1 Henry IV Q6

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            <title>THE HISTORY OF 
               Henrie the fourth, 
               With the Battell at Shrewseburie, betweene 
               the King, and Lord Henrie Percy, surnamed
               <hi rend="italic">Henrie Hotspur</hi> of the North.
               With the humorous conceites of Sir
               <hi rend="italic">Iohn Falstaffe</hi>.
            Newly corrected by  <hi rend="italic">W.Shake-speare</hi>.</title>
               <resp>compiled by</resp>
               <name>Katie Jones</name>
            <publisher>Printed by <hi rend="italic">W.W.</hi> for <hi rend="italic">Mathew Law</hi>, and are to be sold
               at his shop in Paules Church-yard, neere vnto S.
               <hi rend="italic">Augustines</hi> Gate, at the signe of the Foxe.</publisher>  
            <authority>Gabriel Egan</authority> 
               The characters are identified by IDREF pointing to information in
               the following declarations.
            <name id="A">King Henry IV</name>
			   <name id="B">Lord John of Lancaster; Son of Henry IV</name>
			   <name id="C">Prince Henry; Son of Henry IV; later King Henry V</name>
			   <name id="D">Sir John Falstaff</name>
			   <name id="E">Edward Poins</name>
			   <name id="F">Earl of Northumberland Thomas Percy; </name>
			   <name id="G">Hotspur; Henry Percy; Son and heir of the Earl of Northumberland</name>
			   <name id="H">Earl of Westmoreland</name>
			   <name id="I">Earl of Worcester</name>
			   <name id="AA">Edmund Mortimer; Earl of March</name>
			   <name id="AC">Lady Percy; Wife to Hotspur; Sister to Mortimer</name>
			   <name id="AD">Owen Glendower</name>
			   <name id="AE">Archibald; Earl of Douglas</name>
			   <name id="AF">Sir Walter Blunt</name>
			   <name id="AG">Sir Richard Vernon</name>
			   <name id="AH">Richard Scroop; Archbishop Scroop</name>
			   <name id="AI">Sir Michael; Friend of Scroop's</name>
			   <name id="AJ">Hostess Quickly; Hostess of a tavern in Eastcheap</name>
			   <name id="AK">Ostler</name>
			   <name id="AL">Gadshill</name>
			   <name id="AM">Chamberlain</name>
			   <name id="AN">Peto</name>
			   <name id="AO">Lord Bardolph</name>
            <name id="AP">Francis</name>
            <name id="AQ">Vintner</name>
            <name id="AR">Sheriff</name>
			   <name id="BA">First Carrier</name>
			   <name id="BB">Second Carrier</name>
			   <name id="BC">First Traveller</name>
			   <name id="BD">Second Travller</name>
			   <name id="BE">Servant</name>
			   <name id="BF">Messenger</name>
            <name id="BG">Theives</name>
            <name id="BH">Carrier</name>
            <name id="BI">Second Messenger</name>

            <p>The languages (other than English) which occur in the text are identified by idREF which point to the following</p>
            <language id="Latin">Latin</language>

THE Historie of Henrie the fourth. 

<div1 n="1" type="act">
<div2 n="1" type="scene">
<stage>Enter the King, Lord Iohn of Lancaster, Earle of
Westmerland, with others.</stage>
<sp who="A"><speaker>King.</speaker>
<l>SO&H51; shaken as we&Hrp; are, so&H51; wan with care,</l>
<l>Find we&Hrp; a time for&H4; frighted Peace to&H9; pant,</l>
<l>And breath short winded accents of new <reg orig="broiles">broils</reg></l>
<l>To&H9; be <reg orig="commenc't">commenced</reg> in&H4; <reg orig="stronds">strands</reg> <reg orig="a farre">afar</reg> remote:</l>
<l>No&H2; more the <reg orig="thirstie">thirsty</reg> entrance of this <reg orig="soile">soil</reg>,</l>
<l>Shall <reg orig="daube">daub</reg> her&H2; <reg orig="lippes">lips</reg> with her&H2; <reg orig="owne">own</reg> <reg orig="childrens">children's</reg> blood:</l>
<l>No&H2; more shall trenching <reg orig="Warre">War</reg> channel her&H2; fields,</l>
<l>Nor <reg orig="bruse">bruise</reg> her&H2; <reg orig="flourets">flowerets</reg> with the armed <reg orig="hoofes">hooves</reg></l>
<l>Of hostile paces: those opposed eyes,</l>
<l>Which&H61; like&H4; the Meteors of a troubled <reg orig="heauen">heaven</reg>,</l>
<l>All of one nature, of one substance bred,</l>
<l>Did lately <reg orig="meete">meet</reg> in&H4; the intestine <reg orig="shocke">shock</reg>,</l>
<l>And furious close of <reg orig="ciuill">civil</reg> <reg orig="butcherie">butchery</reg>,</l>
<l>Shall now in&H4; <reg orig="mutuall">mutual</reg> <reg orig="wel-beseeming">well-beseeming</reg>, <reg orig="ranckes">ranks</reg>,</l>
<l>March all one way, and be no&H2; more <reg orig="oppos'd">opposed</reg></l>
<l>Against acquaintance, kindred and <reg orig="allyes">allies</reg>.</l>
<l>The edge of <reg orig="warre">war</reg>, like&H4; an ill-sheathed Knife,</l>
<l>No&H2; more shall cut his <reg orig="Maister">Master</reg>: therefore friends,</l>
<l>As <reg orig="farre">far</reg> as to&H4; the Sepulchre of Christ,</l>
<l>Whose <reg orig="souldier">soldier</reg> now <reg orig="vnder">under</reg> whose blessed <reg orig="Crosse">Cross</reg>,</l>
<l>We&Hrp; are impressed and <reg orig="ingag'd">engaged</reg> to&H9; fight,</l>
   <l><reg orig="Foorthwith">Forthwith</reg> a power of  <hi rend="italic">English</hi> shall we&Hrp; <reg orig="leuy">levy</reg>,</l>
<l>Whose <reg orig="armes">arms</reg> were moulded in&H4; their mothers <reg orig="wombe">womb</reg>,</l>
   <l>To&H9; chase these  <hi rend="italic">Pagans</hi> in&H4; those holy <reg orig="fieldes">fields</reg>,</l>
<l><reg orig="Ouer">Over</reg> whose acres <reg orig="walkt">walked</reg> those blessed <reg orig="feete">feet</reg>,</l>
<l>Which&H61; <reg orig="1400.">fourteen hundred</reg> <reg orig="yeares">years</reg> <reg orig="agoe">ago</reg> were <reg orig="nailde">nailed</reg>,</l>
<l>For&H4; our&Htp; <reg orig="aduantage">advantage</reg> on&H4; the bitter <reg orig="Crosse">Cross</reg>:</l>
<l>But this our&Hrp; purpose is <reg orig="twelue">twelve</reg> month old,</l>
<l>And <reg orig="bootles">bootless</reg> <reg orig="tis">it is</reg> to&H9; tell you we&Hrp; will&H1; go.</l>
<l>Therefore we&Hrp; <reg orig="meete">meet</reg> not now: then let me <reg orig="heare">hear</reg></l>
   <l>Of you my gentle <reg orig="Coosen">Cousin</reg>  <hi rend="italic">Westmerland</hi>,</l>
<l>What yesternight our&Hrp; <reg orig="Counsell">Council</reg> did decree,</l>
<l>In&H4; forwarding this <reg orig="deere">dear</reg> expedience.</l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker>West.</speaker>
<l>My liege, this haste was hot in&H4; question,</l>
<l>And many limits of the charge set <reg orig="downe">down</reg></l>
<l>But yesternight, when all athwart there came</l>
   <l>A Post from <hi rend="italic">Wales</hi>, <reg orig="loaden">laden</reg> with <reg orig="heauy">heavy</reg> <reg orig="newes">news</reg>;</l>
   <l>Whose worst was, that&H3; the noble <hi rend="italic">Mortimer</hi>,</l>
<l>Leading the men of Herdfordshire to&H9; fight</l>
   <l>Against the irregular and <reg orig="wilde">wild</reg> <hi rend="italic">Glendower</hi>,</l>
<l>Was by&H4; the rude <reg orig="handes">hands</reg> of that&H62; <reg orig="Welchman">Welshman</reg> taken,</l>
<l>A thousand of his people butchered:</l>
<l><reg orig="Vpon">Upon&H4;</reg> whose dead corps there was such misuse,</l>
<l>Such beastly <reg orig="shameles">shameless</reg> transformation</l>
<l>By&H4; those <reg orig="Welchwomen">Welsh women</reg> done, as may not be</l>
<l>(Without much shame) retold or spoken of</l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker>King.</speaker>
   <l>It <reg orig="seemes">seems</reg> then, that&H3; the tidings of this <reg orig="broile">broil</reg>,</l>
<l>Brake off our&Hrp; <reg orig="busines">business</reg> for&H4; the Holy land.</l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker>West.</speaker>
   <l>This <reg orig="matcht">matched</reg> with other like&H5;, my gracious <reg orig="L.">Lord</reg></l>
<l>For&H3; more <reg orig="vneuen">uneven</reg> and <reg orig="vnwelcome">unwelcome</reg> <reg orig="newes">news</reg>,</l>
<l>Came from the North, and thus it did report:</l>
   <l>On&H4; <reg orig="Holy-roode">Holy-rood</reg> day; the gallant  <hi rend="italic">Hotspur</hi> there</l>
   <l>Young <hi rend="italic">Harry Percy</hi>, and <reg orig="braue">brave</reg>  <hi rend="italic">Archibald</hi>,</l>
   <l>That&H62; <reg orig="euer">ever</reg> valiant and <reg orig="approued">approved</reg>  <hi rend="italic">Scot</hi>,</l>
   <l>At <hi rend="italic">Holmedon</hi> met, where they did spend</l>
<l>A sad and bloody <reg orig="houre">hour</reg>:</l>
<l>As by&H4; discharge of their <reg orig="Artillarie">Artillery</reg>,</l>
<l>And shape of likelihood the <reg orig="newes">news</reg> was told:</l>
<l>For&H3; he that&H61; brought them, in&H4; the very <reg orig="heate">heat</reg></l>
<l>And pride of their contention, did take Horse,</l>
<l><reg orig="Vncertaine">Uncertain</reg> of the issue any way.</l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker>King.</speaker>
   <l>Here is a <reg orig="deare">dear</reg>, a true industrious friend,</l>
   <l>Sir <hi rend="italic">Walter Blunt</hi>, new lighted from his Horse,</l>
<l><reg orig="Stainde">Stained</reg> with the variation of each <reg orig="soyle">soil</reg>,</l>
   <l>Betwixt that&H62; <hi rend="italic">Holmedon</hi>, and this seat of ours&Hrp;;</l>
<l>And he hath brought <reg orig="vs">us&Hrp;</reg> smooth and welcome <reg orig="newes">news</reg>,</l>
   <l>The <reg orig="Earle">Earl</reg> of <hi rend="italic">Dowglas</hi> is discomfited,</l>
   <l>Ten thousand bold <hi rend="italic">Scots</hi>, two and <reg orig="twentie">twenty</reg> Knights</l>
   <l><reg orig="Balkt">Balked</reg> in&H4; their <reg orig="owne">own</reg> blood did Sir <hi rend="italic">Walter</hi> see</l>
   <l>On&H4; <hi rend="italic">Holmedons</hi> <reg orig="plaines">plains</reg>: of prisoners  <hi rend="italic">Hotspur</hi> <reg orig="tooke">took</reg></l>
   <l> <hi rend="italic">Mordake</hi> <reg orig="Earle">Earl</reg> of  <hi rend="italic">Fife</hi>, and eldest <reg orig="sonne">son</reg></l>
   <l>To&H4; beaten <hi rend="italic">Dowglas</hi> and the <reg orig="Earle">Earl</reg> of <hi rend="italic">Atholl</hi></l>
   <l>Of <hi rend="italic">Murrey, Angus,</hi> and <hi rend="italic">Menteith:</hi></l>
<l>And is not this an honourable <reg orig="spoyle">spoil</reg>?</l>
<l>A gallant prize? Ha, <reg orig="Coosen">Cousin</reg> is it not? In&H4; <reg orig="fayth">faith</reg> it is.</l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker>West.</speaker>
   <l>A Conquest for&H4; a Prince to&H9; boast of.</l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker>King.</speaker>
   <l>Yea, there thou <reg orig="mak'st">makest</reg> me sad, and <reg orig="mak'st">makest</reg> me <reg orig="sinne">sin</reg></l>
   <l>In&H4; <reg orig="enuy">envy</reg>, that&H3; my Lord <hi rend="italic">Northumberland</hi>,</l>
<l>Should be the Father of so&H51; <reg orig="blest">blessed</reg> a <reg orig="Sonne">Son</reg>:</l>
<l>A <reg orig="Sonne">Son</reg>, who&H61; is the <reg orig="Theame">Theme</reg> of Honours tongue,</l>
<l>Amongst a <reg orig="Groue">Grove</reg>, the very straightest Plant,</l>
<l>Who&H61; is <reg orig="sweete">sweet</reg> Fortunes Minion and her&H2; pride,</l>
<l>Whilst I by&H4; looking on&H4; the praise of him,</l>
<l>See <reg orig="Ryot">Riot</reg> and Dishonour <reg orig="staine">stain</reg> the brow</l>
   <l>Of my young <hi rend="italic">Harry</hi>. O that&H3; it could be <reg orig="prou'd">proved</reg>,</l>
   <l>That&H3; some night-tripping <hi rend="italic">Fairy</hi> had <reg orig="exchangde">exchanged</reg></l>
<l>In&H4; Cradle clothes, our&Hrp; Children where they lay,</l>
   <l>And <reg orig="cal'd">called</reg> mine <hi rend="italic">Percy</hi>, his <hi rend="italic">Plantagenet</hi>;</l>
   <l>Then would I <reg orig="haue">have</reg> his <hi rend="italic">Harry</hi>, and he mine,</l>
<l>But let him from my <reg orig="thoughtes">thoughts</reg>: What <reg orig="thinke">think</reg> you <reg orig="Coose">Coz</reg></l>
   <l>Of this young <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Percies">Percy's</reg></hi> pride? The Prisoners</l>
<l>Which&H61; he in&H4; this <reg orig="aduenture">adventure</reg> hath <reg orig="surprisde">surprised</reg>,</l>
<l>To&H4; his <reg orig="owne">own</reg> <reg orig="vse">use</reg> he <reg orig="keepes">keeps</reg>, and <reg orig="sendes">sends</reg> me word</l>
   <l>I shall <reg orig="haue">have</reg> none but <hi rend="italic">Mordake</hi> <reg orig="Earle">Earl</reg> of <hi rend="italic">Fife</hi>.</l></sp>

   <sp who="H"><speaker>West.</speaker>
   <l>This is his <reg orig="Vnckles">Uncle's</reg> teaching; This is <hi rend="italic">Worcester</hi>,</l>
<l><reg orig="Maleuolent">Malevolent</reg> to&H4; you in&H4; all <reg orig="aspectes">aspects</reg>:</l>
<l>Which&H61; makes him prune <reg orig="himselfe">himself</reg>, and bristle <reg orig="vp">up&H5;</reg></l>
<l>The crest of Youth against your <reg orig="dignitie">dignity</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker>King.</speaker>
   <l>But I <reg orig="haue">have</reg> sent for&H4; him to&H9; <reg orig="answere">answer</reg> this:</l>
<l>And for&H4; this cause a while we&Hrp; must neglect</l>
   <l>Our&Hrp; holy purpose to&H4; <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Ierusalem">Jerusalem</reg></hi>.</l>
<l><reg orig="Coosen">Cousin</reg>, on&H4; Wednesday next, our&Hrp; <reg orig="councell">council</reg> we&Hrp; will&H1; hold</l>
   <l>At <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Winsor">Windsor</reg></hi>, so&H52; informer the Lords:</l>
<l>But come <reg orig="your selfe">yourself</reg> with speed to&H4; <reg orig="vs">us&Hrp;</reg> <reg orig="againe">again</reg>,</l>
<l>For&H3; more is to&H9; be <reg orig="sayd">said</reg> and to&H9; be done,</l>
<l><reg orig="Then">Than</reg> out of anger can be <reg orig="vttered">uttered</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker>West.</speaker>
   <l>I will&H1; my Liege. </l></sp>

<div2 n="2" type="scene">
<stage>Enter Prince of Wales and Sir Iohn Falstaffe.</stage>
   <sp who="D"><speaker>Fals.</speaker>
      <p>Now <hi rend="italic">Hal</hi>, what time of day is it lad?</p></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker>Prince.</speaker>
   <p>Thou art so&H51; fat-witted with drinking of old <reg orig="Sacke">Sack</reg>,<lb/>
and <reg orig="vnbuttoning">unbuttoning</reg> thee after supper, <reg orig="&">and</reg> sleeping <reg orig="vpon">upon&H4;</reg> Benches<lb/>
after <reg orig="noone">noon</reg>, that&H3; thou hast forgotten to&H9; <reg orig="demaund">demand</reg> that&H62; <reg orig="truely">truly</reg>,<lb/>
which&H61; thou <reg orig="wouldest">wouldst</reg> <reg orig="truely">truly</reg> know. What a <reg orig="deuill">devil</reg> hast thou to&H9;<lb/>
<reg orig="doe">do</reg> with the time of the day? <reg orig="vnlesse">unless</reg> <reg orig="houres">hours</reg> were cups of<lb/>
<reg orig="Sacke">Sack</reg>, and minutes Capons, <reg orig="&">and</reg> Clocks the tongues of <reg orig="Bawdes">Bawds</reg>,<lb/>
and Dials the <reg orig="signes">signs</reg> of Leaping houses, and the blessed <reg orig="Sunne">Sun</reg><lb/>
<reg orig="himselfe">himself</reg> a <reg orig="faire">fair</reg> hot Wench in&H4; <reg orig="flame-couloured">flame coloured</reg> <reg orig="Taffata">Taffeta</reg>; I see<lb/>
no&H2; reason why thou <reg orig="shouldest">shouldst</reg> be so&H51; superfluous to&H9; <reg orig="demaund">demand</reg> the<lb/>
time of the day.</p></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker>Fals.</speaker>
   <p>Indeed you come <reg orig="neere">near</reg> me now <hi rend="italic">Hal</hi>, for&H3; we&Htp; that&H61; take<lb/>
Purses, <reg orig="goe">go</reg> by&H4; the <reg orig="Moone">Moon</reg> and <reg orig="seuen">seven</reg> <reg orig="Starres">Stars</reg>, and not by&H4; Phoebus,<lb/>
he, that&H62; <reg orig="wandring">wandering</reg> knight so&H51; <reg orig="faire">fair</reg>: and I <reg orig="prethee">prithee</reg> <reg orig="sweete">sweet</reg><lb/>
<reg orig="wagge">wag</reg>, when thou art King, as God <reg orig="saue">save</reg> thy Grace; <reg orig="Maiesty">Majesty</reg><lb/>
I should say, for&H3; Grace thou wilt <reg orig="haue">have</reg> none.</p></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker>Prince.</speaker>
   <p>What none?</p></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker>Fals.</speaker>
   <p>No&H7; by&H4; my troth, not so&H51; much as will&H1; <reg orig="serue">serve</reg> to&H9; be prologue<lb/>
to&H4; an <reg orig="Egge">Egg</reg> and Butter.</p></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker>Princc.</speaker>
   <p>Well, how then? come roundly, roundly.</p></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker>Fals.</speaker>
   <p><reg orig="Mary">Marry</reg> then, sweet wag, when thou art King, let not <reg orig="vs">us&Htp;</reg><lb/>
that&H61; are Squires of the nights body, be called <reg orig="Theeues">Thieves</reg> of the<lb/>
   <reg orig="dayes">days</reg> beauty: let <reg orig="vs">us&Htp;</reg> be <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Dianaes">Diana's</reg></hi> <reg orig="Forresters">Foresters</reg>, Gentlemen of the<lb/>
shade, minions of the <reg orig="Moone">Moon</reg>; and let men say, we&Htp; be men of<lb/>
good <reg orig="gouernment">government</reg>, being <reg orig="gouerned">governed</reg> as the Sea is, by&H4; our&Htp; noble<lb/>
and <reg orig="chast">chaste</reg> <reg orig="Mistris">Mistress</reg> the <reg orig="Moone">Moon</reg>; <reg orig="vnder">under</reg> whose <reg orig="countenaunce">countenance</reg> we&Htp;<lb/>
<reg orig="steale">steal</reg>.</p></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker>Prince.</speaker>
   <p>Thou <reg orig="sayest">sayst</reg> well, and it <reg orig="holdes">holds</reg> well too, for&H3; the fortune<lb/>
of <reg orig="vs">us&Htp;</reg> that&H61; are the <reg orig="Moones">Moon's</reg> men, doth <reg orig="ebbe">ebb</reg> and flow like&H4;<lb/>
the Sea, being <reg orig="gouerned">governed</reg> as the Sea is by&H4; the <reg orig="Moone">Moon</reg>; as for&H4;<lb/>
<reg orig="proofe">proof</reg>. Now a Purse of gold most resolutely <reg orig="snatcht">snatched</reg> on&H4; Monday<lb/>
night, and most <reg orig="dissolutly">dissolutely</reg> spent on&H4; Tuesday morning;<lb/>
got with swearing lay by&H5;, and spent with crying bring in&H5;:<lb/>
now in&H4; as low an <reg orig="ebbe">ebb</reg> as the <reg orig="foote">foot</reg> of the Ladder, and by&H5; <reg orig="&">and</reg> by&H5;<lb/>
in&H4; as high a flow as the ridge of the <reg orig="Gallowes">Gallows</reg>.</p></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker>Fals.</speaker>
   <p>By&H4; the Lord thou <reg orig="saiest">sayst</reg> true lad: and is not my <reg orig="Hostesse">Hostess</reg><lb/>
of the <reg orig="Tauerne">Tavern</reg> a most sweet wench?</p></sp>
   <sp who="C"><speaker>Prince.</speaker>
      <p>As the <reg orig="hony">honey</reg> of <hi rend="italic">Hibla</hi>, my old lad of the Castle; and is<lb/>
not a <reg orig="Buffe">Buff</reg> <reg orig="Ierkin">Jerkin</reg> a most sweet robe of durance?</p></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker>Fals.</speaker>
   <p>How now, how <reg orig="nowe">now</reg> mad <reg orig="wagge">wag</reg>, what in&H4; thy quips<lb/>
and thy quiddities? What a plague <reg orig="haue">have</reg> I to&H9; <reg orig="doe">do</reg> with a <reg orig="Buffe">Buff</reg><lb/>
<reg orig="Ierkin">Jerkin</reg>?</p></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker>Prince.</speaker>
   <p>Why what a <reg orig="poxe">pox</reg> <reg orig="haue">have</reg> I to&H9; <reg orig="doe">do</reg> with my <reg orig="Hostesse">Hostess</reg><lb/>
of the <reg orig="Tauerne">Tavern</reg>?</p></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker>Fals.</speaker>
   <p>Well, thou hast <reg orig="cald">called</reg> her&H6; to&H4; a reckoning many a time<lb/>
and oft.</p></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker>Prince.</speaker>
   <p>Did I <reg orig="euer">ever</reg> call for&H4; thee to&H9; pay thy part?</p></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker>Fals.</speaker>
   <p>No&H7;, <reg orig="Ile">I will&H1;</reg> <reg orig="giue">give</reg> thee thy due, thou hast <reg orig="payd">paid</reg> all there.</p></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker>Prin.</speaker>
   <p>Yea and <reg orig="else where">elsewhere</reg>, so&H51; far as my <reg orig="coyne">coin</reg> would stretch;<lb/>
and where it would not, I <reg orig="haue">have</reg> <reg orig="vsed">used</reg> my credit.</p></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker>Fals.</speaker>
   <p>Yea, and so&H52; <reg orig="vsde">used</reg> it, that&H3; were it not <reg orig="heere">here</reg> <reg orig="apparant">apparent</reg> that&H3;<lb/>
thou art <reg orig="Heire">Heir</reg> <reg orig="apparant">apparent</reg>. But I <reg orig="prethee">prithee</reg> sweet wag, <reg orig="shal">shall</reg> there be<lb/>
   Gallows standing in&H4; <hi rend="italic">England</hi> when thou art King? <reg orig="&">and</reg> resolution<lb/>
   thus <reg orig="fubd">fubbed</reg> as it is with the rusty curb of old father <reg orig="antick">antic</reg> the<lb/>
   Law: <reg orig="doe">do</reg> not thou when thou art a King, hang a <reg orig="Theefe">Thief</reg>.</p></sp>
   <sp who="C"><speaker>Prin.</speaker>
      <p>No&H7;, thou shalt.</p></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker>Fals.</speaker>
   <p>Shall I? O rare! by&H4; the Lord <reg orig="Ile">I will&H1;</reg> be a <reg orig="braue">brave</reg> <reg orig="Iudge">Judge</reg>.</p></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker>Prin.</speaker>
   <p>Thou <reg orig="iudgest">judgest</reg> false already. I <reg orig="meane">mean</reg> thou shalt <reg orig="haue">have</reg> the<lb/>
hanging of the <reg orig="Theeues">Thieves</reg>, and so&H3; become a rare Hangman.</p></sp>
   <sp who="D"><speaker>Fals.</speaker>
      <p>Well <hi rend="italic">Hal</hi>, well, and in&H4; some sort it <reg orig="iumpes">jumps</reg> with my<lb/>
<reg orig="humor">humour</reg>, as well as waiting in&H4; the Court, I can tell you.</p></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker>Prin.</speaker>
   <p>For&H4; obtaining of <reg orig="sutes">suits</reg>?</p></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker>Fals.</speaker>
   <p>Yea, for&H4; obtaining of <reg orig="sutes">suits</reg>, whereof the Hangman<lb/>
hath no&H2; <reg orig="leane">lean</reg> <reg orig="Wardrop">Wardrobe</reg>. <reg orig="Zblood">'sblood</reg> I am as <reg orig="malancholy">melancholy</reg> as a <reg orig="gyb">gib</reg><lb/>
Cat, or a <reg orig="lugd">lugged</reg> <reg orig="Beare">Bear</reg>.</p></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker>Prin.</speaker>
   <p>Or an old Lion, or a <reg orig="Louers">Lovers</reg> Lute.</p></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker>Fals.</speaker>
   <p>Yea, or the Drone of a Lincolnshire Bagpipe.</p></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker>Prin.</speaker>
   <p>What <reg orig="sayest">sayst</reg> thou to&H4; a Hare, or the <reg orig="malancholy">melancholy</reg> of<lb/>
<sp who="D"><speaker>Falst.</speaker>
   <p>Thou hast the most <reg orig="vnsauory">unsavoury</reg> similes, and art <reg orig="indeede">indeed</reg><lb/>
      the most <reg orig="comparatiue">comparative</reg> rascallest <reg orig="sweete">sweet</reg> <reg orig="yong">young</reg> Prince. But <hi rend="italic">Hall</hi>,<lb/>
I <reg orig="prethee">prithee</reg> trouble me no&H2; more with vanity, I would to&H4; God<lb/>
thou and I knew where a commodity of good names were to&H9;<lb/>
be bought: an old Lord of the <reg orig="Counsell">Council</reg> rated me the other<lb/>
day in&H4; the <reg orig="streete">street</reg> about you sir; but I <reg orig="markt">marked</reg> him not, and yet<lb/>
he <reg orig="talkt">talked</reg> very wisely; but I regarded him not, and yet he <reg orig="talkt">talked</reg><lb/>
wisely, and in&H4; the street too.</p></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker>Prince.</speaker>
   <p>Thou didst well: for&H3; <reg orig="Wisedome">Wisdom</reg> cries out in&H4; the<lb/>
   <reg orig="streetes">streets</reg>, and no&H2; man <reg orig="regardes">regards</reg> it.</p></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker>Fals.</speaker>
   <p>O, thou hast damnable iteration, and art indeed able to&H9;<lb/>
   corrupt a Saint: thou hast done much <reg orig="harme">harm</reg> <reg orig="vnto">unto</reg> <reg orig="mee">me</reg>, <hi rend="italic">Hall</hi>;<lb/>
   God <reg orig="forgiue">forgive</reg> thee for&H4; it: Before I knew thee <hi rend="italic">Hall</hi>, I knew nothing,<lb/>
   and now am I, if a man should <reg orig="speake">speak</reg> truly, little better<lb/>
than one of the wicked: I must <reg orig="giue">give</reg> <reg orig="ouer">over</reg> this life; and I will&H1;<lb/>
<reg orig="giue">give</reg> it <reg orig="ouer">over</reg>: By&H4; the Lord <reg orig="and">if</reg> I do not, I am a <reg orig="villaine">villain</reg>: <reg orig="Ile">I will&H1;</reg> be<lb/>
damned for&H4; <reg orig="neuer">never</reg> a Kings <reg orig="sonne">son</reg> in&H4; <reg orig="Christendome">Christendom</reg>.</p></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker>Prince.</speaker>
   <p>Where shall we&Htp; take a Purse <reg orig="to morrow">tomorrow</reg>, <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Iacke">Jack</reg>?</hi></p></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker>Fals.</speaker>
   <p><reg orig="Zounds">S'wounds</reg>, where thou wilt lad, <reg orig="Ile">I will&H1;</reg> make one: and I do<lb/>
not, call me <reg orig="Villaine">Villain</reg>, and <reg orig="Baffell">Baffle</reg> me.</p></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker>Prince.</speaker>
   <p>I see a good amendment of life in&H4; thee; from Praying,<lb/>
to&H4; Purse taking.</p></sp>
   <sp who="D"><speaker>Fals.</speaker>
      <p>Why, <hi rend="italic">Hall</hi>; <reg orig="tis">it is</reg> my vocation <hi rend="italic">Hall</hi>: <reg orig="tis">it is</reg> no&H2; <reg orig="sinne">sin</reg> for&H4; a man<lb/>
to&H9; labour in&H4; his vocation.<lb/></p></sp> <stage>Enter Poines. </stage>
      <sp who="E"><speaker>Poines.</speaker><p>  
Now shall we&Htp; know if Gads hill <reg orig="haue">have</reg> set a match:<lb/>
O, if men were to&H9; be <reg orig="saued">saved</reg> by&H4; merit, what hole in&H4; Hell were hot<lb/>
enough for&H4; him? this is the most omnipotent <reg orig="Villaine">Villain</reg> that&H61;<lb/>
<reg orig="euer">ever</reg> <reg orig="cryed">cried</reg>, Stand, to&H4; a true man.</p></sp>
      <sp who="C"><speaker>Prince.</speaker>
         <p>Good morrow <hi rend="italic">Ned</hi>.</p></sp>
   <sp who="E"><speaker>Poines.</speaker>
      <p>Good morrow sweet <hi rend="italic">Hall</hi>. What <reg orig="sayes">says</reg> Monsieur<lb/>
      Remorse? What <reg orig="sayes">says</reg> sir <hi rend="italic">Iohn <reg orig="Sacke">Sack</reg></hi> and <hi rend="italic">Sugar</hi>, <reg orig="Iacke">Jack</reg>? How<lb/>
agrees the <reg orig="Diuell">Devil</reg> and thee about thy <reg orig="soule">soul</reg>, that&H3; thou <reg orig="souldest">soldest</reg><lb/>
him on&H4; Good-friday last, for&H4; a cup of <reg orig="Madera">Medeira</reg> and a cold Capons<lb/>
<reg orig="legge">leg</reg>?</p></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker>Prin.</speaker>
   <p>Sir Iohn stands to&H4; his word, the <reg orig="Diuell">Devil</reg> shall <reg orig="haue">have</reg> his<lb/>
<reg orig="bargaine">bargain</reg>, for&H3; he was <reg orig="neuer">never</reg> yet a breaker of <reg orig="Prouerbes">Proverbs</reg>: he will&H1;<lb/>
<reg orig="giue">give</reg> the <reg orig="Diuell">Devil</reg> his due.</p></sp>
<sp who="E"><speaker>Poines.</speaker>
   <p>Then art thou <reg orig="damnd">damned</reg> for&H4; keeping thy word with<lb/>
the <reg orig="diuell">devil</reg>.</p></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker>Prince.</speaker>
   <p>Else he had <reg orig="bin">been</reg> <reg orig="damnd">damned</reg> for&H4; <reg orig="Cosening">Cozening</reg> the <reg orig="diuell">devil</reg>.</p></sp>
<sp who="E"><speaker>Poy.</speaker>
   <p>But my lads, my lads, <reg orig="to morrow">tomorrow</reg> morning, by&H4; <reg orig="foure">four</reg> <lb/>
   <reg orig="a clocke">o'clock</reg> early at Gads <reg orig="hil">hill</reg>, there are pilgrims going to&H4; Canterbury<lb/>
with rich <reg orig="offrings">offerings</reg>, and traders riding to&H4; London with fat<lb/>
purses. I <reg orig="haue">have</reg> vizards for&H4; you all; you <reg orig="haue">have</reg> horses for&H4; <reg orig="your selues">yourselves</reg>:<lb/>
<reg orig="Gads-hil">Gads-hill</reg> lies <reg orig="to night">tonight</reg> in&H4; Rochester, I <reg orig="haue">have</reg> bespoke supper<lb/>
<reg orig="to morrow">tomorrow</reg> night in&H4; <reg orig="Eastcheap">East-cheap</reg>; we&Htp; may <reg orig="doe">do</reg> it as secure as<lb/>
   <reg orig="sleepe">sleep</reg>: if you will&H1; go, I will&H1; <reg orig="stuffe">stuff</reg> your purses full of <reg orig="crownes">crowns</reg>:
   if you will&H1; not, tarry at home and be <reg orig="hangd">hanged</reg>.</p></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker>Fals.</speaker>
   <p><reg orig="Heare">Hear</reg> ye <reg orig="Yedward">Edward</reg>, if I tarry at home and go not, <reg orig="Ile">I will&H1;</reg><lb/>
hang you for&H4; going.</p></sp>
<sp who="E"><speaker>Poy.</speaker>
   <p>You will&H1; chops.</p></sp>
   <sp who="D"><speaker>Fals.</speaker>
      <p><hi rend="italic">Hal</hi>, wilt thou make one?</p></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker>Prince.</speaker>
   <p>Who&H62;, I rob? I a <reg orig="theefe">thief</reg>? not I by&H4; my faith.</p></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker>Fals.</speaker>
   <p><reg orig="Thers">There is</reg> neither honesty, manhood, nor good fellowship<lb/>
in&H4; thee, nor thou camest not of the <reg orig="bloud">blood</reg> <reg orig="royall">royal</reg>, if thou<lb/>
   darest not stand for&H4; ten shillings.</p></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker>Prince.</speaker>
   <p>Well then once in&H4; my <reg orig="dayes">days</reg> <reg orig="Ile">I will&H1;</reg> be a madcap.</p></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker>Fals.</speaker>
   <p>Why <reg orig="thats">that&H62; is</reg> well said.</p></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker>Prince.</speaker>
   <p>Well, come what will&H1;, <reg orig="Ile">I will&H1;</reg> tarry at home.</p></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker>Fals.</speaker>
   <p>By&H4; the Lord <reg orig="Ile">I will&H1;</reg> be a <reg orig="traitour">traitor</reg> then, when thou art King.</p></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker>Prin.</speaker>
   <p>I care not.</p></sp>
<sp who="E"><speaker>Poin.</speaker>
   <p>Sir Iohn, I <reg orig="prethee">prithee</reg> <reg orig="leaue">leave</reg> the Prince <reg orig="&">and</reg> me alone, I will&H1;<lb/>
lay him <reg orig="downe">down</reg> such reasons for&H4; this <reg orig="aduenture">adventure</reg>, that&H3; he <reg orig="shal">shall</reg> go.</p></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker>Fals.</speaker>
   <p><reg orig="Wel">Well</reg>, God <reg orig="giue">give</reg> thee the spirit of <reg orig="perswasion">persuasion</reg>, <reg orig="&">and</reg> him the<lb/>
<reg orig="eares">ears</reg> of profiting, that&H3; what thou speakest, may <reg orig="moue">move</reg>, <reg orig="&">and</reg> what<lb/>
he <reg orig="heares">hears</reg> may be <reg orig="beleeued">believed</reg>, that&H3; the true Prince, may (for&H4; recreation<lb/>
sake) <reg orig="proue">prove</reg> a false <reg orig="theefe">thief</reg>; for&H4; the <reg orig="poore">poor</reg> abuses of the time,<lb/>
   want countenance: farewell, you shall find me in&H4; <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Eastcheap">East-cheap</reg>.</hi></p></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker>Prin.</speaker>
   <p><reg orig="Farewel">Farewell</reg> the latter spring, <reg orig="farewel">farewell</reg> <reg orig="Alhollowne">AllHallows'</reg> summer.</p></sp>
<sp who="E"><speaker>Poy.</speaker>
   <p>Now my good sweet <reg orig="hony">honey</reg> Lord, ride with <reg orig="vs">us&Htp;</reg> <reg orig="to morrow">tomorrow</reg>.<lb/>
I <reg orig="haue">have</reg> a <reg orig="ieast">jest</reg> to&H9; execute, that&H61; I cannot <reg orig="mannage">manage</reg> alone.<lb/>
<hi rend="italic">Falstalffe, Haruey, Rossill, and Gads-hill</hi>, shall rob those men that&H61;<lb/>
we&Htp; <reg orig="haue">have</reg> already way-laid; <reg orig="your selfe">yourself</reg> and I, will&H1; not be there:<lb/>
and when they <reg orig="haue">have</reg> the booty, if you and I <reg orig="doe">do</reg> not rob them,<lb/>
cut this head from my shoulders.</p></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker>Princ.</speaker>
   <p>How shall we&Htp; part with them in&H4; setting forth?</p></sp>
<sp who="E"><speaker>Po.</speaker>
   <p>Why, we&Htp; will&H1; set forth before or after them, and appoint<lb/>
them a place of meeting, <reg orig="wherin">wherein</reg> it is at our&Htp; pleasure to&H9; <reg orig="faile">fail</reg>; <reg orig="&">and</reg><lb/>
then will&H1; they <reg orig="aduenture">adventure</reg> <reg orig="vpon">upon&H4;</reg> the exploit <reg orig="themselues">themselves</reg>, which&H61;<lb/>
they shall <reg orig="haue">have</reg> no&H2; sooner <reg orig="atchiued">achieved</reg>, but <reg orig="weele">we&Htp; will&H1;</reg> set <reg orig="vpon">upon&H4;</reg> them.</p></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker>Prin.</speaker>
   <p>Yea, but <reg orig="tis">it is</reg> like&H4; that&H3; they <reg orig="wil">will&H1;</reg> know <reg orig="vs">us&Htp;</reg> by&H4; our&Htp; horses, by&H4;<lb/>
our&Htp; habits, and by&H4; <reg orig="euery">every</reg> other appointment to&H9; be <reg orig="our selues">ourselves</reg>.</p></sp>
<sp who="E"><speaker>Po.</speaker>
   <p>Tut, our&Htp; horses they shall not see, <reg orig="Ile">I will&H1;</reg> tie them in&H4; the wood,<lb/>
our&Htp; vizards we&Htp; will&H1; change after we&Htp; <reg orig="leaue">leave</reg> them: <reg orig="&">and</reg> <reg orig="sirra">sirrah</reg>, I <reg orig="haue">have</reg><lb/>
cases of <reg orig="buckorum">buckram</reg> for&H4; the nonce, to&H9; <reg orig="immaske">enmask</reg> our&Htp; noted outward<lb/>
<sp who="C"><speaker>Prin.</speaker>
   <p>Yea, but I doubt they will&H1; be too hard for&H4; <reg orig="vs">us&Htp;</reg>.</p></sp>
<sp who="E"><speaker>Po.</speaker>
   <p>Well, for&H4; two of them I know them to&H9; be as true bred <reg orig="cowardes">cowards</reg><lb/>
as <reg orig="euer">ever</reg> <reg orig="turnd">turned</reg> back: <reg orig="&">and</reg> for&H4; the third, if he fight longer <reg orig="then">than</reg><lb/>
he sees reason <reg orig="Ile">I will&H1;</reg> <reg orig="forsweare">forswear</reg> <reg orig="armes">arms</reg>. The <reg orig="vertue">virtue</reg> of this <reg orig="iest">jest</reg> will&H1;<lb/>
be, the incomprehensible lies that&H61; this <reg orig="fatte">fat</reg> rogue <reg orig="wil">will&H1;</reg> <reg orig="tel">tell</reg> <reg orig="vs">us&Htp;</reg><lb/>
when we&Htp; <reg orig="meete">meet</reg> at supper, how thirty at least <reg orig="hee">he</reg> fought with,<lb/>
what wards, what <reg orig="blowes">blows</reg>, what extremities he <reg orig="indured">endured</reg>, and in&H4;<lb/>
the <reg orig="reproofe">reproof</reg> of this lies the <reg orig="iest">jest</reg>.</p></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker>Prin.</speaker>
   <p><reg orig="Wel">Well</reg>, <reg orig="Ile">I will&H1;</reg> go with thee, <reg orig="prouide">provide</reg> <reg orig="vs">us&Htp;</reg> <reg orig="al">all</reg> <reg orig="thinges">things</reg> necessary,<lb/>
and <reg orig="meete">meet</reg> me <reg orig="to morrow">tomorrow</reg> night in&H4; <reg orig="Eastcheape">East-cheap</reg>, there <reg orig="Ile">I will&H1;</reg> <reg orig="suppe">sup</reg>:<lb/>
<sp who="E"><speaker>Poy.</speaker>
   <p>Farewell my Lord. </p></sp>
<stage>Exit Poynes.</stage>
<sp who="C"><speaker>Prin.</speaker>
   <l>I know you all, and will&H1; a while <reg orig="vphold">uphold</reg></l>
<l>The <reg orig="vnyokt">unyoked</reg> <reg orig="humor">humour</reg> of your <reg orig="Idlenesse">Idleness</reg></l>
<l>Yet herein will&H1; I <reg orig="immitate">imitate</reg> the <reg orig="Sunne">Sun</reg>,</l>
<l>Who&H61; doth permit the base contagious clouds</l>
<l>To&H9; smother <reg orig="vp">up&H5;</reg> his beauty from the world,</l>
<l>That&H3; when he please <reg orig="againe">again</reg> to&H9; be <reg orig="himselfe">himself</reg>,</l>
<l>Being wanted, he may be more <reg orig="wonderd">wondered</reg> at</l>
<l>By&H4; breaking through the <reg orig="foule">foul</reg> and <reg orig="vgly">ugly</reg> mists</l>
<l>Of vapours that&H61; did <reg orig="seeme">seem</reg> to&H9; strangle him.</l>
<l>If all the <reg orig="yeere">year</reg> were playing holy <reg orig="daies">days</reg>,</l>
<l>To&H9; sport would be as tedious as to&H9; <reg orig="worke">work</reg>;</l>
<l>But when they <reg orig="seldome">seldom</reg> come, they <reg orig="wisht">wished</reg> for&H5; come,</l>
<l>And nothing pleaseth but rare accidents:</l>
<l>So&H3; when this loose <reg orig="behauiour">behaviour</reg> I throw off,</l>
<l>And pay the debt I <reg orig="neuer">never</reg> promised,</l>
<l>By&H4; how much better then my word I am,</l>
<l>By&H4; so&H51; much shall I <reg orig="falsifie">falsify</reg> <reg orig="mens">men's</reg> hopes,</l>
<l>And like&H4; bright <reg orig="mettell">metal</reg> on&H4; a <reg orig="sullin">sullen</reg> ground,</l>
<l>My reformation glittering <reg orig="or'e">over</reg> my fault,</l>
<l>Shall <reg orig="shew">show</reg> more goodly, and attract more eyes,</l>
<l><reg orig="Then">Than</reg> that&H62; which&H61; hath no&H2; <reg orig="foile">foil</reg> to&H9; set it off.</l>
<l><reg orig="Ile">I will&H1;</reg> so&H51; offend, to&H9; make offence a skill,</l>
<l>Redeeming time, when men <reg orig="thinke">think</reg> least I will&H1;. </l></sp>
<stage>Exit. </stage>

