Golden Age

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            GOLDEN AGE.
            The liues of  <hi rend="italic">Jupiter</hi> and <hi rend="italic">Saturne</hi>, with
               the defining of the Heathen Gods.
               As it hath beene sundry times acted at the Red Bull, by the Queenes Maiesties Seruants.
             Written by THOMAS HEYWOOD.</title>
               <resp>Compiled by 		</resp>
               <name>Katie Jones 		</name>
            <publisher>William Barrenger		</publisher>  
            <pubPlace>London		</pubPlace> 
            <date>1611. 		</date>
            <authority> 		</authority> 
            <p>This encoding was done from the early printed text without
               the benefit of a modern edition as a crib, so editorial decisions
               such as transitions between verse and prose may not be reliable.</p>
               <name id="A">Homer </name>
               <name id="B">Saturn </name>
               <name id="C">Titan </name>
               <name id="D">1 Lord</name>
               <name id="E">Vesta, mother of Saturn </name>
               <name id="F">Sybilla, wife to Saturn </name>
               <name id="G">Lycaon, Son to Titan </name>
               <name id="H">Calisto, daughter to Lycaon </name>
               <name id="I">Jupiter, 1st saved son of Saturn</name>
               <name id="J">Melliseus, King of Epire </name>
               <name id="K">Archas, son to Calisto and Jupiter </name>
               <name id="L">Diana  </name>
               <name id="M">Atlanta </name>
               <name id="N">Egeon, son of Titan </name>
               <name id="O">Enceladus, son of Titan </name>
               <name id="P">Neptune 2nd saved son of Saturn</name>
               <name id="Q">Pluto 3rd saved son of Saturn</name>
               <name id="R">Acrisius, King of Arges </name>
               <name id="S">King Troos </name>
               <name id="T">Ganymede </name>
               <name id="V">Juno, daughter of Saturn </name>
               <name id="W">2 Lord</name>
               <name id="X">Multiple Speakers </name>
               <name id="Y">Satyrs' song</name>
               <name id="Z">3 Lord</name>
               <name id="BA">Clown</name>
               <name id="BB">Nurse</name>
               <name id="BC">1 Beldam</name>
               <name id="BD">2 Beldam</name>
               <name id="BE">3 Beldam</name>
               <name id="BF">4 Beldam</name>
               <name id="BG"></name>
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            <language id="Latin">Latin</language>
            <language id="French">French</language>
      <body> <!-- should the epigraph signed by T.H. be included in the body? -->
            <head>TO THE READER.</head>
               <p>THIS Play <reg orig="comming">coming</reg> accidentally<lb/>
                  to&H4; the <reg orig="Presse">Press</reg>, and at length <reg orig="hauing">having</reg><lb/>
                  notice thereof, I was loath finding<lb/>
                  it mine <reg orig="owne">own</reg> to&H9; see it thrust<lb/>
                  naked into the world, to&H9; abide the <lb/>
                  fury of all weathers, without either <lb/>
                  Title for&H4; acknowledgement, or the <lb/>
                  formality of an Epistle for&H4; ornament.<lb/>
                  Therefore rather to&H9; <reg orig="keepe">keep</reg> <reg orig="custome">custom</reg>, <reg orig="then">than</reg> any necessity, <lb/>
                  I <reg orig="haue">have</reg> <reg orig="fixt">fixed</reg> these few lines in&H4; the front of my<lb/>
                  <reg orig="Booke">Book</reg>: neither to&H9; <reg orig="approue">approve</reg> it, as <reg orig="tastfull">tasteful</reg> to&H4; <reg orig="euery">every</reg> <reg orig="palat">palate</reg>,<lb/>
                  nor to&H9; disgrace it, as able to&H9; relish none, <reg orig="onely">only</reg> to&H9; commit <lb/>
                  it freely to&H4; the <reg orig="generall">general</reg> censure of Readers, as it <lb/>
                  hath already <reg orig="past">passed</reg> the approbation of Auditors. This is <lb/>
                  the <hi rend="italic">Golden Age</hi>, the eldest brother of three Ages, that&H61; <lb/>
                  <reg orig="haue">have</reg> <reg orig="aduentured">adventured</reg> the Stage, but the <reg orig="onely">only</reg> yet, that&H61;<lb/>
                  hath <reg orig="beene">been</reg> <reg orig="iudged">judged</reg> to&H4; the <reg orig="Presse">Press</reg>. As this is <reg orig="receiued">received</reg>, <lb/>
                  so&H3; you shall find the rest: either <lb/>
                  <reg orig="fearefull">fearful</reg> further to&H9; <reg orig="proceede">proceed</reg>, <lb/>
                  or encouraged boldly to&H9; <lb/>
                  <hi rend="italic">Yours <reg orig="euer">ever</reg></hi><lb/>
               T. H.</p>
              The Golden Age,
               <hi rend="italic">With the <reg orig="liues">lives</reg> of</hi> <reg orig="Iupiter">Jupiter</reg> <hi rend="italic">and</hi> 
               <reg orig="Saturne">Saturn</reg>.

         <div1 n="1" type="act">
            <div2 n="1" type="scene">

<stage>Enter old HOMER</stage>
<sp who="A"><speaker></speaker>
<l>THE Gods of <hi rend="italic">Greece</hi>, whose <reg orig="deitles">deities</reg> I <reg orig="rais'd">raised</reg></l>
<l>Out of the earth, <reg orig="gaue">gave</reg> them <reg orig="diuinity">divinity</reg>,</l>
<l>The attributes of Sacrifice and Prayer</l>
<l><reg orig="Haue">Have</reg> <reg orig="giu??">given</reg> old <hi rend="italic">Homer</hi> <reg orig="leaue">leave</reg> to&H9; view the world</l>
<l>And make his <reg orig="owne">own</reg> presentment. I am he</l>
<l>That&H61; by&H4; my pen <reg orig="gaue">gave</reg> <reg orig="heauen">heaven</reg> to&H4; <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Iupiter">Jupiter</reg></hi>,</l>
<l>Made <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Neptunes">Neptune's</reg></hi> Trident <reg orig="calme">calm</reg>, the curled <reg orig="waues">waves</reg>,</l>
<l><reg orig="Gaue">Gave</reg> <hi rend="italic">Aeolus</hi> Lordship <reg orig="ore">over</reg> the warring winds;</l>
<l>Created <reg orig="blacke">black</reg> <reg orig="hair'd">haired</reg> <hi rend="italic">Pluto</hi> King of Ghosts,</l>
<l>And regent <reg orig="ore">over</reg> the <reg orig="Kingdomes">Kingdoms</reg> <reg orig="fixt">fixed</reg> below.</l>
<l>By&H4; me <hi rend="italic">Mars</hi> <reg orig="warres">wars</reg>, and fluent <hi rend="italic">Mercury</hi></l>
<l><reg orig="Speakes">Speaks</reg> from my tongue. I <reg orig="plac'd">placed</reg> <reg orig="diuine">divine</reg> <hi rend="italic">Apollo</hi></l>
<l>Within the <reg orig="Sunnes">Sun's</reg> bright Chariot. I made <hi rend="italic">Venus</hi></l>
<l><reg orig="Goddesse">Goddess</reg> of <reg orig="Loue">Love</reg>, and to&H4; her&H2; winged <reg orig="sonne">son</reg></l>
<l><reg orig="Gaue">Gave</reg> <reg orig="seuerall">several</reg> <reg orig="arrowes">arrows</reg>, <reg orig="tipt">tipped</reg> with Gold and lead.</l>
<l>What hath not <hi rend="italic">Homer</hi> done, to&H9; make his name</l>
<l><reg orig="Liue">Live</reg> to&H4; eternity? I was the man</l>
<l>That&H61; <reg orig="flourish'd">flourished</reg> in&H4; the worlds first infancy:</l>
<l>When it was <reg orig="yong">young</reg>, and knew not how to&H9; <reg orig="speake">speak</reg>,</l>
<l>I taught it speech, and <reg orig="vnderstanding">understanding</reg> both</l>
<l><reg orig="Euen">Even</reg> in&H1; the Cradle: <reg orig="Oh">O</reg> then suffer me,</l>
<l>You that&H61; are in&H4; the worlds decrepit Age,</l>
<l>When it is <reg orig="neere">near</reg> his <reg orig="vniuersall">universal</reg> <reg orig="graue">grave</reg>,</l>
<l>To&H9; sing an old song; and in&H4; this Iron Age</l>
<l><reg orig="Shew">Show</reg> you the state of the first golden world,</l>
<l>I was the Muses Patron, learnings spring,</l>
<l>And you shall once more <reg orig="heare">hear</reg> <reg orig="blinde">blind</reg> <hi rend="italic">Homer</hi> sing.</l></sp>
<stage>Enter two Lords.</stage>
<sp who="D"><speaker>1. Lord.</speaker>
<l>The old <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Vranus">Uranus</reg></hi>, <reg orig="sonne">son</reg> of the <reg orig="Aire">Air</reg> <reg orig="&">and</reg> Day</l>
<l>Is dead, and left <reg orig="behinde">behind</reg> him two <reg orig="braue">brave</reg> <reg orig="sonnes">sons</reg>,</l>
<l><hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Tytan">Titan</reg></hi> and <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Saturne">Saturn</reg></hi>.</l></sp>
<sp who="W"><speaker>2.</speaker>
<l><hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Tytan">Titan</reg></hi> is the eldest,</l>
<l>And should succeed by&H4; the true right of birth.</l></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker>2. Lord.</speaker> <!-- let 1. Lord take this so as to alternate speech between the 2 Lords-->
<l>But <hi rend="italic">Saturn</hi> hath the hearts of <reg orig="al">all</reg> the people,</l>
<l>The <reg orig="Kingdomes">Kingdom's</reg> high applause, his mothers <reg orig="loue">love</reg>,</l>
<l>The least of these are steppes <reg orig="vnto">unto</reg> a <reg orig="crowne">crown</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="W"><speaker>2. Lord.</speaker>
<l>But how <reg orig="wil">will&H1;</reg> <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Tytan">Titan</reg></hi> <reg orig="beare">bear</reg> him in&H4; these troubles,</l>
<l>Being by&H4; nature proud and insolent,</l>
<l>To&H9; see the <reg orig="yonger">younger</reg> seated in&H4; his throne,</l>
<l>And he to&H4; whom the true right <reg orig="appertaines">appertains</reg>,</l>
<l>By&H4; birth, and law of Nations quite cast off?</l></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker>1. Lord.</speaker>
<l>That&H62; either power or <reg orig="steele">steel</reg> must arbitrate:</l>
<l>Causes best friended <reg orig="haue">have</reg> the best <reg orig="euent">event</reg>.</l>
<l>Here <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Saturne">Saturn</reg></hi> comes.</l></sp>
<stage>Enter Saturne and Vesta with other attendants.</stage>
 <sp who="B"><speaker>Saturn.</speaker>          
<l>Behold what nature <reg orig="skanted">scanted</reg> me in&H4; <reg orig="yeares">years</reg>,</l>
<l>And time, below my brother; your applause,</l>
<l>And general <reg orig="loue">love</reg>, fully supplies me with:</l>
<l>And make me to&H4; his <reg orig="crowne">crown</reg> inheritable.</l>
<l>I choose it as my right by&H4; gift of <reg orig="heauen">heaven</reg>,</l>
<l>The peoples suffrage, the dead Kings bequest,</l>
<l>And your election, our&Htp; <reg orig="faire">fair</reg> mother <reg orig="Queene">Queen</reg>,</l>
<l>Against all these what can <reg orig="twelue">twelve</reg> <reg orig="moones">moons</reg> of time,</l> 
<l><reg orig="Preuaile">Prevail</reg> with <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Tytan">Titan</reg></hi> to&H9; <reg orig="dis-herite">disinherit</reg> <reg orig="vs">us&Htp;</reg>.</l></sp>
  <sp who="E"><speaker>Vesta.</speaker>
<l>The Cretan people, with shrill acclamations</l>
<l>Pronounce thee <reg orig="soueraigne">sovereign</reg> <reg orig="ore">over</reg> their lands and <reg orig="liues">lives</reg>,</l>
<l>Let <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Tytan">Titan</reg></hi> <reg orig="storme">storm</reg>, and threaten strange <reg orig="reuenge">revenge</reg>,</l>
<l>We&Htp; are <reg orig="resolu'd">resolved</reg> thy honour to&H9; <reg orig="maintaine">maintain</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker>1. Lord.</speaker>
<l><hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Tytan">Titan</reg></hi>, thy <reg orig="ruine">ruin</reg> shall attempt in&H4; <reg orig="vaine">vain</reg></l>
<l>Our&Htp; hearts <reg orig="ad-here">adhere</reg> with <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Uestaes">Vesta's</reg></hi> our&Htp; late <reg orig="Queene">Queen</reg>,</l>
<l>According to&H4; our&Htp; <reg orig="soueraignes">sovereigns</reg> late bequest,</l>
<l>To&H9; <reg orig="kneele">kneel</reg> to&H4; <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Saturne">Saturn</reg></hi>.</l></sp>
  <sp who="B"><speaker>Saturne.</speaker>
<l>We&Hrp; accept your <reg orig="loues">loves</reg>,</l>
<l>And we&Hrp; will&H1; <reg orig="striue">strive</reg> by&H4; <reg orig="merite">merit</reg> to&H9; exceed you.</l>
<l>In&H4; <reg orig="iust">just</reg> <reg orig="requitall">requital</reg> of these <reg orig="fauours">favours</reg> done.</l></sp>
  <sp who="E"><speaker>Vesta.</speaker>
<l><reg orig="Arme">Arm</reg> Lords, I <reg orig="heare">hear</reg> the <reg orig="voyce">voice</reg> </l>
    <stage>A noise of tumult within</stage>
<l>Of <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Tytan">Titan</reg></hi> storming at this strange election.</l></sp>
<stage>Enter Tytan, Lycaon and others.</stage>
<sp who="C"><speaker>Tytan.</speaker>
<l>Descend proud <reg orig="vpstart">upstart</reg>, <reg orig="trickt">tricked</reg> <reg orig="vp">up&H5;</reg> in&H4; <reg orig="stoln">stolen</reg> weeds</l>
<l><reg orig="Deckt">Decked</reg> in&H4; <reg orig="vsurped">usurped</reg> state, and <reg orig="borowed">borrowed</reg> honours,</l>
<l><reg orig="Resigne">Resign</reg> them to&H4; their owner, <reg orig="that's">that&H62; is</reg> to&H4; me.</l></sp>
 <sp who="B"><speaker>Sat.</speaker>   
<l><hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Tytan">Titan</reg></hi> keep off, I charge thee <reg orig="neere">near</reg> me not,</l>
<l>Lest I thy bold presumption <reg orig="seale">seal</reg> with <reg orig="bloud">blood</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker>Tytan.</speaker>
<l>A Crown's worth tugging for&H5;, <reg orig="&">and</reg> I <reg orig="wil">will&H1;</reg> <reg orig="ha't">have it</reg></l>
<l>Though in&H4; <reg orig="pursute">pursuit</reg> I dare my ominous Fate.</l></sp>
 <sp who="G"><speaker>Licaon.</speaker>
<l><reg orig="Downe">Down</reg> with the <reg orig="vsurper">usurper</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="E"><speaker>Vesta.</speaker>
<l><hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Saturne">Saturn</reg></hi> here shall stand,</l>
<l><reg orig="Immoueable">Immovable</reg>; <reg orig="vpheld">upheld</reg> by&H4; <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Vestaes">Vesta's</reg></hi> hand.</l></sp>
  <sp who="C"><speaker>Tytan.</speaker>
<l>Am I not eldest?</l></sp>
  <sp who="E"><speaker>Vesta.</speaker>
<l><reg orig="Ey">Aye</reg> but <reg orig="yong'st">youngest</reg> in&H4; <reg orig="braine">brain</reg>.</l>
     <l><hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Saturne">Saturn</reg></hi> the <reg orig="crowne">crown</reg> hath <reg orig="ceas'd">seized</reg>, and he shall <reg orig="reigne">reign</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker>Tytan.</speaker>
<l>Am I a bastard, that&H3; my heritage</l>
<l>Is wrested from me by&H4; a <reg orig="yonger">younger</reg> birth?</l>
     <l>Hath <hi rend="italic">Vesta</hi> <reg orig="plaid">played</reg> <reg orig="th'adulteresse">the adulteress</reg> with some stranger?</l>
     <l>If I be eldest from <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Vranus">Uranus</reg></hi> <reg orig="loynes">loins</reg>,</l>
<l>Your maiden Issue, why am I <reg orig="debar'd">debarred</reg></l>
     <l>The law of Nations? am I <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Vestaes">Vesta's</reg></hi> <reg orig="sonne">son</reg>?</l>
     <l>Why doth not <hi rend="italic">Vesta</hi> then <reg orig="appeare">appear</reg> a mother?</l>
     <l>Was <reg orig="yonger">younger</reg> <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Saturne">Saturn</reg></hi> bedded in&H4; your <reg orig="wombe">womb</reg>,</l>
<l><reg orig="Neerer">Nearer</reg> your heart <reg orig="then">than</reg> I, that&H3; <reg orig="hee's">he is</reg> affected</l>
<l>And I <reg orig="despis'd">despised</reg>? If none of these, then grant me,</l>
<l>What <reg orig="Iustice">Justice</reg> <reg orig="wils">wills</reg>, my interest in&H4; the <reg orig="Crowne">Crown</reg>:</l>
<l>Or if you make me out-cast, if my Mother</l>
<l>Forget the <reg orig="loue">love</reg> she owes, I shall abandon</l>
     <l>The duty of a <reg orig="sonne">son</reg>. If <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Saturne">Saturn</reg></hi> <reg orig="prooue">prove</reg></l>
<l><reg orig="Vnnaturall">Unnatural</reg>, <reg orig="I'le">I will&H1;</reg> be no&H2; more a brother,</l>
<l>But maugre all that&H61; <reg orig="haue">have</reg> my right withstood,</l>
<l><reg orig="Reuenge">Revenge</reg> my wrongs, <reg orig="&">and</reg> make my way through <reg orig="bloud">blood</reg>.</l></sp>
 <sp who="B"><speaker>Sat.</speaker>         
    <l><hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Tytan">Titan</reg></hi> we&Htp; both acknowledge thee a brother,</l>
    <l>And <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Vestaes">Vesta's</reg></hi> <reg orig="sonne">son</reg>, which&H61; <reg orig="wee'le">we&Htp; will&H1;</reg> <reg orig="expresse">express</reg> in&H4; <reg orig="loue">love</reg>,</l>
<l>But since for&H4; many vertues growing in&H4; me</l>
<l>That&H61; <reg orig="haue">have</reg> no&H2; life in&H4; you, the <reg orig="Queene">Queen</reg>, the <reg orig="Peeres">Peers</reg>,</l>
<l>And all the people, with <reg orig="lowd">loud</reg> suffrages,</l>
<l><reg orig="Haue">Have</reg> <reg orig="shrild">shrilled</reg> their <reg orig="Auees">Aves</reg> high <reg orig="aboue">above</reg> the clouds,</l>
<l>And <reg orig="stil'd">styled</reg> me King, we&Hrp; should forget their <reg orig="loues">loves</reg></l>
<l>Not to&H9; <reg orig="maintaine">maintain</reg> their strange election.</l>
<l><reg orig="Aduise">Advise</reg> you therefore, since this bold <reg orig="aduenture">adventure</reg></l>
<l>Is much <reg orig="aboue">above</reg> your strength, to&H9; <reg orig="arme">arm</reg> <reg orig="your selfe">yourself</reg>,</l>
<l>In&H4; search of future honours with our&Hrp; <reg orig="loue">love</reg>,</l>
    <l>For&H3; what can <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Tytan">Titan</reg></hi> do against a people?</l></sp>
 <sp who="E"><speaker>Uesta.</speaker>
    <l><hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Saturne">Saturn</reg></hi> <reg orig="aduiseth">adviseth</reg> well, list to&H4; his <reg orig="consell">counsel</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker>Tytan.</speaker>
<l>If my <reg orig="owne">own</reg> land <reg orig="proue">prove</reg> thus <reg orig="vnnaturall">unnatural</reg>,</l>
<l><reg orig="I'le">I will&H1;</reg> purchase <reg orig="forrraine">foreign</reg> aid.</l></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker>1. Lord.</speaker>
<l>Rather compound.</l></sp>
 <sp who="B"><speaker>Sat.</speaker>     
    <l>Let <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Tytan">Titan</reg></hi> make demand of <reg orig="any thing">anything</reg></l>
<l><reg orig="Sauing">Saving</reg> our&Hrp; <reg orig="Crowne">Crown</reg>, he shall <reg orig="enioy">enjoy</reg> it freely.</l></sp>
 <sp who="E"><speaker>Uesta.</speaker>
    <l><hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Tytan">Titan</reg></hi>, your brother offers royally,</l>
<l>Accept his <reg orig="loue">love</reg>.</l></sp>
  <sp who="C"><speaker>Tytan.</speaker>
<l>To&H9; <reg orig="loose">lose</reg> a <reg orig="Crowne">Crown</reg> includes</l>
<l>The <reg orig="losse">loss</reg> of all things. What should I demand?</l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker>Lycaon.</speaker>
   <l>This grant him <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Saturne">Saturn</reg></hi>, since thy insinuation</l>
<l>Hath wrought him quite out of the <reg orig="Cretans">Cretan's</reg> hearts,</l>
   <l>That&H3; <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Tytans">Titans</reg></hi> warlike issue may succeed thee.</l></sp>
  <sp who="C"><speaker>Tytan.</speaker>
     <l><hi rend="italic">Lycaon</hi> well <reg orig="aduis'd">advised</reg>, he during life,</l>
<l>Shall <reg orig="reigne">reign</reg> in&H4; peace, no&H2; interruption,</l>
     <l>Shall <reg orig="passe">pass</reg> from <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Tytan">Titan</reg></hi> to&H9; <reg orig="disturbe">disturb</reg> his <reg orig="reigne">reign</reg>,</l>
<l>So&H3; to&H4; our&Htp; <reg orig="Gyant">Giant</reg> race thou wilt assure</l>
<l>The <reg orig="crowne">crown</reg> as due by&H4; right inheritance.</l></sp>
  <sp who="B"><speaker>Saturne.</speaker>
<l>To&H9; cut off all hostile effusion</l>
<l>Of human <reg orig="bloud">blood</reg>, which&H61; by&H4; our&Htp; difference</l>
<l>Must needs be spilt <reg orig="vpon">upon&H4;</reg> the barren earth,</l>
<l><reg orig="Wee'le">We&Hrp; will&H1;</reg> <reg orig="sweare">swear</reg> to&H4; this accord.</l></sp>
  <sp who="C"><speaker>Tytan.</speaker>
<l><reg orig="Conditiond">Conditioned</reg> thus,</l>
<l>That&H3; to&H9; <reg orig="depriue">deprive</reg> all future enmity</l>
<l>In&H4; our&Htp; succeeding Issue, thy male children</l>
<l>Thou in&H4; their Cradle strangle.</l></sp>
  <sp who="B"><speaker>Saturne.</speaker>
<l>Kill my <reg orig="sonnes">sons</reg>?</l></sp>
  <sp who="C"><speaker>Tytan.</speaker>
<l>Or <reg orig="sweare">swear</reg> to&H4; this, or all our&Htp; warlike race,</l>
<l><reg orig="Disperst">Dispersed</reg> in&H4; <reg orig="seuerall">several</reg> <reg orig="Kingdomes">Kingdoms</reg> <reg orig="Il'e">I will&H1;</reg> assemble,</l>
<l>To&H9; conquer thee, and from thy ambitious head,</l>
<l><reg orig="Teare">Tear</reg> that&H62; <reg orig="vsurped">usurped</reg> <reg orig="Crowne">Crown</reg>.</l></sp>
  <sp who="B"><speaker>Saturne.</speaker>
     <l><hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Tytan">Titan</reg></hi>, thy friendship</l>
<l><reg orig="Wee'l">WE&Hrp; will&H1;</reg> buy with our&Hrp; own <reg orig="bloud">blood</reg>, all our&Hrp; male children,</l>
<l>(If we&Hrp; hereafter shall <reg orig="haue">have</reg> any <reg orig="borne">born</reg>)</l>
<l>Shall perish in&H4; their births, to&H4; this we&Hrp; <reg orig="sweare">swear</reg>,</l>
<l>As we&Hrp; are King and <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Saturne">Saturn</reg></hi>.</l></sp>
  <sp who="C"><speaker>Tytan.</speaker>
<l>I the like&H0;,</l>
<l>As I am <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Tytan">Titan</reg></hi>, and <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Vranus">Uranus</reg></hi> <reg orig="sonne">son</reg>:</l>
<l>This league <reg orig="confirm'd">confirmed</reg>, all my <reg orig="Allyes">Allies</reg> <reg orig="I'le">I will&H1;</reg> gather</l>
<l>Search <reg orig="forreigne">foreign</reg> <reg orig="clymes">climes</reg>, in&H4; which&H61; <reg orig="Il'e">I will&H1;</reg> plant my kin,</l>
<l>Scorning a <reg orig="seate">seat</reg> here where I am <reg orig="dispis'd">despised</reg>,</l>
<l>To&H9; <reg orig="liue">live</reg> a <reg orig="subiect">subject</reg> to&H4; a younger birth.</l>
<l>Nor bow to&H4; that&H62; which&H61; is my <reg orig="owne">own</reg> by&H4; due.</l>
     <l><hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Saturne">Saturn</reg></hi> farewell, <reg orig="Il'e">I will&H1;</reg> <reg orig="leaue">leave</reg> thee to&H4; thy state,</l>
<l><reg orig="Whil'st">Whilst</reg> I in&H4; <reg orig="forreigne">foreign</reg> <reg orig="Kingdomes">Kingdoms</reg> search my Fate.</l>
<l><reg orig="Thinke">Think</reg> on&H4; thy oath.</l></sp>
  <sp who="B"><speaker>Saturne.</speaker>
<l>First stay with <reg orig="vs">us&Hrp;</reg> and feast,</l>
     <l><hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Tytan">Titan</reg></hi> this day shall be King <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Saturns">Saturn's</reg></hi> guest.</l></sp>
<stage>Enter the Clowne and a Nurse.</stage>
<sp who="BA"><speaker>Clown.</speaker>                 
<l>There is no&H2; dallying, you must come with all <reg orig="speede">speed</reg>,</l>
   <l>For&H3; Madam <hi rend="italic">Sibilla</hi> is <reg orig="growne">grown</reg> a great woman.</l></sp>
  <sp who="BB"><speaker>Nurs.</speaker>
<l>That&H62; is without question, for&H3; she is now a <reg orig="Queene">Queen</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="BA"><speaker>Clown.</speaker>                 
<p>Nay, she is greater <reg orig="then">than</reg> many <reg orig="Queenes">Queens</reg> are: for&H3; though<lb/>
   you may <reg orig="thinke">think</reg> she is with ancient <reg orig="folkes">folks</reg>: yet I can assure you<lb/>
   she is with <reg orig="childe">child</reg>, you may imagine, <reg orig="beeing">being</reg> now but morning<lb/>
   <reg orig="shee">she</reg> is new risen, yet <reg orig="t'is">it is</reg> thought that&H3; ere <reg orig="noone">noon</reg> she will&H1; <reg orig="bee">be</reg><lb/>
   brought a bed. I <reg orig="neuer">never</reg> heard she was <reg orig="commited">committed</reg> to&H4; prison: yet<lb/>
   <reg orig="t'is">it is</reg> <reg orig="look't">looked</reg> <reg orig="euery">every</reg> <reg orig="houre">hour</reg> when she shall be <reg orig="deliuered">delivered</reg>, and therefore<lb/>
   Nurse I was sent to&H4; you in&H4; all haste.</p></sp>

  <sp who="BB"><speaker>Nurs.</speaker>
<p>Is she so&H51; <reg orig="neere">near</reg> her&H2; time?</p></sp>
<sp who="BA"><speaker>Clown.</speaker>                 
<p>Yes: and yet <reg orig="tis">it is</reg> thought <reg orig="shee">she</reg> will&H1; notwithstanding<lb/>
   hold out, because she is <reg orig="groning">groaning</reg>.</p></sp>

  <sp who="BB"><speaker>Nurs.</speaker>
<p>Your reason?</p></sp>
<sp who="BA"><speaker>Clowne.</speaker>                 
   <p>Because you know the <reg orig="prouerbe">proverb</reg>: <hi rend="italic">A grunting horse</hi>,<lb/>
      <hi rend="italic">and a <reg orig="groning">groaning</reg> wife <reg orig="neuer">never</reg> <reg orig="deceiue">deceive</reg> their <reg orig="Maister">Master</reg></hi>: say, will&H1; you make<lb/>
      haste Nurse?</p></sp>

  <sp who="BB"><speaker>Nurs.</speaker>
<p><reg orig="What's">What is</reg> the best news abroad?</p></sp>
<sp who="BA"><speaker>Clown.</speaker>                 
   <p>The best <reg orig="newes">news</reg> <reg orig="abrode">abroad</reg> is, that&H3; the <reg orig="Queene">Queen</reg> is likely<lb/>
      to&H9; <reg orig="keepe">keep</reg> at home: and is it not strange, that&H3; <reg orig="halfe">half</reg> an <reg orig="houres">hours</reg> being<lb/>
      abroad should make a woman <reg orig="haue">have</reg> a <reg orig="moneths">months</reg> <reg orig="minde">mind</reg> to&H9;<lb/>
      <reg orig="keepe">keep</reg> in&H5;. But the worst <reg orig="newes">news</reg> is, that&H3; if the King <reg orig="haue">have</reg> a young<lb/>
      Prince, <reg orig="hee">he</reg> is tide to&H9; kill it by&H4; oath: but if his <reg orig="maiesty">majesty</reg> went <lb/>
      <reg orig="drunke">drunk</reg> to&H4; bed, and got a <reg orig="gyrle">girl</reg>, she hath <reg orig="leaue">leave</reg> to&H9; <reg orig="liue">live</reg> till she<lb/>
   <reg orig="dye">die</reg>, and <reg orig="dye">die</reg> when she can <reg orig="liue">live</reg> no&H2; longer.</p></sp>

  <sp who="BB"><speaker>Nurs.</speaker>
<l>That&H62; <reg orig="couenant">covenant</reg> was the most <reg orig="vnnaturall">unnatural</reg></l>
<l>That&H61; <reg orig="euer">ever</reg> father made: one <reg orig="louely">lovely</reg> boy</l>
<l>Hath felt the <reg orig="rigor">rigour</reg> of that&H62; strict decree,</l>
<l>And if this second likewise be a <reg orig="sonne">son</reg>,</l>
<l>There is no&H2; way but death.</l></sp>
<sp who="BA"><speaker>Clown.</speaker>                 
   <p>I can tell you more <reg orig="newes">news</reg>: the king hath sent to&H4; the<lb/>
      Oracle to&H9; know whether my Lady be with <reg orig="childe">child</reg> of a boy or a<lb/>
      <reg orig="gyrle">girl</reg>, and what their fortunes shall be: the Lord that&H61; went, is<lb/>
      <reg orig="look't">looked</reg> for&H5; <reg orig="euery">every</reg> day to&H9; <reg orig="returne">return</reg> with his <reg orig="answere">answer</reg>: it is so&H51; <reg orig="Gossipt">Gossiped</reg><lb/>
      in&H4; the <reg orig="Queenes">Queen's</reg> chamber, I can tell you. O Nurse <reg orig="wee">we&Htp;</reg> <reg orig="haue">have</reg><lb/>
      the <reg orig="brauest">bravest</reg> king, if thou knewest all.</p></sp>

  <sp who="BB"><speaker>Nurs.</speaker>
<l>Why I pray thee?</l></sp>
<sp who="BA"><speaker>Clowne.</speaker>                 
   <p>Let his vertues <reg orig="speake">speak</reg> for&H4; <reg orig="himselfe">himself</reg>: he hath taught<lb/>
      his people to&H9; sow, to&H9; <reg orig="plow">plough</reg>, to&H9; <reg orig="reape">reap</reg> <reg orig="corne">corn</reg>, and to&H9; <reg orig="skorne">scorn</reg> <reg orig="Akehorns">Acorns</reg><lb/>
      with their <reg orig="heeles">heels</reg>, to&H9; bake and to&H9; <reg orig="brue">brew</reg>: we&Htp; that&H61; were wont<lb/>
   to&H9; <reg orig="drinke">drink</reg> nothing but water, <reg orig="haue">have</reg> the <reg orig="brauest">bravest</reg> liquor at Court<lb/>
      as passeth. Besides, he hath <reg orig="deuised">devised</reg> a strange engine, called a<lb/>
      Bow and Arrow, that&H61; a man may hold in&H4; hand, and kill a <reg orig="wilde">wild</reg><lb/>
      beast a great way off, and <reg orig="neuer">never</reg> come in&H4; danger of his clutches.<lb/>
      <reg orig="I'le">I will&H1;</reg> tell you a strange thing Nurse, last time the King went <lb/>
      <reg orig="a hunting">a-hunting</reg>, he <reg orig="kild">killed</reg> a <reg orig="beare">bear</reg>, brought him home to&H9; be <reg orig="bak't">baked</reg> and eaten:<lb/>
      A Gentlewoman of the Court, that&H61; <reg orig="sed">said</reg> <reg orig="hungerly">hungrily</reg> <reg orig="vpon">upon&H4;</reg> this<lb/>
      <reg orig="pye">pie</reg>, had such a rumbling and roaring in&H4; her&H2; guts, that&H3; her&H2; <reg orig="Intrails">Entrails</reg><lb/>
      were all in&H4; a mutiny, and could not be appeased. No&H2; <reg orig="phisicke">physic</reg>,<lb/>
      would <reg orig="helpe">help</reg> her&H6;, what did the King but caused an excellent<lb/>
   <reg orig="Mastiffe">Mastiff</reg> to&H9; be <reg orig="knock't">knocked</reg> in&H4; the head, and <reg orig="drest">dressed</reg>, <reg orig="gaue">gave</reg> it to&H4;<lb/>
      the gentlewoman, of which&H61; when she had well eaten, the flesh <lb/>
      of the <reg orig="Mastiffe">Mastiff</reg> worried the <reg orig="beare">bear</reg> in&H4; her&H2; belly, and <reg orig="euer">ever</reg> since<lb/>
      her&H2; guts <reg orig="haue">have</reg> left <reg orig="wambling">rumbling</reg>. But come, come, I was sent in&H4; <reg orig="hast">haste</reg>,<lb/>
   the <reg orig="Queene">Queen</reg> must needs <reg orig="speake">speak</reg> with you.</p></sp>

