Midsummer Night's Dream Q2

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               Midsommer nights
               As it hath beene sundry times 
               <hi rend="italic">publikely acted, by the Right Honourable,</hi>
               the Lord Chamberlaine his
               <hi rend="italic">seruants.	Written by William Shakespeare.</hi></title>
               <resp>compiled by 		</resp>
               <name>Katie Jones 		</name>
            <publisher><hi rend="italic">Thomas Pavier</hi></publisher>  
            <authority> 		</authority> 
            <p>			</p>
               The characters are identified by IDREF pointing to information in
               the following declarations.
               <name id="A">Theseus, Duke of Athens </name>
               <name id="B">Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons/ Duchess </name>
               <name id="C">Lysander, Hermia's beloved </name>
               <name id="D">Demetrius </name>
               <name id="E">Hermia </name>
               <name id="F">Helena </name>
               <name id="G">Oberon, The King of the Fairies </name>
               <name id="H">Titania, Oberon's wife, Queen of Fairies </name>   
               <name id="U">Prologue</name>
               <name id="X">Multiple Speakers</name>
               <name id="AA">Puck, or Robin Goodfellow, Oberon's jester </name>
               <name id="AB">Nick Bottom, a weaver, plays Pyramus/also called Clown</name>
               <name id="AC">Egeus, Hermia's tyrannical father </name>
               <name id="AD">Philostrate, Theseus' Master of Revels </name>
               <name id="AE">Peter Quince, a carpenter </name>
               <name id="AF">Francis Flute, a bellow mender, plays Thisbe </name>
               <name id="AG">Tom Snout, a tinker / wall </name>
               <name id="AH">Snug, a joiner, plays the Lion </name>
               <name id="AI">Robin Starveling, a tailor </name>
               <name id="AJ">Fairy </name>
               <name id="AK">Peaseblossom/ Fairy 1 </name>
               <name id="AL">Cobweb/ Fairy 2</name>
               <name id="AM">Mustardseed/ Fairy 3</name>
               <name id="BC">Mooneshine</name>
            <p> The languages (other than English) which occur in the text are identified by idREF which point to the following</p>
            <language id="Latin">Latin</language>
            <language id="French">French</language>

               MIDSOMMER NIGHTS 
               <reg orig="DREAME">DREAM</reg>.
         <div1 n="1" type="act">
            <div2 n="1" type="scene">
         <stage>Enter Theseus, Hippolita, with others.</stage>
               <sp who="A"><speaker>Theseus.</speaker>
   <l>NOw <reg orig="faire">fair</reg> <hi rend="italic">Hippolita</hi>, our&Htp; <reg orig="nuptiall">nuptial</reg> <reg orig="houre">hour</reg></l>
<l><reg orig="Drawes">Draws</reg> on&H5; apace: <reg orig="foure">four</reg> happy <reg orig="daies">days</reg> bring in&H5;</l>
<l>Another <reg orig="Moone">Moon</reg>: but <reg orig="oh">o</reg>, me-thinks, how slow</l>
<l>This old <reg orig="Moone">Moon</reg> wanes: She lingers my desires</l>
<l>Like&H5; to&H4; a <reg orig="Step-dam">Step-dame</reg>, or a Dowager,</l>
<l>Long withering out a young <reg orig="mans">man's</reg> <reg orig="reuenew">revenue</reg>.</l></sp>
               <sp who="A"><speaker>Hip.</speaker>
<l><reg orig="Foure">Four</reg> <reg orig="daies">days</reg> will&H1; quickly <reg orig="steepe">steep</reg> <reg orig="themselues">themselves</reg> in&H4; nights</l>
<l><reg orig="Foure">Four</reg> <reg orig="daies">days</reg> will&H1; quickly <reg orig="dreame">dream</reg> away the time:</l>
<l>And then the <reg orig="Moone">Moon</reg>, like&H5; to&H4; a <reg orig="siluer">silver</reg> bow,</l>
<l>Now bent in&H4; <reg orig="heauen">heaven</reg>, shall behold the night</l>
<l>Of our&Htp; solemnities.</l></sp>
               <sp who="A"><speaker>The.</speaker>
                  <l><reg orig="Goe">Go</reg> <hi rend="italic">Philostrate,</hi></l>
                  <l><reg orig="Stirre">Stir</reg> <reg orig="vp">up&H5;</reg> the <hi rend="italic">Athenian</hi> youth to&H4; merriments,</l>
<l>Awake the <reg orig="peart">pert</reg> and nimble spirit of mirth,</l>
<l><reg orig="Turne">Turn</reg> melancholy <reg orig="foorth">forth</reg> to&H4; Funerals:</l>
<l>The pale companion is not for&H4; our&Htp; <reg orig="pompe">pomp</reg>.</l>
                  <l><hi rend="italic">Hippolita</hi>, I <reg orig="woo'd">wooed</reg> thee with my sword,</l>
<l>And <reg orig="wonne">won</reg> thy <reg orig="loue">love</reg>, doing thee <reg orig="iniuries">injuries</reg>:</l>
<l>But I will&H1; wed thee in&H4; another key,</l>
<l>With <reg orig="pompe">pomp</reg>, with triumph, and with <reg orig="reuelling">revelling</reg>.</l></sp>
<stage>Enter Egeus and his daughter Hermia, and Lysander,
Helena, and Demetrius.</stage>
               <sp who="AC"><speaker>Ege.</speaker>           
                  <l>Happy be <hi rend="italic">Theseus</hi>, our&Htp; renowned Duke.</l></sp>
               <sp who="A"><speaker>The.</speaker>
                  <l>Thanks good <hi rend="italic">Egeus</hi>. <reg orig="What's">What is</reg> the <reg orig="newes">news</reg> with thee?</l></sp>
               <sp who="AC"><speaker>Ege.</speaker>  
<l>Full of vexation, come I, with complaint</l>
<l>Against my <reg orig="childe">child</reg>, my daughter <hi rend="italic">Hermia</hi>.</l>
<l>Stand <reg orig="foorth">forth</reg> Demetrius.</l>
<l>My noble Lord,</l>
<l>This man hath my consent to&H9; marry her&H6;.</l>
<l>Stand <reg orig="foorth">forth</reg> Lysander.</l>
<l>And my gracious Duke,</l>
<l>This man hath <reg orig="bewitcht">bewitched</reg> the <reg orig="bosome">bosom</reg> of my <reg orig="childe">child</reg>:</l>
<l>Thou, thou <hi rend="italic">Lysander</hi>, thou hast <reg orig="giuen">given</reg> her&H6; rimes,</l>
<l>And <reg orig="interchang'd">interchanged</reg> <reg orig="loue">love</reg> tokens with my <reg orig="childe">child</reg>:</l>
<l>Thou hast by&H4; <reg orig="moone-light">moonlight</reg> at her&H2; window sung,</l>
<l>With faining voice, verses of faining <reg orig="loue">love</reg>,</l>
<l>And <reg orig="stolne">stolen</reg> the impression of her&H2; <reg orig="fantasie">fantasy</reg>,</l>
<l>With bracelets of thy <reg orig="haire">hair</reg>, rings, <reg orig="gawdes">gauds</reg>, conceits,</l>
<l>Knacks, trifles, <reg orig="nosegaies">nosegays</reg>, sweet <reg orig="meates">meats</reg> (messengers</l>
<l>Of strong <reg orig="preuailement">prevailment</reg> in&H4; <reg orig="vnhardened">unhardened</reg> youth)</l>
<l>With cunning hast thou <reg orig="filcht">filched</reg> my daughters heart,</l>
<l><reg orig="Turnd">Turned</reg> her&H2; obedience (which&H61; is due to&H4; me)</l>
<l>To&H4; <reg orig="stubborne">stubborn</reg> <reg orig="harshnesse">harshness</reg>. And my gracious Duke,</l>
<l>Be it so&H52; she will&H1; not here before your Grace,</l>
               <l>Consent to&H9; marry with <hi rend="italic">Demetrius</hi>,</l>
               <l>I beg the ancient <reg orig="priuiledge">privilege</reg> of <hi rend="italic">Athens</hi>;</l>
<l>As she is mine, I may dispose of her&H6;;</l>
<l>Which&H61; shall be either to&H4; this gentleman,</l>
<l>Or to&H4; her&H2; death, according to&H4; our&Htp; law,</l>
<l><reg orig="Immediatly">Immediately</reg> <reg orig="prouided">provided</reg> in&H4; that&H62; case.</l></sp>
               <sp who="A"><speaker>The.</speaker>
<l>What say you <hi rend="italic">Hermia</hi>? be <reg orig="aduis'd">advised</reg>, <reg orig="faire">fair</reg> maid,</l>
<l>To&H4; you your father <reg orig="shoud">should</reg> be as a God:</l>
<l>One that&H61; <reg orig="compos'd">composed</reg> your beauties; yea and one,</l>
<l>To&H4; whom you are but as a <reg orig="forme">form</reg> in&H4; wax</l>
<l>By&H4; him imprinted, and within his power,</l>
<l>To&H9; <reg orig="leaue">leave</reg> the figure, or disfigure it:</l>
                  <l><hi rend="italic">Demetrius</hi> is a worthy gentleman.</l></sp>
               <sp who="E"><speaker>Her.</speaker>        
                  <l>So&H52; is <hi rend="italic">Lysander</hi>.</l></sp>
               <sp who="A"><speaker>The.</speaker>
                  <l>In&H4; <reg orig="himselfe">himself</reg> he is.</l>
<l>But in&H4; this <reg orig="kinde">kind</reg>, wanting your fathers <reg orig="voyce">voice</reg>,</l>
<l>The other must be held the worthier.</l></sp>
               <sp who="E"><speaker>Her.</speaker>  
<l>I would my father <reg orig="lookt">looked</reg> but with my eyes.</l></sp>
               <sp who="A"><speaker>The.</speaker>
<l>Rather your eyes must with his <reg orig="iudgement">judgment</reg> <reg orig="looke">look</reg>.</l></sp>
               <sp who="E"><speaker>Her.</speaker>
<l>I do <reg orig="intreate">entreat</reg> your Grace to&H9; pardon me.</l>
<l>I know not by&H4; what power I am made bold,</l>
<l>Nor how it may <reg orig="concerne">concern</reg> my modesty,</l>
<l>In&H4; such a presence, here to&H9; plead my thoughts;</l>
<l>But I beseech your Grace, that&H3; I may know</l>
<l>The worst that&H61; may befall me in&H4; this case,</l>
                  <l>If I refuse to&H9; wed <hi rend="italic">Demetrius</hi>.</l></sp>
               <sp who="A"><speaker>The.</speaker>
<l>Either to&H9; die the death, or to&H9; <reg orig="abiure">abjure</reg></l>
<l>For&H4; <reg orig="euer">ever</reg> the society of men.</l>
<l>Therefore <reg orig="faire">fair</reg> <hi rend="italic">Hermia</hi>, question your desires,</l>
<l>Know of your youth, examine well your blood,</l>
<l>Whether (if you <reg orig="yeeld">yield</reg> not to&H4; your fathers <reg orig="choyce">choice</reg>)</l>
<l>You can endure the <reg orig="liuery">livery</reg> of a <reg orig="Nunne">Nun</reg>,</l>
<l>For&H4; aye to&H9; be in&H4; shady Cloister <reg orig="mew'd">mewed</reg></l>
<l>To&H9; <reg orig="liue">live</reg> a barren sister all your life,</l>
<l>Chanting faint <reg orig="hymnes">hymns</reg> to&H4; the <reg orig="colde">cold</reg> <reg orig="fruitlesse">fruitless</reg> <reg orig="Moone">Moon</reg>.</l>
<l>Thrice blessed they that&H61; master so&H52; their blood,</l>
<l>To&H9; <reg orig="vndergo">undergo</reg> such maiden pilgrimage,</l>
<l>But earthlier happy is the Rose <reg orig="distild">distilled</reg>,</l>
<l><reg orig="Then">Than</reg> that&H62; which&H61; withering on&H4; the virgin thorne,</l>
<l><reg orig="Growes">Grows</reg>, <reg orig="liues">lives</reg>, and dies, in&H4; single <reg orig="blessednesse">blessedness</reg>.</l></sp>
               <sp who="E"><speaker>Her.</speaker>
<l>So&H52; will&H1; I grow, so&H52; <reg orig="liue">live</reg>, so&H52; <reg orig="dye">die</reg> my Lord,</l>
<l>Ere I will&H1; <reg orig="yeeld">yield</reg> my virgin Patent <reg orig="vp">up&H5;</reg></l>
<l><reg orig="Vnto">Unto</reg> his Lordship, whose <reg orig="vnwished">unwished</reg> <reg orig="yoake">yoke</reg></l>
<l>My <reg orig="soule">soul</reg> consents not to&H9; <reg orig="giue">give</reg> <reg orig="souerainty">sovereignty</reg>.</l></sp>
               <sp who="A"><speaker>The.</speaker>
<l>Take time to&H9; pause, and by&H4; the next new <reg orig="Moone">Moon</reg>,</l>
<l>The sealing day betwixt my <reg orig="loue">love</reg> and me,</l>
<l>For&H4; <reg orig="euerlasting">everlasting</reg> bond of fellowship:</l>
<l><reg orig="Vpon">Upon&H4;</reg> that&H62; day either prepare to&H9; <reg orig="dye">die</reg>,</l>
<l>For&H4; disobedience to&H4; your fathers will&H0;,</l>
<l>Or else to&H9; wed <hi rend="italic">Demetrius</hi>, as he wold,</l>
<l>Or on&H4; <hi rend="italic">Dianaes</hi> Altar to&H9; protest,</l>
<l>For&H4; aye, austerity, and single life.</l></sp>
               <sp who="D"><speaker>Dem.</speaker>
<l>Relent <reg orig="sweete">sweet</reg> <hi rend="italic">Hermia</hi>, and <hi rend="italic">Lysander</hi>, <reg orig="yeeld">yield</reg></l>
<l>Thy crazed title to&H4; my <reg orig="certaine">certain</reg> right.</l></sp>
               <sp who="C"><speaker>Lys.</speaker>
                  <l>You <reg orig="haue">have</reg> her&H2; Fathers <reg orig="loue">love</reg>, <hi rend="italic">Demetrius</hi>:</l>
                  <l>Let me <reg orig="haue">have</reg> <hi rend="italic">Hermias</hi>: do you marry him.</l></sp>
               <sp who="AC"><speaker>Egeus.</speaker>
<l><reg orig="Scornfull">Scornful</reg> <hi rend="italic">Lysander</hi>, true, he hath my <reg orig="Loue">Love</reg>;</l>
<l>And what is mine, my <reg orig="loue">love</reg> shall render him.</l>
<l>And she is mine, and all my right of her&H6;</l>
<l>I do estate <reg orig="vnto">unto</reg> <hi rend="italic">Demetrius.</hi></l></sp>
               <sp who="C"><speaker>Lysan.</speaker>
<l>I am my Lord, as well <reg orig="deriu'd">derived</reg> as <reg orig="hee">he</reg>,</l>
<l>As well <reg orig="possest">possessed</reg>: my <reg orig="loue">love</reg> is more <reg orig="then">than</reg> his:</l>
<l>My fortunes <reg orig="euery">every</reg> way as <reg orig="fairely">fairly</reg> <reg orig="ranckt">ranked</reg></l>
<l>(If not with vantage) as <hi rend="italic">Demetrius:</hi></l>
<l>And (which&H61; is more <reg orig="then">than</reg> all these boasts can be)</l>
<l>I am <reg orig="belou'd">beloved</reg> of <reg orig="beautious">beauteous</reg> <hi rend="italic">Hermia</hi>.</l>
<l>Why should not I then prosecute my right?</l>
<l><hi rend="italic">Demetrius</hi>, <reg orig="Ile">I will&H1;</reg> <reg orig="auouch">avouch</reg> it to&H4; his head,</l>
<l>Made <reg orig="loue">love</reg> to&H4; <hi rend="italic">Nedars</hi> daughter, <hi rend="italic">Helena</hi>,</l>
<l>And won her&H2; <reg orig="soule">soul</reg>: and she (<reg orig="sweete">sweet</reg> Lady) dotes,</l>
<l><reg orig="Deuoutly">Devoutly</reg> dotes, dotes in&H4; Idolatry,</l>
<l><reg orig="Vpon">Upon&H4;</reg> this spotted and inconstant man.</l></sp>
               <sp who="A"><speaker>The.</speaker>
<l>I must <reg orig="confesse">confess</reg>, that&H3; I <reg orig="haue">have</reg> heard so&H51; much,</l>
<l>And with <hi rend="italic">Demetrius</hi>, thought to&H9; <reg orig="haue">have</reg> spoke thereof;</l>
<l>But being <reg orig="ouer">over</reg> full of <reg orig="selfe-affaires">self-affairs</reg>,</l>
<l>My <reg orig="minde">mind</reg> did lose it. But <hi rend="italic">Demetrius</hi> come,</l>
<l>And come <hi rend="italic">Egeus</hi>, you shall go with me,</l>
<l>I <reg orig="haue">have</reg> some <reg orig="priuate">private</reg> schooling for&H4; you both.</l>
<l>For&H4; you <reg orig="faire">fair</reg> <hi rend="italic">Hermia</hi>, <reg orig="looke">look</reg> you <reg orig="arme">arm</reg> <reg orig="your selfe">yourself</reg>,</l>
<l>To&H9; fit your fancies to&H4; your fathers will&H0;;</l>
<l>Or else the Law of <hi rend="italic">Athens</hi> <reg orig="yeelds">yields</reg> you <reg orig="vp">up&H5;</reg></l>
<l>(Which&H61; by&H4; no&H2; <reg orig="meanes">means</reg> we&Htp; may extenuate)</l>
<l>To&H4; death or to&H4; a vow of single life.</l>
<l>Come my <hi rend="italic">Hippolita</hi>; what <reg orig="cheare">cheer</reg> my <reg orig="loue">love</reg>?</l>
<l><hi rend="italic">Demetrius</hi> and <hi rend="italic">Egeus</hi> <reg orig="goe">go</reg> along:</l>
<l>I must <reg orig="imploy">employ</reg> you in&H4; some <reg orig="businesse">business</reg></l>
<l>Against our&Htp; <reg orig="nuptiall">nuptial</reg>, and <reg orig="conferre">confer</reg> with you</l>
<l>Of something, <reg orig="neerely">nearly</reg> that&H61; <reg orig="concernes">concerns</reg> <reg orig="your selues">yourselves</reg>.</l></sp>
               <sp who="AC"><speaker>Ege.</speaker>
<l>With duty and desire, we&Htp; follow you.</l></sp>  <stage>Exeunt.</stage>
               <sp who="C"><speaker>Lys.</speaker>
<l>How now my <reg orig="loue">love</reg>? Why is your <reg orig="cheeke">cheek</reg> so&H51; pale?</l>
<l>How chance the roses there do fade so&H51; fast?</l></sp>
               <sp who="E"><speaker>Her.</speaker>
<l>Belike for&H4; want of <reg orig="raine">rain</reg>; which&H61; I could well</l>
<l><reg orig="Beteeme">Beteem</reg> them, from the tempest of my eyes.</l></sp>
               <sp who="C"><speaker>Lys.</speaker> 
<l><reg orig="Eigh">Ay</reg> me; for&H4; <reg orig="ought">aught</reg> that&H3; I could <reg orig="euer">ever</reg> <reg orig="reade">read</reg>,</l>
<l>Could <reg orig="euer">ever</reg> <reg orig="heare">hear</reg> by&H4; tale or history,</l>
<l>The course of true <reg orig="loue">love</reg> <reg orig="neuer">never</reg> did <reg orig="runne">run</reg> <reg orig="smoothe">smooth</reg>,</l>
<l>But either it was different in&H4; <reg orig="bloud">blood</reg>;</l></sp>
               <sp who="E"><speaker>Her.</speaker>
                  <l>O <reg orig="crosse">cross</reg>! too high to&H9; be <reg orig="inthrald">enthralled</reg> to&H4; <reg orig="loue">love</reg>.</l></sp>
               <sp who="C"><speaker>Lys.</speaker> 
<l>Or else <reg orig="misgraffed">misgrafted</reg>, in&H4; respect of <reg orig="yeares">years</reg>;</l></sp>
               <sp who="E"><speaker>Her.</speaker>
<l>O <reg orig="spight">spite</reg>! too <reg orig="olde">old</reg> to&H9; be <reg orig="ingag'd">engaged</reg> <reg orig="to">too</reg> <reg orig="yong">young</reg>.</l></sp>
               <sp who="C"><speaker>Lys.</speaker>   
<l>Or else it stood <reg orig="vpon">upon&H4;</reg> the <reg orig="choise">choice</reg> of friends;</l></sp>
               <sp who="E"><speaker>Her.</speaker>
<l>O hell, to&H9; choose <reg orig="loue">love</reg> by&H4; <reg orig="anothers">another's</reg> eyes.</l></sp>
               <sp who="C"><speaker>Lys.</speaker>   
<l> Or, if there were a <reg orig="simpathy">sympathy</reg> in&H4; <reg orig="choise">choice</reg>,</l>
<l><reg orig="Warre">War</reg>, death, or <reg orig="sicknesse">sickness</reg>, did lay <reg orig="siedge">siege</reg> to&H4; it;</l>
<l>Making it <reg orig="momentany">momentary</reg>, as a sound;</l>
<l>Swift as a shadow; short as any <reg orig="dreame">dream</reg>;</l>
<l><reg orig="Briefe">Brief</reg> as the lightening in&H4; the collied night,</l>
<l>That&H3; (in&H4; a <reg orig="spleene">spleen</reg>) <reg orig="vnfolds">unfolds</reg> both <reg orig="heauen">heaven</reg> and earth;</l>
<l>And ere a man hath power to&H9; say, behold,</l>
<l>The <reg orig="iawes">jaws</reg> of <reg orig="darknesse">darkness</reg> do <reg orig="deuoure">devour</reg> it <reg orig="vp">up&H5;</reg>:</l>
<l>So&H3; <reg orig="quicke">quick</reg> bright things come to&H4; confusion.</l></sp>
               <sp who="E"><speaker>Her.</speaker>  
<l>If then true <reg orig="Louers">Lovers</reg> <reg orig="haue">have</reg> <reg orig="bin">been</reg> <reg orig="euer">ever</reg> <reg orig="crost">crossed</reg>,</l>
<l>It stands as an edict in&H4; destiny:</l>
<l>Then let <reg orig="vs">us&Htp;</reg> teach our&Htp; <reg orig="triall">trial</reg> patience,</l>
<l>Because it is a customary <reg orig="crosse">cross</reg>,</l>
<l>As due to&H4; <reg orig="loue">love</reg>, as thoughts, and <reg orig="dreames">dreams</reg>, and <reg orig="sighes">sighs</reg>,</l>
<l>Wishes and <reg orig="teares">tears</reg>; <reg orig="poore">poor</reg> Fancies followers.</l></sp>
               <sp who="C"><speaker>Lys.</speaker>    
<l>A good <reg orig="perswasion">persuasion</reg>: therefore <reg orig="heare">hear</reg> me, <hi rend="italic">Hermia</hi>:</l>
<l>I <reg orig="haue">have</reg> a widow Aunt, a dowager,</l>
<l>Of great <reg orig="reuenew">revenue</reg>, and she hath no&H2; <reg orig="childe">child</reg>,</l>
<l>From <hi rend="italic">Athens</hi> is her&H2; house remote <reg orig="seuen">seven</reg> leagues,</l>
<l>And she respects me, as her&H2; <reg orig="onely">only</reg> <reg orig="sonne">son</reg>:</l>

<l>There gentle <hi rend="italic">Hermia</hi>, may I marry thee,</l>
<l>And to&H4; that&H62; place, the sharpe <hi rend="italic">Athenian</hi> law</l>
<l>Cannot pursue <reg orig="vs">us&Htp;</reg>. If thou <reg orig="louest">lovest</reg> me, then</l>
<l><reg orig="Steale">Steal</reg> forth thy fathers house, <reg orig="to morrow">tomorrow</reg> night:</l>
<l>And in&H4; the wood, a league without the <reg orig="towne">town</reg></l>
<l>(Where I did <reg orig="meete">meet</reg> thee once with <hi rend="italic">Helena</hi>,</l>
<l>To&H9; do <reg orig="obseruance">observance</reg> to&H4; a <reg orig="morne">morn</reg> of May)</l>
<l>There will&H1; I stay for&H4; thee.</l></sp>
               <sp who="E"><speaker>Her.</speaker>  
<l>My good <hi rend="italic">Lysander,</hi></l>
<l>I <reg orig="sweare">swear</reg> to&H4; thee, by&H4; <hi rend="italic">Cupids</hi> strongest bow,</l>
<l>By&H4; his best arrow, with the golden head,</l>
<l>By&H4; the simplicity of <hi rend="italic">Venus</hi> <reg orig="Doues">Doves</reg>,</l>
<l>By&H4; that&H62; which&H61; knitteth <reg orig="soules">souls</reg>, and prospers <reg orig="loues">loves</reg>,</l>
<l>And by&H4; that&H62; fire which&H61; <reg orig="burnd">burned</reg> the Carthage <reg orig="Queene">Queen</reg>,</l>
<l>When the false <reg orig="Troyan">Trojan</reg> <reg orig="vnder">under</reg> <reg orig="sayle">sail</reg> was <reg orig="seene">seen</reg>,</l>
<l>By&H4; all the <reg orig="vowes">vows</reg> that&H61; <reg orig="euer">ever</reg> men <reg orig="haue">have</reg> broke,</l>
<l>(In&H4; number more <reg orig="then">than</reg> <reg orig="euer">ever</reg> women spoke)</l>
<l>In&H4; that&H62; same place thou hast appointed me,</l>
<l><reg orig="To morrow">Tomorrow</reg> <reg orig="truely">truly</reg> will&H1; I <reg orig="meete">meet</reg> with thee.</l></sp>
               <sp who="C"><speaker>Lys.</speaker> 
                  <l><reg orig="Keepe">Keep</reg> promise <reg orig="loue">love</reg>, <reg orig="looke">look</reg> here comes <hi rend="italic">Helena</hi>.</l></sp>
<stage>Enter Helena.</stage>
               <sp who="E"><speaker>Her.</speaker> 
                  <l>God <reg orig="speede">speed</reg> <reg orig="faire">fair</reg> <hi rend="italic">Helena,</hi> whither away?</l></sp>
               <sp who="F"><speaker>Hel.</speaker> 
<l>Call you me <reg orig="faire">fair</reg>? that&H62; <reg orig="faire">fair</reg> <reg orig="againe">again</reg> <reg orig="vnsay">unsay</reg>,</l>
<l><hi rend="italic">Demetrius</hi> <reg orig="loues">loves</reg> your <reg orig="faire">fair</reg>: O happy <reg orig="faire">fair</reg>!</l>
<l>Your eyes are <reg orig="loadstars">lodestars</reg>, and your tongues sweet <reg orig="ayre">air</reg></l>
<l>More tuneable <reg orig="then">than</reg> <reg orig="Larke">Lark</reg> to&H4; <reg orig="Shepheards">Shepherd's</reg> <reg orig="eare">ear</reg>,</l>
<l>When <reg orig="wheate">wheat</reg> is <reg orig="greene">green</reg>, when <reg orig="hauthorne">hawthorn</reg> buds <reg orig="appeare">appear</reg>,</l>
<l><reg orig="Sicknesse">Sickness</reg> is catching: O were <reg orig="fauour">favour</reg> so&H52;,</l>
<l>Your words I catch, <reg orig="faire">fair</reg> <hi rend="italic">Hermia</hi> ere I <reg orig="goe">go</reg>,</l>
<l>My <reg orig="eare">ear</reg> should catch your voice, my eye, your eye,</l>
<l>My tongue should catch your tongues sweet melody,</l>
<l>Were the world mine, <hi rend="italic">Demetrius</hi> being bated,</l>
<l>The rest <reg orig="Ile">I will&H1;</reg> <reg orig="giue">give</reg> to&H9; be to&H4; you translated.</l>
<l>O teach me how you <reg orig="looke">look</reg>, and with what art&H0;,</l>
<l>You sway the motion of <hi rend="italic">Demetrius</hi> heart.</l></sp>

               <sp who="E"><speaker>Her.</speaker> 
<l>I <reg orig="frowne">frown</reg> <reg orig="vpon">upon&H4;</reg> him, yet he <reg orig="loues">loves</reg> me still.</l></sp>
               <sp who="F"><speaker>Hel.</speaker> 
<l>O that&H3; your frowns wold teach my smiles such <reg orig="skil">skill</reg></l></sp>
               <sp who="E"><speaker>Her.</speaker>  
<l>I <reg orig="giue">give</reg> him curses, yet he <reg orig="giues">gives</reg> me <reg orig="loue">love</reg>.</l></sp>
               <sp who="F"><speaker>Hel.</speaker> 
<l>O that&H3; my prayers could such affection <reg orig="mooue">move</reg>.</l></sp>
               <sp who="E"><speaker>Her.</speaker>  
<l>The more I hate, the more he <reg orig="followes">follows</reg> me.</l></sp>
               <sp who="F"><speaker>Hel.</speaker> 
<l>The more I <reg orig="loue">love</reg>, the more he hateth me.</l></sp>
               <sp who="E"><speaker>Her.</speaker>    
                  <l>His folly, <hi rend="italic">Helena</hi> is none mine.</l></sp>
               <sp who="F"><speaker>Hel.</speaker> 
<l>None but your beauty, wold that&H62; fault were mine.</l></sp>
               <sp who="E"><speaker>Her.</speaker> 
<l>Take comfort: he no&H2; more shall see my face,</l>
<l><hi rend="italic">Lysander</hi> and <reg orig="my selfe">myself</reg> will&H1; fly this place.</l>
<l>Before the time I did <hi rend="italic">Lysander</hi> see,</l>
<l><reg orig="Seem'd">Seemed</reg> <hi rend="italic">Athens</hi> like&H4; a <reg orig="Paradice">Paradise</reg> to&H4; me.</l>
<l>O then, what graces in&H4; my <reg orig="Loue">Love</reg> do dwell,</l>
<l>That&H3; he hath <reg orig="turn'd">turned</reg> a <reg orig="heauen">heaven</reg> into hell.</l></sp>
               <sp who="C"><speaker>Lys.</speaker> 
<l><hi rend="italic">Helen</hi>, to&H4; you our&Htp; <reg orig="mindes">minds</reg> we&Htp; will&H1; <reg orig="vnfold">unfold</reg>,</l>
<l><reg orig="To morrow">Tomorrow</reg> night, when <hi rend="italic">Phoebe</hi> doth behold</l>
<l>Her&H2; <reg orig="siluer">silver</reg> visage, in&H4; the <reg orig="watry">watery</reg> <reg orig="glasse">glass</reg>,</l>
<l>Decking with liquid <reg orig="pearle">pearl</reg>, the bladed <reg orig="grasse">grass</reg></l>
<l>(A time, that&H3; <reg orig="louers">lovers</reg> flights doth still <reg orig="conceale">conceal</reg>)</l>
<l>Through <hi rend="italic">Athens</hi> gates, <reg orig="haue">have</reg> we&Htp; <reg orig="deuised">devised</reg> to&H9; <reg orig="steale">steal</reg>.</l></sp>
               <sp who="E"><speaker>Her.</speaker>   
<l>And in&H4; the wood, where often you and I,</l>
<l><reg orig="Vpon">Upon&H4;</reg> faint Primrose beds, were wont to&H9; <reg orig="lye">lie</reg>,</l>
<l>Emptying our&Htp; <reg orig="bosomes">bosoms</reg>, of their <reg orig="counsell">counsel</reg> <reg orig="sweld">swelled</reg>,</l>
<l>There my <hi rend="italic">Lysander</hi>, and <reg orig="my selfe">myself</reg> shall <reg orig="meete">meet</reg>,</l>
                  <l>And thence from <hi rend="italic">Athens</hi> <reg orig="turne">turn</reg> away our&Htp; eyes</l>
<l>To&H9; <reg orig="seeke">seek</reg> new friends and strange companions.</l>
<l>Farewell <reg orig="sweete">sweet</reg> play-fellow, pray thou for&H4; <reg orig="vs">us&Htp;</reg>,</l>
<l>And good <reg orig="lucke">luck</reg> grant thee thy <hi rend="italic">Demetrius</hi>.</l>
<l><reg orig="Keepe">Keep</reg> word <hi rend="italic">Lysander</hi> we&Htp; must <reg orig="starue">starve</reg> our&Htp; sight,</l>
<l>From <reg orig="louers">lovers</reg> <reg orig="foode">food</reg>, till morrow <reg orig="deepe">deep</reg> midnight.</l></sp>
<stage>Exit Hermia.</stage>
               <sp who="C"><speaker>Lys.</speaker> 
                  <l>I will&H1; my <hi rend="italic">Hermia. Helena</hi> adieu,</l>
                  <l>As you on&H4; him, <hi rend="italic">Demetrius</hi> dote on&H4; you.</l></sp> 
               <stage>Exit Lys.</stage>
               <sp who="F"><speaker>Hel.</speaker> 
<l>How happy some, <reg orig="ore">over</reg> othersome can be?</l>
<l>Through <hi rend="italic">Athens</hi> I am thought as <reg orig="faire">fair</reg> as she.</l>

