> Give </reg> me thy Gold, if thou hast any Gold: </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> I <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> bought it with an hundred <reg orig="blowes">blows</reg>. </l>
<l> But let me see: Is this <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> <reg orig="foemans">foeman's</reg> face? </l>
<l> Ah, <seg type="homograph" subtype="exclamation">no</seg>, <seg type="homograph" subtype="exclamation">no</seg>, <seg type="homograph" subtype="exclamation">no</seg>, it is mine <reg orig="onely Sonne."> only Son. </reg> </l>
<l> Ah Boy, if any life be left <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> thee, </l>
<l> Throw <reg orig="vp"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">up</seg> </reg> thine eye: see, see, what <reg orig="showres">showers</reg> arise, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Blowne">Blown</reg> with the <reg orig="windie">windy</reg> Tempest of my heart, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Vpon"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">Upon</seg> </reg> thy wounds, <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> <reg orig="killes">kills</reg> mine Eye, and Heart. </l>
<l> O <reg orig="pitty">pity</reg> God, this miserable Age! </l>
<l> What Stragems? how fell? how Butcherly? </l>
<l> <reg orig="Erreoneous">Erroneous</reg>, mutinous, and <reg orig="vnnaturall">unnatural</reg>, </l>
<l> This deadly <reg orig="quarrell">quarrel</reg> daily doth beget? </l>
<l> O Boy! thy Father <reg orig="gaue"> gave </reg> thee life too <reg orig="soone,"> soon, </reg> </l>
<l> And hath bereft thee of thy life too late. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker rend="italic"> King. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Wo">Woe</reg> <reg orig="aboue"> above </reg> <reg orig="wo">woe</reg>: <reg orig="greefe">grief</reg>, more the common <reg orig="greefe">grief</reg> </l>
<l> O <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> my death would stay these <reg orig="ruthfull">ruthful</reg> deeds: </l>
<l> O <reg orig="pitty">pity</reg>, <reg orig="pitty">pity</reg>, gentle <reg orig="heauen">heaven</reg> <reg orig="pitty">pity</reg>: </l>
<l> The Red Rose and the White are <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> his face, </l>
<l> The <reg orig="fatall">fatal</reg> Colours of <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> <reg orig="striuing">striving</reg> Houses: </l>
<l> The one, his purple Blood right well resembles, </l>
<l> The other his pale <reg orig="Cheekes">Cheeks</reg> (<reg orig="me thinkes"> methinks </reg>) presenteth: </l>
<l> Wither one Rose, and let the other flourish: </l>
<l> If you contend, a thousand <reg orig="liues"> lives </reg> must wither. </l></sp>
<sp who="W"><speaker rend="italic"> Son. </speaker>
<l> How <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> my Mother, <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> a Fathers death </l>
<l> Take <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">on</seg> with me, and <reg orig="ne're"> never </reg> be <reg orig="satisfi'd">satisfied</reg>? </l></sp>
<sp who="V"><speaker rend="italic"> Fa. </speaker>
<l> How <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> my Wife, <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> slaughter of my <reg orig="Sonne,"> Son, </reg> </l>
<l> Shed seas of <reg orig="Teares">Tears</reg>, and <reg orig="ne're"> never </reg> be <reg orig="satisfi'd">satisfied</reg>? </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker rend="italic"> King. </speaker>
<l> How <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> the Country, <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> these <reg orig="woful">woeful</reg> chances, </l>
<pb n="157"/>
<l> <reg orig="Mis-thinke">Miss-think</reg> the King, and not be satisfied? </l></sp>
<sp who="W"><speaker rend="italic"> Son. </speaker>
<l> Was <reg orig="euer sonne,"> ever son, </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> <reg orig="rew'd">rued</reg> a Fathers death? </l></sp>
<sp who="V"><speaker rend="italic"> Fath. </speaker>
<l> Was ever Father <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> <reg orig="bemoan'd">bemoaned</reg> his <reg orig="Sonne?"> Son? </reg> </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker rend="italic"> Hen. </speaker>
<l> Was <reg orig="euer"> ever </reg> King <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> <reg orig="greeu'd">grieved</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> <reg orig="Subiects">Subjects</reg> woe? </l>
<l> Much is your sorrow; Mine, ten times <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> much. </l></sp>
<sp who="W"><speaker rend="italic"> Son. </speaker>

<l> <reg orig="Ile"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> <reg orig="beare">bear</reg> thee hence, where I may <reg orig="weepe">weep</reg> my fill. </l></sp>
<sp who="V"><speaker rend="italic"> Fath. </speaker>
<l> These <reg orig="armes">arms</reg> of mine shall be thy winding sheet: </l>
<l> My heart (sweet Boy) shall be thy <reg orig="Sepulcher">Sepulchre</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> from my heart, thine Image <reg orig="ne're"> never </reg> shall go. </l>
<l> My sighing <reg orig="brest">breast</reg>, shall be thy <reg orig="Funerall">Funeral</reg> bell; </l>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> obsequious <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> thy Father be, </l>
<l> Men <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> the <reg orig="losse">loss</reg> of thee, <reg orig="hauing"> having </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> more, </l>
<l> As <hi rend="italic"> Priam  </hi> was <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> all his Valiant <reg orig="Sonnes,"> Sons, </reg> </l>
<l> <reg orig="Ile"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> <reg orig="beare">bear</reg> thee hence, and let them fight <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> I <reg orig="haue">have</reg> murthered where I should not kill. </l></sp>
 <stage rend="italic">   Exit

<sp who="B"><speaker rend="italic"> Hen. </speaker>
<l> Sad-hearted-men, much <reg orig="ouergone">overgone</reg> with Care; </l>
<l> <reg orig="Heere"> Here </reg> sits a King, more <reg orig="wofull">woeful</reg> <reg orig="then"> than </reg> you are. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic">
Alarums. Excursions. Enter the Queen, the Prince, and Exeter.
<sp who="I"><speaker rend="italic"> Prin. </speaker>
<l> Fly Father, <reg orig="flye">fly</reg>: <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">for</seg> all your Friends are fled. </l>
<l> And Warwicke rages <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">like</seg> a chafed Bull: </l>
<l> Away, <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">for</seg> death doth hold <reg orig="vs"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg> </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <reg orig="pursuite">pursuit</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker rend="italic"> Qu. </speaker>
<l> Mount you my Lord, towards Barwicke post <reg orig="amaine">amain</reg>: </l>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Edward  </hi> and <hi rend="italic"> Richard  </hi> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">like</seg> a brace of Grey-hounds, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Hauing"> Having </reg> the <reg orig="fearfull">fearful</reg> flying Hare <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> sight, </l>
<l> With fiery eyes, sparkling <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> very wrath, </l>
<l> And bloody <reg orig="steele">steel</reg> <reg orig="graspt">grasped</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> their <reg orig="yrefull">ireful</reg> hands </l>
<l> Are at <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> <reg orig="backes,"> backs, </reg> and therefore hence <reg orig="amaine">amain</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="O"><speaker rend="italic"> Exet. </speaker>
<l> Away: <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> vengeance comes along with them. </l>
<l> Nay, stay not <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> expostulate, make speed, </l>
 <l> Or else come after, <reg orig="Ile">I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg></reg> away before. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker rend="italic"> Hen. </speaker>
<l> Nay take me with thee, good sweet Exeter: </l>
<l> Not <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> I <reg orig="feare">fear</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> stay, but <reg orig="loue"> love </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> go </l>
<l> Whether the <reg orig="Queene">Queen</reg> intends. Forward, away. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic">   Exeunt</stage></div2>
 <div2 n="6"><stage>
A lowd alarum. Enter Clifford Wounded.
<sp who="H"><speaker rend="italic"> Clif. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Heere"> Here </reg> <reg orig="burnes">burns</reg> my Candle out; <reg orig="I, heere"> Aye, here </reg> it dies, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">Which</seg> whiles it lasted, <reg orig="gaue"> gave </reg> King <hi rend="italic"> Henry  </hi> light. </l>
<l> O Lancaster! I <reg orig="feare">fear</reg> thy <reg orig="ouerthrow">overthrow</reg>, </l>
<l> More <reg orig="then"> than </reg>  my Bodies parting with my <reg orig="Soule">Soul</reg>: </l>
<l> My <reg orig="Loue"> Love </reg> and <reg orig="Feare">Fear</reg>, <reg orig="glew'd">glued</reg> many Friends <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> thee, </l>
<l> And now I fall. Thy tough Commixtures melts, </l>
<l> Impairing <hi rend="italic"> Henry, </hi> <reg orig="strength'ning">strengthening</reg> misproud Yorke; </l>
<l> And whether <reg orig="flye">fly</reg> the Gnats, but <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> the <reg orig="Sunne">Sun</reg>? </l>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="interrogative">who</seg> shines now, but <hi rend="italic"> Henries  </hi> Enemies? </l>
<l> O Phoebus! <reg orig="had'st"> hadst </reg> thou <reg orig="neuer giuen"> never given </reg> consent, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Phaeton  </hi> should <reg orig="checke">check</reg> thy fiery Steeds, </l>
<l> Thy burning <reg orig="Carre">Car</reg> <reg orig="neuer"> never </reg> had <reg orig="scorch'd">scorched</reg> the earth. </l>
<l> And <hi rend="italic"> Henry, </hi> <reg orig="had'st"> hadst </reg> thou <reg orig="sway'd">swayed</reg> as Kings should do, </l>
<l> Or as thy Father, and his Father did, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Giuing"> Giving </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> ground <reg orig="vnto"> unto </reg> the house of Yorke, </l>
<l> They <reg orig="neuer"> never </reg> then had sprung <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">like</seg> <reg orig="Sommer">Summer</reg> <reg orig="Flyes">Flies</reg>: </l>
<l> <reg orig="I,"> Aye, </reg> and ten thousand <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> this <reg orig="lucklesse">luckless</reg> <reg orig="Realme">Realm</reg>, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Hed">Had</reg> lest <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> mourning <reg orig="Widdowes">Widows</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> death, </l>
<l> And thou this day, <reg orig="had'st"> hadst </reg> kept thy <reg orig="Chaire">Chair</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> peace. </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> what doth <reg orig="cherrish">cherish</reg> Weeds, but gentle <reg orig="ayre">air</reg>? </l>
<l> And what makes Robbers bold, but too much lenity? </l>
<l> <reg orig="Bootlesse">Bootless</reg> are Plaints, and <reg orig="Curelesse">Cureless</reg> are my Wounds: </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">No</seg> way <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="flye">fly</reg>, nor strength <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> hold out flight: </l>
<l> The Foe is <reg orig="mercilesse">merciless</reg>, and <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> not <reg orig="pitty">pity</reg>: </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> at their hands I <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> <reg orig="deseru'd">deserved</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> <reg orig="pitty">pity</reg>. </l>
<l> The <reg orig="ayre">air</reg> hath got into my deadly Wounds, </l>
<l> And much effuse of blood, doth make me faint: </l>
<l> Come <hi rend="italic"> Yorke, </hi> and <hi rend="italic"> Richard, Warwicke, </hi> and the rest, </l>
<l> I <reg orig="stab'd">stabbed</reg> your Fathers <reg orig="bosomes">bosoms</reg>; Split my <reg orig="brest">breast</reg>. </l> </sp>
<stage rend="italic">
Alarum <reg orig="&">and</reg> Retreat. Enter Edward, Warwicke, Richard, and Soldiers, 
Montague, <reg orig="&">and</reg> Clarence.
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> Ed. </speaker>
<l> Now breath <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">we</seg> Lords, good fortune bids <reg orig="vs"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">us</seg> </reg> pause, </l>
<l> And smooth the <reg orig="frownes">frowns</reg> of War, with <reg orig="peacefull">peaceful</reg> <reg orig="lookes:"> looks: </reg> </l>
<l> Some <reg orig="Troopes">Troops</reg> pursue the bloody-minded <reg orig="Queene">Queen</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">That</seg> led <reg orig="calme">calm</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Henry, </hi> though he were a King, </l>
<l> As doth a <reg orig="Saile">Sail</reg>, <reg orig="fill'd">filled</reg> with a fretting Gust </l>
<l> Command an <reg orig="Argosie">Argosy</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="stemme">stem</reg> the <reg orig="Waues">Waves</reg>. </l>
<l> But <reg orig="thinke"> think </reg> you (Lords) <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> Clifford fled with them? </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker rend="italic"> War. </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="exclamation">No</seg>, <reg orig="'tis"> it is </reg> impossible he should escape: </l>
<l> (<seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> though before his face I <reg orig="speake"> speak </reg> the words) </l>
<l> Your Brother <hi rend="italic"> Richard  </hi> <reg orig="markt">marked</reg> him <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> the <reg orig="Graue">Grave</reg>. </l>
<l> And <reg orig="wheresoere"> wheresoever </reg> he is, <reg orig="hee's"> he is </reg> surely dead. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic">   Clifford grones
<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Rich. </speaker>
<l> Whose <reg orig="soule">soul</reg> is <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">which</seg> takes <reg orig="hir"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="personalPronoun">her</seg> </reg> <reg orig="heauy">heavy</reg> <reg orig="leaue">leave</reg>? </l>
<l> A deadly <reg orig="grone">groan</reg>, <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">like</seg> life and deaths departing. </l>
<l> See <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">who</seg> it is. </l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> Ed. </speaker>
<l> And now the <reg orig="Battailes">Battles</reg> ended, </l>
<l> If Friend or Foe, let him be gently <reg orig="vsed">used</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Rich. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Reuoke">Revoke</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> <reg orig="doome">doom</reg> of mercy, <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">for</seg> <reg orig="'tis"> it is </reg> <hi rend="italic"> Clifford, </hi> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">Who</seg> not contented <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> he <reg orig="lopp'd">lopped</reg> the Branch </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">In</seg> hewing Rutland, when his <reg orig="leaues">leaves</reg> put forth, </l>
<l> But set his <reg orig="murth'ring">murthering</reg> knife <reg orig="vnto"> unto </reg> the <reg orig="Roote">Root</reg>, </l>
<l> From whence <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> tender spray did sweetly spring, </l>
<l> I <reg orig="meane">mean</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> Princely Father, Duke of Yorke. </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker rend="italic"> War. </speaker>
<l> From off the gates of Yorke, fetch down <reg orig="ye"> the </reg> head, </l>
<l> Your Fathers head, <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">which</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Clifford  </hi> placed there: </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">In</seg> stead whereof, let this supply the <reg orig="roome">room</reg>, </l>
<l> Measure <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> measure, must be answered. </l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> Ed. </speaker>
<l> Bring forth <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> <reg orig="fatall">fatal</reg> <reg orig="Schreechowle">Screech-owl</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">our</seg> house, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> nothing sung but death, <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> <reg orig="vs"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">us</seg> </reg> and <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">ours</seg>: </l>
<l> Now death shall stop his <reg orig="dismall">dismal</reg> <reg orig="threatning">threatening</reg> sound, </l>
<l> And his <reg orig="ill-boading">ill-boding</reg> tongue, <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> more shall <reg orig="speake."> speak. </reg> </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker rend="italic"> War. </speaker>
<l> I <reg orig="thinke"> think </reg> is <reg orig="vnderstanding">understanding</reg> is bereft: </l>
<l> <reg orig="Speake"> Speak </reg> <hi rend="italic"> Clifford, </hi> dost thou know <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">who</seg> <reg orig="speakes"> speaks </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> thee? </l>
<l> <reg orig="Darke">Dark</reg> cloudy death <reg orig="ore-shades">overshades</reg> his <reg orig="beames">beams</reg> of life, </l>
<l> And he nor sees, nor <reg orig="heares vs,"> hears <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg>, </reg> what <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> say. </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Rich. </speaker>
<l> O would he did, and <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">so</seg> (perhaps) he doth, </l>
<l> <reg orig="'Tis"> It is </reg> but his policy <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="counterfet">counterfeit</reg>, </l>
<l> Because he would <reg orig="auoid">avoid</reg> such bitter taunts </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">Which</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> the time of death he <reg orig="gaue:"> gave </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> Father. </l></sp>
<sp who="E"><speaker rend="italic"> Cla. </speaker>
<l> If <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">so</seg> thou <reg orig="think'st">thinkst</reg>, </l>
<l> Vex him with eager Words. </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Rich. </speaker>
<l> <hi rend="italic">  Clifford, </hi> <reg orig="aske"> ask </reg> mercy, and <reg orig="obtaine">obtain</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> grace. </l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> Ed. </speaker>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Clifford, </hi> repent <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <reg orig="bootlesse">bootless</reg> penitence. </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker rend="italic"> War. </speaker>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Clifford, </hi> <reg orig="deuise">devise</reg> excuses <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> thy faults. </l></sp>
<sp who="E"><speaker rend="italic"> Cla. </speaker>
<l> While <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> <reg orig="deuise">devise</reg> fell Tortures <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> thy faults. </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Rich. </speaker>
<l> Thou <reg orig="didd'st">didst</reg> <reg orig="loue"> love </reg> Yorke, and I am son <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> Yorke. </l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> Edw. </speaker>
<l> Thou <reg orig="pittied'st">pitiedest</reg> Rutland, I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> <reg orig="pitty">pity</reg> thee. </l></sp>
<sp who="E"><speaker rend="italic"> Cla. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Where's"> Where is </reg> <reg orig="Captaine">Captain</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Margaret, </hi> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> fence you now? </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker rend="italic"> War. </speaker>
<l> They <reg orig="mocke">mock</reg> thee <hi rend="italic"> Clifford</hi>, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Sweare">Swear</reg> as thou <reg orig="was't"> wast </reg> wont. </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Ric. </speaker>
<l> What, not an Oath? Nay then the world <reg orig="go's"> goes </reg> hard </l>
<l> When <hi rend="italic"> Clifford  </hi> cannot spare his Friends an oath: </l>
<l> I know <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> <reg orig="he's"> he is </reg> dead, and <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> my <reg orig="Soule">Soul</reg>, </l>
<l> If this right hand would buy two <reg orig="houres">hours</reg> life, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> I (<seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> all <reg orig="despight">despite</reg>) might <reg orig="rayle">rail</reg> at him, </l>
<l> This hand should chop it off: <reg orig="&"> and </reg> with the issuing Blood </l>
<l> Stifle the <reg orig="Villaine">Villain</reg>, whose <reg orig="vnstanched">unstaunched</reg> thirst </l>
<l> Yorke, and <reg orig="yong">young</reg> Rutland could not <reg orig="satisfie">satisfy</reg> </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker rend="italic"> War. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="I">Aye</reg>, but <reg orig="he's"> he is </reg> dead. <reg orig="Of"> Off </reg> with the Traitors head, </l>
<l> And <reg orig="reare">rear</reg> it <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> the place your Fathers stands. </l>
<l> And now <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> London with Triumphant march, </l>
<pb n="158"/>
<l> There <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> be crowned Englands <reg orig="Royall">Royal</reg> King: </l>
<l> From whence, shall Warwicke cut the Sea <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> France, </l>
<l> And <reg orig="aske"> ask </reg> the <reg orig="Ladie">Lady</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Bona  </hi> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> thy <reg orig="Queene">Queen</reg>: </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">So</seg> shalt thou <reg orig="sinow">sinew</reg> both these Lands together, </l>
<l> And <reg orig="hauing"> having </reg> France thy Friend, thou shalt not dread </l>
<l> The <reg orig="scattred">scattered</reg> Foe, <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> hopes <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> rise <reg orig="againe:"> again: </reg> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> though they cannot greatly sting <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> hurt, </l>
<l> Yet <reg orig="looke"> look </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> them <reg orig="buz">buzz</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> offend thine <reg orig="eares">ears</reg>: </l>
<l> First, <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> I see the Coronation, </l>
<l> And then <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> Britanny <reg orig="Ile"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> <reg orig="crosse">cross</reg> the Sea, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> effect this marriage, <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">so</seg> it please my Lord. </l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> Ed. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Euen"> Even </reg> as thou wilt sweet Warwicke, let it <reg orig="bee:"> be: </reg> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> thy shoulder do I <reg orig="builde">build</reg> my <reg orig="Seate">Seat</reg>; </l>
<l> And <reg orig="neuer"> never </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> I <reg orig="vndertake">undertake</reg> the thing </l>
<l> Wherein thy <reg orig="counsaile">counsel</reg> and consent is wanting: </l>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Richard, </hi> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> create thee Duke of Gloucester, </l>
<l> And <hi rend="italic"> George  </hi> of Clarence; <hi rend="italic"> Warwicke  </hi> as <reg orig="our Selfe,"> ourself </reg> </l>
<l> Shall do, and <reg orig="vndo">undo</reg> as him pleaseth best. </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Rich. </speaker>
<l> Let me be Duke of Clarence, <hi rend="italic"> George  </hi> of Gloster, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> Glosters <reg orig="Dukedome">Dukedom</reg> is too ominous. </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker rend="italic"> War. </speaker>
<l> Tut, <reg orig="that's"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> is </reg> a foolish <reg orig="obseruation">observation</reg>: </l>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Richard, </hi> be Duke of Gloster: Now <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> London, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> see these <reg orig="Honors">Honours</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> possession. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic">   Exeunt
<div1 n="3">
 <div2 n="1">
<stage rend="italic">
Enter Sinklo, and Humfrey, with Crosse-bowes in their hands.
<sp who="Y"><speaker rend="italic"> Sink. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Vnder"> Under </reg> this <reg orig="thicke">thick</reg> <reg orig="growne">grown</reg> brake, <reg orig="wee'l"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> <reg orig="shrowd">shroud</reg> <reg orig="our selues:"> ourselves: </reg> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> through this <reg orig="Laund">Land</reg> anon the <reg orig="Deere">Deer</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> come, </l>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> this <reg orig="couert">covert</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> make <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> Stand, </l>
<l> Culling the <reg orig="principall">principal</reg> of all the <reg orig="Deere">Deer</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="Z"><speaker rend="italic"> Hum. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Ile"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> stay <reg orig="abou"> above </reg> the hill, <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">so</seg> both may shoot. </l></sp>
<sp who="Y"><speaker rend="italic"> Sink. </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">That</seg> cannot be, the noise of thy <reg orig="Crosse-bow">Crossbow</reg> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">Will</seg> <reg orig="scarre">scar</reg> the Heard, and <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">so</seg> my shoot is lost: </l>
<l> <reg orig="Heere"> Here </reg> stand <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> both, and <reg orig="ayme">aim</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> at the best: </l>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">for</seg> the time shall not <reg orig="seeme"> seem </reg> tedious, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Ile"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> tell thee what befell me <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> a day, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">In</seg> this <reg orig="selfe-place">self place</reg>, where now <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> <reg orig="meane">mean</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> stand. </l></sp>
<sp who="Y"><speaker rend="italic"> Sink. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Heere"> Here </reg> comes a man, <reg orig="let's"> let <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg> </reg> stay till he be past: </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic"> Enter the King with a Prayer booke.
<sp who="B"><speaker rend="italic"> Hen. </speaker>
<l> From Scotland am I <reg orig="stolne">stolen</reg> <reg orig="euen"> even </reg> of pure <reg orig="loue,"> love, </reg> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> greet mine <reg orig="owne"> own </reg> Land with my <reg orig="wishfull">wishful</reg> sight: </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="exclamation">No</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Harry, Harry, </hi> <reg orig="'tis"> it is </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> Land of thine, </l>
<l> Thy place is <reg orig="fill'd">filled</reg>, thy <reg orig="Scepter">Sceptre</reg> wrung from thee, </l>
<l> Thy <reg orig="Balme">Balm</reg> <reg orig="washt">washed</reg> off, wherewith thou was <reg orig="Annointed">Anointed</reg>: </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">No</seg> bending knee <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> call thee <hi rend="italic"> Caesar </hi> now, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">No</seg> humble <reg orig="suters">suitors</reg> <reg orig="prease">press</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="speake"> speak </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> right: </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="exclamation">No</seg>, not a man comes <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> <reg orig="redresse">redress</reg> of thee: </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> how can I <reg orig="helpe">help</reg> them, and not <reg orig="my selfe?"> myself? </reg> </l></sp>
<sp who="Y"><speaker rend="italic"> Sink. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="I, heere's"> Aye, here is </reg> a <reg orig="Deere">Dear</reg>, whose <reg orig="skin's"> skin is </reg> a Keepers Fee: </l>
<l> This is the quondam King; <reg orig="Let's"> Let <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg> </reg> seize <reg orig="vpon"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">upon</seg> </reg> him. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker rend="italic"> Hen. </speaker>
<l> Let me embrace the sower <reg orig="Aduersaries">Adversaries</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> Wise men say, it is the wisest course. </l></sp>
<sp who="Z"><speaker rend="italic"> Hum. </speaker>
<l> Why linger <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg>? Let <reg orig="vs"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg> </reg> lay hands <reg orig="vpon"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">upon</seg> </reg> him. </l></sp>
<sp who="Y"><speaker rend="italic"> Sink. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Forbeare">Forbear</reg> <reg orig="a-while">awhile</reg>, <reg orig="wee'l heare"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> hear </reg> a little more. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker rend="italic"> Hen. </speaker>
<l> My <reg orig="Queene">Queen</reg> and Son are gone <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> France <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> aid: </l>
<l> And (as I <reg orig="heare"> hear </reg>) the great Commanding Warwicke </l>
<l> <reg orig="I:"> Aye: </reg> thither gone, <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="craue">crave</reg> the French Kings Sister </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">To</seg> wife <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Edward. </hi> If this <reg orig="newes">news</reg> be true, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Poore">Poor</reg> <reg orig="Queene">Queen</reg>, and <reg orig="Sonne,"> Son, </reg> your labour is but lost: </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> Warwicke is a subtle Orator: </l>
<l> And <hi rend="italic"> Lewis </hi> a Prince <reg orig="soone"> soon </reg> <reg orig="wonne">won</reg> with <reg orig="mouing">moving</reg> words: </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">By</seg> this account then, <hi rend="italic"> Margaret  </hi> may <reg orig="winne">win</reg> him, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> <reg orig="she's"> she is </reg> a woman <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> be <reg orig="pittied">pitied</reg> much: </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">Her</seg> <reg orig="sighes">sighs</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> make a <reg orig="batt'ry">battery</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> his <reg orig="brest">breast</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">Her</seg> <reg orig="teares">tears</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> pierce into a Marble heart: </l>
<l> The <reg orig="Tyger">Tiger</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> be <reg orig="milde">mild</reg>, whiles she doth <reg orig="mourne">mourn</reg>; </l>
<l> And <hi rend="italic"> Nero  </hi> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> be tainted with remorse, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> <reg orig="heare"> hear </reg> and see <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">her</seg> plaints, <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">her</seg> Brinish <reg orig="Teares">Tears</reg>. </l>
<l> <reg orig="I,"> Aye, </reg> but <reg orig="shee's"> she has </reg> come <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="begge">beg</reg>, Warwicke <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="giue:"> give: </reg> </l>
<l> <reg orig="Shee"> She </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> his left side, <reg orig="crauing">craving</reg> <reg orig="ayde">aid</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Henrie; </hi> </l>
<l> He <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> his right, asking a wife <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Edward. </hi> </l>
<l> <reg orig="Shee"> She </reg> <reg orig="Weepes">Weeps</reg>, and <reg orig="sayes,"> says, </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">her</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Henry  </hi> is <reg orig="depos'd">deposed</reg>: </l>
<l> He Smiles, and <reg orig="sayes,"> says, </reg> his <hi rend="italic"> Edward  </hi> is <reg orig="instaul'd">installed</reg>; </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> she (<reg orig="poore">poor</reg> Wretch) <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> <reg orig="greefe">grief</reg> can <reg orig="speake"> speak </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> more: </l>
<l> Whiles Warwicke <reg orig="tels"> tells </reg> his Title, smooths the Wrong, </l>
<l> Inferreth arguments of mighty strength, </l>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> conclusion <reg orig="winnes">wins</reg> the King from <seg type="homograph" subtype="personalPronoun">her</seg>, </l>
<l> With promise of his Sister, and what else, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> strengthen and support King <hi rend="italic"> Edwards  </hi> place. </l>
<l> O <hi rend="italic"> Margaret, </hi> thus <reg orig="'twill"> it <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> be, and thou (<reg orig="poore">poor</reg> <reg orig="soule">soul</reg>) </l>
<l> Art then forsaken, as thou <reg orig="went'st">wentest</reg> <reg orig="forlorne">forlorn</reg>. </l></sp>