<stage>Enter Saturne with wedges of gold and siluer, models of ships, and buildings,
   bow and arrowes, &c His Lords with him.</stage>
  <sp who="B"><speaker>Saturne.</speaker>
<l>You shall no&H2; more be <reg orig="lodg'd">lodged</reg> beneath the trees,</l>
<l>Nor chamber <reg orig="vnderneath">underneath</reg> the spreading <reg orig="Okes">Oaks</reg>:</l>
<l>Behold, I <reg orig="haue">have</reg> <reg orig="deuis'd">devised</reg> you <reg orig="formes">forms</reg> for&H4; <reg orig="tooles">tools</reg>,</l>
<l>To&H9; square out timber, and <reg orig="performe">perform</reg> the Art&H0;</l>
<l>Of Architecture, yet <reg orig="vnknowne">unknown</reg> till now.</l>
<l><reg orig="I'le">I will&H1;</reg> draw you <reg orig="formes">forms</reg> of Cities, <reg orig="Townes">Towns</reg> and Towers,</l>
<l>For&H4; <reg orig="vse">use</reg> and strength, behold the models here.</l></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker>1 Lord.</speaker>
<l><hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Saturnes">Saturn's</reg></hi> <reg orig="inuentions">inventions</reg> are <reg orig="diuine">divine</reg>, not <reg orig="humane">human</reg>,</l>
<l>A God-like spirit hath <reg orig="inspir'd">inspired</reg> his <reg orig="reigne">reign</reg>.</l>
<l><hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Saturne">Saturn</reg></hi>, See here a second <reg orig="Arte">Art&H0;</reg> of Husbandry,</l>
<l>To&H9; till the earth, to&H9; <reg orig="plow">plough</reg>, to&H9; sow, to&H9; plant,</l>
<l><reg orig="Deuis'd">Devised</reg> by&H4; <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Saturne">Saturn</reg></hi>: here is gold <reg orig="refin'd">refined</reg></l>
<l>From Grosser <reg orig="mettals">metals</reg>, <reg orig="siluer">silver</reg>, <reg orig="brasse">brass</reg>, and <reg orig="tinne">tin</reg>,</l>
<l>With other minerals, extract from earth.</l>
<l>I likewise <reg orig="haue">have</reg> found out to&H9; make your brooks,</l>
<l>Rivers and seas by&H4; <reg orig="practise">practice</reg> <reg orig="Nauigable">Navigable</reg>.</l>
<l>Behold a <reg orig="forme">form</reg> to&H9; make your <reg orig="Craers">Crafts</reg> and <reg orig="Barkes">Barks</reg></l>
<l>To&H9; <reg orig="passe">pass</reg> huge <reg orig="streames">streams</reg> in&H4; safety, <reg orig="dangerlesse">dangerless</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="W"><speaker>2. Lord.</speaker>
<l><hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Saturne">Saturn</reg></hi> is a God.</l></sp>
 <sp who="B"><speaker>Saturne.</speaker>              
<l>The last, not least, this <reg orig="vse">use</reg> of Archery,</l>
<l><reg orig="Thostringed">The stringed</reg>, bow, and <reg orig="nimble-fethered-shaft">nimble-feathered-shaft</reg>:</l>
<l>By&H4; this you may command the flying <reg orig="fowle">fowl</reg>,</l>
<l>And reach her&H6; from on&H4; high: this <reg orig="serues">serves</reg> for&H4; <reg orig="warre">war</reg>,</l>
<l>To&H9; strike and wound thy foe-man from <reg orig="a farre">afar</reg>.</l>
<l>What <reg orig="meanes">means</reg> this acclamation?</l></sp>
<stage>Alowd shout within.</stage>
<sp who="D"><speaker>1. Lord.</speaker>
<l><reg orig="Tis">It is</reg> thy people,</l>
<l><reg orig="Deuinest">Divinest</reg> <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Saturne">Saturn</reg></hi> <reg orig="furnisht">furnished</reg> with these <reg orig="vses">uses</reg>,</l>
<l>(More <reg orig="then">than</reg> the Gods <reg orig="haue">have</reg> lent them) by&H4; thy <reg orig="meanes">means</reg>.</l>
<l><reg orig="Proclaime">Proclaim</reg> to&H4; thee a lasting deity.</l>
<l>And would <reg orig="haue">have</reg> <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Saturne">Saturn</reg></hi> honoured as a God.</l></sp>
 <sp who="B"><speaker>Saturne.</speaker>              
<l><reg orig="Wee'l">We&Hrp; will&H1;</reg> study future profits for&H4; their <reg orig="vse">use</reg>,</l>
<l>And in&H4; our&Hrp; fresh <reg orig="inuentions">inventions</reg> <reg orig="proue">prove</reg> <reg orig="diuine">divine</reg>.</l>
<l>But Gods are <reg orig="neuer">never</reg> <reg orig="touch't">touched</reg> with my suspires,</l>
<l>Passions and throbs: their God-like Issue <reg orig="thriue">thrive</reg>,</l>
<l>Whilst I <reg orig="vn-man-like">un-man-like</reg> must <reg orig="desttoy">destroy</reg> my babes.</l>
<l><reg orig="Oh">O</reg> my strict oath to&H4; <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Tytan">Titan</reg></hi>, which&H61; confounds</l>
<l>All my precedent honours: one <reg orig="sweete">sweet</reg> babe,</l>
<l>My <reg orig="yongest">youngest</reg> Ops hath felt the <reg orig="bloudy">bloody</reg> knife,</l>
<l>And <reg orig="perisht">perished</reg> in&H4; his swathing: And my <reg orig="Queene">Queen</reg></l>
<l><reg orig="Swels">Swells</reg> with another Infant in&H4; her&H2; <reg orig="wombe">womb</reg>,</l>
<l>Ready to&H9; taste like&H2; <reg orig="rigor">rigour</reg>. Is that&H62; Lord</l>
<l><reg orig="Return'd">Returned</reg> from Delphos yet?</l></sp>
<sp who="W"><speaker>2 Lord.</speaker>
<l>He is.</l></sp>
 <sp who="B"><speaker>Saturne.</speaker>     
<l>Admit him: now what doth the Oracle</l>
<l><reg orig="Speake">Speak</reg> by&H4; the Delphian Priest.</l></sp>
<sp who="Z"><speaker>3. Lord.</speaker>
<l>Thus mighty <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Saturne">Saturn</reg></hi>.</l>
<l>After our&Htp; Ceremonious Rites <reg orig="perform'd">performed</reg>,</l>
<l>And Sacrifice ended with <reg orig="reuerence">reverence</reg>,</l>
<l>A murmuring thunder hurried through the Temple.</l>
<l>When fell a pleasant shower, whose <reg orig="siluer">silver</reg> drops.</l>
<l><reg orig="Fil'd">Filled</reg> all the Altar with a roseate dew.</l>
<l>In&H4; this amazement, thus the Delphian God,</l>
<l>Spake from the <reg orig="Incenst">Incensed</reg> Altar: Lord of <reg orig="Creete">Crete</reg>,</l>
<l>Thus say to&H4; <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Saturne">Saturn</reg>: Sibill</hi> his <reg orig="faire">fair</reg> wife,</l>
<l>Is great with a <reg orig="yong">young</reg> Prince of Noble hopes,</l>
<l>That&H61; shall his fathers vertues much <reg orig="excell">excel</reg>,</l>
<l><reg orig="Ceaze">Seize</reg> on&H4; his <reg orig="Crowne">Crown</reg>, and <reg orig="driue">drive</reg> him <reg orig="downe">down</reg> to&H4; Hell.</l></sp>
 <sp who="B"><speaker>Saturne.</speaker>           
<l>The Gods (if there be any <reg orig="boue">above</reg> <reg orig="our selfe">ourself</reg>)</l>
<l><reg orig="Enuy">Envy</reg> our&Hrp; <reg orig="greatnesse">greatness</reg>, and of one that&H61; <reg orig="seekes">seeks</reg></l>
<l>To&H9; <reg orig="beare">bear</reg> <reg orig="himselfe">himself</reg> <reg orig="boue">above</reg> man, makes me more wretched</l>
<l><reg orig="Then">Than</reg> the most <reg orig="slauish">slavish</reg> <reg orig="bruit">brute</reg>. What shall my <hi rend="italic">Sibill</hi></l>
<l>Bring me a <reg orig="sonne">son</reg>; that&H61; shall depose me then?</l>
<l>He shall not; I will&H1; <reg orig="crosse">cross</reg> the Deities,</l>
<l><reg orig="I'le">I will&H1;</reg> <reg orig="toombe">tomb</reg> <reg orig="th'usurper">the usurper</reg> in&H4; his Infant <reg orig="bloud">blood</reg>,</l>
<l><reg orig="I'le">I will&H1;</reg> <reg orig="keepe">keep</reg> my oath; Prince <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Tytan">Titan</reg></hi> shall succeed,</l>
<l>Maugre the <reg orig="enuious">envious</reg> Gods, the brat shall bleed.</l></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker>1. Lord.</speaker>
<l>Way for&H4; the dowager <reg orig="Queene">Queen</reg>,</l></sp>
<stage>Enter Vesta sad</stage>
 <sp who="B"><speaker>Saturne.</speaker>       
<l>How fares our&Hrp; mother?</l>
<l>How <reg orig="i'st">is it</reg> with <reg orig="faire">fair</reg> <hi rend="italic">Sibilla</hi>, our&Hrp; <reg orig="deere">dear</reg> <reg orig="Queene">Queen</reg>?</l></sp>
<sp who="E"><speaker>Vesta.</speaker>
<l>Your <reg orig="Queenes">Queen is</reg> <reg orig="deliuered">delivered</reg>.</l></sp>
 <sp who="B"><speaker>Sat.</speaker>            
<l>Of some female birth,</l>
<l>You Deities I <reg orig="begge">beg</reg>: make me <reg orig="oh">o</reg> <reg orig="Heauens">Heavens</reg>,</l>
<l>No&H2; more inhumane in&H4; the <reg orig="tragicke">tragic</reg> slaughter</l>
<l>Of princely Infants, fill my decreed number</l>
<l>With Virgins, though in&H4; them I <reg orig="loose">lose</reg> my name</l>
<l>And <reg orig="kingdome">kingdom</reg>, either make her&H6; barren <reg orig="euer">ever</reg></l>
<l>Or else all <reg orig="generatiue">generative</reg> power and appetite</l>
<l><reg orig="Depriue">Deprive</reg> me: lest my purple <reg orig="sinne">sin</reg> be <reg orig="stil'd">styled</reg></l>
<l>Many degrees <reg orig="boue">above</reg> murder. <reg orig="What's">What is</reg> her&H2; birth?</l></sp>
  <sp who="E"><speaker>Vesta.</speaker>
<l><reg orig="Shee's">She is</reg> the sad mother of a second <reg orig="sonne">son</reg>.</l></sp>
 <sp who="B"><speaker>Saturn.</speaker>     
<l>Be <reg orig="euer">ever</reg> <reg orig="dumbe">dumb</reg>, let <reg orig="euerlasting">everlasting</reg> silence</l>
<l><reg orig="Tong-tye">Tongue-tie</reg> the world, all <reg orig="humane">human</reg> <reg orig="voyce">voice</reg> henceforth,</l>
<l><reg orig="Turne">Turn</reg> to&H4; <reg orig="confus'd">confused</reg>, and <reg orig="vndistinguisht">undistinguished</reg> sound,</l>
<l>Of barking Hounds, hoarse <reg orig="beares">bears</reg>, <reg orig="&">and</reg> howling <reg orig="wolues">wolves</reg>,</l>
<l>To&H9; stop all rumour that&H61; may <reg orig="sil">fill</reg> the world</l>
    <l>With <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Saturnes">Saturn's</reg></hi> <reg orig="tyranies">tyrannies</reg> against his <reg orig="sonnes">sons</reg>.</l></sp>
  <sp who="E"><speaker>Vest.</speaker>
     <l>Ah, did but <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Saturne">Saturn</reg></hi> see you smiling babe,</l>
<l><reg orig="Hee'd">He would</reg> <reg orig="giue">give</reg> it life, and <reg orig="breake">break</reg> ten thousand <reg orig="oathes">oaths</reg></l>
<l>Rather <reg orig="then">than</reg> suffer the sweet infant <reg orig="dye">die</reg>,</l>
<l>His very <reg orig="looke">look</reg> would <reg orig="begge">beg</reg> a <reg orig="quicke">quick</reg> <reg orig="reprieue">reprieve</reg></l>
     <l><reg orig="Euen">Even</reg> of the tyrant <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Tytan">Titan</reg></hi> saw the <reg orig="vnkle">uncle</reg></l>
<l>With what a <reg orig="gracefull">graceful</reg> <reg orig="looke">look</reg> the Infant smiles,</l>
<l><reg orig="Hee'd">He would</reg> <reg orig="giue">give</reg> it life, although he <reg orig="purchas'd">purchased</reg> it</l>
   <l>with <reg orig="losse">loss</reg> of a great <reg orig="Kingdome">Kingdom</reg>.</l></sp>
 <sp who="B"><speaker>Saturn.</speaker>          
<l>Then spare the lad: I did offend too much</l>
    <l>To&H9; kill the first, tell <hi rend="italic">Sibill</hi> he shall <reg orig="liue">live</reg>,</l>
<l><reg orig="I'le">I will&H1;</reg> be no&H2; more so&H51; monstrous in&H4; my <reg orig="rigor">rigour</reg>,</l>
<l>Nor with the <reg orig="bloud">blood</reg> of Princes buy my <reg orig="Crowne">Crown</reg>.</l>
<l>No&H2; more their Cradles shall be made their <reg orig="Tombes">Tombs</reg>,</l>
<l>Nor their soft swathes become their winding <reg orig="sheetes">sheets</reg>:</l>
<l>How can my <reg orig="subiects">subjects</reg> <reg orig="thinke">think</reg> <reg orig="Il'e">I will&H1;</reg> spare their <reg orig="liues">lives</reg>,</l>
<l>That&H61; to&H4; my <reg orig="owne">own</reg> can be so&H51; <reg orig="tyranous">tyrannous</reg>?</l>
    <l>Tell <hi rend="italic">Sibill</hi> he shall <reg orig="liue">live</reg>.</l></sp>
     <sp who="E"><speaker>Uest.</speaker>  
     <l><hi rend="italic">Vesta</hi> will&H1; be that&H62; <reg orig="ioyfull">joyful</reg> messenger.</l></sp>
 <sp who="B"><speaker>Saturn.</speaker>
<l>Stay, let me first reward the Oracle,</l>
    <l>It told me <hi rend="italic">Sibill</hi> should produce a <reg orig="sonne">son</reg>,</l>
<l>That&H61; should his Fathers vertues much <reg orig="excell">excel</reg>,</l>
<l>Cease on&H4; my <reg orig="Crowne">Crown</reg>, and <reg orig="driue">drive</reg> me <reg orig="downe">down</reg> to&H4; Hell.</l>
<l>Must I then <reg orig="giue">give</reg> an Infant-traitor life,</l>
<l>To&H9; sting me to&H4; the heart? the brat shall bleed.</l></sp>
 <sp who="E"><speaker>Uesta.</speaker>
<l>Sweet <reg orig="sonne">son</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker>1. Lord.</speaker>
<l><reg orig="Deere">Dear</reg> <reg orig="soueraigne">sovereign</reg>.</l></sp>
 <sp who="B"><speaker>Saturn.</speaker>             
<l>He that&H61; next <reg orig="replyes">replies</reg>,</l>
    <l>Mother or friend, by&H4; <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Saturnes">Saturn's</reg></hi> fury <reg orig="dyes">dies</reg>.</l>
<l>Away, fetch me his heart, <reg orig="brimme">brim</reg> me a <reg orig="bowle">bowl</reg></l>
    <l>With his <reg orig="warme">warm</reg> <reg orig="bloud">blood</reg>. <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Tytan">Titan</reg></hi>, my vow <reg orig="I'le">I will&H1;</reg> keep,</l>
<l>Life newly <reg orig="wakend">wakened</reg>, shall as newly sleep.</l></sp>
  <sp who="E"><speaker>Vest.</speaker>
<l>Worse <reg orig="then">than</reg> a <reg orig="bruit">brute</reg>, for&H3; <reg orig="bruits">brutes</reg> <reg orig="preserue">preserve</reg> their own</l>
     <l>Worse <reg orig="then">than</reg> the worst of things is <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Saturne">Saturn</reg></hi> <reg orig="growne">grown</reg>.</l></sp>
 <sp who="B"><speaker>Saturn.</speaker>             
<l>Command the <reg orig="childe">child</reg> to&H4; death.</l></sp>
 <sp who="E"><speaker>Uesta.</speaker>
<l>Tyrant, I will&H1;.</l>
    <l><reg orig="Tygers">Tigers</reg> would <reg orig="saue">save</reg> whom <hi rend="italic">Saturn</hi> means to&H9; kill,</l></sp>
 <sp who="B"><speaker>Sat.</speaker>            
<l>It is my <reg orig="sonne">son</reg> whom I command to&H4; death,</l>
<l>A Prince that&H61; may <reg orig="succed">succeed</reg> me in&H4; my Throne,</l>
<l>And to&H4; posterity <reg orig="reuiue">revive</reg> my name.</l>
    <l>Call <hi rend="italic">Vesta</hi> <reg orig="backe">back</reg>, and bid her&H6; <reg orig="saue">save</reg> the Babe.</l></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker>1. Lord.</speaker>
<l><reg orig="I'le">I will&H1;</reg> <reg orig="do't">do it</reg> my Lord.</l></sp>
 <sp who="B"><speaker>Sat.</speaker>            
<l>Yet stay: the lad to&H9; kill</l>
<l>I <reg orig="saue">save</reg> my oath, and keep my <reg orig="kingdome">kingdom</reg> still.</l>
<l>Post after her&H6; and charge them on&H4; their <reg orig="liues">lives</reg>,</l>
<l>Send me the babes <reg orig="bloud">blood</reg> in&H4; a cup of gold,</l>
<l>A present which&H61; <reg orig="I'le">I will&H1;</reg> offer to&H4; the Gods.</l>
<l>Delay not, <reg orig="bee't">be it</reg> our&Hrp; mother, nay our&Hrp; wife,</l>
<l>Forfeits her&H2; <reg orig="owne">own</reg> to&H9; <reg orig="saue">save</reg> the Infants life.</l></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker>1. Lord.</speaker>
<l>I shall <reg orig="informe">inform</reg> them so&H52;.</l></sp>
 <sp who="B"><speaker>Sat,</speaker>           
<l>Is this a deity,</l>
<l>To&H9; be more wretched <reg orig="then">than</reg> the worst on&H4; earth,</l>
<l>To&H9; be <reg orig="depriu'd">deprived</reg>, that&H62; comfort of my issue,</l>
<l>Which&H61; <reg orig="euen">even</reg> the basest of my land <reg orig="enioy">enjoy</reg>:</l>
<l><reg orig="Il'e">I will&H1;</reg> henceforth for&H4; my <reg orig="rigor">rigour</reg> hate <reg orig="my selfe">myself</reg>,</l>
<l>Pleasures despise, and <reg orig="ioyes">joys</reg> abandon quite.</l>
<l>The purest <reg orig="bloud">blood</reg> that&H61; <reg orig="runnes">runs</reg> within my <reg orig="veines">veins</reg>,</l>
<l><reg orig="I'le">I will&H1;</reg> dull with <reg orig="thicke">thick</reg>, and troubled melancholy,</l>
<l><reg orig="Il'e">I will&H1;</reg> <reg orig="warre">war</reg> with comfort, be at <reg orig="oddes">odds</reg> with solace,</l>
<l>And league with nothing but <reg orig="distemprature">distemperature</reg>.</l>
<l>Henceforth my <reg orig="vnkem'd">unkempt</reg> <reg orig="lockes">locks</reg> shall knot in&H4; <reg orig="curles">curls</reg>,</l>
<l><reg orig="Rasor">Razor</reg> nor any edge shall <reg orig="kisse">kiss</reg> my <reg orig="cheeke">cheek</reg>,</l>
<l><reg orig="Vntill">Until</reg> my chin <reg orig="appeare">appear</reg> a <reg orig="wildernesse">wilderness</reg>,</l>
<l>And make we&Hrp; wild in&H4; knowledge to&H4; the world.</l>
<l><reg orig="Perpetuall">Perpetual</reg> care shall cabin in&H4; my heart,</l>
<l>My tyranny <reg orig="I'le">I will&H1;</reg> punish in&H4; <reg orig="my selfe">myself</reg>,</l>
<l>And <reg orig="saue">save</reg> the Gods that&H62; labour </l>
    <l><hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Saturns">Saturn's</reg></hi> disturbance to&H4; the world shall be,</l>
<l>That&H62; planet that&H61; infuseth melancholy.</l></sp>
<stage>Enter Sibilla lying in child-bed, with her child lying by
   her, and her Nurse, &c.</stage>
   <sp who="F"><speaker>Sibilla.</speaker>
      <l>Is not our&Htp; mother <hi rend="italic">Vesta</hi> yet <reg orig="return'd">returned</reg>,</l>
<l>That&H61; made <reg orig="herselfe">herself</reg> <reg orig="th'unwilling">the unwilling</reg> messenger,</l>
<l>To&H9; bring the king <reg orig="newes">news</reg> of his <reg orig="new-borne">new-born</reg> <reg orig="sonne">son</reg>?</l></sp>
  <sp who="BB"><speaker>Nurs.</speaker>
<l>Madam, not yet.</l></sp>
     <sp who="F"><speaker>Sibil.</speaker>
<l>Mother, of all that&H61; <reg orig="euer">ever</reg> mothers were</l>
<l>Most wretched. <reg orig="kisse">kiss</reg> thy sweet babe ere he <reg orig="dye">die</reg>,</l>
<l>That&H61; hath life <reg orig="onely">only</reg> lent to&H9; suffer death.</l>
<l>Sweet Lad, I would thy father saw thee smile,</l>
<l>Thy beauty and thy pretty Infancy,</l>
<l>Would <reg orig="molifie">mollify</reg> his heart <reg orig="wer't">were it</reg> <reg orig="hew'd">hewed</reg> from flint,</l>
<l>Or <reg orig="caru'd">carved</reg> with Iron <reg orig="tooles">tools</reg> from the <reg orig="corsicke">corsic</reg> <reg orig="rocke">rock</reg>,</l>
<l>Thou laughest to&H9; <reg orig="thinke">think</reg> thou must be <reg orig="kild">killed</reg> in&H4; <reg orig="iest">jest</reg>.</l>
<l><reg orig="Oh">O</reg> if thou needs must <reg orig="dye">die</reg>, <reg orig="I'le">I will&H1;</reg> <reg orig="bethy">be thy</reg> <reg orig="murdresse">murderess</reg>,</l>
<l>And kill thee with my kisses (pretty <reg orig="knaue">knave</reg>)</l>
<l>And canst thou laugh to&H9; see thy mother <reg orig="weepe">weep</reg>?</l>
<l>Or art thou in&H4; thy <reg orig="cheerefull">cheerful</reg> smiles so&H51; free</l>
<l>In&H4; <reg orig="scorne">scorn</reg> of thy rude fathers tyranny?</l></sp>
  <sp who="BB"><speaker>Nurs.</speaker>
<l>Madam, the King hath <reg orig="slaine">slain</reg> his first <reg orig="borne">born</reg> son,</l>
<l>Whom had <reg orig="hee">he</reg> <reg orig="seene">seen</reg> <reg orig="aliue">alive</reg>, <reg orig="hee'd">he would</reg> not <reg orig="haue">have</reg> <reg orig="giuen">given</reg></l>
<l>For&H4; ten such <reg orig="Kingdomes">Kingdoms</reg> as he now <reg orig="enioyes">enjoys</reg>,</l>
<l>The death of such a <reg orig="faire">fair</reg> and <reg orig="hopefull">hopeful</reg> child,</l>
     <l>Is full as much as <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Tytan">Titan</reg></hi> can demand.</l></sp>
  <sp who="F"><speaker>Sib.</speaker>
<l>He shall spare this sweet babe, <reg orig="I'le">I will&H1;</reg> <reg orig="ransome">ransom</reg> thee</l>
<l>With my <reg orig="owne">own</reg> life, the knife that&H61; pierceth thee,</l>
<l>Will&H1; wound thy mothers side, and I shall feele</l>
<l>The least sharpe stroke from his <reg orig="offensiue">offensive</reg> <reg orig="steele">steel</reg>.</l></sp>
  <sp who="BB"><speaker>Nurs.</speaker>
<l>The mother Queen's <reg orig="return'd">returned</reg>.</l>
<stage>Enter Vesta</stage>
<l>How <reg orig="lookes">looks</reg> she Nurse?</l>
<l>Let her&H6; not <reg orig="speake">speak</reg>, but yet a little longer</l>
<l>My hopes hold in&H4; <reg orig="suspence">suspense</reg>: <reg orig="oh">o</reg> me most wretched,</l>
<l>I <reg orig="reade">read</reg> my Lords harsh <reg orig="answere">answer</reg> in&H4; her&H2; eye,</l>
<l>Her&H2; very <reg orig="lookes">looks</reg> tell me the boy must <reg orig="dye">die</reg>.</l>
<l>Say, must he? must he? kill me with that&H62; word,</l>
     <l>Which&H61; will&H1; wound deeper <reg orig="then">than</reg> King <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Saturnes">Saturn's</reg></hi> sword.</l></sp>
  <sp who="E"><speaker>Vesta.</speaker>
<l>The boy must <reg orig="dye">die</reg>.</l></sp>
  <sp who="F"><speaker>Sib.</speaker>
<l><reg orig="Oh">O</reg>!</l></sp>
  <sp who="BB"><speaker>Nurs.</speaker>
<l><reg orig="Looke">Look</reg> to&H4; the <reg orig="Queene">Queen</reg>, she faints.</l></sp>
  <sp who="E"><speaker>Vest.</speaker>
<l><reg orig="Oh">O</reg> <reg orig="let's">let us&Htp;</reg> not <reg orig="loose">lose</reg> the mother with her&H2; infant,</l>
<l>The <reg orig="losse">loss</reg> of <reg orig="one's">one is</reg> too much.</l></sp>
     <sp who="F"><speaker>Sibill.</speaker>
<l><reg orig="Oh">O</reg> <reg orig="wher's">where is</reg> my <reg orig="childe">child</reg>?</l>
<l><reg orig="Ile">I will&H1;</reg> hide thee in&H4; my bed, my <reg orig="bosome">bosom</reg>, <reg orig="brest">breast</reg>,</l>
<l>The murderer shall not <reg orig="finde">find</reg> my little <reg orig="sonne">son</reg>,</l>
<l>Thou shalt not <reg orig="dye">die</reg>, be not afraid my boy.</l>
<l>Go tell the King <reg orig="hees">he is</reg> mine as well as his,</l>
<l>And <reg orig="I'le">I will&H1;</reg> not kill my part: one he hath <reg orig="slaine">slain</reg>,</l>
<l>In&H4; which&H61; I had like&H2; interest: this <reg orig="I'le">I will&H1;</reg> <reg orig="saue">save</reg>,</l>
<l>And <reg orig="euery">every</reg> second <reg orig="sonne">son</reg> <reg orig="keepe">keep</reg> from the <reg orig="graue">grave</reg>.</l>
<stage>Enter the first Lord.</stage></sp>
  <sp who="E"><speaker>Vesta.</speaker>
<l><reg orig="Fobeare">Forbear</reg> sir, for&H3; this place is <reg orig="priuiledg'd">privileged</reg>,</l>
<l>And <reg orig="onely">only</reg> for&H4; free women.</l></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker>1. Lord.</speaker>
<l>Yet is the Kings command <reg orig="boue">above</reg> your decree,</l>
<l>And I must play <reg orig="th'intruder">the intruder</reg> <reg orig="gainst">against</reg> my will&H0;.</l>
<l>The King <reg orig="vpon">upon&H4;</reg> your <reg orig="liues">lives</reg> hath charged you,</l>
<l>To&H9; see that&H62; infant Lad <reg orig="immediatly">immediately</reg></l>
<l><reg orig="Receiue">Receive</reg> his death, he <reg orig="stayes">stays</reg> for&H4; his <reg orig="warme">warm</reg> <reg orig="bloud">blood</reg></l>
<l>To&H9; offer to&H4; the Gods. To&H9; <reg orig="thinke">think</reg> him <reg orig="slaine">slain</reg>,</l>
<l>Sad partner of your <reg orig="sorrowes">sorrows</reg> I <reg orig="remaine">remain</reg>.</l></sp>
  <sp who="BB"><speaker>Nurs.</speaker>
<l>Madam you <reg orig="heare">hear</reg> the king doth threat our&Htp; <reg orig="liues">lives</reg></l>
<l><reg orig="Let's">Let us&Htp;</reg> kill him then.</l></sp>
  <sp who="F"><speaker>Sib.</speaker>
<l>Is he inexorable?</l>
<l>Why should not I <reg orig="proue">prove</reg> as <reg orig="seuere">severe</reg> a mother</l>
<l>As he a <reg orig="cruell">cruel</reg> father: since the King</l>
<l>Hath <reg orig="doom'd">doomed</reg> him, I the <reg orig="Queene">Queen</reg> will&H1; <reg orig="doo't">do it</reg> <reg orig="my selfe">myself</reg>,</l>
<l><reg orig="Giue">Give</reg> me the <reg orig="fatall">fatal</reg> Engine of his wrath,</l>
<l><reg orig="Il'e">I will&H1;</reg> play the horrid <reg orig="murdresse">murderess</reg> for&H4; this once.</l>
<l><reg orig="I'le">I will&H1;</reg> <reg orig="kisse">kiss</reg> thee ere I kill thee: for&H4; my life,</l>
<l>The Lad so&H51; smiles, I cannot hold the knife.</l></sp>
 <sp who="E"><speaker>Uesta.</speaker>
<l>Then <reg orig="giue">give</reg> him me, I am his Grand-mother,</l>
<l>And I will&H1; kill him gently: this sad office</l>
<l>Belongs to&H4; me, as to&H4; the next of kin.</l></sp>
  <sp who="F"><speaker>Sib.</speaker>
<l>For&H4; <reg orig="heauens">heavens</reg> sake when you <reg orig="kil">kill</reg> him, hurt him not.</l></sp>
  <sp who="E"><speaker>Vesta.</speaker>
<l>Come little <reg orig="knaue">knave</reg>, prepare your naked throat,</l>
<l>I <reg orig="haue">have</reg> not heart to&H9; <reg orig="giue">give</reg> thee many wounds,</l>
<l>My <reg orig="kindnesse">kindness</reg> is to&H9; take thy life at once. (Now.)</l>
<l><reg orig="Alacke">Alack</reg> my pretty Grand-child, <reg orig="smil'st">smilest</reg> thou still?</l>
<l>I <reg orig="haue">have</reg> lust to&H9; <reg orig="kisse">kiss</reg>, but <reg orig="haue">have</reg> no&H2; heart to&H9; kill.</l></sp>
  <sp who="BB"><speaker>Nurs.</speaker>
<l>You may be <reg orig="carelesse">careless</reg> of the kings command,</l>
<l>But it <reg orig="concernes">concerns</reg> me, and I <reg orig="loue">love</reg> my life</l>
<l>More <reg orig="then">than</reg> I do a <reg orig="sucklings">suckling's</reg>, <reg orig="giue">give</reg> him me,</l>
<l><reg orig="I'le">I will&H1;</reg> make him sure, a sharpe weapon lend,</l>
<l><reg orig="I'le">I will&H1;</reg> quickly bring the <reg orig="yongster">youngster</reg> to&H4; his end.</l>
<l><reg orig="Alacke">Alack</reg> my pretty <reg orig="knaue">knave</reg>, <reg orig="t'were">it were</reg> more <reg orig="then">than</reg> sin,</l>
<l>With a sharpe knife to&H9; touch thy tender skin.</l>
<l>On&H5; <reg orig="Madame">Madam</reg>, <reg orig="hee's">he is</reg> so&H51; full of <reg orig="Angell">Angel</reg> grace</l>
<l>I cannot strike, he smiles so&H52; in&H4; my face.</l></sp>
  <sp who="F"><speaker>Sib.</speaker>
<l><reg orig="I'le">I will&H1;</reg> wink <reg orig="&">and</reg> strike, come once more reach him hither:</l>
     <l>For&H3; <reg orig="dye">die</reg> he must, so&H52; <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Saturne">Saturn</reg></hi> hath decreed,</l>
<l><reg orig="'Las">Alas</reg> for&H4; a world I would not see him bleed.</l></sp>
  <sp who="E"><speaker>Vesta.</speaker>
<l>Ne shall he do, but <reg orig="sweare">swear</reg> me <reg orig="secresie">secrecy</reg>,</l>
<l>The babe shall <reg orig="liue">live</reg>, and we&Htp; be <reg orig="dangerlesse">dangerless</reg>,</l></sp>
     <sp who="F"><speaker>Sib,</speaker>
<l>O <reg orig="blesse">bless</reg> me with such <reg orig="happinesse">happiness</reg>.</l></sp>
  <sp who="E"><speaker>Vesta.</speaker>
<l>Attend me.</l>
<l>The king of Epires daughters, two bright maids,</l>
<l>Owe me for&H4; many <reg orig="fauours">favours</reg> the like&H2; <reg orig="loue">love</reg>,</l>
<l>These I dare trust, to&H4; them <reg orig="I'le">I will&H1;</reg> send this babe</l>
     <l>To&H9; be brought <reg orig="vp">up&H5;</reg>, but not as <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Saturns">Saturn's</reg></hi> <reg orig="sonne">son</reg>.</l>
<l>Do but <reg orig="prouide">provide</reg> some trusty messenger,</l>
<l>My honour for&H4; his safety.</l></sp>
  <sp who="F"><speaker>Sib.</speaker>
<l>But by&H4; what <reg orig="meanes">means</reg> shall we&Htp; delude the king,</l></sp>
  <sp who="E"><speaker>Vest.</speaker>
<l>A <reg orig="yong">young</reg> Kids heart, swimming in&H4; reeking <reg orig="bloud">blood</reg></l>
<l><reg orig="Wee'l">WE&Htp; will&H1;</reg> send the King, and with such forged <reg orig="griefe">grief</reg>,</l>
<l>And <reg orig="counterfet">counterfeit</reg> sorrow shadow it,</l>
<l>That&H3; this imposture <reg orig="neuer">never</reg> shall be found.</l></sp>
  <sp who="F"><speaker>Sib.</speaker>
<l><reg orig="Oh">O</reg> twice my mother you bestow <reg orig="vpon">upon&H4;</reg> me,</l>
<l>A double life thus to&H9; <reg orig="preserue">preserve</reg> my boy.</l></sp>
  <sp who="BB"><speaker>Nurs.</speaker>
<l><reg orig="Giue">Give</reg> me the child, <reg orig="I'le">I will&H1;</reg> <reg orig="finde">find</reg> a messenger,</l>
     <l>Shall <reg orig="beare">bear</reg> him safe to&H4; <hi rend="italic">Melliseus</hi> Court.</l></sp>
  <sp who="E"><speaker>Vesta.</speaker>
<l>The <reg orig="bloud">blood</reg> and heart <reg orig="I'le">I will&H1;</reg> presently <reg orig="prouide">provide</reg>,</l>
     <l><reg orig="T'appease">To&H9; appease</reg> the rage of <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Saturne">Saturn</reg></hi>.</l></sp>
     <sp who="F"><speaker>Sib.</speaker>
<l>First <reg orig="lets">let us&Htp;</reg> <reg orig="sweare">swear</reg>,</l>
        <l>To&H9; <reg orig="keepe">keep</reg> this secret from King <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Saturnes">Saturn's</reg></hi> <reg orig="eare">ear</reg>.</l></sp>
  <sp who="E"><speaker>Vesta.</speaker>
<l>We&Htp; will&H1;, and if this plot <reg orig="passe">pass</reg> <reg orig="vndiscouer'd">undiscovered</reg></l>
<l>By&H4; like&H2; <reg orig="deuise">device</reg> we&Htp; will&H1; <reg orig="saue">save</reg> all your <reg orig="sonnes">sons</reg>.</l>
<l>About our&Htp; <reg orig="taskes">tasks</reg>; you some <reg orig="choyce">choice</reg> friend to&H9; <reg orig="finde">find</reg>,</l>
<l>I with my feigned <reg orig="teares">tears</reg> the King to&H9; <reg orig="blinde">blind</reg>.</l></sp>

         <div1 n="2" type="act">
            <div2 n="1" type="scene">
<stage>Enter HOMER.</stage>
 <sp who="A"><speaker>Homer.</speaker>
<l>WHat cannot <reg orig="womens">women's</reg> wits? they wonders can</l>
<l>When they intend to&H9; <reg orig="blinde">blind</reg> the eyes of man.</l>
<l><reg orig="Oh">O</reg> lend me what old Homer wants, your eyes,</l>
<l>To&H9; see <reg orig="th'euent">the event</reg> of what these <reg orig="Queenes">Queens</reg> <reg orig="deuise">devise</reg>.</l>
<stage>The doombe shew, sound.</stage>
<stage>Enter the Nurse and Clowne, shee sweares him to secresie, and to
   him deliuers the child and a letter to the daughters of King Melliseus:
   they part. Enter at one doore Saturne melancholy, with 
   his Lords: at the other Vesta, & the Nurse who with counterfeit
   passion present the King a bleeding heart vpon
   a kniues point, and a bowle of bloud. The King departs one way in great sorrow,
   the Ladies the other way in great ioy.</stage>
<l>This past so&H51; currant, that&H3; the third <reg orig="sonne">son</reg> <reg orig="borne">born</reg>,</l>
    <l><reg orig="Cal'd">Called</reg> <hi rend="italic">Neptune</hi>, was by&H4; like&H2; <reg orig="deuise">device</reg> <reg orig="preseru'd">preserved</reg>,</l>
<l>And sent to&H4; Athens, where he <reg orig="liu'd">lived</reg> <reg orig="vnknowne">unknown</reg>,</l>
<l>And had in&H4; time command <reg orig="vpon">upon&H4;</reg> the seas.</l>
    <l><hi rend="italic">Pluto</hi> the <reg orig="yongest">youngest</reg> was sent to&H4; Tartary,</l>
<l>Where he in&H4; <reg orig="processe">process</reg> a strange City built</l>
    <l>And <reg orig="cald">called</reg> it <hi rend="italic">Hell</hi>, his <reg orig="subiects">subjects</reg> for&H4; their rapine,</l>
<l>Their spoils and theft, are <reg orig="Diuels">Devils</reg> <reg orig="tearm'd">termed</reg> <reg orig="abrode">abroad</reg>.</l>
    <l>Thus melancholy <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Saturne">Saturn</reg></hi> hath <reg orig="suruiuing">surviving</reg></l>
<l>Three Noble <reg orig="sonnes">sons</reg> in&H4; <reg orig="seuerall">several</reg> confines <reg orig="plac'd">placed</reg></l>
<l>And yet <reg orig="himselfe">himself</reg> thinks <reg orig="sonne-lesse">sonless</reg>: one <reg orig="faire">fair</reg> daughter</l>
    <l>Hight <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Iuno">Juno</reg></hi> is his sole delight on&H4; earth.</l>
<l><reg orig="Thinke">Think</reg> <reg orig="kinde">kind</reg> spectators <reg orig="seuenteene">seventeen</reg> <reg orig="sommers">summers</reg> past,</l>
    <l>Till these be <reg orig="growne">grown</reg> to&H4; <reg orig="yeares">years</reg>, and <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Iupiter">Jupiter</reg></hi></l>
<l>Found in&H4; a <reg orig="caue">cave</reg> by&H4; the great Epyre King,</l>
<l>(where by&H4; his daughters he before was hid.)</l>
<l>Of him and of his fortunes we&Htp; <reg orig="proceeed">proceed</reg>,</l>
<l>My <reg orig="iournie's">journey is</reg> long, and I my eye-sight want.</l>
<l>Courteous spectators, left blind <hi rend="italic">Homer</hi> stray,</l>
<l>Lend me your hands to&H9; guide me on&H4; your way.</l></sp>
<stage>Enter Lycaon with his Lords, Iupiter with other
   Lords of Epyre.</stage>
<sp who="G"><speaker>Lycaon.</speaker>
<l>After long <reg orig="warre">war</reg>, and tedious differences,</l>
   <l>Betwixt King <hi rend="italic">Melliseus</hi> and <reg orig="our selfe">ourself</reg>,</l>
<l>What <reg orig="craue">crave</reg> the Epyre Lords?</l></sp>
               <sp who="I"><speaker>Iupiter.</speaker>
                  <l>This King <hi rend="italic">Lycaon</hi>,</l>
<l>Since truce and hostage hath <reg orig="tane">taken</reg> <reg orig="vp">up&H5;</reg> these <reg orig="broiles">broils</reg>,</l>
<l>And ended them in&H4; <reg orig="peacefull">peaceful</reg> amity,</l>
<l>Since all the <reg orig="damadge">damage</reg> by&H4; the Epyrians done,</l>
<l>Is on&H4; our&Htp; part <reg orig="aboundantly">abundantly</reg> made good:</l>
                  <l>We&Htp; come <hi rend="italic">Lycaon</hi> to&H9; demand the like&H0;</l>
<l>Of thee and of thy <reg orig="Kingdome">Kingdom</reg>, and for&H4; <reg orig="proofe">proof</reg>,</l>
<l>That&H3; all our&Htp; malice is extinct and dead,</l>
<l>We&Htp; bring thy hostage <reg orig="backe">back</reg>, demanding ours&Htp;.</l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker>Lycaon.</speaker>
<l><reg orig="Receiue">Receive</reg> him Lords, a Banquet instantly,</l>
<l>You shall this day <reg orig="braue">brave</reg> Epyre feast with <reg orig="vs">us&Hrp;</reg>,</l>
<l>And to&H4; your <reg orig="boord">board</reg> your hostage shall be brought,</l>
<l>There to&H9; <reg orig="receiue">receive</reg> him freely, <reg orig="meane">mean</reg> time sit,</l>
<l>And taste the <reg orig="royall">royal</reg> welcomes of our&Hrp; Court.</l></sp>
 <sp who="I"><speaker>Iup.</speaker>            
    <l><hi rend="italic">Lycaon's</hi> <reg orig="iust">just</reg> in&H4; keeping these conditions</l>
<l>So&H51; strictly with a reconciled foe.</l></sp>
               <sp who="G"><speaker>Lyc.</speaker>           
<l>But <reg orig="faire">fair</reg> prince, tell me whence you are <reg orig="deriu'd">derived</reg>,</l>
                  <l>I <reg orig="neuer">never</reg> heard King <hi rend="italic">Melliseus</hi> had</l>
<l>A Prince of your perfections?</l></sp>
<sp who="I"><speaker>Iupiter.</speaker>
<l>This demand</l>
<l>Startles my <reg orig="bloud">blood</reg>, being <reg orig="borne">born</reg> I know not where,</l>
<l>Yet that&H3; I am of gentry at the least,</l>
<l>My <reg orig="Spirtt">Spirit</reg> prompts me, and my noble thoughts</l>
<l><reg orig="Giue">Give</reg> me <reg orig="approued">approved</reg> warrant, being an infant</l>
<l>Two beauteous <reg orig="Ladyes">Ladies</reg> found me in&H4; a <reg orig="caue">cave</reg>,</l>
<l>Where from their voluntary charity,</l>
<l>Bees fed me with their <reg orig="hony">honey</reg>, for&H3; that&H62; cause</l>
   <l>The two bright Ladies <reg orig="cal'd">called</reg> me <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Iupiter">Jupiter</reg></hi>,</l>
   <l>And to&H4; their Father <hi rend="italic">Melliseus</hi> brought me,</l>
<l>My Foster-father, who&H61; hath <reg orig="train'd">trained</reg> my youth,</l>
<l>In&H4; feats of <reg orig="Armes">Arms</reg>, and military <reg orig="prowesse">prowess</reg>,</l>
<l>And as an instance of his <reg orig="deerest">dearest</reg> <reg orig="loue">love</reg>,</l>
<l>Hath <reg orig="honor'd">honoured</reg> me with this late Embassy.</l></sp>
<stage>A banquet brought in, with the limbes of a Man
   in the seruice.</stage>
  <sp who="G"><speaker>Lyca.</speaker>
<l>We&Hrp; are <reg orig="satisfi'd">satisfied</reg>: Princes sit round and feast,</l>
     <l>You are this day <hi rend="italic">Lycaons</hi> <reg orig="welcom'st">welcomest</reg> guest.</l></sp>
 <sp who="I"><speaker>Iup.</speaker>           
    <l>This meat <reg orig="distasts">distastes</reg> me, doth <hi rend="italic">Lycaon</hi> feast <reg orig="vs">us&Htp;</reg></l>
<l>Like&H4; <reg orig="Caniballes">Cannibals</reg>? feed <reg orig="vs">us&Htp;</reg> with <reg orig="humane">human</reg> flesh?</l>
<l>Whence is this portent?</l></sp>
               <sp who="G"><speaker>Lycan.</speaker>
<l><reg orig="Feede">Feed</reg> Epyrians, <reg orig="eate">eat</reg>,</l>
                  <l><hi rend="italic">Lycaon</hi> feasts you with no&H2; common <reg orig="meate">meat</reg>.</l></sp>
 <sp who="I"><speaker>Iup.</speaker>              
<l>But <reg orig="wher's">where is</reg> the Epyre Lord we&Htp; left as hostage?</l></sp>
  <sp who="G"><speaker>Lyca.</speaker>
<l>Behold him here, <reg orig="hee's">he is</reg> at the table with you,</l>
<l>This is the Epyres head, and these his <reg orig="limbes">limbs</reg>,</l>
     <l><reg orig="Thinkes">Thinks</reg> <hi rend="italic">Melliseus</hi> that&H3; <hi rend="italic">Lycaon</hi> can</l>
     <l>(<reg orig="Discended">Descended</reg> of the valiant <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Tytanoys">Titanois</reg></hi>)</l>
<l>Bury his hatred, and <reg orig="intoombe">entomb</reg> his <reg orig="spleene">spleen</reg></l>
<l>Without <reg orig="reuenge">revenge</reg>? <reg orig="bloud">blood</reg> in&H4; these <reg orig="warres">wars</reg> was shed,</l>
<l>And for&H4; that&H62; <reg orig="bloud">blood</reg> your hostage lost his head.</l></sp>
 <sp who="I"><speaker>Iup.</speaker>
<l><reg orig="Beare">Bear</reg> wrong that&H61; list, <reg orig="&">and</reg> those can brooke it best,</l>
<l>I was not <reg orig="borne">born</reg> to&H4; <reg orig="suffrance">sufferance</reg>: thoughts mount <reg orig="hye">high</reg>,</l>
<l>A King hath <reg orig="wrong'd">wronged</reg> me, and a King shall <reg orig="dye">die</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker>Lycaon.</speaker>
<l>Treason, treason.</l></sp>
 <sp who="I"><speaker>Iup.</speaker>
<l><reg orig="Downe">Down</reg> with the tyrant, and that&H62; <reg orig="hatefull">hateful</reg> <reg orig="crue">crew</reg>,</l>
<l>And in&H4; their <reg orig="murdrous">murderous</reg> breasts your blades imbrue.</l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker>Lycaon.</speaker>
<l>Our&Hrp; guard. </l></sp>
    <stage>A confused fray, an alarme.</stage>
   <stage>Iupiter <hi rend="italic">and the Epyriens beat off</hi> Lycaon <hi rend="italic">and his followers.</hi></stage>
 <sp who="I"><speaker>Iup.</speaker>             
    <l><hi rend="italic">Lycaon's</hi> fled, make good the <reg orig="pallace">palace</reg> gates,</l>
<l>And to&H4; <reg orig="th'amazed">the amazed</reg> <reg orig="Citie">City</reg> <reg orig="beare">bear</reg> these limbs,</l>
<l>So&H51; basely by&H4; the tyrant massacred.</l>
<l><reg orig="Happly">Happily</reg> his <reg orig="subiects">subjects</reg> by&H4; our&Htp; words <reg orig="prepar'd">prepared</reg></l>
<l>May shake their bondage off, and make this <reg orig="warre">war</reg>,</l>
<l>The happy <reg orig="meanes">means</reg> to&H9; rid a tyrant thence.</l>
<l><reg orig="Beare">Bear</reg> in&H4; your left hands these <reg orig="dis-membred">dismembered</reg> <reg orig="limbes">limbs</reg>,</l>
<l>And in&H4; your right your swords, with which&H61; make way,</l>
<l>Courage <reg orig="braue">brave</reg> Epyres, and a glorious day, <stage>Exeunt.</stage></l></sp>