<div2 n="3" type="scene">
<stage>Enter the King, Northumberland, Worcester, Hotspur,
Sir Walter Blunt with others.</stage>
<sp who="A"><speaker>King.</speaker>
   <l>My blood hath <reg orig="beene">been</reg> too <reg orig="colde">cold</reg> and temperate,</l>
<l><reg orig="Vnapt">Unapt</reg> to&H9; <reg orig="stirre">stir</reg> at these indignities,</l>
<l>And you <reg orig="haue">have</reg> found me; for&H3; accordingly,</l>
<l>You tread <reg orig="vpon">upon&H4;</reg> my patience: but be sure</l>
<l>I will&H1; from henceforth rather be <reg orig="my selfe">myself</reg>,</l>
<l>Mighty, and to&H9; be <reg orig="feard">feared</reg>, then my condition</l>
<l>Which&H61; hath <reg orig="beene">been</reg> smooth as <reg orig="oyle">oil</reg>; soft as <reg orig="yong">young</reg> <reg orig="downe">down</reg>,</l>
<l>And therefore lost that&H62; Title of respect,</l>
<l>Which&H61; the proud <reg orig="soule">soul</reg> <reg orig="nere">never</reg> <reg orig="payes">pays</reg> but to&H4; the proud.</l></sp>
<sp who="I"><speaker>Wor.</speaker>
   <l>Our&Htp; house (my <reg orig="soueraigne">sovereign</reg> <reg orig="Leige">Liege</reg>) little <reg orig="deserues">deserves</reg></l>
<l>The scourge of <reg orig="greatnesse">greatness</reg> to&H9; be <reg orig="vsed">used</reg> on&H4; it,</l>
<l>And that&H62; same <reg orig="greatnesse">greatness</reg> too, which&H61; our&Htp; <reg orig="owne">own</reg> hands</l>
<l><reg orig="Haue">Have</reg> <reg orig="holpe">holp</reg> to&H9; make so&H51; portly.</l></sp> 
   <sp who="F"><speaker>Nor.</speaker>
      <l>My Lord. </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker>King.</speaker>
   <l>Worcester get thee gone, for&H3; I do see</l>
<l>Danger and disobedience in&H4; thine eye,</l>
<l>O sir your presence is too bold and peremptory,</l>
<l>And <reg orig="Maiestie">Majesty</reg> might <reg orig="neuer">never</reg> yet endure</l>
<l>The moody frontier of a <reg orig="seruant">servant</reg> brow,</l>
<l>You <reg orig="haue">have</reg> good <reg orig="leaue">leave</reg> to&H9; <reg orig="leaue">leave</reg> <reg orig="vs">us&Hrp;</reg>: when we&Hrp; need</l>
<l>Your <reg orig="vse">use</reg> and counsel, we&Hrp; shall send for&H4; you. </l>
<stage>Exit Wor.</stage>
<l>You were about to&H9; <reg orig="speake">speak</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="F"><speaker>Nort.</speaker>
   <l>Yea my good Lord.</l>
<l>Those prisoners in&H4; your <reg orig="Highnesse">Highness</reg> name demanded,</l>
   <l>Which&H61; <hi rend="italic">Harry Percy</hi> here at <hi rend="italic">Holmedon</hi> <reg orig="tooke">took</reg>,</l>
<l>Were as he <reg orig="sayes">says</reg>, not with such strength denied,</l>
<l>As he <reg orig="deliuered">delivered</reg> to&H4; your <reg orig="Maiesty">Majesty</reg>.</l>
<l>Either <reg orig="enuy">envy</reg> therefore, or misprision</l>
<l>Is guilty of this fault, and not my <reg orig="sonne">son</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker>Hots.</speaker>
   <l>My Liege, I did deny no&H2; prisoners,</l>
<l>But I remember when the fight was done,</l>
<l>When I was <reg orig="drie">dry</reg> with rage and <reg orig="extreame">extreme</reg> <reg orig="toyle">toil</reg>,</l>
<l><reg orig="Breathles">Breathless</reg> and faint, leaning <reg orig="vpon">upon&H4;</reg> my sword,</l>
<l>Came there a <reg orig="certaine">certain</reg> Lord, neat and trimly <reg orig="drest">dressed</reg>,</l>
<l>Fresh as a <reg orig="Bridgroome">Bridegroom</reg>, and his chin new <reg orig="reapt">reaped</reg>,</l>
<l><reg orig="Shewd">Showed</reg> like&H4; a stubble land at <reg orig="haruest">harvest</reg> home:</l>
<l>He was perfumed like&H4; a Milliner,</l>
<l>And <reg orig="twix">betwixt</reg> his finger and his <reg orig="thum">thumb</reg> he <reg orig="helde">held</reg>,</l>
<l>A pouncet <reg orig="boxe">box</reg>, which&H61; <reg orig="euer">ever</reg> and anon</l>
<l>He <reg orig="gaue">gave</reg> his nose, and <reg orig="tookt">took it</reg> away <reg orig="againe">again</reg>,</l>
<l>Who&H61; therewith angry, when it next came there,</l>
<l><reg orig="Tookt">Took</reg> it in&H4; <reg orig="snuffe">snuff</reg>, and still he <reg orig="smilde">smiled</reg> and <reg orig="talkte">talked</reg>,</l>
<l>And as the <reg orig="souldiers">soldiers</reg> bore dead bodies by&H5;,</l>
<l>He <reg orig="calde">called</reg> them <reg orig="vntaught">untaught</reg> <reg orig="knaues">knaves</reg>, <reg orig="vnmannerly">unmannerly</reg>,</l>
<l>To&H9; bring a <reg orig="slouenly">slovenly</reg> <reg orig="vnhand-some">unhand-some</reg> coarse,</l>
<l>Betwixt the wind and his nobility,</l>
<l>With many <reg orig="holyday">holy-day</reg> and lady <reg orig="tearmes">terms</reg>.</l>
<l>He questioned me: among the rest demanded,</l>
<l>My prisoners in&H4; your <reg orig="Maiesties">Majesty's</reg> <reg orig="behalfe">behalf</reg>.</l>
<l>I then, all smarting with my wounds being cold,</l>
<l>To&H9; be so&H51; pestered with a <reg orig="Popingay">Popinjay</reg>,</l>
<l>Out of my <reg orig="griefe">grief</reg> and my impatience,</l>
<l>Answered neglectingly, I know not what,</l>
<l>He should, or he should not, for&H3; he made me mad,</l>
<l>To&H9; see him shine so&H51; <reg orig="briske">brisk</reg>, and smell so&H51; sweet,</l>
<l>And <reg orig="talke">talk</reg> so&H51; like&H4; a waiting gentlewoman,</l>
<l>Of guns and drums, and wounds, God <reg orig="saue">save</reg> the <reg orig="marke">mark</reg>:</l>
<l>And telling me, the <reg orig="soueraignest">sovereignest</reg> thing on&H4; earth;</l>
<l>Was Parmacity for&H4; an inward <reg orig="bruse">bruise</reg>,</l>
<l>And that&H3; it was great <reg orig="pitty">pity</reg>, so&H52; it was,</l>
<l>This <reg orig="villanous">villainous</reg> <reg orig="Saltpeter">Saltpetre</reg> should be <reg orig="digd">digged</reg></l>
<l>Out of the bowels of the <reg orig="harmeles">harmless</reg> Earth;</l>
<l>Which&H61; many a good tall fellow had <reg orig="destroyd">destroyed</reg></l>
<l>So&H51; cowardly: and but for&H4; these vile Guns,</l>
<l>He would <reg orig="haue">have</reg> been <reg orig="himselfe">himself</reg> a <reg orig="Souldiour">Soldier</reg>.</l>
<l>This bald <reg orig="vnioynted">unjointed</reg> chat of his (my Lord)</l>
<l>I answered <reg orig="indirctely">indirectly</reg> (as I <reg orig="sayd">said</reg>)</l>
<l>And I beseech you, let not his report</l>
<l>Come currant for&H4; an accusation,</l>
<l>Betwixt my <reg orig="loue">love</reg>, and your high <reg orig="Maiesty">Majesty</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="AF"><speaker>Blunt.</speaker>
   <l>The circumstance considered, good my Lord</l>
   <l><reg orig="What er'e">Whatever</reg> <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Harrie">Harry</reg> <reg orig="Piercie">Percy</reg></hi> then had said</l>
<l>To&H4; such a person, and in&H4; such a place,</l>
<l>At such a time, with all the rest retold,</l>
<l>May <reg orig="resonablie">reasonably</reg> die, and <reg orig="neuer">never</reg> rise,</l>
<l>To&H9; <reg orig="doe">do</reg> him wrong, or any way impeach</l>
<l>What then he said, so&H3; he <reg orig="vnsay">unsay</reg> it now,</l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker>King.</speaker>
   <l>Why yet he doth deny his prisoners,</l>
<l>But with <reg orig="prouiso">proviso</reg> and exception,</l>
<l>That&H3; we&Hrp; at our&Hrp; <reg orig="owne">own</reg> charge shall <reg orig="ransome">ransom</reg> straight</l>
   <l>His brother in&H4; law, the <reg orig="folish">foolish</reg> <hi rend="italic">Mortimer</hi>,</l>
<l>Who&H61; in&H4; my <reg orig="soule">soul</reg> hath wilfully <reg orig="betraide">betrayed</reg>,</l>
<l>The <reg orig="liues">lives</reg> of those, that&H61; he did lead to&H9; fight,</l>
   <l>Against that&H62; great <reg orig="Magitian">Magician</reg>, damned <hi rend="italic">Glendower</hi>,</l>
   <l>Whose daughter as we&Hrp; <reg orig="heare">hear</reg>, that&H62; <reg orig="Earle">Earl</reg> of <hi rend="italic">March</hi>,</l>
<l>Hath lately married? shall our&Hrp; coffers then,</l>
<l>Be emptied to&H9; <reg orig="redeeme">redeem</reg> a traitor home?</l>
<l>Shall we&Hrp; buy treason? and indent with <reg orig="feares">fears</reg>,</l>
<l>When they <reg orig="haue">have</reg> lost and forfeited <reg orig="themselues">themselves</reg>.</l>
<l>No&H7;, on&H4; the barren <reg orig="mountaine">mountain</reg> let him <reg orig="sterue">starve</reg>,</l>
<l>For&H3; I shall <reg orig="neuer">never</reg> hold that&H62; man my friend,</l>
<l>Whose tongue shall <reg orig="aske">ask</reg> me for&H4; one penny cost,</l>
   <l>To&H9; <reg orig="ransome">ransom</reg> home <reg orig="reuolted">revolted</reg> <hi rend="italic">Mortimer.</hi></l></sp>
   <sp who="G"><speaker>Hot.</speaker>
      <l><reg orig="Reuolted">Revolted</reg> <hi rend="italic">Mortimer</hi>?</l>
<l>He <reg orig="neuer">never</reg> did fall off, my <reg orig="Soueraigne">Sovereign</reg> Liege,</l>
<l>But by&H4; the chance of <reg orig="warre">war</reg>: to&H9; <reg orig="proue">prove</reg> that&H62; true,</l>
<l>Needs no&H2; more but one tongue: for&H3; all those wounds,</l>
<l>Those mouthed <reg orig="woundes">wounds</reg> which&H61; <reg orig="valianly">valiantly</reg> he <reg orig="tooke">took</reg></l>
      <l>When on&H4; the gentle <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Seuerns">Severn's</reg></hi> <reg orig="siedgie">sedgy</reg> <reg orig="banke">bank</reg></l>
<l>In&H4; single opposition hand to&H4; hand,</l>
<l>He did confound the best part of an <reg orig="houre">hour</reg></l>
      <l>In&H4; changing hardiment with great <hi rend="italic">Glendower</hi>,</l>
<l>Three times they <reg orig="breath'd">breathed</reg>, and three times did they <reg orig="drinke">drink</reg>,</l>
      <l><reg orig="Vpon">Upon&H4;</reg> agreement of swift <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Seuerns">Severn's</reg></hi> <reg orig="floud">flood</reg></l>
<l>Who&H61; then affrighted with their bloody <reg orig="lookes">looks</reg>,</l>
<l>Ran fearefully among the trembling <reg orig="reedes">reeds</reg>,</l>
<l>And hid his <reg orig="crispe-head">crisp-head</reg> in&H4; the hollow <reg orig="banke">bank</reg>,</l>
<l><reg orig="Bloud-stained">Blood-stained</reg> with these valiant <reg orig="combatans">combatants</reg>,</l>
<l><reg orig="Neuer">Never</reg> did bare and rotten policy</l>
<l>Colour her&H2; working with such deadly wounds,</l>
      <l>Nor <reg orig="neuer">never</reg> could the noble <hi rend="italic">Mortimer:</hi></l>
<l><reg orig="Receiue">Receive</reg> so&H51; many, and all <reg orig="willignly">willingly</reg>:</l>
<l>Then let not him be slandered with <reg orig="reuolt">revolt</reg>.</l></sp>
   <sp who="A"><speaker>King.</speaker>
      <l>Thou dost <reg orig="bely">belie</reg> him <hi rend="italic">Percy</hi>, thou dost <reg orig="bely">belie</reg> him,</l>
      <l>He <reg orig="neuer">never</reg> did encounter with <hi rend="italic">Glendower</hi>,</l>
<l>I tell thee, he durst as well <reg orig="haue">have</reg> met the <reg orig="Diuell">Devil</reg> alone,</l>
      <l>As <hi rend="italic">Owen Glendower</hi> for&H4; an enemy.</l>
<l>Art thou not <reg orig="asham'd">ashamed</reg>? but <reg orig="sirra">sirrah</reg>, henceforth</l>
      <l>Let me not <reg orig="heare">hear</reg> you <reg orig="speake">speak</reg> of <hi rend="italic">Mortimer,</hi></l>
<l>Send me your prisoners with the speediest <reg orig="meanes">means</reg>, </l>
<l>Or you shall <reg orig="heare">hear</reg> in&H4; such a kind from me,</l>
      <l>As will&H1; displease you. My Lord <hi rend="italic">Northumberland,</hi></l>
<l>We&Hrp; licence your departure with your <reg orig="sonne">son</reg>,</l>
<l>Send <reg orig="vs">us&Hrp;</reg> your prisoners, or you will&H1; <reg orig="heare">hear</reg> of it. </l></sp>
<stage>Exit King.</stage>
<sp who="G"><speaker>Hot.</speaker>
   <l>And if the <reg orig="diuell">devil</reg> come and <reg orig="roare">roar</reg> for&H4; them,</l>
<l>I will&H1; not send them: I will&H1; after straight</l>
<l>And tell him so&H52;, for&H3; I will&H1; ease my heart,</l>
<l>Albeit I make a hazard of my head.</l></sp>
<sp who="F"><speaker>Nor.</speaker>
   <l>What? <reg orig="drunke">drunk</reg> with choler? stay and pause a while,</l>
<l>Here comes your <reg orig="vncle">uncle</reg>.</l></sp> 
   <sp who="G"><speaker>Hot.</speaker>
      <l><reg orig="Speake">Speak</reg> of <hi rend="italic">Mortimer</hi>?</l>
<l><reg orig="Zounds">S'wounds</reg> I will&H1; <reg orig="speake">speak</reg> of him, and let my <reg orig="soule">soul</reg>,</l>
<l>Want mercy if I do not <reg orig="ioyne">join</reg> with him:</l>
<l>Yea on&H4; his part, <reg orig="Ile">I will&H1;</reg> empty all these <reg orig="veines">veins</reg>.</l>
<l>And <reg orig="shead">shed</reg> my <reg orig="deare">dear</reg> <reg orig="bloud">blood</reg>, drop by&H4; drop <reg orig="i th">in&H4; the</reg> dust,</l>
      <l>But I will&H1; lift the <reg orig="downe-trod">downtrodden</reg> <hi rend="italic">Mortimer</hi>,</l>
<l>As high <reg orig="in'th">in&H4; the</reg> <reg orig="ayre">air</reg> as this <reg orig="vnthankfull">unthankful</reg> king,</l>
      <l>As this ingrate and <reg orig="cankred">cankered</reg> <hi rend="italic">Bullingbrooke</hi>.</l></sp>
   <sp who="F"><speaker>Nor.</speaker>
      <l>Brother the King hath made your <hi rend="italic">Nephew</hi> mad.</l></sp>
<sp who="I"><speaker>Wor.</speaker>
   <l>Who&H62; <reg orig="strooke">struck</reg> this <reg orig="heate">heat</reg> <reg orig="vp">up&H5;</reg> after I was gone?</l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker>Hot.</speaker>
   <l>He will&H1; forsooth <reg orig="haue">have</reg> all my prisoners:</l>
<l>And when I <reg orig="vrg'd">urged</reg> the <reg orig="ransome">ransom</reg> once <reg orig="againe">again</reg></l>
<l>Of my <reg orig="wiues">wife's</reg> brother, then his <reg orig="cheeke">cheek</reg> <reg orig="lookt">looked</reg> pale,</l> 
<l>And on&H4; my face he <reg orig="turnd">turned</reg> an eye of death,</l>
   <l>Trembling <reg orig="euen">even</reg> at the name of <hi rend="italic">Mortimer</hi>.</l></sp>

<sp who="I"><speaker>Wor.</speaker>
   <l>I cannot blame him, was not he <reg orig="procliamd">proclaimed</reg></l>
   <l>By&H4; <hi rend="italic">Richard</hi> that&H3; dead is, the next of <reg orig="bloud">blood</reg>?</l></sp>
<sp who="F"><speaker>Nor.</speaker>
   <l>He was; I heard the proclamation,</l>
<l>And then it was, when the <reg orig="vnhappy">unhappy</reg> King,</l>
<l>(Whose wrongs in&H4; <reg orig="vs">us&Htp;</reg> God pardon) did set forth</l>
<l><reg orig="Vpon">Upon&H4;</reg> his Irish expedition;</l>
<l>From whence he intercepted, did <reg orig="returne">return</reg></l>
<l>To&H9; be <reg orig="depos'd">deposed</reg>, and shortly murdered.</l></sp>
<sp who="I"><speaker>Wor.</speaker>
   <l>And for&H4; whose death, we&Htp; in&H4; the worlds wide-mouth,</l>
<l><reg orig="Liue">Live</reg> <reg orig="scandaliz'd">scandalised</reg> and <reg orig="fouly">foully</reg> spoken <reg orig="off">of</reg>.</l></sp>
   <sp who="G"><speaker>Hot.</speaker>
      <l>But soft I pray you, did King <hi rend="italic">Richard</hi> then</l>
      <l><reg orig="Proclame">Proclaim</reg> my brother <hi rend="italic">Mortimer,</hi></l>
<l><reg orig="Heire">Heir</reg> to&H4; the <reg orig="crowne">crown</reg>?</l></sp>
<sp who="F"><speaker>Nor.</speaker>
   <l>He did, <reg orig="my selfe">myself</reg> did <reg orig="heare">hear</reg> it.</l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker>Hot.</speaker>
   <l>Nay then I cannot blame his <reg orig="coosin">cousin</reg> King,</l>
<l>That&H61; <reg orig="wisht">wished</reg> him on&H4; the barren <reg orig="mountaines">mountains</reg> <reg orig="starue">starve</reg>.</l>
<l>But shall it be that&H3; you that&H61; set the <reg orig="crowne">crown</reg></l>
<l><reg orig="Vpon">Upon&H4;</reg> the head of this <reg orig="forgetfull-man">forgetful-man</reg>,</l>
<l>And for&H4; his sake <reg orig="weare">wear</reg> the detested blot</l>
<l>Of murtherous subornation? shall it be</l>
<l>That&H3; you a world of curses <reg orig="vndergo">undergo</reg>,</l>
<l>Being the agents, or base second <reg orig="meanes">means</reg>,</l>
<l>The <reg orig="cordes">cords</reg>, the ladder, or the hangman rather?</l>
<l>O pardon if that&H3; I descend so&H51; low,</l>
<l>To&H9; <reg orig="shew">show</reg> the line and the predicament,</l>
<l>Wherein you range <reg orig="vnder">under</reg> this <reg orig="subtil">subtle</reg> King.</l>
<l>Shall it for&H4; shame be spoken in&H4; these <reg orig="dayes">days</reg>,</l>
<l>Or fill <reg orig="vp">up&H5;</reg> <reg orig="cronicles">chronicles</reg> in&H4; time to&H9; come,</l>
<l>That&H3; men of your nobility and power</l>
<l>Did gage them both in&H4; an <reg orig="vniust">unjust</reg> <reg orig="behalfe">behalf</reg>,</l>
<l>(As both of you God pardon it, <reg orig="haue">have</reg> done)</l>
   <l>To&H9; put <reg orig="downe">down</reg> <hi rend="italic">Richard</hi> that&H62; sweet <reg orig="louely">lovely</reg> Rose,</l>
   <l>And plant this thorne, this canker <hi rend="italic">Bullingbrooke?</hi></l>
<l>And shall it in&H4; more shame be further spoken,</l>
<l>That&H3; you are <reg orig="fool'd">fooled</reg>, discarded, and <reg orig="shooke">shook</reg> off</l>
<l>By&H4; him, for&H4; whom these shames ye <reg orig="vnder-went">under-went</reg>?</l>
<l>No&H7;, yet time <reg orig="serues">serves</reg>, wherein you may <reg orig="redeeme">redeem</reg></l>
<l>Your <reg orig="banisht">banished</reg> <reg orig="honors">honours</reg>, and restore <reg orig="your selues">yourselves</reg>,</l>
<l>Into the good thoughts of the world <reg orig="againe">again</reg>:</l>
<l><reg orig="Reueng">Revenge</reg> the <reg orig="ieering">jeering</reg> and <reg orig="disdain'd">disdained</reg> contempt</l>
<l>Of this proud King, who&H61; studies day and night</l>
<l>To&H9; <reg orig="answere">answer</reg> all the debt he owes you,</l>
<l><reg orig="Euen">Even</reg> with the <reg orig="bloudie">bloody</reg> payment of your deaths:</l>
<l>Therefore I say.</l></sp>
<sp who="I"><speaker>Wor.</speaker>
   <l>Peace <reg orig="Coosin">Cousin</reg>, say no&H2; more.</l>
<l>And now I will&H1; <reg orig="vnclaspe">unclasp</reg> a secret <reg orig="booke">book</reg>,</l>
<l>And to&H4; your <reg orig="quicke">quick</reg> <reg orig="conceiuing">conceiving</reg> discontents</l>
<l><reg orig="Ile">I will&H1;</reg> read your matter <reg orig="deepe">deep</reg> and dangerous,</l>
<l>As full of <reg orig="perill">peril</reg> and <reg orig="aduenterous">adventurous</reg> spirit,</l>
<l>As to&H9; <reg orig="o're">over</reg> <reg orig="walke">walk</reg> a Current <reg orig="roring">roaring</reg> <reg orig="lowd">loud</reg>,</l>
<l>On&H4; the <reg orig="vnsteadfast">unsteadfast</reg> footing of a <reg orig="speare">spear</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker>Hot.</speaker>
   <l>If he fall in&H5;, good night, or <reg orig="sinke">sink</reg> or <reg orig="swimd">swim</reg>,</l>
<l>Send danger from the East <reg orig="vnto">unto</reg> the west,</l>
<l>So&H3; <reg orig="honor">honour</reg> <reg orig="crosse">cross</reg> it, from the North to&H4; South,</l>
<l>And let them grapple: the <reg orig="bloud">blood</reg> more <reg orig="stirres">stirs</reg></l>
<l>To&H9; <reg orig="rowse">rouse</reg> a Lion <reg orig="then">than</reg> to&H9; start a Hare.</l></sp>
<sp who="F"><speaker>North.</speaker>
   <l><reg orig="Immagination">Imagination</reg> of some great exploit</l>
<l><reg orig="Driues">Drives</reg> him beyond the <reg orig="boundes">bounds</reg> of patience,</l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker>Hot.</speaker>
   <l>By&H4; <reg orig="heauen">heaven</reg> <reg orig="me thinkes">methinks</reg> it <reg orig="weare">were</reg> an <reg orig="easie">easy</reg> <reg orig="leape">leap</reg>,</l>
<l>To&H9; pluck bright <reg orig="honor">honour</reg> from the <reg orig="pale-fac'd">pale-faced</reg> <reg orig="Moone">Moon</reg></l>
<l>Or <reg orig="diue">dive</reg> into the <reg orig="bottome">bottom</reg> of the <reg orig="deepe">deep</reg>,</l>
<l>Where <reg orig="fadome-line">fathom-line</reg> could <reg orig="neuer">never</reg> touch the ground,</l>
<l>And pluck <reg orig="vp">up&H5;</reg> drowned <reg orig="honor">honour</reg> by&H4; the <reg orig="lockes">locks</reg>,</l>
<l>So&H3; <reg orig="hee">he</reg> that&H61; doth <reg orig="redeeme">redeem</reg> her&H6; thence might <reg orig="weare">wear</reg></l>
<l>Without <reg orig="corriuall">corival</reg> all her&H2; dignities:</l>
<l>But out <reg orig="vpon">upon&H4;</reg> this <reg orig="halfe">half</reg> <reg orig="fac't">faced</reg> fellowship.</l></sp>
<sp who="I"><speaker>Wor.</speaker>
   <l>He <reg orig="apprehendes">apprehends</reg> a world of figures here,</l>
<l>But not the <reg orig="forme">form</reg> of what he should attend,</l>
<l>Good <reg orig="Coosen">Cousin</reg> <reg orig="giue">give</reg> me audience for&H4; a while.</l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker>Hot.</speaker>
   <l>I cry you mercy.</l></sp>
   <sp who="I"><speaker>Wor.</speaker>
      <l>Those same noble <hi rend="italic">Scots</hi> that&H61; are your prisoners.</l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker>Hot.</speaker>
   <l><reg orig="Ile">I will&H1;</reg> <reg orig="keepe">keep</reg> them all.</l>
   <l>By&H4; God he shall not <reg orig="haue">have</reg> a <hi rend="italic">Scot</hi> of them.</l>
   <l>No&H7;, if a <hi rend="italic">Scot</hi> would <reg orig="saue">save</reg> his <reg orig="soule">soul</reg>, he shall not.</l>
<l><reg orig="Ile">I will&H1;</reg> <reg orig="keepe">keep</reg> them, by&H4; this hand.</l></sp>
<sp who="I"><speaker>Wor.</speaker>
   <l>You start away,</l>
<l>And lend no&H2; <reg orig="eare">ear</reg> <reg orig="vnto">unto</reg> my purposes:</l>
<l>Those Prisoners you shall <reg orig="keepe">keep</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker>Hot.</speaker>
   <l>Nay, I will&H1;; <reg orig="that's">that&H62; is</reg> flat:</l>
   <l>He said he would not <reg orig="ransome">ransom</reg> <hi rend="italic">Mortimer</hi>,</l>
   <l>Forbade my tongue to&H9; <reg orig="speake">speak</reg> of <hi rend="italic">Mortimer</hi>:</l>
<l>But I will&H1; <reg orig="finde">find</reg> him when he lies <reg orig="a sleepe">asleep</reg>,</l>
   <l>And in&H4; his care <reg orig="Ile">I will&H1;</reg> hallow,  <hi rend="italic">Mortimer</hi>:</l>
<l>Nay, <reg orig="Ile">I will&H1;</reg> <reg orig="haue">have</reg> a Starling shall be taught to&H9; <reg orig="speake">speak</reg></l>
   <l>Nothing but <hi rend="italic">Mortimer</hi>, and <reg orig="giue">give</reg> it him,</l>
<l>To&H9; <reg orig="keepe">keep</reg> his anger still in&H4; motion.</l></sp>
<sp who="I"><speaker>Wor.</speaker>
   <l><reg orig="Heare">Hear</reg> you <reg orig="Coosin">Cousin</reg>, a word.</l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker>Hot.</speaker>
   <l>All studies <reg orig="heere">here</reg> I solemnly <reg orig="defie">defy</reg>,</l>
   <l><reg orig="Saue">Save</reg> how to&H9; gall and pinch this <hi rend="italic">Bullingbrooke,</hi></l>
   <l>And that&H62; same Sword and Buckler <hi rend="italic">Prince of Wales.</hi></l>
<l>But that&H3; I <reg orig="thinke">think</reg> his Father <reg orig="loues">loves</reg> him not,</l>
<l>And would be glad he met with some mischance:</l>
<l>I would <reg orig="haue">have</reg> him <reg orig="poysoned">poisoned</reg> with a pot of Ale.</l></sp>
<sp who="I"><speaker>Wor.</speaker>
   <l>Farewell Kinsman, <reg orig="Ile">I will&H1;</reg> <reg orig="talke">talk</reg> to&H4; you</l>
<l>When you are better tempered to&H9; attend.</l></sp>
<sp who="F"><speaker>Nor.</speaker>
   <l>Why what a <reg orig="Waspe-tongue">Wasp-tongued</reg> and impatient <reg orig="foole">fool</reg></l>
<l>Art thou to&H9; <reg orig="breake">break</reg> into this <reg orig="womans">woman's</reg> <reg orig="moode">mood</reg>,</l>
<l>Tying thine <reg orig="eare">ear</reg> to&H4; no&H2; tongue but thine <reg orig="owne">own</reg>?</l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker>Hot.</speaker>
   <l>Why <reg orig="looke">look</reg> you, I am <reg orig="whipt">whipped</reg> and <reg orig="scourg'd">scourged</reg> with Rods,</l>
<l><reg orig="Netled">Nettled</reg>, and stung with Pismires, when I <reg orig="heare">hear</reg></l>
   <l>Of this vile <reg orig="Polititian">Politician</reg> <hi rend="italic">Bullingbrooke.</hi></l>
   <l>In&H4; <hi rend="italic">Richards</hi> time, what <reg orig="doe">do</reg> you call the place;</l>
   <l>A Plague <reg orig="vpon">upon&H4;</reg> it, it is in&H4; <hi rend="italic">Glocestershire</hi>;</l>
<l><reg orig="Twas">It was</reg> where the mad-cap Duke his <reg orig="vncle">uncle</reg> kept,</l>
   <l>His <reg orig="vncle">uncle</reg> <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Yorke">York</reg></hi>, where I first bowed my knee</l>
   <l><reg orig="Vnto">Unto</reg> this King of Smiles, this <hi rend="italic">Bullingbrooke</hi>:</l>
   <l><reg orig="Zbloud">'sblood</reg>, when you and he came <reg orig="backe">back</reg> from <hi rend="italic">Rauenspurgh</hi>,</l></sp>
   <sp who="F"><speaker>Nor.</speaker>
      <l>At <hi rend="italic">Barkly</hi> Castle.</l></sp> 
   <sp who="G"><speaker>Hot.</speaker>
      <l>You say true, </l>
<l>Why what a <reg orig="caudie">candy</reg> <reg orig="deale">deal</reg> of <reg orig="curtesie">courtesy</reg>,</l>
<l>This fawning Grey-hound then did proffer me,</l>
<l><reg orig="Looke">Look</reg> when his infant Fortune came to&H4; age,</l>
      <l>And gentle <hi rend="italic">Harry Percy</hi>, and kind <reg orig="Coosin">Cousin</reg>:</l>
<l>O, the <reg orig="Diuell">Devil</reg> take such <reg orig="cooseners">cozeners</reg>, God <reg orig="forgiue">forgive</reg> me,</l>
<l>Good <reg orig="Vncle">Uncle</reg> tell your tale, I <reg orig="haue">have</reg> done.</l></sp>
<sp who="I"><speaker>Wor.</speaker>
   <l>Nay, if you <reg orig="haue">have</reg> not, to&H4; it <reg orig="againe">again</reg>,</l>
<l>We&Htp; will&H1; stay your <reg orig="leysure">leisure</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker>Hot.</speaker>
   <l>I <reg orig="haue">have</reg> done <reg orig="yfayth">i'faith</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="I"><speaker>Wor.</speaker>
   <l>Then once more to&H4; your Scottish Prisoners.</l>
<l><reg orig="Deliuer">Deliver</reg> them <reg orig="vp">up&H5;</reg> without their <reg orig="ransome">ransom</reg> straight,</l>
   <l>And make the <hi rend="italic">Dowglas</hi> <reg orig="sonne">son</reg> your <reg orig="onely">only</reg> <reg orig="meane">mean</reg></l>
   <l>For&H4; powers in&H4; <hi rend="italic">Scotland</hi>, which&H61; for&H4; <reg orig="diuers">divers</reg> reasons</l>
<l>Which&H61; I shall send you written, be <reg orig="assur'd">assured</reg>,</l>
<l>Will&H1; easily be granted you, my Lord.</l>
   <l>Your <reg orig="sonne">son</reg> in&H4; <hi rend="italic">Scotland</hi> being thus <reg orig="imployed">employed</reg>,</l>
<l>Shall secretly into the <reg orig="bosome">bosom</reg> <reg orig="creepe">creep</reg></l>
<l>Of that&H62; same noble Prelate, <reg orig="welbelou'd">well-beloved</reg>,</l>
<l>The Archbishop.</l></sp>
   <sp who="G"><speaker>Hot.</speaker>
      <l>Of <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Yorke">York</reg></hi>, is it not?</l></sp>
<sp who="I"><speaker>Wor.</speaker>
   <l>True, who&H61; <reg orig="beares">bears</reg> hard</l>
   <l>His Brothers death at <hi rend="italic">Bristow</hi> the Lord <hi rend="italic">Scroope:</hi></l>
<l>I <reg orig="speake">speak</reg> not this in&H4; estimation,</l>
<l>As what I <reg orig="thinke">think</reg> might be, but what I know</l>
<l>Is ruminated, plotted, and set <reg orig="downe">down</reg>,</l>
<l>And <reg orig="onely">only</reg> <reg orig="stayes">stays</reg> but to&H9; behold the face</l>
<l>Of that&H62; occasion that&H61; shall bring it on&H5;.</l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker>Hot.</speaker>
   <l>I smell it: <reg orig="Vpon">Upon&H4;</reg> my life it will&H1; <reg orig="doe">do</reg> well.</l></sp>
<sp who="F"><speaker>Nor.</speaker>
   <l>Before the <reg orig="game's">game is</reg> <reg orig="afoote">afoot</reg>, <reg orig="'thou">thou</reg> still letst slip.</l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker>Hot.</speaker>
   <l>Why, it cannot choose but be a noble plot,</l>
   <l>And then the power of <hi rend="italic">Scotland</hi> and of <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Yorke">York</reg>,</hi></l>
   <l>To&H9; <reg orig="ioyne">join</reg> with <hi rend="italic">Mortimer</hi>, ha.</l></sp>
<sp who="I"><speaker>Wor.</speaker>
   <l>And so&H52; they shall.</l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker>Hot.</speaker>
   <l>In&H4; <reg orig="fayth">faith</reg> it is exceedingly well <reg orig="aymd">aimed</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="I"><speaker>Wor.</speaker>
   <l>And <reg orig="tis">it is</reg> no&H2; little reason bids <reg orig="vs">us&Htp;</reg> <reg orig="speede">speed</reg>,</l>
<l>To&H9; <reg orig="saue">save</reg> our&Htp; <reg orig="heades">heads</reg>, by&H4; <reg orig="raysing">raising</reg> of a Head:</l>
<l>For&H3;, <reg orig="beare">bear</reg> <reg orig="our selues">ourselves</reg> as <reg orig="euen">even</reg> as we&Htp; can,</l>
<l>The King will&H1; <reg orig="alwayes">always</reg> <reg orig="thinke">think</reg> him in&H4; our&Htp; debt,</l>
<l>And <reg orig="thinke">think</reg> we&Htp; <reg orig="thinke">think</reg> <reg orig="our selues">ourselves</reg> <reg orig="vnsatisfied">unsatisfied</reg>,</l>
<l>Till he hath found a time to&H9; pay <reg orig="vs">us&Htp;</reg> home.</l>
<l>And see already, how he doth begin</l>
<l>To&H9; make <reg orig="vs">us&Htp;</reg> strangers to&H4; his <reg orig="lookes">looks</reg> of <reg orig="loue">love</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker>Hot.</speaker>
   <l>He does, he does; <reg orig="weele">we&Htp; will&H1;</reg> be <reg orig="reueng'd">revenged</reg> on&H4; him.</l></sp>
<sp who="I"><speaker>Wor.</speaker>
   <l><reg orig="Coosin">Cousin</reg>, farewell. No&H2; further <reg orig="goe">go</reg> in&H4; this.</l>
<l>Then I by&H4; Letters shall direct your course</l>
<l>When time is ripe, which&H61; will&H1; be suddenly:</l>
   <l><reg orig="Ile">I will&H1;</reg> <reg orig="steale">steal</reg> to&H4; <hi rend="italic">Glendower</hi>, and <reg orig="loe">lo</reg>, <hi rend="italic">Mortimer</hi>,</l>
   <l>Where you and <hi rend="italic">Dowglas</hi>, and our&Htp; powers at once,</l>
<l>As I will&H1; fashion it, shall happily <reg orig="meete">meet</reg>,</l>
<l>To&H9; <reg orig="beare">bear</reg> our&Htp; fortunes in&H4; our&Htp; <reg orig="owne">own</reg> strong <reg orig="armes">arms</reg>,</l>
<l>Which&H61; now we&Htp; hold at much <reg orig="vncertaintie">uncertainty</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="F"><speaker>Nor,.</speaker>
   <l>Farewell good Brother, we&Htp; shall <reg orig="thriue">thrive</reg>, I trust,</l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker>Hot.</speaker>
   <l><reg orig="Vncle">Uncle</reg>, <reg orig="adue">adieu</reg>: O let the <reg orig="houres">hours</reg> be short,</l>
<l>Till <reg orig="Fieldes">Fields</reg>, <reg orig="&">and</reg> <reg orig="Blowes">Blows</reg>, <reg orig="&">and</reg> <reg orig="Grones">Groans</reg>, applaud our&Htp; sport.</l></sp> 

<div1 n="2" type="act">
<div2 n="1" type="scene">
<stage>Enter a Carrier with a Lanterne in his hand.</stage>
<sp who="BA"><speaker>1 Car.</speaker>
   <p>Heigh ho, <reg orig="an">if</reg> it be not <reg orig="foure">four</reg> by&H4; the day, <reg orig="Ile">I will&H1;</reg> be <reg orig="hangd">hanged</reg>,<lb/>
   <hi rend="italic">Charles-waine</hi> is <reg orig="ouer">over</reg> the new <reg orig="Chimny">Chimney</reg>, and yet our&Htp; Horse not<lb/>
   <reg orig="packt">packed</reg>. What <hi rend="italic">Ostler</hi>?</p></sp>
<sp who="AK"><speaker>Ost.</speaker>
   <p>Anon, anon.</p></sp>
   <sp who="BA"><speaker>1 Car.</speaker>
      <p>I <reg orig="prethee">prithee</reg> <hi rend="italic">Tom</hi>, beat Cuts Saddle, put a few Flocks in&H4;<lb/>
the point, <reg orig="poore">poor</reg> <reg orig="iade">jade</reg> is wrung in&H4; the Withers, out of all <reg orig="cesse">cease</reg>.</p></sp>
<stage>Enter another Carrier.</stage>
<sp who="BB"><speaker>2. Car.</speaker>
   <p><reg orig="Pease">Peas</reg> and <reg orig="Beanes">Beans</reg> are as <reg orig="danke">dank</reg> <reg orig="heere">here</reg> as a Dog, and<lb/>
that&H62; is the next way to&H9; <reg orig="giue">give</reg> <reg orig="poore">poor</reg> <reg orig="Iades">Jades</reg> the Bots: this house is<lb/>
   turned <reg orig="vpside">upside</reg> <reg orig="downe">down</reg> since <hi rend="italic">Robin</hi> Ostler died.</p></sp>
<sp who="BA"><speaker>1. Car.</speaker>
   <p><reg orig="Poore">Poor</reg> fellow <reg orig="neuer">never</reg> <reg orig="ioyed">joyed</reg> since the price of <reg orig="Oates">Oats</reg><lb/>
rose, it was the death of him.</p></sp>
<sp who="BB"><speaker>2. Car.</speaker>
   <p>I <reg orig="thinke">think</reg> this to&H9; be the most <reg orig="villanous">villainous</reg> house in&H4; all<lb/>
   <hi rend="italic">London</hi> <reg orig="roade">road</reg> for&H4; Fleas, I am stung like&H4; a Tench.</p></sp>
<sp who="BA"><speaker>1. Car.</speaker>
   <p>Like&H4; a Tench? by&H4; the <reg orig="Masse">Mass</reg> there is <reg orig="neare">near</reg> a King<lb/>
   christen, could be better bit, <reg orig="then">than</reg> I <reg orig="haue">have</reg> <reg orig="bin">been</reg> since the first <reg orig="cocke">cock</reg>.</p></sp>
<sp who="BB"><speaker>2. Car.</speaker>
   <p>Why, you will&H1; allow <reg orig="vs">us&Htp;</reg> <reg orig="nere">never</reg> a <reg orig="Iordaine">Jordan</reg>, and then<lb/>
we&Htp; <reg orig="leake">leak</reg> in&H4; your <reg orig="Chimny">Chimney</reg>, and your Chamber-lie <reg orig="breedes">breeds</reg><lb/>
Fleas like&H4; a Loach.</p></sp>
   <sp who="BA"><speaker>1. Car.</speaker>
      <p>What <hi rend="italic">Ostler</hi>, come away, and be <reg orig="hangd">hanged</reg>, come away.</p></sp>
<sp who="BB"><speaker>2. Car.</speaker>
   <p>I <reg orig="haue">have</reg> a Gammon of Bacon, <reg orig="&">and</reg> two razes of Ginger,
   to&H9; be <reg orig="deliuered">delivered</reg> as <reg orig="farre">far</reg> as Charing-crosse.</p></sp>
<sp who="BA"><speaker>1. Car.</speaker>
   <p>Gods body, the <reg orig="Turkies">Turkeys</reg> in&H4; my <reg orig="Panier">Pannier</reg> are quite <reg orig="starued">starved</reg>:
   what <hi rend="italic">Ostler</hi>? a plague on&H4; thee, hast thou <reg orig="neuer">never</reg> an eye in&H4; thy<lb/>
head? canst not <reg orig="heare">hear</reg>, <reg orig="&">and</reg> <reg orig="t'were">it were</reg> not as good a deed as <reg orig="drinke">drink</reg>,<lb/>
to&H9; <reg orig="breake">break</reg> the pate on&H4; thee, I am a very <reg orig="villaine">villain</reg>; come and be<lb/>
<reg orig="hangd">hanged</reg>, hast no&H2; <reg orig="fayth">faith</reg> in&H4; thee:</p></sp>
<stage>Enter Gads-hill.</stage>
   <sp who="AL"><speaker>Gads-hill.</speaker>
      <p>Good-morrow <hi rend="italic">Carriers</hi>, <reg orig="What's">What is</reg> <reg orig="a clocke">o'clock</reg>?</p></sp>
<sp who="BA"><speaker>Car.</speaker>
   <p>I <reg orig="thinke">think</reg> it be two <reg orig="a clocke">o'clock</reg>.</p></sp>
<sp who="AL"><speaker>Gad.</speaker>
   <p>I <reg orig="prethee">prithee</reg> lend me thy <reg orig="Lantherne">Lanthorn</reg>, to&H9; see my Gelding<lb/>
   in&H4; the Stable.</p></sp>
<sp who="BA"><speaker>1. Car.</speaker>
   <p>Nay by&H4; God soft; I <reg orig="knowe">know</reg> a <reg orig="tricke">trick</reg> worth two of <lb/>
that&H62; <reg orig="I fayth">I'faith</reg>.</p></sp>
<sp who="AL"><speaker>Gad.</speaker>
   <p>I <reg orig="prethee">prithee</reg> lend me thine.</p></sp>
<sp who="BB"><speaker>2. Car.</speaker>
   <p><reg orig="I">Aye</reg>, when, canst tell? Lend me thy <reg orig="Lanterne">Lantern</reg> (quoth he) <lb/>
   Marry <reg orig="Ile">I will&H1;</reg> see thee hanged first.</p></sp>
   <sp who="AL"><speaker>Gad.</speaker>
      <p><reg orig="Sirra">Sirrah</reg> <hi rend="italic">Carrier</hi>, What time <reg orig="doe">do</reg> you <reg orig="meane">mean</reg> to&H9; come to&H4;<lb/>
      <hi rend="italic">London</hi>?</p></sp>
<sp who="BB"><speaker>2. Car.</speaker>
   <p>Time enough to&H9; go to&H4; bed with a Candle, I warrant<lb/>
   thee. Come neighbour <hi rend="italic">Muges</hi>, <reg orig="weele">we&Htp; will&H1;</reg> call <reg orig="vp">up&H5;</reg> the Gentlemen,<lb/>
they will&H1; along with company, for&H3; they <reg orig="haue">have</reg> great charge.</p></sp>
<stage>Enter Chamberlaine.</stage> <stage>Exeunt. </stage>
   <sp who="AL"><speaker>Gad.</speaker>
      <p>What ho, <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Chamberlaine">Chamberlain</reg></hi>.</p></sp>
<sp who="AM"><speaker>Cham.</speaker>
   <p>At hand quoth Pick-purse.</p></sp>
   <sp who="AL"><speaker>Gad.</speaker>
      <p><reg orig="Thats">That&H62; is</reg> <reg orig="euen">even</reg> as <reg orig="faire">fair</reg>, as at hand quoth the <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Chamberlaine">Chamberlain</reg>,</hi><lb/>
for&H3; thou variest no&H2; more from picking of Purses, <reg orig="then">than</reg> <reg orig="giuing">giving</reg><lb/>
direction doth from <reg orig="laboring">labouring</reg>: thou layest the plot how.</p></sp>
   <sp who="AM"><speaker>Cham.</speaker>
      <p>Good morrow Master <hi rend="italic">Gads-hill</hi>, it holds currant that&H62;<lb/>
      I told you yester night, <reg orig="theres">there is</reg> a <hi rend="italic">Franklin</hi> in&H4; the wild of <hi rend="italic">Kent</hi>,<lb/>
hath brought three hundred Marks with him in&H4; Gold, I heard<lb/>
him tell it to&H4; one of his company last night at supper, a kind of<lb/>
Auditor, one that&H61; hath abundance of charge too, God <reg orig="knowes">knows</reg><lb/>
what; they are <reg orig="vp">up&H5;</reg> already, and call for&H4; <reg orig="Egges">Eggs</reg> and Butter: they<lb/>
will&H1; away presently.</p></sp>
   <sp who="AL"><speaker>Gad.</speaker>
      <p><reg orig="Sirra">Sirrah</reg>, if they meet not with Saint <hi rend="italic">Nicholas <reg orig="Clarkes">Clerks</reg>,</hi> <reg orig="Ile">I will&H1;</reg><lb/>
<reg orig="giue">give</reg> thee this <reg orig="necke">neck</reg>.</p></sp>
<sp who="AM"><speaker>Cham.</speaker>
   <p>No&H7;, <reg orig="Ile">I will&H1;</reg> none of it; I pray thee <reg orig="keepe">keep</reg> that&H62; for&H4; the<lb/>
   Hangman, for&H3; I know thou worshipest Saint <hi rend="italic">Nicholas</hi>, as truly<lb/>
as a man of falsehood may.</p></sp>
<sp who="AL"><speaker>Gad.</speaker>
   <p>What talkest thou to&H4; me of the Hangman? if I hang, <reg orig="Ile">I will&H1;</reg><lb/>
make a fat <reg orig="paire">pair</reg> of <reg orig="Gallowes">Gallows</reg>: for&H3; if I hang, old Sir Iohn hangs<lb/>
with me, <reg orig="&">and</reg> thou <reg orig="knowes">knows</reg> he is no&H2; <reg orig="starueling">starveling</reg>: tut, there are other<lb/>
<reg orig="Troians">Trojans</reg> that&H61; thou <reg orig="dream'st">dreamest</reg> not of, the which&H61; for&H4; sport sake are<lb/>
content to&H9; do the profession some grace, that&H61; would (if matters<lb/>
should be <reg orig="lookt">looked</reg> into) for&H4; their <reg orig="owne">own</reg> credit sake, make <reg orig="al">all</reg> whole:<lb/>
I am <reg orig="ioyned">joined</reg> with no&H2; foot-land rakers, no&H2; <reg orig="long-staffe">long-staff</reg> sixpenny<lb/>
strikers, none of these <reg orig="madde">mad</reg> mustachio purple <reg orig="hewd">hewed</reg> <reg orig="maltworms">moult-worms</reg>,<lb/>
but with nobility, and <reg orig="tranquility">tranquillity</reg>, Burgomasters and<lb/>
great Oneyers, such as can hold in&H5; such as <reg orig="wil">will&H1;</reg> strike sooner <reg orig="then">than</reg><lb/>
<reg orig="speake">speak</reg>, <reg orig="&">and</reg> speak sooner <reg orig="then">than</reg> <reg orig="drinke">drink</reg>, <reg orig="&">and</reg> <reg orig="drinke">drink</reg> sooner <reg orig="then">than</reg> pray;<lb/>
and yet (<reg orig="Zounds">S'wounds</reg>) I lie, for&H3; they pray continually to&H4; their saint<lb/>
the <reg orig="Comon-wealth">Commonwealth</reg>, or rather not pray to&H4; her&H6;, but prey on&H4; her&H6;,<lb/>
for&H3; they ride <reg orig="vp">up&H5;</reg> <reg orig="&">and</reg> <reg orig="downe">down</reg> on&H4; her&H6;, and make her&H6; their <reg orig="Bootes">Boots</reg>.</p></sp>
<sp who="AM"><speaker>Cham.</speaker>
   <p>What, the Common-wealth their <reg orig="Bootes">Boots</reg>? will&H1; <reg orig="shee">she</reg><lb/>
hold out Water in&H4; <reg orig="foule">foul</reg> way?</p></sp>
<sp who="AL"><speaker>Gad.</speaker>
   <p>She will&H1;, she will&H1;, <reg orig="Iustice">Justice</reg> hath <reg orig="liquord">liquored</reg> her&H6;: we&Htp; <reg orig="steale">steal</reg> as<lb/>
in&H4; a Castle, cocksure; we&Htp; <reg orig="haue">have</reg> the <reg orig="receit">receipt</reg> of Ferneseed, we&Htp; <reg orig="walke">walk</reg><lb/>
<reg orig="inuisible">invisible</reg>.</p></sp>
<sp who="AM"><speaker>Cham.</speaker>
   <p>Nay, by&H4; my <reg orig="fayth">faith</reg>, I <reg orig="thinke">think</reg> you are more beholding<lb/>
to&H4; the night <reg orig="then">than</reg> to&H4; Ferneseed, for&H4; your walking <reg orig="inuisible">invisible</reg>.</p></sp>
<sp who="AL"><speaker>Gad.</speaker>
   <p><reg orig="Giue">Give</reg> me thy hand, thou shalt <reg orig="haue">have</reg> a share in&H4; our&Htp; purchase,<lb/>
   as I am a true man.</p></sp>
<sp who="AM"><speaker>Cham.</speaker>
   <p>Nay, rather let me <reg orig="haue">have</reg> it, as you are a false <reg orig="theefe">thief</reg>.</p></sp>
   <sp who="AL"><speaker>Gad.</speaker>
      <p>Go to&H5;, <hi rend="italic">homo</hi> is a common name to&H4; all men: bid the Ostler<lb/>
bring my Gelding out of the stable; farewell ye muddy <reg orig="knaue">knave</reg>.</p></sp>

<div2 n="2" type="scene">
<stage>Enter Prince, Poines, and Peto, &c.</stage>
   <sp who="E"><speaker>Poines.</speaker>
      <p>Come shelter, shelter, I <reg orig="haue">have</reg> <reg orig="remooued">removed</reg> <hi rend="italic">Falstalffes</hi><lb/>
Horse, and he frets like&H4; a <reg orig="gum'd">gummed</reg> <reg orig="Veluet">Velvet</reg>.</p></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker>Prince</speaker>
   <p> Stand close. </p></sp>
<stage>Enter Falstalffe. </stage>
   <sp who="D"><speaker>Fals.</speaker>
      <p><hi rend="italic">Poines, Poines,</hi> and be <reg orig="hangd">hanged</reg> <hi rend="italic">Poines</hi>.</p></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker>Prince.</speaker>
   <p>Peace ye <reg orig="fat-kidneyd">fat-kidneyed</reg> <reg orig="rascall">rascal</reg>, what a brawling dost<lb/>
thou <reg orig="keepe">keep</reg>?</p></sp>
   <sp who="D"><speaker>Fals.</speaker>
      <p>What <hi rend="italic">Poines</hi>, Hal?</p></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker>Prin.</speaker>
   <p>He is <reg orig="walkt">walked</reg> <reg orig="vp">up&H5;</reg> to&H4; the top of the hill, <reg orig="Ile">I will&H1;</reg> go <reg orig="seeke">seek</reg> him.</p></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker>Fal.</speaker>
   <p>I am <reg orig="accurst">accursed</reg> to&H9; rob in&H4; that&H62; <reg orig="theeues">thieves</reg> company, the <reg orig="rascall">rascal</reg><lb/>
hath <reg orig="remoued">removed</reg> my Horse, and <reg orig="tyed">tied</reg> him I know not where, if I<lb/>
<reg orig="trauel">travel</reg> but <reg orig="foure">four</reg> <reg orig="foote">foot</reg> by&H4; the squire further <reg orig="a foote">afoot</reg>, I <reg orig="shal">shall</reg> break<lb/>
my <reg orig="winde">wind</reg>: Well, I doubt not but to&H9; die a <reg orig="faire">fair</reg> death for&H4; all<lb/>
this, if I scape hanging for&H4; killing that&H62; rogue, I <reg orig="haue">have</reg> <reg orig="forsworne">forsworn</reg><lb/>
his company <reg orig="hourely">hourly</reg> any time this <reg orig="22.">twenty-two</reg> <reg orig="yeare">year</reg>, and yet I am <reg orig="bewitcht">bewitched</reg><lb/>
   with the rogues company. If the <reg orig="rascall">rascal</reg> <reg orig="haue">have</reg> not <reg orig="giuen">given</reg><lb/>
me medicines to&H9; make me <reg orig="loue">love</reg> him, <reg orig="Ile">I will&H1;</reg> be <reg orig="hangd">hanged</reg>: it could not<lb/>
   be else, I <reg orig="haue">have</reg> <reg orig="drunke">drunk</reg> medicines, <hi rend="italic">Poines, Hal,</hi> a plague <reg orig="vpon">upon&H4;</reg> you<lb/>
   both. <hi rend="italic">Bardoll, Peto,</hi> <reg orig="Ile">I will&H1;</reg> <reg orig="starue">starve</reg> ere <reg orig="Ile">I will&H1;</reg> rob a <reg orig="foote">foot</reg> further: and<lb/>
<reg orig="t'were">it were</reg> not as good a deed as <reg orig="drinke">drink</reg>, to&H9; <reg orig="turne">turn</reg> true man, and to&H9; 
<reg orig="leaue">leave</reg> these Rogues, I am the veriest Varlet that&H61; <reg orig="euer">ever</reg> chewed<lb/>
   with a tooth: eight <reg orig="yeardes">yards</reg> of <reg orig="vneuen">uneven</reg> ground, is threescore<lb/>
   and ten miles <reg orig="a foot">afoot</reg> with me: and the stony hearted <reg orig="Villaines">Villains</reg><lb/>
know it well enough, a plague <reg orig="vpon">upon&H4;</reg> it when <reg orig="theeues">thieves</reg> cannot<lb/>
be true one to&H4; another. <stage>They whistle,</stage> <lb/>