<sp who="Z"><speaker rend="italic"> Hum. </speaker>
<l> Say, what art thou <reg orig="talk'st">talkest</reg> of Kings <reg orig="&"> and </reg> Queens? </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker rend="italic"> King. </speaker>
<l> More <reg orig="then"> than </reg> I <reg orig="seeme,"> seem, </reg> and <reg orig="lesse">less</reg> <reg orig="then"> than </reg> I was born <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">to</seg>: </l>
<l> A man at least, <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">for</seg> <reg orig="lesse">less</reg> I should not be: </l>
<l> And men may <reg orig="talke"> talk </reg> of Kings, and why not I? </l></sp>
<sp who="Z"><speaker rend="italic"> Hum. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="I,"> Aye, </reg> but thou <reg orig="talk'st">talkest</reg>, as if thou <reg orig="wer't"> wert </reg> a King. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker rend="italic"> King. </speaker>
<l> Why <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">so</seg> I am (<seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <reg orig="Minde">Mind</reg>) and <reg orig="that's"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> is </reg> enough. </l></sp>
<sp who="Z"><speaker rend="italic"> Hum. </speaker>
<l> But if thou be a King, where is thy <reg orig="Crowne">Crown</reg>? </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker rend="italic"> King. </speaker>
<l> My <reg orig="Crowne">Crown</reg> is <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> my heart, not <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> my head: </l>
<l> Not <reg orig="deck'd">decked</reg> with Diamonds, and Indian stones: </l>
<l> Nor <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> be <reg orig="seene:"> seen: </reg> my <reg orig="Crowne">Crown</reg>, is <reg orig="call'd">called</reg> Content, </l>
<l> A <reg orig="Crowne">Crown</reg> it is, <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> <reg orig="sildome">seldom</reg> Kings <reg orig="enioy">enjoy</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="Z"><speaker rend="italic"> Hum. </speaker>
<l> Well, if you be a King <reg orig="crown'd">crowned</reg> with Content, </l>
<l> Your <reg orig="Crowne">Crown</reg> Content, and you, must be contented </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> go along with <reg orig="vs."> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg>. </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> (as <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> <reg orig="thinke"> think </reg>) </l>
<l> You are the king King <hi rend="italic"> Edward  </hi> hath <reg orig="depos'd">deposed</reg>: </l>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> his <reg orig="subiects">subjects</reg>, <reg orig="sworne">sworn</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> all <reg orig="Allegeance">Allegiance</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">Will</seg> apprehend you, as his <reg orig="Enemie">Enemy</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker rend="italic"> King. </speaker>
<l> But did you <reg orig="neuer"> never </reg> <reg orig="sweare">swear</reg>, and <reg orig="breake">break</reg> an Oath. </l></sp>
<sp who="Z"><speaker rend="italic"> Hum. </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="exclamation">No</seg>, <reg orig="neuer"> never </reg> such an Oath, nor <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> not now. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker rend="italic"> King. </speaker>
<l> Where did you dwell when I was <reg orig="K."> King </reg> of England? </l></sp>
<sp who="Z"><speaker rend="italic"> Hum. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Heere"> Here </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> this Country, where <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> now <reg orig="remaine">remain</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker rend="italic"> King. </speaker>
<l> I was <reg orig="annointed">anointed</reg> King at nine <reg orig="monthes">months</reg> old, </l>
<l> My Father, and my Grandfather were Kings: </l>
<l> And you were <reg orig="sworne">sworn</reg> true <reg orig="Subiects">Subjects</reg> <reg orig="vnto"> unto </reg> me: </l>
<l> And tell me then, <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> you not broke your <reg orig="Oathes">Oaths</reg>? </l></sp>
<sp who="Y"><speaker rend="italic"> Sin. </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="exclamation">No</seg>, <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">for</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> were <reg orig="Subiects">Subjects</reg>, but, while you <reg orig="wer"> were </reg> king </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker rend="italic"> King. </speaker>
<l> Why? Am I dead? Do I not breath a Man? </l>
<l> Ah simple men, you know not what you <reg orig="sweare">swear</reg>: </l>
<l> <reg orig="Looke,"> Look, </reg> as I blow this Feather from my Face, </l>
<l> And as the <reg orig="Ayre">Air</reg> <reg orig="blowes">blows</reg> it <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> me <reg orig="againe,"> again, </reg> </l>
<l> Obeying with my <reg orig="winde">wind</reg> when I do blow, </l>
<l> And <reg orig="yeelding">yielding</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> another, when it <reg orig="blowes">blows</reg>, </l>
<l> Commanded <reg orig="always"> always </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> the greater gust: </l>
<l> Such is the <reg orig="lightnesse">lightness</reg> of you, common men. </l>
<l> But do not <reg orig="breake">break</reg> your <reg orig="Oathes">Oaths</reg>, <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">for</seg> of <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> <reg orig="sinne">sin</reg>, </l>
<l> My <reg orig="milde">mild</reg> <reg orig="intreatie">entreaty</reg> shall not make you <reg orig="guiltie">guilty</reg>. </l>
<l> Go where you <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg>, the king shall be commanded, </l>
<l> And be you kings, command, and <reg orig="Ile"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> obey. </l></sp>
<sp who="Y"><speaker rend="italic"> Sinklo. </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">We</seg> are true <reg orig="Subiects">Subjects</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> the king, </l>
<l> King <hi rend="italic"> Edward. </hi> </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker rend="italic"> King. </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">So</seg> would you be <reg orig="againe"> again </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Henrie, </hi> </l>
<l> If he were seated as king <hi rend="italic"> Edward  </hi> is. </l></sp>
<sp who="Y"><speaker rend="italic"> Sinklo. </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">We</seg> charge you <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> Gods name <reg orig="&"> and </reg> the Kings, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> go with <reg orig="vs"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg> </reg> <reg orig="vnto"> unto </reg> the Officers. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker rend="italic"> King. </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">In</seg> Gods name lead, your Kings name be <reg orig="obeyd">obeyed</reg>, </l>
<l> And what God <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg>, <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> let your King <reg orig="performe">perform</reg>, </l>
<l> And what he <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg>, I humbly <reg orig="yeeld">yield</reg> <reg orig="vnto"> unto </reg>. </l></sp>
 <stage rend="italic">      Exeunt</stage></div2>
 <div2 n="2"><stage>
Enter K. Edward, Gloster, Clarence, Lady Gray.
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> King. </speaker>
<l> Brother of Gloster, at <reg orig="S.">Saint</reg> Albons field </l>
<pb n="159"/>
<l> This <reg orig="Ladyes">Ladies</reg> Husband, Sir <hi rend="italic"> Richard Grey, </hi> was <reg orig="slaine">slain</reg>, </l>
<l> His Land then <reg orig="seiz'd">seized</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">on</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> the Conqueror, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">Her</seg> suit is now, <reg orig="too"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> </reg> <reg orig="repossesse">repossess</reg> those Lands, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">Which</seg> <reg orig="wee"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">we</seg> </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <reg orig="Iustice">Justice</reg> cannot well deny, </l>
<l> Because <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <reg orig="Quarrell">Quarrel</reg> of the House of <hi rend="italic"> Yorke, </hi> </l>
<l> The worthy Gentleman did lose his Life. </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Rich. </speaker>
<l> Your <reg orig="Highnesse">Highness</reg> shall <reg orig="doe"> do </reg> well <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="graunt">grant</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">her</seg> suit: </l>
<l> It were <reg orig="dishonor">dishonour</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> deny it <seg type="homograph" subtype="personalPronoun">her</seg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> King. </speaker>
<l> It were <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> <reg orig="lesse">less</reg>, but yet <reg orig="Ile"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> make a <reg orig="pawse">pause</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Rich. </speaker>
<l> Yea, is it <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">so</seg>: </l>
<l> I see the Lady hath a thing <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="graunt">grant</reg>, </l>
<l> Before the King <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> <reg orig="graunt">grant</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">her</seg> humble suit. </l></sp>
<sp who="E"><speaker rend="italic"> Clarence. </speaker>
<p> <reg orig="Hee knowes"> He knows </reg> the Game, how true <reg orig="hee"> he </reg> <reg orig="keepes">keeps</reg> <lb/> the <reg orig="winde">wind</reg>? </p></sp> 

<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Rich. </speaker>
<l> Silence. </l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> King. </speaker>
<l> Widow, <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">we</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> consider of your suit, </l>
<l> And come some other time <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> know <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">our</seg> <reg orig="minde">mind</reg>. </l></sp>

<sp who="R"><speaker rend="italic"> Wid. </speaker>
<l> Right gracious Lord, I cannot brooke delay: </l>
<l> May it please your <reg orig="Highnesse">Highness</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="resolue">resolve</reg> me now, </l>
<l> And what your pleasure is, shall <reg orig="satisfie">satisfy</reg> me. </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Rich. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="I"> Aye </reg> Widow? then <reg orig="Ile"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> warrant you all your Lands, </l>
<l> And if what pleases him, shall pleasure you: </l>
<l> Fight closer, or good faith <reg orig="you'le"> you <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> catch a Blow. </l></sp>
<sp who="E"><speaker rend="italic"> Clarence. </speaker>
<l> I <reg orig="feare">fear</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="personalPronoun">her</seg> not, <reg orig="vnlesse">unless</reg> she chance <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> fall. </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Rich. </speaker>
<l> God forbid <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg>, <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">for</seg> <reg orig="hee'le"> he <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> take vantages. </l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> King. </speaker>
<p> How many Children hast thou, Widow? tell <lb/> me. </p></sp> 

<sp who="E"><speaker rend="italic"> Clarence. </speaker>
<p> I <reg orig="thinke"> think </reg> he <reg orig="meanes">means</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="begge">beg</reg> a Child of <seg type="homograph" subtype="personalPronoun">her</seg>. </p></sp> 
<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Rich. </speaker>
<p> Nay then whip me: <reg orig="hee'le"> he <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> rather <reg orig="giue"> give </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="personalPronoun">her</seg> two. </p></sp> 

<sp who="R"><speaker rend="italic"> Wid. </speaker>
<p> Three, my most gracious Lord. </p></sp> 
<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Rich. </speaker>
<p> You shall <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> <reg orig="foure">four</reg>, if <reg orig="you'le"> you <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> be <reg orig="rul'd">ruled</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> him. </p></sp> 
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> King. </speaker>
<p> <reg orig="'Twere"> It were </reg> <reg orig="pittie">pity</reg> they should lose their Fathers <lb/> Lands. </p></sp> 
<sp who="R"><speaker rend="italic"> Wid. </speaker>
<p> Be <reg orig="pittifull">pitiful</reg>, dread Lord, and <reg orig="graunt">grant</reg> it then. </p></sp> 

<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> King. </speaker>
<p> Lords, <reg orig="giue vs"> give <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">us</seg> </reg> <reg orig="leaue">leave</reg>, 
<reg orig="Ile"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> <reg orig="trye">try</reg> this <reg orig="Widowes">Widows</reg> <lb/> 
wit. </p></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Rich. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="I,"> Aye, </reg> good <reg orig="leaue">leave</reg> <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> you, <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">for</seg> you <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> <reg orig="leaue">leave</reg>, </l>
<l> Till Youth take <reg orig="leaue">leave</reg>, and <reg orig="leaue">leave</reg> you <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> the Crutch. </l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> King. </speaker>
<p> Now tell me, <reg orig="Madame">Madam</reg>, <reg orig="doe"> do </reg> you <reg orig="loue"> love </reg> your <lb/> Children? </p></sp> 
<sp who="R"><speaker rend="italic"> Wid. </speaker>
<p> <reg orig="I,"> Aye, </reg> full as <reg orig="dearely">dearly</reg> as I <reg orig="loue my selfe."> love myself. </reg> </p></sp> 
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> King. </speaker>
<p> And would you not <reg orig="doe"> do </reg> much <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="doe"> do </reg> them <lb/> good? </p></sp> 
<sp who="R"><speaker rend="italic"> Wid. </speaker>
<p> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> <reg orig="doe"> do </reg> them good, I would <reg orig="sustayne">sustain</reg> some <lb/> <reg orig="harme">harm</reg>. </p></sp> 
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> King. </speaker>
<p> Then get your Husbands Lands, <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="doe"> do </reg> them <lb/> good. </p></sp> 
<sp who="R"><speaker rend="italic"> Wid. </speaker>
<p> Therefore I came <reg orig="vnto"> unto </reg> your <reg orig="Maiestie">Majesty</reg>. </p></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> King. </speaker>
<p> <reg orig="Ile"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> tell you how these Lands are <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> be got. </p></sp> 

<sp who="R"><speaker rend="italic"> Wid. </speaker>
<p> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">So</seg> shall you bind me <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> your <reg orig="Highnesse">Highness</reg> <reg orig="seruice">service</reg>. </p></sp> 

<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> King. </speaker>
<p> What <reg orig="seruice">service</reg> wilt thou <reg orig="doe"> do </reg> me, if I <reg orig="giue"> give </reg> them? </p></sp> 
<sp who="R"><speaker rend="italic"> Wid. </speaker>
<p> What you command, <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> rests <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> me <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="doe."> do. </reg> </p></sp> 
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> King. </speaker>
<p> But you <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> take exceptions <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> my <reg orig="Boone">Boon</reg>. </p></sp> 
<sp who="R"><speaker rend="italic"> Wid. </speaker>
<p> <seg type="homograph" subtype="exclamation">No</seg>, gracious Lord, except I cannot <reg orig="doe"> do </reg> it. </p></sp> 
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> King. </speaker>
<p> <reg orig="I,"> Aye, </reg> but thou canst <reg orig="doe"> do </reg> what I <reg orig="meane">mean</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="aske."> ask. </reg> </p></sp> 
<sp who="R"><speaker rend="italic"> Wid. </speaker>
<p> Why then I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> <reg orig="doe"> do </reg> what your Grace commands. </p></sp> 
<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Rich. </speaker>
<p> <reg orig="Hee"> He </reg> <reg orig="plyes">plies</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="personalPronoun">her</seg> hard, and much <reg orig="Raine">Rain</reg> <reg orig="weares">wears</reg> the <lb/> Marble. </p></sp> 
<sp who="E"><speaker rend="italic"> Clar. </speaker>
<p> As red as fire? nay then, <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">her</seg> Wax must melt. </p></sp> 
<sp who="R"><speaker rend="italic"> Wid. </speaker>
<p> Why <reg orig="stoppes">stops</reg> my Lord? shall I not <reg orig="heare"> hear </reg> my <lb/> <reg orig="Taske">Task</reg>? </p></sp> 

<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> King. </speaker>
<p> An <reg orig="easie">easy</reg> <reg orig="Taske">Task</reg>, <reg orig="'tis"> it is </reg> but <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="loue"> love </reg> a King. </p></sp> 

<sp who="R"><speaker rend="italic"> Wid. </speaker>
<p> <reg orig="That's soone"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">That</seg> is soon </reg> <reg orig="perform'd">performed</reg>, because I am a <reg orig="Subiect">Subject</reg>. </p></sp> 
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> King. </speaker>
<p> Why then, thy Husbands Lands I freely <reg orig="giue"> give </reg> <lb/> thee. </p></sp> 
<sp who="R"><speaker rend="italic"> Wid. </speaker>
<l> I take my <reg orig="leaue">leave</reg> with many thousand <reg orig="thankes">thanks</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Rich. </speaker>
<l> The Match is made, <reg orig="shee"> she </reg> <reg orig="seales">seals</reg> it with a <reg orig="Cursie">Curtsy</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> King.  </speaker>
<l> But stay thee, <reg orig="'tis"> it is </reg> the fruits of <reg orig="loue"> love </reg> I <reg orig="meane">mean</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="R"><speaker rend="italic"> Wid. </speaker>
<l> The fruits of <reg orig="Loue."> Love. </reg> I <reg orig="meane">mean</reg>, my <reg orig="louing"> loving </reg> Liege. </l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> King. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="I,"> Aye, </reg> but I <reg orig="feare">fear</reg> me <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> another <reg orig="sence">sense</reg>. </l>
<l> What <reg orig="Loue,"> Love, </reg> <reg orig="think'st">thinkst</reg> thou, I sue <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> much <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> get? </l></sp>
<sp who="R"><speaker rend="italic"> Wid. </speaker>
<l> My <reg orig="loue"> love </reg> till death, my humble thanks, my prayers, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">That</seg> <reg orig="loue"> love </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">which</seg> <reg orig="Vertue">Virtue</reg> <reg orig="begges">begs</reg>, and <reg orig="Vertue">Virtue</reg> <reg orig="graunts">grants</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> King. </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="exclamation">No</seg>, <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> my troth, I did not <reg orig="meane">mean</reg> such <reg orig="loue."> love. </reg> </l></sp>
<sp who="R"><speaker rend="italic"> Wid. </speaker>
<l> Why then you <reg orig="meane">mean</reg> not, as I thought you did. </l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> King. </speaker>
<l> But now you partly may <reg orig="perceiue">perceive</reg> my <reg orig="minde">mind</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="R"><speaker rend="italic"> Wid. </speaker>
<l> My <reg orig="minde">mind</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> <reg orig="neuer"> never </reg> <reg orig="graunt">grant</reg> what I <reg orig="perceiue">perceive</reg> </l>
<l> Your <reg orig="Highnesse">Highness</reg> <reg orig="aymes">aims</reg> at, if I <reg orig="ayme">aim</reg> aright. </l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> King. </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> tell thee <reg orig="plaine">plain</reg>, I <reg orig="ayme">aim</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="lye">lie</reg> with thee. </l></sp>
<sp who="R"><speaker rend="italic"> Wid. </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> tell you <reg orig="plaine">plain</reg>, I had rather <reg orig="lye">lie</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> Prison. </l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> King. </speaker>
<p> Why then thou shalt not <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> thy Husbands <lb/> Lands. </p></sp> 
<sp who="R"><speaker rend="italic"> Wid. </speaker>
<l> Why then mine <reg orig="Honestie">Honesty</reg> shall be my Dower, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> <reg orig="losse">loss</reg>, I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> not purchase them. </l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> King. </speaker>
<l> Therein thou <reg orig="wrong'st">wrongest</reg> thy Children mightily. </l></sp>
<sp who="R"><speaker rend="italic"> Wid. </speaker>
<l> Herein your <reg orig="Highnesse">Highness</reg> wrongs both them <reg orig="&"> and </reg> me: </l>
<l> But <reg orig="mightie">mighty</reg> Lord, this merry inclination </l>
<l> Accords not with the <reg orig="sadnesse">sadness</reg> of my suit: </l>
<l> Please you <reg orig="dismisse">dismiss</reg> me, <reg orig="eyther">either</reg> with <reg orig="I,"> Aye, </reg> or <seg type="homograph" subtype="exclamation">no</seg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> King. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="I,"> Aye, </reg> if thou wilt say <reg orig="I"> Aye </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> my request: </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="exclamation">No</seg>, if thou <reg orig="do'st"> dost </reg> say <seg type="homograph" subtype="exclamation">No</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> my demand. </l></sp>
<sp who="R"><speaker rend="italic"> Wid. </speaker>
<l> Then <seg type="homograph" subtype="exclamation">No</seg>, my Lord: my suit is at an end. </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Rich. </speaker>
<p> The Widow likes him not, <reg orig="shee"> she </reg> knits <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">her</seg> <lb/> <reg orig="Browes">Brows</reg>. </p></sp> 
<sp who="E"><speaker rend="italic"> Clarence. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Hee"> He </reg> is the bluntest Wooer <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <reg orig="Christendome">Christendom</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> King. </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">Her</seg> looks doth argue <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">her</seg> replete with Modesty, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">Her</seg> Words doth <reg orig="shew">show</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">her</seg> Wit incomparable, </l>
<l> All <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">her</seg> perfections challenge <reg orig="Soueraigntie">Sovereignty</reg>, </l>
<l> One way, or other, <reg orig="shee"> she </reg> is <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> a King, </l>
<l> And <reg orig="shee"> she </reg> shall be my <reg orig="Loue,"> Love, </reg> or else my <reg orig="Queene">Queen</reg>. </l>
<l> Say, <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> King <hi rend="italic"> Edward  </hi> take thee <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> his <reg orig="Queene">Queen</reg>? </l></sp>
<sp who="R"><speaker rend="italic"> Wid. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="'Tis"> It is </reg> better said <reg orig="then"> than </reg> done, my gracious Lord: </l>
<l> I am a <reg orig="subiect">subject</reg> fit <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="ieast">jest</reg> <reg orig="withall">withal</reg>, </l>
<l> But <reg orig="farre">far</reg> <reg orig="vnfit">unfit</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> be a <reg orig="Soueraigne">Sovereign</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> King. </speaker>
<l> Sweet Widow, <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> my State I <reg orig="sweare">swear</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> thee, </l>
<l> I <reg orig="speake"> speak </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> more <reg orig="then"> than </reg> what my <reg orig="Soule">Soul</reg> intends, </l>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> is, <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="enioy">enjoy</reg> thee <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> my <reg orig="Loue."> Love. </reg> </l></sp>
<sp who="R"><speaker rend="italic"> Wid. </speaker>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> is more <reg orig="then"> than </reg> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> <reg orig="yeeld">yield</reg> <reg orig="vnto;"> unto; </reg> </l>
<l> I know, I am too <reg orig="meane">mean</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> be your <reg orig="Queene">Queen</reg>, </l>
<l> And yet too good <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> be your Concubine. </l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> King. </speaker>
<l> You <reg orig="cauill">cavil</reg>, Widow, I did <reg orig="meane">mean</reg> my <reg orig="Queene">Queen</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="R"><speaker rend="italic"> Wid. </speaker>
<p> <reg orig="'Twill"> It <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> <reg orig="grieue">grieve</reg> your Grace, my <reg orig="Sonnes"> Sons </reg> should call <lb/> you Father. </p></sp> 
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> King. </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">No</seg> more, <reg orig="then"> than </reg> when my Daughters </l>
<l> Call thee Mother. </l>
<l> Thou art a Widow, and thou hast some Children, </l>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> Gods Mother, I being but a <reg orig="Batchelor">Bachelor</reg>, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Haue"> Have </reg> other-some. Why, <reg orig="'tis"> it is </reg> a happy thing, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> be the Father <reg orig="vnto"> unto </reg> many <reg orig="Sonnes:"> Sons: </reg> </l>
<l> Answer <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> more, <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">for</seg> thou shalt be my <reg orig="Queene">Queen</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Rich. </speaker>
<l> The Ghostly Father now hath done his Shrift. </l></sp>
<sp who="E"><speaker rend="italic"> Clarence. </speaker>
<l> When <reg orig="hee"> he </reg> was made a <reg orig="Shriuer">Shriver</reg>, <reg orig="'twas"> it was </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> shift. </l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> King. </speaker>
<p> Brothers, you muse what Chat <reg orig="wee"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> </reg> two <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> <lb/> had. </p></sp> 
<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Rich. </speaker>
<p> The Widow likes it not, <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">for</seg> <reg orig="shee lookes"> she looks </reg> very <lb/> sad. </p></sp> 
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> King. </speaker>
<p> <reg orig="You'ld thinke"> You would think </reg> it strange, if I should <reg orig="marrie">marry</reg> <lb/> <seg type="homograph" subtype="personalPronoun">her</seg>. </p></sp> 
<sp who="E"><speaker rend="italic"> Clarence. </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">To</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="interrogative">who</seg>, my Lord? </l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> King. </speaker>
<l> Why <hi rend="italic"> Clarence, </hi> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> <reg orig="my selfe."> myself. </reg> </l></sp>
<pb n="160"/>
<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Rich. </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">That</seg> would be <reg orig="tenne">ten</reg> <reg orig="dayes">days</reg> wonder at the least. </l></sp>
<sp who="E"><speaker rend="italic"> Clarence. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="That's"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">That</seg> is </reg> a day longer <reg orig="then"> than </reg> a Wonder lasts. </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Rich. </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">By</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> much is the Wonder <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> extremes. </l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> King. </speaker>
<l> Well, <reg orig="ieast">jest</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">on</seg> Brothers: I can tell you both, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">Her</seg> suit is <reg orig="graunted">granted</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">her</seg> Husbands Lands. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic"> Enter a Noble man.
<sp who="ZK"><speaker rend="italic"> Nob. </speaker>
<l> My gracious Lord, <hi rend="italic"> Henry  </hi> your Foe is taken, </l>
<l> And brought your Prisoner <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> your <reg orig="Pallace">Palace</reg> Gate. </l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> King. </speaker>
<l> See <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> he be <reg orig="conuey'd">conveyed</reg> <reg orig="vnto"> unto </reg> the Tower: </l>
<l> And <reg orig="goe wee"> go <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> </reg> Brothers <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> the man <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> <reg orig="tooke"> took </reg> him, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> question of his apprehension. </l>
<l> Widow <reg orig="goe"> go </reg> you along: Lords <reg orig="vse">use</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="personalPronoun">her</seg> honourable. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic">   Exeunt.
Manet Richard.
<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Rich. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="I,"> Aye, </reg> <hi rend="italic"> Edward  </hi> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> <reg orig="vse">use</reg> Women honourably: </l>
<l> Would he were wasted, Marrow, Bones, and all, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> from his <reg orig="Loynes">Loins</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> <reg orig="hopefull">hopeful</reg> Branch may spring, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> <reg orig="crosse">cross</reg> me from the Golden time I <reg orig="looke"> look </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">for</seg>: </l>
<l> And yet, between my <reg orig="Soules">Souls</reg> desire, and me, </l>
<l> The <reg orig="lustfull">lustful</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Edwards  </hi> Title <reg orig="buryed">buried</reg>, </l>
<l> Is <hi rend="italic"> Clarence, Henry, </hi> and his <reg orig="Sonne"> Son </reg> young <hi rend="italic"> Edward, </hi> </l>
 <l> And all the <reg orig="vnlook'd-for">unlooked <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">for</seg></reg> Issue of their Bodies, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> take their <reg orig="Roomes">Rooms</reg>, ere I can place <reg orig="my selfe:"> myself: </reg> </l>
<l> A cold premeditation <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> my purpose. </l>
<l> Why then I <reg orig="doe"> do </reg> but <reg orig="dreame">dream</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> <reg orig="Soueraigntie">Sovereignty</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">Like</seg> one <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> stands <reg orig="vpon"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">upon</seg> </reg> a <reg orig="Promontorie">Promontory</reg>, </l>
<l> And <reg orig="spyes">spies</reg> a <reg orig="farre-off">far off</reg> shore, where <reg orig="hee"> he </reg> would tread, </l>
<l> Wishing his foot were <reg orig="equall">equal</reg> with his eye, </l>
<l> And chides the Sea, <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> sunders him from thence, </l>
<l> Saying, <reg orig="hee'le"> he <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> lade it dry, <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> his way: </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">So</seg> <reg orig="doe"> do </reg> I wish the <reg orig="Crowne">Crown</reg>, being <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> <reg orig="farre">far</reg> off, </l>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">so</seg> I chide the <reg orig="meanes">means</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> <reg orig="keepes">keeps</reg> me from it, </l>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">so</seg> (I say) <reg orig="Ile"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> cut the Causes off, </l>
<l> Flattering me with impossibilities: </l>
<l> My Eyes too <reg orig="quicke">quick</reg>, my Heart <reg orig="o're-weenes">overweens</reg> too much, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Vnlesse">Unless</reg> my Hand and Strength could <reg orig="equall">equal</reg> them. </l>
<l> Well, say there is <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> <reg orig="Kingdome">Kingdom</reg> then <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Richard: </hi> </l>
<l> What other Pleasure can the World <reg orig="affoord">afford</reg>? </l>
<l> <reg orig="Ile"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> make my <reg orig="Heauen">Heaven</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> a Ladies <reg orig="Lappe">Lap</reg>, </l>
<l> And <reg orig="decke">deck</reg> my Body <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> gay Ornaments, </l>
<l> And <reg orig="'witch">witch</reg> sweet Ladies with my Words and <reg orig="Lookes."> Looks. </reg> </l>
<l> <reg orig="Oh"> O </reg> miserable Thought and more <reg orig="vnlikely">unlikely</reg>, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Then"> Than </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> accomplish <reg orig="twentie">twenty</reg> Golden <reg orig="Crownes">Crowns</reg>. </l>
<l> Why <reg orig="Loue"> Love </reg> forswore me <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> my Mothers <reg orig="Wombe">Womb</reg>: </l>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">for</seg> I should not <reg orig="deale">deal</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">her</seg> soft <reg orig="Lawes">Laws</reg>, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Shee"> She </reg> did corrupt <reg orig="frayle">frail</reg> Nature with some Bribe, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> <reg orig="shrinke">shrink</reg> mine <reg orig="Arme">Arm</reg> <reg orig="vp"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">up</seg> </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">like</seg> a <reg orig="wither'd">withered</reg> Shrub, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> make an <reg orig="enuious">envious</reg> <reg orig="Mountaine">Mountain</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> my Back, </l>
<l> Where sits <reg orig="Deformitie">Deformity</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="mocke">mock</reg> my Body; </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> shape my <reg orig="Legges">Legs</reg> of an <reg orig="vnequall">unequal</reg> size, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> <reg orig="dis-proportion">disproportion</reg> me <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <reg orig="euery"> every </reg> part: </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">Like</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> a Chaos, or an <reg orig="vn-lick'd">unlicked</reg> <reg orig="Beare-whelpe">bear whelp</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">That</seg> <reg orig="carryes">carries</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> impression <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">like</seg> the <reg orig="Damme">Dam</reg>. </l>
<l> And am I then a man <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> be <reg orig="belou'd">beloved</reg>? </l>
<l> <reg orig="Oh"> O </reg> monstrous fault, <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> harbour such a thought. </l>
<l> Then since this Earth <reg orig="affoords">affords</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> <reg orig="Ioy">Joy</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> me, </l>
<l> But <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> command, <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> check, <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="o're-beare">overbear</reg> such, </l>
<l> As are of better Person <reg orig="then my selfe:"> than myself: </reg> </l>
<l> <reg orig="Ile"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> make my <reg orig="Heauen">Heaven</reg>, <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="dreame">dream</reg> <reg orig="vpon"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">upon</seg> </reg> the <reg orig="Crowne">Crown</reg>, </l>
<l> And whiles I <reg orig="liue, t'account"> live, <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> account </reg> this World but Hell, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Vntill">Until</reg> my <reg orig="mis-shap'd">misshaped</reg> <reg orig="Trunke">Trunk</reg>, <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> <reg orig="beares">bears</reg> this Head, </l>
<l> Be round impaled with a glorious <reg orig="Crowne">Crown</reg>. </l>
<l> And yet I know not how <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> get the <reg orig="Crowne">Crown</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> many <reg orig="Liues"> Lives </reg> stand <reg orig="betweene">between</reg> me and home: </l>
<l> And I, <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">like</seg> one lost <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> a <reg orig="Thornie">Thorny</reg> Wood, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">That</seg> rents the <reg orig="Thornes">Thorns</reg>, and is rent with the <reg orig="Thornes">Thorns</reg>, </l>
<l> Seeking a way, and straying from the way, </l>
<l> Not knowing how <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="finde">find</reg> the open <reg orig="Ayre">Air</reg>, </l>
<l> But <reg orig="toyling">toiling</reg> desperately <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="finde">find</reg> it out, </l>
<l> Torment <reg orig="my selfe,"> myself, </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> catch the English <reg orig="Crowne">Crown</reg>: </l>
<l> And from <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> torment I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> free <reg orig="my selfe,"> myself, </reg> </l>
<l> Or hew my way out with a bloody Axe. </l>
<l> Why I can smile, and murther whiles I smile, </l>
<l> And cry, Content, <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">which</seg> <reg orig="grieues">grieves</reg> my Heart, </l>
<l> And wet my <reg orig="Cheekes">Cheeks</reg> with <reg orig="artificiall">artificial</reg> <reg orig="Teares">Tears</reg>, </l>
<l> And frame my Face <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> all occasions. </l>
<l> <reg orig="Ile"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> <reg orig="drowne">drown</reg> more <reg orig="Saylers">Sailors</reg> <reg orig="then"> than </reg> the Mermaid shall, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Ile"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> slay more gazers <reg orig="then"> than </reg> the <reg orig="Basiliske">Basilisk</reg>, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Ile"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> play the Orator as well as <hi rend="italic"> Nestor, </hi> </l>
<l> <reg orig="Deceiue">Deceive</reg> more slyly <reg orig="then"> than </reg> <hi rend="italic"> Vlisses  </hi> could, </l>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">like</seg> a <hi rend="italic"> Synon, </hi> take another Troy. </l>
<l> I can <reg orig="adde">add</reg> Colours <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> the <reg orig="Camelion">Chameleon</reg>, </l>
<l> Change shapes with <hi rend="italic"> Proteus, </hi> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> <reg orig="aduantages">advantages</reg>, </l>
<l> And set the murtherous <hi rend="italic"> Macheuill  </hi>  <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> <reg orig="Schoole">School</reg>. </l>
<l> Can I <reg orig="doe"> do </reg> this, and cannot get a <reg orig="Crowne">Crown</reg>? </l>
<l> Tut, were it farther off, <reg orig="Ile"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> <reg orig="plucke">pluck</reg> it <reg orig="downe."> down. </reg> </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic">  Exit.</stage></div2>
 <div2 n="3"><stage>
Enter Lewis the French King, his Sister Bona, his Admirall, 
call'd Bourbon: Prince Edward, Queene Margaret, and the 
Earle of Oxford, Lewis sits, and riseth vp againe.
<sp who="J"><speaker rend="italic"> Lewis. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Faire"> Fair </reg> <reg orig="Queene">Queen</reg> of England, worthy <hi rend="italic"> Margaret, </hi> </l>
<l> Sit <reg orig="downe"> down </reg> with <reg orig="vs:"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">us</seg>: </reg> it ill befits thy State, </l>
<l> And Birth, <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> thou <reg orig="should'st"> shouldest </reg> stand, while <hi rend="italic"> Lewis  </hi> doth sit. </l></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker rend="italic"> Marg. </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="exclamation">No</seg>, <reg orig="mightie">mighty</reg> King of France: now <hi rend="italic"> Margaret  </hi> </l>
<l> Must strike <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">her</seg> <reg orig="sayle">sail</reg>, and <reg orig="learne">learn</reg> a while <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="serue">serve</reg>, </l>
<l> Where Kings command. I was (I must <reg orig="confesse">confess</reg>) </l>
<l> Great Albions <reg orig="Queene">Queen</reg>, <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> former Golden <reg orig="dayes">days</reg>: </l>
<l> But now mischance hath trod my Title <reg orig="downe,"> down, </reg> </l>
<l> And with <reg orig="dis-honor">dishonour</reg> <reg orig="layd">laid</reg> me <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> the ground, </l>
<l> Where I must take <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">like</seg> Seat <reg orig="vnto"> unto </reg> my fortune, </l>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> my humble Seat <reg orig="conforme">conform</reg> <reg orig="my selfe."> myself. </reg> </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker rend="italic"> Lewis. </speaker>
<p> Why say, <reg orig="faire"> fair </reg> <reg orig="Queene">Queen</reg>, whence springs this <lb/> <reg orig="deepe">deep</reg> <reg orig="despaire">despair</reg>? </p> </sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker rend="italic"> Marg. </speaker>
<l> From such a cause, as fills mine eyes with <reg orig="teares">tears</reg>, </l>
<l> And stops my tongue, while heart is <reg orig="drown'd">drowned</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> cares. </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker rend="italic"> Lewis. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="What ere"> What ever </reg> it be, be thou still <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">like</seg> <reg orig="thy selfe,"> thyself, </reg> </l>
<l> And sit thee <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">our</seg> side. </l>
<stage rend="italic">   Seats her by him.

