Alphonsus King of Aragon

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<title>Robert Greene's The Comicall Historie of Alphonsus,
King of Aragon: a machine-readable transcription of the 1599 edition</title>
<resp>compiled by</resp><name>Alexis Antonia </name></respStmt>
<edition>Version 1</edition>
<authority> A. Antonia, Newcastle, 2005 </authority>
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<p>Greene, Robert, 1558?-1592:   Alphonsus, King of Aragon (1599)
THE COMICALL HISTORIE OF Alphonsus, King of Aragon. </p>
<p>Cambridge 1995</p>
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<p> The Comicall Historie of Alphonsus, King of Aragon.
As it hath bene sundrie times Acted.
Made by R.G.
Brinted (sic) by Thomas Creede. 1599. </p>
<p>Preliminaries and introductory matter omitted.</p>
<p>Authoritative copy text for this version</p>
<p>Microfilm copy in UMI Early English Books 1475-1640 of the quarto edition STC 12233 Reel 344. 
 Reproduced from the copy in the Henry E. Huntington Library </p> 
 <p> Play details
  Alphonsus, King of Aragon. 
  Genre: Comedy. 
  Date first published: 1599. 
  Date first performed: 1587-1588.
<p>correction silent following facsimile</p>
<p>normalization explicit</p>
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<p>analysis elected part of sp suffixes as entities</p>
<p>The characters are identified by IDREF pointing to information in
the following declarations.
<name id="A"> Venus </name>
<name id="B"> Melopine </name>
<name id="C"> Calliope </name>
<name id="D"> Clio </name>
<name id="E">Errato </name>
<name id="F"> Carinus </name>
<name id="G"> Alphonsus </name>
<name id="H"> Albinius </name>
<name id="I"> Belinus </name>
<name id="J"> Fabius </name>
<name id="K"> Loelius </name>
<name id="L"> Milos </name>
<name id="M"> Amurack </name>
<name id="N"> Medea </name>
<name id="O"> Calchus </name>
<name id="P"> Fausta </name>
<name id="Q"> Iphigina </name>
<name id="R"> Priest 1 </name>
<name id="S"> Priest 2 </name>
<name id="T"> Mahomet </name>
<name id="U"> Claramount </name>
<name id="V"> Messenger </name>
<name id="W"> Faustus </name>
<name id="WA">Crocon</name>
<name id="X"></name>
<name id="Y"> Soldier </name>
<name id="Z"> Duke of Millane </name>
<head> The <reg orig="Comicall">Comical</reg> <reg orig="Histoire">History</reg> of Alphonsus, King of Aragon </head>
<div1 type="act" n="1">
<stage>Act. 1.</stage>
<stage rend="italic"> 
After you haue sounded thrise, let Venus be let downe from 
the top of the Stage, and when she is downe, say. 
<sp who="A">
<l> Poets are scarce when Goddesses <reg orig="themselues"> themselves </reg> </l>
<l> Are <reg orig="forst">forced</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="leaue">leave</reg> their high and stately <reg orig="seates">seats</reg> </l>
<l> Placed <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> top of high <hi rend="italic"> Olympus </hi> Mount, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> <reg orig="seeke">seek</reg> them out, <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> pen their Champions praise. </l>
<l> The time hath <reg orig="bene"> been </reg> when <hi rend="italic"> Homers </hi> <reg orig="sugred">sugared</reg> Muse, </l>
<l> Did make each <reg orig="Eccho">Echo</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="repeate">repeat</reg> his verse, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> <reg orig="euery"> every </reg> coward <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> durst crack a <reg orig="speare">spear</reg>, </l>
<l> And Tilt and <reg orig="Turney">Tourney</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> his Ladies sake, </l>
<l> Was painted out <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> colours of such price </l>
<l> As might become the proudest Potentate. </l>
<l> But <reg orig="now a dayes">nowadays</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> <reg orig="yrksome">irksome</reg> <reg orig="Idels">Idle's</reg> slights, </l>
<l> And cursed <reg orig="charmes">charms</reg> <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> <reg orig="witch'd">witched</reg> each students mind, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> death it is <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> any of them all, </l>
<l> If <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> their hands <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> penning you do call: </l>
<l> <reg orig="Oh"> O </reg> <hi rend="italic"> <reg orig="Uirgil">Virgil</reg>, Virgil, </hi> wert thou now <reg orig="aliue">alive</reg>, </l>
<l> Whose <reg orig="painfull">painful</reg> pen <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> stout <hi rend="italic"> Augustus </hi> <reg orig="dayes">days</reg>, </l>
<l> Did <reg orig="daigne">deign</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> let the base and silly flea </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> scape away without thy praise of <seg type="homograph" subtype="personalPronoun">her</seg>. </l>
<l> I do not doubt but long or ere this time, </l>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Alphonsus </hi> fame <reg orig="vnto"> unto </reg> the <reg orig="heauen's">heavens</reg> should clime: </l>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Alphonsus </hi> fame <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> man of <hi rend="italic"> <reg orig="Ioue">Jove</reg> </hi> his seed, </l>
<l> Sprung from the <reg orig="loines">loins</reg> of the <reg orig="immortall">immortal</reg> Gods, </l>
<l> Whose sire although he habit <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> the earth, </l>
<l> May <reg orig="claime">claim</reg> a <reg orig="pottion">portion</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> the <reg orig="fierie">fiery</reg> Pole, </l>
<milestone unit="line" n="25"></milestone>
<l> As well as any one <reg orig="what ere"> whatever</reg> he be. </l>
<l> But setting <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">by</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Alphonsus </hi> power <reg orig="diuine">divine</reg>, </l>
<l> What man <reg orig="aliue">alive</reg> or now amongst the <reg orig="ghoasts">ghosts</reg> </l>
<l> Could <reg orig="counteruaile">countervail</reg> his courage and his strength? </l>
<l> But thou art dead, yea <hi rend="italic"> Virgil </hi> thou art gone: </l>
<l> And all his acts <reg orig="drownd">drowned</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <reg orig="obliuion">oblivion</reg>. </l>
<l> And all his acts <reg orig="drownd">drowned</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <reg orig="obliuion">oblivion</reg>? </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="exclamation">No</seg> <hi rend="italic"> <reg orig="Uenus">Venus</reg> </hi> <seg type="homograph" subtype="exclamation">no</seg>, though Poets <reg orig="proue">prove</reg> <reg orig="vnkind">unkind</reg>, </l>
<l> And <reg orig="loth">loath</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> stand <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> penning of his deeds, </l>
<l> Yet rather <reg orig="then"> than </reg> they shall be <reg orig="cleane">clean</reg> forgot, </l>
<l> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">which</seg> was wont <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> follow <hi rend="italic"> Cupids </hi> games </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">Will</seg> put <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <reg orig="vre">ure</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Mineruaes </hi> sacred Art, </l>
<l> And this my hand <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">which</seg> <reg orig="vsed">used</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">for</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> pen </l>
<l> The praise of <reg orig="loue,"> love, </reg> and <hi rend="italic"> Cupids </hi> <reg orig="peerles">peerless</reg> power, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">Will</seg> now begin <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> treat of <reg orig="bloudie">bloody</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Mars</hi>, </l>
<l> Of <reg orig="doughtie">doughty</reg> deeds and valiant victories. </l>
<stage rend="italic">
Enter Melpomine, Clio, Errato, with their sisters, playing
all vp-vpon sundrie Instruments, Calliope onely excepted, 
who comming last, hangeth downe the head, and 
plaies not of her Instrument. </stage>

<l> But see whereas the stately <hi rend="italic"> Muses </hi> come, </l>
<l> Whose harmony doth very far <reg orig="surpasse">surpass</reg> </l>
<l> The <reg orig="heauenly">heavenly</reg> <reg orig="musick">music</reg> of <hi rend="italic"> Appolloes </hi> pipe. </l>
<l> But what <reg orig="meanes">means</reg> this <hi rend="italic"> Melpomine </hi> <reg orig="her selfe"> herself </reg> </l>
<l> With all <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">her</seg> sisters sound their Instruments, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Onely"> Only </reg> excepted <reg orig="faire"> fair </reg> <hi rend="italic"> Calliope? </hi> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">Who</seg> <reg orig="comming">coming</reg> last <reg orig="&">and</reg> hanging <reg orig="downe"> down </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">her</seg> head, </l>
<l> Doth plainly <reg orig="shewe">show</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> outward actions </l>
<l> What secret sorrow doth torment <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">her</seg> heart. </l></sp>                                        
<stage rend="italic"> Stands aside. </stage>
<sp who="B"><speaker rend="italic"> Mel. </speaker>
<milestone unit="line"  n="50"></milestone>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Calliope </hi> thou <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">which</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> oft didst crake, </l>
<l> How <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> such clients <reg orig="clustred">clustered</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> thy Court </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">By</seg> thick and threefold, as not any any one </l>
<l> Of all thy sisters might compare with thee: </l>
<l> Where be thy <reg orig="schollers">scholars</reg> now become I <reg orig="troe">trow</reg>? </l>
<l> Where are they <reg orig="vanisht">vanished</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> such <reg orig="suddain">sudden</reg> sort, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> while as <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> do play <reg orig="vpon"> </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> strings, </l>
<l> You stand still lazing, and <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> <reg orig="nought">naught</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> do? </l></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker rend="italic"> Clio. </speaker>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Melpomine </hi> make you a why of <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg>? </l>
<l> I know full oft you <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> Authors red, </l>
<l> The higher tree the sooner is his fall, </l>
<l> And they <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">which</seg> first do flourish and <reg orig="beare">bear</reg> sway, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Vpon"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">Upon</seg> </reg> the sudden vanish <reg orig="cleane">clean</reg> away. </l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> Cal. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Mocke">Mock</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">on</seg> apace, my <reg orig="backe"> back </reg> is broad enough </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> <reg orig="beare">bear</reg> your flouts as many as they be. </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">That</seg> <reg orig="yeare">year</reg> is rare, <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> <reg orig="nere"> never </reg> <reg orig="feeles">feels</reg> winters <reg orig="stormes">storms</reg>: </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">That</seg> tree is fertile <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">which</seg> <reg orig="nere">never</reg> wanteth <reg orig="frute">fruit</reg>. </l>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> same Muse hath heaped well <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> store: </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">Which</seg> <reg orig="neuer"> never </reg> wanteth clients at <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">her</seg> <reg orig="doore">door</reg>. </l>
<l> But yet my sisters, when the surgent seas </l>
<l> <reg orig="Haue"> Have </reg> <reg orig="ebde">ebbed</reg> their fill, their <reg orig="waues">waves</reg> do rise <reg orig="againe"> again </reg> </l>
<l> And fill their <reg orig="bankes">banks</reg> <reg orig="vp"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">up</seg> </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> the very <reg orig="brimmes">brims</reg>: </l>
<l> And when my pipe hath <reg orig="easd">eased</reg> <reg orig="her selfe"> herself </reg> a while, </l>
<l> Such store of <reg orig="suters">suitors</reg> shall my <reg orig="seate">seat</reg> frequent, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> you shall see my <reg orig="schollers">scholars</reg> be not spent. </l></sp>
<sp who="E"><speaker rend="italic"> Errato. </speaker>
<milestone unit="line"  n="75"></milestone>
<l> Spent (quoth you) sister, then <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> were <reg orig="too"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> </reg> blame </l>
<l> If <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> should say your <reg orig="schollers">scholars</reg> all were spent: </l>
<l> But pray now tell me when your <reg orig="painfull">painful</reg> pen <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> rest enough? </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker rend="italic"> Mel. </speaker>
<l> When husbandmen <reg orig="sheere">sheer</reg> hogs. </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker rend="italic"> Ven. </speaker>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Melpomine, Errato </hi> and the rest, </l>
<l> From thickest shrubs dame <hi rend="italic"> Venus </hi> did <reg orig="espie">epsy</reg> </l>
<l> The <reg orig="mortall">mortal</reg> hatred <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">which</seg> you <reg orig="ioyntly">jointly</reg> <reg orig="beare">bear</reg> </l>
<l> <reg orig="Vnto"> Unto </reg> your sister high <hi rend="italic"> Calliope. </hi> </l>
<l> What do you <reg orig="thinke"> think </reg> if <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> the tree do bend, </l>
<l> It <reg orig="followes">follows</reg> therefore <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> it needs must <reg orig="breakes">breaks</reg> </l>
<l> And since <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">her</seg> pipe a <reg orig="litle">little</reg> while doth rest, </l>
<l> It <reg orig="neuer"> never </reg> shall be able <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">for</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> sound? </l>
<l> Yes <hi rend="italic"> Muses </hi> yes, if <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> she <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> vouchsafe </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> <reg orig="entertaine">entertain</reg> Dame <hi rend="italic"> Venus </hi> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">her</seg> <reg orig="schoole">school</reg>, </l>
<l> And further me with <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">her</seg> instructions, </l>
<l> She shall <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> <reg orig="schollers">scholars</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">which</seg> <reg orig="wil"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> <reg orig="daine">deign</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> be </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">In</seg> any other <hi rend="italic"> Muses </hi> <reg orig="companie">company</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> Calliope. </speaker>
<l> Most sacred <hi rend="italic"> Venus </hi> do you doubt of <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg>? </l>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Calliope </hi> would <reg orig="thinke"> think </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="personalPronoun">her</seg> three times <reg orig="blest">blessed</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="receiue">receive</reg> a <reg orig="Goddes">Goddess</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">her</seg> <reg orig="schoole">school</reg>, </l>
<l> Especially <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> high an one as you, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">Which</seg> rules the earth, and guides the <reg orig="heauens">heavens</reg> too. </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker rend="italic"> Ven. </speaker>
<l> Then sound your pipes, and let <reg orig="vs"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg> </reg> bend <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> steps </l>
<l> <reg orig="Vnto"> Unto </reg> the top of high <hi rend="italic"> Pernassus </hi> hill, </l>
<l> And there <reg orig="togither">together</reg> do <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> best <reg orig="deuoyr">devour</reg> </l>
<milestone unit="line"  n="100"></milestone>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> describe <hi rend="italic"> Alphonsus </hi> warlike fame: </l>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> the <reg orig="maner">manner</reg> of a <reg orig="Comedie">Comedy</reg>, </l>
<l> Set <reg orig="downe"> down </reg> his noble valour presently. </l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> Calli. </speaker>
<l> As <hi rend="italic"> Venus </hi> <reg orig="wils">wills</reg>, <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">so</seg> bids <hi rend="italic"> Calliope. </hi> </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker rend="italic"> Melpo. </speaker>
<l> And as you bid your sisters do agree.  </l></sp>                                        
<stage rend="italic"> Exeunt. 
Enter Clarinus the Father, and Alphonsus his sonne. 
<sp who="F"><speaker rend="italic"> Carinus. </speaker>
<l> My noble <reg orig="sonne,"> son, </reg> since first I did recount </l>
<l> The noble acts your predecessors did </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">In</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Aragon, </hi> against their warlike foes, </l>
<l> I <reg orig="neuer"> never </reg> yet could see thee <reg orig="ioy">joy</reg> at all, </l>
<l> But hanging <reg orig="downe"> down </reg> thy head as malcontent: </l>
<l> Thy <reg orig="youthfull">youthful</reg> <reg orig="dayes">days</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> mourning <reg orig="haue bene"> have been </reg> spent. </l>
<l> Tell me <hi rend="italic"> Alphonsus </hi> what might be the cause </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">That</seg> makes thee thus <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> pine away with care? </l>
<l> Hath old <hi rend="italic"> Carinus </hi> done thee any offence </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">In</seg> <reg orig="reckning">reckoning</reg> <reg orig="vp"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">up</seg> </reg> these stories <reg orig="vnto"> unto </reg> thee? </l>
<l> What <reg orig="nere"> never </reg> word but <reg orig="mumme">mum</reg>? <hi rend="italic"> Alphonsus </hi> <reg orig="speake,"> speak, </reg> </l>
<l> <reg orig="Vnles">Unless</reg> your Fathers <reg orig="fatall">fatal</reg> day you <reg orig="seeke">seek</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Alphon. </speaker>
<l> Although <reg orig="deare">dear</reg> father I <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> often <reg orig="vowde">vowed</reg> </l>
<l> <reg orig="Nere"> Never </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="vnfold">unfold</reg> the secrets of my heart </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">To</seg> any man or woman, <reg orig="who some ere"> whosoever </reg> </l>
<l> <reg orig="Dwels">Dwells</reg> <reg orig="vnderneath">underneath</reg> the circle of the <reg orig="skie">sky</reg>: </l>
<l> Yet do your words <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> <reg orig="coniure">conjure</reg> me <reg orig="deare">dear</reg> sire, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> needs I must fulfil <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> you require. </l>
<l> Then <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">so</seg> it is, amongst the famous tales </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">Which</seg> you <reg orig="rehearst">rehearsed</reg> done <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> sires <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <reg orig="warre">war</reg>, </l>
<milestone unit="line"  n="125"></milestone>
<l> When as you came <reg orig="vnto"> unto </reg> your fathers <reg orig="daies">days</reg>, </l>
<l> With sobbing notes, with sighs <reg orig="&"> and </reg> <reg orig="blubbring">blubbering</reg> <reg orig="teares">tears</reg>, </l>
<l> And much ado, at length you thus began. </l>
<l> Next <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Alphonsus </hi> should my father come, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="possesse">possess</reg> the Diadem <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> right </l>
<l> Of <hi rend="italic"> Aragon, </hi> but <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> the wicked wretch </l>
<l> His <reg orig="yonger">younger</reg> brother, with aspiring mind, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">By</seg> secret treason <reg orig="robd">robbed</reg> him of his life, </l>
<l> And me his <reg orig="sonne,"> son, </reg> of <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">which</seg> was my due. </l>
<l> These words my sire, did <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> torment my mind, </l>
<l> As had I <reg orig="bene"> been </reg> with <hi rend="italic"> Ixion </hi> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> hell, </l>
<l> The <reg orig="rauening">ravening</reg> bird could <reg orig="neuer"> never </reg> plague me worse: </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> <reg orig="euer"> ever </reg> since my mind hath troubled <reg orig="bene"> been </reg> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">Which</seg> way I might <reg orig="reuenge">revenge</reg> this <reg orig="traiterous">traitorous</reg> fact, </l>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> <reg orig="recouer">recover</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">which</seg> is <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">ours</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> right. </l></sp>
<sp who="F"><speaker rend="italic"> Cari. </speaker>
<l> Ah my <hi rend="italic"> Alphonsus </hi> <reg orig="neuer thinke"> never think </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">In</seg> <reg orig="vaine">vain</reg> it is <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="striue">strive</reg> against the <reg orig="streame">stream</reg>, </l>
<l> The <reg orig="Crowne">Crown</reg> is lost, and now <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> bucksters hands, </l>
<l> And all <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> hope is cast into the dust: </l>
<l> Bridle these thoughts, and <reg orig="learne">learn</reg> the same of me, </l>
<l> A quiet life doth <reg orig="passe">pass</reg> an <reg orig="Emperie">Empery</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Alphon. </speaker>
<l> Yet noble father, ere <hi rend="italic"> Carinus </hi> brood </l>
<l> Shall brooke his foe <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">for</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="vsurpe">usurp</reg> his <reg orig="seate">seat</reg>, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Heele"> He <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> die the death with honour <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> the field, </l>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">so</seg> his life and <reg orig="sorrowes">sorrows</reg> briefly end. </l>
<milestone unit="line"  n="150"></milestone>
<l> But did I know my froward fate were such, </l>
<l> As I should <reg orig="faile">fail</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> this my <reg orig="iust">just</reg> attempt: </l>
<l> This sword <reg orig="deare">dear</reg> father should the Author be, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> make an end of this my <reg orig="Tragedie">Tragedy</reg>. </l>
<l> Therefore sweet sire, <reg orig="remaine">remain</reg> you here a while, </l>
<l> And let me <reg orig="walke">walk</reg> my Fortune <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">for</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="trie">try</reg>: </l>
<l> I do not doubt but ere the time be long, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Ile"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg></reg>  quite his cost, or else <reg orig="my selfe"> myself </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> die. </l></sp>
<sp who="F"><speaker rend="italic"> Cari. </speaker>
<l> My noble <reg orig="sonne,"> son, </reg> since <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> thy mind is such </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="reuenge">revenge</reg> thy fathers <reg orig="foule">foul</reg> abuse, </l>
<l> As <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> my words may not a whit <reg orig="preuaile">prevail</reg> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> stay thy <reg orig="iourney">journey</reg>, go with <reg orig="happie">happy</reg> fate, </l>
<l> And <reg orig="soone"> soon </reg> <reg orig="returne">return</reg> <reg orig="vnto"> unto </reg> thy fathers Cell, </l>
<l> With such a <reg orig="traine">train</reg> as <hi rend="italic"> <reg orig="Iulius">Julius</reg> Caesar </hi> came </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">To</seg> noble <hi rend="italic"> Rome, </hi> when as he had <reg orig="atchiu'd">achieved</reg> </l>
<l> The <reg orig="mightie">mighty</reg> Monarch of the triple world, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Meane">Mean</reg> time <hi rend="italic"> Carinus </hi> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> this <reg orig="sillie">silly</reg> <reg orig="groue">grove</reg> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">Will</seg> spend his <reg orig="daies">days</reg> with <reg orig="praiers">prayers</reg> and horizons, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">To</seg> <reg orig="mightie">mighty</reg> <hi rend="italic"> <reg orig="Ioue">Jove</reg>, </hi> o further thine intent: </l>
<l> Farewell <reg orig="deare">dear</reg> <reg orig="sonne"> son </reg> <hi rend="italic"> Alphonsus, </hi> fare you well. </l></sp>                                  
<stage rend="italic"> Exit. </stage>
<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Alphon. </speaker>
<l> And is he gone? then hie <hi rend="italic"> Alphonsus </hi> hie, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> <reg orig="trie">try</reg> thy fortune where thy fates do call: </l>
<l> A noble mind <reg orig="disdaines">disdains</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> hide his head, </l>
<l> And let his foes triumph <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> his <reg orig="ouerthrow">overthrow</reg>. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic">
Enter Albinius. Alphonsus make as though thou 
goest out, Albinius say. </stage>
<sp who="H"><speaker rend="italic"> Albi. </speaker>
<l> What <reg orig="loytring">loitering</reg> fellow <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> spied here? </l>
<milestone unit="line"  n="175"></milestone>
<l> Presume not <reg orig="villaine">villain</reg> further <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">for</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> go, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Vnles">Unless</reg> you do at length the same repent. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic"> Alphonsus comes towards Albinius. 
<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Alphon. </speaker>
<l> Villain <reg orig="saist">sayst</reg> thou, nay <reg orig="vilain">villain</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> thy throat: </l>
<l> What <reg orig="knowst">knowest</reg> thou <reg orig="skipinck">skip-ink</reg> whom thou <reg orig="vilain">villain</reg> <reg orig="calst">callest</reg>? </l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker rend="italic"> Albi. </speaker>
<l> A common <reg orig="vassall">vassal</reg> I do <reg orig="villaine">villain</reg> call. </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Alphon. </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">That</seg> shalt thou <reg orig="soone"> soon </reg> <reg orig="approoue">approve</reg> <reg orig="perswade">persuade</reg> thy self, </l>
<l> Or else <reg orig="ile"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> die, or thou shalt die <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> me. </l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker rend="italic"> Albi. </speaker>
<l> What do I <reg orig="dreame">dream</reg>, or do my <reg orig="dazeling">dazzling</reg> <reg orig="eies">eyes</reg> </l>
<l> <reg orig="Deceiue">Deceive</reg> me? <reg orig="Ist"> Is it </reg> <hi rend="italic"> Alphonsus </hi> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> I see? </l>
<l> Doth now <hi rend="italic"> Medea </hi> <reg orig="vse">use</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">her</seg> wonted <reg orig="charmes">charms</reg> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> delude Albinius <reg orig="fantasie">fantasy</reg>? </l>
<l> Or doth black Pluto king of <reg orig="darke">dark</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Auerne, </hi> </l>
<l> <reg orig="Seeke">Seek</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> flout me with his <reg orig="counterfait">counterfeit</reg>? </l>
<l> His <reg orig="bodie">body</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">like</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> Alphonsus framed is: </l>
<l> His face resembles much Alphonsus <reg orig="hewe">hew</reg>: </l>
<l> His noble mind declares him <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> les. </l>
<l> <reg orig="Tis"> It is </reg> he indeed, <reg orig="wo">woe</reg> worth Albinius, </l>
<l> Whose <reg orig="babling">babbling</reg> <reg orig="tong">tongue</reg> hath <reg orig="causde">caused</reg> his <reg orig="owne"> own </reg> annoy. </l>
<l> Why doth not <hi rend="italic"> <reg orig="Ioue">Jove</reg> </hi> send from the <reg orig="glittring">glittering</reg> skies </l>
<l> His Thunderbolts <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="chastice">chastise</reg> this offence? </l>
<l> Why doth dame <hi rend="italic"> Terra </hi> cease with <reg orig="greedie">greedy</reg> <reg orig="iawes">jaws</reg> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> swallow <reg orig="vp"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">up</seg> </reg> Albinius presently? </l>
<l> What shall I <reg orig="flie">fly</reg> and hide my <reg orig="trayterous">traitorous</reg> head, </l>
<l> From stout Alphonsus whom I <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> <reg orig="misusde">misused</reg>? </l>
<l> Or shall I <reg orig="yeeld">yield</reg>. Tush <reg orig="yeelding">yielding</reg> is <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <reg orig="vaine">vain</reg>: </l>
<milestone unit="line"  n="200"></milestone>
<l> Nor can I <reg orig="flie">fly</reg>, but he <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> follow me. </l>
<l> Then cast <reg orig="thy selfe downe"> thyself down </reg> at his graces <reg orig="feete">feet</reg>, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Confesse">Confess</reg> thy fault, and <reg orig="readie">ready</reg> make thy <reg orig="brest">breast</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> <reg orig="entertaine">entertain</reg> thy well <reg orig="deserued">deserved</reg> death. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic">
Albinius kneeles downe. 
<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Alph. </speaker>
<l> What <reg orig="newes">news</reg> my friend? why are you <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> <reg orig="blanke">blank</reg> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">That</seg> <reg orig="earst">erst</reg> before did vaunt it <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> the skies? </l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker rend="italic"> Albi. </speaker>
<l> Pardon <reg orig="deare">dear</reg> Lord, Albinius pardon <reg orig="craues">craves</reg> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">For</seg> this offence, <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">which</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> the <reg orig="heauens">heavens</reg> I <reg orig="vowe">vow</reg>, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Vnwittingly">Unwittingly</reg> I did <reg orig="vnto"> unto </reg> your grace. </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> had I <reg orig="knowne">known</reg> Alphonsus had <reg orig="bene"> been </reg> here, </l>
<l> Ere <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> my tongue had spoke <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> <reg orig="trayterously">traitorously</reg>, </l>
<l> This hand should make my very <reg orig="soule">soul</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> die. </l></sp> 
<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Alphon. </speaker>
<l> Rise <reg orig="vp"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">up</seg> </reg> my friend, thy pardon soon is got: </l>
<l> But <reg orig="prithie">prithee</reg> tell me what the cause might be; </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> such sort thou erst <reg orig="vpbraidest">upbraidest</reg> me? </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic"> Albinius rises vp. 
<sp who="H"><speaker rend="italic"> Albi. </speaker>
<l> Most <reg orig="mightie">mighty</reg> Prince, since first your fathers sire </l>
<l> Did <reg orig="yeeld">yield</reg> his ghost <reg orig="vnto"> unto </reg> the sisters three, </l>
<l> And <reg orig="olde">old</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Carinus </hi> forced was <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="flie">fly</reg>, </l>
<l> His <reg orig="natiue">native</reg> <reg orig="soyle">soil</reg>, and <reg orig="royall">royal</reg> Diadem, </l>
<l> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">for</seg> because I seemed <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="complaine">complain</reg> </l>
<l> Against their treason, shortly was <reg orig="forewarnd">forewarned</reg>, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Nere"> Never </reg> more <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> haunt the bounds of <hi rend="italic"> Aragon, </hi> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">On</seg> <reg orig="paine">pain</reg> of death, then <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">like</seg> a man <reg orig="forlorne">forlorn</reg> </l>
<l> I sought about <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> find some resting place, </l>
<l> And at the length did <reg orig="happe">hap</reg> <reg orig="vpon"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">upon</seg> </reg> this shore </l>
<milestone unit="line"  n="225"></milestone>
<l> Where she wing forth my <reg orig="cruell">cruel</reg> banishment, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">By</seg> King <hi rend="italic"> Belinus </hi> I am succoured. </l>
<l> But now my Lord <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="answere">answer</reg> your <reg orig="demaund">demand</reg>, </l>
<l> It happens <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">so</seg>, <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> the <reg orig="vsurping">usurping</reg> King </l>
<l> Of <hi rend="italic"> Aragon, </hi> makes <reg orig="warre">war</reg> <reg orig="vpon"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">upon</seg> </reg> this land, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">For</seg> <reg orig="certaine">certain</reg> tribute <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">which</seg> he claimeth <reg orig="heere,"> here, </reg> </l>
<l> Wherefore <hi rend="italic"> Belinus </hi> sent me round about </l>
<l> His <reg orig="Countrey">Country</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">for</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> gather <reg orig="vp"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">up</seg> </reg> men. </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> withstand this most <reg orig="iniurious">injurious</reg> foe, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">Which</seg> being done, returning with the king, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Dispightfully">Despitefully</reg> I did <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> taunt your grace, </l>
<l> Imagining you had some <reg orig="souldier">soldier</reg> <reg orig="bene,"> been, </reg> </l>
<l> The <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">which</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> <reg orig="feare">fear</reg> had sneaked from the <reg orig="Campe">Camp</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Alphon. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Inough">Enough</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Albinius, </hi> I do know thy mind: </l>
<l> But may it be, <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> these thy <reg orig="happie">happy</reg> <reg orig="newes">news</reg>, </l>
<l> Should be of truth, or <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> you forged them? </l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker rend="italic"> Albi. </speaker>
<l> The gods forbid <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> <reg orig="ere"> ever </reg> <hi rend="italic"> Albinius </hi> tongue </l>
<l> Should once be found <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> forge a <reg orig="fayned">feigned</reg> tale, </l>
<l> Especially <reg orig="vnto"> unto </reg> his <reg orig="soueraigne">sovereign</reg> Lord: </l>
<l> But if <hi rend="italic"> Alphonsus </hi> <reg orig="thinke"> think </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> I do <reg orig="faine">fain</reg>, </l>
<l> Stay here a while, and you shall <reg orig="plainely">plainly</reg> see, </l>
<l> My words be true, when as you do <reg orig="perceiue">perceive</reg> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">Our</seg> <reg orig="royall">royal</reg> <reg orig="armie">army</reg> march before your face, </l>
<l> The <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">which</seg> <reg orig="ift"> if it </reg> please my Noble Lord <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> stay, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Ile"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> hasten <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">on</seg> with all the speed I may. </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Alphon. </speaker>
<milestone unit="line"  n="250"></milestone>
<l> Make haste <hi rend="italic"> Albinius, </hi> if you <reg orig="loue"> love </reg> my life, </l>
<l> But yet beware when as your <reg orig="Armie">Army</reg> comes, </l>
<l> You do not make as though you do me know, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> I a while a <reg orig="souldier">soldier</reg> base <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> be, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Vntill">Until</reg> I <reg orig="finde">find</reg> time more <reg orig="conuenient">convenient</reg> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> <reg orig="shew">show</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Albinius, </hi> what is mine intent. </l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker rend="italic"> Albi. </speaker>
<l> What <reg orig="ere"> ever </reg> <hi rend="italic"> Alphonsus </hi> fittest doth <reg orig="esteeme">esteem</reg>, </l>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Albinius </hi> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> his profit best <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> <reg orig="deeme">deem</reg>.      </l></sp>                                    
<stage rend="italic"> Exit. </stage>
<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Alphon. </speaker>
<l> Now do I see both Gods and fortune <reg orig="to"> too </reg> </l>
<l> Do <reg orig="ioyne">join</reg> their powers <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> raise <hi rend="italic"> Alphonsus </hi> fame: </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> this <reg orig="broyle">broil</reg> I do not greatly doubt, </l>
<l> But <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> I shall my <reg orig="Couzens">Cousin's</reg> courage tame. </l>
<l> But see whereas <hi rend="italic"> Belinus </hi> <reg orig="Armie">Army</reg> comes, </l>
<l> And he <reg orig="himselfe"> himself </reg> <reg orig="vnlesse">unless</reg> I <reg orig="gesse">guess</reg> <reg orig="awrie">awry</reg>: </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">Who</seg> <reg orig="ere"> ever </reg> it be I do not <reg orig="passe">pass</reg> a <reg orig="pinne">pin</reg>, </l>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Alphonsus </hi> <reg orig="meanes">means</reg> his <reg orig="souldier">soldier</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">for</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> be. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic">
Enter Belinus King of Naples, Albinius, Fabius, marching 
with their souldiers. </stage>
<sp who="I"><speaker rend="italic"> Beli. </speaker>
<l> Thus <reg orig="farre">far</reg> my Lords <reg orig="wee"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">we</seg> </reg> trained <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">our</seg> <reg orig="Campe">Camp</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> encounter <reg orig="haughtie">haughty</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Arragon, </hi> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">Who</seg> with a <reg orig="mightie">mighty</reg> power of <reg orig="stragling">straggling</reg> mates, </l>
<l> Hath <reg orig="trayterously">traitorously</reg> <reg orig="assayled">assailed</reg> this <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">our</seg> land, </l>
<l> And burning <reg orig="Townes">Towns</reg> and sacking Cities <reg orig="faire,"> fair, </reg> </l>
<l> Doth play the <reg orig="diuell">devil</reg> <reg orig="where some ere"> wheresoever </reg> he comes. </l>
<l> Now as <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> are informed <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">our</seg> <reg orig="scoutes">scouts</reg>, </l>
<l> He marcheth <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">on</seg> <reg orig="vnto"> unto </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">our</seg> <reg orig="cheefest">chiefest</reg> <reg orig="feate">feat</reg>, </l>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Naples </hi> I <reg orig="meane">mean</reg>, <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> <reg orig="Citie">City</reg> of <reg orig="renowme">renown</reg>, </l>
<milestone unit="line"  n="275"></milestone>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> begirt it with his bands about: </l>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">so</seg> at length, the <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">which</seg> high <hi rend="italic"> <reg orig="Ioue">Jove</reg> </hi> forbid, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> <reg orig="sacke">sack</reg> the same as <reg orig="earst">erst</reg> he other did. </l>
<l> If <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">which</seg> should <reg orig="happe">hap</reg>, <hi rend="italic"> Belinus </hi> were <reg orig="vndone">undone</reg>, </l>
<l> His <reg orig="countrey">country</reg> <reg orig="spoyld">spoiled</reg>, and all his <reg orig="subiect">subject</reg> <reg orig="slaine">slain</reg>: </l>
<l> Wherefore your <reg orig="soueraigne">sovereign</reg> thinketh it most meet, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="preuent">prevent</reg> the <reg orig="furie">fury</reg> of the foe, </l>
<l> And <hi rend="italic"> Naples </hi> succour, <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> distressed <reg orig="Towne">Town</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">By</seg> <reg orig="entring">entering</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">in</seg>, ere Aragon doth come, </l>
<l> With all <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">our</seg> men, <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">which</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> sufficient be, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> withstand their <reg orig="cruell">cruel</reg> <reg orig="batterie">battery</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker rend="italic"> Albi. </speaker>
<l> The <reg orig="sillie">silly</reg> serpent found <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> Country <reg orig="swaine">swain</reg>, </l>
<l> And cut <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <reg orig="peeces">pieces</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> his furious <reg orig="blowes">blows</reg>, </l>
<l> Yet if his head do scape away <reg orig="vntoucht">untouched</reg>, </l>
<l> As many write, it very <reg orig="stranglye">strangely</reg> goes, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> fetch an <reg orig="herbe">herb</reg>, with <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">which</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <reg orig="litle">little</reg> time, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">Her</seg> battered <reg orig="corpes">corpse</reg> <reg orig="againe"> again </reg> she doth <reg orig="conioyne">conjoin</reg>: </l>
<l> But if <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> chance the <reg orig="ploughmans">ploughman's</reg> <reg orig="sturdie">sturdy</reg> <reg orig="staffe">staff</reg>, </l>
<l> Do <reg orig="happe">hap</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> hit <reg orig="vpon"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">upon</seg> </reg> the Serpents head, </l>
<l> And <reg orig="bruse">bruise</reg> the same, though all the rest be sound, </l>
<l> Yet doth the <reg orig="sillie">silly</reg> serpent lie <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> dead: </l>
<l> Nor can the rest of all <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">her</seg> body <reg orig="serue">serve</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> <reg orig="finde">find</reg> a <reg orig="salue">salve</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">which</seg> may <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">her</seg> life <reg orig="preserue">preserve</reg>. </l>
<l> <reg orig="Euen"> Even </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">so</seg> my Lord, if <hi rend="italic"> Naples </hi> once be lost, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">Which</seg> is the head of all your graces land, </l>
<milestone unit="line"  n="300"></milestone>
<l> <reg orig="Easie">Easy</reg> it were, <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> the malicious foe, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> get the other Cities <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> their hand: </l>
<l> But if from them, <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Naples </hi> <reg orig="Towne">Town</reg> be free, </l>
<l> I do not doubt, but safe the rest shall <reg orig="bee."> be. </reg> </l>
<l> And therefore <reg orig="mightie">mighty</reg> King, I <reg orig="thinke"> think </reg> it best, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> succour <hi rend="italic"> Naples, </hi> rather <reg orig="then"> than </reg> the rest. </l></sp>
<sp who="I"><speaker rend="italic"> Beli. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Tis"> It is </reg> <reg orig="brauely">bravely</reg> spoken, <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> my <reg orig="Crowne">Crown</reg> I <reg orig="sweare">swear</reg>, </l>
<l> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">like</seg> thy <reg orig="counsell">counsel</reg> and <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> follow it. </l>
<stage rend="italic">
Point toward Alphonsus. </stage>
<l> But <reg orig="harke">hark</reg> Albinius, dost thou know the man, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">That</seg> doth <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> closely <reg orig="ouer"> over </reg> thwart <reg orig="vs"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">us</seg> </reg> stand? </l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker rend="italic"> Albi. </speaker>
<l> Not I my Lord nor <reg orig="neuer"> never </reg> saw him yet. </l></sp>
<sp who="I"><speaker rend="italic"> Beli. </speaker>
<l> Then <reg orig="prithie">prithee</reg> <reg orig="goe,"> go, </reg> and <reg orig="aske">ask</reg> him presently, </l>
<l> What <reg orig="countrey">country</reg> man he is, and why he comes </l>
<l> Into this place, perhaps he is <reg orig="some one"> someone </reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">That</seg> is sent hither as a secret <reg orig="spie">spy</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> <reg orig="heare"> hear </reg> and see <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> secret what <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> do. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic">
Albinius and Fabius go toward Alphonsus. 
<sp who="H"><speaker rend="italic"> Albi. </speaker>
<l> My friend, what art thou, <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">like</seg> a <reg orig="spie">spy</reg>, </l>
<l> Dost <reg orig="sneake">sneak</reg> about Belinus <reg orig="royall">royal</reg> <reg orig="Campe">Camp</reg>? </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Alphon. </speaker>
<l> I am a man. </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker rend="italic"> Fabi. </speaker>
<l> A man? <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">We</seg> know the same: </l>
<l> But prithee tell me, and set scoffing <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">by</seg>, </l>
<l> What country man thou art, and why you come, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> may <reg orig="soone"> soon </reg> <reg orig="resolue">resolve</reg> the King thereof? </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Alphon. </speaker>
<l> Why say, I am a <reg orig="souldier">soldier</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker rend="italic"> Fabi. </speaker>
<l> Of whose band? </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Alphon. </speaker>
<milestone unit="line"  n="325"></milestone>
<l> Of his <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> most wages <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> me <reg orig="giue."> give. </reg> </l></sp>
<sp who="I"><speaker rend="italic"> Fabi. </speaker>
<l> But <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> you be content <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="serue">serve</reg> Belinus <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> his wars? </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Alphon. </speaker>
<l> I if he <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> reward me as I do <reg orig="deserue">deserve</reg>, </l>
<l> And grant what <reg orig="ere"> ever </reg> I <reg orig="winne">win</reg>, it shall be mine incontinent. </l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker rend="italic"> Albi. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Beleeue">Believe</reg> me sir, your <reg orig="seruice">service</reg> costly is: </l>
<l> But stay a while, and I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> bring you word, </l>
<l> What King Belinus <reg orig="sayes">says</reg> <reg orig="vnto"> unto </reg> the same. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic">
Albinius go towards Alphonsus. 
<sp who="I"><speaker rend="italic"> Beli. </speaker>
<l> What <reg orig="newes">news</reg> Albinius, <seg type="homograph" subtype="interrogative">who</seg> is <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">we</seg> see? </l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker rend="italic"> Albi. </speaker>
<l> It is my Lord, a <reg orig="souldier">soldier</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> you see, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">Who</seg> <reg orig="faine">fain</reg> would <reg orig="serue">serve</reg> your grace <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> these your <reg orig="warres">wars</reg>, </l>
<l> But <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> I <reg orig="feare">fear</reg>, his <reg orig="seruice">service</reg> is too <reg orig="deare">dear</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="I"><speaker rend="italic"> Beli. </speaker>
<l> Too <reg orig="deare">dear</reg>, why <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">so</seg>? what doth the <reg orig="souldier">soldier</reg> <reg orig="craue">crave</reg>? </l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker rend="italic"> Albi. </speaker>
<l> He <reg orig="craues">craves</reg> my Lord, all things <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> with his sword </l>
<l> He doth <reg orig="obtaine">obtain</reg> what <reg orig="euer"> ever </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> they be. </l></sp>
<sp who="I"><speaker rend="italic"> Beli. </speaker>
<l> Content my friend, if thou wilt succour me, </l>
<l> What <reg orig="ere"> ever </reg> you get, <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> challenge as thine <reg orig="owne,"> own, </reg> </l>
<l> Belinus <reg orig="giues">gives</reg> it <reg orig="franckly">frankly</reg> <reg orig="vnto"> unto </reg> thee: </l>
<l> Although it be the <reg orig="Crowne">Crown</reg> of <hi rend="italic"> Aragon. </hi> </l>
<l> Come <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">on</seg> therefore, and let <reg orig="vs"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">us</seg> </reg> hie apace, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">To</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Naples </hi> <reg orig="Towne">Town</reg>, whereas <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> this I know, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">Our</seg> foes <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> <reg orig="pitcht">pitched</reg> their tents against <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">our</seg> <reg orig="walles">walls</reg>. </l>
<l> March <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">on</seg> my Lord, <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">for</seg> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> follow you, </l>
<l> And do not doubt but ere the time be long, </l>
<l> I shall <reg orig="obtaine">obtain</reg> the <reg orig="Crowne">Crown</reg> of <hi rend="italic"> Aragon.  </hi> </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic">  Exeunt. </stage>
<div1 type="act" n="2">
<stage>Act. 2. </stage>
<stage rend="italic"> Of the Historie of Alphonsus. </stage>
<stage rend="italic">
Enter Belinus, Albinius, Fabius, Alphonsus, with the souldier, 
assoone as they are in, strike vp alarum a while, and then enter Venus. 
<sp who="A"><speaker rend="italic">Venus. </speaker>
<l> Thus from the pit of <reg orig="pilgrimes">pilgrims</reg> <reg orig="pouertie">poverty</reg>, </l>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Alphonsus </hi> <reg orig="ginnes">gins</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> step and step, <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="climbe">climb</reg> </l>
<l> <reg orig="Vnto"> Unto </reg> the <reg orig="toppe">top</reg> of friendly Fortunes <reg orig="wheele">wheel</reg>, </l>
<l> From <reg orig="banisht">banished</reg> state as you <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> <reg orig="plainely">plainly</reg> <reg orig="seene,"> seen, </reg> </l>
<l> He is transformed into a <reg orig="souldiers">soldiers</reg> life, </l>
<l> And marcheth <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> the <reg orig="Ensigne">Ensign</reg> of the King, </l>
<l> Of worthy <hi rend="italic"> Naples, </hi> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">which</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Belinus </hi> hight, </l>
<l> Not <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">for</seg> because <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> he doth <reg orig="loue"> love </reg> him <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">so</seg>, </l>
<l> But <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> he may <reg orig="reuenge">revenge</reg> him <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> his foe. </l>
<l> Now <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> the <reg orig="toppe">top</reg> of <reg orig="lustie">lusty</reg> barbed steed, </l>
<l> He mounted is, <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> glittering Armour clad, </l>
<l> Seeking about the troupes of <hi rend="italic"> Aragon, </hi> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> encounter with his <reg orig="traiterous">traitorous</reg> <reg orig="Neece">Niece</reg>. </l>
<l> How he doth speed, and what doth him befall, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Marke">Mark</reg> this <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">our</seg> Act, <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">for</seg> it doth <reg orig="shew">show</reg> it all.    </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic">  Exit Venus. 
Strike vp alarum. Enter Flaminius at one doore, 
Alphonsus at another, they fight, 
Alphonsus kill Flaminius, and say. </stage>
<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Alphon. </speaker>
<l> Go <reg orig="packe">pack</reg> thou hence <reg orig="vnto"> unto </reg> the <reg orig="Stigian">Stygian</reg> lake, </l>
<l> And make report <reg orig="vnto"> unto </reg> thy <reg orig="trayterous">traitorous</reg> sire, </l>
<l> How well thou hast <reg orig="enioyed">enjoyed</reg> the Diadem, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">Which</seg> he <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> treason set <reg orig="vpon"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">upon</seg> </reg> thy head. </l>
<l> And if he <reg orig="aske"> ask </reg> thee <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">who</seg> did send thee <reg orig="downe,"> down, </reg> </l>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Alphonsus </hi> say, <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">who</seg> now must <reg orig="weare">wear</reg> thy <reg orig="crowne">crown</reg>. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic">
Strike vp alarum. Enter Laelius, who seeing that his 
King is slaine, vpbraides Alphonsus in this sort. 
<sp who="K"><speaker rend="italic"> Laeli. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Traytor">Traitor</reg>, how darest thou <reg orig="looke"> look </reg> me <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> the face, </l>
<l> Whose <reg orig="mightie">mighty</reg> King thou <reg orig="trayterously">traitorously</reg> hast <reg orig="slaine">slain</reg>, </l>
<l> What dost thou <reg orig="thinke"> think </reg> <hi rend="italic"> Flaminius </hi> hath <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> friends, </l>
<milestone unit="line"  n="25"></milestone>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="reuenge">revenge</reg> his death <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> thee <reg orig="againe?"> again? </reg> </l>
<l> Yes be you sure, <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> ere you scape from hence, </l>
<l> Thy gasping ghost shall <reg orig="beare">bear</reg> him <reg orig="companie">company</reg>, </l>
<l> Or else <reg orig="my selfe"> myself </reg> fighting <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> his defence, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">Will</seg> be content, <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> those thy hands <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> die. </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Alphon. </speaker>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Laelius, </hi> <reg orig="fewe">few</reg> words would better thee become, </l>
<l> Especially as now the case doth stand: </l>
<l> And diddest thou know whom thou dost threaten thus, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">We</seg> should you <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> more calmer out of hand. </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Laelius </hi> know, <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> I <hi rend="italic"> Alphonsus </hi> am, </l>
<l> The <reg orig="sonne"> son </reg> and <reg orig="heire">heir</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> <reg orig="olde">old</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Carinus, </hi> whom </l>
<l> The <reg orig="trayterous">traitorous</reg> father of <hi rend="italic"> Flaminius </hi> </l>
<l> Did secretly <reg orig="bereaue">bereave</reg> of his <hi rend="italic"> Diadem. </hi> </l>
<l> But see the <reg orig="iust">just</reg> <reg orig="reuenge">revenge</reg> of <reg orig="mightie">mighty</reg> <hi rend="italic"> <reg orig="Ioue">Jove</reg>, </hi> </l>
<l> The father dead, the <reg orig="sonne"> son </reg> is likewise <reg orig="slaine">slain</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">By</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> man's hand <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">who</seg> they did count as dead, </l>
<l> Yet doth <reg orig="suruiue">survive</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="weare">wear</reg> the Diadem, </l>
<l> When they <reg orig="themselues"> themselves </reg> accompany the ghosts </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">Which</seg> wander round about the <reg orig="stigian">Stygian</reg> <reg orig="fieldes">fields</reg>. </l>
<stage rend="italic">
Laelius gaze vpon Alphonsus. </stage>