<stage>Alarm, Lycaon makes head againe, and is beat off by Iupiter
   and the Epirians, Iupiter ceazeth the roome of Lycaon.</stage>
 <sp who="I"><speaker>Iup.</speaker>                
    <l><hi rend="italic">Lycaon's</hi> once more fled, we&Hrp; by&H4; the <reg orig="helpe">help</reg></l>
<l>Of these his people, <reg orig="haue">have</reg> <reg orig="confin'd">confined</reg> him hence,</l>
<l>To&H4; whom belongs this <reg orig="Crowne">Crown</reg>?</l></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker>1. Lord.</speaker>
   <l>To&H4; <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Iupiter">Jupiter</reg></hi>.</l></sp>
<sp who="W"><speaker>2. Lor.</speaker>
   <l>None shall protect our&Htp; <reg orig="liues">lives</reg>, but <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Iupiter">Jupiter</reg></hi>.</l></sp>
<sp who="X"><speaker>All.</speaker>                 
   <l>A <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Iupiter">Jupiter</reg></hi>, A <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Iupiter">Jupiter</reg></hi>.</l></sp>
 <sp who="I"><speaker>Iup.</speaker>                
<l>Nay we&Hrp; are <reg orig="farre">far</reg> from such ambition, Lords,</l>
<l>Nor will&H1; we&Hrp; <reg orig="entertaine">entertain</reg> such royalty.</l></sp>
   <sp who="D"><speaker>1. Lor.</speaker>
<l><reg orig="Faire">Fair</reg> Prince, whom <reg orig="heauen">heaven</reg> hath sent by&H4; miracle,</l>
<l>To&H9; <reg orig="saue">save</reg> <reg orig="vs">us&Htp;</reg> from the <reg orig="bloudyest">bloodiest</reg> tyrannies,</l>
<l>That&H61; ere were <reg orig="practis'd">practised</reg> by&H4; a <reg orig="mortall">mortal</reg> prince,</l>
<l>We&Htp; tender thee our&Htp; fortunes: <reg orig="oh">o</reg> vouchsafe</l>
<l>To&H9; be our&Htp; Lord, our&Htp; <reg orig="Gouernour">Governor</reg>, and King,</l>
<l>Since all thy people <reg orig="ioyntly">jointly</reg> <reg orig="haue">have</reg> agreed,</l>
<l>None of that&H62; tyrants issue shall <reg orig="succed">succeed</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="X"><speaker>All.</speaker>                 
<l>A <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Iupiter">Jupiter</reg></hi>, A <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Iupiter">Jupiter</reg></hi>.</l></sp>
 <sp who="I"><speaker>Iup.</speaker>                
<l>We&Hrp; not refuse the bounty of the <reg orig="Heauens">Heavens</reg></l>
<l><reg orig="Exprest">Expressed</reg> in&H4; these your <reg orig="voyces">voices</reg>; we&Hrp; accept</l>
<l>Your patronage, and <reg orig="' gainst">against</reg> <hi rend="italic">Lycaons</hi> <reg orig="tyrannyes">tyrannies</reg></l>
<l>Henceforth protect you: but our&Hrp; conquest yet</l>
<l>Is all <reg orig="vncertaine">uncertain</reg>, second <reg orig="vs">us&Hrp;</reg> <reg orig="deere">dear</reg> <reg orig="subiects">subjects</reg>,</l>
<l>To&H9; assure our&Hrp; conquests: first we&Hrp; must <reg orig="prouide">provide</reg></l>
<l>Our&Hrp; <reg orig="safty">safety</reg>, ere attempt the <reg orig="helme">helm</reg> to&H9; guide.</l></sp>
<stage>Alarme. Enter Calisto.</stage>

<sp who="H"><speaker>Cal.</speaker>                 
<l>What <reg orig="meane">mean</reg> these horrid <reg orig="&">and</reg> these shrill <reg orig="alarmes">alarms</reg></l>
<l>That&H61; fright the <reg orig="peacefull">peaceful</reg> Court with <reg orig="hostle">hostile</reg> <reg orig="cryes">cries</reg>?</l>
<l><reg orig="Feare">Fear</reg> and amazement hurry through each chamber;</l>
<l><reg orig="Th'affrighted">The affrighted</reg> Ladies light the darkest <reg orig="roomes">rooms</reg></l>
   <l>With their bright beauties: whence (o whence ye <hi rend="italic">Gods</hi>)</l>
<l>Are all you <reg orig="grones">groans</reg>, <reg orig="cryes">cries</reg>, and inhumane <reg orig="sownds">sounds</reg></l>
   <l>Of <reg orig="bloud">blood</reg> and death: <hi rend="italic">Licaon</hi>, where is he?</l>
<l>Why in&H4; this dire and sad astonishment</l>
<l><reg orig="Appeares">Appears</reg> not he to&H9; comfort my sad <reg orig="feares">fears</reg>,</l>
<l>And <reg orig="cheere">cheer</reg> me in&H4; this dull <reg orig="distemprature">distemperature</reg>?</l></sp>
<stage>Enter in a hurrie with weapons drawne, Iupiter and his souldiers.</stage>
<sp who="I"><speaker>Iup.</speaker>              
<l>The Iron <reg orig="bar'd">barred</reg> <reg orig="dores">doors</reg>, <reg orig="&">and</reg> the suspected vaults,</l>
<l>The <reg orig="Barricadoed">Barricaded</reg> gates, and <reg orig="euery">every</reg> <reg orig="roome">room</reg>,</l>
<l>That&H61; boasted of his strength, is <reg orig="forc'd">forced</reg> to&H9; obey</l>
<l>To&H4; our&Hrp; free entrance: nothing can withstand</l>
<l>Our&Hrp; opposite fury. Come, <reg orig="let's">let us&Htp;</reg> <reg orig="ransacke">ransack</reg> further,</l>
<l>But stay, what strange <reg orig="deiected">dejected</reg> <reg orig="beauty's">beauty is</reg> this</l>
<l>That&H61; on&H4; the <reg orig="sodaine">sudden</reg> hath <reg orig="surpris'd">surprised</reg> my heart,</l>
<l>And made me <reg orig="sicke">sick</reg> with passion?</l></sp>
   <sp who="H"><speaker>Calisto.</speaker> 
<l>Hence away,</l>
<l>When we&Hrp; command, who&H62; dares presume to&H9; stay?</l></sp>
 <sp who="I"><speaker>Iup.</speaker>             
<l>Bright Lady.</l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker>Cal.</speaker>                 
<l>You <reg orig="afright">affright</reg> me with your <reg orig="steele">steel</reg>.</l></sp>
 <sp who="I"><speaker>Iup.</speaker>                
<l>These weapons Lady come to&H9; grace your <reg orig="beautie">beauty</reg></l>
<l>And these my <reg orig="armes">arms</reg> shall be your sanctuary</l>
<l>From all <reg orig="offensiue">offensive</reg> danger: <reg orig="cheere">cheer</reg> your sorrow,</l>
<l>Let your bright beauty <reg orig="shoote">shoot</reg> out of this cloud,</l>
<l>To&H9; search my heart, as it hath <reg orig="daz'd">dazed</reg> my eyes.</l>
<l>Are you a <reg orig="Queene">Queen</reg> <reg orig="enthron'd">enthroned</reg> <reg orig="aboue">above</reg> the Elements,</l>
<l>Made of <reg orig="diuine">divine</reg> composure, or of earth,</l>
<l>Which&H61; I can scarce <reg orig="beleeue">believe</reg>?</l></sp>
   <sp who="H"><speaker>Calist.</speaker> 
<l>I am <reg orig="my selfe">myself</reg>.</l>
<l><reg orig="Vnciuill">Uncivil</reg> stranger, you are much <reg orig="to">too</reg> rude,</l>
<l>Into my <reg orig="priuate">private</reg> chamber to&H9; intrude:</l>
<l>Go call the King my father.</l></sp>
 <sp who="I"><speaker>Iup.</speaker>                
<l>Are you their </l>
<l><hi rend="italic">Lycaons</hi> daughter? (wonder without end,</l>
<l>That&H3; from a Fiend an <reg orig="Angell">Angel</reg> should descend.)</l>
<l><reg orig="Oh">O</reg> <reg orig="Loue">Love</reg>, till now I <reg orig="neuer">never</reg> felt thy dart:</l>
<l>But now her&H2; painted eye hath <reg orig="pierc'd">pierced</reg> my heart.</l>
<l><reg orig="Faire">Fair</reg>, can you <reg orig="loue">love</reg>?</l></sp>
   <sp who="H"><speaker>Calisto.</speaker> 
<l>To&H9; be alone I can.</l></sp>
 <sp who="I"><speaker>Iup.</speaker>               
<l>Women, <reg orig="faire">fair</reg> <reg orig="Queene">Queen</reg>, are nothing without men:</l>
<l>You are but <reg orig="cyphers">ciphers</reg>, empty <reg orig="roomes">rooms</reg> to&H9; fill,</l>
<l>And till <reg orig="mens">men's</reg> figures come, <reg orig="vncounted">uncounted</reg> still.</l>
<l>Shall I sweet Lady, <reg orig="adde">add</reg> <reg orig="vnto">unto</reg> your grace,</l>
<l>And but for&H4; number-sake supply that&H62; place.</l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker>Cal.</speaker>                 
<l><reg orig="You'r">You are</reg> one too many, and of all the rest,</l>
<l>That&H61; <reg orig="beare">bear</reg> <reg orig="mens">men's</reg> figure, we&Hrp; can spare you best.</l>
<l>What are you sir?</l></sp>
 <sp who="I"><speaker>Iup.</speaker>                
<l>We&Hrp; are Pelasge's King,</l>
<l>And these our&Hrp; <reg orig="subiects">subjects</reg>.</l></sp>
   <sp who="H"><speaker>Calisto.</speaker> 
<l>These did of late belong</l>
<l>To&H4; King <hi rend="italic">Lycaon</hi> (<reg orig="Oh">O</reg> <reg orig="iniurious">injurious</reg> wrong)</l></sp>
 <sp who="I"><speaker>Iup.</speaker>                
<l><reg orig="Oh">O</reg> <reg orig="sute">suit</reg> your <reg orig="pitty">pity</reg> with your <reg orig="Angell-beauty">Angel-beauty</reg>,</l>
<l>And <reg orig="liue">live</reg> Pelasge's <reg orig="Queene">Queen</reg>.</l></sp>
   <sp who="H"><speaker>Calisto.</speaker> 
<l><reg orig="Giue">Give</reg> me a <reg orig="funerall">funeral</reg> garland to&H9; lament,</l>
<l>That&H62; best becomes my wretched discontent.</l></sp>
 <sp who="I"><speaker>Iup.</speaker>               
<l>The sun-shine of my smiles and <reg orig="iocond">jocund</reg> <reg orig="loue">love</reg>,</l>
<l>Shall from your <reg orig="browes">brows</reg> bright azure Elements,</l>
<l>Disperse all clouds: behold my <reg orig="crowne">crown</reg> is yours.</l>
<l>My sword, my conquest, I am of <reg orig="my selfe">myself</reg>,</l>
<l>Nothing without your soft compassionate <reg orig="loue">love</reg>?</l>
<l>For&H4; <reg orig="proofe">proof</reg>, <reg orig="aske">ask</reg> what the <reg orig="heauen">heaven</reg>, earth, <reg orig="aire">air</reg>, or sea</l>
<l>Can <reg orig="yeeld">yield</reg> to&H4; men by&H4; power or orison,</l>
<l>And it is yours.</l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker>Cal.</speaker>                 
<l>Sir, I shall <reg orig="proue">prove</reg> your <reg orig="loue">love</reg>.</l></sp>
 <sp who="I"><speaker>Iup.</speaker>                
<l>Pray <reg orig="vse">use</reg> me Lady.</l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker>Cal.</speaker>                 
<l><reg orig="You'l">You will&H1;</reg> grant it me my Lord.</l></sp>
 <sp who="I"><speaker>Iup.</speaker>               
<l>By&H4; all my honours, and by&H4; all the sweets</l>
<l><reg orig="'I">I</reg> hope for&H5; in&H4; your <reg orig="loues">loves</reg> fruition,</l>
<l>Your <reg orig="wil's">will&H0; is</reg> your <reg orig="owne">own</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker>Cal.</speaker>                 
<l><reg orig="You'l">You will&H1;</reg> not <reg orig="reuoke">revoke</reg> your word?</l></sp>
 <sp who="I"><speaker>Iup.</speaker>                
<l><reg orig="Bee't">Be it</reg> to&H9; <reg orig="inuest">invest</reg> whom I did late degrade,</l>
<l><reg orig="I'le">I will&H1;</reg> <reg orig="doo't">do it</reg> for&H4; you, bright and <reg orig="diuinest">divinest</reg> maid.</l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker>Cal.</speaker>                 
<l>This <reg orig="onely">only</reg> <reg orig="freedome">freedom</reg> to&H4; your <reg orig="captiue">captive</reg> <reg orig="giue">give</reg></l>
<l>That&H3; I a <reg orig="Nunne">Nun</reg> and <reg orig="profest">professed</reg> maid may <reg orig="liue">live</reg>.</l></sp>
 <sp who="I"><speaker>Iup.</speaker>
<l>More <reg orig="cruell">cruel</reg> <reg orig="then">than</reg> the tyrant that&H61; begat thee,</l>
<l>Hadst thou <reg orig="ask't">asked</reg> <reg orig="loue">love</reg>, gold, <reg orig="seruice">service</reg>, <reg orig="Empiry">Empery</reg>,</l>
    <l>This sword had <reg orig="purchast">purchased</reg> for&H4; <hi rend="italic">Calisto</hi> all.</l>
<l><reg orig="Oh">O</reg> most <reg orig="vnkinde">unkind</reg>, in&H4; all this <reg orig="vniuerse">universe</reg>,</l>
<l><reg orig="Ther's">There is</reg> but one <reg orig="iewell">jewel</reg> that&H61; I value <reg orig="hye">high</reg>,</l>
<l>And that&H62; (<reg orig="vnkinde">unkind</reg>) you will&H1; <reg orig="notlet">not let</reg> me buy:</l>
<l>To&H9; <reg orig="liue">live</reg> a maid, what <reg orig="ist">is it</reg>? <reg orig="'tis">it is</reg> to&H9; <reg orig="liue">live</reg> nothing:</l>
<l><reg orig="'Tis">It is</reg> like&H4; a <reg orig="couetous">covetous</reg> man to&H9; <reg orig="hoord">hoard</reg> <reg orig="vp">up&H5;</reg> treasure,</l>
<l><reg orig="Bar'd">Barred</reg> from your <reg orig="owne">own</reg> <reg orig="vse">use</reg>, and from others pleasure.</l>
<l><reg orig="Oh">O</reg> <reg orig="thinke">think</reg> <reg orig="faire">fair</reg> creature, that&H3; you had a mother,</l>
<l>One that&H61; bore you, that&H3; you might <reg orig="beare">bear</reg> another:</l>
<l>Be you as she was, of an Infant glad,</l>
<l>Since you from her&H6;, <reg orig="haue">have</reg> all things that&H61; she had.</l>
<l>Should all affect the strict life you desire,</l>
<l>The world <reg orig="it selfe">itself</reg> should end when we&Htp; expire:</l>
<l>Posterity is all, <reg orig="heauens">heavens</reg> number fill,</l>
<l>Which&H61; by&H4; your <reg orig="helpe">help</reg> may be increased still,</l>
<l>What is it when you <reg orig="loose">lose</reg> your <reg orig="mayden-head">maidenhead</reg>,</l>
<l>But make your beauty <reg orig="liue">live</reg> when you be dead</l>
<l>In&H4; your <reg orig="faire">fair</reg> issue?</l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker>Cal.</speaker>                 
<l>Tush, <reg orig="'tis">it is</reg> all in&H4; <reg orig="vaine">vain</reg>,</l>
<l>Diana I am now a <reg orig="seruant">servant</reg> of thy <reg orig="traine">train</reg>.</l></sp>
 <sp who="I"><speaker>Iup.</speaker>               
<l>Her&H2; order is <reg orig="meere">mere</reg> <reg orig="heresie">heresy</reg>, her&H2; sect</l>
<l>A <reg orig="schisme">schism</reg>, <reg orig="'mongst">amongst</reg> maids not worthy your respect.</l>
<l>Men were got to&H9; get; you <reg orig="borne">born</reg> others to&H9; <reg orig="beare">bear</reg>.</l>
<l>Wrong not the world so&H51; much: (nay sweet your <reg orig="eare">ear</reg>)</l>
<l>This flower will&H1; wither, not being <reg orig="cropt">cropped</reg> in&H4; time,</l>
<l>Age is too late, then do not <reg orig="loose">lose</reg> your prime.</l>
<l>Sport <reg orig="whil'st">whilst</reg> you may, before your youth be past.</l>
<l><reg orig="Loose">Lose</reg> not this <reg orig="mowld">mould</reg> that&H61; may such <reg orig="faire">fair</reg> ones cast,</l>
<l><reg orig="Leaue">Leave</reg> to&H4; the world your like&H0; for&H4; face and stature,</l>
<l>That&H3; the next age may praise your gifts of nature.</l>
    <l><hi rend="italic">Calisto</hi> if you still grow thus precise,</l>
<l>In&H4; your strict vow, <reg orig="succeding">succeeding</reg> <reg orig="beautie">beauty</reg> dies.</l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker>Cal.</speaker>                 
<l>I <reg orig="claime">claim</reg> your oath, all <reg orig="loue">love</reg> with men <reg orig="adue">adieu</reg>,</l>
<l><hi rend="italic">Dianae's</hi> <reg orig="Cloyster">Cloister</reg> I will&H1; next pursue.</l></sp>
<stage>Exit Calisto</stage>
<sp who="I"><speaker>Iup.</speaker>            
<l>And there all beauty shall be kept in&H4; <reg orig="iaile">jail</reg>,</l>
<l>Which&H61; with my sword: <reg orig="Ey">Aye</reg> with my life <reg orig="I'd">I would</reg> <reg orig="baile">bail</reg>:</l>
<l><reg orig="What's">What is</reg> that&H62; <hi rend="italic">Diana</hi>?</l></sp>
<sp who="W"><speaker>2. Lor.</speaker>
<l>She is the daughter of an ancient King,</l>
<l>That&H61; <reg orig="swaid">swayed</reg> the <reg orig="Atticke">Attic</reg> <reg orig="scepter">sceptre</reg>, who&H61; being tempted</l>
<l>By&H4; many <reg orig="suiters">suitors</reg>, first began this vow:</l>
<l>And <reg orig="leauing">leaving</reg> Court <reg orig="betooke">betook</reg> her&H6; to&H4; the <reg orig="forrests">forests</reg>.</l>
<l>Her&H2; beauteous <reg orig="traine">train</reg> are virgins of best <reg orig="ranke">rank</reg>,</l>
<l>Daughters of Kings, and Princes, all <reg orig="deuoted">devoted</reg></l>
<l>To&H9; abandon men, and <reg orig="chuse">choose</reg> virginity.</l>
<l>All these being first to&H4; her&H2; strict orders <reg orig="sworne">sworn</reg>,</l>
<l>Acknowledge her&H6; their <reg orig="Queene">Queen</reg> and <reg orig="Empresse">Empress</reg>.</l></sp>
 <sp who="I"><speaker>Iup.</speaker>              
<l>By&H4; all my hopes <hi rend="italic">Calistoe's</hi> <reg orig="loue">love</reg> to&H9; <reg orig="gaine">gain</reg>,</l>
<l><reg orig="I'd">I would</reg> wish <reg orig="my selfe">myself</reg> one of <hi rend="italic">Dianae's</hi> <reg orig="traine">train</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker>1. Lord.</speaker>
<l>Concerning your state <reg orig="businesse">business</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="I"><speaker>Iupiter.</speaker>
<l>Well <reg orig="remembred">remembered</reg>.</l>
<l>Posts of these <reg orig="newes">news</reg> shall be to&H4; Epyre sent,</l>
<l>Of <reg orig="vs">us&Hrp;</reg>, and of our&Hrp; new establishment.</l>
<l>Next for&H4; <hi rend="italic">Calisto</hi>, (but of that&H62; no&H2; more.)</l>
<l>We&Hrp; must take <reg orig="firme">firm</reg> possession of this state,</l>
<l>Our&Hrp; sword hath <reg orig="wonne">won</reg>, <hi rend="italic">Licaon</hi> lost so&H51; late.</l></sp>
<stage>Enter with musicke (before Diana) sixe Satires, after them all their 
   Nimphs, garlands on their heads, and iauelings in their hands,
   their Bowes and Quiuers: the Satyrs sing.</stage>
<sp who="Y">
   <l><hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Haile">Hail</reg> beauteous Dian, <reg orig="Queene">Queen</reg> of shades,</hi></l>
   <l><hi rend="italic">That&H61; <reg orig="dwels">dwells</reg> beneath these <reg orig="shadowie">shadowy</reg> glades,</hi></l>
   <l><hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Mistresse">Mistress</reg> of all those beauteous maids,</hi></l>
   <l><hi rend="italic">That&H61; are by&H4; her&H6; allowed.</hi></l>
   <l><hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Virginitie">Virginity</reg> we&Htp; all <reg orig="professe">profess</reg>,</hi></l>
   <l><hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Abiure">Abjure</reg> the <reg orig="worldlie">worldly</reg> <reg orig="vaine">vain</reg> <reg orig="excesse">excess</reg>,</hi></l>
   <l><hi rend="italic">And will&H1; to&H4; Dyan <reg orig="yeeld">yield</reg> no&H2; <reg orig="lesse">less</reg></hi></l>
   <l><hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Then">Than</reg> we&Htp; to&H4; her&H6; <reg orig="haue">have</reg> vowed.</hi></l>
   <l><hi rend="italic">The <reg orig="Shepheards">Shepherds</reg>, <reg orig="Satirs">Satyrs</reg>, <reg orig="Nimphs">Nymphs</reg>, and <reg orig="Fawnes">Fawns</reg>,</hi></l>
   <l><hi rend="italic">For&H4; thee will&H1; <reg orig="trippe">trip</reg> it <reg orig="ore">over</reg> the <reg orig="lawnes">lawns</reg>.</hi></l>
   <l><hi rend="italic">Come to&H4; the <reg orig="Forrest">Forest</reg> let <reg orig="vs">us&Htp;</reg> <reg orig="goe">go</reg>,</hi></l>
   <l><hi rend="italic">And trip it like&H4; the barren Doe,</hi></l>
   <l><hi rend="italic">The <reg orig="Fawnes">Fawns</reg> and <reg orig="Satirs">Satyrs</reg> still do so&H52;,</hi></l>
   <l><hi rend="italic">And <reg orig="freelie">freely</reg> thus they may do.</hi></l>
   <l><hi rend="italic">The Fairies <reg orig="daunce">dance</reg>, and <reg orig="Satirs">Satyrs</reg> sing,</hi></l>
   <l><hi rend="italic">And on&H4; the <reg orig="grasse">grass</reg> tread <reg orig="manie">many</reg> a ring,</hi></l>
   <l><hi rend="italic">And to&H4; their <reg orig="caues">caves</reg> their <reg orig="ven'son">venison</reg> bring,</hi></l>
   <l><hi rend="italic">And we&Htp; will&H1; do as they do,</hi></l>
   <l><hi rend="italic">The <reg orig="Shepheards">Shepherds</reg>, <reg orig="&c">etcetera</reg>.</hi></l>
   <l><hi rend="italic">Our&Htp; food is <reg orig="honie">honey</reg> from the Bees,</hi></l>
   <l><hi rend="italic">And mellow fruits that&H61; drop from trees,</hi></l>
   <l><hi rend="italic">In&H4; <reg orig="chace">chase</reg> we&Htp; clime the high degrees</hi></l>
   <l><hi rend="italic">Of <reg orig="euerie">every</reg> <reg orig="steepie">steepy</reg> <reg orig="mountaine">mountain</reg>,</hi></l>
   <l><hi rend="italic">And when the <reg orig="wearie">weary</reg> day is past,</hi></l>
   <l><hi rend="italic">We&Htp; at the <reg orig="euening">evening</reg> hie <reg orig="vs">us&Htp;</reg> fast,</hi></l>
   <l><hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Aad">And</reg> after this our&Htp; field repast,</hi></l>
   <l><hi rend="italic">We&Htp; <reg orig="drinke">drink</reg> the pleasant <reg orig="fountaine">fountain</reg>.</hi></l>
   <l><hi rend="italic">The <reg orig="Shepheards">Shepherds</reg>, <reg orig="&c">etcetera</reg>.</hi></l></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Diana.</speaker>                 
<l>These sports, our&Htp; <reg orig="Fawnes">Fawns</reg>, our&Htp; Satyrs and <reg orig="our selues">ourselves</reg>;</l>
<l>Make (<reg orig="faire">fair</reg> <hi rend="italic">Calisto</hi>) for&H4; your <reg orig="entertaine">entertain</reg>:</l>
<l><hi rend="italic">Pan</hi> the great God of <reg orig="Shepheards">Shepherds</reg>, and the <reg orig="Nymphes">Nymphs</reg></l>
<l>Of <reg orig="Meades">Meads</reg> and <reg orig="Fountaines">Fountains</reg>, that&H61; <reg orig="inhabite">inhabit</reg> here,</l>
<l>All <reg orig="giue">give</reg> you welcome, with their <reg orig="Rurall">Rural</reg> sports,</l>
<l>Glad to&H9; behold a <reg orig="Princesse">Princess</reg> of your birth</l>
<l>A happy Citizen of these <reg orig="Meades">Meads</reg> and <reg orig="Groues">Groves</reg>.</l>
<l>These Satyrs are our&Htp; neighbours, and <reg orig="liue">live</reg> here,</l>
<l>With whom we&Htp; <reg orig="haue">have</reg> <reg orig="confirm'd">confirmed</reg> a friendly league</l>
<l>And dwell in&H4; peace. Here is no&H2; City-craft.</l>
<l><reg orig="Here's">Here is</reg> no&H2; Court-flattery <reg orig="simplenesse">simpleness</reg> and sooth</l>
<l>The <reg orig="harmelesse">harmless</reg> <reg orig="Chace">Chase</reg>, and strict Virginity</l>
<l>Is all our&Htp; <reg orig="practise">practice</reg>. You <reg orig="haue">have</reg> read our&Htp; orders,</l>
<l>And you <reg orig="haue">have</reg> <reg orig="sworne">sworn</reg> to&H9; <reg orig="keepe">keep</reg> them,</l>
<l><reg orig="Faire">Fair</reg> <hi rend="italic">Calisto</hi>.</l>
<l><reg orig="Speake">Speak</reg>, how <reg orig="esteeme">esteem</reg> you them?</l></sp>
   <sp who="H"><speaker>Calisto.</speaker> 
<l>With <reg orig="reuerence">reverence</reg>.</l>
<l>Great <reg orig="Queene">Queen</reg>, I am <reg orig="sequestred">sequestered</reg> from the world,</l>
<l><reg orig="Euen">Even</reg> in&H4; my <reg orig="soule">soul</reg> hate <reg orig="mans">man's</reg> society,</l>
<l>And all their lusts, suggestions, all Court-pleasures,</l>
<l>And City-curiosities are <reg orig="vaine">vain</reg>,</l>
<l>And with my finer temper <reg orig="ill">I will&H1;</reg> agree,</l>
<l>That&H61; now <reg orig="haue">have</reg> <reg orig="vow'd">vowed</reg> sacred <reg orig="verginity">virginity</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Dian.</speaker>
<l>We&Htp; will&H1; not of your <reg orig="sorrowes">sorrows</reg> make <reg orig="recitall">recital</reg></l>
<l>So&H51; lately <reg orig="suffred">suffered</reg> by&H4; the hand of chance:</l>
<l>We&Htp; are from the world, <reg orig="&">and</reg> the blind <reg orig="Goddesse">Goddess</reg> <hi rend="italic">Fortune</hi></l>
<l>We&Htp; dare to&H9; do her&H2; worst, as <reg orig="liuing">living</reg> here</l>
<l>Out of her&H2; reach: <reg orig="Vs">Us&Htp;</reg>, she of force must spare,</l>
<l>They can <reg orig="loose">lose</reg> nothing, that&H61; for&H4; nothing care.</l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker>Cal.</speaker>                 
<l>Madam, <reg orig="deuotion">devotion</reg> drew me to&H4; your <reg orig="seruice">service</reg>,</l>
<l>And I am now your hand-maid.</l></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Dian.</speaker>
<l><reg orig="Wher's">Where is</reg> <hi rend="italic">Atlanta?</hi></l></sp>
<sp who="M"><speaker>Atlanta.</speaker>
<l><reg orig="Madame">Madam</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Dian.</speaker>
<l>Is there no&H2; <reg orig="princesse">princess</reg> in&H4; our&Htp; <reg orig="traine">train</reg>,</l>
<l>As yet <reg orig="vnmatch'd">unmatched</reg> to&H9; be her&H2; Cabin-fellow,</l>
<l>And <reg orig="sleepe">sleep</reg> by&H4; her&H6;?</l></sp>
<sp who="M"><speaker>Atlanta.</speaker>
<l>Madam, we&Htp; all are <reg orig="cuppled">coupled</reg></l>
<l>And <reg orig="twin'd">twined</reg> in&H4; <reg orig="loue">love</reg>, and hardly is there any</l>
<l>That&H61; will&H1; be <reg orig="wonne">won</reg> to&H9; change her&H2; bed-fellow.</l></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Dian.</speaker>
<l>You must be single till the next <reg orig="arriue">arrive</reg>,</l>
<l>She that&H61; is next admitted of our&Htp; <reg orig="traine">train</reg>,</l>
<l>Must be her&H2; bed-companion, so&H52; <reg orig="tis">it is</reg> lotted.</l>
<l>Come Fawns, and Nymphs, and <reg orig="Satyres">Satyrs</reg>, girt <reg orig="vs">us&Htp;</reg> <reg orig="rownd">round</reg></l>
<l>Whilst we&Htp; ascend our&Htp; state, and here <reg orig="proclaime">proclaim</reg></l>
<l>A <reg orig="generall">general</reg> hunting in&H4; <hi rend="italic">Dianaes</hi> name.</l></sp>
<stage>Enter Iupiter like a Nimph, or a Virago.</stage>
<sp who="I"><speaker>Iupiter.</speaker>
<p>There I <reg orig="strid">stride</reg> too wide. That&H62; step was too large for&H4;<lb/>
   one that&H61; professeth the straight order: what a <reg orig="pittifull">pitiful</reg> <reg orig="coyle">coil</reg><lb/>
   shall I <reg orig="haue">have</reg> to&H9; counterfeit this woman, to&H9; <reg orig="lispe">lisp</reg> (forsooth) to&H9; <lb/>
   simper and set my face like&H4; a sweet <reg orig="Gentlewomans">Gentlewoman's</reg> made out of<lb/>
   ginger-bread? shall I <reg orig="venter">venture</reg> or no&H5;? My face I <reg orig="feare">fear</reg> not: for&H3; my <lb/>
   beard being in&H4; the nonage durst <reg orig="neuer">never</reg> yet <reg orig="looke">look</reg> a Barber in&H4; the<lb/>
   face. And for&H4; my complexion, I <reg orig="haue">have</reg> <reg orig="knowne">known</reg> as <reg orig="browne">brown</reg> Lasses<lb/>
   as <reg orig="my selfe">myself</reg> <reg orig="haue">have</reg> gone for&H4; currant. And for&H4; my stature, I am not<lb/>
   yet of that&H62; Giant size, but I may <reg orig="passe">pass</reg> for&H4; a <hi rend="italic">bona Roba, a <reg orig="Ronnceual">Rouncival</reg><lb/>
      a Virago</hi>, or a good manly <reg orig="Lasse">Lass</reg>. If they should put me to&H9; <reg orig="spinne">spin</reg>,<lb/>
   or to&H9; sow, or any such <reg orig="Gentlewomanlike">Gentlewoman-like</reg> exercise, how should I <lb/>
   excuse my bringing <reg orig="vp">up&H5;</reg>? Tush, the <reg orig="hazzard">hazard</reg> is nothing, compared<lb/>
   with the value of the <reg orig="gaine">gain</reg>. Could I <reg orig="manadge">manage</reg> this <reg orig="businesse">business</reg><lb/>
   with Art&H0;, I should come to&H4; a hundred pretty sights in&H4; a <reg orig="yeare">year</reg>,<lb/>
   as in&H4; the <reg orig="Sommer">Summer</reg> when we&Htp; come to&H9; flea our&Htp; smocks, <reg orig="&c">etcetera</reg> I hope<lb/>
   <hi rend="italic">Diana</hi> doth not <reg orig="vse">use</reg> to&H9; search her&H2; <reg orig="maides">maids</reg> before she <reg orig="entertaines">entertains</reg><lb/>
   them. But <reg orig="howsoeuer">howsoever</reg><lb/> Be my <reg orig="losse">loss</reg> <reg orig="certaine">certain</reg>, and my profit none,<lb/>
   <reg orig="Tis">It is</reg> for&H4; <hi rend="italic">Calisto's</hi> <reg orig="loue">love</reg>, and I will&H1; on&H5;.<lb/></p></sp>

<sp who="L"><speaker>Dian.</speaker>
<l><reg orig="Wee'l">We&Htp; will&H1;</reg> chase the <reg orig="Stagge">Stag</reg>, and with our&Htp; Beagles shrill,</l>
<l>The neighbouring <reg orig="Forrests">Forests</reg> with <reg orig="lowd">loud</reg> <reg orig="eccho's">echoes</reg> fill.</l></sp>
 <sp who="I"><speaker>Iup.</speaker>                 
<l>Is this a <reg orig="heauen">heaven</reg> <reg orig="terrestriall">terrestrial</reg> that&H61; <reg orig="containes">contains</reg></l>
<l>So&H51; many earthly Angels? (O amazement)</l>
<l><hi rend="italic">Diana</hi> with these beauties circled round,</l>
<l><reg orig="Pal'd">Paled</reg> in&H5; with these bright pales, <reg orig="beares">bears</reg> more state,</l>
<l><reg orig="Then">Than</reg> Gods <reg orig="haue">have</reg> lent them by&H4; the power of fate.</l>
<l>I am <reg orig="destroyd">destroyed</reg>,</l></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Diana.</speaker>                 
<l>Soft, what intruder's that&H62;?</l>
<l>Command her&H6; hither.</l></sp>
 <sp who="I"><speaker>Iup.</speaker>                
<l><reg orig="Haile">Hail</reg> <reg orig="diuinest">divinest</reg> <reg orig="Queene">Queen</reg>,</l>
<l>I come to&H9; do thee <reg orig="seruice">service</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Diana.</speaker>                 
<l>A manly <reg orig="Lasse">Lass</reg>, a stout Virago,</l>
<l>Were all our&Htp; <reg orig="traine">train</reg> <reg orig="proportion'd">proportioned</reg> to&H4; thy size,</l>
<l>We&Htp; need not <reg orig="feare">fear</reg> <reg orig="mens">men's</reg> <reg orig="subtill">subtle</reg> <reg orig="trecheries">treacheries</reg>.</l>
<l>Thy birth and fortunes?</l></sp>
 <sp who="I"><speaker>Iup.</speaker>             
<l>Madam, I <reg orig="deriue">derive</reg></l>
<l>My birth from noble and high parentage:</l>
<l>Respect of your rare beauty, with my <reg orig="loue">love</reg></l>
<l>And <reg orig="zeale">zeal</reg> I still <reg orig="beare">bear</reg> to&H4; a virgins life,</l>
<l><reg orig="Haue">Have</reg> <reg orig="drawne">drawn</reg> me to&H4; your <reg orig="seruice">service</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Diana.</speaker>                 
<p>Welcome Lady. Her&H2; <reg orig="largenesse">largeness</reg> pleaseth <reg orig="mee">me</reg>, if <reg orig="shee">she</reg><lb/>
   <reg orig="haue">have</reg> courage <reg orig="proportion'd">proportioned</reg> with her&H2; limbs, <reg orig="shee">she</reg> shall be Champion<lb/>
   to&H4; all our&Htp; wronged Ladies. You <hi rend="italic">Atlanta</hi>, present her&H2; oath,<lb/></p></sp>