<l>But what of that&H62;? <hi rend="italic">Demetrius</hi> <reg orig="thinkes">thinks</reg> not so&H52;:</l>
<l>He will&H1; not know, what all, but he do know,</l>
<l>And as he <reg orig="erres">errs</reg>, doting on&H4; <hi rend="italic">Hermias</hi> eyes;</l>
<l>So&H3; I, admiring of his qualities:</l>
<l>Things base and vile, holding no&H2; quantity,</l>
<l><reg orig="Loue">Love</reg> can transpose to&H4; <reg orig="forme">form</reg> and dignity,</l>
<l><reg orig="Loue">Love</reg> <reg orig="lookes">looks</reg> not with the eyes, but with the <reg orig="minde">mind</reg>,</l>
<l>And therefore is <reg orig="wingd">winged</reg> <hi rend="italic">Cupid</hi> painted <reg orig="blinde">blind</reg>.</l>
<l>Nor hath <reg orig="loues">loves</reg> <reg orig="minde">mind</reg> of any <reg orig="iudgement">judgment</reg> taste:</l>
<l>Wings, and no&H2; eyes, figure, <reg orig="vnheedy">unheedy</reg> haste.</l>
<l>And therefore is <reg orig="loue">love</reg> said to&H9; be a <reg orig="childe">child</reg>,</l>
<l>Because in&H4; <reg orig="choise">choice</reg> he is oft <reg orig="beguilde">beguiled</reg>,</l>
<l>As waggish <reg orig="boyes">boys</reg> in&H4; game <reg orig="themselues">themselves</reg> <reg orig="forsweare">forswear</reg>;</l>
<l>So&H3; the boy <reg orig="Loue">Love</reg> is <reg orig="periur'd">perjured</reg> <reg orig="euery where">everywhere</reg>.</l>
<l>For&H3; ere <hi rend="italic">Detremius</hi> <reg orig="lookt">looked</reg> on&H4; <hi rend="italic">Hermias</hi> <reg orig="eyne">eyen</reg>,</l>
<l>He <reg orig="haild">hailed</reg> <reg orig="downe">down</reg> <reg orig="oathes">oaths</reg> that&H3; he was <reg orig="onely">only</reg> mine.</l>
<l>And when his <reg orig="haile">hail</reg>, some <reg orig="heate">heat</reg> from <hi rend="italic">Hermia</hi> felt,</l>
<l>So&H3; he <reg orig="dissolu'd">dissolved</reg>, and <reg orig="showres">showers</reg> of <reg orig="oathes">oaths</reg> did melt,</l>
<l>I will&H1; go tell him of <reg orig="faire">fair</reg> <hi rend="italic">Hermias</hi> flight:</l>
<l>Then to&H4; the wood will&H1; he, <reg orig="to morrow">tomorrow</reg> night</l>
<l>Pursue her&H6;; and for&H4; this intelligence,</l>
<l>If I <reg orig="haue">have</reg> thanks, it is a <reg orig="deare">dear</reg> <reg orig="expence">expense</reg>:</l>
<l>But <reg orig="heerein">herein</reg> <reg orig="meane">mean</reg> I to&H9; enrich my <reg orig="paine">pain</reg>,</l>
<l>To&H9; <reg orig="haue">have</reg> his sight thither, and back <reg orig="againe">again</reg>.</l>  
            <div2 n="2" type="scene">
<stage>Enter Quince the Carpenter, Snug the Ioyner, Bottome the
   Weauer, Flute the Bellows-mender, Snout the Tinker, & Starueling
   the Taylor.</stage>
               <sp who="AE"><speaker>Quin.</speaker>        
<p>Is all our&Htp; company <reg orig="heere">here</reg>?</p></sp>
               <sp who="AB"><speaker>Bot.</speaker> 
<p>You were best to&H9; call them generally, man by&H4; man,<lb/>
according to&H4; the <reg orig="scrippe">scrip</reg>.</p></sp>
               <sp who="AE"><speaker>Quin.</speaker> 
<p>Here is the <reg orig="scrowle">scroll</reg> of <reg orig="euery">every</reg> <reg orig="mans">man's</reg> name, which&H61; is<lb/>
<reg orig="thoght">thought</reg> fit through all <hi rend="italic">Athens</hi>, to&H9; play in&H4; our&Htp; <reg orig="Enterlude">Interlude</reg>, before
the Duke <reg orig="&">and</reg> the <reg orig="Dutches">Duchess</reg>, on&H4; his wedding day at night,</p></sp>
               <sp who="AB"><speaker>Bot.</speaker> 
<p>First good <hi rend="italic">Peter Quince</hi>, say what the play treats on&H5;:<lb/>
then read the names of the Actors: and so&H3; grow to&H4; a point.</p></sp>
               <sp who="AE"><speaker>Quin.</speaker> 
<p>Marry our&Htp; play is the most lamentable Comedy,<lb/>
   and most <reg orig="cruell">cruel</reg> death of <hi rend="italic">Pyramus</hi> and <hi rend="italic">Thisbie</hi>.</p></sp>
               <sp who="AB"><speaker>Bot.</speaker>   
<p>A very good <reg orig="peece">piece</reg> of <reg orig="worke">work</reg>, I assure you, <reg orig="&">and</reg> a merry.<lb/>
   Now good <hi rend="italic">Peter Quince</hi>, call <reg orig="foorth">forth</reg> your Actors by&H4; the<lb/>
   <reg orig="scrowle">scroll</reg>. Masters spread <reg orig="your selues">yourselves</reg>.</p></sp>
               <sp who="AE"><speaker>Quin.</speaker>    
                  <p>Answer as I call you. <hi rend="italic">Nick Bottome</hi> the <reg orig="Weauer">Weaver</reg>.</p></sp>
               <sp who="AB"><speaker>Bot.</speaker>
<p>Ready; name what part I am for&H5;, and proceed.</p></sp>
               <sp who="AE"><speaker>Quin.</speaker>  
                  <p>You <hi rend="italic">Nick Bottome</hi> are set <reg orig="downe">down</reg> for&H4; <hi rend="italic">Pyramus</hi>.</p></sp>
               <sp who="AB"><speaker>Bot.</speaker>
                  <p>What is <hi rend="italic">Pyramus</hi>, a <reg orig="louer">lover</reg>, or a tyrant?</p></sp>
               <sp who="AE"><speaker>Quin.</speaker>  
<p>A <reg orig="louer">lover</reg> that&H61; <reg orig="kils">kills</reg> <reg orig="himselfe">himself</reg> most gallant, for&H4; <reg orig="loue">love</reg>.</p></sp>
               <sp who="AB"><speaker>Bot.</speaker> 
<p>That&H62; will&H1; <reg orig="aske">ask</reg> some <reg orig="teares">tears</reg> in&H4; the true <reg orig="perfourming">performing</reg><lb/>
of it, if I <reg orig="doe">do</reg> it, let the audience <reg orig="looke">look</reg> to&H4; their eyes: I will&H1;<lb/>
<reg orig="moue">move</reg> <reg orig="stormes">storms</reg>; I will&H1; condole in&H4; some measure. To&H4; the rest<lb/>
   yet, my <reg orig="chiefe">chief</reg> humour is for&H4; a tyrant. I could play <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Ercles">Hercules</reg></hi><lb/>
rarely, or a part to&H9; <reg orig="teare">tear</reg> a Cat in&H5;, to&H9; make all split the raging<lb/>
Rocks; and <reg orig="shiuering">shivering</reg> shocks shall <reg orig="breake">break</reg> the locks of prison<lb/>
   gates, and <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Phibbus">Phoebus</reg></hi> <reg orig="carre">car</reg> shall shine from <reg orig="farre">far</reg>, <reg orig="&">and</reg> make<lb/>
and <reg orig="marre">mar</reg> the foolish Fates. This was lofty. Now name<lb/>
   the rest of the players. This is <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Ercles">Hercules</reg></hi> <reg orig="vaine">vain</reg>, a tyrants <reg orig="vaine">vain</reg>:<lb/>
a <reg orig="louer">lover</reg> is more condoling.</p></sp>
               <sp who="AE"><speaker>Quin.</speaker>    
                  <p><hi rend="italic">Francis Flute</hi> the <reg orig="Bellowes-mender">Bellows mender</reg>?</p></sp>
               <sp who="AF"><speaker>Flu.</speaker>        
                  <p><reg orig="Heere">Here</reg> <hi rend="italic">Peter Quince</hi>.</p></sp>
               <sp who="AE"><speaker>Quin.</speaker> 
                  <p>You must take <hi rend="italic">Thisby</hi> on&H4; you.</p></sp>
               <sp who="AF"><speaker>Flu.</speaker> 
                  <p>What is <hi rend="italic">Thisby</hi>? a <reg orig="wandring">wandering</reg> Knight?</p></sp>
               <sp who="AE"><speaker>Quin.</speaker> 
                  <p>It is the Lady that&H61; <hi rend="italic">Pyramus</hi> must <reg orig="loue">love</reg>.</p></sp>
               <sp who="AF"><speaker>Fl.</speaker> 
<p>Nay faith, let not me play a woman, I <reg orig="haue">have</reg> a beard coming.</p></sp>
               <sp who="AE"><speaker>Quin.</speaker> 
<p><reg orig="That's">That&H62; is</reg> <reg orig="al">all</reg> one, you <reg orig="shal">shall</reg> play it in&H4; a <reg orig="Maske">Mask</reg>, and you<lb/>
may <reg orig="speake">speak</reg> as small as you will&H1;.</p></sp>
               <sp who="AB"><speaker>Bot.</speaker> 
                  <p><reg orig="And">If</reg> I may hide my face, let me play <hi rend="italic">Thisby</hi> <reg orig="to">too</reg>: <reg orig="Ile">I will&H1;</reg><lb/>
                     <reg orig="speake">speak</reg> in&H4; a monstrous little <reg orig="voyce">voice</reg>; <hi rend="italic">Thisne, Thisne,</hi> ah <hi rend="italic">Pyramus</hi><lb/>
                     my <reg orig="louer">lover</reg> <reg orig="deare">dear</reg>, thy <hi rend="italic">Thisby</hi> <reg orig="deare">dear</reg>, and Lady <reg orig="deare">dear</reg>.</p></sp>

               <sp who="AE"><speaker>Quin.</speaker> 
                  <p>No&H7; no&H7;, you must play <hi rend="italic">Pyramus, <reg orig="&">and</reg> Flute</hi>, you <hi rend="italic">Thisby</hi>.</p></sp>
               <sp who="AB"><speaker>Bot.</speaker> 
<p>Well, proceed.</p></sp>
               <sp who="AE"><speaker>Qu.</speaker> 
                  <p><hi rend="italic">Robin <reg orig="Starueling">Starveling</reg></hi> the Tailor.</p></sp>
               <sp who="AI"><speaker>Star.</speaker> 
                  <p><reg orig="Heere">Here</reg> <hi rend="italic">Peter Quince.</hi></p></sp>
                  <sp who="AE"><speaker>Qu.</speaker> 
               <p><hi rend="italic">Robin <reg orig="Starueling">Starveling</reg></hi>, you must play Thisbies mother:<lb/>
                  <hi rend="italic">Tom Snowte</hi>, the Tinker.</p></sp>
                  <sp who="AG"><speaker>Snowt.</speaker>                
<p>Here <hi rend="italic">Peter Quince</hi>.</p></sp>
               <sp who="AE"><speaker>Quin.</speaker> 
<p>You, <hi rend="italic">Pyramus</hi> father; <reg orig="my selfe">myself</reg>, <hi rend="italic">Thisbies</hi> father;<lb/>
<hi rend="italic">Snugge</hi> the <reg orig="Ioyner">Joiner</reg>, you the <reg orig="Lyons">Lion's</reg> part: and I hope here is <lb/>
a play fitted.</p></sp>
               <sp who="AH"><speaker>Snug.</speaker> 
<p><reg orig="Haue">Have</reg> you the <reg orig="Lyons">Lion's</reg> part written? pray you if it<lb/>
be, <reg orig="giue">give</reg> it me, for&H3; I am <reg orig="slowe">slow</reg> of study.</p></sp>
               <sp who="AE"><speaker>Quin.</speaker> 
                  <p>You may do it <hi rend="italic">extempore</hi>, for&H3; it is nothing but<lb/>
               <sp who="AB"><speaker>Bot.</speaker> 
<p>Let me play the <reg orig="Lyon">Lion</reg> too, I will&H1; <reg orig="roare">roar</reg>, that&H62; I will&H1;<lb/>
do any <reg orig="mans">man's</reg> heart good to&H9; <reg orig="heare">hear</reg> me. I will&H1; <reg orig="roare">roar</reg>, that&H62; I<lb/>
will&H1; make the Duke say, Let him <reg orig="roare">roar</reg> <reg orig="againe">again</reg>, let him <reg orig="roare">roar</reg><lb/>
<reg orig="againe">again</reg>.</p></sp>
               <sp who="AE"><speaker>Quin.</speaker> 
<p>If you should do it too terribly, you would fright<lb/>
the <reg orig="Dutchesse">Duchess</reg> and the Ladies, that&H3; they would shrike, and<lb/>
that&H62; were enough to&H9; hang <reg orig="vs">us&Htp;</reg> all.</p></sp>
               <sp who="X"><speaker>All.</speaker> 
<p>That&H62; would hang <reg orig="vs">us&Htp;</reg> <reg orig="euery">every</reg> mothers <reg orig="sonne">son</reg>.</p></sp>
               <sp who="AB"><speaker>Bot.</speaker> 
<p>I grant you friends, if you should fright the Ladies<lb/>
out of their wits, they would <reg orig="haue">have</reg> no&H2; more discretion but<lb/>
to&H9; hang <reg orig="vs">us&Htp;</reg>: but I will&H1; <reg orig="aggrauate">aggravate</reg> my <reg orig="voyce">voice</reg> so&H52;, that&H3; I will&H1;<lb/>
<reg orig="roare">roar</reg> you as gently as any sucking <reg orig="Doue">Dove</reg>; I will&H1; <reg orig="roare">roar</reg> you<lb/>
and <reg orig="t'were">it were</reg> any Nightingale.</p></sp>
               <sp who="AE"><speaker>Quin.</speaker> 
<p>You can play no&H2; part but <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Piramus">Pyramus</reg></hi>, for&H3; <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Piramus">Pyramus</reg></hi> is<lb/>
a sweet <reg orig="fac't">faced</reg> man, a proper man as one <reg orig="shal">shall</reg> see in&H4; a <reg orig="sommers">summer's</reg><lb/>
day; a most <reg orig="louely">lovely</reg> gentlemanlike man, therefore you must<lb/>
                     needs play <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Piramus">Pyramus</reg></hi>.</p></sp>
               <sp who="AB"><speaker>Bot.</speaker> 
<p>Well, I will&H1; <reg orig="vndertake">undertake</reg> it. What beard were I best to&H9;<lb/>
play it in&H5;?</p></sp>
               <sp who="AE"><speaker>Quin.</speaker> 
<p>Why, what you will&H1;.</p></sp>
               <sp who="AB"><speaker>Bot.</speaker> 
<p>I will&H1; discharge it, in&H4; <reg orig="eyther">either</reg> your straw-colour beard,<lb/>
your orange tawny beard, your <reg orig="purple in graine">purple-in-grain</reg> beard, or<lb/>
your french <reg orig="crowne">crown</reg> colour beard, your <reg orig="perfit">perfect</reg> yellow.</p></sp>
               <sp who="AE"><speaker>Quin.</speaker> 
<p>Some of your french <reg orig="crownes">crowns</reg> <reg orig="haue">have</reg> no&H2; <reg orig="haire">hair</reg> at all;<lb/>
and then you will&H1; play bare <reg orig="fac't">faced</reg>. But masters <reg orig="heere">here</reg> are<lb/>
your parts, and I am to&H9; entreat you, request you, and desire<lb/>
you, to&H9; con them by&H4; <reg orig="too morrow">tomorrow</reg> night: and <reg orig="meete">meet</reg> me in&H4;<lb/>
the palace wood, a mile without the <reg orig="towne">town</reg>, by&H4; <reg orig="Moonelight">Moonlight</reg>,<lb/>
there we&Htp; will&H1; rehearse: for&H3; if we&Htp; <reg orig="meete">meet</reg> in&H4; the <reg orig="Citty">City</reg>,<lb/>
we&Htp; shall be <reg orig="dogd">dogged</reg> with company, and our&Htp; <reg orig="deuises">devices</reg> <reg orig="knowne">known</reg>.<lb/>
In&H4; the <reg orig="meane">mean</reg> time, I will&H1; draw a bill of properties, such as<lb/>
our&Htp; play wants. I pray you <reg orig="faile">fail</reg> me not.</p></sp>
               <sp who="AB"><speaker>Bot.</speaker> 
<p>We&Htp; will&H1; <reg orig="meete">meet</reg>, and there we&Htp; may rehearse more<lb/>
obscenely and <reg orig="couragiously">courageously</reg>. Take <reg orig="paines">pains</reg>, be <reg orig="perfit">perfect</reg>, adieu.</p></sp>
               <sp who="AE"><speaker>Quin.</speaker>
<p>At the Dukes <reg orig="oke">oak</reg> we&Htp; <reg orig="meete">meet</reg>.</p></sp>
               <sp who="AB"><speaker>Bot.</speaker>  
<p>Enough, hold or cut bow-strings.</p></sp>  
         <div1 n="2" type="act">
            <div2 n="1" type="scene">
<stage>Enter a fairy at one doore, and Robin good-fellow
at another.</stage>
               <sp who="AA"><speaker>Robin.</speaker> 
<l>How now spirit, whether wander you?</l></sp>
               <sp who="AJ"><speaker>Fai.</speaker> 
<l><reg orig="Ouer">Over</reg> hill, <reg orig="ouer">over</reg> dale, thorough bush, through brier,</l>
<l><reg orig="Ouer">Over</reg> <reg orig="parke">park</reg>, <reg orig="ouer">over</reg> pale, through flood, through fire,</l>
<l>I do wander <reg orig="euery where">everywhere</reg>, swifter <reg orig="then">than</reg> the Moons sphere;</l>
<l>And I <reg orig="serue">serve</reg> the Fairy <reg orig="Queene">Queen</reg>, to&H9; dew her&H2; <reg orig="orbes">orbs</reg> <reg orig="vpon">upon&H4;</reg> the <reg orig="greene">green</reg>.</l>
<l>The cowslips tall, her&H2; pensioners be,</l>
                  <l>In&H4; their gold coats, spots you see,</l>
                  <l>Those be Rubies, Fairy <reg orig="fauours">favours</reg>,</l>
                  <l>In&H4; those freckles, <reg orig="liue">live</reg> their <reg orig="sauors">savours</reg>.</l>
                  <l>I must <reg orig="goe">go</reg> <reg orig="seeke">seek</reg> some dew drops here,</l>
                  <l>And hang a <reg orig="pearle">pearl</reg> in&H4; <reg orig="euery">every</reg> cowslips <reg orig="eare">ear</reg>.</l>
                  <l> <reg orig="Farwell">Farewell</reg> thou Lob of spirits, <reg orig="Ile">I will&H1;</reg> be gone.</l>
                  <l>Our&Htp; <reg orig="Queene">Queen</reg> and all her&H2; <reg orig="Elues">Elves</reg> come here anon.</l></sp>
               <sp who="AA"><speaker>Rob.</speaker>   
              <l>The King doth <reg orig="keepe">keep</reg> his <reg orig="Reuels">Revels</reg> <reg orig="heere">here</reg> <reg orig="to night">tonight</reg>,</l>
   <l>Take heed the <reg orig="Queene">Queen</reg> come not within his sight,</l>
                  <l>For&H3; <hi rend="italic">Oberon</hi> is passing fell and wrath,</l>
                  <l>Because that&H3; she, as her&H2; attendant, hath</l>
<l>A <reg orig="louely">lovely</reg> boy <reg orig="stollen">stolen</reg> from an Indian king,</l>
<l>She <reg orig="neuer">never</reg> had so&H51; <reg orig="sweete">sweet</reg> a changeling,</l>
   <l>And <reg orig="iealous">jealous</reg> <hi rend="italic">Oberon</hi> would <reg orig="haue">have</reg> the <reg orig="childe">child</reg>,</l>
<l>Knight of his <reg orig="traine">train</reg>, to&H9; trace the <reg orig="Forrests">Forests</reg> <reg orig="wilde">wild</reg>.</l>
<l>But she, perforce with-holds the <reg orig="loued">loved</reg> boy,</l>
<l><reg orig="Crownes">Crowns</reg> him with flowers, and makes him all her&H2; <reg orig="ioy">joy</reg>.</l>
<l>And now they <reg orig="neuer">never</reg> <reg orig="meete">meet</reg> in&H4; <reg orig="groue">grove</reg>, or <reg orig="greene">green</reg>,</l>
<l>By&H4; <reg orig="fountaine">fountain</reg> <reg orig="cleere">clear</reg>, or spangled starlight <reg orig="sheene">sheen</reg>,</l>
<l>But they do square, that&H3; all <reg orig="thear">their</reg> <reg orig="Elues">Elves</reg> for&H4; <reg orig="feare">fear</reg></l>
<l><reg orig="Creepe">Creep</reg> into <reg orig="acorne">acorn</reg> cups, and hide them there.</l></sp>
               <sp who="AJ"><speaker>Fai.</speaker>     
<l>Either I mistake your shape and making quite,</l>
<l>Or else you are that&H62; shrewd and <reg orig="knauish">knavish</reg> spirit,</l>
                  <l><reg orig="Call'd">Called</reg> <hi rend="italic">Robin good-fellow</hi>. Are not you <reg orig="hee">he</reg>,</l>
<l>That&H61; frights the maidens of the <reg orig="Villagree">Villagery</reg>,</l>
<l>Skim <reg orig="milke">milk</reg>, and sometimes labour in&H4; the <reg orig="querne">quern</reg>,</l>
<l>And <reg orig="bootlesse">bootless</reg> make the <reg orig="breathlesse">breathless</reg> <reg orig="huswife">housewife</reg> <reg orig="cherne">churn</reg>,</l>
<l>And sometime make the <reg orig="drinke">drink</reg> to&H9; <reg orig="beare">bear</reg> no&H2; <reg orig="barme">barm</reg>,</l>
<l><reg orig="Mis-leade">Mislead</reg> night-wanderers, laughing at their <reg orig="harme">harm</reg>,</l>
<l>Those that&H3; hobgoblin call you, and <reg orig="sweete">sweet</reg> Puck,</l>
<l>You do their <reg orig="worke">work</reg>, and they shall <reg orig="haue">have</reg> good <reg orig="lucke">luck</reg>.</l>
<l>Are not you he?</l></sp>
                 <sp who="AA"><speaker>Rob.</speaker>  
<l>Thou <reg orig="speak'st">speakest</reg> aright; I am that&H62; merry wanderer of the night,</l>
<l>I <reg orig="ieast">jest</reg> to&H4; <hi rend="italic">Oberon</hi>, and make him smile,</l>
<l>When I a fat and <reg orig="beane-fed">bean-fed</reg> horse beguile;</l>
<l>Neighing in&H4; <reg orig="likenesse">likeness</reg> of a silly <reg orig="foale">foal</reg>,</l>
<l>And sometime <reg orig="lurke">lurk</reg> I in&H4; a gossips bole,</l>
<l>In&H4; very <reg orig="likenesse">likeness</reg> of a <reg orig="rosted">roasted</reg> crab,</l>
<l>And when she <reg orig="drinkes">drinks</reg>, against her&H2; lips I bob,</l>
<l>And on&H4; her&H2; withered <reg orig="dewlop">dewlap</reg> <reg orig="poure">pour</reg> the ale.</l>
<l>The wisest Aunt telling the saddest tale,</l>
<l>Sometime for&H4; three <reg orig="foote">foot</reg> <reg orig="stoole">stool</reg>, mistaketh me,</l>
<l>Then slip I from her&H2; bum, <reg orig="downe">down</reg> topples she,</l>
<l>And <reg orig="tailour">tailor</reg> <reg orig="cryes">cries</reg>, and <reg orig="fals">falls</reg> into a <reg orig="coffe">cough</reg>.</l>
<l>And then the whole Quire hold their hips, and <reg orig="loffe">laugh</reg>,</l>
<l>And waxen in&H4; their mirth, and <reg orig="neeze">sneeze</reg>, and <reg orig="sweare">swear</reg>,</l>
<l>A merrier <reg orig="houre">hour</reg> was <reg orig="neuer">never</reg> wasted there.</l>
<l>But <reg orig="roome">room</reg> Fairy, here comes <hi rend="italic">Oberon</hi>.</l></sp>
               <sp who="AJ"><speaker>Fai.</speaker>  
<l>And here my <reg orig="mistresse">mistress</reg>: would that&H3; he were gone.</l></sp>
<stage>Enter the King of Fairies at one doore with his traine,
and the Queene at another with hers.</stage>
               <sp who="G"><speaker>Ob.</speaker>      
                  <l>Ill met by&H4; <reg orig="moone-light">moonlight</reg>, proud <hi rend="italic">Tytania</hi>.</l></sp>

               <sp who="B"><speaker>Queene.</speaker>   
                  <l>What, <reg orig="iealous">jealous</reg> <hi rend="italic">Oberon</hi>? Fairy skip hence.</l>
<l>I <reg orig="haue">have</reg> <reg orig="forsworne">forsworn</reg> his bed and company.</l></sp>
               <sp who="G"><speaker>Ob.</speaker>    
<l>Tarry rash wanton; am not I thy Lord?</l></sp>
               <sp who="B"><speaker>Qu.</speaker>  
<l>Then I must be thy Lady: but I know</l>
<l>When thou hast <reg orig="stollen">stolen</reg> away from Fairy Land,</l>
                  <l>And in&H4; the shape of <hi rend="italic">Corin</hi>, sat all day,</l>
<l>Playing on&H4; pipes of <reg orig="corne">corn</reg>, and versing <reg orig="loue">love</reg>.</l>
                  <l>To&H4; amorous <hi rend="italic">Phillida</hi>. Why art thou here</l>
                  <l>Come from the farthest <reg orig="steepe">steep</reg> of <hi rend="italic">India</hi>?</l>
                  <l>But that&H3; forsooth the bouncing <hi rend="italic">Amazon</hi>,</l>
<l>Your <reg orig="buskind">buskined</reg> <reg orig="mistresse">mistress</reg>, and your warrior <reg orig="loue">love</reg>,</l>
                  <l>To&H4; <hi rend="italic">Theseus</hi> must be wedded; and you come,</l>
<l>To&H9; <reg orig="giue">give</reg> their bed <reg orig="ioy">joy</reg> and prosperity.</l></sp>
               <sp who="G"><speaker>Ob.</speaker>   
                  <l>How canst thou thus for&H4; shame, <hi rend="italic">Tytania</hi>,</l>
                  <l>Glance at my <reg orig="credite">credit</reg>, with <hi rend="italic">Hippolita</hi>?</l>
                  <l>Knowing I know thy <reg orig="loue">love</reg> to&H4; <hi rend="italic">Theseus</hi>.</l>
<l>Didst not thou <reg orig="leade">lead</reg> him through the glimmering night,</l>
                  <l>From <hi rend="italic">Perigenia</hi>, whom he <reg orig="rauished">ravished</reg>?</l>
<l>And make him with <reg orig="faire">fair</reg> Eagles <reg orig="breake">break</reg> his faith</l>
                  <l>With <hi rend="italic">Ariadne</hi>, and <hi rend="italic">Antiopa</hi>?</l></sp>
               <sp who="B"><speaker>Queen.</speaker> 
<l>These are the forgeries of <reg orig="iealousie">jealousy</reg>,</l>
<l>And <reg orig="neuer">never</reg> since the middle <reg orig="Sommers">Summer's</reg> spring,</l>
<l>Met we&Htp; on&H4; hill, in&H4; dale, <reg orig="forrest">forest</reg> or mead,</l>
<l>By&H4; <reg orig="paued">paved</reg> <reg orig="fountaine">fountain</reg>, or by&H4; rushy brooke,</l>
<l>Or in&H4; the beached margent of the sea,</l>
<l>To&H9; dance our&Htp; ringlets to&H4; the whistling <reg orig="winde">wind</reg>,</l>
<l>But with thy <reg orig="brawles">brawls</reg> thou hast <reg orig="disturbd">disturbed</reg> our&Htp; sport.</l>
<l>Therefore the <reg orig="windes">winds</reg>, <reg orig="pyping">piping</reg> to&H4; <reg orig="vs">us&Htp;</reg> in&H4; <reg orig="vaine">vain</reg>,</l>
<l>As in&H4; <reg orig="reuenge">revenge</reg>, <reg orig="haue">have</reg> <reg orig="suckt">sucked</reg> <reg orig="vp">up&H5;</reg> from the sea,</l>
<l>Contagious fogs; which&H61; falling in&H4; the Land,</l>
<l>Hath <reg orig="euery">every</reg> pelting <reg orig="riuer">river</reg> made so&H51; proud,</l>
<l>That&H3; they <reg orig="haue">have</reg> <reg orig="ouer-borne">over-borne</reg> their Continents.</l>
<l>The <reg orig="Oxe">Ox</reg> hath therefore <reg orig="stretcht">stretched</reg> his yoke in&H4; <reg orig="vaine">vain</reg>,</l>
<l>The ploughman lost his sweat, and the <reg orig="greene">green</reg> <reg orig="Corne">Corn</reg></l>
<l>Hath rotted, ere his youth <reg orig="attaind">attained</reg> a beard:</l>

<l>The fold stands empty, in&H4; the drowned field,</l>
<l>And <reg orig="Crowes">Crows</reg> are fatted with the murrion <reg orig="flocke">flock</reg>,</l>
<l>The nine <reg orig="mens">men's</reg> Morris is <reg orig="fild">filled</reg> <reg orig="vp">up&H5;</reg> with mud,</l>
<l>And the <reg orig="queint">quaint</reg> Mazes in&H4; the wanton <reg orig="greene">green</reg>,</l>
<l>For&H4; <reg orig="lacke">lack</reg> of tread, are <reg orig="vndistinguishable">undistinguishable</reg>.</l>
<l>The <reg orig="humane">human</reg> mortals want their winter <reg orig="heere">here</reg>,</l>
<l>No&H2; night is now with <reg orig="hymme">hymn</reg> or carroll <reg orig="blest">blessed</reg>;</l>
<l>Therefore the <reg orig="Moone">Moon</reg> (the <reg orig="gouernesse">governess</reg> of floods)</l>
<l>Pale in&H4; her&H2; anger, washes all the <reg orig="aire">air</reg>;</l>
<l>That&H3; <reg orig="Rheumaticke">Rheumatic</reg> diseases do abound.</l>
<l>And through this distemperature, we&Htp; see</l>
<l>The seasons alter; hoared headed frosts</l>
<l>Fall in&H4; the fresh lap of the crimson Rose,</l>
<l>And on&H4; old <hi rend="italic">Hyems</hi> <reg orig="chinne">chin</reg> and <reg orig="Icie">Icy</reg> <reg orig="crowne">crown</reg>,</l>
<l>An odorous Chaplet of <reg orig="sweete">sweet</reg> <reg orig="Sommer">Summer</reg> buds</l>
<l>Is as in&H4; mockery set The Spring, the <reg orig="Sommer">Summer</reg>,</l>
<l>The childing <reg orig="Autumne">Autumn</reg>, angry Winter change</l>
<l>Their wonted <reg orig="Liueries">Liveries</reg>, and the mazed world,</l>
<l>By&H4; their increase, now <reg orig="knowes">knows</reg> not which&H61; is which&H61;;</l>
<l>And this same progeny of <reg orig="euils">evils</reg>,</l>
<l>Comes from our&Htp; debate, from our&Htp; <reg orig="dissention">dissension</reg>,</l>
<l>We&Htp; are their parents and <reg orig="originall">original</reg>.</l></sp>
               <sp who="G"><speaker>Oberon.</speaker>
<l>Do you amend it then, it <reg orig="lyes">lies</reg> in&H4; you,</l>
                  <l>Why should <hi rend="italic">Titania</hi> <reg orig="crosse">cross</reg> her&H2; <hi rend="italic">Oberon</hi>?</l>
<l>I do but beg a little changeling boy,</l>
<l>To&H9; be my Henchman.</l></sp>
               <sp who="B"><speaker>Queene.</speaker> 
<l>Set your heart at rest,</l>
<l>The Fairy land <reg orig="buies">buys</reg> not the <reg orig="childe">child</reg> of me,</l>
<l>His mother was a <reg orig="Votresse">Votaress</reg> of my order,</l>
                  <l>And in&H4; the spiced <hi rend="italic">Indian</hi> <reg orig="aire">air</reg>, by&H4; night</l>
<l>Full often hath she <reg orig="gossipt">gossiped</reg> by&H4; my side,</l>
                  <l>And sat with me on&H4; <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Neptunes">Neptune's</reg></hi> yellow sands,</l>
<l>Marking <reg orig="th'embarked">the embarked</reg> traders on&H4; the flood,</l>
<l>When we&Htp; <reg orig="haue">have</reg> <reg orig="laught">laughed</reg> to&H9; see the <reg orig="sailes">sails</reg> <reg orig="conceiue">conceive</reg>,</l>
<l>And grow big bellied with the wanton <reg orig="winde">wind</reg>,</l>
<l>Which&H61; she with pretty and with swimming gate,</l>
<l>Following (her&H2; <reg orig="wombe">womb</reg> then rich with my young squire)</l>
<l>Would imitate, and <reg orig="saile">sail</reg> <reg orig="vpon">upon&H4;</reg> the Land,</l>
<l>To&H9; fetch me trifles, and <reg orig="returne">return</reg> <reg orig="againe">again</reg>,</l>
<l>As from a voyage, rich with <reg orig="marchandize">merchandise</reg>.</l>
<l>But she being <reg orig="mortall">mortal</reg>, of that&H62; boy did <reg orig="dye">die</reg>,</l>
<l>And for&H4; her&H2; sake do I <reg orig="reare">rear</reg> <reg orig="vp">up&H5;</reg> her&H2; boy,</l>
<l>And for&H4; her&H2; sake I will&H1; not part with him.</l></sp>
               <sp who="G"><speaker>Ob.</speaker>  
<l>How long within this wood intend you stay?</l></sp>
               <sp who="B"><speaker>Queen.</speaker> 
                  <l>Perchance till after <hi rend="italic">Theseus</hi> wedding day.</l>
<l>If you will&H1; patiently dance in&H4; our&Htp; Round,</l>
<l>And see our&Htp; <reg orig="Moone-light">Moonlight</reg> <reg orig="reuels">revels</reg>, go with <reg orig="vs">us&Htp;</reg>;</l>
<l>If not, shun me and I will&H1; spare your haunts.</l></sp>
               <sp who="G"><speaker>Ob.</speaker> 
<l><reg orig="Giue">Give</reg> me that&H62; boy, and I will&H1; go with thee.</l></sp>
               <sp who="B"><speaker>Qu.</speaker> 
<l>Not for&H4; thy <reg orig="Fairie">Fairy</reg> <reg orig="Kingdome">Kingdom</reg>. Fairies away:</l>
<l>We&Htp; shall chide <reg orig="downe">down</reg> right, if I longer stay.</l></sp>  
               <sp who="G"><speaker>Ob.</speaker> 
<l>Well, go thy way: thou shalt not from this <reg orig="groue">grove</reg>,</l>
<l>Till I torment thee for&H4; this <reg orig="iniury">injury</reg>.</l>
<l>My gentle <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Pucke">Puck</reg></hi> come hither; thou <reg orig="remembrest">rememberest</reg></l>
<l>Since once I sat <reg orig="vpon">upon&H4;</reg> a promontory,</l>
<l>And heard a <reg orig="Meare-maide">Mermaid</reg> on&H4; a Dolphins <reg orig="backe">back</reg>,</l>
<l><reg orig="Vttering">Uttering</reg> such dulcet and harmonious breath,</l>
<l>That&H3; the rude sea grew <reg orig="ciuill">civil</reg> at her&H2; song,</l>
<l>And <reg orig="certaine">certain</reg> <reg orig="starres">stars</reg> shot madly from their <reg orig="Spheares">Spheres</reg>,</l>
<l>To&H9; <reg orig="heare">hear</reg> the Sea-maids <reg orig="musicke">music</reg>.</l></sp>
               <sp who="AA"><speaker>Puc.</speaker> 
<l>I remember.</l></sp>
               <sp who="G"><speaker>Ob.</speaker>
<l>That&H62; very time I say (but thou couldst not)</l>
<l>Flying <reg orig="betweene">between</reg> the <reg orig="colde">cold</reg> <reg orig="Moone">Moon</reg> and the earth,</l>
<l><hi rend="italic">Cupid</hi> all <reg orig="arm'd">armed</reg>; a <reg orig="certaine">certain</reg> <reg orig="aime">aim</reg> he <reg orig="tooke">took</reg></l>
<l>At a <reg orig="faire">fair</reg> <reg orig="Vestall">Vestal</reg>, throned by&H4; West,</l>
<l>And <reg orig="loos'd">loosed</reg> his <reg orig="loue-shaft">love-shaft</reg> smartly from his bow,</l>
<l>As it should pierce a hundred thousand hearts,</l>
<l>But I might see young <hi rend="italic">Cupids</hi> fiery shaft</l>
<l><reg orig="Quencht">Quenched</reg> in&H4; the chaste <reg orig="beames">beams</reg> of the <reg orig="watry">watery</reg> <reg orig="Moone">Moon</reg>;</l>
<l>And the <reg orig="imperiall">imperial</reg> <reg orig="Votresse">Votaress</reg> passed on&H5;,</l>