<l> <reg orig="Yeeld">Yield</reg> not thy <reg orig="necke">neck</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> Fortunes <reg orig="yoake">yoke</reg>, </l>
<l> But let thy <reg orig="dauntlesse">dauntless</reg> <reg orig="minde">mind</reg> still ride <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> triumph, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Ouer"> Over </reg> all mischance. </l>
<l> Be <reg orig="plaine">plain</reg>, <reg orig="Queene">Queen</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Margaret, </hi> and tell thy <reg orig="griefe">grief</reg>, </l>
<l> It shall be <reg orig="eas'd">eased</reg>, if France can <reg orig="yeeld">yield</reg> <reg orig="reliefe">relief</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker rend="italic"> Marg. </speaker>
<l> Those gracious words </l>
<l> <reg orig="Reuiue">Revive</reg> my drooping thoughts, </l>
<l> And <reg orig="giue"> give </reg> my <reg orig="tongue-ty'd">tongue-tied</reg> <reg orig="sorrowes">sorrows</reg> <reg orig="leaue">leave</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="speake."> speak. </reg> </l>
<l> Now therefore be it <reg orig="knowne"> known </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> Noble <hi rend="italic"> Lewis, </hi> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Henry, </hi> sole possessor of my <reg orig="Loue,"> Love, </reg> </l>
<l> Is, of a King, become a <reg orig="banisht">banished</reg> man, </l>
<l> And <reg orig="forc'd">forced</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="lieu"> live </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> Scotland a <reg orig="Forlorne">Forlorn</reg>; </l>
<l> While <reg orig="prowd">proud</reg> ambitious <hi rend="italic"> Edward, </hi> Duke of Yorke, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Vsurpes">Usurps</reg> the <reg orig="Regall">Regal</reg> Title, and the Seat </l>
<l> Of Englands true <reg orig="anoynted">anointed</reg> <reg orig="lawfull">lawful</reg> King. </l>
<l> This is the cause <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> I, <reg orig="poore">poor</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Margaret, </hi> </l>
<l> With this my <reg orig="Sonne,"> Son, </reg> Prince <hi rend="italic"> Edward, Henries </hi> <reg orig="Heire">Heir</reg>, </l>
<l> Am come <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="craue">crave</reg> thy <reg orig="iust">just</reg> and <reg orig="lawfull">lawful</reg> <reg orig="ayde">aid</reg>: </l>
<l> And if thou <reg orig="faile">fail</reg> <reg orig="vs,"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">us</seg> </reg> all <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">our</seg> hope is done. </l>
<l> Scotland hath <seg type="homograph" subtype="noun">will</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="helpe">help</reg>, but cannot <reg orig="helpe">help</reg>: </l>
<pb n="161"/>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">Our</seg> People, and <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">our</seg> <reg orig="Peeres">Peers</reg>, are both <reg orig="mis-led">misled</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">Our</seg> Treasure <reg orig="seiz'd">seized</reg>, <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">our</seg> <reg orig="Souldiors">Soldiers</reg> put <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> flight, </l>
<l> And (as thou seest) <reg orig="our selues"> ourselves </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <reg orig="heauie">heavy</reg> plight. </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker rend="italic"> Lewis. </speaker>
<l> Renowned <reg orig="Queene">Queen</reg>, </l>
<l> With patience <reg orig="calme">calm</reg> the <reg orig="Storme">Storm</reg>, </l>
<l> While <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">we</seg> <reg orig="bethinke">bethink</reg> a <reg orig="meanes">means</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="breake">break</reg> it off. </l></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker rend="italic"> Marg. </speaker>
<p> The more <reg orig="wee"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">we</seg> </reg> stay, the stronger <reg orig="growes">grows</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">our</seg> <lb/> Foe. </p></sp> 
<sp who="J"><speaker rend="italic"> Lewis. </speaker>
<l> The more I stay, the more <reg orig="Ile"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> succour thee. </l></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker rend="italic"> Marg. </speaker>
<l> O, but impatience waiteth <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> true sorrow. </l>
<l> And see where comes the breeder of my sorrow. </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker rend="italic"> Lewis. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="What's hee"> What is he </reg> approacheth boldly <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">our</seg> presence? </l></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker rend="italic"> Marg. </speaker>
<p> <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">Our</seg> <reg orig="Earle">Earl</reg> of Warwicke, <hi rend="italic"> Edwards </hi> greatest <lb/> Friend. </p></sp> 
<sp who="J"><speaker rend="italic"> Lewis. </speaker>
<p> Welcome <reg orig="braue">brave</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Warwicke, </hi> what brings thee <lb/> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> France? </p></sp> 

<stage rend="italic">  Hee descends. Shee ariseth.
<sp who="D"><speaker rend="italic"> Marg. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="I"> Aye </reg> now begins a second <reg orig="Storme">Storm</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> rise; </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> this is <reg orig="hee"> he </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> <reg orig="moues">moves</reg> both <reg orig="Winde">Wind</reg> and <reg orig="Tyde">Tide</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker rend="italic"> Warw. </speaker>
<l> From worthy <hi rend="italic"> Edward, </hi> King of Albion, </l>
<l> My Lord and <reg orig="Soueraigne">Sovereign</reg>, and thy vowed Friend, </l>
<l> I come (<seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <reg orig="Kindnesse">Kindness</reg>, and <reg orig="vnfayned">unfeigned</reg> <reg orig="Loue"> Love </reg>) </l>
<l> First, <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="doe"> do </reg> greetings <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> thy <reg orig="Royall">Royal</reg> Person, </l>
<l> And then <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="craue">crave</reg> a League of <reg orig="Amitie">Amity</reg>: </l>
<l> And lastly, <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="confirme">confirm</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> <reg orig="Amitie">Amity</reg> </l>
<l> With <reg orig="Nuptiall">Nuptial</reg> Knot, if thou vouchsafe <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="graunt">grant</reg> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">That</seg> <reg orig="vertuous">virtuous</reg> Lady <hi rend="italic"> Bona, </hi> thy <reg orig="faire"> fair </reg> Sister, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">To</seg> Englands King, <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <reg orig="lawfull">lawful</reg> Marriage. </l></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker rend="italic"> Marg. </speaker>
<l> If <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> <reg orig="goe"> go </reg> forward, <hi rend="italic"> Henries </hi> hope is done. </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker rend="italic"> Warw. </speaker>
<l> And gracious <reg orig="Madame">Madam</reg>, </l>
<stage rend="italic">  Speaking to Bona.

<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">In</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> Kings <reg orig="behalfe">behalf</reg>, </l>
<l> I am commanded, with your <reg orig="leaue">leave</reg> and <reg orig="fauor">favour</reg>, </l>
<l> Humbly <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="kisse">kiss</reg> your Hand, and with my Tongue </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> tell the passion of my <reg orig="Soueraignes">Sovereigns</reg> Heart; </l>
<l> Where Fame, late <reg orig="entring">entering</reg> at his <reg orig="heedfull">heedful</reg> <reg orig="Eares">Ears</reg>, </l>
<l> Hath <reg orig="plac'd">placed</reg> thy Beauties Image, and thy <reg orig="Vertue">Virtue</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker rend="italic"> Marg. </speaker>
<l> King <hi rend="italic"> Lewis, </hi> and Lady <hi rend="italic"> Bona, </hi> <reg orig="heare">hear</reg> me <reg orig="speake">speak</reg>, </l>
<l> Before you answer <hi rend="italic"> Warwicke. </hi> His demand </l>
<l> Springs not from <hi rend="italic"> Edwards </hi> well-meant honest <reg orig="Loue,"> Love, </reg> </l>
<l> But from Deceit, bred <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> <reg orig="Necessitie">Necessity</reg>: </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> how can Tyrants safely <reg orig="gouerne">govern</reg> home, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Vnlesse">Unless</reg> abroad they purchase great <reg orig="allyance">alliance</reg>? </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> <reg orig="proue">prove</reg> him Tyrant, this reason may suffice, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Henry </hi> <reg orig="iueth">liveth</reg> still: but were <reg orig="hee"> he </reg> dead, </l>
<l> Yet here Prince <hi rend="italic"> Edward </hi> stands, King <hi rend="italic"> Henries </hi> <reg orig="Sonne."> Son. </reg> </l>
<l> <reg orig="Looke"> Look </reg> therefore <hi rend="italic"> Lewis, </hi> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> this League and <reg orig="Mariage">Marriage</reg> </l>
<l> Thou draw not <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">on</seg> thy Danger, and <reg orig="Dis-honor">Dishonour</reg>: </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> though <reg orig="Vsurpers">Usurpers</reg> sway the rule a while, </l>
<l> Yet <reg orig="Heau'ns">Heavens</reg> are <reg orig="iust">just</reg>, and Time suppresseth Wrongs. </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker rend="italic"> Warw. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Iniurious">Injurious</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Margaret. </hi> </l></sp>
<sp who="I"><speaker rend="italic"> Edw. </speaker>
<l> And why not <reg orig="Queene">Queen</reg>? </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker rend="italic"> Warw. </speaker>
<l> Because thy Father <hi rend="italic"> Henry </hi> did <reg orig="vsurpe">usurp</reg>, </l>
<l> And thou <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> more art Prince, <reg orig="then shee"> than she </reg> is <reg orig="Queene">Queen</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="K"><speaker rend="italic"> Oxf. </speaker>
<l> Then <hi rend="italic"> Warwicke </hi> <reg orig="disanulls">disannuls</reg> great <hi rend="italic"> Iohn </hi> of Gaunt, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">Which</seg> did subdue the greatest part of Spaine; </l>
<l> And after <hi rend="italic"> Iohn </hi> of Gaunt, <hi rend="italic"> Henry </hi> the Fourth, </l>
<l> Whose <reg orig="Wisdome">Wisdom</reg> was a Mirror <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> the wisest: </l>
<l> And after <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> wise Prince, <hi rend="italic"> Henry </hi> the <reg orig="Fift">Fifth</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">Who</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> his <reg orig="Prowesse">Prowess</reg> conquered all France: </l>
<l> From these, <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Henry </hi> lineally descends. </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker rend="italic"> Warw. </speaker>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Oxford, </hi> how haps it <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> this smooth discourse, </l>
<l> You told not, how <hi rend="italic"> Henry </hi> the <reg orig="Sixt">Sixth</reg> hath lost </l>
<l> All <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg>, <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">which</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Henry </hi> the <reg orig="Fift">Fifth</reg> had gotten: </l>
<l> <reg orig="Me thinkes"> Methinks </reg> these <reg orig="Peeres">Peers</reg> of France should smile at <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg>. </l>
<l> But <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> the rest: you tell a Pedigree </l>
<l> Of threescore and two <reg orig="yeeres">years</reg>, a silly time </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> make prescription <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> a <reg orig="Kingdomes">Kingdoms</reg> worth. </l></sp>
<sp who="K"><speaker rend="italic"> Oxf. </speaker>
<l> Why <hi rend="italic"> Warwicke, </hi> canst thou speak against thy Liege, </l>
<l> Whom thou <reg orig="obeyd'st">obeyedest</reg> <reg orig="thirtie">thirty</reg> and six <reg orig="yeeres">years</reg>, </l>
<l> And not bewray thy Treason with a Blush? </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker rend="italic"> Warw. </speaker>
<l> Can <hi rend="italic"> Oxford, </hi> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> did <reg orig="euer"> ever </reg> fence the fight, </l>
<l> Now buckler Falsehood with a Pedigree? </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">For</seg> shame <reg orig="leaue">leave</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Henry, </hi> and call <hi rend="italic"> Edward </hi> King. </l></sp>
<sp who="K"><speaker rend="italic"> Oxf. </speaker>
<l> Call him my King, <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> whose <reg orig="iniurious">injurious</reg> <reg orig="doome">doom</reg> </l>
<l> My elder Brother, the Lord <hi rend="italic"> Aubrey Vere </hi> </l>
<l> Was done <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> death? and more <reg orig="then"> than </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">so</seg>, my Father, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Euen"> Even </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> the <reg orig="downe-fall">downfall</reg> of his <reg orig="mellow'd">mellowed</reg> <reg orig="yeeres">years</reg>, </l>
<l> When Nature brought him <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> the <reg orig="doore">door</reg> of Death? </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="exclamation">No</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Warwicke, </hi> <seg type="homograph" subtype="exclamation">no</seg>: while Life <reg orig="vpholds">upholds</reg> this <reg orig="Arme">Arm</reg>, </l>
<l> This <reg orig="Arme">Arm</reg> <reg orig="vpholds">upholds</reg> the House of <hi rend="italic"> Lancaster. </hi> </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker rend="italic"> Warw. </speaker>
<l> And I the House of <hi rend="italic"> Yorke. </hi> </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker rend="italic"> Lewis. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Queene">Queen</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Margaret, </hi> Prince <hi rend="italic"> Edward, </hi> and <hi rend="italic"> Oxford, </hi> </l>
<l> Vouchsafe at <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">our</seg> request, <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> stand aside, </l>
<l> While I <reg orig="vse">use</reg> further conference with <hi rend="italic"> Warwicke. </hi> </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic"> They stand aloofe.
<sp who="D"><speaker rend="italic"> Marg. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Heauens">Heavens</reg> <reg orig="graunt">grant</reg>, <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Warwickes </hi> <reg orig="wordes">words</reg> bewitch him not. </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker rend="italic"> Lewis. </speaker>
<l> Now <hi rend="italic"> Warwicke, </hi> tell me <reg orig="euen vpon"> even <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">upon</seg> </reg> thy conscience </l>
<l> Is <hi rend="italic"> Edward </hi> your true King? <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> I were <reg orig="loth">loath</reg> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> <reg orig="linke">link</reg> with him, <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> were not <reg orig="lawfull">lawful</reg> chosen. </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker rend="italic"> Warw. </speaker>
<l> Thereon I <reg orig="pawne">pawn</reg> my Credit, and mine <reg orig="Honor">Honour</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker rend="italic"> Lewis. </speaker>
<l> But is <reg orig="hee"> he </reg> gracious <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> the Peoples eye? </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker rend="italic"> Warw. </speaker>
<l> The more, <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Henry </hi> was <reg orig="vnfortunate">unfortunate</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker rend="italic"> Lewis. </speaker>
<l> Then further: all dissembling set aside, </l>
<l> Tell me <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> truth, the measure of his <reg orig="Loue"> Love </reg> </l>
<l> <reg orig="vnto"> unto </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">our</seg> Sister <hi rend="italic"> Bona. </hi> </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker rend="italic"> War. </speaker>
<l> Such it <reg orig="seemes,"> seems, </reg> </l>
<l> As may <reg orig="beseeme">beseem</reg> a Monarch <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">like</seg> <reg orig="himselfe."> himself. </reg> </l>
<l> <reg orig="My selfe haue"> Myself have </reg> often heard him say, and <reg orig="sweare">swear</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> this his <reg orig="Loue"> Love </reg> was an <reg orig="externall">external</reg> Plant, </l>
<l> Whereof the Root was <reg orig="fixt">fixed</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <reg orig="Vertues">Virtues</reg> ground, </l>
<l> The <reg orig="Leaues">Leaves</reg> and Fruit <reg orig="maintain'd">maintained</reg> with Beauties <reg orig="Sunne">Sun</reg>, </l>
<l> Exempt from <reg orig="Enuy">Envy</reg>, but not from <reg orig="Disdaine">Disdain</reg>, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Vnlesse">Unless</reg> the Lady <hi rend="italic"> Bona </hi> quit his <reg orig="paine">pain</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker rend="italic"> Lewis. </speaker>
<l> Now Sister, let <reg orig="vs heare"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">us</seg> hear </reg> your <reg orig="firme">firm</reg> <reg orig="resolue">resolve</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="ZM"><speaker rend="italic"> Bona. </speaker>
<l> Your <reg orig="graunt">grant</reg>, or your <reg orig="denyall">denial</reg>, shall be mine. </l>
<l> Yet I <reg orig="confesse">confess</reg>, <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> often ere this day, </l>
<stage rend="italic">    Speaks to War. </stage>

<l> When I <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> heard your Kings desert recounted, </l>
<l> Mine <reg orig="eare">ear</reg> hath tempted <reg orig="iudgement">judgment</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> desire. </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker rend="italic"> Lewis. </speaker>
<l> Then <hi rend="italic"> Warwicke, </hi> thus: </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">Our</seg> Sister shall be <hi rend="italic"> Edwards. </hi> </l>
<l> And now forthwith shall Articles be <reg orig="drawne">drawn</reg>, </l>
<l> Touching the <reg orig="Ioynture">Jointure</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> your King must make, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">Which</seg> with <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">her</seg> <reg orig="Dowrie">Dowry</reg> shall be <reg orig="counter-poys'd">counterpoised</reg>: </l>
<l> Draw <reg orig="neere">near</reg>, <reg orig="Queene">Queen</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Margaret, </hi> and be a <reg orig="witnesse">witness</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Bona </hi> shall be Wife <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> the English King. </l></sp>
<sp who="I"><speaker rend="italic"> Pr. Edw. </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">To</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Edward, </hi> but not <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> the English King. </l></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker rend="italic"> Marg. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Deceitfull">Deceitful</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Warwicke, </hi> it was thy <reg orig="deuice">device</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">By</seg> this alliance <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> make void my suit: </l>
<l> Before thy <reg orig="comming,"> coming, </reg> <hi rend="italic"> Lewis </hi> 
was <hi rend="italic"> Henries </hi> friend. </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker rend="italic"> Lewis. </speaker>
<l> And still is friend <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> him, and <hi rend="italic"> Margaret, </hi> </l>
<l> But if your Title <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> the <reg orig="Crowne">Crown</reg> be <reg orig="weake">weak</reg>, </l>
<l> As may <reg orig="appeare">appear</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Edwards </hi> good <reg orig="successe">success</reg>: </l>
<l> Then <reg orig="'tis"> it is </reg> but reason, <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> I be <reg orig="releas'd">released</reg> </l>
<l> From <reg orig="giuing"> giving </reg> <reg orig="ayde">aid</reg>, <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">which</seg> late I promised. </l>
<l> Yet shall you <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> all <reg orig="kindnesse">kindness</reg> at my hand, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">That</seg> your Estate requires, and mine can <reg orig="yeeld">yield</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker rend="italic"> Warw. </speaker>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Henry </hi> now <reg orig="liues"> lives </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> Scotland, at his ease; </l>
<pb n="162"/>
<l> Where <reg orig="hauing"> having </reg> nothing, nothing can he lose. </l>

<l> And as <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> you <reg orig="your selfe"> yourself </reg> (<seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> quondam <reg orig="Queene">Queen</reg>) </l>
<l> You <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> a Father able <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="maintaine">maintain</reg> you, </l>
<l> And better <reg orig="'twere,"> it were, </reg> you troubled him, <reg orig="then"> than </reg> France. </l></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker rend="italic"> Mar. </speaker>
<l> Peace impudent, and <reg orig="shamelesse">shameless</reg> Warwicke, </l>
<l> Proud setter <reg orig="vp,"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">up</seg>, </reg> and puller <reg orig="downe"> down </reg> of Kings, </l>
<l> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> not hence, till with my <reg orig="Talke"> Talk </reg> and <reg orig="Teares">Tears</reg> </l>
<l> (Both full of Truth) I make King <hi rend="italic"> Lewis </hi> behold </l>
<l> Thy <reg orig="slye">sly</reg> <reg orig="conueyance">conveyance</reg>, and thy Lords false <reg orig="loue,"> love, </reg> </l>
<stage rend="italic">  Post blowing a horne Within.

<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> both of you are Birds of <reg orig="selfe-same">selfsame</reg> Feather. </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker rend="italic"> Lewes. </speaker>
<l> Warwicke, this is some <reg orig="poste">post</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> <reg orig="vs,"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">us</seg>, </reg> or thee. </l></sp>
 <stage rend="italic"> Enter the Poste.
<sp who="AA"><speaker rend="italic"> Post. </speaker>
<l> My Lord Ambassador, </l>
<l> These Letters are <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> you. </l>
<stage rend="italic">  Speakes to Warwick, </stage>

<l> Sent from your Brother <reg orig="Marquesse">Marquess</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Montague. </hi> </l>
<l> These from <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> King, <reg orig="vnto"> unto </reg> your <reg orig="Maiesty">Majesty</reg>. </l>
<stage rend="italic">  To Lewis. </stage>

<l> And Madam, these <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> you: </l>
<stage rend="italic">   To Margaret </stage>