<stage>Her oath is giuen on Dianaes bow</stage>
<sp who="M"><speaker>Atlan.</speaker>
<l>Madam you must be true</l>
<l>To&H4; bright <hi rend="italic">Diana</hi> and her&H2; Virgin crew.</l></sp>
 <sp who="I"><speaker>Iup.</speaker>            
<l>To&H4; bright <hi rend="italic">Diana</hi> and her&H2; <reg orig="traine">train</reg> <reg orig="I'l">I will&H1;</reg> stand.</l></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Diana.</speaker>                 
<l>What can you do?</l></sp>
 <sp who="I"><speaker>Iup.</speaker>               
<l>More <reg orig="then">than</reg> the best here can.</l></sp>
<sp who="M"><speaker>Atlan.</speaker>
<l>You shall vow chastity:</l></sp>
 <sp who="I"><speaker>Iup.</speaker>            
<l><reg orig="That's">That&H62; is</reg> more <reg orig="then">than</reg> I can promise <hi rend="italic">(well proceed</hi></l></sp>
<sp who="M"><speaker>Atlan.</speaker>
<l>You <reg orig="neuer">never</reg> shall with hated man <reg orig="attone">atone</reg>,</l>
<l>But <reg orig="ly">lie</reg> with woman or else <reg orig="ly">lie</reg> alone.</l></sp>
 <sp who="I"><speaker>Iup.</speaker>             
<l>Make my oath strong, my protestation deep,</l>
<l>For&H3; this I <reg orig="vowe">vow</reg> by&H4; all the Gods to&H9; <reg orig="keepe">keep</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="M"><speaker>Atlan.</speaker>
<l>With Ladies you shall <reg orig="onely">only</reg> sport and play,</l>
<l>And in&H4; their fellowship spend night and day.</l></sp>
 <sp who="I"><speaker>Iup.</speaker>             
<l>I shall.</l></sp>
<sp who="M"><speaker>Atlan.</speaker>
<l>Consort with them at <reg orig="boord">board</reg> and bed,</l>
<l>And <reg orig="sweare">swear</reg> no&H2; man shall <reg orig="haue">have</reg> your maiden-head.</l></sp>
 <sp who="I"><speaker>Iup.</speaker>          
<l>By&H4; all the powers both earthly and <reg orig="diuine">divine</reg>,</l>
<l>If ere I <reg orig="loos't">lose it</reg>, a woman shall <reg orig="haue">have</reg> mine.</l></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Diana.</speaker>                 
<l>Now <reg orig="your're">you're</reg> ours&Htp;, <reg orig="you'r">you are</reg> welcome, <reg orig="kisse">kiss</reg> our&Htp; hand,</l>
<l>You promise well, <reg orig="wee">we&Htp;</reg> like&H1; you, and will&H1; grace you.</l>
<l>And if with our&Htp; election your's agree.</l>
<l><hi rend="italic">Calisto</hi> here your bed-fellow shall be.</l></sp>
 <sp who="I"><speaker>Iup.</speaker>             
<l>You Gods <reg orig="your">you</reg> will&H1; eternize me to&H4; your choice,</l>
<l>Madam I <reg orig="seale">seal</reg> both with my <reg orig="soule">soul</reg> and <reg orig="voyce">voice</reg></l></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Diana.</speaker>                 
<l>Then hand each other and acquaint <reg orig="your selfe">yourself</reg></l>
<l>And now let <reg orig="vs">us&Htp;</reg> proceed in&H4; the <reg orig="pursuite">pursuit</reg>,</l>
<l>Of our&Htp; <reg orig="determin'd">determined</reg> pastimes, dedicate</l>
<l>To&H4; the <reg orig="entertainement">entertainment</reg> of these <reg orig="beuteous">beauteous</reg> <reg orig="maides">maids</reg>.</l>
<l><reg orig="Satyres">Satyrs</reg> and <reg orig="fawnes">fawns</reg> ring out your pleasing quire,</l>
<l>This done, our&Htp; Bugles shall to&H4; <reg orig="heauen">heaven</reg> aspire.</l></sp>
<stage>Hornes winded, a great noise of hunting, Enter Diana, all
   her Nimphes in the chase, Iupiter pulling Calisto back.</stage>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Diana.</speaker>                 
<l>Follow, pursue, the Stag hath <reg orig="tooke">took</reg> the <reg orig="Mountaine">Mountain</reg>,</l>
<l>Come let <reg orig="vs">us&Htp;</reg> <reg orig="climbe">climb</reg> the <reg orig="steepe">steep</reg> <reg orig="clifts">cliffs</reg> after him,</l>
<l>Let through the <reg orig="aire">air</reg> your nimble <reg orig="iauelinges">javelins</reg> sing.</l>
<l>And our&Htp; free <reg orig="spoyles">spoils</reg> home with the <reg orig="euening">evening</reg> bring.</l></sp>
<sp who="X"><speaker>All.</speaker>                 
<l>Follow, follow, follow.</l></sp>
<stage>Winde hornes, enter the Satyrs as in the chase.</stage>
 <sp who="B"><speaker>Sat.</speaker>           
<l>The nimble Ladies <reg orig="haue">have</reg> <reg orig="out-stript">out-stripped</reg> <reg orig="vs">us&Htp;</reg> quite,</l>
<l><reg orig="Vnlesse">Unless</reg> we&Htp; <reg orig="speede">speed</reg> we&Htp; shall not see him fall.</l>
<l><reg orig="Wee">We&Htp;</reg> are too slow in&H4; <reg orig="pursuite">pursuit</reg> of our&Htp; game;</l>
<l><reg orig="Let's">Let us&Htp;</reg> after <reg orig="tho">them</reg>; since they out-strip our&Htp; eyes,</l>
<l><reg orig="Runne">Run</reg> by&H4; their <reg orig="noates">notes</reg>, that&H61; from their Bugles rise.</l></sp>
<stage>Winde hornes. Enter Iupiter, and Calisto.</stage>
<sp who="H"><speaker>Cal.</speaker>                 
<l><reg orig="Hast">Haste</reg> gentle Lady, we&Htp; shall loose our&Htp; <reg orig="traine">train</reg>,</l>
<l>And <reg orig="misse">miss</reg> <hi rend="italic">Dianai's</hi> pastime in&H4; the chase,</l>
<l>Hie then to&H9; <reg orig="staine">stain</reg> our&Htp; <reg orig="Iauelings">Javelins</reg> <reg orig="guilded">gilded</reg> points</l>
<l>In&H4; <reg orig="bloud">blood</reg> of yon swift Stag, so&H51; hot <reg orig="pursu'de">pursued</reg>.</l>
<l>Will&H1; you <reg orig="keepe">keep</reg> pace with <reg orig="mee">me</reg>?</l></sp>
 <sp who="I"><speaker>Iup.</speaker>           
<l>I am <reg orig="tir'd">tired</reg> already.</l>
<l>Nor <reg orig="haue">have</reg> I yet <reg orig="bene">been</reg> to&H4; these pastimes <reg orig="breath'd">breathed</reg>,</l>
<l>Sweet shall <reg orig="wee">we&Htp;</reg> here repose <reg orig="our selues">ourselves</reg> a little?</l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker>Cal.</speaker>                 
<l>And <reg orig="loose">lose</reg> the honour to&H9; be first at fall?</l></sp>
 <sp who="I"><speaker>Iup.</speaker>             
<l><reg orig="Feare">Fear</reg> not, you shall come time enough to&H9; fall.</l>
<l>Either you must be so&H51; <reg orig="vnkind">unkind</reg> to&H4; <reg orig="mee">me</reg>,</l>
<l>As <reg orig="leaue">leave</reg> me to&H4; these deserts solitary,</l>
<l>Or stay till I <reg orig="haue">have</reg> rest, for&H3; I am <reg orig="breathles">breathless</reg></l>
<l>And cannot hold it out, behold a place</l>
<l>Remote, an Arbor seated naturally,</l>
<l><reg orig="Trim'd">Trimmed</reg> by&H4; the hand of nature for&H4; a bower,</l>
<l><reg orig="Skreen'd">Screened</reg> by&H4; the shadowy <reg orig="leaues">leaves</reg> from the Suns eye.</l>
<l>Sweet will&H1; you sit, or on&H4; the verdure <reg orig="lye">lie</reg>?</l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker>Cal.</speaker>                 
<l>Rather <reg orig="then">than</reg> <reg orig="leaue">leave</reg> you, I will&H1; <reg orig="loose">lose</reg> the sport</l></sp>
 <sp who="I"><speaker>Iup.</speaker>            
<l><reg orig="I'le">I will&H1;</reg> <reg orig="finde">find</reg> you pastime, <reg orig="feare">fear</reg> not, <reg orig="Oh">O</reg> my <reg orig="Angell">Angel</reg>,</l>
<l>Whether wilt thou transport me, grant me measure.</l>
<l>Of <reg orig="ioy">joy</reg>, be free, I <reg orig="surfet">surfeit</reg> on&H4; this pleasure.</l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker>Cal.</speaker>                 
<l>Come <reg orig="shal's">shall us&Htp;</reg> <reg orig="lye">lie</reg> <reg orig="downe">down</reg> a little.</l></sp>
 <sp who="I"><speaker>Iup.</speaker>          
<l>South I will&H1;.</l>
<l>I thirst in&H4; seas and cannot <reg orig="quaffe">quaff</reg> my fill,</l>
<l>Behold before <reg orig="mee">me</reg> a rich Table spread.</l>
<l>And yet <reg orig="poore">poor</reg> I am <reg orig="forc'd">forced</reg> to&H9; <reg orig="starue">starve</reg> for&H4; bread:</l>
<l>We&Htp; be alone, the <reg orig="Ladyes">Ladies</reg> <reg orig="farre">far</reg> in&H4; <reg orig="chace">chase</reg>,</l>
<l>And may I <reg orig="dye">die</reg> an Eunuch by&H4; my <reg orig="vowe">vow</reg>,</l>
<l>If bright <hi rend="italic">Calisto</hi> you escape me now.</l>
<l>Sweet bed-fellow your hand, what <reg orig="haue">have</reg> I felt,</l>
<l><reg orig="Vnlesse">Unless</reg> <reg orig="blancht">blanched</reg> snow, of substance not to&H9; melt?</l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker>Cal.</speaker>                 
<l>You gripe too hard.</l></sp>
 <sp who="I"><speaker>Iup.</speaker>          
<l>Good sooth I shall not rest</l>
<l><reg orig="Vntill">Until</reg> my head be pillowed on&H4; thy breast.</l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker>Cal.</speaker>                 
<l><reg orig="Leane">Lean</reg> on&H4; me then.</l></sp>
 <sp who="I"><speaker>Iup.</speaker>     
<l>So&H52; shall I wrong mine eyes,</l>
<l>To&H9; <reg orig="leaue">leave</reg> your face to&H9; <reg orig="looke">look</reg> <reg orig="vpon">upon&H4;</reg> the <reg orig="skyes">skies</reg>.</l>
<l>O how I <reg orig="loue">love</reg> <reg orig="the">thee</reg>, come <reg orig="let's">let us&Htp;</reg> <reg orig="kisse">kiss</reg> and play.</l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker>Cal.</speaker>                 
 <sp who="I"><speaker>Iup.</speaker>             
<l>So&H52; a woman with a woman may.</l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker>Cal.</speaker>                 
<l>I do not like&H1; this kissing.</l></sp>
 <sp who="I"><speaker>Iup.</speaker>           
<l>Sweet sit still,</l>
<l>Lend me thy <reg orig="lippes">lips</reg>, that&H3; I may taste my fill.</l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker>Cal.</speaker>                 
<l>You <reg orig="kisse">kiss</reg> too wantonly.</l></sp>
 <sp who="I"><speaker>Iup.</speaker>            
<l>Thy <reg orig="bosome">bosom</reg> lend.</l>
<l>And by&H4; thy soft paps let my hand descend.</l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker>Cal.</speaker>                 
<l>Nay <reg orig="fye">fie</reg> what <reg orig="meane">mean</reg> you?</l></sp>
 <sp who="I"><speaker>Iup.</speaker>          
<l><reg orig="Pre'the">Prithee</reg> let me toy,</l>
<l>I would the Gods would shape thee to&H4; a boy,</l>
<l>Or me into a man.</l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker>Cal.</speaker>                 
<l>A man, how then?</l></sp>
 <sp who="I"><speaker>Iup.</speaker>           
<l>My sweet <reg orig="lye">lie</reg> still, for&H3; we&Htp; are <reg orig="farre">far</reg> from men,</l>
<l><reg orig="Lye">Lie</reg> <reg orig="downe">down</reg> <reg orig="againe">again</reg>. Your foot I oft <reg orig="haue">have</reg> <reg orig="prais'd">praised</reg>,</l>
<l><reg orig="Ey">Aye</reg> and your <reg orig="legge">leg</reg>: (nay let your skirt be <reg orig="rais'd">raised</reg>)</l>
<l><reg orig="I'le">I will&H1;</reg> measure for&H4; the wager of a fall,</l>
<l>Who&H61; hath the greatest great, or smallest small.</l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker>Cal.</speaker>                 
<l>You are too wanton, and your hand too free.</l></sp>
 <sp who="I"><speaker>Iup.</speaker>           
<l>You need not blush to&H9; let a woman see.</l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker>Cal.</speaker>                 
<l>My <reg orig="barenesse">bareness</reg> I <reg orig="haue">have</reg> hid from sight of <reg orig="skyes">skies</reg>,</l>
<l>Therefore may <reg orig="barre">bar</reg> it any <reg orig="Ladyes">Lady's</reg> eyes.</l></sp>
 <sp who="I"><speaker>Iup.</speaker>       
<l><reg orig="Me thinks">Methinks</reg> you should be fat, pray let me feele,</l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker>Cal.</speaker>                 
<l><reg orig="Oh">O</reg> God you tickle me.</l></sp>
 <sp who="I"><speaker>Iup.</speaker>           
<l>Lend me your hand,</l>
<l>And freely taste me, note how I will&H1; stand,</l>
<l>I am not ticklish.</l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker>Cal.</speaker>                 
<l>Lord how you <reg orig="wooe">woo</reg>,</l></sp>
 <sp who="I"><speaker>Iup.</speaker>           
<l>We&Htp; maids may wish much, but can nothing do.</l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker>Cal.</speaker>                 
<l>I am weary of this toying.</l></sp>
 <sp who="I"><speaker>Iup.</speaker>        
<l><reg orig="Oh">O</reg> but I</l>
<l>In&H4; this Elisium could both <reg orig="liue">live</reg> and <reg orig="dye">die</reg>.</l>
<l>I can <reg orig="forbeare">forbear</reg> no&H2; longer, though my rape</l>
<l>Be <reg orig="punisht">punished</reg> with my head, she shall not scape.</l>
<l>Say sweet I were a man.</l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker>Cal.</speaker>                 
<l>Thus would I rise,</l>
<l>And fill the Dales and <reg orig="mountaines">mountains</reg> with my <reg orig="cryes">cries</reg>.</l>
<l>A man! (<reg orig="Oh">O</reg> <reg orig="heauen">heaven</reg>) to&H9; <reg orig="gaine">gain</reg> <hi rend="italic">Elisiums</hi> <reg orig="blisse">bliss</reg>,</l>
<l><reg orig="I'de">I would</reg> not be <reg orig="sayd">said</reg> that&H3; I a man should <reg orig="kisse">kiss</reg>.</l>
<l>Come, <reg orig="lets">let us&Htp;</reg> go wound the <reg orig="Stagge">Stag</reg>.</l></sp>
 <sp who="I"><speaker>Iup.</speaker>     
<l>Stay ere you <reg orig="goe">go</reg>,</l>
<l>Here stands one ready that&H61; must strike a doe.</l>
<l>And thou art <reg orig="shee">she</reg>, I am <hi rend="italic">Pelagius</hi> King,</l>
<l>That&H61; thus <reg orig="haue">have</reg> singled thee, mine thou shalt be.</l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker>Cal.</speaker>                 
<l>Gods, Angels, men, help all a maid to&H9; free.</l></sp>
 <sp who="I"><speaker>Iup.</speaker>       
<l>Maugre them all <reg orig="th'art">thou art</reg> mine.</l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker>Cal.</speaker>                 
<l>To&H9; do me right,</l>
<l><reg orig="Helpe">Help</reg> fingers, feet, <reg orig="nailes">nails</reg>, teeth, and all to&H9; fight.</l></sp>
 <sp who="I"><speaker>Iup.</speaker>            
<l>Not they, nor all <hi rend="italic">Dianae's</hi> <reg orig="Angell-traine">Angel-train</reg>,</l>
<stage>He caries her away in his armes.</stage>
<l>Were they in&H4; sight, this prize away should <reg orig="gaine">gain</reg>.</l>

    <div1 n="3" type="act">
       <div2 n="1" type="scene">
<stage>Enter Homer.</stage>
<sp who="A"><speaker>Hom.</speaker>                 
<l><reg orig="Yong">Young</reg> <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Iupiter">Jupiter</reg></hi> doth force this beauteous maid,</l>
<l>And after would <reg orig="haue">have</reg> made her&H6; his bright <reg orig="Queene">Queen</reg>.</l>
<l>But discontent she in&H4; the <reg orig="Forrest">Forest</reg> staid,</l>
<l>Loath of <hi rend="italic">Diana's</hi> virgins to&H9; be <reg orig="seene">seen</reg>.</l>
<l>Oft did she write, oft send, but all in&H4; <reg orig="vaine">vain</reg>,</l>
<l>She <reg orig="neuer">never</reg> will&H1; <reg orig="returne">return</reg> to&H4; Court <reg orig="againe">again</reg>.</l>
<l>Eight <reg orig="moones">moons</reg> are <reg orig="fild">filled</reg> <reg orig="&">and</reg> <reg orig="wain'd">waned</reg> when she grows great</l>
<l>And <reg orig="yong">young</reg> <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Ioues">Jove's</reg></hi> issue in&H4; her&H2; <reg orig="wombe">womb</reg> doth spring.</l>
<l>This day <hi rend="italic">Diana</hi> doth her&H2; <reg orig="Nimphs">Nymphs</reg> <reg orig="intreat">entreat</reg>,</l>
<l><reg orig="Vnto">Unto</reg> a <reg orig="solemne">solemn</reg> bathing, where they bring</l> 
<l><reg orig="Deflowr'd">Deflowered</reg> <hi rend="italic">Calisto</hi>, note how she would hide</l>
<l>That&H62; which&H61; time found, and great <hi rend="italic">Diana</hi> <reg orig="spide">spied</reg>.</l>
<stage>A dumbe shew. Enter Diana and all her Nimphs to bathe them: shee
   makes them suruey the place. They vnlace themselues, and vnlose their
   buskins: only Calisto refuseth to make her ready. Diana sends Atlanta
   to her, who perforce vnlacing her, finds her great belly, and shewes it to 
   Diana, who turnes her out of her society, and leaues her. Calisto 
   likewise in great sorrow forsakes the place.</stage>
<l>Her&H2; crime thus found, <reg orig="shee's">she is</reg> <reg orig="banisht">banished</reg> from their crew,</l>
<l>And in&H4; a <reg orig="caue">cave</reg> she childs a valiant <reg orig="sonne">son</reg>,</l>
<l><reg orig="Cal'd">Called</reg> <hi rend="italic">Archas</hi>, who&H61; doth noble deeds pursue,</l>
<l>And by&H4; <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Ioues">Jove's</reg></hi> gift <hi rend="italic">Pelagia's</hi> <reg orig="seate">seat</reg> hath <reg orig="wonne">won</reg>,</l>
<l>Which&H61; after by&H4; his worth, and glorious fame,</l>
<l>He hath <reg orig="trans-stil'd">trans-styled</reg> <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Archadia">Arcadia</reg></hi> by&H4; his name.</l>
<l>But we&Htp; <reg orig="returne">return</reg> to&H4; <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Tytan">Titan</reg></hi>, who&H61; by&H4; <reg orig="spyes">spies</reg></l>
<l>Hath <reg orig="learn'd">learned</reg>, that&H3; <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Saturne">Saturn</reg></hi> hath kept <reg orig="sonnes">sons</reg> <reg orig="aliue">alive</reg>.</l>
<l>He now assembles all his strange <reg orig="allyes">allies</reg>,</l>
<l>And for&H4; the <reg orig="crowne">crown</reg> of <reg orig="Creet">Crete</reg> intends to&H9; <reg orig="striue">strive</reg>.</l>
<l>Of their <reg orig="successe">success</reg>, and fortunes we&Htp; proceed,</l>
<l>Where <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Tytans">Titans</reg></hi> <reg orig="sonnes">sons</reg> by&H4; <reg orig="youthfull">youthful</reg> <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Ioue">Jove</reg></hi> must bleed.</l></sp>
<stage>Enter Tytan, Lycaon, Enceladus, Aegeon in Armes,
   drum, colours, and attendants,</stage>
  <sp who="C"><speaker>Tytan.</speaker>
<l>Now are we&Htp; strong, our&Htp; giant Issue <reg orig="growne">grown</reg>,</l>
<l>Our&Htp; <reg orig="sonnes">sons</reg> in&H4; <reg orig="seuerall">several</reg> <reg orig="kingdomes">kingdoms</reg> we&Htp; <reg orig="haue">have</reg> planted,</l>
<l>From whence they <reg orig="haue">have</reg> <reg orig="deriu'd">derived</reg> <reg orig="vs">us&Htp;</reg> <reg orig="braue">brave</reg> <reg orig="supplyes">supplies</reg>,</l>
<l>From <hi rend="italic">Sicily</hi>, and from <reg orig="th'">the</reg> <hi rend="italic">Aegean</hi> sea,</l>
<l>That&H61; of our&Htp; <reg orig="sonne">son</reg> <hi rend="italic">Aegeon</hi> <reg orig="beares">bears</reg> the name.</l>
<l>We&Htp; <reg orig="haue">have</reg> assembled <reg orig="infinites">infinities</reg> of men,</l>
<l>To&H9; <reg orig="auenge">avenge</reg> <reg orig="vs">us&Htp;</reg> on&H4; proud <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Saturnes">Saturn's</reg></hi> <reg orig="periury">perjury</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker>Lycaon.</speaker>
<l>What I <reg orig="haue">have</reg> said to&H4; <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Tytan">Titan</reg></hi>, <reg orig="Il'e">I will&H1;</reg> make good,</l>
<l><reg orig="Tis">It is</reg> <reg orig="rumor'd">rumoured</reg> <hi rend="italic">Melliseus</hi> Foster-child</l>
<l>He that&H61; <reg orig="expulst">expulsed</reg> me from <hi rend="italic">Pelagia's</hi> <reg orig="Crowne">Crown</reg>.</l>
<l>And in&H4; my high <reg orig="tribunall">tribunal</reg> sits <reg orig="enthron'd">enthroned</reg>,</l>
<l>Is <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Saturnes">Saturn's</reg></hi> <reg orig="sonne">son</reg>, and <reg orig="stiled">styled</reg> <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Iupiter">Jupiter</reg></hi>,</l>
<l>(Besides my daughter by&H4; his lust <reg orig="deflowred">deflowered</reg>)</l>
<l>On&H4; <reg orig="vs">us&Htp;</reg> the <reg orig="poore">poor</reg> distressed <reg orig="Tytanoyes">Titanois</reg></l>
<l>He hath committed many out-rages.</l></sp>
<sp who="N"><speaker>Aege.</speaker>
<l>All which&H61; <reg orig="wee'l">we&Htp; will&H1;</reg> punish on&H4; <reg orig="K.">King</reg> <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Saturnes">Saturn's</reg></hi> head,</l>
<l>I that&H61; <reg orig="haue">have</reg> made <reg orig="th'">the</reg> <hi rend="italic">Aegean</hi> confines shake,</l>
<l>And with my <reg orig="powerfull">powerful</reg> <reg orig="voyce">voice</reg> affrighted <reg orig="Heauen">Heaven</reg>:</l>
<l>From whose enraged eyes the <reg orig="darkned">darkened</reg> <reg orig="skyes">skies</reg></l>
<l><reg orig="Haue">Have</reg> borrowed lustre, and Promethian fire,</l>
<l>Will&H1; fright from <reg orig="Creet">Crete</reg> the proud <hi rend="italic">Saturnian</hi> <reg orig="troope">troop</reg>,</l>
<l>And thousand <reg orig="hack't">hacked</reg> and mangled <reg orig="souldiers">soldiers</reg> bring</l>
<l>To&H9; <reg orig="intombe">entomb</reg> the glories of the Cretan King.</l></sp>
<sp who="O"><speaker>Encel.</speaker>
<l>That&H62; must be left to&H4; great <hi rend="italic">Enceladus</hi>,</l>
<l>The pride and glory of the <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Tytans">Titans</reg></hi> <reg orig="hoast">host</reg>.</l>
<l>I that&H61; <reg orig="haue">have</reg> <reg orig="curb'd">curbed</reg> the <reg orig="billowes">billows</reg> with a <reg orig="frowne">frown</reg>,</l>
<l>And with a smile <reg orig="haue">have</reg> made the Ocean <reg orig="calme">calm</reg>,</l>
<l><reg orig="Spurn'd">Spurned</reg> <reg orig="downe">down</reg> huge mountains with my armed foot,</l>
<l>And with my shoulders lift the <reg orig="vallies">valleys</reg> high,</l>
<l><reg orig="Wil">Will&H1;</reg> in&H4; the wrinkles of my stormy brow,</l>
<l>Bury the glories of the Cretan King,</l>
<l>And on&H4; his slaughtered <reg orig="bulke">bulk</reg> <reg orig="braine">brain</reg> all his <reg orig="sonnes">sons</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="N"><speaker>Aegeon.</speaker>
<l>And what shall I do then?</l></sp>
<sp who="O"><speaker>Encel.</speaker>
<l>Do thou stand still,</l>
<l><reg orig="Whil'st">Whilst</reg> I the foes of <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Tytan">Titan</reg></hi> pash and kill.</l>
<l>Am I not eldest from great <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Tytans">Titans</reg></hi> <reg orig="loynes">loins</reg>,</l>
<l>The Saturnists <reg orig="hereditarie">hereditary</reg> <reg orig="scurdge">scourge</reg>?</l>
<l><reg orig="Leaue">Leave</reg> all these deeds of horror to&H4; my hand,</l>
<l>I like&H1; a Trophy <reg orig="ore">over</reg> their <reg orig="spoyles">spoils</reg> will&H1; stand.</l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker>Lycaon.</speaker>
<l>Why <reg orig="breath">breathe</reg> we&Htp; then?</l></sp>
<sp who="O"><speaker>Encel.</speaker>
<l>Come <reg orig="arme">arm</reg> your <reg orig="sinowy">sinewy</reg> <reg orig="limbes">limbs</reg>,</l>
<l>With rage and fury fright pale <reg orig="pitty">pity</reg> hence,</l>
<l>And <reg orig="drowne">drown</reg> him in&H4; the <reg orig="sweate">sweat</reg> your bodies still.</l>
<l>With hostile industry <reg orig="tosse">toss</reg> flaming brands</l>
<l>About your fleecy <reg orig="lockes">locks</reg>, to&H9; threat their Cities</l>
<l>With death and desolation, let your <reg orig="steele">steel</reg></l>
<l><reg orig="Glistring">Glistering</reg> against the <reg orig="sunne">sun</reg>, daze their bright eyes,</l>
<l>That&H61; with the dread of our&Htp; astonishment</l>
<l>They may be <reg orig="sunke">sunk</reg> in&H4; Lethe, and their <reg orig="graue">grave</reg></l>
<l>May be the <reg orig="darke">dark</reg> <reg orig="vawlt">vault</reg>, <reg orig="cal'd">called</reg> <reg orig="obliuious">oblivious</reg> <reg orig="Caue">Cave</reg>,</l></sp>
   <sp who="C"><speaker>Tytan.</speaker>
<l>Are our&Htp; <reg orig="Embassadors">Ambassadors</reg> to&H4; <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Saturne">Saturn</reg></hi> gone,</l>
<l>To&H9; let him know whence this our&Htp; <reg orig="warre">war</reg> <reg orig="proceedes">proceeds</reg>?</l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker>Lica,</speaker>
<l>Your message hath by&H4; this startled <reg orig="th'vsurper">the usurper</reg>,</l></sp>
<sp who="O"><speaker>Encel.</speaker>
<l>Set on&H4; them, waste their confines as we&Htp; march,</l>
<l>And let them <reg orig="tast">taste</reg> the rage of sword and fire,</l>
<l><reg orig="Th'Alarm's">the alarm is</reg> <reg orig="giuen">given</reg>, and hath by&H4; this <reg orig="arriu'd">arrived</reg></l>
<l><reg orig="Euen">Even</reg> at the <reg orig="wals">walls</reg> of <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Creet">Crete</reg></hi>, the <reg orig="cittadell">citadel</reg></l>
<l>Where the <reg orig="Cathedrall">Cathedral</reg> <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Saturne">Saturn</reg></hi> is <reg orig="enthron'd">enthroned</reg>.</l></sp>
  <sp who="C"><speaker>Tytan.</speaker>
<l><reg orig="Warlicke">Warlike</reg> <hi rend="italic">Aegeon</hi> and <hi rend="italic">Enceladus</hi>,</l>
<l>Noble <hi rend="italic">Lycaon</hi> lend <reg orig="vs">us&Htp;</reg> your assistance</l>
<l>To&H9; <reg orig="forradge">forage</reg> as we&Htp; march, plant desolation</l>
<l>Through all this fertile <reg orig="soile">soil</reg>, be this your cry;</l>
 <l><reg orig="Reuendge">Revenge</reg> on&H4; <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Saturne">Saturn</reg></hi> for&H4; his <reg orig="periury">perjury</reg>.</l></sp>
<stage>Enter Saturne with haire and beard ouergrowne, Sibilla, 
   Iuno, his Lords, drum, colours and souldiers.</stage>
 <sp who="B"><speaker>Sat.</speaker>             
<l>None <reg orig="speake">speak</reg>, let no&H2; harsh <reg orig="voyce">voice</reg> presume to&H9; <reg orig="iarr">jar</reg></l>
<l>In&H4; our&Hrp; distressed care, I am all sad,</l>
<l>All <reg orig="horrout">horror</reg> and <reg orig="afrightment">affrightment</reg>, since the slaughter</l>
<l>And <reg orig="tragick">tragic</reg> murder of my first <reg orig="borne">born</reg> <hi rend="italic">Ops</hi>,</l>
<l>Continued in&H4; the <reg orig="vnnat urall">unnatural</reg> massacre</l>
<l>Of three <reg orig="yong">young</reg> Princes: not a day hath left me</l>
<l>Without <reg orig="distast">distaste</reg>, no&H2; night but double <reg orig="darkned">darkened</reg></l>
<l>With <reg orig="terrour">terror</reg> and confused melancholy:</l>
<l>No&H2; <reg orig="houre">hour</reg> but hath had care and discontent</l>
<l><reg orig="Proportion'd">Proportioned</reg> to&H4; his minutes not an instant:</l>
<l>Without remorse and anguish. <reg orig="Oh">O</reg> you <reg orig="crownes">crowns</reg>,</l>
<l>Why are you made, and <reg orig="mettald">metalled</reg> out of cares?</l>
<l>I am ouergrowne with sorrow, <reg orig="circumuailed">circumvailed</reg></l>
<l>With multiplicity of <reg orig="distempratures">distemperatures</reg>,</l>
<l>And <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Saturne">Saturn</reg></hi> is a King of nothing else,</l>
<l>But woes, vexations, <reg orig="sorrowes">sorrows</reg>, and laments.</l>
<l>To&H9; <reg orig="adde">add</reg> to&H4; these the <reg orig="threatnings">threatenings</reg> of red war,</l>
<l>As if the murther of my Princely babes</l>
<l>Were not enough to&H9; plague an <reg orig="vsurpation">usurpation</reg>,</l>
<l>But they must <reg orig="adde">add</reg> the rage of sword and fire,</l>
<l>To&H9; affright my people: these are miseries,</l>
<l>Able to&H9; be comprised in&H4; no&H2; dimension.</l></sp>
 <sp who="V"><speaker>Iuno.</speaker>      
<l>My father shall not macerate <reg orig="himselfe">himself</reg>,</l>
<l><reg orig="Ile">I will&H1;</reg> dare to&H9; interrupt his passions,</l>
<l>Although I buy it <reg orig="deerely">dearly</reg> with his hate.</l>
<l>My Lord you are a King of a great people,</l>
<l>Your power sufficient to&H9; repulse a foe</l>
<l>Greater <reg orig="then">than</reg> <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Tytan">Titan</reg></hi>. Though my brothers <reg orig="birthes">births</reg></l>
<l>Be <reg orig="crown'd">crowned</reg> in&H4; <reg orig="bloud">blood</reg>, yet am I still <reg orig="reseru'd">reserved</reg></l>
<l>To&H9; be the <reg orig="hopefull">hopeful</reg> comfort of your age.</l></sp>
 <sp who="B"><speaker>Sat.</speaker>
<l>My dearest <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Iuno">Juno</reg></hi>, <reg orig="beautifull">beautiful</reg> remainder</l>
<l>Of <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Saturnes">Saturn's</reg></hi> <reg orig="royall">royal</reg> issue, but for&H4; thee</l>
<l>I had ere this with these my fingers <reg orig="torne">torn</reg></l>
<l>A <reg orig="graue">grave</reg> out of the <reg orig="rockes">rocks</reg>, to&H9; <reg orig="haue">have</reg> <reg orig="entomb'd">entombed</reg></l>
<l>The wretched <reg orig="carkasse">carcass</reg> of a <reg orig="caitife">caitiff</reg> King:</l>
<l>And I will&H1; <reg orig="liue">live</reg>, <reg orig="be't">be it</reg> but to&H9; make thee <reg orig="Queene">Queen</reg></l>
<l>Of all the <reg orig="triumphes">triumphs</reg> and the <reg orig="spoyles">spoils</reg> I <reg orig="winne">win</reg>.</l>
<l><reg orig="Speake">Speak</reg>, <reg orig="what's">what is</reg> the <reg orig="proiect">project</reg> of their <reg orig="inuasion">invasion</reg>?</l></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker>1. Lord.</speaker>
<l>That&H3; the King of <reg orig="Creet">Crete</reg>,</l>
<l>Hath not (according to&H4; his <reg orig="vowes">vows</reg> and <reg orig="oathes">oaths</reg>)</l>
<l><reg orig="Slaine">Slain</reg> his male issue.</l></sp>
 <sp who="B"><speaker>Sat.</speaker>              
<l><reg orig="Haue">Have</reg> I not their <reg orig="blouds">bloods</reg></l>
<l>Already <reg orig="quaft">quaffed</reg> to&H4; angry <hi rend="italic">Nemesis</hi>?</l>
<l><reg orig="Haue">Have</reg> not these <reg orig="ruthlesse">ruthless</reg> and <reg orig="remorslesse">remorseless</reg> eyes,</l>
<l>(<reg orig="Vn-father-like">Un-father-like</reg>) beheld their panting hearts</l>
<l>Swimming in&H4; <reg orig="bowles">bowls</reg> of <reg orig="bloud">blood</reg>? Am I not <reg orig="sonne-lesse">sonless</reg>?</l>
<l>Nay <reg orig="child-lesse">child-lessee</reg> too, <reg orig="saue">save</reg> <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Iuno">Juno</reg></hi> whom I <reg orig="loue">love</reg>:</l>
<l>And dare they then? Come, our&Hrp; continued sorrow</l>
<l>Shall into scarlet indignation <reg orig="turne">turn</reg>,</l>
<l>And my <reg orig="sonnes">sons</reg> <reg orig="bloud">blood</reg> shall <reg orig="crowne">crown</reg> their guilty heads</l>
<l>With purple vengeance. Valiant Lords, set on&H5;,</l>
<l>And meet them to&H4; their last destruction.</l></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker>1. Lord.</speaker>
<l>March forward.</l></sp>
 <sp who="B"><speaker>Sat.</speaker>        
<l>Stay, because <reg orig="wee'l">we&Hrp; will&H1;</reg> ground our&Hrp; <reg orig="warres">wars</reg></l>
<l>On&H4; <reg orig="iustice">justice</reg>: <reg orig="Faire">Fair</reg> <hi rend="italic">Sibilla</hi>, on&H4; thy life,</l>
<l>I charge thee tell me, and dissemble not,</l>
<l>By&H4; all the hopes in&H4; <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Saturne">Saturn</reg></hi> thou hast <reg orig="stor'd">stored</reg>,</l>
<l>Our&Hrp; <reg orig="nuptiall">nuptial</reg> pleasures, and <reg orig="affaires">affairs</reg> of <reg orig="loue">love</reg>,</l>
<l>As thou <reg orig="esteem'st">esteemest</reg> our&Hrp; grace, or vengeance <reg orig="fear'st">fearest</reg>,</l>
<l><reg orig="Resolue">Resolve</reg> me truly. Hast thou <reg orig="sonnes">sons</reg> <reg orig="aliue">alive</reg>?</l>
<stage>Sibilla kneeles.</stage>
<l>These <reg orig="teares">tears</reg>, and that&H62; <reg orig="deiection">dejection</reg> on&H4; thy knee,</l>
<l>Accompanied with <reg orig="dumbnesse">dumbness</reg>, argue guilt.</l>
<l>Arise and <reg orig="speake">speak</reg>.</l></sp>
  <sp who="F"><speaker>Sib.</speaker>
<l>Let <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Saturne">Saturn</reg></hi> know, I am a Woman then,</l>
<l>And more, I am a Mother: would you <reg orig="haue">have</reg> me</l>
<l>A monster, to&H9; exceed in&H4; cruelty</l>
<l>The <reg orig="sauadgest">savagest</reg> of <reg orig="Sauadges">Savages</reg>? <reg orig="Beares">Bears</reg>, <reg orig="Tygers">Tigers</reg>, <reg orig="Wolues">Wolves</reg>,</l>
<l>All feed their <reg orig="yong">young</reg>: would <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Saturne">Saturn</reg></hi> <reg orig="haue">have</reg> his <reg orig="Queene">Queen</reg></l>
<l>More fierce <reg orig="then">than</reg> these? <reg orig="Thinke">Think</reg> you <hi rend="italic">Sibilla</hi> dare</l>
<l>Murder her&H2; <reg orig="yong">young</reg>, whom <reg orig="cruell">cruel</reg> beasts would spare?</l>
<l>Let me be held a mother, not a <reg orig="murdresse">murderess</reg>:</l>
<l>For&H3; <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Saturne">Saturn</reg></hi>, thou hast <reg orig="liuing">living</reg> three <reg orig="braue">brave</reg> <reg orig="sonnes">sons</reg>.</l>
<l>But where? rather <reg orig="then">than</reg> to&H9; <reg orig="reueale">reveal</reg> to&H4; thee,</l>
<l>That&H3; thou <reg orig="may'st">mayst</reg> send, their <reg orig="guiltlesse">guiltless</reg> <reg orig="bloud">blood</reg> to&H9; spill,</l>
<l>Here cease my life, for&H3; them thou shalt not kill.</l></sp>
 <sp who="B"><speaker>Sat.</speaker>        
<l>Amazement, <reg orig="warre">war</reg>, the <reg orig="threatning">threatening</reg> Oracle,</l>
<l>All muster strange perplexions <reg orig="'bout">about</reg> my <reg orig="braine">brain</reg>,</l>
<l>And <reg orig="robbe">rob</reg> me of the true ability</l>
<l>Of my direct <reg orig="conceiuements">conceivements</reg>. Doubt, and <reg orig="warre">war</reg>.</l>
<l><hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Tytans">Titans</reg></hi> <reg orig="inuasion">invasion</reg>, and my <reg orig="ielousie">jealousy</reg>;</l>
<l>Make me <reg orig="vnfit">unfit</reg> for&H4; <reg orig="answere">answer</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker>1. Lord.</speaker>
<l><reg orig="Royall">Royal</reg> <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Saturne">Saturn</reg></hi>,</l>
<l><reg orig="'Twas">It was</reg> <reg orig="pitty">pity</reg> in&H4; the <reg orig="Queene">Queen</reg> so&H52; to&H9; <reg orig="preserue">preserve</reg> them.</l>
<l>Your <reg orig="strictnesse">strictness</reg> slew them, they are dead in&H4; you,</l>
<l>And in&H4; the <reg orig="pitty">pity</reg> of your <reg orig="Queene">Queen</reg> <reg orig="suruiue">survive</reg>.</l></sp>
 <sp who="B"><speaker>Sat.</speaker>             
<l><reg orig="Diuine">Divine</reg> assistance plunge me from these troubles,</l>
<l>Mortality here <reg orig="failes">fails</reg> me, I am <reg orig="wrapt">wrapped</reg></l>
<l>In&H4; millions of confusions.</l></sp>
<stage>Enter a Lord.</stage>
<sp who="W"><speaker>2. Lord.</speaker>
<l><reg orig="Arme">Arm</reg>, great <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Saturne">Saturn</reg></hi>,</l>
<l>Thy Cities <reg orig="burne">burn</reg>: a <reg orig="generall">general</reg> massacre</l>
<l>Threatens thy people. The <reg orig="bigge">big</reg> <reg orig="Tytanoys">Titanois</reg></l>
<l><reg orig="Plow">Plough</reg> <reg orig="vp">up&H5;</reg> thy Land with their <reg orig="inuasiue">invasive</reg> <reg orig="steele">steel</reg>.</l>
<l>A huge <reg orig="vn-numbred">unnumbered</reg> army is at hand,</l>
<l>To&H9; set <reg orig="vpon">upon&H4;</reg> thy <reg orig="Campe">Camp</reg>.</l></sp>
 <sp who="B"><speaker>Sat.</speaker>           
<l>All my disturbances</l>
<l><reg orig="Conuert">Convert</reg> to&H4; rage, and make my <reg orig="spleene">spleen</reg> as high</l>
<l>As is their <reg orig="toplesse">topless</reg> fury, to&H9; <reg orig="incounter">encounter</reg></l>
<l>With <reg orig="equall">equal</reg> force and vengeance. Go <hi rend="italic">Sibilla</hi>,</l>
<l><reg orig="Conuey">Convey</reg> my beauteous <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Iuno">Juno</reg></hi> to&H4; the place</l>
<l>Of our&Hrp; best strength, <reg orig="whil'st">whilst</reg> we&Hrp; contend in&H4; <reg orig="Armes">Arms</reg></l>
<l>For&H4; this rich Cretan wreath: the <reg orig="battel">battle</reg> done,</l>
<l>And they <reg orig="confin'd">confined</reg>, <reg orig="wee'l">wwe&Hrp; will&H1;</reg> treat of these <reg orig="affaires">affairs</reg>.</l>
<l>Perhaps our&Hrp; <reg orig="loue">love</reg> may with this breach <reg orig="dispence">dispense</reg>,,</l>
<l>But first to&H4; <reg orig="Armes">Arms</reg>, to&H9; <reg orig="beate">beat</reg> <reg orig="th'intruders">the intruders</reg> hence.</l></sp>