<l>In&H4; maiden meditation, fancy free.</l>
<l>Yet <reg orig="markt">marked</reg> I where the bolt of <hi rend="italic">Cupid</hi> <reg orig="fel">fell</reg>.</l>
<l>It fell <reg orig="vpon">upon&H4;</reg> a little <reg orig="westerne">western</reg> flower;</l>
<l>Before, <reg orig="milke-white">milk-white</reg>; now purple with <reg orig="loues">loves</reg> wound,</l>
<l>And maidens call it. <reg orig="Loue">Love</reg> in&H4; <reg orig="idlenesse">idleness</reg>.</l>
<l>Fetch me that&H62; flower; the <reg orig="hearb">herb</reg> I <reg orig="shew'd">showed</reg> thee once,</l>
<l>The <reg orig="ioyce">juice</reg> of it, on&H4; sleeping eye-lids <reg orig="laide">laid</reg>,</l>
<l>Will&H1; make or man or woman madly dote</l>
<l><reg orig="Vpon">Upon&H4;</reg> the next <reg orig="liue">live</reg> creature that&H61; it sees.</l>
<l>Fetch me this <reg orig="hearbe">herb</reg>, and be thou here <reg orig="againe">again</reg>,</l>
<l>Ere the <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Leuiathan">Leviathan</reg></hi> can swim a league.</l></sp>
               <sp who="AA"><speaker>Pu.</speaker>    
<l><reg orig="Ile">I will&H1;</reg> put a girdle about the earth, in&H4; forty minutes.</l></sp>
               <sp who="G"><speaker>Oberon.</speaker>    
<l><reg orig="Hauing">Having</reg> once this <reg orig="iuyce">juice</reg>,</l>
<l><reg orig="Ile">I will&H1;</reg> watch <hi rend="italic">Titania</hi>, whence she is <reg orig="a sleepe">asleep</reg>,</l>
<l>And drop the liquor of it in&H4; her&H2; eyes:</l>
<l>The next thing when she waking <reg orig="lookes">looks</reg> <reg orig="vpon">upon&H5;</reg>,</l>
<l>(Be it on&H4; <reg orig="Lyon">Lion</reg>, <reg orig="Beare">Bear</reg>, or <reg orig="Wolfe">Wolf</reg>, or Bull,</l>
<l>On&H4; <reg orig="medling">meddling</reg> Monkey, or on&H4; <reg orig="busie">busy</reg> Ape)</l>
<l>She shall pursue it, with the <reg orig="soule">soul</reg> of <reg orig="loue">love</reg>.</l>
<l>And ere I take this <reg orig="charme">charm</reg> off from her&H2; sight,</l>
<l>(As I can take it with another <reg orig="hearbe">herb</reg>)</l>
<l><reg orig="Ile">I will&H1;</reg> make her&H6; render <reg orig="vp">up&H5;</reg> her&H2; Page to&H4; me.</l>
<l>But who&H62; comes <reg orig="heere">here</reg>? I am <reg orig="inuisible">invisible</reg>,</l>
<l>And I will&H1; <reg orig="ouer-heare">overhear</reg> their conference.</l></sp>
<stage>Enter Demetrius, Helena following him.</stage>
               <sp who="D"><speaker>Deme.</speaker> 
<l>I <reg orig="loue">love</reg> thee not, therefore pursue me not,</l>
<l>Where is <hi rend="italic">Lysander</hi>, and <reg orig="faire">fair</reg> <hi rend="italic">Hermia</hi>?</l>
<l>The one <reg orig="Ile">I will&H1;</reg> stay, the other stayeth me.</l>
<l>Thou <reg orig="toldst">toldest</reg> me they were <reg orig="stolne">stolen</reg> <reg orig="vnto">unto</reg> this wood;</l>
<l>And here am I, and wood within this wood,</l>
<l>Because I cannot <reg orig="meete">meet</reg> my <hi rend="italic">Hermia</hi>.</l>
<l>Hence, get thee gone, and follow me no&H2; more.</l></sp>
               <sp who="F"><speaker>Hel.</speaker> 
<l>You draw me, you hard-hearted Adamant,</l>
<l>But yet you draw not Iron, for&H3; my heart</l>
<l>Is true as <reg orig="steele">steel</reg>. <reg orig="Leaue">Leave</reg> you your power to&H9; draw,</l> 
<l>And I shall <reg orig="haue">have</reg> no&H2; power to&H9; follow you.</l></sp>
               <sp who="D"><speaker>Deme.</speaker>  
<l>Do I entice you? do I <reg orig="speake">speak</reg> you <reg orig="faire">fair</reg>?</l>
<l>Or rather do I not in&H4; plainest truth,</l>
<l>Tell you I do not, not I cannot <reg orig="loue">love</reg> you?</l></sp>
               <sp who="F"><speaker>Hel.</speaker> 
<l>And <reg orig="euen">even</reg> for&H4; that&H62; do I <reg orig="loue">love</reg> thee <reg orig="the">thee</reg> more;</l>
                  <l>I am your <reg orig="spaniell">spaniel</reg>, and <hi rend="italic">Demetrius</hi>,</l>
<l>The more you <reg orig="beate">beat</reg> me, I will&H1; <reg orig="fawne">fawn</reg> on&H4; you.</l>
<l><reg orig="Vse">Use</reg> me but as your <reg orig="spaniell">spaniel</reg>; <reg orig="spurne">spurn</reg> me, strike me,</l>
<l>Neglect me, lose me; <reg orig="onely">only</reg> <reg orig="giue">give</reg> me <reg orig="leaue">leave</reg></l>
<l>(<reg orig="Vnworthy">Unworthy</reg> as I am) to&H9; follow you.</l>
<l>What worser place can I beg in&H4; your <reg orig="loue">love</reg>,</l>
<l>(And yet a place of high respect with me)</l>
<l><reg orig="Then">Than</reg> to&H9; be <reg orig="vsed">used</reg> as you <reg orig="vse">use</reg> your dog.</l></sp>
               <sp who="D"><speaker>Dem.</speaker> 
<l>Tempt not too much the hatred of my spirit,</l>
<l>For&H3; I am <reg orig="sicke">sick</reg> when I do <reg orig="looke">look</reg> on&H4; thee.</l></sp>
               <sp who="F"><speaker>Hel.</speaker> 
<l>And I am <reg orig="sicke">sick</reg> when I <reg orig="looke">look</reg> not on&H4; you.</l></sp>
               <sp who="D"><speaker>Deme.</speaker> 
<l>You do impeach your modesty too much,</l>
<l>To&H9; <reg orig="leaue">leave</reg> the <reg orig="Citty">City</reg>, and commit <reg orig="your selfe">yourself</reg></l>
<l>Into the hands of one that&H61; <reg orig="loues">loves</reg> you not,</l>
<l>To&H9; trust the opportunity of night,</l>
<l>And the ill <reg orig="counsell">counsel</reg> of a desert place,</l>
<l>With the rich worth of your virginity.</l></sp>
               <sp who="F"><speaker>Hel.</speaker> 
<l>Your <reg orig="vertue">virtue</reg> is my <reg orig="priuiledge">privilege</reg>: for&H4; that&H62;</l>
<l>It is not night when I do see your face.</l>
<l>Therefore I <reg orig="thinke">think</reg> I am not in&H4; the night,</l>
<l>Nor doth this wood <reg orig="lacke">lack</reg> worlds of company,</l>
<l>For&H3; you in&H4; my respect are all the world.</l>
<l>Then how can it be said I am alone,</l>
<l>When all the world is here to&H9; <reg orig="looke">look</reg> on&H4; me?</l></sp>
               <sp who="D"><speaker>Dem.</speaker> 
<l><reg orig="Ile">I will&H1;</reg> run from thee, and hide me in&H4; the brakes,</l>
<l>And <reg orig="leaue">leave</reg> thee to&H4; the mercy of <reg orig="wilde">wild</reg> Beasts.</l></sp>
               <sp who="F"><speaker>Hel.</speaker> 
<l>The wildest hath not such a heart as you;</l>
<l><reg orig="Runne">Run</reg> when you will&H1;, the story shall be <reg orig="chaung'd">changed</reg>:</l>
<l><hi rend="italic">Apollo</hi> <reg orig="flyes">flies</reg>, and <hi rend="italic">Daphna</hi> holds the chase;</l>
<l>The <reg orig="Doue">Dove</reg> pursues the <reg orig="Griffen">Griffin</reg>, the <reg orig="milde">mild</reg> <reg orig="Hinde">Hind</reg></l>
<l>Makes speed to&H9; catch the <reg orig="Tygre">Tiger</reg>. <reg orig="Bootlesse">Bootless</reg> <reg orig="speede">speed</reg>,</l>
<l>When <reg orig="cowardise">cowardice</reg> pursues, and <reg orig="valor">valour</reg> <reg orig="flyes">flies</reg>.</l></sp>
               <sp who="D"><speaker>Demet.</speaker> 
<l>I will&H1; not stay thy questions, let me go;</l>
<l>Or if thou follow me, do not <reg orig="beleeue">believe</reg>,</l>
<l>But I shall do thee <reg orig="mischiefe">mischief</reg> in&H4; the wood.</l></sp>
               <sp who="F"><speaker>Hel.</speaker> 
<l><reg orig="I">Aye</reg>, in&H4; the Temple, in&H4; the <reg orig="Towne">Town</reg>, and Field</l>
                  <l>You do me <reg orig="mischiefe">mischief</reg>. <reg orig="Fye">Fie</reg> <hi rend="italic">Demetrius</hi>,</l>
<l>Your wrongs do set a <reg orig="scandall">scandal</reg> on&H4; my sex:</l>
<l>We&Htp; cannot fight for&H4; <reg orig="loue">love</reg>, as men may do;</l>
<l>We&Htp; should be <reg orig="woo'd">wooed</reg>, and were not made to&H9; <reg orig="wooe">woo</reg>.</l>
<l><reg orig="Ile">I will&H1;</reg> follow thee and make a <reg orig="heauen">heaven</reg> of hell,</l>
<l>To&H9; <reg orig="dye">die</reg> <reg orig="vpon">upon&H4;</reg> the hand I <reg orig="loue">love</reg> so&H51; well.</l></sp> 
               <sp who="G"><speaker>Ob.</speaker> 
<l>Fare thee well Nymph, ere he do <reg orig="leaue">leave</reg> this <reg orig="groue">grove</reg>,</l>
<l>Thou shalt <reg orig="flye">fly</reg> him, and he shall <reg orig="seeke">seek</reg> thy <reg orig="loue">love</reg>.</l>
<l>Hast thou the flower there? Welcome wanderer.</l></sp>
<stage>Enter Pucke.</stage>
               <sp who="AA"><speaker>Puck.</speaker> 
<l><reg orig="I">Aye</reg>, there it is.</l></sp>
               <sp who="G"><speaker>Ob.</speaker>    
<l>I pray thee <reg orig="giue">give</reg> it me.</l>
<l>I know a <reg orig="banke">bank</reg> where the <reg orig="wilde">wild</reg> <reg orig="time">thyme</reg> <reg orig="blowes">blows</reg>,</l>
<l>Where <reg orig="Oxslips">Eclipse</reg> and the nodding Violet <reg orig="growes">grows</reg>,</l>
<l>Quite <reg orig="ouercanoped">over-canopied</reg> with <reg orig="lushious">luscious</reg> woodbine,</l>
<l>With <reg orig="sweete">sweet</reg> <reg orig="muske">musk</reg> roses, and with Eglantine;</l>
<l>There <reg orig="sleepes">sleeps</reg> <hi rend="italic">Tytania</hi>, sometime of the night,</l>
<l><reg orig="Luld">Lulled</reg> in&H4; these flowers, with dances and delight:</l>
<l>And there the snake <reg orig="throwes">throws</reg> her&H2; <reg orig="enammeld">enamelled</reg> <reg orig="skinne">skin</reg>,</l>
<l>Weed wide enough to&H9; rap a Fairy in&H5;.</l>
<l>And with the <reg orig="iuyce">juice</reg> of this, <reg orig="Ile">I will&H1;</reg> <reg orig="streake">streak</reg> her&H2; eyes,</l>
<l>And make her&H6; full of <reg orig="hatefull">hateful</reg> fantasies.</l>
<l>Take thou some of it, and <reg orig="seeke">seek</reg> through this <reg orig="groue">grove</reg>;</l>
<l>A <reg orig="sweete">sweet</reg> <hi rend="italic">Athenian</hi> Lady is in&H4; <reg orig="loue">love</reg></l>
<l>With a <reg orig="disdainefull">disdainful</reg> youth: <reg orig="annoint">anoint</reg> his eyes,</l>
<l>But do it when the next thing he espies,</l>
<l>May be the Lady. Thou shalt know the man,</l>
<l>By&H4; the <hi rend="italic">Athenian</hi> garments he hath on&H5;.</l>
<l>Effect it with some care, that&H3; he may <reg orig="prooue">prove</reg></l>
<l>More fond on&H4; her&H6;, <reg orig="then">than</reg> she <reg orig="vpon">upon&H4;</reg> her&H2; <reg orig="loue">love</reg>;</l>
<l>And <reg orig="looke">look</reg> thou <reg orig="meete">meet</reg> me ere the first <reg orig="Cocke">Cock</reg> crow.</l></sp>
               <sp who="AA"><speaker>Pu.</speaker> 
<l><reg orig="Feare">Fear</reg> not my Lord, your <reg orig="seruant">servant</reg> shall do so&H52;. 
               <div2 n="2" type="scene">
<stage>Enter Queene of Fairies, with her traine.</stage>
               <sp who="B"><speaker>Queen.</speaker> 
                  <l>Come, now a <reg orig="Roundell">Roundel</reg>, and a Fairy song;</l>
                  <l>Then for&H4; the third part of a minute hence,</l>
                  <l>Some to&H9; kill cankers in&H4; the <reg orig="muske">musk</reg> rose buds,</l>
                  <l>Some <reg orig="warre">war</reg> with <reg orig="Reremise">Reremice</reg>, for&H4; their leathern wings,</l>
                  <l>To&H9; make my small <reg orig="Elues">Elves</reg> <reg orig="coates">coats</reg>, and some <reg orig="keepe">keep</reg> <reg orig="backe">back</reg></l>
                  <l>The clamorous <reg orig="Owle">Owl</reg>, that&H61; nightly <reg orig="hootes">hoots</reg> and wonders</l>
                  <l>At our&Htp; <reg orig="queint">quaint</reg> spirits: Sing me now <reg orig="asleepe">asleep</reg>,</l>
                  <l>Then to&H4; your offices, and let me rest.</l></sp>
<stage>Fairies sing.</stage>
               <sp who="AJ"><speaker></speaker> 
                  <l><hi rend="italic">You spotted snakes with double tongue,</hi></l>
                  <l><hi rend="italic">Thorny <reg orig="Hedgehogges">Hedgehogs</reg> be not <reg orig="seene">seen</reg>,</hi></l>
                  <l><hi rend="italic">Newts and <reg orig="blinde">blind</reg> <reg orig="wormes">worms</reg> do no&H2; wrong</hi></l>
                  <l><hi rend="italic">Come not <reg orig="neere">near</reg> our&Htp; Fairy <reg orig="queene">queen</reg>.</hi></l>
                  <l><hi rend="italic">Philomele with melody,</hi></l>
                  <l><hi rend="italic">Sing in&H4; our&Htp; <reg orig="sweett">sweet</reg> Lullaby,</hi></l>
                  <l><hi rend="italic">Lulla, lulla, lullaby, lulla, lulla, lullaby,</hi></l>
                  <l><hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Neuer">Never</reg> <reg orig="harme">harm</reg>, nor spell, nor <reg orig="charme">charm</reg>,</hi></l>
                  <l><hi rend="italic">Come our&Htp; <reg orig="louely">lovely</reg> Lady <reg orig="nye">nigh</reg>.</hi></l>
                  <l><hi rend="italic">So&H3; good night with Lullaby.</hi></l></sp>
               <sp who="AK"><speaker>1. Fairy.</speaker>  
                  <l><hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Weauing">Weaving</reg> Spiders come not <reg orig="heere">here</reg>,</hi></l>
                  <l><hi rend="italic">Hence you long <reg orig="legd">legged</reg> <reg orig="Spinders">Spenders</reg>, hence:</hi></l>
                  <l><hi rend="italic">Beetles <reg orig="blacke">black</reg> <reg orig="approch">approach</reg> not <reg orig="neere">near</reg>;</hi></l>
                  <l><hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Worme">Worm</reg> nor <reg orig="Snayle">Snail</reg> do no&H2; offence.</hi></l>
                  <l><hi rend="italic">Philomele with melody, <reg orig="&c.">etcetera</reg></hi> </l></sp>
               <sp who="AL"><speaker>2. Fai.</speaker>  
                  <l><hi rend="italic">Hence away, now all is well;</hi></l>
                  <l><hi rend="italic">One <reg orig="aloofe">aloof</reg>, stand <reg orig="Centinell">Sentinel</reg>.</hi></l></sp>
<stage>Enter Oberon.</stage>
               <sp who="G"><speaker>Ob.</speaker> 
<l>What thou seest when thou dost wake,</l>
<l>Do it for&H4; thy thy true <reg orig="loue">love</reg> take:</l>
<l><reg orig="Loue">Love</reg> and languish for&H4; his sake.</l>
<l>Be it Ounce, or <reg orig="Catte">Cat</reg>, or <reg orig="Beare">Bear</reg>,</l>
<l>Pard, or <reg orig="Boare">Boar</reg> with bristled <reg orig="haire">hair</reg>,</l>
<l>In&H4; thy eye that&H61; shall <reg orig="appeare">appear</reg>,</l>
<l>When thou <reg orig="wak'st">wakest</reg>, it is thy <reg orig="deare">dear</reg>,</l>
<l>Wake when some vile thing is <reg orig="neere">near</reg>.</l></sp>
<stage>Enter Lysander and Hermia.</stage>
               <sp who="C"><speaker>Lys.</speaker> 
<l><reg orig="Faire">Fair</reg> <reg orig="loue">love</reg>, you faint with <reg orig="wandring">wandering</reg> in&H4; the woods,</l>
<l>And to&H9; <reg orig="speake">speak</reg> troth I <reg orig="haue">have</reg> forgot our&Htp; way:</l>
<l><reg orig="Wee'l">We&Htp; will&H1;</reg> rest <reg orig="vs">us&Htp;</reg> <hi rend="italic">Hermia</hi>, if you <reg orig="thinke">think</reg> it good,</l>
<l>And tarry for&H4; the comfort of the day.</l></sp>
               <sp who="E"><speaker>Her.</speaker> 
                  <l>Be it so&H52; <hi rend="italic">Lysander</hi>; <reg orig="finde">find</reg> you out a bed,</l>
<l>For&H3; I <reg orig="vpon">upon&H4;</reg> this <reg orig="banke">bank</reg> will&H1; rest my head.</l></sp>
               <sp who="C"><speaker>Lys.</speaker>
<l>One <reg orig="turffe">turf</reg> shall <reg orig="serue">serve</reg> as pillow for&H4; <reg orig="vs">us&Htp;</reg> both,</l>
<l>One heart, one bed, two <reg orig="bosomes">bosoms</reg>, and one troth.</l></sp>
               <sp who="E"><speaker>Her.</speaker> 
<l>Nay good <hi rend="italic">Lysander</hi>, for&H4; my sake my <reg orig="deare">dear</reg></l>
<l>Lie further off yet, do not lie so&H51; <reg orig="neere">near</reg>.</l></sp>
               <sp who="C"><speaker>Lys.</speaker>     
<l>O take the sense <reg orig="sweete">sweet</reg>, of my innocence,</l>
<l><reg orig="Loue">Love</reg> takes the meaning, in&H4; <reg orig="loues">loves</reg> conference,</l>
<l>I <reg orig="meane">mean</reg> that&H3; my heart <reg orig="vnto">unto</reg> yours is knit,</l>
<l>So&H3; that&H3; but one heart we&Htp; can make of it.</l>
<l>Two <reg orig="bosomes">bosoms</reg> <reg orig="interchained">interchanged</reg> with an oath,</l>
<l>So&H3; then two <reg orig="bosomes">bosoms</reg>, and a single troth.</l>
<l>Then by&H4; your side, no&H2; <reg orig="bed-roome">bedroom</reg> me deny,</l>
<l>For&H3; lying so&H52;, <hi rend="italic">Hermia</hi>, I do not <reg orig="lye">lie</reg>.</l></sp>
               <sp who="E"><speaker>Her.</speaker>
<l><hi rend="italic">Lysander</hi> riddles very prettily;</l>
<l>Now much beshrew my manners and my pride,</l>
<l>If <hi rend="italic">Hermia</hi> meant to&H9; say, <hi rend="italic">Lysander</hi> lied.</l>
<l>But gentle friend, for&H4; <reg orig="loue">love</reg> and <reg orig="courtesie">courtesy</reg></l>
<l>Lie further off, in&H4; <reg orig="humane">human</reg> modesty,</l>
<l>Such separation, as may well be said,</l>
<l>Becomes a <reg orig="vertuous">virtuous</reg> <reg orig="batchellor">bachelor</reg>, and a <reg orig="maide">maid</reg>,</l>
<l>So&H51; <reg orig="farre">far</reg> be distant, and good night sweet friend;</l>
<l>Thy <reg orig="loue">love</reg> <reg orig="nere">never</reg> alter till thy <reg orig="sweete">sweet</reg> life <reg orig="ende">end</reg>.</l></sp>
               <sp who="C"><speaker>Lys.</speaker>   
<l>Amen, amen, to&H4; that&H62; <reg orig="faire">fair</reg> <reg orig="praier">prayer</reg>, say I,</l>
<l>And then end life, when I end <reg orig="loialty">loyalty</reg>:</l>
<l><reg orig="Heere">Here</reg> is my bed, <reg orig="sleepe">sleep</reg> <reg orig="giue">give</reg> thee all his rest.</l></sp>
               <sp who="E"><speaker>Her.</speaker>
<l>With <reg orig="halfe">half</reg> that&H62; wish, the wishers eyes be <reg orig="prest">pressed</reg>.</l></sp>
<stage>Enter Pucke.</stage>
               <sp who="AA"><speaker>Puck.</speaker>
<l>Through the <reg orig="Forrest">Forest</reg> <reg orig="haue">have</reg> I gone,</l>
<l>But <hi rend="italic">Athenian</hi> <reg orig="finde">find</reg> I none,</l>
<l>On&H4; whose <reg orig="eies">eyes</reg> I might <reg orig="approue">approve</reg></l>
<l>This flowers force in&H4; stirring <reg orig="loue">love</reg>.</l>
<l>Night and silence: who&H62; is <reg orig="heere">here</reg>?</l>
<l><reg orig="Weedes">Weeds</reg> of <hi rend="italic">Athens</hi> he doth <reg orig="weare">wear</reg>:</l>
<l>This is he (my master said)</l>
<l>Despised the <hi rend="italic">Athenian</hi> <reg orig="maide">maid</reg>:</l>
<l>And <reg orig="heere">here</reg> the maiden sleeping sound,</l>
<l>On&H4; the <reg orig="danke">dank</reg> and dirty ground.</l>
<l>Pretty <reg orig="soule">soul</reg>, she durst not <reg orig="lye">lie</reg></l>
<l><reg orig="Neere">Near</reg> this <reg orig="lack-loue">lack-love</reg>, this <reg orig="kill-curtesie">kill-courtesy</reg>.</l>
<l><reg orig="Churle">Churl</reg>, <reg orig="vpon">upon&H4;</reg> thy eyes I throw</l>
<l>All the power this <reg orig="charme">charm</reg> doth owe:</l>
<l>When thou <reg orig="wak'st">wakest</reg>, let <reg orig="loue">love</reg> forbid</l>
<l><reg orig="Sleepe">Sleep</reg> his <reg orig="seate">seat</reg>, on&H4; thy eye-lid.</l>
<l>So&H3; awake when I am gone:</l>
<l>For&H3; I must now to&H4; <hi rend="italic">Oberon.</hi>  
<stage>Enter Demetrius and Helena running.</stage>
               <sp who="F"><speaker>Hel.</speaker> 
                  <l>Stay, though thou kill me, <reg orig="sweete">sweet</reg> <hi rend="italic">Demetrius</hi>.</l></sp>
               <sp who="D"><speaker>De.</speaker> 
               <l>I charge thee hence, and do not haunt me thus.</l></sp>