<l> From whom, I know not. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic"> They all reads their Letters.
<sp who="K"><speaker rend="italic"> Oxf. </speaker>
<l> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">like</seg> it well, <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> <reg orig="faire"> fair </reg> <reg orig="Queene">Queen</reg> and <reg orig="Mistris">Mistress</reg> </l>
<l> Smiles at <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">her</seg> <reg orig="newes">news</reg>, while <hi rend="italic"> Warwicke </hi> <reg orig="frownes">frowns</reg> at his. </l></sp>
<sp who="I"><speaker rend="italic"> Prince Ed. </speaker>
<p> Nay <reg orig="marke">mark</reg> how <hi rend="italic"> Lewis </hi> <reg orig="stampes">stamps</reg> as he were <lb/> <reg orig="netled">nettled</reg>. I hope, <reg orig="all's"> all is </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> the best. </p></sp> 
<sp who="J"><speaker rend="italic"> Lew. </speaker>
<l> Warwicke, what are thy <reg orig="Newes">News</reg>? </l>
<l> And yours, <reg orig="faire"> fair </reg> <reg orig="Queene">Queen</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker rend="italic"> Mar. </speaker>
<l> Mine such, as fill my heart with <reg orig="vnhop'd">unhoped</reg> <reg orig="ioyes">joys</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker rend="italic"> War. </speaker>
<l> Mine full of sorrow, and hearts discontent. </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker rend="italic"> Lew. </speaker>
<l> What? has your King married the Lady Grey? </l>
<l> And now <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> sooth your Forgery, and his, </l>
<l> Sends me a Paper <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="perswade">persuade</reg> me Patience? </l>
<l> Is this <reg orig="th'Alliance"> the Alliance </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> he <reg orig="seekes">seeks</reg> with France? </l>
<l> Dare he presume <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="scorne">scorn</reg> <reg orig="vs"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">us</seg> </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> this manner? </l></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker rend="italic"> Mar. </speaker>
<l> I told your <reg orig="Maiesty">Majesty</reg> as much before: </l>
<l> This <reg orig="proueth">proveth</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Edwards </hi> <reg orig="Loue,"> Love, </reg> and Warwickes honesty. </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker rend="italic"> War. </speaker>
<l> King <hi rend="italic"> Lewis, </hi> I <reg orig="here"> here </reg> protest <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> sight of <reg orig="heauen">heaven</reg>, </l>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> the hope I <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> of <reg orig="heauenly">heavenly</reg> <reg orig="blisse">bliss</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> I am <reg orig="cleere">clear</reg> from this misdeed of <hi rend="italic"> Edwards; </hi> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">No</seg> more my King, <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">for</seg> he <reg orig="dishonors">dishonours</reg> me, </l>
<l> But most <reg orig="himselfe,"> himself, </reg> if he could see his shame. </l>
<l> Did I forget, <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> the House of Yorke </l>
<l> My Father came <reg orig="vntimely">untimely</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> his death? </l>
<l> Did I let <reg orig="passe">pass</reg> <reg orig="th'abuse"> the abuse </reg> done <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> my <reg orig="Neece">Niece</reg>? </l>
<l> Did I impale him with the <reg orig="Regall">Regal</reg> <reg orig="Crowne">Crown</reg>? </l>
<l> Did I put <hi rend="italic"> Henry </hi> from his <reg orig="Natiue">Native</reg> Right? </l>
<l> And am I <reg orig="guerdon'd">guerdoned</reg> at the last, with Shame? </l>
<l> Shame <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> <reg orig="himselfe,"> himself, </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">for</seg> my Desert is <reg orig="Honor">Honour</reg>. </l>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="repaire">repair</reg> my <reg orig="Honor">Honour</reg> lost <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> him, </l>
<l> I <reg orig="here"> here </reg> renounce him, and <reg orig="returne">return</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Henry. </hi> </l>
<l> My Noble <reg orig="Queene">Queen</reg>, let former grudges <reg orig="passe">pass</reg>, </l>
<l> And henceforth, I am thy true <reg orig="Seruitour">Servitor</reg>: </l>
<l> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> <reg orig="reuenge">revenge</reg> his wrong <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> Lady <hi rend="italic"> Bona, </hi> </l>
<l> And <reg orig="replant">repellent</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Henry </hi> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> his former state. </l></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker rend="italic"> Mar. </speaker>
<l> Warwicke, </l>
<l> These words <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> <reg orig="turn'd">turned</reg> my Hate, <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> <reg orig="Loue,"> Love, </reg> </l>
<l> And I <reg orig="forgiue">forgive</reg>, and quite forget old faults, </l>
<l> And <reg orig="ioy">joy</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> thou <reg orig="becom'st">becomest</reg> King <hi rend="italic"> Henries </hi> Friend. </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker rend="italic"> War. </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">So</seg> much his Friend, I, his <reg orig="vnfained">unfeigned</reg> Friend, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> if King <hi rend="italic"> Lewis </hi> vouchsafe <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> furnish <reg orig="vs"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg> </reg> </l>
<l> With some few Bands of chosen <reg orig="Soldiours">Soldiers</reg>, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Ile"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> <reg orig="vndertake">undertake</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> Land them <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> Coast, </l>
<l> And force the Tyrant from his seat <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> <reg orig="Warre">War</reg>. </l>
<l> <reg orig="'Tis"> It is </reg> not his new-made Bride shall succour him. </l>
<l> And as <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Clarence, </hi> as my Letters tell me, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Hee's"> He is </reg> very likely now <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> fall from him, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">For</seg> matching more <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> wanton Lust, <reg orig="then"> than </reg> <reg orig="Honor">Honour</reg>, </l>
<l> Or <reg orig="then"> than </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> strength and safety of <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> Country. </l></sp>
<sp who="ZM"><speaker rend="italic"> Bona. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Deere">Dear</reg> Brother, how shall <hi rend="italic"> Bona </hi> be <reg orig="reueng'd">revenged</reg>, </l>
<l> But <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> thy <reg orig="helpe">help</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> this distressed <reg orig="Queene">Queen</reg>? </l></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker rend="italic"> Mar. </speaker>
<l> Renowned Prince, how shall <reg orig="Poore">Poor</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Henry </hi> <reg orig="liue,"> live, </reg> </l>
<l> <reg orig="Vnlesse">Unless</reg> thou rescue him from <reg orig="soule">soul</reg> <reg orig="dispaire">despair</reg>? </l></sp>
<sp who="ZM"><speaker rend="italic"> Bona. </speaker>
<l> My quarrel, and this English Queens, are one. </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker rend="italic"> War. </speaker>
<l> And mine <reg orig="faire"> fair </reg> Lady <hi rend="italic"> Bona, </hi> <reg orig="ioynes">joins</reg> with yours. </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker rend="italic"> Lew. </speaker>
<l> And mine, with hers, and thine, and <hi rend="italic"> Margarets. </hi> </l>
<l> Therefore, at last, I <reg orig="firmely">firmly</reg> am <reg orig="resolu'd">resolved</reg> </l>
<l> You shall <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> <reg orig="ayde">aid</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker rend="italic"> Mar. </speaker>
<l> Let me <reg orig="giue"> give </reg> humble <reg orig="thankes">thanks</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> all, at once. </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker rend="italic"> Lew. </speaker>
<l> Then Englands Messenger, <reg orig="returne">return</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <reg orig="Poste">Post</reg>, </l>
<l> And tell false <hi rend="italic"> Edward, </hi> thy supposed King, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Lewis </hi> of France, is sending <reg orig="ouer"> over </reg> Maskers </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> <reg orig="reuell">revel</reg> it with him, and his new Bride. </l>
<l> Thou seest <reg orig="what's"> what has </reg> past, go <reg orig="feare">fear</reg> thy King <reg orig="withall">withal</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="ZM"><speaker rend="italic"> Bona. </speaker>
<l> Tell him, <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> hope <reg orig="hee'l"> he <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> <reg orig="proue">prove</reg> a widower shortly, </l>
<l> I <reg orig="weare">wear</reg> the Willow Garland <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> his sake. </l></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker rend="italic"> Mar. </speaker>
<l> Tell him, my mourning weeds are <reg orig="layde">laid</reg> aside, </l>
<l> And I am ready <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> put <reg orig="Armor">Armour</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">on</seg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker rend="italic"> War. </speaker>
<l> Tell him, from me, <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> he hath done me wrong, </l>
<l> And therefore <reg orig="Ile"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> <reg orig="vn-Crowne">uncrown</reg> him, <reg orig="er't"> ere it </reg> be long. </l>
<l> <reg orig="There's"> There is </reg> thy reward, be gone. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic">   Exit Post.
<sp who="J"><speaker rend="italic"> Lew. </speaker>
<l> But Warwicke, </l>
<l> Thou and Oxford, with <reg orig="fiue">five</reg> thousand men </l>
<l> Shall <reg orig="crosse">cross</reg> the Seas, and bid false <hi rend="italic"> Edward </hi> <reg orig="battaile">battle</reg>: </l>
<l> And as occasion <reg orig="serues">serves</reg>, this Noble Queen </l>
<l> And Prince, shall follow with a fresh Supply. </l>
<l> Yet ere thou go, but answer me one doubt: </l>
<l> What Pledge <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">we</seg> of thy <reg orig="firme">firm</reg> Loyalty? </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker rend="italic"> War. </speaker>
<l> This shall assure my constant Loyalty, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> if <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> <reg orig="Queene">Queen</reg>, and this young Prince agree, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Ile"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> <reg orig="ioyne">join</reg> mine eldest daughter, and my <reg orig="Ioy">Joy</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">To</seg> him forthwith, <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> holy <reg orig="Wedlocke">Wedlock</reg> bands. </l></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker rend="italic"> Mar. </speaker>
<l> Yes, I agree, and <reg orig="thanke">thank</reg> you <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> your Motion. </l>
<l> <reg orig="Sonne"> Son </reg> <hi rend="italic"> Edward, </hi> she is <reg orig="Faire"> Fair </reg> and <reg orig="Vertuous">Virtuous</reg>, </l>
<l> Therefore delay not, <reg orig="giue"> give </reg> thy hand <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> Warwicke, </l>
<l> And with thy hand, thy faith <reg orig="irreuocable">irrevocable</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> <reg orig="onely"> only </reg> Warwickes daughter shall be thine. </l></sp>
<sp who="I"><speaker rend="italic"> Prin. Ed. </speaker>
<l> Yes, I accept <seg type="homograph" subtype="personalPronoun">her</seg>, <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">for</seg> she well <reg orig="deserues">deserves</reg> it, </l>
<l> And <reg orig="here"> here </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> pledge my Vow, I <reg orig="giue"> give </reg> my hand. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic"> He giues his hand to Warw.
<sp who="J"><speaker rend="italic"> Lew. </speaker>
<l> Why stay <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">we</seg> now? These soldiers <reg orig="shalbe"> shall be </reg> <reg orig="leuied">levied</reg>, </l>
<l> And thou Lord Bourbon, <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">our</seg> High <reg orig="Admirall">Admiral</reg> </l>
<l> Shall waft them <reg orig="ouer"> over </reg> with <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">our</seg> <reg orig="Royall">Royal</reg> <reg orig="Fleete">Fleet</reg>. </l>
<l> I long till <hi rend="italic"> Edward </hi> fall <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> <reg orig="Warres">Wars</reg> mischance, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">For</seg> mocking Marriage with a Dame of France. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic">   Exeunt. Manet Warwicke.
<sp who="A"><speaker rend="italic"> War. </speaker>
<l> I came from <hi rend="italic"> Edward </hi> as Ambassador, </l>
<l> But I <reg orig="returne">return</reg> his <reg orig="sworne">sworn</reg> and <reg orig="mortall">mortal</reg> Foe: </l>
<l> Matter of Marriage was the charge he <reg orig="gaue"> gave </reg> me, </l>
<l> But <reg orig="dreadfull">dreadful</reg> <reg orig="Warre">War</reg> shall answer his demand. </l>
<l> Had he none else <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> make a stale but me? </l>
<l> Then none but I, shall <reg orig="turne">turn</reg> his <reg orig="Iest">Jest</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> Sorrow. </l>
<l> I was the <reg orig="Cheefe">Chief</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> <reg orig="rais'd">raised</reg> him <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> the <reg orig="Crowne">Crown</reg>, </l>
<l> And <reg orig="Ile"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> be <reg orig="Cheefe">Chief</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> bring him <reg orig="downe againe:"> down again: </reg> </l>
<l> Not <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> I <reg orig="pitty">pity</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Henries </hi> misery, </l>
<l> But <reg orig="seeke">seek</reg> <reg orig="Reuenge">Revenge</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Edwards </hi> mockery. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic">   Exit.
<div1 n="4"><div2 n="1">
<stage rend="italic">
Enter Richard, Clarence, Somerset, and Mountague.
<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Rich. </speaker>
<l> Now tell me Brother <hi rend="italic"> Clarence, </hi> what <reg orig="thinke"> think </reg> you </l>
<l> Of this new Marriage with the Lady <hi rend="italic"> Gray? </hi> </l>
<l> Hath not <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> Brother made a worthy choice? </l></sp>
<sp who="E"><speaker rend="italic"> Cla. </speaker>
<l> Alas, you know, <reg orig="tis"> it is </reg> <reg orig="farre">far</reg> from hence <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> France, </l>
<pb n="163"/>
<l> How could he stay till <hi rend="italic"> Warwicke </hi> made <reg orig="returne">return</reg>? </l></sp>
<sp who="M"><speaker rend="italic"> Som. </speaker>
<p> My Lords, <reg orig="forbeare">forbear</reg> this <reg orig="talke: heere"> talk: here </reg> comes the <lb/> King. </p> </sp>
<stage rend="italic"> Flourish.
Enter King Edward, Lady Grey, Penbrooke, Stafford, Hastings: 
foure stand on one side, and foure on the other.
<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Rich. </speaker>
<l> And his well-chosen Bride. </l></sp>
<sp who="E"><speaker rend="italic"> Clarence. </speaker>
<l> I <reg orig="minde">mind</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> tell him plainly what I <reg orig="thinke."> think. </reg> </l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> King. </speaker>
<l> Now Brother of Clarence, </l>
<l> How <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">like</seg> you <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">our</seg> <reg orig="Choyce">Choice</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> you stand <reg orig="pensiue">pensive</reg>, as <reg orig="halfe">half</reg> <reg orig="malecontent">malcontent</reg>? </l></sp>
<sp who="E"><speaker rend="italic"> Clarence. </speaker>
<l> As well as <hi rend="italic"> Lewis </hi> of France, </l>
<l> Or the <reg orig="Earle">Earl</reg> of Warwicke, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">Which</seg> are <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> <reg orig="weake">weak</reg> of courage, and <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <reg orig="iudgement">judgment</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> <reg orig="they'le"> they <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> take <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> offence at <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> abuse. </l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> King. </speaker>
<l> Suppose they take offence without a cause: </l>
<l> They are but <hi rend="italic"> Lewis </hi> and <hi rend="italic"> Warwicke, </hi> I am <hi rend="italic"> Edward, </hi> </l>
<l> Your King and <hi rend="italic"> Warwickes, </hi> and must <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> my <seg type="homograph" subtype="noun">will</seg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Rich. </speaker>
<l> And shall <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> your <seg type="homograph" subtype="noun">will</seg>, because <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> King: </l>
<l> Yet <reg orig="hastie">hasty</reg> Marriage <reg orig="seldome">seldom</reg> <reg orig="proueth">proveth</reg> well. </l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> King. </speaker>
<l> Yea, Brother <hi rend="italic"> Richard, </hi> are you offended too? </l></sp>

<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Rich. </speaker>
<l> Not I: <seg type="homograph" subtype="exclamation">no</seg>: </l>
<l> God forbid, <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> I should wish them <reg orig="seuer'd">severed</reg>, </l>
<l> Whom God hath <reg orig="ioyn'd">joined</reg> together: </l>
<l> <reg orig="I,"> Aye, </reg> and <reg orig="'twere"> it were </reg> <reg orig="pittie">pity</reg>, <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> sunder them, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">That</seg> <reg orig="yoake">yoke</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> well together. </l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> King. </speaker>
<l> Setting your <reg orig="skornes">scorns</reg>, and your mislike aside, </l>
<l> Tell me some reason, why the Lady <hi rend="italic"> Grey </hi> </l>
<l> Should not become my Wife, and Englands <reg orig="Queene">Queen</reg>? </l>
<l> And you too, <hi rend="italic"> Somerset, </hi> and <hi rend="italic"> Mountague, </hi> </l>
<l> <reg orig="Speake"> Speak </reg> freely what you <reg orig="thinke."> think. </reg> </l></sp>
<sp who="E"><speaker rend="italic"> Clarence. </speaker>
<l> Then this is mine opinion: </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> King <hi rend="italic"> Lewis </hi> becomes your <reg orig="Enemie">Enemy</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">For</seg> mocking him about the Marriage </l>
<l> Of the Lady <hi rend="italic"> Bona. </hi> </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Rich. </speaker>
<l> And <hi rend="italic"> Warwicke, </hi> doing what you <reg orig="gaue"> gave </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> charge, </l>
<l> Is now <reg orig="dis-honored">dishonoured</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> this new Marriage. </l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> King. </speaker>
<l> What, if both <hi rend="italic"> Lewis </hi> and <hi rend="italic"> Warwick </hi> be <reg orig="appeas'd">appeased</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">By</seg> such <reg orig="inuention">invention</reg> as I can <reg orig="deuise">devise</reg>? </l></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker rend="italic"> Mount. </speaker>
<l> Yet, <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> <reg orig="ioyn'd">joined</reg> with France <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> such alliance, </l>
<l> Would more <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> <reg orig="strength'ned">strengthened</reg> this <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> Commonwealth </l>
<l> <reg orig="'Gainst">Against</reg> <reg orig="forraine">foreign</reg> <reg orig="stormes">storms</reg>, <reg orig="then"> than </reg> any home-bred Marriage. </l></sp>
<sp who="N"><speaker rend="italic"> Hast. </speaker>
<l> Why, <reg orig="knowes"> knows </reg> not <hi rend="italic"> Mountague, </hi> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> of <reg orig="it selfe,"> itself, </reg> </l>
<l> England is safe, if true within <reg orig="it selfe?"> itself? </reg> </l></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker rend="italic"> Mount. </speaker>
<l> But the safer, when <reg orig="'tis"> it is </reg> <reg orig="back'd">backed</reg> with France. </l></sp>
<sp who="N"><speaker rend="italic"> Hast. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="'Tis"> It is </reg> better <reg orig="vsing">using</reg> France, <reg orig="then"> than </reg> trusting France: </l>
<l> Let <reg orig="vs"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg> </reg> be <reg orig="back'd">backed</reg> with God, and with the Seas, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">Which</seg> he hath <reg orig="giu'n"> given </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> fence impregnable, </l>
<l> And with their <reg orig="helpes">helps</reg>, <reg orig="onely"> only </reg> defend <reg orig="our selues:"> ourselves </reg> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">In</seg> them, and <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <reg orig="our selues,"> ourselves, </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> <reg orig="safetie">safety</reg> <reg orig="lyes">lies</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="E"><speaker rend="italic"> Clar. </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">For</seg> this one speech, Lord <hi rend="italic"> Hastings </hi> well <reg orig="deserues">deserves</reg> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> the <reg orig="Heire">Heir</reg> of the Lord <hi rend="italic"> Hungerford. </hi> </l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> King. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="I,"> Aye, </reg> what of <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg>? it was my <seg type="homograph" subtype="noun">will</seg>, and <reg orig="graunt">grant</reg>, </l>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> this once, my <seg type="homograph" subtype="noun">Will</seg> shall stand <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> Law. </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Rich. </speaker>
<l> And yet <reg orig="me thinks,"> methinks, </reg> your Grace hath not done well, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> <reg orig="giue"> give </reg> the <reg orig="Heire">Heir</reg> and Daughter of Lord <hi rend="italic"> Scales </hi> </l>
<l> <reg orig="vnto"> Unto </reg> the Brother of your <reg orig="louing"> loving </reg> Bride; </l>
<l> <reg orig="Shee"> She </reg> better would <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> fitted me, or <hi rend="italic"> Clarence: </hi> </l>
<l> But <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> your Bride you <reg orig="burie">bury</reg> Brotherhood. </l></sp>
<sp who="E"><speaker rend="italic"> Clar. </speaker>
<l> Or else you would not <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> <reg orig="bestow'd">bestowed</reg> the <reg orig="Heire">Heir</reg> </l>
<l> Of the Lord <hi rend="italic"> Bonuill </hi> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> your new <reg orig="Wiues">Wives</reg> <reg orig="Sonne,"> Son, </reg> </l>
<l> And <reg orig="leaue">leave</reg> your Brothers <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="goe"> go </reg> <reg orig="speede">speed</reg> elsewhere. </l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> King. </speaker>
<l> Alas, <reg orig="poore">poor</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Clarence: </hi> is it <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> a Wife </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">That</seg> thou art <reg orig="malecontent">malcontent</reg>? I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> <reg orig="prouide">provide</reg> thee. </l></sp>
<sp who="E"><speaker rend="italic"> Clarence. </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">In</seg> <reg orig="chusing">choosing</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> <reg orig="your selfe,"> yourself, </reg> </l>
<l> You <reg orig="shew'd">showed</reg> your <reg orig="iudgement">judgment</reg>: </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">Which</seg> being shallow, you shall <reg orig="giue"> give </reg> me <reg orig="leaue">leave</reg> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> play the Broker <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> mine <reg orig="owne"> own </reg> <reg orig="behalfe">behalf</reg>; </l>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> end, I shortly <reg orig="minde">mind</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="leaue">leave</reg> you. </l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> King. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Leaue">Leave</reg> me, or tarry, <hi rend="italic"> Edward </hi> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> be King, </l>
<l> And not be <reg orig="ty'd">tied</reg> <reg orig="vnto"> unto </reg> his Brothers <seg type="homograph" subtype="noun">will</seg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="R"><speaker rend="italic"> Lady Grey. </speaker>
<l> My Lords, before it <reg orig="pleas'd">pleased</reg> his <reg orig="Maiestie">Majesty</reg> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> <reg orig="rayse">raise</reg> my State <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> Title of a <reg orig="Queene">Queen</reg>, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Doe"> Do </reg> me but right, and you must all <reg orig="confesse">confess</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> I was not ignoble of Descent, </l>
<l> And meaner <reg orig="then my selfe haue"> than myself have </reg> had <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">like</seg> fortune. </l>
<l> But as this Title <reg orig="honors">honours</reg> me and mine, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">So</seg> your dislikes, <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> whom I would be pleasing, </l>
<l> Doth cloud my <reg orig="ioyes">joys</reg> with danger, and with sorrow. </l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> King. </speaker>
<l> My <reg orig="Loue,"> Love, </reg> <reg orig="forbeare">forbear</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="fawne">fawn</reg> <reg orig="vpon"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">upon</seg> </reg> their <reg orig="frownes">frowns</reg>: </l>
<l> What danger, or what sorrow can befall thee, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">So</seg> long as <hi rend="italic"> Edward </hi> is thy constant friend, </l>
<l> And their true <reg orig="Soueraigne">Sovereign</reg>, whom they must obey? </l>
<l> Nay, whom they shall obey, and <reg orig="loue"> love </reg> thee too, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Vnlesse">Unless</reg> they <reg orig="seeke">seek</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> hatred at my hands: </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">Which</seg> if they <reg orig="doe,"> do, </reg> yet <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> I <reg orig="keepe">keep</reg> thee safe, </l>
<l> And they shall <reg orig="feele">feel</reg> the vengeance of my wrath. </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Rich. </speaker>
<l> I <reg orig="heare,"> hear, </reg> yet say not much, but <reg orig="thinke"> think </reg> the more. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic"> Enter a Poste.
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> King. </speaker>
<p> Now Messenger, what Letters, or what <reg orig="Newes">News</reg> <lb/> from France? </p> </sp>
<sp who="AA"><speaker rend="italic"> Post. </speaker>
<l> My <reg orig="Soueraigne">Sovereign</reg> Liege, <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> Letters, <reg orig="&"> and </reg> few words, </l>
<l> But such, as I (without your <reg orig="speciall">special</reg> pardon) </l>
<l> Dare not relate. </l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> King. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Goe too, wee"> Go <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">to</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">we</seg> </reg> pardon thee: </l>
<l> Therefore, <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <reg orig="briefe">brief</reg>, tell me their words, </l>
<l> As <reg orig="neere">near</reg> as thou canst <reg orig="guesse">guess</reg> them. </l>
<l> What answer makes King <hi rend="italic"> Lewis </hi> <reg orig="vnto"> unto </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">our</seg> Letters? </l></sp>
<sp who="AA"><speaker rend="italic"> Post. </speaker>
<l> At my depart, these were his very words: </l>
<l> <reg orig="Goe"> Go </reg> tell false <hi rend="italic"> Edward, </hi> the supposed King, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Lewis </hi> of France is sending <reg orig="ouer"> over </reg> Maskers, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> <reg orig="reuell">revel</reg> it with him, and his new Bride. </l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> King. </speaker>
<l> Is <hi rend="italic"> Lewis </hi> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> <reg orig="braue">brave</reg>? belike he <reg orig="thinkes"> thinks </reg> me <hi rend="italic"> Henry. </hi> </l>
<l> But what said Lady <hi rend="italic"> Bona </hi> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> my Marriage? </l></sp>
<sp who="AA"><speaker rend="italic"> Post. </speaker>
<l> These were <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">her</seg> words, <reg orig="vtt'red">uttered</reg> with mild <reg orig="disdaine">disdain</reg>: </l>
<l> Tell him, <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> hope <reg orig="hee'le"> he <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> <reg orig="proue">prove</reg> a Widower shortly, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Ile"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> <reg orig="weare">wear</reg> the Willow Garland <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> his sake. </l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> King. </speaker>
<l> I blame not <seg type="homograph" subtype="personalPronoun">her</seg>; she could say little <reg orig="lesse">less</reg>: </l>
<l> She had the wrong. But what said <hi rend="italic"> Henries </hi> <reg orig="Queene">Queen</reg>? </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> I <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> heard, <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> she was there <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> place. </l></sp>
<sp who="AA"><speaker rend="italic"> Post. </speaker>
<l> Tell him (quoth she) </l>
<l> My mourning <reg orig="Weedes">Weeds</reg> are done, </l>
<l> And I am <reg orig="readie">ready</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> put Armour <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">on</seg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> King. </speaker>
<l> Belike she minds <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> play the Amazon. </l>
<l> But what said <hi rend="italic"> Warwicke </hi> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> these <reg orig="iniuries">injuries</reg>? </l></sp>
<sp who="AA"><speaker rend="italic"> Post. </speaker>
<l> He, more <reg orig="incens'd">incensed</reg> against your <reg orig="Maiestie">Majesty</reg>, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Then"> Than </reg> all the rest, <reg orig="discharg'd">discharged</reg> me with these words: </l>
<l> Tell him from me, <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> he hath done me wrong, </l>
<l> And therefore <reg orig="Ile"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> <reg orig="vncrowne">uncrown</reg> him, <reg orig="er't"> ere it </reg> be long. </l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> King. </speaker>
<l> Ha? durst the <reg orig="Traytor">Traitor</reg> breath out <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> <reg orig="prowd">proud</reg> words? </l>
<l> Well, I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> <reg orig="arme">arm</reg> me, being thus <reg orig="fore-warn'd">forewarned</reg>: </l>
<l> They shall <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> <reg orig="Warres">Wars</reg>, and pay <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> their presumption. </l>
<l> But say, is <hi rend="italic"> Warwicke </hi> friends with <hi rend="italic"> Margaret? </hi> </l></sp>
<sp who="AA"><speaker rend="italic"> Post. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="I,"> Aye, </reg> gracious <reg orig="Soueraigne">Sovereign</reg>, </l>
<l> They are <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> <reg orig="link'd">linked</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> friendship, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> <reg orig="yong">young</reg> Prince <hi rend="italic"> Edward </hi> <reg orig="marryes">marries</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Warwicks </hi> Daughter. </l></sp>
<sp who="E"><speaker rend="italic"> Clarence. </speaker>
<l> Belike, the elder; </l>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Clarence </hi> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> the younger. </l>
<pb n="164"/>
<l> Now Brother King farewell, and sit you fast, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> hence <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Warwickes </hi> other Daughter, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> though I want a <reg orig="Kingdome">Kingdom</reg>, yet <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> Marriage </l>
<l> I may not <reg orig="proue">prove</reg> inferior <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> <reg orig="your selfe."> yourself. </reg> </l>
<l> You <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> <reg orig="loue"> love </reg> me, and <hi rend="italic"> Warwicke, </hi> follow me. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic">    Exit Clarence, and Somerset followes.
<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Rich. </speaker>
<l> Not I: </l>
<l> My thoughts <reg orig="ayme">aim</reg> at a further matter: </l>
<l> I stay not <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> the <reg orig="loue"> love </reg> of <hi rend="italic"> Edward, </hi> but the <reg orig="Crowne">Crown</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> King. </speaker>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Clarence </hi> and <hi rend="italic"> Somerset </hi> both gone <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Warwicke? </hi> </l>
<l> Yet am I <reg orig="arm'd">armed</reg> against the worst can happen: </l>
<l> And haste is <reg orig="needfull">needful</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> this <reg orig="desp'rate">desperate</reg> case. </l>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Pembrooke </hi> and <hi rend="italic"> Stafford, </hi> you <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">our</seg> <reg orig="behalfe">behalf</reg> </l>
<l> <reg orig="Goe"> Go </reg> <reg orig="leuie">levy</reg> men, and make prepare <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> <reg orig="Warre">War</reg>; </l>
<l> They are <reg orig="alreadie">already</reg>, or quickly <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> be landed: </l>
<l> <reg orig="My selfe"> Myself </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> person <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> straight follow you. </l>
<stage rend="italic">  Exeunt Pembrooke and Stafford.

<l> But ere I <reg orig="goe,"> go, </reg> <hi rend="italic"> Hastings </hi> and <hi rend="italic"> Mountague </hi> </l>
<l> <reg orig="Resolue">Resolve</reg> my doubt: you <reg orig="twaine">twain</reg>, of all the rest, </l>
<l> Are <reg orig="neere">near</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Warwicke, </hi> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> <reg orig="bloud">blood</reg>, and <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> <reg orig="allyance">alliance</reg>: </l>
<l> Tell me, if you <reg orig="loue"> love </reg> <hi rend="italic"> Warwicke </hi> more <reg orig="then"> than </reg> me; </l>
<l> If it be <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">so</seg>, then both depart <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> him: </l>
<l> I rather wish you foes, <reg orig="then"> than </reg> hollow friends. </l>
<l> But if you <reg orig="minde">mind</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> hold your true obedience, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Giue"> Give </reg> me assurance with some friendly Vow, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> I may <reg orig="neuer haue"> never have </reg> you <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> suspect. </l></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker rend="italic"> Mount. </speaker>
<p> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">So</seg> God <reg orig="helpe">help</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Mountague, </hi> as <reg orig="hee"> he </reg> <reg orig="proues">proves</reg> <lb/> true. </p></sp> 

<sp who="N"><speaker rend="italic"> Hast. </speaker>
<l> And <hi rend="italic"> Hastings, </hi> as <reg orig="hee"> he </reg> <reg orig="fauours">favours</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Edwards </hi> cause. </l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> King. </speaker>
<l> Now, Brother <hi rend="italic"> Richard, </hi> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> you stand <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> <reg orig="vs?"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">us</seg>? </reg> </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Rich. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="I,"> Aye, </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <reg orig="despight">despite</reg> of all <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> shall withstand you. </l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> King. </speaker>
<l> Why <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">so</seg>: then am I sure of <reg orig="Victorie">Victory</reg>. </l>
<l> Now therefore let <reg orig="vs"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg> </reg> hence, and lose <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> <reg orig="howre">hour</reg>, </l>
<l> Till <reg orig="wee"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> </reg> meet <hi rend="italic"> Warwicke, </hi> with his <reg orig="forreine">foreign</reg> <reg orig="powre">power</reg>. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic">     Exeunt.</stage></div2>
 <div2 n="2"><stage>
Enter Warwicke and Oxford in England, with French Souldiors.
<sp who="A"><speaker rend="italic"> Warw. </speaker>
<l> Trust me, my Lord, all hitherto goes well, </l>
<l> The common people <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> numbers <reg orig="swarme">swarm</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> <reg orig="vs."> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg>. </reg> </l>
<stage rend="italic"> Enter Clarence and Somerset.