          <stage>Alarme. Enter Tytan, Lycaon, Enceladus, Egeon.</stage>
  <sp who="C"><speaker>Tyt.</speaker>
<l><hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Saturne">Saturn</reg></hi> <reg orig="giues">gives</reg> <reg orig="backe">back</reg>, and <reg orig="'gins">begins</reg> to&H9; <reg orig="leaue">leave</reg> the field.</l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker>Lica.</speaker>
<l>Pursue him then <reg orig="vnto">unto</reg> that&H62; place of strength,</l>
<l>Which&H61; the proud Cretans hold impregnable.</l></sp>
<sp who="O"><speaker>Encel.</speaker>
<l>This <reg orig="Gigomantichia">Gigantomachia</reg> be <reg orig="eternis'd">eternized</reg></l>
<l>For&H4; our&Htp; affright and terror: If they <reg orig="flye">fly</reg>,</l>
<l><reg orig="Tosse">Toss</reg> <reg orig="rockkes">rocks</reg>, and <reg orig="toppes">tops</reg> of <reg orig="Mountaines">Mountains</reg> after them</l>
<l>To&H9; stumble them, or else <reg orig="entombe">entomb</reg> them <reg orig="quicke">quick</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="N"><speaker>Aegeon.</speaker>
<l>They <reg orig="haue">have</reg> already got into the <reg orig="towne">town</reg>,</l>
<l>And <reg orig="barricadoed">barricaded</reg> <reg orig="'gainst">against</reg> <reg orig="vs">us&Htp;</reg> their Iron gates.</l>
<l>What <reg orig="meanes">means</reg> then shall we&Htp; <reg orig="finde">find</reg> to&H9; startle them?</l></sp>
<sp who="O"><speaker>Ence.</speaker>
<l>What, but to&H9; spurn down their <reg orig="offenciue">offensive</reg> mures?</l>
<l>To&H9; shake in&H4; two their Adamantine gates,</l>
<l>Their marble <reg orig="columnes">columns</reg> by&H4; the ground <reg orig="sylls">sills</reg> <reg orig="teare">tear</reg>,</l>
<l>And <reg orig="kicke">kick</reg> their <reg orig="ruin'd">ruined</reg> <reg orig="walles">walls</reg> as high as <reg orig="heauen">heaven</reg>?</l></sp>
  <sp who="C"><speaker>Tyt.</speaker>
<l>Pursue them to&H4; their gates, and <reg orig="'bout">about</reg> their <reg orig="Citie">City</reg></l>
<l>Plant a strong siege. Now <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Saturne">Saturn</reg></hi> all my <reg orig="suffrances">sufferances</reg></l>
<l>Shall on&H4; thy head fall <reg orig="heauy">heavy</reg>, <reg orig="wee'l">we&Htp; will&H1;</reg> not spare</l>
<l>Old man or babe. The <reg orig="Tytans">Titans</reg> all things dare.</l></sp>
<stage>Alarme. Enter Saturne, Sibilla, Iuno, with other Lords of Creet.</stage>
 <sp who="B"><speaker>Sat.</speaker> 
<l>The <reg orig="heauens">heavens</reg> <reg orig="haue">have</reg> for&H4; our&Htp; barbarous cruelty</l>
<l>Done in&H4; the murther of our&Hrp; first <reg orig="borne">born</reg> <hi rend="italic">Ops</hi>,</l>
<l><reg orig="Powr'd">Poured</reg> on&H4; our&Hrp; head this vengeance. Where, <reg orig="oh">o</reg> where</l>
<l>Shall we&Hrp; <reg orig="finde">find</reg> rescue?</l></sp>
  <sp who="F"><speaker>Sib.</speaker>
<l>Patience <reg orig="royall">royal</reg> <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Saturne">Saturn</reg></hi>.</l></sp>
 <sp who="B"><speaker>Sat.</speaker>              
<l>Bid <reg orig="Woolues">Wolves</reg> be <reg orig="milde">mild</reg>, and <reg orig="Tygers">Tigers</reg> <reg orig="pittiful">pitiful</reg>,</l>
<l>Command the Libian Lions abstinence,</l>
<l>Teach me to&H9; <reg orig="mollifie">mollify</reg> the <reg orig="Corsicke">Corsic</reg> <reg orig="rocke">rock</reg>,</l>
<l>Or make the Mount Chymera passable.</l>
<l>What Monarch <reg orig="wrapt">wrapped</reg> in&H4; my confusions,</l>
<l>Can tell what patience <reg orig="meanes">means</reg>?</l></sp>
 <sp who="V"><speaker>Iuno.</speaker>           
<l><reg orig="Oh">O</reg> <reg orig="royall">royal</reg> Father!</l></sp>
 <sp who="B"><speaker>Saturne.</speaker>     
<l><reg orig="Oh">O</reg> either teach me rescue from these troubles,</l>
<l>Or bid me <reg orig="euerlastingly">everlastingly</reg>, <reg orig="ey">aye</reg> <reg orig="euer">ever</reg></l>
<l><reg orig="Sinke">Sink</reg> in&H4; <reg orig="despaire">despair</reg> and horror,</l></sp>
  <sp who="F"><speaker>Syb.</speaker>
<l><reg orig="Oh">O</reg> my Lord,</l>
<l>You <reg orig="haue">have</reg> from your <reg orig="owne">own</reg> <reg orig="loines">loins</reg> issue <reg orig="reserued">reserved</reg>, that&H61; may</l>
<l><reg orig="redeeme">redeem</reg> all these calamities.</l></sp>
  <sp who="B"><speaker>Saturne.</speaker>
<l>Issue from <reg orig="vs">us&Htp;</reg>?</l></sp>
  <sp who="F"><speaker>Syb.</speaker>
<l>From <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Saturne">Saturn</reg></hi> and <hi rend="italic">Sybilla</hi>.</l>
<l>That&H62; <reg orig="royall">royal</reg> Prince King of <hi rend="italic">Pelagia</hi>,</l>
<l>And famous <hi rend="italic">Melliseus</hi> foster-child,</l>
<l>Whom all the world stiles by&H4; the noble name</l>
<l>Of <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Iupiter">Jupiter</reg></hi>, <reg orig="hee">he</reg> is King <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Saturnes">Saturn's</reg></hi> <reg orig="sonne">son</reg>.</l></sp>
  <sp who="B"><speaker>Satu.</speaker>
<l>Thou hast <hi rend="italic">Sybilla</hi> kept that&H62; <reg orig="sonne">son</reg> <reg orig="aliue">alive</reg></l>
<l>That&H61; <reg orig="onely">only</reg> can <reg orig="redeeme">redeem</reg> <reg orig="mee">me</reg> from this <reg orig="thraldome">thraldom</reg>,</l>
<l><reg orig="Oh">O</reg> how shall we&Hrp; acquaint <reg orig="yong">young</reg> <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Iupiter">Jupiter</reg></hi>,</l>
<l>With this his fathers hard <reg orig="successe">success</reg> in&H4; <reg orig="Armes">Arms</reg>.</l></sp>
  <sp who="F"><speaker>Syb.</speaker>
<l>My care did <reg orig="euer">ever</reg> these <reg orig="euents">events</reg> foresee.</l>
<l>And I <reg orig="haue">have</reg> sent to&H4; your <reg orig="suruiuing">surviving</reg> <reg orig="sonne">son</reg>,</l>
<l>To&H9; come <reg orig="vnto">unto</reg> your rescue; Then great <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Saturne">Saturn</reg></hi>,</l>
<l>In&H4; your <reg orig="wiues">wives</reg> <reg orig="pitty">pity</reg> <reg orig="seeme">seem</reg> to&H9; <reg orig="applaude">applaud</reg> the <reg orig="heauens">heavens</reg>,</l>
<l>That&H61; make me their <reg orig="relentfull">relentful</reg> minister,</l>
<l>In&H4; the repairing of your <reg orig="downe">down</reg> cast-state.</l></sp>
  <sp who="B"><speaker>Satu.</speaker>
<l>If <reg orig="royall">royal</reg> <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Iupiter">Jupiter</reg></hi> be <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Saturnes">Saturn's</reg></hi> <reg orig="sonne">son</reg>,</l>
<l>We&Hrp; shall be either rescued or <reg orig="reueng'd">revenged</reg>,</l>
<l>And now I shall not dread those <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Tytanois">Titanois</reg></hi>,</l>
<l>That&H61; threaten fire and <reg orig="steele">steel</reg>.</l></sp>
  <sp who="F"><speaker>Syb.</speaker>
<l>Trust your <hi rend="italic">Sybilla</hi>.</l></sp>
  <sp who="B"><speaker>Satu.</speaker>
<l>Thou art my anchor, and the <reg orig="onely">only</reg> <reg orig="columne">column</reg></l>
<l>That&H61; supports <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Saturnes">Saturn's</reg></hi> glory, <reg orig="Oh">O</reg> my <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Iupiter">Jupiter</reg></hi>,</l>
<l>On&H4; thee the basis of my hopes I erect,</l>
<l>And in&H4; thy life King <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Saturnes">Saturn's</reg></hi> fame <reg orig="suruiues">survives</reg>.</l>
<l>Are messengers <reg orig="dispatch'd">despatched</reg> to&H9; <reg orig="signifie">signify</reg></l>
<l>My <reg orig="sonne">son</reg> of our&Htp; <reg orig="distresse">distress</reg>.</l></sp>
  <sp who="F"><speaker>Sib.</speaker>
<l>As <reg orig="farre">far</reg> as <hi rend="italic">Epire</hi>.</l>
<l>Where as we&Htp; <reg orig="vnderstand">understand</reg>, <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Ioue">Jove</reg></hi> now <reg orig="remaines">remains</reg>,</l></sp>
  <sp who="B"><speaker>Satu.</speaker>
<l>Then <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Tytan">Titan</reg></hi>, and the proud <hi rend="italic">Enceladus</hi>,</l>
<l><hi rend="italic">Hyperion</hi> and <hi rend="italic">Aegeon</hi> with the rest,</l>
<l>Of all the earth-bread race we&Hrp; <reg orig="wey">weigh</reg> you not,</l>
<l>Threaten your worst, let all your eyes <reg orig="sparke">spark</reg> fire.</l>
<l>Your flaming <reg orig="nosthrils">nostrils</reg> like&H4; <hi rend="italic">Auernus</hi> <reg orig="smoake">smoke</reg>,</l>
<l>Your tongues speak thunder, <reg orig="&">and</reg> your armed hands</l>
<l>Fling <reg orig="Trisulke">Trisulcate</reg> lightning: Be you Gods <reg orig="aboue">above</reg>,</l>
<l>Or come you with <reg orig="infernall">infernal</reg> hatred <reg orig="arm'd">armed</reg>,</l>
<l>We&Hrp; dread you not: we&Hrp; <reg orig="haue">have</reg> a <reg orig="sonne">son</reg> <reg orig="suruiues">survives</reg>,</l>
<l>Shall <reg orig="calme">calm</reg> your tempests: <reg orig="beautious">beauteous</reg> <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Iuno">Juno</reg></hi> comfort,</l>
<l>And <reg orig="cheare">cheer</reg> <hi rend="italic">Sybilla</hi>, if he <reg orig="vndertake">undertake</reg></l>
<l>Our&Hrp; rescue, we&Hrp; from danger are secure,</l>
<l><reg orig="Wee">We&Hrp;</reg> in&H4; his valour all our&Hrp; <reg orig="liues">lives</reg> assure.</l></sp>
<stage>A flourish. Enter Iupiter and Melliseus with attendants</stage>
 <sp who="J"><speaker>Mell.</speaker>         
<l><reg orig="Faire">Fair</reg> Prince, for&H3; <reg orig="lesse">less</reg> by&H4; your <reg orig="desertes">deserts</reg> and honour</l>
<l>You cannot be: your fortunes and your birth</l>
<l>Are both <reg orig="vnknowne">unknown</reg> to&H4; me: my two <reg orig="faire">fair</reg> daughters</l>
<l>As a <reg orig="swath'd">swathed</reg> infant brought you to&H4; my Court,</l>
<l>But whence, or of what parents you proceed</l>
<l>I am <reg orig="meerely">merely</reg> ignorant.</l></sp>
 <sp who="I"><speaker>Iup.</speaker>        
<l>Then am I nothing,</l>
<l>And till I know whence my descent hath <reg orig="bene">been</reg>,</l>
<l>Or from what house <reg orig="deriu'd">derived</reg>, I am but <reg orig="aire">air</reg>,</l>
<l>And no&H2; <reg orig="essentiall">essential</reg> substance of a man.</l></sp>
<stage>Enter Calisto pursu'd by her yong sonne Archas.</stage>
<sp who="H"><speaker>Cal.</speaker>                 
<l>Help, help, for&H4; <reg orig="heauen">heaven</reg> sake help, I am <reg orig="pursu'd">pursued</reg>,</l>
<l>And by&H4; my <reg orig="sonne">son</reg>, that&H61; <reg orig="seemes">seems</reg> to&H9; <reg orig="threate">threat</reg> my life,</l></sp>
 <sp who="I"><speaker>Iup.</speaker>         
<l>Stay that&H62; bold lad.</l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker>Cal.</speaker>                 
   <l><reg orig="What's">What is</reg> he? false <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Iupiter">Jupiter</reg></hi>?</l></sp>
 <sp who="I"><speaker>Iup.</speaker>        
<l><hi rend="italic">Calisto</hi>, or I much <reg orig="deceiue">deceive</reg> <reg orig="my selfe">myself</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker>Cal.</speaker>                 
<l><reg orig="Oh">O</reg> thou most false, most treacherous, and <reg orig="vnkind">unkind</reg>,</l>
<l>Behold <hi rend="italic">Calisto</hi> by&H4; her&H2; <reg orig="sonne">son</reg> <reg orig="pursu'd">pursued</reg>,</l>
<l>Indeed thy <reg orig="sonne">son</reg>: this little <reg orig="sauadge">savage</reg> youth</l>
<l>Hath <reg orig="liued'">lived</reg> <reg orig="mongst">amongst</reg> <reg orig="Tygers">Tigers</reg>, <reg orig="Lyons">Lions</reg>, <reg orig="Wolues">Wolves</reg>, and <reg orig="Beares">Bears</reg>,</l>
<l>And since his birth partakes their cruelty.</l>
<l><hi rend="italic">Archas</hi> his name: since I <hi rend="italic">Diana</hi> left,</l>
<l>And from her&H2; <reg orig="chast">chaste</reg> <reg orig="traine">train</reg> was <reg orig="diuorc't">divorced</reg>, this youth</l>
<l>I childed in&H4; a <reg orig="caue">cave</reg> remote and silent.</l>
<l>His nurture was amongst the <reg orig="sauadges">savages</reg>.</l>
<l>This day I by&H4; misfortune <reg orig="mou'd">moved</reg> his <reg orig="spleene">spleen</reg>,</l>
<l>And he <reg orig="pursu'd">pursued</reg> me with <reg orig="reuenge">revenge</reg> and fury,</l>
<l>And had I not <reg orig="forsooke">forsook</reg> the shades and <reg orig="forrests">forests</reg>,</l>
<l>And fled for&H4; rescue to&H4; these walled <reg orig="Townes">Towns</reg>,</l>
<l>He had <reg orig="slaine">slain</reg> me in&H4; his fury: <reg orig="saue">save</reg> me then,</l>
<l>Let not the <reg orig="sonne">son</reg> the mother sacrifice</l>
<l>Before the fathers eye.</l></sp>
 <sp who="I"><speaker>Iup.</speaker>        
 <l><hi rend="italic">Archas</hi> my <reg orig="sonne">son</reg>, my <reg orig="yong">young</reg> son <hi rend="italic">Archas, <reg orig="Iupiters">Jupiter's</reg></hi> first <reg orig="borne">born</reg></l>
<l><reg orig="Oh">O</reg> let me <reg orig="hugge">hug</reg> thee, and a thousand times</l>
<l>Embrace thee in&H4; <reg orig="myne">mine</reg> <reg orig="armes">arms</reg>. <hi rend="italic">Lycaons</hi> grand-child</l>
<l><hi rend="italic">Calisto's</hi> <reg orig="sonne">son</reg>; <reg orig="Oh">O</reg> will&H1; you beauteous Lady</l>
<l>Forsake the <reg orig="forrests">forests</reg> and yet <reg orig="liue">live</reg> with <reg orig="vs">us&Htp;</reg>?</l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker>Cal.</speaker>                 
<l>No&H7; thou false man, for&H4; thy <reg orig="periurious">perjurous</reg> lusts</l>
<l>I <reg orig="haue">have</reg> abandoned <reg orig="humaine">human</reg> <reg orig="subtelties">subtleties</reg>:</l>
<l>There take thy <reg orig="sonne">son</reg>, and <reg orig="vse">use</reg> him like&H4; a Prince,</l>
<l>Being <reg orig="sonne">son</reg> <reg orig="vnto">unto</reg> a <reg orig="Princesse">Princess</reg>. Teach him Arts,</l>
<l>And honoured <reg orig="armes">arms</reg>. For&H4; me: I <reg orig="haue">have</reg> <reg orig="abiur'd">abjured</reg></l>
<l>All peopled <reg orig="Citties">Cities</reg>, and <reg orig="betooke">betook</reg> <reg orig="my selfe">myself</reg></l>
<l>To&H4; solitary <reg orig="desetts">deserts</reg>. <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Ioue">Jove</reg></hi> <reg orig="adue">adieu</reg>.</l>
<l>Thou <reg orig="prouing">proving</reg> false, no&H2; <reg orig="mortall">mortal</reg> can be <reg orig="ttue">true</reg></l></sp>
<sp who="K"><speaker>Arc.</speaker>                 
<l>Since she will&H1; needs be gone, be pleased then,</l>
<l><reg orig="Weari'd">Wearied</reg> with beasts, I long to&H9; <reg orig="liue">live</reg> <reg orig="'mongst">amongst</reg> men.</l></sp>
 <sp who="I"><speaker>Iup.</speaker>        
<l>Yet stay <hi rend="italic">Calisto</hi>, why wilt thou <reg orig="out-runne">outrun</reg></l>
<l>Thy <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Iupiter">Jupiter</reg></hi>? <reg orig="Shee">She</reg> gone, welcome my <reg orig="sonne">son</reg>.</l>
<l>My <reg orig="deere">dear</reg> <reg orig="sonne">son</reg> <hi rend="italic">Archas</hi>, whom if fortune smile,</l>
<l>I will&H1; create Lord of a greater <reg orig="stile">style</reg>.</l></sp>
<stage>Enter the Clowne with letiers.</stage>
<sp who="BA"><speaker>Clowne.</speaker>                 
<l><reg orig="Saue">Save</reg> you sir, is your name <reg orig="K.">King</reg> <hi rend="italic">Melliseus</hi></l></sp>
 <sp who="J"><speaker>Melli.</speaker>        
<l>We&Hrp; are <hi rend="italic">Melliseus</hi>, and the <hi rend="italic">Epire</hi> King,</l></sp>
<sp who="BA"><speaker>Clowne.</speaker>                 
<l>Then this letter is to&H4; you, but is there not one in&H4; your</l>
<l>Court, <reg orig="cal'd">called</reg> (let me see) <reg orig="haue">have</reg> you here <reg orig="neuer">never</reg> a <reg orig="gibbit-maker">gibbet-maker</reg>?</l></sp>
 <sp who="I"><speaker>Iup.</speaker>         
<l><reg orig="Sirra">Sirrah</reg>, <reg orig="here's">here is</reg> one <reg orig="cal'd">called</reg> <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Iupiter">Jupiter</reg></hi>.</l></sp>
<sp who="BA"><speaker>Clowne.</speaker>                 
<p><reg orig="Ey">Aye</reg> <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Iupiter">Jupiter</reg></hi>, <reg orig="that's">that&H62; is</reg> he that&H61; I would <reg orig="speake">speak</reg> with. <reg orig="Here's">Here is</reg> <lb/>
      another letter to&H4; you, but ere you <reg orig="reade">read</reg> it, pray let me <reg orig="aske">ask</reg> you<lb/>
      one question.</p></sp>

 <sp who="I"><speaker>Iup.</speaker>        
<l><reg orig="What's">What is</reg> that&H62;?</l></sp>
<sp who="BA"><speaker>Clowne.</speaker>                 
<l>Whether you, be a wise child or no&H5;?</l></sp>
 <sp who="I"><speaker>Iup.</speaker>             
<l>Your reason?</l></sp>
<sp who="BA"><speaker>Clowne.</speaker>                 
<p>Because I would know whether you know your own<lb/>
   father, but if you do not, hoping you are in&H4; good health, as your<lb/>
   father scarce was, at the making hereof, These are to&H9; certify you.</p></sp>

 <sp who="I"><speaker>Iup.</speaker>          
<l><reg orig="Newes">News</reg> of a father! <reg orig="neuer">never</reg> could such <reg orig="tydings">tidings</reg></l>
<l><reg orig="Haue">Have</reg> glutted me with <reg orig="gladnesse">gladness</reg>.</l></sp>
<stage>They reade.</stage>
          <sp who="BA"><speaker>Clowne</speaker>  
             <p>For&H4; mine <reg orig="owne">own</reg> part, though I know not what belongs <lb/>
                to&H4; the getting of <reg orig="cbildren">children</reg>, yet I know how to&H9; father a<lb/>
                child, <reg orig="&">and</reg> because I would be loath to&H9; <reg orig="haue">have</reg> this Parish troubled <lb/>
                with you, I bring you <reg orig="newes">news</reg> where you were <reg orig="borne">born</reg>. I was the<lb/>
                man that&H61; laid you at this <reg orig="mans">man's</reg> <reg orig="dore">door</reg>, <reg orig="&">and</reg> if you will&H1; not go home<lb/>
                quietly, you shall be sent from Constable to&H4; Constable, till you <lb/>
                come to&H4; the place where you were begot. <reg orig="Reade">Read</reg> further <reg orig="&">and</reg> tell <lb/>
    me more.</p></sp>
 <sp who="J"><speaker>Melli.</speaker>       
    <l>Is <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Iupiter">Jupiter</reg></hi> then mighty <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Saturns">Saturn's</reg></hi> <reg orig="sonne">son</reg>?</l></sp>
 <sp who="I"><speaker>Iup.</speaker>     
    <l>Am I the <reg orig="sonne">son</reg> of <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Saturne">Saturn</reg></hi>, King of <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Creet">Crete</reg></hi>?</l>
    <l>My father baffled by&H4; the <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Tytanoys">Titanois</reg></hi>?</l>
<l>May all my toward hopes die in&H4; my birth,</l>
<l>Nor let me <reg orig="euer">ever</reg> worthily <reg orig="inherite">inherit</reg></l>
<l>The name of royalty, if by&H4; my valour</l>
<l>I <reg orig="proue">prove</reg> me not <reg orig="discended">descended</reg> royally,</l></sp>
<sp who="BA"><speaker>Clowne.</speaker>                 
<p>I was the man that&H61; <reg orig="tooke">took</reg> <reg orig="paines">pains</reg> with you, <reg orig="'twas">it was</reg> I <lb/>
   that&H61; brought you in&H4; the hand-basket.</p></sp>

 <sp who="I"><speaker>Iup.</speaker>         
<l>Should I <reg orig="haue">have</reg> <reg orig="wisht">wished</reg> a father through the world,</l>
    <l>It had <reg orig="bene">been</reg> <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Saturne">Saturn</reg></hi>, or a <reg orig="royall">royal</reg> mother,</l>
    <l>It had <reg orig="bene">been</reg> <reg orig="faire">fair</reg> <hi rend="italic">Sybilla</hi>, <reg orig="Queene">Queen</reg> of <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Creet">Crete</reg></hi>.</l>
    <l>Great <hi rend="italic">Epires</hi> King, peruse these <reg orig="tragicke">tragic</reg> lines,</l>
<l>And in&H4; thy wonted bounty grant supplies</l>
<l>To&H9; free my noble father.</l></sp>
 <sp who="J"><speaker>Mel.</speaker>           
    <l><hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Iupiter">Jupiter</reg></hi>, as I am <hi rend="italic">Melliseus</hi> Epyres King,</l>
<l>Thou shalt <reg orig="haue">have</reg> free assistance.</l></sp>
 <sp who="I"><speaker>Iup.</speaker>
 <l>Come then, <reg orig="Arme">Arm</reg>,</l>
<l>Assemble all the powers that&H61; we&Htp; can <reg orig="leauy">levy</reg>.</l>
    <l><hi rend="italic">Archas</hi>, we&Hrp; make thee of <hi rend="italic">Pelagia</hi> King,</l>
    <l>As King <hi rend="italic">Lycaons</hi> <reg orig="Gran-childe">Gran-child</reg>, and the <reg orig="sonne">son</reg></l>
    <l>Of <reg orig="faire">fair</reg> <hi rend="italic">Calisto</hi>. Let that&H62; Clime henceforth</l>
    <l>Be <reg orig="cal'd">called</reg> <hi rend="italic">Arcadia</hi>, and <reg orig="vsurpe">usurp</reg> thy name.</l>
<l>Go then and <reg orig="presse">press</reg> <reg orig="th'Arcadians">the Arcadians</reg> to&H4; the rescue</l>
    <l>Of <reg orig="royall">royal</reg> <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Saturne">Saturn</reg></hi>, this great King and I</l>
<l>Will&H1; lead <reg orig="th'Epyrians">the Epyrians</reg>. <reg orig="Faile">Fail</reg> me not to&H9; meet,</l>
    <l>To&H9; <reg orig="redeeme">redeem</reg> <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Saturne">Saturn</reg></hi>, and to&H9; rescue <reg orig="Creet">Crete</reg>.</l></sp>
<stage>Exeunt. Manet Clown.</stage>
<sp who="BA"><speaker>Clown.</speaker>                 
<p>I <reg orig="haue">have</reg> no&H2; mind to&H4; this buffeting: <reg orig="Il'e">I will&H1;</reg> <reg orig="walke">walk</reg> after <reg orig="faire">fair</reg> <lb/>
   and softly, in&H4; hope that&H3; all the buffeting may be done before I<lb/>
   come. Whether had I better go home by&H4; land, or by&H4; sea? If I <lb/>
   go by&H4; land, and <reg orig="mis-carry">miscarry</reg>, then I go the way of all flesh. If I <lb/>
   go by&H4; sea and <reg orig="mis-carry">miscarry</reg>, then I go the way of all fish: I am not<lb/>
   yet <reg orig="resolu'd">resolved</reg>. But <reg orig="howsoeuer">howsoever</reg>, I <reg orig="haue">have</reg> done my message so&H51; cleanly, <lb/>
   that&H3; they cannot say, the messenger is <reg orig="be-reau'd">bereaved</reg> of <reg orig="any thing">anything</reg> <lb/>
   that&H61; belongs to&H4; his message.</p></sp>
<stage>Alarme. Enter Tytan, Lycaon, Enceladus, with Saturne, Iuno,
   and Sibilla prisoners.</stage>
  <sp who="C"><speaker>Tyt.</speaker>
<l><reg orig="Downe">Down</reg> <reg orig="trecherous">treacherous</reg> Lord, and be our&Htp; foot-pace now</l>
<l>To&H9; ascend our&Htp; high <reg orig="tribunall">tribunal</reg>. <reg orig="Wher's">Where is</reg> that&H62; God-head</l>
<l>With which&H61; the people <reg orig="Auee'd">Ave-ed</reg> thee to&H4; <reg orig="heauen">heaven</reg>?</l></sp>
<sp who="O"><speaker>Encel.</speaker>
<l><reg orig="'Tis">It is</reg> <reg orig="sunke">sunk</reg> into the deep <reg orig="Abysme">Abysm</reg> of hell.</l>
<l><reg orig="Teare">Tear</reg> from his head the golden wreath of <reg orig="Creet">Crete</reg>.</l>
<l>Tread on&H4; his <reg orig="captiue">captive</reg> <reg orig="bulke">bulk</reg>, and with thy weight</l>
<l>Great <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Tytan">Titan</reg></hi>, <reg orig="sinke">sink</reg> him to&H4; the <reg orig="infernall">infernal</reg> shades,</l>
<l>So&H51; low, that&H3; with his <reg orig="trunke">trunk</reg>, his memory</l>
<l>May be extinct in&H4; Lethe.</l></sp>
 <sp who="B"><speaker>Sat.</speaker>         
<l>More <reg orig="then">than</reg> tyrannous</l>
<l>To&H9; triumph <reg orig="or'e">over</reg> the <reg orig="weake">weak</reg>, and to&H9; <reg orig="oppresse">oppress</reg></l>
<l>The low <reg orig="deiected">dejected</reg>. Let your cruelty</l>
<l>Be the sad period of my <reg orig="wretchednesse">wretchedness</reg>:</l>
<l><reg orig="Onely">Only</reg> <reg orig="preserue">preserve</reg> my <reg orig="louely">lovely</reg> <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Iuno's">Juno's</reg></hi> life,</l>
<l>And <reg orig="giue">give</reg> <hi rend="italic">Sibilla</hi> <reg orig="freedome">freedom</reg>,</l></sp>
<sp who="O"><speaker>Encel.</speaker>
<l>By&H4; these Gods.</l>
<l>We&Htp; neither <reg orig="feare">fear</reg> nor value, but contend</l>
<l>To&H9; <reg orig="equall">equal</reg> in&H4; our&Htp; actions: both shall <reg orig="dye">die</reg>.</l>
<l>There shall no&H2; proud Saturnian <reg orig="liue">live</reg>, to&H9; <reg orig="braue">brave</reg></l>
<l>The meanest of the <reg orig="high-borne">high-born</reg> <reg orig="Tytanoyes">Titanois</reg>.</l></sp>
  <sp who="G"><speaker>Lyca.</speaker>
<l>Raze from the earth their <reg orig="hatefull">hateful</reg> memory,</l>
<l>And let the <reg orig="bloud">blood</reg> of <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Tytan">Titan</reg></hi> sway the earth.</l>
<l><reg orig="Speake">Speak</reg>, are the ports and confines strongly <reg orig="arm'd">armed</reg></l>
<l><reg orig="'Gainst">Against</reg> all <reg orig="inuasions">invasions</reg>?</l></sp>
  <sp who="C"><speaker>Tytan.</speaker>
<l>Who&H62; dares <reg orig="damadge">damage</reg> <reg orig="vs">us&Hrp;</reg>?</l>
<l>Let all the passages be open left,</l>
<l><reg orig="Vnguarded">Unguarded</reg> let our&Hrp; ports and <reg orig="hauens">havens</reg> <reg orig="lye">lie</reg>.</l>
<l>All danger we&Hrp; despise, mischance or dread</l>
<l>We&Hrp; hold in&H4; base contempt.</l></sp>
<sp who="O"><speaker>Encel.</speaker>
<l>Conquest is ours&Htp;.</l>  
<l>Maugre <reg orig="diuine">divine</reg>, or base <reg orig="terrestriall">terrestrial</reg> powers.</l></sp>
<stage>Enter Aegeon.</stage>
<sp who="N"><speaker>Aege.</speaker>
<l><reg orig="Arme">Arm</reg> <reg orig="royall">royal</reg> <hi rend="italic">Titan</hi>, <reg orig="Arme">Arm</reg> <hi rend="italic">Enceladus</hi>,</l>
<l>A pale of <reg orig="brandisht">brandished</reg> <reg orig="steele">steel</reg> hath girt thy land.</l>
<l>From the earths <reg orig="Cauernes">Caverns</reg> <reg orig="breake">break</reg> <reg orig="infernall">infernal</reg> fires,</l>
<l>To&H9; make thy villages and hamlets <reg orig="burne">burn</reg>.</l>
<l>Tempestuous ruin in&H4; the shape of <reg orig="warre">war</reg></l>
<l><reg orig="Clowds">Clouds</reg> all thy populous <reg orig="kingdome">kingdom</reg>, At my <reg orig="heeles">heels</reg></l>
<l>Confusion <reg orig="dogges">dogs</reg> me, and the <reg orig="voyce">voice</reg> of death</l>
<l>Still thunders in&H4; mine <reg orig="eares">ears</reg>.</l></sp>
  <sp who="C"><speaker>Tyt.</speaker>
<l><reg orig="Ist">Is it</reg> possible? <reg orig="Beare">Bear</reg> <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Saturne">Saturn</reg></hi> first to&H4; prison</l>
<l><reg orig="Wee'l">We&Hrp; will&H1;</reg> after <reg orig="parly">parley</reg> them.</l></sp>
<sp who="O"><speaker>Ence.</speaker>
<l>Come Angels <reg orig="arm'd">armed</reg>, or <reg orig="Diuels'clad">Devils clad</reg> in&H4; flames,</l>
<l>Our&Htp; fury shall <reg orig="repell">repel</reg> them. Come they girt</l>
<l>With power <reg orig="celestiall">celestial</reg>, or <reg orig="infernall">infernal</reg> rage,</l>
<l><reg orig="Wee'l">We&Htp; will&H1;</reg> stand their fierce opposure. <reg orig="Royall">Royal</reg> <hi rend="italic">Titan</hi>,</l>
<l><hi rend="italic">Aegeon and Hyperion</hi>, <reg orig="d'on">don</reg> your <reg orig="armes">arms</reg>,</l>
<l><reg orig="Brauely">Bravely</reg> <reg orig="aduance">advance</reg> your strong orbicular shields,</l>
<l>And in&H4; your right hands brandish your bright <reg orig="steele">steel</reg>.</l>
<l><reg orig="Drowne">Drown</reg> your affrightments in&H4; <reg orig="th'amazed">the amazed</reg> sounds</l>
<l>Of <reg orig="martiall">martial</reg> thunder (Diapason'd deep)</l>
<l><reg orig="Wee'l">WE&Htp; will&H1;</reg> stand them, be they Gods; (if men,) <reg orig="expell">expel</reg></l>
<l>Their <reg orig="strengthles">strengthless</reg> force, and <reg orig="stownd">stand</reg> them low as hell,</l></sp>
<stage>A Florish. Enter marching K. Melliseus, Iupiter, Archas,
   Drumme and souldiers.</stage>
  <sp who="C"><speaker>Tit.</speaker>
<l>Whence are you that&H61; intrude <reg orig="vpon">upon&H4;</reg> our&Hrp; confines?</l>
<l>Or what portend you in&H4; these hostile sounds</l>
<l>Of clamorous <reg orig="warre">war</reg>?</l></sp>
 <sp who="I"><speaker>Iup.</speaker>       
<l><hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Tytans">Titans</reg></hi> destruction,</l>
<l>With all the ruin of his giant race.</l></sp>
  <sp who="C"><speaker>Tit.</speaker>
<l>By&H4; what pretence or <reg orig="claime">claim</reg>?</l></sp>
 <sp who="I"><speaker>Iup.</speaker>            
<l>In&H4; right of <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Saturne">Saturn</reg></hi>:</l>
<l>Whom against law the <reg orig="Tytans">Titans</reg> <reg orig="haue">have</reg> <reg orig="depos'd">deposed</reg>.</l></sp>
  <sp who="C"><speaker>Tit.</speaker>
<l>What art thou <reg orig="speak'st">speakest</reg> it?</l></sp>
 <sp who="I"><speaker>Iup.</speaker>          
<l>I am <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Iupiter">Jupiter</reg></hi>.</l>
<l>King <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Saturnes">Saturn's</reg></hi> <reg orig="sonne">son</reg>, immediate <reg orig="heire">heir</reg> to&H4; <reg orig="Creet">Crete</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="O"><speaker>Encel.</speaker>
<l>There pause, that&H62; word disturbs all thy <reg orig="claime">claim</reg>,</l>
   <l>And <reg orig="proues">proves</reg> that&H3; <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Tytan">Titan</reg></hi> <reg orig="seates">seats</reg> him in&H4; his <reg orig="owne">own</reg>.</l></sp>
  <sp who="C"><speaker>Tyt.</speaker>
<l>If <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Saturne">Saturn</reg></hi> (as thou <reg orig="say'st">sayst</reg>) hath <reg orig="sonnes">sons</reg> <reg orig="aliue">alive</reg>,</l>
<l>His oath is broken, and we&Hrp; are <reg orig="iustly">justly</reg> <reg orig="seiz'd">seized</reg></l>
<l>Of <reg orig="Creta's">Crete's</reg> <reg orig="Crowne">Crown</reg> by&H4; his late forfeiture.</l></sp>
<sp who="N"><speaker>Aege.</speaker>
<l>Thy tongue hath spoke thy <reg orig="owne">own</reg> destruction,</l>
<l>Since whom <reg orig="K.">King</reg> <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Saturne">Saturn</reg></hi> <reg orig="spar'd">spared</reg>, our&Htp; swords must kill,</l>
<l>And he is come to&H9; offer <reg orig="vp">up&H5;</reg> that&H62; life</l>
<l>Which&H61; hath so&H51; long <reg orig="beene">been</reg> forfeit.</l></sp>
 <sp who="I"><speaker>Iup.</speaker>   
<l>Tyrants no&H7;:</l>
<l>The <reg orig="heauens">heavens</reg> <reg orig="preseru'd">preserved</reg> me for&H4; a further <reg orig="vse">use</reg>,</l>
<l>To&H9; plague your Off-spring that&H61; afflict the earth,</l>
<l>And with your <reg orig="threatnings">threatenings</reg> <reg orig="spurne">spurn</reg> against the Gods.</l></sp>
  <sp who="G"><speaker>Lyca.</speaker>
     <l>Now shalt thou pay me for&H4; <hi rend="italic">Calisto's</hi> wrong,</l>
<l>Exiling me, and for&H4; dishonouring her&H6;.</l></sp>
 <sp who="I"><speaker>Iup.</speaker>  
<l>Are you there <reg orig="Caniball">Cannibal</reg>? Man-eating <reg orig="woolfe">wolf</reg>?</l>
    <l><hi rend="italic">Lycaon</hi>, thou art much beholding to&H4; me,</l>
    <l>I <reg orig="woman'd">womaned</reg> first <hi rend="italic">Calisto</hi>, and made thee</l>
<l>A grand-father. Dost not <reg orig="thanke">thank</reg> me <reg orig="for't">for&H4; it</reg>?</l>
<l>See <reg orig="heer's">here is</reg> the Boy, this is <reg orig="Archadia's">Arcadia's</reg> King.</l>
<l>No&H2; more Pelagia now, since thy exile.</l></sp>
  <sp who="C"><speaker>Tyt.</speaker>
<l>To&H4; thee that&H61; <reg orig="stil'st">stylist</reg> <reg orig="thy selfe">thyself</reg> <reg orig="K.">King</reg> <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Saturnes">Saturn's</reg></hi> <reg orig="sonne">son</reg>:</l>
<l>Know thou wast <reg orig="doom'd">doomed</reg> before thy birth to&H9; <reg orig="dye">die</reg>,</l>
<l>Thy <reg orig="claime">claim</reg> disabled, and in&H4; <reg orig="sauing">saving</reg> thee</l>
<l>Thy father hath made forfeit of his <reg orig="Crowne">Crown</reg>.</l></sp>
 <sp who="I"><speaker>Iup.</speaker>        
<l>Know <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Tytan">Titan</reg></hi> I was <reg orig="borne">born</reg> free, as my father,</l>
<l>Nor had he power to&H9; take that&H62; life away</l>
<l>That&H61; the Gods freely <reg orig="gaue">gave</reg> me. Tyrants see,</l>
<l>Here is that&H62; life you by&H4; Indenture <reg orig="claime">claim</reg>,</l>
<l>Seize it, and take it: but before I fall,</l>
<l>Death and destruction shall confound you all.</l></sp>
<sp who="O"><speaker>Encel.</speaker>
<l>Destruction is our&Htp; <reg orig="vassaile">vassal</reg>, and attends</l>
<l><reg orig="Vpon">Upon&H4;</reg> the <reg orig="threatning">threatening</reg> of our&Htp; stormy <reg orig="browes">brows</reg>.</l>
<l>We&Htp; trifle <reg orig="howers">hours</reg>. <reg orig="Arme">Arm</reg> all your fronts with horror,</l>
<l>Your hearts with fury, and your hands with death.</l>
<l>Thunder meet thunder, tempests <reg orig="stormes">storms</reg> <reg orig="defie">defy</reg>,</l>
<l><hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Saturne">Saturn</reg></hi> and all his issue this day <reg orig="dye">die</reg>.</l></sp>
<stage>Alarme. The battels ioine, Tytan is slaine, and his party [...] Enter Aegeon.</stage>
<sp who="N"><speaker>Aege.</speaker>
<l><reg orig="Wher's">Where is</reg> now the high and proud <hi rend="italic">Enceladus</hi>,</l>
<l>To&H9; stop the fury of the <reg orig="Aduerse">Adverse</reg> foe,</l>
<l>Or stay the base flight of our&Htp; dastard troupes?</l>
<l><hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Tytan">Titan</reg></hi> is <reg orig="slaine">slain</reg>, <hi rend="italic">Hyperion</hi> <reg orig="strowes">strews</reg> the earth,</l>
<l>And thousands by&H4; the hand of <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Iupiter">Jupiter</reg></hi></l>
<l>Are sent into <reg orig="blacke">black</reg> <reg orig="darknesse">darkness</reg>. All that&H61; stand</l>
<l>Sink in&H4; the weight of his high <reg orig="Iouiall">Jovial</reg> hand.</l>
<l>To&H9; shun whose rage, <hi rend="italic">Aegeon</hi> thou must <reg orig="flye">fly</reg>.</l>
<l><reg orig="Creet">Crete</reg> with our&Htp; hoped conquests all adiew.</l>
<l>We&Htp; must propose new quests, since <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Saturnes">Saturn's</reg></hi> <reg orig="sonne">son</reg></l>
<l>Hath by&H4; his puissance all our&Htp; <reg orig="campe">camp</reg> <reg orig="ore-runne">overrun</reg>.</l></sp>
<stage>Alarme. Enter Enceladus leading his Army. Iupiter
   leading his. They make a stand.</stage>
<sp who="O"><speaker>Ence.</speaker>
<l>None stir, be all your <reg orig="armes">arms</reg> <reg orig="cramp't">cramped</reg> <reg orig="&">and</reg> <reg orig="diseas'd">diseased</reg></l>
<l>Your swords <reg orig="vn-vsefull">un-useful</reg>, may your steely <reg orig="glaues">glaives</reg></l>
<l>Command your hands, and not your <reg orig="sinewes">sinews</reg> them,</l>
<l>Till I by&H4; single <reg orig="valor">valour</reg> <reg orig="haue">have</reg> <reg orig="subdu'd">subdued</reg></l>
<l>This murderer of my father.</l></sp>
 <sp who="I"><speaker>Iup.</speaker>           
<l>Here he stands,</l>
<l>That&H61; must for&H4; death <reg orig="haue">have</reg> honour at thy hands.</l>
<l>None interrupt <reg orig="vs">us&Htp;</reg>, singly <reg orig="wee'l">we&Htp; will&H1;</reg> contend,</l>
<l><reg orig="And'twixt">And betwixt</reg> <reg orig="vs">us&Htp;</reg> two <reg orig="giue">give</reg> these rude factions end.</l></sp>
<sp who="O"><speaker>Encel.</speaker>
<l>Two <reg orig="royall">royal</reg> armies then on&H4; both sides stand,</l>
<l>To&H9; view this strange and <reg orig="dreadfull">dreadful</reg> Monomachy.</l>
<l>Thy fall, Saturnian, <reg orig="addes">adds</reg> to&H4; my <reg orig="renowne">renown</reg>:</l>
<l>For&H3; by&H4; thy death I <reg orig="gaine">gain</reg> the Cretan <reg orig="Crowne">Crown</reg>.</l></sp>
 <sp who="I"><speaker>Iup.</speaker>        
<l>Death is thy due, I <reg orig="finde">find</reg> it in&H4; thy <reg orig="starres">stars</reg>,</l>
<l><reg orig="Whil'st">Whilst</reg> our&Htp; high name <reg orig="giues">gives</reg> period to&H4; these <reg orig="warres">wars</reg>.</l></sp>
<stage>Alarm. They combat with iauelings first, after with swords and [...] 
   gets. Iupiter kils Enceladus, and enters with victory, Iupiter, Saturne, 
   Sibilla, Iuno, Melliseus, Archas, with the Lords of Creet.</stage>
 <sp who="B"><speaker>Sat.</speaker>           
<l><reg orig="Neuer">Never</reg> was <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Saturne">Saturn</reg></hi> <reg orig="deifi'd">deified</reg> till now,</l>
<l>Nor found that&H62; <reg orig="perfectnesse">perfectness</reg> the Gods <reg orig="enioy">enjoy</reg>.</l>
<l><reg orig="Heauen">Heaven</reg> can assure no&H2; greater <reg orig="happinesse">happiness</reg></l>
<l><reg orig="Then">Than</reg> I <reg orig="attaine">attain</reg> in&H4; sight of <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Iupiter">Jupiter</reg></hi>,</l></sp>
  <sp who="F"><speaker>Sib.</speaker>
<l><reg orig="Oh">O</reg> my <reg orig="deare">dear</reg> son, <reg orig="borne">born</reg> with my painful throws,</l>
<l>And with the hazard of my life <reg orig="preseru'd">preserved</reg>,</l>
<l>How well hast thou acquitted all my <reg orig="trauels">travails</reg>,</l>
<l>In&H4; this thy last and famous victory?</l></sp>
 <sp who="I"><speaker>Iup.</speaker>       
<l>This <reg orig="tels">tells</reg> me, that&H3; you <reg orig="royall">royal</reg> King of <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Creet">Crete</reg></hi></l>
<l>My father is: and that&H62; renowned <reg orig="Queene">Queen</reg></l>
<l>My mother: all which&H61; <reg orig="proues">proves</reg> by&H4; circumstance,</l>
<l>That&H3; <reg orig="'tis">it is</reg> but duty, that&H61; by&H4; <reg orig="me's">me is</reg> <reg orig="atchieu'd">achieved</reg>.</l>
<l><reg orig="Onely">Only</reg> you beauteous Lady stands apart,</l>
<l>I know not how to&H9; <reg orig="stile">style</reg>.</l></sp>
  <sp who="B"><speaker>Satu.</speaker>
<l><reg orig="'Tis">It is</reg> <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Iuno">Juno</reg></hi>, and thy sister.</l></sp>
 <sp who="I"><speaker>Iup.</speaker>       
<l><reg orig="Oh">O</reg> my stars!</l>
<l>You <reg orig="seeke">seek</reg> to&H9; make <reg orig="immortall">immortal</reg>, <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Iupiter">Jupiter</reg></hi>.</l></sp>
 <sp who="V"><speaker>Iuno.</speaker>     
    <l><hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Iuno">Juno</reg></hi> is <reg orig="onely">only</reg> happy in&H4; the fortunes,</l>
<l>Of her&H2; renowned brother.</l></sp>
 <sp who="I"><speaker>Iup.</speaker>          
<l><reg orig="Royall">Royal</reg> <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Saturne">Saturn</reg></hi>,</l>
<l>If <reg orig="euer">ever</reg> I <reg orig="deseru'd">deserved</reg> well as a victor,</l>
<l>Or if my warlike <reg orig="deedes">deeds</reg>, yet bleeding new,</l>
<l>And perfect both in&H4; eyes and memory</l>
<l>May <reg orig="pleade">plead</reg> for&H4; me: <reg orig="Oh">O</reg> if I may <reg orig="obtaine">obtain</reg>,</l>
<l>As one that&H61; merits, or <reg orig="intreate">entreat</reg> of you,</l>
<l>As one that&H61; owes; being titled now your <reg orig="sonne">son</reg>,</l>
<l>Let me espouse <reg orig="faire">fair</reg> <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Iuno">Juno</reg></hi>: and bright Lady</l>
<l>Let me exchange the name of sister with you</l>
<l>And <reg orig="stile">style</reg> you by&H4; a <reg orig="neerer">nearer</reg> name of wife.</l>
<l><reg orig="Oh">O</reg> be my spouse <reg orig="faire">fair</reg> <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Iuno">Juno</reg></hi>:</l></sp>
 <sp who="V"><speaker>Iuno.</speaker>          
<l><reg orig="'Tis">It is</reg> a name,</l>
<l>I <reg orig="prise'boue">prize above</reg> sister, if these grace the same.</l></sp>
  <sp who="B"><speaker>Satu.</speaker>
<l>What is it <reg orig="I'l">I will&H1;</reg> deny my <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Iupiter">Jupiter</reg>?</hi></l>
<l><reg orig="Shee">She</reg> is thy <reg orig="owne">own</reg>. <reg orig="I'l">I will&H1;</reg> <reg orig="royalise">royalize</reg> thy nuptials</l>
<l>With all the <reg orig="solemne">solemn</reg> <reg orig="triumphes">triumphs</reg> <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Creet">Crete</reg></hi> can <reg orig="yeeld">yield</reg>.</l></sp>
 <sp who="J"><speaker>Mell.</speaker>          
<l><hi rend="italic">Epyre</hi> shall <reg orig="adde">add</reg> to&H4; these solemnities,</l>
<l>And with a bounteous hand support these triumphs</l></sp>
<sp who="K"><speaker>Archas.</speaker>                 
<l>So&H52; all <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Archadia">Arcadia</reg></hi> shall.</l></sp>
  <sp who="B"><speaker>Satu.</speaker>
<l>Then to&H4; our&Htp; <reg orig="Pallace">Palace</reg></l>
<l><reg orig="Passe">Pass</reg> on&H5; in&H4; state, let all <reg orig="raryeties">rareties</reg></l>
<l><reg orig="Showre">Shower</reg> <reg orig="downe">down</reg> from <reg orig="heauen">heaven</reg> a <reg orig="lardges">largess</reg>, that&H3; these bridals may</l>
<l><reg orig="exceede">exceed</reg> <reg orig="mortall">mortal</reg> <reg orig="pompe">pomp</reg>. March, March, and <reg orig="leaue">leave</reg> <reg orig="mee">me</reg></l>
<l>To&H9; contemplate these <reg orig="ioyes">joys</reg>, and to&H9; <reg orig="deuise">devise</reg>,</l>
<l>How with best state this night to&H9; <reg orig="solemnize">solemnise</reg>.</l></sp>
<stage>They all march of and leaue Saturne alone.</stage>
  <sp who="B"><speaker>Satu.</speaker>
<l><hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Saturne">Saturn</reg></hi> at length is happy by&H4; his <reg orig="sonne">son</reg>,</l>
<l>Whose <reg orig="matchlesse">matchless</reg> and <reg orig="vnriual'd">unrivaled</reg> dignities</l>
<l>Are without <reg orig="peere">peer</reg> on&H4; earth, <reg orig="Oh">O</reg> <reg orig="ioy">joy</reg>, <reg orig="ioy">joy</reg>? <reg orig="corsiue">corsive</reg></l>
<l>Worse <reg orig="then">than</reg> the <reg orig="throwes">throws</reg> of child-birth, or the tortures</l>
<l>Of <reg orig="blacke">black</reg> <hi rend="italic">Cimmerian</hi> <reg orig="darkenesse">darkness</reg>. <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Saturne">Saturn</reg></hi>, now</l>
<l><reg orig="Bethinke">Bethink</reg> thee of the Delphiun Oracle:</l>
<l>He shall his fathers <reg orig="vertue">virtue</reg> first <reg orig="excell">excel</reg>,</l>
<l><reg orig="Seise">Seize</reg> <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Creet">Crete</reg></hi>, and after <reg orig="driue">drive</reg> him <reg orig="downe">down</reg> to&H4; hell.</l>
<l>The first is past: my vertues are exceeded:</l>
<l>The last I will&H1; <reg orig="preuent">prevent</reg>, by&H4; force or treason.</l>
<l><reg orig="I'l">I will&H1;</reg> <reg orig="worke">work</reg> his <reg orig="ruine">ruin</reg> <reg orig="'ere">ere</reg> he grow too <reg orig="hygh">high</reg>.</l>
<l>His <reg orig="starres">stars</reg> <reg orig="haue">have</reg> cast it, and the boy shall <reg orig="dy">die</reg>.</l>
<l>More <reg orig="sonnes">sons</reg> I <reg orig="haue">have</reg>, more <reg orig="crownes">crowns</reg> I cannot <reg orig="winne">win</reg>,</l>
<l>The Gods say he must <reg orig="dy">die</reg>, and <reg orig="tis">it is</reg> no&H2; <reg orig="sinne">sin</reg>.</l></sp>
   <div1 n="4" type="act">
      <div2 n="1" type="scene">