               <sp who="F"><speaker>Hel.</speaker> 
                  <l>O wilt thou darkling <reg orig="leaue">leave</reg> me? do not so&H52;.</l></sp>
               <sp who="D"><speaker>De.</speaker> 
<l>Stay on&H4; thy <reg orig="perill">peril</reg>, I alone will&H1; <reg orig="goe">go</reg>.</l></sp>
                  <sp who="F"><speaker>Hel.</speaker> 
<l>O I am out of breath, in&H4; this fond chase,</l>
<l>The more my <reg orig="praier">prayer</reg>, the lesser is my grace.</l>
<l>Happy is <hi rend="italic">Hermia</hi>, <reg orig="wheresoere">wheresoever</reg> she lies;</l>
<l>For&H3; she hath blessed and <reg orig="attractiue">attractive</reg> eyes.</l>
<l>How came her&H2; eyes so&H51; bright? Not with salt <reg orig="teares">tears</reg>.</l>
<l>If so&H52;, my <reg orig="eies">eyes</reg> are <reg orig="oftner">oftener</reg> <reg orig="washt">washed</reg> <reg orig="then">than</reg> hers.</l>
<l>No&H7;, no&H7;, I am as <reg orig="vgly">ugly</reg> as a <reg orig="Beare">Bear</reg>;</l>
<l>For&H3; beasts that&H61; <reg orig="meete">meet</reg> me, <reg orig="runne">run</reg> away, for&H4; <reg orig="feare">fear</reg>,</l>
<l>Therefore no&H2; <reg orig="maruaile">marvel</reg>, though <hi rend="italic">Demetrius</hi></l>
<l>Do as a monster, <reg orig="flie">fly</reg> my presence thus.</l>
<l>What wicked and dissembling <reg orig="glasse">glass</reg> of mine,</l>
<l>Made me compare with <hi rend="italic">Hermias</hi> <reg orig="sphery">sphere</reg> <reg orig="eyne">eyen</reg>?</l>
<l>But who&H62; is here, <hi rend="italic">Lysander</hi> on&H4; the <reg orig="grouud">ground</reg>?</l>
<l>Dead or <reg orig="asleepe">asleep</reg>? I see no&H2; blood, no&H2; wound,</l>
<l><hi rend="italic">Lysander</hi>, if you <reg orig="liue">live</reg>, good sir awake.</l></sp>
               <sp who="C"><speaker>Lys.</speaker>
<l>And run through fire I will&H1; for&H4; thy sweet sake.</l>
                  <l><reg orig="Transparant">Transparent</reg> <hi rend="italic">Helena</hi>, nature <reg orig="shewes">shows</reg> <reg orig="arte">art&H0;</reg>,</l>
<l>That&H61; through thy <reg orig="bosome">bosom</reg> makes me see thy heart.</l>
                  <l>Where is <hi rend="italic">Demetrius</hi>? <reg orig="oh">o</reg> how fit a word</l>
<l>Is that&H62; vile name, to&H9; perish on&H4; my sword!</l></sp>
               <sp who="F"><speaker>Hel.</speaker> 
                  <l>Do not say so&H52; <hi rend="italic">Lysander</hi>, say not so&H52;:</l>
                  <l>What though he <reg orig="loue">love</reg> your <hi rend="italic">Hermia</hi>? Lord, what though?</l>
                  <l>Yet <hi rend="italic">Hermia</hi> still <reg orig="loues">loves</reg> you; then be content.</l></sp>
               <sp who="C"><speaker>Lys.</speaker>
                  <l>Content with <hi rend="italic">Hermia</hi>? No&H7;, I do repent</l>
<l>The tedious minutes I with her&H6; <reg orig="haue">have</reg> spent.</l>
                  <l>Not <hi rend="italic">Hermia</hi>, but <hi rend="italic">Helena</hi> now I <reg orig="loue">love</reg>;</l>
<l>Who&H62; will&H1; not change a <reg orig="Rauen">Raven</reg> for&H4; a <reg orig="Doue">Dove</reg>?</l>
<l>The will&H0; of man is by&H4; his reason <reg orig="swai'd">swayed</reg>:</l>
<l>And reason <reg orig="saies">says</reg> you are the worthier maid.</l>
<l>Things growing are not ripe <reg orig="vntill">until</reg> their season;</l>
<l>So&H3; I being young, till now ripe not to&H4; reason,</l>
<l>And touching now the point of <reg orig="humane">human</reg> skill,</l>
<l>Reason becomes the Marshall to&H4; my will&H0;,</l>
<l>And leads me to&H4; your eyes, where I <reg orig="orelooke">overlook</reg></l>
<l><reg orig="Loues">Loves</reg> stories, written in&H4; <reg orig="Loues">Loves</reg> richest <reg orig="booke">book</reg>.</l></sp>
               <sp who="F"><speaker>Hel.</speaker> 
<l>Wherefore was I to&H4; this <reg orig="keene">keen</reg> mockery <reg orig="borne">born</reg>?</l>
<l>When at your hands did I <reg orig="deserue">deserve</reg> this <reg orig="scorne">scorn</reg>?</l>
<l><reg orig="Ist">Is it</reg> not enough, <reg orig="ist">is it</reg> not enough, young man,</l>
<l>That&H3; I did <reg orig="neuer">never</reg>, no&H7; nor <reg orig="neuer">never</reg> can,</l>
                  <l><reg orig="Deserue">Deserve</reg> a <reg orig="sweete">sweet</reg> <reg orig="looke">look</reg> from <hi rend="italic">Demetrius</hi> eye,</l>
<l>But you must flout my <reg orig="insufficency">insufficiency</reg>?</l>
<l>Good troth you do me wrong (good-sooth you do)</l>
<l>In&H4; such <reg orig="disdainfull">disdainful</reg> manner, me to&H9; <reg orig="wooe">woo</reg>.</l>
<l>But fare you well; perforce I must <reg orig="confesse">confess</reg>,</l>
<l>I thought you Lord of more true <reg orig="gentlenesse">gentleness</reg>.</l>
<l><reg orig="Oh">O</reg>, that&H3; a Lady of one man <reg orig="refvs'd">refused</reg>,</l>
<l>Should of another therefore be <reg orig="abus'd">abused</reg>.  
               <sp who="C"><speaker>Lys</speaker>       
                  <l>She sees not <hi rend="italic">Hermia: Hermia</hi>, <reg orig="sleepe">sleep</reg> thou there,</l>
                  <l>And <reg orig="neuer">never</reg> <reg orig="maist">mayst</reg> thou come <hi rend="italic">Lysander</hi> <reg orig="neere">near</reg>;</l>
<l>For&H3; as a <reg orig="surfet">surfeit</reg> of the sweetest things</l>
<l>The deepest loathing to&H4; the <reg orig="stomacke">stomach</reg> brings;</l>
<l>Or as the heresies that&H61; men do <reg orig="leaue">leave</reg>,</l>
<l>Are hated most of those they did <reg orig="deceiue">deceive</reg>:</l>
<l>So&H3; thou, my <reg orig="surfet">surfeit</reg>, and my <reg orig="heresie">heresy</reg>,</l>
<l>Of all be hated; but the most of me;</l>
<l>And all my powers <reg orig="addresse">address</reg> your <reg orig="loue">love</reg> and might,</l>
<l>To&H9; honour <hi rend="italic">Helen</hi>, and to&H9; be her&H2; Knight.  
               <sp who="E"><speaker>Her.</speaker> 
<l><reg orig="Helpe">Help</reg> me <hi rend="italic">Lysander</hi>, <reg orig="helpe">help</reg> me; do thy best</l>
<l>To&H9; <reg orig="plucke">pluck</reg> this crawling serpent from my <reg orig="brest">breast</reg>.</l>
<l>Ay me, for&H4; <reg orig="pitty">pity</reg>; what a <reg orig="dreame">dream</reg> was here?</l>
<l><hi rend="italic">Lysander</hi> <reg orig="looke">look</reg>, how I do quake with <reg orig="feare">fear</reg>:</l>
<l><reg orig="Me-thought">Methought</reg> a serpent <reg orig="eate">eat</reg> my heart away,</l>
<l>And you sat smiling at his <reg orig="cruell">cruel</reg> prey.</l>
<l><hi rend="italic">Lysander</hi>, what <reg orig="remoou'd">removed</reg>? <hi rend="italic">Lysander</hi>, Lord,</l>
<l>What, out of hearing gone? No&H2; sound, no&H2; word?</l>
<l><reg orig="Alacke">Alack</reg> where are you? <reg orig="speake">speak</reg> and if you <reg orig="heare">hear</reg>;</l>
<l><reg orig="Speake">Speak</reg> of all <reg orig="loues">loves</reg>; I <reg orig="swound">swooned</reg> almost with <reg orig="feare">fear</reg>.</l>
<l>No&H7;, then I well <reg orig="perceiue">perceive</reg> you are not <reg orig="nye">nigh</reg>,</l>
<l><reg orig="Eyther">Either</reg> death or you <reg orig="ile">I will&H1;</reg> <reg orig="finde">find</reg> immediately.  
         <div1 n="3" type="act">
            <div2 n="1" type="scene">
<stage>Enter the Clownes.</stage>
               <sp who="AB"><speaker>Bot.</speaker>      
<l>Are we&Htp; all met?</l></sp>
               <sp who="AE"><speaker>Quin.</speaker>  
<p>Pat, pat, and <reg orig="heres">here is</reg> a <reg orig="maruailous">marvelous</reg> <reg orig="conuenient">convenient</reg> place<lb/>
for&H4; our&Htp; <reg orig="rehearsall">rehearsal</reg>. This <reg orig="greene">green</reg> plot shall be our&Htp; stage, this<lb/>
<reg orig="hauthorne">hawthorn</reg> brake our&Htp; <reg orig="tyring">tiring</reg> house, and we&Htp; will&H1; <reg orig="doe">do</reg> it in&H4; action,<lb/>
as we&Htp; will&H1; do it before the Duke.</p></sp>
               <sp who="AB"><speaker>Bot.</speaker> 
                  <p><hi rend="italic">Peter quince</hi>?</p></sp>
               <sp who="AE"><speaker>Peter.</speaker> 
                  <p>What <reg orig="saist">sayst</reg> thou, bully <hi rend="italic">Bottome</hi>?</p></sp>
               <sp who="AB"><speaker>Bot.</speaker> 
<p>There are things in&H4; this Comedy of <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Piramus">Pyramus</reg></hi> and<lb/>
<hi rend="italic">Thisby</hi>, that&H61; will&H1; <reg orig="neuer">never</reg> please. First, <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Piramus">Pyramus</reg></hi> must draw a<lb/>
sword to&H9; kill <reg orig="himselfe">himself</reg>; which&H61; the <reg orig="Ladyes">Ladies</reg> cannot abide.<lb/>
How answer you that&H62;?</p></sp>
               <sp who="AG"><speaker>Snout.</speaker> 
<p><reg orig="Berlaken">Byrlady</reg>, a parlous <reg orig="feare">fear</reg>.</p></sp>
                  <sp who="AI"><speaker>Star.</speaker> 
<p>I <reg orig="beleeue">believe</reg> we&Htp; must <reg orig="leaue">leave</reg> the killing out, when all is<lb/>
               <sp who="AB"><speaker>Bot.</speaker> 
<p>Not a whit, I <reg orig="haue">have</reg> a <reg orig="deuice">device</reg> to&H9; make all well. Write<lb/>
me a Prologue, and let the Prologue <reg orig="seeme">seem</reg> to&H9; say, <reg orig="wee">we&Htp;</reg> will&H1;<lb/>
   do no&H2; <reg orig="harme">harm</reg> with our&Htp; swords, and that&H3; <hi rend="italic">Pyramus</hi> is not <reg orig="kild">killed</reg><lb/>
indeed: and for&H4; the more better assurance, tell them that&H3; I<lb/>
   <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Piramus">Pyramus</reg></hi> am not <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Piramus">Pyramus</reg></hi>, but <hi rend="italic">Bottome</hi> the <reg orig="Weauer">Weaver</reg>; this will&H1;<lb/>
put-hem out of <reg orig="feare">fear</reg>.</p></sp>
               <sp who="AE"><speaker>Quin.</speaker>
<p>Well, we&Htp; will&H1; <reg orig="haue">have</reg> such a Prologue, and it shall be<lb/>
written in&H4; eight and <reg orig="sixe">six</reg>.</p></sp>
               <sp who="AB"><speaker>Bot.</speaker>
<p>No&H7;, make it two more, let it be written in&H4; eight <reg orig="&">and</reg><lb/>
               <sp who="AG"><speaker>Snout.</speaker>
<p>Will&H1; not the Ladies be <reg orig="afeard">afeared</reg> of the <reg orig="Lyon">Lion</reg>?<lb/></p></sp>
               <sp who="AI"><speaker>Star.</speaker> 
<p>I <reg orig="feare">fear</reg> it, I promise you.</p></sp>
               <sp who="AB"><speaker>Bot.</speaker>
<p>Masters, you ought to&H9; consider with <reg orig="your selfe">yourself</reg>, to&H9;<lb/>
bring in&H5; (God shield <reg orig="vs">us&Htp;</reg>) a <reg orig="Lyon">Lion</reg> among Ladies, is a most<lb/>
<reg orig="dreadfull">dreadful</reg> thing. For&H3; there is not a more <reg orig="fearefull">fearful</reg> <reg orig="wilde">wild</reg><lb/>
<reg orig="fowle">foul</reg> <reg orig="then">than</reg> your <reg orig="Lyon">Lion</reg> <reg orig="liuing">living</reg>: and we&Htp; ought to&H9; <reg orig="looke">look</reg> to&H4; it.</p></sp>
               <sp who="AG"><speaker>Snout.</speaker>
<p>Therefore another Prologue must tell he is not a<lb/>
   <reg orig="Lyon">Lion</reg>.</p></sp>
               <sp who="AB"><speaker>Bot.</speaker>  
<p>Nay, you must name his name, and <reg orig="halfe">half</reg> his face<lb/>
   must be <reg orig="seene">seen</reg> through the <reg orig="Lyons">Lion's</reg> <reg orig="necke">neck</reg>, and <reg orig="hee">he</reg> <reg orig="himselfe">himself</reg><lb/>
must <reg orig="speake">speak</reg> through, saying thus, or to&H4; the same <reg orig="deffect">defect</reg>;<lb/>
Ladies, or <reg orig="faire">fair</reg> Ladies, I would wish you, or I would request<lb/>
you, or I would entreat you not to&H9; <reg orig="feare">fear</reg>, not to&H9; tremble:<lb/>
my life for&H4; yours. If you <reg orig="thinke">think</reg> I come <reg orig="hether">hither</reg> as a <reg orig="Lyon">Lion</reg>,<lb/>
   it were <reg orig="pitty">pity</reg> of my life. No&H7;, <hi rend="italic">I</hi> am no&H2; such thing, <hi rend="italic">I</hi> am a<lb/>
man as other men are; and there indeed let him name his<lb/>
   name, and tell them plainly he is <hi rend="italic">Snug</hi> the <reg orig="ioyner">joiner</reg>.<lb/></p></sp>
               <sp who="AE"><speaker>Quin.</speaker>
<p>Well, it shall be so&H52;; but there is two hard things,<lb/>
   that&H62; is, to&H9; bring the <reg orig="Moone-light">Moonlight</reg> into a chamber: for&H3; you<lb/>
   know, <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Piramus">Pyramus</reg></hi> and <hi rend="italic">Thisby</hi> <reg orig="meete">meet</reg> by&H4; <reg orig="Moone-light">Moonlight</reg>.</p></sp>
               <sp who="AG"><speaker>Sn.</speaker>  
<p>Doth the <reg orig="Moone">Moon</reg> shine that&H62; night we&Htp; play our&Htp; play?</p></sp>
               <sp who="AB"><speaker>Bottom.</speaker>
<p>A <reg orig="Calender">Calendar</reg>, a <reg orig="Calender">Calendar</reg>, <reg orig="looke">look</reg> in&H4; the <reg orig="Almanack">Almanac</reg>,<lb/>
   <reg orig="finde">find</reg> out <reg orig="Moone-shine">Moonshine</reg>, <reg orig="finde">find</reg> out <reg orig="Mooneshine">Moonshine</reg>.</p></sp>
               <sp who="AE"><speaker>Quin.</speaker>
<p>Yes, it doth shine that&H62; night.</p></sp>
               <sp who="AB"><speaker>Bot.</speaker>
<p>Why then may you <reg orig="leaue">leave</reg> a casement of the great<lb/>
chamber window (where we&Htp; play) open, and the <reg orig="Moone">Moon</reg><lb/>
may shine in&H5; at the casement.</p></sp>
               <sp who="AE"><speaker>Quin.</speaker>    
<p><reg orig="I">Aye</reg>, or else one must come in&H5; with a bush of thorns, <reg orig="&">and</reg><lb/>
a <reg orig="lanthorne">lantern</reg>, and say he comes to&H9; disfigure, or to&H9; present the<lb/>
person of <reg orig="Moone-shine">Moonshine</reg>. Then there is another thing, we&Htp;<lb/>
   must <reg orig="haue">have</reg> a wall in&H4; the great Chamber; for&H3; <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Piramus">Pyramus</reg></hi> and<lb/>
   <hi rend="italic">Thisby</hi> (<reg orig="saies">says</reg> the story) did <reg orig="talke">talk</reg> through the <reg orig="chinke">chink</reg> of a<lb/>
               <sp who="AG"><speaker>Sn.</speaker>
                  <p>You can <reg orig="neuer">never</reg> bring in&H5; a wall. What say you <hi rend="italic">Bottome</hi>?</p></sp>
               <sp who="AB"><speaker>Bot.</speaker>  
<p>Some man or other must present wall, and let him<lb/>
<reg orig="haue">have</reg> some plaster, or some <reg orig="lome">loam</reg>, or some rough cast about<lb/>
him, to&H9; <reg orig="signifie">signify</reg> wall; or let him hold his fingers thus; and<lb/>
   through that&H62; cranny, shall <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Piramus">Pyramus</reg></hi> and <hi rend="italic">Thisby</hi> whisper.</p></sp>
               <sp who="AE"><speaker>Quin.</speaker>
<p>If that&H62; may be, then all is well. Come, sit <reg orig="downe">down</reg> <reg orig="euery">every</reg><lb/>
   mothers <reg orig="sonne">son</reg>, and rehearse your parts. <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Piramus">Pyramus</reg></hi>, you<lb/>
begin; when you <reg orig="haue">have</reg> spoken your speech, enter into that&H62;<lb/>
Brake, and so&H3;; <reg orig="euery one">everyone</reg> according to&H4; his cue.</p></sp>
<stage>Enter Robin.</stage>
               <sp who="AA"><speaker>Rob.</speaker> 
<l>What hempen home-spuns <reg orig="haue">have</reg> we&Htp; <reg orig="swaggring">swaggering</reg> here,</l>
<l>So&H51; <reg orig="neere">near</reg> the Cradle of the Fairy <reg orig="Queene">Queen</reg>?</l>
<l>What, a play toward? <reg orig="Ile">I will&H1;</reg> be an auditor,</l>
<l>An actor too perhaps, If I see cause.</l></sp>
               <sp who="AE"><speaker>Quin.</speaker>
                  <l><reg orig="Speake">Speak</reg> <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Piramus">Pyramus</reg>, Thisby</hi> stand forth.</l></sp>
               <sp who="AB"><speaker>Pir.</speaker>
                  <l><hi rend="italic">Thisby</hi>, the flowers of odious <reg orig="sauors">savours</reg> <reg orig="sweete">sweet</reg>.</l></sp>
               <sp who="AE"><speaker>Quin.</speaker>
<l>Odours, odorous.</l></sp>
               <sp who="AB"><speaker>Pir.</speaker>  
<l>Odours <reg orig="sauors">savours</reg> <reg orig="sweete">sweet</reg>,</l>
<l>So&H52; hath thy breath, my dearest <hi rend="italic">Thisby</hi> <reg orig="deare">dear</reg>.</l>
<l>But <reg orig="harke">hark</reg>, a <reg orig="voyce">voice</reg>: stay thou but <reg orig="heere">here</reg> a while,</l>
<l>And by&H5; and by&H5; I will&H1; to&H4; thee <reg orig="appeare">appear</reg>.  
               <sp who="AE"><speaker>Quin.</speaker>
                  <l>A stranger <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Piramus">Pyramus</reg></hi> then ere <reg orig="plaid">played</reg> here.</l></sp>
               <sp who="AF"><speaker>This.</speaker>
               <l>Must I <reg orig="speake">speak</reg> now?</l></sp>

               <sp who="AE"><speaker>Pet.</speaker>
<p><reg orig="I">Aye</reg> marry must you. For&H3; you must <reg orig="vnderstand">understand</reg> he goes<lb/>,
but to&H9; see a <reg orig="noyse">noise</reg> that&H61; he heard, and is to&H9; come <reg orig="againe">again</reg>.</p></sp>
               <sp who="AF"><speaker>Thys.</speaker>
                  <l>Most radiant <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Piramus">Pyramus</reg></hi>, most <reg orig="Lilly">Lily</reg> white of hue,</l>
<l>Of colour like&H4; the red rose on&H4; triumphant <reg orig="bryer">briar</reg>,</l>
<l>Most brisky <reg orig="Iuuenall">Juvenal</reg>, and eke most <reg orig="louely">lovely</reg> <reg orig="Iew">Jew</reg>,</l>
<l>As true as truest horse, that&H61; yet would <reg orig="neuer">never</reg> <reg orig="tyre">tire</reg>,</l>
<l><reg orig="Ile">I will&H1;</reg> <reg orig="meete">meet</reg> thee <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Piramus">Pyramus</reg></hi>, at <hi rend="italic">Ninnies</hi> <reg orig="toombe">tomb</reg>.</l></sp>
               <sp who="AE"><speaker>Pet.</speaker>
<p><hi rend="italic">Ninus</hi> <reg orig="toombe">tomb</reg> man: why you must not <reg orig="speake">speak</reg> that&H62;<lb/>
yet; that&H62; you answer to&H4; <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Piramus">Pyramus</reg></hi>: you <reg orig="speake">speak</reg> all your part<lb/>
   at once, cues and <reg orig="al">all</reg>. <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Piramus">Pyramus</reg></hi> enter, your cue is past; it is <reg orig="neuer">never</reg><lb/>
   <reg orig="tyre">tire</reg>.</p></sp>
               <sp who="AF"><speaker>Thys.</speaker>  
<p>O, as true as truest horse, that&H61; yet would <reg orig="neuer">never</reg> <reg orig="tyre">tire</reg>.</p></sp>
               <sp who="AB"><speaker>Pir.</speaker> 
                  <p>If I were <reg orig="faire">fair</reg>, <hi rend="italic">Thisby</hi> I were <reg orig="onely">only</reg> thine.</p></sp>
               <sp who="AE"><speaker>Pet.</speaker>
<p>O monstrous. O strange. We&Htp; are haunted; pray masters<lb/>
<reg orig="flye">fly</reg> masters, <reg orig="helpe">help</reg>.</p></sp>
               <sp who="AA"><speaker>Rob</speaker> 
<l><reg orig="Ile">I will&H1;</reg> follow you, <reg orig="Ile">I will&H1;</reg> <reg orig="leade">lead</reg> you about a Round,</l>
<l>Through <reg orig="bogge">bog</reg>, through bush, through brake, through <reg orig="bryer">briar</reg></l>
<l>Sometime a horse <reg orig="Ile">I will&H1;</reg> be, sometime a hound,</l>
<l>A <reg orig="hogge">hog</reg>, a <reg orig="headlesse">headless</reg> <reg orig="beare">bear</reg>, sometime a fire,</l>
<l>And neigh, and <reg orig="barke">bark</reg>, and grunt, and <reg orig="rore">roar</reg>, and <reg orig="burne">burn</reg>,</l>
<l>Like&H4; horse, hound, hog, <reg orig="beare">bear</reg>, fire, at <reg orig="euery">every</reg> <reg orig="turne">turn</reg>. 
               <sp who="AB"><speaker>Bot.</speaker>   
<p>Why do they run away? This is a <reg orig="knauery">knavery</reg> of them<lb/>
to&H9; make me <reg orig="afeard">afeared</reg>.  
   <stage>Enter Snowt.</stage></p></sp>
               <sp who="AG"><speaker>Sn.</speaker>
<p>O <hi rend="italic">Bottom</hi>, thou art <reg orig="chang'd">changed</reg>; what do I see on&H4; thee?</p></sp>
               <sp who="AB"><speaker>Bot.</speaker>   
<p>What do you see? you see an <reg orig="asse">ass</reg> head of your own.<lb/>
Do you?</p></sp>
<stage>Enter Peter quince.</stage>
               <sp who="AE"><speaker>Pet.</speaker>
<p><reg orig="Blesse">Bless</reg> thee <hi rend="italic">Bottome</hi>, <reg orig="blesse">bless</reg> thee; thou art translated.</p></sp>
               <sp who="AB"><speaker>Bot.</speaker>
<p>I see their <reg orig="knauery">knavery</reg>; this is to&H9; make an <reg orig="asse">ass</reg> of me, to&H9;<lb/>
fright me if they could; but I will&H1; not stir from this place,<lb/>
   do what they can. I will&H1; <reg orig="walke">walk</reg> <reg orig="vp">up&H5;</reg> and <reg orig="downe">down</reg> <reg orig="heere">here</reg>, and I<lb/>
will&H1; sing that&H3; they shall <reg orig="heare">hear</reg> I am not afraid.<lb/>
The <reg orig="Woosell">Ouzel</reg> <reg orig="cocke">cock</reg>, so&H51; <reg orig="blacke">black</reg> of hew,<lb/>
With Orange tawny bill,<lb/>
The Throstle, with his note so&H51; true,<lb/>
The Wren with little quill.</p></sp>
               <sp who="H"><speaker>Tytania.</speaker>
<l>What <reg orig="Angell">Angel</reg> wakes me from my <reg orig="flowry">flowery</reg> bed?</l></sp>
               <sp who="AB"><speaker>Bot.</speaker>
<l>The Finch, the Sparrow, and the <reg orig="Larke">Lark</reg>,</l>
<l>The plainsong <reg orig="Cuckow">Cuckoo</reg> gray;</l>
<l>Whose note full many a man doth <reg orig="marke">mark</reg>,</l>
<l>And dares not answer, nay.</l>
<l>For&H3; indeed, who&H62; would set his wit to&H4; so&H51; foolish a bird?</l>
<l>Who&H62; would <reg orig="giue">give</reg> a bird the <reg orig="lye">lie</reg>, though he cry <reg orig="Cuckow">Cuckoo</reg>, <reg orig="neuer">never</reg></l>
               <sp who="H"><speaker>Tyta.</speaker>
<l>I pray thee gentle <reg orig="mortall">mortal</reg>, sing <reg orig="againe">again</reg>,</l>
<l>Mine <reg orig="eare">ear</reg> is much <reg orig="enamored">enamoured</reg> of thy note;</l>
 <l>On&H4; the first view to&H9; say, to&H9; <reg orig="sweare">swear</reg> I <reg orig="loue">love</reg> thee.</l>                 
<l>So&H52; is mine eye enthralled to&H4; thy shape,</l>
<l>And thy <reg orig="faire">fair</reg> vertues force (perforce) doth <reg orig="moue">move</reg> me,</l></sp>
               <sp who="AB"><speaker>Bot.</speaker>
<p><reg orig="Me-thinks">Methinks</reg> <reg orig="mistresse">mistress</reg>, you should <reg orig="haue">have</reg> little reason<lb/>
for&H4; that&H62;: and yet to&H9; say the truth, reason and <reg orig="loue">love</reg> <reg orig="keepe">keep</reg> little<lb/>
company together, <reg orig="now adayes">nowadays</reg>. The more the <reg orig="pitty">pity</reg>, that&H3;<lb/>
some honest neighbours will&H1; not make them friends. Nay<lb/>
I can <reg orig="gleeke">gleek</reg> <reg orig="vpon">upon&H4;</reg> occasion.</p></sp>
               <sp who="H"><speaker>Tyta.</speaker>   
<p>Thou art as wise, as thou art <reg orig="beautifull">beautiful</reg>.</p></sp>
               <sp who="AB"><speaker>Bot.</speaker>
<p>Not so&H52; neither: but if I had wit enough to&H9; get out<lb/>
   of this wood, I <reg orig="haue">have</reg> enough to&H9; <reg orig="serue">serve</reg> mine <reg orig="owne">own</reg> <reg orig="turne">turn</reg>.</p></sp>
               <sp who="H"><speaker>Tyta</speaker>
<l>Out of this wood, do not desire to&H9; <reg orig="goe">go</reg>,</l>
<l>Thou shalt <reg orig="remaine">remain</reg> here, whether thou wilt or no&H5;.</l>
<l>I am a spirit of no&H2; common rate:</l>
<l>The <reg orig="Sommer">Summer</reg> still doth tend <reg orig="vpon">upon&H4;</reg> my state,</l>
<l>And I do <reg orig="loue">love</reg> thee; therefore go with me,</l>
<l><reg orig="Ile">I will&H1;</reg> <reg orig="giue">give</reg> thee Fairies to&H9; attend on&H4; thee;</l>
<l>And they shall fetch thee <reg orig="Iewels">Jewels</reg> from the <reg orig="deepe">deep</reg>,</l>
<l>And sing, while thou on&H4; pressed flowers dost <reg orig="sleepe">sleep</reg>.</l>
<l>And I will&H1; purge thy <reg orig="mortall">mortal</reg> <reg orig="grossenesse">grossness</reg> so&H52;,</l>
<l>That&H3; thou shalt like&H4; an <reg orig="ayry">airy</reg> spirit go.</l>
<l><hi rend="italic">Pease-blossome, Cobweb, Moth, and Mustard-seed.</hi></l></sp>
<stage>Enter foure Fairies.</stage>

                  <sp who="X"><speaker>Fai.</speaker>  
<l>Ready; and <hi rend="italic">I</hi>, and <hi rend="italic">I</hi>, and <hi rend="italic">I</hi>. Where shall we&Htp; go?</l></sp>
                  <sp who="H"><speaker>Tita.</speaker>    
<l>Be <reg orig="kinde">kind</reg> and <reg orig="curteous">courteous</reg> to&H4; this Gentleman,</l>
<l>Hop in&H4; his <reg orig="walkes">walks</reg>, and <reg orig="gambole">gambol</reg> in&H4; his <reg orig="eies">eyes</reg>,</l>
<l><reg orig="Feede">Feed</reg> him with <reg orig="Apricocks">Apricots</reg>, and Dewberries,</l>
<l>With purple Grapes, <reg orig="greene">green</reg> Figs, and Mulberries,</l>
<l>The <reg orig="hony">honey</reg> bags <reg orig="steale">steal</reg> from the humble Bees,</l>
<l>And for&H4; night tapers, crop their waxen <reg orig="thighes">thighs</reg>,</l>
<l>And light them at the fiery <reg orig="Glow-wormes">Glowworms</reg> <reg orig="eies">eyes</reg>,</l>
<l>To&H9; <reg orig="haue">have</reg> my <reg orig="loue">love</reg> to&H4; bed, and to&H9; arise</l>
<l>And <reg orig="plucke">pluck</reg> the wings from painted Butterflies,</l>
<l>To&H9; <reg orig="fanne">fan</reg> the <reg orig="Moone-beames">Moonbeams</reg> from his sleeping eyes,</l>
<l>Nod to&H4; him <reg orig="Elues">Elves</reg>, and do him <reg orig="curtesies">courtesies</reg>.</l></sp>
               <sp who="AK"><speaker>1.Fai.</speaker>  
<l><reg orig="Haile">Hail</reg> <reg orig="mortall">mortal</reg>, <reg orig="haile">hail</reg>.</l></sp>
               <sp who="AL"><speaker>2.Fai.</speaker> 
<l><reg orig="Haile">Hail</reg>.</l></sp>
               <sp who="AM"><speaker>3.Fai.</speaker> 
<l><reg orig="Haile">Hail</reg>.</l></sp>
               <sp who="AB"><speaker>Bot.</speaker>    
<p>I cry your worships mercy <reg orig="hartily">heartily</reg>; I beseech your<lb/>
worships name.</p></sp>
               <sp who="AL"><speaker>Cob.</speaker>
                  <p><hi rend="italic">Cobweb</hi>.</p></sp>
               <sp who="AB"><speaker>Bot.</speaker>
<p>I shall desire you of more acquaintance, good Master<lb/>
   <hi rend="italic">Cobweb</hi>: if <hi rend="italic">I</hi> cut my finger, <hi rend="italic">I</hi> shall make bold with you.<lb/>
Your name honest gentleman?</p></sp>
               <sp who="AK"><speaker>Peas.</speaker>
<p><hi rend="italic">Pease-blossome</hi>.</p></sp>
               <sp who="AB"><speaker>Bot.</speaker>    
<p>I pray you commend me to&H4; <reg orig="mistresse">mistress</reg> <hi rend="italic">Squash</hi>, your<lb/>
                     Mother, and to&H4; master <hi rend="italic">Peascod</hi> your Father. Good master<lb/>
                     <hi rend="italic">Pease-blossome</hi>, I shall desire you of more acquaintance <reg orig="to">too</reg>.<lb/>
Your name I beseech you sir?</p></sp>
               <sp who="AM"><speaker>Mus</speaker>
                  <p><hi rend="italic">Mustard-seede.</hi></p></sp>
               <sp who="AB"><speaker>Bot.</speaker>
<p>Good master <hi rend="italic">Mustard seed</hi>, I know your patience<lb/>
well: that&H62; same cowardly <reg orig="gyant-like">giant-like</reg> <reg orig="Oxe-beefe">Ox-beef</reg> hath <reg orig="deuoured">devoured</reg><lb/>
many a gentleman of your house. I promise you,<lb/>
your kindred hath made my eyes water ere now. I desire<lb/>
you more acquaintance, good Master <hi rend="italic">Mustardseed</hi></p></sp>