<l> But see where <hi rend="italic"> Somerset </hi> and <hi rend="italic"> Clarence </hi> comes: </l>
<l> <reg orig="Speake"> Speak </reg> suddenly, my Lords, are <reg orig="wee"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> </reg> all friends? </l></sp>
<sp who="E"><speaker rend="italic"> Clar. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Feare">Fear</reg> not <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg>, my Lord. </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker rend="italic"> Warw. </speaker>
<l> Then gentle <hi rend="italic"> Clarence, </hi> welcome <reg orig="vnto"> unto </reg> <hi rend="italic"> Warwicke, </hi> </l>
<l> And welcome <hi rend="italic"> Somerset: </hi> I hold it <reg orig="cowardize">cowardice</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> rest <reg orig="mistrustfull">mistrustful</reg>, where a Noble Heart </l>
<l> Hath <reg orig="pawn'd">pawned</reg> an open Hand, <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <reg orig="signe">sign</reg> of <reg orig="Loue;"> Love; </reg> </l>
<l> Else might I <reg orig="thinke,"> think, </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Clarence, Edwards </hi> Brother, </l>
<l> Were but a fained friend <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> proceedings: </l>
<l> But welcome sweet <hi rend="italic"> Clarence, </hi> my Daughter shall be thine. </l>
<l> And now, what rests? but <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> Nights <reg orig="Couerture">Coverture</reg>, </l>
<l> Thy Brother being <reg orig="carelessely">carelessly</reg> <reg orig="encamp'd">encamped</reg>, </l>
<l> His <reg orig="Souldiors">Soldiers</reg> lurking <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> the <reg orig="Towne">Town</reg> about, </l>
<l> And but attended <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> a simple Guard, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Wee"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">We</seg> </reg> may <reg orig="surprize">surprise</reg> and take him at <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> pleasure, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">Our</seg> Scouts <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> found the <reg orig="aduenture">adventure</reg> very <reg orig="easie">easy</reg>: </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> as <hi rend="italic"> Vlysses, </hi> and stout <hi rend="italic"> Diomede, </hi> </l>
<l> With sleight and manhood stole <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Rhesus </hi> Tents, </l>
<l> And brought from thence the Thracian <reg orig="fatall">fatal</reg> Steeds; </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">So</seg> <reg orig="wee,"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg>, </reg> well <reg orig="couer'd">covered</reg> with the Nights black Mantle, </l>
<l> At <reg orig="vnawares">unawares</reg> may beat <reg orig="downe"> down </reg> <hi rend="italic"> Edwards </hi> Guard, </l>
<l> And seize <reg orig="himselfe:"> himself: </reg> I say not, slaughter him, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> I intend but <reg orig="onely"> only </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="surprize">surprise</reg> him. </l>
<l> You <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> follow me <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> this attempt, </l>
<l> Applaud the Name of <hi rend="italic"> Henry, </hi> with your Leader. </l>
<stage rend="italic">  They all cry, Henry.

<l> Why then, <reg orig="let's"> let <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg> </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> way <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> silent sort, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">For</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Warwicke </hi> and his friends, God and Saint <hi rend="italic"> George. </hi> </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic">  Exeunt.</stage></div2>
 <div2 n="3"><stage>
Enter three Watchmen to guard the Kings Tent.
<sp who="ZA"><speaker rend="italic"> 1. Watch. </speaker>
<l> Come <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">on</seg> my Masters, each man take his stand, </l>
<l> The King <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> this, is set him <reg orig="downe"> down </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="sleepe">sleep</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="ZB"><speaker rend="italic"> 2. Watch. </speaker>
<l> What, <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> he not <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> Bed? </l></sp>
<sp who="ZA"><speaker rend="italic"> 1. Watch. </speaker>
<l> Why, <seg type="homograph" subtype="exclamation">no</seg>: <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">for</seg> he hath made a <reg orig="solemne">solemn</reg> Vow, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Neuer"> Never </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="lye">lie</reg> and take his <reg orig="naturall">natural</reg> Rest, </l>
<l> Till <hi rend="italic"> Warwicke, </hi> or <reg orig="himselfe,"> himself, </reg> be quite <reg orig="supprest">suppressed</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="ZB"><speaker rend="italic"> 2. Watch. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="To morrow "> Tomorrow </reg> then belike shall be the day, </l>
<l> If <hi rend="italic"> Warwicke </hi> be <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> <reg orig="neere">near</reg> as men report. </l></sp>
<sp who="ZC"><speaker rend="italic"> 3. Watch. </speaker>
<l> But say, I pray, what Noble man is <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">That</seg> with the King here resteth <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> his Tent? </l></sp>
<sp who="ZA"><speaker rend="italic"> 1. Watch. </speaker>
<p> <reg orig="'Tis"> It is </reg> the Lord <hi rend="italic"> Hastings, </hi> the Kings chiefest <lb/> friend. </p></sp> 

<sp who="ZC"><speaker rend="italic"> 3. Watch. </speaker>
<l> O, is it <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">so</seg>? but why commands the King, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> his <reg orig="chiefe">chief</reg> followers lodge <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <reg orig="Townes">Towns</reg> about him, </l>
<l> While he <reg orig="himselfe"> himself </reg> <reg orig="keepes">keeps</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> the cold field? </l></sp>
<sp who="ZB"><speaker rend="italic"> 2. Watch. </speaker>
<p> <reg orig="'Tis"> It is </reg> the more honour, because more dangerous. </p></sp> 
<sp who="ZC"><speaker rend="italic"> 3. Watch. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="I,"> Aye, </reg> but <reg orig="giue"> give </reg> me worship, and <reg orig="quietnesse">quietness</reg>, </l>
<l> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">like</seg> it better <reg orig="then"> than </reg> a dangerous <reg orig="honor">honour</reg>. </l>
<l> If <hi rend="italic"> Warwicke </hi> knew <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> what estate he stands, </l>
<l> <reg orig="'Tis"> It is </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> be doubted he would waken him. </l></sp>
<sp who="ZB"><speaker rend="italic"> 2. Watch. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="I:"> Aye: </reg> wherefore else guard <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> his <reg orig="Royall">Royal</reg> Tent, </l>
<l> But <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> defend his Person from Night-foes? </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic">
Enter Warwicke, Clarence, Oxford, Somerset, and 
French Souldiors, silent all.
<sp who="A"><speaker rend="italic"> Warw. </speaker>
<l> This is his Tent, and see where stand his Guard: </l>
<l> Courage my Masters: <reg orig="Honor">Honour</reg> now, or <reg orig="neuer:"> never: </reg> </l>
<l> But follow me, and <hi rend="italic"> Edward </hi> shall be <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">ours</seg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="ZA"><speaker rend="italic"> 1. Watch. </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="interrogative">Who</seg> goes there? </l></sp>
<sp who="ZB"><speaker rend="italic"> 2. Watch. </speaker>
<l> Stay, or thou <reg orig="dyest">diest</reg>. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic">
Warwicke and the rest cry all, Warwicke, Warwicke, and set 
vpon the Guard, who flye, crying, Arme, Arme, Warwicke and the rest following them.
The Drumme playing, and Trumpet sounding.
Enter Warwicke, Somerset, and the rest, bringing the King out in his Gowne, sitting in a Chaire: 
Richard and Hastings flyes ouer the Stage.
<sp who="M"><speaker rend="italic"> Som. </speaker>
<l> What are they <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> <reg orig="flye">fly</reg> there? </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker rend="italic"> Warw. </speaker>
<p> <hi rend="italic"> Richard </hi> and <hi rend="italic"> Hastings: </hi> let them <reg orig="goe, heere"> go, here </reg> is <lb/> the Duke. </p></sp> 
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> K. Edw. </speaker>
<l> The Duke? </l>
<l> Why <hi rend="italic"> Warwicke, </hi> when <reg orig="wee"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> </reg> parted, </l>
<l> Thou <reg orig="call'dst">calledst</reg> me King. </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker rend="italic"> Warw. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="I,"> Aye, </reg> but the case is <reg orig="alter'd">altered</reg>, </l>
<l> When you <reg orig="disgrac'd">disgraced</reg> me <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> my <reg orig="Embassade">Ambassade</reg>, </l>
<l> Then I degraded you from being King, </l>
<l> And come now <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> create you Duke of Yorke. </l>
<l> Alas, how should you <reg orig="gouerne">govern</reg> any <reg orig="Kingdome">Kingdom</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">That</seg> know not how <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="vse">use</reg> <reg orig="Embassadors">Ambassadors</reg>, </l>
<l> Nor how <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> be contented with one Wife, </l>
<l> Nor how <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="vse">use</reg> your Brothers Brotherly, </l>
<l> Nor how <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="studie">study</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> the Peoples Welfare, </l>
<l> Nor how <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="shrowd">shroud</reg> <reg orig="your selfe"> yourself </reg> from Enemies? </l></sp>
<pb n="167"/>
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> K. Edw. </speaker>
<l> Yea, Brother of Clarence, </l>
<l> Art thou here too? </l>
<l> Nay then I see, <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Edward </hi> needs must <reg orig="downe."> down. </reg> </l>
<l> Yet <hi rend="italic"> Warwicke, </hi> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <reg orig="despight">despite</reg> of all mischance, </l>
<l> Of thee <reg orig="thy selfe,"> thyself, </reg> and all thy Complices, </l>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Edward </hi> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> <reg orig="alwayes">always</reg> <reg orig="beare">bear</reg> <reg orig="himselfe"> himself </reg> as King: </l>
<l> Though Fortunes <reg orig="mallice">malice</reg> <reg orig="ouerthrow">overthrow</reg> my State, </l>
<l> My <reg orig="minde">mind</reg> <reg orig="exceedes">exceeds</reg> the <reg orig="compasse">compass</reg> of <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">her</seg> <reg orig="Wheele">Wheel</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker rend="italic"> Warw. </speaker>
<l> Then <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> his <reg orig="minde">mind</reg>, be <hi rend="italic"> Edward </hi> Englands King, </l>
<stage rend="italic"> Takes off his Crowne.

<l> But <hi rend="italic"> Henry </hi> now shall <reg orig="weare">wear</reg> the English <reg orig="Crowne">Crown</reg>, </l>
<l> And be true King <reg orig="indeede">indeed</reg>: thou but the shadow. </l>
<l> My Lord of Somerset, at my request, </l>
<l> See <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> forthwith Duke <hi rend="italic"> Edward </hi> be <reg orig="conuey'd">conveyed</reg> </l>
<l> <reg orig="vnto"> unto </reg> my Brother Archbishop of Yorke: </l>
<l> When I <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> fought with <hi rend="italic"> Pembrooke </hi> and his <reg orig="fellowes">fellows</reg>, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Ile"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> follow you, and tell what answer </l>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Lewis </hi> and the Lady <hi rend="italic"> Bona </hi> send <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> him. </l>
<l> Now <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> <reg orig="a-while">a while</reg> farewell good Duke of Yorke. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic">   They leade him out forcibly.
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> K. Ed. </speaker>
<l> What Fates impose, <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> men must needs abide; </l>
<l> It boots not <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> resist both <reg orig="winde">wind</reg> and tide. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic">    Exeunt.
<sp who="K"><speaker rend="italic"> Oxf. </speaker>
<l> What now <reg orig="remaines">remains</reg> my Lords <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> <reg orig="vs"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg> </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> do, </l>
<l> But march <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> London with <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> Soldiers? </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker rend="italic"> War. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="I, that's"> Aye, <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> is </reg> the first thing <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> do, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> free King <hi rend="italic"> Henry </hi> from imprisonment, </l>
<l> And see him seated <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> the <reg orig="Regall">Regal</reg> Throne. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic">    exit.</stage></div2>
 <div2 n="4"><stage>
Enter Riuers, and Lady Gray.
<sp who="ZG"><speaker rend="italic"> Riu. </speaker>
<l> Madam, what makes you <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> this <reg orig="sodain">sudden</reg> change? </l></sp>
<sp who="R"><speaker rend="italic"> Gray. </speaker>
<l> Why Brother <hi rend="italic"> <reg orig="Riuers">Rivers</reg>, </hi> are you yet <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="learne">learn</reg> </l>
<l> What late misfortune is <reg orig="befalne">befallen</reg> King <hi rend="italic"> Edward? </hi> </l></sp>
<sp who="ZG"><speaker rend="italic"> Riu. </speaker>
<l> What <reg orig="losse">loss</reg> of some <reg orig="pitcht">pitched</reg> <reg orig="battell">battle</reg> </l>
<l> Against <hi rend="italic"> Warwicke? </hi> </l></sp>
<sp who="R"><speaker rend="italic"> Gray. </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="exclamation">No</seg>, but the <reg orig="losse">loss</reg> of his <reg orig="owne"> own </reg> <reg orig="Royall">Royal</reg> person. </l></sp>
<sp who="ZG"><speaker rend="italic"> Riu. </speaker>
<l> Then is my <reg orig="Soueraigne">Sovereign</reg> <reg orig="slaine">slain</reg>? </l></sp>
<sp who="R"><speaker rend="italic"> Gray. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="I"> Aye </reg> almost <reg orig="slaine">slain</reg>, <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">for</seg> he is taken prisoner, </l>
<l> Either <reg orig="betrayd">betrayed</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> <reg orig="falshood">falsehood</reg> of his Guard, </l>
<l> Or <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> his Foe <reg orig="surpriz'd">surprised</reg> at <reg orig="vnawares">unawares</reg>: </l>
<l> And as I further <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="vnderstand">understand</reg>, </l>
<l> Is new committed <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> the Bishop of Yorke, </l>
<l> Fell Warwickes Brother, and <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> Foe. </l></sp>
<sp who="ZG"><speaker rend="italic"> Riu. </speaker>
<l> These <reg orig="Newes">News</reg> I must <reg orig="confesse">confess</reg> are full of <reg orig="greefe">grief</reg>, </l>
<l> Yet gracious Madam, <reg orig="beare">bear</reg> it as you may, </l>
<l> Warwicke may <reg orig="loose">lose</reg>, <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> now hath <reg orig="wonne">won</reg> the day. </l></sp>
<sp who="R"><speaker rend="italic"> Gray. </speaker>
<l> Till then, <reg orig="faire"> fair </reg> hope must hinder <reg orig="liues"> lives </reg> decay: </l>
<l> And I the rather <reg orig="waine">wean</reg> me from <reg orig="dispaire">despair</reg> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">For</seg> <reg orig="loue"> love </reg> of <hi rend="italic"> Edwards </hi> Offspring <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> my <reg orig="wombe">womb</reg>: </l>
<l> This is it <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> makes me bridle passion, </l>
<l> And <reg orig="beare">bear</reg> with <reg orig="Mildnesse">Mildness</reg> my misfortunes <reg orig="crosse">cross</reg>: </l>
<l> <reg orig="I, I,"> Aye, aye, </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> this I draw <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">in</seg> many a <reg orig="teare">tear</reg>, </l>
<l> And stop the rising of bloodsucking <reg orig="sighes">sighs</reg>, </l>
<l> Least with my <reg orig="sighes">sighs</reg> or <reg orig="teares">tears</reg>, I blast or <reg orig="drowne">drown</reg> </l>
<l> King <hi rend="italic"> Edwards </hi> <reg orig="Fruite">Fruit</reg>, true <reg orig="heyre">heir</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> <reg orig="th'English"> the English </reg> <reg orig="Crowne">Crown</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="ZG"><speaker rend="italic"> Riu. </speaker>
<l> But Madam, </l>
<l> Where is Warwicke then become? </l></sp>
<sp who="R"><speaker rend="italic"> Gray. </speaker>
<l> I am <reg orig="inform'd">informed</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> he comes towards London, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> set the <reg orig="Crowne">Crown</reg> once more <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Henries </hi> head, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Guesse">Guess</reg> thou the rest, King <hi rend="italic"> Edwards </hi> Friends must <reg orig="downe."> down. </reg> </l>
<l> But <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="preuent">prevent</reg> the Tyrants violence, </l>
<l> (<seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> trust not him <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> hath once broken Faith) </l>
<l> <reg orig="Ile"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> hence forthwith <reg orig="vnto"> unto </reg> the Sanctuary, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> <reg orig="saue">save</reg> (at least) the <reg orig="heire">heir</reg> of <hi rend="italic"> Edwards </hi> right: </l>
<l> There shall I rest secure from force and fraud: </l>
<l> Come therefore let <reg orig="vs"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg> </reg> <reg orig="flye">fly</reg>, while <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> may <reg orig="flye">fly</reg>, </l>
<l> If Warwicke take <reg orig="vs,"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg>, </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> are sure <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="dye">die</reg>. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic">    exeunt.</stage></div2>
 <div2 n="5"><stage>
Enter Richard, Lord Hastings, and Sir William Stanley.
<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Rich. </speaker>
<l> Now my Lord <hi rend="italic"> Hastings, </hi> and Sir <hi rend="italic"> William Stanley </hi> </l>
<l> <reg orig="Leaue">Leave</reg> off <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> wonder why I drew you hither, </l>
<l> Into this <reg orig="cheefest">chiefest</reg> Thicket of the <reg orig="Parke">Park</reg>. </l>
<l> Thus stand the case: you know <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> King, my Brother, </l>
<l> Is prisoner <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> the Bishop here, at whose hands </l>
<l> He hath good <reg orig="vsage">usage</reg>, and great liberty, </l>
<l> And often but attended with <reg orig="weake">weak</reg> guard, </l>
<l> Come hunting this way <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> disport <reg orig="himselfe."> himself. </reg> </l>
<l> I <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> <reg orig="aduertis'd">advertised</reg> him <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> secret <reg orig="meanes">means</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> if about this <reg orig="houre">hour</reg> he make this way, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Vnder"> Under </reg> the colour of his <reg orig="vsuall">usual</reg> game, </l>
<l> He shall <reg orig="heere"> here </reg> <reg orig="finde">find</reg> his Friends with Horse and Men, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> set him free from his <reg orig="Captiuitie">Captivity</reg>. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic"> 
Enter King Edward, and a Hunstman with him.
<sp who="ZJ"><speaker rend="italic"> Huntsman. </speaker>
<l> This way my Lord, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> this way lies the Game. </l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> King Edw. </speaker>
<l> Nay this way man, </l>
<l> See where the Huntsmen stand. </l>
<l> Now Brother of Gloster, Lord Hastings, and the rest, </l>
<l> Stand you thus close <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="steale">steal</reg> the Bishops <reg orig="Deere">Dear</reg>? </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Rich. </speaker>
<l> Brother, the time and case, requireth <reg orig="hast">haste</reg>, </l>
<l> Your horse stands ready at the <reg orig="Parke-corner">park corner</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> King Ed. </speaker>
<l> But whether shall <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> then? </l></sp>
<sp who="N"><speaker rend="italic"> Hast. </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">To</seg> Lyn my Lord, </l>
<l> And <reg orig="shipt">shipped</reg> from thence <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> Flanders. </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Rich. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Wel"> Well </reg> guest <reg orig="beleeue">believe</reg> me, <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">for</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> was my meaning </l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> K. Ed. </speaker>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Stanley, </hi> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> requite thy <reg orig="forwardnesse">forwardness</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Rich. </speaker>
<l> But wherefore stay <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg>? <reg orig="'tis"> it is </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> time <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="talke."> talk. </reg> </l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> K. Ed. </speaker>
<l> Huntsman, what <reg orig="say'st">sayst</reg> thou? </l>
<l> Wilt thou go along? </l></sp>
<sp who="ZJ"><speaker rend="italic"> Hunts. </speaker>
<l> Better do <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">so</seg>, <reg orig="then"> than </reg> tarry and be <reg orig="hang'd">hanged</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Rich. </speaker>
<l> Come then away, <reg orig="lets">let <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg></reg> <reg orig="ha"> have </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> more <reg orig="adoo">ado</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> K. Ed. </speaker>

<l> Bishop <reg orig="farwell">farewell</reg>, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Sheeld">Shield</reg> thee from <hi rend="italic"> Warwickes </hi> <reg orig="frowne">frown</reg>, </l>
<l> And pray <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> I may <reg orig="re-possesse">repossess</reg> the <reg orig="Crowne">Crown</reg>. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic">     exeunt</stage></div2>
 <div2 n="6"><stage>
Flourish. Enter King Henry the sixt>, Clarence, Warwicke,
 Somerset, young Henry, Oxford, Mountague, and Lieutenant.
<sp who="B"><speaker rend="italic"> K. Hen. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="M">Master</reg>. Lieutenant, now <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> God and Friends </l>
<l> <reg orig="Haue"> Have </reg> shaken <hi rend="italic"> Edward </hi> from the <reg orig="Regall">Regal</reg> <reg orig="seate">seat</reg>, </l>
<l> And <reg orig="turn'd">turned</reg> my <reg orig="captiue">captive</reg> state <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> <reg orig="libertie">liberty</reg>, </l>
<l> My <reg orig="feare">fear</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> hope, my <reg orig="sorrowes">sorrows</reg> <reg orig="vnto"> unto </reg> <reg orig="ioyes">joys</reg>, </l>
<l> At <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">our</seg> enlargement what are thy due Fees? </l></sp>
<sp who="ZI"><speaker rend="italic"> Lieu. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Subiects">Subjects</reg> may challenge nothing of their <reg orig="Sou'rains">Sovereigns</reg> </l>
<l> But, if an humble prayer may <reg orig="preuaile">prevail</reg>, </l>
<l> I then <reg orig="craue">crave</reg> pardon of your <reg orig="Maiestie">Majesty</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker rend="italic"> K. Hen. </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">For</seg> what, Lieutenant? <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">For</seg> well <reg orig="vsing">using</reg> me? </l>
<l> Nay, be thou sure, <reg orig="Ile"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> well requite thy <reg orig="kindnesse">kindness</reg>. </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> it made my imprisonment, a pleasure: </l>
<l> <reg orig="I,"> Aye, </reg> such a pleasure, as incaged Birds </l>
<l> <reg orig="Conceiue">Conceive</reg>; when after many moody Thoughts, </l>
<l> At last, <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> Notes of <reg orig="Houshold">Household</reg> <reg orig="harmonie">harmony</reg>, </l>
<l> They quite forget their <reg orig="losse">loss</reg> of <reg orig="Libertie">Liberty</reg>. </l>
<pb n="168"/>
<l> But <hi rend="italic"> Warwicke, </hi> after God, thou <reg orig="set'st">settest</reg> me free, </l>
<l> And <reg orig="chiefely">chiefly</reg> therefore, I <reg orig="thanke"> thank </reg> God, and thee, </l>
<l> He was the Author, thou the Instrument. </l>
<l> Therefore <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> I may conquer Fortunes <reg orig="spight">spite</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">By</seg> <reg orig="liuing"> living </reg> low, where Fortune cannot hurt me, </l>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> the people of this blessed Land </l>
<l> May not be <reg orig="punisht">punished</reg> with my thwarting <reg orig="starres">stars</reg>, </l>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Warwicke, </hi> although my Head still <reg orig="weare">wear</reg> the <reg orig="Crowne">Crown</reg>, </l>
<l> I here <reg orig="resigne">resign</reg> my <reg orig="Gouernment">Government</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> thee, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> thou art fortunate <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> all thy deeds. </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker rend="italic"> Warw. </speaker>
<l> Your Grace hath still <reg orig="beene"> been </reg> <reg orig="fam'd">famed</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> <reg orig="vertuous">virtuous</reg>, </l>
<l> And now may <reg orig="seeme"> seem </reg> as wise as <reg orig="vertuous">virtuous</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">By</seg> spying and <reg orig="auoiding">avoiding</reg> Fortunes malice, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> few men rightly temper with the <reg orig="Starres">Stars</reg>: </l>
<l> Yet <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> this one thing let me blame your Grace, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">For</seg> <reg orig="chusing">choosing</reg> me, when <hi rend="italic"> Clarence </hi> is <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> place. </l></sp>
<sp who="E"><speaker rend="italic"> Clar. </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="exclamation">No</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Warwicke, </hi> thou art worthy of the sway, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">To</seg> whom the <reg orig="Heau'ns">Heavens</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> thy <reg orig="Natiuitie">Nativity</reg>, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Adiudg'd">Adjudged</reg> an <reg orig="Oliue">Olive</reg> Branch, and <reg orig="Lawrell">Laurel</reg> <reg orig="Crowne">Crown</reg>, </l>
<l> As likely <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> be <reg orig="blest">blessed</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> Peace and <reg orig="Warre">War</reg>: </l>
<l> And therefore I <reg orig="yeeld">yield</reg> thee my free consent. </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker rend="italic"> Warw. </speaker>
<l> And I <reg orig="chuse">choose</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Clarence </hi> <reg orig="onely"> only </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> Protector. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker rend="italic"> King. </speaker>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Warwick </hi> and <hi rend="italic"> Clarence, </hi> <reg orig="giue"> give </reg> me both your Hands: </l>
<l> Now <reg orig="ioyne">join</reg> your Hands, <reg orig="&"> and </reg> with your Hands your Hearts, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> <reg orig="dissention">dissension</reg> hinder <reg orig="Gouernment">Government</reg>: </l>
<l> I make you both Protectors of this Land, </l>
<l> While I <reg orig="my selfe"> myself </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> lead a <reg orig="priuate">private</reg> Life, </l>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <reg orig="deuotion">devotion</reg> spend my latter <reg orig="dayes">days</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">To</seg> <reg orig="sinnes">sins</reg> rebuke, and my Creators <reg orig="prayse">praise</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker rend="italic"> Warw. </speaker>
<p> What <reg orig="answeres">answers</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Clarence </hi> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> his <reg orig="Soueraignes">Sovereigns</reg> <lb/> <seg type="homograph" subtype="noun">will</seg>? </p></sp>
<sp who="E"><speaker rend="italic"> Clar. </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> he consents, if <hi rend="italic"> Warwicke </hi> <reg orig="yeeld">yield</reg> consent, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> thy fortune I repose <reg orig="my selfe."> myself. </reg> </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker rend="italic"> Warw. </speaker>
<l> Why then, though <reg orig="loth">loath</reg>, yet must I be content: </l>
<l> <reg orig="Wee'le"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">We</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> <reg orig="yoake">yoke</reg> together, <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">like</seg> a double shadow </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">To</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Henries </hi> Body, and supply his place; </l>
<l> I <reg orig="meane">mean</reg>, <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> bearing weight of <reg orig="Gouernment">Government</reg>, </l>
<l> While he <reg orig="enioyes">enjoys</reg> the <reg orig="Honor">Honour</reg>, and his ease. </l>
<l> And <hi rend="italic"> Clarence, </hi> now then it is more <reg orig="then"> than </reg> <reg orig="needfull">needful</reg>, </l>
<l> Forthwith <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Edward </hi> be <reg orig="pronounc'd">pronounced</reg> a <reg orig="Traytor">Traitor</reg>, </l>
<l> And all his Lands and Goods confiscate. </l></sp>
<sp who="E"><speaker rend="italic"> Clar. </speaker>
<l> What else? and <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> Succession be determined. </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker rend="italic"> Warw. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="I,"> aye, </reg> therein <hi rend="italic"> Clarence </hi> shall not want his part. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker rend="italic"> King. </speaker>
<l> But with the first, of all your <reg orig="chiefe">chief</reg> <reg orig="affaires">affairs</reg>, </l>
<l> Let me entreat (<seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">for</seg> I command <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> more) </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Margaret </hi> your <reg orig="Queene">Queen</reg>, and my <reg orig="Sonne"> Son</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Edward, </hi> </l>
<l> Be sent <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">for</seg>, <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="returne">return</reg> from France with speed: </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> till I see them here, <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> <reg orig="doubtfull">doubtful</reg> <reg orig="feare">fear</reg>, </l>
<l> My <reg orig="ioy">joy</reg> of <reg orig="libertie">liberty</reg> is <reg orig="halfe">half</reg> <reg orig="eclips'd">eclipsed</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="E"><speaker rend="italic"> Clar. </speaker>
<l> It shall <reg orig="bee"> be </reg> done, my <reg orig="Soueraigne">Sovereign</reg>, with all <reg orig="speede">speed</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker rend="italic"> King. </speaker>
<l> My Lord of Somerset, what Youth is <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg>, </l>
<l> Of whom you <reg orig="seeme"> seem </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> tender care? </l></sp>
<sp who="M"><speaker rend="italic"> Somers. </speaker>
<p> My Liege, it is young <hi rend="italic"> Henry, </hi> <reg orig="Earle">Earl</reg> of Richmond. </p></sp> 
<sp who="B"><speaker rend="italic"> King. </speaker>
<l> Come hither, Englands Hope: </l>
<stage rend="italic">      Layes his Hand on his Head. </stage>