<stage>Enter Homer.</stage>
 <sp who="A"><speaker>Homer.</speaker>
<l>O blind ambition and desire of <reg orig="raine">reign</reg>,</l>
<l>What <reg orig="horri'd">horrid</reg> <reg orig="mischiefe">mischief</reg> wilt not thou <reg orig="deuise">devise</reg>?</l>
<l>The appetite of rule, and thirst of <reg orig="raigne">reign</reg></l>
<l>Besots the foolish, and corrupts the wise.</l>
<l>Behold a King suspicious of his <reg orig="sonne">son</reg>,</l>
<l>Pursues his innocent life, and without cause.</l>
<l><reg orig="Oh">O</reg> blind ambition what hast thou not done</l>
<l>Against religion, <reg orig="zeale">zeal</reg> and natures <reg orig="lawes">laws</reg>?</l>
<l>But men are <reg orig="borne">born</reg> their <reg orig="owne">own</reg> fates to&H9; pursue,</l>
<l>Gods will&H1; be Gods, and <reg orig="Saturne">Saturn</reg> finds it true.</l>
<stage>A dumbe shew. Enter Iupiter, Iuno, Melliseus, Archas, as to
   reuels. To them Saturne, drawes his sword to kill Iupiter, who onely
   defends himselfe, but beeing hotly pursu'd, drawes his sword, beates 
   away Saturne, seiseth his crowne, and sweares all the Lords of Creet 
   to his obeysance, so Exit.</stage>
<l><hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Saturne">Saturn</reg></hi> against his <reg orig="sonne">son</reg> his force extended,</l>
<l>And would <reg orig="haue">have</reg> <reg orig="slaine">slain</reg> him by&H4; his tyrannous hand,</l>
<l>Whilst <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Iupiter">Jupiter</reg></hi> alone his life defended.</l>
<l>But when no&H2; prayers his fury could withstand,</l>
<l><reg orig="Hee">He</reg> <reg orig="vs'd">used</reg> his force, his father <reg orig="droue">drove</reg> from <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Creet">Crete</reg></hi>,</l>
<l>And as the Oracle before had told</l>
<l><reg orig="Vsurpt">Usurped</reg> the <reg orig="Crowne">Crown</reg>, the Lords <reg orig="kneele">kneel</reg> at his <reg orig="feete">feet</reg>,</l>
<l>And <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Saturnes">Saturn's</reg></hi> fortunes are to&H4; exile sold.</l>
<l>But <reg orig="leauing">leaving</reg> him, of <hi rend="italic">Danae</hi> that&H62; bright <reg orig="lasse">lass</reg>,</l>
<l>How amorous <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Ioue">Jove</reg></hi> first wrought her&H6; to&H4; his power,</l>
<l>How <reg orig="shee">she</reg> was closed in&H4; a fort of <reg orig="brasse">brass</reg>,</l>
<l>And how he <reg orig="skal'd">scaled</reg> it in&H4; a golden <reg orig="showre">shower</reg>,</l>
<l>Of these we&Htp; next must <reg orig="speake">speak</reg>, <reg orig="curtious">courteous</reg> and wise,</l>
<l>Help with your hands, for&H3; <hi rend="italic">Homer</hi> wants his eyes.</l></sp>
<stage>A flourish. Enter Iupiter, Iuno, the Lords of Creet,
   Melliseus, Archas, Neptune, and Pluto.</stage>
 <sp who="I"><speaker>Iup.</speaker>       
<l>Our&Hrp; <reg orig="vnkind">unkind</reg> father double tyrannous,</l>
<l>To&H9; prosecute the vertues of his <reg orig="sonne">son</reg>,</l>
<l>Hath sought his <reg orig="owne">own</reg> Fate, and by&H4; his ingratitude</l>
<l>Left to&H4; our&Hrp; head <reg orig="th'Imperiall">the imperial</reg> wreath of <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Creet">Crete</reg></hi>:</l>
<l>Which&H61; gladly we&Hrp; <reg orig="receiue">receive</reg>. <hi rend="italic">Neptune</hi> from <hi rend="italic">Athens</hi>,</l>
<l>And <hi rend="italic">Pluto</hi> from the lower <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Tartarie">Tartary</reg></hi></l>
<l>Both welcome to&H4; the <hi rend="italic">Cretan <reg orig="Iupiter">Jupiter</reg></hi>.</l>
<l>Those <reg orig="Starres">Stars</reg> that&H61; <reg orig="gouern'd">governed</reg> our&Htp; <reg orig="natiuity">nativity</reg>,</l>
<l>And <reg orig="stript">stripped</reg> our&Htp; fortunes from the hand of death,</l>
<l>Shall guard <reg orig="vs">us&Htp;</reg> and <reg orig="maintaine">maintain</reg> <reg orig="vs">us&Htp;</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="P"><speaker>Nept.</speaker>                 
<l>Noble <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Saturne">Saturn</reg></hi>,</l>
<l>Famous in&H4; all things, and degenerate <reg orig="onely">only</reg>,</l>
<l>In&H4; that&H62; <reg orig="inhumaine">inhumane</reg> <reg orig="practise'gainst">practice against</reg> his <reg orig="sonnes">sons</reg>,</l>
<l>Is fled <reg orig="vs">us&Htp;</reg>, whom we&Htp; came to&H9; <reg orig="visite">visit</reg> freely,</l>
<l>And <reg orig="filiall">filial</reg> duties to&H9; <reg orig="expresse">express</reg>. Great <hi rend="italic">Athens</hi></l>
<l>The nurse and <reg orig="fostresse">fostress</reg> <reg orig="os">of</reg> my infancy,</l>
<l>I <reg orig="haue">have</reg> instructed in&H4; the <reg orig="sea-mans">sea-man's</reg> craft.</l>
<l>And taught them <reg orig="truely">truly</reg> how to&H9; <reg orig="saile">sail</reg> by&H4; <reg orig="starres">stars</reg></l>
<l>Besides the <reg orig="vnruly">unruly</reg> <reg orig="Iennet">Jennet</reg> I <reg orig="haue">have</reg> <reg orig="tam'd">tamed</reg></l>
<l>And <reg orig="train'd">trained</reg> him to&H4; the saddle for&H4; my <reg orig="practise">practice</reg>.</l>
<l>The horse to&H4; <reg orig="mee">me</reg> is <reg orig="soly">solely</reg> consecrate.</l></sp>
 <sp who="Q"><speaker>Plu.</speaker> 
<l>I from the bounds of lower <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Tartarie">Tartary</reg></hi></l>
    <l><reg orig="Haue">Have</reg> <reg orig="trauel'd">travelled</reg> to&H4; the fertile <reg orig="plaines">plains</reg> of <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Creet">Crete</reg></hi>.</l>
<l>Nor am I <reg orig="lesse">less</reg> in&H4; lustre of my same,</l>
    <l><reg orig="Then">Than</reg> <hi rend="italic">Neptune</hi>, or renowned <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Iupiter">Jupiter</reg></hi>.</l>
<l>Those barren <reg orig="Kingdomes">Kingdoms</reg> I <reg orig="haue">have</reg> <reg orig="richt">riched</reg> with <reg orig="spoiles">spoils</reg>,</l>
<l>And not a people <reg orig="trafficks">traffics</reg> in&H4; those worlds,</l>
<l>For&H4; wealth or treasure, but we&Htp; <reg orig="custome">custom</reg> them,</l>
<l>And they <reg orig="inrich">enrich</reg> our&Htp; coffers: our&Htp; <reg orig="arm'd">armed</reg> guards</l>
<l>Prey on&H4; their Camels, and their laden Mules,</l>
    <l>And <hi rend="italic">Pluto's</hi> through the world <reg orig="renown'd">renowned</reg> <reg orig="&">and</reg> <reg orig="fear'd">feared</reg>.</l>
    <l>And since we&Htp; <reg orig="haue">have</reg> <reg orig="mist">missed</reg> of <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Saturne">Saturn</reg></hi> lately fled,</l>
<l>It glads me yet, I freely may <reg orig="suruey">survey</reg></l>
    <l>The honours of my brother <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Iupiter">Jupiter</reg></hi>.</l></sp>
 <sp who="P"><speaker>Nep.</speaker>             
    <l>And beauteous <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Iuno">Juno</reg></hi>, <reg orig="Empresse">Empress</reg> of all hearts</l>
    <l>Whom <hi rend="italic">Neptune</hi> thus embraceth.</l></sp>
 <sp who="Q"><speaker>Plu.</speaker>             
    <l>So&H52; doth <hi rend="italic">Pluto</hi>.</l></sp>
 <sp who="V"><speaker>Iun.</speaker>         
<l>All <reg orig="diuine">divine</reg> honours <reg orig="crowne">crown</reg> the royal temples</l>
<l>Of my two famous brothers.</l></sp>
 <sp who="I"><speaker>Iup.</speaker>              
    <l>King <hi rend="italic">Melliseus</hi> welcome them to&H4; <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Creet">Crete</reg></hi>.</l>
    <l><hi rend="italic">Archas</hi> do you the like&H0;.</l></sp>
 <sp who="J"><speaker>Melli.</speaker>            
<l>Princes your hands.</l></sp>
<sp who="K"><speaker>Archas.</speaker>                 
<l>You are my <reg orig="royall">royal</reg> <reg orig="vnckles">uncles</reg>.</l></sp>
 <sp who="I"><speaker>Iup.</speaker>             
<l>Nay hand him Lords, he is your kinsman too.</l>
    <l><hi rend="italic">Archas</hi> my <reg orig="sonne">son</reg>, of <reg orig="faire">fair</reg> <hi rend="italic">Calisto</hi> <reg orig="borne">born</reg>,</l>
    <l>I hope <reg orig="faire">fair</reg> <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Iuno">Juno</reg></hi> it offends not you,</l>
<l>It was before your time.</l></sp>
 <sp who="V"><speaker>Iuno.</speaker>            
<l><reg orig="Shee">She</reg> was a strumpet.</l></sp>
 <sp who="I"><speaker>Iup.</speaker>          
<l><reg orig="Shee">She</reg> shall be a <reg orig="Starre">Star</reg>.</l>
<l>And all the <reg orig="Qeenes">Queens</reg> and <reg orig="beautious">beauteous</reg> <reg orig="maides">maids</reg> on&H4; earth</l>
<l>That&H61; are <reg orig="renown'd">renowned</reg> for&H4; high perfections,</l>
<l><reg orig="We'l">We&Hrp; will&H1;</reg> woe and <reg orig="winne">win</reg>, <reg orig="wee">we&Hrp;</reg> were <reg orig="borne">born</reg> to&H9; sway and rule.</l>
<l>Nor shall the name of wife be <reg orig="curbe">curb</reg> to&H4; <reg orig="vs">us&Hrp;</reg>.</l>
<l>Or snaffle in&H4; our&Hrp; pleasures. Beauteous <hi rend="italic">Io</hi>,</l>
<l>And <reg orig="faire">fair</reg> <hi rend="italic">Europa</hi>, <reg orig="haue">have</reg> by&H4; <reg orig="out">our&Hrp;</reg> transhapes,</l>
<l>And guiles of <reg orig="loue">love</reg> already <reg orig="bene">been</reg> <reg orig="deflour'd">deflowered</reg>,</l>
<l>Nor <reg orig="liues">lives</reg> <reg orig="shee">she</reg> that&H61; is worthy our&Hrp; desires,</l>
<l>But we&Hrp; can <reg orig="charme">charm</reg> with court-ship. Royal brothers</l>
<l>what <reg orig="newes">news</reg> of note is <reg orig="rumor'd">rumoured</reg> in&H4; those <reg orig="Realmes">Realms</reg>,</l>
<l>Through which&H61; you made your <reg orig="trauels">travels</reg>?</l></sp>
 <sp who="P"><speaker>Nep.</speaker>        
<l><reg orig="Haue">Have</reg> you heard</l>
    <l>Of great <hi rend="italic">Acrisius</hi>, the <reg orig="braue">brave</reg> <hi rend="italic">Arges</hi> King,</l>
    <l>And of his daughter <hi rend="italic">Danae</hi>.</l></sp>
 <sp who="I"><speaker>Iup.</speaker>          
<l>His <reg orig="renowne">renown</reg>,</l>
<l>And her&H2; <reg orig="faire">fair</reg> beauty oft hath <reg orig="peirc't">pierced</reg> our&Hrp; <reg orig="eares">ears</reg>.</l>
<l>Nor can we&Hrp; be at peace, till we&Hrp; behold</l>
<l>That&H62; face fame hath so&H51; <reg orig="blazd">blazed</reg> on&H5;. What of her&H6;?</l></sp>
<sp who="P"><speaker>Nept.</speaker>                 
<l>Of her&H2; <reg orig="inclosure">enclosure</reg> in&H4; the Darreine Tower,</l>
<l><reg orig="Guirt">Girt</reg> with a triple Mure of shining <reg orig="brasse">brass</reg>.</l>
<l><reg orig="Haue">Have</reg> you not heard?</l></sp>
 <sp who="I"><speaker>Iup.</speaker>    
<l>But we&Hrp; desire it highly.</l>
<l>What marble wall, or Adamantine gate,</l>
<l>What Fort of <reg orig="steele">steel</reg>, or Castle <reg orig="forg'd">forged</reg> from <reg orig="brasse">brass</reg>,</l>
<l><reg orig="Loue">Love</reg> cannot scale? or beauty not <reg orig="breake">break</reg> through?</l>
<l>Discourse the <reg orig="nouell">novel</reg> <hi rend="italic">Neptune</hi>.</l></sp>
<sp who="P"><speaker>Nept.</speaker>                 
<l>Thus it was.</l>
<l>The <reg orig="Queene">Queen</reg> of Arges going great, the King</l>
<l>Sends (as the <reg orig="custome">custom</reg> is) to&H4; <reg orig="th'Oracle">the oracle</reg>,</l>
<l>To&H9; know what fortunes shall betide the babe.</l>
<l>Answer's <reg orig="return'd">returned</reg> by&H4; <hi rend="italic">Phoebus</hi> and his Priests:</l>
<l>The <reg orig="Queene">Queen</reg> shall <reg orig="childe">child</reg> a daughter <reg orig="beautifull">beautiful</reg>,</l>
<l>Who&H61; when she <reg orig="growes">grows</reg> to&H4; <reg orig="yeares">years</reg>, shall then bring forth</l>
<l>A valiant Princely boy, yet such a one</l>
<l>That&H61; shall the King his grandsire <reg orig="turne">turn</reg> to&H4; stone.</l>
<l><hi rend="italic">Danae</hi> is <reg orig="borne">born</reg>, and as she <reg orig="growes">grows</reg> to&H4; <reg orig="ripenesse">ripeness</reg>,</l>
<l>So&H3; grew her&H2; fathers <reg orig="feare">fear</reg>: and to&H9; <reg orig="preuent">prevent</reg></l>
<l>His ominous fate <reg orig="pronounc'd">pronounced</reg> by&H4; <reg orig="th'Otacle">the Oracle</reg>,</l>
<l>He <reg orig="mowlds">moulds</reg> this brazen Tower, impregnable</l>
<l>Both for&H4; the seat and guard: yet <reg orig="beautifull">beautiful</reg></l>
<l>As is the gorgeous palace of the <reg orig="Sunne">Sun</reg>.</l></sp>
 <sp who="I"><speaker>Iup.</speaker>            
<l>Ill doth <hi rend="italic">Acrisius</hi> to&H9; contend and <reg orig="warre">war</reg></l>
<l>Against <reg orig="th'unchanging">the unchanging</reg> Fates, <reg orig="Il'e">I will&H1;</reg> scale that&H62; Towers:</l>
<l>Or <reg orig="raine">rain</reg> <reg orig="downe">down</reg> millions in&H4; a golden shower.</l>
<l>I long to&H9; be the father of that&H62; babe,</l>
<l>Begot on&H4; <hi rend="italic">Danae</hi>, that&H61; shall <reg orig="proue">prove</reg> so&H51; <reg orig="braue">brave</reg>,</l>
<l>And <reg orig="turne">turn</reg> the dotard to&H4; his marble <reg orig="graue">grave</reg>.</l>
<l><reg orig="Tis">It is</reg> cast already: Fate be thou my guide,</l>
<l><reg orig="Whil'st">Whilst</reg> for&H4; this amorous <reg orig="iourney">journey</reg> I <reg orig="prouide">provide</reg>.</l></sp>
 <sp who="J"><speaker>Mel.</speaker>           
<l>But is the Lady there <reg orig="immur'd">immured</reg>, and <reg orig="clos'd">closed</reg></l>
<l>From all society and sight of man?</l></sp>
<sp who="P"><speaker>Nept.</speaker>                 
   <l>So&H51; full of <reg orig="iealous">jealous</reg> <reg orig="feares">fears</reg> is King <hi rend="italic">Acrisius</hi>,</l>
<l>That&H3;, <reg orig="saue">save</reg> <reg orig="himselfe">himself</reg>, no&H2; man must <reg orig="neere">near</reg> the Fort.</l>
<l>Only a guard of Beldams past their lusts,</l>
<l><reg orig="Vnsensible">Unsensible</reg> of <reg orig="loue">love</reg>, or amorous <reg orig="pitty">pity</reg>,</l>
<l>Partly by&H4; bribes <reg orig="hir'd">hired</reg>, partly <reg orig="curb'd">curbed</reg> with threats,</l>
<l>Are guard <reg orig="vnto">unto</reg> this bright imprisoned dame.</l></sp>
 <sp who="Q"><speaker>Pluto.</speaker>              
<l>Too <reg orig="pittilesse">pitiless</reg>, and too <reg orig="obdur's">obdure is</reg> the King,</l>
<l>To&H9; <reg orig="cloyster">cloister</reg> beauty from the sight of man.</l>
<l>But this <reg orig="concernes">concerns</reg> not <reg orig="vs">us&Htp;</reg>.</l></sp>
 <sp who="I"><speaker>Iup.</speaker>              
<l>That&H62; fort <reg orig="I'le">I will&H1;</reg> scale,</l>
<l>Though in&H4; attempting it be death to&H9; <reg orig="faile">fail</reg>.</l>
<l>Brothers and Princes, all our&Hrp; Courts rarities</l>
<l><reg orig="Lye">Lie</reg> open to&H4; your <reg orig="royal'st">royalest</reg> entertainment</l>
<l>Yet pardon me, since <reg orig="vrgence">urgency</reg> <reg orig="cals">calls</reg> me hence</l>
<l>To&H4; an <reg orig="inforced">enforced</reg> absence. Nay <reg orig="Queene">Queen</reg> <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Iuno">Juno</reg></hi></l>
<l>You must be <reg orig="pleas'd">pleased</reg>, the cause imports <reg orig="vs">us&Hrp;</reg> highly.</l>
<l>Feast with these Princes till our&Hrp; free <reg orig="returne">return</reg>.</l>
<l>Attendance Lords, we&Hrp; must descend in&H4; gold.</l>
<l>Or you imprisoned beauty <reg orig="ne'r">never</reg> behold.</l></sp>
<stage>Enter foure old Beldams, with other women.</stage>
 <sp who="BC"><speaker>1. Beld.</speaker>
<p><reg orig="Heer's">Here is</reg> a <reg orig="coyle">coil</reg> to&H9; keep fire and tow <reg orig="a sunder">asunder</reg>. I wonder<lb/>
   the King should shut his daughter <reg orig="vp">up&H5;</reg> so&H51; close: for&H4; <reg orig="any thing">anything</reg><lb/>
   I see, she hath no&H2; <reg orig="minde">mind</reg> to&H4; a man.</p></sp>

 <sp who="BD"><speaker>2. Beld.</speaker><p>
    Content <reg orig="your selfe">yourself</reg>, you <reg orig="speake">speak</reg> according to&H4; your<lb/>
    age and appetite. We&Htp; that&H61; are full fed may praise fast. We&Htp; that&H61; in&H4;<lb/>
our&Htp; <reg orig="heate">heat</reg> of youth <reg orig="haue">have</reg> <reg orig="drunke">drunk</reg> our&Htp; bellyfuls, may deride those <lb/>
    that&H61; in&H4; the <reg orig="heate">heat</reg> of their <reg orig="blouds">bloods</reg> are athirst. I measure her&H6; by&H4;<lb/>
    what I was, not by&H4; what I am. Appetite to&H9; <reg orig="loue">love</reg> <reg orig="neuer">never</reg> <reg orig="failes">fails</reg> an <lb/>
    old woman, till cracking of nuts <reg orig="leaues">leaves</reg> her&H6;. When <hi rend="italic">Danae</hi> hath<lb/>
    no&H2; more teeth in&H4; her&H2; head <reg orig="then">than</reg> you and I, <reg orig="Il'e">I will&H1;</reg> trust a man in&H4; her&H2;<lb/>
    company, and scarce then: for&H3; if we&Htp; examine <reg orig="our selues">ourselves</reg>, <reg orig="wee">we&Htp;</reg> <lb/>
<reg orig="haue">have</reg> <reg orig="euen">even</reg> at these <reg orig="yeares">years</reg>, <reg orig="qualmes">qualms</reg>, and <reg orig="rhumes">rheums</reg>, and <reg orig="deuises">devices</reg> <lb/>
comes <reg orig="ouer">over</reg> our&Htp; <reg orig="stomakes">stomachs</reg>, when we&Htp; but look on&H4; a proper man.</p></sp>

 <sp who="BC"><speaker>1. Beld.</speaker>
<p><reg orig="That's">That&H62; is</reg> no&H2; question, I know it by&H4; <reg orig="my selfe">myself</reg>, and <reg orig="whil'st">whilst</reg><lb/>
   I stand <reg orig="centinell">sentinel</reg>, <reg orig="I'le">I will&H1;</reg> watch her&H6; for&H4; that&H62; I warrant her&H6;.</p></sp>

<sp who="BD"><speaker>2. Bel.</speaker>
<p>And <reg orig="haue">have</reg> we&Htp; not reason, considering the penalty?</p></sp>

<sp who="BC"><speaker>1. Bel.</speaker>
   <p>If any stand <reg orig="centinel">sentinel</reg> in&H4; her&H2; quarters, we&Htp; shall keep quarter<lb/>
      here no&H2; longer. If the <reg orig="Princesse">Princess</reg> miscarry we&Htp; shall make gunpowder,<lb/>
   and they say an old woman is better for&H4; that&H62; <reg orig="then">than</reg> Salt??peter.</p></sp>

<stage>The 'larme bell rings.</stage>
 <sp who="BE"><speaker>3. Beld.</speaker><p>
    The <reg orig="larme">alarm</reg> bell rings,<lb/>
    It should be <reg orig="K.">King</reg> <hi rend="italic">Acrisius</hi> by&H4; the sound of the clapper.</p></sp>
 <sp who="BF"><speaker>4. Beld.</speaker><p>
Then clap close to&H4; the gate and let him in&H5;.</p></sp>
<stage>Enter Acrisius.</stage>
<sp who="R"><speaker>Acri.</speaker>
<l>Ladies well done: I like&H1; this <reg orig="prouidence">providence</reg></l>
   <l>And <reg orig="carefull">careful</reg> watch <reg orig="ore">over</reg> <hi rend="italic">Danae</hi>: let me <reg orig="finde">find</reg> you</l>
<l><reg orig="Faithlesse">Faithless</reg>, you <reg orig="dye">die</reg>, be <reg orig="faithfull">faithful</reg> and you <reg orig="liue">live</reg></l>
<l><reg orig="Eterniz'd">Eternized</reg> in&H4; our&Hrp; <reg orig="loue">love</reg>. Go call her&H6; hither,</l>
<l>Be that&H62; your charge: the rest keep <reg orig="watchfull">watchful</reg> eye</l>
<l>On&H4; your <reg orig="percullist">portcullis</reg> entrance, which&H61; forbids</l>
<l>All men, <reg orig="saue">save</reg> <reg orig="vs">us&Hrp;</reg>, free passage to&H4; this place.</l>
   <l>See! <hi rend="italic">Danae</hi> is descended. <reg orig="Faire">Fair</reg> daughter</l>
<stage>Enter Danae.</stage>
<l>How do you brook this palace?</l></sp>
 <sp who="L"><speaker>Dan.</speaker>
<l>Like&H4; a prison:</l>
<l>What is it else? you <reg orig="giue">give</reg> me golden fetters,</l>
<l>As if their value could my bondage lessen.</l></sp>
<sp who="R"><speaker>Acri.</speaker>
<l>The <reg orig="architectur's">architecture is</reg> sumptuous, and the building</l>
<l>Of cost <reg orig="inualuable">invaluable</reg>, so&H51; rich a structure</l>
<l>For&H4; beauty, or for&H4; state, the world <reg orig="affoords">affords</reg> not.</l>
<l>Is not thy attendance princely, like&H4; a <reg orig="Queenes">Queen's</reg>?</l>
<l>Are not all these thy <reg orig="vassails">vassals</reg> to&H9; attend?</l>
<l>Are not thy chambers <reg orig="faire">fair</reg>, and richly hung?</l>
<l>The <reg orig="walkes">walks</reg> within this <reg orig="barricadoed">barricaded</reg> mure</l>
<l>Full of delight and pleasure for&H4; thy taste</l>
<l>And curious palate, all the chiefest cates</l>
<l>Are from the furthest verges of the earth</l>
<l><reg orig="Fetch't">Fetched</reg> to&H9; content thee. What <reg orig="distates">distastes</reg> thee then?</l></sp>
 <sp who="L"><speaker>Dan.</speaker>
<l>That&H62; which&H61; alone is better <reg orig="then">than</reg> all these,</l>
<l>My liberty. Why am I <reg orig="cloyster'd">cloistered</reg> thus,</l>
<l>And kept a prisoner from the sight of man?</l>
<l>What hath my innocence and infancy</l>
<l><reg orig="Deseru'd">Deserved</reg> to&H9; be <reg orig="immur'd">immured</reg> in&H4; brazen walls?</l>
<l>Can you accuse my faith, or modesty?</l>
<l>Hath any loose demeanour in&H4; my carriage</l>
<l>Bred this distrust? hath my eye <reg orig="plaid">played</reg> the rioter?</l>
<l>Or hath my tongue <reg orig="beene">been</reg> <reg orig="lauish">lavish</reg>? <reg orig="haue">have</reg> my <reg orig="fauours">favours</reg></l>
<l><reg orig="Vn-virginlike">Un-virginlike</reg> to&H4; any <reg orig="beene">been</reg> profuse,</l>
<l>That&H3; it should breed in&H4; you such <reg orig="ielousie">jealousy</reg>,</l>
<l>Or bring me to&H4; this durance?</l></sp>
<sp who="R"><speaker>Acri.</speaker>
<l>None of these.</l>
<l>I <reg orig="loue">love</reg> my <hi rend="italic">Danae</hi>. But when I record</l>
<l>The Oracle, it breeds such <reg orig="feare">fear</reg> in&H4; me,</l>
<l>That&H61; makes this thy <reg orig="reteinement">retainment</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Danae.</speaker>                 
<l>The Oracle?</l>
<l>Wherein <reg orig="vnto">unto</reg> the least of all the Gods</l>
<l>Hath <hi rend="italic">Danae</hi> <reg orig="beene">been</reg> <reg orig="vnthankfull">unthankful</reg>, or profane,</l>
<l>To&H4; bondage me that&H61; am a <reg orig="princesse">princess</reg> free,</l>
<l>And <reg orig="votaresse">votaress</reg> to&H4; <reg orig="euery">every</reg> deity?</l></sp>
<sp who="R"><speaker>Acri.</speaker>
<l><reg orig="Il'e">I will&H1;</reg> tell thee Lady. The <reg orig="vnchanging">unchanging</reg> mouth</l>
<l>Of <hi rend="italic">Phoebus</hi>, hath this Oracle <reg orig="pronoun'st">pronounced</reg>,</l>
<l>That&H3; <hi rend="italic">Danae</hi> shall in&H4; time <reg orig="childe">child</reg> such a <reg orig="sonne">son</reg></l>
<l>That&H61; shall <hi rend="italic">Acrisius</hi> change into a stone.</l></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Danae.</speaker>                 
<l>See your <reg orig="vaine">vain</reg> <reg orig="feares">fears</reg>. What <reg orig="lesse">less</reg> could <hi rend="italic">Phoebus</hi> say?</l>
<l>Or what hath <hi rend="italic">Danae's</hi> fate <reg orig="deseru'd">deserved</reg> in&H4; this?</l>
<l>To&H9; <reg orig="turne">turn</reg> you into stone; <reg orig="that's">that&H62; is</reg> to&H9; prepare</l>
<l>Your monument, and marble <reg orig="sepulcher">sepulchre</reg>.</l>
<l>The meaning is, that&H3; I a <reg orig="sonne">son</reg> shall <reg orig="haue">have</reg>,</l>
<l>That&H3; when you <reg orig="dye">die</reg> shall <reg orig="beare">bear</reg> you to&H4; your <reg orig="graue">grave</reg>.</l>
<l>Are you not <reg orig="mortall">mortal</reg>? would you <reg orig="euer">ever</reg> <reg orig="liue">live</reg>?</l>
<l>Your father <reg orig="dy'd">died</reg>, and to&H4; his Monument</l>
<l>You like&H4; a mourner did attend his <reg orig="herse">hearse</reg>.</l>
<l>What you did to&H4; your father, let my <reg orig="sonne">son</reg></l>
<l><reg orig="Performe">Perform</reg> to&H4; you, prepare your <reg orig="sepulcher">sepulchre</reg>.</l>
<l>Or shall a stranger <reg orig="beare">bear</reg> you to&H4; your <reg orig="tombe">tomb</reg>,</l>
<l>When from your <reg orig="owne">own</reg> <reg orig="bloud">blood</reg> you may store a Prince</l>
<l>To&H9; do those sacred rights: or shall <reg orig="vaine">vain</reg> <reg orig="feares">fears</reg></l>
<l>Cloister my beauty, and consume my <reg orig="yeares">years</reg>?</l></sp>
<sp who="R"><speaker>Acri.</speaker>
<l>Our&Hrp; <reg orig="feares">fears</reg> are <reg orig="certaine">certain</reg>, and our&Hrp; <reg orig="doome">doom</reg> as <reg orig="fix't">fixed</reg></l>
<l>As the decrees of Gods. Thy durance here</l>
<l>Is with limit <reg orig="endlesse">endless</reg>. Go attend her&H6; <stage>Exit Danae.</stage></l>

<l><reg orig="Vnto">Unto</reg> her&H2; chamber, there to&H9; <reg orig="liue">live</reg> an <reg orig="Ankresse">anchoress</reg></l>
<l>And <reg orig="changelesse">changeless</reg> virgin, to&H4; the period</l>
<l>Of her&H2; last <reg orig="hower">hour</reg>. And you, to&H4; whom this charge</l>
<l>Solely belongs, banish all womanish <reg orig="pitty">pity</reg>:</l>
<l>Be <reg orig="deafe">deaf</reg> <reg orig="vnto">unto</reg> her&H2; prayers, <reg orig="blinde">blind</reg> to&H4; her&H2; <reg orig="teares">tears</reg>,</l>
<l>Obdure to&H4; her&H2; relenting passions.</l>
<l>Should she (as <reg orig="heauen">heaven</reg> and <reg orig="th'Oracle">the oracle</reg> forbid)</l>
<l>By&H4; your corrupting <reg orig="loose">lose</reg> that&H62; precious <reg orig="Gemme">Gem</reg></l>
<l>We&Hrp; <reg orig="haue">have</reg> such care to&H9; <reg orig="keepe">keep</reg> and <reg orig="locke">lock</reg> safe <reg orig="vp">up&H5;</reg>:</l>
<l>Your <reg orig="liues">lives</reg> are <reg orig="doom'd">doomed</reg>. Be <reg orig="faithfull">faithful</reg> we&Hrp; desire,</l>
<l>And <reg orig="keepe">keep</reg> your bodies from the <reg orig="threatned">threatened</reg> fire.</l></sp>
         <sp who="BC"><speaker>1, Beld.</speaker>
<p><reg orig="Heauen">Heaven</reg> be as chary of your <reg orig="Highnesse">Highness</reg> life,<lb/>
   As we&Htp; of <hi rend="italic">Dana's</hi> honour. Now if <reg orig="shee">she</reg> <reg orig="bee">be</reg> a right woman, <reg orig="shee">she</reg><lb/>
   will&H1; <reg orig="haue">have</reg> a <reg orig="minde">mind</reg> <reg orig="onely">only</reg> to&H9; loose that&H62;, which&H61; her&H2; father hath such<lb/>
   care to&H9; <reg orig="keepe">keep</reg>. There is a thing that&H61; commonly <reg orig="stickes">sticks</reg> <reg orig="vnder">under</reg> a<lb/>
   <reg orig="womans">woman's</reg> <reg orig="stomacke">stomach</reg>.</p></sp>
 <sp who="BD"><speaker>2. Beld.</speaker><p>
    What do we&Htp; talking of things? there must be no&H2; <reg orig="medling">meddling</reg><lb/>
    with things in&H4; this place, come let <reg orig="vs">us&Htp;</reg> set our&Htp; watch, and <lb/>
take our&Htp; lodgings before the <reg orig="Princesse">Princess</reg> chamber, <stage>Exit.</stage></p></sp>

<stage>Enter Iupiter like a Pedler, the Clowne his man, with 
   packs at their backes.</stage>
 <sp who="I"><speaker>Iup.</speaker>             
<p>Sirrah, now I <reg orig="haue">have</reg> <reg orig="sworne">sworn</reg> you to&H4; secrecy attend your charge</p></sp> 

         <sp who="BA"><speaker>Clo.</speaker>  
<p>Charge me to&H4; the mouth, and till you <reg orig="giue">give</reg> fire <reg orig="I'l">I will&H1;</reg> not <reg orig="of">off</reg>.</p></sp>

 <sp who="I"><speaker>Iup.</speaker>
<p>Thou <reg orig="know'st">knowest</reg> I <reg orig="haue">have</reg> <reg orig="stuft">stuffed</reg> my <reg orig="packe">pack</reg> with rich <reg orig="iewels">jewels</reg>, <lb/>
   to&H9; purchase one <reg orig="iewell">jewel</reg> worth all these.</p></sp>