               <sp who="H"><speaker>Tita.</speaker>
<l>Come <reg orig="waite">wait</reg> <reg orig="vpon">upon&H4;</reg> him, <reg orig="leade">lead</reg> him to&H4; my bower.</l>
<l>The <reg orig="Moone">Moon</reg> <reg orig="me-thinks">methinks</reg>, <reg orig="lookes">looks</reg> with a <reg orig="watry">watery</reg> <reg orig="eie">eye</reg>,</l>
<l>And when she <reg orig="weepes">weeps</reg>, <reg orig="weepe">weep</reg> <reg orig="euery">every</reg> little flower,</l>
<l>Lamenting some enforced chastity.</l>
<l><reg orig="Tye">Tie</reg> <reg orig="vp">up&H5;</reg> my <reg orig="louers">lovers</reg> tongue, bring him silently.  
         <div1 n="4" type="act">
            <div2 n="1" type="scene">
<stage>Enter King of Fairies, and Robin good-fellow.</stage>
               <sp who="G"><speaker>Ob.</speaker>
<l>I wonder if <hi rend="italic">Titania</hi> be <reg orig="awak't">awaked</reg>;</l>
<l>Then what it was that&H61; next came in&H4; her&H2; eye,</l>
<l>Which&H61; she must dote on&H5;, in&H4; extremity.</l>
<l>Here comes my messenger: how now mad spirit,</l>
<l>What night-rule now about this haunted <reg orig="groue">grove</reg>?</l></sp>
               <sp who="AA"><speaker>Puck.</speaker>
<l>My <reg orig="mistresse">mistress</reg> with a monster is in&H4; <reg orig="loue">love</reg>,</l>
<l><reg orig="Neere">Near</reg> to&H4; her&H2; close and consecrated bower,</l>
<l>While she was in&H4; her&H2; dull and sleeping <reg orig="hower">hour</reg>,</l>
<l>A crew of patches, rude Mechanicals,</l>
<l>That&H61; <reg orig="worke">work</reg> for&H4; bread, <reg orig="vpon">upon&H4;</reg> <hi rend="italic">Athenian</hi> <reg orig="stalles">stalls</reg>,</l>
<l>Were met together to&H9; rehearse a play,</l>
<l>Intended for&H4; great <hi rend="italic">Theseus</hi> <reg orig="nuptiall">nuptial</reg> day:</l>
<l>The shallowest thick-skin of that&H62; barren sort,</l>
<l>Who&H61; <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Piramus">Pyramus</reg></hi> presented, in&H4; their sport,</l>
<l><reg orig="Forsooke">Forsook</reg> his Scene, and <reg orig="entred">entered</reg> in&H4; a brake,</l>
<l>When I did him at this <reg orig="aduantage">advantage</reg> take,</l>
<l>An Asses <reg orig="nole">noll</reg> I fixed on&H4; his head.</l>
<l>Anon his <hi rend="italic">Thisbie</hi> must be answered,</l>
<l>And forth my Minnock comes: when they him spy,</l>
<l>As <reg orig="wilde">wild</reg> geese, that&H61; the creeping Fowler eye,</l>
<l>Or <reg orig="russed">russet</reg> pated <reg orig="choughes">choughs</reg>, many in&H4; sort</l>
<l>(Rising and cawing at the guns report)</l>
<l><reg orig="Seuer">Sever</reg> <reg orig="themselues">themselves</reg>, and madly <reg orig="sweepe">sweep</reg> the sky:</l>
<l>So&H3; at his sight, away his <reg orig="fellowes">fellows</reg> <reg orig="flye">fly</reg>,</l>
<l>And at our&Htp; <reg orig="stampe">stamp</reg>, here <reg orig="ore">over</reg> and <reg orig="ore">over</reg> one <reg orig="falles">falls</reg>;</l>
<l>He murther <reg orig="cryes">cries</reg>, and <reg orig="helpe">help</reg> from <hi rend="italic">Athens</hi> <reg orig="cals">calls</reg>.</l>
<l>Their sense thus <reg orig="weake">weak</reg>, lost with their <reg orig="feares">fears</reg> thus strong,</l>
<l>Made <reg orig="senselesse">senseless</reg> things begin to&H9; do them wrong.</l>
<l>For&H3; briars and <reg orig="thornes">thorns</reg> at their <reg orig="apparell">apparel</reg> snatch,</l>
<l>Some <reg orig="sleeues">sleeves</reg>, some hats, from <reg orig="yeelders">yielders</reg> all things catch,</l>
<l>I led them on&H5; in&H4; this distracted <reg orig="feare">fear</reg>,</l>
<l>And left <reg orig="sweete">sweet</reg> <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Piramus">Pyramus</reg></hi> translated there:</l>
<l>When in&H4; that&H62; moment (so&H52; it came to&H9; <reg orig="passe">pass</reg>)</l>
<l><hi rend="italic">Tytania</hi> waked, and straight way <reg orig="lou'd">loved</reg> an <reg orig="asse">ass</reg>.</l></sp>
               <sp who="G"><speaker>Ob.</speaker>
<l>This <reg orig="falles">falls</reg> out better <reg orig="then">than</reg> I could <reg orig="deuise">devise</reg>:</l>
<l>But hast thou yet <reg orig="lacht">lashed</reg> the <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Athenians">Athenian's</reg></hi> eyes,</l>
<l>With the <reg orig="loue">love</reg> <reg orig="iuyce">juice</reg>, as I did bid thee do?</l></sp>
               <sp who="AA"><speaker>Rob.</speaker>
<l>I <reg orig="tooke">took</reg> him sleeping (that&H62; is <reg orig="finisht">finished</reg> <reg orig="to">too</reg>)</l>
<l>And the <hi rend="italic">Athenian</hi> woman by&H4; his side,</l>
<l>That&H3; when he <reg orig="wak't">waked</reg>, of force she must be <reg orig="eyde">eyed</reg>.</l></sp>
<stage>Enter Demetrius and Hermia.</stage>
               <sp who="G"><speaker>Ob.</speaker>
<l>Stand close, this is the same <hi rend="italic">Athenian</hi>.</l></sp>
               <sp who="AA"><speaker>Rob.</speaker>
<l>This is the woman, but not this the man.</l></sp>
               <sp who="D"><speaker>Deme.</speaker>
<l>O why rebuke you him that&H61; <reg orig="loues">loves</reg> you so&H52;?</l>
<l>Lay breath so&H51; bitter on&H4; your bitter foe.</l></sp>
               <sp who="E"><speaker>Her.</speaker>
<l>Now I but chide, but I should <reg orig="vse">use</reg> thee worse.</l>
<l>For&H3; thou (I <reg orig="feare">fear</reg>) hast <reg orig="giuen">given</reg> me cause to&H9; curse.</l>
<l>If thou hast <reg orig="slaine">slain</reg> <hi rend="italic">Lysander</hi> in&H4; his <reg orig="sleepe">sleep</reg>,</l>
<l>Being <reg orig="ore">over</reg> <reg orig="shooes">shoes</reg> in&H4; <reg orig="bloud">blood</reg>, plunge in&H4; the <reg orig="deepe">deep</reg>, and kill me <reg orig="to">too</reg>,</l>
<l>The <reg orig="Sunne">Sun</reg> was not so&H51; true <reg orig="vnto">unto</reg> the day,</l>
<l>As he to&H4; me. Would he <reg orig="haue">have</reg> <reg orig="stollen">stolen</reg> away,</l>
<l>From sleeping <hi rend="italic">Hermia</hi>? <reg orig="Ile">I will&H1;</reg> <reg orig="beleeue">believe</reg> as <reg orig="soone">soon</reg></l>
<l>This whole earth may be <reg orig="bor'd">bored</reg>, and that&H3; the <reg orig="Moone">Moon</reg></l>
<l>May through the <reg orig="Center">Centre</reg> <reg orig="creepe">creep</reg>, and so&H52; displease</l>
<l>Her&H2; brothers <reg orig="noonetide">noontide</reg>, with <reg orig="th'">the</reg> <hi rend="italic">Antipodes</hi>.</l>
<l>It cannot be but thou hast <reg orig="murdred">murdered</reg> him,</l>
<l>So&H52; should a murderer <reg orig="looke">look</reg>, so&H51; dead, so&H51; grim.</l></sp>
               <sp who="D"><speaker>Dem.</speaker>
<l>So&H52; should the murdered <reg orig="looke">look</reg>, <reg orig="&">and</reg> so&H52; should I,</l>
<l><reg orig="Pierst">Pierced</reg> through the heart with your <reg orig="stearne">stern</reg> cruelty:</l>
<l>Yet you the murderer <reg orig="looke">look</reg> as bright, as <reg orig="cleare">clear</reg>,</l>
<l>As yonder <hi rend="italic">Venus</hi> in&H4; her&H2; glimmering <reg orig="spheare">sphere</reg>.</l></sp>
               <sp who="E"><speaker>Her.</speaker>   
<l><reg orig="What's">What is</reg> this to&H4; my <hi rend="italic">Lysander</hi>? where is he?</l>
<l>Ah good <hi rend="italic">Demetrius</hi>, wilt thou <reg orig="giue">give</reg> him me?</l></sp>
               <sp who="D"><speaker>Dem.</speaker>
<l><reg orig="Ide">I would</reg> rather <reg orig="giue">give</reg> his <reg orig="carkasse">carcass</reg> to&H4; my hounds.</l></sp>
               <sp who="E"><speaker>Her.</speaker>   
<l>Out dog, out <reg orig="curre">cur</reg>, thou <reg orig="driu'st">drivest</reg> me past the bonds</l>
<l>Of maidens patience. Hast thou <reg orig="slaine">slain</reg> him then?</l>
<l>Henceforth be <reg orig="neuer">never</reg> <reg orig="numbred">numbered</reg> among men.</l>
<l><reg orig="Oh">O</reg>, once tell true, <reg orig="euen">even</reg> for&H4; my sake,</l>
<l>Durst thou <reg orig="haue">have</reg> <reg orig="lookt">looked</reg> <reg orig="vpon">upon&H4;</reg> him, being awake?</l>
<l>And hast thou <reg orig="kild">killed</reg> him sleeping? O <reg orig="braue">brave</reg> <reg orig="tutch">touch</reg>:</l>
<l>Could not a <reg orig="worme">worm</reg>, an Adder do so&H51; much?</l>
<l>An Adder did it. For&H3; with doubler tongue</l>
<l>Then thine (thou serpent) <reg orig="neuer">never</reg> Adder stung.</l></sp>
               <sp who="D"><speaker>Dem.</speaker>
<l>You spend your passion on&H4; a <reg orig="mispriz'd">misprized</reg> mood,</l>
<l>I am not guilty of <hi rend="italic">Lysanders</hi> <reg orig="bloud">blood</reg>:</l>
<l>Nor is he dead, for&H4; <reg orig="ought">aught</reg> that&H61; I can tell.</l></sp>
               <sp who="E"><speaker>Her.</speaker> 
<l>I pray thee tell <reg orig="mee">me</reg> then, that&H3; he is well.</l></sp>
               <sp who="D"><speaker>Dem.</speaker>
<l>And if I could, what should I get therefore?</l></sp>
               <sp who="E"><speaker>Her.</speaker> 
<l>A <reg orig="priuiledge">privilege</reg>, <reg orig="neuer">never</reg> to&H9; see me more,</l>
<l>And from thy hated presence part I, see me no&H2; more,</l>
<l>Whether he be dead or no&H5;.  
               <sp who="D"><speaker>Dem.</speaker>
<l>There is no&H2; following her&H6; in&H4; this fierce <reg orig="vaine">vain</reg>,</l>
<l><reg orig="Heere">Here</reg> therefore for&H4; a while I will&H1; <reg orig="remaine">remain</reg>.</l>
<l>So&H52; <reg orig="sorrowes">sorrows</reg> <reg orig="heauinesse">heaviness</reg> doth <reg orig="heauier">heavier</reg> grow.</l>
<l>For&H4; debt that&H61; <reg orig="bankrout">bankrupt</reg> slip doth sorrow owe,</l>
<l>Which&H61; now in&H4; some slight measure it will&H1; pay,</l>
<l>If for&H4; his tender <reg orig="heere">here</reg> I make some stay.  
   <stage>Lie downe.</stage></l></sp>
               <sp who="G"><speaker>Ob.</speaker>
<l>What hast thou done? Thou hast mistaken quite,</l>
<l>And <reg orig="laide">laid</reg> the <reg orig="loue">love</reg> <reg orig="iuyce">juice</reg> on&H4; some true <reg orig="loues">loves</reg> sight:</l>
<l>Of thy misprision, must perforce ensue</l>
<l>Some true <reg orig="loue">love</reg> <reg orig="turn'd">turned</reg>, and not a false <reg orig="turnd">turned</reg> true.</l></sp>
               <sp who="AA"><speaker>Rob.</speaker>
<l>Then fate <reg orig="ore-rules">over-rules</reg>, that&H3; one man holding troth,</l>
<l>A million <reg orig="faile">fail</reg>, confounding oath on&H4; oath.</l></sp>
               <sp who="G"><speaker>Ob.</speaker> 
<l>About the wood, <reg orig="goe">go</reg> swifter <reg orig="then">than</reg> the <reg orig="winde">wind</reg>,</l>
<l>And <hi rend="italic">Helena</hi> of <hi rend="italic">Athens</hi> <reg orig="looke">look</reg> thou <reg orig="finde">find</reg>.</l>
<l>All fancy <reg orig="sicke">sick</reg> she is, and pale of <reg orig="cheere">cheer</reg>,</l>
<l>With <reg orig="sighes">sighs</reg> of <reg orig="loue">love</reg>, that&H61; costs the fresh <reg orig="bloud">blood</reg> <reg orig="deare">dear</reg>.</l>
<l>By&H4; some illusion see thou bring her&H6; <reg orig="heere">here</reg>,</l>
<l><reg orig="Ile">I will&H1;</reg> <reg orig="charme">charm</reg> his <reg orig="eies">eyes</reg>, against she do <reg orig="appeare">appear</reg>.</l></sp>
               <sp who="AA"><speaker>Robin.</speaker>
<l>I go, I go, <reg orig="looke">look</reg> how I <reg orig="goe">go</reg>,</l>
<l>Swifter <reg orig="then">than</reg> arrow from the <hi rend="italic">Tartars</hi> <reg orig="bowe">bow</reg>.</l></sp>
               <sp who="G"><speaker>Ob.</speaker> 
<l>Flower of this purple die,</l>
<l>Hit with <hi rend="italic">Cupids</hi> archery,</l>
<l><reg orig="Sinke">Sink</reg> in&H4; apple of his eye,</l>
<l>When his <reg orig="loue">love</reg> he doth espy,</l>
<l>Let her&H6; shine as gloriously</l>
<l>As the <hi rend="italic">Venus</hi> of the sky.</l>
<l>When thou <reg orig="wak'st">wakest</reg>, if she be by&H5;,</l>
<l>Beg of her&H6; for&H4; remedy.</l></sp>
<stage>Enter Pucke.</stage>
               <sp who="AA"><speaker>Pucke.</speaker>     
<l><reg orig="Captaine">Captain</reg> of our&Htp; Fairy band,</l>
<l><hi rend="italic">Helena</hi> is <reg orig="heere">here</reg> at hand,</l>
<l>And the youth, <reg orig="mistooke">mistook</reg> by&H4; me,</l>
<l>Pleading for&H4; a <reg orig="Louers">Lovers</reg> fee.</l>
<l>Shall we&Htp; their fond Pageant see?</l>
<l>Lord, what <reg orig="fooles">fools</reg> these mortals be!</l></sp>
               <sp who="G"><speaker>Ob.</speaker> 
<l>Stand aside: the <reg orig="noyse">noise</reg> they make,</l>
<l>Will&H1; cause <hi rend="italic">Demetrius</hi> to&H9; awake.</l></sp>
               <sp who="AA"><speaker>Puc.</speaker>        
<l>Then will&H1; two at once <reg orig="wooe">woo</reg> one,</l>
<l>That&H62; must needs be sport alone:</l>
<l>And those things do best please me,</l>
<l>That&H61; befall preposterously.</l></sp>
<stage>Enter Lysander and Helena.</stage>
               <sp who="C"><speaker>Lys.</speaker> 
<l>Why should you think that&H3; I should <reg orig="wooe">woo</reg> in&H4; scorn?</l>
<l><reg orig="Scorne">Scorn</reg> and derision <reg orig="neuer">never</reg> come in&H4; <reg orig="teares">tears</reg>:</l>
<l><reg orig="Looke">Look</reg> when I vow I <reg orig="weepe">weep</reg>; and <reg orig="vowes">vows</reg> so&H51; <reg orig="borne">born</reg>,</l>
<l>In&H4; their <reg orig="natiuity">nativity</reg> all truth <reg orig="appeares">appears</reg>.</l>
<l>How can these things in&H4; me, <reg orig="seeme">seem</reg> <reg orig="scorne">scorn</reg> to&H4; you?</l>
<l>Bearing the badge of faith to&H9; <reg orig="proue">prove</reg> them true.</l></sp>
               <sp who="F"><speaker>Hel.</speaker> 
<l>You do <reg orig="aduance">advance</reg> your cunning more and more,</l>
<l>When truth <reg orig="kils">kills</reg> truth, O <reg orig="diuelish">devilish</reg> holy fray!</l>
<l>These <reg orig="vowes">vows</reg> are <hi rend="italic">Hermias</hi>. Will&H1; you <reg orig="giue">give</reg> her&H6; <reg orig="ore">over</reg>?</l>
<l>Weigh oath with oath, and you will&H1; nothing weigh.</l>
<l>Your <reg orig="vowes">vows</reg> to&H4; her&H6;, and me (put in&H4; two scales)</l>
<l>Will&H1; <reg orig="euen">even</reg> weigh, and both as light as tales.</l></sp>
               <sp who="C"><speaker>Lys.</speaker>  
<l>I had no&H2; <reg orig="iudgement">judgment</reg>, when to&H4; her&H6; I swore.</l></sp>
               <sp who="F"><speaker>Hel.</speaker> 
<l>Nor none in&H4; my <reg orig="minde">mind</reg>, now you <reg orig="giue">give</reg> her&H6; <reg orig="ore">over</reg>.</l></sp>
               <sp who="C"><speaker>Lys.</speaker> 
<l><hi rend="italic">Demetrius</hi> <reg orig="loues">loves</reg> her&H6;, and he <reg orig="loues">loves</reg> not you.</l></sp>
               <sp who="D"><speaker>Deme.</speaker>  
<l>O <hi rend="italic">Helen</hi>, <reg orig="goddesse">goddess</reg>, <reg orig="nimph">nymph</reg>, perfect, <reg orig="diuine">divine</reg>,</l>
<l>To&H4; what, my <reg orig="loue">love</reg>, shall I compare thine <reg orig="eine">eyen</reg>!</l>
<l><reg orig="Christall">Crystal</reg> is muddy, O how ripe in&H4; <reg orig="showe">show</reg>,</l>
<l>Thy lips, those kissing cherries, tempting grow!</l>
<l>That&H62; pure congealed white, high <hi rend="italic">Taurus</hi> snow,</l>
<l><reg orig="Fan'd">Fanned</reg> with the <reg orig="Easterne">Eastern</reg> <reg orig="winde">wind</reg>, <reg orig="turnes">turns</reg> to&H4; a crow,</l>
<l>When thou <reg orig="holdst">holdest</reg> <reg orig="vp">up&H5;</reg> thy hand. O let me <reg orig="kisse">kiss</reg></l>
<l>This <reg orig="Princesse">Princess</reg> of pure white, this <reg orig="seale">seal</reg> of <reg orig="blisse">bliss</reg>.</l></sp>
               <sp who="F"><speaker>Hell.</speaker>
<l>O <reg orig="spight">spite</reg>! o hell! I see you all are bent</l>
<l>To&H9; set against me, for&H4; your merriment.</l>
<l>If you were <reg orig="ciuill">civil</reg>, and knew <reg orig="curtesie">courtesy</reg>,</l>
<l>You would not do me thus much <reg orig="iniury">injury</reg>.</l>
<l>Can you not hate me, as I know you do,</l>
<l>But you must <reg orig="ioyne">join</reg> in&H4; <reg orig="soules">souls</reg> to&H9; <reg orig="mocke">mock</reg> me too?</l>
<l>If you were men, as men you are in&H4; show,</l>
<l>You would not <reg orig="vse">use</reg> a gentle Lady so&H52;;</l>
<l>To&H9; vow, and <reg orig="sweare">swear</reg>, and superpraise my parts,</l>
<l>When I am sure you hate me with your hearts.</l>
<l>You both are <reg orig="Riuals">Rivals</reg>, and <reg orig="loue">love</reg> <hi rend="italic">Hermia</hi>;</l>
<l>And now both <reg orig="Riuals">Rivals</reg>, to&H9; <reg orig="mocke">mock</reg> <hi rend="italic">Helena</hi>.</l>
<l>A trim exploit, a manly <reg orig="enterprize">enterprise</reg>,</l>
<l>To&H9; <reg orig="coniure">conjure</reg> <reg orig="teares">tears</reg> <reg orig="vp">up&H5;</reg> in&H4; a <reg orig="poore">poor</reg> <reg orig="maides">maid's</reg> eyes,</l>
<l>With your derision, none of noble sort,</l>
<l>Would so&H51; offend a <reg orig="virgine">virgin</reg>, and extort</l>
<l>A <reg orig="poore">poor</reg> <reg orig="soules">souls</reg> patience, all to&H9; make you sport.</l></sp>
               <sp who="C"><speaker>Lysan.</speaker>
<l>You are <reg orig="vnkinde">unkind</reg> <hi rend="italic">Demetrius</hi>; be not so&H52;.</l>
<l>For&H3; you <reg orig="loue">love</reg> <hi rend="italic">Hermia</hi>; this you know I know;</l>
<l>And <reg orig="heere">here</reg> with all good will&H0;, with all my heart,</l>
<l>In&H4; <hi rend="italic">Hermias</hi> <reg orig="loue">love</reg> I <reg orig="yeeld">yield</reg> you <reg orig="vp">up&H5;</reg> my part;</l>
<l>And yours of <hi rend="italic">Helena</hi>, to&H4; me bequeath,</l>
<l>Whom I do <reg orig="loue">love</reg>, and will&H1; do to&H4; my death.</l></sp>
               <sp who="F"><speaker>Hel.</speaker>
<l><reg orig="Neuer">Never</reg> did mockers waste more idle breath.</l></sp>
               <sp who="D"><speaker>Deme.</speaker>        
<l><hi rend="italic">Lysander</hi>, <reg orig="keepe">keep</reg> thy <hi rend="italic">Hermia</hi>, I will&H1; none:</l>
<l>If ere I <reg orig="lou'd">loved</reg> her&H6;, all that&H62; <reg orig="loue">love</reg> is gone.</l>
<l>My heart to&H4; her&H6;, but as guest-wise, <reg orig="soiournd">sojourned</reg>,</l>
<l>And now to&H4; <hi rend="italic">Helen</hi> it is home <reg orig="return'd">returned</reg>,</l>
<l>There to&H9; <reg orig="remaine">remain</reg>.</l></sp>
               <sp who="C"><speaker>Lys.</speaker> 
<l>It is not so&H52;.</l></sp>
               <sp who="D"><speaker>Dem.</speaker>        
<l>Disparage not the faith thou dost not know,</l>
<l><reg orig="Least">Lest</reg> to&H4; thy <reg orig="perill">peril</reg> thou abide it <reg orig="deare">dear</reg>.</l>
<l><reg orig="Looke">Look</reg> where thy <reg orig="Loue">Love</reg> comes yonder is thy <reg orig="deare">dear</reg>.</l></sp>
<stage>Enter Hermia.</stage>
               <sp who="E"><speaker>Her.</speaker> 
<l><reg orig="Darke">Dark</reg> night, that&H61; from the eye his function takes,</l>
<l>The <reg orig="eare">ear</reg> more <reg orig="quicke">quick</reg> of apprehension makes,</l>
<l>Wherein it doth <reg orig="impaire">impair</reg> the seeing sense,</l>
<l>It <reg orig="paies">pays</reg> the hearing double <reg orig="recompence">recompense</reg>.</l>
<l>Thou art not by&H4; mine <reg orig="eie">eye</reg>, <hi rend="italic">Lysander</hi> found.</l>
<l>Mine <reg orig="eare">ear</reg> (I <reg orig="thanke">thank</reg> it) brought me to&H4; thy sound.</l>
<l>But why <reg orig="vnkindly">unkindly</reg> didst thou <reg orig="leaue">leave</reg> me so&H52;?</l></sp>
               <sp who="C"><speaker>Lys.</speaker>     
<l>Why should he stay, whom <reg orig="loue">love</reg> doth <reg orig="presse">press</reg> to&H9; go?</l></sp>
               <sp who="E"><speaker>Her.</speaker> 
<l>What <reg orig="loue">love</reg> could <reg orig="presse">press</reg> <hi rend="italic">Lysander</hi> from my side?</l></sp>

               <sp who="C"><speaker>Lys.</speaker> 
<l><hi rend="italic">Lysanders</hi> <reg orig="loue">love</reg> (that&H61; would not let him bide)</l>
<l><reg orig="Faire">Fair</reg> <hi rend="italic">Helena</hi>; who&H61; more engilds the night,</l>
<l><reg orig="Then">Than</reg>all yon fiery <reg orig="oes">O's</reg>, and <reg orig="eies">eyes</reg> of light.</l>
<l>Why <reg orig="seek'st">seekst</reg> thou me? Could not this make thee know,</l>
<l>The hate I bare thee, made me <reg orig="leaue">leave</reg> thee so&H52;?</l></sp>
               <sp who="E"><speaker>Her.</speaker>   
<l>You <reg orig="speake">speak</reg> not as you <reg orig="thinke">think</reg>; it cannot be.</l></sp>
               <sp who="F"><speaker>Hel.</speaker>   
<l><reg orig="Loe">Lo</reg>, she is one of this confederacy,</l>
<l>Now I <reg orig="perceiue">perceive</reg>, they <reg orig="haue">have</reg> <reg orig="conioynd">conjoined</reg> all three,</l>
<l>To&H9; fashion this false sport, in&H4; <reg orig="spight">spite</reg> of me.</l>
<l><reg orig="Iniurious">Injurious</reg> <hi rend="italic">Hermia</hi>, most <reg orig="vngratefull">ungrateful</reg> <reg orig="maide">maid</reg>,</l>
<l><reg orig="Haue">Have</reg> you <reg orig="conspir'd">conspired</reg>, <reg orig="haue">have</reg> you with these <reg orig="contriu'd">contrived</reg></l>
<l>To&H9; <reg orig="baite">bait</reg> me, with this <reg orig="foule">foul</reg> derision?</l>
<l>Is all the <reg orig="counsell">counsel</reg> that&H61; we&Htp; two <reg orig="haue">have</reg> <reg orig="shar'd">shared</reg>,</l>
<l>The sisters <reg orig="vowes">vows</reg>, the <reg orig="houres">hours</reg> that&H61; we&Htp; <reg orig="haue">have</reg> spent,</l>
<l>When we&Htp; <reg orig="haue">have</reg> chid the hasty footed time,</l>
<l>For&H4; parting <reg orig="vs">us&Htp;</reg>; O, is all forgot?</l>
<l>All <reg orig="schoole-daies">school-days</reg> friendship, <reg orig="child-hood">childhood</reg> innocence?</l>
<l>We&Htp; <hi rend="italic">Hermia</hi>, like&H4; two <reg orig="artificiall">artificial</reg> gods,</l>
<l><reg orig="Haue">Have</reg> with our&Htp; needles, created both one flower,</l>
<l>Both on&H4; one sampler, sitting on&H4; one cushion,</l>
<l>Both warbling of one song, both in&H4; one key;</l>
<l>As if our&Htp; hands, our&Htp; sides, voices, and <reg orig="mindes">minds</reg></l>
<l>Had <reg orig="bin">been</reg> incorporate. So&H52; we&Htp; grew together,</l>
<l>Like&H5; to&H4; a double cherry, seeming parted,</l>
<l>But yet an <reg orig="vnion">union</reg> in&H4; partition,</l>
<l>Two <reg orig="louely">lovely</reg> berries moulded on&H4; one <reg orig="stemme">stem</reg>,</l>
<l>So&H52; with two seeming bodies, but one heart,</l>
<l>Two of the first life coats in&H4; Heraldry,</l>
<l>Due but to&H4; one, and crowned with one crest.</l>
<l>And will&H1; you rent our&Htp; ancient <reg orig="loue">love</reg> asunder,</l>
<l>To&H9; <reg orig="ioyne">join</reg> with men in&H4; scorning your <reg orig="poore">poor</reg> friend?</l>
<l>It is not friendly, <reg orig="tis">it is</reg> not maidenly.</l>
<l>Our&Htp; <reg orig="sexe">sex</reg> as well as I, may chide you for&H4; it,</l>
<l>Though I alone do feele the <reg orig="iniury">injury</reg>.</l></sp>
               <sp who="E"><speaker>Her.</speaker>         
<l>I am amazed at your words,</l>
<l>I <reg orig="scorne">scorn</reg> you not; It <reg orig="seemes">seems</reg> that&H3; you <reg orig="scorne">scorn</reg> me.</l></sp>
               <sp who="F"><speaker>Hel.</speaker>         
<l><reg orig="Haue">Have</reg> you not set <hi rend="italic">Lysander</hi>, as in&H4; <reg orig="scorne">scorn</reg></l>
<l>To&H9; follow me, and praise my <reg orig="eies">eyes</reg> and face?</l>
<l>And made your other <reg orig="Loue">Love</reg>, <hi rend="italic">Demetrius</hi></l>
<l>(Who&H61; <reg orig="euen">even</reg> but now did <reg orig="spurne">spurn</reg> me with his <reg orig="foote">foot</reg>)</l>
<l>To&H9; call me <reg orig="goddesse">goddess</reg>, <reg orig="nimph">nymph</reg>, <reg orig="diuine">divine</reg>, and rare,</l>
<l>Precious, <reg orig="celestiall">celestial</reg>? Wherefore <reg orig="speakes">speaks</reg> he this</l>
<l>To&H4; her&H6; he hates? And wherefore doth <hi rend="italic">Lysander</hi></l>
<l>Deny your <reg orig="loue">love</reg> (so&H51; rich within his <reg orig="soule">soul</reg>)</l>
<l>And tender me (forsooth) affection,</l>
<l>But by&H4; your setting on&H5;, by&H4; your consent?</l>
<l>What though I be not so&H51; in&H4; grace as you,</l>
<l>So&H51; hung <reg orig="vpon">upon&H5;</reg> with <reg orig="loue">love</reg>, so&H51; fortunate?</l>
<l>(But miserable most, to&H9; <reg orig="loue">love</reg> <reg orig="vnlou'd">unloved</reg>)</l>
<l>This you should <reg orig="pitty">pity</reg>, rather <reg orig="then">than</reg> despise.</l></sp>
               <sp who="E"><speaker>Her.</speaker>
<l>I <reg orig="vnderstand">understand</reg> not what you <reg orig="meane">mean</reg> by&H4; this.</l></sp>
               <sp who="F"><speaker>Hel.</speaker>    
<l><reg orig="I">Aye</reg>, do, <reg orig="perseuer">persevere</reg>, counterfeit sad <reg orig="lookes">looks</reg>,</l>
<l>Make <reg orig="mouthes">mouths</reg> <reg orig="vpon">upon&H4;</reg> me when I <reg orig="turne">turn</reg> my <reg orig="backe">back</reg>,</l>
<l><reg orig="Winke">Wink</reg> each at other, hold the <reg orig="sweeete">sweet</reg> <reg orig="ieast">jest</reg> <reg orig="vp">up&H5;</reg>:</l>
<l>This sport well carried, shall be chronicled.</l>
<l>If you <reg orig="haue">have</reg> any <reg orig="pitty">pity</reg>, grace, or manners,</l>
<l>You would not make me such an argument.</l>
<l>But <reg orig="faryewell">fare ye well</reg>, <reg orig="tis">it is</reg> partly mine <reg orig="owne">own</reg> fault,</l>
<l>Which&H61; death or absence <reg orig="soone">soon</reg> shall remedy.</l></sp>
               <sp who="C"><speaker>Lys.</speaker> 
<l>Stay gentle <hi rend="italic">Helena</hi>, <reg orig="heare">hear</reg> my excuse,</l>
<l>My <reg orig="loue">love</reg>, my life, my <reg orig="soule">soul</reg>, <reg orig="faire">fair</reg> <hi rend="italic">Helena</hi>.</l></sp>
               <sp who="F"><speaker>Hel.</speaker> 
<l>O excellent!</l></sp>
               <sp who="E"><speaker>Her.</speaker>
<l><reg orig="Sweete">Sweet</reg>, do not <reg orig="scorne">scorn</reg> her&H6; so&H52;.</l></sp>
               <sp who="D"><speaker>Dem.</speaker>
<l>If she cannot <reg orig="entreate">entreat</reg>, I can <reg orig="compell">compel</reg>.</l></sp>
               <sp who="C"><speaker>Lys.</speaker> 
<l>Thou canst <reg orig="compell">compel</reg> no&H2; more <reg orig="then">than</reg> she <reg orig="entreate">entreat</reg>.</l>
<l>Thy threats <reg orig="haue">have</reg> no&H2; more strength <reg orig="then">than</reg> her&H2; <reg orig="weake">weak</reg> praise.</l>
<l><hi rend="italic">Helen</hi>, I <reg orig="loue">love</reg> thee, by&H4; my life I <reg orig="doe">do</reg>;</l>
<l>I <reg orig="sweare">swear</reg> by&H4; that&H62; which&H61; I will&H1; lose for&H4; thee,</l>
<l>To&H9; <reg orig="proue">prove</reg> him false, that&H61; <reg orig="saies">says</reg> I <reg orig="loue">love</reg> thee not.</l></sp>
               <sp who="D"><speaker>Dem.</speaker>
<l>I say, I <reg orig="loue">love</reg> thee more <reg orig="then">than</reg> he can do.</l></sp>
               <sp who="C"><speaker>Lys</speaker> 
<l>If thou say so&H52;, with-draw and <reg orig="proue">prove</reg> it <reg orig="to">too</reg>.</l></sp>
               <sp who="D"><speaker>Dem.</speaker>
<l>Quick, come.</l></sp>
               <sp who="E"><speaker>Her.</speaker>
<l><hi rend="italic">Lysander</hi>, whereto tends all this?</l></sp>
               <sp who="C"><speaker>Lys.</speaker> 
<l>Away, you <hi rend="italic">Ethiope</hi>.</l></sp>
               <sp who="D"><speaker>Dem.</speaker>
<l>No&H7;, no&H7;, <reg orig="hee'l">he will&H1;</reg> <reg orig="seeme">seem</reg> to&H9; <reg orig="breake">break</reg> loose;</l>
<l>Take on&H5; as you would follow,</l>
<l>But yet come not: you are a tame man, go.</l></sp>
               <sp who="C"><speaker>Lys.</speaker> 
<l>Hang off thou cat, thou bur; vile thing let loose,</l>
<l>Or I will&H1; shake thee from me like&H4; a serpent.</l></sp>
               <sp who="E"><speaker>Her.</speaker>
<l>Why are you <reg orig="growne">grown</reg> so&H51; rude?</l>
<l>What change is this, <reg orig="sweete">sweet</reg> <reg orig="Loue">Love</reg>?</l></sp>
               <sp who="C"><speaker>Lys.</speaker>      
<l>Thy <reg orig="loue">love</reg>? out tawny <hi rend="italic">Tartar</hi>, out;</l>
<l>Out loathed medicine; o hated poison hence.</l></sp>
               <sp who="E"><speaker>Her.</speaker>
<l>Do you not <reg orig="ieast">jest</reg>?</l></sp>
               <sp who="F"><speaker>Hel.</speaker>
<l>Yes sooth, and so&H52; do you.</l></sp>
               <sp who="C"><speaker>Lys.</speaker>     
<l><hi rend="italic">Demetrius</hi>, I will&H1; <reg orig="keepe">keep</reg> my word with thee.</l></sp>
               <sp who="D"><speaker>Dem.</speaker>
<l>I would I had your bond: for&H3; I <reg orig="perceiue">perceive</reg>,</l>
<l>A <reg orig="weake">weak</reg> bond holds you; <reg orig="Ile">I will&H1;</reg> not trust your word.</l></sp>
               <sp who="C"><speaker>Lys.</speaker>
<l>What, should I hurt her&H6;, strike her&H6;, kill her&H6; dead?</l>
<l>Although I hate her&H6;, <reg orig="Ile">I will&H1;</reg> not <reg orig="harme">harm</reg> her&H6; so&H52;.</l></sp>
<sp who="E"><speaker>Her.</speaker>
<l>What? can you do me greater <reg orig="harme">harm</reg> <reg orig="then">than</reg> hate?</l>
<l>Hate me, wherefore? O me, what <reg orig="newes">news</reg> my <reg orig="Loue">Love</reg>?</l>
<l>Am not I <hi rend="italic">Hermia</hi>? Are not you <hi rend="italic">Lysander</hi>?</l>
<l>I am as <reg orig="faire">fair</reg> now, as I was ere while.</l>
<l>Since night you <reg orig="lou'd">loved</reg> me; yet since night you left me.</l>
<l>Why then you left me (o the gods forbid)</l>
<l>In&H4; earnest shall I say?</l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker>Lys.</speaker>
<l><reg orig="I">Aye</reg>, by&H4; my life;</l>
<l>And <reg orig="neuer">never</reg> did desire to&H9; see thee more.</l>
<l>Therefore be out of hope, of question, of doubt;</l>
<l>Be <reg orig="certaine">certain</reg>; nothing truer; <reg orig="tis">it is</reg> no&H2; <reg orig="ieast">jest</reg>,</l>
<l>That&H3; I do hate thee, and <reg orig="loue">love</reg> <hi rend="italic">Helena</hi>.</l></sp>
<sp who="E"><speaker>Her.</speaker>
<l>O me, you <reg orig="iuggler">juggler</reg>, you canker <reg orig="blossome">blossom</reg>,</l>
<l>You <reg orig="theefe">thief</reg> of <reg orig="loue">love</reg>; what, <reg orig="haue">have</reg> you come by&H4; night,</l>
<l>And <reg orig="stolne">stolen</reg> my <reg orig="loues">loves</reg> heart from him?</l></sp>
<sp who="F"><speaker>Hel.</speaker>
<l>Fine <reg orig="ifaith">i'faith</reg>.</l>
<l><reg orig="Haue">Have</reg> you no&H2; modesty, no&H2; maiden shame,</l>
<l>No&H2; touch of <reg orig="bashfulnesse">bashfulness</reg>? What, will&H1; you <reg orig="teare">tear</reg></l>
<l>Impatient answers from my gentle tongue?</l>
<l>Fie, fie, you <reg orig="counterfet">counterfeit</reg>, you puppet, you.</l></sp>
<sp who="E"><speaker>Her.</speaker>
<l>Puppet? why so&H52;? I, that&H62; way goes the game.</l>
<l>Now I <reg orig="perceiue">perceive</reg> that&H3; she hath made compare</l>
<l><reg orig="Betweene">Between</reg> our&Htp; statures, she hath <reg orig="vrg'd">urged</reg> her&H2; height,</l>
<l>And with her&H2; personage, her&H2; tall personage,</l>
<l>Her&H2; height (forsooth) she hath <reg orig="preuaild">prevailed</reg> with him.</l>
<l>And are you <reg orig="growne">grown</reg> so&H51; high in&H4; his <reg orig="esteeme">esteem</reg>,</l>
<l>Because I am so&H51; dwarfish and so&H51; low?</l>
<l>How low am I, thou painted May-pole? <reg orig="Speake">Speak</reg>,</l>
<l>How low am I? I am not yet so&H51; low,</l>
<l>But that&H3; my <reg orig="nailes">nails</reg> can reach <reg orig="vnto">unto</reg> thine eyes.</l></sp>
<sp who="F"><speaker>Hel.</speaker>
<l>I pray you though you <reg orig="mocke">mock</reg> me, gentlemen,</l>
<l>Let her&H6; not hurt me; I was <reg orig="neuer">never</reg> <reg orig="curst">cursed</reg>:</l>
<l>I <reg orig="haue">have</reg> no&H2; gift at all in&H4; <reg orig="shrewishnesse">shrewishness</reg>:</l>
<l>I am a right maid for&H4; my <reg orig="cowardize">cowardice</reg>;</l>
<l>Let her&H6; not strike me: you perhaps may <reg orig="thinke">think</reg>,</l>
<l>Because she is something lower <reg orig="then">than</reg> <reg orig="my selfe">myself</reg>,</l>
<l>That&H3; I can match her&H6;.</l></sp>
<sp who="E"><speaker>Her.</speaker>
   <l>Lower? <reg orig="harke">hark</reg> <reg orig="againe">again</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="F"><speaker>Hel.</speaker>
<l>Good <hi rend="italic">Hermia</hi>, do not be so&H51; bitter with me,</l>
<l>I <reg orig="euermore">evermore</reg> did <reg orig="loue">love</reg> you <hi rend="italic">Hermia</hi>,</l>
<l>Did <reg orig="euer">ever</reg> <reg orig="keepe">keep</reg> your counsels, <reg orig="neuer">never</reg> wronged you,</l>
<l><reg orig="Saue">Save</reg> that&H3; in&H4; <reg orig="loue">love</reg> <reg orig="vnto">unto</reg> <hi rend="italic">Demetrius</hi>,</l>
<l>I told him of your stealth <reg orig="vnto">unto</reg> this wood.</l>
<l>He followed you, for&H4; <reg orig="loue">love</reg> I followed him,</l>
<l>But he hath chid me hence, and <reg orig="threatned">threatened</reg> me</l>
<l>To&H9; strike me <reg orig="spurne">spurn</reg> me, nay to&H9; kill me <reg orig="to">too</reg>;</l>
<l>And now, so&H3; you will&H1; let me quiet <reg orig="goe">go</reg>,</l>
<l>To&H4; <hi rend="italic">Athens</hi> will&H1; I <reg orig="beare">bear</reg> my folly <reg orig="backe">back</reg>,</l>
<l>And follow you no&H2; further. Let me go.</l>
<l>You see how simple, and how fond I am.</l></sp>
<sp who="E"><speaker>Her.</speaker>
 <l> Why get you gone: who&H62; <reg orig="ist">is it</reg> that&H61; hinders you?</l></sp>
<sp who="F"><speaker>Hel.</speaker>
<l>A foolish heart, that&H61; I <reg orig="leaue">leave</reg> <reg orig="heere">here</reg> <reg orig="behinde">behind</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="E"><speaker>Her.</speaker>
   <l>What, with <hi rend="italic">Lysander</hi>?</l></sp>
<sp who="F"><speaker>Hel.</speaker>
 <l>With <hi rend="italic">Demetrius</hi>.</l></sp>
 <sp who="C"><speaker>Lys.</speaker>
 <l>Be not afraid, she shall not <reg orig="harme">harm</reg> thee <hi rend="italic">Helena</hi>.</l></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker>Dem</speaker>
 <l>No&H7; sir, she shall not, though you take her&H2; part.</l></sp>
<sp who="F"><speaker>Hel.</speaker>
<l>O when <reg orig="shee's">she is</reg> angry, she is <reg orig="keene">keen</reg> and shrewd,</l>
<l>She was a vixen when she went to&H4; <reg orig="schoole">school</reg>,</l>
<l>And though she be but little, she is fierce.</l></sp>
<sp who="E"><speaker>Her.</speaker>
<l>Little <reg orig="againe">again</reg>? Nothing but low and little?</l>
<l>Why will&H1; you suffer her&H6; to&H9; flout me thus?</l>
<l>Let me come to&H4; her&H6;.</l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker>Lys</speaker>
<l>Get you gone you <reg orig="dwarfe">dwarf</reg>,</l>
<l>You <hi rend="italic">minimus</hi>, of <reg orig="hindring">hindering</reg> knot <reg orig="grasse">grass</reg> made,</l>
<l>You bead, you <reg orig="acorne">acorn</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker>Dem.</speaker>
<l>You are too officious,</l>
<l>In&H4; her&H2; <reg orig="behalfe">behalf</reg> that&H61; <reg orig="scornes">scorns</reg> your <reg orig="seruices">services</reg>.</l>
<l>Let her&H6; alone, <reg orig="speake">speak</reg> not of <hi rend="italic">Helena</hi>,</l>
<l>Take not her&H2; part. For&H3; if thou dost intend</l>
<l><reg orig="Neuer">Never</reg> so&H51; little <reg orig="shew">show</reg> of <reg orig="loue">love</reg> to&H4; her&H6;,</l>
<l>Thou shalt <reg orig="abie">aby</reg> it.</l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker>Lys.</speaker>
<l>Now she holds me not,</l>
<l>Now follow if thou <reg orig="dar'st">darest</reg>, to&H9; try whose right,</l>
<l>Of thine or mine, is most in&H4; <hi rend="italic">Helena</hi>.</l></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker>Dem.</speaker>
   <l>Follow? Nay, <reg orig="Ile">I will&H1;</reg> go with thee <reg orig="cheeke">cheek</reg> by&H4; <reg orig="iowle">jowl</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="E"><speaker>Her.</speaker>
   <l>You <reg orig="Mistresse">Mistress</reg>, all this <reg orig="coyle">coil</reg> is long of you.</l>
<l>Nay, <reg orig="goe">go</reg> not <reg orig="backe">back</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="F"><speaker>Hel.</speaker>
   <l>I will&H1; not trust you I,</l>
<l>Nor longer stay in&H4; your <reg orig="curst">cursed</reg> company.</l>
<l>Your hands than mine, are quicker for&H4; a fray,</l>
<l>My legs are longer though to&H9; <reg orig="runne">run</reg> away.</l></sp>
<sp who="E"><speaker>Her.</speaker>
   <l>I am <reg orig="amaz'd">amazed</reg>, and know not what to&H9; say. <stage>Exeunt.</stage></l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker>Ob.</speaker>
<l>This is thy negligence, still thou <reg orig="mistak'st">mistakest</reg>,</l>
<l>Or else <reg orig="commit'st">commitest</reg> thy <reg orig="knaueries">knaveries</reg> wilfully.</l></sp>
<sp who="AA"><speaker>Puck.</speaker>
   <l><reg orig="Beleeue">Believe</reg> me, King of <reg orig="shaddowes">shadows</reg>, I <reg orig="mistooke">mistook</reg>.</l>
<l>Did not you tell me, I should know the man,</l>
   <l>By&H4; the <hi rend="italic">Athenian</hi> garments he hath on&H5;?</l>
<l>And so&H51; <reg orig="farre">far</reg> <reg orig="blamelesse">blameless</reg> <reg orig="proues">proves</reg> my <reg orig="enterprize">enterprise</reg>,</l>
<l>That&H3; I <reg orig="haue">have</reg> nointed an <reg orig="Athenians">Athenian's</reg> eyes,</l>
<l>And so&H51; <reg orig="farre">far</reg> am I glad, it so&H52; did sort,</l>
<l>As this their <reg orig="iangling">jangling</reg> I <reg orig="esteeme">esteem</reg> a sport.</l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker>Ob.</speaker>
   <l>Thou seest these <reg orig="Louers">Lovers</reg> <reg orig="seeke">seek</reg> a place to&H9; fight,</l>
   <l>Hie therefore <hi rend="italic">Robin</hi>, <reg orig="ouercast">overcast</reg> the night,</l>
<l>The starry Welkin <reg orig="couer">cover</reg> thou anon,</l>
   <l>With drooping <reg orig="fogge">fog</reg> as <reg orig="blacke">black</reg> as <hi rend="italic">Acheron</hi>,</l>
<l>And <reg orig="leade">lead</reg> these testy <reg orig="Riuals">Rivals</reg> so&H51; astray,</l>
<l>As one come not within <reg orig="anothers">another's</reg> way.</l>
   <l>Like&H5; to&H4; <hi rend="italic">Lysander</hi>, sometime frame thy tongue,</l>
   <l>Then <reg orig="stirre">stir</reg> <hi rend="italic">Demetrius</hi> <reg orig="vp">up&H5;</reg> with bitter wrong;</l>
   <l>And sometime <reg orig="raile">rail</reg> thou like&H4; <hi rend="italic">Demetrius</hi>;</l>
<l>And from each other <reg orig="looke">look</reg> thou <reg orig="leade">lead</reg> them thus,</l>
<l>Till <reg orig="ore">over</reg> their <reg orig="browes">brows</reg>, death-counterfeiting, <reg orig="sleepe">sleep</reg></l>
<l>With leaden <reg orig="ledgs">legs</reg>, and Batty wings doth <reg orig="creepe">creep</reg>;</l>
   <l>Then crush this <reg orig="hearbe">herb</reg> into <hi rend="italic">Lysanders</hi> <reg orig="eie">eye</reg>,</l>
<l>Whose liquor hath this <reg orig="vertuous">virtuous</reg> property,</l>
<l>To&H9; take from thence all error, with his might,</l>
<l>And make his <reg orig="eie">eye</reg> <reg orig="bals">balls</reg> <reg orig="rolle">roll</reg> with wonted sight.</l>
<l>When they next wake, all this derision</l>
<l>Shall <reg orig="seeme">seem</reg> a <reg orig="dreame">dream</reg>, and <reg orig="fruitlesse">fruitless</reg> vision,</l>
   <l>And <reg orig="backe">back</reg> to&H4; <hi rend="italic">Athens</hi> shall the <reg orig="Louers">Lovers</reg> wend</l>
<l>With league, whose date till death shall <reg orig="neuer">never</reg> end.</l>
<l>Whiles I in&H4; this <reg orig="affaire">affair</reg> do thee apply,</l>
   <l><reg orig="Ile">I will&H1;</reg> to&H4; my <reg orig="Queene">Queen</reg>, and beg her&H2; <hi rend="italic">Indian</hi> boy;</l>
<l>And then I will&H1; her&H2; charmed <reg orig="eie">eye</reg> release</l>
<l>From monsters view, and all things shall be peace.</l></sp>
<sp who="AA"><speaker>Puck.</speaker>
   <l>My <reg orig="Fairie">Fairy</reg> Lord, this must be done with haste,</l>
<l>For&H3; night swift Dragons cut the Clouds full fast,</l>
   <l>And yonder shines <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Auroras">Aurora's</reg></hi> harbinger;</l>
<l>At whose <reg orig="approch">approach</reg>, Ghosts <reg orig="wandring">wandering</reg> <reg orig="heere">here</reg> and there,</l>
<l><reg orig="Troope">Troop</reg> home to&H4; Church-yards; damned spirits all,</l>
<l>That&H61; in&H4; <reg orig="crosse">cross</reg> <reg orig="waies">ways</reg> and <reg orig="flouds">floods</reg> <reg orig="haue">have</reg> <reg orig="buriall">burial</reg>,</l>
<l>Already to&H4; their wormy beds are gone;</l>
<l>For&H4; <reg orig="feare">fear</reg> <reg orig="least">lest</reg> day should <reg orig="looke">look</reg> their shames <reg orig="vpon">upon&H5;</reg>,</l>
<l>They wilfully <reg orig="themselues">themselves</reg> exile from light,</l>
<l>And must for&H4; <reg orig="aie">aye</reg> consort with <reg orig="blacke">black</reg> <reg orig="browd">browed</reg> night.</l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker>Ob.</speaker>
   <l> But we&Htp; are spirits of another sort:</l>
<l>I, with the mornings <reg orig="loue">love</reg> <reg orig="haue">have</reg> oft made sport,</l>
<l>And like&H4; a <reg orig="Forrester">Forester</reg>, the <reg orig="groues">groves</reg> may tread,</l>
<l><reg orig="Euen">Even</reg> till the <reg orig="Easterne">Eastern</reg> gate all fiery red,</l>
   <l>Opening on&H4; <hi rend="italic">Neptune</hi>, with <reg orig="faire">fair</reg> blessed <reg orig="beames">beams</reg>,</l>
<l><reg orig="Turnes">Turns</reg> into yellow gold, his salt <reg orig="greene">green</reg> <reg orig="streames">streams</reg>.</l>
<l>But notwithstanding haste, make no&H2; delay,</l>
<l>We&Htp; may effect this <reg orig="businesse">business</reg>, yet ere day.</l></sp>
<sp who="AA"><speaker>Puck.</speaker>
<p><reg orig="Vp">Up&H5;</reg> and <reg orig="downe">down</reg>, <reg orig="vp">up&H5;</reg> and <reg orig="downe">down</reg>, I will&H1; <reg orig="leade">lead</reg> them <reg orig="vp">up&H5;</reg><lb/>
   <reg orig="&">and</reg> <reg orig="downe">down</reg>: I am <reg orig="feard">feared</reg> in&H4; field and <reg orig="towne">town</reg>. <hi rend="italic">Goblin</hi>, lead them<lb/>
   <reg orig="vp">up&H5;</reg> and <reg orig="downe">down</reg>: here comes one. 
   <stage>Enter Lysander.</stage></p></sp>
                        <sp who="C"><speaker>Lys.</speaker>
<l> Where art thou, proud <hi rend="italic">Demetrius</hi>? Speak thou now.</l></sp>
<sp who="AA"><speaker>Rob.</speaker>
   <l>Here <reg orig="villaine">villain</reg>, <reg orig="drawne">drawn</reg> and ready. Where art thou?</l></sp>