<l> If secret Powers suggest but truth </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">To</seg> my <reg orig="diuining">divining</reg> thoughts, </l>
<l> This <reg orig="prettie">pretty</reg> Lad <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> <reg orig="proue">prove</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">our</seg> Countries <reg orig="blisse">bliss</reg>. </l>
<l> His <reg orig="Lookes"> Looks </reg> are full of <reg orig="peacefull">peaceful</reg> <reg orig="Maiestie">Majesty</reg>, </l>
<l> His Head <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> nature <reg orig="fram'd">framed</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="weare">wear</reg> a <reg orig="Crowne">Crown</reg>, </l>
<l> His Hand <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> wield a <reg orig="Scepter">Sceptre</reg>, and <reg orig="himselfe"> himself </reg> </l>
<l> Likely <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> time <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="blesse">bless</reg> a <reg orig="Regall">Regal</reg> Throne: </l>
<l> Make much of him, my Lords; <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">for</seg> this is <reg orig="he"> he </reg> </l>
<l> Must <reg orig="helpe">help</reg> you more, <reg orig="then"> than </reg> you are hurt <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> <reg orig="mee."> me. </reg> </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic"> Enter a Poste.
<sp who="A"><speaker rend="italic"> Warw. </speaker>
<l> What <reg orig="newes">news</reg>, my friend? </l></sp>
<sp who="AA"><speaker rend="italic"> Poste. </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Edward </hi> is escaped from your Brother, </l>
<l> And fled (as <reg orig="hee heares"> he hears </reg> since) <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> Burgundie. </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker rend="italic"> Warw. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Vnsauorie">Unsavoury</reg> <reg orig="newes">news</reg>: but how made he escape? </l></sp>
<sp who="AA"><speaker rend="italic"> Poste. </speaker>
<l> He was <reg orig="conuey'd">conveyed</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Richard, </hi> Duke of Gloster, </l>
<l> And the Lord <hi rend="italic"> Hastings, </hi> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">who</seg> attended him </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">In</seg> secret ambush, <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> the <reg orig="Forrest">Forest</reg> side, </l>
<l> And from the Bishops Huntsmen <reg orig="rescu'd">rescued</reg> him: </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> Hunting was his <reg orig="dayly">daily</reg> Exercise. </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker rend="italic"> Warw. </speaker>
<l> My Brother was too <reg orig="carelesse">careless</reg> of his charge. </l>
<l> But let <reg orig="vs"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg> </reg> hence, my <reg orig="Soueraigne">Sovereign</reg>, <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="prouide">provide</reg> </l>
<l> A <reg orig="salue">salve</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> any sore, <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> may betide. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic">    Exeunt.
Manet Somerset, Richmond, and Oxford.
<sp who="M"><speaker rend="italic"> Som. </speaker>
<l> My Lord, I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">like</seg> not of this flight of <hi rend="italic"> Edward </hi> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> <reg orig="doubtlesse">doubtless</reg>, <hi rend="italic"> Burgundie </hi> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> <reg orig="yeeld">yield</reg> him <reg orig="helpe">help</reg>, </l>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> shall <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> more <reg orig="Warres">Wars</reg> <reg orig="befor't"> before it </reg> be long. </l>
<l> As <hi rend="italic"> Henries </hi> late presaging <reg orig="Prophecie">Prophecy</reg> </l>
<l> Did glad my heart, with hope of this young <hi rend="italic"> Richmond: </hi></l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">So</seg> doth my heart <reg orig="mis-giue">misgive</reg> me, <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> these Conflicts, </l>
<l> What may befall him, <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> his <reg orig="harme">harm</reg> and <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">ours</seg>. </l>
<l> Therefore, Lord <hi rend="italic"> Oxford, </hi> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="preuent">prevent</reg> the worst, </l>
<l> Forthwith <reg orig="wee'le"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> send him hence <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> Brittanie, </l>
<l> Till <reg orig="stormes">storms</reg> be past of <reg orig="Ciuill">Civil</reg> <reg orig="Enmitie">Enmity</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="K"><speaker rend="italic"> Oxf. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="I:"> Aye: </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">for</seg> if <hi rend="italic"> Edward </hi> <reg orig="re-possesse">repossess</reg> the <reg orig="Crowne">Crown</reg>, </l>
<l> <reg orig="'Tis"> It is </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">like</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Richmond, </hi> with the rest, shall <reg orig="downe."> down. </reg> </l></sp>
<sp who="M"><speaker rend="italic"> Som. </speaker>
<l> It shall be <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">so</seg>: he shall <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> Brittanie. </l>
<l> Come therefore, <reg orig="let's"> let <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg> </reg> about it speedily. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic">    Exeunt.</stage></div2>
 <div2 n="7"><stage>
Flourish. Enter Edward, Richard, Hastings, and Souldiers.
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> Edw. </speaker>
<l> Now Brother <hi rend="italic"> Richard, </hi> Lord <hi rend="italic"> Hastings, </hi> and the rest, </l>
<l> Yet thus <reg orig="farre">far</reg> Fortune maketh <reg orig="vs"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">us</seg> </reg> amends, </l>
<l> And <reg orig="sayes,"> says, </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> once more I shall <reg orig="enterchange">interchange</reg> </l>
<l> My <reg orig="wained">waned</reg> state, <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Henries </hi> <reg orig="Regall">Regal</reg> <reg orig="Crowne">Crown</reg>. </l>
<l> Well <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">we</seg> <reg orig="pass'd">passed</reg>, and now <reg orig="re-pass'd">repassed</reg> the Seas, </l>
<l> And brought desired <reg orig="helpe">help</reg> from Burgundie. </l>
<l> What then <reg orig="remaines">remains</reg>, <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">we</seg> being thus <reg orig="arriu'd">arrived</reg> </l>
<l> From Rauenspurre <reg orig="Hauen">Haven</reg>, before the Gates of Yorke, </l>
<l> But <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">we</seg> enter, as into <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">our</seg> <reg orig="Dukedome">Dukedom</reg>? </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Rich. </speaker>
<l> The Gates made fast? </l>
<l> Brother, I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">like</seg> not this. </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> many men <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> stumble at the Threshold, </l>
<l> Are well foretold, <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> danger <reg orig="lurkes">lurks</reg> within. </l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> Edw. </speaker>
<l> Tush man, <reg orig="aboadments">abodements</reg> must not now affright <reg orig="vs:"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">us</seg> </reg> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">By</seg> <reg orig="faire"> fair </reg> or <reg orig="foule">foul</reg> <reg orig="meanes">means</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">we</seg> must enter <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">in</seg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> hither <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">our</seg> friends <reg orig="repaire">repair</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> <reg orig="vs."> <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">us</seg>. </reg> </l></sp>
<sp who="N"><speaker rend="italic"> Hast. </speaker>
<p> My Liege, <reg orig="Ile"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> <reg orig="knocke">knock</reg> once more, <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> summon <lb/> them. </p></sp> 
<stage rend="italic"> 
Enter on the Walls, the Maior of Yorke, and his Brethren.
<sp who="ZE"><speaker rend="italic"> Maior. </speaker>
<l> My Lords, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">We</seg> were forewarned of your <reg orig="comming,"> coming, </reg> </l>
<l> And shut the Gates, <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> <reg orig="safetie">safety</reg> of <reg orig="our selues;"> ourselves; </reg> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> now <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> owe <reg orig="allegeance">allegiance</reg> <reg orig="vnto"> unto </reg> <hi rend="italic"> Henry. </hi> </l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> Edw. </speaker>
<l> But, Master <reg orig="Maior">Mayor</reg>, if <hi rend="italic"> Henry </hi> be your King, </l>
<l> Yet <hi rend="italic"> Edward </hi>  at the least, is Duke of Yorke. </l></sp>
<sp who="ZE"><speaker rend="italic"> Maior. </speaker>
<p> True, my good Lord, I know you <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> <lb/> <reg orig="lesse">less</reg>. </p></sp> 
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> Edw. </speaker>
<l> Why, and I challenge nothing but my <reg orig="Dukedome">Dukedom</reg>, </l>
<l> As being well content with <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> alone. </l></sp>
<pb n="167"/>
<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Rich. </speaker>
<l> But when the Fox hath once got <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">in</seg> his Nose, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Hee'le soone"> He <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> soon </reg> <reg orig="finde">find</reg> <reg orig="meanes">means</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> make the Body follow. </l></sp>
<sp who="N"><speaker rend="italic"> Hast. </speaker>
<l> Why, Master <reg orig="Maior">Mayor</reg>, why stand you <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> a doubt? </l>
<l> Open the Gates, <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> are King <hi rend="italic"> Henries </hi> friends. </l></sp>
<sp who="ZE"><speaker rend="italic"> Maior. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="I,"> Aye, </reg> say you <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">so</seg>? the Gates shall then be opened. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic">    He descends.
<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Rich. </speaker>
<l> A wise stout <reg orig="Captaine">Captain</reg>, and <reg orig="soone"> soon </reg> <reg orig="perswaded">persuaded</reg>. </l></sp>

<sp who="N"><speaker rend="italic"> Hast. </speaker>
<l> The good old man would <reg orig="faine">fain</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> all were <reg orig="wel,"> well, </reg> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">So</seg> <reg orig="'twere"> it were </reg> not long of him: but being <reg orig="entred">entered</reg>, </l>
<l> I doubt not I, but <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> shall <reg orig="soone"> soon </reg> <reg orig="perswade">persuade</reg> </l>
<l> Both him, and all his Brothers, <reg orig="vnto"> unto </reg> reason. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic"> Enter the Maior, and two Aldermen.
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> Edw. </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">So</seg>, Master <reg orig="Maior">Mayor</reg>: these Gates must not be shut, </l>
<l> But <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> the Night, or <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> the time of <reg orig="Warre">War</reg>. </l>
<l> What, <reg orig="feare">fear</reg> not man, but <reg orig="yeeld">yield</reg> me <reg orig="vp"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">up</seg> </reg> the <reg orig="Keyes">Keys</reg>, </l>
<stage rend="italic">    Takes his Keyes.

<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Edward </hi> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> defend the <reg orig="Towne">Town</reg>, and thee, </l>
<l> And all those friends, <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> <reg orig="deine">deign</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> follow <reg orig="mee."> me. </reg> </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic"> 
March. Enter Mountgomerie, with Drumme and Souldiers.
<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Rich. </speaker>
<l> Brother, this is Sir <hi rend="italic"> Iohn Mountgomerie, </hi> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">Our</seg> <reg orig="trustie">trusty</reg> friend, <reg orig="vnlesse">unless</reg> I be <reg orig="deceiu'd">deceived</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> Edw. </speaker>
<p> Welcome Sir <hi rend="italic"> Iohn: </hi> but why come you <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <lb/> <reg orig="Armes">Arms</reg>? </p></sp> 
<sp who="L"><speaker rend="italic"> Mount. </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> <reg orig="helpe">help</reg> King <hi rend="italic"> Edward </hi> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> his time of <reg orig="storme">storm</reg>, </l>
<l> As <reg orig="euery"> every </reg> <reg orig="loyall">loyal</reg> <reg orig="Subiect">Subject</reg> ought <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="doe."> do. </reg> </l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> Edw. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Thankes">Thanks</reg> good <hi rend="italic"> Mountgomerie: </hi> </l>
<l> But <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">we</seg> now forget <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">our</seg> Title <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> the <reg orig="Crowne">Crown</reg>, </l>
<l> And <reg orig="onely"> only </reg> <reg orig="clayme">claim</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">our</seg> <reg orig="Dukedome">Dukedom</reg>, </l>
<l> Till God please <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> send the rest. </l></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker rend="italic"> Mount. </speaker>
<l> Then fare you well, <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">for</seg> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> hence <reg orig="againe,"> again, </reg> </l>
<l> I came <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="serue">serve</reg> a King, and not a Duke: </l>
<l> Drummer strike <reg orig="vp,"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">up</seg>, </reg> and let <reg orig="vs"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg> </reg> march away. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic"> The Drumme begins to march.
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> Edw. </speaker>
<l> Nay stay, Sir <hi rend="italic"> Iohn, </hi> a while, and <reg orig="wee'le"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> debate </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">By</seg> what safe <reg orig="meanes">means</reg> the <reg orig="Crowne">Crown</reg> may be <reg orig="recouer'd">recovered</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker rend="italic"> Mount. </speaker>
<l> What <reg orig="talke"> talk </reg> you of debating? <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">In</seg> few words, </l>
<l> If <reg orig="you'le"> you <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> not here <reg orig="proclaime">proclaim</reg> <reg orig="your selfe"> yourself </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> King, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Ile"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> <reg orig="leaue">leave</reg> you <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> your fortune, and be gone, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> <reg orig="keepe">keep</reg> them back, <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> come <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> succour you. </l>
<l> Why shall <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> fight, if you pretend <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> Title? </l></sp>

<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Rich. </speaker>
<p> Why Brother, wherefore stand you <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> nice <lb/> points? </p></sp> 
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> Edw. </speaker>
<l> When <reg orig="wee"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">we</seg> </reg> grow stronger, </l>
<l> Then <reg orig="wee'le"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">we</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> make <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">our</seg> <reg orig="Clayme">Claim</reg>: </l>
<l> Till then, <reg orig="'tis"> it is </reg> <reg orig="wisdome">wisdom</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="conceale">conceal</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">our</seg> meaning. </l></sp>
<sp who="N"><speaker rend="italic"> Hast. </speaker>
<p> Away with scrupulous Wit, now <reg orig="Armes">Arms</reg> must <lb/> rule. </p></sp> 
<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Rich. </speaker>
<l> And <reg orig="fearelesse">fearless</reg> minds <reg orig="clyme">climb</reg> soonest <reg orig="vnto"> unto </reg> Crowns. </l>
<l> Brother, <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> <reg orig="proclaime">proclaim</reg> you out of hand, </l>
<l> The bruit thereof <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> bring you many friends. </l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> Edw. </speaker>
<l> Then be it as you <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg>: <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">for</seg> <reg orig="'tis"> it is </reg> my right, </l>
<l> And <hi rend="italic"> Henry </hi> but <reg orig="vsurpes">usurps</reg> the <reg orig="Diademe">Diadem</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker rend="italic"> Mount. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="I,"> Aye, </reg> now my <reg orig="Soueraigne">Sovereign</reg> speaketh <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">like</seg> <reg orig="himselfe,"> himself, </reg> </l>
<l> And now <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> I be <hi rend="italic"> Edwards </hi> Champion. </l></sp>
<sp who="N"><speaker rend="italic"> Hast. </speaker>
<l> Sound Trumpet, <hi rend="italic"> Edward </hi> <reg orig="shal"> shall </reg> be here <reg orig="proclaim'd">proclaimed</reg>: </l>
<l> Come, fellow <reg orig="Souldior">Soldier</reg>, make thou proclamation. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic"> Flourish. Sound.
<sp who="ZO"><speaker rend="italic"> Soul. </speaker>
<p rend="italics"> Edward the Fourth, <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> the Grace of God, King of <lb/> 
England and France, and Lord of Ireland, <reg orig="&c."> etcetera </reg> </p></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker rend="italic"> Mount. </speaker>
<l> And <reg orig="whosoe're">whosoever</reg> <reg orig="gainsayes">gainsays</reg> King <hi rend="italic"> Edwards </hi> right, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">By</seg> this I challenge him <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> single fight. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic"> Throwes downe his Gauntlet.
<sp who="X"><speaker rend="italic"> All. </speaker>
<l> Long <reg orig="lieu"> live </reg> <hi rend="italic"> Edward </hi> the Fourth. </l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> Edw. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Thankes">Thanks</reg> <reg orig="braue">brave</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Mountgomery, </hi> </l>
<l> And <reg orig="thankes">thanks</reg> <reg orig="vnto"> unto </reg> you all: </l>
<l> If fortune <reg orig="serue">serve</reg> me, <reg orig="Ile"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> requite this <reg orig="kindnesse">kindness</reg>. </l>
<l> Now <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> this Night, <reg orig="let's"> let <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg> </reg> <reg orig="harbor">harbour</reg> here <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> Yorke: </l>
<l> And when the Morning <reg orig="Sunne">Sun</reg> shall <reg orig="rayse">raise</reg> his <reg orig="Carre">Car</reg> </l>
<l> <reg orig="Aboue"> Above </reg> the Border of this Horizon, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Wee'le"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">We</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> forward towards <hi rend="italic"> Warwicke, </hi> and his Mates; </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> well I wot, <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Henry </hi> is <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> <reg orig="Souldier">Soldier</reg>. </l>
<l> Ah froward <hi rend="italic"> Clarence, </hi> how <reg orig="euill">evil</reg> it <reg orig="beseemes">beseems</reg> thee, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> flatter <hi rend="italic"> Henry, </hi> and forsake thy Brother? </l>
<l> Yet as <reg orig="wee"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">we</seg> </reg> may, <reg orig="wee'le"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">we</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> meet both thee and <hi rend="italic"> Warwicke. </hi> </l>
<l> Come <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">on</seg> <reg orig="braue">brave</reg> <reg orig="Souldiors">Soldiers</reg>: doubt not of the Day, </l>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> once gotten, doubt not of large Pay. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic">  Exeunt.</stage></div2>
 <div2 n="8"><stage>
Flourish. Enter the King, Warwicke, Mountague, 
Clarence, Oxford, and Somerset.
<sp who="A"><speaker rend="italic"> War. </speaker>
<l> What <reg orig="counsaile">counsel</reg>, Lords? <hi rend="italic"> Edward </hi> from Belgia, </l>
<l> With <reg orig="hastie">hasty</reg> Germanes, and blunt Hollanders, </l>
<l> Hath <reg orig="pass'd">passed</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <reg orig="safetie">safety</reg> through the Narrow Seas, </l>
<l> And with his troupes doth march <reg orig="amaine">amain</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> London, </l>
<l> And many <reg orig="giddie">giddy</reg> people flock <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> him. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker rend="italic"> King. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Let's"> Let <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">us</seg> </reg> <reg orig="leuie">levy</reg> men, and beat him <reg orig="backe againe."> back again. </reg> </l></sp>
<sp who="E"><speaker rend="italic"> Clar. </speaker>
<l> A little fire is quickly trodden out, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">Which</seg> being <reg orig="suffer'd">suffered</reg>, <reg orig="Riuers">Rivers</reg> cannot quench. </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker rend="italic"> War. </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">In</seg> Warwickshire I <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> true-hearted friends, </l>
<l> Not mutinous <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> peace, yet bold <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <reg orig="Warre">War</reg>, </l>
<l> Those <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> I muster <reg orig="vp:"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">up</seg>: </reg> and thou <reg orig="Sonne"> Son </reg> <hi rend="italic"> Clarence </hi> </l>
<l> Shalt <reg orig="stirre">stir</reg> <reg orig="vp"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">up</seg> </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> Suffolke, Norfolke, and <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> Kent, </l>
<l> The Knights and Gentlemen, <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> come with thee. </l>
<l> Thou Brother <hi rend="italic"> Mountague, </hi> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> Buckingham, </l>
<l> Northampton, and <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> Leicestershire, shalt find </l>
<l> Men well <reg orig="enclin'd">inclined</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="heare"> hear </reg> what thou <reg orig="command'st">commandest</reg>. </l>
<l> And thou, <reg orig="braue">brave</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Oxford, </hi> wondrous well <reg orig="belou'd">beloved</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">In</seg> Oxfordshire shalt muster <reg orig="vp"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">up</seg> </reg> thy friends. </l>
<l> My <reg orig="Soueraigne">Sovereign</reg>, with the <reg orig="louing"> loving </reg> Citizens, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">Like</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> his <reg orig="Iland">Island</reg>, <reg orig="gyrt">girt</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">in</seg> with the Ocean, </l>
<l> Or modest <hi rend="italic"> Dyan, </hi> circled with <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">her</seg> Nymphs, </l>
<l> Shall rest <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> London, till <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> come <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> him: </l>
<l> <reg orig="Faire"> Fair </reg> Lords take <reg orig="leaue">leave</reg>, and stand not <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> reply. </l>
<l> Farewell my <reg orig="Soueraigne">Sovereign</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker rend="italic"> King. </speaker>
<l> Farewell my <hi rend="italic"> Hector, </hi> and my <reg orig="Troyes">Troys</reg> true hope. </l></sp>
<sp who="E"><speaker rend="italic"> Clar. </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">In</seg> <reg orig="signe">sign</reg> of truth, I <reg orig="kisse">kiss</reg> your <reg orig="Highnesse">Highness</reg> Hand. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker rend="italic"> King. </speaker>
<l> Well-minded <hi rend="italic"> Clarence, </hi> be thou fortunate. </l></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker rend="italic"> Mount. </speaker>
<l> Comfort, my Lord, and <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">so</seg> I take my <reg orig="leaue">leave</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="K"><speaker rend="italic"> Oxf. </speaker>
<l> And thus I <reg orig="seale">seal</reg> my truth, and bid adieu. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker rend="italic"> King. </speaker>
<l> Sweet <hi rend="italic"> Oxford, </hi> and my <reg orig="louing"> loving </reg> <hi rend="italic"> Mountague, </hi> </l>
<l> And all at once, once more a happy farewell. </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker rend="italic"> War. </speaker>
<l> Farewell, sweet Lords, <reg orig="let's"> let <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg> </reg> meet at Couentry. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic"> Exeunt. </stage>

<sp who="B"><speaker rend="italic"> King. </speaker>
<l> Here at the <reg orig="Pallace">Palace</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> I rest a while. </l>
<l> Cousin of <hi rend="italic"> Exeter, </hi> what <reg orig="thinkes"> thinks </reg> your Lordship? </l>
<l> <reg orig="Me thinkes,"> Methinks, </reg> the Power <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Edward </hi> hath <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> field, </l>
<l> Should not be able <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> encounter mine. </l></sp>
<sp who="O"><speaker rend="italic"> Exet. </speaker>
<l> The doubt is, <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> he <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> seduce the rest. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker rend="italic"> King. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="That's"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">That</seg> is </reg> not my <reg orig="feare">fear</reg>, my meed hath got me fame: </l>
<l> I <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> not <reg orig="stopt">stopped</reg> mine <reg orig="eares">ears</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> their demands, </l>
<l> Nor posted off their suites with slow <reg orig="delayes">delays</reg>, </l>
<l> My <reg orig="pittie">pity</reg> hath <reg orig="beene"> been </reg> <reg orig="balme">balm</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="heale">heal</reg> their wounds, </l>
<l> My <reg orig="mildnesse">mildness</reg> hath <reg orig="allay'd">allayed</reg> their swelling <reg orig="griefes">griefs</reg>, </l>
<l> My <reg orig="mercie">mercy</reg> <reg orig="dry'd">dried</reg> their water-flowing <reg orig="teares">tears</reg>. </l>
<l> I <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> not been desirous of their wealth, </l>
<l> Nor much <reg orig="opprest">oppressed</reg> them with great Subsidies, </l>
<l> Nor forward of <reg orig="reuenge">revenge</reg>, though they much <reg orig="err'd">erred</reg>. </l>
<l> Then why should they <reg orig="loue"> love </reg> <hi rend="italic"> Edward </hi> more <reg orig="then"> than </reg> me? </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="exclamation">No</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Exeter, </hi> these Graces challenge Grace: </l>
<pb n="168"/>
<l> And when the <reg orig="Lyon">Lion</reg> <reg orig="fawnes">fawns</reg> <reg orig="vpon"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">upon</seg> </reg> the <reg orig="Lambe">Lamb</reg>, </l>
<l> The <reg orig="Lambe">Lamb</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> <reg orig="neuer"> never </reg> cease <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> follow him. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic">  Shout within, A Lancaster, A Lancaster.
<sp who="O"><speaker rend="italic"> Exet. </speaker>
<p> <reg orig="Hearke">Hark</reg>, <reg orig="hearke">hark</reg>, my Lord, what Shouts are <lb/> these? </p></sp> 
<stage rend="italic"> Enter Edward and his Souldiers.
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> Edw. </speaker>
<l> Seize <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> the <reg orig="shamefac'd">shamefaced</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Henry, </hi> <reg orig="beare">bear</reg> him hence, </l>
<l> And once <reg orig="againe">again</reg> <reg orig="proclaime">proclaim</reg> <reg orig="vs"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">us</seg> </reg> King of England. </l>
<l> You are the Fount, <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> makes small <reg orig="Brookes">Brooks</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> flow, </l>
<l> Now stops thy Spring, my Sea shall suck them dry, </l>
<l> And swell <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> much the higher, <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> their <reg orig="ebbe">ebb</reg>. </l>
<l> Hence with him <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> the Tower, let him not <reg orig="speake."> speak. </reg> </l>
<stage rend="italic">   Exit with King Henry. </stage>

<l> And Lords, towards Couentry bend <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">we</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">our</seg> course, </l>
<l> Where <reg orig="peremptorie">peremptory</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Warwicke </hi> now <reg orig="remaines">remains</reg>: </l>
<l> The <reg orig="Sunne">Sun</reg> shines hot, and if <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">we</seg> <reg orig="vse">use</reg> delay, </l>
<l> Cold biting Winter <reg orig="marres">mars</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">our</seg> <reg orig="hop'd-for">hoped-for</reg> Hay. </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Rich. </speaker>
<l> Away betimes, before his forces <reg orig="ioyne">join</reg>, </l>
<l> And take the <reg orig="great-growne">great grown</reg> <reg orig="Traytor">Traitor</reg> <reg orig="vnawares">unawares</reg>: </l>
<l> <reg orig="Braue">Brave</reg> Warriors, march <reg orig="amaine">amain</reg> towards Couentry. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic">   Exeunt.
<div1 n="5">
<div2 n="1">
<stage rend="italic">
Enter Warwicke, the Maior of Couentry, two Messengers, 
and others vpon the Walls.
<sp who="A"><speaker rend="italic"> War. </speaker>
<l> Where is the Post <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> came from valiant <hi rend="italic"> Oxford? </hi> </l>
<l> How <reg orig="farre">far</reg> hence is thy Lord, mine honest fellow? </l></sp>
<sp who="U"><speaker rend="italic"> Mess. 1. </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">By</seg> this at Dunsmore, marching hitherward. </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker rend="italic"> War. </speaker>
<l> How <reg orig="farre">far</reg> off is <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> Brother <hi rend="italic"> Mountague? </hi> </l>
<l> Where is the Post <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> came from <hi rend="italic"> Mountague? </hi> </l></sp>
<sp who="ZD"><speaker rend="italic"> Mess. 2. </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">By</seg> this at Daintry, with a puissant <reg orig="troope">troop</reg>. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic"> Enter Someruile.
<sp who="A"><speaker rend="italic"> War. </speaker>
<l> Say <hi rend="italic"> Someruile, </hi> what <reg orig="sayes"> says </reg> my <reg orig="louing Sonne?"> loving Son? </reg> </l>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> thy <reg orig="guesse">guess</reg>, how nigh is <hi rend="italic"> Clarence </hi> now? </l></sp>
<sp who="ZP"><speaker rend="italic"> Someru. </speaker>
<l> At Southam I did <reg orig="leaue">leave</reg> him with his forces, </l>
<l> And <reg orig="doe"> do </reg> expect him here some two <reg orig="howres">hours</reg> hence. </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker rend="italic"> War. </speaker>
<l> Then <hi rend="italic"> Clarence </hi> is at hand, I <reg orig="heare"> hear </reg> his <reg orig="Drumme">Drum</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="ZP"><speaker rend="italic"> Someru. </speaker>
<l> It is not his, my Lord, here Southam <reg orig="lyes">lies</reg>: </l>
<l> The Drum your <reg orig="Honor">Honour</reg> <reg orig="heares,"> hears, </reg> marcheth from <hi rend="italic"> Warwicke. </hi> </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker rend="italic"> War. </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="interrogative">Who</seg> should <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> be? belike <reg orig="vnlook'd">unlooked</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">for</seg> friends. </l></sp>
<sp who="ZP"><speaker rend="italic"> Someru. </speaker>
<l> They are at hand, and you shall quickly know. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic"> 
March. Flourish. Enter Edward, Richard, and Souldiers.
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> Edw. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Goe,"> Go, </reg> Trumpet, <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> the Walls, and sound a <reg orig="Parle">Parley</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Rich. </speaker>
<l> See how the surly <hi rend="italic"> Warwicke </hi> mans the Wall. </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker rend="italic"> War. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Oh"> O </reg> <reg orig="vnbid">unbid</reg> <reg orig="spight">spite</reg>, is <reg orig="sportfull">sportful</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Edward </hi> come? </l>
<l> Where slept <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> Scouts, or how are they <reg orig="seduc'd">seduced</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> could <reg orig="heare"> hear </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> <reg orig="newes">news</reg> of his <reg orig="repayre">repair</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> Edw. </speaker>
<l> Now <hi rend="italic"> Warwicke, </hi> wilt thou ope the <reg orig="Citie">City</reg> Gates, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Speake"> Speak </reg> gentle words, and humbly bend thy Knee, </l>
<l> Call <hi rend="italic"> Edward </hi> King, and at his hands <reg orig="begge">beg</reg> Mercy, </l>
<l> And he shall pardon thee these Outrages? </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker rend="italic"> War. </speaker>
<l> Nay rather, wilt thou draw thy forces hence, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Confesse">Confess</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">who</seg> set thee <reg orig="vp,"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">up</seg>, </reg> and <reg orig="pluckt">plucked</reg> thee <reg orig="downe,"> down, </reg> </l>
<l> Call <hi rend="italic"> Warwicke </hi> Patron, and be penitent, </l>
<l> And thou shalt still <reg orig="remaine">remain</reg> the Duke of Yorke. </l></sp>