<sp who="BA"><speaker>Clowne.</speaker>                 
<p>If your <reg orig="pretious">precious</reg> stones were set in&H4; that&H62; <reg orig="Iewell">Jewel</reg> it<lb/>
   would be <reg orig="braue">brave</reg> wearing.</p></sp>

 <sp who="I"><speaker>Iup.</speaker>
    <p>If we&Htp; get entrance, sooth me <reg orig="vp">up&H5;</reg> in&H4; all things: <reg orig="&">and</reg> if I <reg orig="haue">have</reg><lb/>
       recourse to&H4; the <reg orig="Princesse">Princess</reg>, if at any time thou seest me whisper to&H4;<lb/>
   her&H6;, find some <reg orig="tricke">trick</reg> or other to&H9; <reg orig="blinde">blind</reg> the Beldams eyes.</p></sp>

<sp who="BA"><speaker>Clow.</speaker>                 
   <p><reg orig="Shee">She</reg> that&H61; hath the best eyes of them all, I <reg orig="haue">have</reg> a trick<lb/>
   to&H9; make her&H2; nose stand in&H4; her&H2; light.</p></sp>

 <sp who="I"><speaker>Iup.</speaker>
    <p>No&H2; more <reg orig="K.">King</reg> <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Iupiter">Jupiter</reg></hi> but goodman <reg orig="Pedler">Peddler</reg>, remember that&H62;</p></sp>

<sp who="BA"><speaker>Clow.</speaker>                 
   <p>I <reg orig="haue">have</reg> my memorandums about <reg orig="mee">me</reg>. As I can <reg orig="beare">bear</reg> a <lb/>
      <reg orig="packe">pack</reg>, so&H3; I can <reg orig="beare">bear</reg> a <reg orig="braine">brain</reg>, <reg orig="&">and</reg> now I <reg orig="talke">talk</reg> of a <reg orig="packe">pack</reg>, though<lb/>
      I know not of the death of any of your <reg orig="freinds">friends</reg>, I am sorry for&H4;<lb/>
   your <reg orig="heauinesse">heaviness</reg>.</p></sp>
         <sp who="I"><speaker>Iup,</speaker>
<p><reg orig="Loue">Love</reg> and my hopes <reg orig="doe">do</reg> make my <reg orig="loade">load</reg> <reg orig="seeme">seem</reg> light,<lb/>
This wealth I will&H1; <reg orig="vnburthen">unburden</reg> in&H4; the purchase<lb/>
Of you rich beauty. <reg orig="Prethee">Prithee</reg> ring the bell,</p></sp>
<sp who="BA"><speaker>Clow.</speaker>                 
<p>Nay do you take the rope in&H4; your hand for&H4; <reg orig="lucke">luck</reg> sake.<lb/>
   The <reg orig="morall">moral</reg> is, because you shall ring all-in.</p></sp>
<stage>He rings the bell,</stage>
 <sp who="I"><speaker>Iup.</speaker>             
<p>I care not if I take thy <reg orig="counsell">counsel</reg>.</p>
<stage>Enter the 4 Beldams.</stage>
 <sp who="BC"><speaker>1. Beld.</speaker>
<p>To&H4; the gate, to&H4; the gate, and know who&H61; <reg orig="'tis">it is</reg> ere you<lb/>

 <sp who="BD"><speaker>2. Beld.</speaker>
<p>I <reg orig="learn't">learned</reg> that&H62; in&H4; my youth, still to&H9; know who&H61; <reg orig="knockt">knocked</reg><lb/>
   before I would open.</p></sp>
 <sp who="I"><speaker>Iup.</speaker>             
<p><reg orig="Saue">Save</reg> you gentle Matrons: may a man be so&H51; bold as <reg orig="aske">ask</reg><lb/>
   what he may call this rich and stately Tower?</p></sp>

 <sp who="BE"><speaker>3. Beld.</speaker><p>
Thou seem'st a stranger to&H9; <reg orig="aske">ask</reg> such a question,<lb/>
    For&H3; where is not the tower of <hi rend="italic">Darreine</hi> <reg orig="knowne">known</reg>?</p></sp>
<sp who="BA"><speaker>Clow.</speaker>                 
<p>It may be <reg orig="cal'd">called</reg> the tower of Barren for&H4; <reg orig="ought">aught</reg> I see, for&H3;<lb/>
   <reg orig="heere">here</reg> is none but are past children.</p></sp>

 <sp who="BF"><speaker>4. Beld.</speaker><p>
    This is the rich and famous <hi rend="italic">Darreine</hi> Tower,<lb/>
Where King <hi rend="italic">Acrisius</hi> hath <reg orig="inclos'd">enclosed</reg> his daughter,<lb/>
  The <reg orig="beautious">beauteous</reg> <hi rend="italic">Danae</hi>, famous through the world<lb/>
For&H4; all perfections.</p></sp>
 <sp who="I"><speaker>Iup.</speaker>            
<l><reg orig="Oh">O</reg> then <reg orig="'tis">it is</reg> here; I here I must <reg orig="vnload">unload</reg>.</l>
<l><reg orig="Comming">Coming</reg> through <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Creet">Crete</reg></hi>, the great King <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Iupiter">Jupiter</reg></hi></l>
<l><reg orig="Intreated">Entreated</reg> me to&H9; call here at this Tower,</l>
<l>And to&H9; <reg orig="deliuer">deliver</reg> you some <reg orig="speciall">special</reg> <reg orig="Iewels">Jewels</reg>,</l>
<l>Of high <reg orig="pris'd">prized</reg> worth, for&H3; he would <reg orig="haue">have</reg> his bounty</l>
<l><reg orig="Renown'd">Renowned</reg> through all the earth. <reg orig="Downe">Down</reg> with your <reg orig="packe">pack</reg>,</l>
<l>For&H3; here must <reg orig="wee">we&Htp;</reg> <reg orig="vnload">unload</reg>.</l></sp>
 <sp who="BC"><speaker>1. Beld.</speaker>
<l><reg orig="Iewels">Jewels</reg> to&H4; <reg orig="vs">us&Htp;</reg>?</l></sp>
 <sp who="BD"><speaker>2. Beld.</speaker><p>
 And from <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Iupiter">Jupiter</reg></hi>?</p></sp>
 <sp who="I"><speaker>Iup.</speaker>        
<p>Now gold <reg orig="proue">prove</reg> thy true <reg orig="vertue">virtue</reg>. Thou canst all things
   and therefore this.</p></sp>

 <sp who="BE"><speaker>3. Beld.</speaker>
<p>Comes he <reg orig="wlth">with</reg> presents, and shall he <reg orig="vnpacke">unpack</reg> at the <lb/>
   gate? nay come into the Porters lodge good <reg orig="Pedlers">Peddlers</reg>.</p></sp>

         <sp who="BA"><speaker>Clowne,</speaker>
<p>That&H62; Lady hath some manners, <reg orig="shee">she</reg> hath <reg orig="bene">been</reg> well<lb/>
   brought <reg orig="vp">up&H5;</reg> I warrant her&H6;.</p></sp>

 <sp who="BF"><speaker>4. Beld.</speaker>
<p>And I can tell thee <reg orig="pedler">peddler</reg>, thou hast that&H62; <reg orig="curtesy">courtesy</reg> that&H61;<lb/>
   <reg orig="neuer">never</reg> any man yet found but the King <hi rend="italic">Acrisius</hi>.</p></sp>
 <sp who="I"><speaker>Iup.</speaker>            
<p>You shall be well paid for&H4; your <reg orig="curtesy">courtesy</reg>,<lb/>
<reg orig="Here's">Here is</reg> first for&H4; you, for&H4; you, for&H4;, for&H4; you, for&H4; you.</p></sp>
 <sp who="BC"><speaker>1. Beld.</speaker>
 <sp who="BD"><speaker>2. Beld.</speaker><p>
 <sp who="BE"><speaker>3. Beld.</speaker>
<p>The best that&H61; <reg orig="e're">ever</reg> I saw!</p></sp>
 <sp who="BF"><speaker>4. Beld.</speaker>
<p><reg orig="I'l">I will&H1;</reg> run and <reg orig="shew">show</reg> mine to&H4; my Lady.</p></sp>
 <sp who="BC"><speaker>1. Beld.</speaker>
    <p>Shut the gate for&H4; <reg orig="feare">fear</reg> the King come, and if he ring <lb/>
       clap the <reg orig="Pedlers">Peddlers</reg> into some of you old rotten corners. And hath <lb/>
       <reg orig="K.">King</reg> <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Iupiter">Jupiter</reg></hi> <reg orig="bene">been</reg> at all this cost? 
      <reg orig="hee's">he is</reg> a courteous Prince, <reg orig="&">and</reg> <reg orig="bountifull">bountiful</reg>.<lb/>
   <reg orig="Keepe">Keep</reg> you the <reg orig="pedler">peddler</reg> company, my Lady shall see mine too.</p></sp>

 <sp who="I"><speaker>Iup.</speaker>             
    <p><reg orig="Meane">Mean</reg> you the <reg orig="Princesse">Princess</reg> <hi rend="italic">Danae</hi>? I <reg orig="haue">have</reg> tokens from<lb/>
       <reg orig="Iupiter">Jupiter</reg> to&H4; her&H6; too.</p></sp>
<sp who="BC"><speaker>1. Bel.</speaker>
<p><reg orig="Runne">Run</reg>, <reg orig="runne">run</reg>, you that&H61; <reg orig="haue">have</reg> the best <reg orig="legges">legs</reg>, and tell<lb/>
   my Lady. But <reg orig="haue">have</reg> you any more of the same?</p></sp>

<sp who="BA"><speaker>Clowne.</speaker>                 
   <p><reg orig="Haue">Have</reg> we&Htp; quoth he? We&Htp; <reg orig="haue">have</reg> things about <reg orig="vs">us&Htp;</reg>, <reg orig="wee">we&Htp;</reg><lb/>
      <reg orig="haue">have</reg> not <reg orig="shewed">showed</reg> yet, and that&H3; <reg orig="euery one">everyone</reg> must not see, would<lb/>
      make those few teeth in&H4; your head to&H9; water, I would <reg orig="haue">have</reg> you<lb/>
   <reg orig="thinke">think</reg>, I <reg orig="haue">have</reg> ware too as well as my <reg orig="Mayster">Master</reg>.</p></sp>

<stage>Enter in state Danae with the Beldams, looking vpon three 
   seuerall iewels.</stage>
<sp who="BC"><speaker>1. Bel.</speaker>
<l><reg orig="Yonder's">Yonder is</reg> my Lady. Nay <reg orig="neuer">never</reg> <reg orig="bee">be</reg> <reg orig="abasht">abashed</reg> <reg orig="Pedler">Peddler</reg>,</l>
<l><reg orig="There's">There is</reg> a face will&H1; become thy <reg orig="iewels">jewels</reg>, as well as any face in&H4;</l>
   <l><hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Creet">Crete</reg></hi> or <hi rend="italic">Arges</hi> either. Now your token.</l></sp>
 <sp who="I"><speaker>Iup.</speaker>              
<l>I <reg orig="haue">have</reg> lost it. <reg orig="Tis">It is</reg> my heart, beauty of Angels,</l>
<l>Thou art <reg orig="o're">over</reg> <reg orig="matcht">matched</reg>, earth may contend with <reg orig="heauen">heaven</reg>,</l>
<l>Nature thou hast to&H9; make one <reg orig="compleate">complete</reg> creature</l>
<l>Cheated <reg orig="euen">even</reg> all mortality. This face</l>
<l>Hath <reg orig="rob'd">robbed</reg> the morning of her&H2; blush, the <reg orig="lilly">lily</reg></l>
<l>Of her&H2; <reg orig="blanch't">blanched</reg> <reg orig="whitnes">whiteness</reg>, and like&H4; theft committed</l>
<l><reg orig="Vpon">Upon&H4;</reg> my <reg orig="soule">soul</reg>: <reg orig="shee">she</reg> is all admiration.</l>
<l>But in&H4; her&H2; eyes I <reg orig="ne're">never</reg> saw perfect lustre.</l>
<l>There is no&H2; treasure <reg orig="vpon">upon&H4;</reg> earth but yonder.</l>
<l><reg orig="Shee">She</reg> is! (<reg orig="oh">o</reg> I shall loose <reg orig="my selfe">myself</reg>)</l></sp>
<sp who="BA"><speaker>Clowne.</speaker>                 
<l>Nay Sir, take heed you be not smelt out.</l></sp>
         <sp who="I"><speaker>Iup.</speaker>  
<l>I am <reg orig="my selfe">myself</reg> <reg orig="againe">again</reg>.</l></sp>
 <sp who="L"><speaker>Dan.</speaker>
    <l>Did <reg orig="hee">he</reg> bestow these freely? <hi rend="italic">Dana's</hi> guard</l>
    <l>Are much indebted to&H4; King <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Iupiter">Jupiter</reg></hi>.</l>
<l>If he <reg orig="haue">have</reg> store <reg orig="wee'l">we&Hrp; will&H1;</reg> buy some for&H4; our&Hrp; <reg orig="vse">use</reg>,</l>
<l>And wearing. They are wondrous <reg orig="beautifull">beautiful</reg>,</l>
<l><reg orig="Where's">Where is</reg> the man that&H61; brought them?</l></sp>
 <sp who="BC"><speaker>1. Beld.</speaker>
<p>Here forsooth Lady, hold <reg orig="vp">up&H5;</reg> your head and blush <lb/>
   not, my Lady will&H1; not hurt thee, I warrant thee.</p></sp>
 <sp who="I"><speaker>Iup.</speaker>             
    <l>This <reg orig="iewell">jewel</reg> Madam did King <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Iupiter">Jupiter</reg></hi></l>
    <l>Command me to&H9; <reg orig="leaue">leave</reg> <reg orig="heere">here</reg> for&H4; <hi rend="italic">Danae</hi>.</l>
<l>Are you so&H52; <reg orig="sti'ld">styled</reg>?</l></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Danae.</speaker>                 
   <l>If sent to&H4; <hi rend="italic">Danae</hi>,</l>
   <l><reg orig="'Tis">It is</reg> due to&H4; me. And would the King of <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Creet">Crete</reg></hi>,</l>
<l>Knew with what gratitude we&Hrp; take his gift.</l></sp>
 <sp who="I"><speaker>Iup.</speaker>          
<l><reg orig="Madame">Madam</reg> he shall. Sirrah set ope your pack,</l>
<l>And what the Ladies like&H1; let them take freely.</l></sp>
 <sp who="L"><speaker>Dan.</speaker>
<l>Much <reg orig="haue">have</reg> I heard of his <reg orig="renowne">renown</reg> in&H4; <reg orig="armes">arms</reg>,</l>
<l>His <reg orig="generousnesse">generousness</reg>, his vertues, and his <reg orig="fulnesse">fullness</reg></l>
<l>Of all that&H61; Nature can bequeath to&H4; man.</l>
<l>His bounty I now <reg orig="tast">taste</reg>, and I could wish,</l>
<l>Your <reg orig="eare">ear</reg> were his, that&H3; I might let him know</l>
<l>What interest he hath in&H4; me to&H9; command,</l></sp>
 <sp who="I"><speaker>Iup.</speaker>            
<l>His <reg orig="eare">ear</reg> is <reg orig="myne">mine</reg>, let me command you then.</l>
    <l>Behold I am the <hi rend="italic">Cretan, <reg orig="Iupiter">Jupiter</reg></hi>,</l>
<l>That&H61; rate your beauty <reg orig="aboue">above</reg> all these gems.</l>
<l>What cannot <reg orig="loue">love</reg>, what dares not <reg orig="loue">love</reg> attempt?</l>
    <l><reg orig="Despight">Despite</reg> <hi rend="italic">Acrisius</hi> and his armed guards,</l>
<l><reg orig="Hether">Hither</reg> my <reg orig="loue">love</reg> hath brought me to&H9; <reg orig="receiue">receive</reg></l>
<l>Or life or death from you, <reg orig="onely">only</reg> from you.</l></sp>
 <sp who="L"><speaker>Dan.</speaker>
<l>We&Hrp; are <reg orig="amaz'd">amazed</reg>, and the large difference</l>
<l>Betwixt your name and <reg orig="habite">habit</reg>, breeds in&H4; <reg orig="vs">us&Hrp;</reg></l>
<l><reg orig="Feare">Fear</reg> and distrust. Yet if I censure freely</l>
<l>I <reg orig="needes">needs</reg> must <reg orig="thinke">think</reg> that&H3; face and personage</l>
<l>Was <reg orig="ne're">never</reg> <reg orig="deriu'd">derived</reg> from <reg orig="basenesse">baseness</reg>. And the spirit</l>
<l>To&H9; venture and to&H9; dare to&H9; court a <reg orig="Queene">Queen</reg></l>
<l>I cannot <reg orig="stile">style</reg> <reg orig="lesse">less</reg> <reg orig="then">than</reg> to&H9; be a Kings.</l>
    <l>Say that&H3; we&Hrp; grant you to&H9; be <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Iupiter">Jupiter</reg></hi>,</l>
<l>What thence <reg orig="inferre">infer</reg> you?</l></sp>
 <sp who="I"><speaker>Iup.</speaker>            
<l>To&H9; <reg orig="loue">love</reg> <reg orig="Iupiter">Jupiter</reg>.</l></sp>
 <sp who="L"><speaker>Dan.</speaker>
    <l>So&H51; far as <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Iupiter">Jupiter</reg></hi> <reg orig="loues">loves</reg> <hi rend="italic">Dana's</hi> honour,</l>
    <l>So&H51; <reg orig="farre">far</reg> will&H1; <hi rend="italic">Danae</hi> <reg orig="loue">love</reg> <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Iupiter">Jupiter</reg></hi>.</l></sp>
 <sp who="BD"><speaker>2. Beld.</speaker>
<l>We&Htp; <reg orig="waight">wait</reg> well <reg orig="vpon">upon&H4;</reg> my Lady.</l></sp>
 <sp who="I"><speaker>Iup.</speaker>           
<l>Madam you <reg orig="haue">have</reg> not <reg orig="seene">seen</reg> a <reg orig="cleere">clear</reg> stone,</l>
<l>For&H4; <reg orig="coulour">colour</reg> or for&H4; <reg orig="quicknesse">quickness</reg>.</l></sp>
<stage>(sweete your eare.</stage>
 <sp who="L"><speaker>Dan.</speaker>
<l>Beware your <reg orig="ruine">ruin</reg>, if you Beldams <reg orig="heare">hear</reg>.</l></sp>
 <sp who="I"><speaker>Iup.</speaker>           
<p>Sirrah <reg orig="shew">show</reg> all your wares, and let those Ladies best <lb/>
   please <reg orig="themselues">themselves</reg>.</p></sp>
<sp who="BA"><speaker>Clowne.</speaker>                 
<p>Not all at these <reg orig="yeares">years</reg>. I spy his <reg orig="knauery">knavery</reg>. Now would <lb/>
   he <reg orig="haue">have</reg> <reg orig="mee">me</reg> <reg orig="keepe">keep</reg> them busied, whilst he courts the Lady.</p></sp>

         <sp who="BE"><speaker>3, Beld.</speaker>
<l>Doth my Lady want nothing?</l>
<stage>Shee lookes backe</stage>
<sp who="BA"><speaker>Clown.</speaker>                 
   <p>As for&H4; example, <reg orig="heer's">here is</reg> a <reg orig="silner">silver</reg> bodkin, this is to&H9; <reg orig="remoue">remove</reg><lb/>
      <reg orig="dandriffe">dandruff</reg>, and <reg orig="digge">dig</reg> about the roots of your <reg orig="siluer-hair'd">silver-haired</reg><lb/>
      <reg orig="furre">fur</reg>. This is a tooth-picker, but you <reg orig="hauing">having</reg> no&H2; teeth, <reg orig="heere">here</reg> is <lb/>
   for&H4; you a <reg orig="corrall">coral</reg> to&H9; rub your gums. This is <reg orig="cald">called</reg> a <reg orig="Maske">Mask</reg>.</p></sp>

 <sp who="BC"><speaker>1. Beld.</speaker>
    <p><reg orig="Gramarcy">Gramercy</reg> for&H4; this, this is good to&H9; hide my <reg orig="wrinckles">wrinkles</reg>,<lb/>
   I <reg orig="neuer">never</reg> see of these afore.</p></sp>

<sp who="BA"><speaker>Clown.</speaker>                 
   <p>Then you <reg orig="haue">have</reg> one <reg orig="wrinckle">wrinkle</reg> more <reg orig="behinde">behind</reg>. You that&H61;<lb/>
   are dim <reg orig="ey'd">eyed</reg> put this <reg orig="pittifull">pitiful</reg> spectacle <reg orig="vpon">upon&H4;</reg> your nose.</p></sp>

 <sp who="I"><speaker>Iup.</speaker>           
<l>As I am <reg orig="sonne">son</reg> of <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Saturne">Saturn</reg></hi>, you <reg orig="haue">have</reg> wrong</l>
<l>To&H9; be <reg orig="coop't">cooped</reg> <reg orig="vp">up&H5;</reg> within a prison strong.</l>
<l>Your father like&H4; a miser <reg orig="cloysters">cloisters</reg> you,</l>
<l>But to&H9; <reg orig="saue">save</reg> cost: <reg orig="hee's">he is</reg> <reg orig="loth">loath</reg> to&H9; pay your dower,</l>
<l>And therefore <reg orig="keepes">keeps</reg> you in&H4; this brazen Tower.</l>
<l>What are you better to&H9; be <reg orig="beautifull">beautiful</reg>,</l>
<l>When no&H2; <reg orig="mans">man's</reg> eye can come to&H9; censure it?</l>
<l>What are sweet cates <reg orig="vntasted">untasted</reg>? gorgeous clothes</l>
<l><reg orig="Vnworne">Unworn</reg>? or beauty not beheld? yon Beldams</l>
<l>With all the <reg orig="furrowes">furrows</reg> in&H4; their wrinkled fronts</l>
<l>May <reg orig="claime">claim</reg> with you like&H2; worth; <reg orig="ey">aye</reg> and compare.</l>
<l>For&H3; eye to&H9; censure you none can, none dare.</l></sp>
 <sp who="L"><speaker>Dan.</speaker>
<l>All this is true.</l></sp>
 <sp who="I"><speaker>Iup.</speaker>          
<l><reg orig="Oh">O</reg> <reg orig="thinke">think</reg> you I would <reg orig="lye">lie</reg></l>
<l>(With any <reg orig="saue">save</reg> <hi rend="italic">Danae</hi>.) Let me buy</l>
<l>This <reg orig="iewell">jewel</reg>, your bright <reg orig="loue">love</reg>, though rated higher</l>
<l><reg orig="Then">Than</reg> Gods can <reg orig="giue">give</reg>, or men in&H4; prayers desire.</l></sp>
 <sp who="L"><speaker>Dan.</speaker>
 <l>You <reg orig="couet">covet</reg> that&H62;, which&H61; <reg orig="saue">save</reg> the Prince of <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Creet">Crete</reg></hi></l>
<l>None dares.</l></sp>
 <sp who="I"><speaker>Iup.</speaker>           
<l>That&H62; <reg orig="shewes">shows</reg> how much I <reg orig="loue">love</reg> you (sweet)</l>
<l>I come this beauty, this rare face to&H9; <reg orig="saue">save</reg>,</l>
<l>And to&H9; <reg orig="redeeme">redeem</reg> it from this brazen <reg orig="graue">grave</reg>.</l>
<l><reg orig="Oh">O</reg> do not from <reg orig="mans">man's</reg> eye this beauty <reg orig="skreene">screen</reg>,</l>
<l>These rare perfections, which&H61; no&H2; earthly <reg orig="Queene">Queen</reg></l>
<l><reg orig="Enioyes">Enjoys</reg> <reg orig="saue">save</reg> you: <reg orig="'twas">it was</reg> made to&H9; be <reg orig="admir'd">admired</reg>.</l>
<l>The Gods, the Fates, and all things <reg orig="haue">have</reg> <reg orig="conspir'd">conspired</reg></l>
<l>With <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Iupiter">Jupiter</reg></hi>, this prison to&H9; <reg orig="inuade">invade</reg>,</l>
<l>And bring it forth to&H4; that&H62; for&H4; which&H61; <reg orig="'twas">it was</reg> made.</l>
<l><reg orig="Loue">Love</reg> <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Iupiter">Jupiter</reg></hi>, whose <reg orig="loue">love</reg> with yours shall meet,</l>
<l>And <reg orig="hauing">having</reg> <reg orig="borne">born</reg> you hence, make at your feet</l>
<l>Kings lay their <reg orig="crownes">crowns</reg>, <reg orig="&">and</reg> mighty <reg orig="Emperours">Emperors</reg> <reg orig="kneele">kneel</reg>:</l>
<l><reg orig="Oh">O</reg> had you but a touch of what I feele,</l>
<l>You would both <reg orig="loue">love</reg> and <reg orig="pitty">pity</reg>.</l></sp>
 <sp who="L"><speaker>Dan.</speaker>
<l>Both I do.</l>
    <l>But all things hinder, yet were <hi rend="italic">Danae</hi> free,</l>
    <l>She could affect the <hi rend="italic">Cretan</hi>.</l></sp>
 <sp who="I"><speaker>Iup.</speaker>            
<l>Now by&H4; thee</l>
<l>(For&H3; what I most affect, by&H4; that&H62; I <reg orig="sweare">swear</reg>)</l>
    <l>I from this prison will&H1; bright <hi rend="italic">Danae</hi> <reg orig="beare">bear</reg>,</l>
<l>And in&H4; thy chamber will&H1; this night fast <reg orig="seale">seal</reg></l>
<l>This <reg orig="couenant">covenant</reg> made.</l></sp>
 <sp who="L"><speaker>Dan.</speaker>
    <l>Which&H61; <hi rend="italic">Danae</hi> must <reg orig="repeale">repeal</reg>.</l></sp>
 <sp who="I"><speaker>Iup.</speaker>         
<l>You shall not, by&H4; this <reg orig="kisse">kiss</reg>.</l></sp>
 <sp who="BC"><speaker>1. Beld.</speaker>
<l><reg orig="Tis">It is</reg> good to&H9; <reg orig="haue">have</reg> an eye.</l></sp>
<stage>(She lookes backe.)</stage>
<sp who="BA"><speaker>Clown.</speaker>                 
<l>Your nose hath not had these spectacles on&H5; yet.</l></sp>
 <sp who="L"><speaker>Dan.</speaker>
    <l><reg orig="Oh">O</reg> <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Iupiter">Jupiter</reg></hi>.</l></sp>
 <sp who="I"><speaker>Iup.</speaker>            
<l><reg orig="Oh">O</reg> <hi rend="italic">Danae</hi>.</l></sp>
 <sp who="L"><speaker>Dan.</speaker>
<l>I must hence:</l>
<l>For&H3; if I stay, I <reg orig="yeeld">yield</reg>: <reg orig="Il'e">I will&H1;</reg> hence, no&H2; more.</l></sp>
 <sp who="I"><speaker>Iup.</speaker>           
<l>Expect me for&H3; I come.</l></sp>
 <sp who="L"><speaker>Dan.</speaker>
<l>Yon is my <reg orig="doore">door</reg>,</l>
<l>Dare not to&H9; enter there. I will&H1; to&H4; rest.</l>
 <sp who="I"><speaker>Iup.</speaker>            
<l>Come I will&H1;.</l></sp>
 <sp who="L"><speaker>Dan.</speaker>
<l>You had not best.</l></sp>
<stage>Exit Danae.</stage>
 <sp who="BD"><speaker>2. Beld.</speaker><p>
My Lady calls. <reg orig="Wee">We&Htp;</reg> <reg orig="haue">have</reg> trifled the night till bedtime.<lb/>
    Some attend the <reg orig="Princesse">Princess</reg>: others see the <reg orig="Pedlers">Peddlers</reg> <reg orig="pack't">packed</reg><lb/>
out of the gate.</p></sp>
<sp who="BA"><speaker>Clown.</speaker>                 
<p>Will&H1; you thrust <reg orig="vs">us&Htp;</reg> out to&H9; <reg orig="seeke">seek</reg> our&Htp; lodging at Midnight.
   We&Htp; <reg orig="haue">have</reg> paid for&H4; our&Htp; lodging, a man would <reg orig="thinke">think</reg>, we&Htp; 
   might <reg orig="haue">have</reg> <reg orig="laine">lain</reg> cheaper in&H4; any <reg orig="Inne">Inn</reg> in&H4; <hi rend="italic">Arges</hi>?</p></sp>
 <sp who="I"><speaker>Iup.</speaker>            
<l>This castle stands remote, no&H2; lodging <reg orig="neere">near</reg>,</l>
<l>Spare <reg orig="vs">us&Htp;</reg> but any corner here below,</l>
<l><reg orig="Bee't">Be it</reg> but the Inner porch, or the least <reg orig="staire-case">staircase</reg>,</l>
<l>And <reg orig="we'l">we&Htp; will&H1;</reg> begone as early as you please.</l></sp>
 <sp who="BD"><speaker>2. Beld.</speaker><p>
Consider all things, we&Htp; <reg orig="haue">have</reg> no&H2; reason to&H9; deny that&H62;.<lb/>
    What need we&Htp; <reg orig="feare">fear</reg>? alas they are but <reg orig="Pedlars">Peddlers</reg>, and the greatest<lb/>
    Prince that&H61; breathes would be <reg orig="aduis'd">advised</reg> ere he durst presume to&H9; <lb/>
court the <reg orig="princesse">princess</reg> <hi rend="italic">Danae</hi>.</p></sp>
 <sp who="BC"><speaker>1. Beld.</speaker>
    <p>He court a <reg orig="princesse">princess</reg>? <reg orig="hee">he</reg> <reg orig="lookes">looks</reg> not with the face. <lb/>
       Well <reg orig="pedlers">peddlers</reg>, for&H4; this night take a nap upon&H4; some bench or other,<lb/>
       and in&H4; the morning be ready to&H9; take thy yard in&H4; thy hand <lb/>
       to&H9; measure me some <reg orig="stuffe">stuff</reg>, and so&H3; to&H9; be gone before day. Well,<lb/>
   good-night, we&Htp; must attend our&Htp; <reg orig="princesse">princess</reg>.</p></sp>

 <sp who="I"><speaker>Iup.</speaker>            
<l>Gold and reward, thou art mighty, and hast power</l>
<l><reg orig="O're">Over</reg> aged, <reg orig="yong">young</reg>, the foolish, and the wise,</l>
<l>The chaste, and wanton, <reg orig="fowle">foul</reg>, and <reg orig="beautifull">beautiful</reg>:</l>
<l>Thou art a God on&H4; earth, and canst all things.</l></sp>
<sp who="BA"><speaker>Clown.</speaker>                 
   <p>Not all things, by&H4; your <reg orig="leaue">leave</reg>. All the gold in&H4; <reg orig="Creete">Crete</reg><lb/>
      cannot get one of you old Crones with <reg orig="childe">child</reg>. But shall we&Htp; go<lb/>
   <reg orig="sleepe">sleep</reg>?</p></sp>
 <sp who="I"><speaker>Iup.</speaker>          
<l>Sleep thou, for&H3; I must wake for&H4; <hi rend="italic">Danae</hi>.</l>
<l>Hence cloud of <reg orig="basenesse">baseness</reg>, thou hast done <reg orig="inough">enough</reg></l>
<l>To&H9; <reg orig="bleare">blear</reg> you Beldams. When I next <reg orig="appeare">appear</reg></l>
<stage>Hee puts off his disguise.</stage>
<l>To&H4; you bright <reg orig="Goddesse">Goddess</reg>, I will&H1; shine in&H4; gold,</l>
<l><reg orig="Deck't">Decked</reg> in&H4; the high <reg orig="Imperiall">Imperial</reg> robes of <reg orig="Creet">Crete</reg>,</l>
<l>And on&H4; my head the wreath of <reg orig="Maiesty">Majesty</reg>:</l>
<l>For&H3; Ornament is a <reg orig="preuailing">prevailing</reg> thing,</l>
<l>And you bright <reg orig="Queene">Queen</reg> <reg orig="I'le">I will&H1;</reg> now court like&H4; a King.</l></sp>
<stage>Enter the foure old Beldams, drawing out Dana's bed: she in 
   it. They place foure tapers at the foure corners.</stage>
 <sp who="L"><speaker>Dan.</speaker>
<l>Command our&Hrp; Eunuch's with their <reg orig="pleasing'st">pleasingest</reg> tunes</l>
<l>To&H9; <reg orig="charme">charm</reg> our&Hrp; eyes to&H4; rest. <reg orig="Leaue">Leave</reg> <reg orig="vs">us&Hrp;</reg> all, <reg orig="leaue">leave</reg> <reg orig="vs">us&Hrp;</reg>.</l>
<l>The God of <reg orig="dreames">dreams</reg> hath with his downy <reg orig="fanne">fan</reg></l>
<l>Swept <reg orig="or'e">over</reg> our&Hrp; eye-lids, and sits <reg orig="heauy">heavy</reg> on&H4; them.</l></sp>
<sp who="BC"><speaker>1. Bel.</speaker>
<p>Hey-ho, <reg orig="Sleepe">Sleep</reg> may enter in&H5; at my mouth, if <lb/>
   he be no&H2; bigger <reg orig="then">than</reg> a <reg orig="two-peny-loafe">two-penny-loaf</reg>.</p></sp>
 <sp who="L"><speaker>Dan.</speaker>
<l>Then to&H4; your chambers, <reg orig="&">and</reg> let <reg orig="wakelesse">wakeless</reg> slumbers</l>
<l><reg orig="Charme">Charm</reg> you in&H4; depth of silence and repose.</l></sp>
<sp who="X"><speaker>All.</speaker>                 
   <l>Good night to&H4; thee <reg orig="faire">fair</reg> <hi rend="italic">Danae.</hi></l></sp>
 <sp who="L"><speaker>Dan.</speaker>
<l>Let <reg orig="musick">music</reg> through this brazen <reg orig="fortresse">fortress</reg> sound</l>
<l>Till all our&Hrp; hearts in&H4; depth of <reg orig="sleepe">sleep</reg> be <reg orig="drown'd">drowned</reg>.</l></sp>
<stage>Enter Iupiter crown'd with his Imperiall Robes.</stage>

 <sp who="I"><speaker>Iup.</speaker>          
<l>Silence that&H61; now hath empire through the world</l>
<l><reg orig="Expresse">Express</reg> thy power and <reg orig="Princedome">Princedom</reg>. Charming <reg orig="sleepe">sleep</reg></l>
<l>Deaths <reg orig="yonger">younger</reg> brother, <reg orig="shew">show</reg> <reg orig="thy selfe">thyself</reg> as <reg orig="still-lesse">still-less</reg></l>
<l>As death <reg orig="himselfe">himself</reg>. None <reg orig="seeme">seem</reg> this night to&H9; <reg orig="liue">live</reg>,</l>
<l><reg orig="Saue">Save</reg> <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Ioue">Jove</reg></hi> and <hi rend="italic">Danae</hi>. But that&H62; <reg orig="Goddesse">Goddess</reg> <reg orig="wonne">won</reg></l>
<l><reg orig="Giue">Give</reg> them new life <reg orig="breath'd">breathed</reg> with the morning <reg orig="sunne">sun</reg>,</l>
<l><reg orig="You">Yon</reg> is the <reg orig="doore">door</reg>, that&H61; in&H4; forbidding me</l>
<l>She bad me enter. <reg orig="Womens">Women's</reg> tongues and hearts</l>
<l><reg orig="Haue">Have</reg> different tunes: for&H3; where they most desire,</l>
<l>Their hearts cry on&H5;. when their tongues bid retire.</l>
<l><reg orig="Al's">All is</reg> whist, I <reg orig="heare">hear</reg> the snorting Beldams breathe</l>
<l><reg orig="Soundnesse">Soundness</reg> of <reg orig="sleepe">sleep</reg>, none wakes <reg orig="saue">save</reg> <reg orig="Loue">Love</reg> and we&Htp;</l>
<l>You bright imprisoned beauty to&H9; set free.</l>
<l><reg orig="Oh">O</reg> thou more beauteous in&H4; thy <reg orig="nakednesse">nakedness</reg></l>
<l><reg orig="Then">Than</reg> ornament can <reg orig="adde">add</reg> to&H4; ----</l>
<l>How sweetly doth she <reg orig="breath">breathe</reg>? how well become</l>
<l>Imaginary <reg orig="deadnesse">deadness</reg>? But <reg orig="Il'e">I will&H1;</reg> wake her&H6;</l>
<l><reg orig="Vnto">Unto</reg> new life. This purchase I must win,</l>
<l><reg orig="Heauens">Heavens</reg> gates stand ope, and <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Iupiter">Jupiter</reg></hi> will&H1; in&H5;.</l>
<l><hi rend="italic">Danae</hi>?</l></sp>
<stage>He lyes vpon her bed.</stage>
 <sp who="L"><speaker>Dan.</speaker>
<l><reg orig="Who's">Who&H62; is</reg> that&H62;?</l></sp>
 <sp who="I"><speaker>Iup.</speaker>            
    <l><reg orig="'Tis">It is</reg> I, <reg orig="K.">King</reg> <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Iupiter">Jupiter</reg></hi>.</l></sp>
 <sp who="L"><speaker>Dan.</speaker>
<l>What <reg orig="meane">mean</reg> you Prince? how dare you enter here?</l>
<l>Knowing if I but call, your life is <reg orig="doom'd">doomed</reg>,</l>
<l>And all <reg orig="Creetes">Crete's</reg> treasure cannot guard your person.</l></sp>
 <sp who="I"><speaker>Iup.</speaker>           
<l>You tell me now how much I rate your beauty,</l>
<l>Which&H61; to&H9; <reg orig="attaine">attain</reg>, I cast my life <reg orig="behinde">behind</reg> me,</l>
<l>As <reg orig="lou'd">loved</reg> much <reg orig="lesse">less</reg> <reg orig="then">than</reg> you.</l></sp>
 <sp who="L"><speaker>Dan.</speaker>
<l><reg orig="Il'e">I will&H1;</reg> <reg orig="loue">love</reg> you too,</l>
<l>Would you but <reg orig="leaue">leave</reg> me.</l></sp>
 <sp who="I"><speaker>Iup.</speaker>     
<l>Repentance <reg orig="I'd">I would</reg> not buy</l>
<l>At that&H62; high rate, ten thousand times to&H9; <reg orig="dye">die</reg>.</l>
<l>You are mine <reg orig="owne">own</reg>, so&H52; all the Fates <reg orig="haue">have</reg> <reg orig="sed">said</reg>.</l>
<l>And by&H4; their guidance come I to&H4; your bed.</l>
<l>The night, the time, the place, and all conspire</l>
<l>To&H9; make me happy in&H4; my long desire.</l>
<l><hi rend="italic">Acrisius</hi> eyes are <reg orig="charm'd">charmed</reg> in&H4; golden <reg orig="sleepe">sleep</reg>,</l>
<l>Those Beldams that&H61; were <reg orig="plac't">placed</reg> your bed to&H9; <reg orig="keepe">keep</reg>,</l>
<l>All <reg orig="drown'd">drowned</reg> in&H4; Lethe (<reg orig="saue">save</reg> your downy bed,</l>
<l>White <reg orig="shetes">sheets</reg>, and pillow where you rest your head)</l>
<l>None <reg orig="heares">hears</reg> or sees; and what can they <reg orig="deuise">devise</reg>,</l>
<l>When they (<reg orig="heauen">heaven</reg> <reg orig="knowes">knows</reg>) <reg orig="haue">have</reg> neither <reg orig="eares">ears</reg> nor eyes.</l></sp>
 <sp who="L"><speaker>Dan.</speaker>
<l><reg orig="Beshrow">Beshrew</reg> you sir, that&H3; for&H4; your amorous pleasure</l>
<l>Could thus sort all things, person, place and <reg orig="leasure">leisure</reg>.</l>
<l><reg orig="Exclaime">Exclaim</reg> I could, and a <reg orig="loude">loved</reg> <reg orig="vproare">uproar</reg> <reg orig="keepe">keep</reg>,</l>
<l>But that&H3; you say the Crones are all <reg orig="a sleepe">asleep</reg>:</l>
<l>And to&H4; what purpose should I raise such <reg orig="feare">fear</reg>,</l>
<l>My <reg orig="voyce">voice</reg> being soft, they fast, and cannot <reg orig="heare">hear</reg>?</l></sp>
 <sp who="I"><speaker>Iup.</speaker>           
<l>They are <reg orig="deafe">deaf</reg> in&H4; rest, then gentle sweetly further,</l>
<l>If you should call, I thus your <reg orig="voyce">voice</reg> would murther,</l>
<l>And strangle with my kisses.</l></sp>
 <sp who="L"><speaker>Dan.</speaker>
<l>Kisses, tush.</l>
<l><reg orig="I'le">I will&H1;</reg> <reg orig="sinke">sink</reg> into my <reg orig="sheetes">sheets</reg>, for&H3; I shall blush.</l>
<l><reg orig="I'le">I will&H1;</reg> <reg orig="diue">dive</reg> into my bed.</l></sp>
 <sp who="I"><speaker>Iup.</speaker>            
<l>And I behind?</l>
<l>No&H7;: <reg orig="wer't">were it</reg> the Ocean, such a <reg orig="gemme">gem</reg> to&H9; find,</l>
<l>I would <reg orig="diue">dive</reg> after.</l></sp>
<stage>Iupiter puts out the lights and makes vnready.</stage>
 <sp who="L"><speaker>Dan.</speaker>
<l>Good my Lord <reg orig="forbeare">forbear</reg></l>
<l>What do you <reg orig="meane">mean</reg>? (<reg orig="oh">o</reg> <reg orig="heauen">heaven</reg>) is no&H2; man <reg orig="neere">near</reg>,</l>
<l>If you will&H1; needs, for&H4; modesties <reg orig="chast">chaste</reg> law,</l>
<l>Before you come to&H4; bed, the <reg orig="curtaines">curtains</reg> draw,</l>
<l>But do not come, you shall not by&H4; this light,</l>
<l>If you but <reg orig="offer't">offer it</reg>, I shall cry out right.</l>
<l><reg orig="Oh">O</reg> God, how hoarse am I, and cannot? fie</l>
<l><hi rend="italic">Danae</hi> thus naked and a man so&H51; <reg orig="nye">nigh</reg>.</l>
<l>Pray <reg orig="leaue">leave</reg> me sir: he makes <reg orig="vnready">unready</reg> still,</l>
<l>Well <reg orig="I'le">I will&H1;</reg> <reg orig="euen">even</reg> <reg orig="winke">wink</reg>, and then do what you will&H1;.</l></sp>
<stage>The bed is drawne in, and enter the Clowne new wak't.</stage>
<sp who="BA"><speaker>Clowne.</speaker>                 
<p>I would I were out of this tower of <reg orig="Brasse">Brass</reg>, <reg orig="&">and</reg> from<lb/>
   all these brazen <reg orig="fac't">faced</reg> Beldams: if we&Htp; should fall <reg orig="asleepe">asleep</reg>, and the <lb/>
   King come and take <reg orig="vs">us&Htp;</reg> napping, where were we&Htp;? My Lord <reg orig="staies">stays</reg> <lb/>
   long, <reg orig="&">and</reg> the night <reg orig="growes">grows</reg> short, the thing you wot of hath cost<lb/>
   him a simple sort of <reg orig="Iewels">Jewels</reg>. But if after all this cost, the thing <lb/>
   you wot of would not do: If the <reg orig="pedler">peddler</reg> should <reg orig="shew">show</reg> <reg orig="himselfe">himself</reg> <lb/>
   a <reg orig="pidler">peddler</reg>, he hath brought his hog's to&H4; a <reg orig="faire">fair</reg> market. <reg orig="Fye">Fie</reg> <reg orig="vpon">upon&H4;</reg><lb/>
   it, what a snorting forward and <reg orig="backeward">backward</reg> these Beldams keep? <lb/>
   But let them <reg orig="sleepe">sleep</reg> on&H5;, some in&H4; the house I am sure are awake, <lb/>
   and stirring too, or I <reg orig="misse">miss</reg> my <reg orig="aime">aim</reg>. Well, here must I sit and <lb/>
   <reg orig="waite">wait</reg> the good <reg orig="howre">hour</reg>, till the gate be open, and suffer my eyes <lb/>
   to&H9; do that&H62;, which&H61; I am sure my <reg orig="cloake">cloak</reg> <reg orig="neuer">never</reg> will&H1;, that&H62; is, to&H9; take<lb/>
<stage>Enter Iupiter and Danae in her night-gowne.</stage>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Danae.</speaker>                 
<l><reg orig="Alasse">Alas</reg> my Lord I <reg orig="neuer">never</reg> <reg orig="lou'd">loved</reg> till now,</l>
<l>And will&H1; you <reg orig="leaue">leave</reg> me?</l></sp>
 <sp who="I"><speaker>Iup.</speaker>           
<l>Beauteous <reg orig="Queene">Queen</reg> I must,</l>
<l>But thus <reg orig="condition'd">conditioned</reg>; to&H9; <reg orig="returne">return</reg> <reg orig="againe">again</reg>,</l>
<l>With a strong army to&H9; <reg orig="redeeme">redeem</reg> you hence,</l>
<l>In&H4; <reg orig="spight">spite</reg> of <hi rend="italic">Arges</hi>, and <hi rend="italic">Acrisius</hi>,</l>
<l>That&H61; doom's you to&H4; this bondage.</l></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Danae.</speaker>                 
<l>Then fare-well,</l>
<l>No&H2; sooner <reg orig="meete">meet</reg> but part? Remember me:</l>
<l>For&H3; you great Prince I <reg orig="neuer">never</reg> shall forget!</l>
<l>I <reg orig="feare">fear</reg> you <reg orig="haue">have</reg> left too sure a token with me</l>
<l>Of your remembrance.</l></sp>
 <sp who="I"><speaker>Iup.</speaker>           
<l><hi rend="italic">Danae</hi>, <reg orig="be't">be it</reg> a <reg orig="sonne">son</reg>,</l>
<l>It shall be ours&Htp; when we&Htp; <reg orig="haue">have</reg> <hi rend="italic">Arges</hi> <reg orig="wonne">won</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="L"><speaker>Danae.</speaker>                 
<l>But should you <reg orig="faile">fail</reg>?</l></sp>
 <sp who="I"><speaker>Iup.</speaker>            
<l>I sooner should forget</l>
<l>My name, my state, <reg orig="then">than</reg> <reg orig="faile">fail</reg> to&H9; pay this debt,</l>
<l>The <reg orig="day-starre'">day-star</reg> gins <reg orig="t'appeare">to&H9; appear</reg>, the Beldams stir,</l>
<l>Ready <reg orig="t'vnlocke">to&H9; unlock</reg> the gate, <reg orig="faire">fair</reg> <reg orig="Queene">Queen</reg> <reg orig="adue">adieu</reg>.</l></sp>
 <sp who="L"><speaker>Dan.</speaker>
    <l>All men <reg orig="proue">prove</reg> false, if <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Ioue">Jove</reg></hi> be found <reg orig="vntrue">untrue</reg>.</l></sp>
 <sp who="I"><speaker>Iup.</speaker>           
<l>My man?</l></sp>
<sp who="BA"><speaker>Clown.</speaker>                 
<l>My Lord.</l></sp>
 <sp who="I"><speaker>Iup.</speaker>        
<l>Some cloud to&H9; <reg orig="couer">cover</reg> <reg orig="mee">me</reg>, throw <reg orig="or'e">over</reg> my shoulders</l>
<l>Some shadow for&H4; this state, the Crones are <reg orig="vp">up&H5;</reg>,</l>
<l>And <reg orig="waite">wait</reg> <reg orig="t'vnprison">to&H9; unprison</reg> <reg orig="vs">us&Htp;</reg>, nay quickly fellow.</l></sp>
<sp who="BA"><speaker>Clow.</speaker>                 
<l>Here My Lord, cast your old <reg orig="cloake">cloak</reg> about you.</l></sp>
<stage>Enter the foure Beldams in hast.</stage>
 <sp who="BC"><speaker>1. Beld.</speaker>
<p>Where be these <reg orig="Pedlers">Peddlers</reg>? nay quickly, for&H4; <reg orig="heauen">heaven</reg> <lb/>
   sake: the gate is open, nay when? fare-well my honest friends, <lb/>
   and do our&Htp; humble duties to&H4; the great King <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Iupiter">Jupiter</reg></hi>.</p></sp>