<l> Muse not hereat, <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">for</seg> it is true I say, </l>
<l> I am <hi rend="italic"> Alphonsus, </hi> whom thou hast <reg orig="misusde">misused</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="K"> 
<l> The man whose death I did <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> oft lament? </l>
<stage rend="italic"> Kneele downe. </stage>

<l> Then pardon me <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> these <reg orig="vncurteous">uncourteous</reg> words </l>
<l> The <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">which</seg> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> my rage did <reg orig="vtter">utter</reg> forth, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Prickt">Pricked</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> the <reg orig="dutie">duty</reg> of a <reg orig="loyall">loyal</reg> mind: </l>
<milestone unit="line"  n="50"></milestone>
<l> Pardon Alphonsus this my first offence, </l>
<l> And let me die if <reg orig="ere">ever</reg> I flight <reg orig="againe."> again. </reg> </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Alphon. </speaker>
<l> Laelius, I <reg orig="faine">fain</reg> would pardon this offence, </l>
<l> And eke accept thee <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> my grace <reg orig="againe:"> again: </reg> </l>
<l> But <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> I <reg orig="feare">fear</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> when I stand <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> need </l>
<l> And want your <reg orig="helpe">help</reg>, you <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> your Lord betray: </l>
<l> How say you Laelius may I trust <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> thee? </l></sp>
<sp who="K"><speaker rend="italic"> Laeli. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="I"> Aye </reg> noble Lord, <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> all the Gods I <reg orig="vowe">vow</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> first shall <reg orig="heauens">heavens</reg> want stars, and <reg orig="foming">foaming</reg> seas </l>
<l> Want <reg orig="watry">watery</reg> drops, before <reg orig="Ile"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> <reg orig="traytor">traitor</reg> be, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Vnto"> Unto </reg> Alphonsus whom I honour <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">so</seg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Alphon. </speaker>
<l> Well then arise, and <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">for</seg> because <reg orig="Ile"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> <reg orig="trie">try</reg> </l>
<l> If <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> thy words and deeds be both alike, </l>
<l> Go haste and fetch the <reg orig="youthes">youths</reg> of <hi rend="italic"> Aragon, </hi> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">Which</seg> now I <reg orig="heare haue"> hear have </reg> <reg orig="turnd">turned</reg> their <reg orig="heeles">heels</reg> <reg orig="&"> and </reg> fled. </l>
<l> Tell them your chance, and bring them back again </l>
<l> Into this wood, where <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> ambushment lie, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Vntill">Until</reg> I come or send <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> you <reg orig="my selfe."> myself. </reg> </l></sp>
<sp who="K"><speaker rend="italic"> Laeli. </speaker>
<l> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> my Lord. </l></sp>                                  
<stage rend="italic"> Exit Laelius. </stage>
<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Alphon. </speaker>
<l> Full <reg orig="litle">little</reg> thinks Belinus and his <reg orig="Peeres">Peers</reg>, </l>
<l> What thoughts Alphonsus casteth <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> his mind, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> if they did, they would not greatly haste </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> pay the same the <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">which</seg> they <reg orig="promist">promised</reg> me. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic">
Enter Belinus, Albinius, Fabius, with their
 souldiers, marching. </stage>
<sp who="I"><speaker rend="italic"> Beli. </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">Like</seg> simple sheep when <reg orig="shepheard">shepherd</reg> absent is, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Farre">Far</reg> from his flock, <reg orig="assaild">assailed</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> <reg orig="greedie">greedy</reg> <reg orig="Wolfe">Wolf</reg>, </l>
<milestone unit="line"  n="75"></milestone>
<l> Do <reg orig="scattring">scattering</reg> <reg orig="flie">fly</reg> about, some here, some there, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> <reg orig="keepe">keep</reg> their bodies from their <reg orig="rauening">ravening</reg> <reg orig="iawes">jaws</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">So</seg> do the <reg orig="fearefull">fearful</reg> youths of <hi rend="italic"> Aragon </hi> </l>
<l> Run round about the <reg orig="greene">green</reg> and pleasant <reg orig="plaines">plains</reg>, </l>
<l> And hide their heads from Neapolitans: </l>
<l> Such terror <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> their strong and <reg orig="sturdie">sturdy</reg> <reg orig="blowes">blows</reg> </l>
<l> <reg orig="Strooke">Struck</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> their hearts, as <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> a world of gold </l>
<l> I warrant you they <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> not come <reg orig="againe."> again. </reg> </l>
<l> But noble Lords, where is the knight become </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">Which</seg> made the blood besprinkle all the place </l>
<l> Whereas he did encounter with his foe? </l>
<l> My friend Albinius know you where he is? </l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker rend="italic"> Albi. </speaker>
<l> Not I my Lord, <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">for</seg> since <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> thickest <reg orig="rankes">ranks</reg> </l>
<l> I <reg orig="sawe">saw</reg> him chase Flaminius at the <reg orig="heeles">heels</reg>, </l>
<l> I <reg orig="neuer"> never </reg> yet could set mine eyes <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> him. </l>
<stage rend="italic">
Albinius spies out Alphonsus, and shewes him to Belinus. 

<l> But see my Lord, whereas the <reg orig="warriour">warrior</reg> stands, </l>
<l> Or else my sight doth <reg orig="faile">fail</reg> me at this time. </l></sp>
<sp who="I"><speaker rend="italic"> Beli. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Tis"> It is </reg> he indeed, <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">who</seg> as I do suppose, </l>
<l> Hath <reg orig="slaine">slain</reg> the King, or else some other Lord: </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> well I wot, a <reg orig="carkas">carcass</reg> I do see </l>
<l> Hard at his <reg orig="feete">feet</reg>, lie <reg orig="strugling">struggling</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> the ground. </l>
<stage rend="italic">
Belinus and Albinius go towards Alphonsus. 

<l> Come <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">on</seg> Albinius, <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">we</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> <reg orig="trie">try</reg> the truth. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic">
Belinus say to Alphonsus. </stage>
<sp who="H">
<l> <reg orig="Haile">Hail</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> the noble victor of <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">our</seg> foes. </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Alph. </speaker>
<l> Thanks <reg orig="mightie">mighty</reg> Prince, but yet I seek not this, </l>
<l> It is not words must <reg orig="recompence">recompense</reg> my <reg orig="paine">pain</reg>, </l>
<milestone unit="line"  n="100"></milestone>
<l> But deeds, when first I <reg orig="tooke">took</reg> <reg orig="vp"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">up</seg> </reg> <reg orig="Armes">Arms</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> you, </l>
<l> Your promise was, what <reg orig="ere"> ever </reg> my sword did <reg orig="winne">win</reg> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">In</seg> fight, as his, <hi rend="italic"> Alphonsus </hi> should it <reg orig="craue">crave</reg>. </l>
<stage rend="italic">
Shewe Belinus Flaminius, who lyeth all this 
while dead at his feete. </stage>

<l> See then where lies thy foe <hi rend="italic"> Flaminius, </hi> </l>
<l> Whose <reg orig="Crowne">Crown</reg> my sword hath conquered <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> the field: </l>
<l> Therefore <hi rend="italic"> Belinus </hi> make <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> long delay, </l>
<l> But <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> discharge, you <reg orig="promist">promised</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">for</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> pay. </l></sp>
<sp who="I"><speaker rend="italic">Beli. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Wil"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">Will</seg> </reg> nothing else <reg orig="satisfie">satisfy</reg> thy conquering mind </l>
<l> Besides the <reg orig="Crowne">Crown</reg>? well since thou hast it <reg orig="wonne">won</reg>, </l>
<l> Thou shalt it <reg orig="haue,"> have, </reg> though <reg orig="farre">far</reg> against my <seg type="homograph" subtype="noun">will</seg>. </l>
<stage rend="italic">
Alphonsus sit in the Chaire, Belinus takes the Crowne
off of Flaminius head, and puts it on Alphonsus. 