<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Rich. </speaker>
<l> I thought at least he would <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> said the King, </l>
<l> Or did he make the <reg orig="Ieast">Jest</reg> against his <seg type="homograph" subtype="noun">will</seg>? </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker rend="italic"> War. </speaker>
<l> Is not a <reg orig="Dukedome">Dukedom</reg>, Sir, a goodly gift? </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Rich. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="I,"> Aye, </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> my faith, <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> a <reg orig="poore">poor</reg> <reg orig="Earle">Earl</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="giue,"> give, </reg> </l>
<l> <reg orig="Ile"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> <reg orig="doe"> do </reg> thee <reg orig="seruice">service</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> good a gift. </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker rend="italic"> War. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="'Twas"> It was </reg> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> <reg orig="gaue"> gave </reg> the <reg orig="Kingdome">Kingdom</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> thy Brother. </l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> Edw. </speaker>
<l> Why then <reg orig="'tis"> it is </reg> mine, if but <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> <hi rend="italic">  Warwickes </hi> gift. </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker rend="italic"> War. </speaker>
<l> Thou art <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Atlas </hi> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> great a weight: </l>
<l> And <reg orig="Weakeling">Weakling</reg>, <hi rend="italic"> Warwicke </hi> takes his gift <reg orig="againe,"> again, </reg> </l>
<l> And <hi rend="italic"> Henry </hi> is my King, <hi rend="italic"> Warwicke </hi> his <reg orig="Subiect">Subject</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> Edw. </speaker>
<l> But <hi rend="italic"> Warwickes </hi> King is <hi rend="italic"> Edwards </hi> Prisoner: </l>
<l> And gallant <hi rend="italic"> Warwicke, </hi> <reg orig="doe"> do </reg> but answer this, </l>
<l> What is the Body, when the Head is off? </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Rich. </speaker>
<l> Alas, <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Warwicke </hi> had <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> more forecast, </l>
<l> But whiles he thought <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="steale">steal</reg> the single Ten, </l>
<l> The King was slyly <reg orig="finger'd">fingered</reg> from the Deck: </l>
<l> You left <reg orig="poore">poor</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Henry </hi> at the Bishops <reg orig="Pallace">Palace</reg>, </l>
<l> And <reg orig="tenne">ten</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> one <reg orig="you'le"> you <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> meet him <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> the Tower. </l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> Edw. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="'Tis euen"> It is even </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">so</seg>, yet you are <hi rend="italic"> Warwicke </hi> still. </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Rich. </speaker>
<l> Come <hi rend="italic"> Warwicke, </hi> </l>
<l> Take the time, <reg orig="kneele">kneel</reg> <reg orig="downe,"> down, </reg> <reg orig="kneele">kneel</reg> <reg orig="downe:"> down: </reg> </l>
<l> Nay when? strike now, or else the Iron <reg orig="cooles">cools</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker rend="italic"> War. </speaker>
<l> I had rather chop this Hand off at a blow, </l>
<l> And with the other, fling it at thy face, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Then"> Than </reg> <reg orig="beare">bear</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> low a <reg orig="sayle">sail</reg>, <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> strike <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> thee. </l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> Edw. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Sayle">Sail</reg> how thou canst, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Haue"> Have </reg> <reg orig="Winde">Wind</reg> and <reg orig="Tyde">Tide</reg> thy friend, </l>
<l> This Hand, fast wound about thy <reg orig="coale-black">coal-black</reg> <reg orig="hayre">hair</reg>, </l>
<l> Shall, whiles thy Head is <reg orig="warme">warm</reg>, and new cut off, </l>
<l> Write <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> the dust this Sentence with thy blood, </l>
<l> Wind-changing <hi rend="italic"> Warwicke </hi> now can change <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> more. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic"> Enter Oxford, with Drumme and Colours.
<sp who="A"><speaker rend="italic"> War. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Oh"> O </reg> <reg orig="chearefull">cheerful</reg> Colours, see where <hi rend="italic"> Oxford </hi> comes. </l></sp>
<sp who="K"><speaker rend="italic"> Oxf. </speaker>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Oxford, Oxford, </hi> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Lancaster. </hi> </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Rich. </speaker>
<l> The Gates are open, let <reg orig="vs"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg> </reg> enter too. </l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> Edw. </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">So</seg> other foes may set <reg orig="vpon"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">upon</seg> </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> backs. </l>
<l> Stand <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> good array: <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">for</seg> they <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> doubt </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">Will</seg> issue out <reg orig="againe,"> again, </reg> and bid <reg orig="vs"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg> </reg> <reg orig="battaile">battle</reg>; </l>
<l> If not, the <reg orig="Citie">City</reg> being but of small defence, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Wee'le"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">We</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> quickly <reg orig="rowze">rouse</reg> the Traitors <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> the same. </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker rend="italic"> War. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Oh"> O </reg> welcome <hi rend="italic"> Oxford, </hi> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">for</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> want thy <reg orig="helpe">help</reg>. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic"> Enter Mountague, with Drumme and Colours.
<sp who="L"><speaker rend="italic"> Mount. </speaker>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Mountague, Mountague, </hi> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Lancaster. </hi> </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Rich. </speaker>
<l> Thou and thy Brother both shall buy this Treason </l>
<l> <reg orig="Euen"> Even </reg> with the dearest blood your bodies <reg orig="beare">bear</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> Edw. </speaker>
<l> The harder <reg orig="marcht">marched</reg>, the greater <reg orig="Victorie">Victory</reg>, </l>
<l> My <reg orig="minde">mind</reg> presageth happy <reg orig="gaine">gain</reg>, and Conquest. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic"> Enter Somerset, with Drumme and Colours.
<sp who="M"><speaker rend="italic"> Som. </speaker>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Somerset, Somerset, </hi> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Lancaster. </hi> </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Rich. </speaker>
<l> Two of thy Name, both Dukes of Somerset, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Haue"> Have </reg> sold their <reg orig="Liues vnto"> Lives  unto </reg> the House of <hi rend="italic"> Yorke, </hi> </l>
<l> And thou shalt be the third, if this Sword hold. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic"> Enter Clarence, with Drumme and Colours.
<sp who="A"><speaker rend="italic"> War. </speaker>
<l> And <reg orig="loe">lo</reg>, where <hi rend="italic"> George </hi> of Clarence <reg orig="sweepes">sweeps</reg> along, </l>
<l> Of force enough <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> bid his Brother <reg orig="Battaile">Battle</reg>: </l>
<l> With whom, <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <reg orig="vpright">upright</reg> <reg orig="zeale">zeal</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> right, <reg orig="preuailes">prevails</reg> </l>
<l> More <reg orig="then"> than </reg> the nature of a Brothers <reg orig="Loue."> Love. </reg> </l>
<l> Come <hi rend="italic"> Clarence, </hi> come: thou wilt, if <hi rend="italic"> Warwicke </hi> call. </l></sp>
<sp who="E"><speaker rend="italic"> Clar. </speaker>
<l> Father of Warwick, know you what this <reg orig="meanes">means</reg>? </l>
<l> <reg orig="Looke"> Look </reg> here, I throw my <reg orig="infamie">infamy</reg> at thee: </l>
<l> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> not ruinate my Fathers House, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">Who</seg> <reg orig="gaue"> gave </reg> his blood <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="lyme">lime</reg> the stones together, </l>
<l> And set <reg orig="vp"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">up</seg> </reg> <hi rend="italic"> Lancaster. </hi> Why, trowest thou, <hi rend="italic"> Warwicke, </hi> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Clarence </hi> is <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> harsh, <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> blunt <reg orig="vnnaturall">unnatural</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> bend the <reg orig="fatall">fatal</reg> instruments of <reg orig="Warre">War</reg> </l>
<pb n="169"/>
<l> Against his Brother, and his <reg orig="lawfull">lawful</reg> King. </l>
<l> Perhaps thou wilt <reg orig="obiect">object</reg> my holy Oath: </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> <reg orig="keepe">keep</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> Oath, were more <reg orig="impietie">impiety</reg>, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Then"> Than </reg> <hi rend="italic"> Iephah, </hi> when he <reg orig="sacrific'd">sacrificed</reg> his Daughter. </l>
<l> I am <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> sorry <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> my <reg orig="Trespas">Trespass</reg> made, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="deserue">deserve</reg> well at my Brothers hands, </l>
<l> I here <reg orig="proclayme">proclaim</reg> <reg orig="my selfe"> myself </reg> thy <reg orig="mortall">mortal</reg> foe: </l>
<l> With resolution, <reg orig="wheresoe're"> wheresoever </reg> I meet thee, </l>
<l> (As I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> meet thee, if thou <reg orig="stirre">stir</reg> abroad) </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> plague thee, <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> thy <reg orig="foule">foul</reg> <reg orig="mis-leading">misleading</reg> me. </l>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">so</seg>, <reg orig="prowd-hearted">proud-hearted</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Warwicke, </hi> I <reg orig="defie">defy</reg> thee, </l>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> my Brother <reg orig="turne">turn</reg> my blushing <reg orig="Cheekes">Cheeks</reg>. </l>
<l> Pardon me <hi rend="italic"> Edward, </hi> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> make amends: </l>
<l> And <hi rend="italic"> Richard, </hi> <reg orig="doe"> do </reg> not <reg orig="frowne">frown</reg> <reg orig="vpon"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">upon</seg> </reg> my faults, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> henceforth be <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> more <reg orig="vnconstant">unconstant</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> Edw. </speaker>
<l> Now welcome more, and ten times more <reg orig="belou'd">beloved</reg>, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Then"> Than </reg> if thou <reg orig="neuer"> never </reg> hadst <reg orig="deseru'd">deserved</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">our</seg> hate. </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Rich. </speaker>
<l> Welcome good <hi rend="italic"> Clarence, </hi> this is Brother-like. </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker rend="italic"> Warw. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Oh"> O </reg> passing <reg orig="Traytor">Traitor</reg>, <reg orig="periur'd">perjured</reg> and <reg orig="vniust">unjust</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> Edw. </speaker>
<l> What <hi rend="italic"> Warwicke, </hi> </l>
<l> Wilt thou <reg orig="leaue">leave</reg> the <reg orig="Towne">Town</reg>, and fight? </l>
<l> Or shall <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> beat the Stones about thine <reg orig="Eares">Ears</reg>? </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker rend="italic"> Warw. </speaker>
<l> Alas, I am not <reg orig="coop'd">cooped</reg> here <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> defence: </l>
<l> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> away towards Barnet presently, </l>
<l> And bid thee <reg orig="Battaile">Battle</reg>, <hi rend="italic"> Edward, </hi> if thou <reg orig="dar'st">darest</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> Edw. </speaker>
<l> Yes <hi rend="italic"> Warwicke, Edward </hi> dares, and leads the way: </l>
<l> Lords <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> the field: Saint <hi rend="italic"> George, </hi> and <reg orig="Victorie">Victory</reg>. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic">  Exeunt.
March. Warwicke and his companie followes.</stage>
</div2><div2 n="2">
Alarum, and Excursions. Enter Edward bringing 
forth Warwicke wounded.
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> Edw. </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">So</seg>, <reg orig="lye">lie</reg> thou there: <reg orig="dye">die</reg> thou, and <reg orig="dye">die</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">our</seg> <reg orig="feare">fear</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Warwicke </hi> was a <reg orig="Bugge">Bug</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> <reg orig="fear'd">feared</reg> <reg orig="vs"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg> </reg> all. </l>
<l> Now <hi rend="italic"> Mountague </hi> sit fast, I <reg orig="seeke">seek</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> thee, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Warwickes </hi> Bones may <reg orig="keepe">keep</reg> thine <reg orig="companie">company</reg>. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic">  Exit.
<sp who="A"><speaker rend="italic"> Warw. </speaker>
<l> Ah, <seg type="homograph" subtype="interrogative">who</seg> is nigh? come <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> me, friend, or foe, </l>
<l> And tell me <seg type="homograph" subtype="interrogative">who</seg> is Victor, <hi rend="italic"> Yorke, </hi> or <hi rend="italic"> Warwicke? </hi> </l>
<l> Why <reg orig="aske"> ask </reg> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg>? my mangled body <reg orig="shewes">shows</reg>, </l>
<l> My blood, my want of strength, my <reg orig="sicke">sick</reg> heart <reg orig="shewes">shows</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> I must <reg orig="yeeld">yield</reg> my body <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> the Earth, </l>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> my fall, the conquest <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> my foe. </l>
<l> Thus <reg orig="yeelds">yields</reg> the Cedar <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> the Axes edge, </l>
<l> Whose <reg orig="Armes">Arms</reg> <reg orig="gaue"> gave </reg> shelter <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> the Princely Eagle, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Vnder"> Under </reg> whose shade the ramping <reg orig="Lyon">Lion</reg> slept, </l>
<l> Whose top-branch <reg orig="ouer-peer'd">overpeered</reg> <hi rend="italic"> <reg orig="Ioues">Jove's</reg> </hi> spreading Tree, </l>
<l> And kept low Shrubs from Winters <reg orig="pow'rfull">powerful</reg> <reg orig="Winde">Wind</reg>. </l>
<l> These Eyes, <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> now are <reg orig="dim'd">dimmed</reg> with Deaths black <reg orig="Veyle">Veil</reg>, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Haue beene"> Have been </reg> as piercing as the Midday <reg orig="Sunne">Sun</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> search the secret Treasons of the World: </l>
<l> The <reg orig="Wrinckles">Wrinkles</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> my <reg orig="Browes">Brows</reg>, now <reg orig="fill'd">filled</reg> with blood, </l>
<l> Were <reg orig="lik'ned">likened</reg> oft <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> Kingly <reg orig="Sepulchers">Sepulchres</reg>: </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="interrogative">who</seg> <reg orig="liu'd"> lived </reg> King, but I could <reg orig="digge">dig</reg> his <reg orig="Graue">Grave</reg>? </l>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="interrogative">who</seg> durst smile, when <hi rend="italic"> Warwicke </hi> bent his Brow? </l>
<l> <reg orig="Loe">Lo</reg>, now my Glory <reg orig="smear'd">smeared</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> dust and blood. </l>
<l> My <reg orig="Parkes">Parks</reg>, my <reg orig="Walkes">Walks</reg>, my <reg orig="Mannors">Manors</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> I had, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Euen"> Even </reg> now forsake me; and of all my Lands, </l>
<l> Is nothing left me, but my bodies length. </l>
<l> Why, what is <reg orig="Pompe">Pomp</reg>, Rule, <reg orig="Reigne">Reign</reg>, but Earth and Dust? </l>
<l> And <reg orig="lieu"> live </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> how <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> can, yet <reg orig="dye">die</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> must. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic"> Enter Oxford and Somerset.
<sp who="M"><speaker rend="italic"> Som. </speaker>
<l> Ah <hi rend="italic"> Warwicke, Warwicke, </hi> wert thou as <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> are, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">We</seg> might <reg orig="recouer">recover</reg> all <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> <reg orig="Losse">Loss</reg> <reg orig="againe:"> again: </reg> </l>
<l> The <reg orig="Queene">Queen</reg> from France hath brought a puissant power. </l>
<l> <reg orig="Euen"> Even </reg> now <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> heard the <reg orig="newes">news</reg>: ah, <reg orig="could'st"> couldst </reg> thou <reg orig="flye">fly</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker rend="italic"> Warw. </speaker>
<l> Why then I would not <reg orig="flye">fly</reg>. Ah <hi rend="italic"> Mountague, </hi> </l>
<l> If thou be there, sweet Brother, take my Hand, </l>
<l> And with thy <reg orig="Lippes">Lips</reg> <reg orig="keepe">keep</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">in</seg> my <reg orig="Soule">Soul</reg> a while. </l>
<l> Thou <reg orig="lou'st"> lovest </reg> me not: <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">for</seg>, Brother, if thou didst, </l>
<l> Thy <reg orig="teares">tears</reg> would wash this cold congealed blood, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">That</seg> <reg orig="glewes">glues</reg> my <reg orig="Lippes">Lips</reg>, and <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> not let me <reg orig="speake."> speak. </reg> </l>
<l> Come quickly <hi rend="italic"> Mountague, </hi> or I am dead. </l></sp>
<sp who="M"><speaker rend="italic"> Som. </speaker>
<l> Ah <hi rend="italic"> Warwicke, Mountague </hi> hath <reg orig="breath'd">breathed</reg> his last, </l>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> the latest <reg orig="gaspe">gasp</reg>, <reg orig="cry'd">cried</reg> out <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Warwicke: </hi> </l>
<l> And said, Commend me <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> my valiant Brother. </l>
<l> And more he would <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> said, and more he spoke, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">Which</seg> sounded <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">like</seg> a Cannon <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> a Vault, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">That</seg> mought not be <reg orig="distinguisht">distinguished</reg>: but at last, </l>
<l> I well might <reg orig="heare,"> hear, </reg> <reg orig="deliuered">delivered</reg> with a <reg orig="groane">groan</reg>, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Oh"> O </reg> farewell <hi rend="italic"> Warwicke. </hi> </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker rend="italic"> Warw. </speaker>
<l> Sweet rest his <reg orig="Soule">Soul</reg>: </l>
<l> <reg orig="Flye">Fly</reg> Lords, and <reg orig="saue">save</reg> <reg orig="your selues,"> yourselves, </reg> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Warwicke </hi> bids you all farewell, <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> meet <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <reg orig="Heauen">Heaven</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="K"><speaker rend="italic"> Oxf. </speaker>
<l> Away, away, <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> meet the <reg orig="Queenes">Queens</reg> great power. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic"> 
Here they beare away his Body.

</div2><div2 n="3">
Flourish. Enter King Edward in triumph, with Richard, 
Clarence, and the rest.
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> King. </speaker>
<l> Thus <reg orig="farre">far</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">our</seg> fortune <reg orig="keepes">keeps</reg> an <reg orig="vpward">upward</reg> course, </l>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">we</seg> are <reg orig="grac'd">graced</reg> with wreaths of <reg orig="Victorie">Victory</reg>: </l>
<l> But <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> the midst of this bright-shining Day, </l>
<l> I spy a black suspicious <reg orig="threatning">threatening</reg> Cloud, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">That</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> encounter with <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">our</seg> glorious <reg orig="Sunne">Sun</reg>, </l>
<l> Ere he <reg orig="attaine">attain</reg> his <reg orig="easefull">easeful</reg> <reg orig="Westerne">Western</reg> Bed: </l>
<l> I <reg orig="meane">mean</reg>, my Lords, those powers <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> the <reg orig="Queene">Queen</reg> </l>
<l> Hath <reg orig="rays'd">raised</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> Gallia, <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> <reg orig="arriued">arrived</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">our</seg> Coast, </l>
<l> And, as <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">we</seg> <reg orig="heare,"> hear, </reg> march <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">on</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> fight with <reg orig="vs."> <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">us</seg>. </reg> </l></sp>
<sp who="E"><speaker rend="italic"> Clar. </speaker>
<l> A little gale <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> <reg orig="soone"> soon </reg> disperse <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> Cloud, </l>
<l> And blow it <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> the Source from whence it came, </l>
<l> Thy very <reg orig="Beames">Beams</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> dry those Vapours <reg orig="vp,"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">up</seg>, </reg> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> <reg orig="euery"> every </reg> Cloud engenders not a <reg orig="Storme">Storm</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Rich. </speaker>
<l> The <reg orig="Queene">Queen</reg> is valued <reg orig="thirtie">thirty</reg> thousand strong, </l>
<l> And <hi rend="italic"> Somerset, </hi> with <hi rend="italic"> Oxford, </hi> fled <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="personalPronoun">her</seg>: </l>
<l> If she <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> time <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> breathe, be well <reg orig="assur'd">assured</reg> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">Her</seg> faction <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> be full as strong as <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">ours</seg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> King. </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">We</seg> are <reg orig="aduertis'd">advertised</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">our</seg> <reg orig="louing"> loving </reg> friends, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> they <reg orig="doe"> do </reg> hold their course toward Tewksbury. </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">We</seg> <reg orig="hauing"> having </reg> now the best at Barnet field, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">Will</seg> thither straight, <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">for</seg> <reg orig="willingnesse">willingness</reg> rids way, </l>
<l> And as <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">we</seg> march, <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">our</seg> strength <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> be augmented: </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">In</seg> <reg orig="euery"> every </reg> <reg orig="Countie">County</reg> as <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">we</seg> <reg orig="goe"> go </reg> along, </l>
 <l> Strike <reg orig="vp"><seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">up</seg> </reg> the <reg orig="Drumme">Drum</reg>, cry courage, and away. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic">   Exeunt.</stage></div2>
<div2 n="4">
Flourish. March. Enter the Queene, young 
Edward, Somerset, Oxford, and Souldiers.
<sp who="D"><speaker rend="italic"> Qu. </speaker>
<l> Great Lords, wise men <reg orig="ne'r"> never </reg> sit and <reg orig="waile">wail</reg> their <reg orig="losse">loss</reg>, </l>
<l> But <reg orig="chearely">cheerly</reg> <reg orig="seeke">seek</reg> how <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="redresse">redress</reg> their <reg orig="harmes">harms</reg>. </l>
<l> What though the Mast be now <reg orig="blowne">blown</reg> <reg orig="ouer-boord">overboard</reg>, </l>
<l> The Cable broke, the holding-Anchor lost, </l>
<l> And <reg orig="halfe">half</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> <reg orig="Saylors">Sailors</reg> <reg orig="swallow'd">swallowed</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> the flood? </l>
<l> Yet <reg orig="liues"> lives </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> Pilot still. <reg orig="Is't"> Is it </reg> meet; <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> <reg orig="hee"> he </reg> </l>
<l> Should <reg orig="leaue">leave</reg> the <reg orig="Helme">Helm</reg>, and <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">like</seg> a <reg orig="fearefull">fearful</reg> Lad, </l>
<l> With <reg orig="tearefull">tearful</reg> Eyes <reg orig="adde">add</reg> Water <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> the Sea, </l>
<l> And <reg orig="giue"> give </reg> more strength <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">which</seg> hath too much, </l>
<l> Whiles <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> his <reg orig="moane">moan</reg>, the Ship splits <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> the Rock, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">Which</seg> <reg orig="Industrie">Industry</reg> and Courage might <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> <reg orig="sau'd">saved</reg>? </l>
<l> Ah what a shame, ah what a fault were this. </l>
<l> Say <hi rend="italic"> Warwicke </hi> was <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> Anchor: what of <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg>? </l>
<pb n="170"/>
<l> And <hi rend="italic"> Mountague </hi> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> Top-Mast: what of him? </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">Our</seg> <reg orig="slaught'red">slaughtered</reg> friends, the Tackles: what of these? </l>
<l> Why is not <hi rend="italic"> Oxford </hi> here, another Anchor? </l>
<l> And <hi rend="italic"> Somerset, </hi> another goodly Mast? </l>
<l> The friends of France <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> <reg orig="Shrowds">Shrouds</reg> and Tacklings? </l>
<l> And though <reg orig="vnskilfull">unskilful</reg>, why not <hi rend="italic"> Ned </hi> and I, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">For</seg> once <reg orig="allow'd">allowed</reg> the <reg orig="skilfull">skilful</reg> Pilots Charge? </l>
 <l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">We</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> not from the <reg orig="Helme">Helm</reg>, <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> sit and <reg orig="weepe">weep</reg>, </l>
<l> But <reg orig="keepe">keep</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> Course (though the rough <reg orig="Winde">Wind</reg> say <seg type="homograph" subtype="exclamation">no</seg>) </l>
<l> From <reg orig="Shelues">Shelves</reg> and Rocks, <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> threaten <reg orig="vs"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg> </reg> with Wrack. </l>
<l> As good <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> chide the <reg orig="Waues">Waves</reg>, as <reg orig="speake"> speak </reg> them <reg orig="faire."> fair. </reg> </l>
<l> And what is <hi rend="italic"> Edward, </hi> but a <reg orig="ruthlesse">ruthless</reg> Sea? </l>
<l> What <hi rend="italic"> Clarence, </hi> but a <reg orig="Quick-sand">quicksand</reg> of Deceit? </l>
<l> And <hi rend="italic"> Richard, </hi> but a raged <reg orig="fatall">fatal</reg> <reg orig="Rocke">Rock</reg>? </l>
<l> All these, the Enemies <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> <reg orig="poore">poor</reg> <reg orig="Barke">Bark</reg>. </l>
<l> Say you can swim, alas <reg orig="'tis"> it is </reg> but a while: </l>
<l> Tread <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> the Sand, why there you quickly <reg orig="sinke">sink</reg>, </l>
<l> Bestride the Rock, the <reg orig="Tyde">Tide</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> wash you off, </l>
<l> Or else you famish, <reg orig="that's"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> is </reg> a threefold Death. </l>
<l> This <reg orig="speake"> speak </reg> I (Lords) <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> let you <reg orig="vnderstand">understand</reg>, </l>
<l> If case some one of you would <reg orig="flye">fly</reg> from <reg orig="vs,"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg>, </reg> </l>
 <l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> <reg orig="there's"> there is </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> <reg orig="hop'd-for">hoped <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">for</seg></reg> Mercy with the Brothers, </l>
<l> More <reg orig="then"> than </reg> with <reg orig="ruthlesse">ruthless</reg> <reg orig="Waues">Waves</reg>, with Sands and Rocks. </l>
<l> Why courage then, what cannot be <reg orig="auoided">avoided</reg>, </l>
<l> <reg orig="'Twere"> It were </reg> childish <reg orig="weakenesse">weakness</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> lament, or <reg orig="feare">fear</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="I"><speaker rend="italic"> Prince. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Me thinkes"> Methinks </reg> a Woman of this valiant Spirit, </l>
<l> Should, if a Coward heard <seg type="homograph" subtype="personalPronoun">her</seg> <reg orig="speake"> speak </reg> these words, </l>
<l> Infuse his Breast with <reg orig="Magnanimitie">Magnanimity</reg>, </l>
<l> And make him, naked, <reg orig="foyle">foil</reg> a man at <reg orig="Armes">Arms</reg>. </l>
<l> I <reg orig="speake"> speak </reg> not this, as doubting any here: </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> did I but suspect a <reg orig="fearefull">fearful</reg> man, </l>
<l> He should <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> <reg orig="leaue">leave</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="goe"> go </reg> away betimes, </l>
<l> Least <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> need he might infect another, </l>
<l> And make him of <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">like</seg> spirit <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> <reg orig="himselfe."> himself. </reg> </l>
<l> If any such be here, as God forbid, </l>
<l> Let him depart, before <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> <reg orig="neede">need</reg> his <reg orig="helpe">help</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="K"><speaker rend="italic"> Oxf  </speaker>
<l> Women and Children of <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> high a courage, </l>
<l> And Warriors faint, why <reg orig="'twere"> it were </reg> <reg orig="perpetuall">perpetual</reg> shame. </l>
<l> <reg orig="Oh"> O </reg> <reg orig="braue">brave</reg> young Prince: thy famous Grandfather </l>
<l> Doth <reg orig="liue againe"> live again </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> thee; long <reg orig="may'st">mayst</reg> thou <reg orig="liue,"> live, </reg> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> <reg orig="beare">bear</reg> his Image, and renew his Glories. </l></sp>
<sp who="M"><speaker rend="italic"> Som. </speaker>
<l> And he <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> not fight <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> such a hope, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Goe"> Go </reg> home <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> Bed, and <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">like</seg> the <reg orig="Owle">Owl</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> day, </l>
<l> If he arise, be <reg orig="mock'd">mocked</reg> and <reg orig="wondred">wondered</reg> at. </l></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker rend="italic"> Qu. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Thankes">Thanks</reg> gentle <hi rend="italic"> Somerset, </hi> sweet <hi rend="italic"> Oxford </hi> <reg orig="thankes">thanks</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="I"><speaker rend="italic"> Prince. </speaker>
<p> And take his <reg orig="thankes">thanks</reg>, <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> yet hath nothing <lb/> else. </p></sp> 
<stage rend="italic"> Enter a Messenger.
<sp who="U"><speaker rend="italic"> Mess. </speaker>
<l> Prepare you Lords, <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">for</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Edward </hi> is at hand, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Readie">Ready</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> fight: therefore be resolute. </l></sp>
<sp who="K"><speaker rend="italic"> Oxf. </speaker>
<l> I thought <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> <reg orig="lesse">less</reg>; it is his <reg orig="Policie">Policy</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> haste thus fast, <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> find <reg orig="vs"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg> </reg> <reg orig="vnprouided">unprovided</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="M"><speaker rend="italic"> Som. </speaker>
<l> But <reg orig="hee's"> he is </reg> <reg orig="deceiu'd">deceived</reg>, <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> are <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <reg orig="readinesse">readiness</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker rend="italic"> Qu. </speaker>
<l> This <reg orig="cheares">cheers</reg> my heart, <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> see your <reg orig="forwardnesse">forwardness</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="K"><speaker rend="italic"> Oxf. </speaker>
<l> Here pitch <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> <reg orig="Battaile">Battle</reg>, 
 hence <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> not budge. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic">
Flourish, and march. Enter Edward, Richard, 
Clarence, and Souldiers.
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> Edw. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Braue">Brave</reg> followers, yonder stands the <reg orig="thornie">thorny</reg> Wood, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">Which</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> the <reg orig="Heauens">Heavens</reg> assistance, and your strength, </l>
<l> Must <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> the Roots be <reg orig="hew'ne">hewn</reg> <reg orig="vp"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">up</seg> </reg> yet ere Night. </l>
<l> I need not <reg orig="adde">add</reg> more <reg orig="fuell">fuel</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> your fire, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> well I wot, ye blaze, <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="burne">burn</reg> them out: </l>
<l> <reg orig="Giue"> Give </reg> <reg orig="signall">signal</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> the fight and <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> it Lords. </l></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker rend="italic"> Qu. </speaker>
<l> Lords, Knights, and Gentlemen, what I should say, </l>
<l> My <reg orig="teares">tears</reg> <reg orig="gaine-say">gainsay</reg>: <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> <reg orig="euery"> every </reg> word I <reg orig="speake,"> speak, </reg> </l>
<l> Ye see I <reg orig="drinke">drink</reg> the water of my eye. </l>
<l> Therefore <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> more but this: <hi rend="italic"> Henry </hi> your <reg orig="Soueraigne">Sovereign</reg> </l>
<l> Is Prisoner <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> the Foe, his State <reg orig="vsurp'd">usurped</reg>, </l>
<l> His <reg orig="Realme">Realm</reg> a slaughter-house, his <reg orig="Subiects">Subjects</reg> <reg orig="slaine">slain</reg>, </l>
<l> His Statutes <reg orig="cancell'd">cancelled</reg>, and his Treasure spent: </l>
<l> And yonder is the <reg orig="Wolfe">Wolf</reg>, <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> makes this <reg orig="spoyle">spoil</reg>. </l>
<l> You fight <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <reg orig="Iustice">Justice</reg>: then <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> Gods Name, Lords, </l>
<l> Be valiant, and <reg orig="giue"> give </reg> <reg orig="signall">signal</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> the fight. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic"> 
Alarum, Retreat, Excursions.