<sp who="C"><speaker>Lys.</speaker>
   <l>I will&H1; be with thee straight.</l></sp>
<sp who="AA"><speaker>Rob.</speaker>
   <l>Follow me then to&H4; plainer ground.</l></sp>
<stage>Enter Demetrius.</stage>
                        <sp who="D"><speaker>Deme.</speaker>
<l><hi rend="italic">Lysander</hi>, <reg orig="speake">speak</reg> <reg orig="againe">again</reg>;</l>
<l>Thou runaway, thou coward, art thou fled?</l>
<l><reg orig="Speake">Speak</reg> in&H4; some bush. Where dost thou hide thy head?</l></sp>
<sp who="AA"><speaker>Rob.</speaker>
   <l>Thou coward, art thou bragging to&H4; the stars,</l>
<l>Telling the bushes that&H3; thou <reg orig="look'st">lookest</reg> for&H4; <reg orig="warres">wars</reg>,</l>
<l>And wilt not come? Come recreant, come thou <reg orig="childe">child</reg>,</l>
<l><reg orig="Ile">I will&H1;</reg> whip thee with a rod. He is <reg orig="defil'd">defiled</reg></l>
<l>That&H61; <reg orig="drawes">draws</reg> a sword on&H4; thee.</l></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker>Deme.</speaker>
   <l> Yea, art thou there?</l></sp>
<sp who="AA"><speaker>Ro.</speaker>
   <l>Follow my voice, <reg orig="wee'l">we&Htp; will&H1;</reg> try no&H2; manhood here. 
<sp who="C"><speaker>Lys.</speaker>
   <l>He goes before me, and still dares me on&H5;,</l>
<l>When I come where he <reg orig="calles">calls</reg>, then <reg orig="hee's">he is</reg> gone.</l>
<l>The <reg orig="villaine">villain</reg> is much lighter <reg orig="heel'd">heeled</reg> <reg orig="then">than</reg> I;</l>
<l>I followed fast, but faster he did <reg orig="flie">fly</reg>;</l>
<l>That&H3; fallen am I in&H4; <reg orig="darke">dark</reg> <reg orig="vneuen">uneven</reg> way,</l>
<l>And here will&H1; rest me. Come thou gentle day:</l>
<l>For&H3; if but once thou <reg orig="shew">show</reg> me thy gray light,</l>
<l><reg orig="Ile">I will&H1;</reg> <reg orig="finde">find</reg> <hi rend="italic">Demetrius</hi> and <reg orig="reuenge">revenge</reg> this <reg orig="spight">spite</reg>.</l></sp>
<stage>Robin and Demetrius.</stage>
<sp who="AA"><speaker>Rob.</speaker>
   <l>Ho, ho, ho; coward, why <reg orig="com'st">comest</reg> thou not?</l></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker>Deme.</speaker>
   <l>Abide me, if thou <reg orig="dar'st">darest</reg>. For&H3; well I wot,</l>
<l>Thou <reg orig="runst">runnest</reg> before me, shifting <reg orig="euery">every</reg> place,</l>
<l>And <reg orig="dar'st">darest</reg> not stand, nor <reg orig="looke">look</reg> me in&H4; the face.</l>
<l>Where art thou?</l></sp>
<sp who="AA"><speaker>Rob,</speaker>
   <l>Come hither, I am here.</l></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker>De.</speaker>
   <l> Nay then thou <reg orig="mockst">mockest</reg> me; thou shalt buy this <reg orig="deare">dear</reg>.</l>
<l>If <reg orig="euer">ever</reg> I thy face by&H4; day-light see.</l>
<l>Now <reg orig="goe">go</reg> thy way: <reg orig="faintnesse">faintness</reg> constraineth me,</l>
<l>To&H9; measure out my length on&H4; this cold bed,</l>
<l>By&H4; <reg orig="daies">days</reg> <reg orig="approch">approach</reg> <reg orig="looke">look</reg> to&H9; be visited.</l></sp>
<stage>Enter Helena.</stage>
<sp who="F"><speaker>Hel.</speaker>
   <l>O weary night, o long and tedious night,</l>
<l>Abate thy <reg orig="houres">hours</reg>, shine comforts from the east,</l>
   <l>That&H3; I may <reg orig="backe">back</reg> to&H4; <hi rend="italic">Athens</hi> by&H4; day-light,</l>
<l>From these that&H61; my <reg orig="poore">poor</reg> company detest;</l>
<l>And <reg orig="sleepe">sleep</reg> that&H61; sometimes shuts <reg orig="vp">up&H5;</reg> <reg orig="sorrowes">sorrows</reg> <reg orig="eie">eye</reg>,</l>
<l><reg orig="Steale">Steal</reg> me a while from mine <reg orig="owne">own</reg> company.  <stage>Sleepe.</stage></l></sp>
<sp who="AA"><speaker>Rob.</speaker>
<l>Yet but three? Come one more,</l>
<l>Two of both <reg orig="kindes">kinds</reg> makes <reg orig="vp">up&H5;</reg> <reg orig="foure">four</reg>.</l>
<l>Here she comes, <reg orig="curst">cursed</reg> and sad,</l>
<l><hi rend="italic">Cupid</hi> is a <reg orig="knauish">knavish</reg> lad, 
   <stage>Enter Hermia.</stage></l>
<l>Thus to&H9; make <reg orig="poore">poor</reg> females mad.</l></sp>
<sp who="E"><speaker>Her.</speaker>
   <l><reg orig="Neuer">Never</reg> so&H51; weary, <reg orig="neuer">never</reg> so&H51; in&H4; woe,</l>
<l>Bedabbled with the dew, and <reg orig="torne">torn</reg> with briars,</l>
<l>I can no&H2; further <reg orig="crawle">crawl</reg>, no&H2; further <reg orig="goe">go</reg>;</l>
<l>My legs can <reg orig="keepe">keep</reg> no&H2; pace with my desires.</l>
<l>Here will&H1; I rest me till the <reg orig="breake">break</reg> of day,</l>
<l><reg orig="Heauens">Heavens</reg> shield <hi rend="italic">Lysander</hi>, if they <reg orig="meane">mean</reg> a fray.</l></sp>
<sp who="AA"><speaker>Rob.</speaker>
<l>On&H4; the ground <reg orig="sleepe">sleep</reg> sound,</l>
<l><reg orig="Ile">I will&H1;</reg> apply your eye gentle <reg orig="louer">lover</reg>, remedy.</l>
<l>When thou <reg orig="wak'st">wakest</reg>, thou <reg orig="tak'st">takest</reg></l>
<l>True delight in&H4; the sight of thy former Ladies <reg orig="eie">eye</reg>,</l>
<l>And the Country <reg orig="Prouerbe">Proverb</reg> <reg orig="knowne">known</reg>,</l>
<l>That&H3; <reg orig="euery">every</reg> man should take his <reg orig="owne">own</reg>,</l>
<l>In&H4; your waking shall be <reg orig="showne">shown</reg>.</l>
<l><hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Iacke">Jack</reg></hi> shall <reg orig="haue">have</reg> <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Iill">Jill</reg></hi>, <reg orig="nought">naught</reg> shall go ill,</l>
<l>The man shall <reg orig="haue">have</reg> his Mare <reg orig="againe">again</reg>, and all shall be well.</l></sp>
<stage>Enter Queene of Fairies, and Clowne, and Fairies, and the
King behinde them.</stage>
<sp who="H"><speaker>Tita.</speaker>
   <l>Come sit thee <reg orig="downe">down</reg> <reg orig="vpon">upon&H4;</reg> this <reg orig="flowry">flowery</reg> bed,</l>
<l>While I thy amiable <reg orig="cheekes">cheeks</reg> do coy,</l>
<l>And <reg orig="sticke">stick</reg> <reg orig="muske">musk</reg> roses in&H4; thy <reg orig="sleeke">sleek</reg> <reg orig="smoothe">smooth</reg> head,</l>
<l>And <reg orig="kisse">kiss</reg> thy <reg orig="faire">fair</reg> large <reg orig="eares">ears</reg>, my gentle <reg orig="ioy">joy</reg>.</l></sp>
   <sp who="AB"><speaker>Clowne.</speaker>
      <l> <reg orig="Where's">Where is</reg> <hi rend="italic">Pease-blossome</hi>?</l></sp>
   <sp who="AK"><speaker>Peas.</speaker>
   <sp who="AB"><speaker>Clowne.</speaker>
      <l>Scratch my head, <hi rend="italic">Pease-blossome</hi>. <reg orig="Wher's">Where is</reg> <reg orig="Mounsieur">Monsieur</reg></l>
      <l><hi rend="italic">Cobweb?</hi></l></sp>
         <sp who="AL"><speaker>Cob.</speaker>
            <l>Ready. </l></sp>

         <sp who="AB"><speaker>Clo.</speaker>
            <p><reg orig="Mounsieur">Monsieur</reg> <hi rend="italic">Cobweb</hi>, good <reg orig="Mounsieur">Monsieur</reg> get your weapons<lb/>
in&H4; your hand, and kill me a red <reg orig="hipt">hipped</reg> humble-bee, on&H4;<lb/>
the top of a thistle; and good <reg orig="Mounsieur">Monsieur</reg> bring me the <reg orig="hony">honey</reg><lb/>
bag. <reg orig="Doe">Do</reg> not fret <reg orig="your selfe">yourself</reg> too much in&H4; the action,<lb/>
<reg orig="Mounsieur">Monsieur</reg>; and good <reg orig="Mounsieur">Monsieur</reg> <reg orig="haue">have</reg> a care the <reg orig="hony">honey</reg> bag<lb/>
<reg orig="breake">break</reg> not, I would be <reg orig="loth">loath</reg> to&H9; <reg orig="haue">have</reg> you <reg orig="ouerflowne">overflown</reg> with a<lb/>
            <reg orig="hony-bag">honeybag</reg> <reg orig="signiour">seignior</reg>. <reg orig="Where's">Where is</reg> <reg orig="Mounsieur">Monsieur</reg> <hi rend="italic">Mustardseed</hi>?</p></sp>
   <sp who="AM"><speaker>Mus.</speaker>
   <sp who="AB"><speaker>Clo.</speaker>
      <p><reg orig="Giue">Give</reg> me your <reg orig="neafe">nieve</reg>, <reg orig="Mounsieur">Monsieur</reg> <hi rend="italic">Mustardseed</hi>. <lb/>
Pray you <reg orig="leaue">leave</reg> your <reg orig="courtesie">courtesy</reg>, good <reg orig="Mounsieur">Monsieur</reg>.</p></sp>
   <sp who="AM"><speaker>Must.</speaker>
<p><reg orig="What's">What is</reg> your <reg orig="wil">will&H0;</reg>?</p></sp>
<sp who="AB"><speaker>Clo.</speaker>
   <p>Nothing good <reg orig="Mounsieur">Monsieur</reg>, but to&H9; <reg orig="helpe">help</reg> <reg orig="Caualery">Cavalry</reg><lb/>
 <hi rend="italic">Cobweb</hi> to&H9; scratch. I must to&H4; the Barbers <reg orig="Mounsieur">Monsieur</reg>, for&H3;<lb/>
<reg orig="me-thinkes">methinks</reg> I am <reg orig="maruailous">marvelous</reg> hairy about the face. And I<lb/>
am such a tender <reg orig="asse">ass</reg>, if my <reg orig="haire">hair</reg> do but tickle me, I must<lb/>
<sp who="H"><speaker>Tita.</speaker>
   <p>What, wilt thou <reg orig="heare">hear</reg> some some <reg orig="musick">music</reg>, my sweet<lb/>
<reg orig="loue">love</reg>?</p></sp>
<sp who="AB"><speaker>Clowne</speaker>
   <p>I <reg orig="haue">have</reg> a reasonable good <reg orig="eare">ear</reg> in&H4; <reg orig="musicke">music</reg>. Let <reg orig="vs">us&Htp;</reg><lb/>
<reg orig="haue">have</reg> the tongs and the bones.</p></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker>Tita.</speaker>
   <p>Or say <reg orig="sweete">sweet</reg> <reg orig="Loue">Love</reg>, what thou desirest to&H9; <reg orig="eate">eat</reg>.</p></sp>
<sp who="AB"><speaker>Clow</speaker>
   <p><reg orig="Truely">Truly</reg> a <reg orig="pecke">peck</reg> of <reg orig="prouender">provender</reg>; I could <reg orig="mounch">munch</reg> your<lb/>
good dry <reg orig="Oates">Oats</reg>. <reg orig="Me-thinkes">Methinks</reg> I <reg orig="haue">have</reg> a great desire to&H4; a bottle<lb/>
of hay: good hay, <reg orig="sweete">sweet</reg> hay hath no&H2; fellow.</p></sp>
   <sp who="H"><speaker>Tita.</speaker>
      <l>I <reg orig="haue">have</reg> a venturous Fairy,</l>
      <l>That&H61; shall <reg orig="seeke">seek</reg> the squirrels hoard,</l>
<l>And fetch thee new Nuts.</l></sp>
<sp who="AB"><speaker>Clo.</speaker>
   <l>I had rather <reg orig="haue">have</reg> a <reg orig="handfull">handful</reg> or two of dried <reg orig="pease">peas</reg>.</l>
<l>But I pray you let none of your people stir me, I <reg orig="haue">have</reg> an exposition</l>
<l>of <reg orig="sleepe">sleep</reg> come <reg orig="vpon">upon&H4;</reg> me.</l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker>Tyta.</speaker>
   <l><reg orig="Sleepe">Sleep</reg> thou, and I will&H1; <reg orig="winde">wind</reg> thee in&H4; my <reg orig="armes">arms</reg>,</l>
<l>Fairies be gone, and be <reg orig="alwaies">always</reg> away.</l>
<l>So&H52; doth the woodbine, the <reg orig="sweete">sweet</reg> <reg orig="Honisuckle">Honeysuckle</reg>,</l>
<l>Gently <reg orig="entwist">untwist</reg>; the female <reg orig="Iuy">Ivy</reg> so&H52;</l>
<l>Enrings the barky fingers of the <reg orig="Elme">Elm</reg>.</l>
<l>O how I <reg orig="loue">love</reg> thee! how I dote on&H4; thee!</l></sp>
<stage>Enter Robin goodfellow.</stage>
<sp who="G"><speaker>Ob.</speaker>
<l>Welcome good <hi rend="italic">Robin</hi>: seest thou this <reg orig="sweete">sweet</reg> sight?</l>
<l>Her&H2; dotage now I do begin to&H9; <reg orig="pitty">pity</reg>.</l>
<l>For&H4; meeting her&H6; of late <reg orig="behinde">behind</reg> the wood,</l>
<l>Seeking <reg orig="sweete">sweet</reg> <reg orig="fauors">favours</reg> for&H4; this <reg orig="hatefull">hateful</reg> <reg orig="foole">fool</reg>,</l>
<l>I did <reg orig="vpbraid">upbraid</reg> her&H6;, and fall out with her&H6;.</l>
<l>For&H3; she his hairy temples then had rounded,</l>
<l>With coronet of fresh and fragrant flowers.</l>
<l>And that&H62; same dew which&H61; sometime on&H4; the buds,</l>
<l>Was wont to&H9; swell like&H4; round <reg orig="&">and</reg> orient <reg orig="pearles">pearls</reg>;</l>
<l>Stood now within the pretty <reg orig="flouriets">flowerets</reg> <reg orig="eies">eyes</reg>,</l>
<l>Like&H4; <reg orig="teares">tears</reg> that&H61; did their <reg orig="owne">own</reg> disgrace <reg orig="bewaile">bewail</reg></l>
<l>When I had at my pleasure taunted her&H6;,</l>
<l>And she in&H4; <reg orig="milde">mild</reg> <reg orig="tearmes">terms</reg> <reg orig="begd">begged</reg> my patience,</l>
<l>I then did <reg orig="aske">ask</reg> of her&H6;, her&H2; changeling <reg orig="childe">child</reg>,</l>
<l>Which&H61; straight she <reg orig="gaue">gave</reg> me, and her&H2; Fairy sent</l>
<l>To&H9; <reg orig="beare">bear</reg> him to&H4; my Bower in&H4; Fairy Land.</l>
<l>And now I <reg orig="haue">have</reg> the boy, I will&H1; <reg orig="vndoe">undo</reg></l>
<l>This <reg orig="hatefull">hateful</reg> imperfection of her&H2; <reg orig="eies">eyes</reg>.</l>
<l>And gentle <hi rend="italic">Pucke</hi>, take this transformed <reg orig="scalpe">scalp</reg>,</l>
<l>From off the head of this <hi rend="italic">Athenian</hi> <reg orig="swaine">swain</reg>;</l>
<l>That&H3; he awaking when the other do,</l>
<l>May all to&H4; <hi rend="italic">Athens</hi> <reg orig="backe">back</reg> <reg orig="againe">again</reg> <reg orig="repaire">repair</reg>,</l>
<l>And <reg orig="thinke">think</reg> no&H2; more of this nights accidents,</l>
<l>But as the fierce vexation of a <reg orig="dreame">dream</reg>.</l>
<l>But first I will&H1; release the Fairy <reg orig="Queene">Queen</reg>.</l>
   <l><hi rend="italic">Be as thou wast wont to&H9; be;</hi></l>
   <l><hi rend="italic">See as thou wast wont to&H9; see.</hi></l>
   <l><hi rend="italic">Dians bud, or Cupids flower,</hi></l>
   <l><hi rend="italic">Hath such force and blessed power.</hi></l>
<l>Now my <hi rend="italic">Titania</hi> wake you, my <reg orig="sweete">sweet</reg> <reg orig="Queene">Queen</reg>.</l></sp>
                        <sp who="H"><speaker>Tita.</speaker>
<l>My <hi rend="italic">Oberon</hi>, what visions <reg orig="haue">have</reg> I <reg orig="seene">seen</reg>!</l>
<l><reg orig="Me-thought">Methought</reg> I was <reg orig="enamored">enamoured</reg> of an <reg orig="Asse">Ass</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker>Ob.</speaker>
   <l>There lies your <reg orig="loue">love</reg>.</l></sp>

<sp who="H"><speaker>Tita.</speaker>
   <l>How came these things to&H9; <reg orig="passe">pass</reg>?</l>
<l><reg orig="Oh">O</reg>, how mine <reg orig="eies">eyes</reg> doth loathe this visage now!</l></sp>
                        <sp who="G"><speaker>Ob.</speaker>
<l>Silence a while. <hi rend="italic">Robin</hi> take <reg orig="of">off</reg> this head;</l>
<l><hi rend="italic">Titania</hi>, <reg orig="musicke">music</reg> call, and strike more dead</l>
<l><reg orig="Then">Than</reg> common <reg orig="sleepe">sleep</reg>; of all these, fine the sense.</l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker>Tita.</speaker>
   <l><reg orig="Musicke">Music</reg>, ho <reg orig="musicke">music</reg>, such as charmeth <reg orig="sleepe">sleep</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="AA"><speaker>Rob.</speaker>
   <l>When thou <reg orig="wak'st">wakest</reg>, with thine <reg orig="owne">own</reg> <reg orig="fooles">fools</reg> <reg orig="eies">eyes</reg> peep.</l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker>Ob.</speaker>
   <l>Sound <reg orig="musick">music</reg>; come my Queen, take hands with me</l>
<l>And <reg orig="rocke">rock</reg> the ground whereon these sleepers be.</l>
<l>Now thou and I are new in&H4; amity,</l>
<l>And will&H1; <reg orig="to morrow">tomorrow</reg> midnight, solemnly</l>
   <l>Dance in&H4; Duke <hi rend="italic">Theseus</hi> house triumphantly,</l>
<l>And <reg orig="blesse">bless</reg> it to&H4; all <reg orig="faire">fair</reg> posterity.</l>
<l>There shall the <reg orig="paires">pairs</reg> of <reg orig="faithfull">faithful</reg> <reg orig="Louers">Lovers</reg> be</l>
   <l>Wedded, with <hi rend="italic">Theseus</hi>, all in&H4; <reg orig="iollity">jollity</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="AA"><speaker>Rob.</speaker>
   <l>Fairy King, attend and <reg orig="marke">mark</reg>,</l>
<l>I do <reg orig="heare">hear</reg> the morning <reg orig="Larke">Lark</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker>Ob.</speaker>
   <l>Then my <reg orig="Queene">Queen</reg> in&H4; silence sad,</l>
<l>Trip we&Htp; after nights shade;</l>
<l>We&Htp; the Globe can <reg orig="compasse">compass</reg> <reg orig="soone">soon</reg>,</l>
<l>Swifter <reg orig="then">than</reg> the <reg orig="wandring">wandering</reg> <reg orig="Moone">Moon</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker>Tita.</speaker>
   <l>Come my Lord, and in&H4; our&Htp; flight.</l>
<l>Tell me how it came this night,</l>
<l>That&H3; I sleeping <reg orig="heere">here</reg> was found,</l>
<l>With these mortals on&H4; the ground.  <stage>Exeunt.</stage> </l></sp>
<stage>Enter Theseus and all his traine. Winde hornes.</stage>
<sp who="A"><speaker>Thes.</speaker>
<l><reg orig="Goe">Go</reg> one of you, <reg orig="finde">find</reg> out the <reg orig="Forrester">Forester</reg>,</l>
<l>For&H3; now our&Htp; <reg orig="obseruation">observation</reg> is <reg orig="perform'd">performed</reg>;</l>
<l>And since we&Htp; <reg orig="haue">have</reg> the <reg orig="vaward">vanguard</reg> of the day,</l>
<l>My <reg orig="Loue">Love</reg> shall <reg orig="heare">hear</reg> the <reg orig="musicke">music</reg> of my hounds.</l>
<l><reg orig="Vncouple">Uncouple</reg> in&H4; the <reg orig="Westerne">Western</reg> valley, let them go;</l>
<l>Dispatch I say, and <reg orig="finde">find</reg> the <reg orig="Forrester">Forester</reg>.</l>
<l>We&Htp; will&H1; <reg orig="faire">fair</reg> <reg orig="Queene">Queen</reg>, <reg orig="vp">up&H5;</reg> to&H4; the <reg orig="Mountaines">Mountains</reg> top,</l>
<l>And <reg orig="marke">mark</reg> the <reg orig="musicall">musical</reg> confusion</l>
<l>Of hounds and <reg orig="eccho">echo</reg> in&H4; <reg orig="coniunction">conjunction</reg>.</l></sp>