 <sp who="I"><speaker>Iup.</speaker>         
    <l>King <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Iupiter">Jupiter</reg></hi> shall know your gratitude, Farewell.</l></sp>
 <sp who="BD"><speaker>2. Beld.</speaker><p>
Nay, when I say fare-well, fare-well.</p></sp>
<sp who="BA"><speaker>Clow.</speaker>                 
<l>Farewell good <reg orig="Miniuers">Minivers</reg>.</l></sp>
<stage>Exeunt diuers</stage>
   <div1 n="5" type="act">
      <div2 n="1" type="scene">
<stage>Enter Homer.</stage>
<sp who="A"><speaker>Hom.</speaker>                 
<l><reg orig="Faire">Fair</reg> <hi rend="italic">Danae</hi> doth his richest <reg orig="Iewell">Jewel</reg> <reg orig="weare">wear</reg>.</l>
<l>That&H62; <reg orig="sonne">son</reg> of whom the Oracle foretold</l>
<l>Which&H61; cost both mother and the grand-sire <reg orig="deare">dear</reg></l>
<l>Whose fortunes further <reg orig="leasure">leisure</reg> shall <reg orig="vnfold">unfold</reg>:</l>
<l><reg orig="Thinke">Think</reg> <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Iupiter">Jupiter</reg></hi> <reg orig="return'd">returned</reg> to&H4; <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Creet">Crete</reg></hi> in&H4; <reg orig="hast">haste</reg>,</l>
<l>To&H9; <reg orig="leuy">levy</reg> <reg orig="armes">arms</reg> for&H4; <hi rend="italic">Danaes</hi> free release,</l>
<l>(But <reg orig="hindred">hindered</reg>) till the time be fully past,</l>
<l>For&H3; <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Saturne">Saturn</reg></hi> once more will&H1; <reg orig="disturbe">disturb</reg> his peace.</l>
<stage>A dumbe shew. Enter King Troos and Ganimed with attendents,
   To him, Saturne makes suite for aide, shewes the King his models,
   his inuentions, his seuerall mettals, at the strangnesse of which
   King Troos is moued, cals for drum, and collors, and marches with Saturne.</stage>
<l>The <reg orig="exil'd">exiled</reg> <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Saturne">Saturn</reg></hi> by&H4; King <hi rend="italic">Troos</hi> is aided,</l>
<l><hi rend="italic">Troos</hi> that&H61; <reg orig="gaue">gave</reg> <hi rend="italic">Troy</hi> her&H2; name, and there <reg orig="raigned">reigned</reg> King,</l>
<l><hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Creet">Crete</reg></hi> by&H4; the <reg orig="helpe">help</reg> of <hi rend="italic">Ganimed's</hi> <reg orig="inuaded">invaded</reg>,</l>
<l><reg orig="Euen">Even</reg> at that&H62; time when <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Ioue">Jove</reg></hi> should <reg orig="succors">succours</reg> bring</l>
<l>To&H9; rescue <hi rend="italic">Danae</hi>, and that&H62; warlike power,</l>
<l>Must now his <reg orig="natiue">native</reg> <reg orig="Teritories">Territories</reg> guard,</l>
<l>Which&H61; should <reg orig="haue">have</reg> brought her&H6; from the brazen tower,</l>
<l>(For&H3; to&H4; that&H62; end his forces were <reg orig="prepar'd">prepared</reg>)</l>
<l>We&Htp; grow now towards our&Htp; port and wished bay,</l>
<l>Gentles your <reg orig="loue">love</reg>, and <hi rend="italic">Homer</hi> cannot stray.</l></sp>
<stage>Enter Neptune and Pluto.</stage>
 <sp who="P"><speaker>Nep.</speaker>             
<l>Whence are these warlike preparations,</l>
<l>Made by&H4; the King our&Htp; brother.</l></sp>
 <sp who="Q"><speaker>Plu.</speaker>            
<l><reg orig="'Tis">It is</reg> <reg orig="giuen">given</reg> out,</l>
<l>To&H9; conquer <hi rend="italic">Arges</hi>. But my sister <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Iuno">Juno</reg></hi></l>
<l>Suspects some amorous purpose in&H4; the King?</l></sp>
 <sp who="P"><speaker>Nep.</speaker>           
    <l>And blame her&H6; not, the <reg orig="faire">fair</reg> <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Europaes">Europa's</reg></hi> rape,</l>
    <l>Brought from <hi rend="italic">Aegenor</hi>, and the <hi rend="italic">Cadmian</hi> rape,</l>
    <l>Io the daughter of old <hi rend="italic">Inachus</hi>,</l>
    <l><reg orig="Deflour'd">Deflowered</reg> by&H4; him; the <reg orig="louely">lovely</reg> <hi rend="italic">Semele</hi>,</l>
    <l><reg orig="Faire">Fair</reg> <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Laeda">Leda</reg></hi> daughter to&H4; King <hi rend="italic">Tyndarus</hi></l>
<l>With many more, may breed a <reg orig="iust">just</reg> suspect,</l>
    <l>Nor hath <reg orig="hee">he</reg> <reg orig="spar'd">spared</reg> <reg orig="faire">fair</reg> <hi rend="italic">Ceres</hi> <reg orig="Queene">Queen</reg> of <reg orig="Graine">Grain</reg>,</l>
    <l>Who&H61; <reg orig="bare">bore</reg> to&H4; him the bright <hi rend="italic">Proserpina</hi>. </l>
<l>Such scapes may breed <reg orig="iust">just</reg> <reg orig="feares">fears</reg>, <reg orig="&">and</reg> what <reg orig="knowes">knows</reg> <reg orig="shee">she</reg></l>
    <l>But these are to&H9; surprise <reg orig="faire">fair</reg> <hi rend="italic">Danae</hi>.</l></sp>
<stage>Sound. Enter Iupiter, Archas, with drum & souldiers.</stage>
 <sp who="I"><speaker>Iup.</speaker>         
    <l><reg orig="Arme">Arm</reg> <reg orig="royall">royal</reg> brothers, <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Creet's">Crete is</reg></hi> too small an <reg orig="Ile">Isle</reg>,</l>
<l>To&H9; comprehend our&Hrp; <reg orig="greatnesse">greatness</reg>, we&Hrp; must <reg orig="adde">add</reg></l>
    <l><hi rend="italic">Arges</hi> and <hi rend="italic">Greece</hi> to&H4; our&Hrp; Dominions.</l>
<l>And all the petty <reg orig="Kingdomes">Kingdoms</reg> of the earth,</l>
    <l>Shall pay their homage <reg orig="vnto">unto</reg> <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Saturnes">Saturn's</reg></hi> <reg orig="sonne">son</reg>,</l>
<l>This day <reg orig="wee'l">we&Hrp; will&H1;</reg> take a muster of our&Hrp; forces,</l>
    <l>And forward make for&H4; <hi rend="italic">Arges</hi>.</l></sp>
<sp who="K"><speaker>Archas.</speaker>                 
   <l>All <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Archadia">Arcadia</reg></hi></l>
<l>Assemble to&H4; this purpose.</l></sp>
 <sp who="I"><speaker>Iup.</speaker>       
<l>Then set on&H5;.</l>
<l>The Eagle in&H4; our&Hrp; <reg orig="ensigne">ensign</reg> <reg orig="wee'l">we&Hrp; will&H1;</reg> display,</l>
    <l><hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Ioue">Jove</reg></hi> and his fortunes guide <reg orig="vs">us&Hrp;</reg> in&H4; our&Hrp; way.</l></sp>
<stage>Enter King Melliseus.</stage>
 <sp who="J"><speaker>Melli.</speaker>            
<l>Whether intends the King this warlike march?</l></sp>
 <sp who="I"><speaker>Iup.</speaker>            
    <l>For&H4; <hi rend="italic">Arges</hi> and <hi rend="italic">Acrisius</hi>.</l></sp>
 <sp who="J"><speaker>Melli.</speaker>           
<l>Rather guard,</l>
<l>Your <reg orig="natiue">native</reg> confines, see <reg orig="vpon">upon&H4;</reg> your Coast,</l>
    <l><hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Saturne">Saturn</reg></hi> with thirty thousand <reg orig="Troians">Trojans</reg> landed</l>
    <l>And in&H4; his aid King <hi rend="italic">Troos</hi> and <hi rend="italic">Ganimed</hi>.</l></sp>
 <sp who="I"><speaker>Iup.</speaker>          
<l>In&H4; <reg orig="neuer">never</reg> worse time could the Tyrant come</l>
<l><reg orig="Then">Than</reg> now, to&H9; <reg orig="breake">break</reg> my faith with <hi rend="italic">Danae</hi>.</l>
<l><reg orig="Oh">O</reg> beauteous <reg orig="loue">love</reg>, I <reg orig="feare">fear</reg> <hi rend="italic">Acrisius</hi> ire</l>
<l>Will&H1; with <reg orig="seuerest">severest</reg> censure <reg orig="chastice">chastise</reg> thee,</l>
<l>And thou wilt <reg orig="deeme">deem</reg> me <reg orig="faithlesse">faithless</reg> and <reg orig="vnkinde">unkind</reg></l>
<l>For&H4; promise-breach, (but what we&Hrp; must we&Hrp; must)</l>
<l>Come valiant Lords, <reg orig="wee'l">we&Hrp; will&H1;</reg> first our&Hrp; <reg orig="owne">own</reg> defend</l>
<l>Ere against <reg orig="forreine">foreign</reg> climes our&Hrp; <reg orig="arme">arm</reg> extend.</l></sp>
<stage>Sownd. Enter with drum and colours, King Troos, Saturne, 
   Ganimed, with other Lords and attendants.</stage>
 <sp who="B"><speaker>Sat.</speaker>        
<l>Degenerate <reg orig="boyes">boys</reg>, base bastards, not my <reg orig="sonnes">sons</reg>,</l>
<l>Behold the death we&Hrp; <reg orig="threatned">threatened</reg> in&H4; your Cradles</l>
    <l>We&Hrp; come to&H9; <reg orig="giue">give</reg> you now. See here King <hi rend="italic">Troos</hi></l>
    <l>In&H4; <reg orig="pitty">pity</reg> of deposed <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Saturnes">Saturn's</reg></hi> wrongs,</l>
<l>Is come in&H4; person to&H9; <reg orig="chastice">chastise</reg> your pride,</l>
<l>And be the <reg orig="heauens">heavens</reg> <reg orig="relentlesse">relentless</reg> <reg orig="Iusticer">Justicer</reg>.</l></sp>
 <sp who="I"><speaker>Iup.</speaker>         
<l>Not against <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Saturne">Saturn</reg></hi> as a Father, we&Htp;,</l>
<l>But as a murderer, lift our&Hrp; opposite hands.</l>
<l>Nature and <reg orig="heauen">heaven</reg> <reg orig="giues">gives</reg> <reg orig="vs">us&Hrp;</reg> this <reg orig="priuiledge">privilege</reg>,</l>
<l>To&H9; guard our&Htp; <reg orig="liues">lives</reg> <reg orig="gainst">against</reg> tyrants and <reg orig="inuaders">invaders</reg>,</l>
<l>That&H61; <reg orig="claime">claim</reg> we&Htp;, as <reg orig="we're">we&Htp; are</reg> men, we&Htp; would but <reg orig="liue">live</reg>:</l>
<l>Then take not from <reg orig="vs">us&Htp;</reg>, what you cannot <reg orig="giue">give</reg>.</l></sp>
 <sp who="S"><speaker>Tro.</speaker>           
<l>Where hath not <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Saturns">Saturn's</reg></hi> fame <reg orig="abrode">abroad</reg> <reg orig="bene">been</reg> <reg orig="spred">spread</reg></l>
<l>For&H4; many <reg orig="vses">uses</reg> he hath <reg orig="giuen">given</reg> to&H4; man;</l>
<l>As <reg orig="Nauigation">Navigation</reg>, Tillage, Archery,</l>
<l>Weapons and gold? yet you for&H4; all these <reg orig="vses">uses</reg></l>
<l><reg orig="Depriue">Deprive</reg> him of his <reg orig="kingdome">kingdom</reg>.</l></sp>
 <sp who="Q"><speaker>Pluto.</speaker>          
<l>We&Htp; but <reg orig="saue">save</reg></l>
<l>Our&Htp; Innocent bodies from <reg orig="th'abortiue">the abortive</reg> <reg orig="graue">grave</reg>,</l></sp>
<sp who="P"><speaker>Nept.</speaker>                 
<l>We&Htp; are his <reg orig="sonnes">sons</reg>, let <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Saturne">Saturn</reg></hi> be content</l>
<l>To&H9; let <reg orig="vs">us&Htp;</reg> <reg orig="keepe">keep</reg> what <reg orig="Heauen">Heaven</reg> and Nature lent.</l></sp>
 <sp who="T"><speaker>Ganimed.</speaker>              
<l>Those <reg orig="filiall">filial</reg> duties you so&H51; much forget</l>
<l>We&Htp; come to&H9; teach you. <reg orig="Royall">Royal</reg> Kings to&H4; <reg orig="armes">arms</reg>,</l>
    <l><reg orig="Giue">Give</reg> <hi rend="italic">Ganimed</hi> the onset of this <reg orig="battell">battle</reg>,</l>
<l>That&H61; being a <reg orig="sonne">son</reg> <reg orig="knowes">knows</reg> how to&H9; lecture them,</l>
<l>And <reg orig="chastice">chastise</reg> their transgressions.</l></sp>
 <sp who="B"><speaker>Sat.</speaker>      
<l><hi rend="italic">Ganimed</hi>,</l>
<l>It shall be so&H52;, <reg orig="powre">pour</reg> out your <reg orig="spleene">spleen</reg> and rage</l>
<l>On&H4; our&Hrp; proud Issue. Let the thirsty <reg orig="soyle">soil</reg></l>
<l>Of barren <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Creet">Crete</reg></hi> <reg orig="quaffe">quaff</reg> their degenerate <reg orig="blouds">bloods</reg>,</l>
<l>And surfeit in&H4; their <reg orig="sinnes">sins</reg>. All <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Saturnes">Saturn's</reg></hi> hopes</l>
<l>And fortunes are <reg orig="ingag'd">engaged</reg> <reg orig="vpon">upon&H4;</reg> this day.</l>
<l>It is our&Hrp; last, and all, <reg orig="bee't">be it</reg> our&Hrp; <reg orig="endeuour">endeavour</reg></l>
<l>To&H9; <reg orig="win't">win it</reg> for&H4; <reg orig="ay">aye</reg>, or else to&H9; <reg orig="loose">lose</reg> it <reg orig="euer">ever</reg>.</l></sp>
<stage>Alarme. The battels ioyn, the Troians are repul'st.
   Enter Troos and Saturne.</stage>
 <sp who="S"><speaker>Tro.</speaker>          
<l>Our&Htp; <reg orig="Troians">Trojans</reg> are <reg orig="repul'st">repulsed</reg>, <reg orig="wher's">where is</reg> <hi rend="italic">Ganimed</hi>?</l></sp>
 <sp who="B"><speaker>Sat.</speaker>             
<l><reg orig="Amid'st">Amidst</reg> the throng of weapons, acting wonders.</l>
<l>Twice did I call <reg orig="alowd">aloud</reg> to&H9; <reg orig="haue">have</reg> him <reg orig="flye">fly</reg>,</l>
<l>And twice he swore he had <reg orig="vow'd">vowed</reg> this day to&H9; <reg orig="dye">die</reg>.</l></sp>
 <sp who="S"><speaker>Tro.</speaker>         
<l><reg orig="Let's">Let us&Htp;</reg> make <reg orig="vp">up&H5;</reg> to&H4; his rescue.</l></sp>
 <sp who="B"><speaker>Sat.</speaker>           
<l>Tush, <reg orig="tis">it is</reg> <reg orig="vaine">vain</reg>.</l>
<l>To&H9; <reg orig="seeke">seek</reg> to&H9; <reg orig="saue">save</reg> him we&Htp; shall loose <reg orig="our selues">ourselves</reg>.</l>
<l>The day is lost, and <hi rend="italic">Ganimed</hi> lost too</l>
<l>Without <reg orig="diuine">divine</reg> assistance. <reg orig="Hye">Hie</reg> my Lord</l>
<l><reg orig="Vnto">Unto</reg> your <reg orig="shippes">ships</reg>, no&H2; safety <reg orig="liues">lives</reg> a land,</l>
<l><reg orig="Euen">Even</reg> to&H4; the Oceans margent we&Htp; are <reg orig="pursu'd">pursued</reg>,</l>
<l>Then <reg orig="saue">save</reg> <reg orig="your selfe">yourself</reg> by&H4; sea.</l></sp>
 <sp who="S"><speaker>Tro.</speaker>       
<l><reg orig="Creet">Crete</reg> thou hast <reg orig="wonne">won</reg></l>
<l>My thirty thousand <reg orig="Souldiers">Soldiers</reg>, and my <reg orig="Sonne">Son</reg>.</l>
<l>Come, <reg orig="let's">let us&Htp;</reg> to&H4; sea.</l></sp>
 <sp who="B"><speaker>Sat.</speaker>               
<l>To&H4; sea must <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Saturne">Saturn</reg></hi> too,</l>
<l>To&H4; whom all good <reg orig="starres">stars</reg> are still opposite.</l>
<l>My <reg orig="Crowne">Crown</reg> I first bought with my infants <reg orig="bloud">blood</reg>,</l>
<l>Not long <reg orig="enioy'd">enjoyed</reg>, till <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Tytan">Titan</reg></hi> wrested it;</l>
<l><reg orig="Re-purchast">Re-purchased</reg>, and re-lost by&H4; <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Iupiter">Jupiter</reg></hi>.</l>
<l>These horrid <reg orig="mischiefes">mischiefs</reg> that&H61; <reg orig="haue">have</reg> <reg orig="crown'd">crowned</reg> our&Hrp; brows,</l>
<l><reg orig="Haue">Have</reg> bred in&H4; <reg orig="vs">us&Hrp;</reg> such strange <reg orig="distemprature">distemperature</reg>,</l>
<l>That&H3; we&Hrp; are <reg orig="growne">grown</reg> <reg orig="deiected">dejected</reg> and <reg orig="forlorne">forlorn</reg>.</l>
<l>Our&Hrp; <reg orig="bloud">blood</reg> is <reg orig="chang'd">changed</reg> to&H4; <reg orig="Inke">Ink</reg>, our&Hrp; <reg orig="haires">hairs</reg> to&H4; <reg orig="quils">quills</reg>,</l>
<l>Our&Hrp; eyes <reg orig="halfe">half</reg> buried in&H4; our&Hrp; <reg orig="quechy">quenchy</reg> plots.</l>
<l>Consumptions and cold agues <reg orig="haue">have</reg> <reg orig="deuour'd">devoured</reg></l>
<l>And <reg orig="eate">eat</reg> <reg orig="vp">up&H5;</reg> all our&Hrp; flesh, <reg orig="leauing">leaving</reg> <reg orig="behinde">behind</reg></l>
<l><reg orig="Nought">Naught</reg> <reg orig="saue">save</reg> the Image of <reg orig="despaire">despair</reg> and death:</l>
<l>And <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Saturne">Saturn</reg></hi> shall to&H4; after ages be</l>
<l>That&H62; <reg orig="starre">star</reg>, that&H61; shall infuse dull melancholy.</l>
<l>To&H4; Italy <reg orig="I'le">I will&H1;</reg> <reg orig="flye">fly</reg>, and there abide,</l>
<l>Till <reg orig="diuine">divine</reg> powers my place <reg orig="aboue">above</reg> <reg orig="prouide">provide</reg>.</l></sp>
<stage>Alarme. Enter Ganimed' compast in with soldiers, to them
   Iupiter, Neptune, Pluto, Archas Melliseus.</stage>
 <sp who="I"><speaker>Iup.</speaker>           
<l><reg orig="Yeeld">Yield</reg> noble <reg orig="Troian">Trojan</reg>, <reg orig="ther's">there is</reg> not in&H4; the field</l>
<l>One of thy Nation lifts a hand <reg orig="saue">save</reg> thee.</l></sp>
 <sp who="T"><speaker>Gani.</speaker>           
<l>Why <reg orig="that's">that&H62; is</reg> my honour, when alone I stand</l>
<l><reg orig="Gainst">Against</reg> thee and all the forces of thy land.</l></sp>
 <sp who="I"><speaker>Iup.</speaker>           
<l>I <reg orig="loue">love</reg> thy valour, and would woo thy friendship,</l>
<l>Go freely where thou wilt, and <reg orig="ransomlesse">ransomless</reg>.</l></sp>
 <sp who="T"><speaker>Gan.</speaker>         
<l>Why <reg orig="that's">that&H62; is</reg> no&H2; gift: I am no&H2; prisoner,</l>
<l>And therefore owe no&H2; <reg orig="ransome">ransom</reg>, <reg orig="hauing">having</reg> breath,</l>
<l>Know I <reg orig="haue">have</reg> <reg orig="vow'd">vowed</reg> to&H9; <reg orig="yeeld">yield</reg> to&H4; none <reg orig="saue">save</reg> death.</l></sp>
 <sp who="I"><speaker>Iup.</speaker>           
<l>I wish thee nobly <reg orig="Troian">Trojan</reg>, and since <reg orig="fauour">favour</reg></l>
<l>Cannot <reg orig="attaine">attain</reg> thy love, <reg orig="I'le">I will&H1;</reg> try conclusions,</l>
<l>And see if I can purchase it with <reg orig="blowes">blows</reg>.</l></sp>
 <sp who="T"><speaker>Ganimed.</speaker>         
<l>Now <reg orig="speak'st">speakest</reg> thou like&H4; the noblest of my foes.</l></sp>
 <sp who="I"><speaker>Iup.</speaker>         
<l>Stand all <reg orig="a-part">apart</reg>, and Princes girt <reg orig="vs">us&Htp;</reg> round.</l></sp>
 <sp who="T"><speaker>Ganimed.</speaker>          
<l>I <reg orig="loue">love</reg> him best, whose strokes can <reg orig="lowdest">loudest</reg> sound.</l></sp>
<stage>Alarme, they fight, and loosing their weapons embrace.</stage>
 <sp who="I"><speaker>Iup.</speaker>        
<l>I <reg orig="haue">have</reg> thee, and will&H1; keep thee.</l></sp>
 <sp who="T"><speaker>Ganimed.</speaker>          
<l>Not as prisoner.</l></sp>
 <sp who="I"><speaker>Iup.</speaker>        
<l>A prisoner to&H4; my <reg orig="loue">love</reg>, else thou art free,</l>
<l>My <reg orig="bosome">bosom</reg> friend, for&H3; so&H52; I honour thee.</l></sp>
 <sp who="T"><speaker>Ganimed.</speaker>          
<l>I am <reg orig="conquer'd">conquered</reg> both by&H4; <reg orig="Armes">Arms</reg> and <reg orig="Courtesie">Courtesy</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="P"><speaker>Nept.</speaker>                 
   <l>The day is ours&Htp;, <hi rend="italic">Troos</hi> and <reg orig="K.">King</reg> <hi rend="italic">Saturn's</hi> fled,</l>
   <l>And <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Iupiter">Jupiter</reg></hi> <reg orig="remaines">remains</reg> sole <reg orig="conquerour">conqueror</reg>.</l></sp>
 <sp who="Q"><speaker>Plu.</speaker>           
    <l>Peace with her&H2; golden wings <reg orig="houers">hovers</reg> <reg orig="ore">over</reg> <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Creet">Crete</reg></hi>,</l>
<l>Frighting hence discord, and <reg orig="remorslesse">remorseless</reg> <reg orig="warre">war</reg>:</l>
    <l>Will&H1; <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Iupiter">Jupiter</reg></hi> make <reg orig="vp">up&H5;</reg> for&H4; <hi rend="italic">Arges</hi> now?</l></sp>
 <sp who="J"><speaker>Melliseus.</speaker>               
<l>Winter <reg orig="drawes">draws</reg> on&H5;, the sea's <reg orig="vn-nauigable">un-navigable</reg>,</l>
<l>To&H9; transport an Army. There attends without</l>
    <l>A Lord of <hi rend="italic">Arges</hi>.</l></sp>
 <sp who="I"><speaker>Iup.</speaker>            
<l>Bring him to&H4; our&Hrp; presence.</l>
<stage>Enter Arges.</stage>
    <l>How stands it with the beauteous <hi rend="italic">Danae</hi>?</l></sp>
<sp who="R"><speaker>Arg. L.</speaker>                 
<l>As one <reg orig="distrest">distressed</reg> by&H4; Fate, and miserable.</l>
   <l>Of <reg orig="K.">King</reg> <hi rend="italic">Acrisius</hi>, and his Fort of <reg orig="brasse">brass</reg>,</l>
   <l><hi rend="italic">Danaes</hi> <reg orig="inclosure">enclosure</reg>, and her&H2; Beldam guard,</l>
<l>Who&H62; but hath heard? yet through these <reg orig="brasen">brazen</reg> <reg orig="walles">walls</reg></l>
<l><reg orig="Loue">Love</reg> hath broke in&H5;, and made the <reg orig="maide">maid</reg> a mother</l>
<l>Of a <reg orig="faire">fair</reg> <reg orig="sonne">son</reg>, which&H61; when <hi rend="italic">Acrisius</hi> heard,</l>
<l>Her&H2; female guard <reg orig="vnto">unto</reg> the <reg orig="fier">fire</reg> <reg orig="hee">he</reg> <reg orig="doomes">dooms</reg>,</l>
<l>His daughter, and the infant prince her&H2; <reg orig="sonne">son</reg>,</l>
<l>He puts into a <reg orig="mastles">mastless</reg> boat to&H4; sea,</l>
<l>To&H9; <reg orig="proue">prove</reg> the <reg orig="rigor">rigour</reg> of the stormy <reg orig="waues">waves</reg>.</l></sp>
 <sp who="I"><speaker>Iup.</speaker>           
<l><hi rend="italic">Acrisius, Arges</hi>, and the world shall know</l>
<l><reg orig="Ioue">Jove</reg> hath <reg orig="beene">been</reg> <reg orig="wrong'd">wronged</reg> in&H4; this: her&H2; further fortunes</l>
<l>Canst thou relate?</l></sp>
<sp who="R"><speaker>Arges L.</speaker>                 
<l>I can. As <reg orig="farre">far</reg> as Naples</l>
<l>The friendly winds her&H2; <reg orig="mastlesse">mastless</reg> boat transports,</l>
<l>There <reg orig="succourd">succoured</reg> by&H4; a <reg orig="curteous">courteous</reg> Fisher-man</l>
<l><reg orig="Shee's">She is</reg> first <reg orig="releeu'd">relieved</reg>, and after that&H62; presented</l>
<l>To&H4; King <hi rend="italic">Pelonnus</hi>, who&H61; at this time <reg orig="reignes">reigns</reg>:</l>
<l>Who&H61; <reg orig="rauisht">ravished</reg> with her&H2; beauty, <reg orig="crownes">crowns</reg> her&H6; <reg orig="Queene">Queen</reg>,</l>
<l>And <reg orig="deckes">decks</reg> her&H6; with <reg orig="th'Imperiall">the imperial</reg> <reg orig="robes'">robes</reg> of state.</l></sp>
   <sp who="I"><speaker>Iup.</speaker>       
<l>What we&Htp; <reg orig="haue">have</reg> scanted is <reg orig="supply'd">supplied</reg> by&H4; fate.</l>
<l>Here then cease <reg orig="Armes">Arms</reg>, and now court amorous peace</l>
      <l>With <reg orig="solemne">solemn</reg> <reg orig="triumphes">triumphs</reg>, and <reg orig="deere">dear</reg> <hi rend="italic">Ganimed</hi>,</l>
      <l>Be henceforth <reg orig="cal'd">called</reg> The friend of <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Iupiter">Jupiter</reg></hi>.</l>
<l>And if the Fates hereafter <reg orig="crowne">crown</reg> our&Hrp; <reg orig="browes">brows</reg></l>
<l>With <reg orig="diuine">divine</reg> honours, as we&Hrp; hope they shall,</l>
      <l><reg orig="Wee'l">We&Hrp; will&H1;</reg> style thee by&H4; the name of <hi rend="italic">Cup-bearer</hi>,</l>
      <l>To&H9; fill <reg orig="vs">us&Hrp;</reg> <reg orig="heauenly">heavenly</reg> Nectar, as <reg orig="faire">fair</reg> <hi rend="italic">Hebe</hi></l>
      <l>Shall do the like&H0; to&H4; <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Iuno">Juno</reg></hi> our&Hrp; bright <reg orig="Queene">Queen</reg>.</l>
<l>Here end the pride of our&Hrp; mortality.</l>
<l>Opinion, that&H61; makes Gods, must style <reg orig="vs">us&Hrp;</reg> higher.</l>
<l>The next you see <reg orig="vs">us&Hrp;</reg>, we&Hrp; in&H4; state must shine,</l>
<l>Eternized with honours more <reg orig="diuine">divine</reg>.</l></sp>
<stage>Exeunt omnes.</stage>
 <stage>Enter Homer.</stage>
 <sp who="A"><speaker>Homer.</speaker>
    <l>Of <hi rend="italic">Danae Perseus</hi> was that&H62; night be got,</l>
    <l><hi rend="italic">Perseus</hi> that&H61; fought with the <hi rend="italic">Gorgonian</hi> shield,</l>
<l>Whose fortunes to&H9; pursue Time suffers not.</l>
<l>For&H4; that&H62;, we&Htp; <reg orig="haue">have</reg> <reg orig="prepar'd">prepared</reg> an ampler field.</l>
    <l>Likewise how <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Ioue">Jove</reg></hi> with <reg orig="faire">fair</reg> <hi rend="italic">Alcmena</hi> lay:</l>
    <l>Of <hi rend="italic">Hercules</hi>, and of his famous deeds:</l>
    <l>How <hi rend="italic">Pluto</hi> did <reg orig="faire">fair</reg> <hi rend="italic">Proserpine</hi> betray:</l>
<l>Of these my Muse (now <reg orig="trauel'd">travelled</reg>) next <reg orig="proceedes">proceeds</reg>.</l>
<l>Yet to&H9; <reg orig="keepe">keep</reg> promise, ere we&Htp; further wade,</l>
<l>The ground of ancient Poems you shall see:</l>
<l>And how these (first <reg orig="borne">born</reg> <reg orig="mortall">mortal</reg>) Gods were made,</l>
<l>By&H4; <reg orig="vertue">virtue</reg> of <reg orig="diuinest">divinest</reg> <reg orig="Poesie">Poesy</reg>.</l>
<l>The Fates, to&H4; whom the Heathen <reg orig="yeeld">yield</reg> all power,</l>
<l>Whose <reg orig="doomes">dooms</reg> are writ in&H4; marble, to&H9; endure,</l>
    <l><reg orig="Haue">Have</reg> <reg orig="summon'd">summoned</reg> <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Saturnes">Saturn's</reg></hi> three <reg orig="sonnes">sons</reg> to&H4; their Tower,</l>
<l>To&H4; them the three Dominions to&H9; assure</l>
<l>Of <reg orig="Heauen">Heaven</reg>, of Sea, of Hell. How these are <reg orig="scand">scanned</reg>,</l>
<l>Let none decide but such as <reg orig="vnderstand">understand</reg>.</l>
<stage>Sound a dumbe shew. Enter the three fatall sisters, with a rocke, a 
   threed, and a paire of sheeres; bringing in a Gloabe, in which they put
   three lots. Iupiter drawes heauen: at which Iris descends and presents
   him with his Eagle, Crowne and Scepter, and his thunder-bolt. Iupiter 
   first ascends vpon the Eagle, and after him Ganimed.</stage>
<l>To&H4; <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Iupiter">Jupiter</reg></hi> doth high <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Olimpus">Olympus</reg></hi> fall.</l>
<l>Who&H61; thunder and the <reg orig="trisulke">trisulcate</reg> lightning <reg orig="beares">bears</reg></l>
<l>Dreaded of all the rest in&H4; <reg orig="generall">general</reg>:</l>
<l>He on&H4; a Princely Eagle mounts the <reg orig="Spheares">Spheres</reg>,</l>
<stage>Sound. Neptune drawes the Sea, is mounted vpon a sea-horse;
   a Roabe and Trident, with acrowne are giuen him by the Fates</stage>
<l><hi rend="italic">Neptune</hi> is made the Lord of all the Seas,</l>
<l>His Mace a Trident, and his <reg orig="habite">habit</reg> <reg orig="blew">blue</reg>.</l>
<l><reg orig="Hee">He</reg> can make Tempests, or the <reg orig="waues">waves</reg> appease,</l>
<l>And <reg orig="vnto">unto</reg> him the Sea-men are still true.</l>
<stage>Sound, Thunder and Tempest. Enter at 4 seuer all corners the 4 winds: 
   Neptune riseth disturb'd: the Fates bring the 4 winds in a chaine, & 
   present them to Aeolus, as their King.</stage>
<l>And for&H4; the winds, these brothers that&H61; still <reg orig="warre">war</reg>,</l>
<l>Should not <reg orig="disturbe">disturb</reg> his Empire, the three Fates</l>
<l>Bring them to&H4; <hi rend="italic">Aeolus</hi>, <reg orig="chain'd">chained</reg> as they are,</l>
<l>To&H9; be <reg orig="inclos'd">enclosed</reg> in&H4; <reg orig="caues">caves</reg> with brazen gates.</l>
<stage>Sound. Pluto drawes hell: the Fates put vpon him a burning
  Roabe, and present him with a Mace, and burning crowne.</stage>
<l><hi rend="italic">Pluto's</hi> made <reg orig="Emperour">Emperor</reg> of the Ghosts below.</l>
<l>Where with his black guard he in&H4; <reg orig="darknes">darkness</reg> <reg orig="raignes">reigns</reg>,</l>
<l>Commanding hell, where Styx and Lethe flow,</l>
<l>And murderers are <reg orig="hang'd">hanged</reg> <reg orig="vp">up&H5;</reg> in&H4; burning <reg orig="chaines">chains</reg>.</l>
<l>But <reg orig="leauing">leaving</reg> these: to&H4; your <reg orig="iudiciall">judicial</reg> spirits</l>
<l>I must <reg orig="appeale">appeal</reg>, and to&H4; your wonted grace,</l>
<l>To&H9; know from you, what <reg orig="ey-lesse">eyeless</reg> <hi rend="italic">Homer</hi> merits,</l>
<l>Whom you <reg orig="haue">have</reg> power to&H9; banish from this place,</l>
<l>But if you send me hence <reg orig="vncheckt">unchecked</reg> with <reg orig="feare">fear</reg>,</l>
<l>Once more <reg orig="I'l">I will&H1;</reg> dare <reg orig="vpon">upon&H4;</reg> this Stage <reg orig="t'appeare">to&H9; appear</reg>.</l></sp>