Whew, a plague <reg orig="vpon">upon&H4;</reg> you all, <reg orig="giue">give</reg> me my Horse, you rogues,<lb/>
<reg orig="Giue">Give</reg> me my Horse, and be <reg orig="hangd">hanged</reg>.</p></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker>Prince.</speaker>
   <p>Peace ye fat guts, lie <reg orig="downe">down</reg>, lay thine <reg orig="eare">ear</reg> close to&H4;<lb/>
the ground, and list if thou can <reg orig="heare">hear</reg> the tread of <reg orig="Trauellers">Travellers</reg>.</p></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker>Fal.</speaker>
   <p><reg orig="Haue">Have</reg> you any <reg orig="leauers">leavers</reg> to&H9; lift me <reg orig="vp">up&H5;</reg> <reg orig="againe">again</reg> being <reg orig="downe">down</reg>?<lb/>
<reg orig="Zbloud">'sblood</reg>, <reg orig="Ile">I will&H1;</reg> not <reg orig="beare">bear</reg> mine <reg orig="owne">own</reg> flesh so&H51; far afoot <reg orig="againe">again</reg> for&H4;<lb/>
all the <reg orig="Coyne">Coin</reg> in&H4; thy Fathers Exchequer: What a plague <reg orig="meane">mean</reg><lb/>
ye to&H9; colt me thus?</p></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker>Prince.</speaker>
   <p>Thou <reg orig="lyest">liest</reg>, thou art not colted, thou art <reg orig="vncolted">uncolted</reg>.</p></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker>Fal.</speaker>
   <p>I <reg orig="prethee">prithee</reg> good Prince <hi rend="italic">Hal</hi>, <reg orig="helpe">help</reg> <reg orig="mee">me</reg> to&H4; my Horse,<lb/>
Good Kings <reg orig="sonne">son</reg>.</p></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker>Prince.</speaker>
   <p>Out you Rogue, shall I be your Ostler?</p></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker>Fals.</speaker>
   <p>Go hang <reg orig="thy selfe">thyself</reg> in&H4; thine <reg orig="owne">own</reg> <reg orig="Haire apparant">Heir-apparent</reg> Garters:<lb/>
if I be <reg orig="tane">taken</reg>, <reg orig="Ile">I will&H1;</reg> peach for&H4; this: and I <reg orig="haue">have</reg> not <reg orig="Ballades">Ballads</reg><lb/>
made on&H4; all, and sung to&H4; filthy tunes, let a cup of <reg orig="Sacke">Sack</reg> be my<lb/>
<reg orig="poyson">poison</reg>: when <reg orig="ieast">jest</reg> is so&H51; forward, and <reg orig="a foot">afoot</reg> too, I hate it.</p></sp>
<stage>Enter Gads-hill.</stage>
<sp who="AL"><speaker>Gad.</speaker>
   <sp who="D"><speaker>Fal.</speaker>
      <p>So&H52; I <reg orig="doe">do</reg> against my will&H0;. </p></sp>
   <sp who="E"><speaker>Poin.</speaker>
      <p>O <reg orig="tis">it is</reg> our&Htp; setter, I know his <reg orig="voyce">voice</reg>: <hi rend="italic">Bardol</hi> what <reg orig="newes">news</reg>?</p></sp>
<sp who="AO"><speaker>Bar.</speaker>
   <p>Case <reg orig="yee">ye</reg>, case <reg orig="yee">ye</reg>; on&H5; with your Vizards, <reg orig="ther's">there is</reg> <reg orig="mony">money</reg><lb/>
of the Kings <reg orig="comming">coming</reg> <reg orig="downe">down</reg> the Hill, <reg orig="tis">it is</reg> going to&H4; the Kings<lb/>
<sp who="D"><speaker>Fals.</speaker>
   <p>You lie you rogue, <reg orig="tis">it is</reg> going to&H4; the Kings <reg orig="Tauerne">Tavern</reg>.</p></sp>
<sp who="AL"><speaker>Gad.</speaker>
   <p><reg orig="There's">There is</reg> enough to&H9; make <reg orig="vs">us&Htp;</reg> all.</p></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker>Fals.</speaker>
   <p>To&H9; be hanged.</p></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker>Prince.</speaker>
   <p>You <reg orig="foure">four</reg> shall front them in&H4; the narrow Lane:<lb/>
   <hi rend="italic">Ned Poines</hi> and I, will&H1; <reg orig="walke">walk</reg> lower; if they scape from your
   encounter, then they light on&H4; <reg orig="vs">us&Htp;</reg>.</p></sp> 
<sp who="AN"><speaker>Peto.</speaker>
   <p>But how many be they of them?</p></sp>
<sp who="AL"><speaker>Gad.</speaker>
   <p>Some eight or ten.</p></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker>Fals.</speaker>
   <p><reg orig="Zounds">S'wounds</reg>, will&H1; they not rob <reg orig="vs">us&Htp;</reg>?</p></sp>
   <sp who="C"><speaker>Prin.</speaker>
      <p>What! a coward Sir <hi rend="italic">Iohn <reg orig="Pawnch">Paunch</reg></hi>?</p></sp>
   <sp who="D"><speaker>Fals.</speaker>
      <p>Indeed I am not <hi rend="italic">Iohn of <reg orig="Gant">Gaunt</reg></hi> your Grandfather, but<lb/>
      yet no&H2; coward, <hi rend="italic">Hal.</hi></p></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker>Prince.</speaker>
   <p>Well, <reg orig="weele">we&Htp; will&H1;</reg> <reg orig="leaue">leave</reg> that&H62; to&H4; the <reg orig="proofe">proof</reg>.</p></sp>
   <sp who="E"><speaker>Poynes.</speaker>
      <p><reg orig="Sirra">Sirrah</reg> <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Iacke">Jack</reg></hi>, thy horse stands behind the hedge, when<lb/>
thou needest him, there thou shalt <reg orig="finde">find</reg> him: farewell <reg orig="&">and</reg> stand fast.</p></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker>Fal.</speaker>
   <p>Now cannot I strike him if I should be <reg orig="hangd">hanged</reg>.</p></sp>
   <sp who="C"><speaker>Prince.</speaker>
      <p><hi rend="italic">Ned</hi>, where are our&Htp; disguises?</p></sp>
<sp who="E"><speaker>Poynes.</speaker>
   <p>Here hard by&H5;, stand close.</p></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker>Fals.</speaker>
   <p>Now my <reg orig="maisters">masters</reg>, happy man be his dole, say, <reg orig="euery">every</reg><lb/>
man to&H4; his <reg orig="businesse">business</reg>.</p></sp> 
   <stage>Enter the Trauellers. </stage>
<sp who="BC"><speaker>Tra.</speaker>
   <p>Come neighbour, the boy shall lead our&Htp; horses <reg orig="downe">down</reg><lb/>
the <reg orig="hil">hill</reg>, <reg orig="weele">we&Htp; will&H1;</reg> <reg orig="walke">walk</reg> <reg orig="a foote">afoot</reg> a while, and ease our&Htp; <reg orig="leggs">legs</reg>.</p></sp>
<sp who="BG"><speaker>Theeues.</speaker>
   <sp who="BD"><speaker>Tra.</speaker>
      <p><reg orig="Iesus">Jesus</reg> <reg orig="blesse">bless</reg> <reg orig="vs">us&Htp;</reg>. </p></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker>Fals.</speaker>
   <p>Strike, <reg orig="downe">down</reg> with them, cut the <reg orig="villaines">villain's</reg> <reg orig="throates">throats</reg>: a<lb/>
<reg orig="horeson">whoreson</reg> caterpillars! Bacon-fed <reg orig="knaues">knaves</reg>, they hate <reg orig="vs">us&Htp;</reg> youth,<lb/>
<reg orig="downe">down</reg> with them, fleece them.</p></sp>
<sp who="BC"><speaker>Tra.</speaker>
   <p>O, we&Htp; are <reg orig="vndone">undone</reg>, both we&Htp; and ours&Htp; for&H4; <reg orig="euer">ever</reg>.</p></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker>Fals.</speaker>
   <p>Hang ye <reg orig="gorbellied">gor-bellied</reg> <reg orig="knaues">knaves</reg>, are ye <reg orig="vndone">undone</reg>? no&H7; <reg orig="yee">ye</reg> fat<lb/>
<reg orig="chuffes">chuffs</reg>, I would your store were here: on&H5; bacons, on&H5;, what <reg orig="yee">ye</reg><lb/>
<reg orig="knaues">knaves</reg>? young men must <reg orig="liue">live</reg>, you are grand <reg orig="Iurers">Jurors</reg>, are <reg orig="yee">ye</reg>?<lb/>
<reg orig="weele">we&Htp; will&H1;</reg> <reg orig="iure">jure</reg> <reg orig="yee">ye</reg> <reg orig="yfaith">i'faith</reg>.</p></sp>
<stage>Here they rob them and binde them: Enter.
   the Prince and Poines.</stage>
<sp who="C"><speaker>Prince.</speaker>
   <p>The <reg orig="theeues">thieves</reg> <reg orig="haue">have</reg> bound the true men: now <reg orig="coulde">could</reg><lb/>
thou and I rob the <reg orig="theeues">thieves</reg>, and go merrily to&H4; London, it would<lb/>
be argument for&H4; a <reg orig="weeke">week</reg>, laughter for&H4; a month, and a good <reg orig="iest">jest</reg><lb/>
for&H4; <reg orig="euer">ever</reg>.</p></sp>
<sp who="E"><speaker>Poynes.</speaker>
   <p>Stand close, I <reg orig="heare">hear</reg> them <reg orig="comming">coming</reg>.</p></sp>
<stage>Enter the Theeues againe.</stage>
<sp who="D"><speaker>Fals.</speaker>
   <p>Come my masters, let <reg orig="vs">us&Htp;</reg> share, and then to&H4; horse before<lb/>
   day: <reg orig="and">if</reg> the <hi rend="italic">Prince <reg orig="&">and</reg> Poynes</hi> be not two arrant <reg orig="cowardes">cowards</reg>,<lb/>
   <reg orig="theres">there is</reg> no&H2; equity stirring, <reg orig="theres">there is</reg> no&H2; more valour in&H4; that&H62; <hi rend="italic">Poynes,</hi><lb/>
than in&H4; a wild Duck.</p></sp>

<sp who="C"><speaker>Prin.</speaker>
   <p>Your money. </p></sp>
<sp who="E"><speaker>Poin.</speaker>
   <p><reg orig="Villaines">Villains</reg>.</p></sp> 
   <stage>As they are sharing, the Prince and Poines 
      set vpon them, they all runne away, and Falstalffe
      after a blow or two runs away too, leauing
      the booty behind them. </stage>
<sp who="C"><speaker>Prin.</speaker>
   <l>Got with much ease. Now merrily to&H4; horse, the <reg orig="theeues">thieves</reg></l>
<l>are scattered, and <reg orig="possest">possessed</reg> with <reg orig="feare">fear</reg> so&H51; strongly, that&H3; they dare</l>
<l>not <reg orig="meete">meet</reg> each other, each takes his fellow for&H4; an officer; away</l>
   <l>good <hi rend="italic">Ned, Falstalffe</hi> <reg orig="sweares">swears</reg> to&H4; death, and lards the <reg orig="leane">lean</reg> earth</l>
<l>as he <reg orig="walkes">walks</reg> along: wert not for&H4; laughing, I should <reg orig="pitty">pity</reg> him.</l></sp>
<sp who="E"><speaker>Poines.</speaker>
   <l>How the rogue <reg orig="roard">roared</reg> </l></sp>
<stage>Exeunt. </stage>

<div2 n="3" type="scene">
<stage>Enter Hotspur solus, reading a Letter.</stage> <!-- the letter + Hotspur's commentary all given to Hotspur -->

   <sp who="G"><speaker></speaker>
      <p><hi rend="italic">But for&H4; mine <reg orig="owne">own</reg> part, my Lord, I could be well contented to&H9; be<lb/>
there, in&H4; respect of the <reg orig="loue">love</reg> I <reg orig="beare">bear</reg> your house.</hi><lb/>
He could be contented, why is he not then? in&H4; the respect of the<lb/>
<reg orig="loue">love</reg> he <reg orig="beares">bears</reg> our&Htp; house: he <reg orig="showes">shows</reg> in&H4; this, he <reg orig="loues">loves</reg> his <reg orig="owne">own</reg><lb/>
<reg orig="barne">barn</reg> better <reg orig="then">than</reg> he <reg orig="loues">loves</reg> our&Htp; house. Let me see some more.<lb/>

      <hi rend="italic">The purpose you <reg orig="vndertake">undertake</reg> is dangerous</hi>.<lb/>
Why <reg orig="thats">that&H62; is</reg> <reg orig="certaine">certain</reg>, <reg orig="tis">it is</reg> dangerous to&H9; take a cold, to&H9; <reg orig="sleepe">sleep</reg>, to&H9;<lb/>
<reg orig="drinke">drink</reg>; but I tell you (my Lord <reg orig="foole">fool</reg>) out of this nettle danger,<lb/>
we&Htp; <reg orig="plucke">pluck</reg> this flower safety.<lb/>

      <hi rend="italic">The purpose you <reg orig="vndertake">undertake</reg> is dangerous, the <reg orig="friendes">friends</reg> you <reg orig="haue">have</reg> named<lb/>
         <reg orig="vncertaine">uncertain</reg>, the time <reg orig="it selfe">itself</reg> <reg orig="vnsorted">unguarded</reg>, and your whole plot too light, for&H4;<lb/>
the counterpoise of so&H51; great an opposition.<lb/>
         Say you so&H52;, say you so&H52;, I say <reg orig="vnto">unto</reg> you <reg orig="againe">again</reg>, you are a shallow<lb/>
cowardly <reg orig="hinde">hind</reg>, <reg orig="&">and</reg> you lie: what a <reg orig="lack-braine">lack-brain</reg> is this? by&H4;<lb/>
the Lord our&Htp; plot is a good plot as <reg orig="euer">ever</reg> was laid, our&Htp; <reg orig="frind">friend</reg> true<lb/>
<reg orig="&">and</reg> constant: a good plot, good friends, <reg orig="&">and</reg> <reg orig="ful">full</reg> of expectation: an<lb/>
excellent plot, very good friends; what a frosty spirited rogue<lb/>
is this? Why, my Lord of <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Yorke">York</reg></hi> commends the plot, <reg orig="&">and</reg> the <reg orig="generall">general</reg><lb/>
course of the action <reg orig="Zounds">S'wounds</reg> <reg orig="&">and</reg> I were now by&H4; this <reg orig="rascall">rascal</reg>,<lb/>
I could <reg orig="braine">brain</reg> him with his Ladies <reg orig="Fanne">Fan</reg>. Is there not my father,<lb/>
my <reg orig="vncle">uncle</reg>, <reg orig="&">and</reg> <reg orig="my selfe">myself</reg>, Lord <hi rend="italic">Edmund Mortimer</hi>, my Lord of<lb/>
<hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Yorke">York</reg></hi>, and <hi rend="italic">Owen Glendower</hi>? Is there not besides the <hi rend="italic">Dowglas?</hi><lb/>
<reg orig="haue">have</reg> I not all their letters to&H9; <reg orig="meete">meet</reg> me in&H4; <reg orig="Armes">Arms</reg> by&H4; the ninth<lb/>
of the next month? and are they not some of them set forward
already? What a pagan <reg orig="rascall">rascal</reg> is this, an <reg orig="infidell">infidel</reg>? Ha, you shall<lb/>
see now in&H4; very sincerity of <reg orig="feare">fear</reg> and cold heart, will&H1; he to&H4; the<lb/>
King, and lay open all our&Htp; proceedings. O, I could <reg orig="diuide">divide</reg><lb/>
<reg orig="my selfe">myself</reg>, and <reg orig="goe">go</reg> to&H4; buffets, for&H4; <reg orig="mouing">moving</reg> such a dish of skim <reg orig="Milke">Milk</reg><lb/>
with so&H51; <reg orig="honorable">honourable</reg> an action. Hang him, let him tell the King,<lb/>
we&Htp; are prepared. I will&H1; set forward <reg orig="to night">tonight</reg>. <stage>Enter his Lady.</stage><lb/>
         How now <hi rend="italic">Kate</hi>, I must <reg orig="leaue">leave</reg> you within these two <reg orig="houres">hours</reg>.<lb/></hi></p></sp>
<sp who="AC"><speaker>Lady.</speaker>
   <l>O my good Lord, why are you thus alone?</l>
<l>For&H4; what offence <reg orig="haue">have</reg> I this fortnight <reg orig="bin">been</reg></l>
   <l>A <reg orig="banisht">banished</reg> woman from my <hi rend="italic">Harries</hi> bed?</l>
<l>Tell <reg orig="mee">me</reg>, sweet Lord, what <reg orig="is't">is it</reg> that&H61; takes from thee</l>
<l>Thy <reg orig="stomacke">stomach</reg>, pleasure, and thy <reg orig="goulden">golden</reg> <reg orig="sleepe">sleep</reg>?</l>
<l>Why dost thou bend thine eyes <reg orig="vpon">upon&H4;</reg> the earth,</l>
<l>And start so&H51; often, when thou <reg orig="sitst">sittest</reg> alone?</l>
<l>Why hast thou lost the fresh blood in&H4; thy <reg orig="cheekes">cheeks</reg>,</l>
<l>And <reg orig="giuen">given</reg> my treasures and my rights of thee,</l>
<l>To&H4; <reg orig="thick-eyd">thick-eyed</reg> musing, and <reg orig="curst">cursed</reg> melancholy?</l>
<l>In&H4; thy faint slumbers, I by&H4; thee <reg orig="haue">have</reg> <reg orig="watcht">watched</reg>,</l>
<l>And heard thee murmur, tales of <reg orig="yron">iron</reg> <reg orig="Warres">Wars</reg>,</l>
<l><reg orig="Speake">Speak</reg> <reg orig="tearmes">terms</reg> of manage to&H4; thy bounding Steed,</l>
<l>Cry courage to&H4; the field: And thou hast <reg orig="talkt">talked</reg></l>
<l>Of sallies; and retires, trenches, tents,</l>
<l>Of <reg orig="pallizadoes">palisades</reg>, frontiers, parapets,</l>
<l>Of basilisks, of canon, <reg orig="culuerin">culverin</reg>,</l>
<l>Of prisoners <reg orig="ransome">ransom</reg>, and of <reg orig="souldeirs">soldiers</reg> <reg orig="slaine">slain</reg>,</l>
<l>And all the current, of a <reg orig="heddy">heady</reg> fight.</l>
<l>Thy spirit within thee hath <reg orig="bin">been</reg> so&H51; at war,</l>
<l>And thus hath so&H51; <reg orig="bestird">bestirrred</reg> thee in&H4; thy <reg orig="sleepe">sleep</reg>,</l>
<l>That&H3; beds of sweat hath stood <reg orig="vpon">upon&H4;</reg> thy brow,</l>
<l>Like&H4; bubbles in&H4; a late disturbed <reg orig="streame">stream</reg>,</l>
<l>And in&H4; thy face strange motions <reg orig="haue">have</reg> <reg orig="apeard">appeared</reg>,</l>
<l>Such as we&Htp; see when men <reg orig="restraine">restrain</reg> their breath,</l>
<l>On&H4; some great <reg orig="sodaine">sudden</reg> <reg orig="hast">haste</reg>. O what portents are these?</l>
<l>Some <reg orig="heauy">heavy</reg> <reg orig="busines">business</reg> hath my Lord in&H4; hand,</l>
<l>And I must know it, else he <reg orig="loues">loves</reg> me not.</l></sp>
   <sp who="G"><speaker>Hot.</speaker>
      <l>What ho, is <hi rend="italic">Gilliams</hi> with the Packet gone?</l></sp>
<sp who="BE"><speaker>Ser.</speaker>
   <l>He is, my Lord, an <reg orig="houre">hour</reg> <reg orig="agoe">ago</reg>.</l></sp>
   <sp who="G"><speaker>Hot.</speaker>
      <l>Hath <hi rend="italic">Butler</hi> brought those Horses from the <reg orig="Sheriffe">Sheriff</reg>?</l></sp>
<sp who="BE"><speaker>Ser.</speaker>
   <l>One Horse, my Lord, he brought <reg orig="euen">even</reg> now.</l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker>Hot.</speaker>
   <l>What Horse? a <reg orig="roane">roan</reg>, a crop <reg orig="eare">ear</reg>, is it not?</l></sp>
<sp who="BE"><speaker>Ser.</speaker>
   <l>It is, my Lord.</l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker>Hot.</speaker>
   <l>That&H62; <reg orig="Roane">Roan</reg> <reg orig="shal">shall</reg> be my throne. Well, I will&H1; <reg orig="backe">back</reg> him</l>
   <l>straight. <hi rend="italic">Esperance</hi>, bid <hi rend="italic">Butler</hi> lead him <reg orig="foorth">forth</reg> into the <reg orig="parke">park</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="AC"><speaker>La.</speaker>
   <l>But <reg orig="heare">hear</reg> you my Lord.</l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker>Hot.</speaker>
   <l>What <reg orig="saiest">sayst</reg> thou my Lady?</l></sp>
<sp who="AC"><speaker>La.</speaker>
   <l>What is it carries you away?</l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker>Hot.</speaker>
   <l>Why, my horse (my <reg orig="loue">love</reg>) my horse.</l></sp>
<sp who="AC"><speaker>La.</speaker>
   <l>Out you mad-headed ape, a <reg orig="weazel">weasel</reg> hath not such a <reg orig="deale">deal</reg></l>
<l>of <reg orig="spleene">spleen</reg>, as you are <reg orig="tost">tossed</reg> with. In&H4; faith <reg orig="Ile">I will&H1;</reg> know your <reg orig="busines">business</reg></l>
   <l><hi rend="italic">Harry</hi>, that&H62; I will&H1;: I <reg orig="feare">fear</reg>, my brother <hi rend="italic">Mortimer</hi> doth stir about</l>
<l>his title, <reg orig="&">and</reg> hath sent for&H4; you to&H9; line his enterprise, but if you go</l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker>Hot.</speaker>
   <l>So&H51; far <reg orig="a foote">afoot</reg>, I shall be weary <reg orig="loue">love</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="AC"><speaker>La.</speaker>
   <l>Come, come: you Paraquito, <reg orig="answere">answer</reg> me directly, <reg orig="vnto">unto</reg> this</l>
   <l>question that&H61; I <reg orig="shal">shall</reg> <reg orig="aske">ask</reg>: in&H4; faith <reg orig="Ile">I will&H1;</reg> break thy little finger <hi rend="italic">Harry</hi>,</l>
   <l><reg orig="and">if</reg> if thou wilt not tell me all things true.</l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker>Hot.</speaker>
   <l>Away, away you trifler, <reg orig="loue">love</reg>; I <reg orig="loue">love</reg> thee not,</l>
   <l>I care not for&H4; thee <hi rend="italic">Kate</hi>, this is no&H2; world</l>
<l>To&H9; play with mammets; and to&H9; tilt with lips,</l>
<l>We&Htp; must <reg orig="haue">have</reg> <reg orig="bloudie">bloody</reg> noses, and <reg orig="crackt">cracked</reg> <reg orig="crownes">crowns</reg>,</l>
<l>And <reg orig="passe">pass</reg> them currant too: gods me my horse:</l>
   <l>What <reg orig="saist">sayst</reg> thou <hi rend="italic">Kate</hi>; what wouldst thou <reg orig="haue">have</reg> with me?</l></sp>
<sp who="AC"><speaker>La.</speaker>
   <l>Do you not <reg orig="loue">love</reg> me? do you not <reg orig="indeede">indeed</reg>?</l>
<l><reg orig="Wel">Well</reg>, do not then? for&H3; since you <reg orig="loue">love</reg> me not,</l>
<l>I will&H1; not <reg orig="loue">love</reg> <reg orig="my selfe">myself</reg>. Do you not <reg orig="loue">love</reg> me?</l>
<l>Nay, <reg orig="tel">tell</reg> me if you <reg orig="speake">speak</reg> in&H4; <reg orig="iest">jest</reg>, or no&H5;?</l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker>Hot.</speaker>
   <l>Come wilt thou see me ride?</l>
<l>And when I am <reg orig="a horse back">a-horseback</reg>, I will&H1; <reg orig="sweare">swear</reg>,</l>
   <l>I <reg orig="loue">love</reg> thee infinitely. But <reg orig="harke">hark</reg> you <hi rend="italic">Kate</hi>,</l>
<l>I must not <reg orig="haue">have</reg> you henceforth, question me?</l>
<l>Whither I go: nor reason where about:</l>
<l>Whither I must, I must: and to&H9; conclude,</l>
   <l>This <reg orig="euening">evening</reg> must I <reg orig="leaue">leave</reg> you Gentle <hi rend="italic">Kate</hi>.</l>
<l>I know you wise, but yet no&H2; farther wise,</l>
   <l><reg orig="Then">Than</reg> <hi rend="italic">Harry <reg orig="Percyes">Percy's</reg></hi> wife. constant you are,</l>
<l>But yet a woman, and for&H4; secrecy,</l>
<l>No&H2; Lady closer, for&H3; I will&H1; <reg orig="beleeue">believe</reg>,</l>
<l>Thou wilt not <reg orig="vtter">utter</reg> what thou dost not know:</l>
   <l>And so&H51; <reg orig="fare">far</reg> will&H1; I trust thee, gentle <hi rend="italic">Kate</hi>.</l></sp>
<sp who="AC"><speaker>La.</speaker>
   <l>How, so&H51; far?</l></sp>
   <sp who="G"><speaker>Hot.</speaker>
      <l>Not an inch further: but <reg orig="harke">hark</reg> you <hi rend="italic">Kate</hi>,</l>
<l>Whither I <reg orig="goe">go</reg>, thither shall you <reg orig="goe">go</reg> too:</l>
<l><reg orig="To day">Today</reg> will&H1; I set <reg orig="foorth">forth</reg>, <reg orig="to morrow">tomorrow</reg> you:</l>
      <l>Will&H1; this content you <hi rend="italic">Kate</hi>?</l></sp>
<sp who="AC"><speaker>Lady.</speaker>
   <l>It must of force. </l></sp>

<div2 n="4" type="scene">
<stage>Enter Prince and Poines.</stage>
   <sp who="C"><speaker>Prince.</speaker>
      <p><hi rend="italic">Ned</hi>, <reg orig="prethee">prithee</reg> come out of that&H62; fat <reg orig="roome">room</reg>, and lend<lb/>
<reg orig="mee">me</reg> thy hand to&H9; laugh a little.</p></sp>
   <sp who="E"><speaker>Poines.</speaker>
      <p>Where hast been <hi rend="italic">Hal?</hi></p></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker>Prin.</speaker>
   <p>With three or <reg orig="foure">four</reg> Logger-heads, amongst three or<lb/>
<reg orig="foure">four</reg> score Hogsheads. I <reg orig="haue">have</reg> sounded the very base string of<lb/>
<reg orig="Humilitie">Humility</reg>. <reg orig="Sirra">Sirrah</reg>, I am <reg orig="sworne">sworn</reg> Brother to&H4; a leash of Drawers, <reg orig="&">and</reg><lb/>
   can call them all by&H4; their Christian names, as <hi rend="italic">Tom, <reg orig="Dicke">Dick</reg>,</hi> and<lb/>
   <hi rend="italic">Francis</hi>: they take it already <reg orig="vpon">upon&H4;</reg> their <reg orig="saluation">salvation</reg>, that&H3; though I<lb/>
   be but <hi rend="italic">Prince of Wales</hi>, yet I am the King of <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Curtesie">Courtesy</reg></hi>; and tell <reg orig="mee">me</reg><lb/>
   flatly, I am not proud <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Iack">Jack</reg></hi>, like&H4; <hi rend="italic">Falstalffe</hi>; but a <hi rend="italic">Corinthian</hi>, a lad<lb/>
of <reg orig="mettall">metal</reg>, a good Boy, (by&H4; the Lord so&H52; they call me) and when<lb/>
   I am King of <hi rend="italic">England</hi>, I shall <reg orig="commande">command</reg> all the good Lads in&H4;<lb/>
   <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Eastcheape">East-cheap</reg></hi>. They call drinking <reg orig="deepe">deep</reg>, dying Scarlet; and when<lb/>
you breath in&H4; your <reg orig="watring">watering</reg>, they cry hem, and bid you play it<lb/>
off. To&H9; conclude, I am so&H51; good a proficient in&H4; one quarter of an<lb/>
<reg orig="houre">hour</reg>, that&H3; I can <reg orig="drinke">drink</reg> with any Tinker in&H4; his <reg orig="owne">own</reg> language<lb/>
   during my life. I tell thee <hi rend="italic">Ned</hi>, thou hast lost much honour, that&H3;<lb/>
   thou wert not with me in&H4; this action: but sweet <hi rend="italic">Ned</hi>; to&H9; sweeten<lb/>
   which&H61; name of <hi rend="italic">Ned</hi>, I <reg orig="giue">give</reg> thee this <reg orig="peniworth">pennyworth</reg> of Sugar,<lb/>
   <reg orig="clapt">clapped</reg> <reg orig="euen">even</reg> now into my hand by&H4; an <reg orig="vnder">under</reg> Skinker, one that&H61; <lb/>
   <reg orig="neuer">never</reg> spake other English in&H4; his life, <reg orig="then">than</reg> <hi rend="italic">Eight <reg orig="shillinges">shillings</reg> and <reg orig="sixe">six</reg> <lb/>
      pence; and, You are welcome,</hi> with this shrill addition, <hi rend="italic">Anon, anon <lb/>
         sir; <reg orig="skore">score</reg> a Pint of Bastard in&H4; the <reg orig="Halfe">Half</reg> <reg orig="moone">moon</reg></hi>, or so&H52;. But <hi rend="italic">Ned</hi>, to&H9; <lb/>
   <reg orig="driue">drive</reg> away time till <hi rend="italic">Falstalffe</hi> come, I <reg orig="prethee">prithee</reg> <reg orig="doe">do</reg> thou stand in&H4;<lb/>
some by&H4; <reg orig="roome">room</reg>, while I question my puny Drawer, to&H4; what<lb/>
   end he <reg orig="gaue">gave</reg> me the Sugar, and <reg orig="doe">do</reg> <reg orig="neuer">never</reg> <reg orig="leaue">leave</reg> calling <hi rend="italic">Francis</hi>,<lb/>
   that&H3; his tale to&H4; me may be nothing but, Anon: steppe aside,<lb/>
and <reg orig="Ile">I will&H1;</reg> <reg orig="shew">show</reg> thee a present.</p></sp>
   <sp who="E"><speaker>Poines.</speaker>
      <p><hi rend="italic">Francis</hi>.</p></sp> 
   <sp who="C"><speaker>Prince.</speaker>
      <p>Thou art perfect. </p></sp>
   <sp who="E"><speaker>Poines.</speaker>
      <p><hi rend="italic">Francis.</hi></p></sp> 
   <stage>Enter Drawer.</stage>
   <sp who="AP"><speaker>Fra.</speaker>
      <p>Anon, anon sir; <reg orig="looke">look</reg> <reg orig="downe">down</reg> into the <reg orig="Pomgarnet">Pomegranate</reg>, <hi rend="italic">Ralse</hi>.<lb/></p></sp>

   <sp who="C"><speaker>Prince.</speaker>
      <p>Come hither <hi rend="italic">Francis.</hi> </p></sp>
<sp who="AP"><speaker>Francis.</speaker>
   <p>My Lord. </p></sp>
   <sp who="C"><speaker>Prince.</speaker>
      <p>How long hast thou to&H9; <reg orig="serue">serve</reg>, <hi rend="italic">Francis?</hi></p></sp>
<sp who="AP"><speaker>Francis.</speaker>
   <p>Forsooth <reg orig="fiue">five</reg> <reg orig="yeares">years</reg>, and as much as <reg orig="to">too</reg></p></sp>
   <sp who="E"><speaker>Poines.</speaker>
      <p><hi rend="italic">Francis</hi>.</p></sp>
<sp who="AP"><speaker>Francis.</speaker>
   <p><reg orig="Anone">Anon</reg>, <reg orig="anone">anon</reg> sir.</p></sp>
   <sp who="C"><speaker>Prince.</speaker>
      <p><reg orig="Fiue">Five</reg> <reg orig="yeares">years</reg>; <reg orig="berlady">byrlady</reg> a long lease for&H4; the <reg orig="clincking">clinking</reg> of<lb/>
   Pewter: But <hi rend="italic">Francis</hi>, darest thou be so&H51; valiant, as to&H9; play the<lb/>
   coward with thy Indenture, and <reg orig="shew">show</reg> it a <reg orig="faire">fair</reg> <reg orig="paire">pair</reg> of <reg orig="heeles">heels</reg>,<lb/>
   and <reg orig="runne">run</reg> from it?</p></sp>
<sp who="AP"><speaker>Francis.</speaker>
   <p>O Lord sir, <reg orig="Ile">I will&H1;</reg> be <reg orig="sworne">sworn</reg> <reg orig="vpon">upon&H4;</reg> all <reg orig="Bookes">Books</reg> in&H4; England,<lb/>
   I could find in&H4; my heart.<lb/></p></sp>
   <sp who="E"><speaker>Poines.</speaker>
      <p><hi rend="italic">Francis</hi>.</p></sp> 
   <sp who="AP"><speaker>Francis.</speaker>
      <p><reg orig="Anone">Anon</reg> sir. </p></sp>
   <sp who="C"><speaker>Prince.</speaker>
      <p>How old art thou, <hi rend="italic">Francis</hi>?</p></sp>
<sp who="AP"><speaker>Francis.</speaker>
   <p>Let me see, about Michaelmas next I shall be</p></sp>
   <sp who="E"><speaker>Poines.</speaker>
      <p><hi rend="italic">Francis</hi>.</p></sp>
<sp who="AP"><speaker>Francis.</speaker>
   <p><reg orig="Anone">Anon</reg> sir, pray you stay a little, my Lord.</p></sp>
   <sp who="C"><speaker>Prince.</speaker>
      <p>Nay but <reg orig="harke">hark</reg> you <hi rend="italic">Francis</hi>, for&H4; the Sugar thou <reg orig="gauest">gavest</reg><lb/>
me, <reg orig="t'was">it was</reg> a penny worth, <reg orig="wast">was it</reg> not?</p></sp>
<sp who="AP"><speaker>Francis.</speaker>
   <p>O Lord, I would it had been two.</p></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker>Prince.</speaker>
   <p>I will&H1; <reg orig="giue">give</reg> thee for&H4; it a thousand pound, <reg orig="aske">ask</reg> <reg orig="mee">me</reg><lb/>
when thou wilt, and thou shalt <reg orig="haue">have</reg> it.</p></sp>
   <sp who="E"><speaker>Poines.</speaker>
      <p><hi rend="italic">Francis</hi>.</p></sp> 
   <sp who="AP"><speaker>Francis.</speaker>
      <p><reg orig="Anone">Anon</reg>, <reg orig="anone">anon</reg>. </p></sp>
   <sp who="C"><speaker>Prince.</speaker>
      <p><reg orig="Anone">Anon</reg> <hi rend="italic">Francis</hi>? No&H7; <hi rend="italic">Francis</hi>, but <reg orig="to morrow">tomorrow</reg> <hi rend="italic">Francis:</hi><lb/>
      or <hi rend="italic">Francis</hi>, on&H4; <reg orig="thurseday">thursday</reg>: or indeed <hi rend="italic">Francis</hi>, when thou wilt:<lb/>
      But <hi rend="italic">Francis</hi>.</p></sp>
<sp who="AP"><speaker>Francis.</speaker>
   <p>My Lord.</p></sp>
   <sp who="C"><speaker>Prince.</speaker>
      <p>Wilt thou rob this <reg orig="Leatherne">Leathern</reg> <reg orig="ierkin">jerkin</reg>, <reg orig="Christall">Crystal</reg> button,<lb/>
   Not-pated, <reg orig="A gat">Agate</reg> ring, Puke stocking, Caddice garter,<lb/>
   Smooth tongue, Spanish pouch?</p></sp>
<sp who="AP"><speaker>Francis.</speaker>
   <p>O Lord sir, who&H62; do you <reg orig="meane">mean</reg>?</p></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker>Prince.</speaker>
   <p>Why then your <reg orig="Browne">Brown</reg> <reg orig="bastarde">bastard</reg> is your <reg orig="onely">only</reg><lb/>
   <reg orig="drinke">drink</reg>: for&H3; <reg orig="looke">look</reg> you <hi rend="italic">Francis</hi>, your White <reg orig="canuasse">canvas</reg> doublet<lb/>
   will&H1; <reg orig="sulley">sully</reg>. In&H4; <hi rend="italic">Barbary</hi> sir, it cannot come to&H4; so&H51; much.</p></sp>
   <sp who="AP"><speaker>Francis.</speaker>
      <p>What sir;</p></sp> 
   <sp who="E"><speaker>Poines.</speaker>
      <p><hi rend="italic">Francis.</hi> </p></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker>Prince.</speaker>
   <p>Away you rogue, dost thou not <reg orig="heare">hear</reg> them call?</p></sp>
<stage>Heere" they both call him, the Drawer standes amazed; not
   knowing which way to <reg orig="goe">go</reg>.</stage> <stage>Enter Vintner. </stage>
<sp who="AQ"><speaker>Vint.</speaker>
   <p>What, <reg orig="standst">standest</reg> thou still, and hearst such a calling?<lb/>
   <reg orig="looke">look</reg> to&H4; the <reg orig="Ghestes">Guests</reg> within. My Lord, old sir <hi rend="italic">Iohn</hi> with <reg orig="halfe">half</reg><lb/>
   a dozen more, are at the <reg orig="doore">door</reg>, shall I let them in&H5;?</p></sp>
   <sp who="C"><speaker>Prin.</speaker>
      <p>Let them alone a while, <reg orig="&">and</reg> then open the <reg orig="doore">door</reg>: <hi rend="italic">Poines.</hi></p></sp>
<sp who="E"><speaker>Poines.</speaker>
   <p><reg orig="Anone">Anon</reg>, <reg orig="anone">anon</reg> sir. </p></sp>
<stage>Enter Poines. </stage>
   <sp who="C"><speaker>Prince.</speaker>
      <p><reg orig="Sirra">Sirrah</reg>, <hi rend="italic">Falstalffe</hi> and the rest of the <reg orig="Theeues">Thieves</reg>, are at the<lb/>
<reg orig="doore">door</reg>, shall we&Htp; be merry?</p></sp>
<sp who="E"><speaker>Poin.</speaker>
   <p>As merry as Crickets, my lad: but <reg orig="harke">hark</reg> <reg orig="yee">ye</reg>, what<lb/>
   cunning match <reg orig="haue">have</reg> you made with this <reg orig="iest">jest</reg> of the <hi rend="italic">Drawer</hi>;<lb/>
   come, <reg orig="what's">what is</reg> the issue?</p></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker>Princ.</speaker>
   <p>I am now of all <reg orig="humors">humours</reg>, that&H61; <reg orig="haue">have</reg> <reg orig="shewed">showed</reg> <reg orig="themselues">themselves</reg><lb/>
   <reg orig="humors">humours</reg>, since the old <reg orig="daies">days</reg> of goodman <hi rend="italic">Adam</hi>, to&H4; the <reg orig="pupill">pupil</reg><lb/>
age of this present <reg orig="twelue">twelve</reg> <reg orig="a clocke">o'clock</reg> at midnight. <reg orig="What's">What is</reg> <lb/>
  <reg orig="a clocke">o'clock</reg> <hi rend="italic">Francis?</hi></p></sp>
<sp who="AP"><speaker>Francis.</speaker>
   <p><reg orig="Anone">Anon</reg>, <reg orig="anone">anon</reg> sir.</p></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker>Princ.</speaker>
   <p>That&H3; <reg orig="euer">ever</reg> this fellow should <reg orig="haue">have</reg> fewer words <reg orig="then">than</reg><lb/>
a <reg orig="Parret">Parrot</reg>, <reg orig="&">and</reg> yet the son of a Woman. His industry is <reg orig="vp">up&H5;</reg> <reg orig="staires">stairs</reg><lb/>
and <reg orig="downe">down</reg> <reg orig="staires">stairs</reg>, his eloquence the <reg orig="parcell">parcel</reg> of a reckoning. I<lb/>
   am not yet of Percy mind, the <hi rend="italic">Hotspur</hi> of the <hi rend="italic">North</hi>, he that&H61; <reg orig="kils">kills</reg><lb/>
   me some <reg orig="sixe">six</reg> or <reg orig="seuen">seven</reg> dozen of <hi rend="italic">Scots</hi> at a breakfast, washes his<lb/>
<reg orig="handes">hands</reg>, and <reg orig="sayes">says</reg> to&H4; his wife, Fie <reg orig="vpon">upon&H4;</reg> this quiet life, I want<lb/>
   <reg orig="worke">work</reg>. O my sweet <hi rend="italic">Harry</hi>, <reg orig="sayes">says</reg> she! how many hast thou <reg orig="kild">killed</reg><lb/>
today? <reg orig="Giue">Give</reg> my <reg orig="Roane">Roan</reg> horse a drench (<reg orig="sayes">says</reg> he) and <reg orig="answeres">answers</reg>,
some <reg orig="forteene">fourteen</reg>, an <reg orig="houre">hour</reg> after; a trifle, a trifle. I <reg orig="prethee">prithee</reg> call in&H5;<lb/>
   <hi rend="italic">Falstalffe</hi>, <reg orig="Ile">I will&H1;</reg> play <hi rend="italic">Percy</hi>, and that&H62; <reg orig="damnde">damned</reg> <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Brawne">Brawn</reg></hi> shall play<lb/>
   Dame <hi rend="italic">Mortimer</hi> his wife. <hi rend="italic">Riuo</hi>, <reg orig="saies">says</reg> the drunkard: <reg orig="cal">call</reg> in&H5; Ribs,<lb/>
call in&H5; Tallow.</p></sp>
<stage>Enter Falstaffe.</stage>
   <sp who="E"><speaker>Poines.</speaker>
      <p>Welcome <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Iacke">Jack</reg></hi>, where hast thou <reg orig="beene">been</reg>?</p></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker>Fal.</speaker>
   <p>A plague of all cowards I say, and a vengeance <reg orig="to">too</reg>, marry <lb/>
   and Amen: <reg orig="giue">give</reg> me a cup of sack boy. <reg orig="E're">Ere</reg> I lead this life<lb/>
long, <reg orig="Ile">I will&H1;</reg> <reg orig="sowe">sow</reg> <reg orig="neatherstocks">netherstocks</reg>, and mend them, and <reg orig="foote">foot</reg> them<lb/>
too. A plague of all cowards, <reg orig="Giue">Give</reg> me a cup of <reg orig="sacke">sack</reg>, rogue, is<lb/>
there no&H2; <reg orig="vertue">virtue</reg> extant?</p></sp> 
   <sp who="C"><speaker>Prin.</speaker>
      <p>Didst thou <reg orig="neuer">never</reg> see <hi rend="italic">Titan</hi> <reg orig="kisse">kiss</reg> a dish of butter, <reg orig="pittifull">pitiful</reg><lb/>
      <reg orig="harted">hearted</reg> <hi rend="italic">Titan</hi> that&H61; melted at the <reg orig="sweete">sweet</reg> tale of the <reg orig="Sunne">Sun</reg>? if thou<lb/>
didst, then behold that&H62; compound.</p></sp>
   <sp who="D"><speaker>Fal.</speaker><p>You rogue, <reg orig="heres">here is</reg> Lime in&H4; this Sack too, there is nothing<lb/>
   but <reg orig="rogery">roguery</reg> to&H9; be found in&H4; <reg orig="villanous">villainous</reg> man; yet a coward is worse<lb/>
<reg orig="then">than</reg> a cup of Sack with Lime in&H4; it. A <reg orig="villanous">villainous</reg> Coward, go thy<lb/>
      <reg orig="wayes">ways</reg> old <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Iacke">Jack</reg></hi>, die when thou wilt, if manhood, goodmanhood<lb/>
be not forgot <reg orig="vpon">upon&H4;</reg> the face of the earth, then am I a shotten<lb/>
Herring: there <reg orig="liues">lives</reg> not three good men <reg orig="vnhangd">unhanged</reg> in&H4; England,<lb/>
and one of them is <reg orig="fatte">fat</reg>, and <reg orig="growes">grows</reg> old; God <reg orig="helpe">help</reg> the<lb/>
while, a bad world I say: I would I were a <reg orig="Weauer">Weaver</reg>, I could sing<lb/>
<reg orig="Psalmes">Psalms</reg>, or <reg orig="any thing">anything</reg>. A plague of all Cowards, I say still.</p></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker>Prin.</speaker>
   <p>How now <reg orig="Wolsacke">Wool sack</reg>, what mutter you?</p></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker>Fals.</speaker>
   <p>A Kings <reg orig="sonne">son</reg>? if I <reg orig="doe">do</reg> not beat thee out of thy <reg orig="Kingdome">Kingdom</reg><lb/>
with a dagger of Lath, and <reg orig="driue">drive</reg> all thy <reg orig="Subiectes">Subjects</reg> afore<lb/>
   thee like&H4; a <reg orig="flocke">flock</reg> of <reg orig="Wild-geese">Weld-geese</reg>, <reg orig="Ile">I will&H1;</reg> <reg orig="neuer">never</reg> <reg orig="weare">wear</reg> <reg orig="haire">hair</reg> on&H4; my <lb/>
   face more, you <hi rend="italic">Prince of Wales</hi>.</p></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker>Prin.</speaker>
   <p>Why you <reg orig="horson">whoreson</reg> round man, <reg orig="what's">what is</reg> the matter?</p></sp>
   <sp who="D"><speaker>Fal.</speaker>
      <p>Are you not a Coward? <reg orig="answere">answer</reg> me to&H4; that&H62;, and <hi rend="italic">Poines</hi><lb/>
<sp who="C"><speaker>Prin.</speaker>
   <p><reg orig="Zounds">S'wounds</reg> ye fat paunch, <reg orig="and">if</reg> ye call me Coward, by&H4; the<lb/>
Lord <reg orig="Ile">I will&H1;</reg> stab thee.</p></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker>Fal.</speaker>
   <p>I call thee Coward? <reg orig="Ile">I will&H1;</reg> see thee <reg orig="damnde">damned</reg> <reg orig="eare">ere</reg> I call thee<lb/>
Coward, but I would <reg orig="giue">give</reg> a thousand pound I could run as fast<lb/>
as thou canst. You are straight enough in&H4; the shoulders, you<lb/>
care not who&H61; sees your <reg orig="backe">back</reg>: call you that&H62; backing of your<lb/>
<reg orig="friendes">friends</reg>? a plague <reg orig="vpon">upon&H4;</reg> such backing: <reg orig="giue">give</reg> me them that&H61; will&H1;<lb/>
face me. <reg orig="Giue">Give</reg> me a cup of Sack, I am a rogue if I <reg orig="drunke">drunk</reg> <reg orig="to day">today</reg>.</p></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker>Pri.</speaker>
   <p>O <reg orig="villaine">villain</reg>, thy lips are <reg orig="scarse">scarce</reg> <reg orig="wip'd">wiped</reg> since thou <reg orig="drunkst">drunkest</reg><lb/>
<sp who="D"><speaker>Fal.</speaker>
   <p><reg orig="All's">All is</reg> one for&H4; that&H62;. <stage>He drinkes. </stage><lb/>