<l> Here doth <hi rend="italic"> Belinus </hi> <reg orig="Crowne">Crown</reg> thee with his hand, </l>
<l> The King of <hi rend="italic"> Aragon, </hi> what are you <reg orig="pleasde">pleased</reg>? </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic">
Sound Trumpets and Drummes within. 
<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Alphon. </speaker>
<l> Not <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">so</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Belinus, </hi> till you promise me </l>
<l> All things belonging <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> the <reg orig="royall">royal</reg> <reg orig="Crowne">Crown</reg> </l>
<l> Of <hi rend="italic"> Aragon, </hi> and make your Lordings <reg orig="sweare">swear</reg> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> defend me <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> their <reg orig="vtmost">utmost</reg> power, </l>
<l> Against all men <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> shall gainsay the same. </l></sp>
<sp who="I"><speaker rend="italic"> Beli. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Marke">Mark</reg> what belonged erst <reg orig="vnto"> unto </reg> the <reg orig="Crowne">Crown</reg> </l>
<l> Of <hi rend="italic"> Aragon, </hi> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> challenge as thine <reg orig="owne,"> own, </reg> </l>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Belinus </hi> <reg orig="giues">gives</reg> it <reg orig="franckly">frankly</reg> <reg orig="vnto"> unto </reg> thee: </l>
<l> And <reg orig="sweare">swear</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> all the powers of glittering skies, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> do my best <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">for</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="maintaine">maintain</reg> the same: </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">So</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> it be not <reg orig="preiudiciall">prejudicial</reg> </l>
<l> <reg orig="Vnto"> Unto </reg> mine honour, or my <reg orig="Countrey">Country</reg> <reg orig="soyle">soil</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker rend="italic"> Albi. </speaker>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> the sacred <reg orig="seate">seat</reg> of <reg orig="mightie">mighty</reg> <hi rend="italic"> <reg orig="Ioue">Jove</reg>, </hi> </l>
<milestone unit="line"  n="125"></milestone>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Albinius </hi> <reg orig="sweares">swears</reg>, <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> first <reg orig="heele"> he <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> die the death, </l>
<l> Before <reg orig="heele"> he <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> see <hi rend="italic"> Alphonsus </hi> suffer wrong. </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker rend="italic"> Fabi. </speaker>
<l> What erst <hi rend="italic"> Albinius </hi> <reg orig="vowd">vowed</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> <reg orig="ioyntly">jointly</reg> vow. </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Alphon. </speaker>
<l> Thanks <reg orig="mightie">mighty</reg> Lords, but yet I greatly <reg orig="feare">fear</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> very <reg orig="fewe">few</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> <reg orig="keepe">keep</reg> the <reg orig="oathes">oaths</reg> they <reg orig="sweare">swear</reg>. </l>
<l> But what <hi rend="italic"> Belinus, </hi> why stand you <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> long, </l>
<l> And cease from offering homage <reg orig="vnto"> unto </reg> me? </l>
<l> What know you not <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> I thy <reg orig="soueraigne">sovereign</reg> am, </l>
<l> Crowned <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> thee and all thy other Lords, </l>
<l> And now confirmed <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> your <reg orig="solemne">solemn</reg> <reg orig="oathes">oaths</reg>? </l>
<l> Feed not <reg orig="thy selfe"> thyself </reg> with fond <reg orig="perswasions">persuasions</reg>, </l>
<l> But presently come <reg orig="yeeld">yield</reg> thy <reg orig="Crowne">Crown</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> me, </l>
<l> And do me homage, or <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> <reg orig="heauens">heavens</reg> I <reg orig="sweare">swear</reg>, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Ile"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> force thee do it maugre all thy <reg orig="traine">train</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="I"><speaker rend="italic"> Beli. </speaker>
<l> How now base brat, what are thy wits thine <reg orig="owne,"> own, </reg> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> thou darest thus <reg orig="abraide">abraid</reg> me <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> my land? </l>
<l> <reg orig="Tis"> It is </reg> best <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> thee these speeches <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> recall, </l>
<l> Or else <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> <hi rend="italic"> <reg orig="Ioue">Jove</reg> </hi> <reg orig="ile"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> make thee <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> repent </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> ere thou settest thy <reg orig="foote">foot</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Naples </hi> <reg orig="soyle">soil</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Alph. </speaker>
<l> Base brat <reg orig="sayest">sayst</reg> thou, as good a man as thou. </l>
<l> But say I came but of a base <reg orig="desent">descent</reg>, </l>
<l> My deeds shall make my glory <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">for</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> shine, </l>
<l> As <reg orig="cleare">clear</reg> as <hi rend="italic"> Luna </hi> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> a winters night. </l>
<l> But <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">for</seg> because thou braggest <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">so</seg> of thy birth, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Ile"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> see how it shall profit thee anon. </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker rend="italic"> Fabi. </speaker>
<milestone unit="line"  n="150"></milestone>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Alphonsus </hi> cease from these thy <reg orig="threatning">threatening</reg> words, </l>
<l> And lay aside this thy presumptuous mind, </l>
<l> Or else be sure, thou shalt the same repent. </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Alphon. </speaker>
<l> How now sir boy <reg orig="wil"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> you be <reg orig="pratling">prattling</reg> too? </l>
<l> <reg orig="Tis"> It is </reg> best <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> thee <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> hold thy <reg orig="tatling">tattling</reg> tongue, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Vnlesse">Unless</reg> I send <reg orig="some one"> someone </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> scourge thy breech: </l>
<l> Why then I see, <reg orig="tis"> it is </reg> time <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="looke"> look </reg> about, </l>
<l> When <reg orig="euery"> every </reg> boy <hi rend="italic"> Alphonsus </hi> dares <reg orig="controll">control</reg>: </l>
<l> But be they sure, ere <hi rend="italic"> Phoebus </hi> golden <reg orig="beames">beams</reg> </l>
<l> <reg orig="Haue"> Have </reg> compassed the circle of the <reg orig="skie">sky</reg>, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Ile"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> clog their <reg orig="toongs">tongues</reg>, since nothing else <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> <reg orig="serue">serve</reg> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> keep those <reg orig="vilde">vild</reg> and <reg orig="threatning">threatening</reg> speeches <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">in</seg>. </l>
<l> <reg orig="Farwell">Farewell</reg> Belinus, <reg orig="loke"> look </reg> thou <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> <reg orig="thy selfe:"> thyself: </reg> </l>
<l> Alphonsus <reg orig="meanes">means</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> thy <reg orig="Crowne">Crown</reg> ere night. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic"> Exit Alphonsus. </stage>
<sp who="I"><speaker rend="italic"> Beli. </speaker>
<l> What is he gone, the <reg orig="diuel">devil</reg> break his <reg orig="necke">neck</reg>, </l>
<l> The fiends of hell torment his <reg orig="traiterous">traitorous</reg> <reg orig="corpes">corpse</reg>: </l>
<l> Is this the quittance of Belinus grace, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">Which</seg> he did <reg orig="shewe">show</reg> <reg orig="vnto"> unto </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> <reg orig="thankles">thankless</reg> wretch? </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">That</seg> <reg orig="runnagate">runagate</reg>, <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> <reg orig="rachell">rachel</reg>, yea <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> <reg orig="theefe">thief</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> well I wot he hath <reg orig="robd">robbed</reg> me of a <reg orig="Crowne">Crown</reg>. </l>
<l> If <reg orig="euer"> ever </reg> he had sprung from gentle blood, </l>
<l> He would not thus misuse his <reg orig="fauourer">favourer</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker rend="italic"> Albi. </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">That</seg> <reg orig="runnagate">runagate</reg>, <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> rachel, yea <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> <reg orig="theef">thief</reg>? </l>
<l> Stay <reg orig="their"> there </reg> sir King, your mouth <reg orig="runnes">runs</reg> <reg orig="ouer"> over </reg> much, </l>
<l> It ill becomes the <reg orig="subiect">subject</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">for</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="vse">use</reg> </l>
<milestone unit="line"  n="175"></milestone>
<l> Such <reg orig="trayterous">traitorous</reg> <reg orig="termes">terms</reg> against his <reg orig="soueraigne">sovereign</reg>. </l>
<l> Know thou Belinus, <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> Carinus <reg orig="sonne,"> son, </reg> </l>
<l> Is neither rachel nor <reg orig="runnagate">runagate</reg>, </l>
<l> But be thou sure, <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> ere the darksome night </l>
<l> Do <reg orig="driue">drive</reg> God <hi rend="italic"> Phaebus </hi> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> his <hi rend="italic"> Thetis </hi> lap, </l>
<l> Both thou and all the rest of this thy <reg orig="traine">train</reg>, </l>
<l> Shall well repent the words <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">which</seg> you <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> <reg orig="saine">said</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="I"><speaker rend="italic"> Beli. </speaker>
<l> What <reg orig="traiterous">traitorous</reg> villain dost thou threaten me? </l>
<l> Lay hold <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> him, and see he do not scape, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Ile"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg></reg> teach the <reg orig="slaue">slave</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> know <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> whom he <reg orig="speakes">speaks</reg>. </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">To</seg> thee I <reg orig="speake,"> speak, </reg> and <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> thy <reg orig="fellowes">fellows</reg> all: </l>
<l> And though as now you <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> me <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> your power, </l>
<l> Yet doubt I not but <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <reg orig="litle">little</reg> space, </l>
<l> These eyes shall see thy treason <reg orig="recompenst">recompensed</reg>: </l>
<l> And then I <reg orig="meane">mean</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> vaunt of <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> <reg orig="victorie">victory</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="I"><speaker rend="italic">
Beli. </speaker>
<l> Nay proud Albinius, <reg orig="neuer"> never </reg> build <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> though the Gods do chance <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">for</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="appoynt">appoint</reg> </l>
<l> Alphonsus victor of <hi rend="italic"> Belinus </hi> land, </l>
<l> Yet shalt thou <reg orig="neuer lieu"> never live </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> see <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> day, </l>
<l> And therefore <hi rend="italic"> Fabius </hi> stand not <reg orig="lingring">lingering</reg>, </l>
<l> But presently slash off his <reg orig="trayterous">traitorous</reg> head. </l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker rend="italic"> Albi. </speaker>
<l> Slash off his head, as though Albinius head </l>
<l> Were then <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> <reg orig="easie">easy</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> be slashed off. </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">In</seg> faith sir <seg type="homograph" subtype="exclamation">no</seg>, when you are gone and dead, </l>
<l> I hope <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> flourish <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">like</seg> the pleasant spring. </l></sp>
<sp who="I"><speaker rend="italic"> Beli. </speaker>
<milestone unit="line"  n="200"></milestone>
<l> Why how now <hi rend="italic"> Fabius, </hi> what do you stand <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> doubt, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> do the deed? what <reg orig="feare">fear</reg> you? <seg type="homograph" subtype="interrogative">who</seg> dares <reg orig="seeke">seek</reg> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="reuenge">revenge</reg> his death <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> thee <reg orig="againe,"> again, </reg> </l>
<l> Since <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Belinus </hi> did <reg orig="commaund">command</reg> it <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">so</seg>? </l>
<l> Or are you <reg orig="waxt">waxed</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> <reg orig="daintie">dainty</reg>, <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> you dare </l>
<l> Not <reg orig="vse">use</reg> your sword <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> staining of your hands? </l>
<l> If it be <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">so</seg>, then let me see thy sword, </l>
<l> And I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> be his butcher <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> this time. </l>
<stage rend="italic">
Fabius giue Belinus thy sword drawne, 
Belinus say as followeth. 

<l> Now sir Albinius, are you of the <reg orig="minde">mind</reg> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">That</seg> erst you were? what do you <reg orig="looke"> look </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> see </l>
<l> And triumph <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> Belinus <reg orig="ouerthrow">overthrow</reg>? </l>
<l> I hope the very sight of this my blade, </l>
<l> Hath <reg orig="chaungde">changed</reg> your <reg orig="minde">mind</reg> into an other tune. </l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker rend="italic"> Albi. </speaker>
<l> Not <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">so</seg> Belinus, I am constant still, </l>
<l> My <reg orig="minde">mind</reg> is <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">like</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> the Abeston stone. </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">Which</seg> if it once be heat <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> flames of fire, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Deineth">Deigneth</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> become <reg orig="colde">cold</reg> <reg orig="againe."> again. </reg> </l>
<l> <reg orig="Euen"> Even </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">so</seg> am I, and shall be till I die, </l>
<l> And though I should see Attropos <reg orig="appeare">appear</reg>. </l>
<l> With knife <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> hand, <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">so</seg> slit my <reg orig="threed">thread</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <reg orig="twaine">twain</reg>, </l>
<l> Yet <reg orig="nere"> never </reg> <hi rend="italic"> Albinius </hi> should <reg orig="perswaded">persuaded</reg> be, </l>
<l> But <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> Belinus he should <reg orig="vanquisht">vanquished</reg> see. </l></sp>
<sp who="I"><speaker rend="italic"> Beli. </speaker>
<l> Nay then <hi rend="italic"> Albinius, </hi> since <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> words are <reg orig="vaine">vain</reg> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="perswade">persuade</reg> you from this <reg orig="heresie">heresy</reg>: </l>
<l> This sword shall sure put you out of doubt. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic">
Belinus offers to strike off Albinius head strike vp
alarum, euer Alphonsus and his men, flie Belinus 
and Fabius, follow Alphonsus, and Albinius. 
Enter Laelius, Milos, and his seruants. 
<sp who="K"><speaker rend="italic"> Laeli. </speaker>
<milestone unit="line"  n="225"></milestone>
<l> My noble Lords of <hi rend="italic"> Aragon, </hi> I know </l>
<l> You wonder much what might the occasion be, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Laelius </hi> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">which</seg> <reg orig="earst">erst</reg> did <reg orig="flie">fly</reg> the field, </l>
<l> Doth <reg orig="egge">egg</reg> you forwards now <reg orig="vnto"> unto </reg> the <reg orig="warres">wars</reg>, </l>
<l> But when you <reg orig="heare"> hear </reg> my reason, out of doubt </l>
<l> <reg orig="Yowle"> You <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg></reg>  be content with this my rash attempt. </l>
<l> When first <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> King, <hi rend="italic"> Flaminius </hi> I do <reg orig="meane">mean</reg>, </l>
<l> Did set <reg orig="vpon"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">upon</seg> </reg> the Neapolitans, </l>
<l> The worst of you did know and plainly see, </l>
<l> How <reg orig="farre">far</reg> they were <reg orig="vnable">unable</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> withstand </l>
<l> The <reg orig="mightie">mighty</reg> forces of <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> <reg orig="royall">royal</reg> <reg orig="Campe">Camp</reg>, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Vntill">Until</reg> such time as froward fates <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> thought, </l>
<l> Although the fates <reg orig="ordaind">ordained</reg> it <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> <reg orig="gaine">gain</reg>, </l>
<l> Did send a <reg orig="straunger">stranger</reg> stout, whose <reg orig="sturdie">sturdy</reg> <reg orig="blowes">blows</reg> </l>
<l> And force alone, did cause <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> <reg orig="ouerthrow">overthrow</reg>. </l>
<l> But <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> purpose, this same <reg orig="martiall">martial</reg> knight </l>
<l> Did hap <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> hit <reg orig="vpon"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">upon</seg> </reg> <hi rend="italic"> Flaminius, </hi> </l>
<l> And lent <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> King then such a friendly blow, </l>
<l> As <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> his gasping ghost <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> <reg orig="Lymbo">Limbo</reg> went: </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">Which</seg> when I <reg orig="sawe">saw</reg>, and seeking <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="reuenge">revenge</reg>, </l>
<l> My noble Lords, did hap <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> such a prize: </l>
<l> As <reg orig="neuer"> never </reg> King nor <hi rend="italic"> <reg orig="Keisar">Kaiser</reg> </hi> got the <seg type="homograph" subtype="noun">like</seg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker rend="italic"> Mi. </speaker>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Laelius, </hi> of force <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> must <reg orig="confesse">confess</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> thee, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">We</seg> <reg orig="wondred">wondered</reg> all, when as you did <reg orig="perswade">persuade</reg> </l>
<l> <reg orig="Vs"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">Us</seg></reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="returne">return</reg> <reg orig="vnto"> unto </reg> the <reg orig="warres">wars</reg> 
<reg orig="againe,"> again, </reg> </l>
<milestone unit="line"  n="250"></milestone>
<l> But since <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> <reg orig="maruell">marvel</reg> is increased much </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">By</seg> these your words, <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">which</seg> sound of <reg orig="happinesse">happiness</reg>. </l>
<l> Therefore good Laelius make <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> tarrying, </l>
<l> But <reg orig="soone"> soon </reg> <reg orig="vnfolde">unfold</reg> thy <reg orig="happie">happy</reg> <reg orig="chaunce">chance</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> <reg orig="vs."> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg>. </reg> </l></sp>
<sp who="K"><speaker rend="italic"> Lae. </speaker>
<l> Then friends and fellow <reg orig="souldiers">soldiers</reg>, hark <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> me. </l>
<l> When Laelius thought <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">for</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="reuenge">revenge</reg> his king, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">On</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> same knight, <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> steed of <reg orig="mortall">mortal</reg> foe, </l>
<l> I found him <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">for</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> be <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> <reg orig="cheefest">chiefest</reg> friend. </l></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker rend="italic"> Mi. </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">Our</seg> <reg orig="cheefest">chiefest</reg> friend, I hardly can <reg orig="beleeue">believe</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> he <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">which</seg> made such <reg orig="bloudie">bloody</reg> massacres </l>
<l> Of stout Italians, can <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> any <reg orig="poynt">point</reg> </l>
<l> <reg orig="Beare">Bear</reg> friendship <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> the <reg orig="countrey">country</reg> or the King. </l></sp>
<sp who="K"><speaker rend="italic"> Lae. </speaker>
<l> As <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> your king <hi rend="italic"> Miles, </hi> I hold with you, </l>
<l> He <reg orig="beare">bear</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> friendship <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Flaminius, </hi> </l>
<l> But hated him as <reg orig="bloudie">bloody</reg> Attropos, </l>
<l> But <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> your <reg orig="countrey">country</reg>, Laelius doth <reg orig="auowe">avow</reg>, </l>
<l> He <reg orig="loues">loves</reg> as well as any other land: </l>
<l> Yea sure he <reg orig="loues">loves</reg> it best of all the world: </l>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">for</seg> because, you shall not <reg orig="thinke"> think </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> I </l>
<l> Do say the same without a reason why, </l>
<l> Know <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> the knight <hi rend="italic"> Alphonsus </hi> hath <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> name, </l>
<l> Both <reg orig="sonne"> son </reg> and <reg orig="heire">heir</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> <reg orig="olde">old</reg> Carinus, whom </l>
<l> Flaminius sire <reg orig="bereaued">bereaved</reg> of his <reg orig="Crowne">Crown</reg>: </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">Who</seg> did not <reg orig="seeke">seek</reg> the <reg orig="ruine">ruin</reg> of <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> host, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">For</seg> any <reg orig="enuie">envy</reg> he did <reg orig="beare">bear</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> <reg orig="vs,"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg>, </reg> </l>
<milestone unit="line"  n="275"></milestone>
<l> But <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="reuenge">revenge</reg> him <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> his <reg orig="mortall">mortal</reg> foe, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">Which</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> the <reg orig="helpe">help</reg> of high <reg orig="celestiall">celestial</reg> <hi rend="italic"> <reg orig="Ioue">Jove</reg>, </hi> </l>
<l> He hath <reg orig="atchieu'd">achieved</reg> with honour <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> the field. </l></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker rend="italic"> Mi. </speaker>
<l> Alphonsus man, <reg orig="ile nere"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> never </reg> <reg orig="perswaded">persuaded</reg> be, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> <reg orig="ere"> ever </reg> Alphonsus may <reg orig="suruiue">survive</reg> <reg orig="againe,"> again, </reg> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">Who</seg> with <hi rend="italic"> Carinus </hi> many <reg orig="yeares">years</reg> <reg orig="agoe">ago</reg>, </l>
<l> Was said <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> wander <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> the <reg orig="stigian">Stygian</reg> <reg orig="fieldes">fields</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="K"><speaker rend="italic"> Laeli. </speaker>
<l> Truth Noble Miles, these mine <reg orig="eares">ears</reg> <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> heard, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">For</seg> <reg orig="certaintie">certainty</reg> reported <reg orig="vnto"> unto </reg> me, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> <reg orig="olde">old</reg> Carinus with his <reg orig="peerlesse">peerless</reg> <reg orig="sonne,"> son, </reg> </l>
<l> Had felt the <reg orig="sharpnesse">sharpness</reg> of the sisters <reg orig="sheeres">shears</reg>, </l>
<l> And had I not of late <hi rend="italic"> Alphonsus </hi> <reg orig="seene">seen</reg> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">In</seg> good estate, though all the world should say </l>
<l> He is <reg orig="aliue">alive</reg>, I would not credit them: </l>
<l> But fellow <reg orig="souldiers">soldiers</reg> wend you <reg orig="backe"> back </reg> with me, </l>
<l> And let <reg orig="vs"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg> </reg> <reg orig="lurke">lurk</reg> within the secret shade, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">Which</seg> he <reg orig="himselfe"> himself </reg> appointed <reg orig="vnto vs:"> unto <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg>: </reg> </l> 
<l> And if you find my words <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> be <reg orig="vntroth">untruth</reg>, </l>
<l> Then let me die <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="recompence">recompense</reg> the wrong. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic">
Strike vp alarum, Enter Albinius with his sword
drawne, and say. </stage>
<sp who="H"><speaker rend="italic"> Albi. </speaker>
<l> Laelius make haste, <reg orig="souldiers">soldiers</reg> of <hi rend="italic"> Aragon, </hi> </l>
<l> Set <reg orig="lingring">lingering</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">by</seg>, and come and <reg orig="helpe">help</reg> your King. </l>
<l> I <reg orig="meane">mean</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Alphonsus, </hi> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">who</seg> <reg orig="whilest">whilst</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> he did </l>
<l> Pursue <hi rend="italic"> Belinus </hi> at the very <reg orig="heeles">heels</reg>, </l>
<l> Was suddenly <reg orig="enuironed">environed</reg> about, </l>
<l> With all the troupes of <reg orig="mightie">mighty</reg> <hi rend="italic"> <reg orig="Millain">Milan</reg> </hi> land. </l></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker rend="italic"> Mi. </speaker>
<milestone unit="line"  n="300"></milestone>
<l> What <reg orig="newes">news</reg> is this, and is it very <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">so</seg>? </l>
<l> Is <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Alphonsus </hi> yet <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <reg orig="humane">human</reg> state, </l>
<l> Whom all the world did <reg orig="iudge">judge</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">for</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> be dead. </l>
<l> Yet can I scarce <reg orig="giue"> give </reg> credit <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> the same. </l>
<l> <reg orig="Giue"> Give </reg> credit, yes, and since the <reg orig="Millain">Milan</reg> Duke, </l>
<l> Hath broke his league of friendship, be he sure, </l>
<l> Ere Cynthia, the shining <reg orig="lampe">lamp</reg> of night, </l>
<l> Doth scale the <reg orig="heauens">heavens</reg> with <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">her</seg> horned head, </l>
<l> Both he and his shall very plainly see, </l>
<l> The league is burst, <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> caused long the glee. </l></sp>
<sp who="K"><speaker rend="italic"> Lae. </speaker>
<l> And could the <reg orig="traytor">traitor</reg> <reg orig="harbor">harbour</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> his <reg orig="brest">breast</reg> </l>
<l> Such <reg orig="mortall">mortal</reg> treason <reg orig="gainst">against</reg> his <reg orig="soueraigne">sovereign</reg>, </l>
<l> As when he should with fire and sword defend </l>
<l> Him from his foes, he <reg orig="seekes">seeks</reg> his <reg orig="ouerthrow">overthrow</reg>? </l>
<l> March <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">on</seg> my friends, I <reg orig="nere"> never </reg> shall <reg orig="ioy">joy</reg> at all, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Vntill">Until</reg> I see <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> <reg orig="bloudie">bloody</reg> <reg orig="traytors">traitors</reg> fall.  </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic"> Exeunt. 
Strike vp alarum, flie Belinus, follow Laelius: 
flie Fabius, follow Albinius: flie the Duke of 
Millaine, follow Miles. </stage>
<div1 type="act" n="3"> 
<stage>Act. 3. </stage>
<stage rend="italic"> Strike vp alarum, Enter Venus. 
<sp who="A">
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">No</seg> sooner did <hi rend="italic"> Alphonsus </hi> with his troupe, </l>
<l> Set <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> the <reg orig="souldiers">soldiers</reg> of <hi rend="italic"> Belinus </hi> band, </l>
<l> But <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> the <reg orig="furie">fury</reg> of his <reg orig="sturdie">sturdy</reg> <reg orig="blowes">blows</reg>, </l>
<l> Did strike such terror <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> their daunted <reg orig="mindes">minds</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> glad was he <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">which</seg> could escape away, </l>
<l> With life and <reg orig="limme">limb</reg>, forth of <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> <reg orig="bloudie">bloody</reg> fray. </l>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Belinus </hi> flies <reg orig="vnto"> unto </reg> the Turkish <reg orig="soyle">soil</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> <reg orig="craue">crave</reg> the aide of <hi rend="italic"> Amuracke </hi> their King: </l>
<l> <reg orig="Vnto"> Unto </reg> the <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">which</seg> he willingly did consent, </l>
<l> And sends <hi rend="italic"> Belinus </hi> with two other Kings, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> know god <hi rend="italic"> <reg orig="Mahomets">Mahomet's</reg> </hi> pleasure <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> the same: </l>
<l> <reg orig="Meane">Mean</reg> time the <reg orig="Empresse">Empress</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Medeas </hi> <reg orig="helpe">help</reg>, </l>
<l> Did <reg orig="vse">use</reg> such <reg orig="charmes">charms</reg>, <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Amuracke </hi> did see </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">In</seg> soundest <reg orig="sleepe">sleep</reg>, what <reg orig="afterward">afterword</reg> should hap: </l>
<l> How <hi rend="italic"> Amuracke </hi> did <reg orig="recompence">recompense</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">her</seg> <reg orig="paine">pain</reg>, </l>
<l> With mickle more, this Act shall <reg orig="shew">show</reg> you <reg orig="plaine">plain</reg>.   </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic"> Exit Venus. 
Enter one, carrying two Crownes vpon a Crest, 
Alphonsus, Albinius, Laelius and Miles, with their souldiers. 
<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Alph. </speaker>
<l> Welcome <reg orig="braue">brave</reg> <reg orig="youthes">youths</reg> of <hi rend="italic"> Aragon </hi> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> me. </l>
<l> Yea welcome <hi rend="italic"> Miles, Laelius </hi> and the rest, </l>
<l> Whose <reg orig="prowesse">prowess</reg> alone hath <reg orig="bene"> been </reg> the <reg orig="onely"> only </reg> cause, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">like</seg> victors <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> subdued <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> foes. </l>
<l> Lord what a pleasure was it <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> my <reg orig="minde">mind</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> see <hi rend="italic"> Belinus, </hi> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">which</seg> not long before, </l>
<l> Did with his <reg orig="threatnings">threatenings</reg> <reg orig="terrefie">terrify</reg> the Gods, </l>
<l> Now <reg orig="scudde">scud</reg> apace, from warlike <hi rend="italic"> Laelius </hi> <reg orig="blowes">blows</reg>: </l>
<milestone unit="line"  n="25"></milestone>
<l> The Duke of <hi rend="italic"> <reg orig="Millaine">Milan</reg> </hi> he <reg orig="increast">increased</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> sport, </l>
<l> When doubting <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> his force was <reg orig="ouerweake">overweak</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> withstand Miles, thy <reg orig="sturdie">sturdy</reg> <reg orig="arme">arm</reg> </l>
<l> Did <reg orig="giue"> give </reg> more credence <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> his frisking <reg orig="skippes">skips</reg> </l>
<l> <reg orig="Then"> Than </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> the <reg orig="sharpnesse">sharpness</reg> of his cutting blade, </l>
<l> What <hi rend="italic"> Fabius </hi> did <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> pleasure <reg orig="vs"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg> </reg> <reg orig="withall">withal</reg>, </l>
<l> Albinius <reg orig="knowes">knows</reg> as well as I <reg orig="my selfe:"> myself: </reg> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> well I wot, if <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> thy <reg orig="tyred">tired</reg> steed </l>
<l> Had <reg orig="bene"> been </reg> as fresh and swift <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <reg orig="foote">foot</reg> as his, </l>
<l> He should <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> felt, yea <reg orig="knowne">known</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> <reg orig="certaintie">certainty</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> <reg orig="checke">check</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Alphonsus, </hi> did <reg orig="deserue">deserve</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> die. </l>
<l> <reg orig="Breefly">Briefly</reg> my friends and fellow <reg orig="peeres">peers</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <reg orig="armes">arms</reg>, </l>
<l> The worst of you <reg orig="doo"> do </reg> <reg orig="deserue">deserve</reg> such mickle praise, </l>
<l> As <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> my tongue denies <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">for</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> set forth </l>
<l> The <reg orig="demie">demi</reg> <reg orig="parcell">parcel</reg> of your valiant deeds, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">So</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> perforce, I must <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> <reg orig="dutie">duty</reg> be </l>
<l> Bound <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> you all, <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> this your <reg orig="curtesie">courtesy</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker rend="italic"> Mi. </speaker>
<l> Not <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">so</seg> my Lord, <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">for</seg> if <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> willing <reg orig="armes">arms</reg> </l>
<l> <reg orig="Haue"> Have </reg> pleasured you <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> much, as you do say, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">We</seg> <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> done <reg orig="nought">naught</reg> but <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> becommeth <reg orig="vs: "> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg>: </reg></l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> defend <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> <reg orig="mightie">mighty</reg> <reg orig="soueraigne">sovereign</reg>. </l>
<l> As <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> my part, I count my labour small, </l>
<l> Yea though it had <reg orig="bene"> been </reg> <reg orig="twise">twice</reg> as much <reg orig="againe,"> again, </reg> </l>
<l> Since <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> Alphonsus doth accept thereof. </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Alphon. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Thankes">Thanks</reg> <reg orig="worthie">worthy</reg> Miles, <reg orig="least">lest</reg> all the world </l>
<milestone unit="line"  n="50"></milestone>
<l> Should count Alphonsus <reg orig="thanklesse">thankless</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">for</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> be, </l>
<l> Laelius sit <reg orig="downe,"> down, </reg> and Miles sit <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> him, </l>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> <reg orig="receiue">receive</reg>, the <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">which</seg> your swords <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> <reg orig="wonne">won</reg>. </l>
<stage> Sit downe Laelius and Miles. </stage>

<l> First, <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">for</seg> because thou Laelius <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> these <reg orig="broyles">broils</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">By</seg> <reg orig="martiall">martial</reg> might, didst <reg orig="proude">proud</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Belinus </hi> chase, </l>
<l> From troupe <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> troupe, from side <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> side about, </l>
<l> And <reg orig="neuer"> never </reg> <reg orig="ceast">ceased</reg> from this thy swift <reg orig="pursute">pursuit</reg>, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Vntill">Until</reg> thou hadst <reg orig="obtaind">obtained</reg> his <reg orig="royall">royal</reg> <reg orig="Crowne">Crown</reg>, </l>
<l> Therefore I say, <reg orig="ile"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> do thee <reg orig="nought">naught</reg> but right, </l>
<l> And <reg orig="giue"> give </reg> thee <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">which</seg> thou well hast <reg orig="wonne">won</reg>, </l>
<stage rend="italic"> Set the Crowne on his head. 