                     <sp who="B"><speaker>Hip.</speaker>
<l>I was with <hi rend="italic">Hercules</hi> and <hi rend="italic">Cadmus</hi> once,</l>
<l>When in&H4; a wood of <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Creete">Crete</reg></hi> they bayed the <reg orig="Beare">Bear</reg></l>
<l>With hounds of <hi rend="italic">Sparta</hi>; <reg orig="neuer">never</reg> did I <reg orig="heare">hear</reg></l>
<l>Such gallant chiding. For&H3; besides the <reg orig="groues">groves</reg>,</l>
<l>The skies, the <reg orig="fountaines">fountains</reg>, <reg orig="euery">every</reg> region <reg orig="neere">near</reg>,</l>
<l><reg orig="Seeme">Seem</reg> all one <reg orig="mutuall">mutual</reg> cry. I <reg orig="neuer">never</reg> heard</l>
<l>So&H51; <reg orig="musicall">musical</reg> a discord, such <reg orig="sweete">sweet</reg> thunder.</l></sp>
                     <sp who="A"><speaker>Thes.</speaker>
                        <l>My hounds are bred out of the <hi rend="italic">Spartan</hi> <reg orig="kinde">kind</reg>,</l>
<l>So&H51; <reg orig="flew'd">flewed</reg>, so&H51; sanded, and their heads are hung</l>
<l>With <reg orig="eares">ears</reg> that&H61; <reg orig="sweepe">sweep</reg> away the morning dew,</l>
<l><reg orig="Crooke">Crook</reg> kneed, and <reg orig="dew-lapt">dew-lapped</reg>, like&H4; <hi rend="italic">Thessalian</hi> <reg orig="Buls">Bulls</reg>,</l>
<l>Slow in&H4; <reg orig="pursuite">pursuit</reg>, but <reg orig="matcht">matched</reg> in&H4; mouth like&H4; <reg orig="bels">bells</reg>,</l>
<l>Each <reg orig="vnder">under</reg> each. A cry more tuneable</l>
<l>Was <reg orig="neuer">never</reg> <reg orig="hollowd">hollowed</reg> to&H5;, nor <reg orig="cheer'd">cheered</reg> with <reg orig="horne">horn</reg>,</l>
<l>In&H4; <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Creete">Crete</reg></hi>, in&H4; <hi rend="italic">Sparta</hi>, nor in&H4; <hi rend="italic">Thessaly</hi>;</l>
<l><reg orig="Iudge">Judge</reg> when you <reg orig="heare">hear</reg>. But soft, what <reg orig="nimphs">nymphs</reg> are these?</l></sp>
<sp who="AC"><speaker>Egeus.</speaker>
   <l>My Lord, this is my daughter <reg orig="heere">here</reg> <reg orig="asleepe">asleep</reg>,</l>
   <l>And this <hi rend="italic">Lysander</hi>, this <hi rend="italic">Demetrius</hi> is,</l>
   <l>This <hi rend="italic">Helena</hi>, <reg orig="olde">old</reg> <hi rend="italic">Nedars Helena</hi>,</l>
<l>I wonder of this being <reg orig="heere">here</reg> together.</l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker>The.</speaker>
   <l>No&H2; doubt they rose <reg orig="vp">up&H5;</reg> early, to&H9; <reg orig="obserue">observe</reg></l>
<l>The right of May; and hearing our&Htp; intent,</l>
<l>Came <reg orig="heere">here</reg> in&H4; grace of our&Htp; solemnity.</l>
   <l>But <reg orig="speake">speak</reg> <hi rend="italic">Egeus</hi>, is not this the day</l>
   <l>That&H3; <hi rend="italic">Hermia</hi> should <reg orig="giue">give</reg> answer of her&H2; <reg orig="choyse">choice</reg>?</l></sp>
<sp who="AC"><speaker>Egeus.</speaker>
   <l>It is, my Lord.</l></sp>
                     <sp who="A"><speaker>Th.</speaker>
<l>Go bid the huntsmen wake them with their <reg orig="hornes">horns</reg>.</l></sp>
<stage>Shout within, they all start vp. Winde hornes.</stage>
  <sp who="A"><speaker>Thes.</speaker>
     <l>Good morrow friends: Saint <hi rend="italic">Valentine</hi> is past,</l>
<l>Begin these wood birds but to&H9; couple now?</l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker>Lys.</speaker>
   <l>Pardon, my Lord.</l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker>Thes.</speaker>
   <l>I pray you all stand <reg orig="vp">up&H5;</reg>.</l>
<l>I know you two are <reg orig="Riuall">Rival</reg> enemies.</l>
<l>How comes this gentle concord in&H4; the world,</l>
<l>That&H3; hatred is so&H51; <reg orig="farre">far</reg> from <reg orig="iealousie">jealousy</reg>,</l>
<l><reg orig="T'sleepe">To&H9; sleep</reg> by&H4; hate, and <reg orig="feare">fear</reg> no&H2; enmity.</l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker>Lys.</speaker>
   <l>My Lord, I shall reply amazedly,</l>
<l><reg orig="Halfe">Half</reg> <reg orig="sleepe">sleep</reg>, <reg orig="halfe">half</reg> waking. But as yet, I <reg orig="sweare">swear</reg>,</l>
<l>I cannot <reg orig="truely">truly</reg> say how I came here.</l>
<l>But as I <reg orig="thinke">think</reg> (for&H3; <reg orig="truely">truly</reg> would I <reg orig="speake">speak</reg>)</l>
<l>And now I do <reg orig="bethinke">bethink</reg> me, so&H52; it is;</l>
   <l>I came with <hi rend="italic">Hermia</hi> hither. Our&Htp; intent</l>
   <l>Was to&H9; be gone from <hi rend="italic">Athens</hi>, where we&Htp; might be</l>
   <l>Without the <reg orig="perill">peril</reg> of the <hi rend="italic">Athenian</hi> Law.</l></sp>
   <sp who="AC"><speaker>Ege.</speaker>
      <l>Enough, enough my Lord: you <reg orig="haue">have</reg> enough;</l>
<l>I beg the Law, the Law, <reg orig="vpon">upon&H4;</reg> his head:</l>
      <l>They would <reg orig="haue">have</reg> <reg orig="stolne">stolen</reg> away, they would, <hi rend="italic">Demetrius</hi>,</l>
<l>Thereby to&H9; <reg orig="haue">have</reg> defeated you and me:</l>
<l>You of your wife, and me of my consent;</l>
<l>Of my consent, that&H3; she should be your wife.</l></sp>
   <sp who="D"><speaker>Dem.</speaker>
      <l>My Lord, <reg orig="faire">fair</reg> <hi rend="italic">Helen</hi> told me of their stealth,</l>
<l>Of this their purpose hither, to&H4; this wood,</l>
<l>And I in&H4; fury hither followed them;</l>
      <l><reg orig="Faire">Fair</reg> <hi rend="italic">Helena</hi>, in&H4; fancy followed me.</l>
<l>But my good Lord, I wot not by&H4; what power</l>
<l>(But by&H4; some power it is) my <reg orig="loue">love</reg></l>
      <l>To&H4; <hi rend="italic">Hermia</hi> (melted as the snow)</l>
<l><reg orig="Seemes">Seems</reg> to&H4; me now as the remembrance of an idle <reg orig="gaude">gaud</reg>,</l>
<l>Which&H61; in&H4; my <reg orig="childehood">childhood</reg> I did dote <reg orig="vpon">upon&H5;</reg>:</l>
<l>And all the faith, the <reg orig="vertue">virtue</reg> of my heart,</l>
<l>The <reg orig="obiect">object</reg> and the pleasure of mine <reg orig="eie">eye</reg>,</l>
      <l>Is <reg orig="onely">only</reg> <hi rend="italic">Helena</hi>. To&H4; her&H6;, my Lord,</l>
      <l>Was I <reg orig="betroth'd">betrothed</reg>, ere I see <hi rend="italic">Hermia</hi>,</l>
<l>But like&H4; a <reg orig="sicknesse">sickness</reg>, did I loathe this food.</l>
<l>But as in&H4; health, come to&H4; my <reg orig="naturall">natural</reg> taste,</l>
<l>Now do I wish it, <reg orig="loue">love</reg> it, long for&H4; it,</l>
<l>And will&H1; for&H4; <reg orig="euermore">evermore</reg> be true to&H4; it.</l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker>Thes.</speaker>
   <l><reg orig="Faire">Fair</reg> <reg orig="Louers">Lovers</reg>, you are fortunately met;</l>
<l>Of this discourse, we&Htp; will&H1; <reg orig="heare">hear</reg> more anon.</l>
   <l><hi rend="italic">Egeus</hi>, I will&H1; <reg orig="ouerbeare">overbear</reg> your will&H0;;</l>
<l>For&H3; in&H4; the Temple, by&H5; and by&H5;, with <reg orig="vs">us&Htp;</reg>,</l>
<l>These couples shall eternally be knit.</l>
<l>And for&H3; the morning now is something <reg orig="worne">worn</reg>,</l>
<l>Our&Htp; <reg orig="purpos'd">purposed</reg> hunting shall be set aside.</l>
   <l>Away, with <reg orig="vs">us&Htp;</reg> to&H4; <hi rend="italic">Athens</hi>; three and three,</l>
<l><reg orig="Wee'l">We&Htp; will&H1;</reg> hold a feast in&H4; great solemnity.</l>
   <l>Come <hi rend="italic">Hippolita</hi>. <stage>Exit.</stage></l></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker>Deme.</speaker>
   <l>These things <reg orig="seeme">seem</reg> small and <reg orig="vndistinguishable">undistinguishable</reg>,</l>
<l>Like&H4; <reg orig="farre">far</reg> off <reg orig="mountaines">mountains</reg> turned into Clouds.</l></sp>
<sp who="E"><speaker>Her.</speaker>
   <l><reg orig="Me-thinks">Methinks</reg> I see these things with parted <reg orig="eie">eye</reg>,</l>
<l>When <reg orig="euery">every</reg> thing <reg orig="seemes">seems</reg> double.</l></sp>
<sp who="F"><speaker>Hel.</speaker>
   <l>So&H52; <reg orig="me-thinkes">methinks</reg>:</l>
   <l>And I <reg orig="haue">have</reg> found <hi rend="italic">Demetrius</hi>, like&H4; a <reg orig="iewell">jewel</reg>,</l>
<l>Mine <reg orig="owne">own</reg>, and not mine <reg orig="owne">own</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker>Dem.</speaker>
   <l>Are you sure</l>
<l>That&H3; we&Htp; are awake? It <reg orig="seemes">seems</reg> to&H4; me,</l>
<l>That&H3; yet we&Htp; <reg orig="sleepe">sleep</reg>, we&Htp; <reg orig="dreame">dream</reg>. Do not you <reg orig="thinke">think</reg>,</l>
<l>The Duke was <reg orig="heere">here</reg>, and bid <reg orig="vs">us&Htp;</reg> follow him?</l></sp>
<sp who="E"><speaker>Her.</speaker>
   <l>Yea, and my Father.</l></sp>
      <sp who="F"><speaker>Hel.</speaker>
         <l>And <hi rend="italic">Hippolita.</hi></l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker>Lys.</speaker>
   <l>And he did bid <reg orig="vs">us&Htp;</reg> follow to&H4; the Temple.</l></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker>Dem.</speaker>
   <l>Why then we&Htp; are awake; <reg orig="let's">let us&Htp;</reg> follow him, and by&H4;</l>
<l>the way let <reg orig="vs">us&Htp;</reg> recount our&Htp; <reg orig="dreames">dreams</reg>. <stage>Exit.</stage></l></sp>
<sp who="AB"><speaker>Clo.</speaker>
   <p>When my cue comes, call me, and I will&H1; answer. My<lb/>
   next is, most <reg orig="faire">fair</reg> <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Piramus">Pyramus</reg></hi>. Hey ho. <hi rend="italic">Peter Quince</hi>? <hi rend="italic">Flute</hi> the<lb/>
   <reg orig="bellowes-mender">bellows mender</reg>? <hi rend="italic">Snout</hi> the tinker? <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Starueling">Starveling</reg>?</hi> Gods my<lb/>
life! <reg orig="Stolne">Stolen</reg> hence, and left me <reg orig="asleepe">asleep</reg>: I <reg orig="haue">have</reg> had a most<lb/>
rare vision. I <reg orig="haue">have</reg> had a <reg orig="dreame">dream</reg>, past the wit of man, to&H9; say,<lb/>
what <reg orig="dreame">dream</reg> it was. Man is but an <reg orig="Asse">Ass</reg>, if he go about to&H9;<lb/>
expound this <reg orig="dreame">dream</reg>. <reg orig="Me-thought">Methought</reg> I was, there is no&H2; man<lb/>
can tell what. <reg orig="Me-thought">Methought</reg> I was, and <reg orig="me-thought">methought</reg> I had.<lb/>
But man is but <reg orig="patcht">patched</reg> a <reg orig="foole">fool</reg>, if he will&H1; offer to&H9; say, what<lb/>
<reg orig="me-thought">methought</reg> I had. The <reg orig="eie">eye</reg> of man hath not heard, the <reg orig="eare">ear</reg><lb/>
of man hath not <reg orig="seene">seen</reg>, <reg orig="mans">man's</reg> hand is not able to&H9; taste, his<lb/>
tongue to&H9; <reg orig="conceiue">conceive</reg>, nor his heart to&H9; report, what my dream<lb/>
was. I will&H1; get <hi rend="italic">Peter Quince</hi> to&H9; write a Ballet of this <reg orig="dreame">dream</reg>,<lb/>
it shall be <reg orig="call'd">called</reg> <hi rend="italic">Bottomes <reg orig="Dreame">Dream</reg></hi>, because it hath no&H2; bottome;<lb/>
and I will&H1; sing it in&H4; the latter end of a play, before<lb/>
the Duke. <reg orig="Peraduenture">Peradventure</reg>, to&H9; make it the more gracious, I<lb/>
   shall sing it at her&H2; death.</p></sp>
               <div2 n="2" type="scene">
<stage>Enter Quince, Flute, Thisbie, and the rabble.</stage>
      <sp who="AE"><speaker>Quin.</speaker>
         <p><reg orig="Haue">Have</reg> you sent to&H4; <hi rend="italic">Bottomes</hi> house? Is he come home<lb/>
<sp who="AF"><speaker>Flute.</speaker>
   <p>He cannot be heard of. Out of doubt <reg orig="hee">he</reg> is transported</p></sp>
      <sp who="AF"><speaker>This.</speaker>
         <p>If he come not, then the play is <reg orig="mard">marred</reg>. It goes not<lb/>
forward, doth it?</p></sp>
      <sp who="AE"><speaker>Quin.</speaker>
         <p>It is not possible: you <reg orig="haue">have</reg> not a man in&H4; all <hi rend="italic">Athens</hi>,<lb/>
         able to&H9; discharge <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Piramus">Pyramus</reg></hi> but he.</p></sp>
         <sp who="AF"><speaker>This.</speaker>
            <p>No&H7;, he hath simply the best wit of any handy-craft<lb/>
            man in&H4; <hi rend="italic">Athens</hi>.</p></sp>
<sp who="AE"><speaker>Quin.</speaker>
   <l>Yea, and the best person too, and he is a very Paramour,<lb/>
for&H4; a <reg orig="sweete">sweet</reg> <reg orig="voyce">voice</reg>.</l></sp>
  <sp who="AF"><speaker>This.</speaker>
     <p>You must say, Paragon. A Paramour is (God <reg orig="blesse">bless</reg><lb/>
<reg orig="vs">us&Htp;</reg>) a thing of <reg orig="nought">naught</reg>.</p></sp>
<stage>Enter Snug the Ioyner.</stage>
<sp who="AH"><speaker>Snug.</speaker>
   <p>Masters, the Duke is <reg orig="comming">coming</reg> from the Temple,<lb/>
and there is two or three Lords and Ladies more married.<lb/>
If our&Htp; sport had gone forward, we&Htp; had all <reg orig="beene">been</reg> made men.</p></sp>
   <sp who="AF"><speaker>This.</speaker><p>
      O <reg orig="sweete">sweet</reg> bully <hi rend="italic">Bottome</hi>: thus hath he lost sixpence<lb/>
      a day, during his life; he could not <reg orig="haue">have</reg> scaped sixpence a<lb/>
day. And the Duke had not <reg orig="giuen">given</reg> him sixpence a day for&H4;<lb/>
      playing <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Piramus">Pyramus</reg></hi>, <reg orig="Ile">I will&H1;</reg> be <reg orig="hang'd">hanged</reg>. He would <reg orig="haue">have</reg> <reg orig="deserued">deserved</reg><lb/>
      it. Sixpence a day in&H4; <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Piramus">Pyramus</reg></hi>, or nothing</p></sp>

<stage>Enter Bottome.</stage>
 <sp who="AB"><speaker>Bot.</speaker>
    <p> Where are these Lads? Where are these hearts?</p></sp>
    <sp who="AE"><speaker>Quin.</speaker>
       <l><hi rend="italic">Bottome</hi>, o most <reg orig="couragious">courageous</reg> day! O most happy<lb/>
<reg orig="houre">hour</reg>!</l></sp>
    <sp who="AB"><speaker>Bot.</speaker>
       <p>Masters, I am to&H9; discourse wonders; but <reg orig="aske">ask</reg> <reg orig="mee">me</reg><lb/>
       not what. For&H3; if I tell you, I am not true <hi rend="italic">Athenian</hi>. I will&H1; <reg orig="tel">tell</reg><lb/>
you <reg orig="euery thing">everything</reg> right as it fell out.</p></sp>
    <sp who="AE"><speaker>Quin.</speaker>
       <p>Let <reg orig="vs">us&Htp;</reg> <reg orig="heare">hear</reg>, <reg orig="sweete">sweet</reg> <hi rend="italic">Bottome</hi>.</p></sp>
 <sp who="AB"><speaker>Bot.</speaker>
    <p> Not a word of me: all that&H61; I will&H1; tell you, is, that&H3;<lb/>
the Duke hath dined. Get your <reg orig="apparell">apparel</reg> together, good<lb/>
strings to&H4; your beards, new <reg orig="ribbands">ribands</reg> to&H4; your pumps, <reg orig="meete">meet</reg><lb/>
presently at the Palace, <reg orig="euerie">every</reg> man <reg orig="looke">look</reg> <reg orig="ore">over</reg> his part: for&H3;<lb/>
the short and the long is, our&Htp; play is <reg orig="preferd">preferred</reg>. In&H4; any case let<lb/>
    <hi rend="italic">Thisby</hi> <reg orig="haue">have</reg> <reg orig="cleane">clean</reg> <reg orig="linnen">linen</reg>: and let not him that&H61; <reg orig="plaies">plays</reg> the<lb/>
Lion, <reg orig="paire">pare</reg> his <reg orig="nailes">nails</reg>, for&H3; they shall hang out for&H4; the Lions<lb/>
<reg orig="clawes">claws</reg>. And most <reg orig="deare">dear</reg> Actors, <reg orig="eate">eat</reg> no&H2; Onions, nor <reg orig="Garlicke">Garlic</reg>;<lb/>
for&H3; we&Htp; are to&H9; <reg orig="vtter">utter</reg> <reg orig="sweete">sweet</reg> breath, and I do not doubt<lb/>
but to&H9; <reg orig="heare">hear</reg> them say, it is a <reg orig="sweete">sweet</reg> Comedy. No&H2; more<lb/>
words: away, go away.</p></sp>
         <div1 n="5" type="act">
            <div2 n="1" type="scene">
<stage>Enter Theseus, Hippolita, and Philostrate.</stage>
    <sp who="B"><speaker>Hip.</speaker>
       <l> <reg orig="Tis">It is</reg> strange my <hi rend="italic">Theseus</hi>, that&H62; these <reg orig="louers">lovers</reg> <reg orig="speake">speak</reg> of.</l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker>The.</speaker>
   <l>More strange <reg orig="then">than</reg> true. I <reg orig="neuer">never</reg> may <reg orig="beleeue">believe</reg></l>
<l>These <reg orig="anticke">antic</reg> fables, nor these Fairy <reg orig="toies">toys</reg>,</l>
<l><reg orig="Louers">Lovers</reg> and mad men <reg orig="haue">have</reg> such seething <reg orig="braines">brains</reg>,</l>
<l>Such shaping <reg orig="phantasies">fantasies</reg>, that&H61; apprehend more</l>
<l><reg orig="Then">Than</reg> <reg orig="coole">cool</reg> reason <reg orig="euer">ever</reg> comprehends. </l>
   <l>The <reg orig="Lunaticke">Lunatic</reg>, the <reg orig="Louer">Lover</reg>, and the Poet,</l>
     <l>Are of imagination all compact.</l>
<l>One sees more <reg orig="diuels">devils</reg> <reg orig="then">than</reg> <reg orig="vaste">vast</reg> hell can hold;</l>
<l>That&H62; is the mad man. The <reg orig="Louer">Lover</reg>, all as <reg orig="franticke">frantic</reg>,</l>
   <l>Sees <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Helens">Helen's</reg></hi> beauty in&H4; a brow of <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Egipt">Egypt</reg></hi>.</l>
<l>The Poets <reg orig="eie">eye</reg> in&H4; a fine frenzy rolling, doth glance</l>
<l>From <reg orig="heauen">heaven</reg> to&H4; earth, from earth to&H4; <reg orig="heauen">heaven</reg>.</l>
<l>And as imagination bodies forth the <reg orig="formes">forms</reg> of things</l>
<l><reg orig="Vnknowne">Unknown</reg>; the Poets pen <reg orig="turnes">turns</reg> them to&H4; shapes,</l>
<l>And <reg orig="giues">gives</reg> to&H4; airy nothing, a <reg orig="locall">local</reg> habitation,</l>
<l>And a name. Such <reg orig="trickes">tricks</reg> hath strong imagination,</l>
<l>That&H3; if it would but apprehend some <reg orig="ioy">joy</reg>,</l>
<l>It comprehends some bringer of that&H62; <reg orig="ioy">joy</reg>.</l>
<l>Or in&H4; the night, imagining some <reg orig="feare">fear</reg>,</l>
<l>How <reg orig="easie">easy</reg> is a bush <reg orig="suppos'd">supposed</reg> a <reg orig="Beare">Bear</reg>?</l></sp>
 <sp who="B"><speaker>Hip.</speaker>
    <l> But all the story of the night told <reg orig="ouer">over</reg>,</l>
<l>And all their <reg orig="mindes">minds</reg> <reg orig="transfigur'd">transfigured</reg> so&H52; together,</l>
<l>More witnesseth than fancies images,</l>
<l>And <reg orig="growes">grows</reg> to&H4; something of great constancy;</l>
<l>But <reg orig="howsoeuer">howsoever</reg>, strange and admirable.</l></sp>
<stage>Enter louers: Lysander, Demetrius, Hermia, and Helena.</stage>
<sp who="A"><speaker>Thes.</speaker>
   <l>Here come the <reg orig="louers">lovers</reg>, full of <reg orig="ioy">joy</reg> and mirth:</l>
<l><reg orig="Ioy">Joy</reg>, gentle friends, <reg orig="ioy">joy</reg> and fresh <reg orig="daies">days</reg></l>
<l>Of <reg orig="loue">love</reg> accompany your hearts.</l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker>Lys.</speaker>
   <l>More <reg orig="then">than</reg> to&H4; <reg orig="vs">us&Htp;</reg>, <reg orig="waite">wait</reg> in&H4; your <reg orig="roiall">royal</reg> <reg orig="walkes">walks</reg>, your</l>
<l><reg orig="boord">board</reg>, your bed.</l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker>Thes.</speaker>
   <l>Come now, what <reg orig="maskes">masks</reg>, what dances shall <reg orig="wee">we&Htp;</reg></l>
   <l><reg orig="haue">have</reg>,</l>
<l>To&H9; <reg orig="weare">wear</reg> away this long age of three <reg orig="houres">hours</reg>,</l>
<l><reg orig="Betweene">Between</reg> or after supper, and bed-time?</l>
   <l>Where is our&Htp; <reg orig="vsuall">usual</reg> manager of mirth?</l>
<l>What <reg orig="Reuels">Revels</reg> are in&H4; hand? Is there no&H2; play,</l>
<l>To&H9; ease the anguish of a torturing <reg orig="houre">hour</reg>?</l>
   <l>Call <hi rend="italic">Philostrate</hi>.</l></sp>
   <sp who="AD"><speaker>Philo.</speaker>
      <l><reg orig="Heere">Here</reg> mighty <hi rend="italic">Theseus</hi>.</l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker>Thes.</speaker>
   <l>Say, what <reg orig="abridgment">abridgement</reg> <reg orig="haue">have</reg> you for&H4; this <reg orig="euening">evening</reg>?</l>
<l>What <reg orig="maske">mask</reg>, what <reg orig="musicke">music</reg>? how shall we&Htp; beguile</l>
<l>The <reg orig="lazie">lazy</reg> time, if not with some delight?</l></sp>
<sp who="AD"><speaker>Phil.</speaker>
   <l>There is a <reg orig="briefe">brief</reg>, how many sports are rife.</l>
<l>Make <reg orig="choise">choice</reg> of which&H61; your <reg orig="Highnesse">Highness</reg> will&H1; see first.</l></sp>
      <sp who="A"><speaker>Thes.</speaker>
         <l>The <reg orig="battell">battle</reg> with the <hi rend="italic">Centaurs</hi> to&H9; be sung</l>
         <l>By&H4; an <hi rend="italic">Athenian</hi> <reg orig="Eunuche">Eunuch</reg>, to&H4; the <reg orig="Harpe">Harp</reg>.</l>
<l><reg orig="Wee'l">We&Htp; will&H1;</reg> none of that&H62;. That&H62; <reg orig="haue">have</reg> I <reg orig="tolde">told</reg> my <reg orig="Loue">Love</reg>,</l>
         <l>In&H4; glory of my kinsman <hi rend="italic">Hercules</hi>.</l>
         <l>The riot of the <reg orig="tipsie">tipsy</reg> <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Bachanals">Bacchanals</reg></hi>,</l>
         <l>Tearing the <hi rend="italic">Thracian</hi> singer, in&H4; their rage?</l>
<l>That&H62; is an <reg orig="olde">old</reg> <reg orig="deuice">device</reg>; and it was <reg orig="plaid">played</reg>,</l>
         <l>When I from <hi rend="italic">Thebes</hi> came last a Conqueror.</l>
<l>The thrice three Muses, mourning for&H4; the death</l>
<l>Of learning, late <reg orig="deceast">deceased</reg> in&H4; <reg orig="beggery">beggary</reg>.</l>
         <l>That&H62; is some <hi rend="italic">Satire</hi> <reg orig="keene">keen</reg> and <reg orig="criticall">critical</reg>,</l>
<l>Not sorting with a <reg orig="nuptiall">nuptial</reg> ceremony.</l>
         <l>A tedious <reg orig="briefe">brief</reg> Scene of young <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Piramus">Pyramus</reg></hi>,</l>
         <l>And his <reg orig="Loue">Love</reg> <hi rend="italic">Thisby</hi>; very <reg orig="tragicall">tragical</reg> mirth?</l>
<l>Merry and <reg orig="tragicall">tragical</reg>? Tedious and <reg orig="briefe">brief</reg>? That&H62; is hot Ice,</l>
<l>And wondrous strange Snow. How shall we&Htp; <reg orig="finde">find</reg> the concord</l>
<l>of this discord?</l></sp>
<sp who="AD"><speaker>Philo.</speaker>
   <l>A play there is, my Lord, some ten words long,</l>
<l>Which&H61; is as <reg orig="briefe">brief</reg>, as I <reg orig="haue">have</reg> <reg orig="knowne">known</reg> a play;</l>
<l>But by&H4; ten words, my Lord, it is too long;</l>
<l>Which&H61; makes it tedious. For&H3; in&H4; all the play,</l>
<l>There is not one word apt, one <reg orig="plaier">player</reg> fitted.</l>
   <l>And <reg orig="tragicall">tragical</reg>, my noble Lord, it is: for&H3; <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Piramus">Pyramus</reg></hi></l>
<l>Therein doth kill <reg orig="himselfe">himself</reg>. Which&H61; when I saw</l>
<l><reg orig="Rehearst">Rehearsed</reg>, I must <reg orig="confesse">confess</reg>, made mine <reg orig="eies">eyes</reg> water;</l>
<l>But more merry <reg orig="teares">tears</reg> the passion of loud laughter</l>
<l><reg orig="Neuer">Never</reg> shed.</l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker>Thes.</speaker>
   <l>What are they that&H61; do play it?</l></sp>
      <sp who="AD"><speaker>Philo.</speaker>
         <l>Hard handed men, that&H61; <reg orig="worke">work</reg> in&H4; <hi rend="italic">Athens</hi> here,</l>
<l>Which&H61; <reg orig="neuer">never</reg> <reg orig="labour'd">laboured</reg> in&H4; their <reg orig="mindes">minds</reg> till now;</l>
<l>And now <reg orig="haue">have</reg> <reg orig="toyled">toiled</reg> their <reg orig="vnbreathed">unbreathed</reg> memories,</l>
<l>With this same play, against your <reg orig="nuptiall">nuptial</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker>Thes.</speaker>
   <l>And we&Htp; will&H1; <reg orig="heare">hear</reg> it.</l></sp>
<sp who="AD"><speaker>Phi.</speaker>
   <l>No&H7;, my noble Lord, it is not for&H4; you. I <reg orig="haue">have</reg> heard</l>
<l>It <reg orig="ouer">over</reg>, and it is nothing, nothing in&H4; the world;</l>
<l><reg orig="Vnlesse">Unless</reg> you can <reg orig="finde">find</reg> sport in&H4; their intents,</l>
<l>Extremely <reg orig="stretcht">stretched</reg>, and <reg orig="cond">conned</reg> with <reg orig="cruell">cruel</reg> <reg orig="paine">pain</reg>,</l>
<l>To&H9; do you <reg orig="seruice">service</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker>Thes.</speaker>
   <l>I will&H1; <reg orig="heare">hear</reg> that&H62; play. For&H3; <reg orig="neuer">never</reg> <reg orig="any thing">anything</reg></l>
<l>Can be <reg orig="amisse">amiss</reg>, when <reg orig="simplenesse">simpleness</reg> and duty tender it.</l>
<l><reg orig="Goe">Go</reg> bring them in&H5;, and take your places, Ladies.</l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker>Hip.</speaker>
   <l> I <reg orig="loue">love</reg> not to&H9; see <reg orig="wretchednesse">wretchedness</reg> <reg orig="orecharged">overcharged</reg>;</l>
<l>And <reg orig="duety">duty</reg> in&H4; his <reg orig="seruice">service</reg> perishing.</l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker>Thes.</speaker>
   <l>Why gentle <reg orig="sweete">sweet</reg>, you shall see no&H2; such thing.</l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker>Hip.</speaker>
   <l> He <reg orig="saies">says</reg>, they can do nothing in&H4; this <reg orig="kinde">kind</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker>The.</speaker>
   <l>The kinder we&Htp;, to&H9; <reg orig="giue">give</reg> them thanks for&H4; nothing.</l>
<l>Our&Htp; sport shall be, to&H9; take what they mistake:</l>
<l>And what <reg orig="poore">poor</reg> duty cannot do, noble respect</l>
<l>Takes it in&H4; might, not merit.</l>
<l>Where I <reg orig="haue">have</reg> come, great <reg orig="Clearkes">Clerks</reg> <reg orig="haue">have</reg> purposed</l>
<l>To&H9; <reg orig="greete">greet</reg> me with premeditated welcomes;</l>
<l>Where I <reg orig="haue">have</reg> <reg orig="seene">seen</reg> them <reg orig="shiuer">shiver</reg> and <reg orig="looke">look</reg> pale,</l>
<l>Make periods in&H4; the midst of sentences,</l>
<l>Throttle their <reg orig="practiz'd">practised</reg> accent in&H4; their <reg orig="feares">fears</reg>,</l>
<l>And in&H4; conclusion, dumbly <reg orig="haue">have</reg> broke off,</l>
<l>Not paying me a welcome. Trust me <reg orig="sweete">sweet</reg>,</l>
<l>Out of this silence yet, I <reg orig="pickt">picked</reg> a welcome:</l>
<l>And in&H4; the modesty of <reg orig="fearefull">fearful</reg> duty,</l>
<l>I read as much, as from the <reg orig="ratling">rattling</reg> tongue</l>
<l>Of saucy and audacious eloquence.</l>
<l><reg orig="Loue">Love</reg> therefore, and tongue-tide simplicity,</l>
<l>In&H4; least, <reg orig="speake">speak</reg> most, to&H4; my capacity.</l></sp>
<sp who="AD"><speaker>Philo.</speaker>
   <l>So&H52; please your Grace, the Prologue is <reg orig="addrest">addressed</reg>.</l></sp>
  <sp who="A"><speaker>Duke.</speaker>
     <l>Let him approach.</l></sp>
               <stage>Enter the Prologue.</stage> 

 <sp who="U"><speaker>Pro.</speaker> <!-- modern versions give Prologue to Quince "AE" -->
<l> If we&Htp; offend, it is with our&Htp; good will&H0;.</l>
<l>That&H3; you should <reg orig="thinke">think</reg>, we&Htp; come not to&H9; offend,</l>
<l>But with good will&H0;. To&H9; <reg orig="shew">show</reg> our&Htp; simple skill,</l>
<l>That&H62; is the true beginning of our&Htp; end.</l>
<l>Consider then, we&Htp; come but in&H4; <reg orig="despight">despite</reg>.</l>
<l>We&Htp; do not come, as minding to&H9; content you,</l>
<l>Our&Htp; true intent is. All for&H4; your delight,</l>
<l>We&Htp; are not <reg orig="heere">here</reg>. That&H3; you should here repent you,</l>
<l>The Actors are at hand; and, by&H4; their show,</l>
<l>You shall know all, that&H61; you are like&H5; to&H9; know.</l></sp>