A plague of all Cowards still say I.</p></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker>Prin.</speaker>
   <p>Whats the matter?</p></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker>Fal.</speaker>
   <p>Whats the matter? here be <reg orig="foure">four</reg> of <reg orig="vs">us&Htp;</reg>, <reg orig="haue">have</reg> <reg orig="tane">taken</reg> a thousand<lb/>
pound this morning.</p></sp>
   <sp who="C"><speaker>Prin.</speaker>
      <p>Where is it? <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Iacke">Jack</reg></hi>, where is it?</p></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker>Fals.</speaker>
   <p>Where is it? taken from <reg orig="vs">us&Htp;</reg> it is: a hundred <reg orig="vpon">upon&H4;</reg><lb/>
<reg orig="poore">poor</reg> <reg orig="foure">four</reg> of <reg orig="vs">us&Htp;</reg>.</p></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker>Prin.</speaker>
   <p>What, a hundred man?</p></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker>Fal.</speaker>
   <p>I am a rogue, if I were not at <reg orig="halfe">half</reg> sword, with a dozen<lb/>
of them two <reg orig="houres">hours</reg> together. I <reg orig="haue">have</reg> scaped by&H4; <reg orig="myracle">miracle</reg>. I am<lb/>
eight times thrust through the Doublet, <reg orig="foure">four</reg> through the<lb/>
Hose, my Buckler cut through and through, my Sword <reg orig="hackt">hacked</reg><lb/>
   like&H4; a hand-saw, <foreign lang="Latin">ecce signum</foreign>. I <reg orig="neuer">never</reg> dealt better since I was a <lb/> 
   man, <reg orig="al">all</reg> would not <reg orig="doe">do</reg>. A plague of all cowards, let them spake;<lb/>
if they <reg orig="speake">speak</reg> more or <reg orig="lesse">less</reg> <reg orig="then">than</reg> truth, they are <reg orig="villaines">villains</reg>, and <lb/>
   the <reg orig="sonnes">sons</reg> of <reg orig="darknesse">darkness</reg>.</p></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker>Gad.</speaker>
   <p><reg orig="Speake">Speak</reg>, sirs, how was it:</p></sp>
<sp who="AO"><speaker>Ross.</speaker>
   <p>We&Htp; <reg orig="foure">four</reg> set <reg orig="vpon">upon&H4;</reg> some dozen.</p></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker>Falst.</speaker>
   <p><reg orig="Sixteene">Sixteen</reg>, at least, my Lord.</p></sp>
<sp who="AO"><speaker>Ross.</speaker>
   <p>And bound them.</p></sp>
<sp who="AN"><speaker>Peto.</speaker>
   <p>No&H7;, no&H7;, they were not bound.</p></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker>Fal.</speaker>
   <p>You rogue they were bound, <reg orig="euery">every</reg> man of them, or I<lb/>
am a <reg orig="Iew">Jew</reg> else, an <reg orig="Ebrew">Hebrew</reg> <reg orig="Iew">Jew</reg>.</p></sp>
<sp who="AO"><speaker>Ross.</speaker>
   <p>As we&Htp; were sharing, some <reg orig="sixe">six</reg> or <reg orig="seuen">seven</reg> fresh men set<lb/>
<reg orig="vpon">upon&H4;</reg> <reg orig="vs">us&Htp;</reg>.</p></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker>Fal.</speaker>
   <p>And <reg orig="vnbound">unbound</reg> the rest, and then come in&H5; the other.</p></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker>Prin.</speaker>
   <p>What, fought <reg orig="yee">ye</reg> with them all?</p></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker>Fals.</speaker>
   <p>All? I know not what <reg orig="yee">ye</reg> call all: but if I fought not<lb/>
with fifty of them, I am a bunch of radish: if there were not<lb/>
   two or three and fifty <reg orig="vpon">upon&H4;</reg> <reg orig="poore">poor</reg> old <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Iacke">Jack</reg></hi>, then am I no&H2; two<lb/>
<reg orig="leg'd">legged</reg> creature.</p></sp>
<sp who="E"><speaker>Poines.</speaker>
   <p>Pray God, you <reg orig="haue">have</reg> not murthered some of them.</p></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker>Fals.</speaker>
   <p>Nay <reg orig="that's">that&H62; is</reg> past praying for&H5;, I <reg orig="haue">have</reg> <reg orig="pepper'd">peppered</reg> two of<lb/>
   them. Two I am sure I <reg orig="haue">have</reg> payed, two rogues in&H4; <reg orig="buckrom">buckram</reg><lb/>
   <reg orig="sutes">suits</reg>: I <reg orig="tel">tell</reg> thee what, <hi rend="italic">Hal</hi>, if I tell thee a lie, spit in&H4; my face; <reg orig="cal">call</reg><lb/>
   me Horse: thou knowest my old word: here I lay, and thus I<lb/>
bore my point; <reg orig="foure">four</reg> rogues in&H4; <reg orig="Buckrom">Buckram</reg> let <reg orig="driue">drive</reg> at me.</p></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker>Prin</speaker>
   <p>What, <reg orig="foure">four</reg>? thou <reg orig="said'st">saidst</reg> but two, <reg orig="euen">even</reg> now.</p></sp>
   <sp who="D"><speaker>Fals.</speaker>
      <p><reg orig="Foure">Four</reg> <hi rend="italic">Hal</hi>, I told thee <reg orig="foure">four</reg>.</p></sp>
<sp who="E"><speaker>Poin.</speaker>
   <p><reg orig="I">Aye</reg>, <reg orig="I">Aye</reg>, he said <reg orig="foure">four</reg>.</p></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker>Fals.</speaker>
   <p>These <reg orig="foure">four</reg> came all a front, and <reg orig="mainely">mainly</reg> thrust at me;<lb/>
I made me no&H2; more <reg orig="adoe">ado</reg>, but <reg orig="tooke">took</reg> all their <reg orig="seuen">seven</reg> points in&H4; my<lb/>
Target, thus.</p></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker>Princ.</speaker>
   <p><reg orig="Seuen">Seven</reg>? why there were but <reg orig="foure">four</reg>, <reg orig="euen">even</reg> now.</p></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker>Fals.</speaker>
   <p>In&H4; <reg orig="Buckrom">Buckram</reg>.</p></sp>
<sp who="E"><speaker>Poin.</speaker>
   <p><reg orig="I">Aye</reg>, <reg orig="foure">four</reg>, in&H4; <reg orig="Buckrome">Buckram</reg> suites.</p></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker>Fals.</speaker>
   <p><reg orig="Seuen">Seven</reg>, by&H4; these <reg orig="Hiltes">Hilts</reg>, or I am a <reg orig="Villaine">Villain</reg> else:</p></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker>Prin.</speaker>
   <p><reg orig="Prethee">Prithee</reg> let him alone, we&Htp; shall <reg orig="haue">have</reg> more anon.</p></sp>
   <sp who="D"><speaker>Fals.</speaker>
      <p>Doest thou <reg orig="heare">hear</reg> me <hi rend="italic">Hal</hi>?</p></sp>
   <sp who="C"><speaker>Prin.</speaker>
      <p><reg orig="I">Aye</reg> and <reg orig="marke">mark</reg> thee too, <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Iacke">Jack</reg></hi>.</p></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker>Fal.</speaker>
   <p>Do so&H52;, for&H3; it is worth the <reg orig="listning">listening</reg> to&H5;, these nine in&H4; <reg orig="Buckrom">Buckram</reg>,<lb/>
   that&H61; I told thee of.</p></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker>Prin.</speaker>
   <p>So&H3;, two more already.</p></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker>Fal.</speaker>
   <p>Their points being broken,</p></sp>
<sp who="E"><speaker>Poynes.</speaker>
   <p><reg orig="Downe">Down</reg> fell his hose.</p></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker>Fal.</speaker>
   <p>Began to&H9; <reg orig="giue">give</reg> me ground. But I followed me close, came<lb/>
in&H5; <reg orig="foote">foot</reg> and hand, <reg orig="&">and</reg> with a thought, <reg orig="seuen">seven</reg> of the <reg orig="eleuen">eleven</reg> I paid.</p></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker>Prin.</speaker>
   <p>O monstrous! <reg orig="eleuen">eleven</reg> <reg orig="buckrom">buckram</reg> men <reg orig="growne">grown</reg> out of two?</p></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker>Fal.</speaker>
   <p>But as the <reg orig="diuel">devil</reg> would <reg orig="haue">have</reg> it, three misbegotten <reg orig="knaues">knaves</reg>,<lb/>
   in&H4; <hi rend="italic">Kendall</hi> <reg orig="greene">green</reg>, came at my <reg orig="backe">back</reg> and let <reg orig="driue">drive</reg> at me, for&H3; it<lb/>
   was so&H51; <reg orig="darke">dark</reg>, <hi rend="italic">Hal</hi>, that&H3; thou couldst not see thy hand.</p></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker>Prin.</speaker>
   <p>These <reg orig="lyes">lies</reg> are like&H4; the father that&H61; begets them, <reg orig="grosse">gross</reg><lb/>
as a <reg orig="mountaine">mountain</reg>, open palpable. Why thou clay <reg orig="braind">brained</reg> guts, thou<lb/>
knotty-pated <reg orig="foole">fool</reg>, thou <reg orig="horson">whoreson</reg> obscene <reg orig="greasie">greasy</reg> tallow catch.</p></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker>Fal.</speaker>
   <p>What? art thou mad? art thou mad; is not the truth the<lb/>
   <sp who="C"><speaker>Prin.</speaker>
      <p>Why, how couldst thou know these men in&H4; <hi rend="italic">Kendall.</hi><lb/>
<reg orig="greene">green</reg>, when it was so&H51; <reg orig="darke">dark</reg> thou couldst not see thy hand? <lb/>
      come tell <reg orig="vs">us&Htp;</reg> your reason, What <reg orig="saist">sayst</reg> thou to&H4; this?</p></sp>
<sp who="E"><speaker>Poy.</speaker>
   <p>Come, your reason <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Iacke">Jack</reg></hi>, your reason.</p></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker>Fal.</speaker>
   <p>What, <reg orig="vpon">upon&H4;</reg> compulsion? <reg orig="Zoundes">S'wounds</reg>, <reg orig="and">if</reg> I were at the<lb/>
strappado, or <reg orig="al">all</reg> the racks in&H4; the world, I would not <reg orig="tel">tell</reg> you on&H4;<lb/>
compulsion. <reg orig="Giue">Give</reg> you a reason on&H4; compulsion? if reasons were<lb/>
as plenty as <reg orig="blackeberries">blackberries</reg>, I would <reg orig="giue">give</reg> no&H2; man a reason <reg orig="vpon">upon&H4;</reg><lb/>
compulsion, I.</p></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker>Prin.</speaker>
   <p><reg orig="Ile">I will&H1;</reg> be no&H2; longer <reg orig="guiltie">guilty</reg> of this <reg orig="sinne">sin</reg>. This sanguine<lb/>
   coward, this bed-presser, this horse-back-breaker, this huge <lb/>
<reg orig="hil">hill</reg> of flesh.</p></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker>Fal.</speaker>
   <p><reg orig="Zbloud">'sblood</reg> you <reg orig="starueling">starveling</reg>, you <reg orig="elsskin">eel-skin</reg>, you dried neats tong,<lb/>
<reg orig="buls-pizzel">bull's pizzle</reg>, you <reg orig="stockefish">stock fish</reg>: O for&H4; breath to&H9; <reg orig="vtter">utter</reg>! what is like&H4;<lb/>
thee? you <reg orig="taylers">tailors</reg> yard, you sheath, you <reg orig="bowcase">bow-case</reg>; you vile standing <lb/>
<reg orig="tucke">tuck</reg>.</p></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker>Prin.</speaker>
   <p><reg orig="Wel">Well</reg>, <reg orig="breath">breathe</reg> a while, and then to&H4; it <reg orig="againe">again</reg>, <reg orig="&">and</reg> when thou<lb/>
hast tried <reg orig="thy selfe">thyself</reg> in&H4; base comparisons, <reg orig="heare">hear</reg> me speak but thus</p></sp>
   <sp who="E"><speaker>Poy.</speaker>
      <p><reg orig="Marke">Mark</reg>, <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Iacke">Jack</reg></hi>.</p></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker>Prin.</speaker>
   <p>We&Htp; two, saw you <reg orig="foure">four</reg>, set on&H4; <reg orig="foure">four</reg> <reg orig="&">and</reg> bound them, <reg orig="&">and</reg><lb/>
were <reg orig="maisters">masters</reg> of their <reg orig="welth">wealth</reg>: <reg orig="marke">mark</reg> now how a <reg orig="plaine">plain</reg> tale shall<lb/>
put you <reg orig="downe">down</reg>: then did <reg orig="wee">we&Htp;</reg> two set on&H4; you <reg orig="foure">four</reg>, and with a<lb/>
word, <reg orig="outfac'd">out-faced</reg> you from your prize, <reg orig="&">and</reg> <reg orig="haue">have</reg> it, yea, <reg orig="&">and</reg> can <reg orig="shew">show</reg><lb/>
   it you here in&H4; the house: and <hi rend="italic">Falstalffe</hi>, you carried your guts away<lb/>
   as nimbly, with as quick dexterity, <reg orig="&">and</reg> roared for&H4; mercy, <reg orig="&">and</reg><lb/>
still run <reg orig="&">and</reg> <reg orig="roare">roar</reg>, as <reg orig="euer">ever</reg> I heard <reg orig="Bul-calfe">Bull calf</reg>. What a <reg orig="slaue">slave</reg> art thou<lb/>
to&H9; hack thy sword as thou hast done, <reg orig="&">and</reg> then say it was in&H4; fight?<lb/>
What <reg orig="tricke">trick</reg>? what <reg orig="deuice">device</reg>? what starting hole canst thou now<lb/>
find out, to&H9; hide thee from this open and <reg orig="apparant">apparent</reg> shame?</p></sp>
   <sp who="E"><speaker>Poin.</speaker>
      <p>Come <reg orig="lets">let us&Htp;</reg> <reg orig="heare">hear</reg> <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Iacke">Jack</reg></hi>, what <reg orig="tricke">trick</reg> hast thou now?</p></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker>Fals.</speaker><p>By&H4; the Lord, I knew <reg orig="yee">ye</reg> as well as <reg orig="hee">he</reg> that&H61; made <reg orig="yee">ye</reg>.<lb/>
Why <reg orig="heare">hear</reg> you my <reg orig="maisters">masters</reg>, was it for&H4; <reg orig="mee">me</reg>, to&H9; kill the <reg orig="Heire">Heir</reg><lb/>
<reg orig="apparant">apparent</reg>? Should I <reg orig="turne">turn</reg> <reg orig="vpon">upon&H4;</reg> the true Prince? Why, thou<lb/>
   knowest I am as valiant as <hi rend="italic">Hercules</hi>: but beware instinct, the Lion<lb/>
   will&H1; not touch the true Prince, instinct is a great matter. I<lb/>
   was a Coward on&H4; instinct, I shall <reg orig="thinke">think</reg> the better of <reg orig="my selfe">myself</reg>,<lb/>
   and thee, during my life; I, for&H4; a valiant Lion, and thou for&H4; a true<lb/>
      Prince: but, by&H4; the Lord, Lads, I am glad you <reg orig="haue">have</reg> the Money.<lb/>
   <reg orig="Hostesse">Hostess</reg>, clap to&H5; the <reg orig="doores">doors</reg>, watch <reg orig="to night">tonight</reg>, pray <reg orig="to morrow">tomorrow</reg>:<lb/>
   Gallants, Lads, <reg orig="Boyes">Boys</reg>, Hearts of gold, all the titles of good fellowship<lb/>
come to&H4; you. What, shall we&Htp; be merry? shall we&Htp; <reg orig="haue">have</reg><lb/>
a Play extempore?</p></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker>Prin.</speaker>
   <p>Content, and the argument <reg orig="shal">shall</reg> be, thy running away.</p></sp>
   <sp who="D"><speaker>Fals.</speaker>
      <p>A, no&H2; more of that&H62; <hi rend="italic">Hal</hi>, <reg orig="&">and</reg> thou <reg orig="louest">lovest</reg> me.</p></sp> 
   <stage>Enter Hostesse.</stage>
   <sp who="AJ"><speaker>Host.</speaker>
      <p>O <reg orig="Iesu">Jesu</reg>, my Lord the <hi rend="italic">Prince!</hi></p></sp>
   <sp who="C"><speaker>Prin.</speaker>
      <p>How now my Lady the <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Hostesse">Hostess</reg></hi>, what <reg orig="saist">sayst</reg> thou to&H4; me?</p></sp>
<sp who="AJ"><speaker>Hos.</speaker>
   <p>Marry, my <reg orig="L.">Lord</reg> there is a Noble man of the court, at <reg orig="doore">door</reg><lb/>
would <reg orig="speake">speak</reg> with you: he <reg orig="sayes">says</reg>, he comes from your father.</p></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker>Prin.</speaker>
   <p><reg orig="Giue">Give</reg> him as much as will&H1; make him a <reg orig="Royall">Royal</reg> man, and<lb/>
send him <reg orig="backe">back</reg> <reg orig="againe">again</reg> to&H4; my mother.</p></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker>Fal.</speaker>
   <p>What manner of man is he?</p></sp>
<sp who="AJ"><speaker>Hos.</speaker>
   <p>An old man.</p></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker>Fal.</speaker>
   <p>What doth <reg orig="grauitie">gravity</reg> out of his Bed at midnight? Shall I<lb/>
<reg orig="giue">give</reg> him his <reg orig="answere">answer</reg>?</p></sp>
   <sp who="C"><speaker>Prin.</speaker>
      <p><reg orig="Prethee">Prithee</reg> <reg orig="doe">do</reg> <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Iacke">Jack</reg></hi>. </p></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker>Fals.</speaker>
   <p><reg orig="Fayth">Faith</reg>, and <reg orig="Ile">I will&H1;</reg> send him packing.</p></sp>
   <sp who="C"><speaker>Prin.</speaker>
      <p>Now sirs: <reg orig="birlady">byrlady</reg> you fought <reg orig="faire">fair</reg>, so&H52; did you <hi rend="italic">Peto</hi>, so&H52;<lb/>
      did you <hi rend="italic">Bardol</hi>; you are Lions too, you ran away <reg orig="vpon">upon&H4;</reg> instinct,<lb/>
you will&H1; not touch the true Prince, no&H7; fie.</p></sp>
<sp who="AO"><speaker>Bar.</speaker>
   <p><reg orig="Fayth">Faith</reg>, I ran when I saw others <reg orig="runne">run</reg>.</p></sp>
   <sp who="C"><speaker>Prince.</speaker>
      <p><reg orig="Fayth">Faith</reg>, tell me now in&H4; earnest, how came <hi rend="italic">Falstalffes</hi><lb/>
Sword so&H51; <reg orig="hackt">hacked</reg>?</p></sp>
<sp who="AN"><speaker>Peto.</speaker>
   <p>Why, he <reg orig="hackt">hacked</reg> it with his Dagger, and said he would<lb/>
   <reg orig="sweare">swear</reg> truth out of <hi rend="italic">England</hi> but he would make you <reg orig="beleeue">believe</reg> it<lb/>
was done in&H4; fight, and <reg orig="perswaded">persuaded</reg> <reg orig="vs">us&Htp;</reg> to&H9; do the like&H0;.</p></sp>
<sp who="AO"><speaker>Car.</speaker>
   <p>Yea, and to&H9; tickle our&Htp; noses with <reg orig="speare-grasse">spear-grass</reg>, to&H9; make<lb/>
them <reg orig="bleede">bleed</reg>, and then to&H9; <reg orig="beslubber">beslobber</reg> our&Htp; garments with it, and<lb/>
<reg orig="sweare">swear</reg> it was the blood of true men. I did that&H62; I did not this <reg orig="seauen">seven</reg><lb/>
<reg orig="yeares">years</reg> before, I <reg orig="blusht">blushed</reg> to&H9; <reg orig="heare">hear</reg> his monstrous <reg orig="deuises">devices</reg>.</p></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker>Prin.</speaker>
   <p>O <reg orig="villaine">villain</reg>, thou stolest a cup of <reg orig="Sacke">Sack</reg> <reg orig="eighteene">eighteen</reg> <reg orig="yeeres">years</reg>.<lb/>
ago, and wert taken with the manner, and <reg orig="euer">ever</reg> since thou hast<lb/>
<reg orig="blusht">blushed</reg> extempore, thou hadst fire and sword on&H4; thy side, <reg orig="&">and</reg> yet<lb/>
thou <reg orig="ranst">rannest</reg> away: what instinct hadst thou for&H4; it?</p></sp>
<sp who="AO"><speaker>Bar.</speaker>
   <p>My Lord, <reg orig="doe">do</reg> you see these meteors? <reg orig="doe">do</reg> you behold<lb/>
these exhalations?</p></sp> 
   <sp who="C"><speaker>Prin.</speaker>
      <p>I <reg orig="doe">do</reg>.</p></sp>
<sp who="AO"><speaker>Bar,</speaker>
   <p>What <reg orig="thinke">think</reg> you they portend?</p></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker>Prin.</speaker>
   <p>Hot <reg orig="Liuers">Livers</reg>, and cold Purses.</p></sp>
<sp who="AO"><speaker>Bar.</speaker>
   <p>Choler, my Lord, if rightly taken.</p></sp>
<stage>Enter Falstalffe.</stage>
   <sp who="C"><speaker>Prin.</speaker>
      <p>No&H7;, if rightly taken, Halter. Here comes <reg orig="leane">lean</reg> <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Iacke">Jack</reg></hi>, here<lb/>
comes bare-bone. How now my <reg orig="sweete">sweet</reg> creature of Bombast,<lb/>
      how long <reg orig="is't">is it</reg> ago, <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Iacke">Jack</reg></hi>, since thou sawest thine <reg orig="owne">own</reg> Knee?</p></sp>
   <sp who="D"><speaker>Fal.</speaker>
      <p>My <reg orig="owne">own</reg> Knee? when I was about thy <reg orig="yeares">years</reg> (<hi rend="italic">Hal</hi>) I<lb/>
was not an Eagles talent in&H4; the <reg orig="wast">waist</reg>: I could <reg orig="haue">have</reg> crept into any<lb/>
<reg orig="Aldermas">Alderman's</reg> <reg orig="thumbe-ring">thumb-ring</reg>: a plague of sighing and <reg orig="griefe">grief</reg>, it<lb/>
blows a man <reg orig="vp">up&H5;</reg> like&H4; a bladder. <reg orig="Ther's">There is</reg> <reg orig="villanous">villainous</reg> <reg orig="newes">news</reg> abroad,<lb/>
      here was sir <hi rend="italic">Iohn Braby</hi> from your Father: you must goo to&H4; the<lb/>
      Court in&H4; the morning. That&H62; same mad fellow of the <hi rend="italic">North, Percy;</hi><lb/>
      and <reg orig="hee">he</reg> of <hi rend="italic">Wales</hi>, that&H61; <reg orig="gaue">gave</reg> <hi rend="italic">Amamon</hi> the Bastinado, and made<lb/>
      <hi rend="italic">Lucifer</hi> cuckold, and swore the <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Diuell">Devil</reg></hi> his true liegeman <reg orig="vpon">upon&H4;</reg><lb/>
the <reg orig="crosse">cross</reg> of a <reg orig="Welch">Welsh</reg> <reg orig="hooke">hook</reg>; what a plague call you him?</p></sp>
   <sp who="E"><speaker>Poin.</speaker>
      <p>O, <hi rend="italic">Glendower.</hi></p></sp>
   <sp who="D"><speaker>Fals.</speaker>
      <p><hi rend="italic">Owen, Owen,</hi> the same, and his <reg orig="Sonne">Son</reg> in&H4; law <hi rend="italic">Mortimer,</hi><lb/>
      and old <hi rend="italic">Northumberland</hi>, and the <reg orig="sprighly">spryly</reg> Scot of <reg orig="Scottes">Scots</reg> <hi rend="italic">Dowglas</hi>,<lb/>
 that&H61; <reg orig="runnes">runs</reg> <reg orig="a horse-back">a-horseback</reg> <reg orig="vp">up&H5;</reg> a hill perpendicular,</p></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker>Prin.</speaker>
   <p><reg orig="Hee">He</reg> that&H61; rides at high speed, and with a <reg orig="Pistoll">Pistol</reg> <reg orig="killes">kills</reg> a<lb/>
Sparrow flying.</p></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker>Fals.</speaker>
   <p>You <reg orig="haue">have</reg> hit it.</p></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker>Prin.</speaker>
   <p>So&H52; did he <reg orig="neuer">never</reg> the Sparrow.</p></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker>Fals.</speaker>
   <p>Well, that&H62; <reg orig="rascall">rascal</reg> hath good <reg orig="mettall">mettle</reg> in&H4; him, he will&H1; not<lb/>
<reg orig="runne">run</reg>.</p></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker>Prince.</speaker>
   <p>Why what a <reg orig="rascall">rascal</reg> art thou then, to&H9; <reg orig="prayse">praise</reg> him so&H52;<lb/>
for&H4; running?</p></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker>Fals.</speaker>
   <p><reg orig="A horse-backe">A-horseback</reg> (ye <reg orig="cuckoe">cuckoo</reg>) but <reg orig="a foote">afoot</reg> <reg orig="hee">he</reg> will&H1; not<lb/>
budge a <reg orig="foote">foot</reg>.</p></sp>
   <sp who="C"><speaker>Prin.</speaker>
      <p>Yes <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Iacke">Jack</reg></hi>, <reg orig="vpon">upon&H4;</reg> instinct.</p></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker>Fals,</speaker>
   <p>I grant ye, <reg orig="vpon">upon&H4;</reg> instinct: well, he is there too, and one<lb/>
   <hi rend="italic">Mordake</hi>; and a thousand <reg orig="blew">blue</reg> Caps more. <hi rend="italic">Worcester</hi> is <reg orig="stolne">stolen</reg> away<lb/>
by&H4; night, thy fathers beard is <reg orig="turn'd">turned</reg> white with the <reg orig="newes">news</reg>,<lb/>
you may buy Land now as <reg orig="cheape">cheap</reg> as stinking <reg orig="Mackrell">Mackrel</reg>.</p></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker>Prin.</speaker>
   <p>Then <reg orig="tis">it is</reg> like&H5;, if there come a hot <reg orig="Sunne">Sun</reg>, and this <reg orig="ciuill">civil</reg><lb/>
buffeting hold, we&Htp; shall buy <reg orig="Mayden-heads">Maiden-heads</reg> as they buy <reg orig="Hobnailes">Hobnails</reg>,<lb/>
 by&H4; the hundreds.</p></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker>Fal.</speaker>
   <p>By&H4; the <reg orig="Masse">Mass</reg> lad, thou <reg orig="saist">sayst</reg> true, it is like&H5; we&Htp; shall <reg orig="haue">have</reg><lb/>
   good trading that&H62; way. But tell me <hi rend="italic">Hal</hi>, art not thou horrible<lb/>
<reg orig="afeard">afeared</reg>? thou being <reg orig="Heire">Heir</reg> <reg orig="apparant">apparent</reg>, could the world <reg orig="picke">pick</reg> thee<lb/>
   out three such Enemies <reg orig="againe">again</reg>, as that&H62; fiend <hi rend="italic">Dowglas</hi>, that&H62; spirit<lb/>
   <hi rend="italic">Percy</hi>, and that&H62; <reg orig="diuell">devil</reg> <hi rend="italic">Glendower</hi>? Art not thou horrible <reg orig="afraide">afraid</reg>?<lb/>
doth not thy blood thrill at it?</p></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker>Prin.</speaker>
   <p>Not a whit <reg orig="yfayth">i'faith</reg>: I <reg orig="lacke">lack</reg> some of thy instinct.</p></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker>Fals.</speaker>
   <p>Well, thou wilt be horrible <reg orig="chidde">chid</reg> <reg orig="to morrow">tomorrow</reg> when<lb/>
thou <reg orig="commest">comest</reg> to&H4; thy Father: if thou <reg orig="doe">do</reg> <reg orig="loue">love</reg> me, practise an<lb/>
<reg orig="answere">answer</reg>.</p></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker>Prin.</speaker>
   <p><reg orig="Doe">Do</reg> thou stand for&H4; my Father, and examine me <reg orig="vpon">upon&H4;</reg><lb/>
the particulars of my life.</p></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker>Fal.</speaker>
   <p>Shall I? content: this <reg orig="Chaire">Chair</reg> shall be my State, this Dagger<lb/>
   my <reg orig="Scepter">Sceptre</reg>, and this <reg orig="Cushin">Cushion</reg> my <reg orig="Crowne">Crown</reg>.</p></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker>Prin.</speaker>
   <p>Thy State is taken for&H4; a <reg orig="ioynd">joined</reg> Stole, thy golden <reg orig="Scepter">Sceptre</reg><lb/>
for&H4; a leaden Dagger, and thy precious rich <reg orig="Crowne">Crown</reg>, for&H4; a<lb/>
   <reg orig="pittifull">pitiful</reg> bald <reg orig="Crowne">Crown</reg>.</p></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker>Fal.</speaker>
   <p>Well, <reg orig="and">if</reg> the fire of Grace be not quite out of thee,<lb/>
now shalt thou be <reg orig="moued">moved</reg>. <reg orig="Giue">Give</reg> <reg orig="mee">me</reg> a <reg orig="cuppe">cup</reg> of <reg orig="Sacke">Sack</reg> to&H9; make<lb/>
mine eyes <reg orig="looke">look</reg> <reg orig="redde">red</reg>, that&H3; it may be thought I <reg orig="haue">have</reg> wept.<lb/>
for&H3; I must <reg orig="speake">speak</reg> in&H4; passion, and I will&H1; <reg orig="doe">do</reg> it in&H4; King <reg orig="Cambises">Cambyses</reg><lb/>
<reg orig="vaine">vain</reg>.</p></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker>Prince.</speaker>
   <p>Well, here is my <reg orig="legge">leg</reg>.</p></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker>Fals.</speaker>
   <p>And here is my speech: stand aside <reg orig="Nobilitie">Nobility</reg>.</p></sp>
<sp who="AJ"><speaker>Ho.</speaker>
   <p>O <reg orig="Iesu">Jesu</reg>, this is excellent sport, <reg orig="yfayth">i'faith</reg>.</p></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker>Fal.</speaker>
   <p><reg orig="Weepe">Weep</reg> not sweet <reg orig="Queene">Queen</reg>, for&H3; trickling <reg orig="teares">tears</reg> are <reg orig="vaine">vain</reg>.</p></sp>
<sp who="AJ"><speaker>Ho.</speaker>
   <p>O the father, how he <reg orig="holdes">holds</reg> his countenance?</p></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker>Fal.</speaker>
   <l>For&H4; Gods sake Lords, <reg orig="conuey">convey</reg> my <reg orig="trustfull">trustful</reg> <reg orig="Queene">Queen</reg>:</l>
<l>For&H3; <reg orig="teares">tears</reg> <reg orig="doe">do</reg> stop the <reg orig="floud-gates">floodgates</reg> of her&H2; eyes.</l></sp>
<sp who="AJ"><speaker>Ho.</speaker>
   <p>O <reg orig="Iesu">Jesu</reg>, he doth it as like&H4; one of these harlotry Players,<lb/>
as <reg orig="euer">ever</reg> I see.</p></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker>Fal.</speaker>
   <l>Peace good Pint-pot, peace good tickle <reg orig="braine">brain</reg>.</l>
   <p><hi rend="italic">Harry</hi>, I <reg orig="doe">do</reg> not <reg orig="onely">only</reg> <reg orig="maruell">marvel</reg> where thou spendest thy time,<lb/>
but also, how thou art accompanied: For&H3; though the <reg orig="Cammomile">Chamomile</reg><lb/>
the more it is <reg orig="troden">trodden</reg>, the faster it <reg orig="growes">grows</reg>; yet youth, the<lb/>
more it is wasted, the sooner it <reg orig="weares">wears</reg>: thou art my <reg orig="sonne">son</reg>, I <reg orig="haue">have</reg><lb/>
partly thy mothers word, partly my opinion; but chiefly, a <reg orig="villanous">villainous</reg><lb/>
   <reg orig="tricke">trick</reg> of thine eye, and a foolish hanging of thy <reg orig="neather">nether</reg><lb/>
   lip, that&H61; doth warrant me. If then thou be <reg orig="sonne">son</reg> to&H4; me, here lieth<lb/>
   the point; why, being <reg orig="sonne">son</reg> to&H4; me, art thou so&H51; <reg orig="poynted">pointed</reg> at? shall<lb/>
 the blessed <reg orig="sonne">son</reg> of <reg orig="heauen">heaven</reg> <reg orig="proue">prove</reg> a micher, and <reg orig="eate">eat</reg> Black-berries?<lb/>
   a question not to&H9; be <reg orig="askt">asked</reg>. Shall the <reg orig="Sonne">Son</reg> of <hi rend="italic">England</hi> <reg orig="proue">prove</reg> <lb/>
 a <reg orig="thiefe">thief</reg>, and take purses? a question to&H9; be <reg orig="askt">asked</reg> There is a thing,<lb/>
   <hi rend="italic">Harry</hi>, which&H61; thou hast often heard of, and it is <reg orig="knowne">known</reg> to&H4; many<lb/>
 in&H4; our&Htp; land, by&H4; the name of Pitch; this Pitch (as ancient writers<lb/>
do report) doth defile? so&H52; doth the company thou keepest:<lb/>
   For&H3; <hi rend="italic">Harry</hi>, now I do not <reg orig="speake">speak</reg> to&H4; thee in&H4; <reg orig="drinke">drink</reg>, but in&H4; <reg orig="teares">tears</reg>?<lb/>
   not in&H4; pleasure, but in&H4; passion; not in&H4; <reg orig="wordes">words</reg> <reg orig="onely">only</reg>, but in&H4; woes<lb/>
   also: and yet there is a <reg orig="vertuous">virtuous</reg> man, whom I <reg orig="haue">have</reg> often noted<lb/>
 in&H4; thy company, but I know not his name.</p></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker>Prin.</speaker>
   <p>What manner of man, <reg orig="and">if</reg> it like&H1; your <reg orig="Maiestie">Majesty</reg>?</p></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker>Fal.</speaker>
   <p>A goodly portly man <reg orig="yfaith">i'faith</reg>, <reg orig="&">and</reg> a corpulent, of a <reg orig="cheerfull">cheerful</reg><lb/>
<reg orig="looke">look</reg>, a pleasing eye, <reg orig="&">and</reg> a most noble <reg orig="cariage">carriage</reg>, <reg orig="&">and</reg> as I <reg orig="thinke">think</reg>,<lb/>
his age some fifty, or <reg orig="birlady">byrlady</reg>, inclining to&H4; threescore, and now<lb/>
   I remember me, his name is <hi rend="italic">Falstalffe:</hi> if that&H62; man <reg orig="shold">should</reg> be lewdly<lb/>
   <reg orig="giuen">given</reg>, he <reg orig="deceiues">deceives</reg> me. For&H3; <hi rend="italic">Harry</hi>, I see <reg orig="vertue">virtue</reg> in&H4; his <reg orig="lookes">looks</reg>; if<lb/>
then the tree may be <reg orig="knowne">known</reg> by&H4; the <reg orig="fruite">fruit</reg>, as the <reg orig="fruite">fruit</reg> by&H4; the<lb/>
   tree, then peremptorily I <reg orig="speake">speak</reg> it, there is <reg orig="vertue">virtue</reg> in&H4; that&H62; <hi rend="italic">Falstalffe,</hi><lb/>
him <reg orig="keepe">keep</reg> with, the rest banish: and tell <reg orig="mee">me</reg> now, thou<lb/>
naughty varlet, tell <reg orig="mee">me</reg>, where hast thou been this month?</p></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker>Prin.</speaker>
   <p>Dost thou <reg orig="speake">speak</reg> like&H4; a King? <reg orig="doe">do</reg> thou stand for&H4; <reg orig="mee">me</reg>,<lb/>
and <reg orig="Ile">I will&H1;</reg> play my father.</p></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker>Fal.</speaker>
   <p>Depose me, if thou dost it <reg orig="halfe">half</reg> so&H51; <reg orig="grauely">gravely</reg>, so&H51; <reg orig="maiestically">majestically</reg><lb/>
   both in&H4; word and matter, hang <reg orig="mee">me</reg> <reg orig="vp">up&H5;</reg> by&H4; the <reg orig="heeles">heels</reg> for&H4; a<lb/>
   <reg orig="Rabbet-sucker">Rabbit-sucker</reg>, or a Poulters Hare</p></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker>Prin.</speaker>
   <p>Well, <reg orig="heere">here</reg> I am set.</p></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker>Fals.</speaker>
   <p>And <reg orig="heere">here</reg> I stand, <reg orig="iudge">judge</reg> my <reg orig="maisters">masters</reg>.</p></sp>
   <sp who="C"><speaker>Prin.</speaker>
      <p>Now <hi rend="italic">Harry</hi>, whence come <reg orig="yeu">ye</reg>?</p></sp>
   <sp who="D"><speaker>Fals.</speaker>
      <p>My noble Lord, from <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Eastcheape">East-cheap</reg></hi>.</p></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker>Prin.</speaker>
   <p>The complaints I <reg orig="heare">hear</reg> of thee, are <reg orig="grieuous">grievous</reg>.</p></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker>Fals.</speaker>
   <p><reg orig="Zbloud">'sblood</reg> my Lord, they are false: nay, <reg orig="Ile">I will&H1;</reg> tickle ye for&H4; a<lb/>
young Prince <reg orig="yfaith">i'faith</reg>.</p></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker>Prin.</speaker>
   <p>Swearest thou, <reg orig="vngracious">ungracious</reg> Boy? henceforth <reg orig="nere">never</reg> <reg orig="looke">look</reg><lb/>
on&H4; me, thou art violently carried away from grace, there is a <reg orig="Diuell">Devil</reg><lb/>
<reg orig="hauntes">haunts</reg> thee in&H4; the <reg orig="likenesse">likeness</reg> of a fat old Man, a tun of man<lb/>
is thy companion: why dost thou <reg orig="conuerse">converse</reg> with that&H62; <reg orig="trunke">trunk</reg> of<lb/>
<reg orig="humors">humours</reg>, that&H62; <reg orig="boulting-hutch">bolting-hutch</reg> of <reg orig="beastlinesse">beastliness</reg>, that&H62; <reg orig="swolne">swollen</reg> parcel<lb/>
of Dropsies, that&H62; huge bombard of <reg orig="Sacke">Sack</reg>, that&H62; <reg orig="stuft">stuffed</reg> <reg orig="Cloke-bag">Cloak-bag</reg><lb/>
of <reg orig="guttes">guts</reg>, that&H62; <reg orig="rosted">roasted</reg> Manning tree <reg orig="Oxe">Ox</reg> with the Pudding in&H4;<lb/>
   his belly, that&H62; <reg orig="reuerent">reverent</reg> Vice, that&H62; gray <reg orig="Iniquitie">Iniquity</reg>, that&H62; father<lb/>
   Ruffian, that&H62; vanity in&H4; <reg orig="yeares">years</reg>: wherein is he good, but to&H9; taste<lb/>
   <reg orig="Sacke">Sack</reg> and <reg orig="drinke">drink</reg> it? wherein <reg orig="neate">neat</reg> and <reg orig="clenly">cleanly</reg>, but to&H9; <reg orig="carue">carve</reg> a <lb/>
   Capon <reg orig="&">and</reg> eat it? wherein cunning, but in&H4; Craft? wherein <reg orig="craftie">crafty</reg>,<lb/>
   but in&H4; <reg orig="Villanie">Villainy</reg>? wherein <reg orig="villanous">villainous</reg>, but in&H4; all things? wherein<lb/>
   worthy, but in&H4; nothing?</p></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker>Fal.</speaker>
   <p>I would your Grace would take <reg orig="mee">me</reg> with you: whom<lb/>
<reg orig="meanes">means</reg> your Grace?</p></sp>
   <sp who="C"><speaker>Prin.</speaker>
      <p>That&H62; <reg orig="villanous">villainous</reg> <reg orig="abhominable">abominable</reg> misleader of youth, <hi rend="italic">Falstalffe,</hi><lb/>
   that&H62; old white-bearded <reg orig="Sathan">Satan</reg>.</p></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker>Fal.</speaker>
   <p>My Lord, the man I know.</p></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker>Prin.</speaker>
   <p>I know thou dost.</p></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker>Fal.</speaker>
   <p>But to&H9; say, I know more <reg orig="harme">harm</reg> in&H4; him <reg orig="then">than</reg> in&H4; <reg orig="my selfe">myself</reg>,<lb/>
were to&H9; say more <reg orig="then">than</reg> I know: that&H3; he is old (the more the <reg orig="pittie">pity</reg>)<lb/>
his white <reg orig="haires">hairs</reg> do <reg orig="witnesse">witness</reg> it: but that&H3; he is (<reg orig="sauing">saving</reg> your <reg orig="reuerence">reverence</reg>)
a whoremaster, that&H62; I <reg orig="vtterly">utterly</reg> deny: if <reg orig="Sacke">Sack</reg> <reg orig="&">and</reg> Sugar<lb/>
be a fault, God <reg orig="helpe">help</reg> the wicked: if to&H9; be old and merry be a<lb/>
<reg orig="sinne">sin</reg>, then many an old Host that&H61; I know, is <reg orig="damn'd">damned</reg>: if to&H9; be<lb/>
   <reg orig="fatte">fat</reg>, be to&H9; be hated, then <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Pharaos">Pharaohs</reg></hi> <reg orig="leane">lean</reg> Kine are to&H9; be <reg orig="loued">loved</reg>.<lb/>
   No&H7;, my good Lord, banish <hi rend="italic">Peto</hi>, banish <hi rend="italic">Bardol</hi>, banish <hi rend="italic">Poines</hi>; but<lb/>
   for&H4; sweet <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Iacke">Jack</reg> Falstalffe</hi>, kind <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Iacke">Jack</reg> Falstalffe</hi>, true <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Iacke">Jack</reg> Falstalff</hi><lb/>
   valiant <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Iacke">Jack</reg> Falstalffe</hi>, and <reg orig="therfore">therefore</reg> more valiant, being as <reg orig="hee">he</reg><lb/>
   is old <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Iacke">Jack</reg> Falstalffe,</hi> banish not him thy <hi rend="italic">Harries</hi> company, banish<lb/>
   not him thy <hi rend="italic">Harries</hi> company, banish <reg orig="plumpe">plump</reg> <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Iacke">Jack</reg></hi>, and<lb/>
banish all the world.</p></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker>Prin.</speaker>
   <p>I <reg orig="doe">do</reg>, I will&H1;. </p></sp>
<stage>Enter Bardoll running. </stage>
   <sp who="AO"><speaker>Bar.</speaker>
      <p>O, my Lord, my Lord, the <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Shriefe">Shrieve</reg></hi>, with a most monstrous<lb/>
Watch is at the <reg orig="dore">door</reg>.</p></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker>Fal.</speaker>
   <p>Out you Rogue, play out the Play: I <reg orig="haue">have</reg> much to&H9; say<lb/>
   the in&H4; the <reg orig="behalfe">behalf</reg> of that&H62; <hi rend="italic">Falstalffe</hi>.</p></sp>
<stage>Enter the Hostesse.</stage>
<sp who="AJ"><speaker>Hos,</speaker>
   <p>O <reg orig="Iesu">Jesu</reg>, my Lord, my Lord!</p></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker>Fal.</speaker>
   <p>Heigh, heigh, the <reg orig="Diuell">Devil</reg> rides <reg orig="vpon">upon&H4;</reg> a <reg orig="Fiddle-sticke">Fiddlestick</reg>,<lb/>
<reg orig="what's">what is</reg> the matter?</p></sp>
<sp who="AJ"><speaker>Hos.</speaker>
   <p>The <reg orig="Sherife">Sheriff</reg> and all the Watch are at the <reg orig="dore">door</reg>, they are<lb/>
come to&H9; search the House, shall I let them in&H5;?</p></sp>
   <sp who="D"><speaker>Fals.</speaker>
      <p>Doest thou <reg orig="heare">hear</reg> <hi rend="italic">Hal</hi>? <reg orig="neuer">never</reg> call a true <reg orig="peece">piece</reg> of Gold a<lb/>
Counterfeit, thou art essentially made, without seeming so&H52;.</p></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker>Prin.</speaker>
   <p>And thou a <reg orig="naturall">natural</reg> Coward, without instinct.</p></sp>
   <sp who="D"><speaker>Fals.</speaker>
      <p>I deny your <reg orig="Maior">Mayor</reg>; if you will&H1; deny the <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Sherife">Sheriff</reg></hi>, so&H3;, if<lb/>
not, let him enter. If I become not a Cart as <reg orig="wel">well</reg> as another man,<lb/>
a plague on&H4; my bringing <reg orig="vp">up&H5;</reg>: I hope I shall as <reg orig="soone">soon</reg> be strangled<lb/>
with a Halter as another.</p></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker>Prin.</speaker>
   <p><reg orig="Goe">Go</reg> hide thee <reg orig="behinde">behind</reg> the Arras, the rest <reg orig="walke">walk</reg> <reg orig="vp">up&H5;</reg> <reg orig="aboue">above</reg>.<lb/>
Now my <reg orig="Maisters">Masters</reg>, for&H4; a true Face and good Conscience.</p></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker>Fal.</speaker>
   <p>Both which&H61; I <reg orig="haue">have</reg> had; but their date is out, and therefore <lb/>
   <reg orig="Ile">I will&H1;</reg> hide me.</p></sp>
   <sp who="C"><speaker>Prin.</speaker>
      <p>Call in&H5; the <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Sherife">Sheriff</reg>.</hi></p></sp>
<stage>Enter Sherife and the Carrier.</stage>
   <sp who="C"><speaker>Prin.</speaker>
      <l>Now <reg orig="Maister">Master</reg> <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Sherife">Sheriff</reg></hi>, what is your will&H0; with me?</l></sp> 
<sp who="AR"><speaker>Sher.</speaker>
   <l>First, pardon me my Lord. A hue <reg orig="&">and</reg> cry hath followed</l>
<l><reg orig="certaine">certain</reg> men <reg orig="vnto">unto</reg> this house.</l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker>Prin.</speaker>
   <p>What men?</p></sp>
<sp who="AR"><speaker>Sher.</speaker>
   <l>One of them is well <reg orig="knowne">known</reg>, my gracious Lord, a </l>
  <l><reg orig="grosse">gross</reg> <reg orig="fatte">fat</reg> man.</l></sp>
<sp who="BH"><speaker>Car.</speaker>
   <l>As <reg orig="fatte">fat</reg> as Butter.</l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker>Prin.</speaker>
   <l>The man, I <reg orig="doe">do</reg> assure you is not <reg orig="heere">here</reg>,</l>
<l>For&H3; I <reg orig="my selfe">myself</reg> at this time <reg orig="haue">have</reg> <reg orig="imployed">employed</reg> him:</l>
<l>And <reg orig="Sheriffe">Sheriff</reg>, I will&H1; <reg orig="ingage">engage</reg> my word to&H4; thee,</l>
<l>That&H3; I will&H1; by&H4; <reg orig="to morrow">tomorrow</reg> dinner time,</l>
<l>Send him to&H9; <reg orig="answere">answer</reg> thee or any man,</l>
<l>For&H4; <reg orig="any thing">anything</reg> he shall be <reg orig="charg'd">charged</reg> <reg orig="withall">withal</reg>,</l>
<l>And so&H3; let me <reg orig="intreat">entreat</reg> you <reg orig="leaue">leave</reg> the house,</l></sp>
<sp who="AR"><speaker>Sher.</speaker>
   <l>I will&H1; my Lord, there are two Gentlemen</l>
<l><reg orig="Haue">Have</reg> in&H4; this robbery lost <reg orig="300.">three hundred</reg> <reg orig="markes">marks</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker>Prin.</speaker>
   <l>It may be so&H52;: if he <reg orig="haue">have</reg> <reg orig="rob'd">robbed</reg> these men</l>
<l>He shall be answerable: and so&H3; farewell.</l></sp>
<sp who="AR"><speaker>Sher.</speaker>
   <l>Good night my noble Lord.</l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker>Prin. </speaker>
   <l>I <reg orig="thinke">think</reg> it is good morrow, is it not?</l></sp>
<sp who="AR"><speaker>Sher.</speaker>
   <l>Indeed my Lord, I <reg orig="thinke">think</reg> it be two <reg orig="a clock">o'clock</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker>Prin.</speaker>
   <l>This <reg orig="oyly">oily</reg> <reg orig="rascall">rascal</reg> is <reg orig="knowne">known</reg> as well as Poules: <reg orig="goe">go</reg> call</l>
<l>him forth.</l></sp>
   <sp who="AN"><speaker>Peto.</speaker>
      <l><hi rend="italic">Falstalffe</hi>? fast <reg orig="a sleepe">asleep</reg> behind the Arras, and snorting</l>
<l>like&H4; a horse.</l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker>Prin.</speaker>
   <l>Hark, how hard he fetches breath, search his pockets.</l></sp>
<stage>He searcheth his Pockets, and findeth certaine papers.</stage>
<sp who="C"><speaker>Prin.</speaker>
   <l>What hast thou found?</l></sp>
<sp who="AN"><speaker>Peto.</speaker>
   <l>Nothing but Papers my Lord,</l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker>Prcn.</speaker>
   <l><reg orig="Lets">Let us&Htp;</reg> see what be they: <reg orig="reade">read</reg> them.</l></sp>
<sp who="AN"><speaker></speaker>
   <l>Item a Capon <reg orig="ii.s.ii.d.">two shillings two pence</reg></l>
<l>Item <reg orig="sawce">sauce</reg>. <reg orig="iiii.d">four pence</reg>,</l>
<l>Item, <reg orig="Sacke">Sack</reg>, two gallons. <reg orig="v.s.viii.d.">five shillings eight pence</reg></l>
<l>Item <reg orig="Anchoues">Anchovies</reg> and <reg orig="Sacke">Sack</reg> after supper. <reg orig="ii.s.vi.d.">two shillings six pence</reg></l>
<l>Item bread. <reg orig="ob">obolus</reg></l> </sp> 
<sp who="C"><speaker></speaker>
   <p>O monstrous but one <reg orig="halfe">half</reg> <reg orig="peniworth">pennyworth</reg> of bread to&H4; this intolerable<lb/>
   <reg orig="deale">deal</reg> of <reg orig="Sacke">Sack</reg>? what there is else, <reg orig="keepe">keep</reg> close, <reg orig="weele">we&Htp; will&H1;</reg> read<lb/>
it at more <reg orig="aduantage">advantage</reg>: there let him sleep till day; <reg orig="ile">I will&H1;</reg> to&H4; the court<lb/>
in&H4; the morning, We&Htp; must all to&H4; the wars, and thy place <reg orig="shalbee">shall be</reg> <lb/>
<reg orig="honorable">honourable</reg>. <reg orig="Ile">I will&H1;</reg> procure this fat rogue a charge of <reg orig="foote">foot</reg>, and I<lb/>
know his death will&H1; be a match of <reg orig="twelue">twelve</reg> score; the <reg orig="mony">money</reg> shall<lb/>
be <reg orig="paide">paid</reg> <reg orig="backe">back</reg> <reg orig="againe">again</reg> with <reg orig="aduantage">advantage</reg>? be with me betimes in&H4;<lb/>
   the morning, and so&H3; good morrow <hi rend="italic">Peto</hi>.</p></sp>
<sp who="AN"><speaker>Peto.</speaker>
   <p>Good morrow, good my Lord</p></sp> 