<l> Here doth Alphonsus <reg orig="Crowne">Crown</reg> thee Laelius, King </l>
<l> Of <hi rend="italic"> Naples </hi> <reg orig="Towne">Town</reg>, with all dominions </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">That</seg> <reg orig="earst">erst</reg> belonged <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">our</seg> <reg orig="trayterous">traitorous</reg> foe, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">That</seg> proud Belinus <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> his regiment. </l>
<stage rend="italic"> Sound Trumpets and Drummes. 

<l> Miles, thy share the <hi rend="italic"> <reg orig="Millaine">Milan</reg> </hi> <reg orig="Dukedome">Dukedom</reg> is, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> well I wot thy sword <reg orig="deseru'd">deserved</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> <reg orig="lesse">less</reg>. </l>
<stage rend="italic"> Set the Crowne on his head. 

<l> The <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">which</seg> Alphonsus frankly <reg orig="giueth">giveth</reg> thee, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">In</seg> presence of his warlike men at <reg orig="armes">arms</reg>. </l>
<l> And if <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> any <reg orig="stomacke">stomach</reg> this my deed, </l>
<l> Alphonsus can <reg orig="reuenge">revenge</reg> thy wrong with speed. </l>
<stage rend="italic"> Sound Trumpets and Drummes. 

<l> Now <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> Albinius <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">which</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> all my <reg orig="toyles">toils</reg> </l>
<l> I <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> both <reg orig="faithfull">faithful</reg>, yea and friendly found: </l>
<l> Since <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> the Gods and friendly Fates <reg orig="assigne">assign</reg> </l>
<l> This present time <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> me <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="recompence">recompense</reg>, </l>
<l> The sundry pleasures thou hast done <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> me, </l>
<milestone unit="line"  n="75"></milestone>
<l> Sit <reg orig="downe"> down </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> them, and <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> thy <reg orig="faithfull">faithful</reg> head </l>
<stage rend="italic"> Take the Crowne from thy owne head. 

<l> <reg orig="Receiue">Receive</reg> the <reg orig="Crowne">Crown</reg> of <reg orig="peerlesse">peerless</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Aragon. </hi> </l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker rend="italic"> Albi. </speaker>
<l> Pardon <reg orig="deare">dear</reg> Lord Albinius at this time, </l>
<l> It ill becomes me <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">for</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="weare">wear</reg> a <reg orig="Crowne">Crown</reg>, </l>
<l> When as my Lord is destitute <reg orig="himselfe:"> himself: </reg> </l>
<l> Why high Alphonsus, if I should <reg orig="receiue">receive</reg> </l>
<l> This <reg orig="Crowne">Crown</reg> of you, the <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">which</seg> high <hi rend="italic"> <reg orig="Ioue">Jove</reg> </hi> forbid, </l>
<l> Where would <reg orig="your selfe"> yourself </reg> <reg orig="obtaine">obtain</reg> a Diadem? </l>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Naples </hi> is gone, <hi rend="italic"> <reg orig="Millaine">Milan</reg> </hi> possessed is, </l>
<l> And <reg orig="nought">naught</reg> is left <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> you but <hi rend="italic"> Aragon. </hi> </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Alphon. </speaker>
<l> And <reg orig="nought">naught</reg> is left <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> me but <hi rend="italic"> Aragon? </hi> </l>
<l> Yes surely yes, my Fates <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">so</seg> decreed, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Aragon </hi> should be too base a thing, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="obtaine">obtain</reg> Alphonsus <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">her</seg> King. </l>
<l> What <reg orig="heare"> hear </reg> you not how <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">our</seg> scattered foes, </l>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Belinus, Fabius, </hi> and the <reg orig="Millaine">Milan</reg> Duke, </l>
<l> Are fled <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> succour <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> the Turkish Court? </l>
<l> And <reg orig="thinke"> think </reg> you not <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Amurack </hi> their King, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">Will</seg> with the mightiest power of all his land, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Seeke">Seek</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="reuenge">revenge</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Belinus </hi> <reg orig="ouerthrow">overthrow</reg>? </l>
<l> Then doubt I not but ere these <reg orig="broyles">broils</reg> do end, </l>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Alphonsus </hi> shall <reg orig="possesse">possess</reg> the Diadem </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">That</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Amurack </hi> now <reg orig="weares">wears</reg> <reg orig="vpon"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">upon</seg> </reg> his head. </l>
<l> Sit <reg orig="downe"> down </reg> therefore and <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> <reg orig="receiue">receive</reg> of <reg orig="mee:"> me: </reg> </l>
<l> The <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">which</seg> the Fates appointed <reg orig="vnto"> unto </reg> thee. </l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker rend="italic"> Albi. </speaker>
<milestone unit="line"  n="100"></milestone>
<l> Thou king of <reg orig="heauen">heaven</reg>, <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">which</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> thy power <reg orig="diuine">divine</reg>, </l>
<l> Dost see the secrets of each <reg orig="liuers">livers</reg> heart, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Beare">Bear</reg> record now with what <reg orig="vnwilling">unwilling</reg> mind, </l>
<l> I do <reg orig="receiue">receive</reg> the <reg orig="Crowne">Crown</reg> of <hi rend="italic"> Aragon. </hi> </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic">
Albinius sit downe by Laelius <reg orig="&">and</reg> Miles, Alphonsus 
set the Crowne on his head, and say. 
<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Alphon. </speaker>
<l> A rise <hi rend="italic"> Albinius </hi> King of <hi rend="italic"> Aragon, </hi> </l>
<l> Crowned <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> me, <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">who</seg> till my gasping ghost </l>
<l> Do part asunder from my <reg orig="breathlesse">breathless</reg> <reg orig="corpes">corpse</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">Will</seg> be thy shield against all men <reg orig="aliue">alive</reg>: </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">That</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> thy <reg orig="kingdome">kingdom</reg> any way do <reg orig="striue">strive</reg>. </l>
<stage rend="italic"> Sound Trumpets and Drummes. 

<l> Now since <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">we</seg> <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> such an <reg orig="happie">happy</reg> <reg orig="houre">hour</reg> </l>
<l> <reg orig="Confirmd">Confirmed</reg> three kings, come let <reg orig="vs"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">us</seg> </reg> march with speed </l>
<l> Into the <reg orig="Citie">City</reg>, <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">for</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> celebrate </l>
<l> With mirth and <reg orig="ioy">joy</reg>, this <reg orig="blisfull">blissful</reg> <reg orig="festiuall">festival</reg>.  </l></sp>                                 
<stage rend="italic">  Exeunt omnes. 
Enter Amurack the great Turke, Belinus, Fabius, Areastus 
King of Moores. Claramount, King of Barbery. 
Baiazet a Lord, with their traine. 
<sp who="M"><speaker rend="italic"> Amu. </speaker>
<l> Welcome <hi rend="italic"> Belinus </hi> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> thy <reg orig="cosens">cousin's</reg> Court, </l>
<l> Whose late <reg orig="arriuall">arrival</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> such posting pace, </l>
<l> Doth bring both <reg orig="ioy">joy</reg> and sorrow <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> <reg orig="vs"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg> </reg> all: </l>
<l> Sorrow because the Fates <reg orig="haue bene"> have been </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> false, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> let <hi rend="italic"> Alphonsus </hi> <reg orig="driue">drive</reg> thee from thy land: </l>
<l> And <reg orig="ioy">joy</reg>, since <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> now <reg orig="mightie">mighty</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Mahomet </hi> </l>
<l> Hath <reg orig="giuen">given</reg> me cause <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="recompence">recompense</reg> at full, </l>
<l> The sundry pleasures I <reg orig="receiu'd">received</reg> of thee. </l>
<l> Therefore <hi rend="italic"> Belinus </hi> do but <reg orig="aske">ask</reg> and <reg orig="haue:"> have: </reg> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Amurack </hi> doth grant what <reg orig="ere"> ever </reg> you <reg orig="craue">crave</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="I"><speaker rend="italic"> Beli. </speaker>
<l> Thou second sun <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">which</seg> with thy <reg orig="glimsing">glimpsing</reg> <reg orig="beames">beams</reg> </l>
<l> Doest <reg orig="clarifie">clarify</reg> each corner of the earth, </l>

<milestone unit="line"  n="125"></milestone>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Belinus </hi> comes not, as <reg orig="earst">erst</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Mydas </hi> did, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">To</seg> <reg orig="mightie">mighty</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Bacchus, </hi> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> desire of him, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> what <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">so</seg> <reg orig="ere"> ever </reg> at any time he <reg orig="toucht">touched</reg>, </l>
<l> Might turned be <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> gold incontinent. </l>
<l> Nor do I come as <hi rend="italic"> <reg orig="Iuppiter">Jupiter</reg> </hi> did erst </l>
<l> <reg orig="Vnto"> Unto </reg> the <reg orig="Pallace">Palace</reg> of <hi rend="italic"> Amphitrion, </hi> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">For</seg> any fond or <reg orig="foule">foul</reg> concupiscence, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">Which</seg> I do <reg orig="beare">bear</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Alcumenaes </hi> hew. </l>
<l> But as <reg orig="poore">poor</reg> <hi rend="italic"> <reg orig="Saturne">Saturn</reg>, </hi> <reg orig="forst">forced</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> <reg orig="mightie">mighty</reg> <reg orig="Ioue">Jove</reg> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> <reg orig="flie">fly</reg> his <reg orig="Countrey">Country</reg>, <reg orig="banisht">banished</reg> and <reg orig="forlorne">forlorn</reg>, </l>
<l> Did <reg orig="craue">crave</reg> the aide of <hi rend="italic"> Troos, </hi> King of Troy. </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">So</seg> comes <hi rend="italic"> Belinus </hi> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> high <hi rend="italic"> Amurack. </hi> </l>
<l> And if he can but once your aide <reg orig="obtaine">obtain</reg>, </l>
<l> He <reg orig="turnes">turns</reg> with speed <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Naples </hi> <reg orig="backe againe."> back again. </reg> </l></sp>
<sp who="M"><speaker rend="italic"> Amu. </speaker>
<l> My aide <hi rend="italic"> Belinus, </hi> do you doubt of <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg>? </l>
<l> If all the men at <reg orig="armes">arms</reg> of <hi rend="italic"> <reg orig="Affrica">Africa</reg>, </hi> </l>
<l> Of <hi rend="italic"> Asia </hi> likewise, <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> sufficient be, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> <reg orig="presse">press</reg> the <reg orig="pompe">pomp</reg> of <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> <reg orig="vsurping">usurping</reg> mate: </l>
<l> Assure <reg orig="thy selfe,"> thyself, </reg> thy <reg orig="kingdome">kingdom</reg> <reg orig="shalbe"> shall be </reg> thine, </l>
<l> If <hi rend="italic"> Mahomet </hi> say I <reg orig="vnto"> unto </reg> the same: </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> were I sure <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> vanquish all <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">our</seg> foes, </l>
<l> And find such <reg orig="spoiles">spoils</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> ransacking their Tents, </l>
<l> As <reg orig="neuer"> never </reg> any <hi rend="italic"> <reg orig="Keisar">Kaiser</reg> </hi> did <reg orig="obtaine">obtain</reg>, </l>
<l> Yet would I not set <reg orig="foote">foot</reg> forth of this land: </l>
<l> If Mahomet <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">our</seg> <reg orig="iourney">journey</reg> did withstand. </l></sp>
<sp who="I"><speaker rend="italic"> Beli. </speaker>
<milestone unit="line"  n="150"></milestone>
<l> Nor would Belinus <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> King <hi rend="italic"> Croesus </hi> trash, </l>
<l> Wish Amurack <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> displease the Gods, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">In</seg> pleasuring me <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> such a trifling toy. </l>
<l> Then <reg orig="mightie">mighty</reg> Monarch, if it be thy <seg type="homograph" subtype="noun">will</seg>, </l>
<l> Get their consents, and then the act <reg orig="fulfill">fulfil</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="M"><speaker rend="italic"> Amu. </speaker>
<l> You counsel well, therefore Belinus haste, </l>
<l> And Claramount go <reg orig="beare">bear</reg> him <reg orig="companie">company</reg>, </l>
<l> With King Arcastus, <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> the <reg orig="Citie">City</reg> <reg orig="walles">walls</reg>. </l>
<l> Then bend with speed <reg orig="vnto"> unto </reg> the darksome <reg orig="groue">grove</reg>, </l>
<l> Where Mahomet this many a hundred <reg orig="yeare">year</reg> </l>
<l> Hath prophesied <reg orig="vnto"> unto </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="royalPlural">our</seg> <reg orig="auncesters">ancestors</reg>, </l>
<l> Tell <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> his Priests, <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> Amurack your King </l>
<l> Is now selecting all his men at <reg orig="armes">arms</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> set <reg orig="vpon"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">upon</seg> </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> proud Alphonsus troupe. </l>
<l> The cause you know, and can <reg orig="enforme">inform</reg> him well, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">That</seg> makes me take these <reg orig="bloudie">bloody</reg> <reg orig="broyles">broils</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> hand: </l>
<l> And say <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> I desire their sacred God, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> Mahomet <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">which</seg> ruleth all the skies, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> send me word and <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> most <reg orig="speedely">speedily</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">Which</seg> of <reg orig="vs"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg> </reg> shall <reg orig="obtaine">obtain</reg> the victory. </l>
<stage rend="italic"> Exeunt omnes, preter Baiazet and Amurack. 

<l> You Baiazet go <reg orig="poste">post</reg> away apace, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">To</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Siria, Scythia, </hi> and <hi rend="italic"> Albania, </hi> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">To</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Babylon, </hi> with <hi rend="italic"> Mesopotamia, </hi> </l>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Asia, Armenia, </hi> and all other lands </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">Which</seg> owe their homage <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> high Amurack. </l>
<milestone unit="line"  n="175"></milestone>
<l> Charge all their Kings with expedition </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> gather <reg orig="vp"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">up</seg> </reg> the <reg orig="cheefest">chiefest</reg> men at <reg orig="armes">arms</reg> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">Which</seg> now <reg orig="remaine">remain</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> their dominions, </l>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> the <reg orig="twentie">twenty</reg> day of the same month, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> come and wait <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> Amurack their King, </l>
<l> At his <reg orig="chiefe">chief</reg> <reg orig="Citie">City</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Constantinople. </hi> </l>
<l> Tell them <reg orig="moreouer">moreover</reg>, <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">who</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">so</seg> doth <reg orig="faile">fail</reg>, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Nought">Naught</reg> else but death, from prison shall him <reg orig="baile">bail</reg>.   </l>
<stage rend="italic"> Exit Baiazet. 
Assoone as he is gone, sound musicke within. 

<l> What <reg orig="heauenly">heavenly</reg> <reg orig="Musicke">Music</reg> soundeth <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> my <reg orig="eare">ear</reg>? </l>
<l> Peace Amurack and hearken <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> the same. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic"> Sound musicke, hearken Amurack, 
and fall a sleepe.  Enter Medea, Fausta the Empresse, 
Iphigina her daughter. 
<sp who="N"><speaker rend="italic"> Medea. </speaker>
<l> Now <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> <reg orig="charmes">charms</reg> <reg orig="fulfild">fulfilled</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> minds full well, </l>
<l> High Amurack is lulled fast <reg orig="asleepe">asleep</reg>, </l>
<l> And doubt I not, but ere he wakes <reg orig="againe,"> again, </reg> </l>
<l> You shall <reg orig="perceiue">perceive</reg> Medea did not gibe, </l>
<l> When as she put this practise <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> your mind: </l>
<l> Sit <reg orig="worthie">worthy</reg> Fausta at thy <reg orig="spowse">spouse</reg> his <reg orig="feete">feet</reg>. </l>
<stage rend="italic">
Fausta and Iphigina, sit downe at Amuracks feete. 

<l> Iphigina, sit thou <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> the other side: </l>
<l> <reg orig="What ere">Whatever</reg> you see be not <reg orig="agast">aghast</reg> thereat, </l>
<l> But <reg orig="beare">bear</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> mind what Amurack doth chat. </l>
<stage rend="italic">
Medea do ceremonies belonging to coniuring, and say. 

<l> Thou <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">which</seg> wert wont <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> Agamemnons <reg orig="dayes">days</reg> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> <reg orig="vtter">utter</reg> forth <hi rend="italic"> Apolloes </hi> Oracles </l>
<l> At sacred <hi rend="italic"> Delphos, Calchas </hi> I do <reg orig="meane">mean</reg>, </l>
<l> I charge thee come, all <reg orig="lingring">lingering</reg> set aside, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Vnles">Unless</reg> the <reg orig="pennance">penance</reg> you thereof abide. </l>
<l> I <reg orig="coniure">conjure</reg> thee <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> <hi rend="italic"> <reg orig="Plutoes">Pluto's</reg> </hi> loathsome lake, </l>
<milestone unit="line"  n="200"></milestone>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">By</seg> all the hags <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">which</seg> harbour <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> the same, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">By</seg> stinking <hi rend="italic"> <reg orig="Stix">Styx</reg>,</hi> and <reg orig="filthie">filthy</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Plegeton, </hi> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> come with speed, and truly <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="fulfill">fulfil</reg> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">That</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">which</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Medea </hi> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> thee <reg orig="streight">straight</reg> shall <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg>. </l></sp>
 <stage rend="italic">
Rise Calchas vp in a white Cirples and a Cardinals Myter, and say. 
<sp who="O"><speaker rend="italic"> Cal. </speaker>
<l> Thou wretched witch, when wilt thou make an end </l>
<l> Of troubling <reg orig="vs"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg> </reg>  with these thy cursed <reg orig="Charmes">Charms</reg>? </l>
<l> What <reg orig="meanst">meanest</reg> thou thus <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> call me from my <reg orig="graue">grave</reg>? </l>
<l> Shall <reg orig="nere"> never </reg> my ghost <reg orig="obtaine">obtain</reg> his quiet rest? </l></sp>
<sp who="N"><speaker rend="italic"> Me. </speaker>
<l> Yes <hi rend="italic"> Calchas </hi> yes, your rest doth now <reg orig="approch">approach</reg> </l>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Medea </hi> <reg orig="meanes">means</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> trouble thee <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> more, </l>
<l> When as thou hast <reg orig="fulfild">fulfilled</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">her</seg> mind this once. </l>
<l> Go get thee hence <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Pluto </hi> <reg orig="backe againe,"> back again, </reg> </l>
<l> And there enquire of the Destinies, </l>
<l> How <hi rend="italic"> Amurack </hi> shall speed <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> these his <reg orig="warres">wars</reg>: </l>
<l> Peruse their <reg orig="bookes">books</reg>, and <reg orig="marke">mark</reg> what is decreed </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">By</seg> <hi rend="italic"> <reg orig="Ioue">Jove</reg> </hi> <reg orig="himselfe,"> himself, </reg> and all his fellow Gods: </l>
<l> And when thou <reg orig="knowst">knowest</reg> the <reg orig="certaintie">certainty</reg> thereof, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">By</seg> <reg orig="fleshlesse">fleshless</reg> visions <reg orig="shewe">show</reg> it presently </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">To</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Amuracke, </hi> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <reg orig="paine">pain</reg> of <reg orig="penaltie">penalty</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="O"><speaker rend="italic"> Cal. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Forst">Forced</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> thy <reg orig="charme">charm</reg> though with <reg orig="vnwilling">unwilling</reg> <reg orig="minde">mind</reg>: </l>
<l> I <reg orig="hast"> haste </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> hell, the <reg orig="certaintie">certainty</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="finde">find</reg>. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic">
Calchas sinke downe where you came vp. 
<sp who="N"><speaker rend="italic"> Me. </speaker>
<l> Now <reg orig="peerles">peerless</reg> Princes I must needs be gone, </l>
<l> My <reg orig="hastie">hasty</reg> <reg orig="businesse">business</reg> calls me from this place. </l>
<l> There resteth <reg orig="nought">naught</reg>, but <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> you <reg orig="beare">bear</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <reg orig="minde">mind</reg>, </l>
<l> What <hi rend="italic"> Amuracke </hi> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> this his fit doth say. </l>
<milestone unit="line"  n="225"></milestone>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> <reg orig="marke">mark</reg> what dreaming madam he doth prate: </l>
<l> Assure <reg orig="your selfe,"> yourself, </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> <reg orig="shalbe"> shall be </reg> his fate. </l></sp>
<sp who="P"><speaker rend="italic"> Fau. </speaker>
<l> Though very <reg orig="loth">loath</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> let thee <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">so</seg> depart, </l>
<l> Farewell <hi rend="italic"> Medea, </hi> easer of my <reg orig="hart">heart</reg>.  </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic">  
Exit Medea. 
Sound Instruments within, Amurack as it 
were in a dreame, say. 
<sp who="M"><speaker rend="italic"> Amu. </speaker>
<l> What <hi rend="italic"> Amurack </hi> doest thou begin <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> nod? </l>
<l> Is this the care <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> thou hast of thy <reg orig="warres">wars</reg>? </l>
<l> As when thou <reg orig="shouldst">shouldest</reg> be prancing of thy steed, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> <reg orig="egge">egg</reg> thy <reg orig="souldiers">soldiers</reg> forward <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> thy <reg orig="warres">wars</reg>: </l>
<l> Thou sittest moping <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> the fire side? </l>
<l> See where thy <reg orig="Viceroies">Viceroys</reg> <reg orig="grouell">grovel</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> the ground. </l>
<l> <reg orig="Looke"> Look </reg> where <hi rend="italic"> Belinus </hi> breatheth forth his ghost. </l>
<l> Behold <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> millions how thy men do fall </l>
<l> Before <hi rend="italic"> Alphonsus </hi> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">like</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> <reg orig="sillie">silly</reg> <reg orig="sheepe">sheep</reg>. </l>
<l> And canst thou stand still lazing <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> this sort? </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="exclamation">No</seg> proud <hi rend="italic"> Alphonsus, Amurack </hi> doth <reg orig="flie">fly</reg> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> <reg orig="quaile">quail</reg> thy courage, and <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> <reg orig="speedilie">speedily</reg>. </l>
<stage rend="italic">
Sound Instruments a while within, and then Amuracke say. 

<l> And <reg orig="doest"> dost </reg> thou think thou proud <reg orig="iniurious">injurious</reg> God, </l>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Mahound </hi> I <reg orig="meane">mean</reg>, since thy <reg orig="vaine">vain</reg> prophesies </l>
<l> Led <hi rend="italic"> Amurack </hi> into this <reg orig="dolefull">doleful</reg> case, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> his Princely <reg orig="feete">feet</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> irons <reg orig="clapt">clapped</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">Which</seg> erst the proudest kings were <reg orig="forst">forced</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="kisse">kiss</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> thou shalt scape <reg orig="vnpunisht">unpunished</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> the same? </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="exclamation">No</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="exclamation">no</seg>, <reg orig="assoone">as soon</reg> as <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> the <reg orig="helpe">help</reg> of <hi rend="italic"> <reg orig="Ioue">Jove</reg>, </hi> </l>
<l> I scape this bondage, <reg orig="downe"> down </reg> go all thy <reg orig="groues">groves</reg>. </l>
<l> Thy alters tumble round about the streets. </l>
<milestone unit="line"  n="250"></milestone>
<l> And whereas erst <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> <reg orig="sacrifisde">sacrificed</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> thee: </l>
<l> Now all the Turks thy <reg orig="mortall">mortal</reg> foes shall <reg orig="bee."> be. </reg> </l>
<stage rend="italic">
Sound Instruments a while within, Amuracke say. 

<l> Behold the <reg orig="Iemme">Gem</reg> and <reg orig="Iewel">Jewel</reg> of mine age, </l>
<l> See where she comes, whose <reg orig="heauenly">heavenly</reg> <reg orig="maiestie">majesty</reg> </l>
<l> Doth far <reg orig="surpasse">surpass</reg> the <reg orig="braue">brave</reg> and gorgeous pace </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">Which</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Cytherea </hi> daughter <reg orig="vnto"> unto </reg> <hi rend="italic"> <reg orig="Ioue">Jove</reg>, </hi> </l>
<l> Did put <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <reg orig="vre">ure</reg> when as she had <reg orig="obtaind">obtained</reg>. </l>
<l> The golden Apple at the <reg orig="shepheards">shepherds</reg> hands. </l>
<l> See <reg orig="worthie">worthy</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Fausta </hi> where <hi rend="italic"> Alphonsus </hi> stands, </l>
<l> Whose valiant courage could not daunted be, </l>
<l> With all the men at <reg orig="armes">arms</reg> of <hi rend="italic"> <reg orig="Affrica">Africa</reg>: </hi> </l>
<l> See now he stands, as one <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> lately <reg orig="sawe">saw</reg> </l>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Medusaes </hi> head, or <hi rend="italic"> Gorgons </hi> <reg orig="hoarie">hoary</reg> hue. </l>
<stage rend="italic">
Sound Instruments a while within, Amurack say: 