Exeunt. </stage>
</div2><div2 n="5">
Flourish. Enter Edward, Richard, Queene, Clarence, Oxford, Somerset.
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> Edw. </speaker>
<l> Now here a period of tumultuous <reg orig="Broyles">Broils</reg>. </l>
<l> Away with <hi rend="italic"> Oxford </hi> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> Hames Castle straight: </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">For</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Somerset, </hi> off with his <reg orig="guiltie">guilty</reg> Head. </l>
<l> <reg orig="Goe"> Go </reg> <reg orig="beare">bear</reg> them hence, I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> not <reg orig="heare"> hear </reg> them <reg orig="speake."> speak. </reg> </l></sp>
<sp who="K"><speaker rend="italic"> Oxf. </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">For</seg> my part, <reg orig="Ile"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> not trouble thee with words. </l></sp>
<sp who="M"><speaker rend="italic"> Som. </speaker>
<l> Not I, but <reg orig="stoupe">stoop</reg> with patience <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> my fortune. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic">       Exeunt.
<sp who="D"><speaker rend="italic"> Qu. </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">So</seg> part <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> sadly <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> this troublous World, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> meet with <reg orig="Ioy">Joy</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> sweet <reg orig="Ierusalem">Jerusalem</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> Edw. </speaker>
<l> Is Proclamation made, <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">who</seg> finds <hi rend="italic"> Edward, </hi> </l>
<l> Shall <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> a high Reward, and he his Life? </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Rich. </speaker>
<l> It is, and <reg orig="loe">lo</reg> where <reg orig="youthfull">youthful</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Edward </hi> comes. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic"> Enter the Prince.
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> Edw. </speaker>
<l> Bring forth the Gallant, let <reg orig="vs heare"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">us</seg> hear </reg> him <reg orig="speake."> speak. </reg> </l>
<l> What? can <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> young a Thorne begin <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> prick? </l>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Edward, </hi> what satisfaction canst thou make, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">For</seg> bearing <reg orig="Armes">Arms</reg>, <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> stirring <reg orig="vp"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">up</seg> </reg> my <reg orig="Subiects">Subjects</reg>, </l>
<l> And all the trouble thou hast <reg orig="turn'd">turned</reg> me <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">to</seg>? </l></sp>
<sp who="I"><speaker rend="italic"> Prince. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Speake"> Speak </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">like</seg> a <reg orig="Subiect">Subject</reg>, <reg orig="prowd">proud</reg> ambitious <hi rend="italic"> Yorke. </hi> </l>
<l> Suppose <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> I am now my Fathers Mouth, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Resigne">Resign</reg> thy <reg orig="Chayre">Chair</reg>, and where I stand, <reg orig="kneele">kneel</reg> thou, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Whil'st"> Whilst </reg> I propose the <reg orig="selfe-same">selfsame</reg> words <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> thee, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">Which</seg> (<reg orig="Traytor">Traitor</reg>) thou <reg orig="would'st"> wouldst </reg> <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> me answer <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">to</seg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker rend="italic"> Qu. </speaker>
<l> Ah, <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> thy Father had <reg orig="beene"> been </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">so</seg> <reg orig="resolu'd">resolved</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Rich. </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> you might still <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> <reg orig="worne">worn</reg> the Petticoat, </l>
<l> And <reg orig="ne're haue"> never have </reg> <reg orig="stolne">stolen</reg> the Breech from <hi rend="italic"> Lancaster. </hi> </l></sp>
<sp who="I"><speaker rend="italic"> Prince. </speaker>
<l> Let <hi rend="italic"> AEsop </hi> fable <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> a Winters Night, </l>
<l> His Currish Riddles sorts not with this place. </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Rich. </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">By</seg> <reg orig="Heauen">Heaven</reg>, Brat, <reg orig="Ile"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> plague ye <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> word. </l></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker rend="italic"> Qu. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="I,"> Aye, </reg> thou wast borne <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> be a plague <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> men. </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Rich. </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">For</seg> Gods sake, take away this <reg orig="Captiue">Captive</reg> Scold. </l></sp>
<sp who="I"><speaker rend="italic"> Prince. </speaker>
<p> Nay, take away this scolding <reg orig="Crooke-backe">Crook-back</reg>, <lb/> rather. </p></sp> 
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> Edw. </speaker>
<l> Peace <reg orig="wilfull">wilful</reg> Boy, or I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> <reg orig="charme">charm</reg> your tongue. </l></sp>

<sp who="E"><speaker rend="italic"> Clar. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Vntutor'd">Untutored</reg> Lad, thou art too malapert. </l></sp>
<sp who="I"><speaker rend="italic"> Prince. </speaker>
<l> I know my <reg orig="dutie">duty</reg>, you are all <reg orig="vndutifull">undutiful</reg>: </l>
<l> <reg orig="Lasciuious">Lascivious</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Edward, </hi> and thou <reg orig="periur'd">perjured</reg> <hi rend="italic"> George, </hi> </l>
<l> And thou <reg orig="mis-shapen">misshapen</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Dicke, </hi> I tell ye all, </l>
<l> I am your better, <reg orig="Traytors">Traitors</reg> as ye are. </l>
<l> And thou <reg orig="vsurp'st">usurpest</reg> my Fathers right and mine. </l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> Edw. </speaker>
<l> Take <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg>, the <reg orig="likenesse">likeness</reg> of this <reg orig="Rayler">Railer</reg> here. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic">        Stabs him.
<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Rich. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Sprawl'st">Sprawlest</reg> thou? take <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg>, <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> end thy <reg orig="agonie">agony</reg>. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic">    Rich. stabs him.
<sp who="E"><speaker rend="italic"> Clar. </speaker>
<l> And <reg orig="ther's"> there is </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> twitting me with <reg orig="periurie">perjury</reg>. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic">         Clar. stabs him.
<sp who="D"><speaker rend="italic"> Qu. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Oh,"> O, </reg> kill me too. </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Rich. </speaker>
<l> Marry, and shall. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic">     Offers to kill her.
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> Edw. </speaker>
<l> Hold, <hi rend="italic"> Richard, </hi> hold, <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">for</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> done too much. </l></sp>
<pb n="171"/>
<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Rich. </speaker>
<p> Why should <reg orig="shee liue,"> she live, </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> fill the World with <lb/> words. </p></sp> 
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> Edw. </speaker>
<p> What? doth <reg orig="shee"> she </reg> <reg orig="swowne">swoon</reg>? <reg orig="vse">use</reg> <reg orig="meanes">means</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">her</seg> <lb/> <reg orig="recouerie">recovery</reg>. </p></sp> 
<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Rich. </speaker>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Clarence </hi> excuse me <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> the King my Brother: </l>
<l> <reg orig="Ile"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> hence <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> London <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> a serious matter, </l>
<l> Ere ye come there, be sure <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="heare"> hear </reg> some <reg orig="newes">news</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="E"><speaker rend="italic"> Cla. </speaker>
<l> What? what? </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Rich </speaker>
<l> Tower, the Tower. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic">      Exit.
<sp who="D"><speaker rend="italic"> Qu. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Oh"> O </reg> <hi rend="italic"> Ned, </hi> sweet <hi rend="italic"> Ned, </hi> <reg orig="speake"> speak </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> thy Mother Boy. </l>
<l> <reg orig="Can'st">Canst</reg> thou not <reg orig="speake?"> speak? </reg> O Traitors, Murtherers! </l>
<l> They <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> <reg orig="stabb'd">stabbed</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Caesar, </hi> shed <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> blood at all: </l>
<l> Did not offend, nor were not worthy Blame, </l>
<l> If this <reg orig="foule">foul</reg> deed were <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">by</seg>, <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="equall">equal</reg> it. </l>
<l> He was a Man; this (<seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> respect) a <reg orig="Childe">Child</reg>, </l>
<l> And Men, <reg orig="ne're"> never </reg> spend their fury <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> a <reg orig="Childe">Child</reg>. </l>
<l> <reg orig="What's"> What is </reg> worse <reg orig="then"> than </reg> Murtherer, <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> I may name it? </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="exclamation">No</seg>, <seg type="homograph" subtype="exclamation">no</seg>, my heart <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> burst, and if I <reg orig="speake,"> speak, </reg> </l>
<l> And I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> <reg orig="speake,"> speak, </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">so</seg> my heart may burst. </l>
<l> Butchers and <reg orig="Villaines">Villains</reg>, <reg orig="bloudy">bloody</reg> <reg orig="Caniballes">Cannibals</reg>, </l>
<l> How sweet a Plant <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> you <reg orig="vntimely">untimely</reg> <reg orig="cropt">cropped</reg>: </l>
<l> You <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> children (Butchers) if you had, </l>
<l> The thought of them would <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> <reg orig="stirr'd">stirred</reg> <reg orig="vp"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">up</seg> </reg> remorse, </l>
<l> But if you <reg orig="euer"> ever </reg> chance <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> a <reg orig="Childe">Child</reg>, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Looke"> Look </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> his youth <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> him <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">so</seg> cut off. </l>
<l> As deathsmen you <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> rid this sweet <reg orig="yong">young</reg> Prince. </l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> King. </speaker>
<l> Away with <seg type="homograph" subtype="personalPronoun">her</seg>, go <reg orig="beare">bear</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="personalPronoun">her</seg> hence perforce. </l></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker rend="italic"> Qu. </speaker>
<l> Nay, <reg orig="neuer"> never </reg> <reg orig="beare">bear</reg> me hence, dispatch me <reg orig="heere:"> here: </reg> </l>
<l> Here sheath thy Sword, <reg orig="Ile"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> pardon thee my death: </l>
<l> What? wilt thou not? Then <hi rend="italic"> Clarence </hi> do it thou. </l></sp>
<sp who="E"><speaker rend="italic"> Cla. </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">By</seg> <reg orig="heauen">heaven</reg>, I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> not do thee <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> much ease. </l></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker rend="italic"> Qu. </speaker>
<l> Good <hi rend="italic"> Clarence </hi> do: sweet <hi rend="italic"> Clarence </hi> do thou do it. </l></sp>
<sp who="E"><speaker rend="italic"> Cla. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Did'st">Didst</reg> thou not <reg orig="heare"> hear </reg> me <reg orig="sweare">swear</reg> I would not do it? </l></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker rend="italic"> Qu. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="I,"> Aye, </reg> but thou <reg orig="vsest">usest</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="forsweare">forswear</reg> <reg orig="thy selfe."> thyself. </reg> </l>
<l> <reg orig="'Twas"> It was </reg> Sin before, but now <reg orig="'tis"> it is </reg> Charity. </l>
<l> What wilt <reg orig="yu"> you </reg> not? Where is <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> <reg orig="diuels">devils</reg> butcher <hi rend="italic"> Richard? </hi> </l>
<l> Hard <reg orig="fauor'd">favoured</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Richard? Richard, </hi> where art thou? </l>
<l> Thou art not <reg orig="heere;"> here; </reg> Murther is thy <reg orig="Almes-deed">alms deed</reg>: </l>
<l> Petitioners <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> Blood, thou <reg orig="ne're"> never </reg> <reg orig="put'st">puttest</reg> <reg orig="backe."> back. </reg> </l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> Ed. </speaker>
<l> Away I say, I charge ye <reg orig="beare">bear</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="personalPronoun">her</seg> hence, </l></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker rend="italic"> Qu. </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">So</seg> come <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> you, and yours, as <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> this Prince. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic">              Exit Queene.
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> Ed. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Where's"> Where is </reg> <hi rend="italic"> Richard </hi> gone. </l></sp>
<sp who="E"><speaker rend="italic"> Cla. </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">To</seg> London all <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> post, and as I <reg orig="guesse">guess</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> make a bloody Supper <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> the Tower. </l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> Ed. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="He's"> He is </reg> <reg orig="sodaine">sudden</reg> if a thing comes <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> his head. </l>
<l> Now march <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">we</seg> hence, discharge the common sort </l>
<l> With Pay and <reg orig="Thankes">Thanks</reg>, and <reg orig="let's"> let <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">us</seg> </reg> away <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> London, </l>
<l> And see <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">our</seg> gentle <reg orig="Queene">Queen</reg> how well she fares, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">By</seg> this (I hope) she hath a <reg orig="Sonne"> Son </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> me. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic">        Exit.</stage></div2>
<div2 n="6">
Enter Henry the sixt, and Richard, with the Lieutenant on the Walles.
<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Rich. </speaker>
<l> Good day, my Lord, what at your <reg orig="Booke">Book</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> hard? </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker rend="italic"> Hen. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="I"> Aye </reg> my good Lord: my Lord I should say rather, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Tis"> It is </reg> <reg orig="sinne">sin</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> flatter, Good was little better: </l>
<l> Good Gloster, and good <reg orig="Deuill">Devil</reg>, were alike, </l>
<l> And both preposterous: therefore, not Good Lord. </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Rich. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Sirra">Sirrah</reg>, <reg orig="leaue">leave</reg> <reg orig="vs"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg></reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> <reg orig="our selues,"> ourselves, </reg> 
<seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> must <reg orig="conferre">confer</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker rend="italic"> Hen. </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">So</seg> flies the <reg orig="wreaklesse">reckless</reg> shepherd from <reg orig="ye"> the <reg orig="Wolfe">Wolf</reg></reg>: </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">So</seg> first the <reg orig="harmlesse">harmless</reg> <reg orig="Sheepe">Sheep</reg> doth <reg orig="yeeld">yield</reg> his Fleece, </l>
<l> And next his <reg orig="Throate">Throat</reg>, <reg orig="vnto"> unto </reg> the Butchers Knife. </l>
<l> What Scene of death hath <hi rend="italic"> Rossius </hi> now <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="Acte">Act</reg>? </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Rich. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Suspition">Suspicion</reg> <reg orig="alwayes">always</reg> haunts the guilty <reg orig="minde">mind</reg>, </l>
<l> The <reg orig="Theefe">Thief</reg> doth <reg orig="feare">fear</reg> each bush an Officer, </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker rend="italic"> Hen. </speaker>
<l> The Bird <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> hath <reg orig="bin"> been </reg> limed <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> a bush, </l>
<l> With trembling wings misdoubteth <reg orig="euery"> every </reg> bush; </l>
<l> And I the <reg orig="haplesse">hapless</reg> Male <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> one sweet Bird, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Haue"> have </reg> now the <reg orig="fatall">fatal</reg> <reg orig="Obiect">Object</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> my eye, </l>
<l> Where my <reg orig="poore">poor</reg> <reg orig="yong">young</reg> was <reg orig="lim'd">limed</reg>, was caught, and <reg orig="kill'd">killed</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Rich. </speaker>
<l> Why what a <reg orig="peeuish">peevish</reg> <reg orig="Foole">Fool</reg> was <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> of Creet, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">That</seg> taught his <reg orig="Sonne"> Son </reg> the office of a <reg orig="Fowle">Fowl</reg>, </l>
<l> And yet <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> all his wings, the <reg orig="Foole">Fool</reg> was <reg orig="drown'd">drowned</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker rend="italic"> Hen. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="I"> Aye </reg><hi rend="italic"> Dedalus, </hi> my <reg orig="poore">poor</reg> Boy <hi rend="italic"> Icarus, </hi> </l>
<l> Thy Father <hi rend="italic"> Minos, </hi> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> <reg orig="deni'de">denied</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">our</seg> course, </l>
<l> The <reg orig="Sunne">Sun</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> <reg orig="sear'd">seared</reg> the wings of my sweet Boy. </l>
<l> Thy Brother <hi rend="italic"> Edward, </hi> and <reg orig="thy Selfe,"> thyself, </reg> the Sea </l>
<l> Whose <reg orig="enuious">envious</reg> <reg orig="Gulfe">Gulf</reg> did swallow <reg orig="vp"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">up</seg> </reg> his life: </l>
<l> Ah, kill me with thy Weapon, not with words, </l>
<l> My <reg orig="brest">breast</reg> can better brooke thy Daggers point, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Then"> Than </reg> can my <reg orig="eares">ears</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> <reg orig="Tragicke">Tragic</reg> History. </l>
<l> But wherefore dost thou come? <reg orig="Is'"> Is it </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> my Life? </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Rich. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Think'st">Thinkst</reg> thou I am an Executioner? </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker rend="italic"> Hen. </speaker>
<l> A Persecutor I am sure thou art, </l>
<l> If murthering Innocents be Executing, </l>
<l> Why then thou art an Executioner. </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Rich. </speaker>
<l> Thy Son I <reg orig="kill'd">killed</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> his presumption. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker rend="italic"> Hen. </speaker>
<l> Hadst thou <reg orig="bin"> been </reg> <reg orig="kill'd">killed</reg>, when first <reg orig="yu"> you </reg> didst presume, </l>
<l> Thou <reg orig="had'st"> hadst </reg> not <reg orig="liu'd"> lived </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> kill a <reg orig="Sonne"> Son </reg> of mine: </l>
<l> And thus I <reg orig="prophesie">prophesy</reg>, <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> many a thousand, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">Which</seg> now mistrust <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> <reg orig="parcell">parcel</reg> of my <reg orig="feare">fear</reg>, </l>
<l> And many an old <reg orig="mans">man's</reg> <reg orig="sighe">sigh</reg>, and many a <reg orig="Widdowes">Widows</reg>, </l>
<l> And many an Orphans water-standing-eye, </l>
<l> Men <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> their <reg orig="Sonnes,"> Sons, </reg> <reg orig="Wiues">Wives</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> their Husbands, </l>
<l> Orphans, <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> their Parents <reg orig="timeles">timeless</reg> death, </l>
<l> Shall rue the <reg orig="houre">hour</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> <reg orig="euer"> ever </reg> thou <reg orig="was't"> wast </reg> borne. </l>
<l> The <reg orig="Owle">Owl</reg> <reg orig="shriek'd">shrieked</reg> at thy birth, an <reg orig="euill">evil</reg> <reg orig="signe">sign</reg>, </l>
<l> The Night-Crow <reg orig="cry'de">cried</reg>, aboding <reg orig="lucklesse">luckless</reg> time, </l>
<l> Dogs <reg orig="howl'd">howled</reg>, and <reg orig="hiddeous">hideous</reg> Tempest shook down Trees: </l>
<l> The <reg orig="Rauen">Raven</reg> <reg orig="rook'd">rooked</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="personalPronoun">her</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> the <reg orig="Chimnies">Chimneys</reg> top, </l>
<l> And <reg orig="chatt'ring">chattering</reg> Pies <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <reg orig="dismall">dismal</reg> Discords sung: </l>
<l> Thy Mother felt more <reg orig="then"> than </reg> a Mothers <reg orig="paine">pain</reg>, </l>
<l> And yet brought forth <reg orig="lesse">less</reg> <reg orig="then"> than </reg> a Mothers hope, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">To</seg> wit, an indigested and deformed <reg orig="lumpe">lump</reg>, </l>
<l> Not <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">like</seg> the fruit of such a goodly Tree. </l>
<l> Teeth <reg orig="had'st"> hadst </reg> thou <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> thy head, when thou <reg orig="was't"> wast </reg> borne, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> <reg orig="signifie">signify</reg>, thou <reg orig="cam'st">camest</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> bite the world: </l>
<l> And if the rest be true, <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">which</seg> I <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> heard, </l>
<l> Thou <reg orig="cam'st">camest</reg> </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Rich. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Ile heare"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> hear </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> more: </l>
<l> <reg orig="Dye">Die</reg> Prophet <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> thy speech, </l>
<stage rend="italic">        Stabbes him.</stage>

<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">For</seg> this (<reg orig="among'st">amongst</reg> the rest) was I <reg orig="ordain'd">ordained</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker rend="italic"> Hen. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="I,"> Aye, </reg> and <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> much more slaughter after this, </l>
<l> O God <reg orig="forgiue">forgive</reg> my <reg orig="sinnes">sins</reg>, and pardon thee. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic">      Dyes.
<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Rich. </speaker>
<l> What? <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">Will</seg> the aspiring blood of Lancaster </l>
<l> <reg orig="Sinke">Sink</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> the ground? I thought it would <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> mounted. </l>
<l> See how my sword <reg orig="weepes">weeps</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> the <reg orig="poore">poor</reg> Kings death. </l>
<l> O may such purple <reg orig="teares">tears</reg> be <reg orig="alway">always</reg> shed </l>
<l> From those <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> wish the downfall of <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> house. </l>
<l> If any <reg orig="sparke">spark</reg> of Life be yet remaining, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Downe, downe"> Down, down, </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> hell, and say I sent thee thither. </l>
<stage rend="italic">         Stabs him againe. </stage>

<l> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> <reg orig="neyther">neither</reg> <reg orig="pitty">pity</reg>, <reg orig="loue,"> love, </reg> nor <reg orig="feare">fear</reg>, </l>
<l> Indeed <reg orig="'tis"> it is </reg> true <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Henrie </hi> told me of: </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> I <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> often heard my Mother say, </l>
<l> I came into the world with my <reg orig="Legges">Legs</reg> forward. </l>
<l> Had I not reason (<reg orig="thinke"> think </reg> ye) <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> make <reg orig="hast,"> haste, </reg> </l>
<l> And <reg orig="seeke">seek</reg> their <reg orig="Ruine">Ruin</reg>, <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> <reg orig="vsurp'd">usurped</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> Right? </l>
<l> The Midwife <reg orig="wonder'd">wondered</reg>, and the Women <reg orig="cri'de">cried</reg> </l>
<l> O Iesus <reg orig="blesse">bless</reg> <reg orig="vs,"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg>, </reg> he is borne with teeth, </l>
<pb n="172"/>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">so</seg> I was, <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">which</seg> plainly signified, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> I should <reg orig="snarle">snarl</reg>, and bite, and play the <reg orig="dogge">dog</reg>: </l>
<l> Then since the <reg orig="Heauens">Heavens</reg> <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> <reg orig="shap'd">shaped</reg> my Body <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">so</seg>, </l>
<l> Let Hell make <reg orig="crook'd">crooked</reg> my <reg orig="Minde">Mind</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> answer it. </l>
<l> I <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> Brother, I am <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">like</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> Brother: </l>
<l> And this word <reg orig="Loue"> Love </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">which</seg> Gray-beards call <reg orig="Diuine">Divine</reg>, </l>
<l> Be resident <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> men <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">like</seg> one another, </l>
<l> And not <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> me: I am <reg orig="my selfe"> myself </reg> alone. </l>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Clarence </hi> beware, thou <reg orig="keept'st">keptest</reg> me from the Light, </l>
<l> But I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> sort a pitchy day <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> thee: </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> <reg orig="buzze">buzz</reg> abroad such Prophesies, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Edward </hi> shall be <reg orig="fearefull">fearful</reg> of his life, </l>
<l> And then <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> purge his <reg orig="feare">fear</reg>, <reg orig="Ile"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> be thy death. </l>
<l> King <hi rend="italic"> Henry, </hi> and the Prince his Son are gone, </l>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Clarence </hi> thy <reg orig="turne">turn</reg> is next, and then the rest, </l>
<l> Counting <reg orig="my selfe"> myself </reg> but bad, till I be best. </l>
<l> <reg orig="Ile"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> throw thy body <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> another <reg orig="roome">room</reg>, </l>
<l> And Triumph <hi rend="italic"> Henry, </hi> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> thy day of <reg orig="Doome">Doom</reg>. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic">        Exit.</stage></div2>
<div2 n="7">
Flourish. Enter King, Queene, Clarence, 
Richard, Hastings, Nurse, and Attendants.
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> King. </speaker>
<l> Once more <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">we</seg> sit <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> Englands <reg orig="Royall">Royal</reg> Throne, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Re-purchac'd">Repurchased</reg> with the Blood of Enemies: </l>
<l> What valiant Foemen, <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">like</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> <reg orig="Autumnes">Autumns</reg> <reg orig="Corne">Corn</reg>, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Haue"> Have </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">we</seg> <reg orig="mow'd">mowed</reg> <reg orig="downe"> down </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> tops of all their pride? </l>
<l> Three Dukes of Somerset, threefold <reg orig="Renowne">Renown</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">For</seg> hardy and <reg orig="vndoubted">undoubted</reg> Champions: </l>
<l> Two <hi rend="italic"> Cliffords, </hi> as the Father and the <reg orig="Sonne,"> Son, </reg> </l>
<l> And two Northumberlands: two <reg orig="brauer">braver</reg> men, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Ne're"> Never </reg> <reg orig="spurr'd">spurred</reg> their Coursers at the Trumpets sound. </l>
<l> With them, the two <reg orig="braue">brave</reg> <reg orig="Beares">Bears</reg>, <hi rend="italic"> Warwick </hi> <reg orig="&"> and </reg> <hi rend="italic"> Montague, </hi> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">That</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> their <reg orig="Chaines">Chains</reg> <reg orig="fetter'd">fettered</reg> the Kingly <reg orig="Lyon">Lion</reg>, </l>
<l> And made the <reg orig="Forrest">Forest</reg> tremble when they <reg orig="roar'd">roared</reg>. </l>
<l> Thus <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">we</seg> swept <reg orig="Suspition">Suspicion</reg> from <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">our</seg> <reg orig="Seate">Seat</reg>, </l>
<l> And made <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">our</seg> <reg orig="Footstoole">Footstool</reg> of Security. </l>
<l> Come hither <hi rend="italic"> Besse, </hi> and let me <reg orig="kisse">kiss</reg> my Boy: </l>
<l> <reg orig="Yong">Young</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Ned, </hi> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> thee, thine <reg orig="Vnckles">Uncles</reg>, and <reg orig="my selfe,"> myself, </reg> </l>
<l> <reg orig="Haue"> Have </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">our</seg> <reg orig="Armors">Armours</reg> <reg orig="watcht">watched</reg> the Winters night, </l>
<l> Went all <reg orig="afoote">afoot</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> Summers scalding <reg orig="heate">heat</reg>. </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> thou <reg orig="might'st">mightst</reg> <reg orig="repossesse">repossess</reg> the <reg orig="Crowne">Crown</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> peace, </l>
<l> And of <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">our</seg> Labours thou shalt <reg orig="reape">reap</reg> the <reg orig="gaine">gain</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Rich. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Ile"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> blast his <reg orig="Haruest">Harvest</reg>, if your head were laid, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> yet I am not <reg orig="look'd">looked</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">on</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> the world. </l>
<l> This shoulder was <reg orig="ordain'd">ordained</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> <reg orig="thicke">thick</reg>, <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="heaue">heave</reg>, </l>
<l> And <reg orig="heaue">heave</reg> it shall some <reg orig="waight">weight</reg>, or <reg orig="breake">break</reg> my <reg orig="backe,"> back, </reg> </l>
<l> <reg orig="Worke">Work</reg> thou the way, and <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> shalt execute. </l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> King. </speaker>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Clarence </hi> and <hi rend="italic"> Gloster, </hi> <reg orig="loue"> love </reg> my <reg orig="louely">lovely</reg> <reg orig="Queene">Queen</reg>, </l>
<l> And <reg orig="kis">kiss</reg> your Princely Nephew Brothers both. </l></sp>
<sp who="E"><speaker rend="italic"> Cla. </speaker>
<l> The duty <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> I owe <reg orig="vnto"> unto </reg> your <reg orig="Maiesty">Majesty</reg>, </l>
<l> I <reg orig="Seale">Seal</reg> <reg orig="vpon"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">upon</seg> </reg> the lips of this sweet Babe. </l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> Cla. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Thanke">Thank</reg> Noble <hi rend="italic"> Clarence, </hi> worthy brother thanks. </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Rich. </speaker>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> I <reg orig="loue"> love </reg> the tree <reg orig="fro"> from </reg> whence <reg orig="yu"> you <reg orig="sprang'st">sprangest</reg></reg>: </l>
<l> <reg orig="Witnesse">Witness</reg> the <reg orig="louing"> loving </reg> <reg orig="kisse">kiss</reg> I <reg orig="giue"> give </reg> the <reg orig="Fruite">Fruit</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> say the truth, <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">so</seg> <hi rend="italic"> <reg orig="Iudas">Judas</reg> </hi> <reg orig="kist">kissed</reg> his master, </l>
<l> And cried all <reg orig="haile">hail</reg>, when as he meant all <reg orig="harme">harm</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> King. </speaker>
<l> Now am I seated as my <reg orig="soule">soul</reg> delights, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Hauing"> Having </reg> my Countries peace, and Brothers <reg orig="loues."> loves. </reg> </l></sp>
<sp who="E"><speaker rend="italic"> Cla. </speaker>
<l> What <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> your Grace <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> done with <hi rend="italic"> Margaret, </hi> </l>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Reynard </hi> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">her</seg> Father, <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> the King of France </l>
<l> Hath <reg orig="pawn'd">pawned</reg> the Sicils and <reg orig="Ierusalem">Jerusalem</reg>, </l>
<l> And hither <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> they sent it <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">her</seg> <reg orig="ransome">ransom</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> King. </speaker>
<l> Away with <seg type="homograph" subtype="personalPronoun">her</seg>, and waft <seg type="homograph" subtype="personalPronoun">her</seg> hence <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> France: </l>
<l> And now what rests, but <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">we</seg> spend the time </l>
<l> With stately <reg orig="Triumphes">Triumphs</reg>, <reg orig="mirthfull">mirthful</reg> <reg orig="Comicke">Comic</reg> <reg orig="shewes">shows</reg>, </l>
<l> Such as befits the pleasure of the Court. </l>
<l> Sound Drums and Trumpets, <reg orig="farwell">farewell</reg> <reg orig="sowre">sour</reg> annoy, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> <reg orig="here"> here </reg> I hope begins <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">our</seg> lasting <reg orig="ioy">joy</reg>. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic">Exeunt omnes</stage>
<trailer> FINIS.