<div1 n="3" type="act">
<div2 n="1" type="scene">
<stage>Enter Hotspur, Worcester, Lord Mortimer
Owen Glendower.</stage>
<sp who="AA"><speaker>Mor</speaker>
   <l>These promises are <reg orig="faire">fair</reg>, the parties sure,</l> 
<l>And our&Htp; induction full of prosperous hope.</l></sp>
   <sp who="G"><speaker>Hot.</speaker>
      <l>Lord <hi rend="italic">Mortimer</hi>, <reg orig="&">and</reg> <reg orig="coosin">cousin</reg> <hi rend="italic">Glendower</hi>, will&H1; you sit <reg orig="downe">down</reg>?</l>
      <l>And <reg orig="vncle">uncle</reg> <hi rend="italic">Worcester</hi>; a plague <reg orig="vpon">upon&H4;</reg> it, I <reg orig="haue">have</reg> forgot the Map.</l></sp>
   <sp who="AD"><speaker>Glen.</speaker>
      <l>No&H7;, here it is; sit <reg orig="Coosin">Cousin</reg> <hi rend="italic">Percy</hi>, sit good <reg orig="Coosin">Cousin</reg> <hi rend="italic">Hotspur</hi>;</l>
      <l>for&H3; by&H4; that&H62; name, as oft as <hi rend="italic">Lancaster</hi> doth <reg orig="speake">speak</reg> of you, his</l>
<l><reg orig="Cheeke">Cheek</reg> <reg orig="lookes">looks</reg> pale, and with a rising sigh he wisheth you in&H4;</l>
<l><reg orig="Heauen">Heaven</reg>.</l></sp>
   <sp who="G"><speaker>Hot.</speaker>
      <l>And you in&H4; Hell, as oft as he <reg orig="heares">hears</reg> <hi rend="italic">Owen Glendower</hi></l>
<l>spoke of.</l></sp>
<sp who="AD"><speaker>Glen.</speaker>
   <l>I <reg orig="can not">cannot</reg> blame him; at my <reg orig="natiuitie">nativity</reg>,</l>
<l>The front of <reg orig="Heauen">Heaven</reg> was full of <reg orig="firie">fiery</reg> shapes,</l>
<l>Of burning Cressets: and at my birth,</l>
<l>The frame and foundation of the Earth</l>
<l><reg orig="Shak'd">Shaked</reg> like&H4; a Coward.</l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker>Hot.</speaker>
   <l>Why so&H52; it would <reg orig="haue">have</reg> done at the same season, if your</l>
<l>Mothers Cat had but <reg orig="kitened">kittened</reg>, though <reg orig="your selfe">yourself</reg> had <reg orig="neuer">never</reg> <reg orig="bin">been</reg></l>
<l><reg orig="borne">born</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="AD"><speaker>Glen.</speaker>
   <l>I say the Earth did shake when I was <reg orig="borne">born</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker>Hot.</speaker><l>And I say the Earth was not of my <reg orig="minde">mind</reg>,</l>
<l>If you suppose, as fearing you, it <reg orig="shooke">shook</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="AD"><speaker>Glen.</speaker>
   <l>The <reg orig="Heauens">Heavens</reg> were all on&H4; fire, the Earth did tremble.</l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker>Hot.</speaker>
   <l><reg orig="Oh">O</reg>! then the Earth <reg orig="shooke">shook</reg> to&H9; see the <reg orig="Heauens">Heavens</reg> on&H4; fire,</l>
<l>And not in&H4; <reg orig="feare">fear</reg> of your <reg orig="Natiuitie">Nativity</reg>:</l>
<l>Diseased Nature oftentimes <reg orig="breakes">breaks</reg> <reg orig="foorth">forth</reg></l>
<l>In&H4; strange eruptions, and the teeming Earth,</l>
<l>Is with a kind of <reg orig="Collicke">Colic</reg> <reg orig="pincht">pinched</reg> and <reg orig="vext">vexed</reg>,</l>
<l>By&H4; the imprisoning of <reg orig="vnruly">unruly</reg> <reg orig="Winde">Wind</reg></l>
<l>Within her&H2; <reg orig="wombe">womb</reg>, which&H61; for&H4; <reg orig="inlargement">enlargement</reg> <reg orig="striuing">striving</reg>,</l>
<l>Shakes the old <reg orig="Beldame">Beldam</reg> Earth, and <reg orig="toples">topples</reg> <reg orig="downe">down</reg></l>
<l>Steeples, and <reg orig="mos-growne">moss-grown</reg> Towers. At your Birth</l>
<l>Our&Htp; Grandam Earth, <reg orig="hauing">having</reg> this distemperature,</l>
<l>In&H4; passion <reg orig="shooke">shook</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="AD"><speaker>Glen.</speaker>
   <l><reg orig="Coosin">Cousin</reg>, of many men</l>
<l>I <reg orig="doe">do</reg> not <reg orig="beare">bear</reg> these crossings: <reg orig="giue">give</reg> me <reg orig="leaue">leave</reg></l>
<l>To&H9; tell you once <reg orig="againe">again</reg>, that&H3; at my Birth,</l>
<l>The front of <reg orig="Heauen">Heaven</reg> was full of <reg orig="fierie">fiery</reg> shapes,</l>
<l>The <reg orig="Goates">Goats</reg> ran from the <reg orig="Mountaines">Mountains</reg>; and the <reg orig="Heardes">Herds</reg></l>
<l>Were strangely clamorous to&H4; the frighted <reg orig="Fieldes">Fields</reg>,</l>
<l>These <reg orig="signes">signs</reg> <reg orig="haue">have</reg> <reg orig="markt">marked</reg> me <reg orig="extraordinarie">extraordinary</reg>,</l>
<l>And all the courses of my life do <reg orig="shew">show</reg>,</l>
<l>I am not in&H4; the roll of common men:</l>
<l>Where is the <reg orig="liuing">living</reg>, <reg orig="clipt">clipped</reg> in&H5; with the Sea,</l>
   <l>That&H62; chides the <reg orig="Bankes">Banks</reg> of <hi rend="italic">England, Scotland, and Wales</hi>,</l>
<l>Which&H61; <reg orig="cals">calls</reg> me <reg orig="Pupill">Pupil</reg>, or hath read to&H4; me,</l>
<l>And bring him out, that&H61; is but <reg orig="Womans">Woman's</reg> <reg orig="sonne">son</reg>,</l>
<l>Can trace me in&H4; the tedious <reg orig="wayes">ways</reg> of Art&H0;,</l>
<l>And hold me pace in&H4; <reg orig="deepe">deep</reg> experiments.</l></sp>
   <sp who="G"><speaker>Hot.</speaker>
      <l>I <reg orig="thinke">think</reg> <reg orig="there's">there is</reg> no&H2; man <reg orig="speakes">speaks</reg> better <hi rend="italic">Welsh</hi>;</l>
<l><reg orig="Ile">I will&H1;</reg> to&H4; dinner.</l></sp>
   <sp who="AA"><speaker>Mor.</speaker>
      <l>Peace <reg orig="coosen">cousin</reg> <hi rend="italic">Percy</hi>, you will&H1; make him mad.</l></sp>
<sp who="AD"><speaker>Glen.</speaker>
   <l>I can call Spirits from the vasty <reg orig="deepe">deep</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker>Hot.</speaker>
   <l>Why, so&H52; can I, or so&H52; can any man:</l>
<l>But will&H1; they come, when you do call for&H4; them?</l></sp>
<sp who="AD"><speaker>Glen.</speaker>
   <l>Why, I can teach thee <reg orig="coosen">cousin</reg>, to&H9; command the <reg orig="Diuell">Devil</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker>Hot.</speaker>
   <l>And I can teach thee <reg orig="coosen">cousin</reg>, to&H9; shame the <reg orig="Diuell">Devil</reg>,</l>
<l>By&H4; telling truth. Tell truth, and shame the <reg orig="Diuell">Devil</reg>.</l>
<l>If thou <reg orig="haue">have</reg> power to&H9; raise him, bring him hither,</l>
<l>And <reg orig="Ile">I will&H1;</reg> be <reg orig="sworne">sworn</reg>, I <reg orig="haue">have</reg> power to&H9; shame him hence,</l>
<l><reg orig="Oh">O</reg> while you <reg orig="liue">live</reg>, tell truth, and shame the <reg orig="Diuell">Devil</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="AA"><speaker>Mor.</speaker>
   <l>Come, come no&H2; more of this <reg orig="vnprofitable">unprofitable</reg> chat.</l></sp>
   <sp who="AD"><speaker>Glen.</speaker>
      <l>Three times hath <hi rend="italic">Henry Bullingbrooke</hi> made head</l>
      <l>Against my power, thrice from the banks of <hi rend="italic">Wye,</hi></l>
<l>And Sandy <reg orig="bottom'd">bottomed</reg> <reg orig="Seuerne">Severn</reg> <reg orig="haue">have</reg> I bent him</l>
<l><reg orig="Bootles">Bootless</reg> home, and weather-beaten <reg orig="backe">back</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker>Hot.</speaker>
   <l>Home without <reg orig="bootes">boots</reg>, and in&H4; <reg orig="fowle">foul</reg> weather too?</l>
<l>How scapes he agues in&H4; the <reg orig="diuels">devil's</reg> name?</l></sp>
<sp who="AD"><speaker>Glen.</speaker>
   <l>Come, here is the Map, shall we&Htp; <reg orig="deuide">divide</reg> our&Htp; right,</l>
<l>According to&H4; our&Htp; threefold order <reg orig="tane">taken</reg>?</l></sp>
   <sp who="AA"><speaker>Mor.</speaker>
      <l>The <hi rend="italic">Arch-deacon</hi> hath <reg orig="deuided">divided</reg> it</l>
<l>Into three limits, very equally:</l>
      <l><hi rend="italic">England</hi> from <hi rend="italic">Trent</hi>, and <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Seuerne">Severn</reg></hi> hitherto,</l>
<l>By&H4; South and East is to&H4; my part <reg orig="assignde">assigned</reg>,</l>
      <l>All Westward, <hi rend="italic">Wales</hi> beyond the <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Seuerne">Severn</reg></hi> shore,</l>
<l>And all the fertile land within that&H62; bound.</l>
      <l>To&H4; <hi rend="italic">Owen Glendower</hi>: and <reg orig="deare">dear</reg> <reg orig="coose">coz</reg>, to&H4; you</l>
      <l>The remnant Northward, lying off from <hi rend="italic">Trent</hi>,</l>
<l>And our&Htp; indentures tripartite are <reg orig="drawne">drawn</reg></l>
<l>Which&H61; being sealed <reg orig="enterchangeably">interchangeably</reg>,</l>
<l>(A <reg orig="busines">business</reg> that&H61; this night may execute:)</l>
      <l><reg orig="To morrow">Tomorrow</reg> <reg orig="coosen">cousin</reg> <hi rend="italic">Percy</hi> you and I</l>
      <l>And my good Lord of <hi rend="italic">Worcester</hi> will&H1; set forth.</l>
<l>To&H9; meet your father and the Scottish power,</l>
<l>As is appointed <reg orig="vs">us&Htp;</reg> at Shrewsbury.</l>
      <l>My father <hi rend="italic">Glendower</hi> is not ready yet,</l>
<l>Nor shall <reg orig="wee">we&Htp;</reg> need his <reg orig="helpe">help</reg> these <reg orig="fourteene">fourteen</reg> <reg orig="dayes">days</reg>;</l>
<l>Within that&H62; space, you may <reg orig="haue">have</reg> <reg orig="drawne">drawn</reg> together.</l>
<l>Your tenants, <reg orig="friendes">friends</reg> and neighbouring gentlemen.</l></sp>
<sp who="AD"><speaker>Glen.</speaker>
   <l>A shorter time shall send me to&H4; you, Lords</l>
<l>And in&H4; my conduct shall your Ladies come,</l>
<l>From <reg orig="whome">whom</reg> you now must <reg orig="steale">steal</reg> and take no&H2; <reg orig="leaue">leave</reg>,</l>
<l>For&H3; there will&H1; be a world of water shed,</l>
<l><reg orig="Vpon">Upon&H4;</reg> the parting of your <reg orig="wiues">wives</reg> and you.</l></sp>
   <sp who="G"><speaker>Hot.</speaker>
      <l><reg orig="Me thinkes">Methinks</reg> my <reg orig="moity">moiety</reg> <hi rend="italic">North</hi> from Burton here</l>
<l>In&H4; quantity equals not one of yours:</l>
<l>See, how this <reg orig="riuer">river</reg> comes me cranking in&H5;,</l>
<l>And cuts me from the best of all my land,</l>
<l>A huge <reg orig="halfe">half</reg> <reg orig="Moone">Moon</reg>, a monstrous <reg orig="scantle">scantly</reg> out:</l>
<l><reg orig="Ile">I will&H1;</reg> <reg orig="haue">have</reg> the currant in&H4; this place <reg orig="damnd">damned</reg> <reg orig="vp">up&H5;</reg>,</l>
      <l>And here the smug and <reg orig="siluer">silver</reg> <hi rend="italic">Trent</hi> shall run,</l>
<l>In&H4; a new <reg orig="channell">channel</reg>, <reg orig="faire">fair</reg> and <reg orig="euenly">evenly</reg>,</l>
<l>It shall not wind with such a <reg orig="deepe">deep</reg> indent</l>
<l>To&H9; rob me of so&H51; rich a <reg orig="bottome">bottom</reg> here.</l></sp>
<sp who="AD"><speaker>Glen.</speaker>
   <l>Not wind! it shall, it must, you see it doth.</l></sp>
<sp who="AA"><speaker>Mor.</speaker>
   <l>Yea, but <reg orig="marke">mark</reg> how he <reg orig="beares">bears</reg> his course, and runs me</l>
<l><reg orig="vp">up&H5;</reg>, with like&H2; <reg orig="aduantage">advantage</reg> on&H4; the other side, gelding the opposed</l>
<l>continent, as much, as on&H4; the other side, it takes from you.</l></sp>
<sp who="I"><speaker>Wor.</speaker>
   <l>Yea, but a little charge will&H1; trench him here,</l>
<l>And on&H4; this Northside, win this cape of land</l>
<l>And then he runs straight and <reg orig="euen">even</reg>,</l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker>Hot.</speaker>
   <l><reg orig="Ile">I will&H1;</reg> <reg orig="haue">have</reg> it so&H52;, a little charge will&H1; do it.</l></sp>
<sp who="AD"><speaker>Glen.</speaker>
   <l><reg orig="Ile">I will&H1;</reg> not <reg orig="haue">have</reg> it <reg orig="altred">altered</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker>Hot.</speaker>
   <l>Will&H1; not you?</l></sp>
<sp who="AD"><speaker>Glen.</speaker>
   <l>No&H7;, nor you shall not.</l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker>Hot.</speaker><l>Who&H62; shall say me nay?</l></sp>
<sp who="AD"><speaker>Glen.</speaker>
   <l>Why, that&H62; Will&H1; I,</l></sp>
   <sp who="G"><speaker>Hot.</speaker>
      <l>Let me not <reg orig="vnderstand">understand</reg> you then, <reg orig="speake">speak</reg> it in&H4; <hi rend="italic">Welsh</hi>.</l></sp>
<sp who="AD"><speaker>Glen.</speaker>
   <l>I can <reg orig="speake">speak</reg> English, Lord, as well as you,</l>
<l>For&H3; I was <reg orig="traind">trained</reg> <reg orig="vp">up&H5;</reg> in&H4; the English Court,</l>
<l>Where, being but <reg orig="yong">young</reg>, I framed to&H4; the <reg orig="harpe">harp</reg></l>
<l>Many an English <reg orig="dittie">ditty</reg>, <reg orig="louly">lovely</reg> well,</l>
<l>And <reg orig="gaue">gave</reg> the tongue a <reg orig="helpefull">helpful</reg> ornament:</l>
<l>A <reg orig="vertue">virtue</reg> that&H61; was <reg orig="neuer">never</reg> <reg orig="seene">seen</reg> in&H4; you,</l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker>Hot.</speaker>
   <l>Marry, and I am glad of it with all my heart,</l>
<l>I had rather be a kitten and cry mew,</l>
<l><reg orig="Then">Than</reg> one of these same <reg orig="miter">mitre</reg> ballet-mongers:</l>
<l>I had rather <reg orig="heare">hear</reg> a <reg orig="brasen">brazen</reg> <reg orig="canstick">candlestick</reg> <reg orig="turnd">turned</reg>,</l>
<l>Or a dry <reg orig="wheele">wheel</reg> <reg orig="grat">grate</reg> on&H4; the axle-tree,</l>
<l>And that&H62; would set my teeth nothing an edge,</l>
<l>Nothing so&H51; much as <reg orig="minsing">mincing</reg> Poetry:</l>
<l><reg orig="T'is">It is</reg> like&H4; the <reg orig="forc't">forced</reg> gate of a shuffling nag.</l></sp>
   <sp who="AD"><speaker>Glen.</speaker>
      <l>Come you shall <reg orig="haue">have</reg> <hi rend="italic">Trent</hi> <reg orig="turnd">turned</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker>Hot.</speaker>
   <l>I do not care, <reg orig="Ile">I will&H1;</reg> <reg orig="giue">give</reg> thrice so&H51; much land</l>
<l>To&H4; any well <reg orig="deseruing">deserving</reg> friend:</l>
<l>But in&H4; the way of <reg orig="bargaine">bargain</reg>, <reg orig="marke">mark</reg> ye me:</l>
<l><reg orig="Ile">I will&H1;</reg> <reg orig="cauill">cavil</reg> on&H4; the ninth part of a <reg orig="haire">hair</reg>.</l>
<l>Are the indentures <reg orig="drawne">drawn</reg>? shall we&Htp; be gone?</l></sp>
<sp who="AD"><speaker>Glen.</speaker>
   <l>The <reg orig="Moone">Moon</reg> shines <reg orig="faire">fair</reg>, you may away by&H4; night:</l>
<l><reg orig="Ile">I will&H1;</reg> <reg orig="hast">haste</reg> the writer, and <reg orig="withall">withal</reg>.</l>
<l><reg orig="Breake">Break</reg> with your <reg orig="wiues">wives</reg>, of your departure hence,</l>
<l>I am <reg orig="afraide">afraid</reg> my daughter will&H1; run mad,</l>
   <l>So&H51; much she doteth on&H4; her&H2; <hi rend="italic">Mortimer</hi>, </l></sp>
   <sp who="AA"><speaker>Mor.</speaker>
      <l>Fie, <reg orig="coosen">cousin</reg> <hi rend="italic">Percy</hi>, how you <reg orig="crosse">cross</reg> my father.</l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker>Hot.</speaker>
   <l>I cannot <reg orig="chuse">choose</reg>, sometime he angers me</l>
<l>With telling me of of the Moldwarp and the Ant,</l>
   <l>Of the dreamer <hi rend="italic">Merlin</hi> and his prophecies:</l>
<l>And, of a dragon and a <reg orig="finlesse">finless</reg> fish,</l>
<l>A <reg orig="clip-wingd">clip-winged</reg> Griffin and a <reg orig="moulten">molten</reg> <reg orig="Rauen">Raven</reg>,</l>
<l>A couching Lion, and a ramping Cat,</l>
<l>And such a <reg orig="deale">deal</reg> of Skimble <reg orig="skamble">scamble</reg> <reg orig="stuffe">stuff</reg>,</l>
<l>As puts me from my faith. I tell you what,</l>
<l>He held me last night, at least, nine <reg orig="houres">hours</reg>,</l>
<l>In&H4; <reg orig="reckning">reckoning</reg> <reg orig="vp">up&H5;</reg> the <reg orig="seuerall">several</reg> <reg orig="diuels">devils'</reg> names.</l>
<l>That&H61; were his <reg orig="Lackies">Lackeys</reg>: I cried hum, and well, go to&H5;,</l>
<l>But <reg orig="markt">marked</reg> him not a word; O, he is as tedious</l>
<l>As a <reg orig="tyred">tired</reg> Horse, a <reg orig="rayling">railing</reg> Wife,</l>
<l>Worse <reg orig="then">than</reg> a <reg orig="smokie">smoky</reg> House. I had rather <reg orig="liue">live</reg></l>
<l>With Cheese and <reg orig="Garlicke">Garlic</reg> in&H4; a Windmill <reg orig="farre">far</reg>,</l>
<l><reg orig="Then">Than</reg> feed on&H4; cates, and <reg orig="haue">have</reg> him <reg orig="talke">talk</reg> to&H4; me,</l>
<l>In&H4; any Summer-house in&H4; <reg orig="Christendome">Christendom</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="AA"><speaker>Mor.</speaker>
   <l>In&H4; <reg orig="fayth">faith</reg> he was a worthy Gentleman,</l>
<l>Exceeding well read and profited</l>
<l>In&H4; strange <reg orig="concealements">concealments</reg>, valiant as a Lion,</l>
<l>And wondrous affable, and as <reg orig="bountifull">bountiful</reg></l>
   <l>As Mines of <hi rend="italic">India</hi>: shall I tell you, <reg orig="Coosen">Cousin</reg>,</l>
<l>He <reg orig="holdes">holds</reg> your temper in&H4; a high respect,</l>
<l>And curbs <reg orig="himselfe">himself</reg>, <reg orig="euen">even</reg> of his <reg orig="naturall">natural</reg> scope,</l>
<l>When you come <reg orig="crosse">cross</reg> his humour, <reg orig="fayth">faith</reg> he does:</l>
<l>I warrant you, that&H62; man is not <reg orig="aliue">alive</reg>.</l>
<l>Might so&H51; <reg orig="haue">have</reg> tempted him, as you <reg orig="haue">have</reg> done,</l>
<l>Without the taste of danger and <reg orig="reproofe">reproof</reg>:</l>
<l>But <reg orig="doe">do</reg> not <reg orig="vse">use</reg> it oft, let me <reg orig="intreat">entreat</reg> you.</l></sp>
<sp who="I"><speaker>Wor.</speaker>
   <l>In&H4; <reg orig="fayth">faith</reg>, my Lord, you are too <reg orig="wilfull">wilful</reg> blame,</l>
<l>And since your <reg orig="comming">coming</reg> hither, <reg orig="haue">have</reg> done enough</l>
<l>To&H9; put him quite besides his patience:</l>
<l>You must <reg orig="needes">needs</reg> <reg orig="learne">learn</reg>, Lord, to&H9; amend this fault,</l>
<l>Though sometimes it <reg orig="shew">show</reg> <reg orig="greatnesse">greatness</reg>, courage, blood,</l>
<l>And <reg orig="thats">that&H62; is</reg> the dearest grace it renders you:</l>
<l>Yet often times it doth present harsh rage,</l>
<l>Defect of manners, want of <reg orig="gouernment">government</reg>,</l>
<l>Pride, <reg orig="hautinesse">haughtiness</reg>, opinion, and <reg orig="disdaine">disdain</reg>;</l>
<l>The least of which&H61;, haunting a Nobleman,</l>
<l>Loseth <reg orig="mens">men's</reg> <reg orig="heartes">hearts</reg>, and <reg orig="leaues">leaves</reg> behind a <reg orig="staine">stain</reg></l>
<l><reg orig="Vpon">Upon&H4;</reg> the <reg orig="beautie">beauty</reg> of all <reg orig="partes">parts</reg> besides,</l>
<l>Beguiling them of commendation.</l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker>Hot.</speaker>
   <l>Well, I am <reg orig="schoold">schooled</reg>, Good manners be your speed,</l>
<l><reg orig="Heere">Here</reg> come your <reg orig="Wiues">Wives</reg>, and let <reg orig="vs">us&Htp;</reg> take our&Htp; <reg orig="leaue">leave</reg>.</l></sp>
<stage>Enter Glendower, with the Ladyes.</stage>
<sp who="AA"><speaker>Mor.</speaker>
   <l>This is the deadly <reg orig="spight">spite</reg> that&H61; angers me,</l>
   <l>My Wife can <reg orig="speake">speak</reg> no&H2; <hi rend="italic">English</hi>, I no&H2; <hi rend="italic">Welsh.</hi></l></sp>
<sp who="AD"><speaker>Glen.</speaker>
   <l>My Daughter <reg orig="weepes">weeps</reg>, <reg orig="sheele">she will&H1;</reg> not part with you,</l>
<l><reg orig="Sheele">She will&H1;</reg> be a <reg orig="souldier">soldier</reg> too, <reg orig="sheele">she will&H1;</reg> to&H4; the <reg orig="warres">wars</reg>.</l></sp>
   <sp who="AA"><speaker>Mor.</speaker>
      <l>Good father tell her&H6;, that&H3; she, and my Aunt <hi rend="italic">Percy</hi>,</l>
<l>Shall follow in&H4; your conduct speedily.</l></sp>
<stage>Glendower speakes to her in welsh, and she answeres
him in the same.</stage>
<sp who="AD"><speaker>Glen.</speaker>
   <l>She is <reg orig="desperat">desperate</reg> <reg orig="heere">here</reg>,</l>
<l>A <reg orig="peeuish">peevish</reg> <reg orig="selfe-wild">self-willed</reg> harlotry, one that&H61; no&H2; <reg orig="perswasion">persuasion</reg> can <reg orig="doe">do</reg></l>
<l>good <reg orig="vpon">upon&H5;</reg>.</l></sp> 
   <stage>The Lady speakes in Welsh.</stage>
<sp who="AA"><speaker>Mor.</speaker>
   <l>I <reg orig="vnderstand">understand</reg> thy <reg orig="lookes">looks</reg>, that&H62; <reg orig="prety">pretty</reg> welsh,</l>
<l>Which&H61; thou <reg orig="powrest">pourest</reg> <reg orig="downe">down</reg> from these swelling <reg orig="heauens">heavens</reg>,</l>
<l>I am <reg orig="to">too</reg> perfect in&H5;, and but for&H4; shame</l>
<l>In&H4; such a parley should I <reg orig="answere">answer</reg> thee.</l></sp>
<stage>The Lady againe in welsh.</stage>
<sp who="AA"><speaker>Mor.</speaker>
   <l>I <reg orig="vnderstand">understand</reg> thy kisses, and thou mine,</l>
<l>And <reg orig="thats">that&H62; is</reg> a feeling disputation:</l>
<l>But I will&H1; <reg orig="neuer">never</reg> be a truant <reg orig="loue">love</reg>,</l>
<l>Till I <reg orig="haue">have</reg> <reg orig="learnd">learned</reg> thy language, for&H3; thy tongue</l>
   <l>Makes <hi rend="italic">welsh</hi> as sweets as ditties highly <reg orig="pend">penned</reg>,</l>
<l>Sung by&H4; a <reg orig="faire">fair</reg> <reg orig="Queene">Queen</reg> in&H4; a Summers <reg orig="bowre">bower</reg>,</l>
<l>With <reg orig="rauishing">ravishing</reg> <reg orig="diuision">division</reg> to&H4; her&H2; lute.</l></sp>
<sp who="AD"><speaker>Glen.</speaker>
   <l>Nay, if thou melt, then will&H1; she <reg orig="runne">run</reg> mad.</l></sp>
<stage>The Lady speakes againe in welsh.</stage>
<sp who="AA"><speaker>Mor.</speaker>
   <l>O, I am <reg orig="ingnorance">ignorance</reg> <reg orig="it selfe">itself</reg> in&H4; this.</l></sp>
<sp who="AD"><speaker>Glen.</speaker>
   <l>She bids you on&H4; the wanton rushes lay you <reg orig="downe">down</reg>,</l>
<l>And rest your gentle head <reg orig="vpon">upon&H4;</reg> her&H2; lap,</l>
<l>And she will&H1; sing the song that&H61; pleaseth you,</l>
<l>And on&H4; your eyelids <reg orig="crowne">crown</reg> the God of <reg orig="sleepe">sleep</reg>,</l>
<l>Charming your <reg orig="bloud">blood</reg> with pleasing <reg orig="heauinesse">heaviness</reg></l>
<l>Making such difference betwixt wake and <reg orig="sleepe">sleep</reg>,</l>
<l>As is the difference betwixt day and night,</l>
<l>The <reg orig="houre">hour</reg> before the <reg orig="heauenly">heavenly</reg> <reg orig="harnest">harnessed</reg> <reg orig="teeme">teem</reg></l>
<l>Begins his golden <reg orig="progresse">progress</reg> in&H4; the East.</l></sp>
<sp who="AA"><speaker>Mor.</speaker>
   <l>With all my heart <reg orig="Ile">I will&H1;</reg> sit and <reg orig="heare">hear</reg> her&H6; sing,</l>
<l>By&H4; that&H62; time will&H1; our&Htp; <reg orig="booke">book</reg> I <reg orig="thinke">think</reg> be <reg orig="drawne">drawn</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="AD"><speaker>Glen.</speaker>
   <l>Do so&H52;, and those <reg orig="Musitions">Musicians</reg> that&H61; shall play to&H4; you, </l>
<l>Hang in&H4; the <reg orig="ayre">air</reg> a thousand leagues from thence,</l>
<l>And straight they shall be here, sit and attend.</l></sp>
   <sp who="G"><speaker>Hot.</speaker>
      <l>Come <hi rend="italic">Kate</hi>, thou art perfect in&H4; lying <reg orig="downe">down</reg>:</l>
<l>Come, <reg orig="quicke">quick</reg>, <reg orig="quicke">quick</reg>, that&H3; I may lay my head in&H4; thy lap. </l></sp>
<sp who="AC"><speaker>La.</speaker>
   <l>Go, ye giddy goose.</l></sp>
<stage>The musicke Playes.</stage>
   <sp who="G"><speaker>Hot.</speaker>
      <l>Now I <reg orig="perceiue">perceive</reg> the <reg orig="diuell">devil</reg> <reg orig="vnderstands">understands</reg> <hi rend="italic">Welsh</hi>,</l>
<l>And <reg orig="t'is">it is</reg> no&H2; <reg orig="maruell">marvel</reg> he is so&H51; humorous,</l>
<l><reg orig="Birlady">Byrlady</reg> he is a good <reg orig="musition">musician</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="AC"><speaker>La.</speaker>
   <l>Then would you be nothing but <reg orig="musicall">musical</reg>,</l>
<l>For&H3; you are altogether <reg orig="gouerned">governed</reg> by&H4; <reg orig="humors">humours</reg>:</l>
   <l>Lie still ye <reg orig="thiefe">thief</reg>, and <reg orig="heare">hear</reg> the <hi rend="italic">Lady</hi> sing in&H4; <hi rend="italic">Welsh</hi>.</l></sp>
   <sp who="G"><speaker>Hot.</speaker>
      <l>I had rather <reg orig="heare">hear</reg> <hi rend="italic">Lady</hi>, my brach <reg orig="howle">howl</reg> in&H4; <hi rend="italic">Irish</hi>.</l></sp>
<sp who="AC"><speaker>La.</speaker>
   <l><reg orig="Would'st">Wouldst</reg> <reg orig="haue">have</reg> thy head broken?</l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker>Hot.</speaker>
<sp who="AC"><speaker>La.</speaker>
   <l>Then be still.</l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker>Hot.</speaker>
   <l>Neither, <reg orig="t'is">it is</reg> a <reg orig="womans">woman's</reg> fault.</l></sp>
<sp who="AC"><speaker>La.</speaker>
   <l>Now God <reg orig="helpe">help</reg> thee.</l></sp>
   <sp who="G"><speaker>Hot.</speaker>
      <l>To&H4; the <hi rend="italic">Welsh</hi> Ladies bed.</l></sp>
<sp who="AC"><speaker>La.</speaker>
   <l><reg orig="What's">What is</reg> that&H62;?</l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker>Hot.</speaker>
   <l>Peace, she sings.</l></sp>
<stage>Here the Lady sings a Welsh song.</stage>
<sp who="G"><speaker>Hot.</speaker>
   <l>Come, <reg orig="Ile">I will&H1;</reg> <reg orig="haue">have</reg> your song too.</l></sp>
<sp who="AC"><speaker>La.</speaker>
   <l>Not mine in&H4; good sooth.</l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker>Hot.</speaker>
   <l>Not yours in&H4; good sooth? <reg orig="Hart">Heart</reg> you <reg orig="sweare">swear</reg> like&H4; a <reg orig="comfitmakers">comfit-makers</reg></l>
   <l>wife, not you in&H4; good sooth, and as true as I <reg orig="liue">live</reg>, and</l>
<l>as God shall mend me, and as sure as day:</l>
<l>And <reg orig="giuest">givest</reg> such <reg orig="sarcenet">sarsenet</reg> surety for&H4; thy <reg orig="othes">oaths</reg>,</l>
<l>As if thou <reg orig="neuer">never</reg> <reg orig="walkst">walkest</reg> further <reg orig="then">than</reg> Finsburie:</l>
   <l><reg orig="Sweare">Swear</reg> me <hi rend="italic">Kate</hi>, like&H4; a <hi rend="italic">Lady</hi> as thou art,</l>
<l>A good mouth-filling oath, and <reg orig="leaue">leave</reg> in&H4; sooth,</l>
<l>And such protest of pepper ginger-bread,</l>
<l>To&H4; <reg orig="veluet">velvet</reg> <reg orig="gards">guards</reg>, and Sunday-Citizens.</l>
<l>Come, sing.</l></sp>
<sp who="AC"><speaker>La.</speaker>
   <l>I will&H1; not sing.</l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker>Hot.</speaker>
   <l><reg orig="Tis">It is</reg> the next way to&H9; <reg orig="turne">turn</reg> <reg orig="tayler">tailor</reg>, or be <reg orig="red-brest">red-breast</reg> teacher;</l>
<l><reg orig="and">if</reg> the indentures be <reg orig="drawne">drawn</reg>, <reg orig="Ile">I will&H1;</reg> away within these <reg orig="2.">two</reg> <reg orig="houres">hours</reg>,</l>
<l>and so&H3; come in&H5; when ye will&H1;.</l></sp> 
   <sp who="AD"><speaker>Glen.</speaker>
      <l>Come, come, Lord <hi rend="italic">Mortimer</hi>, you are slow,</l>
      <l>As <hi rend="italic">Hot</hi> Lord <hi rend="italic">Percy</hi> is on&H4; fire to&H9; go.</l>
<l>By&H4; this our&Htp; <reg orig="Booke">Book</reg> is <reg orig="drawne">drawn</reg>, <reg orig="weele">we&Htp; will&H1;</reg> but <reg orig="seale">seal</reg>,</l>
<l>And then to&H4; Horse <reg orig="immediatly">immediately</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="AA"><speaker>Mor.</speaker>
   <l>With all my heart. </l></sp>
<stage>Exeunt. </stage>

<div2 n="2" type="scene">
<stage>Enter the King, Prince of Wales, and other.</stage>
   <sp who="A"><speaker>King.</speaker>
      <l>Lords, <reg orig="giue">give</reg> <reg orig="vs">us&Hrp;</reg> <reg orig="leaue">leave</reg>, the <hi rend="italic">Prince of Wales</hi> and I,</l>
<l>Must <reg orig="haue">have</reg> some <reg orig="priuate">private</reg> conference, but be <reg orig="neere">near</reg> at hand,</l>
<l>For&H3; we&Hrp; shall presently <reg orig="haue">have</reg> need of you. </l>
<stage>Exeunt Lords. </stage>
<l>I know not whether God will&H1; <reg orig="haue">have</reg> it so&H52;,</l>
<l>For&H4; some displeasing <reg orig="seruice">service</reg> I <reg orig="haue">have</reg> done,</l>
<l>That&H3; in&H4; his secret <reg orig="doome">doom</reg>, out of my blood,</l>
<l><reg orig="Hee'le">He will&H1;</reg> breed <reg orig="reuengement">revengement</reg> and a scourge for&H4; me:</l>
<l>But thou dost in&H4; the passages of life,</l>
<l>Make me <reg orig="beleeue">believe</reg>, that&H3; thou art <reg orig="onely">only</reg> <reg orig="mark'd">marked</reg></l>
<l>For&H4; the hot vengeance, and the rod of <reg orig="heauen">heaven</reg>,</l>
<l>To&H9; punish my <reg orig="mistreadinges">mistreadings</reg>. Tell me else</l>
<l>Could such inordinate and low desires,</l>
<l>Such <reg orig="poore">poor</reg>, such bare, such lewd, such <reg orig="meane">mean</reg> attempts,</l>
<l>Such barren pleasures, rude <reg orig="societie">society</reg>,</l>
<l>As thou art <reg orig="matcht">matched</reg> <reg orig="withall">withal</reg>, and grafted to&H5;,</l>
<l>Accompany the <reg orig="greatnes">greatness</reg> of thy blood,</l>
<l>And hold their <reg orig="leuell">level</reg> with thy Princely heart?</l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker>Prin.</speaker>
   <l>So&H52; please your <reg orig="Maiestie">Majesty</reg>, I would I could</l>
<l>Quit all offences with as <reg orig="cleare">clear</reg> excuse,</l>
<l>As well as I am <reg orig="doubtlesse">doubtless</reg> I can purge</l>
<l><reg orig="My selfe">Myself</reg> of many I am <reg orig="charg'd">charged</reg> <reg orig="withall">withal</reg>:</l>
<l>Yet such extenuation let me beg,</l>
<l>As in&H4; <reg orig="reproofe">reproof</reg> of many tales <reg orig="deuisde">devised</reg>,</l>
<l>Which&H61; oft the <reg orig="eare">ear</reg> of <reg orig="greatnes">greatness</reg> <reg orig="needes">needs</reg> must <reg orig="heare">hear</reg></l>
<l>By&H4; smiling <reg orig="Pick-thankes">Pick-thanks</reg>, and base <reg orig="newes-mongers">newsmongers</reg>,</l>
<l>I may for&H4; some things true, wherein my youth</l>
<l>Hath faulty <reg orig="wandred">wandered</reg>, and irregular</l>
<l><reg orig="Finde">Find</reg> pardon on&H4; my true submission.</l></sp>
   <sp who="A"><speaker>Kin.</speaker>
      <l>God pardon thee; yet let me wonder, <hi rend="italic">Harry</hi>.</l>
<l>At thy affections, which&H61; <reg orig="doe">do</reg>, hold a wing</l>
<l>Quite from the flight of all thy <reg orig="auncestors">ancestors</reg>:</l>
<l>Thy place in&H4; <reg orig="Counsell">Council</reg> thou hast rudely lost.</l>
<l>Which&H61; by&H4; thy younger Brother is <reg orig="supplide">supplied</reg>;</l>
<l>And art almost an alien to&H4; the <reg orig="heartes">hearts</reg></l>
<l>Of all the Court and Princes of my <reg orig="bloud">blood</reg>,</l>
<l>The hope and expectation of thy time,</l>
<l>Is <reg orig="ruin'd">ruined</reg>, and the <reg orig="soule">soul</reg> of <reg orig="euery">every</reg> man</l>
<l>Prophetically do <reg orig="fore-thinke">fore-think</reg> thy fall:</l>
<l>Had I so&H51; <reg orig="lauish">lavish</reg> of my presence <reg orig="beene">been</reg>,</l>
<l>So&H51; common <reg orig="hackneid">hackneyed</reg> in&H4; the eyes of men,</l>
<l>So&H51; stale and cheap to&H4; vulgar company,</l>
<l>Opinion that&H61; did <reg orig="helpe">help</reg> me to&H4; the <reg orig="Crowne">Crown</reg></l>
<l>Had still kept <reg orig="loyall">loyal</reg> to&H4; possession,</l>
<l>And left me in&H4; <reg orig="reputeles">reputeless</reg> banishment,</l>
<l>A fellow of no&H2; <reg orig="marke">mark</reg> nor likelihood,</l>
<l>By&H4; <reg orig="beeing">being</reg> <reg orig="seldome">seldom</reg> <reg orig="seene">seen</reg>, I could not stir</l>
<l>But like&H4; a Comet I was <reg orig="wondred">wondered</reg> at,</l>
<l>That&H3; men would <reg orig="tel">tell</reg> their children, This is he:</l>
<l>Others would say, where, which&H62; is <hi rend="italic">Bullingbrooke</hi>:</l>
<l>And then I stole all <reg orig="curtesie">courtesy</reg> from <reg orig="heauen">heaven</reg>,</l>
<l>And <reg orig="drest">dressed</reg> <reg orig="my selfe">myself</reg> in&H4; such humility,</l>
<l>That&H3; I did <reg orig="plucke">pluck</reg> allegiance from <reg orig="mens">men's</reg> <reg orig="harts">hearts</reg>:</l>
<l>Loud <reg orig="shoutes">shouts</reg> and salutations from their <reg orig="mouthes">mouths</reg></l>
<l><reg orig="Euen">Even</reg> in&H4; the presence of the crowned king.</l>
<l>Thus I did <reg orig="keepe">keep</reg> my person fresh and new,</l>
<l>My presence like&H4; a robe <reg orig="pontificall">pontifical</reg>,</l>
<l><reg orig="Ne're">Never</reg> <reg orig="seene">seen</reg>, but <reg orig="wondred">wondered</reg> at, and so&H3; my state</l>
<l><reg orig="Seldome">Seldom</reg>, but sumptuous, <reg orig="shewed">showed</reg> like&H4; a feast</l>
<l>And wan by&H4; <reg orig="rarenes">rareness</reg> such solemnity.</l>
<l>The skipping king, he ambled <reg orig="vp">up&H5;</reg> and <reg orig="downe">down</reg>,</l>
<l>With shallow <reg orig="iesters">jesters</reg>, and rash <reg orig="bauin">bavin</reg> wits,</l>
<l><reg orig="Soone">Soon</reg> kindled, and <reg orig="soone">soon</reg> burnt, carded his state,</l>
<l>Mingled his royalty with Carping <reg orig="fooles">fools</reg>;</l>
<l>Had his great name <reg orig="prophaned">profaned</reg> with their <reg orig="scornes">scorns</reg>,</l>
<l>And <reg orig="gaue">gave</reg> his countenance against his name,</l>
<l>To&H9; laugh at gybing <reg orig="Boyes">Boys</reg>, and stand the push</l>
<l>Of <reg orig="euery">every</reg> <reg orig="beardles">beardless</reg> <reg orig="vaine">vain</reg> <reg orig="comparatiue">comparative</reg></l>
<l>Grew a companion to&H4; the common <reg orig="streetes">streets</reg>,</l>
<l><reg orig="Enfeoft">Enfeoffed</reg> <reg orig="himselfe">himself</reg> to&H4; popularity,</l>
<l>That&H3; being <reg orig="dayly">daily</reg> swallowed by&H4; <reg orig="mens">men's</reg> eyes,</l>
<l>They <reg orig="surfetted">surfeited</reg> with <reg orig="hony">honey</reg>, and began to&H9; loath,</l>
<l>The <reg orig="tast">taste</reg> of <reg orig="sweetnes">sweetness</reg>, whereof a little</l>
<l>More <reg orig="then">than</reg> a little, is by&H4; much too much.</l>
<l>So&H3; when he had occasion to&H9; <reg orig="bee">be</reg> <reg orig="seene">seen</reg>,</l>
<l>He was, but as the <reg orig="Cuckow">Cuckoo</reg> is in&H4; <reg orig="Iune">June</reg>,</l>
<l>Heard, not regarded: <reg orig="seene">seen</reg>, but with such eyes</l>
<l>As <reg orig="sicke">sick</reg> and and blunted with community,</l>
<l><reg orig="Affoord">Afford</reg> no&H2; extraordinary gaze.</l>
<l>Such as is bent on&H4; sun-like <reg orig="Maiesty">Majesty</reg>,</l>
<l>When it shines <reg orig="seldome">seldom</reg> in&H4; admiring eyes,</l>
<l>But rather <reg orig="drowzd">drowsed</reg>, and hung their eye-lids <reg orig="downe">down</reg></l>
<l>Slept in&H4; his face, and <reg orig="rendred">rendered</reg> such aspect</l>
<l>As cloudy men <reg orig="vse">use</reg> to&H9; do to&H4; their <reg orig="aduersaries">adversaries</reg>,</l>
<l>Being with his presence, glutted, <reg orig="gorgde">gorged</reg> and full.</l>
<l>And in&H4; that&H62; very line, <hi rend="italic">Harry</hi> standest thou</l>
<l>For&H3;, thou hast lost thy Princely <reg orig="priuiledge">privilege</reg>,</l>
<l>With vile participation, Not an eye</l>
<l>But is <reg orig="awery">a-weary</reg> of thy common sight,</l>
<l><reg orig="Saue">Save</reg> mine, which&H61; hath desired to&H9; see thee more,</l>
<l>Which&H61; now doth that&H3; I would not <reg orig="haue">have</reg> it <reg orig="doe">do</reg></l>
<l>Make blind <reg orig="it selfe">itself</reg> with foolish <reg orig="tendernes">tenderness</reg>,</l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker>Prin.</speaker>
   <l>I shall hereafter, my thrice <reg orig="gratious">gracious</reg> Lord</l>
<l>Be more <reg orig="my selfe">myself</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker>King.</speaker>
   <l>For&H4; all the world </l>
   <l>As thou art to&H4; this <reg orig="howre">hour</reg>, was <hi rend="italic">Richard</hi> then,</l>
<l>When I from France set foot at Rauenspurgh,</l>
   <l>And <reg orig="euen">even</reg> as I was then is <hi rend="italic">Percy</hi> now:</l>
<l>Now by&H4; my <reg orig="scepter">sceptre</reg> and my <reg orig="soule">soul</reg> to&H4; <reg orig="boote">boot</reg>,</l>
<l>He hath more worthy interest to&H4; the state,</l>
<l><reg orig="Then">Than</reg> thou, the shadow of succession,</l>
<l>For&H3; of no&H2; right nor colour like&H5; to&H4; right,</l>
<l>He doth fill <reg orig="fieldes">fields</reg> with <reg orig="Harnes">Harness</reg> in&H4; the <reg orig="Realme">Realm</reg>,</l>
<l>Turns head against the Lions armed <reg orig="Iawes">Jaws</reg>,</l>
<l>And being no&H2; more in&H4; debt to&H4; <reg orig="yeares">years</reg>, <reg orig="then">than</reg> thou</l>
<l><reg orig="Leades">Leads</reg> ancient Lords, and <reg orig="reuerent">reverent</reg> Bishops on&H5;,</l>
<l>To&H4; bloody <reg orig="battels">battles</reg>, and to&H4; <reg orig="brusing">bruising</reg> <reg orig="armes">arms</reg>,</l>
<l>What <reg orig="neuer">never</reg> dying <reg orig="honor">honour</reg> hath he got,</l>
<l>Against renowned <hi rend="italic">Dowglas?</hi> whose high <reg orig="deedes">deeds</reg>,</l>
<l>Whose hot incursions, and great name in&H4; <reg orig="Armes">Arms</reg>,</l>
<l>Holds from all <reg orig="Souldiers">Soldiers</reg> <reg orig="chiefe">chief</reg> <reg orig="maiority">majority</reg>,</l>
<l>And military title <reg orig="capitall">capital</reg>.</l>
<l>Through all the <reg orig="kingdomes">kingdoms</reg> that&H61; acknowledge Christ,</l>
<l>Thrice hath the <hi rend="italic">Hotspur Mars</hi> in&H4; swathing clothes,</l>
<l>This infant <reg orig="warriour">warrior</reg>, in&H4; his enterprises,</l>
<l>Discomfited great <hi rend="italic">Dowglas</hi>, <reg orig="tane">taken</reg> him once,</l>
<l>Enlarged him, and made a friend of him,</l>
<l>To&H9; fill the mouth of <reg orig="deepe">deep</reg> defiance <reg orig="vp">up&H5;</reg>,</l>
<l>And shake the peace and safety of our&Hrp; throne.</l>
<l>And what say you to&H4; this? <hi rend="italic">Percy, Northumberland,</hi></l>
<l>The Archbishops Grace of <reg orig="Yorke">York</reg>, <hi rend="italic">Dowglas, Mortimer,</hi> </l>
<l>Capitulate against <reg orig="vs">us&Hrp;</reg>, and are <reg orig="vp">up&H5;</reg>.</l>
<l>But, wherefore do I tell these <reg orig="newes">news</reg> to&H4; thee?</l>
<l>Why, <hi rend="italic">Harry</hi> do I tell thee of my foes,</l>
<l>Which&H61; art my <reg orig="neer'st">nearest</reg> and <reg orig="deerest">dearest</reg> enemy?</l>
<l>Thou that&H61; art like&H5; enough through <reg orig="vassall">vassal</reg> <reg orig="feare">fear</reg>,</l>
<l>Base inclination, and the start of <reg orig="spleene">spleen</reg>,</l>
<l>To&H9; fight against me <reg orig="vnder">under</reg> <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Percyes">Percy's</reg></hi> pay,</l>
<l>To&H9; dog his <reg orig="heeles">heels</reg>, and <reg orig="curtsie">curtsy</reg> at his <reg orig="frownes">frowns</reg>,</l>
<l>To&H9; <reg orig="shew">show</reg> how much thou art degenerate.</l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker>Prin.</speaker>
   <l>Do not <reg orig="thinke">think</reg> so&H52;, you shall not <reg orig="finde">find</reg> it so&H52;,</l>
<l>And God <reg orig="forgiue">forgive</reg> them, that&H61; so&H51; much <reg orig="haue">have</reg> <reg orig="swayde">swayed</reg></l>
<l>Your <reg orig="Maiesties">Majesty's</reg> good thoughts away from me:</l>
<l>I will&H1; <reg orig="redeeme">redeem</reg> all this on&H4; <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Percyes">Percy's</reg></hi> head:</l>
<l>And in&H4; the closing of some glorious day</l>
<l>Be bold to&H9; tell you that&H3; I am your <reg orig="sonne">son</reg>,</l>
<l>When I will&H1; <reg orig="weare">wear</reg> a garment all of <reg orig="bloud">blood</reg>,</l>
<l>And <reg orig="staine">stain</reg> my <reg orig="fauours">favours</reg> in&H4; a <reg orig="bloudy">bloody</reg> <reg orig="maske">mask</reg>,</l>
<l>Which&H61; <reg orig="washt">washed</reg> away, shall <reg orig="scoure">scour</reg> my shame with it.</l>
<l>And that&H62; shall be the day, <reg orig="when ere">whenever</reg> it lights</l>
<l>That&H3; this same child of honour and <reg orig="renowne">renown</reg>,</l>
<l>This gallant <hi rend="italic">Hotspur</hi>, this <reg orig="all-praysed">all-praised</reg> knight,</l>
<l>And your <reg orig="vnthought">unthought</reg> of <hi rend="italic">Harry</hi> chance to&H9; meet,</l>
<l>For&H4; <reg orig="euery">every</reg> <reg orig="honor">honour</reg> sitting on&H4; his <reg orig="helme">helm</reg>,</l>
<l>Would they were multitudes, and on&H4; my head</l>
<l>My shames redoubled. For&H3; the time will&H1; come</l>
<l>That&H3; I shall make this <reg orig="Northerne">Northern</reg> youth exchange</l>
<l>His glorious <reg orig="deedes">deeds</reg> for&H4; my indignities,</l>
<l><hi rend="italic">Percy</hi> is but my Factor, good my Lord</l>
<l>To&H9; <reg orig="engrosse">engross</reg> my glorious <reg orig="deedes">deeds</reg> on&H4; my <reg orig="behalfe">behalf</reg>.</l> 
<l>And I will&H1; call him to&H4; so&H51; strict account,</l>
<l>That&H3; he shall render <reg orig="euery">every</reg> glory <reg orig="vp">up&H5;</reg>,</l>
<l>Yea, <reg orig="euen">even</reg> the <reg orig="sleightest">slightest</reg> worship of his time,</l>
<l>Or I will&H1; <reg orig="teare">tear</reg> the reckoning from his heart.</l>
<l>This in&H4; the name of God I promise here,</l>
<l>The which&H61; if he be <reg orig="pleasd">pleased</reg> I shall <reg orig="performe">perform</reg></l>
<l>I do beseech your <reg orig="Maiesty">Majesty</reg> may <reg orig="salue">salve</reg>,</l>
<l>The long <reg orig="growne">grown</reg> <reg orig="woundes">wounds</reg> of my intemperance:</l>
<l>If not, the end of life cancels all bands,</l>
<l>And I will&H1; die a hundred thousand deaths,</l>
<l>Ere <reg orig="breake">break</reg> the smallest <reg orig="parcell">parcel</reg> of this vow.</l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker>King.</speaker>
   <l>A hundred thousand rebels die in&H4; this,</l>
<l>Thou shalt <reg orig="haue">have</reg> charge, and <reg orig="soueraigne">sovereign</reg> trust herein.</l>
   <l>How now good <hi rend="italic">Blunt?</hi> thy <reg orig="lookes">looks</reg> are full of speed.</l></sp>
<stage>Enter Blunt. </stage>
<sp who="AF"><speaker>Blunt.</speaker>
   <l>So&H52; hath the <reg orig="busines">business</reg> that&H61; I come to&H9; <reg orig="speake">speak</reg> of. </l>
   <l>Lord <hi rend="italic">Mortimer</hi> of <hi rend="italic">Scotland</hi> hath sent word,</l>
   <l>That&H3; <hi rend="italic">Dowglas</hi> and the <hi rend="italic">English</hi> rebels met</l>
   <l>The <reg orig="eleuenth">eleventh</reg> of this month, at <hi rend="italic">Shrewsburie:</hi></l>
<l>A mighty and a <reg orig="fearefull">fearful</reg> head they are,</l>
<l>(If promises be kept on&H4; <reg orig="euery">every</reg> hand)</l>
<l>As <reg orig="euer">ever</reg> offered <reg orig="foule">foul</reg> play in&H4; a state.</l></sp>
   <sp who="A"><speaker>King.</speaker>
      <l>The <reg orig="Earle">Earl</reg> of <hi rend="italic">Westmerland</hi> set forth <reg orig="to day">today</reg>,</l>
      <l>With him my <reg orig="sonne">son</reg> Lord <hi rend="italic">Iohn of Lancaster</hi>,</l>
<l>For&H3; this <reg orig="aduertisement">advertisement</reg> is <reg orig="fiue">five</reg> <reg orig="daies">days</reg> old,</l>
      <l>On&H4; wednesday next <hi rend="italic">Harry</hi> thou shalt set forward:</l>
<l>On&H4; Thursday, we&Hrp; <reg orig="our selues">ourselves</reg> will&H1; march. Our&Hrp; meeting</l>     
      <l>Is <hi rend="italic">Bridgenorth,</hi> and <hi rend="italic">Harry</hi> you shall march</l>
      <l>Through <hi rend="italic">Glocester-shire</hi>, by&H4; which&H61; account</l>
<l>Our&Hrp; <reg orig="busines">business</reg> valued some <reg orig="twelue">twelve</reg> <reg orig="daies">days</reg> hence</l>
      <l>Our&Hrp; <reg orig="generall">general</reg> forces at <hi rend="italic">Bridgenorth</hi> shall meet.</l>
<l>Our&Hrp; hands are full of <reg orig="busines">business</reg>, <reg orig="let's">let us&Htp;</reg> away,</l>
<l><reg orig="Aduantage">Advantage</reg> <reg orig="feedes">feeds</reg> him fat, while men delay. </l></sp>
<stage>Exeunt. </stage>