<l> And can it be <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> it may happen <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">so</seg>? </l>
<l> Can Fortune <reg orig="proue">prove</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> friendly <reg orig="vnto"> unto </reg> me, </l>
<l> As <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Alphonsus </hi> <reg orig="loues">loves</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Iphigina? </hi> </l>
<l> The match is made, the wedding is decreed. </l>
<l> Sound trumpets haw, strike drums <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> mirth <reg orig="&"> and </reg> glee: </l>
<l> And three times welcome <reg orig="sonne"> son </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <reg orig="lawe">law</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> <reg orig="mee."> me. </reg> </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic">
Fausta rise vp as it were in a furie, wake Amuracke and say. 
<sp who="P"><speaker rend="italic"> Fau. </speaker>
<l> Fie <hi rend="italic"> Amurack, </hi> what wicked words be these? </l>
<l> How canst thou <reg orig="looke"> look </reg> thy <hi rend="italic"> Fausta </hi> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">her</seg> face, </l>
<l> Whom thou hast wronged <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> this <reg orig="shamefull">shameful</reg> sort? </l>
<l> And are the <reg orig="vowes">vows</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> <reg orig="solemnely">solemnly</reg> you <reg orig="sware">swear</reg> </l>
<l> <reg orig="Vnto"> Unto </reg> <hi rend="italic"> Belinus </hi> my most friendly <reg orig="neece">niece</reg>, </l>
<l> Now <reg orig="washt">washed</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> clearly from thy <reg orig="traiterous">traitorous</reg> heart? </l>
<milestone unit="line"  n="275"></milestone>
<l> Is all the <reg orig="rancor">rancour</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">which</seg> you <reg orig="earst">erst</reg> did <reg orig="beare">bear</reg> </l>
<l> <reg orig="Vnto"> Unto </reg> <hi rend="italic"> Alphonsus, </hi> <reg orig="worne">worn</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> out of mind, </l>
<l> As where thou shouldest pursue him <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> death, </l>
<l> You <reg orig="seeke">seek</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="giue"> give </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> daughter <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> his hands? </l>
<l> The Gods forbid <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> such a <reg orig="hainous">heinous</reg> deed, </l>
<l> With my consent should <reg orig="euer"> ever </reg> be decreed. </l>
<l> And rather <reg orig="then"> than </reg> thou <reg orig="shouldst">shouldest</reg> it bring <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="passe">pass</reg>, </l>
<l> If all the <reg orig="armie">army</reg> of <hi rend="italic"> Amazones </hi> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">Will</seg> be sufficient <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> withhold the same, </l>
<l> Assure <reg orig="thy selfe"> thyself </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Fausta </hi> 
<reg orig="meanes">means</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> fight </l>
<l> Against <hi rend="italic"> Amuracke, </hi> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">for</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="maintaine">maintain</reg> the right. </l></sp>
<sp who="Q"><speaker rend="italic"> Iphi. </speaker>
<l> Yea mother, say, <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">which</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Mahomet </hi> forbid, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> this conflict you should <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> the <reg orig="foyle">foil</reg>, </l>
<l> Ere <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Alphonsus </hi> should be <reg orig="cald">called</reg> my <reg orig="spowse">spouse</reg>, </l>
<l> This heart, this hand, yea and this blade should be, </l>
<l> A readier <reg orig="meanes">means</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> finish <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> decree. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic">
Amuracke rise in a rage from thy chaire. 
<sp who="M"><speaker rend="italic"> Amu. </speaker>
<l> What <reg orig="threatning">threatening</reg> words thus thunder <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> mine <reg orig="eares">ears</reg>? </l>
<l> Or <seg type="homograph" subtype="interrogative">who</seg> are they amongst the <reg orig="mortall">mortal</reg> troupes, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">That</seg> dares presume <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="vse">use</reg> such threats <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> me? </l>
<l> The <reg orig="prowdest">proudest</reg> Kings and <reg orig="Keisers">Kaisers</reg> of the land </l>
<l> Are glad <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> feed me <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> my <reg orig="fantasie">fantasy</reg>: </l>
<l> And shall I suffer then, each <reg orig="pratling">prattling</reg> dame </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="vpbraide">upbraid</reg> me <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> this <reg orig="spightfull">spiteful</reg> sort? </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="exclamation">No</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> the <reg orig="heauens">heavens</reg>, first <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> I <reg orig="loose">lose</reg> my <reg orig="Crowne">Crown</reg>, </l>
<l> My wife, my children, yea my life and all: </l>
<milestone unit="line" n="300"></milestone>
<l> And therefore Fausta, thou <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">which</seg> Amuracke </l>
<l> Didst tender erst, as the apple of mine eye, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Auoyd">Avoid</reg> my Court, and if thou <reg orig="lou'st">lovest</reg> thy life, </l>
<l> Approach not nigh <reg orig="vnto"> unto </reg> my regiment. </l>
<l> As <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> this carping <reg orig="gyrle">girl</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Iphigina, </hi> </l>
<l> Take <seg type="homograph" subtype="personalPronoun">her</seg> with thee <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="beare">bear</reg> thee company, </l>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> my land, I reed be <reg orig="seene">seen</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> more, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> if you do, you both shall die therefore. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic"> 
Exit Amurack. </stage>
<sp who="P"><speaker rend="italic"> Fau. </speaker>
<l> Nay then I see, <reg orig="tis"> it is </reg> time <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="looke"> look </reg> about, </l>
<l> Delay is dangerous, and procureth <reg orig="harme">harm</reg>, </l>
<l> The wanton colt is tamed <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> his youth, </l>
<l> Wounds must be cured when they be fresh and <reg orig="greene">green</reg>: </l>
<l> And plurisies when they begin <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> breed, </l>
<l> With little ease are <reg orig="driuen">driven</reg> away with speed. </l>
<l> Had Fausta then when Amuracke <reg orig="begunne">begun</reg>, </l>
<l> With <reg orig="spightfull">spiteful</reg> speeches <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="controll">control</reg> and <reg orig="checke">check</reg>, </l>
<l> Sought <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="preuent">prevent</reg> it <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">her</seg> <reg orig="martiall">martial</reg> force, </l>
<l> This banishment had <reg orig="neuer"> never </reg> <reg orig="hapt">happed</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> me, </l>
<l> But the Echinus fearing <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> be <reg orig="goard">gored</reg>, </l>
<l> Doth <reg orig="keepe">keep</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">her</seg> younglings <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">her</seg> paunch <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> long, </l>
<l> Till when their <reg orig="prickes">pricks</reg> be waxen long and <reg orig="sharpe">sharp</reg>, </l>
<l> They put their <reg orig="damme">dam</reg> at length <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> double <reg orig="paine">pain</reg>: </l>
<l> And I because I loathed the <reg orig="broyles">broils</reg> of Mars, </l>
<l> Bridled my thoughts, and pressed <reg orig="downe"> down </reg> my rage, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">In</seg> <reg orig="recompence">recompense</reg> of <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">which</seg> my good intent, </l>
<milestone unit="line"  n="325"></milestone>
<l> I <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> <reg orig="receiu'd">received</reg> this <reg orig="wofull">woeful</reg> banishment. </l>
<l> <reg orig="Wofull">Woeful</reg> said I? nay <reg orig="happie">happy</reg> I did <reg orig="meane">mean</reg>, </l>
<l> If <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> be <reg orig="happie">happy</reg>, <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">which</seg> doth set one free: </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> this <reg orig="meanes">means</reg>, I do not doubt ere long, </l>
<l> But <hi rend="italic"> Fausta </hi> shall with ease, <reg orig="reuenge">revenge</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">her</seg> wrong. </l>
<l> Come daughter come, my <reg orig="minde">mind</reg> foretelleth me: </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Amuracke </hi> shall <reg orig="soone"> soon </reg> requited be. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic">
Make as though you were a going out, Medea 
meete her and say. </stage>
<sp who="N"><speaker rend="italic"> Me. </speaker>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Fausta, </hi> what <reg orig="meanes">means</reg> this sudden flight of yours? </l>
<l> Why do you <reg orig="leaue">leave</reg> your husbands princely Court, </l>
<l> And all alone <reg orig="passe">pass</reg> through these thickest <reg orig="groues">groves</reg>, </l>
<l> More fit <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> harbour brutish <reg orig="sauadge">savage</reg> beasts, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Then"> than </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="receiue">receive</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> high a <reg orig="Queene">Queen</reg> as you? </l>
<l> Although your credit would not stay your steps, </l>
<l> From bending them into these darkish <reg orig="dennes">dens</reg>, </l>
<l> Yet should the <reg orig="daunger">danger</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">which</seg> is imminent, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">To</seg> <reg orig="euery"> every </reg> one <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">which</seg> passeth <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> these <reg orig="pathes">paths</reg>, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Keepe">Keep</reg> you at home with <reg orig="fayre"> fair </reg> <hi rend="italic"> Iphigina. </hi> </l>
<l> What foolish toy hath tickled you <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> this? </l>
<l> I greatly <reg orig="feare">fear</reg> some hap hath hit <reg orig="amis">amiss</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="P"><speaker rend="italic"> Fau. </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">No</seg> toy <hi rend="italic"> Medea, </hi> tickled <hi rend="italic"> Faustaes </hi> head, </l>
<l> Nor foolish <reg orig="fancie">fancy</reg> <reg orig="ledde">led</reg> me <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> these <reg orig="groues">groves</reg>, </l>
<l> But earnest <reg orig="businesse">business</reg> <reg orig="egges">eggs</reg> my trembling steps, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> <reg orig="passe">pass</reg> all dangers what <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">so</seg> <reg orig="ere"> ever </reg> they be. </l>
<l> I <reg orig="banisht">banished</reg> am <hi rend="italic"> Medea, </hi> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">which</seg> erst </l>
<l> Was <reg orig="Empresse">Empress</reg> <reg orig="ouer"> over </reg> all the triple world, </l>
<milestone unit="line"  n="350"></milestone>
<l> Am <reg orig="banisht">banished</reg> now from <reg orig="pallace">palace</reg> and from <reg orig="pompe">pomp</reg>, </l>
<l> But if the gods be <reg orig="fauourers">favourers</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> me, </l>
<l> Ere <reg orig="twentie">twenty</reg> <reg orig="dayes">days</reg>, I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> <reg orig="reuenged">revenged</reg> be. </l></sp>
<sp who="N"><speaker rend="italic"> Me. </speaker>
<l> I thought as much, when first from thickest <reg orig="leaues">leaves</reg>, </l>
<l> I saw you trudging <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> such posting pace. </l>
<l> But <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> the purpose, what may be the cause, </l>
<l> Of this <reg orig="strnnge">strange</reg> and sudden banishment? </l></sp>
<sp who="P"><speaker rend="italic"> Fau. </speaker>
<l> The cause <reg orig="aske">ask</reg> you, a simple cause god wot: </l>
<l> <reg orig="Twas"> It was </reg> neither treason, nor yet <reg orig="felonie">felony</reg>, </l>
<l> But <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">for</seg>  because I <reg orig="blamde">blamed</reg> his <reg orig="foolishnes">foolishness</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="N"><speaker rend="italic"> Me. </speaker>
<l> I <reg orig="heare"> hear </reg> you say <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">so</seg>, but I greatly <reg orig="feare">fear</reg>, </l>
<l> Ere <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> your tale be brought <reg orig="vnto"> unto </reg> an end, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Youle"> You <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> <reg orig="proue">prove</reg> <reg orig="your selfe"> yourself </reg>the author of the same: </l>
<l> But pray be <reg orig="briefe">brief</reg>, what <reg orig="follie">folly</reg> did your <reg orig="spowse">spouse</reg>? </l>
<l> And how <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> you <reg orig="reuenge">revenge</reg> your wrong <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> him? </l></sp>
<sp who="P"><speaker rend="italic"> Fau. </speaker>
<l> What <reg orig="follie">folly</reg> quoth you? such as <reg orig="neuer"> nevere </reg> yet </l>
<l> Was heard or <reg orig="seene">seen</reg>, since <hi rend="italic"> Phoebus </hi> first gan shine, </l>
<l> You know how he was gathering <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> all haste, </l>
<l> His men at <reg orig="armes">arms</reg>, <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> set <reg orig="vpon"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">upon</seg> </reg> the troupe </l>
<l> Of <reg orig="proude">proud</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Alphonsus, </hi> yea you well do know, </l>
<l> How you and I did do the best <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> could, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> make him <reg orig="shew">show</reg> <reg orig="vs"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg> </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> his <reg orig="drowsie">drowsy</reg> <reg orig="dreame">dream</reg>, </l>
<l> What <reg orig="afterward">afterword</reg> should happen <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> his <reg orig="warres">wars</reg>: </l>
<l> Much <reg orig="talke">talk</reg> he had, <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">which</seg> now I <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> forgot. </l>
<l> But at the length, this surely was decreed, </l>
<milestone unit="line"  n="375"></milestone>
<l> How <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Alphonsus </hi> and <hi rend="italic"> Iphigina </hi> </l>
<l> Should be <reg orig="conioynd">conjoined</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <hi rend="italic"> <reg orig="Iunoes">Juno's</reg> </hi> sacred rites, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">Which</seg> when I heard, as one <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> did despise, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> such a <reg orig="traytor">traitor</reg> should be <reg orig="sonne"> son </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> me, </l>
<l> I did rebuke my husband <hi rend="italic"> Amuracke. </hi> </l>
<l> And since my words could take <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> better place, </l>
<l> My sword with <reg orig="helpe">help</reg> of all <hi rend="italic"> Amazones, </hi> </l>
<l> Shall make him <reg orig="soone"> soon </reg> repent his <reg orig="foolishnes">foolishness</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="N"><speaker rend="italic"> Me. </speaker>
<l> This is the cause then of your banishment, </l>
<l> And now you <reg orig="goe vnto"> go unto </reg> <hi rend="italic"> Amazone, </hi> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> gather all your <reg orig="maydens">maidens</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> array, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> set <reg orig="vpon"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">upon</seg> </reg> the <reg orig="mightie">mighty</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Amuracke? </hi> </l>
<l> <reg orig="Oh"> O </reg> foolish <reg orig="Queene">Queen</reg>, what meant you <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> this <reg orig="talke">talk</reg>? </l>
<l> Those <reg orig="pratling">prattling</reg> speeches <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> <reg orig="vndone">undone</reg> you all. </l>
<l> Do you <reg orig="disdaine">disdain</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> <reg orig="mightie">mighty</reg> Prince, </l>
<l> I <reg orig="meane">mean</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Alphonsus, </hi> counted <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> your <reg orig="sonne?"> son? </reg> </l>
<l> I tell you <hi rend="italic"> Fausta, </hi> he is <reg orig="borne">born</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> be, </l>
<l> The ruler of a <reg orig="mightie">mighty</reg> <reg orig="Monarchie">Monarchy</reg>: </l>
<l> I must <reg orig="confesse">confess</reg> the powers of <hi rend="italic"> Amuracke </hi> </l>
<l> Be great, his confines stretch both far and <reg orig="neare">near</reg>, </l>
<l> Yet are they not the third part of the lands, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">Which</seg> shall be ruled <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Alphonsus </hi> hands, </l>

<l> And yet you <reg orig="daine">deign</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> call him <reg orig="sonne"> son </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> law: </l>
<l> But when you see his <reg orig="sharpe">sharp</reg> and cutting sword </l>
<l> Piercing the heart of this your gallant <reg orig="gyrle">girl</reg>, </l>
<milestone unit="line"  n="400"></milestone>
<l> <reg orig="Youle"> You <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> curse the <reg orig="houre">hour</reg> wherein you did <reg orig="denay">deny</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> <reg orig="ioyne">join</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Alphonsus </hi> with <hi rend="italic"> Iphigina. </hi> </l></sp>
<sp who="P"><speaker rend="italic"> Fau. </speaker>
<l> The gods forbid, <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> <reg orig="ere"> ever </reg> it happen <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">so</seg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="N"><speaker rend="italic"> Me. </speaker>
<l> Nay <reg orig="neuer"> never </reg> pray, <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">for</seg> it must happen <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">so</seg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="P"><speaker rend="italic"> Fau. </speaker>
<l> And is there then <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> <reg orig="remedie">remedy</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> it? </l></sp>
<sp who="N"><speaker rend="italic"> Me. </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="exclamation">No</seg> none but one, <reg orig="&"> and </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> you <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> forsworn, </l></sp>
<sp who="P"><speaker rend="italic"> Fau. </speaker>
<l> As though an oath can bridle <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">so</seg> my <reg orig="minde">mind</reg>, </l>
<l> As <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> I dare not <reg orig="breake">break</reg> a thousand <reg orig="oathes">oaths</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> eschew the danger imminent. </l>
<l> <reg orig="Speake"> Speak </reg> good Medea, tell <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> way <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> me, </l>
<l> And I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> do it, what <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">so</seg> <reg orig="ere"> ever </reg> it be. </l></sp>
<sp who="N"><speaker rend="italic"> Me. </speaker>
<l> Then as already you <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> well decreed, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Packe">Pack</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> your <reg orig="countrey">country</reg>, and <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <reg orig="readinesse">readiness</reg>, </l>
<l> Select the <reg orig="armie">army</reg> of <hi rend="italic"> Amazones, </hi> </l>
<l> When you <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> done, march with your female troupe </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">To</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Naples </hi> <reg orig="Towne">Town</reg>, <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> succour <hi rend="italic"> Amuracke, </hi> </l>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">so</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> marriage of <hi rend="italic"> Iphigina, </hi> </l>
<l> You <reg orig="soone"> soon </reg> shall <reg orig="driue">drive</reg> the danger <reg orig="cleane">clean</reg> away. </l></sp>
<sp who="Q"><speaker rend="italic"> Iphigi. </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">So</seg> shall <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> <reg orig="soone"> soon </reg> eschew <hi rend="italic"> Caribdis </hi> lake, </l>
<l> And headlong fall <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Syllaes </hi> <reg orig="greedie">greedy</reg> <reg orig="gulph">gulf</reg>, </l>
<l> I <reg orig="vowd">vowed</reg> before, and now do vow <reg orig="againe:"> again: </reg> </l>
<l> Before I <reg orig="wedde">wed</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Alphonsus, </hi> <reg orig="Ile"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> be <reg orig="slaine">slain</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="N"><speaker rend="italic"> Me. </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">In</seg> <reg orig="vaine">vain</reg> it is, <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="striue">strive</reg> against the <reg orig="streame">stream</reg>, </l>
<l> Fates must be followed, and the gods decree </l>
<l> Must needs take place <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <reg orig="euery"> every </reg> <reg orig="kinde">kind</reg> of cause. </l>
<milestone unit="line"  n="425"></milestone>
<l> <reg orig="Therfore">Therefore</reg> <reg orig="faire"> fair </reg> <reg orig="maide">maid</reg>, bridle these brutish thoughts, </l>
<l> And <reg orig="learne">learn</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> follow what the fates <reg orig="assigne">assign</reg>, </l>
<l> When <hi rend="italic"> <reg orig="Saturne">Saturn</reg> </hi> heard, <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> <hi rend="italic"> <reg orig="Iuppiter">Jupiter</reg> </hi> his <reg orig="sonne"> son </reg> </l>
<l> Should <reg orig="driue">drive</reg> him headlong from his <reg orig="heauenly">heavenly</reg> seat, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Downe"> Down </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> the <reg orig="bottome">bottom</reg> of the <reg orig="darke">dark</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Auarne, </hi> </l>
<l> He did command his mother presently, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> do <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> death, the young and <reg orig="guiltlesse">guiltless</reg> <reg orig="childe">child</reg>: </l>
<l> But what of <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg>, the mother <reg orig="loathd">loathed</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> heart, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> commit <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> vile a massacre. </l>
<l> Yea <hi rend="italic"> <reg orig="Ioue">Jove</reg> </hi> did <reg orig="liue,"> live, </reg> and as the fates did say, </l>
<l> From <reg orig="heauenly">heavenly</reg> <reg orig="seate">seat</reg>, <reg orig="draue">drove</reg> <hi rend="italic"> <reg orig="Saturne">Saturn</reg> </hi> <reg orig="cleane">clean</reg> away. </l>
<l> What did <reg orig="auaile">avail</reg> the Castle all of <reg orig="Steele">Steel</reg>, </l>
<l> The <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">which</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Acrisius </hi> caused <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> be made, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> <reg orig="keepe">keep</reg> his daughter <hi rend="italic"> Danae </hi> clogged <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">in</seg>? </l>
<l> She was with <reg orig="childe">child</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">for</seg> all <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">her</seg> Castles force, </l>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> child, <hi rend="italic"> Acrisius </hi> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">her</seg> sire, </l>
<l> Was after <reg orig="slaine">slain</reg>, <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">so</seg> did the fates require. </l>
<l> A thousand examples, I could bring hereof. </l>
<l> But Marble stones needs <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> colouring, </l>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">which</seg> <reg orig="euery"> every </reg> one doth know <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> truth, </l>
<l> Needs <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> examples <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="confirme">confirm</reg> the same. </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">That</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">which</seg> the fates appoint must happen <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">so</seg>, </l>
<l> Though <reg orig="heauenly">heavenly</reg> <hi rend="italic"> <reg orig="Ioue">Jove</reg>, </hi> and all the Gods say <seg type="homograph" subtype="exclamation">no</seg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="P"><speaker rend="italic"> Fau. </speaker>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Iphigina, </hi> she <reg orig="sayth">saith</reg> <reg orig="nought">naught</reg> but truth, </l>
<l> Fates must be followed <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> their <reg orig="iust">just</reg> decrees: </l>
<milestone unit="line"  n="450"></milestone>
<l> And therefore setting all <reg orig="delayes">delays</reg> aside, </l>
<l> Come let <reg orig="vs"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg> </reg> wend <reg orig="vnto"> unto </reg> <hi rend="italic"> Amazone, </hi> </l>
<l> And gather <reg orig="vp"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">up</seg> </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> forces out of hand. </l></sp>
<sp who="Q"><speaker rend="italic"> Iphi. </speaker>
<l> Since <hi rend="italic"> Fausta </hi> <reg orig="wils">wills</reg>, and fates do <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">so</seg> command, </l>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Iphigina </hi> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> <reg orig="neuer"> never </reg> it withstand. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic"> Exeunt omnes.  </stage>
<div1 type="act" n="4">
<stage>Act. 3. </stage>
<stage rend="italic"> Enter Venus. </stage>
<sp who="A">
<l> Thus <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> you <reg orig="seene,"> seen, </reg> how <hi rend="italic"> 
Amuracke </hi> <reg orig="himselfe,"> himself, </reg> </l>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Fausta </hi> his wife, and <reg orig="euery"> every </reg> other King, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">Which</seg> holds their <reg orig="scepters">sceptres</reg> at the <reg orig="Turke">Turk</reg> his hands, </l>
<l> Are now <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <reg orig="armes">arms</reg>, <reg orig="entending">intending</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> destroy </l>
<l> And bring <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> <reg orig="nought">naught</reg>, the Prince of <hi rend="italic"> Aragon. </hi> </l>
<l> <reg orig="Charmes">Charms</reg> <reg orig="haue bene"> have been </reg> <reg orig="vsde">used</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> wise <hi rend="italic"> Medeas </hi> art, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> know before what <reg orig="afterward">afterword</reg> shall hap, </l>
<l> And King <hi rend="italic"> Belinus </hi> with high <hi rend="italic"> Claramount, </hi> </l>
<l> <reg orig="Ioynd">Joined</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Alphonsus, </hi> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">which</seg> with Princely <reg orig="pompe">pomp</reg>, </l>
<l> Doth rule and <reg orig="gouerne">govern</reg> all the warlike <reg orig="Moores">Moors</reg>, </l>
<l> Are sent as <reg orig="Legats">Legates</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> god <hi rend="italic"> Mahomet, </hi> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> know his <reg orig="counsell">counsel</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> these high <reg orig="affaires">affairs</reg>. </l>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Mahound </hi> <reg orig="prouokte">provoked</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Amurackes </hi> discourse, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">Which</seg> as you heard, he <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> his <reg orig="dreame">dream</reg> did <reg orig="vse">use</reg>, </l>
<l> Denies <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> play the Prophet any more, </l>
<l> But <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> the long <reg orig="intreatie">entreaty</reg> of his Priests, </l>
<l> He prophesies <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> such a <reg orig="craftie">crafty</reg> sort, </l>
<l> As <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> the hearers needs must laugh <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> sport. </l>
<l> Yet <reg orig="poore">poor</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Belinus </hi> with his fellow Kings, </l>
<l> Did <reg orig="giue"> give </reg> such credence <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> forged tale, </l>
<l> As <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> they lost their dearest <reg orig="liues">lives</reg> thereby, </l>
<l> And <hi rend="italic"> Amuracke </hi> became a prisoner </l>
<l> <reg orig="Vnto"> Unto </reg> <hi rend="italic"> Alphonsus, </hi> as straight shall <reg orig="appeare">appear</reg>. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic"> Exit Venus. 
Let there be a brazen Head set in the middle of the place 
behind the Stage, out of the which, cast flames of fire, drums 
rumble within, Enter two Priests. 
<sp who="R"><speaker rend="italic"> 1. Pr. </speaker>
<l> My fellow Priests of <hi rend="italic"> Mahounds </hi> holy house, </l>
<milestone unit="line"  n="25"></milestone>
<l> What can you <reg orig="iudge">judge</reg> of these strange miracles, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">Which</seg> daily happen <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> this sacred <reg orig="seate">seat</reg>? </l>
<stage rend="italic"> Drums rumble within. </stage>

<l> <reg orig="Harke">Hark</reg> what a rumbling <reg orig="ratleth">rattled</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> <reg orig="eares">ears</reg>. </l>
<stage rend="italic">
Cast flames of fire forth of the brazen Head. 

<l> See flakes of fire proceeding from the mouth </l>
<l> Of <hi rend="italic"> Mahomet, </hi> <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> God of <reg orig="peereles">peerless</reg> power. </l>
<l> Nor can I tell with all the wit I <reg orig="haue,"> have, </reg> </l>
<l> What <hi rend="italic"> Mahomet </hi> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> these his <reg orig="signes">signs</reg> doth <reg orig="craue">crave</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="S"><speaker rend="italic"> 2. Pr. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Thrise">Thrice</reg> ten times <hi rend="italic"> Phoebus </hi> with his golden <reg orig="beames">beams</reg>, </l>
<l> Hath compassed the circle of the <reg orig="skie">sky</reg>, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Thrise">Thrice</reg> ten times <hi rend="italic"> Ceres, </hi> hath <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">her</seg> <reg orig="workemen">workmen</reg> <reg orig="hir'd">hired</reg>, </l>
<l> And <reg orig="fild">filled</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">her</seg> <reg orig="barnes">barns</reg> with <reg orig="frutefull">fruitful</reg> crops of <reg orig="corne">corn</reg>, </l>
<l> Since first <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> Priesthood I did lead my life: </l>
<l> Yet <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> this time I <reg orig="neuer"> never </reg> heard before, </l>
<l> Such <reg orig="feareful">fearful</reg> sounds, nor saw such wondrous sights, </l>
<l> Nor can I tell, with all the wit I <reg orig="haue,"> have, </reg> </l>
<l> What <hi rend="italic"> Mahomet </hi> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> these his <reg orig="signes">signs</reg> doth <reg orig="craue">crave</reg>. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic">
Speake out of the brazen Head. 
<sp who="T"><speaker rend="italic"> Ma. </speaker>
<l> You cannot tell, nor <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> you <reg orig="seeke">seek</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> know, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Oh"> O </reg> <reg orig="peruerse">perverse</reg> Priest, how <reg orig="carelesse">careless</reg> are you <reg orig="waxt">waxed</reg>? </l>
<l> As when my foes approach <reg orig="vnto"> unto </reg> my gates, </l>
<l> You stand still talking of I cannot tell: </l>
<l> Go <reg orig="packe">pack</reg> you hence, and <reg orig="meete">meet</reg> the Turkish kings, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">Which</seg> now are drawing <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> my Temple ward: </l>
<l> Tell them from me, God <hi rend="italic"> Mahomet </hi> is <reg orig="dispos'd">disposed</reg> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> <reg orig="prophesie">prophesy</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> more <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Amuracke, </hi> </l>
<l> Since <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> his tongue is waxen now <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> free, </l>
<milestone unit="line"  n="50"></milestone>
<l> As <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> it needs must chat and <reg orig="raile">rail</reg> at me. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic">
Kneele downe both. 
<sp who="R"><speaker rend="italic"> 1. Pr. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Oh"> O </reg> <hi rend="italic"> Mahomet, </hi> if all the <reg orig="solemne">solemn</reg> prayers </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">Which</seg> from <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> childhood <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> offered thee, </l>
<l> Can make thee call this sentence <reg orig="backe againe,"> back again, </reg> </l>
<l> Bring not thy Priest into this dangerous state: </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> when the <reg orig="Turke">Turk</reg> doth <reg orig="heare"> hear </reg> of this repulse, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">We</seg> shall be sure <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> die the death therefore. </l></sp>
<sp who="T"><speaker rend="italic"> Ma. </speaker>
<l> Thou <reg orig="sayest">sayst</reg> truth, go call the Princes <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">in</seg>, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Ile"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> <reg orig="prophesie">prophesy</reg> <reg orig="vnto"> unto </reg> them <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> this once, </l>
<l> But <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> such wise, as they shall neither boast, </l>
<l> Nor you be hurt <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> any <reg orig="kinde">kind</reg> of wise. </l></sp>
 <stage rend="italic"> 
Enter Belinus, Claramont, Arcastus, go both the Priests 
to meet him: the first say. 
<sp who="R"><speaker rend="italic"> 1. Pr. </speaker>
<l> You Kings of <hi rend="italic"> <reg orig="Turkie">Turkey</reg>, Mahomet </hi> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> God, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">By</seg> sacred science, <reg orig="hauing">having</reg> notice <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> </l>
<l> You were sent <reg orig="Legats">Legates</reg> from high <hi rend="italic"> Amuracke, </hi> </l>
<l> <reg orig="Vnto"> Unto </reg> this place, <reg orig="commaunded">commanded</reg> <reg orig="vs"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg></reg> his Priests, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> should cause you make as mickle speed, </l>
<l> As well you might, <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="heare"> hear </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> <reg orig="certaintie">certainty</reg>, </l>
<l> Of <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> shall happen <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> your King and ye. </l></sp>
<sp who="I"><speaker rend="italic"> Beli. </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">For</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> intent <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> came into this place, </l>
<l> And <reg orig="sithens">since</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg>, the <reg orig="mightie">mighty</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Mahomet </hi> </l>
<l> Is now at leisure <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">for</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> tell the same, </l>
<l> Let <reg orig="vs"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg> </reg> make haste and take time while <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> may: </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> mickle <reg orig="daunger">danger</reg> <reg orig="hapneth">happens</reg> through delay. </l></sp>
<sp who="S"><speaker rend="italic"> 2. Pri. </speaker>
<l> Truth worthy king, and <reg orig="therfore">therefore</reg> you <reg orig="yourselfe,"> yourself, </reg> </l>
<l> With your companions, <reg orig="kneele">kneel</reg> before this place, </l>
<milestone unit="line"  n="75"></milestone>
<l> And listen well what <hi rend="italic"> Mahomet </hi> doth say. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic">
Kneele all downe before the brasen Head. 
<sp who="I"><speaker rend="italic"> Beli. </speaker>
<l> As you do <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg>, <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> <reg orig="ioyntly">jointly</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="T"><speaker rend="italic"> Ma. </speaker>
<l> Princes of <hi rend="italic"> <reg orig="Turkie">Turkey</reg>, </hi> and <reg orig="Embassadors">Ambassadors</reg> </l>
<l> Of <hi rend="italic"> Amuracke, </hi> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> <reg orig="mightie">mighty</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Mahomet, </hi> </l>
<l> I needs must muse, <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> you <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">which</seg> erst <reg orig="haue bene"> have been </reg> </l>
<l> The readiest <reg orig="souldiers">soldiers</reg> of the triple world, </l>
<l> Are now become <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> <reg orig="slacke">slack</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> your <reg orig="affaires">affairs</reg>, </l>
<l> As when you should with <reg orig="bloudie">bloody</reg> blade <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> hand, </l>
<l> Be hacking <reg orig="helmes">helms</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> thickest of your foes, </l>
<l> You stand still <reg orig="loytering">loitering</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> the Turkish <reg orig="soyle">soil</reg>. </l>
<l> What know you not, how <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> it is decreed, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">By</seg> all the gods, and chiefly <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> <reg orig="my selfe:"> myself: </reg> </l>