<sp who="A"><speaker>Thes.</speaker>
   <l>This fellow doth not stand <reg orig="vpon">upon&H4;</reg> points.</l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker>Lys.</speaker>
   <p>He hath rid his Prologue, like&H4; a rough Colt: <reg orig="hee">he</reg><lb/>
<reg orig="knowes">knows</reg> not the stop. A good <reg orig="morall">moral</reg> my Lord. It is not enough<lb/>
to&H9; <reg orig="speake">speak</reg>, but to&H9; <reg orig="speake">speak</reg> true.</p></sp>
 <sp who="B"><speaker>Hip.</speaker>
    <p>Indeed he hath <reg orig="plaid">played</reg> on&H4; this Prologue, like&H4; a <reg orig="childe">child</reg><lb/>
on&H4; a Recorder, a sound, but not in&H4; <reg orig="gouernment">government</reg>.</p></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker>Thes.</speaker>
   <p>His speech was like&H4; a tangled <reg orig="chaine">chain</reg>; nothing impaired,<lb/>
but all disordered. Who&H62; is next?</p></sp>
<stage> Enter Pyramus and Thisby, Wall, Moone-shine, and Lyon.</stage>
         <sp who="U"><speaker>Prologue.</speaker>   
<l>Gentles, perchance you wonder at this show,</l>
<l>But wonder on&H5;, till truth make all things <reg orig="plaine">plain</reg>.</l>
            <l>This man is <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Piramus">Pyramus</reg></hi> if you would know;</l>
            <l>This <reg orig="beautious">beauteous</reg> Lady, <hi rend="italic">Thisby</hi> is <reg orig="certaine">certain</reg>.</l>
<l>This man with <reg orig="lyme">lime</reg> and roughcast, doth present</l>
<l>Wall, that&H62; vile wall, which&H61; did these <reg orig="louers">lovers</reg> sunder:</l>
<l>And through <reg orig="wals">walls</reg> <reg orig="chinke">chink</reg> (<reg orig="poore">poor</reg> <reg orig="soules">souls</reg>) they are content</l>
<l>To&H9; whisper. At the which&H61;, let no&H2; man wonder.</l>
<l>This man, with <reg orig="Lanthorne">Lantern</reg>, dog and bush of thorne,</l>
<l>Presenteth <reg orig="moone-shine">moonshine</reg>. For&H3; if you will&H1; know,</l>
<l>By&H4; <reg orig="moone-shine">moonshine</reg> did these <reg orig="Louers">Lovers</reg> <reg orig="thinke">think</reg> no&H2; <reg orig="scorne">scorn</reg></l>
            <l>To&H9; <reg orig="meete">meet</reg> at <hi rend="italic">Ninus</hi> <reg orig="toombe">tomb</reg>, there, there to&H9; <reg orig="wooe">woo</reg>:</l>
<l>This <reg orig="grizly">grizzly</reg> beast (which&H61; <reg orig="Lyon">Lion</reg> hight by&H4; name)</l>
            <l>The trusty <hi rend="italic">Thisby</hi>, <reg orig="comming">coming</reg> first by&H4; night,</l>
<l>Did <reg orig="scarre">scar</reg> away, or rather did affright:</l>
<l>And as she fled, her&H2; mantle she did fall;</l>
<l>Which&H61; Lion vile with bloody mouth did <reg orig="staine">stain</reg>.</l>
            <l>Anon comes <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Piramus">Pyramus</reg></hi>, <reg orig="sweete">sweet</reg> youth and tall,</l>
            <l>And <reg orig="findes">finds</reg> his trusty <hi rend="italic">Thisbies</hi> Mantle <reg orig="slaine">slain</reg>;</l>
<l>Whereat, with blade, with bloody <reg orig="blamefull">blameful</reg> blade,</l>
<l>He <reg orig="brauely">bravely</reg> <reg orig="broacht">broached</reg> his boiling bloody breast,</l>
            <l>And <hi rend="italic">Thisby</hi>, tarrying in&H4; Mulberry shade,</l>
<l>His dagger drew, and died. For&H4; all the rest,</l>
            <l>Let <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Lyon">Lion</reg>, <reg orig="Moone-shine">Moonshine</reg>, Wall</hi>, and <reg orig="Louers">Lovers</reg> <reg orig="twaine">twain</reg>,</l>
<l>At large discourse, while here they do <reg orig="remaine">remain</reg>.</l></sp>

<sp who="A"><speaker>Thes.</speaker>
   <l>I wonder if the <reg orig="Lyon">Lion</reg> be to&H9; <reg orig="speake">speak</reg>.</l></sp>
            <sp who="D"><speaker>Deme.</speaker>
               <l>No&H2; wonder, my Lord: one Lion may, when many</l>
<l>Asses do.</l></sp>
<stage>Exit Lyon, Thisby, and Moone-shine.</stage>
 <sp who="AG"><speaker>Wall.</speaker>
    <l>In&H4; this same Interlude it doth befall,</l>
    <l>That&H3; I, one <hi rend="italic">Flute</hi> (by&H4; name) present a wall:</l>
<l>And such a wall, as I would <reg orig="haue">have</reg> you <reg orig="thinke">think</reg>,</l>
<l>That&H3; had in&H4; it a crannied hole or <reg orig="chinke">chink</reg>:</l>
               <l>Through which&H61; the <reg orig="Louers">Lovers</reg>, <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Piramus">Pyramus</reg></hi> and <hi rend="italic">Thisby</hi>,</l>
<l>Did whisper often, very secretly.</l>
<l>This <reg orig="lome">loam</reg>, this roughcast, and this stone doth show,</l>
<l>That&H3; I am that&H62; same wall; the truth is so&H52;.</l>
<l>And this the cranny is, right and sinister,</l>
<l>Through which&H61; the <reg orig="fearefull">fearful</reg> <reg orig="Louers">Lovers</reg> are to&H9; whisper.</l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker>Thes.</speaker>
   <l>Would you desire lime and <reg orig="haire">hair</reg> to&H9; speak better?</l></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker>Deme.</speaker>
   <p>It is the wittiest partition, that&H61; <reg orig="euer">ever</reg> I heard discourse,<lb/>
my Lord.</p></sp>
            <sp who="A"><speaker>Thes.</speaker>
               <l><hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Piramus">Pyramus</reg></hi> <reg orig="drawes">draws</reg> <reg orig="neere">near</reg> the wall, silence.</l></sp>
  <sp who="AB"><speaker>Pir.</speaker>
     <l>O grim <reg orig="lookt">looked</reg> night, o night with hue so&H51; <reg orig="blacke">black</reg>,</l>
<l>O night, which&H61; <reg orig="euer">ever</reg> art, when day is not:</l>
<l>O night, o night, <reg orig="alacke">alack</reg>, <reg orig="alacke">alack</reg>, <reg orig="alacke">alack</reg>,</l>
     <l>I <reg orig="feare">fear</reg> my <hi rend="italic">Thisbies</hi> promise is forgot.</l>
<l>And thou o wall, o <reg orig="sweete">sweet</reg>, o <reg orig="louely">lovely</reg> wall,</l>
<l>That&H61; stands <reg orig="betweene">between</reg> her&H2; Fathers ground and mine,</l>
<l>Thou wall, o wall, o <reg orig="sweete">sweet</reg> and <reg orig="louely">lovely</reg> wall,</l>
<l><reg orig="Shew">Show</reg> me thy <reg orig="chinke">chink</reg>, to&H9; blink through with mine <reg orig="eine">eyen</reg>.</l>
     <l>Thanks <reg orig="curteous">courteous</reg> wall. <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Ioue">Jove</reg></hi> shield thee well for&H4; this.</l>
     <l>But what see I? No&H2; <hi rend="italic">Thisby</hi> do I see.</l>
<l>O wicked wall, through whom I see no&H2; <reg orig="blisse">bliss</reg>,</l>
<l><reg orig="Curst">Cursed</reg> be thy stones, for&H4; thus <reg orig="deceiuing">deceiving</reg> me.</l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker>Thes.</speaker>
   <l>The wall <reg orig="me-thinks">methinks</reg> being sensible, should curse <reg orig="againe">again</reg>.</l></sp>

   <sp who="AB"><speaker>Pir.</speaker>
      <l>No&H7; in&H4; truth sir, he should not. <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Deceiuing">Deceiving</reg> me</hi>,</l>
      <l>Is <hi rend="italic">Thisbies</hi> cue; she is to&H9; enter now, and I am to&H9; spy</l>
<l>Her&H6; through the wall. You shall see it will&H1; fall</l>
<l>Pat as I told you; yonder she comes. <stage>Enter Thisbie.</stage></l></sp>
  <sp who="AF"><speaker>This.</speaker>
     <l>O wall, full often hast thou heard my <reg orig="mones">moans</reg>,</l>
     <l>For&H4; parting my <reg orig="faire">fair</reg> <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Piramus">Pyramus</reg></hi>, and me.</l>
<l>My cherry lips <reg orig="haue">have</reg> often <reg orig="kist">kissed</reg> thy stones;</l>
<l>Thy stones with lime and <reg orig="haire">hair</reg> knit now <reg orig="againe">again</reg>.</l></sp>
  <sp who="AB"><speaker>Pyra.</speaker>
     <l>I see a voice; now will&H1; I to&H4; the <reg orig="chinke">chink</reg>,</l>
     <l>To&H9; spy and I can <reg orig="heare">hear</reg> my <hi rend="italic">Thisbies</hi> face. <hi rend="italic">Thisby?</hi></l></sp>
  <sp who="AF"><speaker>This.</speaker>
     <l>My <reg orig="Loue">Love</reg> thou art, my <reg orig="Loue">Love</reg> I <reg orig="thinke">think</reg>.</l></sp>
  <sp who="AB"><speaker>Pir.</speaker>
     <l><reg orig="Thinke">Think</reg> what thou wilt, I am thy <reg orig="Louers">Lovers</reg> grace,</l>
     <l>And like&H4; <hi rend="italic">Limander</hi>, am I trusty still.</l></sp>
   <sp who="AF"><speaker>This.</speaker>
      <l>And I like&H1; <hi rend="italic">Helen</hi>, till the fates me kill.</l></sp>
   <sp who="AB"><speaker>Pir.</speaker>
      <l>Not <hi rend="italic">Shafalus</hi> to&H4; <hi rend="italic">Procrus</hi>, was so&H51; true.</l></sp>
   <sp who="AF"><speaker>This</speaker>
      <l>As <hi rend="italic">Shafalus</hi> to&H4; <hi rend="italic">Procrus</hi>, I to&H4; you.</l></sp>
  <sp who="AB"><speaker>Pir.</speaker>
     <l>O <reg orig="kisse">kiss</reg> me through the hole of this vile wall.</l></sp>
  <sp who="AF"><speaker>This.</speaker>
     <l>I <reg orig="kisse">kiss</reg> the <reg orig="wals">wall's</reg> hole, not your lips at all.</l></sp>
      <sp who="AB"><speaker>Pir.</speaker>
         <l>Wilt thou at <hi rend="italic">Ninnies</hi> <reg orig="toomb">tomb</reg> <reg orig="meete">meet</reg> me <reg orig="straightway">straightaway</reg>?</l></sp>
      <sp who="AF"><speaker>This.</speaker>
         <l>Tide life, tide death, I come without delay.</l></sp>
      <sp who="AG"><speaker>Wall.</speaker>
         <l>Thus <reg orig="haue">have</reg> I <hi rend="italic">Wall</hi>, my part discharged &H52;so;</l>
         <l>And being done, thus <hi rend="italic">Wall</hi> away doth <reg orig="goe">go</reg>.</l></sp>
  <sp who="A"><speaker>Du.</speaker>
     <l>Now is the Moon <reg orig="vsed">used</reg> <reg orig="betweene">between</reg> the two <reg orig="neighbors">neighbours</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker>Deme.</speaker>
   <p>No&H2; remedy, my Lord, when <reg orig="wals">walls</reg> are so&H51; <reg orig="wilfull">wilful</reg>, to&H9;<lb/>
<reg orig="heare">hear</reg> without warning.</p></sp>
     <sp who="B"><speaker>Dutch.</speaker><p>
This is the silliest <reg orig="stuffe">stuff</reg> that&H61; ere I heard.</p></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker>Duke.</speaker>
   <l>The best in&H4; this <reg orig="kinde">kind</reg> are but <reg orig="shadowes">shadows</reg>, and the<lb/>
worst are no&H2; worse, if imagination amend them.</l></sp>
     <sp who="B"><speaker>Dutch.</speaker>
        <p>It must be your imagination then, and not theirs.</p></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker>Duke.</speaker>
   <p>If <reg orig="wee">we&Htp;</reg> imagine no&H2; worse of them <reg orig="then">than</reg> they of <reg orig="themselues">themselves</reg>,<lb/>
they may <reg orig="passe">pass</reg> for&H4; excellent men. <reg orig="Heere">Here</reg> come two<lb/>
noble beasts, in&H4; a man and a <reg orig="Lyon">Lion</reg>.</p></sp>
<stage>Enter Lyon and Moone-shine.</stage>
 <sp who="AH"><speaker>Lyon.</speaker>
    <l>You Ladies, you (whose gentle hearts do <reg orig="feare">fear</reg></l>
<l>The smallest monstrous mouse that&H61; <reg orig="creepes">creeps</reg> on&H4; <reg orig="floore">floor</reg>)</l>
<l>May now perchance, both quake and tremble <reg orig="heere">here</reg>,</l>
<l>When <reg orig="Lyon">Lion</reg> rough, in&H4; wildest rage doth <reg orig="roare">roar</reg>.</l>
    <l>Then know that&H3; I, as <hi rend="italic">Snug</hi> the <reg orig="ioyner">joiner</reg> am</l>
<l>A <reg orig="Lyon">Lion</reg> fell, nor else no&H2; <reg orig="Lyons">Lion's</reg> <reg orig="damme">dam</reg>,</l>
<l>For&H3; if I should, as <reg orig="Lyon">Lion</reg> come in&H4; strife,</l>
<l>Into this place, <reg orig="t'were">it were</reg> <reg orig="pitty">pity</reg> on&H4; my life.</l></sp>
  <sp who="A"><speaker>Duke.</speaker>
     <l>A very gentle beast, and of a good conscience.</l></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker>Deme.</speaker>
   <l>The very best at a beast, my Lord, that&H61; ere I saw.</l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker>Lys.</speaker>
   <l>This <reg orig="Lyon">Lion</reg> is a very Fox for&H4; his valour.</l></sp>
  <sp who="A"><speaker>Duke.</speaker>
     <l>True, and a Goose for&H4; his discretion.</l></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker>De.</speaker>
   <p> Not so&H52; my Lord. For&H3; his valour cannot carry his discretion;<lb/>
and the Fox carries the goose.</p></sp>
  <sp who="A"><speaker>Duke.</speaker>
     <p>His discretion I am sure cannot carry his valour.<lb/>
For&H3; the Goose carries not the Fox. It is well; <reg orig="leaue">leave</reg> it to&H4; his<lb/>
discretion, and let <reg orig="vs">us&Htp;</reg> hearken to&H4; the <reg orig="Moone">Moon</reg>.</p></sp>
<sp who="BC"><speaker>Moone.</speaker> <!-- modern versions give this character part to Starveling "AI" -->
    <p>This <reg orig="lanthorne">lantern</reg> doth the horned <reg orig="Moone">Moon</reg> present.</p></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker>Deme.</speaker>
   <p>He should <reg orig="haue">have</reg> <reg orig="worne">worn</reg> the <reg orig="hornes">horns</reg> on&H4; his head.</p></sp>
  <sp who="A"><speaker>Duk.</speaker>
     <p>He is no&H2; crescent, and his <reg orig="hornes">horns</reg> are <reg orig="inuisible">invisible</reg>, within<lb/>
the circumference.</p></sp>
 <sp who="BC"><speaker>Moone.</speaker>
    <p>This <reg orig="lanthorne">lantern</reg> doth the horned <reg orig="Moone">Moon</reg> present,<lb/>
<reg orig="My selfe">Myself</reg>, the man <reg orig="ith'Moone">in&H4; the Moon</reg> do <reg orig="seeme">seem</reg> to&H9; be.</p></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker>Duke.</speaker>
   <p>This is the greatest error of all the rest; the man<lb/>
should be put into the <reg orig="Lanthorne">Lantern</reg>. How is it else the man<lb/>
<reg orig="i'th">in&H4; the</reg> <reg orig="Moone">Moon</reg>?</p></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker>Dem.</speaker>
   <p>He dares not come there for&H4; the candle.<lb/>
For&H3; you see, it is already in&H4; <reg orig="snuffe">snuff</reg>.</p></sp>
 <sp who="B"><speaker>Dutch.</speaker>
    <p>I am weary of this <reg orig="Moone">Moon</reg>; would he would change.</p></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker>Duke.</speaker>
   <p>It <reg orig="appeares">appears</reg> by&H4; his small light of discretion, that&H3; <reg orig="hee">he</reg><lb/>
is in&H4; the wane: but yet in&H4; <reg orig="curtesie">courtesy</reg>, in&H4; all reason, we&Htp; must stay<lb/>
the time.</p></sp>
 <sp who="C"><speaker>Lysand.</speaker>
    <p>Proceed <reg orig="Moone">Moon</reg>.</p></sp>
     <sp who="BC"><speaker>Moone.</speaker>
        <p>All that&H61; I <reg orig="haue">have</reg> to&H9; say, is to&H9; tell you, that&H3; the <reg orig="Lanthorne">Lantern</reg><lb/>
is the <reg orig="Moone">Moon</reg>; I, the man in&H4; the <reg orig="Moone">Moon</reg>; this thorne<lb/>
       bush, my thorne bush, and this dog, my dog.</p></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker>Deme.</speaker>
   <p>Why all these should <reg orig="bee">be</reg> in&H4; the <reg orig="Lanthorne">Lantern</reg>: for&H3;<lb/>
   they are in&H4; the <reg orig="Moone">Moon</reg>. But silence, <reg orig="heere">here</reg> comes <hi rend="italic">Thisby</hi>.</p></sp>
<stage>Enter Thisby.</stage>
     <sp who="AF"><speaker>Th.</speaker>
        <p>This is old <hi rend="italic">Ninies</hi> <reg orig="toomb">tomb</reg>: <reg orig="wher's">where is</reg> my <reg orig="loue">love</reg>? </p></sp>
     <sp who="AH"><speaker>Lyon.</speaker>
        <p><reg orig="Oh">O</reg></p></sp>

<sp who="D"><speaker>Dem.</speaker>
   <p>Well <reg orig="roard">roared</reg> <reg orig="Lyon">Lion</reg>.</p></sp>
     <sp who="A"><speaker>Duke.</speaker>
        <p>Well <reg orig="runne">run</reg> <hi rend="italic">Thisbie.</hi></p></sp>
     <sp who="H"><speaker>Dutch.</speaker>
        <p>Well <reg orig="shoone">shone</reg> <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Moone">Moon</reg></hi>. <reg orig="Truely">Truly</reg> the <reg orig="Moone">Moon</reg> shines<lb/>
with a good grace.</p></sp>
     <sp who="A"><speaker>Duke.</speaker>
        <p>Well <reg orig="mouz'd">moused</reg> <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Lyon">Lion</reg>.</hi></p></sp>
     <sp who="D"><speaker>Dem.</speaker>
        <p>And then came <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Piramus">Pyramus</reg>.</hi></p></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker>Lys.</speaker>
   <l>And so&H3; the <reg orig="Lyon">Lion</reg> <reg orig="vanisht">vanished</reg>.</l></sp>
<stage>Enter Piramus.</stage>
  <sp who="AB"><speaker>Pyr.</speaker>
     <l><reg orig="Sweete">Sweet</reg> <reg orig="Moone">Moon</reg>, I thank thee for&H4; thy sunny <reg orig="beames">beams</reg>,</l>
<l>I <reg orig="thanke">thank</reg> thee <reg orig="Moone">Moon</reg>, for&H4; shining now so&H51; bright.</l>
<l>For&H3; by&H4; thy gracious, golden, glittering <reg orig="beames">beams</reg>,</l>
     <l>I trust to&H9; take of truest <hi rend="italic">Thisbie</hi> sight.</l>
<l>But stay: o <reg orig="spight">spite</reg>! but <reg orig="marke">mark</reg>, <reg orig="poore">poor</reg> knight,</l>
<l>What <reg orig="dreadfull">dreadful</reg> dole is here?</l>
<l>Eyes do you see! how can it be!</l>
<l>O dainty <reg orig="ducke">duck</reg>, o <reg orig="deare">dear</reg>!</l>
<l>Thy mantle good, what <reg orig="staind">stained</reg> with blood?</l>
<l>Approach ye Furies fell,</l>
<l>O fates come, come, cut <reg orig="thred">thread</reg> and thrum,</l>
<l><reg orig="Quaile">Quail</reg>, crush, conclude, and quell.</l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker>Duke.</speaker>
   <p>This passion, and the death of a <reg orig="deare">dear</reg> friend would<lb/>
<reg orig="goe">go</reg> <reg orig="neere">near</reg> to&H9; make a man <reg orig="looke">look</reg> sad.</p></sp>
 <sp who="B"><speaker>Dutch.</speaker>
    <p>Beshrew my heart, but I <reg orig="pitty">pity</reg> the man.</p></sp>
  <sp who="AB"><speaker>Pir.</speaker>
     <l>O wherefore Nature, didst thou <reg orig="Lyons">Lions</reg> frame?</l>
<l>Since <reg orig="Lyon">Lion</reg> <reg orig="vilde">wild</reg> hath <reg orig="heere">here</reg> <reg orig="deflour'd">deflowered</reg> my <reg orig="deare">dear</reg>;</l>
<l>Which&H61; is, no&H7;, no&H7;, which&H61; was the fairest dame</l>
<l>That&H61; <reg orig="liu'd">lived</reg>, that&H61; <reg orig="lou'd">loved</reg> that&H61; <reg orig="lik't">liked</reg>, that&H61; <reg orig="look't">looked</reg> with <reg orig="cheere">cheer</reg>.</l>
<l>Come <reg orig="teares">tears</reg> confound, out sword and wound</l>
     <l>The pap of <hi rend="italic">Pyramus</hi>:</l>
<l><reg orig="I">Aye</reg>, that&H62; left pap, where heart doth hop;</l>
<l>Thus die I, thus, thus, thus.</l>
<l>Now am I dead, now am I fled, my <reg orig="soule">soul</reg>, is in&H4; the sky,</l>
<l>Tongue lose thy light, <reg orig="Moone">Moon</reg> take thy flight,</l>
<l>Now <reg orig="dye">die</reg>, <reg orig="dye">die</reg>, <reg orig="dye">die</reg>, <reg orig="dye">die</reg>, <reg orig="dye">die</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker>Dem.</speaker>
   <p>No&H2; Die, but an ace for&H4; him; for&H3; he is but one.</p></sp>

<sp who="C"><speaker>Lys.</speaker>
   <p><reg orig="Lesse">Less</reg> <reg orig="then">than</reg> an ace man. For&H3; he is dead, he is nothing.</p></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker>Duke.</speaker>
   <p>With the <reg orig="helpe">help</reg> of a Surgeon, he might yet <reg orig="recouer">recover</reg><lb/>
and <reg orig="proue">prove</reg> an <reg orig="asse">ass</reg>.</p></sp>
 <sp who="B"><speaker>Dutch.</speaker>
    <p>How chance <reg orig="Moone-shine">Moonshine</reg> is gone before?<lb/>
    <hi rend="italic">Thisby</hi> comes <reg orig="backe">back</reg>, and <reg orig="findes">finds</reg> her&H2; <reg orig="Louer">Lover</reg>.</p></sp>
  <sp who="A"><speaker>Duke.</speaker>
     <p>She will&H1; <reg orig="finde">find</reg> him by&H4; star-light. Here she comes,<lb/>
and her&H2; passion ends the play.</p></sp>
 <sp who="B"><speaker>Dut.</speaker>
    <p><reg orig="Me-thinkes">Methinks</reg> she should not <reg orig="vse">use</reg> a long one for&H4; such<lb/>
    a <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Piramus">Pyramus</reg></hi>: I hope she will&H1; be <reg orig="briefe">brief</reg>.</p></sp>
   <sp who="D"><speaker>Dem.</speaker>
      <p> A Moth will&H1; <reg orig="turne">turn</reg> the <reg orig="ballance">balance</reg>, which&H61; <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Piramus">Pyramus</reg></hi>,<lb/>
      which&H61; <hi rend="italic">Thisbie</hi> is the better: <reg orig="hee">he</reg> for&H4; a man, God <reg orig="warnd">warned</reg> <reg orig="vs">us&Htp;</reg>;<lb/>
she for&H4; a woman, God <reg orig="blesse">bless</reg> <reg orig="vs">us&Htp;</reg>.</p></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker>Lys.</speaker>
   <p>She hath spied him already, with those <reg orig="sweete">sweet</reg> <reg orig="eies">eyes</reg>.</p></sp>
   <sp who="D"><speaker>Dem.</speaker>
      <p>And thus she <reg orig="meanes">means</reg>, <hi rend="italic">videlicet</hi>.</p></sp>
  <sp who="AF"><speaker>This.</speaker>
     <l><reg orig="Asleepe">Asleep</reg> my <reg orig="Loue">Love</reg>? What, dead my <reg orig="Doue">Dove</reg>?</l>
     <l>O <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Piramus">Pyramus</reg></hi> arise,</l>
<l><reg orig="Speake">Speak</reg>, <reg orig="speake">speak</reg>. Quite <reg orig="dumbe">dumb</reg>? Dead, dead? A <reg orig="toombe">tomb</reg></l>
<l>Must <reg orig="couer">cover</reg> thy <reg orig="sweete">sweet</reg> <reg orig="eies">eyes</reg>.</l>
<l>These <reg orig="lilly">lily</reg> lips, this cherry nose,</l>
<l>These yellow cowslip <reg orig="cheekes">cheeks</reg></l>
<l>Are gone, are gone; <reg orig="Louers">Lovers</reg> make <reg orig="mone">moan</reg>:</l>
<l>His eyes were <reg orig="greene">green</reg> as <reg orig="Leekes">Leeks</reg>.</l>
<l>O sisters three, come, come to&H4; me,</l>
<l>With hands as pale as <reg orig="milke">milk</reg>,</l>
<l>Lay them in&H4; gore, since you <reg orig="haue">have</reg> shore</l>
<l>With <reg orig="sheeres">shears</reg>, his <reg orig="thred">thread</reg> of <reg orig="silke">silk</reg>.</l>
<l>Tongue not a word, come trusty sword,</l>
<l>Come blade, my breast <reg orig="imbrew">imbrue</reg>:</l>
     <l>And <reg orig="farwell">farewell</reg> friends, thus <hi rend="italic">Thisbie</hi> ends;</l>
<l>Adieu, adieu, adieu.</l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker>Duke.</speaker>
   <p><reg orig="Moone-shine">Moonshine</reg> and <reg orig="Lyon">Lion</reg> are left to&H9; bury the dead.</p></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker>Deme.</speaker>
   <l><reg orig="I">Aye</reg>, and Wall too.</l></sp>
 <sp who="AH"><speaker>Lyon.</speaker>
    <p>No&H7;, I assure you the wall is <reg orig="downe">down</reg>, that&H61; parted<lb/>
their Fathers. Will&H1; it please you to&H9; see the Epilogue, or to&H9;<lb/>
<reg orig="heare">hear</reg> a Bergomask dance, <reg orig="betweene">between</reg> two of our&Htp; company?</p></sp>

<sp who="A"><speaker>Duke.</speaker>
   <p>No&H2; Epilogue, I pray you; for&H3; your play needs no&H2;<lb/>
excuse. <reg orig="Neuer">Never</reg> excuse; For&H3; when the players are all dead,<lb/>
there need none to&H9; be blamed. Marry, if he that&H61; writ it, had<lb/>
   <reg orig="plaid">played</reg> <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Piramus">Pyramus</reg></hi>, and <reg orig="hang'd">hanged</reg> <reg orig="himselfe">himself</reg> in&H4; <hi rend="italic">Thisbies</hi> garter, it<lb/>
would <reg orig="haue">have</reg> <reg orig="beene">been</reg> a fine Tragedy: and so&H52; it is <reg orig="truely">truly</reg>, and <lb/>
very notably <reg orig="discharg'd">discharged</reg>. But come, your <reg orig="Burgomaske">Burgomask</reg>; let<lb/>
your Epilogue alone.<lb/></p>
<l>The iron tongue of midnight hath <reg orig="tolde">told</reg> <reg orig="twelue">twelve</reg>.</l>
<l><reg orig="Louers">Lovers</reg> to&H4; bed, <reg orig="tis">it is</reg> almost Fairy time.</l>
<l>I <reg orig="feare">fear</reg> we&Htp; shall <reg orig="out-sleepe">out-sleep</reg> the <reg orig="comming">coming</reg> <reg orig="morne">morn</reg>,</l>
<l>As much as we&Htp; this night <reg orig="haue">have</reg> <reg orig="ouer-watcht">over-watched</reg>.</l>
<l>This palpable <reg orig="grosse">gross</reg> play hath well <reg orig="beguil'd">beguiled</reg></l>
<l>The <reg orig="heauy">heavy</reg> gate of night. Sweet friends to&H4; bed.</l>
<l>A fortnight hold we&Htp; this solemnity,</l>
<l>In&H4; nightly <reg orig="Reuels">Revels</reg>, and new <reg orig="iollity">jollity</reg>.  <stage>Exeunt.</stage></l></sp>
<stage>Enter Pucke.</stage>
<sp who="AA"><speaker>Puck.</speaker>
   <l>Now the hungry <reg orig="Lyons">Lions</reg> <reg orig="rores">roars</reg>.</l>
<l>And the <reg orig="Wolfe">Wolf</reg> beholds the <reg orig="Moone">Moon</reg>;</l>
<l>Whilst the <reg orig="heauy">heavy</reg> ploughman snores,</l>
<l>All with weary <reg orig="taske">task</reg> fore-done.</l>
<l>Now the wasted brands do glow,</l>
<l>Whilst the <reg orig="scritch-owle">screech-owl</reg>, <reg orig="scritching">screeching</reg> loud,</l>
<l>Puts the wretch that&H61; lies in&H4; woe,</l>
<l>In&H4; remembrance of a <reg orig="shrowd">shroud</reg>.</l>
<l>Now it is the time of night,</l>
<l>That&H3; the <reg orig="graues">graves</reg>, all gaping wide,</l>
<l><reg orig="Euery">Every</reg> one lets forth his <reg orig="spright">sprite</reg>,</l>
<l>In&H4; the Churchway paths to&H9; glide.</l>
<l>And we&Htp; Fairies, that&H61; do <reg orig="runnne">run</reg>,</l>
<l>By&H4; the triple <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Hecates">Hecate's</reg></hi> <reg orig="teame">team</reg>,</l>
<l>From the presence of the <reg orig="Sunne">Sun</reg>,</l>
<l>Following <reg orig="darknesse">darkness</reg> like&H4; a <reg orig="dreame">dream</reg>,</l>
<l>Now are <reg orig="frollicke">frolic</reg>; not a Mouse</l>
<l>Shall <reg orig="disturbe">disturb</reg> this hallowed house.</l>
<l>I am sent with <reg orig="broome">broom</reg> before,</l>
<l>To&H9; <reg orig="sweepe">sweep</reg> the dust <reg orig="behinde">behind</reg> the <reg orig="doore">door</reg>.</l></sp>
<stage>Enter King and Queene of Fairies, with their traine.</stage>
<sp who="G"><speaker>Ob.</speaker>
   <l>Through the house <reg orig="giue">give</reg> glimmering light,</l>
<l>By&H4; the dead and <reg orig="drowsie">drowsy</reg> <reg orig="fier">fire</reg>,</l>
<l><reg orig="Euery">Every</reg> <reg orig="Elfe">Elf</reg> and Fairy <reg orig="spright">sprite</reg>,</l>
<l>Hop as light as bird from brier,</l>
<l>And this Ditty after me, Sing and dance it trippingly.</l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker>Tita.</speaker>
   <l>First rehearse your song by&H4; <reg orig="roate">rote</reg>,</l>
<l>To&H4; each word a warbling note.</l>
<l>Hand in&H4; hand, with Fairy grace,</l>
<l>Will&H1; we&Htp; sing and <reg orig="blesse">bless</reg> this place.</l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker>Ob.</speaker>
   <l>Now <reg orig="vntill">until</reg> the <reg orig="breake">break</reg> of day,</l>
<l>Through this house, each Fairy stray.</l>
<l>To&H4; the best bride-bed will&H1; we&Htp;,</l>
<l>Which&H61; by&H4; <reg orig="vs">us&Htp;</reg> shall blessed be:</l>
<l>And the issue there create,</l>
<l><reg orig="Euer">Ever</reg> shall be fortunate:</l>
<l>So&H52; shall all the couples three,</l>
<l><reg orig="Euer">Ever</reg> true in&H4; <reg orig="louing">loving</reg> be:</l>
<l>And the blots of Natures hand,</l>
<l>Shall not in&H4; their issue stand.</l>
<l><reg orig="Neuer">Never</reg> mole, hare-lip, nor <reg orig="scarre">scar</reg>,</l>
<l>Nor <reg orig="marke">mark</reg> prodigious, such as are</l>
<l>Despised in&H4; <reg orig="natiuity">nativity</reg>,</l>
<l>Shall <reg orig="vpon">upon&H4;</reg> their children be.</l>
<l>With this field dew consecrate,</l>
<l><reg orig="Euery">Every</reg> Fairy take his gate,</l>
<l>And each <reg orig="seuerall">several</reg> chamber <reg orig="blesse">bless</reg>,</l>
<l>Through this Palace, with <reg orig="sweete">sweet</reg> peace,</l>
<l><reg orig="Euer">Ever</reg> shall in&H4; safety rest,</l>
<l>And the owner of it <reg orig="blest">blessed</reg>.</l>
<l>Trip away, make no&H2; stay;</l>
<l><reg orig="Meete">Meet</reg> me all, by&H4; <reg orig="breake">break</reg> of day. <stage>Exeunt.</stage></l></sp>
<sp who="AA"><speaker>Robin.</speaker>
   <l>If we&Htp; <reg orig="shadowes">shadows</reg> <reg orig="haue">have</reg> offended,</l>
<l><reg orig="Thinke">Think</reg> but this (and all is mended)</l>
<l>That&H3; you <reg orig="haue">have</reg> but <reg orig="slumbred">slumbered</reg> <reg orig="heere">here</reg>,</l>
<l>While this visions did <reg orig="appeare">appear</reg>.</l>
<l>And this <reg orig="weake">weak</reg> and idle <reg orig="theame">theme</reg>,</l>
<l>No&H2; more <reg orig="yeelding">yielding</reg> but a <reg orig="dreame">dream</reg>,</l>
<l>Gentles, do not reprehend.</l>
<l>If you pardon, we&Htp; will&H1; mend.</l>
   <l>And as I am an honest <hi rend="italic">Pucke</hi>,</l>
<l>If we&Htp; <reg orig="haue">have</reg> <reg orig="vnearned">unearned</reg> <reg orig="lucke">luck</reg>,</l>
<l>Now to&H9; scape the Serpents tongue,</l>
<l>We&Htp; will&H1; make amends ere long:</l>
   <l>Else the <hi rend="italic">Pucke</hi> a <reg orig="lyar">liar</reg> call.</l>
<l>So&H3; good night <reg orig="vnto">unto</reg> you all.</l>
<l><reg orig="Giue">Give</reg> me your hands, if we&Htp; be friends,</l>
   <l>And <hi rend="italic">Robin</hi> shall restore amends.</l></sp>