<div2 n="3" type="scene">
<stage>Enter Falstalffe and Bardoll.</stage>
   <sp who="D"><speaker>Fal.</speaker>
<p> <hi rend="italic">Bardoll</hi>, am I not <reg orig="falne">fallen</reg> away vilely since this last action?<lb/>
do I not bate? <reg orig="doe">do</reg> I not dwindle? Why my skin hangs about<lb/>
me like&H4; an old Ladies loose <reg orig="gowne">gown</reg>. I am withered like&H4; an <reg orig="olde">old</reg><lb/>
apple Iohn. Well, <reg orig="ile">I will&H1;</reg> repent, and that&H62; <reg orig="sodainely">suddenly</reg>, while I am in&H4;<lb/>
some liking, I shall be out of heart shortly, <reg orig="&">and</reg> then I shall <reg orig="haue">have</reg><lb/>
no&H2; strength to&H9; repent. And I <reg orig="haue">have</reg> not forgotten what the inside<lb/>
of a Church is made of, I am a <reg orig="Peppercorne">Peppercorn</reg>, a Brewers<lb/>
horse, the inside of a Church. Company, <reg orig="villanous">villainous</reg> company<lb/>
      hath been the <reg orig="spoyle">spoil</reg> of me.</p></sp>
   <sp who="AO"><speaker>Bar.</speaker>
      <p><hi rend="italic">Sir Iohn</hi>, you are so&H51; <reg orig="fretfull">fretful</reg>, you <reg orig="can not">cannot</reg> <reg orig="liue">live</reg> long.</p></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker>Fal.</speaker>
   <p>Why there is it; come, sing me a bawdy Song, make me<lb/>
merry: I was as <reg orig="vertuously">virtuously</reg> <reg orig="giuen">given</reg>, as a Gentleman need to&H9; be,<lb/>
<reg orig="vertuous">virtuous</reg> enough, swore little, <reg orig="dic'd">diced</reg> not <reg orig="aboue">above</reg> <reg orig="seuen">seven</reg> times a<lb/>
<reg orig="weeke">week</reg>, went to&H4; a Bawdy house not <reg orig="aboue">above</reg> once in&H4; a quarter of<lb/>
   an <reg orig="houre">hour</reg>, <reg orig="paide">paid</reg> money that&H61; I borrowed three or <reg orig="foure">four</reg> times, <lb/>
   <reg orig="liued">lived</reg> well, and in&H4; good <reg orig="compasse">compass</reg>: and now I <reg orig="liue">live</reg> out of all order,<lb/>
   out of <reg orig="compasse">compass</reg>.</p></sp>
   <sp who="AO"><speaker>Bar.</speaker>
      <p>Why, you are so&H51; <reg orig="fatte">fat</reg>, <hi rend="italic">Sir Iohn,</hi> that&H3; you must <reg orig="needes">needs</reg> be<lb/>
      out of all <reg orig="compasse">compass</reg>: out of all reasonable <reg orig="compasse">compass</reg>, <hi rend="italic">Sir Iohn.</hi></p></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker>Fal.</speaker>
   <p>Do thou amend thy face, <reg orig="&">and</reg> <reg orig="Ile">I will&H1;</reg> amend my life: thou art<lb/>
our&Htp; <reg orig="Admirall">Admiral</reg>, thou bearest the <reg orig="Lanterne">Lantern</reg> in&H4; the <reg orig="Poope">Poop</reg>, but <reg orig="t'is">it is</reg> in&H4;<lb/>
the Nose of thee: thou art the Knight of the burning <reg orig="lampe">lamp</reg>.</p></sp>
   <sp who="AO"><speaker>Bar.</speaker>
      <p>Why, <hi rend="italic">Sir Iohn</hi>, my face does you no&H2; <reg orig="harme">harm</reg>.</p></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker>Fal.</speaker>
   <p>No&H7;, <reg orig="Ile">I will&H1;</reg> be <reg orig="sworne">sworn</reg>, I make as good <reg orig="vse">use</reg> of it, as many a<lb/>
man doth of a Deaths head, or a <foreign lang="Latin">memento mori</foreign>. I <reg orig="neuer">never</reg> see thy<lb/>
   face, but I <reg orig="thinke">think</reg> <reg orig="vpon">upon&H4;</reg> hell fire, and <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Diues">Dives</reg></hi> that&H61; <reg orig="liued">lived</reg> in&H4; Purple:<lb/>
for&H3; there he is in&H4; his Robes burning, burning. If thou wert any<lb/>
way <reg orig="giuen">given</reg> to&H4; <reg orig="vertue">virtue</reg>, I would <reg orig="sweare">swear</reg> by&H4; thy face: my <reg orig="oth">oath</reg> should<lb/>
   be, <hi rend="italic">By&H4; this fire <reg orig="that's">that&H61; is</reg> Gods Angel:</hi> But thou art altogether <reg orig="giuen">given</reg> <reg orig="ouer">over</reg>;<lb/>
   and wert indeed, but for&H4; the light in&H4; thy face, the <reg orig="Sunne">Sun</reg> of<lb/>
   <reg orig="vtter">utter</reg> <reg orig="darknesse">darkness</reg>. When thou <reg orig="ranst">rannest</reg> <reg orig="vp">up&H5;</reg> <hi rend="italic">Gads-hill</hi> in&H4; the night, to&H9;<lb/>
catch my Horse, if I did not <reg orig="thinke">think</reg> that&H3; thou hadst been an <foreign lang="Latin">ignis<lb/> 
   fatuus</foreign>, or a ball of <reg orig="Wild-fire">Wildfire</reg> <reg orig="there's">there is</reg> no&H2; purchase in&H4; Money. O<lb/>
thou art a <reg orig="perpetuall">perpetual</reg> Triumph, an <reg orig="euerlasting">everlasting</reg> Bone-fire-light,<lb/>
thou hast <reg orig="saued">saved</reg> me a thousand <reg orig="Markes">Marks</reg> in&H4; <reg orig="Linkes">Links</reg> and Torches,<lb/>
   walking with thee in&H4; the night betwixt <reg orig="Tauerne">Tavern</reg> and <reg orig="Tauerne">Tavern</reg>:<lb/>
   But the <reg orig="Sacke">Sack</reg> that&H61; thou hast <reg orig="drunke">drunk</reg> me, would <reg orig="haue">have</reg> bought me <lb/>
   Lights as good <reg orig="cheape">cheap</reg>, as the dearest Chandlers in&H4; <hi rend="italic">Europe</hi>. I <reg orig="haue">have</reg><lb/>
maintained that&H62; Salamander of yours, with fire, any time this <lb/>
   two and <reg orig="thirtie">thirty</reg> <reg orig="yeares">years</reg>: God reward me for&H4; it.</p></sp>
<sp who="AO"><speaker>Bar.</speaker>
   <p><reg orig="Zbloud">'sblood</reg>, I would my face were in&H4; your belly.</p></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker>Fal.</speaker>
   <p>God <reg orig="amercy">a-mercy</reg>, so&H52; should I be sure to&H9; be <reg orig="heart-burnd">heart-burnt</reg>.<lb/>
   How now, dame <hi rend="italic">Partlet</hi> the Hen, <reg orig="haue">have</reg> you <reg orig="enquirde">enquired</reg> <lb/>
yet who&H61; <reg orig="pickt">picked</reg> my Pocket?</p>
   <stage>Enter Host.</stage></sp>
   <sp who="AJ"><speaker>Host.</speaker>
      <p>Why <hi rend="italic">Sir Iohn</hi>, what do you <reg orig="thinke">think</reg>, <hi rend="italic">Sir Iohn</hi>? do you <reg orig="thinke">think</reg><lb/>
I <reg orig="keepe">keep</reg> <reg orig="theeues">thieves</reg> in&H4; my house? I <reg orig="haue">have</reg> <reg orig="searcht">searched</reg>, I <reg orig="haue">have</reg> enquired, so&H52;<lb/>
<reg orig="haz">has</reg> my husband, man by&H4; man, boy by&H4; boy, <reg orig="seruant">servant</reg> by&H4; <reg orig="seruant">servant</reg>:<lb/>
the tight of a <reg orig="haire">hair</reg> was <reg orig="neuer">never</reg> lost in&H4; my house before.</p></sp> 
   <sp who="D"><speaker>Fal.</speaker>
      <p>Ye lie <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Hostesse">Hostess</reg></hi>, <hi rend="italic">Bardol</hi> was <reg orig="shau'd">shaved</reg>, and lost many a <reg orig="haire">hair</reg>:<lb/>
and <reg orig="Ile">I will&H1;</reg> be <reg orig="sworne">sworn</reg> my Pocket was <reg orig="pickt">picked</reg>: <reg orig="goe">go</reg> to&H5;, you are a woman,<lb/>
<reg orig="goe">go</reg>.</p></sp>
<sp who="AJ"><speaker>Hos.</speaker>
   <p>Who&H62; I? I <reg orig="defie">defy</reg> thee: Gods light, I was <reg orig="neuer">never</reg> <reg orig="cald">called</reg> so&H52; in&H4;<lb/>
mine <reg orig="owne">own</reg> house before.</p></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker>Fal.</speaker>
   <p><reg orig="Goe">Go</reg> to&H5;, I know you well enough.</p></sp>
   <sp who="AJ"><speaker>Hos.</speaker>
      <p>No&H7;, <hi rend="italic">Sir Iohn</hi>, you do not know me, <hi rend="italic">Sir Iohn</hi>; I know you<lb/>
      <hi rend="italic">Sir Iohn</hi>, you owe me money <hi rend="italic">Sir Iohn</hi>, <reg orig="&">and</reg> now you <reg orig="picke">pick</reg> a <reg orig="quarrell">quarrel</reg><lb/>
         to&H9; beguile me of it: I bought you a dozen of <reg orig="Shirtes">Shirts</reg> to&H4; your<lb/>
<reg orig="backe">back</reg>.</p></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker>Fal.</speaker>
   <p><reg orig="Doulas">Dowlas</reg>, filthy <reg orig="Doulas">Dowlas</reg>: I <reg orig="haue">have</reg> <reg orig="giuen">given</reg> them away to&H4; Bakers<lb/>
   <reg orig="wiues">wives</reg>, they <reg orig="haue">have</reg> made <reg orig="Boulters">Bolters</reg> of them.</p></sp>
<sp who="AJ"><speaker>Aos.</speaker>
   <p>Now as I am a true Woman, Holland of <reg orig="viij.s.">eight shillings</reg> an ell:<lb/>
   you owe money <reg orig="heere">here</reg> besides, <hi rend="italic">Sir Iohn</hi>, for&H4; your diet, and <reg orig="bydrinkings">by-drinkings</reg>,<lb/>
and money lent you <reg orig="xxiiij">twenty-four</reg> pound.</p></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker>Fal.</speaker>
   <p><reg orig="Hee">He</reg> had his part of it, let him pay.</p></sp>
<sp who="AJ"><speaker>Hos.</speaker>
   <p><reg orig="Hee">He</reg>? alas he is <reg orig="poore">poor</reg>, he hath nothing.</p></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker>Fal.</speaker>
   <p>How; <reg orig="poore">poor</reg>? <reg orig="looke">look</reg> <reg orig="vpon">upon&H4;</reg> his face: What call you rich?<lb/>
let them <reg orig="coine">coin</reg> his Nose, let them <reg orig="coine">coin</reg> his <reg orig="cheekes">cheeks</reg>, <reg orig="Ile">I will&H1;</reg> not pay <lb/>
a <reg orig="denyer">denier</reg>: what, will&H1; you make a younker of <reg orig="mee">me</reg>? shall I not<lb/>
take mine ease in&H4; mine <reg orig="Inne">Inn</reg>, but I shall <reg orig="haue">have</reg> my pocket <reg orig="pickt">picked</reg>? I<lb/>
<reg orig="haue">have</reg> lost a <reg orig="seale">seal</reg> Ring of my Grandfathers worth <reg orig="fourty">forty</reg> <reg orig="marke">mark</reg>.</p></sp>
   <sp who="AJ"><speaker>Hos.</speaker>
      <p>O <reg orig="Iesu">Jesu</reg>, I <reg orig="haue">have</reg> heard the <hi rend="italic">Prince</hi> tell him, I know not how<lb/>
oft, that&H3; that&H62; Ring was Copper.</p></sp>
   <sp who="D"><speaker>Fal.</speaker>
      <p>How? the <hi rend="italic">Prince</hi> is a <reg orig="Iacke">Jack</reg>, a sneak-cup: <reg orig="Zbloud">'sblood</reg> <reg orig="and">if</reg> he<lb/>
were here, I would cudgel him like&H4; a Dog, if he would say so&H52;.</p></sp>
<stage>Enter the Prince marching, and Falstalffe meetes him
playing on his <reg orig="Trunchion">Truncheon</reg> like a Fife.</stage>
<sp who="D"><speaker>Fal.</speaker>
   <p>How now Lad, is the wind in&H4; that&H62; <reg orig="doore">door</reg> <reg orig="yfaith">i'faith</reg>;<lb/>
   Must we&Htp; all march?</p></sp>
<sp who="AO"><speaker>Bar.</speaker>
   <p>Yea, two and two; Newgate fashion.</p></sp>
<sp who="AJ"><speaker>Hos.</speaker>
   <p>My Lord, I pray you <reg orig="heare">hear</reg> <reg orig="mee">me</reg>.</p></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker>Prin.</speaker>
   <p>What <reg orig="saist">sayst</reg> thou, <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Mistris">Mistress</reg></hi> quickly? how <reg orig="dow">does</reg> thy husband?<lb/>
I <reg orig="loue">love</reg> him well, he is an honest man.</p></sp>
<sp who="AJ"><speaker>Host.</speaker>
   <p>Good my Lord <reg orig="heare">hear</reg> me</p></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker>Fal.</speaker>
   <p><reg orig="Prethee">Prithee</reg> let her&H6; alone and list to&H4; me.</p></sp>
   <sp who="C"><speaker>Prin.</speaker>
      <p>What <reg orig="saist">sayst</reg> thou <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Iacke">Jack</reg></hi>?</p></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker>Fal.</speaker>
   <p>The other night I fell  <reg orig="asleepe">asleep</reg> here behind the Arras,<lb/>
and had my pocket <reg orig="pickt">picked</reg>, this house is <reg orig="turnde">turned</reg> bawdy-house,<lb/>
   they pick pockets.</p></sp>
   <sp who="C"><speaker>Prin.</speaker>
      <p>What didst thou lose, <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Iacke">Jack</reg></hi>?</p></sp>
   <sp who="D"><speaker>Fals.</speaker>
      <p>Wilt thou <reg orig="beleeue">believe</reg> me, <hi rend="italic">Hal</hi>? three or <reg orig="foure">four</reg> bonds of forty<lb/>
pound a peace, and a <reg orig="seale">seal</reg> Ring of my grandfathers.</p></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker>Prin.</speaker>
   <p>A trifle, some eight penny matter.</p></sp>
<sp who="AJ"><speaker>Host.</speaker>
   <p>So&H52; I told him my Lord, and I said, I heard your Grace<lb/>
say so&H52;: and my Lord he <reg orig="speakes">speaks</reg> most vilely of you, like&H4; a <reg orig="foule">foul</reg><lb/>
<reg orig="mouth'd">mouthed</reg> man, as he is, and said, he would <reg orig="cudgell">cudgel</reg> you.</p></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker>Prin.</speaker>
   <p>What he did not?</p></sp>
<sp who="AJ"><speaker>Host.</speaker>
   <p><reg orig="Ther's">There is</reg> neither faith, truth, nor womanhood in&H4; me <reg orig="els">else</reg></p></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker>Fal.</speaker>
   <p><reg orig="There's">There is</reg> no&H2; more faith in&H4; thee, <reg orig="then">than</reg> a <reg orig="stued">stewed</reg> Prune; nor<lb/>
no&H2; more truth in&H4; thee, <reg orig="then">than</reg> in&H4; a <reg orig="drawne">drawn</reg> <reg orig="Foxe">Fox</reg>: and for&H4; Womanhood<lb/>
<reg orig="Mayd">Maid</reg> marian may be the Deputies wife of the ward to&H4;<lb/>
   thee. <reg orig="Goe">Go</reg> you thing, <reg orig="goe">go</reg>.</p></sp> 
<sp who="AJ"><speaker>Host.</speaker>
   <p>Say, What thing, what thing?</p></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker>Fal.</speaker>
   <p>What thing? why, a thing to&H9; <reg orig="thanke">thank</reg> God on&H5;.</p></sp>
<sp who="AJ"><speaker>Hos.</speaker>
   <p>I am nothing to&H9; <reg orig="thanke">thank</reg> God on&H5;, I would thou shouldst<lb/>
know it, I am an honest <reg orig="mans">man's</reg> wife, and setting thy Knighthood<lb/>
aside, thou art a <reg orig="knaue">knave</reg> to&H9; call me so&H52;.</p></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker>Fal.</speaker>
   <p>Setting thy woman-hood aside, thou art a beast, to&H9; say<lb/>
<sp who="AJ"><speaker>Host.</speaker>
   <p>Say, What beast, thou <reg orig="knaue">knave</reg> thou?</p></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker>Fals.</speaker>
   <p>What Beast? why an Otter.</p></sp>
   <sp who="C"><speaker>Prin.</speaker>
      <p>An Otter, <hi rend="italic">Sir Iohn?</hi> Why an Otter?</p></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker>Fals.</speaker>
   <p>Why? <reg orig="shee's">she is</reg> neither fish nor flesh; a man <reg orig="knowes">knows</reg> not<lb/>
where to&H9; <reg orig="haue">have</reg> her&H6;.</p></sp>
<sp who="AJ"><speaker>Host.</speaker>
   <p>Thou art an <reg orig="vniust">unjust</reg> man in&H4; saying so&H52;, thou, or any man<lb/>
<reg orig="knowes">knows</reg> where to&H9; <reg orig="haue">have</reg> me, thou <reg orig="knaue">knave</reg> thou.</p></sp>
   <sp who="C"><speaker>Prin.</speaker>
      <p>Thou <reg orig="sayest">sayst</reg> true <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Hostesse">Hostess</reg></hi>, and <reg orig="hee">he</reg> <reg orig="slaunders">slanders</reg> thee most<lb/>
<reg orig="grosely">grossly</reg>.</p></sp>
<sp who="AJ"><speaker>Host.</speaker>
   <p>So&H52; <reg orig="hee">he</reg> doth you, my Lord, and <reg orig="sayd">said</reg> this other day.<lb/>
You <reg orig="ought">owed</reg> him a thousand pound.</p></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker>Prin.</speaker>
   <p><reg orig="Sirra">Sirrah</reg>, <reg orig="doe">do</reg> I owe you a thousand pound?</p></sp>
   <sp who="D"><speaker>Fal.</speaker>
      <p>A thousand pound <hi rend="italic">Hal?</hi> a Million: thy <reg orig="loue">love</reg> is worth a<lb/>
Million: thou owest me thy <reg orig="loue">love</reg>.</p></sp>
   <sp who="AJ"><speaker>Host.</speaker>
      <p>Nay, my Lord, <reg orig="hee">he</reg> <reg orig="cald">called</reg> you <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Iacke">Jack</reg></hi>, and said <reg orig="hee">he</reg> would<lb/>
<reg orig="cudggell">cudgel</reg> you.</p></sp>
   <sp who="D"><speaker>Fal.</speaker>
      <p>Did I, <hi rend="italic">Bardol?</hi></p></sp>
   <sp who="AO"><speaker>Bar.</speaker>
      <p>Indeed, <hi rend="italic">Sir Iohn</hi>, you <reg orig="sayd">said</reg> so&H52;.</p></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker>Fal.</speaker>
   <p>Yea, if he <reg orig="sayd">said</reg> my Ring was Copper.</p></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker>Pri.</speaker>
   <p>I say <reg orig="tis">it is</reg> Copper: <reg orig="darst">darest</reg> thou be as good as thy word now?</p></sp>
   <sp who="D"><speaker>Fal.</speaker>
      <p>Why <hi rend="italic">Hal?</hi> thou knowest, as thou art but man, I dare,<lb/>
      but as thou art <hi rend="italic">Prince</hi>, I <reg orig="feare">fear</reg> thee, as I <reg orig="feare">fear</reg> the roaring of the<lb/>
<reg orig="Lyons">Lion's</reg> <reg orig="whelpe">whelp</reg>.</p></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker>Prin.</speaker>
   <p>And why not as the Lion?</p></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker>Fal.</speaker>
   <p>The King <reg orig="himselfe">himself</reg>, is to&H9; be feared as the <reg orig="Lyon">Lion</reg>: doest<lb/>
thou <reg orig="thinke">think</reg> <reg orig="Ile">I will&H1;</reg> <reg orig="feare">fear</reg> thee, as I <reg orig="feare">fear</reg> thy Father? nay, and I <reg orig="doe">do</reg>, I<lb/>
pray God my Girdle <reg orig="breake">break</reg>.</p></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker>Prin.</speaker>
   <p>O, if it should, how would thy guts fall about thy knees?<lb/>
But <reg orig="sirra">sirrah</reg>, <reg orig="there's">there is</reg> no&H2; <reg orig="roome">room</reg> for&H4; Faith, Truth, nor Honesty, in&H4; this<lb/>
<reg orig="bosome">bosom</reg> of thine; it is all <reg orig="filde">filled</reg> <reg orig="vp">up&H5;</reg> with <reg orig="Guttes">Guts</reg>, and <reg orig="Midriffe">Midriff</reg>:<lb/>
Charge an honest woman with picking thy pocket? Why thou<lb/>
<reg orig="horeson">whoreson</reg> impudent <reg orig="imbost">embossed</reg> <reg orig="rascall">rascal</reg>, if there were <reg orig="any thing">anything</reg> in&H4; thy<lb/>
   pocket, but <reg orig="tauerne">tavern</reg> reckonings, <hi rend="italic">memorandums</hi> of Bawdy houses,<lb/>
and one <reg orig="poore">poor</reg> <reg orig="peniworth">pennyworth</reg> of <reg orig="Sugar-candie">Sugar-candy</reg> to&H9; make thee<lb/>
long-winded: if thy pocket were <reg orig="inricht">enriched</reg> with any other <reg orig="iniuries">injuries</reg><lb/>
but these, I am a <reg orig="villaine">villain</reg>, and yet you will&H1; stand to&H4; it, you<lb/>
will&H1; not pocket <reg orig="vp">up&H5;</reg> wrong: art thou not ashamed?</p></sp>
   <sp who="D"><speaker>Fal.</speaker>
      <p>Doest thou <reg orig="heare">hear</reg> <hi rend="italic">Hal?</hi> thou <reg orig="knowst">knowest</reg> in&H4; the state of <reg orig="innocencie">innocency</reg>,
      <hi rend="italic">Adam</hi> fell: <reg orig="&">and</reg> what should <reg orig="poore">poor</reg> <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Iacke">Jack</reg> Falstalffe</hi> do in&H4; the<lb/>
<reg orig="daies">days</reg> of <reg orig="villany">villainy</reg>? thou seest, I <reg orig="haue">have</reg> more flesh <reg orig="then">than</reg> another man,<lb/>
<reg orig="&">and</reg> <reg orig="thefore">therefore</reg> more frailty You <reg orig="confesse">confess</reg> then you <reg orig="pickt">picked</reg> my pocket.</p></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker>Prin.</speaker>
   <p>It <reg orig="appeares">appears</reg> so&H52; by&H4; the story.</p></sp>
   <sp who="D"><speaker>Fal.</speaker>
      <p><hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Hostesse">Hostess</reg></hi>, I <reg orig="forgiue">forgive</reg> thee: <reg orig="goe">go</reg> make ready breakfast, <reg orig="loue">love</reg><lb/>
thy Husband, <reg orig="looke">look</reg> to&H4; thy <reg orig="Seruants">Servants</reg>, cherish thy <reg orig="Ghestes">Guests</reg>, thou<lb/>
shalt find me tractable to&H4; any honest reason: thou seest I am<lb/>
pacified still: nay, <reg orig="prethee">prithee</reg> be gone.<lb/> <stage>Exit Hostesse.</stage>
      Now <hi rend="italic">Hal</hi>, to&H4; the <reg orig="newes">news</reg> at Court for&H4; the robbery, lad? how is<lb/>
that&H62; answered?</p></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker>Prin.</speaker>
   <p>O my sweet <reg orig="beeffe">beef</reg>, I must still be good <reg orig="Angell">Angel</reg> to&H4; thee,<lb/>
the <reg orig="mony">money</reg> is paid <reg orig="backe">back</reg> <reg orig="againe">again</reg>.</p></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker>Fal.</speaker>
   <p>O, I do not like&H1; that&H62; paying <reg orig="backe">back</reg>, <reg orig="tis">it is</reg> a double labour.</p></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker>Prin.</speaker>
   <p>I am good friends with my father, <reg orig="&">and</reg> may do <reg orig="any thing">anything</reg></p></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker>Fal.</speaker>
   <p>Rob me the Exchequer the first thing thou doest, and<lb/>
do it with <reg orig="vnwasht">unwashed</reg> hands too.</p></sp>
<sp who="AO"><speaker>Bar.</speaker>
   <p>Do my Lord.</p></sp>
   <sp who="C"><speaker>Prin.</speaker>
      <p>I <reg orig="haue">have</reg> procured thee <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Iacke">Jack</reg></hi> a charge of foot.</p></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker>Fal.</speaker>
   <p>I would it had <reg orig="beene">been</reg> of horse. Where shall I <reg orig="finde">find</reg> one<lb/>
that&H61; can <reg orig="steale">steal</reg> <reg orig="wel">well</reg>? O for&H4; a fine <reg orig="theefe">thief</reg> of the age of <reg orig="xxii.">twenty-two</reg> or <lb/>
<reg orig="ther about">thereabouts</reg>; I am <reg orig="hainously">heinously</reg> <reg orig="vnprouided">unprovided</reg>. Well, God be thanked for&H4;<lb/>
these rebels, they offend none but the <reg orig="vertuous">virtuous</reg>; I laud them, I<lb/>
praise them.</p></sp>
   <sp who="C"><speaker>Prince.</speaker>
      <p><hi rend="italic">Bardoll</hi>. </p></sp>
<sp who="AO"><speaker>Bar.</speaker>
   <p>My Lord. </p></sp>
   <sp who="C"><speaker>Prin.</speaker>
      <l>Go <reg orig="beare">bear</reg> this letter to&H4; Lord, <hi rend="italic">Iohn of Lancaster</hi>,</l>
      <l>To&H4; my brother <hi rend="italic">Iohn</hi>: this to&H4; my Lord of <hi rend="italic">Westmerland,</hi></l>
      <l>Go, <hi rend="italic">Peto</hi> to&H4; horse for&H3; thou and I</l>
<l><reg orig="Haue">Have</reg> thirty miles yet to&H9; ride ere dinner time,</l>
      <l><hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Iacke">Jack</reg></hi> <reg orig="meete">meet</reg> me <reg orig="to morrow">tomorrow</reg> in&H4; the Temple hall,</l>
<l>At two <reg orig="a clocke">o'clock</reg> in&H4; the <reg orig="afternoone">afternoon</reg>,</l>
<l>There shalt thou know thy charge, and there <reg orig="receiue">receive</reg>,</l>
<l>Money and order for&H4; their furniture</l>
      <l>The land is burning, <hi rend="italic">Percy</hi> stands on&H4; high,</l>
<l>And <reg orig="eyther">either</reg> they or we&Htp; must lower lie.</l></sp>
   <sp who="D"><speaker>Fal.</speaker>
      <p>Rare words! <reg orig="braue">brave</reg> world. <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Hostes">Hostess</reg></hi>, my <reg orig="breakefast">breakfast</reg> come<lb/>
<reg orig="Oh">O</reg>, I could wish this <reg orig="Tauerne">Tavern</reg> were my drum.</p></sp>

<div1 n="4" type="act">
<div2 n="1" type="scene">
   <stage>Enter Hotspur, Worcester and Dowglas.</stage>
   <sp who="G"><speaker>Hot.</speaker>
<l>Well said, my noble <hi rend="italic">Scot</hi>, if speaking truth</l>
<l>In&H4; this fine age were not thought flattery,</l>
<l>Such attribution should the <hi rend="italic">Dowglas</hi> <reg orig="haue">have</reg>,</l>
<l>As not a <reg orig="Souldier">Soldier</reg> of this seasons <reg orig="stampe">stamp</reg>,</l>
<l>Should go so&H51; <reg orig="generall">general</reg> currant through the world:</l>
<l>By&H4; God I cannot flatter, I <reg orig="defie">defy</reg></l>
<l>The tongues of soothers, but a <reg orig="brauer">braver</reg> place</l>
<l>In&H4; my <reg orig="harts">heart's</reg> <reg orig="loue">love</reg> hath no&H2; man <reg orig="then">than</reg> <reg orig="your selfe">yourself</reg>.</l>
<l>Nay, <reg orig="taske">task</reg> me to&H4; my word, <reg orig="approue">approve</reg> me Lord.</l></sp>
<sp who="AE"><speaker>Dow.</speaker>
   <l>Thou art the king of honour,</l>
<l>No&H2; man so&H51; potent breathes <reg orig="vpon">upon&H4;</reg> the ground,</l>
<l>But I will&H1; beard him.</l></sp> 
   <stage>Enter one with letters. </stage>
<sp who="G"><speaker>Hot.</speaker>
   <l>Do so&H52;, and <reg orig="t'is">it is</reg> <reg orig="wel">well</reg>: What letters hast thou there I can</l>
<l>but <reg orig="thanke">thank</reg> you.</l></sp>
<sp who="BF"><speaker>Mess.</speaker>
   <l>These letters come from your father.</l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker>Hot.</speaker>
   <l>Letters from him? why comes he not <reg orig="himselfe">himself</reg>?</l></sp>
<sp who="BF"><speaker>Mess.</speaker>
   <l>He cannot come, my Lord, he is <reg orig="grieuous">grievous</reg> sick.</l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker>Hot.</speaker>
   <l><reg orig="Zounds">S'wounds</reg>, how <reg orig="haz">has</reg> he the leisure to&H9; be <reg orig="sicke">sick</reg></l>
<l>In&H4; such a <reg orig="iustling">jostling</reg> time? who&H62; <reg orig="leades">leads</reg> his power?</l>
<l><reg orig="Vnder">Under</reg> whose <reg orig="gouernment">government</reg> come they along?</l></sp>
<sp who="BF"><speaker>Mess.</speaker>
   <l>His letters <reg orig="beares">bears</reg> his mind, not I his mind.</l></sp>
<sp who="I"><speaker>Wor.</speaker>
   <l>I <reg orig="prethee">prithee</reg> tell me, doth he <reg orig="keepe">keep</reg> his bed?</l></sp>
<sp who="BF"><speaker>Mess.</speaker>
   <l>He did, my Lord, <reg orig="foure">four</reg> <reg orig="dayes">days</reg> ere I set forth.</l>
<l>And at the time of my departure thence,</l>
<l>He was much <reg orig="feard">feared</reg> by&H4; his <reg orig="Phisition">Physician</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="I"><speaker>Wor.</speaker>
   <l>I would the state of time had first <reg orig="bin">been</reg> whole,</l>
<l>Ere he by&H4; <reg orig="sicknesse">sickness</reg> had <reg orig="bin">been</reg> visited:</l>
<l>His health was <reg orig="neuer">never</reg> better worth <reg orig="then">than</reg> now.</l></sp> 
<sp who="G"><speaker>Hot.</speaker>
   <l><reg orig="Sicke">Sick</reg> now, <reg orig="droope">droop</reg> now, this <reg orig="sicknes">sickness</reg> doth infect</l>
<l>The very <reg orig="life-bloud">lifeblood</reg> of our&Htp; enterprise,</l>
<l><reg orig="T'is">It is</reg> catching hither; <reg orig="euen">even</reg> to&H4; our&Htp; <reg orig="campe">camp</reg>:</l>
<l>He writes me here, that&H3; inward <reg orig="sicknesse">sickness</reg>,</l>
<l>And that&H3; his friends by&H4; deputation</l>
<l>Could not so&H51; <reg orig="soone">soon</reg> be <reg orig="drawne">drawn</reg>, nor did he <reg orig="thinke">think</reg> it <reg orig="meete">meet</reg>.</l>
<l>To&H9; lay so&H51; dangerous and <reg orig="deare">dear</reg> a trust</l>
<l>On&H4; any <reg orig="soule">soul</reg> <reg orig="remou'd">removed</reg>, but on&H4; his <reg orig="owne">own</reg>,</l>
<l>Yet doth he <reg orig="giue">give</reg> <reg orig="vs">us&Htp;</reg> bold <reg orig="aduertisement">advertisement</reg>,</l>
<l>That&H3; with our&Htp; small <reg orig="coniunction">conjunction</reg>, we&Htp; should on&H5;,</l>
<l>To&H9; see how fortune is <reg orig="dispos'd">disposed</reg> to&H4; <reg orig="vs">us&Htp;</reg>:</l>
<l>For&H3;, as he writes, there is no&H2; quailing now,</l>
<l>Because the king is <reg orig="certainely">certainly</reg> <reg orig="possest">possessed</reg></l>
<l>Of all our&Htp; purposes: what say you to&H4; it?</l></sp>
<sp who="I"><speaker>Wor.</speaker>
   <l>Your fathers <reg orig="sicknesse">sickness</reg> is a <reg orig="maime">maim</reg> to&H4; <reg orig="vs">us&Htp;</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker>Hot.</speaker>
   <l>A perilous gash, a very <reg orig="limme">limb</reg> <reg orig="lopt">lopped</reg> off,</l>
<l>And yet, in&H4; faith, it is not his present want</l>
<l><reg orig="Seemes">Seems</reg> more <reg orig="then">than</reg> we&Htp; shall find it were it good,</l>
<l>To&H9; set the exact wealth of all our&Htp; states,</l>
<l>All at one cast? to&H9; set so&H51; rich a maine,</l>
<l>On&H4; the nice <reg orig="hazzard">hazard</reg> of one <reg orig="doubtfull">doubtful</reg> <reg orig="houre">hour</reg>,</l>
<l>It were not good, for&H3; therein should we&Htp; read</l>
<l>The very <reg orig="bottome">bottom</reg> and the <reg orig="soule">soul</reg> of Hope,</l>
<l>The very list, the very <reg orig="vtmost">utmost</reg> bound</l>
<l>Of all our&Htp; Fortunes.</l></sp>
<sp who="AE"><speaker>Dowg.</speaker>
   <l><reg orig="Fayth">Faith</reg>, and so&H52; we&Htp; should,</l>
<l>Where now <reg orig="remaines">remains</reg> a sweet <reg orig="reuersion">reversion</reg>.</l>
<l>We&Htp; may boldly spend <reg orig="vpon">upon&H4;</reg> the hope of what <reg orig="t'is">it is</reg> to&H9; come in&H5;</l>
<l>A comfort of retirement <reg orig="liues">lives</reg> in&H4; this.</l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker>Hot.</speaker>
   <l>A <reg orig="randeuous">rendezvous</reg>, a home to&H9; fly <reg orig="vnto">unto</reg>,</l>
<l>If that&H3; the <reg orig="Diuell">Devil</reg> and Mischance <reg orig="looke">look</reg> big</l>
<l><reg orig="Vpon">Upon&H4;</reg> the <reg orig="maydenhead">maidenhead</reg> of our&Htp; <reg orig="affaires">affairs</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="I"><speaker>Wor.</speaker>
   <l>But yet I would your Father had been <reg orig="heere">here</reg>:</l>
<l>The <reg orig="qualitie">quality</reg> and <reg orig="heire">heir</reg> of our&Htp; attempt</l>
<l><reg orig="Brookes">Brooks</reg> no&H2; <reg orig="deuision">division</reg>, it will&H1; be thought</l>
<l>By&H4; some, that&H61; know not why he is away,</l>
<l>That&H3; <reg orig="wisedome">wisdom</reg>, loyalty, and <reg orig="meere">mere</reg> dislike</l>
<l>Of our&Htp; proceedings, kept the <reg orig="Earle">Earl</reg> from hence.</l>
<l>And <reg orig="thinke">think</reg>, how such an apprehension</l>
<l>May <reg orig="turne">turn</reg> the tide of <reg orig="fearefull">fearful</reg> faction,</l>
<l>And breed a kind of question in&H4; our&Htp; cause:</l>
<l>For&H3;, well you know, we&Htp; of the <reg orig="offring">offering</reg> side,</l>
<l>Must <reg orig="keepe">keep</reg> <reg orig="aloofe">aloof</reg> from strict <reg orig="arbitrement">arbitrament</reg>,</l>
<l>And stop all sight-holes, <reg orig="euery">every</reg> <reg orig="loope">loop</reg>, from whence</l>
<l>The eye of reason may <reg orig="prie">pry</reg> in&H5; <reg orig="vpon">upon&H4;</reg> <reg orig="vs">us&Htp;</reg>:</l>
<l>This absence of your Father <reg orig="drawes">draws</reg> a <reg orig="curtaine">curtain</reg>,</l>
<l>That&H61; <reg orig="shewes">shows</reg> the ignorant, a kind of <reg orig="feare">fear</reg></l>
<l>Before not dreamt of.</l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker>Hot.</speaker>
   <l>You <reg orig="straine">strain</reg> too <reg orig="farre">far</reg>.</l>
<l>I rather of his absence make this <reg orig="vse">use</reg>,</l>
<l>It <reg orig="lendes">lends</reg> a lustre and more great opinion,</l>
<l>A larger dare to&H4; your great <reg orig="enterprize">enterprise</reg>,</l>
<l><reg orig="Then">Than</reg> if the <reg orig="Earle">Earl</reg> were <reg orig="heere">here</reg>: for&H3; men must <reg orig="thinke">think</reg>,</l>
<l>If we&Htp; without his <reg orig="helpe">help</reg>, can make a head</l>
<l>To&H9; push against the <reg orig="Kingdome">Kingdom</reg>, with his <reg orig="helpe">help</reg>,</l>
<l>We&Htp; shall, or <reg orig="turne">turn</reg> it <reg orig="topsie">topsy</reg> <reg orig="turuy">turvy</reg> <reg orig="downe">down</reg>:</l>
<l>Yet all goes well, yet all our&Htp; <reg orig="ioynts">joints</reg> are whole.</l></sp>
<sp who="AE"><speaker>Dowg.</speaker>
   <l>As heart can <reg orig="thinke">think</reg>, there is not such a word</l>
   <l>Spoke of in&H4; <hi rend="italic">Scotland</hi>, as this <reg orig="deame">deem</reg> of <reg orig="feare">fear</reg>.</l></sp>
<stage>Enter Sir Rib. Vernon.</stage>
   <sp who="G"><speaker>Hot.</speaker>
      <l>My <reg orig="coosen">cousin</reg> <hi rend="italic">Vernon</hi>, welcome by&H4; my <reg orig="soule">soul</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="AG"><speaker>Ver.</speaker>
   <l>Pray God my <reg orig="newes">news</reg> be worth a welcome, Lord.</l>
   <l>The <reg orig="Earle">Earl</reg> of <hi rend="italic">Westmerland</hi>, <reg orig="seauen">seven</reg> thousand strong,</l>
   <l>Is marching hitherwards, with Prince <hi rend="italic">Iohn</hi>.</l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker>Hot.</speaker>
   <l>No&H2; <reg orig="harme">harm</reg>, what more?</l></sp>
<sp who="AG"><speaker>Ver.</speaker>
   <l>And further, I <reg orig="haue">have</reg> <reg orig="learnd">learned</reg>,</l>
<l>The King <reg orig="himselfe">himself</reg> in&H4; person hath set <reg orig="foorth">forth</reg>,</l>
<l>Or hitherwards intended speedily,</l>
<l>With strong and <reg orig="mightie">mighty</reg> preparation.</l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker>Hot.</speaker>
   <l>He shall be welcome too; Where is his <reg orig="Sonne">Son</reg>,</l>
   <l>The nimble footed madcap, <hi rend="italic">Prince of Wales</hi>,</l>
<l>And his <reg orig="Cumrades">Comrades</reg>, that&H61; daft the world aside,</l>
<l>And bid it <reg orig="passe">pass</reg>?</l></sp>
<sp who="AG"><speaker>Ver.</speaker>
   <l>All <reg orig="furnisht">furnished</reg>? all in&H4; <reg orig="Armes">Arms</reg>?</l>
<l>All <reg orig="plumde">plumed</reg> like&H4; <reg orig="Estriges">Ostriches</reg>, that&H61; with the <reg orig="winde">wind</reg></l>
<l><reg orig="Bayted">Baited</reg> like&H4; Eagles, <reg orig="hauing">having</reg> lately <reg orig="bath'd">bathed</reg>,</l>
<l>Glittering in&H4; golden <reg orig="Coates">Coats</reg> like&H4; Images,</l>
<l>As full of spirit as the month of May,</l>
<l>And <reg orig="gorgious">gorgeous</reg> as the <reg orig="Sunne">Sun</reg> at <reg orig="Midsommer">Midsummer</reg>;</l>
<l>Wanton as <reg orig="youthfull">youthful</reg> <reg orig="Goates">Goats</reg>, <reg orig="wilde">wild</reg> as young <reg orig="Buls">Bulls</reg>:</l>
   <l>I saw young <hi rend="italic">Harry</hi> with his <reg orig="Beuer">Beaver</reg> on&H5;,</l>
<l>His Cushes on&H4; his <reg orig="thighes">thighs</reg>, gallantly <reg orig="armde">armed</reg>,</l>
   <l>Rise from the ground like&H4; feathered <hi rend="italic">Mercury</hi>,</l>
<l>And vaulted with such ease into his <reg orig="seate">seat</reg>,</l>
<l>As if an <reg orig="Angell">Angel</reg> <reg orig="dropt">dropped</reg> <reg orig="downe">down</reg> from the <reg orig="Cloudes">Clouds</reg>,</l>
   <l>To&H9; <reg orig="turne">turn</reg> and <reg orig="winde">wind</reg> a fiery <hi rend="italic">Pegasus</hi>,</l>
<l>And witch the world with noble <reg orig="Horse-manship">Horsemanship</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker>Hot.</speaker>
   <l>No&H2; more, no&H2; more; worse <reg orig="then">than</reg> the <reg orig="Sunne">Sun</reg> in&H4; March.</l>
<l>This <reg orig="prayse">praise</reg> doth nourish Agues; let them come,</l>
<l>They come like&H4; Sacrifices in&H4; their trim,</l>
<l>And to&H4; the <reg orig="fire-eyde">fire-eyed</reg> <reg orig="mayde">maid</reg> of <reg orig="smokie">smoky</reg> <reg orig="Warre">War</reg>,</l>
<l>All hot and bleeding, will&H1; we&Htp; offer them:</l>
   <l>The <reg orig="mayled">mailed</reg> <hi rend="italic">Mars</hi> shall on&H4; his Altar sit</l>
<l><reg orig="Vp">Up&H5;</reg> to&H4; the <reg orig="eares">ears</reg> in&H4; Blood. I am on&H4; fire</l>
<l>To&H9; <reg orig="heare">hear</reg> this rich <reg orig="reprizall">reprisal</reg> is so&H51; nigh:</l>
<l>And yet not ours&Htp;. Come, let me take my Horse,</l>
<l>Who&H61; is to&H9; <reg orig="beare">bear</reg> me like&H4; a thunder-bolt,</l>
   <l>Against the <reg orig="bosome">bosom</reg> of the <hi rend="italic">Prince of Wales</hi>,</l>
   <l><hi rend="italic">Harry</hi> to&H4; <hi rend="italic">Harry</hi>, shall not Horse to&H4; Horse</l>
<l><reg orig="Meete">Meet</reg>, and <reg orig="ne're">never</reg> part, till one drop <reg orig="downe">down</reg> a coarse:</l>
   <l><reg orig="Oh">O</reg>, that&H3; <hi rend="italic">Glendower</hi> were come.</l></sp>
<sp who="AG"><speaker>Ver.</speaker>
   <l>There is more <reg orig="newes">news</reg>,</l>
   <l>I learned in&H4; <hi rend="italic">Worcester</hi>, as I rode along,</l>
<l>He can draw his power this <reg orig="fourteene">fourteen</reg> <reg orig="dayes">days</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="AE"><speaker>Dowg.</speaker>
   <l><reg orig="Thats">That&H62; is</reg> the worst <reg orig="tydinges">tidings</reg>, that&H61; I <reg orig="heare">hear</reg> of yet.</l></sp>
<sp who="I"><speaker>Wor.</speaker>
   <l><reg orig="I">Aye</reg> by&H4; my <reg orig="fayth">faith</reg>, that&H62; <reg orig="beares">bears</reg> a frosty sound.</l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker>Hot.</speaker>
   <l>What may the <reg orig="Kinges">King's</reg> whole <reg orig="Battell">Battle</reg> reach <reg orig="vnto">unto</reg>?</l></sp>
<sp who="AG"><speaker>Ver.</speaker>
   <l>To&H4; <reg orig="thirtie">thirty</reg> thousand.</l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker>Hot.</speaker>
   <l><reg orig="Fortie">Forty</reg> let it be.</l>
   <l>My Father and <hi rend="italic">Glendower</hi> being both away,</l>
<l>The powers of <reg orig="vs">us&Htp;</reg>, may <reg orig="serue">serve</reg> so&H51; great a day.</l>
<l>Come, let <reg orig="vs">us&Htp;</reg> take a Muster speedily,</l>
<l><reg orig="Doomes">Dooms</reg> day is <reg orig="neere">near</reg>, die all, die merrily.</l></sp>
<sp who="AE"><speaker>Dowg.</speaker>
   <l><reg orig="Talke">Talk</reg> not of dying, I am out of <reg orig="feare">fear</reg></l>
<l>Of death or deaths hand, for&H4; this one <reg orig="halfe">half</reg> <reg orig="yeere">year</reg>.</l></sp> 