<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> you with triumph should all Crowned <reg orig="bee:"> be: </reg> </l>
<l> Make haste Kings, least when the fates do see, </l>
<l> How <reg orig="carlesly">carelessly</reg> you do neglect their words, </l>
<l> They call a <reg orig="Counsell">Counsel</reg>, and force <hi rend="italic"> Mahomet </hi> </l>
<l> Against his <seg type="homograph" subtype="noun">will</seg> some other thing <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> set. </l>
<l> Send <hi rend="italic"> Fabius </hi> <reg orig="backe"> back </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Amuracke </hi> <reg orig="againe,"> again, </reg> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> haste him forwards <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> his enterprise: </l>
<l> And march you <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">on</seg> with all the troupes you <reg orig="haue,"> have, </reg> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">To</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Naples </hi> ward, <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> conquer <hi rend="italic"> Aragon. </hi> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> if you stay, both you and all your men, </l>
<l> Must needs be sent <reg orig="downe"> down </reg> straight <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> <hi rend="italic"> <reg orig="Lymbo">Limbo</reg> </hi> den. </l></sp>
<sp who="S"><speaker rend="italic"> 2. Pri. </speaker>
<l> Muse not <reg orig="braue">brave</reg> kings at <hi rend="italic"> <reg orig="Mahomets">Mahomet's</reg> </hi> discourse, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> <reg orig="marke">mark</reg> what he forth of <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> mouth doth say, </l>
<milestone unit="line"  n="100"></milestone>
<l> Assure <reg orig="your selfe"> yourself </reg> it needs must happen <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">so</seg>. </l>
<l> <reg orig="Therfore">Therefore</reg> make <reg orig="hast,"> haste, </reg> go mount you <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> your steeds, </l>
<l> And set <reg orig="vpon"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">upon</seg> </reg> <hi rend="italic"> Alphonsus </hi> presently. </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">So</seg> shall you <reg orig="reape">reap</reg> great <reg orig="honor">honour</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> your <reg orig="paine">pain</reg>: </l>
<l> And scape the scourge, <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">which</seg> <reg orig="els">else</reg> the Fates <reg orig="ordaine">ordain</reg>. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic"> Rise all vp. </stage>
<sp who="I"><speaker rend="italic"> Beli. </speaker>
<l> Then proud <hi rend="italic"> Alphonsus, </hi> <reg orig="looke"> look </reg> thou <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> thy <reg orig="Crowne">Crown</reg>, </l>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Belinus </hi> comes <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <reg orig="glittring">glittering</reg> <reg orig="armor">armour</reg> clad, </l>
<l> All <reg orig="readie">ready</reg> <reg orig="prest">pressed</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">for</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="reuenge">revenge</reg> the wrong </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">Which</seg> not long since, you <reg orig="offred">offered</reg> <reg orig="vnto"> unto </reg> him. </l>
<l> And since <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> God <hi rend="italic"> Mahound </hi> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> side: </l>
<l> The <reg orig="victorie">victory</reg> must needs <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> <reg orig="vs"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg> </reg> betide. </l></sp>
<sp who="U"><speaker rend="italic"> Cla. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Worthie">Worthy</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Belinus, </hi> set such threats away, </l>
<l> And let <reg orig="vs"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg></reg> haste as fast as horse can trot, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> set <reg orig="vpon"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">upon</seg> </reg> presumptuous <hi rend="italic"> Aragon. </hi> </l>
<l> You <hi rend="italic"> Fabius,</hi> <reg orig="hast"> haste </reg> as <hi rend="italic"> Mahound </hi> 
did <reg orig="commaund">command</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">To</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Amuracke, </hi> with all the speed you may. </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker rend="italic"> Fabi. </speaker>
<l> With willing mind I hasten <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> my way. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic"> Exit Fabius. </stage>
<sp who="I"><speaker rend="italic"> Beli. </speaker>
<l> And thinking long till <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> be <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> fight, </l>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Belinus </hi> hastes <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="quaile">quail</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Alphonsus </hi> might. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic"> Exeunt omnes. 
Strike vp alarum a while. Enter Carinus. 
<sp who="F"><speaker rend="italic"> Cari. </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">No</seg> sooner had God <hi rend="italic"> Phaebus </hi> brightsome <reg orig="beames">beams</reg> </l>
<l> Begun <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="diue">dive</reg> within the <reg orig="Westerne">Western</reg> seas, </l>
<l> And darksome <hi rend="italic"> Nox </hi> had <reg orig="spred">spread</reg> about the earth </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">Her</seg> blackish mantle, but a <reg orig="drowsie">drowsy</reg> <reg orig="sleepe">sleep</reg> </l>
<l> Did take possession of <hi rend="italic"> Carinus </hi> <reg orig="sence">sense</reg>, </l>
<l> And <hi rend="italic"> Morphei </hi> <reg orig="shewd">showed</reg> me strange disguised shapes. </l>
<milestone unit="line"  n="125"></milestone>
<l> <reg orig="Me thought"> Methought </reg> I saw <hi rend="italic"> Alphonsus </hi> my <reg orig="deare">dear</reg> <reg orig="sonne,"> son, </reg> </l>
<l> Plast <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> a <reg orig="throane">throne</reg> all glittering <reg orig="cleare">clear</reg> with gold, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Bedeckt">Bedecked</reg> with diamonds, <reg orig="pearles">pearls</reg> <reg orig="&"> and </reg> precious stones, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">Which</seg> <reg orig="shind">shined</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> <reg orig="cleare">clear</reg>, and glittered all <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> bright, </l>

<l> <hi rend="italic"> Hiperions </hi> couch, <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> well be <reg orig="termd">termed</reg> it might. </l>
<l> <reg orig="Aboue"> Above </reg> his head a <reg orig="canapie">canopy</reg> was set, </l>
<l> Not <reg orig="deckt">decked</reg> with plumes as other Princes <reg orig="vse">use</reg>, </l>
<l> But all beset with heads of conquered kings: </l>
<l> <reg orig="Enstald">Installed</reg> with Crowns, <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">which</seg> made a gallant <reg orig="shew">show</reg>, </l>
<l> And <reg orig="strooke">struck</reg> a terror <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> the viewers <reg orig="harts">hearts</reg>. </l>
<l> <reg orig="Vnder"> Under </reg> his <reg orig="feete">feet</reg> lay <reg orig="grouelling">grovelling</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> the ground, </l>
<l> Thousand of Princes, <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">which</seg> he <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> his <reg orig="warres">wars</reg> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">By</seg> <reg orig="martiall">martial</reg> might did conquer and bring <reg orig="lowe">low</reg>. </l>
<l> Some lay as dead as either stock or stone, </l>
<l> Some other tumbled wounded <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> the death: </l>
<l> But most of them as <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> their <reg orig="soueraigne">sovereign</reg> king, </l>
<l> Did offer duly homage <reg orig="vnto"> unto </reg> him. </l>
<l> As thus I stood beholding of this <reg orig="pompe">pomp</reg>, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Me thought"> methought </reg> <hi rend="italic"> Alphonsus </hi> did <reg orig="espie">epsy</reg> me out: </l>
<l> And at a trice he <reg orig="leauing">leaving</reg> <reg orig="throane">throne</reg> alone, </l>
<l> Came <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="imbrace">embrace</reg> me <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> his blessed <reg orig="armes">arms</reg>. </l>
<l> Then <reg orig="noyse">noise</reg> of drums, and sound of trumpets shrill, </l>
<l> Did wake <hi rend="italic"> Carinus </hi> from this pleasant <reg orig="dreame">dream</reg>. </l>
<l> Something I know is now <reg orig="foreshewne">foreshown</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> this: </l>
<l> The Gods <reg orig="forsend">forfend</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> ought should hap <reg orig="amis">amiss</reg>. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic">
Carinus walke vp and downe. Enter the Duke of 
Millain in Pilgrims apparell, and say. </stage>
<sp who="Z"><speaker rend="italic"> Du. </speaker>
<milestone unit="line"  n="150"></milestone>
<l> This is the chance of fickle Fortunes <reg orig="wheele">wheel</reg> </l>
<l> A Prince at <reg orig="morne">morn</reg>, a Pilgrim ere it be night: </l>
<l> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">which</seg> erewhile did <reg orig="daine">deign</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">for</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="possesse">possess</reg>, </l>
<l> The proudest <reg orig="pallace">palace</reg> of the <reg orig="westerne">western</reg> world, </l>
<l> Would now be glad, a cottage <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">for</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="finde">find</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> hide my head, <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">so</seg> Fortune hath <reg orig="assignde">assigned</reg>. </l>
<l> <reg orig="Thrise">Thrice</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Hesperus </hi> with <reg orig="pompe">pomp</reg> and <reg orig="peerelesse">peerless</reg> pride </l>
<l> Hath <reg orig="heau'd">heaved</reg> his head forth of the <reg orig="Easterne">Eastern</reg> seas: </l>
<l> <reg orig="Thrise">Thrice</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Cynthia, </hi> with <hi rend="italic"> Phoebus </hi> borrowed <reg orig="beames">beams</reg>, </l>
<l> Hath <reg orig="shewe">show</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">her</seg> <reg orig="bewtie">beauty</reg> <reg orig="throgh">through</reg> the darkish <reg orig="clowdes">clouds</reg>, </l>
<l> Since <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> I wretched <hi rend="italic"> Dulce </hi> <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> tasted ought, </l>
<l> Or <reg orig="drunke">drunk</reg> a drop of any <reg orig="kinde">kind</reg> of <reg orig="drinke">drink</reg>. </l>
<l> Instead of beds set forth with <reg orig="Ibonie">Ebony</reg>, </l>
<l> The greenish <reg orig="grasse">grass</reg> hath <reg orig="bene"> been </reg> my resting place, </l>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> my pillow stuffed with <reg orig="downe"><seg type="homograph" subtype="noun">down</seg></reg>, </l>
<l> The hardish <reg orig="hillockes">hillocks</reg> <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> sufficed my <reg orig="turne">turn</reg>. </l>
<l> Thus I <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">which</seg> erst had all things at my <seg type="homograph" subtype="noun">will</seg>, </l>
<l> A life more hard <reg orig="then"> than </reg> death do follow still. </l></sp>
<sp who="F"><speaker rend="italic"> Ca. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Me thinks"> Methinks </reg> I <reg orig="heare,"> hear, </reg> not very far from hence, </l>
<l> Some <reg orig="wofull">woeful</reg> wight, lamenting his mischance: </l>
<l> <reg orig="Ile"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> go and see, if <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> I can <reg orig="espie">epsy</reg> </l>
<l> Him where he sits, or <reg orig="ouerheare">overhear</reg> his <reg orig="talke">talk</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="Z"><speaker rend="italic"> Du. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Oh"> O </reg> <hi rend="italic"> <reg orig="Millaine">Milan</reg>, <reg orig="Millaine">Milan</reg>, </hi> <reg orig="litle">little</reg> dost thou <reg orig="thinke,"> think, </reg> </l>
<l> How <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> thy Duke is now <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> such <reg orig="distresse">distress</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> if thou didst, I <reg orig="soone"> soon </reg> should be <reg orig="releast">released</reg> </l>
<milestone unit="line"  n="175"></milestone>
<l> Forth of this <reg orig="greedie">greedy</reg> <reg orig="gulph">gulf</reg> of <reg orig="miserie">misery</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="F"><speaker rend="italic"> Ca. </speaker>
<l> The <reg orig="Millaine">Milan</reg> Duke, I thought as much before, </l>
<l> When first I <reg orig="glaunst">glanced</reg> mine eyes <reg orig="vpon"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">upon</seg> </reg> his face: </l>
<l> This is the man <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">which</seg> was the <reg orig="onely"> only </reg> cause, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> I was <reg orig="forst">forced</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="flie">fly</reg> from <hi rend="italic"> Aragon. </hi> </l>
<l> High <hi rend="italic"> <reg orig="Ioue">Jove</reg> </hi> be <reg orig="prais'd">praised</reg>, <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">which</seg> hath allotted me </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">So</seg> fit a time <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> quite <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> <reg orig="iniurie">injury</reg>. </l>
<l> <reg orig="Pilgrime">Pilgrim</reg> God speed. </l></sp>
<sp who="Z"><speaker rend="italic"> Du. </speaker>
<l> Welcome <reg orig="graue">grave</reg> sir <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> me. </l></sp>
<sp who="F"><speaker rend="italic"> Cari. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Me thought"> Methought </reg> as now I heard you <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">for</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> speak </l>
<l> Of <hi rend="italic"> <reg orig="Millaine">Milan</reg> </hi> land, pray do you know the same? </l></sp>
<sp who="Z">
<l> <reg orig="I"> Aye </reg> aged father, I <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> cause <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> know, </l>
<l> Both <hi rend="italic"> <reg orig="Millaine">Milan</reg> </hi> land, and all the parts thereof. </l></sp>
<sp who="F"><speaker rend="italic"> Cari. </speaker>
<l> Why then I doubt not but you can <reg orig="resolue">resolve</reg> </l>
<l> Me of a question <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> I shall <reg orig="demaund">demand</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="Z"><speaker rend="italic"> Duke. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="I"> Aye </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> I can, what <reg orig="euer"> ever </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> it be. </l></sp>
<sp who="F"><speaker rend="italic"> Cari. </speaker>
<l> Then <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> be <reg orig="briefe">brief</reg>, not <reg orig="twentie">twenty</reg> winters past </l>
<l> When these my <reg orig="lims">limbs</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">which</seg> withered are with age, </l>
<l> Were <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> the prime and spring of all their youth, </l>
<l> I still desirous as <reg orig="yoong">young</reg> gallants be, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> see the fashions of <hi rend="italic"> Arabia, </hi> </l>
<l> My nature <reg orig="soyle">soil</reg>, and <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> this pilgrims weed, </l>
<l> Began <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="trauell">travel</reg> through <reg orig="vnkenned">unkenned</reg> lands, </l>
<l> Much ground I past, and many <reg orig="soyles">soils</reg> I saw, </l>
<l> But when my <reg orig="feete">feet</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <hi rend="italic"> <reg orig="Millain">Milan</reg> </hi> land I set, </l>
<milestone unit="line"  n="200"></milestone>
<l> Such sumptuous triumphs daily there I saw, </l>
<l> As <reg orig="neuer"> never </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> my life I found the <seg type="homograph" subtype="noun">like</seg>. </l>
<l> I pray good sir, what might the occasion <reg orig="bee:"> be: </reg> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">That</seg> made the <hi rend="italic"> <reg orig="Millains">Milans</reg> </hi> make such mirth and glee? </l></sp>
<sp who="Z"><speaker rend="italic"> Duk. </speaker>
<l> This <reg orig="solemne">solemn</reg> <reg orig="ioy">joy</reg> <reg orig="wherof">whereof</reg> you now do speak, </l>
<l> Was not <reg orig="solemnized">solemnised</reg> my friend <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <reg orig="vaine">vain</reg>. </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> at <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> time there came into the land, </l>
<l> The happiest tidings <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> they <reg orig="ere">ever</reg> did <reg orig="heare."> hear. </reg> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> <reg orig="newes">news</reg> was brought <reg orig="vpon"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">upon</seg> </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> <reg orig="solemne">solemn</reg> day, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Vnto"> Unto </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> Court, <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Ferdinandus </hi> proud </l>
<l> Was <reg orig="slaine">slain</reg> <reg orig="himselfe,"> himself, </reg> <hi rend="italic"> Carinus </hi> and his <reg orig="sonne"> son </reg> </l>
<l> Were <reg orig="banisht">banished</reg> both <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> <reg orig="euer"> ever </reg> from <hi rend="italic"> Aragon: </hi> </l>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> these <reg orig="happie">happy</reg> <reg orig="newes">news</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> <reg orig="ioy">joy</reg> was made. </l></sp>
<sp who="F"><speaker rend="italic"> Cari. </speaker>
<l> But what I pray did <reg orig="afterward">afterword</reg> become, </l>
<l> Of old <hi rend="italic"> Carinus </hi> with his <reg orig="banisht">banished</reg> <reg orig="sonne?"> son? </reg> </l>
<l> What <reg orig="heare"> hear </reg> you nothing of them all this while? </l></sp>
<sp who="Z"><speaker rend="italic"> Du. </speaker>
<l> Yes too too much, the <hi rend="italic"> <reg orig="Millain">Milan</reg> </hi> Duke may say. </l>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Alphonsus </hi> first <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> secret <reg orig="meanes">means</reg> did get </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> be a <reg orig="souldier">soldier</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Belinus </hi> <reg orig="warres">wars</reg>: </l>
<l> Wherein he did <reg orig="behaue">behave</reg> <reg orig="himselfe">himself</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> well, </l>
<l> As <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> he got the <reg orig="Crowne">Crown</reg> of <hi rend="italic"> Aragon. </hi> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">Which</seg> being got, he <reg orig="dispossest">dispossessed</reg> also, </l>
<l> The King <hi rend="italic"> Belinus </hi> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">which</seg> had fostered him: </l>
<l> As <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Carinus </hi> he is dead and gone, </l>
<l> I would his <reg orig="sonne"> son </reg> were his companion. </l></sp>
<sp who="F"><speaker rend="italic"> Cari. </speaker>
<milestone unit="line"  n="225"></milestone>
<l> A blister build <reg orig="vpon"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">upon</seg> </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> <reg orig="traytors">traitors</reg> tongue, </l>
<l> But <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> thy friendship <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">which</seg> thou <reg orig="shewedst">showed</reg> me, </l>
<l> Take <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> of me, I frankly <reg orig="giue"> give </reg> it thee. </l>
<stage rend="italic"> Stab him. </stage>

<l> Now <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> I haste <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Naples </hi> with all speed, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> see if <hi rend="italic"> Fortune </hi> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> <reg orig="fauour">favour</reg> me, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> view <hi rend="italic"> Alphonsus </hi> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> his <reg orig="happie">happy</reg> state.    </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic"> Exit Carinus. 
Enter Amuracke, Crocon King of Arabia, Faustus, 
King of Babilon, Fabius, with the Turkes Ganesaries. 
<sp who="M"><speaker rend="italic"> Amu. </speaker>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Fabius </hi> come hither, what is <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> thou <reg orig="sayest">sayst</reg>? </l>
<l> What did god <hi rend="italic"> Mahound </hi> <reg orig="prophecie">prophecy</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> <reg orig="vs?"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg>? </reg> </l>
<l> Why do <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> <reg orig="Viceroyes">Viceroys</reg> wend <reg orig="vnto"> unto </reg> the <reg orig="warres">wars</reg>, </l>
<l> Before their king had notice of the same? </l>
<l> What do they <reg orig="thinke"> think </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> play bob <reg orig="foole">fool</reg> with me? </l>
<l> Or are they <reg orig="waxt">waxed</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> <reg orig="frolicke">frolic</reg> now of late, </l>
<l> Since <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> they had the leading of <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> bands, </l>
<l> As <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> they <reg orig="thinke"> think </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> <reg orig="mightie">mighty</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Amuracke </hi> </l>
<l> Dares do <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> other <reg orig="then"> than </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> soothe them <reg orig="vp?"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">up</seg>? </reg> </l>
<l> Why speakest thou not? what fond or <reg orig="franticke">frantic</reg> fit </l>
<l> Did make those care <reg orig="lesse">less</reg> Kings <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> venture it? </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker rend="italic"> Fa. </speaker>
<l> Pardon <reg orig="deare">dear</reg> Lord, <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> <reg orig="franticke">frantic</reg> fit at all, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">No</seg> <reg orig="frolicke">frolic</reg> <reg orig="vaine">vain</reg>, nor <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> presumptuous mind, </l>
<l> Did make your <reg orig="Viceroies">Viceroys</reg> take these wars <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> hand. </l>
<l> But <reg orig="forst">forced</reg> they were <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Mahounds </hi> <reg orig="prophecie">prophecy</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> do the same, or else <reg orig="resolue">resolve</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> die. </l></sp>
<sp who="M"><speaker rend="italic"> Amu. </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">So</seg> sir, I <reg orig="heare"> hear </reg> you, but can scare <reg orig="beleeue">believe</reg> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Mahomet </hi> would charge them go before </l>
<l> Against <hi rend="italic"> Alphonsus </hi> with <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> small a troupe, </l>
<milestone unit="line"  n="250"></milestone>
<l> Whose number <reg orig="farre">far</reg> exceeds king <hi rend="italic"> Xerxes </hi> troupe, </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker rend="italic"> Fa. </speaker>
<l> Yes Noble Lord, and more <reg orig="then"> than </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> <reg orig="hee"> he </reg> said, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> ere <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> you with these your warlike men, </l>
<l> Should come <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> bring your succour <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> the field: </l>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Belinus, Claramount, and Arcastus </hi> too, </l>
<l> Should <reg orig="al"> all </reg> be <reg orig="crownd">crowned</reg> with <reg orig="crownes">crowns</reg> of beaten gold, </l>
<l> And <reg orig="borne">born</reg> with <reg orig="triumphes">triumphs</reg> round about their <reg orig="tets">tents</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="M"><speaker rend="italic"> Amu. </speaker>
<l> With triumph man, did <hi rend="italic"> Mahound </hi> tell them <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">so</seg>? </l>
<l> <reg orig="Prouost">Provost</reg> go <reg orig="carrie">carry</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Fabius </hi> presently, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Vnto"> Unto </reg> the <reg orig="Marshalsie">Marshalcy</reg>, there let him rest, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Clapt">Clapped</reg> sure and safe <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> fetters all of <reg orig="steele">steel</reg>, </l>
<l> Till <hi rend="italic"> Amuracke </hi> discharge him from the same. </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> be he sure, <reg orig="vnles">unless</reg> it happen <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">so</seg> </l>
<l> As he did say, <hi rend="italic"> Mahound </hi> did <reg orig="prophesie">prophesy</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">By</seg> this my hand, forthwith the <reg orig="slaue">slave</reg> shall die. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic">
Lay hold of Fabius, and make as though youcarrie
 him out, Enter a souldier and say. 
<sp who="V"><speaker rend="italic"> Mess. </speaker>
<l> Stay <reg orig="Prouost">Provost</reg> stay, let <hi rend="italic"> Fabius </hi> alone, </l>
<l> More fitteth now, <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> <reg orig="euery"> every </reg> <reg orig="lustie">lusty</reg> lad </l>
<l> Be buckling <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">on</seg> his helmet, <reg orig="then">than</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> stand </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">In</seg> carrying <reg orig="souldiers">soldiers</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> the <reg orig="Marshalsie">Marshalcy</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="M"><speaker rend="italic"> Amu. </speaker>
<l> Why what art thou, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">That</seg> darest once presume, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> gainsay <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Amuracke </hi> did bid? </l></sp>
<sp who="V"><speaker rend="italic"> Messen. </speaker>
<l> I am my Lord, </l>
<l> The <reg orig="wretcheds">wretchedest</reg> man <reg orig="aliue">alive</reg>: </l>
<l> <reg orig="borne">born</reg> <reg orig="vnderneath">underneath</reg> the Planet of mishap: </l>
<milestone unit="line"  n="275"></milestone>
<l> Erewhile, a <reg orig="souldier">soldier</reg> of <hi rend="italic"> Belinus</hi> band </l>
<l> But now. </l></sp>
<sp who="M"><speaker rend="italic"> Amu. </speaker>
<l> What now? </l></sp>
<sp who="V"><speaker rend="italic"> Mess. </speaker>
<l> The mirror of mishap: </l>
<l> Whose <reg orig="Captaine">Captain</reg> is <reg orig="slaine">slain</reg>, and all his <reg orig="armie">army</reg> dead: </l>
<l> <reg orig="Onely"> Only </reg> excepted me <reg orig="vnhappie">unhappy</reg> wretch. </l></sp>
<sp who="M"><speaker rend="italic"> Amu. </speaker>
<l> What <reg orig="newes">news</reg> is this, and is <hi rend="italic"> Belinus </hi> <reg orig="slaine">slain</reg>? </l>
<l> Is this the <reg orig="Crowne">Crown</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">which</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Mahomet </hi> did say, </l>
<l> He should with triumph <reg orig="weare">wear</reg> <reg orig="vpon"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">upon</seg> </reg> his head? </l>
<l> Is this the honour <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">which</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> cursed god </l>
<l> Did <reg orig="prophesie">prophesy</reg>, should <reg orig="hapen">happen</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> them all? </l>
<l> <reg orig="Oh"> O </reg> <hi rend="italic"> Daedalus, </hi> and wert thou now <reg orig="aliue">alive</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> fasten wings <reg orig="vpon"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">upon</seg> </reg> high <hi rend="italic"> Amuracke, </hi> </l>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Mahound </hi> should know, and <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> <reg orig="certaintie">certainty</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> turkish Kings can brooke <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> <reg orig="iniurie">injury</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="J"><speaker rend="italic"> Fabi. </speaker>
<l> Tush tush my Lord, </l>
<l> I wonder what you <reg orig="meane">mean</reg>, </l>
<l> Thus <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="exclaime">exclaim</reg> against high <hi rend="italic"> Mahomet: </hi> </l>
<l> <reg orig="Ile"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> lay my life, <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> ere this day be past, </l>
<l> You shall <reg orig="perceiue">perceive</reg>, his tidings all be waste. </l></sp>
<sp who="M"><speaker rend="italic"> Amu. </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">We</seg> shall <reg orig="perceiue">perceive</reg>, accursed <hi rend="italic"> Fabius, </hi> </l>
<l> Suffice it not <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> thou hast <reg orig="bene"> been </reg> the man, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">That</seg> first didst <reg orig="beate">beat</reg> those <reg orig="bables">babbles</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> my <reg orig="braine">brain</reg>, </l>
<l> But <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="helpe">help</reg> me forward <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> my <reg orig="greefe">grief</reg>, </l>
<l> Thou seekest <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="confirme">confirm</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> <reg orig="fowle">foul</reg> a lie. </l>
<stage rend="italic"> Stab him. </stage>

<milestone unit="line"  n="300"></milestone>
<l> Go get thee hence, and tell thy <reg orig="trayterous">traitorous</reg> King </l>
<l> What gift you had, <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">which</seg> did such tidings bring. </l>
<l> And now my Lords, since nothing else <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> <reg orig="serue">serve</reg>, </l>
<l> Buckle your <reg orig="helmes">helms</reg>, clap <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">on</seg> your steeled <reg orig="coates">coats</reg>, </l>
<l> Mount <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> your steeds, take <reg orig="Launces">Lances</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> your hands, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Amuracke </hi> doth <reg orig="meane">mean</reg> this very day, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Proude">Proud</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Mahomet </hi> with weapons <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> assay. </l></sp>
<sp who="V"><speaker rend="italic"> Messen. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Mercie">Mercy</reg> high Monarch, <reg orig="tis"> it is </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> time now </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> spend the day <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> such <reg orig="vaine">vain</reg> <reg orig="threatnings">threatenings</reg>, </l>
<l> Against <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> god, the <reg orig="mightie">mighty</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Mahomet: </hi> </l>
<l> More fitteth thee <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> place thy men at <reg orig="armes">arms</reg> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">In</seg> battle ray, <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">for</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> withstand your foes, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">Which</seg> now are drawing towards you with speed. </l>
<stage rend="italic">
Sound drummes within. </stage>

<l> Hark how their <reg orig="drummes">drums</reg> with dub a dub do come, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">To</seg> <reg orig="armes">arms</reg> high Lord, and set these trifles <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">by</seg>: </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> you may set <reg orig="vpon"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">upon</seg> </reg> them valiantly. </l></sp>
<sp who="M"><speaker rend="italic"> Amu. </speaker>
<l> And do they come you kings of <hi rend="italic"> <reg orig="Turkie">Turkey</reg>? </hi> </l>
<l> Now is the time, <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">which</seg> your warlike <reg orig="armes">arms</reg> </l>
<l> Must raise your names <reg orig="aboue"> above </reg> the <reg orig="starrie">starry</reg> skies: </l>
<l> Call <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> your <reg orig="minde">mind</reg> your predecessors acts, </l>
<l> Whose <reg orig="martiall">martial</reg> might, this many a hundred <reg orig="yeare">year</reg>, </l>
<l> Did <reg orig="keepe">keep</reg> those <reg orig="fearefull">fearful</reg> dogs <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> dread and awe, </l>
<l> And let your weapons <reg orig="shew">show</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Alphonsus </hi> <reg orig="plaine">plain</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> though <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> they be clapped <reg orig="vp"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">up</seg> </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> clay, </l>
<l> Yet there be branches sprung <reg orig="vp"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">up</seg> </reg> from those trees, </l>
<milestone unit="line"  n="325"></milestone>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">In</seg> Turkish land, <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">which</seg> brooke <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> <reg orig="iniuries">injuries</reg>. </l>
<l> Besides the same, remember with <reg orig="your selues,"> yourselves, </reg> </l>
<l> What foes <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> <reg orig="haue,"> have, </reg> not <reg orig="mightie">mighty</reg> Tamberlaine, </l>
<l> Nor <reg orig="souldiers">soldiers</reg> trained <reg orig="vp"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">up</seg> </reg> amongst the <reg orig="warres">wars</reg>, </l>
<l> But <reg orig="fearefull">fearful</reg> bodies, <reg orig="pickt">picked</reg> from their <reg orig="rurall">rural</reg> <reg orig="flocke">flock</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">Which</seg> till this time were <reg orig="wholy">wholly</reg> ignorant </l>
<l> What weapons <reg orig="ment">meant</reg>, or <reg orig="bloudie">bloody</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Mars </hi> doth <reg orig="craue">crave</reg>. </l>
<l> More would I say, but horses <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> be free, </l>
<l> Do need <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> spurs: and <reg orig="souldiers">soldiers</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">which</seg> <reg orig="themselues"> themselves </reg> </l>
<l> Long and desire <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> buckle with the foe, </l>
<l> Do need <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> words <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="egge">egg</reg> them <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> the same. </l>
<stage rend="italic">
Enter Alphonsus, with a Canapie carried ouer him
by three Lords, hauing ouer each corner a Kings head, 
crowned with him, Albinius, Laelius, Miles, with Crownes 
on their heads, and their souldiers. 

<l> Besides the same, behold whereas <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> foes </l>
<l> Are marching towards <reg orig="vs"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg> </reg> most <reg orig="speedilie">speedily</reg>. </l>
<l> Courage my Lords, <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">ours</seg> is the <reg orig="victorie">victory</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Alph. </speaker>
<l> Thou Pagan dog how <reg orig="darst">darest</reg> thou be <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> bold </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> set thy <reg orig="foote">foot</reg> within <hi rend="italic"> Alphonsus </hi> land? </l>
<l> What art thou come <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> view thy wretched kings, </l>
<l> Whose <reg orig="traiterous">traitorous</reg> heads <reg orig="bedeckt">bedecked</reg> my tents <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> well? </l>
<l> Or else thou hearing <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> top thereof, </l>
<l> There is a place left vacant, art thou come </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> thy head <reg orig="possesse">possess</reg> the highest <reg orig="seate">seat</reg>? </l>
<l> If it be <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">so</seg>, lie <reg orig="downe,"> down, </reg> and this my sword </l>
<l> Shall presently <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> <reg orig="honor">honour</reg> thee <reg orig="affoord">afford</reg>. </l>
<l> If not, pack hence, or <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> the <reg orig="heauens">heavens</reg> I vow, </l>
<l> Both thou and thine shall <reg orig="verie"> very </reg> <reg orig="soone"> soon </reg> <reg orig="perceiue">perceive</reg>, </l>
<milestone unit="line"  n="350"></milestone>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> he <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> <reg orig="seekes">seeks</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="moue">move</reg> my patience, </l>
<l> Must <reg orig="yeeld">yield</reg> his life <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> thee <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> <reg orig="recompence">recompense</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="M"><speaker rend="italic"> Amu. </speaker>
<l> Why proud <hi rend="italic"> Alphonsus, </hi> thinkst thou <hi rend="italic"> Amurack </hi> </l>
<l> Whose <reg orig="mightie">mighty</reg> force doth <reg orig="terrefie">terrify</reg> the Gods, </l>
<l> Can <reg orig="ere"> ever </reg> be found <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="turne">turn</reg> his <reg orig="heeles">heels</reg> and <reg orig="flie">fly</reg> </l>
<l> Away <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> <reg orig="feare">fear</reg>, from such a boy as thou? </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="exclamation">No</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="exclamation">no</seg>, although <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Mars </hi> this mickle while </l>
<l> Hath fortified thy <reg orig="weake">weak</reg> and feeble <reg orig="arme">arm</reg>, </l>
<l> And Fortune oft hath <reg orig="viewd">viewed</reg> with friendly face, </l>
<l> Thy armies marching victors from the field, </l>
<l> Yet at the presence of high <hi rend="italic"> Amuracke, </hi> </l>
<l> Fortune shall change, and <hi rend="italic"> Mars </hi> <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> God of might </l>
<l> Shall succour me, and <reg orig="leaue">leave</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Alphonsus </hi> <reg orig="quight">quite</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Alphon. </speaker>
<l> Pagan I say, thou greatly art <reg orig="deceiu'd">deceived</reg>, </l>
<l> I clap <reg orig="vp"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">up</seg> </reg> Fortune <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> a cage of gold, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> make <seg type="homograph" subtype="personalPronoun">her</seg> <reg orig="turne">turn</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">her</seg> <reg orig="wheele">wheel</reg> as I <reg orig="thinke"> think </reg> best. </l>
<l> And as <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Mars </hi> whom you do say <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> change, </l>
<l> He moping sits behind the <reg orig="kitchin">kitchen</reg> <reg orig="doore">door</reg>, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Prest">Pressed</reg> at <reg orig="commaund">command</reg> of <reg orig="euery"> every </reg> Skulhans mouth: </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">Who</seg> dares not stir, nor once <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="moue">move</reg> a whit </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">For</seg> <reg orig="feare">fear</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Alphonsus </hi> then should <reg orig="stomack">stomach</reg> it. </l></sp>
<sp who="M"><speaker rend="italic"> Amu. </speaker>
<l> Blasphemous dog, I wonder <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> the earth </l>
<l> Doth cease from renting <reg orig="vnderneath">underneath</reg> thy <reg orig="feete">feet</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> swallow <reg orig="vp"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">up</seg> </reg> those <reg orig="cankred">cankered</reg> <reg orig="corpes">corpse</reg> of thine. </l>
<l> I muse <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> <hi rend="italic"> <reg orig="Ioue">Jove</reg> </hi> can bridle <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">so</seg> his ire, </l>
<milestone unit="line"  n="375"></milestone>
<l> As when he <reg orig="heares">hears</reg> his brother <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> <reg orig="misusde">misused</reg>, </l>
<l> He can <reg orig="refraine">refrain</reg> from sending thunderbolts </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">By</seg> thick and threefold <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="reuenge">revenge</reg> his wrong. </l>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Mars </hi> fight <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> me, and Fortune be my guide: </l>
<l> And <reg orig="ile"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> be victor <reg orig="what some ere"> whatever </reg> betide. </l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker rend="italic"> Albi. </speaker>
<l> Pray loud enough, lest <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> you pray <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> vain, </l>
<l> Perhaps God <hi rend="italic"> Mars </hi> and Fortune is a <reg orig="sleepe">sleep</reg>, </l>
<l> And <hi rend="italic"> Mars </hi> lies <reg orig="slumbring">slumbering</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> his <reg orig="downie">downy</reg> bed: </l>
<l> Yet do not think but <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> the power <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> <reg orig="haue,"> have, </reg> </l>
<l> Without the <reg orig="helpe">help</reg> of those <reg orig="celestiall">celestial</reg> Gods, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">Will</seg> be sufficient, yea with small ado, </l>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Alphonsus </hi> <reg orig="stragling">straggling</reg> <reg orig="armie">army</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> subdue. </l></sp>
<sp who="K"><speaker rend="italic"> Loe. </speaker>
<l> You had need as then <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> call <hi rend="italic"> Mahomet, </hi> </l>
<l> With hellish hags <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="performe">perform</reg> the same. </l></sp>
<sp who="W"><speaker rend="italic"> Fau. </speaker>
<l> High <hi rend="italic"> Amurack </hi> I wonder what you <reg orig="meane">mean</reg> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> when you may with <reg orig="litle">little</reg> <reg orig="toyle">toil</reg> or none, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Compell">Compel</reg> these dogs <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="keepe">keep</reg> their <reg orig="toongs">tongues</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> peace: </l>
<l> You let them stand still barking <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> this sort: </l>
<l> <reg orig="Beleeue">Believe</reg> me <reg orig="soueraigne">sovereign</reg>, I do blush <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> see </l>
<l> These <reg orig="beggers">beggars</reg> brats <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> chat <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> <reg orig="frolikelie">frolickly</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Alphon. </speaker>
<l> How now sir boy, let <hi rend="italic"> Amurack </hi> <reg orig="himselfe"> himself, </reg> </l>
<l> Or any he, the proudest of you all, </l>
<l> But offer once <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">for</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="vnsheath">unsheathe</reg> his sword </l>
<l> If <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> he dares, <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">for</seg> all the power you <reg orig="haue."> have. </reg> </l></sp>
<sp who="M"><speaker rend="italic"> Amu. </speaker>
<l> What <reg orig="darst">darest</reg> thou <reg orig="vs? my selfe wil"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg>? myself <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> <reg orig="venter">venture</reg> it. </l>
<milestone unit="line"  n="400"></milestone>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">To</seg> <reg orig="armes">arms</reg> my mates. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic">
Amuracke draw thy sword. Alphonsus and all the 
other kings draw theirs, strike vp alarum, flie 
Amuracke and his companie. Follow Alphonsus 
and his companie. 
</stage> </div1>
<div1 type="act" n="5">
<stage> Act. 5. </stage>
<stage rend="italic">
Srike vp Alarum. Enter Venus. </stage>
<sp who="A"> 
<l> <reg orig="Fearce">Fierce</reg> is the fight, and <reg orig="bloudie">bloody</reg> is the <reg orig="broyle">broil</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">No</seg> sooner had the roaring cannon shot </l>
<l> Spit forth the <reg orig="venome">venom</reg> of their <reg orig="fiered">fired</reg> <reg orig="panch">paunch</reg>, </l>
<l> And with their pellets sent such troupes of <reg orig="soules">souls</reg> </l>
<l> <reg orig="Downe"> Down </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> the <reg orig="bottome">bottom</reg> of the <reg orig="darke">dark</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Auerne, </hi> </l>
<l> As <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> it <reg orig="couered">covered</reg> all the <reg orig="stigian">Stygian</reg> fields. </l>
<l> But <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> a sudden, all the men at <reg orig="armes">arms</reg> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">Which</seg> mounted were <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> <reg orig="lustie">lusty</reg> <reg orig="coursers">coursers</reg> <reg orig="backes">backs</reg>, </l>
<l> Did rush <reg orig="togither">together</reg> with <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> great a <reg orig="noyse">noise</reg>, </l>
<l> As <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> I thought the giants one time more </l>
<l> Did scale the <reg orig="heauens">heavens</reg>, as erst they did before. </l>
<l> Long time dame Fortune <reg orig="tempred">tempered</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">so</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">her</seg> <reg orig="wheele">wheel</reg>, </l>
<l> As <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> there was <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> vantage <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> be <reg orig="seene"> seen </reg> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">On</seg> any side, but <reg orig="equall">equal</reg> was the <reg orig="gaine">gain</reg>. </l>
<l> But at the length <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">so</seg> God and Fates decreed, </l>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Alphonsus </hi> was the victor of the field: </l>
<l> And <hi rend="italic"> Amuracke </hi> became his prisoner. </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">Who</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">so</seg> <reg orig="remaind">remained</reg>, <reg orig="vntill">until</reg> his daughter came: </l>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">her</seg> <reg orig="marying">marrying</reg>, did his pardon frame.  </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic"> Exit Venus. 
Strike vp alarum, flie Amuracke, follow Alphonsus, 
and take him prisoner: carrie him in. Strike vp alarum, 
<reg orig="flie">fly</reg> Crocon and Faustus. Enter Fausta and Iphigina with 
their armie, and meete them, and say. 
<sp who="P"><speaker rend="italic"> Fau. </speaker>
<l> You Turkish kings, what sudden flight is this? </l>
<l> What <reg orig="meanes">means</reg> the men <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">which</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> their valiant <reg orig="prowes">prowess</reg> </l>
<l> Were dreaded erst, <reg orig="cleane">clean</reg> through the triple world, </l>
<l> Thus cowardly <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="turne">turn</reg> their <reg orig="backes">backs</reg> and <reg orig="flie">fly</reg>? </l>
<l> What froward fortune <reg orig="hapned">happened</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> your side: </l>
<milestone unit="line"  n="25"></milestone>
<l> I hope your king <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <reg orig="safetie">safety</reg> doth abide? </l></sp>
<sp who="WA"><speaker rend="italic"> Cro. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="I"> Aye </reg> noble madam, <hi rend="italic"> Amurack </hi> doth <reg orig="liue:"> live: </reg> </l>
<l> And long I hope he shall <reg orig="enioy">enjoy</reg> his life. </l>
<l> But yet I <reg orig="feare">fear</reg>, <reg orig="vnles">unless</reg> more succour come, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">We</seg> shall both <reg orig="loose">lose</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> king and <reg orig="soueraigne">sovereign</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="P"><speaker rend="italic"> Fau. </speaker>
<l> How <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">so</seg> king <hi rend="italic"> Crocon, </hi> dost thou speak <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <reg orig="iest">jest</reg>? </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> <reg orig="proue">prove</reg> if <hi rend="italic"> Fausta </hi> would lament his death? </l>
<l> Or else hath any thing <reg orig="hapt">happed</reg> him <reg orig="amis">amiss</reg>? </l>
<l> <reg orig="Speake"> Speak </reg> quickly <hi rend="italic"> Crocon </hi> what the cause might be, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> thou dost <reg orig="vtter">utter</reg> forth these words <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> me? </l></sp>
<sp who="WA"><speaker rend="italic"> Cro. </speaker>
<l> Then <reg orig="worthie">worthy</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Fausta </hi> know, <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Amuracke </hi> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">Our</seg> <reg orig="mightie">mighty</reg> king, and your <reg orig="approued">approved</reg> <reg orig="spowse">spouse</reg>, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Prickt">Pricked</reg> with desire of <reg orig="euerlasting">everlasting</reg> fame, </l>
<l> As he was pressing <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> the thickest <reg orig="rankes">ranks</reg> </l>
<l> Of Aragonians, was with much <reg orig="adoo">ado</reg> </l>
<l> At length <reg orig="tooke">took</reg> prisoner, <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Alphonsus </hi> hands. </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">So</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> <reg orig="vnles">unless</reg> you succour <reg orig="soone"> soon </reg> do bring, </l>
<l> You <reg orig="loose">lose</reg> your <reg orig="spowse">spouse</reg>, and <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> shall want <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> king. </l></sp>
<sp who="Q"><speaker rend="italic"> Iphi. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Oh"> O </reg> <reg orig="haples">hapless</reg> hap, <reg orig="oh"> O </reg> dire and <reg orig="cruell">cruel</reg> fate! </l>
<l> What <reg orig="iniurie">injury</reg> hath <hi rend="italic"> Amuracke </hi> my sire </l>
<l> Done <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> the Gods, <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">which</seg> now I know are wrath? </l>
<l> Although <reg orig="vniustly">unjustly</reg> and without a cause. </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> well I wot, not any other king </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">Which</seg> now doth <reg orig="liue,"> live, </reg> or since the world begun </l>
<l> Did sway a <reg orig="scepter">sceptre</reg>, had a greater care </l>
<milestone unit="line"  n="50"></milestone>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> please the Gods, then <reg orig="mightie">mighty</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Amuracke. </hi> </l>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">for</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> quite <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> fathers great good <seg type="homograph" subtype="noun">will</seg>, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Seeke">Seek</reg> they thus basely all his fame <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> spill. </l></sp>
<sp who="P"><speaker rend="italic"> Fau. </speaker>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Iphigina, </hi>  <reg orig="leaue">leave</reg> off these <reg orig="wofull">woeful</reg> tunes, </l>
<l> It is not words can cure and ease this wound: </l>
<l> But warlike swords, not <reg orig="teares">tears</reg>, but <reg orig="sturdie">sturdy</reg> <reg orig="speares">spears</reg>: </l>
<l> High <hi rend="italic"> Amuracke </hi> is prisoner <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> foes. </l>
<l> What then? <reg orig="thinke"> think </reg> you <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Amazones </hi> </l>
<l> <reg orig="Ioynd">Joined</reg> with the forces of the Turkish troupe, </l>
<l> Are not sufficient <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">for</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> set him free? </l>
<l> Yes daughter yes, I <reg orig="meane">mean</reg> not <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">for</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="sleepe">sleep</reg>, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Vntill">Until</reg> he is free, or <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> him company <reg orig="keepe">keep</reg>. </l>
<l> March <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">on</seg> my mates. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic"> Exeunt omnes. 
Strike vp alarum, flie Alphonsus, follow Iphigina and say. 
<sp who="Q"><speaker rend="italic"> Iphi. </speaker>
<l> How now <hi rend="italic"> Alphonsus, </hi> you <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">which</seg> <reg orig="neuer"> never </reg> yet </l>
<l> Could <reg orig="meete">meet</reg> your <reg orig="equall">equal</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> the <reg orig="feates">feats</reg> of <reg orig="armes">arms</reg>, </l>
<l> How haps it now <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> such sudden sort </l>
<l> You <reg orig="flie">fly</reg> the presence of a <reg orig="sillie">silly</reg> <reg orig="maide">maid</reg>? </l>
<l> What <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> you found mine <reg orig="arme">arm</reg> of such a force, </l>
<l> As <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> you <reg orig="thinke"> think </reg> your <reg orig="bodie">body</reg> <reg orig="ouerweake">overweak</reg> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> withstand the <reg orig="furie">fury</reg> of my <reg orig="blowes">blows</reg>? </l>
<l> Or do you else <reg orig="disdaine">disdain</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> fight with me: </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">For</seg> staining of your high <reg orig="nobilitie">nobility</reg>? </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Alp. </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="exclamation">No</seg> <reg orig="daintie">dainty</reg> dame, I <reg orig="wold"> would </reg> not <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> thee think </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> <reg orig="euer"> ever </reg> thou or any other wight, </l>
<l> Shall <reg orig="lieu"> live </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> see <hi rend="italic"> Alphonsus </hi> <reg orig="flie">fly</reg> the field </l>
<milestone unit="line"  n="75"></milestone>
<l> From any king or <hi rend="italic"> <reg orig="Keisar">Kaiser</reg> </hi> <reg orig="who some ere"> whosoever </reg>, </l>
<l> First <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> I die <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> thickest of my <reg orig="fo">foe</reg>, </l>
<l> Before I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> disbase mine honour <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">so</seg>. </l>
<l> Nor do I <reg orig="scorne">scorn</reg> thou <reg orig="goddes">goddess</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">for</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="staine">stain</reg> </l>
<l> My <reg orig="prowes">prowess</reg> with thee, although it be a shame </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">For</seg> knights <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> combat with the female sect. </l>
<l> But <reg orig="loue"> love </reg> <reg orig="sweete">sweet</reg> mouse hath <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> <reg orig="benumbd">benumbed</reg> my wit, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> though I would, I must <reg orig="refraine">refrain</reg> from it. </l></sp>
<sp who="Q"><speaker rend="italic"> Iphi. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="I"> Aye </reg> though as much when first I came <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> wars, </l>
<l> Your noble acts were fitter <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> be writ </l>
<l> Within the Tables of dame <hi rend="italic"> Venus </hi> sun, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Then"> Than </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> God <hi rend="italic"> Mars </hi> his warlike registers. </l>
<l> When as your Lords are hacking <reg orig="helmes">helms</reg> abroad, </l>
<l> And make their <reg orig="speares">spears</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="shiuer">shiver</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> the <reg orig="aire">air</reg>, </l>
<l> Your mind is busied <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> fond <hi rend="italic"> Cupid </hi> <reg orig="toyes">toys</reg>. </l>
<l> Come <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">on</seg> <reg orig="I faith">I'faith</reg>, <reg orig="ile"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> teach you <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">for</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> know </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">We</seg> came <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> fight, and not <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="loue"> love </reg> I trow. </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Alph. </speaker>
<l> Nay virgin stay, and if thou wilt vouchsafe </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> <reg orig="entertaine">entertain</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Alphonsus </hi> simple <reg orig="sute">suit</reg>, </l>
<l> Thou shalt ere long be Monarch of the world: </l>
<l> All <reg orig="christned">christened</reg> kings, with all your Pagan dogs </l>
<l> Shall bend their knees <reg orig="vnto"> unto </reg> <hi rend="italic"> Iphigina. </hi> </l>
<l> The Indian <reg orig="soyle">soil</reg> <reg orig="shalbe"> shall be </reg> thine at command, </l>
<l> Where <reg orig="euery"> every </reg> step thou settest <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> the ground, </l>

<l> Shall be <reg orig="receiued">received</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> the golden mines. </l>
<milestone unit="line"  n="100"></milestone>
<l> Rich <hi rend="italic"> Pactolus </hi> <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> <reg orig="riuer">river</reg> of account, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">Which</seg> doth descend from top of <hi rend="italic"> Tiuole</hi>  mount, </l>
<l> Shall be thine <reg orig="owne,"> own, </reg> and all the world beside: </l>
<l> If you <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> <reg orig="graunt">grant</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> be <hi rend="italic"> Alphonsus </hi> bride. </l></sp>
<sp who="Q"><speaker rend="italic"> Iphi. </speaker>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Alphonsus </hi> bride? nay villain do not <reg orig="thinke"> think </reg> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> fame or riches can <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> rule my thoughts, </l>
<l> As <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">for</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> make me <reg orig="loue"> love </reg> and <reg orig="fancie">fancy</reg> him </l>
<l> Whom I do hate, and <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> such sort despise, </l>
<l> As if my death could bring <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="passe">pass</reg> his <reg orig="baine">bain</reg>: </l>
<l> I would not long from <hi rend="italic"> <reg orig="Plutoes">Pluto's</reg> </hi> port <reg orig="remaine">remain</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Alph. </speaker>
<l> Nay then proud <reg orig="pecock">peacock</reg> since thou art <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> stout, </l>
<l> As <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> <reg orig="intreatie">entreaty</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> not <reg orig="moue">move</reg> thy <reg orig="minde">mind</reg> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> consent <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> be my wedded <reg orig="spowse">spouse</reg>, </l>
<l> Thou shalt <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> spite of Gods and Fortune too, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Serue">Serve</reg> high <hi rend="italic"> Alphonsus </hi> as a concubine. </l></sp>
<sp who="Q"><speaker rend="italic"> Iphi. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Ile"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> rather die <reg orig="then euer"> than ever </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> shall hap. </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Alphon. </speaker>
<l> And thou shalt die <reg orig="vnles">unless</reg> it come <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> pas. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic">
Alphonsus and Iphigina fight, Iphigina flie, 
follow Alphonsus. Strike vp alarum. Enter Alphonsus 
with his rapier, Albinius, Loelius, Miles, with their souldiers. 
Amurack, Fausta, Iphigina, Crocon and Faustus all bounde
with their bands behind them, 
Amuracke looke angerly on Fausta. </stage>
<stage rend="italic"> Enter Medea, and say. </stage>
<sp who="N"><speaker rend="italic"> Med. </speaker>
<l> Nay <hi rend="italic"> Amurack </hi> this is <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> time <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="iarre">jar</reg>, </l>
<l> Although thy wife did <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">her</seg> <reg orig="franticke">frantic</reg> <reg orig="moode">mood</reg> </l>
<l> <reg orig="Vse">Use</reg> speeches <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">which</seg> might better <reg orig="haue bene"> have been </reg> <reg orig="sparde">spared</reg>, </l>
<l> Yet do thou not <reg orig="iudge">judge</reg> the same time <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> be </l>
<l> A season <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> requite <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> <reg orig="iniurie">injury</reg>: </l>
<l> More fitteth thee with all the wit thou hast, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> call <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> mind <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">which</seg> way thou <reg orig="maist">mayst</reg> release </l>
<l> <reg orig="Thy selfe,"> thyself, </reg> thy wife, and <reg orig="faire"> fair </reg> <hi rend="italic"> Iphigina, </hi> </l>
<milestone unit="line"  n="125"></milestone>
<l> Forth of the power of stout <hi rend="italic"> Alphonsus </hi> hands. </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> well I wot, since first you breathed breath, </l>

<l> You <reg orig="neuer"> never </reg> were <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> <reg orig="nie">nigh</reg> the snares of death. </l>
<l> Now <hi rend="italic"> Amurack, </hi> your high and kingly <reg orig="seate">seat</reg>, </l>
<l> Your <reg orig="royall">royal</reg> <reg orig="scepter">sceptre</reg>, and your stately <reg orig="Crowne">Crown</reg>, </l>
<l> Your <reg orig="mightie">mighty</reg> <reg orig="Countrey">Country</reg>, and your men at <reg orig="armes">arms</reg>, </l>
<l> Be conquered all, and can <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> succour bring. </l>
<l> Put then <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> trust <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> these same <reg orig="paltrie">paltry</reg> <reg orig="toyes">toys</reg>: </l>
<l> But call <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> mind <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> thou a prisoner art: </l>
<l> <reg orig="Clapt">Clapped</reg> <reg orig="vp"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">up</seg> </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <reg orig="chaines">chains</reg>, whose life and deaths depends </l>
<l> <reg orig="Vpon"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">Upon</seg> </reg> the hands of thy most <reg orig="mortall">mortal</reg> foe. </l>
<l> Then take thou heed <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> <reg orig="what some ere"> whatever </reg> he say, </l>
<l> Thou doest not once presume <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">for</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> gainsay. </l></sp>
<sp who="M"><speaker rend="italic"> Amu. </speaker>
<l> Away you <reg orig="foole">fool</reg>, <reg orig="thinke"> think </reg> you your cursed <reg orig="charmes">charms</reg> </l>
<l> Can bridle <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">so</seg> the mind of <hi rend="italic"> Amuracke, </hi> </l>
<l> As <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> he <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> stand croaching <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> his foe? </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="exclamation">No</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="exclamation">no</seg>, be sure <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> if <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> <reg orig="beggers">beggars</reg> brat </l>
<l> Do dare but once <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> contrary my <seg type="homograph" subtype="noun">will</seg>, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Ile"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> make him <reg orig="soone"> soon </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> heart <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">for</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> repent, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> <reg orig="ere"> ever </reg> such words <reg orig="gainst">against</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Amuracke </hi> he spent. </l></sp>
<sp who="N"><speaker rend="italic"> Med. </speaker>
<l> Then since thou dost <reg orig="disdaine">disdain</reg> my good <reg orig="aduise">advise</reg>, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Looke"> Look </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> <reg orig="thy selfe,"> thyself, </reg> and if you fare <reg orig="amis">amiss</reg> </l>
<l> Remember <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Medea </hi> <reg orig="counsell">counsel</reg> <reg orig="gaue,"> gave, </reg> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">Which</seg> might you safe from all those perils <reg orig="saue">save</reg>. </l>
<l> But <hi rend="italic"> Fausta </hi> you, as well you <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> begun, </l>
<milestone unit="line"  n="150"></milestone>
<l> Beware you follow still your friends <reg orig="aduise">advise</reg>. </l>
<l> If <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Alphonsus </hi> do desire of thee </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> your daughter <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> his wedded <reg orig="spowse">spouse</reg>, </l>
<l> Beware you do not once the same gainsay: </l>
<l> <reg orig="Vnles">Unless</reg> with death he do your <reg orig="rashnes">rashness</reg> pay. </l></sp>
<sp who="P"><speaker rend="italic"> Fau. </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="exclamation">No</seg> <reg orig="worthie">worthy</reg> wight, first <hi rend="italic"> Fausta </hi> means <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> die, </l>
<l> Before <hi rend="italic"> Alphonsus </hi> she <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> <reg orig="contrarie">contrary</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="N"><speaker rend="italic"> Med. </speaker>
<l> Why then <reg orig="farwell">farewell</reg>, but you <hi rend="italic"> Iphigina, </hi> </l>
<l> Beware you do not <reg orig="ouersqueamish">oversqueamish</reg> wax, </l>
<l> When as your mother <reg orig="giueth">giveth</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">her</seg> consent. </l></sp>
<sp who="Q"><speaker rend="italic"> Iphi. </speaker>
<l> The Gods forbid <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> <reg orig="ere"> ever </reg> I should gainsay </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">That</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">which</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Medea </hi> bids me <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="obay">obey</reg>. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic"> Exit Medea. 
Rise vp Alphonsus out of his chaire, who all this 
while hath bene talking to Albinius, and say. 
<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Al. </speaker>
<l> Now <hi rend="italic"> Amurack </hi> the proud blasphemous dogs </l>
<l> (<seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">so</seg> you termed <reg orig="vs"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg> </reg>) <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">which</seg> did <reg orig="brall">brawl</reg> and <reg orig="raile">rail</reg> </l>
<l> Against God <hi rend="italic"> Mars, </hi> and fickle Fortunes <reg orig="wheele">wheel</reg>, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Haue"> Have </reg> got the <reg orig="gole">gaol</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> all your <reg orig="solemne">solemn</reg> <reg orig="praiers">prayers</reg>: </l>
<l> <reg orig="Your selfe"> Yourself </reg> are prisoner, <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">which</seg> as then did <reg orig="thinke"> think </reg> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> all the forces of the triple world, </l>
<l> Were insufficient <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="fulfill">fulfil</reg> the same. </l>
<l> How <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">like</seg> you this? is Fortune of such might, </l>
<l> Or hath God <hi rend="italic"> Mars </hi> such force or power <reg orig="diuine">divine</reg>, </l>
<l> As <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> he can with all the power he hath, </l>
<l> Set thee and thine forth of <hi rend="italic"> Alphonsus </hi> hands? </l>
<l> I do not <reg orig="thinke"> think </reg> but <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> your hopes <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> small, </l>
<l> As <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> you would with <reg orig="verie"> very </reg> willing mind, </l>
<milestone unit="line"  n="175"></milestone>
<l> <reg orig="Yeeld">Yield</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> my <reg orig="spowse">spouse</reg> the <reg orig="faire"> fair </reg> <hi rend="italic"> Iphigina, </hi> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">On</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> condition, <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> without delay, </l>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Fausta </hi> and you may <reg orig="scotfree">scot-free</reg> scape away. </l></sp>
<sp who="M"><speaker rend="italic"> Amu. </speaker>
<l> What thinkst thou <reg orig="vilain">villain</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> high <hi rend="italic"> Amurack </hi> </l>
<l> <reg orig="Beares">Bears</reg> such a <reg orig="minde">mind</reg>, as <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> the <reg orig="feare">fear</reg> of death, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Heele"> He <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> <reg orig="yeeld">yield</reg> his daughter, yea his <reg orig="onely"> only </reg> <reg orig="ioy">joy</reg>, </l>
<l> Into the hands of such a dunghill Knight? </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="exclamation">No</seg> <reg orig="traytor">traitor</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="exclamation">no</seg>, <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">for</seg> as now I lie </l>
<l> <reg orig="Clapt">Clapped</reg> <reg orig="vp"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">up</seg> </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> Irons, and with bolts of <reg orig="steele">steel</reg>: </l>
<l> Yet do there <reg orig="lurke">lurk</reg> within the Turkish <reg orig="soyle">soil</reg>, </l>
<l> Such troupes of <reg orig="souldiers">soldiers</reg>, <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> with small ado, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Theile"> They <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> set me <reg orig="scotfree">scot-free</reg> from your men and you. </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Alp. </speaker>
<l> Villain <reg orig="sayest">sayst</reg> thou, traitor <reg orig="&"> and </reg> <reg orig="dunghil">dunghill</reg> knight, </l>
<l> Now <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> the <reg orig="heauens">heavens</reg>, since <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> thou dost <reg orig="denie">deny</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="fulfill">fulfil</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">which</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> gentle wise </l>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Alphonsus </hi> <reg orig="craues">craves</reg>, both thou and all thy <reg orig="traine">train</reg> </l>
<l> Shall with your <reg orig="liues">lives</reg> requite <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> <reg orig="iniurie">injury</reg>. </l>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Albinius </hi> lay <reg orig="holde">hold</reg> of <hi rend="italic"> Amuracke, </hi> </l>