<div2 n="2" type="scene">
<stage>Enter Falstalffe and Bardoll.</stage>
   <sp who="D"><speaker>Fals.</speaker>
      <p><hi rend="italic">Bardoll</hi>, get thee before to&H4; <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Couentry">Coventry</reg></hi>, fill <reg orig="mee">me</reg> a bottle of<lb/>
      <reg orig="Sacke">Sack</reg>, our&Htp; <reg orig="Souldiers">Soldiers</reg> shall march through; <reg orig="Weele">We&Htp; will&H1;</reg> to&H4; <hi rend="italic">Sutton-cophill</hi><lb/>
      <reg orig="to night">tonight</reg>.</p></sp>
<sp who="AO"><speaker>Bar.</speaker>
   <p>Will&H1; you <reg orig="giue">give</reg> me money <reg orig="Captaine">Captain</reg>?</p></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker>Fals.</speaker>
   <p>Lay out, lay out.</p></sp>
<sp who="AO"><speaker>Bar.</speaker>
   <p>This Bottle makes an <reg orig="Angell">Angel</reg>.</p></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker>Fals.</speaker>
   <p>And if it do, take it for&H4; thy labour, and if it make <reg orig="twentie">twenty</reg>,<lb/>
take them all <reg orig="I'le">I will&H1;</reg> <reg orig="answere">answer</reg> the <reg orig="coynage">coinage</reg>; bid my Lieutenant<lb/>
   <hi rend="italic">Peto</hi> <reg orig="meete">meet</reg> me a <reg orig="Townes">Town's</reg> end.</p></sp>
<sp who="AO"><speaker>Bar.</speaker>
   <p>I will&H1; <reg orig="Captaine">Captain</reg>: farewell,</p></sp> <stage>Exit </stage>
<sp who="D"><speaker>Fals.</speaker>
   <p>If I be ashamed of my <reg orig="Souldiers">Soldiers</reg>, I am a <reg orig="sowst">soused</reg> Gurnet; I<lb/>
<reg orig="haue">have</reg> misused the <reg orig="Kinges">King's</reg> <reg orig="Presse">Press</reg> damnably. I <reg orig="haue">have</reg> got in&H4; exchange<lb/>
of <reg orig="150">a hundred and fifty</reg> <reg orig="Souldiers">Soldiers</reg> <reg orig="300.">three hundred</reg> <reg orig="&">and</reg> <reg orig="odde">odd</reg> pounds. I <reg orig="presse">press</reg> me none<lb/>
but good <reg orig="Housholders">Householders</reg>, <reg orig="Yeomens">Yeoman's</reg> <reg orig="sonnes">sons</reg>, inquire me out contracted<lb/>
<reg orig="Batchelers">Bachelors</reg>, such as had been <reg orig="askt">asked</reg> twice on&H4; the Banes;<lb/>
such a <reg orig="commoditie">commodity</reg> of <reg orig="warme">warm</reg> <reg orig="slaues">slaves</reg>, as had as <reg orig="leiue">lief</reg> <reg orig="heare">hear</reg> the<lb/>
<reg orig="Diuell">Devil</reg> as a <reg orig="Drumme">Drum</reg>, such as <reg orig="feare">fear</reg> the report of a <reg orig="Caliuer">Caliver</reg>, worse<lb/>
<reg orig="then">than</reg> a <reg orig="strook-foole">struck-fool</reg>, or a hurt <reg orig="Wild-ducke">Wild-duck</reg>: I <reg orig="prest">pressed</reg> me none but<lb/>
such <reg orig="Tosts">Toasts</reg> and Butter, with <reg orig="heartes">hearts</reg> in&H4; their bellies no&H2; bigger<lb/>
<reg orig="then">than</reg> Pins heads, and they <reg orig="haue">have</reg> bought out their <reg orig="seruises">services</reg>: and<lb/>
now, my whole charge <reg orig="consistes">consists</reg> of Ancients, Corporals, Lieutenants,<lb/>
Gentlemen of companies, <reg orig="Slaues">Slaves</reg> as ragged as Lazarus<lb/>
in&H4; the painted Cloth where the Gluttons Dogs licked his sores: <lb/>
and such as indeed were <reg orig="neuer">never</reg> <reg orig="Souldiers">Soldiers</reg>, but discarded <reg orig="vniust">unjust</reg><lb/>
<reg orig="Seruingmen">Serving-men</reg>, <reg orig="yonger">younger</reg> <reg orig="Sonnes">Sons</reg> to&H4; <reg orig="yonger">younger</reg> Brothers, <reg orig="reuolted">revolted</reg> Tapsters<lb/>
and Ostlers <reg orig="tradefalne">trade-fallen</reg>, the Cankers of a <reg orig="calme">calm</reg> world, and<lb/>
long peace, ten times more <reg orig="dishonorable">dishonourable</reg> ragged, <reg orig="then">than</reg> an old<lb/>
<reg orig="faczde">feazed</reg> <reg orig="Ancieut">Ancient</reg>; and such <reg orig="haue">have</reg> I to&H9; fill <reg orig="vp">up&H5;</reg> the <reg orig="roomes">rooms</reg> of them<lb/>
as <reg orig="haue">have</reg> bought out their <reg orig="seruices">services</reg>, that&H3; you would <reg orig="thinke">think</reg>, that&H3; I <lb/>
had a hundred and <reg orig="fiftie">fifty</reg> tottered Prodigals, lately come from<lb/>
Swine-keeping, from eating <reg orig="draffe">draff</reg> and <reg orig="huskes">husks</reg>. A <reg orig="madd">mad</reg> fellow<lb/>
met me on&H4; the way, and told me I had <reg orig="vnloaded">unloaded</reg> all the gibbets,<lb/>
and <reg orig="prest">pressed</reg> the dead bodies. No&H2; eye hath <reg orig="seene">seen</reg> such <reg orig="Skar-crowes">Scarecrows</reg>.<lb/>
   <reg orig="Ile">I will&H1;</reg> not march through <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Couentry">Coventry</reg></hi> with them, <reg orig="that's">that&H62; is</reg> flat: nay, and<lb/>
the <reg orig="villaines">villains</reg> march wide betwixt the legs, as if they had <reg orig="gyues">gyves</reg><lb/>
on&H5;, for&H3; indeed, I had the most of them out of Prison; <reg orig="there's">there is</reg> not<lb/>
a Shirt and a <reg orig="halfe">half</reg> in&H4; all my company, and the <reg orig="halfe">half</reg> Shirt is<lb/>
two Napkins <reg orig="tackt">tacked</reg> <reg orig="togeather">together</reg>, and <reg orig="throwne">thrown</reg> <reg orig="ouer">over</reg> the shoulders<lb/>
like&H4; a <reg orig="Hearalds">Herald's</reg> <reg orig="coate">coat</reg> without <reg orig="sleeues">sleeves</reg>; and the Shirt to&H9; say the <lb/>
   truth, <reg orig="stolne">stolen</reg> from my Host of <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="S.">Saint</reg> Albones</hi>, or the Red-nose <reg orig="Inkeeper">Innkeeper</reg><lb/>
   of <hi rend="italic">Dauinntry:</hi> but <reg orig="that's">that&H62; is</reg> all one, <reg orig="they'le">they will&H1;</reg> <reg orig="finde">find</reg> <reg orig="Linnen">Linen</reg><lb/>
enough on&H4; <reg orig="euery">every</reg> Hedge,</p></sp>
<stage>Enter the Prince, and the Lord of Westmerland.</stage>
<sp who="C"><speaker>Prin.</speaker>
   <p>How now <reg orig="blowne">blown</reg> <reg orig="Iacke">Jack</reg>? how now Quilt?</p></sp>
   <sp who="D"><speaker>Fal.</speaker>
      <p>What <hi rend="italic">Hal</hi>? How now mad wag, what a <reg orig="diuell">devil</reg> dost thou<lb/>
      in&H4; <hi rend="italic">Warwick-shire?</hi> My good <reg orig="L.">Lord</reg> of <hi rend="italic">Westmerland,</hi> I cry you mercy, I<lb/>
      thought your honour had already <reg orig="bin">been</reg> at <hi rend="italic">Shrewesburie.</hi></p></sp>
   <sp who="H"><speaker>West.</speaker>
      <p><reg orig="Fayth">Faith</reg>, <hi rend="italic">Sir Iohn</hi>, <reg orig="t'is">it is</reg> more <reg orig="then">than</reg> time that&H3; I were there,<lb/>
and you too; but my powers are there already: the King I can tell<lb/>
you, <reg orig="lookes">looks</reg> for&H4; <reg orig="vs">us&Htp;</reg> all; we&Htp; must away all night.</p></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker>Fal.</speaker>
   <p>Tut, <reg orig="neuer">never</reg> <reg orig="feare">fear</reg> tell me, I am as vigilant as a Cat, to&H9; <reg orig="steale">steal</reg><lb/>
<reg orig="Creame">Cream</reg>.</p></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker>Prin.</speaker>
   <p>I <reg orig="thinke">think</reg> to&H9; <reg orig="steale">steal</reg> <reg orig="Creame">Cream</reg> indeed, for&H3; thy theft hath already<lb/>
   made thee butter: but tell me, <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Iacke">Jack</reg></hi>, whose <reg orig="fellowes">fellows</reg> are<lb/>
these that&H61; come after?</p></sp>
   <sp who="D"><speaker>Fals.</speaker>
      <p>Mine <hi rend="italic">Hal</hi>, mine.</p></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker>Prin.</speaker>
   <p>I did <reg orig="neuer">never</reg> see such <reg orig="pittifull">pitiful</reg> rascals.</p></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker>Fals.</speaker>
   <p>Tut, tut, good enough to&H9; <reg orig="tosse">toss</reg>, food for&H4; powder, food<lb/>
for&H4; Powder, <reg orig="they'le">they will&H1;</reg> fill a pit as well as better: tush man, <reg orig="mortall">mortal</reg><lb/>
men, <reg orig="mortall">mortal</reg> men.</p></sp>
   <sp who="H"><speaker>West.</speaker>
      <p><reg orig="I">Aye</reg>, but, <hi rend="italic">Sir Iohn</hi>, <reg orig="mee-thinkes">me thinks</reg> they are exceeding <reg orig="poore">poor</reg><lb/>
and bare, too beggarly.</p></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker>Fal.</speaker>
   <p>Faith, for&H4; their <reg orig="pouerty">poverty</reg>, I know not where they had that&H62;;<lb/>
And for&H4; their <reg orig="barenes">bareness</reg>, I am sure they <reg orig="neuer">never</reg> learnt that&H62; of me.</p></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker>Pri.</speaker>
   <p>No&H7;, <reg orig="Ile">I will&H1;</reg> be <reg orig="sworne">sworn</reg>, <reg orig="vnlesse">unless</reg> you <reg orig="cal">call</reg> three fingers on&H4; the ribs<lb/>
   bare: But <reg orig="sirra">sirrah</reg>, make <reg orig="hast">haste</reg>, <hi rend="italic">Percy</hi> is already in&H4; the field.</p></sp> 
<sp who="D"><speaker>Fal.</speaker>
   <p>What, is the King <reg orig="incamp'd">encamped</reg>?</p></sp>
   <sp who="H"><speaker>West.</speaker>
      <p>He is, <hi rend="italic">Sir Iohn</hi>, I <reg orig="feare">fear</reg> we&Htp; shall stay too long.</p></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker>Fal.</speaker>
   <p>Well, to&H4; the latter end of a Fray, and the beginning of a<lb/>
Feast, fits a dull fighter, and a <reg orig="keene">keen</reg> guest. </p></sp>
<stage>Exeunt. </stage>

<div2 n="3" type="scene">
<stage>Enter Hotspur, Worcester, Dowglas, and Vernon.</stage>
<sp who="G"><speaker>Hot.</speaker>
   <l><reg orig="Weele">We&Htp; will&H1;</reg> fight with him <reg orig="to night">tonight</reg>,</l></sp>
<sp who="I"><speaker>Wor.</speaker>
   <l>It may not be.</l></sp>
<sp who="AE"><speaker>Doug.</speaker>
   <l>You <reg orig="giue">give</reg> him then <reg orig="aduantage">advantage</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="AG"><speaker>Ver.</speaker>
   <l>Not a whit.</l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker>Hot.</speaker>
   <l>Why say you so&H52;? <reg orig="lookes">looks</reg> he not for&H4; supply?</l></sp>
<sp who="AG"><speaker>Ver.</speaker>
   <l>So&H52; <reg orig="doe">do</reg> <reg orig="wee">we&Htp;</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker>Hot.</speaker>
   <l>His is <reg orig="certaine">certain</reg>, ours&Htp; is <reg orig="doubtfull">doubtful</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="I"><speaker>Wor.</speaker>
   <l>Good <reg orig="Coosen">Cousin</reg> be <reg orig="aduisde">advised</reg>, stir not <reg orig="to night">tonight</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="AG"><speaker>Ver.</speaker>
   <l><reg orig="Doe">Do</reg> not, my Lord.</l></sp>
<sp who="AE"><speaker>Dow.</speaker>
   <l>You do not <reg orig="counsell">counsel</reg> well:</l>
<l>You <reg orig="speake">speak</reg> it out of <reg orig="feare">fear</reg>, and cold heart.</l></sp>
   <sp who="AG"><speaker>Ver.</speaker>
      <l><reg orig="Doe">Do</reg> me no&H2; slander, <hi rend="italic">Dowglas</hi>, by&H4; my life,</l>
<l>And I dare well <reg orig="maintaine">maintain</reg> it with my life;</l>
<l>If well respected Honour bid me on&H5;,</l>
<l>I hold as little <reg orig="counsell">counsel</reg> with <reg orig="weake">weak</reg> <reg orig="feare">fear</reg>,</l>
      <l>As you, my Lord, or any <hi rend="italic">Scot</hi> that&H61; this day <reg orig="liues">lives</reg>:</l>
<l>Let it be <reg orig="seene">seen</reg> <reg orig="to morrow">tomorrow</reg> in&H4; the <reg orig="Battell">Battle</reg>, which&H61; of <reg orig="vs">us&Htp;</reg> <reg orig="feares">fears</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="AE"><speaker>Dow.</speaker>
   <l>Yea or <reg orig="to night">tonight</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="AG"><speaker>Ver.</speaker>
   <l>Content. </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker>Hot.</speaker>
   <l>Tonight say I.</l></sp>
<sp who="AG"><speaker>Ver.</speaker>
   <l>Come, come, it may not be.</l>
<l>I wonder much being men of such great leading as you are,</l>
<l>That&H3; you foresee not what impediments</l>
<l>Drag <reg orig="backe">back</reg> our&Htp; expedition: <reg orig="certaine">certain</reg> Horse</l>
   <l>Of my <reg orig="coosen">cousin</reg>  <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Vernons">Vernon's</reg></hi> are not yet come <reg orig="vp">up&H5;</reg>,</l>
   <l>Your <reg orig="Vncle">Uncle</reg> <hi rend="italic">Worcesters</hi> Horse came but <reg orig="to day">today</reg>,</l>
<l>And now their pride and <reg orig="mettall">mettle</reg> is <reg orig="asleepe">asleep</reg>,</l>
<l>Their courage with hard labour tame and dull,</l>
<l>That&H3; not a Horse is <reg orig="halfe">half</reg> the <reg orig="halfe">half</reg> of <reg orig="himselfe">himself</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker>Hot.</speaker>
   <l>So&H52; are the Horses of the <reg orig="Enemie">Enemy</reg>,</l>
<l>In&H4; <reg orig="generall">general</reg> <reg orig="iourney">journey</reg> bated and brought low:</l>
<l>The better part of ours&Htp; are full of rest.</l></sp>
<sp who="I"><speaker>Wor.</speaker>
   <l>The number of the King exceedeth our&Htp;:</l>
<l>For&H4; Gods sake, <reg orig="Coosen">Cousin</reg>, stay till all come in&H5;.</l></sp>
<stage>The Trumpet soundes a Parley. Enter Sir Walter Blunt.</stage>
<sp who="AF"><speaker>Blunt.</speaker>
   <l>I come with gracious offers from the King,</l>
<l>If you vouchsafe me hearing, and respect.</l></sp>
   <sp who="G"><speaker>Hot.</speaker>
      <l>Welcome, sir <hi rend="italic">Walter Blunt:</hi> and would to&H4; God</l>
<l>You were of our&Htp; determination;</l>
<l>Some of <reg orig="vs">us&Htp;</reg> <reg orig="loue">love</reg> you well, and <reg orig="euen">even</reg> those some</l>
<l><reg orig="Enuie">Envy</reg> your great <reg orig="deseruinges">deservings</reg> and good name,</l>
<l>Because you are not of our&Htp; <reg orig="qualitie">quality</reg>,</l>
<l>But stand against <reg orig="vs">us&Htp;</reg> like&H4; an <reg orig="Enemie">Enemy</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="AF"><speaker>Blunt.</speaker>
   <l>And God defend, but still I should stand so&H52;.</l>
<l>So&H51; long as out of limit and true rule</l>
<l>You stand against <reg orig="anoynted">anointed</reg> <reg orig="Maiestie">Majesty</reg>:</l>
<l>But to&H4; my charge. The King hath sent to&H9; know</l>
<l>The nature of your <reg orig="griefes">griefs</reg>, and <reg orig="wherevpon">whereupon</reg></l>
<l>You <reg orig="coniure">conjure</reg> from the breast of <reg orig="ciuill">civil</reg> Peace,</l>
<l>Such bold <reg orig="Hostilitie">Hostility</reg>, teaching his <reg orig="dutious">duteous</reg> Land</l>
<l>Audacious <reg orig="crueltie">cruelty</reg>. If that&H3; the King</l>
<l><reg orig="Haue">Have</reg> any way your good <reg orig="desertes">deserts</reg> forgot,</l>
<l>Which&H61; he confesseth to&H9; be manifold,</l>
<l>He bids you name your <reg orig="griefes">griefs</reg>, and with all speed,</l>
<l>You shall <reg orig="haue">have</reg> your desires with interest,</l>
<l>And Pardon absolute for&H4; <reg orig="your selfe">yourself</reg>, and these,</l>
<l>Herein misled by&H4; your suggestion.</l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker>Hot.</speaker>
   <l>The King is kind: and well we&Htp; know, the King</l>
<l><reg orig="Knowes">Knows</reg> at what time to&H9; promise, when to&H9; pay:</l>
<l>My Father, my <reg orig="Vncle">Uncle</reg>, and <reg orig="my selfe">myself</reg>,</l>
<l>Did <reg orig="giue">give</reg> him that&H62; same <reg orig="Royaltie">Royalty</reg> he <reg orig="weares">wears</reg>,</l>
<l>And when he was not <reg orig="sixe">six</reg> and twenty strong,</l>
<l><reg orig="Sicke">Sick</reg> in&H4; the <reg orig="worldes">world's</reg> regard, wretched, and low,</l>
<l>A <reg orig="poore">poor</reg> <reg orig="vnminded">unminded</reg> outlaw sneaking home,</l>
<l>My father <reg orig="gaue">gave</reg> him welcome to&H4; the shore:</l>
<l>And when he heard him <reg orig="sweare">swear</reg> and vow to&H4; God,</l>
   <l>He came but to&H9; be Duke of <hi rend="italic">Lancaster,</hi></l>
<l>To&H9; sue his <reg orig="liuery">livery</reg> and beg his peace,</l>
<l>With <reg orig="teares">tears</reg> of innocency, and <reg orig="tearmes">terms</reg> of <reg orig="zeale">zeal</reg>:</l>
<l>My father in&H4; kind heart and <reg orig="pitty">pity</reg> <reg orig="mou'd">moved</reg>,</l>
<l>Swore him assistance and <reg orig="perform'd">performed</reg> it too.</l>
<l>Now, when the Lords and <reg orig="Barrons">Barons</reg> of the <reg orig="realme">realm</reg>,</l>
   <l><reg orig="Perceiu'd">Perceived</reg> <hi rend="italic">Northumberland</hi> did <reg orig="leane">lean</reg> to&H4; him,,</l>
<l>The more and <reg orig="lesse">less</reg> came in&H5; with cap and knee.</l>
<l>Met him in&H4; Boroughs, Cities, Villages,</l>
<l>Attend him on&H4; bridges, <reg orig="stoode">stood</reg> in&H4; lanes,</l>
<l>Laid gifts before him, <reg orig="proffer'd">proffered</reg> him their <reg orig="othes">oaths</reg>,</l>
<l><reg orig="Gaue">Gave</reg> him their heirs, as pages followed him,</l>
<l><reg orig="Euen">Even</reg> at the <reg orig="heeles">heels</reg>, in&H4; golden multitudes,</l>
<l>He presently as <reg orig="greatnesse">greatness</reg> <reg orig="knowes">knows</reg> <reg orig="it selfe">itself</reg>,</l>
<l>Steps me a little higher <reg orig="then">than</reg> his vow</l>
<l>Made to&H4; my father, while his <reg orig="bloud">blood</reg> was <reg orig="poore">poor</reg>,</l>
<l><reg orig="Vpon">Upon&H4;</reg> the naked shore at Rauenspurgh</l>
<l>And now forsooth takes on&H4; him to&H9; <reg orig="reforme">reform</reg></l>
<l>Some <reg orig="certaine">certain</reg> <reg orig="edects">edicts</reg>, and some straight decrees</l>
<l>That&H61; lie <reg orig="to">too</reg> <reg orig="heauie">heavy</reg> on&H4; the common wealth,</l>
<l>Cries out <reg orig="vpon">upon&H4;</reg> abuses, <reg orig="seemes">seems</reg> to&H9; <reg orig="weepe">weep</reg></l>
<l><reg orig="Ouer">Over</reg> his Country wrongs, and by&H4; this face,</l>
<l>This seeming brow of <reg orig="iustice">justice</reg>, did he <reg orig="winne">win</reg></l>
<l>The hearts of all that&H61; he did angle for&H5;?</l>
<l>Proceeded further, cut me off the heads</l>
<l>Of all the <reg orig="fauourites">favourites</reg> that&H61; the absent king</l>
<l>In&H4; deputation left behind him here,</l>
   <l>When he was <reg orig="personall">personal</reg> in&H4; the <hi rend="italic">Irish</hi> <reg orig="warre">war</reg>.</l></sp> 
<sp who="AF"><speaker>Blunt.</speaker>
   <l>Tut, I came not to&H9; <reg orig="heare">hear</reg> this.</l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker>Hot.</speaker>
   <l>Then to&H4; the point.</l>
<l>In&H4; short time after, he <reg orig="depos'd">deposed</reg> the King,</l>
<l><reg orig="Soone">Soon</reg> after that&H62;, <reg orig="depriu'd">deprived</reg> him of his life,</l>
<l>And in&H4; the neck of that&H62;, <reg orig="task't">tasked</reg> the whole state:</l>
<l>To&H9; make that&H62; worse, suffered his kinsman March,</l>
<l>Who&H61; is, if <reg orig="euery">every</reg> owner were <reg orig="plac'd">placed</reg>,</l>
   <l>Indeed his King, to&H9; be <reg orig="ingag'd">engaged</reg> in&H4; <hi rend="italic">Wales</hi>,</l>
<l>There without <reg orig="ransome">ransom</reg> to&H9; lie forfeited,</l>
<l><reg orig="Disgrac'd">Disgraced</reg> me in&H4; my happy victories,</l>
<l>Sought to&H9; <reg orig="intrap">entrap</reg> me by&H4; intelligence,</l>
<l>Rated my <reg orig="Vncle">Uncle</reg> from the <reg orig="Counsell">Council</reg> <reg orig="boord">board</reg>,</l>
<l>In&H4; rage <reg orig="dismisde">dismissed</reg> my Father from the Court,</l>
<l>Broke <reg orig="othe">oath</reg> on&H4; <reg orig="oth">oath</reg>, committed wrong on&H4; wrong,</l>
<l>And in&H4; conclusion, <reg orig="droue">drove</reg> <reg orig="vs">us&Htp;</reg> to&H9; <reg orig="seeke">seek</reg> out</l>
<l>This head of <reg orig="safetie">safety</reg>, and <reg orig="withall">withal</reg> to&H9; <reg orig="prie">pry</reg></l>
<l>Into his title, the which&H61; we&Htp; <reg orig="finde">find</reg></l>
<l>Too indirect for&H4; long continuance.</l></sp>
<sp who="AF"><speaker>Blunt.</speaker>
   <l>Shall I <reg orig="returne">return</reg> this <reg orig="answere">answer</reg> to&H4; the King?</l></sp>
   <sp who="G"><speaker>Hot.</speaker>
      <l>Not so&H52;, <hi rend="italic">Sir Walter</hi>. <reg orig="Weele">We&Htp; will&H1;</reg> withdraw a while:</l>
<l><reg orig="Goe">Go</reg> to&H4; the King, and let there be <reg orig="impaund">impawned</reg></l>
<l>Some <reg orig="suretie">surety</reg> for&H4; a safe <reg orig="returne">return</reg> <reg orig="againe">again</reg>,</l>
<l>And in&H4; the morning early shall my <reg orig="Vncle">Uncle</reg></l>
<l>Bring him our&Htp; purpose; and so&H3; farewell.</l></sp>
<sp who="AF"><speaker>Blunt.</speaker>
   <l>I would you would accept of grace and <reg orig="loue">love</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker>Hot.</speaker>
   <l>And may be, so&H52; we&Htp; shall.</l></sp>
<sp who="AF"><speaker>Blunt.</speaker>
   <l>Pray God you <reg orig="doe">do</reg>.</l></sp>

<div2 n="4" type="scene">
<stage>Enter Archbishop of Yorke, and sir Michell.</stage>
   <sp who="AH"><speaker>Arch.</speaker>
      <l>Hie, good <hi rend="italic">Sir Michell</hi>, <reg orig="beare">bear</reg> this sealed <reg orig="Briefe">Brief</reg></l>
      <l>With winged haste to&H4; the Lord <hi rend="italic">Marshall</hi>,</l>
      <l>This to&H4; my <reg orig="coosen">cousin</reg> <hi rend="italic">Scroope</hi>, and all the rest</l>
<l>To&H4; whom they are directed. If you knew</l>
<l>How much they <reg orig="doe">do</reg> import, you would make haste.</l></sp>
<sp who="AI"><speaker>Sir Mi.</speaker>
   <l>My good Lord, I <reg orig="gesse">guess</reg> their tenor.</l></sp>
<sp who="AH"><speaker>Arch.</speaker>
   <l>Like&H5; enough you <reg orig="doe">do</reg>,</l>
   <l><reg orig="To morrow">Tomorrow</reg>, good <hi rend="italic">Sir Michell</hi>, is a day</l>
<l>Wherein, the fortune of ten thousand men</l>
   <l>Must bide the touch: For&H3; <hi rend="italic">Sir</hi>, at <hi rend="italic">Shrewsburie</hi>,</l>
<l>As I am truly <reg orig="giuen">given</reg> to&H9; <reg orig="vnderstand">understand</reg>,</l>
<l>The King with mighty and <reg orig="quicke">quick</reg> <reg orig="raysed">raised</reg> power,</l>
   <l><reg orig="Meetes">Meets</reg> with Lord <hi rend="italic">Harry</hi>; and I <reg orig="feare">fear</reg>, <hi rend="italic">Sir Michell</hi>,</l>
   <l>What with the <reg orig="sicknesse">sickness</reg> of <hi rend="italic">Northumberland</hi>,</l>
<l>Whose power was in&H4; the first proportion;</l>
   <l>And what <hi rend="italic">Owen Glendowers</hi> absence thence,</l>
<l>Who&H61; with them was rated <reg orig="firmely">firmly</reg> too,</l>
<l>And comes not in&H5;, <reg orig="ouer-rulde">overruled</reg> by&H4; Prophecies,</l>
   <l>I <reg orig="feare">fear</reg> the power of <hi rend="italic">Percy</hi> is too <reg orig="weake">weak</reg>,</l>
<l>To&H9; wage an instant <reg orig="tryall">trial</reg> with the King.</l></sp>
<sp who="AI"><speaker>Sir M.</speaker>
   <l>Why, my good Lord, you need not <reg orig="feare">fear</reg>,</l>
   <l>There is <hi rend="italic">Dowglaas</hi>, and Lord <hi rend="italic">Mortimer</hi>.</l></sp>
   <sp who="AH"><speaker>Arch.</speaker>
      <l>No&H7;, <hi rend="italic">Mortimer</hi> is not there.</l></sp>
   <sp who="AI"><speaker>Sir M.</speaker>
      <l>But there is <hi rend="italic">Mordake, Vernon,</hi> Lord <hi rend="italic">Harry Percy</hi>,</l>
      <l>And there is my Lord of <hi rend="italic">Worcester</hi>, and a head</l>
<l>Of gallant <reg orig="Warriours">Warriors</reg>, noble Gentlemen.</l></sp>
<sp who="AH"><speaker>Arch.</speaker>
   <l>And so&H52; there is, but yet the King hath <reg orig="drawne">drawn</reg></l>
<l>The <reg orig="speciall">special</reg> head of all the land <reg orig="togeather">together</reg>.</l>
   <l>The <hi rend="italic">Prince of Wales</hi>, Lord <hi rend="italic">Iohn of Lancaster</hi>,</l>
   <l>The noble <hi rend="italic">Westmerland</hi>, and warlike <hi rend="italic">Blunt</hi>;</l>
<l>And many mo <reg orig="Coriuales">Co-rivals</reg>, and <reg orig="deare">dear</reg> men</l>
<l>Of estimation, and command in&H4; <reg orig="armes">arms</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="AI"><speaker>Sir M.</speaker>
   <l>Doubt not my Lord, he shall be well <reg orig="oppos'd">opposed</reg>. </l></sp>
<sp who="AH"><speaker>Arch.</speaker>
   <l>I hope no&H2; <reg orig="lesse">less</reg>? yet, <reg orig="needfull">needful</reg> <reg orig="t'is">it is</reg> to&H9; <reg orig="feare">fear</reg>,</l>
   <l>And to&H9; <reg orig="preuent">prevent</reg> the worst, <hi rend="italic">Sir Michell</hi>, speed:</l>
   <l>For&H3; if Lord <hi rend="italic">Percy</hi> <reg orig="thriue">thrive</reg> not ere the King</l>
<l><reg orig="Dismisse">Dismiss</reg> his power, he <reg orig="meanes">means</reg> to&H9; visit <reg orig="vs">us&Htp;</reg>,</l>
<l>For&H3; he hath heard of our&Htp; <reg orig="confederacie">confederacy</reg>,</l>
<l>And, <reg orig="tis">it is</reg> but <reg orig="wisedome">wisdom</reg> to&H9; make strong against him:</l>
<l>Therefore make haste, I must <reg orig="goe">go</reg> write <reg orig="againe">again</reg></l>
   <l>To&H4; other <reg orig="friendes">friends</reg>, and so&H3; farewell, <hi rend="italic">Sir Michell</hi>. </l></sp>
<stage>Exeunt. </stage>

<div1 n="5" type="act">
<div2 n="1" type="scene">
<stage>Enter the King, Prince of Wales, Lord Iohn of Lancaster, Earle of
Westmerland, Sir Walter Blunt, and Falstalffe.</stage>
<sp who="A"><speaker>King.</speaker>
   <l>How <reg orig="bloodily">bloody</reg> the <reg orig="Sunne">Sun</reg> begins to&H9; <reg orig="peere">peer</reg>,</l>
<l><reg orig="Aboue">Above</reg> yon <reg orig="buskie">busky</reg> hill, the day <reg orig="lookes">looks</reg> pale</l>
<l>At his distemperature.</l></sp> 
<sp who="C"><speaker>Prince.</speaker>
   <l>The <reg orig="Southerne">Southern</reg> <reg orig="winde">wind</reg></l>
<l>Doth play the trumpet to&H4; his purposes,</l>
<l>And by&H4; hollow whistling in&H4; the <reg orig="leaues">leaves</reg>,</l>
<l><reg orig="Foretels">Foretells</reg> a Tempest and a blustering day.</l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker>King.</speaker>
   <l>Then with the losers let it <reg orig="simpathize">sympathise</reg>,</l>
<l>For&H3; nothing can <reg orig="seeme">seem</reg> <reg orig="foule">foul</reg> to&H4; those that&H61; <reg orig="winne">win</reg>.</l></sp>
<stage>The Trumpet soundes.</stage> <stage>Enter Worcester.</stage>
   <sp who="A"><speaker>King.</speaker>
      <l>How now my Lord of <hi rend="italic">Worcester?</hi> <reg orig="tis">it is</reg> not well,</l>
<l>That&H3; you and I should meet <reg orig="vpon">upon&H4;</reg> such <reg orig="tearmes">terms</reg>,</l>
<l>As now we&Hrp; <reg orig="meete">meet</reg>. You <reg orig="haue">have</reg> <reg orig="deceiude">deceived</reg> our&Hrp; trust,</l>
<l>And made <reg orig="vs">us&Hrp;</reg> <reg orig="doffe">doff</reg> our&Hrp; <reg orig="easie">easy</reg> Robes of Peace,</l>
<l>To&H9; crush our&Hrp; old <reg orig="lims">limbs</reg> in&H4; <reg orig="vngentle">ungentle</reg> <reg orig="Steele">Steel</reg>:</l>
<l>This is not well, my Lord, this is not well.</l>
<l>What say you to&H4; it? will&H1; you <reg orig="againe">again</reg> <reg orig="vnknit">unknit</reg></l>
<l>This churlish knot of all <reg orig="abborred">abhorred</reg> <reg orig="Warre">War</reg>?</l>
<l>And <reg orig="moue">move</reg> in&H4; that&H62; obedient <reg orig="orbe">orb</reg> <reg orig="againe">again</reg>,</l>
<l>Where you did <reg orig="giue">give</reg> a <reg orig="faire">fair</reg> and <reg orig="naturall">natural</reg> light,</l>
<l>And be no&H2; more an <reg orig="exhal'd">exhaled</reg> Meteor,</l>
<l>A <reg orig="prodigie">prodigy</reg> of <reg orig="feare">fear</reg>, and a portent</l>
<l>Of <reg orig="broched">broached</reg> <reg orig="mischiefe">mischief</reg> to&H4; the <reg orig="vnborne">unborn</reg> times?</l></sp> 
<sp who="I"><speaker>Worst.</speaker>
   <l><reg orig="Heare">Hear</reg> <reg orig="mee">me</reg>, my Liege:</l>
<l>For&H4; mine <reg orig="owne">own</reg> part, I could be well content</l>
<l>To&H9; <reg orig="entertaine">entertain</reg> the lag-end of my life</l>
<l>With quiet <reg orig="houres">hours</reg>: For&H3; I protest,</l>
<l>I <reg orig="haue">have</reg> not sought the day of this dislike.</l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker>King.</speaker>
   <l>You <reg orig="haue">have</reg> not sought it: how comes it then?</l></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker>Fals.</speaker>
   <l>Rebellion lay in&H4; his way, and he found it.</l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker>Prin.</speaker>
   <l>Peace, <reg orig="Chewet">Chatterbox</reg> peace.</l></sp>
<sp who="I"><speaker>Wor.</speaker>
   <l>It <reg orig="pleasde">pleased</reg> your <reg orig="Maiesty">Majesty</reg> to&H9; <reg orig="turne">turn</reg> your <reg orig="lookes">looks</reg></l>
<l>Of <reg orig="fauour">favour</reg>, from <reg orig="my selfe">myself</reg>, and all our&Htp; House:</l>
<l>And yet I must remember you my Lord:</l>
<l><reg orig="Wee">We&Htp;</reg> were the first and dearest of your <reg orig="friendes">friends</reg>,</l>
<l>For&H4; you, my <reg orig="Staffe">Staff</reg> of office did I <reg orig="breake">break</reg>,</l>
   <l>In&H4; <hi rend="italic">Richards</hi> time, and posted day and night,</l>
<l>To&H9; <reg orig="meete">meet</reg> you on&H4; the way, and <reg orig="kisse">kiss</reg> your hand,</l>
<l>When yet you were in&H4; place, and in&H4; account</l>
<l>Nothing so&H51; strong and fortunate as I;</l>
<l>It was <reg orig="my selfe">myself</reg>, my Brother, and his <reg orig="Sonne">Son</reg>,</l>
<l>That&H61; brought you home, and boldly did out-date</l>
<l>The danger of the time. You swore to&H4; <reg orig="vs">us&Htp;</reg>,</l>
   <l>And you did <reg orig="sweare">swear</reg> that&H62; Oath at <hi rend="italic">Dancaster</hi>,</l>
<l>That&H3; you did nothing of purpose <reg orig="gainst">against</reg> the state</l>
<l>Nor <reg orig="claime">claim</reg> no&H2; further, <reg orig="then">than</reg> your new <reg orig="falne">fallen</reg> right,</l>
   <l>The <reg orig="seate">seat</reg> of <hi rend="italic">Gaunt</hi>, <reg orig="Dukedome">Dukedom</reg> of <hi rend="italic">Lancaster</hi>,</l>
<l>To&H4; this, we&Htp; <reg orig="sweare">swear</reg> our&Htp; <reg orig="ayde">aid</reg>: but in&H4; short space</l>
<l>It <reg orig="raind">rained</reg> <reg orig="downe">down</reg> Fortune <reg orig="showring">showering</reg> on&H4; your head,</l>
<l>And such a <reg orig="floud">flood</reg> of <reg orig="Greatnesse">Greatness</reg> fell on&H4; you.</l>
<l>What with our&Htp; <reg orig="helpe">help</reg>, what with the absent King,</l>
<l>What with the <reg orig="iniuries">injuries</reg> of a wanton time,</l>
<l>The seeming sufferances that&H61; you had borne,</l>
<l>And the contrarious <reg orig="windes">winds</reg> that&H61; <reg orig="helde">held</reg> the King</l>
   <l>So&H51; long in&H4; the <reg orig="vnluckie">unlucky</reg> <hi rend="italic">Irish</hi> <reg orig="Warres">Wars</reg>,</l>
   <l>That&H3; all in&H4; <hi rend="italic">England</hi> did repute him dead;</l>
<l>And from this <reg orig="swarme">swarm</reg> of <reg orig="faire">fair</reg> <reg orig="aduantages">advantages</reg>,</l>
<l>You <reg orig="tooke">took</reg> occasion to&H9; be quickly wooed,</l>
<l>To&H9; gripe the <reg orig="generall">general</reg> sway into your hand,</l>
   <l>Forgot your oath to&H4; <reg orig="vs">us&Htp;</reg> at <hi rend="italic">Dancaster</hi>;</l>
<l>And being fed by&H4; <reg orig="vs">us&Htp;</reg>, you <reg orig="vs'de">used</reg> <reg orig="vs">us&Htp;</reg> so&H52;,</l>
<l>As that&H62; <reg orig="vngentle">ungentle</reg> gull the <reg orig="Cuckowes">Cuckoo's</reg> bird,</l>
<l><reg orig="Vseth">Useth</reg> the Sparrow, did <reg orig="oppresse">oppress</reg> our&Htp; nest,</l>
<l>Grew by&H4; our&Htp; feeding, to&H4; so&H51; great a <reg orig="bulke">bulk</reg>,</l>
<l>That&H3; <reg orig="euen">even</reg> our&Htp; <reg orig="loue">love</reg> durst not come <reg orig="neere">near</reg> your sight</l>
<l>For&H4; <reg orig="feare">fear</reg> of swallowing: but with nimble wing</l>
<l><reg orig="Wee">We&Htp;</reg> were <reg orig="inforst">enforced</reg> for&H4; safety sake, to&H9; <reg orig="flie">fly</reg></l>
<l>Out of your sight, and raise this present Head,</l>
<l>Whereby we&Htp; stand opposed by&H4; such <reg orig="meanes">means</reg></l>
<l>As you <reg orig="your selfe">yourself</reg> <reg orig="haue">have</reg> <reg orig="forg'd">forged</reg> against <reg orig="your selfe">yourself</reg>,</l>
<l>By&H4; <reg orig="vnkind">unkind</reg> <reg orig="vsage">usage</reg>, dangerous countenance,</l>
<l>And violation of all <reg orig="fayth">faith</reg> and troth</l>
<l><reg orig="Sworne">Sworn</reg> to&H4; <reg orig="vs">us&Htp;</reg> in&H4; your younger enterprise.</l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker>King.</speaker>
   <l>These <reg orig="thinges">things</reg> indeed, you <reg orig="haue">have</reg> articulate,</l>
<l><reg orig="Proclaymed">Proclaimed</reg> at Market crosses, read in&H4; Churches,</l>
<l>To&H9; face the garment of Rebellion,</l>
<l>With some fine colour that&H61; may please the eye</l>
<l>Of fickle changelings, and <reg orig="poore">poor</reg> discontents,</l>
<l>Which&H61; gape, and rub the Elbow at the <reg orig="newes">news</reg></l>
<l>Of hurly burly <reg orig="innouation">innovation</reg>:</l>
<l>And <reg orig="neuer">never</reg> yet did Insurrection want</l>
<l>Such water colours, to&H9; impaint his cause;</l>
<l>Nor moody Beggars, <reg orig="staruing">starving</reg> for&H4; a time,</l>
<l>Of <reg orig="pel-mell">pell-mell</reg> <reg orig="hauocke">havoc</reg> and confusion.</l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker>Prin.</speaker>
   <l>In&H4; both your Armies, there is many a <reg orig="soule">soul</reg></l>
<l>Shall pay full <reg orig="dearely">dearly</reg> for&H4; this encounter.</l>
<l>If once they <reg orig="ioyne">join</reg> in&H4; <reg orig="tryall">trial</reg>, tell your Nephew,</l>
<l>The Prince of <hi rend="italic">Wales</hi> doth <reg orig="ioyne">join</reg> with all the world</l>
   <l>In&H4; <reg orig="prayse">praise</reg> of <hi rend="italic">Henry Percy</hi>: by&H4; my hopes</l>
<l>This present enterprise set <reg orig="of">off</reg> his head,</l>
<l>I <reg orig="doe">do</reg> not <reg orig="thinke">think</reg> a <reg orig="brauer">braver</reg> Gentleman,</l>
<l>More <reg orig="actiue">active</reg>, more valiant, or more valiant young,</l>
<l>More daring, or more bold, is now <reg orig="aliue">alive</reg>,</l>
<l>To&H9; grace this latter age with Noble <reg orig="deedes">deeds</reg>:</l>
<l>For&H4; my part, I may <reg orig="speake">speak</reg> it to&H4; my shame,</l>
<l>I <reg orig="haue">have</reg> a <reg orig="trewant">truant</reg> been to&H4; <reg orig="Chiualrie">Chivalry</reg>,</l>
<l>And so&H3; I <reg orig="heare">hear</reg> <reg orig="hee">he</reg> doth account <reg orig="mee">me</reg> too;</l>
<l>Yet this before my Fathers <reg orig="Maiestie">Majesty</reg>,</l>
<l>I am content that&H3; he shall take the <reg orig="ods">odds</reg></l>
<l>Of his great name and estimation,</l>
<l>And will&H1;, to&H9; <reg orig="saue">save</reg> the blood on&H4; either side,</l>
<l><reg orig="Trie">Try</reg> fortune with him in&H4; a single fight.</l></sp>
   <sp who="A"><speaker>King.</speaker>
<l>And, <hi rend="italic">Prince of Wales</hi>, so&H52; dare we&Htp; venture thee,</l>
<l>Albeit, considerations infinite</l>
<l><reg orig="Doe">Do</reg> make against it: No&H7; good <hi rend="italic">Worcester</hi>, no&H7;,</l>
<l><reg orig="Wee">We&Hrp;</reg> <reg orig="loue">love</reg> our&Hrp; people well; <reg orig="euen">even</reg> those we&Hrp; <reg orig="loue">love</reg></l>
<l>That&H61; are misled <reg orig="vpon">upon&H4;</reg> your <reg orig="Coosens">Cousin's</reg> part:</l>
<l>And will&H1; they take the offer of our&Hrp; Grace,</l>
<l>Both <reg orig="hee">he</reg>, and they, and you, yea <reg orig="euery">every</reg> man,</l>
<l>Shall be my friend <reg orig="againe">again</reg>, and <reg orig="Ile">I will&H1;</reg> be his:</l>
<l>So&H52; tell your <reg orig="Coosen">Cousin</reg>, and bring me word,</l>
<l>What he will&H1; <reg orig="doe">do</reg>. But if he will&H1; not <reg orig="yeeld">yield</reg>,</l>
<l>Rebuke and dread correction <reg orig="waite">wait</reg> on&H4; <reg orig="vs">us&Hrp;</reg>,</l>
<l>And they shall <reg orig="doe">do</reg> their office. So&H3; be <reg orig="gonn">gone</reg>,</l>
<l>We&Hrp; will&H1; not now be troubled with reply,</l>
<l>We&Hrp; offer <reg orig="faire">fair</reg>, take it <reg orig="aduisedly">advisedly</reg>. </l></sp>
<stage>Exit Worcester.</stage>
<sp who="C"><speaker>Prin.</speaker>
   <l>It will&H1; not be accepted, on&H4; my life,</l>
   <l>The <hi rend="italic">Dowglas</hi> and the <hi rend="italic">Hotspur</hi> both <reg orig="togeather">together</reg>,</l>
<l>Are confident against the world in&H4; <reg orig="armes">arms</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker>King.</speaker>
   <l>Hence therefore, <reg orig="euery">every</reg> Leader to&H4; his charge,</l>
<l>For&H3; on&H4; their <reg orig="answere">answer</reg> will&H1; we&Hrp; set on&H4; them;</l>
<l>And God <reg orig="befrend">befriend</reg> <reg orig="vs">us&Hrp;</reg>, as our&Hrp; cause is <reg orig="iust">just</reg>.</l></sp> 
   <stage>Exeunt. Manent Prin. Fal.</stage>
   <sp who="D"><speaker>Fal.</speaker>
      <p><hi rend="italic">Hal</hi>, if thou see me <reg orig="downe">down</reg> in&H4; the <reg orig="Battell">Battle</reg><lb/>
And bestride me so&H52;, <reg orig="tis">it is</reg> a point of friendship.</p></sp>
   <sp who="C"><speaker>Prin.</speaker>
      <p>Nothing but a <hi rend="italic">Colossus</hi> can <reg orig="doe">do</reg> thee that&H62; friendship.<lb/>
Say thy prayers, and farewell.</p></sp>
   <sp who="D"><speaker>Fals.</speaker>
      <p>I would it were bed time <hi rend="italic">Hal</hi>, and all well.</p></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker>Prin.</speaker>
   <p>Why? thou owest God a death.</p></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker>Fals.</speaker>
   <p><reg orig="Tis">It is</reg> not due yet, I would be <reg orig="loth">loath</reg> to&H9; pay him before his<lb/>
day: what need I be so&H51; forward with him that&H61; <reg orig="cals">calls</reg> not on&H4; me?<lb/>
Well, <reg orig="tis">it is</reg> no&H2; matter, Honour pricks me on&H5;: yea, but how if Honour<lb/>
prick me off when I come on&H5;? how then can Honour set to&H4;<lb/>
a leg? no&H7;, or an <reg orig="arme">arm</reg>? no&H7;, or take away the <reg orig="griefe">grief</reg> of a wound? no&H7;,<lb/>
Honour hath no&H2; skill in&H4; <reg orig="Surgerie">Surgery</reg> then? no&H7;: What is Honour? a <lb/>
Word: What is that&H62; word Honour? <reg orig="Aire">Air</reg>: a trim reckoning.<lb/>
Who&H62; hath it? he that&H61; died <reg orig="a Wednesday">a-Wednesday</reg>? Doth he feele it? no&H7;:<lb/>
   doth he <reg orig="heare">hear</reg> it? no&H7;: <reg orig="tis">it is</reg> insensible then? yea, to&H4; the dead: but will&H1;<lb/>
it not <reg orig="liue">live</reg> with the <reg orig="liuing">living</reg>? no&H7;: why? detraction will&H1; not suffer<lb/>
it, therefore <reg orig="Ile">I will&H1;</reg> none of it; Honour is a <reg orig="meere">mere</reg> <reg orig="Skutchion">Scutcheon</reg>; and<lb/>
so&H3; ends my <reg orig="Catechisme">Catechism</reg>.</p></sp> 
   <stage>Exit. </stage>