<l> And <reg orig="carrie">carry</reg> him <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> prison presently, </l>
<l> There <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="remaine">remain</reg> <reg orig="vntill">until</reg> I do <reg orig="returne">return</reg> </l>
<l> Into my tent, <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">for</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> high <hi rend="italic"> <reg orig="Ioue">Jove</reg> </hi> I <reg orig="vowe">vow</reg>, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Vnles">Unless</reg> he <reg orig="waxe">wax</reg> more calmer out of hand, </l>
<l> His head amongst his fellow Kings shall stand. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic">
Albinius carrie Amuracke forth, who as he
 is a going, must say. 
<sp who="M"><speaker rend="italic"> Amu. </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="exclamation">No</seg> <reg orig="villaine">villain</reg>, <reg orig="thinke"> think </reg> not <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> the <reg orig="feare">fear</reg> of death </l>
<l> Shall make me calmer while I draw my breath. </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Alphon. </speaker>
<milestone unit="line"  n="200"></milestone>
<l> Now <hi rend="italic"> Loelius, </hi> take you <hi rend="italic"> Iphigina, </hi> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">Her</seg> mother <hi rend="italic"> Fausta, </hi> with these other Kings, </l>
<l> And put them into prisons <reg orig="seuerally">severally</reg>: </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Amuracke </hi> stout <reg orig="stomacke">stomach</reg> shall <reg orig="vndo">undo</reg>, </l>
<l> Both he <reg orig="himselfe"> himself </reg> and all his other crew. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic"> Fausta kneele downe. </stage>
<sp who="P"><speaker rend="italic"> Fau. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Oh"> O </reg> sacred Prince, if <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> the salt-brine <reg orig="teares">tears</reg>, </l>
<l> Distilling <reg orig="downe"> down </reg> <reg orig="poore">poor</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Faustas </hi> withered <reg orig="cheekes">cheeks</reg>, </l>
<l> Can <reg orig="mollifie">mollify</reg> the <reg orig="hardnes">hardness</reg> of your heart. </l>
<l> Lessen this <reg orig="iudgement">judgment</reg>, <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">which</seg> thou <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> thy rage, </l>
<l> Hast <reg orig="giuen">given</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> thy <reg orig="luckles">luckless</reg> prisoners. </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Alphon. </speaker>
<l> Woman away, my word is gone and past, </l>
<l> Now if I would I cannot call it <reg orig="backe:"> back: </reg> </l>
<l> You might <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> <reg orig="yeelded">yielded</reg> at my first <reg orig="demaund">demand</reg>, </l>
<l> And then you need not <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="feare">fear</reg> this hap. </l>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Loelius </hi> make haste, and go thou presently, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="fulfill">fulfil</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> I commanded thee. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic">
Rise vp Fausta, kneele downe Iphigina, and say. 
<sp who="Q"><speaker rend="italic"> Iphi. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Mightie">Mighty</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Alphonsus, </hi> since my mothers <reg orig="sute">suit</reg> </l>
<l> Is <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">so</seg> <reg orig="reiected">rejected</reg>, <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> any case </l>
<l> You <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> not grant <reg orig="vs"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg> </reg> pardon <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">her</seg> sake, </l>
<l> I now <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> <reg orig="trie">try</reg>, if <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> my <reg orig="wofull">woeful</reg> prayers </l>
<l> May plead <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> <reg orig="pittie">pity</reg> at your graces <reg orig="feete">feet</reg>. </l>
<l> When first you did <reg orig="amongest">amongst</reg> the thickest <reg orig="ranckes">ranks</reg> </l>
<l> All clad <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> glittering <reg orig="armes">arms</reg> encounter me: </l>
<l> You know <reg orig="your selfe"> yourself </reg> what <reg orig="loue"> love </reg> you did protest, </l>
<l> You then did <reg orig="beare">bear</reg> <reg orig="vnto"> unto </reg> <hi rend="italic"> Iphigina, </hi> </l>
<milestone unit="line"  n="225"></milestone>
<l> Then <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> <reg orig="loue"> love </reg> if any <reg orig="loue"> love </reg> you had, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Reuoke">Revoke</reg> this sentence <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">which</seg> is too too bad. </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Alp. </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="exclamation">No</seg> damsel damsel, he <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> not when he may, </l>
<l> When he desires, shall surely purchase nay. </l>
<l> If <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> you had when first I <reg orig="profer">proffer</reg> made, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Yeelded">Yielded</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> me, <reg orig="marke">mark</reg> what I <reg orig="promist">promised</reg> you, </l>
<l> I would <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> done, but since you did <reg orig="denie">deny</reg>, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Looke"> Look </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> <reg orig="deniall">denial</reg> at <hi rend="italic"> Alphonsus </hi> hands. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic">
Rise vp Iphigina, and stand aside, Alphonsus talke
with Albinius. Enter Carinus in his Pilgrims clothes, and say. 
<sp who="F">
<l> <reg orig="Oh"> O </reg> friendly <hi rend="italic"> Fortune, </hi> now thou <reg orig="shewest">showest</reg> thy power, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">In</seg> raising <reg orig="vp"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">up</seg> </reg> my <reg orig="sonne"> son </reg> from <reg orig="banisht">banished</reg> state, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Vnto"> Unto </reg> the top of thy most <reg orig="mightie">mighty</reg> <reg orig="wheele">wheel</reg>: </l>
<l> But what be these, <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">which</seg> at his sacred <reg orig="feete">feet</reg> </l>
<l> Do <reg orig="seeme"> seem </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="pleade">plead</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> <reg orig="mercie">mercy</reg> at his hands? </l>
<l> <reg orig="Ile"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> go and sift this matter <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> the full. </l>
<stage rend="italic">
Go toward Alphonsus and speake to one of his soldiers. 

<l> Sir Knight, and may a Pilgrim be <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> <reg orig="bolde">bold</reg> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> put your person <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> such mickle <reg orig="paine">pain</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="enforme">inform</reg> me what great King is this, </l>
<l> And what these be, <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">which</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> such <reg orig="wofull">woeful</reg> sort, </l>
<l> Do <reg orig="seeme"> seem </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="seeke">seek</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> <reg orig="mercie">mercy</reg> at his hands? </l></sp>
<sp who="Y"><speaker rend="italic"> Soul. </speaker>
<l> Pilgrim, the King <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">that</seg> sits <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> stately throne, </l>
<l> Is <reg orig="cald">called</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Alphonsus, </hi> and this matron hight, </l>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Fausta </hi> the wife <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Amuracke </hi> the <reg orig="Turke">Turk</reg>: </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">That</seg> is their daughter <reg orig="faire"> fair </reg> <hi rend="italic"> Iphigina </hi>: </l>
<l> Both <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">which</seg> <reg orig="togither">together</reg>, with the <reg orig="Turke">Turk</reg> <reg orig="himselfe,"> himself, </reg> </l>
<l> He did take prisoners <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> a battle fought. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic">
Spie out Carinus and say. 
<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Alph. </speaker>
<milestone unit="line"  n="250"></milestone>
<l> And can the gods be found <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> kind <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> me, </l>
<l> As <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Carinus </hi> now I do <reg orig="espie">epsy</reg>: </l>
<l> <reg orig="Tis"> It is </reg> he indeed, come <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">on</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Albinius, </hi> </l>
<l> The <reg orig="mightie">mighty</reg> conquest <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">which</seg> I <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> <reg orig="atchieu'd">achieved</reg> </l>
<l> And victories the <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">which</seg> I oft <reg orig="haue haue"> have have </reg> <reg orig="wonne">won</reg>, </l>
<l> Bring not such pleasure <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Alphonsus </hi> <reg orig="hart">heart</reg>, </l>
<l> As now my fathers presence doth impart. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic">
Alphonsus and Albinius go toward Carinus, Alphonsus 
stand looking on Carinus, Carinus say. 
<sp who="F"><speaker rend="italic"> Cari. </speaker>
<l> What <reg orig="nere">never</reg> a word <hi rend="italic"> Alphonsus, </hi> art thou dumb? </l>
<l> Or doth my presence <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> <reg orig="perturbe">perturb</reg> thy <reg orig="minde">mind</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">for</seg> because I come <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> Pilgrims weed, </l>
<l> You <reg orig="thinke"> think </reg> each word <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">which</seg> you do spend <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> me </l>
<l> A great disgrace <reg orig="vnto"> unto </reg> your name <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> be? </l>
<l> Why speakest thou not? if <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> my place you <reg orig="craue">crave</reg>, </l>
<l> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> be gone and you my place shall <reg orig="haue."> have. </reg> </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Alph. </speaker>
<l> Nay father stay, the Gods of <reg orig="heauen">heaven</reg> forbid, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> ere <hi rend="italic"> Alphonsus </hi> should desire or wish </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> his absence whom he doth account </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> be the <reg orig="Loadstone">Lodestone</reg> of his life. </l>
<l> What though the fates and fortune both <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> one, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Haue bene"> Have been </reg> content <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> call your <reg orig="louing">loving</reg> <reg orig="sonne,"> son, </reg> </l>
<l> From <reg orig="beggers">beggars</reg> state, <reg orig="vnto"> unto </reg> this princely <reg orig="seate">seat</reg>, </l>
<l> Should I therefore <reg orig="disdaine">disdain</reg> my aged sire? </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="exclamation">No</seg> first both <reg orig="Crowne">Crown</reg> and life I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> detest, </l>
<l> Before such <reg orig="venome">venom</reg> breed within my <reg orig="brest">breast</reg>. </l>
<l> What erst I did, the sudden <reg orig="ioy">joy</reg> I <reg orig="tooke">took</reg>, </l>

<milestone unit="line"  n="275"></milestone>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> see <hi rend="italic"> Carinus </hi> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> such <reg orig="happie">happy</reg> state, </l>
<l> Did make me do, and nothing else at all, </l>
<l> High <hi rend="italic"> <reg orig="Ioue">Jove</reg> </hi> <reg orig="himselfe"> himself </reg> do I <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> <reg orig="witnes">witness</reg> call. </l></sp>
<sp who="F"><speaker rend="italic"> Cari. </speaker>
<l> These words are <reg orig="vaine">vain</reg>, I knew as much before: </l>
<l> But yet <hi rend="italic"> Alphonsus </hi> I must wonder needs, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> you whose <reg orig="yeares">years</reg> are <reg orig="proue">prove</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Cupids </hi> snares, </l>
<l> Can suffer such a <reg orig="Goddes">Goddess</reg> as this dame, </l>
<l> Thus <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">for</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="shead">shed</reg> such store of <reg orig="Christall">Crystal</reg> <reg orig="teares">tears</reg>. </l>
<l> <reg orig="Beleeue">Believe</reg> me <reg orig="sonne,"> son, </reg> although my <reg orig="yeares">years</reg> be spent, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">Her</seg> <reg orig="sighes">sighs</reg> and sobs <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <reg orig="twaine">twain</reg> my heart do rent. </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Alph. </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">Like</seg> power <reg orig="deare">dear</reg> father had she <reg orig="ouer"> over </reg> me, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Vntill">Until</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> <reg orig="loue,"> love, </reg> I looking <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="receiue">receive</reg> </l>
<l> <reg orig="Loue backe againe,"> Love back again, </reg> not <reg orig="onely"> only </reg> was denied, </l>
<l> But also taunted <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> most <reg orig="spightfull">spiteful</reg> sort: </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">Which</seg> made me loathe <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">which</seg> I erst did <reg orig="loue,"> love, </reg> </l>
<l> As she <reg orig="her selfe,"> herself, </reg> with all <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">her</seg> friends shall <reg orig="proue">prove</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="F"><speaker rend="italic"> Cari. </speaker>
<l> How now <hi rend="italic"> Alphonsus, </hi> you <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">which</seg> <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> long </l>
<l> <reg orig="Bene"> Been </reg> trained <reg orig="vp"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">up</seg> </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <reg orig="bloudie">bloody</reg> <reg orig="broyles">broils</reg> of <hi rend="italic"> Mars, </hi> </l>
<l> What know you not, <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> Castles are not <reg orig="wonne">won</reg> </l>
<l> At first assault, and women are not wooed </l>
<l> When first their <reg orig="suters">suitors</reg> <reg orig="profer">proffer</reg> <reg orig="loue"> love </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> them: </l>
<l> As <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> my part, I should account <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> <reg orig="maide">maid</reg> </l>
<l> A wanton wench, <reg orig="vnconstant">inconstant</reg> <reg orig="lewde">lewd</reg> and light, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">That</seg> <reg orig="yeelds">yields</reg> the field, before she venture fight, </l>
<l> Especially <reg orig="vnto"> unto </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">her</seg> <reg orig="mortall">mortal</reg> foe, </l>
<milestone unit="line"  n="300"></milestone>
<l> As you were then <reg orig="vnto"> unto </reg> <hi rend="italic"> Iphigina. </hi> </l>
<l> But <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">for</seg> because I see you fitter are </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> enter Lists and combat with your foes, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Then"> Than </reg> court <reg orig="faire">. Fair </reg> <reg orig="Ladyes">Ladies</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> God <hi rend="italic"> Cupids </hi> tents, </l>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Carinus </hi> <reg orig="meanes">means</reg>, your spokesman <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">for</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="bee,"> be, </reg> </l>
<l> And if <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> she consent, you shall agree. </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Alphon. </speaker>
<l> What you <reg orig="commaund">command</reg>, </l>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Alphonsus </hi> must not <reg orig="flie">fly</reg>: </l>
<l> Though otherwise perhaps he would <reg orig="denie">deny</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="F"><speaker rend="italic"> Cari. </speaker>
<l> Then <reg orig="daintie">dainty</reg> <reg orig="damsell">damsel</reg> stint these trickling <reg orig="teares">tears</reg>, </l>
<l> Cease <reg orig="sighes">sighs</reg> and sobs, yea make a <reg orig="merrie">merry</reg> <reg orig="cheare">cheer</reg>, </l>
<l> Your pardon is already purchased: </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">So</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> you be not <reg orig="ouer"> over </reg> curious </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">In</seg> granting <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Alphonsus </hi> <reg orig="iust">just</reg> demand. </l></sp>
<sp who="Q"><speaker rend="italic"> Iphi. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Thankes">Thanks</reg> <reg orig="mightie">mighty</reg> Prince, <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> <reg orig="curioser">curiouser</reg> <reg orig="ile bee,"> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> be, </reg> </l>
<l> <reg orig="Then"> Than </reg> doth become a <reg orig="maide">maid</reg> of my degree. </l></sp>
<sp who="F"><speaker rend="italic"> Cari. </speaker>
<l> The Gods forbid <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> <reg orig="ere"> ever </reg> <hi rend="italic"> Carinus </hi> tongue </l>
<l> Should go about <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> make a <reg orig="mayd">maid</reg> consent </l>
<l> <reg orig="Vnto"> Unto </reg> the thing <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">which</seg> <reg orig="modestie">modesty</reg> denies: </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">That</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">which</seg> I <reg orig="aske,"> ask, </reg> is neither hurt <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> thee, </l>
<l> Danger <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> parents, nor disgrace <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> friends, </l>
<l> But good and honest, and <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> profit bring, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">To</seg> thee and those <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">which</seg> <reg orig="leane">lean</reg> <reg orig="vnto"> unto </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> thing. </l>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> is this, since first <hi rend="italic"> Alphonsus </hi> eyes, </l>
<l> Did hap <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="glaunce">glance</reg> <reg orig="vpon"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">upon</seg> </reg> your <reg orig="heauenly">heavenly</reg> hew, </l>
<milestone unit="line"  n="325"></milestone>
<l> And saw the rare perfection of the same, </l>
<l> He hath desired <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> become your <reg orig="spowse">spouse</reg>. </l>
<l> Now if you <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> <reg orig="vnto"> unto </reg> the same agree, </l>
<l> I dare assure you, <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> you shall be free. </l></sp>
<sp who="Q"><speaker rend="italic"> Iph. </speaker>
<l> Pardon <reg orig="deare">dear</reg> Lord, the world goes very hard, </l>
<l> When women <reg orig="kinde">kind</reg> are forced <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">for</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="wooe">woo</reg>, </l>
<l> If <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> your <reg orig="sonne"> son </reg> had <reg orig="loued">loved</reg> me <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> well, </l>
<l> Why did he not <reg orig="informe">inform</reg> me of the same? </l></sp>
<sp who="F"><speaker rend="italic"> Ca. </speaker>
<l> Why did he not? what <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> you clean forgot </l>
<l> What ample <reg orig="profers">proffers</reg> he did make <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> you, </l>
<l> When hand <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> hand he did encounter you? </l></sp>
<sp who="Q"><speaker rend="italic"> Iphi. </speaker>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="exclamation">No</seg> worthy sir, I <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> not it forgot, </l>
<l> But <hi rend="italic"> Cupid </hi> cannot enter <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> the <reg orig="brest">breast</reg>, </l>
<l> Where <hi rend="italic"> Mars </hi> before had <reg orig="tooke">took</reg> possession: </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">That</seg> was <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">no</seg> time <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="talke"> talk </reg> of <hi rend="italic"> Venus </hi> games, </l>
<l> When all <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> <reg orig="fellowes">fellows</reg> were pressed <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> the <reg orig="warres">wars</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="F"><speaker rend="italic"> Cari. </speaker>
<l> Well, let <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> <reg orig="passe">pass</reg>, now canst thou be content </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> <reg orig="loue"> love </reg> <hi rend="italic"> Alphonsus, </hi> and become his <reg orig="spowse">spouse</reg>? </l></sp>
<sp who="Q"><speaker rend="italic"> Iphi. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="I"> Aye </reg> if the high <hi rend="italic"> Alphonsus </hi> could vouchsafe </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> <reg orig="entertaine">entertain</reg> me as his wedded <reg orig="spowse">spouse</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Alphon. </speaker>
<l> If <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> he could? what dost thou doubt of <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> </l>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Iason </hi> did <reg orig="iet">jet</reg> when as he had <reg orig="obtaind">obtained</reg>, </l>
<l> The golden fleece <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> wise <hi rend="italic"> Medeas </hi> art, </l>
<l> The <reg orig="Greekes">Greeks</reg> <reg orig="reioyced">rejoiced</reg> when they had subdued </l>
<l> The famous <reg orig="bulwarkes">bulwarks</reg> of most stately <hi rend="italic"> Troy, </hi> </l>
<milestone unit="line"  n="350"></milestone>
<l> But all their mirth was nothing <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> respect </l>
<l> Of this my <reg orig="ioy">joy</reg>, since <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> I now <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> got, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">That</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">which</seg> I long desired <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> my heart. </l></sp>
<sp who="F"><speaker rend="italic"> Ca. </speaker>
<l> But what <reg orig="sayes">says</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Fausta </hi> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">her</seg> daughters choice? </l></sp>
<sp who="P"><speaker rend="italic"> Fau. </speaker>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Fausta </hi> doth say, the Gods <reg orig="haue bin"> have been </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">her</seg> friends </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">To</seg> let <seg type="homograph" subtype="personalPronoun">her</seg> <reg orig="lieu"> live </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> see <hi rend="italic"> Iphigina </hi> </l>
<l> Bestowed <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbManner">so</seg> <reg orig="vnto"> unto </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">her</seg> hearts content. </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Alphon. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Thankes">Thanks</reg> <reg orig="mightie">mighty</reg> <reg orig="Empresse">Empress</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> your <reg orig="gentlenes">gentleness</reg>, </l>
<l> And if <hi rend="italic"> Alphonsus </hi> can at any time </l>
<l> With all his power requite this <reg orig="curtesie">courtesy</reg>, </l>
<l> You shall <reg orig="perceiue">perceive</reg> how kindly he doth take </l>
<l> Your <reg orig="forwardnesse">forwardness</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> this his <reg orig="happie">happy</reg> chance. </l></sp>
<sp who="F"><speaker rend="italic"> Cari. </speaker>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Albinius </hi> go call forth <hi rend="italic"> Amuracke, </hi> </l>
<l> <reg orig="Weele"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">We</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> </reg> see what he doth say <reg orig="vnto"> unto </reg> this match. </l>
<stage rend="italic">
Exit Albinius, bring forth Amuracke. 

<l> Most <reg orig="mightie">mighty</reg> <reg orig="Turke">Turk</reg>, I with my warlike <reg orig="sonne"> son </reg> </l>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Alphonsus, </hi> loathing <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverbDegree">so</seg> great a Prince </l>
<l> As you should <reg orig="lieu"> live </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> such <reg orig="vnseemly">unseemly</reg> sort, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Haue"> Have </reg> sent <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> you <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="profer">proffer</reg> life or death: </l>
<l> Life, if you do consent <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">our</seg> demand, </l>
<l> And death if <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> you dare gainsay the same, </l>
<l> Your wife, high <hi rend="italic"> Fausta, </hi> with <hi rend="italic"> Iphigina, </hi> </l>
<l> <reg orig="Haue"> Have </reg> <reg orig="giuen">given</reg> consent <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> this my warlike <reg orig="sonne"> son </reg> </l>
<l> Should <reg orig="haue"> have </reg> your daughter <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> his bedfellow, </l>
<l> Now resteth <reg orig="nought">naught</reg> but <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> you do agree, </l>

<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">so</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> purchase sure <reg orig="tranquilitie">tranquillity</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="M"><speaker rend="italic"> Amu. </speaker>
<milestone unit="line"  n="375"></milestone>
<l> Now <hi rend="italic"> Amurack </hi> <reg orig="aduise">advise</reg> thee what thou <reg orig="sayest">sayst</reg>, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Bethinke">Bethink</reg> thee well what <reg orig="answere">answer</reg> thou wilt make: </l>
<l> Thy life and death dependeth <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">on</seg> thy words, </l>
<l> If thou <reg orig="denie">deny</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> be <hi rend="italic"> Alphonsus </hi> sire, </l>
<l> Death is thy share: but if <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> thou consent, </l>
<l> Thy life is <reg orig="sau'd">saved</reg>, consent? nay rather die. </l>
<l> Should I consent <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="giue"> give </reg> <hi rend="italic"> Iphigina </hi> </l>
<l> Into the hands of such a <reg orig="beggers">beggars</reg> brat? </l>
<l> What <hi rend="italic"> Amuracke </hi> thou dost <reg orig="deceiue">deceive</reg> <reg orig="thy selfe,"> thyself, </reg> </l>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Alphonsus </hi> is the <reg orig="sonne vnto"> son unto </reg> a King: </l>
<l> What then? the worthy of thy daughters <reg orig="loue"> love </reg> </l>
<l> She is agreed, and <hi rend="italic"> Fausta </hi> is content: </l>
<l> Then <hi rend="italic"> Amuracke </hi> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> not be discontent. </l>
<stage rend="italic">
Take Iphigina by the hand, giue her to Alphonsus. 

<l> <reg orig="Heere"> here </reg> <reg orig="braue">brave</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Alphonsus, </hi> take thou at my hand, </l>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Iphigina, </hi> I <reg orig="giue"> give </reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="personalPronoun">her</seg> <reg orig="vnto"> unto </reg> thee: </l>
<l> And <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">her</seg> <reg orig="dowrie">dowry</reg>, when <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">her</seg> father die, </l>
<l> Thou shalt <reg orig="possesse">possess</reg> the Turkish <reg orig="Emperie">Empery</reg>. </l>
<l> Take <seg type="homograph" subtype="personalPronoun">her</seg> I say, and <reg orig="lieu"> live </reg> King <hi rend="italic"> Nestors </hi> <reg orig="yeeres">years</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">So</seg> would the <reg orig="Turke">Turk</reg> and all his Noble <reg orig="Peeres">Peers</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker rend="italic"> Alphon. </speaker>
<l> <reg orig="Immortall">Immortal</reg> thanks I <reg orig="giue vnto"> give unto </reg> your grace. </l></sp>
<sp who="F"><speaker rend="italic"> Cari. </speaker>
<l> Now worthy Princes, since <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> <reg orig="helpe">help</reg> of <hi rend="italic"> <reg orig="Ioue">Jove</reg> </hi> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">On</seg> either side the wedding is decreed, </l>
<l> Come let <reg orig="vs"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg> </reg> wend <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> <hi rend="italic"> Naples </hi> speedily, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="solemnize">solemnise</reg> it with mirth and glee. </l></sp>
<sp who="M"><speaker rend="italic"> Amu. </speaker>
<l> As you do <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg>, <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> <reg orig="ioyntly">jointly</reg> do agree.  </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic"> Exeunt omnes. 
Enter Venus with the Muses, and say. 
<sp who="A"><speaker rend="italic"> Ve. </speaker>
<milestone unit="line"  n="400"></milestone>
<l> Now worthy <hi rend="italic"> Muses </hi> with <reg orig="vnwilling">unwilling</reg> mind, </l>
<l> <hi rend="italic"> Venus </hi> is <reg orig="forst">forced</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> trudge <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> <reg orig="heauens">heavens</reg> <reg orig="againe:"> again: </reg> </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> <hi rend="italic"> <reg orig="Iuppiter">Jupiter</reg> </hi> <seg type="homograph" subtype="demonstrative">that</seg> God of <reg orig="peerles">peerless</reg> power, </l>
<l> Proclaimed hath a <reg orig="solemne">solemn</reg> <reg orig="festiuall">festival</reg>, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">In</seg> honour of dame <hi rend="italic"> Danaes </hi> <reg orig="luckles">luckless</reg> death: </l>
<l> <reg orig="Vnto"> Unto </reg> the <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">which</seg>, <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> <reg orig="paine">pain</reg> of his displeasure </l>
<l> He hath <reg orig="inuited">invited</reg> all the <reg orig="immortall">immortal</reg> Gods </l>
<l> And Goddesses, <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">so</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> I must be there, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Vnlesse">Unless</reg> I <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> his high displeasure <reg orig="beare">bear</reg>: </l>
<l> You see <hi rend="italic"> Alphonsus </hi> hath with much ado, </l>
<l> At length <reg orig="obtaind">obtained</reg> <reg orig="fayre">fair</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Iphigina </hi> </l>
<l> Of <hi rend="italic"> Amuracke </hi> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">her</seg> father, <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">for</seg> his wife. </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">Who</seg> now are going <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">to</seg> the Temple wards, </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">For</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="performe">perform</reg> dame <hi rend="italic"> <reg orig="Iunoes">Juno's</reg> </hi> sacred rites, </l>
<l> Where <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">we</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg> <reg orig="leaue">leave</reg> them till the feast be done: </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="relative">Which</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">in</seg> the <reg orig="heauens">heavens</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="preposition">by</seg> this time is begun, </l>
<l> <reg orig="Meane">Mean</reg> time <reg orig="deare">dear</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Muses, </hi> wander you not <reg orig="farre">far</reg> </l>
<l> <reg orig="Foorth">Forth</reg> of the path of high <hi rend="italic"> Pernassus </hi> hill: </l>
<l> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">That</seg> when I come <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> finish <reg orig="vp"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="adverb">up</seg> </reg> his life, </l>
<l> You may be <reg orig="readie">ready</reg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">for</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> succour me. </l>
<l> Adieu <reg orig="deare">dear</reg> dames, <reg orig="farwell">farewell</reg> <hi rend="italic"> Calliope. </hi> </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic">
Exit Venus. Or if you can conueniently, let a chaire 
come downe from the top of the stage, and draw her vp. 
<sp who="C"><speaker rend="italic"> Calli. </speaker>
<l> Adieu you sacred <reg orig="Goddes">Goddess</reg> of the <reg orig="skie">sky</reg>. </l>
<l> Well <reg orig="louing">loving</reg> sisters, since <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">that</seg> she is gone, </l>
<l> Come let <reg orig="vs"> <seg type="homograph" subtype="truePlural">us</seg> </reg> haste <reg orig="vnto"> unto </reg> <hi rend="italic"> Pernassus </hi> hill, </l>
<l> As <hi rend="italic"> Citherea </hi> did lately <seg type="homograph" subtype="verb">will</seg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker rend="italic"> Melpom. </speaker>
<milestone unit="line"  n="425"></milestone>
<l> Then make you haste <seg type="homograph" subtype="adjective">her</seg> mind <seg type="homograph" subtype="conjunction">for</seg> <seg type="homograph" subtype="infinitive">to</seg> <reg orig="fulfill">fulfil</reg>. </l></sp>
<stage rend="italic">
Exeunt omnes, playing on their Instruments. 
<trailer> FINIS. </trailer>