<div2 n="2" type="scene">
<stage>Enter Worcester, and sir Richard Vernon.</stage>
   <sp who="I"><speaker>Wor.</speaker>
      <l>O no&H7;, my Nephew must not know, <hi rend="italic">Sir Richard</hi>,</l>
<l>The <reg orig="liberall">liberal</reg> and kind offer of the King.</l></sp>
<sp who="AG"><speaker>Ver.</speaker>
   <l><reg orig="T'were">It were</reg> best he did.</l></sp>
<sp who="I"><speaker>Wor.</speaker>
   <l>Then are we&Htp; all <reg orig="vndone">undone</reg>,</l>
<l>It is not possible, it <reg orig="can not">cannot</reg> be,</l>
<l>The King would <reg orig="keepe">keep</reg> his word in&H4; <reg orig="louing">loving</reg> <reg orig="vs">us&Htp;</reg>,</l>
<l>He will&H1; suspect <reg orig="vs">us&Htp;</reg> still, and find a time,</l>
<l>To&H9; punish this offence in&H4; others <reg orig="faultes">faults</reg>;</l>
<l>Supposition, all our&Htp; <reg orig="liues">lives</reg>, shall be <reg orig="stucke">stuck</reg> full of eyes;</l>
<l>For&H3; Treason is but trusted like&H4; the <reg orig="Foxe">Fox</reg>,</l>
<l>Who&H61; <reg orig="neuer">never</reg> so&H51; tame, so&H51; <reg orig="cherisht">cherished</reg>, and <reg orig="lockt">locked</reg> <reg orig="vp">up&H5;</reg>,</l>
<l>Will&H1; <reg orig="haue">have</reg> a <reg orig="wilde">wild</reg> <reg orig="tricke">trick</reg> of his <reg orig="ancesters">ancestors</reg>:</l>
<l><reg orig="Looke">Look</reg> how he can, or sad or merrily?</l>
<l>Interpretation will&H1; misquote our&Htp; <reg orig="lookes">looks</reg>,</l>
<l>And we&Htp; shall feed like&H4; Oxen at a stall,</l>
<l>The better <reg orig="cherisht">cherished</reg>, still the nearer death.</l>
<l>My <reg orig="Nephewes">Nephew's</reg> <reg orig="trespasse">trespass</reg> may be well forgot,</l>
<l>It hath the excuse of youth, and heat of blood,</l>
<l>And an adopted name of <reg orig="Priuiledge">Privilege</reg>,</l>
   <l>A <reg orig="hair-braind">harebrained</reg> <hi rend="italic">Hotspur</hi>, <reg orig="gouerned">governed</reg> by&H4; a <reg orig="spleene">spleen</reg>,</l>
<l>All his offences <reg orig="liue">live</reg> <reg orig="vpon">upon&H4;</reg> my head,</l>
<l>And on&H4; his Fathers. We&Htp; did <reg orig="traine">train</reg> him on&H5;,</l>
<l>And his corruption being <reg orig="tane">taken</reg> from <reg orig="vs">us&Htp;</reg>.</l>
<l>We&Htp; as the spring of all, <reg orig="shal">shall</reg> pay for&H4; all:</l>
   <l>Therefore good <reg orig="Coosen">Cousin</reg>, let not <hi rend="italic">Harry</hi> know</l>
<l>In&H4; any case, the offer of the King. </l></sp>
<stage>Enter Hotspur</stage>
<sp who="AG"><speaker>Ver.</speaker>
   <l><reg orig="Deliuer">Deliver</reg> what you <reg orig="wil">will&H1;</reg>, <reg orig="Ile">I will&H1;</reg> say <reg orig="tis">it is</reg> so&H52;. Here <reg orig="coms">comes</reg> your <reg orig="coosen">cousin</reg></l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker>Hot.</speaker>
   <l>My <reg orig="Vncle">Uncle</reg> is <reg orig="returnd">returned</reg>,</l>
   <l><reg orig="Deliuer">Deliver</reg> <reg orig="vp">up&H5;</reg> my Lord of <hi rend="italic">Westmerland:</hi></l>
<l><reg orig="Vncle">Uncle</reg>, What <reg orig="newes">news</reg>?</l></sp>
<sp who="I"><speaker>Wor.</speaker>
   <l>The King will&H1; bid you <reg orig="Battell">Battle</reg> presently.</l></sp>
   <sp who="AE"><speaker>Dowg.</speaker>
      <l><reg orig="Defie">Defy</reg> him by&H4; the Lord of <hi rend="italic">Westmerland</hi>.</l></sp>
   <sp who="G"><speaker>Hot.</speaker>
      <l>Lord <hi rend="italic">Dowglas</hi>, <reg orig="goe">go</reg> you and tell him so&H52;.</l></sp>
<sp who="AE"><speaker>Dowg.</speaker>
   <l><reg orig="Mary">Marry</reg> and shall, and very willingly.</l></sp> 
   <stage>Exit Dowg.</stage>
<sp who="I"><speaker>Wor.</speaker>
   <l>There is no&H2; seeming mercy in&H4; the King.</l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker>Hot.</speaker>
   <l>Did you beg any? God forbid.</l></sp>
<sp who="I"><speaker>Wor.</speaker>
   <l>I told him gently of our&Htp; <reg orig="grieuances">grievances</reg>,</l>
<l>Of his Oath-breaking: which&H61; he mended thus,</l>
<l>By&H4; now forswearing that&H3; he is <reg orig="forsworne">forsworn</reg>,</l>
<l>He <reg orig="cals">calls</reg> <reg orig="vs">us&Htp;</reg> Rebels, <reg orig="traytors">traitors</reg>, and will&H1; scourge</l>
<l>With <reg orig="hawty">haughty</reg> <reg orig="armes">arms</reg>, this <reg orig="hatefull">hateful</reg> name in&H4; <reg orig="vs">us&Htp;</reg>. </l></sp>
<stage>Enter Dowg.</stage>
<sp who="AE"><speaker>Dowg.</speaker>
   <l><reg orig="Arme">Arm</reg> Gentlemen, to&H4; <reg orig="armes">arms</reg>, for&H3; I <reg orig="haue">have</reg> <reg orig="throwne">thrown</reg></l>
   <l>A <reg orig="braue">brave</reg> Defiance in&H4; King <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Henries">Henry's</reg></hi> teeth;</l>
   <l>And <hi rend="italic">Westmerland</hi> that&H61; was <reg orig="ingag'd">engaged</reg> did <reg orig="beare">bear</reg> it,</l>
<l>Which&H61; <reg orig="can not">cannot</reg> <reg orig="chuse">choose</reg> but bring him quickly on&H5;.</l></sp>
   <sp who="I"><speaker>Wor.</speaker>
      <l>The <hi rend="italic">Prince of Wales</hi> <reg orig="stept">stepped</reg> <reg orig="foorth">forth</reg> before the King,</l>
<l>And Nephew, <reg orig="challeng'd">challenged</reg> you to&H4; single fight.</l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker>Hot.</speaker>
   <l>O, would the <reg orig="quarrell">quarrel</reg> lay <reg orig="vpon">upon&H4;</reg> our&Htp; heads,</l>
<l>And that&H3; no&H2; man might draw short breath <reg orig="to day">today</reg>,</l>
   <l>But I and <hi rend="italic">Harry Monmouth:</hi> tell <reg orig="mee">me</reg>, tell <reg orig="mee">me</reg>,</l>
<l>How <reg orig="shewd">showed</reg> his talking? <reg orig="seemd">seemed</reg> it in&H4; contempt?</l></sp>
<sp who="AG"><speaker>Ver.</speaker>
   <l>No&H7;, by&H4; my <reg orig="soule">soul</reg>, I <reg orig="neuer">never</reg> in&H4; my life</l>
<l>Did <reg orig="heare">hear</reg> a Challenge <reg orig="vrg'd">urged</reg> more modestly,</l>
<l><reg orig="Vnlesse">Unless</reg> a Brother should a Brother dare</l>
<l>To&H4; gentle exercise and <reg orig="proofe">proof</reg> of <reg orig="armes">arms</reg>.</l>
<l>He <reg orig="gaue">gave</reg> you all the duties of a man,</l>
<l><reg orig="Trimd">Trimmed</reg> <reg orig="vp">up&H5;</reg> your <reg orig="prayses">praises</reg> with a Princely tongue,</l>
<l>Spoke your <reg orig="deseruings">deservings</reg> like&H4; a Chronicle,</l>
<l>Making you <reg orig="euer">ever</reg> better <reg orig="then">than</reg> his <reg orig="prayse">praise</reg>,</l>
<l>By&H4; still <reg orig="dispraysing">dispraising</reg> <reg orig="prayse">praise</reg>, valued with you:</l>
<l>And which&H61; became him like&H4; a Prince indeed</l>
<l><reg orig="Hee">He</reg> made a blushing <reg orig="citall">cital</reg> of <reg orig="himselfe">himself</reg>,</l>
<l>And chid his <reg orig="trewant">truant</reg> youth with such a grace,</l>
<l>As if he <reg orig="mastred">mastered</reg> there a double spirit</l>
<l>Of teaching, and of learning instantly:</l>
<l>There did he pause; but let me tell the world,</l>
<l>If he <reg orig="out-liue">outlive</reg> the <reg orig="enuie">envy</reg> of this day,</l>
   <l><hi rend="italic">England</hi> did <reg orig="neuer">never</reg> owe so&H51; <reg orig="sweete">sweet</reg> a hope,</l>
<l>So&H51; much misconstrued in&H4; his <reg orig="wantonnesse">wantonness</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker>Hot.</speaker>
   <l><reg orig="Coosen">Cousin</reg>, I <reg orig="thinke">think</reg> thou art <reg orig="enamored">enamoured</reg></l>
<l>On&H4; his follies: <reg orig="neuer">never</reg> did I <reg orig="heare">hear</reg></l>
<l>Of any Prince so&H51; <reg orig="wilde">wild</reg> at <reg orig="libertie">liberty</reg>:</l>
<l>But be he as he will&H1;, yet once ere night,</l>
<l>I will&H1; <reg orig="imbrace">embrace</reg> him with a <reg orig="Souldiers">Soldier's</reg> <reg orig="arme">arm</reg>,</l>
<l>That&H3; he shall <reg orig="shrinke">shrink</reg> <reg orig="vnder">under</reg> my <reg orig="curtesie">courtesy</reg>.</l>
<l><reg orig="Arme">Arm</reg>, <reg orig="arme">arm</reg> with speed, and fellows, <reg orig="souldiers">soldiers</reg>, friends,</l>
<l>Better consider what you <reg orig="haue">have</reg> to&H9; <reg orig="doe">do</reg>,</l>
<l>That&H3; I that&H61; <reg orig="haue">have</reg> not well the gift of tongue,</l>
<l>Can lift your blood <reg orig="vp">up&H5;</reg> with <reg orig="perswasion">persuasion</reg>. </l></sp>
<stage>Enter a Messenger.</stage>
<sp who="BF"><speaker>Mess.</speaker>
   <p>My Lord, here are Letters for&H4; you.</p></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker>Hot.</speaker>
   <l>I cannot read them now.</l>
<l>O, Gentlemen, the time of life is short:</l>
<l>To&H9; spend that&H62; <reg orig="shortnesse">shortness</reg> basely, were too long:</l>
<l>If life did ride <reg orig="vpon">upon&H4;</reg> a Dials <reg orig="poynt">point</reg>,</l>
<l>Still ending at the <reg orig="arriuall">arrival</reg> of an <reg orig="houre">hour</reg>,</l>
<l>And if we&Htp; <reg orig="liue">live</reg>, we&Htp; <reg orig="liue">live</reg> to&H9; treed on&H4; <reg orig="Kinges">Kings</reg>,</l>
<l>If die, <reg orig="braue">brave</reg> death, when Princes die with <reg orig="vs">us&Htp;</reg>.</l>
<l>Now for&H4; our&Htp; Consciences, the <reg orig="Armes">Arms</reg> is <reg orig="faire">fair</reg>,</l>
<l>When the intent of bearing them is <reg orig="iust">just</reg>. </l></sp>
<stage>Enter another.</stage>
   <sp who="BI"><speaker>Mess.</speaker>
      <l>My Lord prepare, the <hi rend="italic">King</hi> comes on&H5; <reg orig="a pace">apace</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker>Hot.</speaker>
   <l>I <reg orig="thanke">thank</reg> him, that&H3; he cuts me from my tale:</l>
<l>For&H3; I <reg orig="professe">profess</reg> not talking, <reg orig="onely">only</reg> this,</l>
<l>Let each man <reg orig="doe">do</reg> his best: and here draw I a Sword,</l>
<l>Whose temper I intend to&H9; <reg orig="staine">stain</reg></l>
<l>With the best blood that&H61; I can meet <reg orig="withall">withal</reg>,</l>
<l>In&H4; the <reg orig="aduenture">adventure</reg> of this perilous day.</l>
   <l>Now esperance <hi rend="italic">Percy</hi>, and set on&H5;,</l>
<l>Sound all the <reg orig="loftie">lofty</reg> instruments of <reg orig="Warre">War</reg>,</l>
<l>And by&H4; that&H62; <reg orig="musicke">music</reg>, let <reg orig="vs">us&Htp;</reg> all <reg orig="imbrace">embrace</reg>,</l>
<l>For&H3; <reg orig="heauen">heaven</reg> to&H4; earth, some of <reg orig="vs">us&Htp;</reg> <reg orig="neuer">never</reg> shall,</l>
<l>A second time do such a <reg orig="curtesie">courtesy</reg>.</l></sp>
<stage>Here they embracc, the Trumpets sound, the King enters with his
power, alarme to the Battell: then enter Dowglas, and Sir 
Walter Blunt.</stage>
<sp who="AF"><speaker>Blunt.</speaker>
   <l>What is thy name, that&H61; in&H4; <reg orig="Battell">Battle</reg> thus thou crossest me?</l>
<l>What honour dost thou <reg orig="seeke">seek</reg> <reg orig="vpon">upon&H4;</reg> my head?</l></sp>
   <sp who="AE"><speaker>Dow.</speaker>
      <l>Know then my name is <hi rend="italic">Dowglas</hi>,</l>
<l>And I <reg orig="doe">do</reg> haunt thee in&H4; the <reg orig="Battell">Battle</reg> thus,</l>
<l>Because some tell me, that&H3; thou art a King.</l></sp>
<sp who="AF"><speaker>Blunt.</speaker>
   <l>They tell thee true.</l></sp>
   <sp who="AE"><speaker>Dowg.</speaker>
      <l>The Lord of <hi rend="italic">Stafford</hi> <reg orig="deare">dear</reg> <reg orig="to day">today</reg> hath bought</l>
      <l>Thy <reg orig="likenesse">likeness</reg>, for&H3; <reg orig="in stead">instead</reg> of thee, King <hi rend="italic">Harry</hi></l>
<l>This Sword hath ended him, so&H52; shall it thee,</l>
<l><reg orig="Vnlesse">Unless</reg> thou <reg orig="yeeld">yield</reg> thee as a Prisoner.</l></sp>
   <sp who="AF"><speaker>Blunt.</speaker>
      <l>I was not <reg orig="borne">born</reg> a <reg orig="yeeld">yield</reg>, thou proud <hi rend="italic">Scot,</hi></l>
<l>And thou shalt find a King that&H61; will&H1; <reg orig="reuenge">revenge</reg></l>
      <l>Lord <hi rend="italic">Staffords</hi> death.</l></sp>
<stage>They figt, Dowglas kils Blunt; then enters Hotspur.</stage>
   <sp who="G"><speaker>Hot.</speaker>
      <l>O <hi rend="italic">Dowglas</hi>, hadst thou fought at <hi rend="italic">Holmedon</hi> thus,</l>
      <l>I <reg orig="neuer">never</reg> had <reg orig="triumpht">triumphed</reg> <reg orig="ouer">over</reg> a <hi rend="italic">Scot</hi>.</l></sp>
<sp who="AE"><speaker>Dowg,</speaker>
   <l><reg orig="Als">All is</reg> done, <reg orig="als">all is</reg> won, here <reg orig="breathles">breathless</reg> <reg orig="lyes">lies</reg> the King.</l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker>Hot.</speaker>
   <sp who="AE"><speaker>Dowg.</speaker>
      <l><reg orig="Heere">Here</reg>. </l></sp>
   <sp who="G"><speaker>Hot.</speaker>
      <l>This, <hi rend="italic">Dowglas</hi>? no&H7;, I know this face full well,</l>
      <l>A gallant Knight he was, his name was <hi rend="italic">Blunt</hi>;</l>
<l>Semblably <reg orig="furnisht">furnished</reg> like&H4; the King <reg orig="himselfe">himself</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="AE"><speaker>Dowg.</speaker>
   <l>Ah <reg orig="foole">fool</reg>, <reg orig="goe">go</reg> with thy <reg orig="soule">soul</reg> whither it goes,</l>
<l>A borrowed title hast thou bought too <reg orig="deare">dear</reg>,</l>
<l>Why didst thou tell me, that&H3; thou wert a King?</l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker>Hot.</speaker>
   <l>The King hath many marching in&H4; his <reg orig="Coates">Coats</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="AE"><speaker>Dowg.</speaker>
   <l>Now by&H4; my Sword, I will&H1; kill all his <reg orig="Coates">Coats</reg>,</l>
<l><reg orig="Ile">I will&H1;</reg> murder all his <reg orig="Wardrope">Wardrobe</reg> piece by&H4; piece,</l>
<l><reg orig="Vntill">Until</reg> I <reg orig="meete">meet</reg> the King. </l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker>Hot.</speaker>
   <l><reg orig="Vp">Up&H5;</reg> and away.</l>
<l>Our&Htp; <reg orig="Souldiers">Soldiers</reg> stand full <reg orig="fairely">fairly</reg> for&H4; the day.</l></sp>
<stage>Alarme, enter Falstalffe solus.</stage>
   <sp who="D"><speaker>Fals.</speaker>
      <p>Though I could scape shot-free at <hi rend="italic">London</hi>, I <reg orig="feare">fear</reg> the<lb/>
shot here, <reg orig="here's">here is</reg> no&H2; scoring but <reg orig="vpon">upon&H4;</reg> the pate. Soft, who&H62; are<lb/>
      you? <hi rend="italic">Sir Walter Blunt</hi>, <reg orig="there's">there is</reg> honour for&H4; you, <reg orig="here's">here is</reg> no&H2; <reg orig="vanitie">vanity</reg>,<lb/>
I am as hot as molten Lead, and as <reg orig="heauie">heavy</reg> too: God <reg orig="keepe">keep</reg> Lead<lb/>
      out of me, I need no&H2; more weight <reg orig="then">than</reg> mine <reg orig="owne">own</reg> Bowels. I<lb/>
<reg orig="haue">have</reg> led my rag of Muffins where they are <reg orig="peperd">peppered</reg>: <reg orig="theres">there is</reg> not<lb/>
      three of my <reg orig="150.">hundred and fifty</reg> left <reg orig="aliue">alive</reg>, and they are for&H4; the <reg orig="townes">town's</reg> end, to&H9;<lb/>
      beg during life. But who&H62; comes <reg orig="heere">here</reg>?</p></sp> 
   <stage>Enter the Prince, </stage>
<sp who="C"><speaker>Prin.</speaker>
   <l>What <reg orig="standst">standest</reg> thou idle here? lend me thy Sword,</l>
<l>Many a Noble man lies <reg orig="starke">stark</reg> and <reg orig="stiffe">stiff</reg></l>
<l><reg orig="Vnder">Under</reg> the <reg orig="houes">hooves</reg> of vaunting enemies, </l>
<l>Whose deaths are yet <reg orig="vnreuengd">unrevenged</reg>; I <reg orig="prethee">prithee</reg> lend me thy sword.</l></sp>
   <sp who="D"><speaker>Fal.</speaker>
      <l>O <hi rend="italic">Hal</hi>, I <reg orig="prethee">prithee</reg> <reg orig="giue">give</reg> me <reg orig="leaue">leave</reg> to&H9; <reg orig="breath">breathe</reg> a while: <reg orig="Turke">Turk</reg></l>
      <l><hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Gregorie">Gregory</reg></hi> <reg orig="neuer">never</reg> did such deeds in&H4; <reg orig="armes">arms</reg>, as I <reg orig="haue">have</reg> done this day:</l>
      <l>I <reg orig="haue">have</reg> <reg orig="payd">paid</reg> <hi rend="italic">Percy</hi>, I <reg orig="haue">have</reg> made him sure.</l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker>Prin.</speaker>
   <l>He is indeed, and <reg orig="liuing">living</reg> to&H9; kill thee;</l>
<l>I <reg orig="prethee">prithee</reg> lend me thy Sword.</l></sp>
   <sp who="D"><speaker>Fal.</speaker>
      <l>Nay, before God <hi rend="italic">Hal</hi>, if <hi rend="italic">Percy</hi> be <reg orig="aliue">alive</reg>, thou <reg orig="getst">gettest</reg> not my</l>
<l>Sword; but take my <reg orig="Pistoll">Pistol</reg> if thou wilt.</l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker>Prin.</speaker>
   <l><reg orig="Giue">Give</reg> it me: what? is it in&H4; the case?</l></sp>
   <sp who="D"><speaker>Fals.</speaker>
      <l><reg orig="I">Aye</reg> <hi rend="italic">Hal</hi>, <reg orig="tis">it is</reg> hot, <reg orig="tis">it is</reg> hot, <reg orig="theres">there is</reg> that&H62; will&H1; <reg orig="Sacke">Sack</reg> a <reg orig="Citie">City</reg>.</l></sp>
<stage>The Prince drawes it out, and findes it a bottle of Sacke.</stage>
<sp who="C"><speaker>Prin.</speaker>
   <l>What, is it a time to&H9; <reg orig="iest">jest</reg> and dally now.</l></sp>
<stage>He throwes the Bottle at him.</stage> <stage>Exit.</stage>
   <sp who="D"><speaker>Fal.</speaker>
      <p>If <hi rend="italic">Percy</hi> be <reg orig="aliue">alive</reg>, <reg orig="Ile">I will&H1;</reg> pierce him, if he do come in&H4; my way,<lb/>
so&H52;: if he do not, if I come in&H4; his willingly, let him make a Carbonado<lb/>
      of me. I like&H1; not such grinning honour as <hi rend="italic">Sir Walter</hi> hath:<lb/>
      <reg orig="giue">give</reg> me life, which&H61;, if I can <reg orig="saue">save</reg>, so&H52;: if not, honour comes <reg orig="vnlookt">unlooked</reg><lb/>
for&H5;, and <reg orig="theres">there is</reg> an end.</p></sp>

<div2 n="3" type="scene">
<stage>Alarme, excursions, enter the King, the Prince, Lord Iohn
of Lancaster, and Earle of Westmerland.</stage>
   <sp who="A"><speaker>King.</speaker>
      <l>I <reg orig="prethee">prithee</reg> <hi rend="italic">Harry</hi>, withdraw <reg orig="thy selfe">thyself</reg>, thou bleedest too</l>
      <l>much; Lord <hi rend="italic">Iohn of Lancaster</hi>, <reg orig="goe">go</reg> you with him. </l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker>P.Ioh.</speaker>
   <l>Not I, my Lord, <reg orig="vnlesse">unless</reg> I did bleed too.</l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker>Prin.</speaker>
   <l>I beseech your <reg orig="Maiestie">Majesty</reg> make <reg orig="vp">up&H5;</reg>,</l>
<l><reg orig="Least">Lest</reg> your retirement <reg orig="doe">do</reg> amaze your friends.</l></sp>
   <sp who="A"><speaker>King.</speaker>
      <l>I will&H1; do so&H52;; my <reg orig="L.">Lord</reg> of <hi rend="italic">Westmerland</hi> lead him to&H4; his Tent.</l></sp>
<sp who="H"><speaker>West.</speaker>
   <l>Come, my Lord, <reg orig="Ile">I will&H1;</reg> lead you to&H4; your Tent.</l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker>Prin.</speaker>
   <l>Lead me my Lord? I do not need your <reg orig="helpe">help</reg>;</l>
<l>And God forbid a shallow scratch should <reg orig="driue">drive</reg></l>
   <l>The <hi rend="italic">Prince of Wales</hi> from such a Field as this,</l>
<l>Where <reg orig="stainde">stained</reg> <reg orig="Nobilitie">Nobility</reg> lies <reg orig="troden">trodden</reg> on&H5;,</l>
<l>And Rebels <reg orig="Armes">Arms</reg> triumph in&H4; massacres.</l></sp>
   <sp who="B"><speaker>Iohn.</speaker>
      <l><reg orig="Wee">We&Htp;</reg> <reg orig="breath">breathe</reg> too long, come <reg orig="coosen">cousin</reg> <hi rend="italic">Westmerland</hi>,</l>
<l>Our&Htp; <reg orig="dutie">duty</reg> this way lies: For&H4; Gods sake come.</l></sp>
   <sp who="C"><speaker>Prin.</speaker>
      <l>By&H4; God, thou hast <reg orig="deceiude">deceived</reg> me, <hi rend="italic">Lancaster,</hi></l>
<l>I did not <reg orig="thinke">think</reg> thee Lord, of such a spirit;</l> 
   <l>Before I <reg orig="lou'd">loved</reg> thee as a Brother, <hi rend="italic">Iohn</hi>,</l>
<l>But now I <reg orig="doe">do</reg> respect thee as my <reg orig="Soule">Soul</reg>.</l></sp>
   <sp who="A"><speaker>King.</speaker>
      <l>I saw him hold Lord <hi rend="italic">Percy</hi> at the <reg orig="poynt">point</reg>,</l>
<l>With lustier maintenance <reg orig="then">than</reg> I did <reg orig="looke">look</reg> for&H5;</l>
<l>Of such an <reg orig="vngrowne">ungrowne</reg> <reg orig="Warrier">Warrior</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker>Prin.</speaker>
   <l>O, this Boy lends <reg orig="mettall">mettle</reg> to&H4; <reg orig="vs">us&Htp;</reg> all.</l></sp> 
   <stage>Exit. </stage>
<sp who="AE"><speaker>Dowg.</speaker>
   <l>Another King, they grow like&H4; Hydras heads,</l>
   <l>I am the <hi rend="italic">Dowglas</hi> <reg orig="fatall">fatal</reg> to&H4; all those</l>
<l>That&H61; <reg orig="weare">wear</reg> those colours on&H4; them. What art thou</l>
<l>That&H61; <reg orig="counterfeitst">counterfeitest</reg> the person of a King?</l></sp>
   <sp who="A"><speaker>King.</speaker>
      <l>The King <reg orig="himselfe">himself</reg>, who&H61; <hi rend="italic">Dowglas</hi> <reg orig="grieues">grieves</reg> at heart,</l>
<l>So&H51; many of his <reg orig="shadowes">shadows</reg> thou hast met,</l>
<l>And not the very King: I <reg orig="haue">have</reg> two <reg orig="Boyes">Boys</reg></l>
      <l><reg orig="Seeke">Seek</reg> <hi rend="italic">Percy</hi> and <reg orig="thy selfe">thyself</reg>, about the Field?</l>
<l>But seeing thou <reg orig="falst">fallest</reg> on&H4; me so&H51; luckily,</l>
<l>I will&H1; assay thee, and defend <reg orig="thy selfe">thyself</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="AE"><speaker>Dowg.</speaker>
   <l>I <reg orig="feare">fear</reg> thou art another Counterfeit;</l>
<l>And yet in&H4; <reg orig="fayth">faith</reg> thou bearest thee like&H4; a King:</l>
<l>But mine I am sure thou art, <reg orig="who ere">whoever</reg> thou be;</l>
<l>And thus I <reg orig="winne">win</reg> thee,</l></sp>
<stage>They fight, the King being in danger, enter Prince of Wales.</stage>
   <sp who="C"><speaker>Prin.</speaker>
      <l>Hold <reg orig="vp">up&H5;</reg> thy head vile <hi rend="italic">Scot</hi>, or thou art like&H5;</l>
<l><reg orig="Neuer">Never</reg> to&H9; hold it <reg orig="vp">up&H5;</reg> <reg orig="againe">again</reg>, the <reg orig="spirites">spirits</reg></l>
      <l>Of valiant <hi rend="italic">Sherly, Stafford, Blunt</hi>, are in&H4; my <reg orig="Armes">Arms</reg>,</l>
      <l>It is the <hi rend="italic">Prince of Wales</hi>, that&H61; threatens thee,</l>
<l>Who&H61; <reg orig="neuer">never</reg> promiseth, but he <reg orig="meanes">means</reg> to&H9; pay.</l>
<stage>They fight, Dowglas flyeth.</stage>
<l><reg orig="Cheerely">Cheerily</reg> my Lord, how fares your Grace?</l>
      <l><hi rend="italic">Sir Nicholas Gawsey</hi> hath for&H4; succour sent,</l>
      <l>And so&H52; hath <hi rend="italic">Clifton</hi>: <reg orig="Ile">I will&H1;</reg> to&H4; <hi rend="italic">Clifton</hi> straight.</l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker>King.</speaker>
   <l>Stay, and <reg orig="breath">breathe</reg> a while,</l>
<l>Thou hast <reg orig="redeemd">redeemed</reg> thy lost opinion,</l>
<l>And <reg orig="shewde">showed</reg> thou makest some tender of my life</l>
<l>In&H4; this <reg orig="faire">fair</reg> rescue thou hast brought to&H4; me.</l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker>Prin.</speaker>
   <l>O God, they did me too much <reg orig="iniurie">injury</reg>,</l>
<l>That&H61; <reg orig="euer">ever</reg> <reg orig="sayd">said</reg>, I <reg orig="harkened">hearkened</reg> to&H4; your death:</l>
<l>If it were so&H52;, I might <reg orig="haue">have</reg> let alone</l>
   <l>The insulting hand of <hi rend="italic">Dowglas</hi> <reg orig="ouer">over</reg> you,</l>
<l>Which&H61; would <reg orig="haue">have</reg> been as speedy in&H4; your end,</l>
<l>As all the <reg orig="poysonous">poisonous</reg> Potions in&H4; the world,</l>
<l>And <reg orig="sau'd">saved</reg> the <reg orig="trecherous">treacherous</reg> labour of your <reg orig="Sonne">Son</reg>.</l></sp>
   <sp who="A"><speaker>Kin.</speaker>
      <l>Make <reg orig="vp">up&H5;</reg> to&H4; <hi rend="italic">Clifton</hi>, 
         <reg orig="Ile">I will&H1;</reg> to&H4; <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="S.">Saint</reg> Nicholas Gawsey.</hi></l></sp> 
   <stage>Exit K.</stage>
<stage>Enter Hotspur.</stage>
   <sp who="G"><speaker>Hot.</speaker>
      <l>If I mistake not, thou art <hi rend="italic">Harry Monmouth</hi>?</l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker>Prin.</speaker>
   <l>Thou <reg orig="speakst">speakest</reg>, as if I would deny my name.</l></sp>
   <sp who="G"><speaker>Hot.</speaker>
      <l>My name is <hi rend="italic">Harry Percy</hi>.</l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker>Prin.</speaker>
   <l>Why then I see a very valiant <reg orig="Rebell">Rebel</reg> of that&H62; name.</l>
   <l>I am the <hi rend="italic">Prince of Wales</hi>; and <reg orig="thinke">think</reg> not <hi rend="italic">Percy</hi>,</l>
<l>To&H9; share with me in&H4; glory any more:</l>
<l>Two <reg orig="Starres">Stars</reg> <reg orig="keepe">keep</reg> not their motion in&H4; one Sphere,</l>
   <l>Nor can one <hi rend="italic">England</hi> brooke a double <reg orig="raigne">reign</reg>,</l>
   <l>Of <hi rend="italic">Harry Percy</hi>, and the <hi rend="italic">Prince of Wales</hi>.</l></sp>
   <sp who="G"><speaker>Hot.</speaker>
      <l>Nor shall it <hi rend="italic">Harry</hi>, for&H3; the <reg orig="houre">hour</reg> is come,</l>
<l>To&H9; end the one of <reg orig="vs">us&Htp;</reg>; and would to&H4; God,</l>
<l>Thy name in&H4; <reg orig="Armes">Arms</reg>, were now as great as mine.</l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker>Prin.</speaker>
   <l><reg orig="Ile">I will&H1;</reg> make it greater, ere I part from thee,</l>
<l>And all thy budding Honours on&H4; thy Crest</l>
<l><reg orig="Ile">I will&H1;</reg> crop, to&H9; make a Garland for&H4; my head.</l></sp>
<sp who="G"><speaker>Hot.</speaker>
   <l>I can no&H2; longer brooke thy vanities.</l></sp>
<stage>They fight. Enter Falstalffe.</stage>
   <sp who="D"><speaker>Fal.</speaker>
      <p>Well said <hi rend="italic">Hal</hi>, to&H4; it <hi rend="italic">Hal.</hi> Nay, you shall find no&H2; <reg orig="Boyes">Boys</reg><lb/>
play here, I can tell you.</p></sp>
<stage>Enter Dowglas, he fights with Falstalffe, he fals downe as 
   if he were dead, the Prince killeth Percy.</stage>
   <sp who="G"><speaker>Hot.</speaker>
      <l><reg orig="Oh">O</reg> <hi rend="italic">Harry</hi>, thou hast <reg orig="robd">robbed</reg> me of my youth,</l>
<l>I better broke the <reg orig="losse">loss</reg> of brittle Life,</l>
<l><reg orig="Then">Than</reg> those proud Titles thou hast won of me,</l>
<l>They wound my thoughts worse, <reg orig="then">than</reg> the sword my flesh:</l>
<l>But <reg orig="thought's">thought is</reg> the <reg orig="slaue">slave</reg> of life, and lifetimes <reg orig="foole">fool</reg>;</l>
<l>And time, that&H61; takes <reg orig="suruay">survey</reg> of all the world,</l>
<l>Must <reg orig="haue">have</reg> a stop. O, I could <reg orig="prophesie">prophesy</reg>,</l>
<l>But that&H3; the Earth, and cold hand of Death</l>
<l>Lies on&H4; my tongue: no&H7; <hi rend="italic">Percy</hi>, thou art dust,</l>
<l>And food for&H4;</l></sp>
   <sp who="C"><speaker>Prin.</speaker>
<l>For&H4; <reg orig="Wormes">Worms</reg>, <reg orig="braue">brave</reg> <hi rend="italic">Percy</hi>. Fare thee well, great heart,</l>
<l>Ill <reg orig="weau'd">weaved</reg> Ambition, how much art thou <reg orig="shrunke">shrunk</reg>?</l>
<l>When that&H3; this body did <reg orig="containe">contain</reg> a spirit,</l>
<l>A <reg orig="Kingdome">Kingdom</reg> for&H4; it, was too small a bound;</l>
<l>But now two paces of the vilest Earth,</l>
<l>Is <reg orig="roome">room</reg> enough: this Earth that&H61; <reg orig="beares">bears</reg> the dead,</l>
<l><reg orig="Beares">Bears</reg> not <reg orig="aliue">alive</reg> so&H51; stout a Gentleman.</l>
<l>If thou wert sensible of <reg orig="curtesie">courtesy</reg>,</l>
<l>I should not make so&H51; great a <reg orig="shew">show</reg> of <reg orig="zeale">zeal</reg>:</l>
<l>But let my <reg orig="fauours">favours</reg> hide thy mangled face,</l>
<l>And <reg orig="euen">even</reg> in&H4; thy <reg orig="behalfe">behalf</reg>, <reg orig="Ile">I will&H1;</reg> <reg orig="thanke">thank</reg> <reg orig="my selfe">myself</reg></l>
<l>For&H4; doing these <reg orig="faire">fair</reg> rites of <reg orig="tendernes">tenderness</reg>,</l>
<l>Adieu, and take thy <reg orig="prayse">praise</reg> with thee to&H4; <reg orig="heauen">heaven</reg>,</l>
<l>Thy <reg orig="ignomy">ignominy</reg> <reg orig="sleepe">sleep</reg> with thee in&H4; the <reg orig="graue">grave</reg>,</l>
<l>But not <reg orig="remembred">remembered</reg> in&H4; thy Epitaph.</l>
<stage>He spieth Falstalffe on the ground.</stage>
<l>What, old acquaintance, could not all this flesh</l>
<l><reg orig="Keepe">Keep</reg> in&H5; a <reg orig="litle">little</reg> life? <reg orig="poore">poor</reg> <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Iacke">Jack</reg></hi> farewell:</l>
<l>I could <reg orig="haue">have</reg> better <reg orig="spard">spared</reg> a better man:</l>
<l>O, I should <reg orig="haue">have</reg> a <reg orig="heauy">heavy</reg> <reg orig="misse">miss</reg> of thee,</l>
<l>If I were much in&H4; <reg orig="loue">love</reg> with <reg orig="vanitie">vanity</reg>;</l>
<l>Death hath not <reg orig="strooke">struck</reg> so&H51; <reg orig="faire">fair</reg> a <reg orig="Deere">Deer</reg> <reg orig="to day">today</reg>,</l>
<l>Though many dearer in&H4; this bloody fray,</l>
<l><reg orig="Inboweld">Enboweled</reg> will&H1; I see thee by&H5; and by&H5;,</l>
<l>Till then, in&H4; blood by&H4; noble <hi rend="italic">Percy</hi> lie. </l></sp>
<stage>Falstalffe ryseth vp.</stage>
<sp who="D"><speaker>Fal.</speaker>
   <p><reg orig="Imboweld">Embowelled</reg>? if thou <reg orig="imbowell">embowel</reg> me <reg orig="to day">today</reg>, <reg orig="Ile">I will&H1;</reg> <reg orig="giue">give</reg> you<lb/>
<reg orig="leaue">leave</reg> to&H9; powder me, and <reg orig="eate">eat</reg> me too <reg orig="to morrow">tomorrow</reg>. <reg orig="Zbloud">'sblood</reg>, <reg orig="t'was">it was</reg><lb/>
   time to&H9; <reg orig="counterfeite">counterfeit</reg>, or that&H62; hot termagant <hi rend="italic">Scot</hi> had <reg orig="paide">paid</reg> <reg orig="mee">me</reg><lb/>
scot and lot too. Counterfeit? I am no&H2; counterfeit: to&H9; die is to&H9;<lb/>
be a counterfeit, for&H3; he is but the counterfeit of a man, who&H61;<lb/>
   hath not the life of a man: but to&H9; counterfeit dying, when a man<lb/>
   thereby <reg orig="liueth">liveth</reg>, is to&H9; be no&H2; counterfeit, but the true and perfect<lb/>
   image of life indeed. The better part of valour is Discretion; in&H4;<lb/>
   the which&H61; better part, I <reg orig="haue">have</reg> <reg orig="saued">saved</reg> my life. <reg orig="Zounds">S'wounds</reg> I am afraid<lb/>
   of this gunpowder <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Percie">Percy</reg></hi>, though he be dead: how if he should<lb/>
   counterfeit too, and rise? by&H4; my <reg orig="fayth">faith</reg>, I am <reg orig="afraide">afraid</reg> he would<lb/>
   <reg orig="proue">prove</reg> the better counterfeit? therefore <reg orig="Ile">I will&H1;</reg> make him sure; yea,<lb/>
   and <reg orig="Ile">I will&H1;</reg> <reg orig="sweare">swear</reg> I <reg orig="kilde">killed</reg> him. Why may not he rise as well as I?<lb/>
   nothing confutes me but eyes, and <reg orig="no body">nobody</reg> sees me: therefore<lb/>
   <reg orig="sirra">sirrah</reg>, with a new wound in&H4; your thigh, come you along with<lb/>
<stage>He takes vp Hotspur on his backe.</stage> <stage>Enter Prince and
Iohn of Lancaster.</stage>
   <sp who="C"><speaker>Prin.</speaker>
      <l>Come Brother <hi rend="italic">Iohn</hi>, full <reg orig="brauely">bravely</reg> hast thou <reg orig="flesht">fleshed</reg></l>
<l>Thy <reg orig="mayden">maiden</reg> Sword.</l></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker>Iohn.</speaker>
   <l>But soft, who&H62; <reg orig="haue">have</reg> we&Htp; <reg orig="heere">here</reg>?</l>
<l>Did you not tell me this <reg orig="fatt">fat</reg> man was dead?</l></sp>
<sp who="C"><speaker>Prin.</speaker>
   <l>I did, I saw him dead,</l>
<l><reg orig="Breathles">Breathless</reg>, and bleeding on&H4; the ground. Art thou <reg orig="aliue">alive</reg>?</l>
<l>Or is it <reg orig="fantasie">fantasy</reg> that&H61; <reg orig="playes">plays</reg> <reg orig="vpon">upon&H4;</reg> our&Htp; eye-sight?</l>
<l>I <reg orig="prethee">prithee</reg> <reg orig="speake">speak</reg>, we&Htp; will&H1; not trust our&Htp; eyes</l>
<l>Without our&Htp; <reg orig="eares">ears</reg>, thou art not what thou <reg orig="seemst">seemest</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker>Fal.</speaker>
   <p>No&H7;, <reg orig="thats">that&H62; is</reg> <reg orig="certaine">certain</reg>, I am not a double man: but if I be<lb/>
   not <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Iacke">Jack</reg> Falstalffe</hi>, then am I a <reg orig="Iacke">Jack</reg>: there is <hi rend="italic">Percy</hi>; if your Father<lb/>
will&H1; <reg orig="doe">do</reg> me any honour, so&H3;: if not, let him kill the next<lb/>
   <hi rend="italic">Percy</hi> <reg orig="himselfe">himself</reg>: I <reg orig="looke">look</reg> to&H9; be either <reg orig="Earle">Earl</reg> or Duke, I can assure<lb/>
   <sp who="C"><speaker>Prin.</speaker>
      <l>Why <hi rend="italic">Percy</hi> I <reg orig="kild">killed</reg> <reg orig="my selfe">myself</reg>, and saw thee dead.</l></sp>
<sp who="D"><speaker>Fal.</speaker>
   <p>Didst thou? Lord, Lord, how the world is <reg orig="giuen">given</reg> to&H4; lying?<lb/>
I <reg orig="graunt">grant</reg> you, I was <reg orig="downe">down</reg>, and out of breath, and so&H52; was<lb/>
he, but we&Htp; rose both at an instant, and fought a long <reg orig="houre">hour</reg> by&H4;<lb/>
   <hi rend="italic">Shrewesbury</hi> <reg orig="clocke">clock</reg>, if I may be <reg orig="beleeued">believed</reg>, so&H52;: if not, let them that&H61;<lb/>
should reward Valour, <reg orig="beare">bear</reg> the <reg orig="sinne">sin</reg> <reg orig="vpon">upon&H4;</reg> their <reg orig="owne">own</reg> heads.<lb/>
<reg orig="Ile">I will&H1;</reg> take it <reg orig="vpon">upon&H4;</reg> my death, I <reg orig="gaue">gave</reg> him this wound in&H4; the thigh,<lb/>
if the man were <reg orig="aliue">alive</reg>, <reg orig="&">and</reg> would deny it, <reg orig="Zounds">S'wounds</reg> I would make<lb/>
him <reg orig="eate">eat</reg> a <reg orig="peece">piece</reg> of my Sword.</p></sp>
<sp who="B"><speaker>Iohn.</speaker>
   <l>This is the strangest tale that&H61; <reg orig="euer">ever</reg> I heard.</l></sp>
   <sp who="C"><speaker>Prin.</speaker>
      <l>This is the strangest fellow, brother <hi rend="italic">Iohn</hi>,</l>
<l>Come bring your luggage nobly on&H4; your <reg orig="backe">back</reg>,</l>
<l>For&H4; my part, if a lie may <reg orig="doe">do</reg> thee grace,</l>
<l><reg orig="Ile">I will&H1;</reg> <reg orig="guilde">guild</reg> it with the happiest <reg orig="tearmes">terms</reg> I <reg orig="haue">have</reg>.</l></sp>
<stage>A retreat is sounded.</stage>
<sp who="C"><speaker>Prin.</speaker>
   <l>The Trumpets sound Retreat, the day is ours&Htp;:</l>
<l>Come Brother, <reg orig="lets">let us&Htp;</reg> to&H4; the highest of the Field,</l>
<l>To&H9; see what <reg orig="friendes">friends</reg> are <reg orig="liuing">living</reg>, who&H61; are dead.</l></sp> 
<sp who="D"><speaker>Fal.</speaker>
   <p><reg orig="Ile">I will&H1;</reg> follow as they say for&H4; reward. He that&H61; <reg orig="rewardes">rewards</reg> me,<lb/>
God reward him. If I <reg orig="doe">do</reg> grow great, <reg orig="Ile">I will&H1;</reg> grow <reg orig="lesse">less</reg>? for&H3; <reg orig="Ile">I will&H1;</reg><lb/>
Purge, and <reg orig="leaue">leave</reg> <reg orig="Sacke">Sack</reg>, and <reg orig="liue">live</reg> cleanly, as a Nobleman should <lb/>
<reg orig="doe">do</reg>.</p></sp> <stage>Exit. </stage>

<div2 n="4" type="scene">
<stage>The Trumpets sound, enter the King, the Prince of Wales, Lord 
Iohn of Lancaster, Earle of Westmerland, with Worcester,
and Vernon prisoners.</stage>
<sp who="A"><speaker>King.</speaker>
   <l>Thus <reg orig="euer">ever</reg> did Rebellion find rebuke,</l>
<l>Ill spirited <reg orig="Wercester">Worcester</reg>, did not we&Hrp; send Grace,</l>
<l>Pardon, and <reg orig="tearmes">terms</reg> of <reg orig="Loue">Love</reg> to&H4; all of you?</l>
<l>And wouldst thou <reg orig="turne">turn</reg> our&Hrp; offers contrary,</l>
<l>Misuse the tenor of thy <reg orig="kinsmans">kinsman's</reg> trust?</l>
<l>Three Knights <reg orig="vpon">upon&H4;</reg> our&Hrp; party <reg orig="slaine">slain</reg> <reg orig="to day">today</reg>,</l>
<l>A noble <reg orig="Earle">Earl</reg>, and many a creature else,</l>
<l>Had been <reg orig="aliue">alive</reg> this <reg orig="houre">hour</reg>,</l>
<l>If like&H4; a Christian thou hadst truly borne</l>
<l>Betwixt our&Hrp; Armies true intelligence.</l></sp>
<sp who="I"><speaker>Wor.</speaker>
   <l>What I <reg orig="haue">have</reg> done, my <reg orig="safetie">safety</reg> <reg orig="vrgde">urged</reg> me to&H5;,</l>
<l>And I <reg orig="imbrace">embrace</reg> this fortune patiently,</l>
<l>Since not to&H9; be <reg orig="auoyded">avoided</reg>, it <reg orig="fals">falls</reg> on&H4; me.</l></sp>
   <sp who="A"><speaker>King.</speaker>
      <l><reg orig="Beare">Bear</reg> <hi rend="italic">Worcester</hi> to&H4; the death, and <hi rend="italic">Vernon</hi> too: </l>
<l>Other Offenders we&Hrp; will&H1; pause <reg orig="vpon">upon&H5;</reg>.</l>
<l>How goes the Field?</l></sp>
   <sp who="C"><speaker>Prin.</speaker>
      <l>The noble <hi rend="italic">Scot</hi> Lord <hi rend="italic">Dowglas</hi>, when he saw</l>
<l>The fortune of the day quite <reg orig="turnd">turned</reg> from him,</l>
      <l>The noble <hi rend="italic">Percy</hi> <reg orig="slaine">slain</reg>, and all his men,</l>
<l><reg orig="Vpon">Upon&H4;</reg> the foot of <reg orig="feare">fear</reg>, fled with the rest;</l>
<l>And falling from a hill, he was so&H51; <reg orig="bruizd">bruised</reg>,</l>
<l>That&H3; the pursuers <reg orig="tooke">took</reg> him. At my Tent,</l>
      <l>The <hi rend="italic">Dowglas</hi> is, and I beseech your Grace,</l>
<l>I may dispose of him.</l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker>King.</speaker><l>With all my heart.</l></sp>
   <sp who="C"><speaker>Prin.</speaker>
      <l>Then brother <hi rend="italic">Iohn of Lancaster</hi>,</l>
<l>To&H4; you this honourable <reg orig="bountie">bounty</reg> shall belong,</l>
      <l><reg orig="Goe">Go</reg> to&H4; the <hi rend="italic">Dowglos</hi>, and <reg orig="deliuer">deliver</reg> him</l>
<l><reg orig="Vp">Up&H5;</reg> to&H4; his pleasure, <reg orig="ransomlesse">ransomless</reg> and free,</l>
<l>His <reg orig="valoure">valour</reg> <reg orig="showne">shown</reg> <reg orig="vpon">upon&H4;</reg> our&Htp; <reg orig="Crestes">Crests</reg> <reg orig="to day">today</reg>,</l>
<l><reg orig="Haue">Have</reg> taught <reg orig="vs">us&Htp;</reg> how to&H9; cherish such high <reg orig="deedes">deeds</reg>,</l>
<l><reg orig="Euen">Even</reg> in&H4; the <reg orig="bosome">bosom</reg> of our&Htp; <reg orig="aduersaries">adversaries</reg>.</l></sp>
<sp who="A"><speaker>King.</speaker>
   <l>Then this <reg orig="remaines">remains</reg>, that&H3; we&Hrp; <reg orig="deuide">divide</reg> our&Hrp; Power,</l>
   <l>You <reg orig="Sonne">Son</reg> <hi rend="italic">Iohn</hi>, and my <reg orig="coosen">cousin</reg> <hi rend="italic">Westmerland</hi>,</l>
   <l>Towards <hi rend="italic"><reg orig="Yorke">York</reg></hi> shall bend you with your <reg orig="deerest">dearest</reg> speed,</l>
   <l>To&H9; <reg orig="meete">meet</reg> <hi rend="italic">Northumberland</hi> and the Prelate <hi rend="italic">Scroope</hi>,</l>
<l>Who&H61;, as we&Hrp; <reg orig="heare">hear</reg>, are busily in&H4; <reg orig="armes">arms</reg>:</l>
   <l><reg orig="My selfe">Myself</reg> and you, <reg orig="Sonne">Son</reg> <hi rend="italic">Harry</hi>, will&H1; towards <hi rend="italic">Wales</hi>,</l>
   <l>To&H9; fight with <hi rend="italic">Glendower</hi>, and the <reg orig="Earle">Earl</reg> of <hi rend="italic">March:</hi></l>
<l>Rebellion in&H4; this Land shall <reg orig="loose">lose</reg> his way,</l>
<l>Meeting the <reg orig="checke">check</reg> of such another day:</l>
<l>And since this <reg orig="businesse">business</reg> so&H51; <reg orig="faire">fair</reg> is done,</l>
<l>Let <reg orig="vs">us&Hrp;</reg> not <reg orig="leaue">leave</reg>, till all our&Hrp; <reg orig="owne">own</reg> be won.</l></sp>